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Shigenaga Nomura
Training Day

Nomura clenched his hand once Chōhei released his iron grip on it, doing his best to hide his pain. Once again, the mask made it easy to do so. There was some wisdom in his opponent's words, wisdom that Nomura would both hope his enemies would dare not follow as well as something he'll continue to ignore! And despite that display he made earlier, Nomura was sure he still runs the risk of accidentally getting killed training with the Oni regardless. Still, he won the respect of who appears to be one of the strongest of the Oni. This much was enough of a trade-off for a couple of broken fingers. Nomura looked onto Mie as she walked over, a look of joy in his eyes as he eyed that healing salve in her hands.

"It seems so. They're a rough bunch, for sure, but at least the issue of their disdain for me seems to be somewhat abated." Nomura said as he made sure to heal his hand, applying the ointment rather hastily. "I'm happy to hear you arranged that I'll be dragged along to train at any moment's notice, by the by." Nomura stated, sarcastically but in good humor. "Well, thank you for seeing to that my wounds, or well, wound, was quickly attended, Lady Mie. And with a bow, Nomura was off.

He still had a good amount of time in the day, it seemed. Socializing with the Oni could wait for later, although Nomura would make a quick note to speak with Chōhei when the time does come. Between that and waiting for Donovan to be done with whatever it was he was doing, it seemed Nomura was free to do as he pleased. In this instance, he chose to once again walk to the shoreline. Instead of fishing, however, he had chosen to merely sit and ruminate on the day's proceedings.

As he watched the waves gently touch the shore, Nomura's mind once more wandered to the power within him. That slap he was able to perform, the energy he was able to gather within his body. If he wished to survive another training bout with the Oni, Nomura knew he had to master channeling that energy in some way. Through his body, his eyes, and even his voice, Nomura was able to strengthen himself through the use of that magic. If he was able to control and maintain that power within, there was no telling what he could accomplish.

For now, he needed to push his limits. Sitting in some form of lotus position, Nomura began to meditate to himself. As he did so, he allowed that magical energy to course through different parts of his body. It's as if he was flexing his limbs individually, empowering one before the other, letting the energy fade before drawing it out once more. He would test the limits of this power, gauging just how much he was able to strengthen his limbs to the fullest while attempting to push past those limits. Nomura continued to train not externally, but from within.
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Narkissa Langdon

@Rune_Alchemist @PKMNB0Y @Guy0fV4lor @Crusader Lord

Perhaps the actual ambush might have been sloppy and better executed –though a good plan was always a simple plan—but Narkissa had achieved her intended goal with great success. Whoever was about to be ambushed wouldn’t be any longer, and although it had been slightly dicey with Lazhira herself, nobody had been injured.

Except for some of the hunters, that is. Seeing a couple of them swallowed up whole was going to give her nightmares in the future.

So when the targets of the hunters did appear, their ambush was nowhere close to complete, even if there was abject chaos reigning in the field. The people that appeared out of the obelisk did give the white-haired girl pause, though—she didn’t know the dwarf-like man that appeared, but she certainly recognized Leannah, and… was that Donovan? She hadn’t seen him since the first day, hadn’t she?

“You two head on. That’s Leannah and the others, and I’d like to see them come out intact and not inside a slime,” she frowned. “You take Lazhira and the deer… thing and head back, I’ll be with you shortly.”

Seeing who had shown up, Narkissa felt further obligated to intervene despite having pressed Misaki and Lazhira to withdraw, especially since the latter was still a prime target. So, she hurried the two girls along while keeping a rearguard as she lingered at the edges of the scene. There, she returned to slinging her spells at the hunters and particularly the slime, trying to confuse the scene even more so that Leannah and her party could make it out unscathed. If she caught any of their eyes, she would wave at them and gesture for them to escape in her direction.
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@Crimson Paladin@VitaVitaAR

“No idea.” One of them replied.

“You…think the Hag is behind this whole thing?” Another would question. “We were told if we saw her to kill on sight, but Soyala told us to focus on recovering the orbs and since she’s the one in contact with the Illuminators’ Face…”

“...hey you don’t think with the seal weakened they wouldn’t need both to undo it?” The third remaining one would chime in. What followed was a heavy silence between the group as a concerning realization perhaps, started to fall into place. "Well if we don't know where it is, is, it shouldn't matter right? But then what about the second one?" Didn't seem like the hunters may have any more immediately relevant information unless they were pressed further or had anything else specific they'd want to ask.

"Oh...uh...we could show you two to that pit with the seal in it. That's where you're heading, isn't it?"

A Traveler

“...Necromancy.” Baba replied with a passionless voice. “The faithful of the goddess of death are given the ability and permission to use Necromancy to both punish sinners and use them to protect people.” The younger girl would shake her head. “Most people always found it…repulsive…they just wanted an excuse. The Apostles gave them that.” She’d take a few steps towards Nicholas.

By now a few alarm bells in his head might be going off.

“The maids marked me for death. Even if I run to the furthest lands, they will pursue.” A smile, would form on her lips, slowly turning into a wide, toothy almost excited grin. “So if I’m going to die…I’m going to take as many of them as I can with me, simple, right? They deserve it, just as I do. As for you…” A pale hand would reach out and grab Nicholas by the chin. “I could. Do you want me to?”

Yeah, maybe he should be careful about his words now.

“...You’ve not done anything to insult me. Yet. So you can stay. Until you do. Are you planning to?” She’d release him taking a seat and starting to eat. Well, she didn’t seem like she was going to harm him, but he was getting the sinking feeling the longer he’d stay, the more in danger he’d be if he let his words run completely unchecked.

Send Feet Pics
@Cu Chulainn

Breathe in. Breathe out. The waves lapped upon the shore, then receded, rhythmic as Nomura’s breathing would slowly become as he meditated upon the shore. He could already direct his mana into a specific part of the body, that was fairly easy to do now and honestly not too taxing as long as he didn’t continuously do it.

Strengthening everything at once though, did seem to put some strain on him.

First his arm again. It was hard to tell how much of an effect it was having as he wasn’t actively applying the force when he was strengthening it, but there was definitely some change. A bit like a coiled spring - tension forming in his muscles perhaps.

Next his legs. As the energy shifted, leaving his arm it’d feel a bit like being drained of energy. Fatigued, a bit. His legs would feel much the same as his arm did. Moving it back to his arm, the fatigue would vanish entirely as it’d resettle into its resting place. It seemed he could roughly keep the strengthening up for about a minute if he focused on one limb, and only thirty seconds if it was two, while enhancing more at a single time seemed completely out of reach for now.

Perhaps, he’d need a way not to just push or test his limits - but find a way to actively break them.

The gentle waves upon the shoreline was broken by the sound of something splashing in the water, though if he looked he’d see nothing immediately unusual.

The Roma Mob

“Oh? Most warriors don’t care for the process,” The half elf dwarf would say, a tinge of curiosity in his voice. “Well, I’m not one to turn away a lad who wants to learn.” He’d say with a hearty grin. “Alright, Isidore. Asvar. Lets show ya the forge, then. Rael, bring out some of the iron and a suit for Isidore here.”

With a wordless signal of affirmation, Rael would head into the back store room. The Blacksmith, would lead Isidore into the forge, a noticeable shift in temperature from the burning furnace where arms and armor were made. The room itself had all the trappings a blacksmith might need - a large forge where ore was blasted with heat to make them malleable. Anvil, to hammer said ore into shape. A grind stone on which to sharpen the blade to a fine point. Table and materials to make repairs to armor and weapons.

“I’ll assume ye don’t have any knowledge whatsoever, eh Isidore? So we’ll start from the basics.” He’d say, grabbing a nugget of raw Rubell ore in one hand and Iron in another. “The ore itself. Each is different. Each has different strengths and weaknesses. Rubell ore that’s common here in Gloomhollow, soft. Easily worked, but is good at conducting magic. Iron is harder. Needs a firmer hammer and more heat, but sharper and harder than Rubell ore. Knowing what you’re working with, and what you want to create with it is important.”

He’d let Isidore have both of them. The Iron was hard, rough…and well, exactly as he’d expect of Iron. The Rubell, was similar to the previous time he had felt the blade. Sharp, but soft. He could likely break it with his bare hands if he had enough force on it.

“You can add other metals and things to strengthen it. Normally Rubell blades are made with a bit of iron, to make them not so brittle.” He’d move over to the forge, grabbing a hammer as Raelzeth would appear with a box of a few pieces of iron ore and an apron for Isidore to wear. “Put it on lad. Best way to learn is to do. The forging process is simple enough. Once the metal is heated, start by shapin’ the metal into a shape that best fits the tool or weapon you want to make, making sure it stays up to temperature while you hit it.”

A hammer, tongs, and a variety of other tools were laid out near the anvil. Asvar would hand the hammer to Isidore.

Back to Roots
@Guy0fV4lor@Crusader Lord

“Don’t have to tell me twice lass! I didn’t sign up to get eaten by some sorta slime!” Eirhild would yell back, as she’d hop off the cart. A certain little fox would use this time to flee the scene, heading back into the direction of Mie’s camp.

Donovan would surge forward, divine speed carrying him to his target. He’d leap into the air, intent to smash the creature with a heavy blow to its supposed head. The hunters were still too disorganized to respond properly, the creature though - was already recovered from the blow Soyala herself had just dealt.

Slimy tendrils would latch onto his leg, a hardened bone weapon impaling his shoulder. Pain rippled through the point of impact as it would pull the blade upwards in an attempt to sever Donovan’s arm from the rest of his body.

Leannah’s timely intervention, may be the only reason that it wasn’t. The blast of fire would slam into the ground behind the beast, causing it to recoil forwards - right into Donovans hammer. The sound of glass shattering. A myriad of colors as the creature's head seemed to fracture into multiple fragments. The creature would toss Donovan aside with a pained shriek, he’d land on the ground, a large gash in his right shoulder and bleeding profusely.

It’d lash out at everything in fury, its body starting to lose cohesion as slimy, oily liquid dripped onto the ground along with a number of bones and the weapons it had taken into itself.

“Kkkkrr…gggrrrrk-” Pained, furious gurgles as its body began shrinking. “Mmrttthher…hlllk-hhhrrrst….” Whatever it was communicating was difficult to tell, but though the blow it had been dealt was fairly staggering, it wasn’t completely losing its cohesion just yet - no, instead it would lash out for more of the hunters, grabbing them by their ankles and bodies, pulling them into itself more. Consuming, assimilating as its body would stabilize.

Of course, the water bolts being slung towards the creature would have done more damage - had it not used the bones from the hunters it had recently consumed to create more armor for itself, the bolts of water not able to penetrate it, it appeared. As the chaos settled, the remaining hunters were few in number. The slime’s body bubbled and rippled, morphing and shifting into a larger form as the bodies it had consumed were serving to further its own growth now.

From one side of its lower body, two large slimy hands would form, tipped with bony claws and covered in painful looking spines. Armor made of more bone would form upon its upper body. No doubt getting near this thing was going to be tougher.

Soyala herself, would take this time to bolt from the scene, deeming the ambush lost and the goal at the moment, not mattering as much as making a swift exit. Narkissa would at least be able to note she was fleeing back towards the forest. Maybe it wouldn’t be a bad idea to follow her? She was still far enough away from the slime she could flee, but at the same time the thing looked like it wasn’t going to be going down as easily as the others.


“Right.” Lazhira would exhale, still seeming a bit on edge from the situation. “Be safe, Narkissa.” Lazhira would start making her way back towards the village. It’d probably be safe enough there for now, back at her house. The deer would follow, prancing along beside Misaki seeming awfully pleased that it was able to help in the situation.

“Jeez, i’m not cut out for playing hero, am I?” Lazhira would say, trying to lighten the mood just a bit as they’d walk. “You and Narkissa are really good at this sort of thing, aren’t you? Well…I suppose you didn’t really do much…sorry rambling because I’m nervous.” She’d chuckle sheepishly.

A few moments would pass where Misaki could reply if she wanted.

“Whew…I’m tired after that. Hey…Misaki? Can I use your tail as a pillow to nap on once we get back?” She’d innocently ask, seeming as though she still wanted to get a chance to since she hadn’t really since they’d arrive.
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With the sounds of battle growing fainter as they left, Misaki took a deep breath, content for the moment with how things had been panning out once they had left. Of course, it wasn't like she had done much of anything, but...

Well, she had brought the deer to help, at least?

As Narkissa stated her intention to remain behind, Misaki simply gave a nod in return and continued back towards the village, Lazirha at her side. It wasn't like she could stay behind, given her capabilities, and putting her or the deer at risk of further harm because she wanted to try and help more was courting death.

Silent as she was, though, Lazirha's comment pulled Misaki out of her thoughts about who to flag down when back in town and left her instead with a bit of a melancholic look.

"Ah... Yeah. I think I mentioned before that I didn't really fight in the first place. Good thing you were here, huh?" she responded, patting the deer prancing at her side on the head before sighing. "Much as I hate to admit it, that part's gotta change... But, well, that aside, even if it wasn't exactly according to plan, you did help ruin that ambush, so if anything you can say you did more that I did, at least?"

There was a moment of silence before Lazirha chimed in again, and given the situation...

Well, honestly, letting Lazirha rest would probably be best, given everything that had transpired today.

"I... Suppose that would be fine, but we should worry about getting some people who can handle the situation in the forest over there before thinking about getting any sort of rest," the foxgirl said simply as the village drew into view.

Hopefully it wasn't too late to find people who could help resolve the incident at hand...

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The Journey Begins

~ Baba's Cabin ~

Interacted with: @Rune_Alchemist

“...Necromancy. The faithful of the goddess of death are given the ability and permission to use Necromancy to both punish sinners and use them to protect people.”

Ah, necromancy. Nick should've figured, it was pretty obvious. Baba and her folks appear to be using it for good, but he understood that using someone's dead relatives might not sit well for that certain someone. Still, it was quite the overreaction for the village to hunt them down just for that. Then again, the desecration of graves is also quite the offense. This was quite the dilemma Nick found himself in.

Nick noticed that Baba had approached him, and his heart started beating faster. He did not need his spidey-senses to know that he was in danger.

Staying quiet and trying his best not to look too intimidated, Nick listened to Baba explain that the 'maids' had her marked for death and would just pursue should she flee. And so, Baba decided to simply make her stand here and inflict as much damage as she could before going down. Grabbing his chin, she also mentioned that she could very much destroy Nick right here, right now.

Despite the cool temperatures, sweat began forming in Nick's forehead. He was in danger again, but at least the view's prettier than the previous times.

Perhaps he should be careful with what he says from now on, preferably avoiding the topics of Baba's mercy. Hold on a second, if Baba was powerful enough to obliterate him? Why did she run away from the undead hounds? And why was she hesitant to let him inside her cabin? Shouldn't she be absolutely confident in confronting him? It wasn't adding up for Nick when he thought about it.

“...You’ve not done anything to insult me. Yet. So you can stay. Until you do. Are you planning to?”

Well regardless, he was not gonna risk it. His spidey-senses also told him 'No' too. After Baba released him and took a seat at the table to enjoy her stew, Nick rubbed his chin nervously before joining her. "Err, hopefully not. Not that kinda guy to do that stuff anyway, even to my enemies." Although, Nick didn't have any personal enemies back in Earth so who could really say?

"So, uhh, you've been marked for death..." Nick gulped. He was probably overstaying his welcome, but it seemed so rude to simply leave. Especially when the goal was left unfinished. "How does that work? Are the 'maids' like, hitmen or something? Is it possible to unmark you? Pay off your bounty or something?" It would be so easy to just leave Baba for dead, maybe even tell Elisette or that duo back in Liven where she was so this whole ordeal could be resolved once and for all. But that just seemed... heartless, considering everything.

Oh yeah, there was still Elisette who was also looking for her. Well, she seemed like a good girl so Nick figure it'd be easy to just convince her the job's done once the zombies leave the village permanently.
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What a fool.

She'd given him an ample opportunity to save his own life, and yet he still wasted it with gusto. The headless corpse staining the snow crimson, however, seemed to spur the other hunters to cooperate rather then resist.

Good. Fear was an excellent tool just as diplomacy was, even if it was still unpredictable. As Nobunaga listened to the hunters speak, she flicked the blood from her katana and sheathed it on her hip, quietly. So there were two forms associated with the so-called God of Knowledge, and one of them could have gone rogue? While she hardly desired to aid the foolish deity, getting to the bottom of this was quite clearly beneficial to the town itself. It would serve her goal of ensuring that the God of Knowledge was no longer worshipped here, and that learning would be achieved through other means.

"I believe we must investigate this place," she commented, simply, "But know this: If you seek in any way to betray us, you forfeit this second chance. You will not see another sunrise."

The petite girl paused for a moment.

"On the other hand, if your willingness to be of assistance bears out, I am certain the village chief will hear of it."

It was hardly subtle, but sometimes subtleness was unnecessary. Death to traitors, rewards to those who lament their ways and rejoin the fold.

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They were supposed to kill her on sight? This was a development that Novak didn't anticipate. He didn't realize before that the Hag was the enemy of the hunters. But if she and the old man were both voices of the Illuminator, why would they be opposed?

More importantly, Soyala came up again. He already knew that she was their leader, and the one that believed that Lazhira was eroding the seal. Now it was mentioned that she was the one who was in regular communication with the Illuminator, and she used this influence to direct them away from worrying about their directive to kill the Hag, and rather to recover the orbs- the very orbs that the Hag seemed to interested in retrieving.

Novak's eyes widened at the realization.

This Soyala...she's working for the Hag. She's manipulating the hunters for the Hag instead of the Old Man. Or...what if she is the Hag?

"Curious...the hag revealed to myself, Lazhira, and Narkissa that she is looking for the orb. If you ask either of them, they can confirm this." Novak spoke. "And it is she, who who claims to speak for the Illuminator, or at least his Old Man aspect, told you to not worry about the hag and focus on the orbs? She is the one who has directed you to target Lazhira as the possible culprit behind breaking the seal, correct? When I get the chance, I think it'd be...illuminating to speak to Soyala myself."

"But first," Novak resumed, "I would be grateful if you would show us the seal. Like I said, we too wish to see it preserved. And...I'm sorry for your friend," he said, looking at the headless corpse. "My companion did what she had to do to protect me, and I am very grateful, but I was hoping it would not end like...this."

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Shigenaga Nomura

After a long moment of training, Nomura laid down on the sandy shore, allowing his muscles to relax. This surely was something to make a habit of in the future. Not only was he able to understand his current limits, but he was able to discover more about himself and his nature, namely that he needed to find ways to break his limiters. More importantly, it served as a nice and soothing massage after a day of training! The brief tangs of soreness would be alleviated with the application of medicine onto his limbs, using what was left of that salve he was given.

After a moment of respite, Nomura stood up and yawned, stretching as he watched the sun dazzle over the horizon. Turning back to Mie's camp, he noticed a peculiar fox scurry its way back home. Having a feeling of who this fox may be, Nomura surged into the air as he enhanced his legs once more with speed and conjured his wings. Like a swooping hawk, Nomura would appear before Ayumi rather suddenly, the sun glistening off his majestic form.

"Hello, little fox... Seems you've been quite busy, no?" Nomura cocked his head curiously. "Does this mean you have what we need? Ah, and what of Donovan? He didn't pass, did he?" Grilling the fox with further questions, Nomura wished to get right on the bottom of what had just transpired!
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"Slimes, Why'd It Have To Be Slimes?"

The slime was eating up hunters and changing and gurgling something aloud, and for a second the Bastelian almost imagined the thing even gurgled out the word 'mother' or something. Not to mention that she saw a female someone bolt away from the scene whilst the others got nabbed up, which made her suspicious and brought only one word to mind. Soyala. Whatever the Hunters had been doing on this side of the portal, however the Slime ended up appearing here, however Lazhira of all people had been around this spot, she didn't trust anyone outside of the inquisitive girl and the allies she herself was currently working with. That much Leannah knew for a surety.

Time for the big guns then.

Leannah darted around the left side of the beast (it's left, not her left) and kept out of its reach. At the same time she prepared her one real offensive spell once more. Yet this time she did not hold back so much. She let power flow into it, just as much as she had put into it back in the Illuminator's divine realm...and much more. Enough juice to hopefully turn this giant enemy slime into boiling remnants sitting on the ground. It wasn't a closed, contained area she was tossing this into, but Leannah all the same hoped she wouldn't make this worse than it already was.

Then, when she had the lineup to blow the beast clear off the cliff but not in the direction of her allies or the carts (in the hopefully worst case scenario), the Bastelian threw the attack with all of her might at the slime to where it would land dead in front of it. Immediately after, she nearly threw her own body down onto the ground as she moved to duck and roll away and lie on the ground as quickly as she could. Her right side, already burnt, would be facing the potential heat wave and fire of the blast at most.

Yet as she made her move to dive away she didn't stay silent either.


She hoped this worked. She really, really hoped this worked.

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@Crimson Paladin@VitaVitaAR

“Alright, alright, we get it.” One would defensively shout. “No funny business!”

“A good hunter knows when not to take on something stronger than them.” Another would say with a shake of his head. “We’ll give him a burial later…” A silence fell as Novak’s words would at least start making them think about the implications of what he was saying. If that was true, then…they were being taken for fools, weren’t they?

“...r-right its uh, over here.” The third would start walking. The torchlight was enough to keep the fog at bay, though the hunters bearing emblems from the illuminator seemed to protect them. Finding their way through it was easy enough thanks to them, too - though as they came upon it one would nearly stumble over the edge of the sinkhole.

“Here. Its there…probably. Don’t have any idea what else this would be.”

Where the temple had been previously, was now a wide, deep hole, the edges of which were rocky and uneven. The only way in seemed to be a jagged slope that was in the direction of the hunters old hideout, it seemed. Probably had been revealed and destroyed when the Kyrnith had ripped the place to shreds.

And what lay at the bottom?

At the bottom of the pit, the floor was smooth carved stone as if someone had taken some form of sandpaper or other tool and cut the entire floor to be smooth, shiny granite or some similar stone. The only blemishes were indentations that seemed to mimic the phases of the moon, starting with what seemed to be a new moon at six o'clock and a full moon at twelve.

In the middle of the dias a stone altar sat. Carved from a blue-tinted stone, a light fog seemed to slowly waft from it, slowly coming from under it. The altar itself seemed to depict a broken moon, two halves held on either side of it by some sort of twisting, spiraling stone. Extending from the bottom of the altar to the engravings of the moon phases, were smooth ridges and carvings seeming to extend to each of them with the one depicting the full moon having eleven gathering in it.

“I don’t like lookin’ at it. Gives me the creeps.” One of the hunters said.

“Its where that fog is coming from, see?”

“That uh, old temple. We were told the Illuminator put it there to sort of…block it? If you say you met the Hag there…she might have been trying to do something to it.”

A Traveler

“...no.” The wolf girl replied with a dismissive, slightly annoyed seeming huff. “Its one of the laws from the Goddess. The Goddess has no power out of the underworld, so her Maids are the ones she sends after those who break her laws.” She’d look out the only window in the cabin. “...if it were any other law, maybe…but I broke that which should not be broken. ‘Do not use the dead to harm the living’. ” That was all she was going to say on the matter, it seemed. She’d get up from the table, half eaten bowl left behind.

“...I’m going out. You stay here.” She’d say, not elaborating on what she was doing. It was getting pretty late. The sun starting to dip over the horizon, painting the wintry dead forest in colors of twilight, the snowy ground being cast in long shadows from the leafless trees. “If I don’t return…well, then the maids probably got me…” There was a very good chance she wanted to be left alone, and there was no telling what would be out there at night and she could probably handle herself.

Might be best to get some rest.

Send Feet Pics
@Cu Chulainn

“...someone has a flair for an entrance.” The fox would snicker, fairly unimpressed with Nomura’s entrance. The display of acrobatics looked less graceful and more like a drunk pelican, but perhaps with a little practice he’d look like the elegant peacock he was desiring to be. “To answer your question though, no he still has it.” She’d huff, tail swishing back and forth in the snow. “Wasn’t much of an opportunity to pilfer it without being seen…”

She’d glance over her shoulder back towards the cliffs and obelisk.

“That place was spooky. Felt like I’d stepped into some sorta…divine realm or something. Like some god was staring right at me.” She’d shake her head, pawing at it with a paw, before she’d end up sniffing the air and turning her attention from the fight that was happening towards Malphas. She’d walk around him, sniffing around him before pouncing on one of his feet.

“You smell like fish. You smell like rare fish. Lemme have it and I might be inclined to help with the slime since I can probably snatch the thing during then.”

The Roma Mob


Back to Roots
@Guy0fV4lor@Crusader Lord

The spell pulsed in Leannah’s hands. The familiar feeling of heat, burning, uncontrolled power forming in her palm. It was already growing considerably, reaching the point it had previously within a manner of seconds and by then it was too late for her to stop its growth. The miniature sun grew and grew, sucking out every last bit of magical energy Leannah had.

The slime screeched in response, shifting its mass to its arms realizing that it likely couldn’t stop the buildup of whatever it was that was happening - so it opted for a defensive measure. Its arms formed a wall in front of it, its defensive, bony plating melding together to form a wall of slime and bone between it and the exploding ball of fire.

The ball of fire was nearly as big as a beachball, now. It was burning Leannah just from holding it, threatening to blind her from the intensity of its light. It had truly become a miniature sun by now, there was no denying it. In fact it was even starting to pull on her and seemingly suck in everything around it as though it had its own gravity wall, insatiably hungry for more magic to feed its mass.

And then she’d lob it towards the slimy creature.

A blinding flash of light. A deafening explosion. Heat that would singe and burn the people near it. The snow on the ground in a roughly 30-yard radius upon impact would nearly instantly vaporize. At 50 yards it melted, turning to water as the heat radiated from the area. A mushroom cloud extended meters into the air. The slime creature shrieked, gurgling as the impact would cause the creature to recoil backwards, the bones on its arms, its slimy defensive wall evaporating in seconds as it would lose its cohesion, boiling away as its body fell to the ground, being pushed so far that its tail would hang off the cliff.

It wasn’t out yet, but it had lost its arms.

Donovan’s hair would be lightly singed if he managed to take cover. Eirhild and Akando took shelter behind the Obelisk, preventing them from being hit from most of the blast.

The creature, would retaliate immediately. Slimy tendrils would grab Leannah by her ankles, lifting her high into the air. The act of making an explosion that big had completely drained her, exhausting any magical supply she had, and thus, was completely unable to resist as she was pulled. If Narkissa or Donovan did not intervene, she was likely to be its next snack.



“Haaa, I suppose you’re right. Sorry, I’m just a bit tired. All of this is really sort of getting to me I guess.” Lazhira replied, shaking her head solemnly. “But thanks for that. I’ll be glad when all of this is over and I can go back to just skipping history lessons from Enli and looking around the forest without worry about getting jumped by some animal-ah-”

It was in all honesty, fast.

A flash of steel from nearby.

Lazhira’s dress would soon be stained red, eyes widening as an arrow stuck out from her stomach. A second arrow would fall upon the fawn, though it wouldn’t hit anything vital, just hitting it in the leg, earning a pained call from the animal as it would stumble to the ground.

“She’ll be coming with me, fox.” It was Soyala, having caught up with them from the battlefield while the others were occupied with the slime. Misaki could feel the sharp edge of steel on her neck, probably a spear or some other sharp, bladed instrument held against it. “Don’t worry, she’s not going to die…yet, at least. The arrows coated in a sort of...lets say poison that'll stop her from bleeding out.”
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And so, this little project of mine comes to an end. Two years, huh? I hope you all at least, had fun with this little imperfect project of mine. I've wrapped it up, and hopefully given every character as proper a send off as I could have here. I'm sorry for cutting things short, but I've already mentioned in the discord all of my reasons for doing so...but not to fret, after some time to think about everything and give the RP a fresh coat of paint, I'll certainly be restructuring and giving it a second attempt.

Thank you all for being part of this and putting up with my amateurish attempts to tell a story here. Really, I couldn't have asked for a better group of people. Thank you all and stay tuned for the future.
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