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Name: Vael ‘Virisusai

Rank (If applicable): Commander

Species: Sangheili

Appearance (for his armor, at least):

Height: 7'10"

Skills:Vael bears the title of a blademaster, and with good reason. He also has general combat experience befitting his many years of experience, and has a long history of leadership.

Preferred Weapons/Equipment:
  • Type-1 energy sword
  • Type-25 plasma rifle
  • Type-57 carbine
  • Active Camouflage

Background: Vael ‘Virisusai is an old and experienced warrior, having already held the rank of major at the start of the Human-Covenant war. For him, the war had been an opportunity both to strive for the honor and glory of victory, and to serve the will of the gods. Early in his career, there was nothing that had set him apart from other ambitious Sangheili warriors. He did not have any particularly exceptional skills, nor an enlightened strategic mind. What he did have was the ability to survive, and to learn every lesson he could take in from every battle and skirmish.

Over the course of the war, every facet of Vael’s skill as a warrior was honed to a fine edge. From simple aim, to his ability to keep a calm mind in the chaos of battle, Vael became a more and more deadly presence on any battlefield. Victories, and especially defeats, shaped his judgment and leadership ability just as much as his personal combat skills. Like many of his kind, he preferred to kill in close quarters, especially with a blade. In both fighting against the Humans and countless hours of training and sparring among other Sangheili, he learned the intricacies of using a blade in a variety of contexts, and against different opponents. Given his people’s respect for swordsmanship, it was this accomplishment, perhaps more than the others, that most helped him to ascend the ranks of the Covenant. In the end, it was not accident, nor fate, nor genetics bestowing natural talent that created the warrior Vael became. It was pure, earned experience.

In the closing years of the Human-Covenant war Vael had ascended all the way up to the rank of Zealot, and in the final months, he had remained on High Charity after accepting an even more honored position. He was present when High Charity arrived at Installation 05…and present when the San’Shyuum wholly betrayed the Sangheili. Being stationed on the Covenant Holy City, he was a part of some of the thickest of fighting against Jiralhanae-led Covenant forces, then later the Flood as it infected the city. Ultimately, he did escape the parasite and went on to join the Fleet of Retribution to cleanse Earth of the Flood. From there, he took part in the Battle of the Ark, which finally put an end to Truth’s Covenant.

Following the end of the war, many Sangheili returned to their homes, to their clans. Many of those allied with one faction or another, but Vael did not do so immediately. His life had been one of honor and war, but most of all service to a faith he now knew to be a lie. Shortly after the Battle of the Ark, he secured a small ship and simply…left. He was not seen in Swords of Sanghelios space, nor that of the UNSC. With the exception of a single re-fueling run on Squala, it was as if he had vanished from civilized space.

Then, after a year’s absence, Vael suddenly returned to Sanghelios itself. He pledged his service and loyalty to the Swords of Sanghelios. Given his history, he rose quickly through the ranks. However, those who knew him before the war would have saw some changes in him. He was more reserved, both in terms of speech, and in a more cautious, calculated style of leadership. Perhaps the most notieable change is that, while he still kills his enemies without hesitation, he no longer shows the same eagerness to take glory in battle. He no longer demonstrates his pride in his kills, nor intentionally seeks the most challenging of foes. Despite all of this, his effectiveness has not diminished. He continues to be an honored warrior among the Sangheili, but for those who knew him before, one cannot help but to wonder what else has changed within him. Despite this, he has been chosen for the Aegis Team as a Sangheili warrior with enough skill and experience to be comparable to a Spartan.
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Name: Ben-E218

Rank: Spartan. Lieutenant prior to the end of the Human-Covenant war.

Species: Human (Spartan III)

Appearance: Generation 2 Mjolnir Armor, colored black with a dark-tinted visor. (I can look up the exact details of his accessories from the MCC gear list.)

Skills: Excellent sniper, although as with all Spartans, Ben is trained in the use of most if not all UNSC equipment.

Preferred Weapons: SRS99-S5 AM sniper rifle, Covenant sniper weapons (when available), M319 grenade launcher.

Background: Entered service in 2545, having been born on the planet [Censored]. As with all Spartan-IIIs, Ben was orphaned at a young age when the Covenant attacked his planet, glassing the surface. Early on, he was singled out for his skills as a sniper, along with extreme levels of loyalty and a willingness to carry out any order given to him, even those which required him to turn of his own friends and allies. As such, Ben was assigned to the Spartan-III Security operations group, an organization so secretive, even other Spartans weren't made aware of it.

As part of Sec Ops, Ben was nominally a part of Beta company for some years, switching to Alpha and Gamma on occasion. He achieved an exemplary number of kills and was never part of a failed mission. As such, he advanced to the commissioned ranks quickly, becoming a lieutenant by the year 2552. None of the other Spartans knew that he was part of Security Operations, or what his real missions were, for while he still had the same objectives on each mission as the rest of the team he was assigned to, his real goal was to keep the other Spartans in line, report any dissent, and execute any member of the Spartan program who displayed treasonous behavior, cowardice, or put UNSC security at unnecessary risk. His authority for execution also extended as far as the normal UNSC military forces, a fact kept well off the books. It also extended to witnesses to any event which if reported, could jeopardize the political or military aims of the UNSC.

After the end of the Human-Covenant war, Security Operations was reformed into Epsilon company, and retroactively given all of the trappings of a normal UNSC Spartan-III company as if it had been active since the start of the Spartan-III program. Now that the Spartan-IV program has begun, no more members of Epsilon are being added, and members of the company are often combined or sent to participate in larger groups which are formed as the situation demands.
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Name: Lucas Ryker

Rank (If applicable): SPARTAN, 1st Lieutenant authority

Species: Human(SPARTAN-IV)

Appearance: Lucas stands at around 6 foot tall with platinum blond hair a tattoo of the black angel wings on his back. His eyes are a strange amethyst purple in color. When he isn’t in his armor, he prefers a T-shirt, jeans, and combat boots or tennis shoes, whichever he feels fits the day better.

Skills: Infiltration and assassination training, Spec Ops training, CQC and Marksmanship training, specialization across all other facets of espionage

Preferred Weapons/Equipment: Silenced M395B DMR, M6D PDWS, with removable silencer, modified Energy Daggers, with knife hilts meant for use by a human, standard energy dagger on his right wrist, twin combat knives, one holster left should of armor, one small of back, Active Camo and Promethean Vision modules. Uses the SRS99-S5 AM Sniper Rifle when targets are at extreme ranges.

Armor: MJOLNIR Gen2 Venator Armor, Thraex Variation, made up of the Venator Thraex Helmet, chest, and shoulder pieces, and the Outer Plated Forearm armor and XG-89 Narrow leg armor

Background: Lucas Ryker’s history was a lot of blacked out sections of a file even before the SPARTAN-IV program. He served in an ONI black ops team of sorts, which specialized in the removal of tactically important figures to enemy opposition. Officially, they were a Tactical Thread Removal squad, realistically, they were assassins. However, before all that, Lucas was the illegitimate son of a powerful crime lord and a married woman whose husband just happened to be the lawyer in charge of his defense.

The young man’s father went to jail and his mother gave him up for adoption after the lawyer divorced her and left her with nothing and she wanted nothing to remind her of the greatest mistake of her life. His foster parents weren’t great people, but they cared for Lucas enough that he had enough of a normal life, until the Covenant attacked. He enlisted to become a marine, but his scores during basic for stealth, marksmanship and close-quarters and hand-to-hand combat put him on ONI’s radar and that was all she wrote. When they inducted him into their ranks, he was trained extensively to improve his existing skill set and give him a dangerous skill set in the realm of espionage.

Sangheili commanders, Brute chieftans, Unggoy leaders, none were spared when they were the target assigned by ONI. His efficiency and skill saw him climb the ranks through ONI’s hierarchy decently fast, as did his team, but he was unsatisfied by ONI's approach. He was quick to leave the intelligence organization after the SPARTAN-IV Program began, receiving his transfer confirmation within days of putting in the request and leaving without a word to his team. Why he approached the situation like this is unclear, but it’s no secret that Lucas Ryker is on ONI’s watch list.


Rank (If applicable): Infiltrator

Species: Sangheili

Appearance: Standing at roughly 2.4 meters tall, Comi is a black skinned female Sangheili with a nasty scar down her left arm, a reminder from Covenant loyalists how they treat those loyal to the Arbiter. Her armor is that of your typical Spec Ops fighter, albeit painted red and blue to mark her better to allies and a slight alteration to the helmet, allowing for integration of the Human sniper rifle scope to her helmet feed.

When not in her armor, she can be found wearing a ceremonial robe of some kind, though she is never without a weapon of some kind, and this attire often comes with a plasma pistol.

Skills: Long range support tactics and close-combat tactics are her specialty, preferring the armor and shield penetrative power that the Human SRS99-AM carries over the beam rifle of the Swords of Sanghelios. She is also a skilled Ghost pilot, often using its speed to get in range of enemy forces and then unleashing a lethal burst of plasma fire.

Preferred Weapons/Equipment: SRS99-AM Sniper Rifle for long range engagements, with a modified Type-1 energy sword, with a larger guard on the outside and shorter inner blade, for close-quarters combat paired with her plasma pistol. For equipment, she uses active camouflage, though after the Requiem Incident, she also has been known to use a Hardlight Shield when needed. Also packs demo-charges for sabotage missions.

Background: Comi’Masam was born and raised on the colony world of Rahnelo, a planet with a tropical equator and snow and ice in every other direction, meaning that the swifter and more readily maneuvered vehicles of the Sangheili were preferred as they could handle the ways between settlements better. She herself was trained to fight from a young age, though only the males of her home were drafted and would be allowed to fight for the Covenant, that did not bother her at all. If she could defend her home when the time came, she would and that was all she needed.

However, as the years went on, the expected Human attack and invasion never came and Comi’Masam found herself bored on her patrols. Even after word reached them of the Prophets betrayal of the Sangheili and the fall of High Charity, she and the other warriors of her world who had not already left were told to remain, though the Kaidon of the largest settlement on Rahnelo did officially declare them loyal to Arbiter Thel’Vadam. It was this declaration of loyalty, or so many thought, that led to Prelate Tem’Bhetek attacking their quiet, out of the way world. Her first bouts of combat, real combat, were against the vicious, barbaric Jiralhanae of the Covenant Remnants, who wasted no time setting themselves upon the inhabitants of the planet. It was during this battle that a Jiralhanae gave her the gash wound on her left arm with the blades of his Mauler, roaring that traitors deserve no less, if not more, though he was disemboweled almost immediately after by the agile female. An earlier bombardment from their CRS-Class light cruiser ensured that the bastion compounds were unable to immediately come to the aid of the Keep, but they held the line all the same, despite high casualty numbers.

After the attack, and the subsequent capture of Kaidon Tulum 'Juranai and his two eldest sons, Comi joined the Scion and new Kaidon in boarding the Shadow of Intent and tracking down their father and brothers along with the Prelate and killing the San’shyuum for his treachery. After these events, during which it was discovered that Tulum and his sons were killed, she requested transfer to a more active front. She saw battle and missions all across Swords of Sanghelios space, trying to put down the last of the Covenant so that peace might finally truly reign. She even served time keeping the Jiralhanae contained on their homeworld, though it was no longer than a few weeks between deployments. Eventually, she grew bored once more, the repetitiveness of everything getting to her and she went to her commanding officer for a request to something new. The response was a placement in a joint SPARTAN-IV, Swords Special Operations team, where she met Spartan Lucas Ryker. Their time together saw them become fast friends, with many successful missions under their team’s belt. It was at his recommendation that she is now being transferred to Aegis, as well as at the request of their new Swords Liaison, Ethat’Lacalu, due to her skill at infiltration and sabotage.
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>6/24/2020 - v1.0 release
>7/5/2020 v1.1 - Added "Mgalekgolo Speculations and Observations" to Notes
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Name: Zyko 'Moram

Rank: Special Operations Officer (Ranger)

Species: Sangheili

Age: 30(2527)

Appearance: Particularly young for his station, Zyk bears very few battle scars, in fact were it not from the excessively charred tissue on back of his hands and fingers, clearly indicative of plasma burns from the overheating commonly associated with his weapons of choice. He is always found clad in his jet black Infiltration Harness. Which has been modified to incorporate a jet pack.

Skills: Nimble on his feet and possessing ineffable reflexes, Zyk has honed his talents in a hit and run fighting style. Being able to out manoeuvre and riddle his enemies with bursts of plasma, before closing the gap with his jet pack to finish his opponent up close. Additionally, he is a relatively talented Banshee pilot, and is more than capable of cracking and decrypting Covenant-tech such as locks and general user interfaces.

Preferred Weapons/Equipment: Twin Type-25 Directed Energy Rifles/Jiralhanae variants. Type-1 Energy Sword.


Born in the early months of 2527, Zyko 'Moramee; known to his peers simply as Zyk was proven to be headstrong and... unique among those his age. He was not one for the proud traditions and mannerisms of the Sangheili race, and was often berated for his behaviour; it wasn't until he enlisted in the Covenant military and earned his stripes as an Elite Minor that his wild tendencies began to leave the forefront of his persona. Somewhat gaining the ability of restraint.

For years he served, gradually climbing the ranks and becoming a specialist in air assault, among the Rangers. His first engagement as part of such a unit would be during the cleansing of Reach, an engagement of which he would establish his prowess in hit and run tactics, he had his devastating UNSC supply lines. It was admidst the Human-Covenant war that he was assigned to the Special Operations. Not long after this however, the Great Schism occured, a conflict of which Zyk spent most of at the forefront of battle against the Jiralhanae, often alongside Human ODSTs. It was during this period of time that the young Sanghelii developed his penchant for what the humans called a "gung-ho" attitude and classic western stylings; in addition to Jiralhanae weaponry, finding their more power based approach far more pleasant.

Peace time had proven troublesome for Zyk, as all he believed himself to be useful for was as a combat tool. It was due to this fact that he became part of a crew which was tasked with dealing with Jiralhanae insurgents and holdouts. Before being reassigned to Aegis.
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