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Lyn, College courtyard

Lyn’s right eyebrow lifted in question.

Her glance hardened when she directed it at Tyrael, obviously not pleased with the assumptions being tossed about. Mostly because he had indirected insulted her ability to judge a person’s character. It was bad enough Ssarak had already scolded, even if it was gently caution, about her conversation with the vampire. Now, this. Was everyone going to see her as a child forever? She wondered, feeling the slight negative worry creep into her core and settle there.

Inhaling, she purged her heart of the needling fear. Things clearly weren’t getting off on the right foot right with Henri and she worried he might actually run away instead of registering. It didn’t help her pride had been unintentionally hurt by Tyrael’s words.

She was about to address them when Henri decided to make things even, his words hissed louder than her mother’s. Her hand pressed her fingers to her temple while she absorbed the budding conflict rising into the air. This wasn’t something she wanted or needed today, especially with her mother’s whereabouts unknown. That was when she noticed something odd at Tyrael’s feet. His shadow seemed to jerk and twitch of its accordance causing her to glance closer. A single, unseen golem had found its way into resting under her godfather’s feet drawing a small snicker.

Lyn was relieved when the tension seemed to slightly dissipate, slowly. She could still sense the traces, mostly between Tyrael and Henri, linger but she couldn’t figure out how to fix it. At least right now.

Both males were wrong in their perception, Henri calling her god-father a thing and Tyrael threatening him. Why couldn’t people just get along? These minor conflicts had always bothered her ever since she was little, drawing confusion and muddied feelings. She hoped it wouldn’t always be like this.

Her eyes darted toward Henri who began to follow Grey to the opposite direction of the kitchen, then mouthed silent words at the young man.

‘Sorry about this, I’ll catch up with you in three hours. Meet me in the library. Ask the gargoyles.’ Lyn turned on heel to follow Tyrael’s turned back and his melted path through the snow.

Lidda, Office

Lidda had been wrapping up her paperwork when her feline-like ears flicked, catching the meek tapping on her doorway. Her human face turned to the entrance with a slight, confused frown. Inwardly she debated on who could be visiting her as she shifted down from the custom chair. All four legs straightened and then coiled, absorbing the shock upon landing. Her hair like mane fluttered back down across her elongated neck before she straightened once more. Curved claws retracted into her human-like forepaws while they tapped the hard stone floor, betraying her sassy little gait.

The Vitamancer, whose shape was currently in the shape of a black Sphinx, was taken aback when she heard Alaira’s voice. Uncertain of the reason, the master’s form sat on her hind legs then reached out her right ‘paw’ to give the knob a quick twist. Alaira was meet with a face mixed with feline and human aspects giving an eerie, monstrous beauty of its own.

Allowing the half elf room to enter, she twisted then began to sway back to her chair. Hopping onto it, she turned with an expected expression and waited for Alaira to explain her presence.
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He stared after Aliara in surprise. Not that she had rejected his offer, he had somewhat expected that given how suddenly he had dropped it on her, but at the nervousness and uncomfortableness she had shown. “Well…” He looked back at Helena, only mildly concerned. If Alaira was in true trouble she wouldn’t have ever bothered to talk to the other woman. He’d find her later, figure out what was going on. “It looks like its just you and me. I’ll have you spar against her and others later then. For now, follow me. I’m going to see if you can do something with those knives other than throw them ineffectually and run out of range of your allies with them.” He gave a smirk at her, gesturing for her her to follow.

“If you want to learn how to use a ‘proper’,” he gave air quotes to show how ridiculous the idea of any weapon not being proper was. “Weapon, you’ll have to go to Annabeth. Alaira is a very talented warrior and could probably kill me three hundred different ways with seventy different weapons but her style isn’t good for you. Lots of strength and bursts of speed, often relying on brute force. You’re more speed and precision.” He shrugged. “Unless you want to follow her training regime and get to her levels of strength and physicality. Then you shouldn’t have a problem.”

As they arrived in the training yard, with various structures set up for climbing and jumping, he pointed to a rack filled with blunted knives. “Pick your poison. Find a pair, or one if that’s your style, of knives that are a good weight for you. Then I want you to try and stab me.”


She was wandering around the outside of the college, walking lightly through the freezing cold. The cold helped her calm down, the dull chill slowly working its way through her being and dimming the fires of her anger. She loved this time of year. It reminded her of home, before everything had gone to the Inferno, and it was a never ending source of amusement to see the looks she got as she walked around it what people would consider summer clothing. They weren’t from the Frozen Plains. This weather wasn’t freezing to her. It was actually rather nice and much more appreciated than the damn sandy and heat filled place she had just visited. She was whistling cheerfully to herself, tension leaving her body as she walked through the frigid land.

That whistling stopped immediately as she saw the person collapsed just outside the gate. “Gods above.” She cursed, hurrying over to the person. A woman, as she finally saw, unconscious in the snow. “Oh this isn’t good.” Aramir rolled the woman over, checking to make sure she was at least still breathing, before calling for help. “Guards! Help! SOmeone’s collapsed, we need to get her to the infirmary!” Within moments, two men appeared. They picked up Danica between them, carefully, and hurried her to the Infirmary and Sam, Aramir anxiously following.
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Danica Ruzicka

Danica was dimly aware of the... noise being made. It was distant in her mind, a sort of animal bleat barely heard through the haze of her fading consciousness. She shifted slightly as she felt something touch her, and then... well, it was hard for her to tell. The thing within her was mostly in control, and it had decided that whatever was near could be a threat. She turned over rather suddenly, taking a swipe at the hapless elf with an almost bestial growl...

She missed, naturally, she was no less exhausted than before, and any blow she could make was slow, drunken, and lacking in force. She was about to scramble to her feet and perhaps pounce her, or some other similar, violent action but she just... froze. Slowly, she looked from the elf to her hand, noting that it had become a rather wicked claw. She watched it slowly shift back into a less threatening limb now that she'd calmed some. "I am... sorry. The power, it is... difficult to control." She said softly. It was a little difficult to understand her, she had a rather thick accent and her face mask wasn't helping matters. In fact, Aramir might notice her clothing was rather strange in general. Unlike the other humans about, her clothes didn't seem particularly warm. Just tattered leather under a tattered cloak. No boots or gloves, and the ends of her sleeves and her trousers and sleeves were torn. Then, of course, there was the blood. So much of it... Most of it around her sleeves and upper chest.

She collapsed to a knee for just a moment, and summoning up her strength she managed to stand again. She didn't seem to be, well,
injured, but she certainly seemed unwell. "I must apologize again, but this is the... er... Twi Light College, yes?" She inquired, placing unusual emphasis on a word, as if unsure of the pronunciation. She leaned in closer to the elf, and went a step forward and began to kneel even closer, her face just a couple inches away. "Are you from here? There's food, yes? Can you take me to it? I'm starving." She asked question after question, her tone... desperate almost. Pleading. It was a little sad, almost enough to distract from how ridiculously creepy the woman was. Almost. Her eye wasn't helping, the way it seemed to bore straight into one's soul, not to mention its aberrant coloration. There was a hunger, plain as day.

Salvation would come in the form of a pair of guards. While they arrived in something of a hurry, they seemed more relaxed when they saw that the woman was not, in fact, currently unconscious. Danica seemed to suddenly feel very threatened and vulnerable, pulling her cloak tightly around herself and averting her gaze, shuffling a bit to put Aramir between herself and the guards. "I-I wasn't going to hurt her, I'm sorry I'm-sorryI'msorry..." She muttered, almost whimpering it sounded like. One of the guards seemed to have his face buried in his palm, and the other had this incredulous look on his face... "Uh... Right." he said, looking around. "She looks... er, healthy, mostly. Can you... take care of her? We have to watch the gates, and... uh..." Of course, Aramir wouldn't have had to call for them if they hadn't been slacking off in the first place, so it was probably just an excuse to get out of dealing with the crazy lady.
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Darius Jura

"And if she were to fall unconscious again, who would carry her? The elf?" Darius spoke up from behind the guards. He had heard the call for help while he was patrolling the college grounds after he had figured out what his axe could do and had changed into his guardsman armor, and watched as the two guardsmen ran from their posts to help Aramir and the newcomer. He had approached them silently using his magic to silence his footfalls in the snow. "Why did the elf have to call out for help if you two were supposed to be watching the gates, hmmm?" He glared between the two guards for a moment before jerking his thumb towards the gates.

"Get back to your posts, and this time pay attention." While he wasn't as high of a rank as he was back in Yarosmere, Darius had been able to climb a up a few since he had started out as a guard, and it always felt nice to give out orders.

Darius stared at the newcomer with his hand resting lightly on his new axe as he determined whether or not she was a threat. She had taken a swipe at Aramir, but that had been after falling unconscious. Dangerous or not, the woman had passed out near college grounds and therefore needed to go the the infirmary. He would have to keep an eye on her. He glanced at Aramir before he turning back at the other woman. He nodded his head towards the college. "Come, you need to go to the infirmary." He said curtly to the woman.
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Ssarak and Meirin

Since Leith had agreed to submit the report they had written to Lucilia, Ssarak felt comfortable simply allowing himself to rest after a long journey. Of course, he remained with Meirin, walking right alongside her. It had perhaps not been the most exhausting trip that he had been on before, thanks to the fact that they actually had a carriage to carry them around. Regardless, being trapped in a somewhat cramped box on a long, bumpy road was not exactly comfortable. Even if the box did have nice cushions. He was glad to be able to stretch his legs, now that they were out of the cart.

Ssarak hummed and gave a brief chuckle. ”Hmm, so people have been talking about us? Well, at least they seem to have good things to say.” He said, referring to Leith’s last comment before they left the group at the gates.

Meirin had been quiet the entire time, chatting lightly but for the most part resting. She’s been hiding it well but she’s been having a hard time sleeping. She ran out of the medicine that Satori had given her to regular her sleep, and occasionally Meirin saw nightmares even when she was awake. Things that Ssarak has already been told about, but Meirin still had difficulty discerning reality from dreams, and thus she’s been distant from the others. Once they arrived to the college Meirin still didn’t let her guard down, and it wasn’t until she and Ssarak left the others that she quietly pulled him off to the side. ”Ssarak, I… I need to make a stop by Satori or Lidda. Please?”

Ssarak’s expression became quickly more serious as he replied with a single nod. ”I understand. Of course.” He replied. He knew well of Meirin’s condition, and the fact that Mei had run out of her medicine. She did not need to go into detail for him to know her meaning. For just a few seconds, he placed a hand on her shoulder and gave a gentle squeeze with a comforting smile on his face before he let go, and followed behind her.

It was only a few minutes of a detour for Meirin to stop by Satori’s office to acquire more of her medicine. Satori had been in her office already when they arrived, so there was fortunately no delay. Ssarak hated seeing Meirin suffer in any way, so it pained him whenever she had to go without treatment. If he could have any wish of his own granted, it would be for her condition to be cured entirely.

After their detour, the couple returned to their room in the dormitories. Shortly before they had left on their most recent mission, they had decided to move in together, though it had been more of a formality at that point anyway. Ssarak had hardly spent any of his time in his own room next door in the weeks leading up to the move. Since Mei previously had no roommate of her own, it had been easy enough for Ssarak to simply move his belongings next door.

Closing the door behind them, Ssarak stepped over to his armor rack on the wall on the far side of the room and placed his helmet down on top of it, then sat down on the bed to make it easier for him to get out of the rest of it. ”Is the medicine making you feel any better? I suppose I am not really sure how quickly it acts.” He asked.

Meirin sighed as she filled her medicine box with the pills that Satori had given her. It should be enough to last this month. But it worried the girl how quickly the withdrawal hit her. Meirin figured she could be okay for two or three days, but for her to start seeing visions after just one night…. ”I have to take it before I go to bed. It doesn’t work immediately but it works best when I’m already asleep.” Meirin walked over to Ssarak as he was doffing his armor and laid her head on his shoulder. She closed her eyes and when she opened them she thought she saw a demon at the corner of her eyes. She knew it was just a delusion though. It still made her shiver.

”Ah… You’d think that after all this time, I would have forgotten about these nightmares. It’s been… How long? A year? Maybe two? Maybe the medicine isn’t working.” Meirin laughed mirthlessly. She always felt like this whenever she thought about that horrible day. How powerless she felt, how foolish she was, and all the dead bodies. It was worse than a nightmare because it actually happened. ”Sometimes I wonder if it would be better if I did forget.”

Ssarak had managed to get out of his cuirass by the time Meirin sat down beside him. He took a few more moments to pull off his gauntlets and drop them down on the floor beside the bed, so that he could put his arms around her without the metal separating them. He rubbed her back with one hand, and with her head on his shoulder, gently ran his fingers through her hair with the other. ”Our memories are what make us who we are...even the bad ones.”

Ssarak hesitated, closing his eyes and taking in a deep breath as his mind flashed back to his own village, in the aftermath of the slaughter. “Especially the bad ones. I know it is not easy. Gods above, I know. But I know you can get through it; both of us can, together. I think together, we can help each other to live a life that will make them proud.”

Closing her eyes again Meirin tried to put her thoughts aside, think about happier things. About how her magic has improved, the friends she made, the new skills she has. A new family, a better future. It was comforting, even if the looming threat of demonic invasion was constant. Still… Her body felt cold just thinking about it for a moment. She knew that the memories were going to help push her forward and make her improve but… It still hurts. ”... Yeah.” Meirin said plainly as she stood up to change out of her traveling clothes. It’s been much too long since she wore anything comfortably, changing to light and breathable robes. Normally she was practical and would have worn something that could also keep her warm, but so long as she didn’t go outside this dress would do. Not to mention it was… Alluring. Meirin’s feminity has slowly been improving since she had gotten into a relationship with Ssarak. She took the time to not just clean herself up, but put effort into looking good and smelling nice. Which did remind her that right now she hadn’t had a good bath since she left Djarkel.

”I’m going to go take a bath. Will you be here when I come back?”

Since Meirin was changing, Ssarak took the opportunity to finish getting out of his armor. All of the straps and buckles took a while to undo, not to mention the thick cloth gambeson underneath. He laid out his usual sort of outfit on the bed: pants and a vest consisting mostly of leather and hide. Given his upbringing, fashion had never been much of a concern for him, though he had to admit that it had been crossing his mind as of late, as he had noticed some changes in Meirin’s attitude towards it. He wondered if there was anything she would prefer for him to wear.

Ssarak hardly had his pants on when Meirin spoke up once more. ”A bath? Hmm, I could use one myself, if I am being honest. But yes, I do not think I plan on doing anything else today aside from spending my time with you. I have been looking forward to it the whole way back to the College. Actually, I had something in mind for tonight. A bit of a...surprise, you could say. I suppose I will need an hour or so to arrange that, but I am yours for the rest of the day.”

”Oh? A surprise for me? How sweet.” Meirin smiled at Ssarak. The two of them haven’t been together for long, and for Meirin’s part she was completely naive about what it meant to be in a relationship, but she always enjoyed the little things they did for eachother. Everything from just saying hello in the morning and goodbye at night, to more serious things like talking about their traumas and making love. Meirin made small surprises for Ssarak, generally just by trying to look pretty for him. She wondered what he had in store for her. ”I’ll be back in an hour then. Be ready~” Meirin waved goodbye as she bundled up and grabbed a change of clothes before heading to the baths.

Ssarak grinned back at Mei, feeling warm just at the sight of her own smile. “Take all the time you need. I think this will be best for the evening.” He replied. Once he had finished dressing himself, he too left their room with a new goal in mind. Something that could easily lighten his mood after such a long and stressful mission.

Meirin’s bath was thankfully quiet and uneventful. She occasionally thought she saw something in the water, but for the most part she spent her time in the bath meditating and weaving. She was quite adept at Hydromancy through weaving, and it was one of her primary elements she uses when she fights. With just a simple skin of water she could make a blade, a barrier, or even arrows out of water. With something as big as a bath, she could make a squad of sword-swinging warriors or a hail of arrows. She felt secure in the water. After about thirty minutes she left the baths to wander around the college a bit. Meirin still saw visions of demons out of the corner of her eyes, but she remained strong. She was safe here at the college. She had to be…

What Meirin would find upon her return to their room some time later was that Ssarak was still nowhere to be seen, it was still all just the same as when she had left it...with one exception. There was a note on top of her pillow, written unmistakably in Ssarak’s handwriting. It contained just a few short words: Come to the roof, on the west side of the building. Their room was on the top floor of the dormitory, and outside their window it was easy to just step out onto the angled roof without much in the way of risk, particularly for someone as agile as Meirin. She did so often whenever they decided to go for a flight.

Meirin had taken a walk around the school, using her weaving to help clean up any stray puddles and play in some of the left over snow. She grabbed a small snack by the cafeteria and generally just reminisce about the college. While the dark, horrible things would always be burned into her mind, Meirin would remember the fun and good things too. She remembered feasting with her fellow students in the dining hall, practicing with her professor in one of the courtyards, star gazing underneath some trees. Simple things. After a while Meirin figured an hour had passed and returned to her room. She couldn’t see Ssarak anywhere. ”Hmm? Maybe I came back too early?” She was about to leave when she noticed a note on her pillow.

”Rooftop? Oho.” Meirin could easily get to the rooftop but wondered how she wanted to make her entrance. Did Ssarak prepare a surprise for her if she simply took the stairs, or did he anticipate her using her agility and magic to get to the roof through the side? Would he expect her to do something more extreme, like bursting through the ceiling? The last one was something that made Meirin giggle, but she knew she’d be in extreme trouble if she broke more of the college. So Meirin changed into something warm, comfortably, but seductive; a tight fitting wool sweater dress, with thick tights and furred boots. She also brought a scarf and her signature hat. Once she was dressed Meirin opened her window and boosted herself to the rooftops. It was funny; she couldn’t imagine herself doing this a year ago, but now it was as easy to her as opening a jar.

Meirin landed gracefully onto the rooftop and looked around for Ssarak. ”Ssarak?”

While Meirin did not receive a response in the form of words, she did receive a response. And quite a melodic one at that. Musical notes, plucked from the strings of a rather large instrument just to her west.

Ssarak was sitting near the edge of the roof, facing towards Meirin. In his hands was a string instrument that was likely quite a bit larger than any she had heard before. Naturally, the sound it made was deep, but far from harsh. The tune he played was soft, soothing, and inviting. The instrument was not something he had bought, but rather something he had made by hand. It was a project he had started not long after he arrived at the college, before he had even entered into a relationship with Meirin. Although, he had not told her about it, and had not worked on carving it in her presence. Ssarak was not a professional musician by any means; it had simply been a hobby for him in his youth, but he could still keep up a pleasant tune.

Surrounding Ssarak was an arrangement of plates and silverware laid out on the large, spare blanket he had taken from their room, with a full meal for both of them that he had acquired from the kitchens, complete with a bottle of wine and actual wine glasses. With dusk approaching, it seemed they would be having dinner under the sunset.

Meirin approached, hiding her smile behind her hands. It was like a fairy tale; a rooftop picnic under a starry sky. Music playing in the background. Meirin was expecting Ssarak to try and serenade her at any second. Meirin was at a lost for words as she approached the scene and took a seat on the blanket, taking off her boots. She sat there mesmerized by Ssarak’s music. Sure it wasn’t the best, she’s heard better by other students, but because it was from Ssarak it had a unique quality not even a master could compete with. As he played Meirin flirted with him.

”My my, a man of many talents. Who knew those hands could be so skillful?’

Again, Ssarak did not answer right away. As his song was starting to reach its conclusion, he leaned himself forward, stretching out his long neck so that he could plant a kiss on her lips. It was short, but carried with it even more passion than usual. While he tried to keep playing through it, he did end up accidentally skipping a few notes. Although, without actually knowing the song, it was unlikely that Mei noticed.

Finally, Ssarak finished up the piece and carefully set the instrument down beside him. “Only when these hands are working for you are they so motivated.” Slowly, Ssarak reached out one hand and placed it onto Mei’s cheek. “Hopefully, it shall not be the only way I impress you tonight.”

Blushing lightly Meirin couldn’t help but touch Ssarak’s cheek as well, returning his previous kiss with one of her own. Unlike his however, it wasn’t short, but it was just as passionate. Before she had concerns about romancing an Eysire, but after being in Ssarak’s company for so long she no longer cared. Perhaps it was naive, but Meirin loved Ssarak. She wasn’t going to let what others perceive come in between that. Once Meirin had her fill she just looked into Ssarak’s eyes and whispered. ”My my but aren’t you full of surprises tonight.” Meirin tried to think of other things to say, but the soft growl from her belly exposed what her current interests lay. It made her blush all the more vibrant.

Ssarak laughed along with Meirin’s blushing. ”Well, that was the intention.” He replied, reaching over to the bottle of wine beside him. He removed the cork with the claw on his thumb, then flicked it aside. It was a red, Djarkel wine. While far from the most expensive available, it was a nice enough vintage for Ssarak’s budget that showed that he wanted it to be a special evening. He first poured a glass for her, then himself.

”Our food should still be warm. I picked out some of your favorites; I hope you like it all.” Ssarak commented. Although Mei had not given a single indication that she was even slightly disappointed in anything he had done, he still could not help but to show a bit of nervousness with his invitation for judgment.

Meirin glanced at the food that Ssarak had picked out. The college always made wonderful meals but nothing could beat the taste of home. He had a seven-herb stew, and from the smell he even chose herbs native to Djarkel. There was also fried wheat dumplings, even properly shaped like how she remembered them. She could smell the pork and garlic inside of them. There was even stuffed duck. That was a luxurious meal even in at the college, but she remembered how her old masters used to make it during very special occasions, such as when one of them became a master. Taking a big whiff, she knew it was made almost perfectly; stuffed with diced chicken, pheasant, and noodles, as well as various herbs and spices. Meirin couldn’t help but drool.

”I… I can hardly believe it. But of course I should. Only one man has ever read by mind, and knows what’s in my heart.” Meirin took one of the dumplings and popped it into her mouth, smiling pleasantly as she chewed it. When she finished she wiped her lips. ”Tastes like home. Thank you Ssarak.”

For a few moments, Ssarak almost forgot that he had a meal of his own as he focused on Meirin’s smile. It gave him a genuine pleasure to see that she was happy with what he had done for her, particularly after so long of suffering through travel without her medicine. It was that discomfort he had witnessed that had inspired him to put together this dinner for her. He felt that she deserved to have her spirits lifted up.

”I am glad you like it.” He replied earnestly. Soon after, he took some time to begin on his own meal, which was tailored more to his own tastes. For his mostly-carnivorous diet, that meant a large steak, cooked rare, with sides consisting of cuts of meat from a few other creatures. Little of what he ate was actually native to the Scorched Lands, but he found that he quite liked a lot of the exotic creatures he had tried since leaving his home. Aside from meat, Ssarak also had a particular taste for mushrooms, so he had a sizable stuffed mushroom as a side dish.

After a sip of wine, Ssarak leaned to one side, supporting his weight on one hand as he looked out towards the approaching sunset. ”You know...I often find myself comparing things that I do now to things I used to do before I left home.” He mused. ”I catch myself thinking about trying to recapture what I once had, or something like that. But not now, not this time. I never went out on romantic dinners under the sunset, or just looked up at the stars holding my mate in my arms. This is something different. Something different for me, with you.” Reaching out, Ssarak gently grabbed one of Meirin’s hands in both of his and looked her in the eyes. ”I like that.”

Meirin had helped herself to some of the stew, adding some of the spices and sauce Ssarak had on the side. The taste was home and heaven to her; fond memories of her time before the incident, and the sweet taste of the memories she had here. The duck especially was a unique experience of its own. As if it was representative of something worth celebrating. It almost made Meirin feel guilty that she was enjoying such a thing just between herself and Ssarak; a meal like this was meant to be shared with everyone. But just for now, she’ll let herself indulge in this selfish desire to be with someone she loves.

She sipped on some of the wine as Ssarak spoke to her, his feelings similar to her own. Always thinking back to home and how those experiences matched up, but she never really thought about the unique things she’s experienced. It almost felt… Arrogant, to be amazed and wonder about the great things she has done and gets to do. But again Meirin would allow herself to be selfish. She wasn’t going to spoil this moment thinking about how she’s never had something like this before, and how strange it was to have it. Because what she felt now was not horrible at all. It was awesome.

”So much has changed since I came here. I knew it would but I never knew it would be like this. I have always known tragedy and hardship, but since I’ve been with you I’ve learned what it felt like to.... To be in love, blissful. To look forward to tomorrow even through dark times. You are the light of my life, Ssarak. Like the morning sun that keeps the darkness away. And that… It something I like too.”

”You took the words out of my mouth, my love.” Ssarak replied, quite literally. He had intended to say the same thing about her. Reaching forward, he set his wine glass down beside hers, then pushed his plates over to her side as well. Instead of sitting across from her, he moved himself around to sit down right beside her. He picked up his wine glass again in one hand, and put the other around her waist to pull her close. Ssarak tilted his head down and rested it on top of Meirin’s as he began to look out at the approaching sunset.

”So, aside from all of the training, classes, duties, and responsibilities, what do you think your plans are, now that we are back? I feel that...well, I feel that we are both hard-working individuals who are dedicated to our duties. But, I think that, in the past, we have sort of ended up neglecting time with each other. It is so easy to get caught up in classes, taking on new responsibilities. I know I have overwhelmed my own schedule before. I think I have decided to focus on managing my time a bit better, and giving myself more time to be with you. At least a few more days a week, I want us to be able to have more time together.” Ssarak explained.

Meirin sipped her win and really thought about what Ssarak was asking. It was true, between classes and training Meirin felt that their meetings tend to be short but sweet. Sure, the fact they don’t often meet in private like this made those moments sweeter, but after her recent mission it only made Meirin realize how much she wants to be around Ssarak. But what exactly would they do? Training would of course be the most practical option, but Meirin wanted to try something…. Something new. Something that not even Ssarak has done before. Admittedly Meirin’s own schedule was much more flexible then she’ll admit; aside from her Weaving classes she hasn’t truly been attending her Alchemy classes as much as she should, instead focusing more on training and her magic.

”I’m…. I’m not entirely sure to be honest. Admittedly, I don’t entirely mind how our lives are right now, but I’ll also confess that I wish we could do something more exciting sometimes. Or different at least. Training is all well and good, but I want to be more than just a good warrior or mage.” Leaning against Ssarak, Meirin wondered if maybe she should try to pick up Alchemy again. She knew a few basic regents but it just didn’t really click with her. ”I suppose that’s the trouble for duty-bound people like us, isn’t it? Give us freetime off and all we want to do is exactly what we’ve been doing.” Meirin chuckled. The more she thought about it, the more that everything she thought about doing with Ssarak really boiled down to “Training”.

”Ah… I can’t think of anything. I’m too content with how things are to really imagine what else could be done.”

Ssarak started to laugh along with Meirin’s reply. ”We really need to broaden our horizons, don’t we? I suppose that is to be expected from a monk and a tribal warrior. I am sure there is something for us to do in this world aside from work, though.” He gave a brief sigh. [color=f7941d]”I wish it was practical for us to travel. There are so many places I would like to go with you. We still have not been able to arrange that trip to your monastery. Something always seems to come up. I would love to meet the people who raised you, but it is difficult to free up enough time for such a trip. But, that does not mean there is nothing for us to do around the College grounds. I mean...all of the other students must do something with their time. Perhaps we need some fun hobbies, like…” He began, stopping himself quickly before he spoke the next word. Again, he chuckled to himself and shook his head.

”I almost said sparring again. No, something not related to work. Perhaps some sport, or collection, or...painting?” He said, reaching the point where he was just throwing out any suggestion that came to mind.

Thinking long and hard, Meirin had an idea. It wasn’t a great idea since on Meirin’s end it still had something to do with her own magic, but knowing Ssarak’s little hobby perhaps Meirin could at least enjoy what she does outside of training. ”Well, perhaps music and dancing? Weaving is like dancing, true, but generally when I train I do not get to listen to music. I’d like to be able to just do something freeform while listening to you practice. Perhaps I’ll even learn an instrument myself. How does that sound?”

Ssarak hummed, which turned soon to a grin. ”Hmm, dancing. You know, that has always been something I thought you might have an interest in. You are already so agile and...elegant. I can recall a few times that I have lost myself in a trance just watching you move with your weaving. It makes your already-beautiful form even more tantalizing.” He complimented her before slowly reaching over and grabbing up his instrument once more. He began to pluck at the strings softly once more. ”I do wonder what kind of movements you would put to my people’s music.”

”As do I, my love. As do I.” Meirin stood up and began to pace around the area a bit, trying to get a feel for Ssarak’s plucks. She walked around him in a way that wasn’t merely just a walk, but a sensual strut as if she was trying to seduce him simply by approaching him. Which she was. Meirin walked up to Ssarak and planted a kiss onto his nose and held his head in her hands. ”For this special night, I’ll show you a special dance. For your eyes only.”

Ssarak had something of a hard time concentrating on the music as he watched Meirin approached. His eyes went to her hips, considering that was where her movements drew their attention. He messed up one chord, but corrected quickly. When she gave him her kiss, he stopped entirely and leaned into it, and almost seemed reluctant to end it when she finally spoke. Regardless, he quickly corrected his posture and held up his instrument properly. ”Hmm, and these eyes are definitely dying to see it.” He commented before he resumed playing.

After their kiss, Meirin gave Ssarak a performance that eventually led to the two dancing horizontally with one another, and then they would go and retire to their private quarters to resume the second act. Along the way Meirin promised Ssarak to find some hobbies for the two of them to do to keep their minds sane between all the life-threatening missions they have to do for the college, as well as taking her medication to deal with her nightmares. Fortunately she didn’t receive any more visions that night, and thus Meirin would get some restful sleep for once.
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Alaira Taenn

Alaira had noticeably blinked a bit when she saw her, clearly a bit surprised at her appearance. Not that it was that strange, or anything. Lidda was fairly well-known among the college for her predilections toward more... extravagant shape-changing. No, Alaira just found the fact that she never seemed to really run out of ideas was the surprising part. She hadn't ever seen her look the same way twice. However, she didn't really say anything on the subject. Whoever makes her furniture deserves a raise. She thought.

Lidda didn't really say anything either, it seemed like she was waiting for her. Alaira felt a lump in her throat as she had suddenly felt very small indeed. "I-I..." She stuttered, massaging at her wrist and looking into her palm as she swallowed hard, every single word something of a battle. "I-I need your h-help. I-I'd ask a student, b-but Iunno how hard this is g-gonna be an' I don't really t-trust them anyway." She started, finally working up the courage to look her in the eyes. "It's not... it's not life threatening. So I dunno what it'll, uhm. Cost. Money... or a favor, or whatever." She muttered, squirming slightly as she stepped closer to her desk.

She decided that it might be easier to just show her than it would be to tell her what she wanted, so she carefully peeled off one of her gloves and unwound the bandages on her arm. She inhaled sharply as she clenched her fist. It was... well, disgusting. Her flesh looked almost raw, cut and burned and pitted, possessing a somewhat oily sheen yet worryingly dry to the touch. Presumably, it was more than just her arm as the bandages could be seen at her neck as well. During the attack all that time ago, the student that had gotten to her wasn't good enough to repair her externally, and the more experienced among them only had enough time to reconstruct her face before moving on to more pressing patients. Some had offered to repair her body after the fact, but she wouldn't let them. To admit one needed help was to admit weakness.

And now here she was, doing just that. She shook slightly, looking down to her feet. "I... I can't live like this anymore. I've been called an 'ogre' before, but..." She grit her teeth. "I'm a damned ghoul. And... just... If you can make yourself look like... well, that, I figured you could fix me."
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Lidda, Office

Lidda’s head tilted when Alaira reached her point. Automatically the teacher’s eyebrow raised in question, noting the strange request and examined Alaira. She inwardly was trying to determine the reason behind the request. While many students had a streak of vanity, she wasn't expecting to see it or find it practiced by Alaira of all people. This took her by surprise completely. The Amazonian female was often very proud of her gained trophies and evidence of her survival. Even when Lidda had seen her younger students offer to cosmetically heal them time to time.

Uncertain what to make of this development, her eye shifted to the unwrapped hand. Casually her torso rose higher on her chair then slid in between her paperwork, careful not to disturb it, with her paw-like hands pawing for her to examine the limb. When Alaira allowed it, she gently turned it over and over in her grip. Her narrow eyes carefully examined the flaws in its mending. It was functionable, but clearly covered in keloid scar tissue thanks to the ill care taken afterwards. This made Lidda frown more as she paused, her eyes flickered up to Alaira’s description of herself.

“Cosmetics usually come after repairing vital veins, muscles and tissue. Pointless to ‘look pretty’ if you don’t survive to enjoy it, don’t you agree? These shouldn’t be too hard to fix through I have a few questions for you,” Lidda asked, her figure bend back toward her desk. Her right paw managed to open the drawer then ruffle through it. Her words, however, continued.

“First off… why? You’ve never asked for cosmetic applications before, usually pretty proud of your survival scars. Second what after applications did you apply afterwards?” Her eyes were distracted by her search, unable to see Alaira’s reaction to her oddity of questions, “Some of Sam’s herbal salves are designed for skin health, especially to discourage build up of useless scar tissue. Finally, how do you feel about minor changes to your appearance? The novice class could use a volunteer and worse that will happen, you’ll have pink hair, purple eyes or something cosmetically odd for a few hours. That would be your payment.”
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Lucilia Riovas & Leith Calder

Lucilia merely smiled and chuckled at the comment about Tyrael. ”No doubt he’s been snooping in my new mailbox. The flowers are mostly harmless, but highly resistant to being torn, burnt, or frozen. At least not until a skilled herbmancer comes by to remove them, but by then I’d have already learned that someone was putting their mitts somewhere they don’t belong.” Truthfully the vines were just a failed product to recreate Khan’s demonic vines. They actually wouldn’t even work unless someone or something demonic tried to enter her office when she isn’t around, so she’d have to talk to Tyrael about what he was doing snooping around.

Aside from that, Lucilia scanned the documents, looking over what was written compared to what Leith had told her. Truthfully, she wasn’t surprised at the threat they faced. Djarkel was never a safe place, but that was also why she sent the students instead of her usual couriers. With all these conflicts happening around the world, along with whatever demonic force was awakening in the Inferno, Lucilia couldn’t just use anyone. As she reviewed the information she looked up to Leith.

”Leith, be honest with me... “ Lucilia closed the books and laced her fingers across her chin, hiding her mouth. Her piercing red eyes looked into Leith. ”Would you still stay at the college even if you had to do more missions like this? With all the dangers and intrigue?”

“Well... yeah.” Leith nodded. ”There are things going on that I would have been ignorant about had I not come to learn about my Hydromancy. I don’t think I’d be able to stand leaving the college to whatever is going on for a chance at less danger.”

Leith looked down at his hands. A small ball of water coalesced above them. He wouldn’t have been able to do that had he not come to the college. He looked up at Lucilia and smiled ”Besides, I still have so much more to learn. I can’t leave after only learning half of what I could do. And I’m alway one for intrigue. I joined Satori’s Investigation Squad, didn’t I?”

Smiling, Lucilia sat back and nodded her head. [color=crimson]”True true. I suppose after all you’ve gone through, of course you’d be willing and able to stick around. So much of the world still left to discover. And no one likes to leave business unfinished. Still… Things will only get more perilous from here on out.”[color] Standing up Lucilia went to the window. It was tinted so that it wouldn’t bother her as much should she have not fed recently.

”It’s no secret that the college is going to war. It’s not a battle that our students have to fight. What you and the others went through is just a taste of what’s to come, and it’ll only get worse. This fear you feel, the uncertainty, this isn’t even the tip of the iceberg. I want to make sure that you know this Leith. So you can make a proper decision.”

Lucilia’s stern gaze continued out of the window towards the Snow White courtyard below. Just contemplating the decisions that everyone has to make. ”If that is all Leith, you are dismissed.”

”W-well… Leith cleared his throat and tried again. ”Well I think it’s better to have the choice in the matter of going to war. But even so, I’ve made friends at the college and the friends I have outside the college will be affected by this war, and I…I will do whatever I can to make sure that they’re safe. So the decision has already been made.” He nodded to Lucilia ”Have a nice day.” With that said, Leith turned and left Lucilia’s office with a frown on his face. He had another choice to make by the end of the day.

Tyrael Marchosias

Back at the mess hall, Tyrael surprisingly was operating the kitchen. Tyrael rarely ever cooked or even ate, and certainly not in the common area here. However for Lyn he'd make exceptions. He was going to make his special "Soul Sandwich", a silly little meal to lightly reinforce his demonic imagery, while hiding the fact that some rather demonic (But mostly harmless) stuff does go into making it.First he started with two long loafs of bread. He would cut the bread into two long halves and toast both sides over a fire until they were lightly brown. Then with a clean knife he'd spread cream cheese, dill, and baby pickles. Pickles which he made himself a few months ago. They had a hint of spice. Next was sliced boiled eggs and duck breast, fresh from the college's own animal hatchery. He had to ask Satori for permission on which animals were okay to butchery, considering her protective nature of the livestock.

Next Tyrael had arranged cucumbers, tomatoes, and sweet onions on a board. Taking out a new, clean knife, he began to slice the three into mostly perfect round circles, equal in thickness. He carefully laid them upon the duck meat as he went over to a stove where there was a bot of water. Inside was meat prepared sous-vide with rosemary and thyme. After ensuring that the meat was fully cooked (It was), he sliced it into long strips and placed that onto the sandwich as well. Then he fried some bacon.

The next part was where Tyrael's occult magic came into play. First he had to return to the Inferno to his own personal store room. Apparently one of his imp guards were shirking their duties because he could see them trying to get into one of his locked cabinents. Nothing too unusual, chances are they're trying to get one of their friends out. Tyrael walked over and grabbed the imps by their necks, snapping their necks and tossing them aside. When he opened the door there were various jars and containers inside, including one of an imp who was stuffed and forced into a jar much too small for him to survive. Tyrael ignored him as he looked for a jar labeled "Tears of the Innocent". And he found the milky clear jar, with what did appear to be tears in it. Opening a portal back into the college he drizzled some tears onto the sandwiches. For salt. Then he put the jar back, closed the cabinet, and preformed the last part of the sandwich making process.

He took a lobster and carefully lowered it into a pot of water, where it immediately started to boil alive. If it could scream in pain it would have echoed across the hall, but fortunately lobsters couldn't do that. What they could do however was die, and as they died Tyrael used his magic to manipulate the soul of the lobster. This was technically more along the lines of necromancy, but Tyrael knew just enough that the craft for the purpose he needed it for. He transferred the soul of the lobster into the sandwich, haunting the meal with it's deep sea flavor. It also kept the sandwich warm. Tyrael made two.

Leaving the lobster for the kitchen staff to enjoy, Tyrael walked out into the mess hall towards the bonfire where he presumed Lyn was at. He had sandwiches as well as drinks, mainly water and juice. He had considered letting her try a little bit of alcohol, however he decided against it. At the very least, not until Mar herself would approve of it. "Lyn. I have your food."
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Annabeth Gulch

The sight of the college was a welcomed sight to behold. Considering the months on playing mediator to lords and ladies, who had said they would help their home, granted certain things could force them to change their minds. Only time could tell what would happen after such a unique adventure. Keri’s figure slowly shifted while the carriage moved up the walkway making the soft movement much more comfortable to the vampire. Her hand once again dipped inside the freshly burnt bag, dragging more candies out, and popped them inside her mouth.

As the carriage stopped directly at the college forcing the girl out of a silent slumber. Her red eyes opened as the other student worked their way from their ride. Separating ways in order to see those they've missed granted a brand new smell filled the woman's nose causing it to twitch slightly. Her figure moved from the back of the carriage, mind running with guesses about what this new scent was, making the woman tell the teachers about this. As well as the wonderful guards who walked the grounds. After this she could go home and relax for the rest of the night.

Keri walked around the grounds for the nearest person. Her eyes searching for the nearest person. When the young woman seemed to have found a guard she noticed that they seemed already aware of the new scent. In a way this was for the best considering the student's safety. So the young woman continued towards the tower which she call home with her lover. Granted the surprise which was sprung out into the light was much more than she bargained for.

”Annabeth. I was unaware we had company. I'll be gone in a moment. I just need to put everything away. Hello Colette.”

”Ah Keri, it’s been too long!” Annabeth went up to her vampire friend and gave her a warm embrace. ”Felt like ages since I’ve last seen you. How was your mission?” Letting Keri go, Annabeth bundled herself up again as she waited outside of Keri and Colette’s room. She was a bit jealous how they had a room up in this nice tower, but Annabeth supposed she should be happy that she has a two-people dorm all to herself. Sure she could always ask for a roommate, but Annabeth has come to enjoy the luxury of having a space to herself. Though that was just another thing that Annabeth felt was making her grow soft. ”I should probably talk to Keri about it too. Maybe she needs some training or something else she’s been avoiding?”

”I hate political events so the mission was very uncomfortable. I found out that I never want to go back ever again because I missed you two. Granted we were in a sticky situation for a while due to a thief stealing the object Lucilia gave us. I also found out that fire is a vampire's worst enemy when inside a warehouse. Annabeth you can come inside the room you know.” Keri said as she walked toward Colette and gave her a passionate kiss before leaving the area.

Colette smiled at the sight of her girlfriend. She was changed into a black strapless silken dress. The bottom of her dress was slightly see through and she had separate sleeves that reached just close to the beginning of her hands. Her hair was down, slightly damp from her bath. She looked at Annabeth when Keri was out of sight and ear shot.

”I don’t..,know if I should tell her about the mission. She was always protective of me, if she found out....” She twiddled her thumbs.

”What are you two hiding any ways? Other than you and Annabeth had some alone time within the bath house. If it's about the mission I promise I won't get mad babe.” She remarked taking the ring off the piece of string around her upper thigh.

”Oh! Well you see Keri, Colette, myself, and the others we....” Annabeth paused and thought about what to tell Keri. Frankly, even Annabeth wasn’t too sure what happened. Everything was so chaotic and honestly the only thing she was concerned about was getting out of there alive. She never did figure out what that entire fiasco was about. Annabeth sat down onto Keri’s bed as she took off her heavy cloak, hanging it on the corner of Keri’s bedpost. ”Well, we went into the Nox. There were all sorts of crazy monsters in there and… A lot of students died. Me and Colette stuck together but there were a lot of close calls. It made me realize that I… I’m not as strong as I’d like to be. My magic was useless there. My sword…. Couldn’t hurt them at all.” Annabeth let out a sad sigh as she laid back on the bed.

”I see. Close calls happen every time we go out Annabeth. Mistakes will be made, even from vampires, as well as humans. Personally I think humans have it easier. Yes, vampires have unnatural reflexes and inhuman strength which causes others to crave such powers but humans are able to do much more than we can't. You're able to walk among the sun without any worries, able to continue your family bloodlines without any problems, and you're able to grow as a person.” Keri said with a hand held up before Colette could get mad.

”What I'm trying to say is the one thing that matters, the most important part to me. Is that you both come out alive.”

”So I spoke to Colette about it, and I think I need to focus on training again. That means that we might not be able to spend as much time together, unless you want to train with me. And not just with magic either; I’ve been pretty slack about my swordsmanship, so I’m thinking of finding a good teacher here at the college to hone my skills. You two should think about what you need to improve on too. Magic, skills, or even if it’s just your health.”

The uncomfortable feeling that Colette felt earlier that night returned like a sack of bricks. She didn’t know if she could handle not seeing Annabeth. She barely saw her enough as it is. She thought about what Annabeth was saying. She did need improvements in her weaponing skills and her magic skills as well. She shifted and sighed silently. She looked at Keri and Annabeth, the two woman she loved the most.

[Color=silver]”Why don't we all go to Athlausfor training? I've been considering learning his different tricks for battle. Honestly after the fight with a pyromancer I really need to learn a close quarters weapon and a new hiding place for the candies. Granted they seem to be wearing off more each day. Perhaps I should consider mortal’s blood before every mission.” The vampire stated.

”There was more to the mission, I ended up disappearing suddenly remember Annabeth.”She blurted out before covering her mouth.

[Color=silver]”Colette you know you can tell me everything. I’ve already talked to Lynn's father before you went on that mission to the Nox. Even Athlaussaid things would get unpredictable. Hence I was expecting unplanned injuries and a massive story. Granted I'm not looking forward to hearing it but I can always make you forget all those things.” She said with a wink.

Annabeth glances at Colette when she blurted out her name. Admittedly the entire mission was a huge mess of chaos and emotions, so she wasn’t sure what Colette must have witnessed that Annabeth didn’t. ”Keri is right. You don’t need to keep secrets Colette, we’ll understand.” As for Keri’s previous comment about training with Athlaus, Annabeth considered it. He seemed pretty skilled with a sword though she wasn’t sure if his swordsmanship could work with hers. Still Annabeth was willing to look into it.

Colette blushed hearing Keri’s comment about helping her forget things that happened on the mission. Though when she heard Keri’s suggestion of going to Alatus for training and she began to think about it. It sounded like a good idea in her opinion. She looked at Annabeth and sighed. She began to tell her things that happened on the mission in her eyes, even when she vanished and was alone with a male. She shivered as she got to more of the violent and chaotic parts of the mission and held her arms tightly.

Just remembering it was enough to give her day nightmares. She could still hear the roars and screams like she was still in the Nox.

Keri noticed the sudden action which added some concern. Her figure slowly walked towards her lover. The girl’s chin laying upon the crook of her neck with gently kisses leading upwards. Her arms wrapped around Colette’s body. The vampire’s soft breathing entering the air as she swayed both people back and forth.

”You don’t have to go through the memories alone. I want to help you because I love you so much. As does Annabeth. I promise I won’t be mad. Nor will I ever hate you. You taught me what it means to have a heart once again. So please trust me with every worry you have. Let me show you everything that I learned from you and Annabeth. Let me worry about you every day because you are someone I want to live the rest of eternity with.”

Annabeth joined Keri and Colette’s hug. There really wasn’t much else Annabeth could do or say that she hasn’t already. All she needed now was for Colette to talk to them. And no matter how long it’ll take, Annabeth was going to be right at Colette’s side to hear it. She nuzzled Colette, opposite of Keri, kissing her neck to her cheek. ”We’re ready to listen whenever you are Colette. Anytime…. Anyplace… Just call, and we’ll be right there.”

She nodded and hugged to then both. She smiled at the two, happy to know they were in her life. She kissed Keri on the lips before kissing Annabeth as well.

”Shall we have some fun?”

”Sneaky little woman. I do believe you’re gaining bad habits from Annabeth. Granted that I'm gaining several bad habits on missions.” She said nuzzling into the crook of Colette's neck. Her eyes slowly closing to allow both women's scent to fill her mind. For once Keri didn't want to think logically and for a massively good reason. Right now all she wanted was right here. In the comforts of the vampire's home.
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Alaira Taenn

Alaira was silent as the instructor took her hand. No point protesting, she had to see what the damage was, didn't she? Repairing her flesh wouldn't be much of a challenge, but putting it back in a manner that wasn't arguably just as ugly as it was now would be a difficult task. Child's play for Lidda, but beyond the ken of most students she could intimidate into silence. "I understand." She said quietly. It was a sentiment she agreed with, of course. She was happy she had lived of course, but she was more upset with herself. She wouldn't be in this mess if she'd just swallowed her stupid pride earlier.

A wave of anger rose in her at Lidda's words. Not at the Vitamancer, more a general rage, kept bottled and silent. "Th-these... These are not proud scars." she said, simmering fury plain in her voice as she glared at her hand. She took a deep breath when she'd realized her temper was getting out of control, but it could still be heard. "I got these scars mewling as I was flayed and drowned in my own melting lungs." She was shaking as she covered her eyes, trying not to lose herself to the memory. "I didn't have to jump into the thing. I could have shot it with a bolt or two and it would have died, I was told. These scars? Stupidity and failure."

She sighed, stepping back and more or less falling into one of the chairs before her desk. "I... I don't know you. I don't pretend to, I don't pretend that I have it worse than everyone. I'm pretty sure you went through a lot before you got where you are, but... have you ever felt like a monster? A beast?" She asked quietly, averting her gaze. "And not just looked like one. Been one. I hurt people. It's all I really do." Her tone was even, flat. "My bloodlust doesn't just hurt me anymore. It hurts everyone around me. People I care about almost died because I just had to set fires and start fights. After it happened, I... I realized that I looked like one too. So I tried to hide it with the bandages. As ugly on the outside as the inside. but..." She gingerly stroked at her own cheek with her uncovered hand, eyes closed. "Not my face. My face was healed up fine. But it taunts me. Is that what I should be? Or is it just a lie that covers up what I am, like the bandages?..."

She groaned and shook her her head. "Sorry, listening to my problems isn't your job. I just... I want to change." There was a sort of choking sound, as if she was forcing herself to speak. "I-I... I want to be better. I need to be, I can't just be a sadistic thug anymore. It's just... easier to start with the outside." She finally admitted. "Besides... who could want me like this anyway?" She muttered right after, extremely quietly. She probably wasn't aware she'd said it out loud at all. Her answers to the other questions were far more succinct, at least. "I don't remember, I'm sure there was something I got given, but I was braindead for a few months after they patched me up." She clicked her tongue at the offer, a look of apprehension crossing her face as well as a somewhat amusing blush. She'd never seen her with a look like that, that's for sure. "I... uh... Do you... want anything else? I could... hurt myself and let them practice?
I can backfire my lightning and burn myself if I want to..."
Alaira seemed much more concerned with her image than expected.
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Training the Sass
Helena and Athalus
Training grounds at the College

Helena watched the bigger girl head off with her head tilted in confusion. “Well okay then,” she said with a shrug of her shoulder and turned back to Athalus. “Lead on,” she said when he said that he’d just train her on his own. Which was probably the better thing anyways. At least in her opinion. She was a little too competitive sometimes to train with others.

She followed after him, braiding her hair as she went to make sure that it was out of her way while she was fighting. She could deal with it, but it seemed silly to have it hinder her when she had the chance to put it up. “Hmm I wonder if anyone would mind terrible if Annabeth and I do so naked?” she asked with a thoughtful little hum. She wouldn’t actually do that, but the idea was still appealing when it came to seeing Annabeth naked again. “I do not want to be that...buff…” she said after a moment. Her brother’s relied more on brute strength and force, but that wasn’t for her. She was too small for that really. Athalus was right in that speed was more to her taste and build.

“Hey, my dad didn’t train me to fight against zombies, okay?” she said with a huff. Because that’s all she could really clearly remember fighting. But even if she had remembered what had happened down in that darkness, she would have said the same thing. Her dad had certainly not trained her to fight against tentacle monsters made of shadows.

When they got to the training yard, she stood looking at her options for a moment, considering. “With pleasure,” she said with a wicked smirk. She had taken out her actual knives, or at least most of them, placing them to the side and pulling down a few and slipping them back into place where her other ones had been. Turning back to face Athalus, she pushed her glasses up her nose securely, holding a blade in one hand.

She watched him for just a moment before going in towards him fast. She knew she wasn’t going to succeed, she wasn’t stupid. But that didn’t mean she wasn’t going to try. He was a much better fighter than her, which is why she’d bugged him about training her. Holding back wasn’t going to help her any though if he couldn’t really see how she fought.

Althalus stepped quickly to the side, dodging her attack. “Good, you’re not holding back. That would have been bothersome.” He said lightly, stepping back again as she swung at him. “Since your based on speed you need to know a few rules of combat. Rule number 1; If you’re in a fair fight, you’ve already lost half of it. I suspect this rule is rather redundant to you, given you’re from Port Slaughter, but I’ll go over it anyway.”

He dodged another attack, smiling at her. “We’re not soldiers. We don’t do fair in any sense of the rule. Throw dirt, attack with superior numbers, kick them in the groin, what have you.” He kept a casual tone, dodging her as she went at him with a knife, an admirable look of determination in her eyes. “Rule number 2; End fights fast. Our speed is our greatest advantage, but it means in protracted fights against experienced fighters will go against us. We can’t dodge around blows forever. So be able to know where to stab and stab there quickly to end it quickly. That or just run away. Rule number 3; If you can, kill someone before it can even become a fight. If you can stab someone in the back of the neck before they even see you, do so. Honor is for those willing to risk death. We like living.” He dodged by her thrust and moved behind her, smirking lightly as she whirled around. “Rule number 4; If you have to fight, do it in a place of your choosing. Make them come to you, not the other way around.” He stepped to the side again, grabbing her wrist as she stabbed at him put a foot in front of her, and threw her to the ground.

“You’ve got some skill with knives. I can work with that. But not anything like you’ve had to use it often. Let me guess, ran with a gang in the Port? Usually had big thugs to do the manhandling, you were just the one to get the item and go? Only trained in it as a last resort, using your speed to avoid most fights there. Not an option anymore, though you should be letting people like Alaira, Annabeth, and Ssarak handle most of the fighting. We’re support. You still need to know how to kill people like Annabeth, Alaira, and Ssarak of course. Which is why I’ll have you sparring against them while I watch.” He looked down at her. “Still interested?”

She was breathing hard when he threw her to the ground, but she wasn't out of the fight just yet. “They didn't let me do anything until my magic activated,” she said with a huff as she got herself back up to her feet. She didn't deny that he was right otherwise. Because she had never been the brute force of anything so she'd never really had to fight outside of play brawling with siblings. Her dad has taught her more so she could defend herself from idiots who couldn't take no for an answer, not to actually seek out a fight.

She brushed herself off, taking the moment to look like she was thinking about it. But she had already decided that she was going to. He wasn't going to break her so easily and he wasn't going get her to stop just by besting her. When she straightened up, she placed her hands on her hips in a stance of defiance. “Of course I'm still interested,” she laughed. “I don't know why you think I'm going to give up so easily.”

Helena didn't give him a chance to reply or anything before coming in at him fast and low, aiming a shoulder just below his ribs, training knife in her other hand, aiming for his thigh, near to the artery that ran through his leg and up to his heart.

Althalus shrugged, stepping smoothly to the side as the girl rushed him. “Didn’t think so. Just wanted to make sure you knew what you were getting into. Alaira is gonna be much more interested in putting you on your ass than I am.” He held up a hand to stop her from charging him again, nodding towards the rack. “Put up your knife. Do you have any throwing knives, or am I going to have to give you my own personal supply?”

“Confirmed bottom,” she said softly with a little laugh when she turned back around to face him. She wasn't going to charge him again anyways, that would be practicable. So she stopped at his upheld hand and caught her breath a bit better.

She rolled her eyes a little bit at his implication that she wouldn't have any on her at all. “What kind of girl do you think I am?” she asked with a huff, pulling one out smoothly from her belt. “Where do you think I'm from? C’mon now.”

“No,” Althalus corrected with a raised finger. “I just already have a life long companion whose basically my wife, and I’m not interested in little girls. Sorry for your loss.”

He pointed at a wooden target, gesturing for her to get moving. “Stay as far away from that as you can and still hit accurately. Throw a few times.”

She made a face and then laughed at him. “One, it was a joke,” she started, holding up one finger and lifting another for every point she made after. “Two, you can still bottom. And three, while you’re handsome, I’m not interested. So no loss.”

With another little laugh she turned and headed towards the wooden targets, sizing them up as she walked, trying to decide what the farthest back she could go and still have a chance of hitting it would be. Once she had gotten where she thought she was good, she stopped, took a breath and set herself in a good stance before she took aim and threw. She smirked proudly when it did impact the target, even if it wasn’t where she aimed. It wasn’t accurate, no, but she had hit it, and that was something to her.

“It was close,” she said with a shrug of one shoulder, taking off her glasses to clean them off on the inside hem of her shirt before taking a step or two closer to try again. This time, when she threw, it was only a fingers with down from where she had aimed. And this time, her smile was even more smug, ignoring that she was sure he was going to shoot her down in a second.

“You’re slow.” Althalus observed, watching the knives hit the targets. “And you need to be in a certain position to throw. We’ll have to fix that. Other than that, good enough to work with. With enough practice you might be actually lethal from any position and point with those. Let's start, shall we?”

She rolled her eyes at him, but she did keep her tongue in check just then. He was being so very nice to train her for basically nothing in return. Well, the hope probably that she’d be of help if they ever ended up on the same mission again. “Yes,” she said with a sigh, going to gather her knives back up and put away most of her sarcastic comments for the duration of the training. It was hard, but she’d do it if it meant that she’d get better at this.
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Lyn, College courtyard

Lyn’s eyes drifted from one gargoyle to the next, noting their individual personalities in her head. Their stone expression stared at the far wall without any acknowledgment she passed by. This wasn’t abnormal since they needed to be activated, a hand placed on the carved rune and held there until a warmed. Then the stone creatures would hop off their pedestal before becoming the guides they were designed to. Each had their own unique personality, from grumpy to motherly, but it was difficult to tell at a mere glance. They all looked exactly alike.

Shifting her attention from the unnatural statues, Lyn raised her hands to interlock behind her head. Her skull leaned back into the firm support she made while managing to keep up with her godfather. It didn’t surprise her he acted the way he did and she expected her own father to follow suit, both males too protective in her own opinion.

Upon reaching the kitchens, the warm and alluring scents smacked into her nostrils. Her stomach rumbled in protest for food drawing her into awareness. She hadn’t even realized how hungry she was until now. Gently, she strolled up to the bench nearest the bonfire at the room’s center then parked her ass. Rubbing her shoulders, she let her skin absorb the fire’s heat until the chill was chased away. Casually her eyes shot toward the kitchens to hopefully spot her godfather’s arrival with soup, meat or something else to eat. Instead, she caught several of the cooks scrambling out of the Demonomancer’s path into the dining hall, mumbling disgruntled about their domain being invaded. The sight was certainly amusing enough to cause the young girl to giggle under her breath.

Knowing it was going to take him some time, she glanced around the room. Oddly it was empty. No signs of students or staff, aside from the cooks earlier, were bustling around the tables. Usually, by this time, she estimated a bit past noon, there were a few stragglers still enjoying a leisure meal before earning their keep within the College. Shrugging off the weird feeling, Lyn didn’t have to wait long before Tyrael strolled out of the kitchen and returned to the room. There were two large sandwiches on the tray he juggled, her eyes fixed to the appetizing display and waited until he commented.

“Thank you, Uncle Tyrael.” She eagerly, almost instinctively, took what seemed to be the larger of the two. It easily was held together by the bread, despite the overpacked middle.

“I also have something to give back to you too,” she commented offhandedly before she extended her teeth, then sank them into the sandwich. The filling threatened to spill out all over her front from the size of her bite.

Lidda, Office

Lidda was silent. Her golden eyes flickered, showing life, as she listened to the student’s laments about the scars ‘history’ and her personal distaste for them. Truthfully the teacher found herself unsurprised by the fact. Alaira reminded her of numerous Eania crusaders in the army. Their pride based solely on hard-earned scars, wounds and various disfigurements they refused to allow to become erased during the healing process. So she understood the concept better than Alaira might’ve been aware and even agreed. These weren’t ‘proud’ scars. Through they were reminders of mistakes never to repeat, lessons learned.

Instead of lecturing or putting forward the bit of insight, Lidda continued to listen. Her forearms crisscrossed over the desk surface. They cushioned where her torso leaned in as she continued to listen, her expression indifferent much like the sphinx's cat counterpart. The only signs of life were the flickering eyes that shifted on occasion to blink.

When Alaira finished, the teacher became blunt but honest.

“No, it’s not. However, it doesn’t mean I can’t relate or understand it. Crusaders in the Eania army, the elite soldiers, were often sent out across the land into dangerous territory and found their scars to be badges of pride. Of life victories and lessons to learn from even,” Lidda stated before she rose upright, “Sometimes we’re own worst critics because we feel unsuited for praise or anything positive. It’s how things are sometimes, but in the end, only you can influence changes you make to your life. Especially those most meaningful and will stick.”

Casually Lidda slipped down from her chair then gestured for Alaira’s hand again, focusing on reshaping the skin into something more natural. Being half snow-elf and half orc herself, it gave her an interesting insight into the blending of two races.

“I don’t think that’s needed. Most of the novices only know cosmetic changes so you injuring yourself is only going to get Samuel on my case. Besides, we tend to use wild animals for healing practice, assisted by the psychomancy class. The cosmetic effect wears off after an hour and at worse, you’ll either look elegant or colorful for the time,” Lidda hoped that put the student at some ease at least.
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After such a warm welcome, it wasn't surprising to see that every step Henri gave was carefully planned. He didn't knew anything about that place, but after that first meeting, one thing became incredibly clear to him: nobody there was his 'ally'. The staff could not be trusted, not even the guards, and he knew nothing about the other students, saving a few faces like Leith and Lyn.

Without saying even a word, the walk to the office together with Gray to get him registered as a student was done silently with a tense atmosphere. Every step Gray gave, Henri carefully watched, paying attention on him and his surroundings. He didn't trust that man. After all he had seen and heard, he was only a puppet of that creature...

After finishing signing a few papers, Henri was free to roam around and do whatever he wanted. He didn't knew that much about the school, as he had just arrived there. Nobody said anything to him, guided him thorough the college or even said where he was going to stay, instead, they only threatened him and then thrown him at his own luck...

"Just like home eh..." He muttered to himself, with a bitter expression.
"I guess that nothing really changed." he said, shrugging and continuing walking back the way he came, back to the courtyard.

As he calmly walked, he remembered Lyn's words. She had said to meet her in three hours on the library... But there was only one problem with that. He didn't know where the library was...

As he arrived on the courtyard again, he walked towards the location where the gargoyles were. The big stone statues stood imposingly with distant expressions. Each one of them had a different expression, every single one different from the other. Lyn did say something about asking the gargoyles, and the runes carved on each one of them were clear indications on how they worked, but Henri had his own thoughts flooding his mind on that moment.

Lyn was one of the few that he trusted on the school. While he was grateful for her help a while before and knew she was a kind girl, he wasn't that happy that she had chosen the library for their meetings. While it was true that Henri enjoyed reading sometimes, he wasn't really in the mood to do so right now...

Before he could continue thinking about the situation, a comfortable, cold breeze interrupted him, making him turn towards the direction where the wind was coming from. Looking to the blue sky above him, Henri closed his eyes, feeling the breeze caressing his face and hair.
He remembered feeling the same thing before, many, many times on many cities he visited with his troupe. It didn't matter how rich or how poor the cities were, violent or peaceful, there was one thing that never changed...

"The thieves' highway..." He thought to himself with a smirk, repeating a slang that was commonly used on big cities to refer to the rooftops.

Compared to the closed, tomb like space that should be the library, the thought of staying outside enjoying the breeze, resting on the branch of a tree was almost far too good to ignore. But he owed Lyn one. She helped him back there against that orc woman, even in the situation he already was, hungry and thirsty... She deserved at least for him to listen to what she had to say. Even though he already had an idea of what she would possibly want to talk and didn't like it even one bit...

Walking towards one of the gargoyles, he looked at its expression. This one had a impish smirk on its face... An expression Henri was too familiar with. It was an ironic coincidence, but he was looking at the gargoyle's expression right now.

"Such an ironically familiar expression..." Henri said with his hand already above the carved rune, activating the statue.

"To the library, my impish friend." He said with a chuckle, waiting to the statue's activation.

He could only hope Lyn wouldn't take that long to meet him. Sure... he could wait for her reading a book maybe... But he would rather relax and enjoy the breeze outside.

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Annabeth Gulch

Annabeth left Colette’s room shortly after their talk, putting her coat on and going back to her room to get her equipment. Along the way Annabeth thought about what she needed to improve on. The college has immensely improved on her magic skills, without a doubt. She had her magic active the entire time during the last mission, and while there were a few close calls she never actually succumbed to blood sickness. Compared to the first few weeks she started, she couldn’t even go ten minutes without getting dizzy or lightheaded. Indeed, Annabeth has improved. And yet, her levels were still overall low. Her magic had sharpen, but her other skills, her swordsmanship and physical abilities, have stangant. She’s no stronger or weaker than she was before and while she might’ve not had a problem with it, the battles against these monsters had opened her eyes to something.

If she had to fight other people, Annabeth would be fine. She could hold her own against Eania knights or Djarkel assassins. But the beast and demons the college runs into… Those where beyond mortals like her. Sure, magic may be the only thing that can actually harm them, seeing as her sword hardly did any effect, she couldn’t help but think how much better if she was more skilled and had a better weapon. Some people might say that a true warrior doesn’t rely on just a single weapon, but the same could be said of a smith. And what great smith had ever created a masterpiece hammering with a club and smelting over a campfire?

Annabeth changed into her combat gear, feeling the weight on her body. She’s gotten used to it now but she knew it needed adjustments. She needed it to be lighter, even if it compromised its durability, so she could be more agile in a fight. Rely less on absorbing blows and avoid them instead, or make them glancing. Such obvious things, but she hadn’t really realized the full purpose until she fought those indomitable beasts. Additionally, she needed to enchant her weapon. She wasn’t sure what sort of enchantment, but mortal steel wouldn’t be enough. Perhaps she’ll make it a blade of ice, or maybe psychic energy? Satori had once mentioned how Psychomancy, while unable to create physical injuries, can still cause harm. And with enough imagination it can do anything. Of course that was easy for Satori to say; she was a master. Annabeth is still struggling to make her illusions seem believable, let alone real.

As Annabeth went to go looking for someone to train with her sword, she left a request at Tyrael’s forge and Val’s office; she wanted to enchant her sword. She requested armor adjustments from Tyrael and weapon enchantments from Val. She had saved up some personal money so she could afford it, though she’ll need to consult either one of them about details. Utility things would be nice, but Annabeth wanted to focus on something that can actually harm the enemies she’ll be facing in the future. She couldn’t simply settle for “satisfactory” anymore. Annabeth needed to step her game up.

Tyrael Marchosias

"Eat carefully Lyn. Small bites." Tyrael said paternally as he demonstrated, ripping his sandwich into smaller, more manageable bites. Ironic considering that he was large enough to easily eat his sandwich in a few bites, but he wanted to set an example for Lyn. Even if her physical maturity has accelerated to adulthood, she was still young, still naive. Unaware of worldly things, even something as simple as table manners. Doesn't help that Mar is a bit of a savage when it came to eating. Even more humorous considering that normally Tyrael would never care about such things until Lyn came into his life. He supposed he was just trying to be better for her sake. Trying.

Despite taking small bites, Tyrael still managed to finish his sandwich before Lyn did and now he was just sipping juice. He could barely taste the sweet, apple flavor due to his callous maw. As he watched Lyn eat she said that she had something for Tyrael. He had an idea of what she meant, but he tried to be surprised. Who knows, perhaps she really did get something new for Tyrael. "Oh? And what is that?"
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E'nasha Williams ~ Twilight College

With the Cook's okay, E'nasha spent the rest of the day running around the College grounds, trying her hardest to catch the little ferret-like creature. No wonder the Cooks had been so frustrated- the thing was a sneaky little trickster! E'nasha had managed to get it umpteen times- or so she'd thought. Somehow, even when she'd been certain she had it trapped in a corner or under a vine, the little guy just wasn't there. Now, as the sun began to set and shadows fell over the grounds, she finally decided to give up for today. She knew it was around here somewhere, but no matter how hard she'd tried, she just couldn't figure out how the creature kept getting away. As she walked into the dining hall she found El'kan already waiting for her. They each grabbed a plate of food while E'nasha began to recount everything she'd just gone through to her friend.

"It was like it was teleporting or something! One second there, then gone in the next." She exclaimed between bites of food. El'kan just laughed.

"Well, it sounds like you had a fun day then. Although, that kinda reminds me," He paused to take a piece of bread and rip it apart before continuing, "How are you?"

"I'm fine, just a bit frustrated at all this. I think I'm gonna try again tomorrow, maybe." She sighed as El'kan continued, realizing what he'd actually meant by the question a bit too late.

"Yeah, it sounds like that little ferret had you on a wild goose chase, but-" She interrupted him. She didn't want to talk about Yarosmere at all right now. She'd been chasing the ferret to try and distract herself from the whole thing in the first place.

"I'm actually honestly surprised I didn't run into you during all that. What did you do after I left?"

"I just hung out in our room, remember?" El'kan seemed to get the hint as he continued. "I was actually studying for a little while too."

"Wha? You, study?" E'nasha smiled as she continued teasing him. "Careful, my bookworminess is spreading."

"Oh ha ha. I just figured I might have missed something important while we were gone- which, speaking of, I'm not gonna go on the next mission with you."

"Wait, Why not? We were always gonna go together- that was your idea in the first place!"

"Yeah but, I just..." He trailed off and the two of them sat in silence for a bit, while E'nasha waited for him to continue. "I need a break. I don't really want you to go either but,"

"You know I like the adventure of it all." She finished for him, looking down at her plate.

"Yeah, basically. You need to keep yourself busy, and I need to chill out for a bit."

He smiled at her and the two finished their meals in silence, heading back to their dorm room together afterwards. The rest of the night was pretty uneventful- mostly just trying not to freeze from the cold air that would sometimes fill the room every time they let Sir in or out the window. E'nasha knew her Raven friend would be fine outside, but she hated leaving him out there all night. So, every time he tapped on the glass she'd open the window for him.

Needless to say, she wasn't really sleeping at all tonight.
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Location: God’s Realms
Time: 3 Days before the Solstice Festival

Duuri arms pulled taut behind her. Her body tilted dangerously over their small, floating island’s edge as she let the winds playfully bat her long red strands about. She closed her eyes to focus on the invisible force pushing at her while she tilted on the brink of falling into the endless skies. A smile curled itself across her childish face until a voice caused her eyelids to flutter open.

“Duuri, what are you doing?” Ren asked calmly.

His tanned skin shimmered in the daylight, his legs stepped down the ivory stairs onto the balcony and leaned against the railing. A plummet avoided by its clear barrier. One Duuri had stepped around to dangle off of.

“You know this is dangerous, right?”

Both voices were silent as she nodded. As if ignoring that factor, her small figure leaned farther out causing him to tense. Ren sighed before his hands jerked out to seize her arm causing her head to whipped back around to face him.

With a hard expression, he spoke again, “No, stop that..”

With a little coaxing, Ren pulled her back to the proper side of the railing then toward the table.

“I’m bored…” Duuir whined as she followed her older brother. Another hissed in equal displeasure with a venomous undertone, its words more mental than physical. Shit on my fun…

Ren ignored it, answering his younger sister.

“Something new has happened on the game table.”

“What do you mean?” Nothing has changed for eons! What could possibly be so interesting?

“Someone from Eania is extending their hand to the College, in a very usual way,” Ren’s pace gradually slowed upon the reaching the table replicate of Tiien.

His arm reached out to point to the small figure of a horse trotting across the vast landscape toward the College. Through the path looked small from their perspective, the rider still had three days before reaching his destination. Spotting the man, Duuri leaned onto the table’s edge. Her lips fell into a frown at the ‘piece’s ruthless pace. Causally she turned back to Ren with curiosity woven into her eyes.

“Ren, what’s in the letter?”
“An invitation that might change Eania’s people forever…” Was the High God’s sole answer.


Location: Shimmerstone, Eania’s capital
Time: Solstice Festival (Year 3- Spring Time, 5-6 months later)


Lyn’s chin rested on the edge of the carriage. Gradually the dull country gave away to civilization as white stone replaced dirt, the city of Shimmerstone finally came into view. Upon seeing the ‘famous’ capital, Lyn felt excitement edge into her heart. It glowed into a bright smile at the sight. It seemed almost surreal to be invited to the Summer Solstice Festive. It was Eania’s most well-known celebration to worship Billant, the goddess of light, sun, and warmth. These features naturally associated her with everything good within the kingdom of Eania.

Cautiously, the young woman edged part way out of the door sash. She let the slight, weak breeze caused by the moving horse to dart across her skin. It barely moved her hair from her eyes but she loved the sensation of moving. A smile crinkled across her otherwise dull expression. Even in the distance, she was awed by the towering walls standing against the clear skies so different to the twilight setting in the college. Just like the road, they too were built from the locate quarries which held the white stone local to these parts of Tiien. It looked beautiful to her.

After several moments, Lyn edged back into her seat. She recalled the briefing Khan delivered to them before their departure. At least those that volunteered to accept the city’s odd invitation to their yearly celebration causing her nervousness to return. They all were expected to be on their best behavior and not provoked the city laws beyond what this invitation had. Never before had students, regardless of their origins, were given a free pass into joining Shimmerstone’s celebration. Even those who are usually shunned had diplomatic immunity for the week of the event.

Of course, Ovak advised that the headmaster take full advantage of it. So among the population, several students were chosen to embark on the trip to Shimmerstone. It was a long trip over the weeks. Lyn admitted to losing track of time between the exchange from one mode of transport to another, but now she was focused on the present.

She turned to her companion in the seat. Henry, interesting enough, had been assigned to ride with her carriage making it only slightly less boring. In the background, the horse snorted and trotted through the uprisen gates into the city.

“So… ever been to Shimmerstone until now?”
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A Chance Run-In

Annabeth, Helena, and Henri
Before the skip

When they were done, Helena brushed as much of the dust off of her from the training grounds as she could summon the care for. She knew that it was in her hair, she knew that it was on her clothes everywhere. She’d done alright, she knew. But Athalus was still better. He had years of being better at it than her. And while her dad had trained her decently for self defense, offense wasn’t her strong point.

She was heading back to the main part of the school when she noticed the that not too far in front of her was some one rather familiar. “Annabeth!” she called, picking up her step until she’d almost caught up with the other girl. “I thought that was you I’d seen on the other side of the training grounds.” She’d been rather focused so she’d only sorta seen the others around them. Which was probably for the best because she would have been distracted otherwise if she was paying too much attention to Annabeth.

Annabeth was deep in through when she heard someone call out to her. “Helena?” Sure enough it was Helena. Annabeth waved and walked towards her. Helena seemed to have just finished training. “I was thinking about it, but Colette and Keri caught me first. We lost track of time so I hurried out here. Did you just finish training?” Annabeth looked up and down Helena. She suddenly felt a hint a lust but shook it off. Annabeth needs to focus on training, not pleasure. And as much as she liked Helena, Annabeth needed to focus.

Helena smiled at her, glancing down at her dusty, slightly sweaty self. “Yeah, Athalus just got done kicking my ass,” she chuckled, rubbing at the back of her neck in a bit of embarrassment. “I'd offer my services for sparing with you, especially since he said it'd be of benefit to us both, but I don't think I've got the energy for at the moment.”

“Ah. Yeah that’s fine. Even though I’m dressed like this I’m not entirely sure if I could give it my all either. Still sore from our mission and… Other stuff.” Though in truth Annabeth really did want to do some sparing. He body was sluggish sure but that was because only parts of her felt sore and tired. If she let least went all out perhaps she’d feel better. Or so she thought. “Oh, but you were training with Athalus? Learn anything from it?”

She noticed the slight hesitation that Annabeth had, tilting her head to the side slightly as she considered what she's say next. “Oh I didn't wear you out that much did I?” she laughed, starting to walk again and gesturing her along with her. “If you're willing to wait, say an hour, give me some time to get my stamina back up, maybe see if we can sneak some rolls from the kitchen, I'll have a go with you.” She had no problems training with her, she just knew she physically couldn't right now. And she enjoyed spending time with her anyways.

“Maybe in something a little less armor heavy though. And no, that is not an excuse to undress you. At least not totally.” She laughed a little wickedly at that, giving Annabeth a flirty wink. “You don't have to come with me, of course, if you want to go get ready, I'll meet you back here and we can do whatever you want.”

Scoffing playfully Annabeth tagged along with Helena, rolling her eyes at the girl’s flirting. “Honestly, what am I going to do with you girls. Always wanting a piece of me!” Annabeth tapped Helena on the shoulder with an armored fist, nudging her forward. “I may as well tag along with you for now. Not like I have anywhere else to be. As for the armor… Well I suppose I do need something more flexible. A heavy coat of plate is nice and all, but it’s rather stuffy.”

As Annabeth and Helena walked on, the psychomancer considered what she should be doing with Helena, training wise. Frankly Annabeth felt that she needed to fight someone more monstrous to fight the monsters Annabeth thought about, but her skills against a regular person could use work too. More so with a sneaky rogue type; Annabeth could dueled a knight easily, but someone who relies more on cunning tricks rather than careful tactics wasn’t an opponent Annabeth typically trained against. By against the cravens and cutthroats who’ll she likely face in rougher parts of the world.

Helena smirked playfully. “Well you are hard to resist,” she replied, nudging the other girl gently on the shoulder. Not because she was afraid of hurting Annabeth, she was worried about hurting herself. “Well then, let's go.”

As they walked Helena prattled on about what she'd been doing with Athalus. Making herself sound a bit better than she'd actually been, but not too terribly much. She wasn't that much of a show off.

Although it was true that Henri asked the gargoyle to take him trough the longest path to the library, the gargoyle was really taking the longest one it could possibly think about. While he appreciated knowing more about the college, it was extremely boring. After all, the gargoyle didn't talk and he was basically alone with absolutely nothing to do, so it was only natural that Henri got distracted rather quickly, starting to juggle his knifes in the air rather than pay actual attention on the path that the gargoyle was leading him. In truth, Henri was already lost. He was simply following the gargoyle, waiting for it to take him to his final destination, the library.

"Not too much of a talker, are you?" Henri said, catching one of the four daggers that he was juggling and tapping its handle on the gargoyle's head, throwing it up again afterwards.

Luckily for Henri, he wasn't the only one walking through that corridors at that moment... As soon as he and the gargoyle walked around the corner of a corridor, they met two beautiful ladies talking with each other only a few meters away from Henri.

"Oh, pardon me. I wasn't expecting to find anyone around here. Especially not two stunning beauties like yourselves." Henri said with a surprised expression, catching all the daggers between his fingers at the same time, before swiftly hiding them somewhere on his armor and belts in an agile movement that made it quite hard to track where did he hide them.

"Henri Larue, at your disposal." He said, with a flourished bow, taking a moment to discreetly analyze the two girls in front of him.

Fair skinned, freckled and bespectacled, the shorter woman had a charm of her own with her beautiful face, athletic body and skin adorned by tattoos and a good number of piercings. She had a wild, untamed charm, that caught Henri's attention as soon as he put his eyes on her. It was rather clear that she had just finished training due to her sweaty body.

The other girl though, had a completely different charm. With a face as delicate as a porcelain doll, it was almost as it was sculpted to perfection. Beautiful, pure and delicate, or at least that is what one would assume based only on her looks. But under that pretty face, there was something more. Henri couldn't know exactly what, but he felt that that girl hided more than just what her appearance suggested.

"I was supposed to meet someone on the library, but I made the mistake to ask the gargoyle to take the long path. It seems it is indeed taking the longest path it can think of..." Henri said, rolling his eyes as he pointed to the gargoyle.

"Would you girls mind if I joined you at least until I'm close to the library? I'm certain that it would be much more entertaining and easier to pay attention and remember the way if I was being guided by you two." Henri said, with a mischievous smile.

"Oh! If you don't mind..." Henri said, looking towards the girl with the piercings almost if he had remembered something.

"I couldn't help but to notice that you just finished training. Could you tell me where the training grounds are? I would love to have somewhere to move myself freely and pass the time." Henri said with a mischievous expression, this time deliberately looking at the girl with the piercings up and down, without trying to hide his curiosity, just to see her reaction.

Annabeth has been listening to Helena recollection of training with Athalus. She considered talking to him too; he seemed just as experienced fighting monsters as she was. Perhaps they could learn together. Admittedly however, Annabeth didn’t really interact with him much in the past due to his relationship with Mar. Mar, frankly, scares Annabeth so she’s been keeping her distance. Honestly Mar and many of her friends and family could be considered… Monstrous. Even sweet little Lyn still had bags blood in her. But Annabeth shouldn’t be so harsh with them. Besides she needs to learn how to handle them anyways.

As the two girls were walking a newcomer joined them. Annabeth didn’t recognize this person though from his opening statement he was a flirt. Annabeth was fairly used to his type working at Underhaven and her family’s tavern, so she just dismissed his flirtation. Politely of course. “I suppose I don’t mind if my friend here doesn’t. Annabeth Gulch, psychomancy student. I haven’t seen you around before, you must be a new student.”

Helena looked Henri over as he looked her over, not at all that sercative about it, though she wasn’t trying to make it obvious either. He was a rogue, in the more sensual sense of the word, if she had ever seen one. And a bit of a show off to boot. “I don’t mind at all,” she said with a little laugh, pushing her glasses up her nose a little bit before she resumed their walk.

“Helena Axford,” she said by way of introduction, letting him look her over without any sort of complaint. “Is it that obvious?” she asked, almost inviting him to keep looking, smirking when she looked back up at him. “I can certainly show you later if you like. Annabeth and I are headed back that way in not too long. Getting a snack and giving myself some time to cool down before we head back to it.”

"It is a pleasure to meet you, Helena, Annabeth." Henri said, formally greeting them.

It was rather fortunate for Henri to have met them, since he was actually lost at that moment, and he didn't know how much more time the gargoyle would keep walking around the college before taking him to the library.

Hearing their answers to Henri's introduction, he got even more interested. Annabeth, just as he had previously suspected, was nothing like her appearance suggested. He thought she would be embarrassed and flustered by his words, but instead, she dismissed them in a very experient way, greeting him in a formal and rather distant tone. He couldn't help but let out a disappointed expression.

"It is precisely as you said, Annabeth. I have just arrived on the college. It is my first time here, so I am a bit lost. Especially because my impish friend over there seemed to take my words too literally when I said him to take the long way to the library..."
he said, rolling his eyes as he pointed to the gargoyle that was already walking away on the distance.

Helena on the other hand, was exactly as her appearance suggested. Not even a bit fazed by Henri's stare, it was almost like if she was provoking him back, doing exactly what Henri was doing with her with a smirk. Henri quickly took a liking to her. Even though it was the first time he met her, he could say that she was rather similar to him in some aspects.

"Well... Just a bit obvious." Henri said with a chuckle, turning to Helena and answering her question.

"But don't worry, I don't mind a bit of sweat." he said, with a mischievous smirk.

"I always had a quite strict training routine when I used to live on the Larue circus. It became almost a habit for me to do so." Henri said, explaining why she was interested on the training grounds. Just as he said, if one looked at his body with a bit of attention, they would quickly notice that it was very well trained, a perfect balance between agility and strength.

"Well... There is also the fact that I did lose one of my many knives when I was helping Lyn..." Henri said jokingly, seeing as he was juggling four other daggers when he met the girls.

She was very pleased when he said her name right and her smile reflected that. “Oh well that’s good to hear, because I run a bit hot anyways,” she chuckled, her own smile a little mischievous. She looked over to Annabeth and flushed the slightest bit at her openly flirting in front of her like that, but she and Annabeth weren’t anything serious, just casual and friends.

The other girl was more likely to be possessive over Lyn than Helena anyways. Because everyone was protective of that girl it seemed. Though some not as obvious as others. “I might be able to help with that as well,” she said, pulling out a knife of her own from her belt. “Maybe we can talk about blades over drinks tonight in town?”

Regardless of his answer she slide her blade away in her belt again and guided them on to the kitchen’s by way of the library with promises at least on her end that she’d see Henri again. And soon.
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Shimmerstone, the famous capital of Eania. The striking change from the country's dirt roads to the capital's paved, stone roads and white buildings were incredibly obvious as Henri sat down on the carriage in a relaxed posture, looking outside with the corner of his eyes.
Henri himself had never been on Shimmerstone before. Much less during the famous Summer Solstice Festival. His feelings about that were... complicated.
While being in a big city, in a festival was something that he was already used to, and brought him memories of his days when he lived with the Larue, it appeared that they would be 'honor guests' that time, based on the fancy carriage and all the 'diplomatic immunity' talk... But unlike Henri, his companion, the innocent and adorable Lyn seemed to be ecstatic by all that. Looking at her smile as she looked outside was... refreshing, even with Henri's sour mood at that moment.

“So… ever been to Shimmerstone until now?” He heard Lyn asking him.

"Heard stories and rumors, but never visited it before." Henri replied.

"Can't say I'm that excited about it though... I am a circus artist, a rogue, or as the nobles like to say, a thief and a troublemaker. I feel comfortable walking amongst the common folk, but with nobles... things are different. Let's say me and nobles are like oil and water." Henri said, with an annoyed expression, letting clear his discomfort with the mere idea of having to be amongst them.

"The part about obeying the laws will be a tad difficult, but I will try to not stab any arrogant noble... If they try to fight me though... then it will be another thing..." Henri said with a smirk.

"But I'm grateful that I am your companion to this trip. Your cheerful and happy behavior helps to counter my bad mood." Henri said with a chuckle.

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☆ Helena ☆

Helena found it mildly amusing that she had spent her whole life in one place, with the occasional little trips outside the city, even though it was a port city. And now, she’d gone off to school and she had travelled more in the almost year she’d been there than she had her whole life. Though she couldn’t say that she didn’t like it. Especially when you get the chance to go to a once in a lifetime thing like this.

Like normal, she’d spent a majority of the travel time just watching things go by, doodling in her little book when the fancy struck. This time at least, it was less dark than the ones she’d drawn on the way to the Nox event. Even now, months later, she still had trouble recalling what had happened while they were down there. She’d had strange dreams, things that she only recalled for a few moments in morning when she awoke. But she couldn’t separate what was real and what it was that her mind made up as nightmare. And she was sure that she really wanted to know.

As they got closer and closer to the city, she couldn’t help but just stare out the windows in a bit of awe. Port Slaughter was a pretty big town for what it was. But it was nothing compared to this. Not this (relatively) clean, glittering collection of buildings. And part of her couldn’t wait to get in there and suss out the dark parts of it. Even if they were supposed to be there on slightly more important terms.
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E'nasha Williams ~ Shimmerstone

E'nasha sat by the window of the carriage she shared with a few other students, looking out at the scenery as she had the whole trip so far. Months ago now, El'kan had told her she'd be on her own for her next mission- and despite her efforts, he still wasn't here with her now. Even though this isn't a "mission", just a festival in a far away city... Her thoughts seemed heightened in her mind because of the view of Shimmerstone in the distance now. They were a very, very far way from the college, and she was farther from her best friend than she'd ever been in her life. Whether her sadness at that fact showed on her face as she watched the carriage approach the city's gates, she didn't know.

As soon as they were through the gate and actually in the city though, the feeling began to fade into the back of her mind as the city commanded her attention in a way the landscapes of travel never could. She watched the people on the streets, each of them going about their preparations for the celebrations to come. Traders and merchants lined the streets, their stands and carts scattered around everywhere yet somehow not detracting at all from the atmosphere of the pristine stone buildings that made up this place.

Thoroughly distracted from her worries about El'kan for now, E'nasha let the curtain fall back over the window to block the view of the city. She finally relaxed back into her seat for what seemed like the first time since they'd started the journey from the college. Glancing at her carriagemates, she smiled slightly before speaking. "Well, we're here. Are you guys excited?"
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