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The awakening of something amazing was being summoned from the nothingness that surrounded her, she could feel it as she saw the shimmer energy be condensed into a single ball. A pure sleek ball of midnight black, being passed around to the gods each giving the orb a little something that each of them possessed. So far, all the other gods had passed the ball along and it was her turn now to give the orb something from herself as well. Seeing the string of essence that followed behind it, in the form of a string with various color depending on who touched the orb. The gods themselves have been very interesting as their presence along with what they were capable of came to her mind strangely. However, with it being her turn, she moved her shadowy form and placed her palm onto the sphere before something interesting happened.

The Orb was... amazing to simply put it. It was something phenomenal to her, from what she had seen so far. Despite its extraordinary form that the sphere had, it was something that had mass and volume. It was basically the first thing within this nothingness to truly exist besides the other beings such as her. Her touch upon the orb allowed her to see even deeper than perhaps Arguis, the god who was able to see everything was willing to delve. Mathematics were beginning to run through her head within a mere second or two as she soon discovered the astonishing statistics of how much power was being contained within the small black orb. The numbers were big, and from what she had to go on, the orb was clearly capable of doing something on the grand-size scale of things. However, this was an anomaly such as they were and if it was to happen again, the effects were to be disastrous. If this orb of energy was to be recalled, it would possibly destroy everything it would had created due to the amount of energy gathered and would bring all collateral damage with it nondiscriminatory. That is what she felt within her being, and so it was answered as she felt her hand vibrate as she could feel power surging within her into the orb of her concern.

Unsure what she did, she finally noticed the sphere now moved onto the next god, with a string connecting her hand to the sphere. However, what she did to the sphere she was unsure but from within she felt that this event would most likely not happen again unless something were to destroy it all. All she knew was that her beliefs on keeping whatever the orb created intact for the future was thrown into the sphere and its effects were unknown until latter.

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Alexavier overwhelmed with the energy as the sphere was created. He knew the great power it contained and wondered how it would affect him. As each of his "siblings" put their hand onto it they all reacted differently. Some felt joy, others confusion, and even others a true sense of purpose. When it was time for the orb to come before him he could sense that the power it contained had changed. As he placed both hands onto it he understood what would soon happen. In that moment he became able to sense the true order and harmony within and without. His power being sent into the orb caused all the powers inside it to combine into a harmonious whole. The feeling was nothing short of amazing he hoped one day his own power would reach a level akin to this one. As he regretfully let go of the orb he looked at each of his "siblings" now seeing how each would affect the greater whole. He could see that each was needed whether as a friend or a foe.
Vowzra the Timekeeper, who seemed to look down on all.
Arguis the Knowing, who knew much but seemed to regard few highly.
Escre the Purposed, who saw everything differently.
Astarte the Summoner, who would bring mirth to many.
Vestec the Divided, who would bring many interesting things in the future.
Svieand the Changing, who would rule the seasons in time.
Undasis the Two-sided coin; would bring peace and war, joy and sorrow.
Ferghus the Forgemaster, who would profit from others division.
Evelynn the Logical, who would rule over the laws of science.
Sauranath the Dragonfather, who would bring forth the great power of the stars.
"Letting it go is a must sadly enough." he says his first words directed at his siblings.

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Vowzra, God of Time
Might: 4

One by one, Vowzra's siblings gave their power to the sphere. Some more willingly than others, but all seemed to react to the orb in a more or less positive manner - or at least, it had a positive effect, as far as he could see. As it completed its circuit, the orb, which had been deathly still, began to rotate ever so slightly. The closer it floated towards Invictus, the faster were its rotations. It settled back down where it had first come into being and spun there brilliantly, all the strings of energy from his brethren spinning with it like some kind of ethereal whirlpool of colour and untold power. Then Vowzra felt the pull, far more intense and powerful than before, the pull on his essence and consciousness. And the sphere disappeared, and with it disappeared everything.

And the world was white. So very, very white. And Vowzra saw.

There was a hill. And on the hill there was a tree. And by the tree there sat an old man of wood. And to one side of him there was a ram. And to his other side there was an orb. And in the orb, there was a child. And that child called him father.

There was a hill. And on the hill there was a tree. And by the tree there was a ram. And on the ram there sat an ancient man. And that ancient man called him father.

There was a pit. And in the pit there was a fort. And on that fort there were a thousand fiends of chaos. And before them there stood a man. And that man was their lord. And that man called him father.

There were the caverns. And above those caverns there were the forests. And in those caverns and in those forests dwelled two gods. And by those gods there dwelled two races. And upon them marched a thousand fiends of chaos. And at their helm there marched a man. And that man was their lord. And that man called him father.

And Vowzra's powers drained. He was not conscious. Yet even in unconsciousness a god was still conscious, for the essence could never sleep, it always saw. The orb was draining him completely, he had no more power to give. Yet it hungered for more, it ate into him and took of his essence. He screamed a silent, inward scream. He felt like a being who stood before a great metal gate. The gate would not open or budge, and he was pushed against it. Crushed against it. Pulverised. Destr-

Then the gate opened and Vowzra felt himself fill with power once more. A silent, inward laugh.

Then he awoke.

It was complete. The sphere was gone. Invictus and Fate had disappeared. It was only he and his siblings who remained. Vowzra looked, and he saw. The rolling galaxies, the slowly burning stars, the nebulas and the holes which warped the fabric of the universe itself. And the planets, those barren, lifeless planets. He could feel them all.

Below them was one such planet. Vowzra looked to his siblings and he felt obliged to say that one word, the only word which could really capture what he felt in all its awe and horror and joy.

'Wow', he muttered. And those were Vowzra's first words, and the first words ever said in the existence of the universe. And it was written then that all creations in this universe would, upon entering the world, mutter those very words first muttered by their mother Astarte in pre-existence, and by their father Vowzra once existence had begun.

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Turn 2

Turn 2 Might:

Vowzra - Level 2 - 5 Might - 0 Carried from Previous Turn - 1 Free Point
Arguis - Level 2 - 5 Might - 0 Carried from Previous Turn - 1 Free Point
Vestec - Level 2 - 5 Might - 0 Carried from Previous Turn - 1 Free Point
Ferghus - Level 2 - 5 Might - 0 Carried from Previous Turn - 1 Free Point
Evelynn - Level 2 - 5 Might - 0 Carried from Previous Turn - 1 Free Point
Astarte - Level 2 - 5 Might - 0 Carried from Previous Turn - 1 Free Point
Sveiand - Level 2 - 5 Might - 0 Carried from Previous Turn - 1 Free Point
Undasis - Level 2 - 0 siighh x( 5 Might - 0 Carried from Previous Turn - 1 Free Point
Ferghus - Level 2 - 5 Might - 0 Carried from Previous Turn - 1 Free Point
Alexavier - Level 2 - 5 Might - 0 Carried from Previous Turn - 1 Free Point
Sauranath - Level 2 - 4 Might - -1 Carried from Previous Turn - 1 Free Point
Escre - Level 2 - 5 Might - 0 Carried form Previous Turn - 1 Free Point
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Slowly but surely the orb of spatial deception, took power from each of his brethren. All there powers would create a balanced universe, although some were some less important to the creation of the universe than others. After seemingly ages, the orb completed its cycle, and ended up in front of Vowzra. Arguis had a slight understanding of the brilliant power about that would be displayed in a few seconds. The orb would need a medium in order to utilize the energy it had taken in. Unfortunately, Arguis did not understand what would happen next, nor did he know what the medium was, but he assumed it was all their celestial bodies.

Suddenly, the darkness in which Arguis had grown accustomed to became white. He felt was his strength, he essence was being drained away. Arguis only felt it for a few seconds before it all dissaperaed. Before Arguis was a another universe, a complete one, filled with galaxies, stars, black holes, planets, everything in which made up this beautiful space. The only thing that messed the whole experience up for him was the fact that the Dragon god's babies were some were in the conglomeration of stars that made up their universe. The fact that he knew exactly were they were and when they would hatch, made it worse.

Arguis looked away, hoping to get the image of dragons leaping out of stars, out of his head. Arguis whistled, a change from the pattern of "whoa" and "wow" that would soon ensue. Arguis looked down, bellow he was a bare plant, it was a white canvas in which all of them would fight to paint on. What fun it would be, despite the power struggles, and the enslaving of a race, he would ultimately enjoy himself.

"So, I don't now about the rest of you, but I'm going to have fun, over there." He said sarcastically, pointing the the plant bellow. Before anything else could be said he teleported down to the surface. That plant was just as bare and boring as it was from the heavens. Arguis got started immediately, he had already seen what his empire would become, what everyone's would become, but things changed, he would need to be ready, first.

The planet that they had chosen, was bare, lifeless, it could not even support one life at this stage in the game. Arguis looked up towards the heavens, their creations would need protection from the sun, an atmosphere, a shield, that was the answer. There was alot of work to be done at this stage. Arguis glanced up at Undasis, it was ironic, the water god would be taking care air.

With all that being taken care of, he could now do his own thing. "First verse in the Book of Arguis is, "He raised his hand to the air and called forth a continent from the depths of the earth, and he named this land, Arguilla!" Arguis yelled as all that he said came to be. A large continent came up from out of the earth, the ground under his feet and for miles around were raised up. The empire would be a island continent, despite the people that would live on it anyway.

Arguis teleported a few thousand feet into the air over his land. He already new were it would go, what it would become. It would house two countries, both friendly, but tensions would still be high. They would band together to fight a common enemy in the end. One would be named Dusis, the other Sherima. Next order of business, was creating the people who would live of it, the problem was he still needed an atmosphere, and an ocean, the ocean because it are the place look nicer.
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Sauranath woke up from his Slumber to wonder if he would see that his children were hatched. Sufficient time had not passed for these dragons to have had baby hatchlings of their own, perhaps just a tad bit more time to pass for them was needed to be frightening monsters to the nations in the world. Whatever nations had existed however, the dragons left alone. Few would have to be developed the greed strong enough to massacre entire Kingdoms or Civilizations, and even those didn't feel like it. Not enough live stock, not enough of anything for greed to be sated would even be in the world in it's early days. The dragons were content of living in their eggs for now. They were like infant babies. Only knowing Sauranath, as the living Star, had made them, as if they were blood cells, somehow self-aware, but only of themselves, each other and their maker, and nothing else..

The Arch Dragon Lord soared throughout the Void outside the world. . . beholding his Star Children with fatherly pleasure of their probable future. They could still hunt the beasts and animals that littered the world. Someday they could become a mixed menace and benevolence. There were many different broods of dragon folk. Some broods were naturally far kinder than the rest of their kindred. Sauranath looked across the sky. . . He knew one day that the lesser races and the dragons would go to war. He hoped that his children would win, but he had it in mind to discipline them if they went too far.

Once again, The Arch Dragon Lord entered slumber. He began to slumber once again. His awakening was like a dream within a dream. His essence reached out to his children, he could not help but feel like something went wrong. As the Dragon Lord was asleep, he sent out his voice during the dreaming to the Great Spirit. . .
"You are welcome to my domain of the Stars. Please, state your intent before you enter uninvited."
"Enjoy the dreams of The Great Before, please state your intent on entering, however".

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Escre - the Great Spirit

The celestial heavens received Escre's somber gaze, a forlorn look that pondered what might have been.
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Astarte, Goddess of the Summons

Astarte marveled at the sight of existence. Being a Goddess, she could see far and wide. She saw faraway stars, nebulae and planets. One planet stood out from the rest, though. Why? It was right below her.

The planet wasn't special at all. In fact, it was barren and lifeless.

Astarte didn't dwell too long on observation and upon hearing what Arguis said, she perked up and muttered an 'Oh!' in surprise. Immediately, she found herself down upon the planet's surface, gently setting foot down on it. "Creators!" She yelped, shooting back up a few meters. The hair on the back of her neck stood on end. She'd never touched down upon anything before, and standing on dirt to her was as unknown and scary as standing on lava was to the old world's beings.

It took her a minute to calm down. She looked at her feet and saw that they were still as clean as they were before touching the strange surface. Then she stared at the dirt for a while and afterwards, set down once more. This time, she managed to stay down. She knelt down and pressed her hands against the dirt, then grabbed a handful of it. She threw it.

"Wow, that was actually nice." Astarte said. She took a look at her hands, and indeed they were still clean. "I suppose that's it for this place, though." She looked around, feeling the ripples under the surface which signaled Arguis' actions.

She sat down, took in a deep breath of non-existent atmosphere and relaxed. 'Hmm... I wonder if I can create my own private place...' She thought. And so she began imagining. It was hard to imagine, though. Nothing but barren planets and beautiful stars and nebulae were in this universe!

"I know!" Astarte shouted, shooting up onto her feet. She then squatted and stared at the ground in front of her. A moment later, she pressed her finger down on the ground. A small sapling grew out of the dirt. It was a lively green, and it contrasted against the dull brown of the planet. Astarte grinned, but the plant soon withered and died. It had no air to live, nor nutrients to consume from the ground.

"Bleh." She went back to thinking. A long time passed, and she finally came up with a sound idea.

She clapped her hands together.

The change was immediate, as she could feel herself be displaced and taken somewhere else. Somewhere with an actual sky. It was a light blue, and it complemented the rolling hills' green grass nicely. Astarte walked. She climbed one of the hills, and on top of it she placed down a sign. 'The Ranges', it read. Anyone who'd place their gaze on the sign would understand its meaning, no matter their literacy or language. Such was the practicality of Magic.

"My own personal place, huh? I'm a genius." She smirked in pride, "I wonder if I can invite the others here, though. There's nothing to do in that planet. At least here, you can enjoy the view."

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Escre - the Great Spirit

Seeing the birth of the universe was tantamount to a second incarnation to Escre. Where before there was nothing but possibility, there now lay an endless, cosmic sea. As it viewed the glittering stars and vast, multicolored clouds, it was difficult not to succumb to the verbal precedent set by Vowzra and Astarte before. With no mouth to speak, however, the Great Spirit hung in space without the power to express the wonder of the cosmos, an array of light magnificent enough to make even a god feel very small indeed.

Escre watched as Arguis, the patron of knowledge, abruptly vanished after declaring his intent to affect the blank planet below. Until now, Escre hadn't been quite aware of the barren world's existence, so enthralled was its pale eyes by the galactic sea. Now that Escre saw the planet, however, it could see without difficulty how devoid of interest it was. Desiring to descend to the stony surface, Escre wreathed itself in a mantle of white flame, and like a blazing comet plunged down, down, down toward the world.

As the comet impacted the ground, it exploded in a flash of white visible from space, and inside the crater Escre righted itself. Down here, it ruminated, was not at all dissimilar from being up there. The same star cast the same unaltered light upon the stone, and compared to the blackness of space where the nebula shone not, the planet's uninspiring gray managed to hold even less mystique.

That would have to change.

Escre knew its purpose: it presided over Life. Its innate understanding of Life meant that it knew, full well, that life could not exist without food or air. Peering upward from the desolate surface, Escre wondered who among its kin could rise to the task. The truth: not a one. Certainly, if the water god could reunite its two splintered halves as it had when empowering the orb, it might be able to smash apart water molecules to create air, but such a thing lay not within its purview.

That task fell to Life.

Weightless, Escre floated up from the surface, with speed driven by conviction. A kilometer and a half up, it ceased, and turned again to face the planet. It held out its hands; there was a flicker, and in its grasp were the lantern and the scythe. From within the lantern, the tiny pinpoint that with Escre's divine spirit flitted out in front of its owner's chest. It beat out a message directly to the spirits of all those gods who would care to hear: ”Witness the miracle of Life.” Escre pictured its own spinal cord, and allowed its spirit to pulse. Behind Escre's back a halo solidified from white light, and as the Great Spirit held its lantern forward, an arcane circle fifty-five meters in diameter formed.

From the circle, an enormous, tower-like structure began to emerge. As it extended from the circle toward the planet, it was revealed to be a spinal cord of enormous proportions—fifty-five meters in diameter, but, as it turned out, seven and a half thousand kilometers long. The enormous spinal cord shot straight for the surface, and with very little resistance, speared straight into the stone and toward the planet's hollow core. Several minutes later, when Escre's circle vanished, the backbone had impaled the barren planet, reaching from its center straight to Escre.

The Warden, however, was far from done.

Enveloped again in white fire, Escre thundered into the massive spinal cord's top, for like all spines, it had a hollow, tubelike center. Down Escre went, burning at incredible speeds, past the planet's surface this time, down, down, down, down until the Great Spirit finally halted itself at the planet's very core.

Again Escre's halo appeared behind its back. The lantern was raised again, its glow pushing the oppressive subterranean darkness at bay. ”The light of stars gleams upon the planets surface...but for Life to exist, the magics of creation must beat from above and below, in perfect harmony. Here, at the planet's core, a star will have a place...its very own Astral Home.”

Arcane symbols glowed to life on every inch of the core's walls. Escre pointed its scythe forward, and its spirit shot out into the chambers' very center, the absolute zero point of the world. I have no need to keep it with me to continue to perform my duty; it is better served here. Its spirit began to swell in size, until at the planet's core was a hundred-meter-wide orb of radiant white energy. Escre, feeling quite faint, prepared to sleep for a while to replenish itself. But before it did, it whispered in a quiet tempo, ”From the Astral Home will seep the life energy of the planet. Every living thing that comes to be will have its own spirit, because of this, and to it in death all spirits will return. As of now, this world is alive.”

And so it was. Where before there had been a dreary silence, there now beat a new rhythm entirely. Though only to Escre was it attuned, the other gods could hear it if they were perceptive. It was a beauteous minuet. Life energy trickled from the core to the surface, ready to be used by other gods to create the first plants and animals, or to make fertile soil.

Might: 1/5 + 1 FP
2 used to create the Planet Cord
2 used to create the Astral Home

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The unity of Undasis shattered like glass the moment Ferghus touched the Orb. It was fitting, they guessed, that the Fire God would be the one to break the harmony of the God of Water. The Kraken couldn't help but wonder if Fate had planned it just so; both him and Invictus seemed to have cruel ideas of humor: seeing a perfect and clear-minded God of Water but then tearing it in two, allowing the most knowledgeable god- Arguis- to be ironically disinterested in the world around him, having a Life God (Escre) who is obviously too lacking in creativity to make any real life of his own. So many of the gods seemed like part of some horrible comedy.

When the unity between of Undasis was split, there was a brief but frantic struggle between Woman and Kraken for dominance over the both the body and most of the mind. There was no bodily component to this battle- their physical manifestation simply stood immobile and paralyzed- but, rather, this war was waged in the spirit. Once again, Kraken found himself wondering what Escre would have seen as the two halves of a single, broken soul clashed for control. Undasis themselves did not fully understand what had happened, but they did understand that they were attacking and hurting eachother somehow.

After a few desperate moments, Kraken emerged as a victor. Undasis' body had transformed itself to match it's new master, becoming a fanged and tentacled creature of massive proportions. The Woman of the Waters was still perfectly alive and well, but she was forced to recede and leave control of the body to her more vicious counterpart. He was glad to finally be in power after that time as nothing but a voice in another's head. It felt wonderful, being able to move his own appendages, see with his own eyes. With these same eyes and those same limbs, he would crush and devour any who opposed him. He was Force, he was Depth, he was Kraken...

But while he mused, the Orb ever levitated back towards it's dark creators. Undasis did not realize this until they felt a soft but unmistakable pull through the blue sting seeping out of their palm. Kraken's head suddenly turned to see the Orb rotating faster than a mortal mind could ever hope to comprehend.

It speed up and up, faster and faster until his eyes begin to ache from gazing into it. Just before the spinning became too fast for even a god to understand, an mind-piercing screech seemed to originate out from the Orb and directly into Undasis' soul. It was painful but sickly sweet, it was as if they could feel the world coming into existence. They could see oceans, waves, sea-creatures...all the same things they saw before, when they touched the Orb

All turned white, and the Sea God had another vision:


In their mind's eye they could both see the glorious dawn over the ocean. The morning sun's brilliant orange light flowed between the clouds and onto the sands of a ruby-colored beach, casting the whole evening a strongly golden shade. It was a serene, peaceful scene, especially alongside the growing sound of grey-blue water pushing for the shore, and then absorbing into the soft beach sand.

Undasis -had either been aware enough to realize this- would have thought the vision would dive down into the everlasting blue of the ocean, but instead it shook and aimed itself upward, staring unflinchingly into the heavens above.

They soared into the sky, and in this trance they flew on wings like a raven. They looked down at the earth below like a king on the highest throne.

A deep but chilling voice came from the quickly setting sun itself: "You are become division, the self-enemy, the creator and the destroyer, The Woman and the Beast, the God of Waters who will be the God of Air"


The Kraken awoke in a void far above a barren planet. From the looks of it, the God of the Sea had been in slumber a bit too long. It seemed the Arguis had already descended to the planet alone and begin raising a continent to survive the seas he must know are coming.

Escre, the Great Spirit, was already busy at work planting some magical construct into the middle. Kraken would take some time to examine it, be he had more...pressing...business to attend to

Kraken would not allow him to defile this New World so easily. He could not stop other gods from implanting themselves upon the world, but he could make them remember who is the God of the Oceans. And, he might add, who would soon be the God of the Skies.

Perhaps he had a flair for the dramatic, but Kraken was not about to just "teleport" down to the planet- where's the fun in that? - instead, he willed a sparkling blue glow to appear around him, and he came crashing down.

As the planet's gravity took it's hold on him, Kraken suddenly increased to an immeasurable amount of weight and speed, and within half a moment he was falling for the surface of the New World at the five times the speed of light and the weight of a large sun. Miraculously, he had not grown in size.

Naturally, this would reduce the New World into nothing but dust and asteroids. In fact, Kraken was considering doing just that. He thought if he hit it strong and fast enough to reduce it to nothing, he may scare Arguis away from ever attempting to use his "knowledge" on places in the general vicinity of Undasis.

"Hear me, Gods, and know that I am death to those who oppose my wishes" He mentally broadcasted this message to any and all flocking to the surface of the world like flies to waste.

"Hear me, Gods, and know that I am peace to those who will work with me", it was the voice of the Woman of the Waters. Kraken should have known, that foolish girl had awoken! Doesn't she know that he's only doing what's best for her? The whole world could fear them, could respect them, but she was determined to waste all their potential.

Destroying their creations will only make them view us as an enemy. If we consign ourselves to that so early on, our fate is sealed. Please, brother, hear me. This message was only directed to Kraken -none could hear it but Undasis.

Fine, then. Prove to me your power. Stop us from destroying the world, and I will allow you to make your peace. But if you cannot stop me, then I will declare war on the weaklings who wait below us.

Kraken was shocked to feel himself suddenly slowing and, to his even greater surprise, gradually grinding to a halt. He was had no reason to suspect by what resistance the Water Woman managed to put up, he had perhaps underestimated her power. He should be cautious not to do that in the future; she was, afterall, his twin.

But that did not mean he would give in so easily. The Kraken may fail, but he will never run. It was clear she had the upper hand when it came to controlling the speed, so he instead continued to increase his weight. If he could not force himself into the planet, he would use the planet's own gravity to do the job.

He begin to enlarge himself.

The surface of the New World sped towards Undasis once more. Only this time, Kraken was not moving. He had increased his weight and now his size to such massive proportions that he was drawing the planet towards his massive gravity.

Gods on the surface were starting to notice.

I may be peaceful, but I am not weak. Undasis began to shrink and decrease in weight...

This entire battle went on for several tiring hours, before the Kraken finally became too weak to maintain his effort. He started to slip into unconsciousness, but as he did so he fell once more for the planet. His mass had decreased enough now that he was no longer moving the planet, but he would still make a massive creator.

Woman of the Waters had exerted all of her effort in the struggle against the evil twin. There was nothing she could do to stop it now.


It is very fortunate that there was no life yet created. If there had been, the impact alone would have triggered a sudden mass extinction in which the fragile, mortal bones and brains of all creatures would have dissolved to nothing from the pressure. The world survived, but a massive crater the size of a small continent was left just to the right of Arguilla.

As dust settled over the world, Kraken's unscathed body stood and looked upon the destruction he had caused. He smiled. He could not destroy the world, but the lesser gods who called themselves his "siblings" would think twice about second-guessing his willingness to wreak havoc.

The dark blue glow that still hung around him transformed itself to water at his command, and begin to flood the earth with a never ending stream. Within a few moments the crater was full with the salt-water issuing forth from Undasis.

Kraken laughed an insane, sadistic laugh. Come, sister, let us quarrel no longer. You have won, we will craft this world in our image.

The Woman did not respond verbally, but it was obvious she was in agreement. The water flooding from them grew three-fold in it's speed and strength, and Undasis began to left off the earth and into the skies. He opened his mouth and a river forced it's way out, he lifted his hands and rain sprinkled down. Every bit of water that touched the earth begin to breeding and multiplying like rodents, the more water there was the more there would be.

It was not long before every inch of the world had been filled entirely, the only safe-haven from the endless flood being the lone continent of Arguis.

To survey their glorious creation, they flew higher into the sky above. Or, rather, the void above. There was still nothing above the world but empty space. That must change, but Kraken was not the right one to do it. He was the embodiment of force, but air is gentle.

Allow me, dear brother There was more than a hint of sarcasm in her voice, but she was true to her word. Kraken receded into their soul to rest, and the Woman of Water took his place.

"Where to start, where to start...so much to be done, so little time" She spoke mostly to herself (Kraken could hear, but was much to exhausted to respond).

She started by gathering up the dust still settling on the earth and, now, in the waters. As it drew close to her, she begin to change it- rearranging it's very existence at a molecular level to better fit her purposes. Adding a few electrons here, taking a few protons here, and creating what she couldn't make from the already existing particles.

It took time, patience, concentration. This did not come naturally to Undasis like water. Perhaps she would become the Goddess of Air one day, and this would be as easy as unleashing a flood on the world.

She opened her mouth and exhaled a mighty breath, and oxygen filled the atmosphere. She waved her hand, as if to dismiss a servant, and the gust of wind it created surrounded the earth with nitrogen.

Then, in her final act of creation for the time being, she exerted all her possible force into holding it within the planets gravitational pull.

After this, she ascended out of the newly created atmosphere to be in the void. Looking to her left, right, behind, above, down, and in front, she located all asteroids within the solar system. Most of them were located in a belt on the other side of the bright, massive sun.

She pulled these space-rocks to her with the utmost force, until they had reached just outside the planet- which was just now starting to look like a real, living world- and forced them together. Kraken has woken up a bit for this- considering how much force was needed, this was certainly his territory- and, together, Kraken and Woman crushed the asteroids into a massive, barren, highly irregular sphere in the sky. They then smoothed out the surface somewhat, added some dusty rocks, and called it a moon.

And, after the work was done, she sunk down to the sea-floor to rest...

Oh, but one more message needed to be sent to the other gods of the world:

"You're welcome"

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Vestec, Level 2 God of Chaos

Might: 5

Freepoint: 1

Vestec watched as the orb went from sibling to sibling, impatiently waiting for when the finale would happen. He knew it would. It had too. There had to be something to all this, rather than just absorbing their energies and leaving. He only laughed at Svieand. That's another I'll have to make special time for. By himself he'll have enough chaos but It'll be unfair just to ignore him now wouldn't it? He giggled to himself again, and then raised a hand in front of his face as the universe exploded in being right in front of them. "A little warning would have been nice." He grumbled as Vowzra spoke in a similar fashion after Astarte. Arguis, the knowledgeable one, was the first to react. With only one comment the deity moved to the planet and built a landmass immediately. Vestec could tell he had a nice, orderly, plan for the continent and those who would inhabit it. "Well. I'll have to make sure that never happens." The God of Chaos said, largely to himself.

Before he could go down and do something to mess up Arguis' plan, Vestec felt a strange...itching beneath his skin. Like something wanted to be released but couldn't. He didn't know what exactly was going on. But he did know one thing. The only way to stop it was to gain more power. So he did. As he felt himself grow in power, the itching subsided. It was still there, just at the back of his mind, but it was now manageable and he could ignore it.

He watched, head moving too and fro as the other Gods went about the act of creating. Or, in some cases, destroying. He couldn't do anything. There was no order to ruin that wasn't already being ruined by the other gods. Escre he knew would be fun to see how far the life god's calm would go. Undasis would be easy to taunt, Vestec saw that immediately from the Kraken's random threats. Astarte would be one of the ones who hated him the most. She seemed to be the motherly type. Arguis would be another. He seemed to have so many plans, all carefully ordered. "I'll make sure to knock them apart."

Staring down at the freshly created continent Vestec realized something. There was nothing on the planet yet. Nothing he could cause chaos in. So, he would have to plan for that. And, this may irritate the forge God. Vestec held his hands out in front of him and crafted a weapon. It was currently a sword(a narrow blade used for a more fencing style of combat), but would change based on the preference of the wielder. He didn't stop there, however. Drawing on his remaining might, Vestec imbued the sword with a sheer desire to maim. Now whoever wielded the weapon, which Vestec creatively dubbed 'The Blade of Chaos' would feel an irresistible urge to violently cut apart their opponents before killing them.

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Ferghus watched as the empty void surrounding him and his brethren transformed into... another empty void. Or, sort of empty. The void was filled with stars that radiated energy of great capacity, and planets ripe with possibility. One such planet lay before him and his brethren, ready for terraforming. As he teleported himself down to the land, however, Ferghus couldn't help but notice that the planet looked so... boring. It was empty, devoid of anything useful or pleasant.

Fortunately, his brethren seemed to be addressing that particular issue. Or at least, some of them were. A large landmass was formed on the planet, which was fine, but it was still a rocky and empty land. Astarte tried to create life on the planet, but there was nothing on this planet to sustain that life, so it died. Ferghus took a moment to conjure a small flame in the palm of his hand. It was weak and feeble, even by his standards, no doubt weakened due to the lack of energy on this planet. The only reason why the flame even existed was because it was sustained by his own godly power.

The water woman Undasis, or rather, a different entity that felt like her yet wasn't her, broadcasted a message to him and the others, proclaiming her, no, him, to be an enemy of everyone, before another message was broadcasted, this time by the Undasis he was familiar with, who said the exact opposite of what the previous broadcast said. Things were very confusing on that end, so he decided to focus his attention onto other matters. Vestec, the chaotic one, was already at work, it seemed, creating his own weapon. Ferghus took one glance at it and supposed it was of decent quality for a god like Vestec, but it was best to leave such matters in the hands of professionals.

Then, water started to appear on this planet, and plenty of it as well. Only the water woman had such power as to create this much water, and Ferghus wanted none of it.

He clapped his hands together, and felt himself warp into a different location. This place was entirely composed of one single room, but it was filled with tools he needed to start his work. Hammers and anvils, a hearth, a source of fuel to control the temperature at his very whim, this smithy had everything he needed. All he needed now was to add some more of his personal touches. He channeled his power into himself and felt it grow once more. He could feel his power being concentrated, and growing stronger. Excellent. Now he had more strength to do what was necessary in this place.

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After the vast abyss of non-existence, with the exception of 11 ethereal figures, their two summoners and orb, the blinding whiteness was a surprising comfort. The excruciating pain as his energy was ripped from his being, painful distraction from his biting inadequacy.
Then all was dark once more. But brighter than before. Svieand spun around on his axis and echoed the previous statements of “Wow” as he absorbed the view. Galaxies span in the distance whilst nearer there was a powerful sun and closer still a barren rock orbiting before him.
So this was what they had been intrusted with. Already the figure of Arguis had disappeared and a rumbling omitted from the surface of the, as yet unnamed, planet.

Svieand willed himself closer to the large lump of rock and slowed, eyes narrowing in suspicion at the molten layers beneath the dry crust. The natural heat source was not going to help. Neither was the glare from the sun that would ultimately make the rock habitable he presumed. He orbited the mass to gauge the possibilities, a naked torso of pure ice with a comet-like tail of frost from the waist down. He approved of this embodiments attractive physique and felt the first pang of loneliness and longing to add to the accumulating collection of chilling emotions and thoughts in his mind.

Powerless. Inadequate. Useless. Fearful. Weak. Longing. Lonely. Cold.

A gleaming white light drew the crystalline figure from its reverie and it slowed to a stop a few hundred metres from the god of life summoning a giant spine like tower that shot into the ground before following through. Curious, Svie swept down and placed a hand on the ivory tower. Cold to the touch it comforted him, even more so when it pulsed with the life force injected into the core. Escre was definitely a friend when it came to creating anything in the future.

Yet now Svieand was stumped. How could he invoke a winter on the planet, let alone a cycle of seasons when there was no water or air? He withdrew into himself sat down facing the tower to think. However he only found a blizzard of confusion in his thoughts as he struggled to understand how he could leave his mark on the world this early in its development.

After stumbling around in the tumult of his helplessness he was disturbed by a constant noise that caused his thoughts to start to converge in a spiralling form and his vision became clear. As before in the orb he was creating cycles out of chaos. Then suddenly he was energised and opened his eyes to find and atmosphere giving providing such a feeling. The source of the noise also became apparent as he was chest deep in salty water, lapping repeatedly against the bone spire as the depth increased.

Standing, he smiled, and mental projected his thanks to the Woman of the Waters. He once again pictured the sight of the planet skewered by the tower at its very zenith and found himself transport to the newly formed moon in order to view Escre’s marker from which he can act. With a subtle tilt of his head the planet followed suit and tilted on its bony axis until the tower moved into twilight away from the sun. “Ha” Svieand could not help but blurt out. It had actually worked. From then on seasons would naturally occur as the planets rotation and orbit combined would result in differential insolation levels around the surface.

But first he would start with his gift. Winter. In a blink he was at the tower once more although now in darkness and stood on a seemingly bottomless ocean. He placed a hand to the surface and the waves froze in place. Fractals grew outward as he breathed an icy breath and the depth of ice descended and within minutes the area of ice was massive (OOC: 20million km2) with the tower at its centre. Svie breathed in the now chilled air and felt the rumbles and faults as the ice shifted, settled and broke at its outmost edges. In 6 months the same would happen on the opposite side of this rock he decided but he had a different plan there. For now he walked his ice flow in darkness alone with his anxiety but momentarily at peace through his accomplishment.

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Vowzra, Level 2 God of Time
Might: 5
Free Points: 1

The desecration of the world had begun. The Timless One watched as his siblings, in wisdom, impatience and a desire to do something, set about moulding the barren planet to their liking. This was the fated planet. This was Galbar. There would be many planets waiting for their destined defilement, but Galbar was the first, and it would always be, in some ways, the dearest of all. Arguis descended, Escre rocketed down and Undasis, as was the way of all attention seekers, attempted to destroy the planet. It was always destined to fail, but it was interesting to watch the struggle, and so very amusing to see the Kraken, after his brazen declaration of death to all who opposed him, find himself opposed and stopped by his own self. Or part of his self. Vowzra was glad for the existence of the Woman of the Waters. She, unlike her imbecilic twin, was a reliable and powerful being. Perhaps he had been a tad harsh in his first judgement, she was one to bring close and strengthen, it would be important that she could keep up with her twin's ever growing power and terrific strength.

They had all begun work, whether they realized it or not, to create a self-sustaining and balanced world. Even Vestec seemed to approve - or at the very least, he did not attempt to disrupt his siblings. The bringer of chaos may have been a destructive being which thrived on disorder and imbalance, but it understood that balance and order needed to exist in order for imbalance and chaos. There could be no darkness without light, no corruption without purity, no chaos without order. Astarte and Ferghus, finding that they had far more important things to be doing than playing with this barren world, simply left. Vowzra knew they would be back with time, it was on Galbar that they would find their fortunes...it was on Galbar that they would all find their fortunes. Though the Reptile seemed to think it belonged up with the stars, Vowzra also knew that its children, once their terrible fury was released upon creation, would not call the stars their home, but Galbar. It was a strange thing indeed, that this single planet - out of the so many billions just like it - would have this charm to it.

Arguis, in his deep knowledge and wisdom, had salvaged land for the growth of the planet. Perhaps the Knowledgeable One had foreseen the flood and acted to safeguard the future of all land-dwelling creations. The continent was large, but the oceans, when Undasis finally created them, were even greater. The planet was far more blue with water than it was brown with land. Perhaps the Kraken had achieved some of what he desired for now, but it was all as it was Fated to be. The atmosphere was formed, and Escre released Life.

Vowzra had watched with a certain glee as the Great Spirit pierced the earth. It was such a savage and primal act of desecration; only a maddened being, one which had no regard for finesse or aesthetics, would so unwavering tear into the virgin flesh of this emergent planet. Yet, in a rather profane way, it was so terribly right. Had Vowzra not been a god who saw with a vision not his own, he would have missed Escre's vital creation. It had given the planet life. It could be said that Galbar was alive. Its single continent trembled with a life energy just waiting to be exploited, its oceans rose and fell with more vigour than a single moon's gravity could bring about. Though not sentient or in any way aware of being alive, Galbar was indeed alive. Knowing that words would not so effectively convey his meaning, Vowzra decided to do a most strange thing. He decided to send the Great Spirit, a being as foreign to emotion as winter was to summer, a single, concentrated emotion. He sent it an emotion of pleasure. Vowzra's pleasure with it. While by no means as overwhelming as the blast of joy Invictus had injected them with upon their Rise, Vowzra saw a future where the emotion found a resting place in Escre's emotionless spirit...though that was but one future.

It was Sveiand who created the pole. More importantly however, he created the seasons, a most important and necessary component of the growing planet. However, careful as the Cold One was, such a sudden tilt could only have one consequence. Vowzra saw it. From where he hung, up in the heavens beyond the reach of the newly formed atmosphere, it was a silent and rather uninteresting happening. The great swathes of blue fell upon the brown of the lonely continent. It was surprising how far in the blue of the oceans came in before settling down and finally, after a quiet while, beginning to recede. The shape of the continent would not be the same after that, but such was only a small sacrifice in return for the seasons.

Just as his siblings before him, Vowzra descended to the now living, breathing blue planet. He was not interested in setting foot on it yet, he simply orbited it, watching. He passed the large moon a few times as he orbited. It was a desolate, lonely thing, grey and devoid of all life, starkly different from the now very much alive planet it orbited. But there needed to be more life. Vowzra could feel the planet's thirst, its abundant energies waiting for the opportunity to be used. He could also see that the supply of air, of oxygen in particular, was unsustainable. There needed to be a cycle, and there needed to be sustainability. Vowzra was all too happy to oblige. He raised a wooden hand and clenched, as if holding onto some invisible thing. And, from what followed, it appeared that he was indeed holding onto something; for as he pulled, there came an almighty tearing sound and Vowzra faded into mist.

Down below, as the waves receded from the lonely continent, trees began to grow. There were a great many varieties, some tremendous in size, and others considerably smaller. They were living things, but they were far from being sentient. In fact, they were part of Galbar, they lived in that very same manner as Galbar did, and they fed off that energy which Escre had released upon the planet. Importantly, they also produced oxygen, that magical gaseous thing.

Far above Galbar, a smokey haze appeared and two wooden hands emerged from it. Slowly, they fashioned a small creature, slightly amber in colour and six legged, and with three distinct, more or less oval, body parts. A small orb grew around it, and the orb soon solidified and became a small rock which then went hurtling towards Galbar. The rock descended at high speed, accelerating as it neared the planet. Passing through the atmospheric layer proved to be a spectacular sight to behold as the rock lit up due to the heat and developed a tail of flame. As if guided by some divine power, the fiery comet avoided hitting any trees as it landed, and landed instead in a large clearing, where it created a rather small crater and an explosion of dust and smoke. As the dust settled and the rock rapidly cooled, it split open. Soon enough, the crater was crawling with more ants than could be counted. They all set out into this brave new world, eager to serve their Queen, the one crafted by their Timeless Father's very own hands.

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Arguis gazed at the land call Arguilla bellow him, he saw it growing into something powerful, large, an empire, and a destroyer. At the moment, the continent was just as bare as the planet. He would have to work on that, at the moment, there was no greenery, only rock and mountains. Arguis already knew what this land would look like in the near future. But there were those who wanted to stop it, for their own greedy reasons. Arguis sighed. One of them was the Kraken, although she wasn't keeping it a secret, everyone knew she "wanted to take the world over". Unfortunately, that again, was detriment to his overall plan.

Arguis glanced around, he had been on the surface for a while, the other gods were up to their own things at this point. He knew what they were all doing, as unusual as that sounded. Astarte had found her own plane of existence, but she was doing nothing to make Galbar any better. She had a good reason though, her power could not be used without creation, if there was no way for a creation to survive, then there was no power. She would be useless and weak at this point, but later on her strength would grow tenfold.

Arguis smiled as he watched Escre do his own thing. He would create a core, so to speak, from there, life giving energy would be radiated forth. The process to create the Astral Home might have proven rigorous, so sleep was the next best thing for the god. He had exerted a great amount of energy to give the planet a heart beat, and for that, he himself was grateful. In a few few moments though, Arguis would have to wake him from his sleep.

Arguis then turned to gaze up Kraken, the one he would oppose the most if she did not stay in her space. It saddened Arguis to know that Kraken had been to the one to beat the Woman of the Waters for control. She was less, evil than the Kraken was, and that was an understatement. "Hear me, Gods, and know that I am death to those who oppose my wishes". The Kraken broadcasted as he charged the surface of the planet. Arguis broke out into laughter, Kraken was making threats, the fact that she even tried to direct that threat his way almost made him cry from laughter. "Bah! I know you wishes, there all childish and insignificant to the rest of us." Arguis said sarcastically. In reality, she was the one that Arguis was most wary of. Knowing everything did not make you confident, knowledge brought enlightenment, but it also brought fear and apprehension. Arguis would have to find a way, an answer, how could he subdue the destructive power of the ocean, he would have to take her soul, separate it into two, jar the Kraken's and return the Woman's to her body. Unfortunately, that was not as easy as it sounded, and he would need the god of Life's help to do that. "Thanks!" Arguis broadcasted as he watched the Woman create oceans and an atmosphere. Now his creations could live.

Vestec and Ferghus did nothing to help the growth of the planet, but who could blame them. Chaos was not meant to create, creation was order, doing that would basically kill him. But the more he stared at Arguis's continent, thinking about causing some kind of chaos, the more he wished to kill him. The ocean was the perfect place to create chaos, yet he wanted to mess up a continent with nothing on it. His thinking process was a mystery to Arguis.

Now Svieand did something to assist the planet. By placing the planet on an axis, he created seasons, that way, the planet would look beautiful, and everything would have a it's own natural diversity. Some flowers would be able to bloom in the summer months, and wither in the winter months. Seasons were unusually important to the growth of their plant long term. Snow would always be nice to look at.

Last but not least was Vowzra, he had created ants, and tress, which had started to dot his continent. They were able to grew due to the catalyst that the rest of the gods provided. Oxygen and life energy, Arguis just gave them a landscape to build upon. The ants crawled upon the land that he created, and trees began to dot he land.

The only thing left to do was to get rid of the only thing that annoyed Arguis at the moment. Arguis suddenly teleported to the start of everything. The place were they were created, and were the darkness that he had so enjoyed had been taken. The stars, the first stars that ever existed, the eggs of the Dragon god. They would prove useful, maybe with some experimenting, he could change their loyalties. Arguis held his hand out in front of him, and called forth some of the eggs to him. They eggs floated to his hand, steams of plasma were left in their wake as they came to him. After they fell onto the palm of his hand, he condensed them to a size he could hold, he teleported to the Planet Cord. Using it, he flew through the cord, whipping through the corners that the cord provided. Before he knew it he was in the Astral Home. The place were Escre stayed, he was the person he could talk to, maybe he could help him, not a maybe, he knew that he could help him.
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Escre - the Great Spirit

For only a little while had Escre been asleep, but it missed much while enveloped in its dreamless coma. The endowment of water on Galbar by the two-headed god, the inception of Astarte's Plane of Serenity, the founding of Ferghus' foundry, and the completion of the Blade of Chaos had all passed the Great Spirit by. Yet, not everything escaped its comprehension. As the planet began to lean, thanks in part to Svieand and in part to the Planet Cord itself used as an axis, Escre could dimly feel the subtle shift of orientation within its empty dream. When Svieand's will crystallized water into frigid glass, and the unplumbed seas that now surrounded the Planet Cord grew hidden beneath a layer of ice, the essence of cold permeated Escre's songless dream and jolted the slumbering warden to wakefulness.

From the Astral Home, Escre could see nothing occurring on the planet's surface through the narrow scope of its pale eyes, but more than ever before it could sense the spirits of its divine fellows. Looking at the walls of the Astral Home's spherical cavern, Escre discerned that nervelike lengths of coalesced life energy had formed and pierced the stone, exactly as planned. At that moment, when the Great Spirit surveyed its first work, it received Vowzra's mana from heaven. Escre did not understand pleasure, but knowing that it had done something of utmost importance for the new world -the one that it now somehow knew to be called Galbar- filled it with a prideful pleasure, even if just for a moment. As that single emotion surged through it, flickering like a bright candle before fading back to darkness, the Astral Home itself changed slightly. It flickered a soft red, and the life energies that emanated from it shared the same effect. For the next twenty minutes, any life-forms created using the energies of the Astral Home would automatically be instilled with the capability to feel pleasure.

Then the feeling vanished, spirited away as they would one day say, and Escre was again alone. Not for long, however, did it hover near the Astral Home without company. It felt a spirit approaching nearer, one familiar to it, one whose spirit beat sharply and watchfully, ready more than anything to take in. In short order Arguis appeared, and in his hand the god of Knowledge carried something very different, some tiny but important things that gave off traces of a different divinity. Escre narrowed its eyes as it turned to face the newcomer, wary of what Arguis might do. If it had come to lay claim to the Astral Home, it would be a fine time to see if the Great Spirit could devour the spirit of a fellow god. Escre caused its spirit to resonate, vibrating the air around it to form sound, since it lacked a mouth. ”Why are you here?”

Might: 1/5 + 1 FP
None expended this moment
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Turn 3

Turn 3 Might:

Vowzra - Level 3 - 6 Might - 0 Might 1 Free Point Carried from Previous Turn - 2 Free Points

Arguis - Level 3 - 6 Might - 0 Might 0 Free Points Carried from Previous Turn - 1 Free Point

Vestec - Level 3 - 6 Might - 0 Might 0 Free Points Carried from Previous Turn - 1 Free Point

Evelynn - Level 2 - 10 Might - 5 Might 1 Free Point Carried from Previous Turn - 2 Free Points

Astarte - Level 2 - 9 Might - 4 Might 1 Free Point Carried from Previous Turn - 2 Free Points

Sveiand - Level 2 - 8 Might - 3 Might 1 Free Point Carried from Previous Turn - 2 Free Points

Undasis - Level 2 - 7 Might - 2 Might 0 Free Points Carried from Previous Turn - 1 Free Point

Ferghus - Level 3 - 6 Might - 0 Might 1 Free Point Carried from Previous Turn - 2 Free Points

Alexavier - Level 2 - 10 Might - 5 Might 1 Free Point Carried from Previous Turn - 2 Free Points

Sauranath - Level 3 - 6 Might - 0 Might 1 Free Point Carried from Previous Turn - 2 Free Points

Escre - Level 2 - 6 Might - 1 Might 1 Free Point Carried from Previous Turn - 2 Free Points

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Escre - the Great Spirit, Level 2 God of Life

6 Might 2 Free Points


Vowzra, Level 3 God of Time

6 Might 2 Free Points

The two lines of ants marched steadily on, one heading out from the colony and the other heading back to it, carrying leaves and twigs to feed their growing colony. It was one colony out of many thousands that had sprung up all over the single continent of Arguilla. From on high, weaved within the very fabric of the universe, the ever-aware Vowzra slumbered, and though he slumbered, the every action of each ant, the blowing of the winds and the swaying of the trees did not pass him by. As he slumbered, visions came to him and Fate knocked upon his door.

There were things to be done.

Vowzra awoke. The lining of the universe tore and he emerged from its smoke and darkness. As it sealed behind him, his blurred and smokey form took shape and was once more an old man of wood and, with bark for skin and leaves for hair. He flexed his newly formed fingers and let out a long, heavy sigh. There was much to be done, and so little Time, and so little strength in his yet weak form. With that thought, he allowed himself to descend down to the planet below for the very first time. He passed through the atmosphere, dipping into it slowly as if he were sinking into honey.

As he touched down, he allowed himself to breathe deeply of this planet's air. It was good air, it would sustain the life he would now need to create. Looking around, he noted with pleasure that wherever he looked, trees and ants covered the scene. The ants gathered around his feet and climbed his wooden legs, and he could hear their excited humming and feel their energy and awe at being before their creator and sustainer. Had he allowed himself to be revealed to them in all his divine glory, they would have been annihiliated, the trees would have become dust and the very earth beneath him would have groaned and died. But it was not his intention to bring about such destruction, he was here to increase the bounty and create more life, he was here to guide this fledgling planet and its small and vulnerable creatures.

Connecting himself to the essence of the Guardian of Life, the Great Spirit Escre, he called out to it.
'Come, essence of my essence, keeper of the balance. You have a duty, have you not?'

Deep below, hanging at the perimeter of the Astral Home, Escre heard the voice of Vowzra. It paused to consider the intrusion. First the god of Knowledge, and now the god of Time. It would seem that many desired the promise of Life, just as Escre had wanted. But surely, a deity as illustrious and mighty as Vowzra did not need the Great Spirit's explicit help to mold a new life-form as it wished? Only, Escre rationalized, for a being of greater potential could Vowzra need assistance. For that, however, Escre was not quite ready.

It approached the Astral Home and dipped its lantern into its pale, shining ivory surface. When Escre drew back its tool, the ethereal container's oil reservoir sloshed full to the brim of the same pure liquid, and after tilting back the lantern over its head, the warden began to drink.

As Vowzra waited upon the response, he allowed himself to feel the power surging within him. It was great, and with the help of Escre, who ruled over Life, he would be more than capable of creating what was needed. He could not create that defining creature of his own power alone however. He did not like that very much, a god should not be so arrogant as to deny their need for help and assistance, even if it were to come from beings perceived to be far lower than gods. However, a god should not be so dependent as to be at the complete mercy of another either. While Escre could help, Vowzra needed to be capable of creating advanced life of his own power too. With that, he siezed upon the energies surgin within him and let them loose. [5 Might used to level up from Level 3 to Level 4]

With the lantern's reservoir emptied, and its holy liquor imbibed, Escre's spirit pulsed stronger than ever before. Now, it was prepared to collaborate with the god of time for a feat worthy of myth. (4 Might spent to attain Level 3)

Wave after wave of energy pulsed from Vowzra's form and the ants around him scattered and ran. He did not wish to cause them harm, it was important that these creatures continued to grow and thrive, and each one was very much valued. In fact, he could not help but feel more for these little creatures than he did for some of his siblings. Like that Undasis for instance...
It further saddened him to have seen that Astarte had experimented on his creatures along with the Chaotic One and the petty Undasis. It was good that ants could now traverse sea and land, but anything designed by those two was surely not meant to be for the good of the world.

Not that it mattered, of course. The good of the world was a notion far beyond his siblings, even one so knowedlgeable as Arguis who even now was pranicng about in an attempt to mess with the creations of the great Reptile. It was not their job to go about actively changing or moulding the future to their whims and desires, it was their duty to do as Time and Fate dictated, and nothing happened without their will. Whatever was manifest, whatever will be manifest, was their will and nothing beside it. No attempts by any god, not even himself, could change or alter the single, Certain Truth. And that Certain Truth was known with certainty only to beings greater than mere gods. A being like Vowzra could only guess, but it was far from stopping him from believing in the correctness of the futures he worked towards. If he erred, then what was he but a mere god? And if he was correct, then was that surprising? He was, after all, the will of Time and Fate made manifest.

With these thoughts running through his mind, Vowzra stood, rooted to the ground, and waited upon the coming of the god he had summoned.

Nearby, the ground began to crumble. From the cracks seeped a translucent, silverly liquid, less pure now than the radiance of a star, but still fraught with the energies of Life. As the cracks widened into a crevice and the seep developd into a stream, a pond of the stuff formed--a Fountain of Life. From this, Escre rose, droplets falling in rivulets from its dusky mantle. "I am come for you. What invokes my duty?"

Vowzra turned his head towards the being who had risen from the earth. Escre was a mighty being to behold and Vowzra allowed his generally disdainful disposition to make way for some admiration. To have power over Life itself was a noble and most weighty task. Escre did not seem phased by this however, it was 'just in a day's work' for him.

'This little world of ours grows livelier by the second. Oceans have sprouted and life has emerged, and it is good to watch and see it all happening. However, it is time to fill this world with life worthy of serving sentient beings. We have a duty to create more creatures, and we have a duty to create more advanced life forms. I am no god of Life, and I am unable to achieve such a thing on my own without squandering more strength and energy than I have. So, I have turned to you. Here I extend my hand to you, seeking your aid and offering to aid you too, so will you not help me mould the future?'

Readily the Great Spirit responded with its air-reverberations. "That is a purpose most divine, and to be aspired to. I will lend my power to yours, though I have not a true hand with which to solidify this pact. It would be wise to rise above the planet, so that the intensity of my halo and of your godly form does not scorch the earth."

Without a word, Vowzra allowed his feet to leave the earth. He hovered there for a few moments, allowing his gaze to sweep over the trees and the ants once more. Soon enough there will be much more than ants and trees. Vowzra could see it now more clearly than before. Smiling at Escre, he began to rise up into the heavens before suddenly disappearing altogether. Seconds later, he reappeared in the darkness of the spaces above the planet and its atmosphere, and a moment later the Great Spirit joined him in those upper reaches, a blazing white comet until it slowed down enough to halt by Vowzra's side. Escre nodded, and summoned behind its back its huge crescent-moon halo, ready to begin.

With both gods prepared, Vowzra decided it was time to begin. Galbar was a beautiful planet, but with this it would become ever more beautiful. He extended an arm forward, and as Invictus had done before, he summoned forth an orb. It was by no means as powerful as what Invictus had brought forth, but it was an orb of creation nonetheless. He called upon his knowledge, all these strange creatures which haunted his mind - they were like memories, yet he did not know from where they were and whether they were his own.

The orb grew in size as Vowzra's knowledge seeped into it. Memories of giant cats with manes and others striped. Lions, tigers they were called. Of great hoofed stallions, horses, and of bulls and cows. There were memories of reptileans creatures which swam in rivers and had a mighty jaw. Crocodiles. Knowledge of one creature after another, flowed into it. Fish and bird, reptile and amphibean. Vowzra's knowledge encompassed them all.

Once Vowzra was done, the orb was the size of a hut. It was full of knowledge, and that swirled and twirled in a strange fashion. But in that orb was no life. Escre would have to add that vital ingredient. It would have to give Vowzra's knowledge life. Turning his head to the Guardian of Life, Vowzra allowd the orb to float towards it. He did not need to speak, Escre would know what to do.

The halo shone forth, and Escre's lantern spurted forth tendrils of life energie. They arced from the implement to the orb, burrowing into its surface like worms into soil, and becoming just as much a part of it. Along with that transfusion, newly absorbed from the Astral Home, went what little imagination Escre could muster. Having seen the tentacled antlike creations of the other gods on its trip through a nerve to the surface, it drew a little inspiration from them, mixing as well aspects of other organisms it thought that it dreamed of. These, Escre could not help but imparting to the orb, and within it those thoughts began to form strange shapes. The orb was ready.

Vowzra watched as, within the orb, the thoughts leapt to life. Claws tore out and hooves kicked. Razor sharp teeth emerged and roared while leaf-eating mouths gathered themselves up and neighed. Blood soared through the orb and strange creatures emerged and waned before others emerged. Vowzra looked into the orb, engrossed by what lay within. He felt that a strange change, ever so slight but ever so vital, had come about. He had not expected this at all, Escre had added more than life. It had added its own essence and imagination into the orb.

Vowzra looked at Escre, seeing it in a new light. It was a blank creature, there was no corruption and there was no goodness perse. It was the ultimate purity. However, that was a most dangerous state of being, it was often so that the most pure and white of things were the most easily tarnished and dirtied. It would be most dangerous if a being such as Escre were to become truly corrupted. There was nothing to say that a being such as Vestec could potentially present chaos to it in a manner that would appeal to its encoded obedience to the powers which had brought them into this world. He doubted Escre would fall for such schemes, but it was not impossible. Vowzra would have to be vigiliant.

With a wave of his hand, the great orb began to spin at great speeds. As it spun, it began to mould and change shape until two, smaller orbs had emerged. Without further ado, Vowzra sent them hurtling down towards the waiting planet. As they descended, both solidied and a layer of rock covered them. Vowzra watched, Escre hanging by him, as their creations descended upon the world.

One landed in the sea. Upon contact with the water, the rock began to melt and all kinds of water creatures emerged. Large and small, predators and prey. Before long, the planet's oceans were brimming with all sorts of sea life. Sea ants would no longer find themselves alone in the oceans. Alongside the more mundane fishes and creatures, however, emerged different shapes--the progeny of Escre's wandering thought. As kelp sprang up from the empty seabed, leafy green fish with staring pink eyes on their sides nestled among them, and after those Kelp Nuzzlers swam the razor-spined Torpedo Eels. Larger still were the Kelp Cutters, raylike creatures with fins able to sever plant fiber. Lastly, through the blue depths moved the huge Spongebacks, entwining the seastacks and underwater arches with their great, yellow lengths.

The other landed on the single continent, and out of it exploded creatures of all kinds. From small cats to the more predatory and powerful lions and tigers. Dogs and wolves, horses and cows, frogs and insects. The birds swept up into the sky, flying as far as they could from that crater of their first emergence. Eagles and robins, and aong with them, blind bats. The animal kingdom had come into being. On land, too, did Escre's warped imagination brought different creatures to being. Into the air soared horrible things with manifold claws and dark wings. Into the ground burrowed carrot-sized worms whose tentacled bellied glowed with the liquid life energy of creation, though decidedly less pure. They would keep the ground enriched, ready for plants, by turning the bodies of the dead into usable nutrients once more, though all the while the azure grubs would be hunted by the devilish Xarocos, whose names reflected their oddity.

Vowzra watched with interest the creatures which emerged as a result of Escre's input. They were strange creatures, there was no denying, the product of an imagination testing the waters and exploring what was possible. Certainly, some were rather vicious, but all, Vowzra could already see, would bring about a well-balanced and intriguing world. That azure grub was particularly attention-grabbing. Or at least, it interested Vowzra.
He wondered what would occur if that liquid life energy were to be added to ants or other such creatures which went about cleaning up the environment and increasing the quality of the earth. That would be something to explore another time, however. For now, he had to turn his attention to a far greater creation. An intelligent species, one that could potentially rule over this this world, whose intelligence and wit would far out-match any others. Vowzra would grant them the intelligence of the gods themselves - though he had to admit, when he looked to gods such as Undasis, he could not help but think that perhaps the gods were not all that smart after all...

Summoning up his energies once more, he summoned forth a small, reddish thing. It was not exactly flesh, but it would soon be. Holding it with his fingers, he blew into it and watched it begin to mutate and grow into a small, wet, feshy thing. Vowzra pulled upon it and stretched it. It was a long and intricate task, but the creation slowly took form, bones grew and muscles latched upon them, a heart here, lungs. The humanoid figure was still far from complete as Vowzra took a step back. It was lacking something. It was beutiful, there was no denying, but something about the way he could see all its innards was rather...stomach-churning. Vowzra passed his hand on its forehead and skin began to grow. It scuttled and grew, spidery at points, and at others it was like the waves coming in.

Its skin was covered in black markings and its ears were slightly, ever so slightly, pointed. Vowzra knew that with time, the marking would disappear and the ears would round out at the tips. This was his creation. It was yet lifeless, however, and more were needed. Gripping it from its head, Vowzra pulled and another one emerged, this one feminine in shape. Others emerged before them and Vowzra watched. It was now the Guardian of Life's role to give them life.

But Escre's gaze was focused elsewhere. In the shadow of the first humans came another--a second kind. Born were they not from red flesh, but from gray, and not from Vowzra's love, but from Escre's watch. Unlike the first kind, they had a far more limited capacity, for their eyes linked not to their minds but to their hearts. The second kind would never build cities, establish governments, or discover great technologies; they would forever remain shadows on the brink of humanity. Outsiders. The one that Escre now watched rose up, stared at its inadvertent creator, and fell.

Vowzra had been taken aback for the second time during this exercise in creation. He watched as the first creature, these Escreian Humans, these Outsiders, ran off, and the rest of its kind followed it. Vowzra wondered if he should destroy them for a few seconds, but realised that if they had come into being, then they had a purpose. Instead, he guided their way and they passed through the atmosphere of Galbar unharmed, landing on the single continent and dispersing. They were a strange creation. It was difficult to believe that they had sprung from the same act of creation that brought about Vowzra's creatures, his children, Humans.

The Great Spirit turned to face the lifeless humans. It reached down and scooped some of the silver liquid into its lantern's reservoir, and sprinkled it onto them. With that first impetus, the natural cellular processes of the bodies were kicked into gear, and the bodies began to invigorate. Vowzra watched as his creations, protected from their current environment by Vowzra's divine will, took their first breath. There were thousands of them. Vowzra's very own. He was the god of creation, it was only natural that these beings should look up to him as their creator, father and master. They too began their descent, landing where their siblings had landed before.

Instead of running away, however, the newly created humans, their men and their women, gathered around each other and looked upon the heavens with a longing unlike anything Vowzra had ever seen before. It was as if they had been torn away from something, and their longing for a return - a return up there, where they truly belonged - was clear.

As it were, Galbar was now flourishing with life.


It was some minutes before Escre stirred itself to return to the planet's surface. In its mind were pictured the humans of Vowzra and the second kind both, but in its mind there was no question which of the two was its favorite. "Well met, god of time. But my purpose is not yet complete."

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