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MENTIONS: Parthenia [@Click This] and everyone else.

Bloated, ivory clouds loomed far above the Irinduil students’ heads and refused to allow any semblance of cerulean sky to peek through the bulk of their masses. They watched the monastery from the heavens, stagnant and stiff. Moisture hung heavy in the air and a brisque early autumn breeze whisked over the cobblestone pathways, gathering crisp, blotchy leaves in its invisible fingers. A rainstorm was on the horizon. Sherry hoped that she would not get wet.

The majority of them had arrived around an hour ago. A caravan of horse-drawn wagons had brought them most of the way up the mountain, but much to her dismay, they had to walk the rest of the way. It was a tiresome trek, but Sherry had made it alongside her compatriots– and Roland. If there was anyone she couldn’t stand to disappoint, it was them… and the commoners, of course.

Archbishop Augustine greeted them at the entrance to the monastery. A tall, petite man, he bore long, black and white silk robes. His silver hair was done down in a smooth ponytail and his pale lips curled into a smile as he brought his arms up to greet the students at his feet.

”Irinduil opens its arms to you, future leaders of Musentia. It is an honor to greet you as Archbishop of the monastery.”

Such flowery words– nevertheless, Sherry listened well to them. Augustine looked just as her father described him to her. Pristine. Delicate. Almost like a portrait that had been carefully and painstakingly painted by a master’s hand. It was hard to believe that the Archbishop had once overlooked his tutelage as headmaster of the Officers Academy.

The introductory speech went as one would expect. Augustine presented the dean of students, stern-faced woman by the name of Iris, and the professor of the Ivory Serpents, a man named Talbot. Much to her disappointment, the professor of the Scarlet Foxes was not present… though she supposed she could do without them for the time being. Then came the assigning of the house leaders. The Ivory Serpents were dealt the heiress of Luralei, Francette Albillion Luralei, as their leader– a quaint little thing with a round face and an aloof glint in her eye. After the cheers of celebration died, Augustine presented the leader of the Scarlet Foxes, who was, much to her elation and delight, no one else but herself.

House leader! she thought as Augustine’s drone vanished beneath the veil of her excitement. I must write father. No doubt he’ll be ecstatic.

The rest of the orientation went on without incidence. Then, the students were duly portioned into the two houses and the time came for a tour of the campus. Professor Talbot was quick to take over the Serpents, and Sherry watched as they were guided deeper onto the monastery grounds. It was a surprise when Augustine took over the Scarlet Foxes in turn. Sherry wondered where their professor could be, though she didn’t dare ask him such a question for the time being.

Their first stop was a pleasant garden that had been built in the very heart of the monastery. The scent of exotic flowers wafted through the air as Sherry peered through the intricate gates that wrapped around its perimeter. Stone benches and decorated tables had been scattered around the grassy areas. Augustine stepped forward and pulled a key from his belt before he opened the gate and ushered the newly dubbed Scarlet Foxes inside.

”The gardens will be free to use anytime when classes aren’t occurring,” he stated, ”you may use this area for leisure or study. At times, we have the students tend to the flowers. It’s a very relaxing area, even during the winter– we even have the students give suggestions on what to plant during the cold months. If you’re interested in helping out, please speak to Professor Talbot.”

Who would come to Irinduil to learn about flowers? With a sly, sidelong glance, Sherry leaned towards Parthenia and whispered into her ear. ”I suppose I will consider it if I wish to die of boredom.”

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While other students may have had the chance to have gotten acquainted with each other on the way there, Andrion had arrived at the monastery long before the others had. There were formalities to be performed, after all. Names to pay his respects to, as a child of the Church. He had spent the last month sequestered within the Irinduil Monastery, tempered by his austere surroundings and the natural beauty of the mountain it was built upon. Perhaps the priests and nuns thought him more pliable in isolation, figured that some time away from the Lower City would be enough to work the guttertrash out of him.

Turning a blind eye to the fact that he had lived in a Church-affiliated orphanage. Ignorant to the fact that he found the pleasures of the flesh to be the same sort of pleasure one could derive through appreciation of untamed majesty and the satisfaction of simple chores. Humans were of flesh and blood. All that they did, so long as it was rooted in their body, was natural, was good.

Still, when the month had passed and others of the Officers Academy began trickling in, Andrion had to confess: he wasn't so impressed. The girls, especially the ones that were set to be house leaders, were almost remarkably unremarkable, with proportions that were almost mannish! How could they, with ample opportunity for exercise and the diet that only wealth could provide them, end up with such disappointing figures? Why, the Francette girl had hips that were undoubtedly narrower than her shoulders! And the men too looked more like children than, well, men. Even the grimmest, most serious looking of them seemed to have forgotten to get a haircut for the last three years and now, every one of them seemed to sport the sort of vagabond-spikes one would expect out of a highwayman. Or a prostitute.

Maybe foppishness and androgyny was the natural state of even the finest military talents amongst the nobility though. Or maybe they figured that following in the footsteps of the archbishop and the professors would gain them some sort of advantage. Andrion wouldn't pretend he understood it.

Oh, but he did understand expressions and whispers, the sniggering slyness of a blue-blooded waif.

"What's this, House Leader?" Andrion's voice, unlike Sherry's, echoed against the walls of the garden. "The tour's hardly started, and you're already gushing over our venerable Archbishop's fine looks?"
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Nobles were usually not happy being around someone like her.

She was a drifter who sometimes sang or told stories on the street for a bit of extra coin. Her clothes were always dirty and her mannerisms sometimes questionable. Some were respectable and left her alone, others were egotistical and enjoyed kicking her while she was down. Lapis was rarely able to hold a pleasant conversation with one, since they wouldn't want to associate with her too much. She wasn't angry or spiteful; on the contrary, she understood. For this reason, Lapis avoided them when possible, and she'd done an excellent job of doing so.

So, when Mother Matilda brought her the “good” news that the caravan was going to be getting not just her, but the Heirs to House Marlon and Ciran respectively, Lapis packed what belongings she had and started her journey a good two weeks before the caravan was supposed to come.

No damn way was she going to be cramped with not one, but two nobles…

The Church had made damn sure that before she left, she had ample food and clean clothing to arrive in. They didn’t want her to face Augustine, the Archbishop himself, in rags and looking like a skeleton. So, they did their best with what they had, and Lapis had what she needed to look presentable.

And so, she walked at her leisure. And honestly? The trek was child’s play. She had even started singing during her walk up the mountain just to entertain herself.

Time seemed to fly quickly and before she knew it, the day for orientation was here.
And damn was she disappointed.

Most of her classmates were nobles or had some sort of brush with nobility. It wasn’t surprising, considering only the best of the best or the richest of the rich would be allowed anywhere near the damn place. But it also meant that she was undoubtedly the biggest street rat in a house of Suit Pigs, and she’d never felt more alone. The only one she could possibly relate to was the commoner who looked like he could swing her at enemies like a weapon.


The students were given a tour after orientation finished without a hitch, and Lapis was a little excited to see all sorts of new scenery. The gardens were very beautiful, and the flowers must taste as good as they looked. Would she get in trouble if she ate one?

She crouched a little to get a better look of them. Before the thought of picking one could cross her mind, she heard the giant one call out one of the Royal Suit Piggy, which Lapis couldn’t help but give her input.

”Can you blame her? The guy’s pretty.” She said, not caring if Augustine or the others could hear her. What were they gonna do anyway? Make fun of her for stating the obvious?

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Mentions: Sherry @Ambra

After being forced to sit still for, however long, Elias had lost track after about the first two hours, having to trek up the mountain was a delight. It was a miracle he hadn't driven his carriage mates crazy with fingers tapping his knees or fidgeting with whatever he could get his hands on. The autumn air was refreshing though, despite the moisture in the air, and the view of the monastery from the march up was rather impressive.

The orientation speech was not so exciting, however dignified the Archbishop looked in his long robes. He made a note of the important figures that were standing in front of them. Though one of them appeared to be missing, hopefully that didn't foreshadow the rest of the year. He let his eyes wander about the rest of his classmates, many of whom he recognized and some he didn't, and what he could see of the campus. He was paying enough attention to catch the fact that Galbia's illustrious princess was made their house leader.

Delightful. He hoped that she would do a good job.

Once they were on the move again Eli elected to pay more attention. He would rather not get lost while he was here. He was curious as to where their own professor might be, but he wasn't going to interrupt. Not yet. The thought quickly left his head anyway as they were shown to the gardens. It wasn't exactly the forest back home, but the outdoor area was nice. He would rather be there than cooped up in his room or the library if he had to study.

A curious look crossed his face as a number of comments were made. First by the guy who looked like he could probably lift the monastery with one hand, and then the small, blue-haired girl. Neither of whom he recognized so commoners he suspected. Not that it particularly bothered him, his own house didn't have the most distinguished background despite what his father might insist upon. He was capable of reading history books just the same as everyone else.

He turned to Sherry with a faint grin, "I didn't know you had a type Princess."
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Roland always enjoyed the stillness and calm before a rainstorm. The muted sky and gentle winds a prelude to a force of nature impossible to precisely predict. A number of his most memorable hikes occurred during a downpour, drenched to the bone and winds cracking trees around him. He hoped, however, they would enter shelter before the first drops fell. It would not do for the Princess's first introduction to the other students and staff to be soaked like a wet dog. Roland had gotten so used to the typical company the Princess carried, that the thought of assessing new individuals and potential threats was almost exciting.

His father had tried to instill in him a faith as strong as his loyalty, but failed frustratingly close to success. Roland was a firm believer in the teachings of the church, but he was far from what one would called a zealot. Goddess or not, he was devout to the Princess first and foremost. That said, the Archbishop was a striking presence that incited a polite, head bow from him in reverence. His authority could match a king so it was no surprise he would have such a direct influence on the future of the land. Roland did his best to stand tall and straight, maintaining a strict bearing as he stood by the Princess's side.

He listened attentively to every word the Archbishop spoke, even if the Princess didn't. It was important he get a grasp of his new surroundings and acclimate to their new lifestyle. Roland had gone through the trouble of parsing through records of the monastery and its academy. There was no guarantee that House Grimdall's enemies wouldn't try anything while the Princess was here. He would not be caught complacent when the worst came to fruition. The announcement of the leader of the rival house drew little reaction from him. Far as he was concerned, Francette was already an adversary for being from a different nation.

Roland was quick to applaud and offer a small smirk to the princess at being assigned leader of their house "Congratulations, your highness." Being in public, he chose to avoid speaking her name in a more friendly manner. One more gift upon the mountains life had already bestowed her. Roland would ensure no one would dethrone her from the position and ensure that all opposition would be crushed. Success as house leader would bring further prestige to the Princess and such it was his mission to make it happen. The absence of their professor did not bring hope that it would be an easy endeavor.

Rather than take in its beauty, Roland observed which windows had a vantage point into the garden. It was bound to be a popular resting and gathering spot, so he would need to analyze every corner for exploitations. Gardening? He would have far more pressing matters like training and protecting the princess. Roland was not sure that the garden would even benefit from the Princess's guardianship. Judging by her whispers to Parthenia, it was not something he would need to consider further.

"I am sure you would like to know, Lord Elias." Roland stated coldly before turning his attention to the other two commoners. He did not know these two and it irritated him that they had addressed the princess so casually without a proper introduction. "Besides, it sounds to me that the Archbishop is more to the liking of you two with such open statements of admiration." Roland spoke more casually this time. It was not often he found himself in the company of commoners being by the Princess's side, thus he did not wish to burn a bridge before it was built.
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Theodoric Branden Marlon

At last. Irinduil. Between his father and Gwendolyn's tales of the place, Doric had been waiting for years to finally set foot within its walls. This was where the path to his future was decided. With all the expectations placed upon him already, Theodoric knew that nothing short of excelling would be tolerated by those who would judge him and his worthiness as Marlon's heir in the future.

The ride from Mordlind had been fine. He'd not seen Parthenia in some months, and it was always good to catch up. Though they'd been told there would have been three within the carriage, and yet the third had never showed up. The caravan had waited for some time before eventually giving up and moving on, so as to not let the remaining passengers be late. Given that it seemed both houses had an equal number of students, perhaps there had just been alternative arrangements made?

Speaking of catching up, it had been good to see Sherry and Roland again as well. There hadn't been an opportunity to actually speak yet until now, but it seemed other people were monopolizing the conversation. Sherry being named house leader was...not unexpected. In a way, Doric was thankful for it. There was enough for him to deal with already without the added pressure of being the face of the house. The caveat was that, well, Sherry was herself. Capable enough in a formal setting, but casually? They were friends, but from an objective standpoint, Sherry's temper and rashness were a recipe for disaster when it came to leadership. He'd not seen her in half a year, but Doric doubted much had changed.

Thus, when an absolutely massive man that was somehow a student decided to begin to rib Sherry, with others following shortly after, Doric simply chuckled under his breath. Hopefully, something would even her temper out eventually.

"A brave man, to provoke the ire of Galbia's hellion. No offense, Roland." Doric clapped briefly, genuine in his compliment of Andrion. "Just watch out, though. She'll be furious at you for about a week before something else sets her off, and then her grudge with you will be all but forgotten. Personal experience." He stretched a hand out for the absolute unit to shake, still chuckling.

"Theodoric, of House Marlon. But please, call me Doric. The same goes to the rest of you whom I'm unfamiliar with, of course."

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