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Name: Ovaan
Species: Freeza Race
Age: 30
Gender: Male


Personality: Ovaan is surprisingly personable and charismatic, considering the reputation his species has. Perhaps it was his servitude in the Freeza Force that forged him into an efficient officer? But unsurprisingly, he is also very patient and very calculating. He's not above using what others might perceive as "dirty tactics" for the purpose of bringing down a more powerful opponent, be it in combat or even in politics. He's not averse to training himself, either, deciding long ago that doing so would aid him in his objective of not getting himself killed in Freeza's service. After a while he just sort of took to it, and has found himself in training even after he no longer had Freeza looming over his shoulder.

Bio: The history of Freeza's people is muddied in rumor and hearsay. Some think the Cold family rose to power by conquering their own home planet and then simply turned their ambition to the rest of the known galaxies. Others have postulated that the Freeza Force began as a peaceful confederacy of independent worlds that simply became an empire when it was taken over by the Cold Family. Regardless, Freeza's own people ended up becoming one of two things: vassals of Lord Freeza, or dead. Naturally, Ovaan was one of the former.

After rising to become a Captain of his own ship, Ovaan discovered that advancement and even basic survival was a deadly game of politics and backstabbing among the officers of the Freeza Force Fleet. He had no choice but to adapt, but it became apparent that Ovaan had a certain... talent for engineering the downfall of others should they prove a political threat to him. While he was never fond of such actions nor took real pleasure in partaking in them, Ovaan had long since resolved to do whatever was necessary to ensure his own survival and the survival of his men. He often treated his crew with a level of respect and care that was never seen in other Captains, and this made Ovaan relatively popular with the rank-and-file as a result.

Of course, such would eventually earn Ovaan the ire of several rivals among the fleet. One in particular had an especially strong ire for Ovaan after the latter had out-maneuvered him, resulting in the peaceful acquisition of a planet into the Empire before he and his own crew could even launch an invasion. He had allied himself with a few similarly minded Captains, all with their own various grudges against Ovaan, and together they were able to fabricate evidence to implicate Ovaan in false charges of treason. Freeza never bothered himself with the commonplace vendettas between his officers, and this was no different. This time it was Zarbon who was dispatched to investigate the matter and deal with the supposedly traitorous Ovaan.

This led to the two eventually fighting, but with the aid of his transformation, Zarbon could easily overwhelm the likes of Ovaan. What saved Ovaan in the end was intervention of his own men. Against all odds, they bravely decided that their loyalty to their Captain was greater than their loyalty to Freeza. With their aid, Ovaan was able to make his escape. But after that, he was a fugitive. He could not risk staying in any place for long lest he risk an encounter with the Freeza Force. And so his ship and now-renegade crew remained on the move, stopping long enough to refuel and resupply and little else. With so much newfound free time on his hands, Ovaan could only think of one way to keep his head clear: training. He trained as often as he could spare and even began to encourage his men to do the same. If at any point they did encounter a ship from the Imperial Fleet then they would need to be ready.

These encounters did happen occasionally, and as they did, Ovaan and his crew also happened to save an increasing number of people from enslavement in the process. Over time this just sort of naturally evolved into an active insurgency against the Empire led by Ovaan and his original crew. Beforehand, most people were too terrified of Freeza to ever consider rebelling. But now? One of Freeza's own people was leading the charge, and if his strength was anything like Freeza himself then maybe there was actual hope for a change?

As this was all coming to a head, Ovaan found himself leading an increasingly vast army of resistance fighters having created a small fleet of their own utilizing salvaged and captured Freeza Force vessels. But this? This was enough to get Freeza's personal attention. Before he was content to just let Zarbon, Dodoria, and the Ginyus put down what he initially thought was an insignificant rebellion. But they'd grown enough for him to treat them as a marginal threat now, and he had one tried-and-true way to deal with people he viewed as threats. As soon as he was able to discover where he was located, Freeza personally set course there with the intention of destroying the planet and all the rebels with it in one fell swoop.

This was it. It was do or die. If they couldn't defeat Freeza now, then there was little hope for them to do so in the future. Freeza watched his trademark Supernova make its descent on the planet, only to raise an eyebrow when it appeared to stop. It was Ovaan, and with the help of a few of his most capable men, they were just barely able to stop the Supernova and redirect it away from the planet. Freeza was enraged, enough to begin transforming but something interrupted him. Once again, it was Ovaan. He knew all too well of Freeza's transformations, being of the same species after all. Theoretically all he needed to do was keep the heat on his enemy so that he would have no opportunity to power up and transform. It seemed to work at first, but then the Ginyu Force arrived on the scene. By this point Ovaan was confident in his ability to take on Ginyu, but the five of them together was enough of a distraction to allow Freeza the time he needed to transform. Now Ovaan found hismelf face to face with Freeza's natural-born final form, the Emperor apparently deciding that this occasion merited... special treatment.

But Ovaan had one last ace. In all the training he had given himself, he discovered that his natural-born form was not the peak of strength his kind was capable of. There was a form beyond it, one that allowed them to concentrate all their power and amplify it a few-fold. Now was the time to test this theory out. To Freeza's shock, Ovaan had also transformed into what he could only surmise was a seeming fifth form, something he had always assumed was impossible. But before these two powers could clash, there was a bright flash and then, for Ovaan, everything went dark. At least for a bit.

When he came to his senses, Ovaan had found his Transformation had been undone. He was in an unfamiliar place, and was being glared at by what looked like a young, diminutive girl.

Death Beam (learned through a combination of independent training and observing its use by Freeza)
Nova Saber (a blade of Ki summoned by the hand and briefly wielded as a weapon, capable of batting away small ki blasts and even severing some larger beams)
Nova Shield (a round shield made up of ki that can be conjured on one of the arms, strong enough to block most physical attacks and weaker Ki blasts and can also be thrown as a disc attack as well)
Nova Charge (lunging attack that opens with a gut punch and is followed by a powerful point-blank Ki blast)
Nova Bomb (a power-packed sphere of explosive Ki, charged in two hands above the head and then hurled straight down)


Other Info: He greatly dislikes using his Fifth Form, viewing it as too hulking and brutish for his tastes. So he will only use it if forced to, and afterward will willingly revert back to his much preferred Fourth Form.
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Posting just to reserve the concept and give people an idea of what I am going for. Right now I am thinking a female, always smiling and positive, basically your good natured counterpart to the other two. Also focuses on high speed attacks. Like a barrage of punches or a bunch of energy attacks fired off machine gun style as opposed to the more conventional slow charge and fire like what Goku does.

Will edit the details in in a moment.

Also I just realized I posted this in the wrong subsection. Should have been in OOC. Sorry. New to this forum. How do I delete/move it?

Ok, here goes nothing.

Name: Mia
Species: Oni
Age: 26
Gender: Female
Other Info:
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Name: Darbin
Species: Hera Clan
Age: N/A
Gender: Male

A large well toned male Hera Clan typical of his people he has teal skin tone, and short cut orange hair more in the style of a buzz cut. He has large noticeable scars on his arms, and chest with a one particular one slashed across his right cheek earned from his time training. He is rough in appearances and is by no means handsome. He typically wears loose fitting clothing, and they ideally are simple by design.

A soldier by trade Darbin is serious, and rather brutally efficient when it comes down to it. He sees things in rather black, and white nature seeing a job that needs to be done as just that. He has no qualms with acting in ways that some may consider evil if need be but prefers to avoid such circumstances. He is not devoid of 'humanity' as Darbin does have a soft spot for domesticated creatures, and young children. Growing up in the slums of his planet he decided to fight to become as strong as he could preferring that to the helplessness of living a life of struggle. He doesn't particularly enjoy training, nor talking but he is one who doesn't mind doing either if need be. When it comes down to it Darbin could be described simply as someone who lives for the thrill of becoming stronger for the sake of it. His power as a milestone of sorts. His experiences in the slums, and the military enforcing into him the motto 'might makes right' as his people tend to base their worth on one's physical, and mental abilities above a sense of wealth though many do seek that as well.

Born into a life of poverty in the back slums of his peoples' home planet Darbin's family was large but poor, and he grew up in a rather impoverished state. Life in the slums was hard, and many people often fought over the food that was given out, or found. His mother, and father weren't particularly notable warriors and as such were on the bottom of society's totem pole. Spending his earliest years of his childhood struggling painted quite a simple picture: you either fight to survive, or you die. His parents weren't much in the way of role models, and neither were many of the others in the neighborhood so he ended up joining a gang in his earliest teenage years. In that gang he learned how to fight, and the proper basics which is where he first started to train in some form.

Through gang wars, and violence Darbin grew to start to gain a reputation for being a solid warrior in his own right winning more battles than he ultimately lost. It was when he started to be come a grown adult that he sought more than just his every day life in the gang. He decided after sometime to join the planet's military which had begun recruiting in the slums as a war that they had been raging had cost the levels of many of the Hera Clan. His people's attempts to take a large chunk of the galaxy had proven difficult with the advent of police forces, and other foreign nations fighting for the same. Recruited quickly due to his physique compared to the others in the slums he was quickly hauled to basic training. When Darbin joined them military he was quickly run through the gauntlet of fighting, and struggling to survive to be prepared to fight on other worlds, and to unlock the 'full power' form of his people. It was fighting on a dead world that his luck finally seemed to be coming to an end after a week of near constant fighting his squad finally managed to escape, and had to hide in a cave not to far from a location they were fighting in to recuperate. It was then, and there where his some of his team including his captain started to succumb to their wounds. He closed his eyes during a quiet evening with the sound of warfare in the background did he not open them and find himself in a temple. He knew for little reason why he was there simply that he had likely been pulled into another conflict.

Ki Blasts
Full Power Energy Ball
Full Power Energy Wave
Trap Shooter
Energy Shield
Ki Sense

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Name: Tabaga
Species: Saiyan
Age: 34
Gender: Female

Personality: Tabaga used to be an enthusiastic warrior who never ran from a fight. After the destruction of her home-world, she entered into a sort of catatonic state after unlocking her Super Saiyan transformation which lasted a number of days. At the moment, her grasp on mental stability is tenuous to put it mildly.

Bio: Tabaga was one of the elites on Planet Vegeta. Born to a high ranking family and born with an above average power level she quickly began to rise through the ranks as she began her training. She was known for being a ruthless sparring partner and an even more ruthless warrior. The Saiyans of her universe never knew how fortunate they were, as the Freeze force did not exist in their universe. Without Freeza and his family to limit their growth, The Saiyans were able to expand beyond Planet Vegeta eventually although it took quite a bit longer. They eventually set out to conquer their home galaxy and nearly succeeded in doing so. Unknown to the war-hungry Saiyans however, another, far more ancient and vicious race had set their sights on the Saiyan's home galaxy after annihilating the inhabitants of the East, West and South Galaxies and adding them to their own Empire.

Although the Saiyans attempted to do what they did best, the unknown warriors cut through them without much effort over years of bloody battle and more and more planets began to fall to the unknown warriors. Eventually, the Saiyans were beat back to Planet Vegeta and the Planet itself was wiped clean of all life after a massive battle. Tabaga, whose grip on her mental stability was already hanging by a thread after continued losses to the invaders, was forced to watch and know she could do nothing as Planet Vegeta finally fell. As she watched flames engulf her home planet, something inside her snapped. She could feel her power rising exponentially and a massive golden aura began to surround her. She didn't exactly remember what happened next, but she had flashes of memory of the invaders being cut down by the dozens and of a massive explosion that wiped out all life in Planet Vegeta's solar system. The last flash of memory she had was a rather tall unknown figure placing her in an attack ball, looking down at her and telling her everything would be fine as the hibernation sequence began to activate.

What seemed like minutes for her were actually years outside of the attack ball. Unknown to Tabaga, her attack ball had been moved. It was no longer in her home universe, rather it sitting outside of a ruined temple.

Ki Sword:((Similar to what Goku black used in DBS but not quite as powerful nor the same color. This Ki sword ability was used by Tabaga to slice up a number of her enemies. The blade is a bright red in color.))

Dragon Cannon: ((Tabaga places both hands out in front of her and shoots out two solid beams of Ki energy that can slice through pretty much anything she has encountered so far.))

Dragon's roar: Tabaga unleashes a massive Ki blast from her mouth that causes expanding waves of destruction. Not very effective in range unless she is in Super Saiyan form or above.))


Super Saiyan: Tabaga unlocked this technique after the fall of the Saiyan Home world. It may not have allowed her to save her home-world but it allowed her to take revenge on those who aided in it's destruction.

Other Info: A universal war between the Saiyan Race and a race of unknown warriors who annihilated everything in their path is what destroyed Tabaga's home galaxy. The Unknown warriors couldn't be stopped through normal means and cut down everything in front of them.
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Name: Maize
Species: Saiyan
Age: 28
Gender: Female

Personality: Maize is a warrior down to her core. Despite her age she's seen and faced a lot through her time under Frieza. She started off as a brash, arrogant, selfish kid who had the galaxy as her plaything to a more refined fighter capable of caring about others and going far to protect them. In battle she fights as an intelligent beast with a slight gentle nature. She focuses on everything her opponent does while also paying attention to the world around her, sometimes using it to her advantage. Outside of battle she enjoys eating and training, but also taking time to laugh with others. She stopped being so serious over the years and slowly found out that there was more to life than just destruction and civilized chaos.


Maize's story begins like many other Saiyans, in an incubating capsule helping her grow and testing her latent power. Her father was one of the rare middle class warriors so it was already believed she'd grow to be exceptional as well. Even if her mother was a member of the low class. Her power was developing nicely and her father sought an audience with King. He requested that when it was time for her first mission that she be sent on a solo mission to test her abilities and create a powerful asset for the Saiyans. King Vegeta, who had already wished to rebel against their Lords, saw this as an opportunity and agreed to it.

When Maize was finally ready they sent her off to a bit of a distant planet. The people there were enough to give her a challenge, but she'd make quick work of them once the eventual full moon came. Fortunately for her, her scouter and pod weredestroyed during the mission and she was unable to receive the call by Frieza to come back to Planet Vegeta. So while the majority of her race was wiped out she was alive, but stuck on a planet with no way to contact home or anyone. Some time passed and she was eventually found by some Frieza soldiers scouting the area for planets or strong fighters since Frieza did wipe out his greatest force.

They told her that her planet was destroyed by a meteor. The lie that Frieza gave his empire. He didn't care if anyone believed it. That was just going to be the official story. They neglected to tell her however that she wasn't the lone survivor. She was upset that her parents were gone, but refused to show weakness. Especially not in front of fellow soldiers. They brought her straight to Frieza and this was where her journey began. After being fed, allowed to rest and given new armor she was told that she'd soon be dispatched on a four month mission. Frieza noticed the potential in her power and saw this as a way to either nurture or crush it. If she managed to survive she could be useful as a member of his empire, he'd just have to keep a close eye on her. But if she died it meant one less Saiyan and that was something he was truly comfortable with.

When they arrived on a frozen wasteland of a planet Frieza informed her this was the ancient home of his race. None lived there anymore, but there were strong, wild creatures who still claimed it as their own. She'd also have to get used to the seemingly eternal blizzard of snow as there was rarely any moment of relief. None of that seemed to bother her. Once she was given a month of rations she set off into the vast unknown. It took her about an hour to find an abandoned home that was surprisingly still in tact. She doubted she'd be there much, but it was a nice plan to return to and to keep her food. But now wasn't the time to rest. She stepped back into the blizzard and went to train.

She spent the next three months essentially fighting for her life. Just as the predators of this planet would hunt their prey she'd do the same to them. She started off focusing on the animals that lived and acted alone. Studying their habits before she'd engage them in ferocious combat. Doing this kept her both fed and clothed well over the few months. She could even feel herself getting stronger with each engagement. Eventually though she started to move up to small packs building up her strength and confidence to face the group she had been avoiding the entire time.

When the 4th month came things got really interesting. She took a day of rest, but something made her want to go out that night. She was glad that she did. The blizzard was still raging, but she looked up into the sky wondering which phase the moon was in. She had barely been able to see it during her time on the planet, but she knew the moon had yet to turn full. The cycles were strange on this planet. The sky wasn't really visible, but she could feel something changing inside her. She felt this same feeling on her first mission, only this time she didn't seem to be growing or getting any hairier. She was absorbing the blutz waves, but they weren't actively transforming her. Instead she entered a pseudo-state. One that unleashed a human Saiyan's inner beast. Her hair spiked up and she roared ferociously, the sound echoing across the snowy plains.

Her instincts took over and she went off to face her biggest challenge to date, the large pack of beasts who may as well have been the beastly lords of this planet. She caught them at a moment where they were getting ready to sleep and this angered them. All, but the leader charged at her. She welcomed the challenge and the battle was on. Even in this state of hers she refused to kill her challengers. She wanted total domination of the pack and she couldn't do that with them all dead. One by one they fell to her power. This went on for three weeks straight. Neither side relenting and she was sure she was only being kept alive by the state she was in. Hunger no longer mattered to her and neither did shelter. All that mattered was fighting til total victory. When the rest of the pack fell the leader finally stepped up to the plate. It had watched Maize take down, but not kill its entire pack. She was intriguing.

The battle lasted a day or two. She couldn't remember, it all seemed like a blur. She just knew that when it was all over they all welcomed her as not just one of their own, but as their alpha which she declined through a series of growls. She had no intention of staying. She knew Frieza would be coming for her soon. And soon he did. Frieza descended on the planet honing in on the location of her power. When she noticed his ship above her, her body finally reverted to her normal state. She got up from the side of the alpha's belly where she was comfortably resting. Part of her would miss them. Maybe she was more beast than she realized.

Frieza was impressed upon arrival to see that she had essentially tamed these wild beasts. This Saiyaness had promise. "Let's go Little Monkey. Your future awaits."

Years passed since then and Maize spent her time as one of Frieza's lone soldiers. She was sent on missions that proved dangerous for a single fighter and sometimes wondered if Frieza did this on purpose. Eventually she was given her own team to command and this opened up the opportunity for her to have a bit of a life and understand what it was like to have others by her side. She hadn't felt like that since she left the pack and had wondered if it was a mistake to leave.

Her squad proved to be a valuable asset to Frieza's empire. With a team at her side she was even more capable of completing her missions. She also made an effort to train her team which other squads often neglected. She couldn't get stronger if the people she was supposed to rely on were weak. The training strengthened their bond and it became clear that her squad was more loyal to her than they were fearful of Frieza. They even told her what she had still yet to learn. That Frieza was the one who destroyed her planet and there were still surviving Saiyans out there. During their off time they sought them out.

She was only partly surprised that the Prince was still alive. The Saiyans were resilient people. It'd only make sense that the heir to the throne would be among the survivors. She informed them of what she knew and they told her she was late on the uptake. They had known for a while, but knew they couldn't do anything against Frieza. But they noticed her power and they had a glimmer of hope for the first time. All, but the Prince. He felt overshadowed by someone who should be weaker than him. How could he be the Prince of All Saiyans if he wasn't the strongest? This motivated him like no other and he decided to whip himself and his people into shape. It'd take a long time before they were ready, but she was confident that together they'd be able to take down their genocidal tyrant. But she knew this still wouldn't be enough. She needed to train on her own as well. Something that could push her to even higher limits. She wasn't even sure her Wrath Form would be enough.

During her time in the empire she heard of a race of peculiar aliens with even more peculiar abilities. The Yardrats. She heard that Frieza was considering giving the Ginyu Force the mission so she had to be quick to steal it from under them. Frieza may not have completely trusted her, but he trusted her work. Maize knew that he also couldn't pass up the opportunity to send her on a potentially dangerous mission. So playing to those cards she was able to convince him to put her squad on the job. When they arrived on the planet the Yardratians were prepared to fight, but she showed them she meant no harm by refusing to fight. She knew her old approach of beating others into submission wouldn't work here. They let her speak and she told them her plan to rid the galaxy of Frieza and King Cold, but she needed their help to do it.

Their elder, Pybara, agreed to train her as she was the only one among her group ready for the kind of training she was about to partake. The training was different for her. The key to their powers was Spirit Control. She had already learned over the years to manipulate her own ki and sense it in herself and others, but their Spirit Control expounded on that and dug deeper. It wasn't difficult picking up Instant Transmission and although it would be useful she wanted to learn more. Unfortunately it'd take more time than they had. Pybara sensed her thoughts and although their people were forbidden from using teleportation to leave their planet they needed to. She promised she'd find a way to return their planet to normal when Frieza and Cold were defeated.

She and her squad regrettably razed the planet and prepared it for sale. She had the Yardrats teleport with her to where the remaining Saiyans were training. They'd all have to hide there for the time being. Maize continued her training with Pybara going even further until she felt it was time. She sent her squad on ahead of her. Their job was to fight the other soldiers and make sure no one, not even the Ginyu Force would come to Frieza's aid. Once they were in position Maize used IT to teleport her and the other Saiyans into Frieza's castle. The teams split up and chaos ensued.

The battle started off rather easily. Together they were able to push and even overwhelm Frieza's first form causing him to transform into his second where he was able to put up more of a fight. That still wouldn't have been enough to completely overwhelm the Saiyans, but the weaker ones were starting to feel the pressure. She and Vegeta were the ones mainly keeping up. But when Maize noticed that this wasn't getting them anywhere she activated her Wrath Form in battle for the first time in years. She had managed to keep it a secret from Frieza and the other Saiyans until now. It caught everyone by surprise and they noticed the jump in power was similar to that of the Great Ape. Frieza was being pushed back even more now and he decided to skip his third form and head straight for his final one. Maize was able to defend against him, but she knew even her current form wasn't enough to stop him.

The battle had moved way beyond the castle now. The soldiers and citizens of the empire all looked on as the Saiyans rebelled against their emperor. Some cheered on, others dared not in fear that Frieza would win and punish them with death after. But they were all amazed by the level of battle in front of them. By this point the other Saiyans were barely hanging on in the fight, being more of a nuisance to Frieza than anything. Frieza swiped out and swiftly ended the lives of Raditz and Nappa as if they were nothing. Anger welled up inside her as her fury grew her power did as well. He had killed too many of their kind and she wouldn't let him get away with it again. Her temporary boost in rage pushed him him back and annoyed him even more. He noticed that the soldiers meant to help him were nowhere to be found. Even Zarbon and Dodoria were gone. Had no one called the Ginyu Force? He was alone up there and it angered him. He noticed the cause for his lack of support and brought several death beams down on her squad sending them all to their deaths. No matter how much they trained, no matter how much they did it was all for nothing. Frieza was too strong and if he was like this what did that mean for Cold? She had never felt more hopeless. A silent rage echoed inside her before lightning called down from the skies. The sky turned dark and she grimaced as her body seemed to fight against her, ready to unleash something that had been hidden inside all along. Her hair changed both in shape and color. It was spikier than it was in her Wrath Form and slightly longer. But the true difference was that it was yellow as well. Her eyes were a sea of green and they stared at Frieza piercing him with death.

Frieza and Vegeta both remained afloat in shock, anger and for the former also fear. The legend was true. What stood before them both was a Super Saiyan. Frieza couldn't believe he had raised the enemy he sought to destroy. Maize warned Frieza that he was going to die and to pray to whatever god he believed in because with the atrocities he committed all that awaited him was damnation. The battle was thunderous. It sounded like two giants were fighting and everyone was aware that only one giant would remain alive in the end. Maize didn't feel like toying with Frieza. As much as he needed to suffer for what he did seeing her overlooking him in his final moments was all the torture she needed. She ended the battle with a powerful beam of her own disintegrating his body in the process. She left nothing to chance. She knew of his race's resiliency.

The battle was won, but this wasn't the end of it. She left Vegeta in charge of Frieza's planet. Being a ruler wasn't for her and someone needed to make things right here while she went after Cold. She made a pit stop to see Pybara. She didn't need to give him an update. He healed her since she couldn't use it on herself and she searched out in the galaxy for Cold's signature. She had found it. Apparently he was on his way to the Empire's main planet. Word traveled fast, but not fast enough. She transported to him and while still in Super Saiyan wiped him out before he was given the opportunity to transform. This wasn't about her pride as a warrior. It was about completing a promise and getting the job done swiftly. She spared the lives of the soldiers on his ship as they were all loyal out of fear than respect and if they needed someone to serve they had a new leader in Vegeta.

She returned to the Yardratians and was told about Namekians and their wish granting orbs the Dragon Balls. With them she should be able to restore their planet and revive the friends she lost. She sought them out and after Guru read her memories he believed she and her intentions were worthy of the Dragon Balls and for her potential to be unlocked. After unlocking her potential the Dragon Balls were tweaked so they could revive multiple people and with that everything was normal for a while.

She and her squad left Vegeta's Empire, but remained allies and traveled the universe to explore, learn, and train. There was so much out there that they were unaware of. Even dangers stronger than Frieza. She and her crew would find that out the hard way.

Death Beam: She learned this technique during her time as Frieza's pet monkey soldier. She observed him used it and did so on her own.

Warrior's Blood Moon: An orb of red ki that resembles a powerball. She launches it at her enemy causing it to explode on impact.

Thunder Cannon: This is a powerful, yellow beam that sounds like thunder when being released.

Electric Fist: Noticing the electric nature surrounding the Super Saiyan transformation she learned to manipulate the nature of her ki to electrify her fist allowing her to shock and numb opponents on impact.

Ki Sense: She's able to sense and manipulate ki, but this has grown exponentially stronger under her Yardratian training.

Spirit Control: An advanced form of Ki Manipulation that allows her to use an assortment of abilities.

Instant Transmission: She can use this to teleport to anyone whose ki she can sense.

Cloning Technique: Something she rarely uses, but definitely helps with training. Using her spirit control she's able to create clones of herself, but it cuts her power to give to them.

Forced Spirit Fission: A really advanced spirit control technique that lets her separate and manipulate energy from her target. She has to hit them or have her open palm face them for it to work. It can undo things like fusion and absorption and also give stolen energy to others.


Wrath Form: This is her first transformation. It's pseudo Oozaru form that gives her the boost in power without the drawbacks in size. Initially it caused her to rage out like a wild beast, but overtime she has learned to control the beast within.

Super Saiyan: She achieved this form in her fight against Frieza. She has mastered it, but is unaware that there's a level beyond it.

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