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☠ The Walking Dead Timeline ☠
  • May 11th, 2010: (Part 1A)
    • Pages: 1 - 3
      • Newnan
        • Leann, Vivian, Alicia, Ash, James, Caesar, Megna, Siddarth, & Maria enter RP
        • Leann orders Ash, Caesar, and James to form parties to scout for supplies and people
        • Scouting Parties Form - James/Alicia:LaGrange, Ash/Maria:Carrollton, Caesar/Meg:Franklin
        • Caesar gives Alicia sat phone
        • Groups pair up, get supplies
        • James and Alicia 'borrow' the Hordebuster
        • Vivian hands out supplies needed lists (Page 2)
        • Three groups head out of Newnan
        • Leann deals with supplies and security, Vivian and Sid work in Medical Garden
        • Someone starts killing off residents of Newnan: storms moving in
        • Vivian is shot: Leann sounds alarm
        • Vivian kills man, is moved to infirmary by Sid (Page 3)
        • Leann radios for backup - storm worsens - tornado develops - Zomnado
        • Zomnado takes out several invades, drops nearly 2 dozen still moving Walkers in town, takes down wall
      • Hoganville (Group 1)
        • Dexter, Richard, & Jamie enter RP
        • Wake up in swank house, medium sized hoard is coming
        • Group tries to move upstairs and block walkers path
        • Walkers breach house
        • Dexter get caught in slip, Walker attacks: kills it moves upstairs
        • Jamie sets trap for walkers - works for a few then fails (Page 2)
        • Group deals with walkers, makes break for it, ducks into bedroom
        • Alicia and James come across mass hoard headed that way
        • Guys climb out second story window: climb down outside
        • Guys make break for Hordebuster
        • Alicia covers them, gets grabbed from behind, eaten by walkers
        • Guys make it to Hordebuster
        • Hordebuster moves out (Page 3)
        • Starts heading back for Newnan
        • Zoie and Victor enter RP
        • Zoie meets guys - makes impression - knows James
      • Lumpkin Creek (Group 2)
        • Lorna & Kristina enter RP
        • Taken surprise by nearly a dozen walkers in the woods
        • Walker grabs Kris, Lorna cuts its arm off, two start running
        • Noise brings more walkers (Page 2)
        • Two climb up on top of RV to hide
        • Caesar and Meg come across RV
        • Girls are rescued: Sister reunite
        • Group gets to Franklin (Page 3)
        • Group turns around to head back to Newnan
        • Caesar finds out Alicia is dead
        • Arrive in Newnan
      • Whitesburg (Group 3)
        • Jonas & Victoria enter RP
        • Pair is caught in cemetery with large hoard
        • Jonas tries to divert walkers - pair makes break for it
        • Victoria gets caught in roots (Page 2)
        • Caesar and Meg show up, rescue couple (Page 3)
        • Megs turns car around, heads for Newnan
        • Arrive in Newnan
  • May 11th, 2010: (Part 1B)
    • Pages: 4 - 8
      • Hordebuster
        • Zoie introduces self, brings in Victor
        • James is dubbed Chocolate Thunder
        • Mini fight and threatening between Victor, Dick, and Zoie
        • James thinks about food
      • Newnan
        • Leann briefs Ash and group
        • Meg and group arrive in Newnan
        • Hordebuster arrives in Newnan
        • Sid tries to patch Vivian up
        • Caesar goes to dark place, starts slaughtering (Walkers thankfully)
        • Zoie goes country on walkers
        • Groups start making it for Courthouse - taking out walkers as they go
        • Ash finds out Alicia is dead
        • Jamie is killed by walkers
        • Victor takes over as Doc with Vivian
        • Smith sisters secure things
        • Dick and Zoie tag team getting people inside (Page 5)
        • Ash, Caesar, and James get to work clearing and making their way to the Infirmary inside the courthouse
        • Vivian passes out from wounds
        • Leann is killed - sniper shot to brain - Dick and Zoie get her body inside
        • Rest get inside, James head to tower to snipe problems, Ash has place locked up
        • Richard gets his ass kicked by 3 girls (Kris, Maria, Lorna)
        • Zoie breaks it up
        • Zoie informs Newnan of the existence of Eden - Eden finds out about Zoie
        • Group decides to start clearing the town
        • Caesar becomes nurse, Victor tries to save Vivian
        • Sid handles weapons supplies
        • Zoie hands Richard over to Victor to fix up
        • Jonas and Victoria moves to background, are NPC'ed, leave RP
        • Zoie goes walker surfing on gurney (Page 6)
        • Path is cleared - clean up team moves out (Lorna, Ash, Dexter, Meg, Zoie)
        • Vivian dies, Victor becomes Doctor of Newnan, Caesar leaves to team up with group
        • Maria and James provide cover, Kris tries to clear courthouse (Sid tries to help)
        • Victor patches up Richard
        • Lorna killed by shot
        • Caesar kills man attacking Kris, heads out
        • Victor and Dick play eye spy - line of children's books coming out this fall
        • Zoie corners and takes out Edenite
        • Dexter slips, hammers himself to death....
        • Caesar gets outside, starts clearing path to armory
        • Meg is nearly bit, Caesar stops it (Page 7)
        • Caesar it bit... clears path, gets rest to safety, Zoie puts him down
        • Zoie makes distraction (Zoie-Mama Bomb)
        • Town starts rallying to clear house and drive out Eden
        • Victor and Richard are given prisoner to watch
        • Maria is bit while kissing a corpse >.>, the stuff of legends!
        • Zoie ties off Maria's arm, moves her to infirmary
        • Victor amputates Maria's arm
        • Zoie gets Richard out of Infirmary and cleaned up (Page 8)
        • Maria is passed out, Victor/Sid/Kris watch over her
        • Miss Sally becomes known NPC
        • Town is cleared out of Walkers and Edenites
        • Ash offers Zoie job, Zoie tells Ash more about Eden
        • Victor starts typing blood
        • James spots live cow in tree
      • Westside Baptist Church
        • Niesha and Sophia enter RP (Page 7)
        • Bridgette and Astrid enter RP
        • Bryn enters RP (Page 8)
        • Bryn meets Bridgette and Astrid
        • Horde coming, Astrid and Bridgette are keeping ahead of it, come across others
        • Niesha and Sophia use fire to distract walkers, try to anyways
        • Girls decide to travel together, start heading for Newnan
        • Walker bites Sophia's left hand
        • Astrid cuts off Sophia's hand with an Ax
        • Group makes a break for Newnan with Hoard on their heels
  • May 11th, 2010: (Part 1C)
    • Pages: 8 - 12
      • Newnan
        • Girls arrive at gates of Newnan - Zoie calls for backup
        • Victor tries to save Maria, demands blood from Richard
        • Niesha pleads for entrance
        • Bryn and Bridgette keep walkers clear of Wagon (Page 9)
        • Ash is dubbed Walldick - Will allow girls in for blood and handing over guns
        • Zoie and James spot Mega horde headed towards Newnan
        • Girls are let in
        • Meg and Sid deal with inner turmoil
        • Richard caves, gives blood
        • Maria passes away from injuries
        • Sophia hangs on as best she can
        • Zoie develops plan for Zoie-Mama Sling-Shot
        • James, Zoie, Byrn work on plan to divert walkers - towards Peachtree City (Eden)
        • Victor and Richard play cards
        • Zoie borrows Bridgette's spears
        • Astrid takes Sophia to infirmary, fills Victor in
        • Maria's body is moved out of infirmary (Page 10)
        • Over all people are try to clean up, prepare for more, stay out of the way
        • Walker Alicia shows up with hoard
        • James, Zoie, and Byrn start working on distracting the walkers away from Newnan
        • Ash hears voice, puts Alicia down, contemplates suicide
        • Astrid tries to get answers
        • Richard knocks Niesha out, Astrid secures her
        • James sings I played Chicken With a Train as they continue
        • Zoie, Bryn, and James lure Walkers away from Newnan and towards Peachtree City
        • People start to get to know each other
        • Miss Sally starts passing out food and water (Page 11)
        • Niesha wakes up and freaks out
        • Victor sedates Niesha - Richard moves her out of infirmary
        • Tense moments - most groups don't like each other
        • Ash snaps on Guy, reminds him of who's town Newnan is and who is in charge
        • Guy returns to post, snaps on Kris, sends her to Ash
        • Astrid refuses to cut restraints or relinquish post
        • Zoie, James, and Bryn return to Newnan
        • James reminds Ash of cow - details is sent to get cow for meat
        • Zoie accepts position, becomes 2nd in Newnan
        • Niesha keeps pleading, Astrid does not give in (Page 12)
        • Ash goes home and breaks down over Alicia
        • Many people have moments of breaking down
        • Cow is retrieved, smoker is started
        • Day winds down, people start drinking or going to bed
      • Carrollton
        • Tatiana and Davina enter RP (Page 9)
        • Girls try to find gas and supplies
        • Head for DMV and arrive, make a break for the door
        • Girls split up to clear DMV (Page 10)
        • Davina goes missing: exits RP
        • Jack enters RP
        • Keeps walkers off Tatiana
        • Tatiana offers to let Jack drive to safe house
        • Jack drives, Tatiana navigates (Page 11)
        • Pair reach safe house and get inside
        • Two exchange food, share meal, get to know each other
        • Two decide to stick together for now - turn in for night
  • May 12th - June 12th, 2010: (Time Skip)
    • Page: 12
      • Newnan
        • Town starts to rebuild
        • Dead are laid to rest
        • Ash and Zoie interview new comers, place people in new roles within the community
        • Runs are made to Whitesburg and location of the former Ga Ren Fair
        • New entrances to inner wall are added
        • New security put in place
        • Ash and James start writing papers on how to fix things in town and plant crops
        • Ash pens his Last Will and Testament
        • Victor puts together medical
        • Zoie gets back from run to find Richard slept with Astrid - kicks him out of her house
      • Peachtree City
        • Hoard James, Zoie, and Byrn diverted runs through Eden
        • Nathaniel and Addam discuss Newnan (Page 13)
        • Ryan enters RP
        • Tears place apart
        • Half people die within
        • Ryan escapes Eden
        • Starts rebuilding
      • Carrollton
        • Jack and Tatiana scout shops - find Rainbow Brite Backpack
        • Tatiana attempts to teach Jack to Dance
        • Jack teaches Tatiana how to play Monopoly
        • Two start to get to know about each others past
        • Tatiana opens up about life in Russia
        • Scout for supplies - Tatiana thinks she sees Davina, isn't her
        • Tatiana goes catatonic rest of evening
  • June 13th, 2010: (Part 1A)
    • Pages: 12 - 17
      • Carrollton
        • Tatiana and Jack decide to leave Carrollton Safehouse
        • Leave Map for Davina
        • Leave Carrollton
        • Tatiana tries to drive, fails, a lot
        • Hit roadblock, move cars, fight walkers
        • Jack gets hurt, Tatiana patches him up
        • Tatiana keeps driving, badly
        • Tatiana hits Bambi, kills it
        • Jack moves deer to truck bed
        • Jack takes over driving
        • Tatiana starts teaching Jack Russian
      • Newnan
        • Sophia leaves infirmary finally
        • Zoie runs down morning announcements
        • Jack and Tatiana reach Newnan
        • Everyone starts daily duty's
        • Zoie greets Jack and Tatiana, brings pair within the walls
        • Zoie takes pair to meet Ash (Page 13)
        • James brings truck inside, gets hands on Bambi
        • Ryan shows up looking for Zoie
        • Ryan offers information in exchange for protection
        • Sophia and Niesha catch up in their apartment
        • Kris covers morning chores for James while he cooks Bambi
        • Victor joins Jack and Tatiana interview
        • Miss Sally gets breakfast served
        • Byrn hunts outside of walls, nearly shoots Richard by mistake
        • Richard raid Church's for relics to try to make things right
        • Astrid studies medical journals, Bridgette starts perimeter check, Kristina tends to animals
        • Zoie brings Ryan into Newnan, takes him to Ash
        • Bryn and Richard return to Newnan, Bridgette nearly accidentally kills Richard (Page 14)
        • Niesha and Sophia deal with a Raccoon
        • Zoie takes Ryan to cell, locks him up
        • Miss Sally gets Jack and Tatiana settled into a house
        • Kristina deals with upset horses
        • Bridgette heads to stables, orders Richard to hose off walker guts
        • Raccoon keeps causing problems
        • Victor suddenly collapses
        • Zoie start interrogating Ryan
        • Jack and Tatiana start settling in
        • Bridgette carries Victor to infirmary on horse
        • Niesha and Sophia handle hungry little girl (Page 15)
        • Kristina and Guy are having problems with the horses
        • Astrid tries to save Victors life in the infirmary
        • Zoie starts to break, seeks support from Richard
        • Tatiana cleans up, Jacks turn - Jack hides ring is he making
        • James keeps cooking and singing
        • Niesha and Sophia take girl back to class, Meg is relieved
        • Kristina is flung from her horse, ankle twisted
        • Tatiana flips out a bit about having 1 bed for both her and Jack
        • Sophia stays to help class
        • Niesha goes to help Kristina
        • Bryn clears people out of Infirmary
        • Zoie tells Richard about Victor, Richard drags Zoie to infirmary to see
        • Richard flips out, Zoie flips out in return - decks him
        • Byrn watches over things as Richard and Zoie take it outside
        • Astrid gets Victor stabilized
        • Miss Lilly comes out of nowhere, is a walker, tries to bite Zoie
        • Jack and Tatiana play Monopoly - Tatiana spots mouse, freaks out: Jack chases it out of the house
        • Byrn uses arrow to kill walker attacking Zoie, Richard pulls body off her
        • Niesha and Kristina work on getting Kris cleaned up
        • Sophia watches kids play
        • Jack and Tatiana directed to Rec Center, Sophia joins them with Megna's help (Page 16)
        • Niesha starts wrapping up Kristina's ankle
        • Victor starts coming too
        • James makes his own gravy
        • Bryn informs Ash about Miss Lilly
        • Great Bazhooli and Schrodinger enter RP
        • Tatiana hears Jim's radio request for Russian Speaker, thinks it is Davina, goes to check
        • Bryn and Bridgette get Miss Lilly buried
        • Victor teaches Astrid more medical as he recovers
      • Arnco Mills
        • Edouard The Cabbage enters RP (Page 13)
        • Raymond enters RP
        • Raymond tries scavenging in church
        • Gregory enters and leaves RP
        • Edouard sees man hang himself
        • Lawrence enters RP (Posts are hidden)
        • Raymond kills fox in church (Page 14)
        • Lawrence and Ray cross paths
        • Edouard kills hangman walker, gets nasty
        • Tiffany enters RP
        • Svetlana enters RP
        • Svetlana stop car as Edouard jumps out screaming for help
        • Svetlana and Edouard try to talk despite her speaking Russian and him French
        • Svetlana and Edouard try to drive off, wreck, Lana is hurt, Ed is hurt bad
        • Tiffany finds supplies, gears up
        • Ray and Lawrence part ways: Ray tries to scavenge
        • Amelia enters RP
        • Amelia tries to help Edouard and Svetlana
        • Svetlana, Amelia, and Edouard deal with wreck (Page 15)
        • Walker kills itself O.o Ray finds Doritos
        • Tiffany sets out to scavenge elsewhere
        • Lawrence's Death by Love Bear
        • Amelia patches them up as best she can
        • Ray ponders Lawrence's running off, keeps moving
        • Svetlana, Amelia, and Edouard start moving
        • Ray and Tiffany meet up, start running from walkers
        • Svetlana finds car battery
        • Ray and Tiffany get caught up fighting walker
        • Svetlana, Amelia and Edouard get a truck running
        • Edouard wants to drive (Page 16)
        • Ray falls into well, gets caught, gets bit by walker
        • Edouard drives
        • Tiffany amputates Raymond's leg
        • Edouard runs over spikes in road, all tires go flat, nearly wrecks as he stops
  • June 13th, 2010: (Part 1B)
    • Pages: 17 - 19
      • Newnan
        • Niesha wraps Kristina's ankle, Kris tries to get Niesha to deal with her feelings
        • Sophia stick with Tatiana and Jack as they head to the front gate
        • Niesha takes Kristina to the infirmary
        • Shovel breaks while burying Miss Lilly, Bryn nearly knocks herself out
        • Tatiana translates, Ash lets in Bazhooli and Schrodinger
        • Richard and Zoie start reconciling
        • Astrid starts tending to Kris
        • Victors plays off cardiac event as nothing
        • Tatiana mentions Bazhooli's accent is off
        • Bryn and Bridgette finish burying Miss Lilly
        • James is still cooking
        • Astrid finishes with Kris, Kris heads out
        • 3 Newnan folk are shot out of no where (Page 18)
        • Zoie and Richard go talk to Ryan
        • Zoie is shot leaving courthouse
        • Richard rushes Zoie to Infirmary. Victor and Astrid rush Zoie to OR
        • Newnan goes on the defensive
        • Tatiana reveals she isn't just a scared little bird, goes on offensive
        • Niesha checks on girl that was shot, sees she is dead
        • People take cover, start moving for weapons
        • Bridgette gets younger kids of Newnan to Safety, arms herself
        • James stops cooking, gets to Niesha, gets her and older kids to Courthouse
        • Tatiana starts pushing Sophia's wheelchair to safety, grabs Jack, pulls him with her
        • Niesha handles the kids, others arm up, others take cover in mess hall
        • Ash is informed what went down inside the walls, finds out about Zoie
        • Tatiana breaks down
        • Victor keeps trying to save Zoie, she flat-lines
        • Niesha sings and tells stories to kids to keep them calm
        • James and Bridgette gear up - Bridgette is sent to round up strays, James is sent to tower to provide cover
        • Russians camp out in Mess Hall
        • Another body found dead, not accounted for
        • Kristina helps Niesha (Page 19)
        • Sophia fills Jack, Tatiana, and Bazhooli in on the previous months attack
      • Arnco Mills Woods
        • Tiffany keeps cutting through Rays leg
        • Amelia and Svetlana survive Edouard's driving
        • Ray passes out, Tiffany abandons him in the woods
        • Tiffany nearly falls into similar hole as Ray had, Ray wakes up
        • Edouard, Amelia, and Svetlana are confronted by 12 haggard looking men on the road
        • Svetlana offers up Edouard to the men
        • Men can understand Svetlana and Edouard, Beni introduces himself
        • Beni's people bring truck out, inform them about Eden
        • Tiffany goes back to Ray to help him
        • Rays leg stops bleeding (Page 18)
        • Peaches is introduced. Beni offers group to come with them
        • Ray and Tiffany try to stay ahead of horde
        • Beni loads up men and others, head into woods by Truck
        • Truck passes Tiffany and Ray, Medic is introduced, gets out of truck
        • Medic puts Ray in truck
        • Edouard asks if Beni's men are his slaves...
        • Lyon wonders why the girls put up with Edouard (As does everyone else lol)
        • Edouard the Cabbage quickly becomes most hates character in RP: OOC he is loved (Page 19)
        • Edouard threatens to kill Amelia over French Language
  • June 13th, 2010: (Part 1C)
    • Pages: 19 - 23
      • Newnan
        • Victor finishes up surgery
        • Astrid informs Ash that Zoie is stable
        • Tatiana goes with Miss Sally to start cooking for town
        • Ash tries to keep it together
        • Others start easing up as it looks as things are calming, Richard breaks down
        • Mouse appears in kitchen, Tatiana looses her shit (Page 20)
        • People start sweeping the town for Edenites
        • Zoie wakes up
        • Bridgette finds Miss Lilly's grave is empty
        • James finds Miss Lilly's body crucified outside of town
        • Ryan is found having escaped the cell
        • Schrodinger catches the mouse
        • Ryan starts bringing Ash up to speed about Addam
        • Astrid agree with Niesha, tends to other wounded
        • Tatiana rewards Schrodinger
        • Jack, Sophia, and Bazhooli try to help Miss Sally
        • Astrid hands over list to Niesha, needs medications made from Garden
        • Talk about Show being put on to help morale begins in Mess Hall
        • Ryan proves himself able to read people and has knowledge of Newnan
        • Bridgette takes Ryan back to lockup
        • Guy is finally relieved of Shit Duty put back on the tower (Page 21)
        • Ash hands out orders, people start getting back to duties as Security and Leads take care of remains of attack
        • Astrid has Niesha and Kristina take kids over to Mess Hall
        • Astrid sends Zoie home to avoid a fight
        • Megs brings kids from school to Mess Hall (Nallore takes over character)
        • Astrid fills Ash in on patients, asks Ash how he is doing
        • Russians plan show, people start getting a bite to eat, clean up continues, Niesha starts brewing medications
        • People relax a little, start to talk, a few minutes breather
        • Jack proposes to Tatiana (Page 22)
        • James gets back to cooking Bambi
        • Ryan reveals there are other Safe-zones like Newnan
        • Niesha makes medications in kitchen, adds flavor for kids (Page 23)
        • Ryan tells Ash he better break Addam before he kills him or his followers will keep coming
      • Franklin
        • Beni and crew get Amelia, Tiffany, Ray, Edouard, and Svetlana to Franklin Safe Zone
        • Medic rushes Ray inside to be tended to
        • Others bring in the rest of the new people
        • Edouard keeps pressing his luck
        • Ray is semi stable but no pain medications and no antibiotics (Page 20)
        • Others are given food and water
        • Tiffany is brought up to speed about Ray, told to wait
        • Medic comes out, tells Tiffany she can go in
        • Edouard pushes Lyon too far, is offered a choice of Education or Death
        • Amelia slips, falls, nails Edouard in the nuts with her bat - the people rejoice
        • Svetlana starts slapping the hell out of Edouard before spitting at his feet an walking off
        • Ray wakes up
        • Lyon starts cutting into Edouard
        • Edouard finally chooses an education over death (Page 21)
        • Medic says Franklin needs to reveal themselves to Newnan, they need supplies
        • People relax a little, start to talk, a few minutes breather
        • Edouard, he's put to work (Page 22)
        • Amelia meets Rodger and Mike, snuggles with Peaches (Page 23)
  • June 13th, 2010: (Part 1D)
    • Pages: 23 - 28
      • Newnan
        • Tatiana joins up with Meg and Bazhooli in Rec Hall
        • Beni and crew show up at Gates
        • Kristina helps Miss Sally, meets up with James and Schrodinger
        • Sophia and Niesha stick to making medications in Mess Hall
        • Ash meets new group at Gate (Page 24)
        • Schrodinger steals meat
        • Beni introduces himself, offers trade
        • Jack and Bridgette get on repairs
        • Miss Sally makes rounds
        • Kristina gets some rest
        • Meg, Bazhooli, and Tatiana try to get show together for Morale
        • Beni enters Newnan alone (Page 25)
        • James take Zoie food, Richard goes to work on vehicles
        • Beni informs Ash and Astrid what he needs and what he has (Page 26)
        • Astrid informs Ash they need one of the meds Beni has for Victors heart problem
        • Meg goes to visit Zoie and catch her up on things
        • Astrid proposes trade, offers to get man, they keep Beni until she returns
        • Sophia offers to help fix some kitchen problems (Page 27)
        • Meg finishes up visit with Zoie, heads back to Rec Center with Boombox
        • Ash agrees, Astrid starts gearing up to leave, Bridgette decides she is going as well
        • Meg pushes too far by releasing detail on new people, Ash brings the hammer down
        • Kristina, Sophia, and Niesha keep trying to fix problems in kitchen (Page 28)
        • Jack ask Bazhooli to be his best man, Tatiana asks about planning wedding to Meg
        • Girls in kitchen still having problems, seek out Meg for supplies
        • Astrid, Bridgette, Beni, and group start to head out
      • Franklin
        • Rodger fills Amelia in on Eden
        • Lyon leans into Edouard
        • Ray is holding stable, Tiffany watches over him (Page 24)
        • Lyon scalps, well shaves, Edouard's head, badly
        • Rodgers offers to teach Amelia how to use a gun
        • Kid is brought in, fell into a Sink Hole outside
        • Ciel enters RP (Page 25)
        • Edouard actually cleans! Christmas Miracle!
        • Tiffany helps Lyon set kids broken leg
        • Sana enters RP, lets Ciel in, sends word to Lyon
        • Lyon leaves kid with Tiffany, takes Edouard with him to gate
        • Sana takes Ciel to eat and get cleaned up, Lyon takes Edouard for a walk (Page 26)
        • Edouard gets manners
        • Tiffany watches over kid, Sana patches Ciel up
        • Mike shows Amelia around, gets her food, finds her work
        • Ciel looses lunch, Sana needs help (Page 27)
        • Raymond is bleeding, Ciel gets dramatic
        • Lyon gets to work on stabilizing Raymond (Page 28)
        • Sana gets supplies, Tiffany helps where she can
  • June 13th, 2010: (Part 1E)
    • Pages: 28 - 32
      • Newnan
        • Jack and Bazhooli plan Bachelor Party
        • Beni and Ash go to speak with Victor about supplies
        • Niesha and Sophia keep dealing with the kitchen problems
        • Kristina heads out
        • No one wants to deal with smell in Mess Hall
        • Meg runs point between Mess Hall and Rec Center
        • Victor and Beni work out trade (Page 29)
        • Work in kitchen finally wraps up
        • Jack and Bazhooli keep working on show, Tatiana as well
        • Tatiana and Bazhooli pair up for act
        • Ash directs Sophia to Fabrication
        • Beni mentions his group can help with fabrication of hand for Sophia (Page 30)
        • Niesha keeps to herself and her thoughts
        • Sophia is directed to Fabrication, Beni is open to her help
        • People start cleaning up, getting ready for evening
        • Ash gets Meg and Miss Sally to start preparing food for more people coming in (Page 31)
        • Tatiana might start teaching dance, Jack helps in Rec Center
        • Miss Sally fixes food
        • Niesha is sent to help in Infirmary
        • Jack become Casey Kasem
        • Much of Newnan starts preparing for incoming injured
        • Victor fills Niesha in on what's going on and what they need
        • OR is prepped for incoming (Page 32)
      • Franklin
        • Lyon sets up IV on Ciel
        • Tiffany helps move everyone to one room to watch over that is hurt
        • Lyon, Sana, and Edouard continue to work on Raymond
        • Tiffany and Amelia go with Mike to get fluids for those hurt
        • Lyon tells story, Marx enters the RP (Page 29)
        • Lyon gets to cleaning up, ignores Edouard (Page 30)
        • Mike, Tiffany, and Amelia get what they need and head back to the infirmary
        • Astrid is shown to the wounded, makes a call to Newnan
        • Astrid asks to bring kids back as well - things don't sit well with most
        • Ray asks to bring Tiffany
        • Amelia rats Edouard out as he tries to leave
        • Lyon nearly shoots Edouard, Sana stops him (Page 31)
        • Lyon and Beni talk, as does Ash
        • Deal is struck, Astrid gets phone back
        • Sana decks Edouard, Edouard debates choices
        • Group starts packing up and reading to move the injured from Franklin to Newnan
        • Edouard has to deal with learning Sana isn't trying to seduce him
        • Ciel and Raymond are main two being moved
        • Tiffany is joining them
        • People are loaded up into the truck
        • People say goodbye, gate opens (Page 32)
      • The Road
        • Medic, Astrid, and Bridgette come across girl hanging from the trees
        • Tryke enters RP
        • Bridgette cuts Tryke down (Page 29)
        • Group heads back to the road and towards Franklin
        • Arrive in Franklin (Page 30)
        • Marx, Tryke, and Bridgette remain at the gate
        • Bridgette gets impatient - Crumpets and tea (Page 31)
        • Truck is brought around - Tasty
        • Tryke learns Marx was burned, why he wears glove
        • Marx reveals he has prosthetic, rather advanced one
        • Marx is told he is going with the group to Newnan
  • June 13th, 2010: (Part 1F)
    • Pages: 32 - 39
      • Road To Newnan
        • Astrid informs Raymond about Sophia and how she is doing
        • Cross paths with large hoard and have to change routes
        • More walkers - Bridgette and Marx are thrown from horses
        • Marx is impaled by steel left over from wreck
        • Bridgette is bit by walkers numerous times
        • Astrid puts Bridgette down so she can't change
        • Marx start shooting at walkers to drive them back
        • Franklin folks get Marx into the back of the truck
        • Astrid is bit
        • Ciel passes out, Ray is trying to stay awake (Page 33)
        • Tryke and Tiffany are fighting a path as best they can
        • Ciel vomits: what we have no idea
        • Raymond and Ciel are stabilized, Astrid phones home
        • Tryke and Tiffany keep fighting walkers off, Ciel is dramatic
        • Marx loses too much blood and dies (Page 34)
        • Tryke can't control her bike, dies in crash
        • Chloe enters RP
        • Ciel sits there
        • Chloe offers to help
        • Astrid allows it, hands her sword over to Tiffany
        • Ray asks if they're there yet
        • Chloe becomes travel Medic and get to work
        • Truck is too damaged to move (Page 35)
        • Astrid calls into Newnan to inform them
        • Ash, Jack, Meg, Bazhooli, and others arrive on scene
        • Astrid is close to dying from bite
        • Meg is sent to divert walkers, Jack and Bazhooli get to work
        • Bazhooli slips on Tryke's blood, impales himself in the eye socket, dies
        • People start getting moved to Hordebuster, Ash barely keeps it together
        • Meg gets walkers to change direction (Page 36)
        • Everyone is loaded, Ash drives back towards Newnan
      • Franklin
        • Sana goes to fix Edouard's hair (Page 33)
        • Franklin is under attack
        • Sana is grabbed and someone tries to drag her under a car
        • Rodger is shot and killed
        • Mike and Amelia fall back
        • Edouard tries to save Sana
        • Mike and Amelia head to roof
        • Edouard is shot through the chest and dies (Page 34)
        • Amelia is shot in the arm
        • Mike and Amelia get pinned down
        • Riley enters RP
        • Lyon finds Mike and Amelia
        • Amelia takes Sana to infirmary for Medic
        • Mike and Lyon start clean up
        • Riley lays low
        • Attack on Franklin ends
        • Riley keeps an eye out
        • Amelia helps tend to Sana (Page 35)
        • Riley announces herself at the gate
        • Sana walks Amelia through stitching her up
        • Lyon lets Riley into Franklin, takes her to infirmary
        • Amelia finishes stitching up Sana's leg (Page 36)
        • Riley, Amelia, and Sana get to know each other
        • Amelia takes Riley for food
        • Beni returns with his people to Franklin (Page 37)
        • Scream sets people off running to the front
        • Sana is seen crying over her brothers dead body
        • Riley and Amelia go check on what the scream was
        • Riley and Amelia are asked to make grave marker for Marx
        • Riley is informed of a red head the group ran across (Page 38)
        • Riley and Amelia make grave marker
        • People turn in for the evening (Page 39)
      • Newnan
        • Edgar and Cadence arrive in Newnan without their riders
        • Ash calls for volunteers to retrieve their people, demands routes from Beni
        • James leaves Zoie, gears up
        • Victor has Niesha scrub up and get ready for incoming wounded
        • Richard get Zoie to armory to make Zoie Specials for James to take
        • Jack, Meg and Bazhooli volunteer to go (Page 33)
        • Water heater blows up
        • Tom, Richard, and Zoie get out of Armory. Richard rushes back in to try to cut the lines
        • Tom suffers flash burns, Sophia & Meg gets him to infirmary
        • Tatiana and Kristina head for Infirmary
        • Sid joins Megna
        • Zoie goes to radio Ash from Infirmary, has aneurysm, dies (Page 34)
        • Froggy moves her out of room and hides body for time being
        • Explosion goes off, hits Sophia and Richard: Sophia dies
        • Newnan scrambles to deal with everything
        • Richards tries to cut off gas lines, Victor hits street to find wounded
        • Niesha takes over in Infirmary
        • Beatrice enters RP
        • Walker Sophia tries to eat Schrodinger
        • Kristina helps Tatiana get patched up
        • Niesha tries to handle influx in infirmary
        • Beatrice cautiously approaches Newnan
        • Team heads out to find Astrid and others
        • Jim locks the gates, Richard gets gas turned off, Guy and others are putting out the fire
        • Victor puts down Walker Sophia
        • Tom dies from burn injuries - Kristina makes sure he can't turn
        • Megna drives the team in search of Astrid and others
        • Beatrice calls out at North wall of Newnan
        • Guns are trained on Beatrice (Page 35)
        • Richard finds out about Zoie after Victor patches him up
        • Town tries to clean up and lick their wounds
        • Beatrice is let in town
        • Victor has Kristina help move Sophia's body through backdoor
        • Tatiana helps Niesha with wounded
        • James welcome Beatrice
        • Niesha gets people patched up (Page 36)
        • Kristina comes to help Niesha
        • Tatiana goes to help Victor
        • Megna returns with Sid to Newnan
        • Hordebuster pulls up to Newnan, Ash radios for teams
        • Astrid jumps down, leaves her shield with Ash, walks off into the woods
        • Gates are opened
        • Ash pulls in, stops at courthouse
        • Wounded are unloaded
        • Newnan locks down
        • Victor assesses injuries, OR is prepped (Page 37)
        • Miss Sally deals with uninjured, gets people fed
        • Ray comes out of surgery fine
        • Things calm down, people eat or go rest
        • Niesha finds out about Sophia from Kristina
        • Ash gets a check up
        • Jack helps Tatiana in the infirmary
        • Megna gets people settled
        • Ray wakes up from surgery
        • Miss Sally starts getting people settled for the evening
        • Ash addresses the new comers (Page 38)
        • Jack gets the stuffing hugged out of him by Tatiana
        • Tatiana tends to Ciel
        • Beatrice and Chloe take note of things
        • Kristina takes Niesha to Sophia's body
        • Ash and James conduct interviews (Page 39)
        • Town wraps up for the evening
  • June 14th, 2010 - February 13th, 2011: (Time Skip)
    • Page: 39
      • Newnan and Franklin folks merge together
      • Secondary Wall is constructed for Franklin folks
      • Eden attacks again
      • Eden finds out Zoie is dead
      • Eden attacks seem to stop
      • Plans start for Tatiana and Jacks wedding
      • Freak snow storm nearly buries Newnan
      • Miss Sally makes sure Wedding plans keep moving forward
  • February 14th, 2011:
    • Pages: 39 - 50
      • Newnan
        • Jack and Tatiana's Wedding Day! (Page 39)
        • Newnan is spending most of the morning getting ready
        • Snow storm early is making things difficult
        • Thana enters RP and is hidden away by Ash and James
        • Ryan tries to keep green house going - Miss Sally gets people clothing - Victor, Tiffany and Niesha handle the Infirmary
        • Riley tries to borrow the boombox from Richard - is refused (Page 40)
        • Meg coordinates the wedding
        • Victor handles job assignments for the day - James handles his smoker
        • Ash orders those long term members of the community to report out front of his house for announcement
        • Thana is introduced to the community and revealed to be Zoie's twin sister (Page 41)
        • People are shocked - Bryn actually uses words - Richard does no react well - goes on tantrum - trashes boombox (Page 42)
        • People are dismissed - wedding plans continue - Miss Sally organizes welcome
        • Jack is might impressed with his look - Bond, James Bond
        • Victor finds old pregnancy test results in Astrid's old stuff (Page 43)
        • Richard tries to leave - Sana talks him into staying the night, wants to leave with him
        • Franklin people start getting filled in on what happened during announcement
        • Meg tries to get Beni to fix boombox
        • Ceil has to watch over Peaches
        • Ash invites Thana as his plus 1 to keep an eye on her
        • People get back to getting ready - Victor goes to check up on Tatiana - Ryan finishes flowers
        • Thana disarms explosives under her vehicle
        • Schrodinger is periodically seen
        • Everyone finishes getting ready
        • Everyone that can in Newnan heads to ceremony site
        • James shows up in Camo tux (Page 44)
        • Ash marries Jack and Tatiana, Victor gives Tatiana away
        • People head to reception
        • Tatiana and Jack decide to be called Mr. and Mrs. Newnan (Page 45)
        • Riley is in charge of music, Beni fixed boombox, Guy found CD's - Riley sings
        • Ryan hits on Chloe, as per usual
        • Sana sulks and snaps at anyone that talks to her
        • Tatiana runs off
        • People start getting food
        • Bryn is caught steeling
        • Tatiana comes back with bag
        • Ash busts Bryn, has her escorted back to quarters (Page 46)
        • Ray falls, isn't hurt
        • Jack opens bag from Tatiana, finds out she is pregnant
        • Thana and Ash leave reception
        • Ceil gets sick, goes to infirmary, Victor takes care of him
        • People start talking, speculating, gossiping, reminiscing, or heading out for the night
        • Guard informs Ash at his house that Bryn is in quarters (Page 47)
        • Niesha leaves reception, finds herself missing Sophia
        • Kris stumbles across Niesha as she leaves, Niesha is harboring secret of results found in Astrid's old office
        • Ray and Tiffany start talking marriage
        • Victor brings Ravi and Gavin into Newnan (Page 48)
          • Gavin enters RP (Page 42)
          • Gavin tortures member of Eden in cabin for information
          • Ravi enters RP at Cabin outside of Newnan (Page 43)
          • Gavin kills man
          • Gavin and Ravi start trekking through the snow - Gavin sings
          • Gavin and Ravi do duet in the woods - The Last Duet (Ravi has to play the Nazi)
          • Gavin and Ravi arrive at the gates of Newnan (page 48)
        • Raymond and Tiffany basically decide to get married - sometime in the future
        • Mike brings cake!
        • Ravi and Gavin are introduced to people at the reception
        • Jack and Tatiana do the Chicken Dance as their first dance
        • James leaves reception, blames himself for Alicia's death
      • Piedmont Hospital, Newnan, 2 miles north of Safe Zone
        • Alexander enters RP (Page 49)
        • Sam enters RP (Page 49)
      • Everyone turns in for the night - something is wrong (Page 50)
  • February 15th, 2011: (Part 1A)
    • Pages: 50 - 55
      • Inside Newnan
        • James has dream, wakes up, goes on walk
        • Finds note, runs to Sana's house, finds Sana committed suicide during the night, turned
        • James finds Walker Sana eating Bryn - James has to put both of them down
        • Ash wakes up, heads out with Thana, sees James dragging Richards body across the road
        • James turns himself in, informs Ash what happened, admits to killing Richard
        • Ash fires shot, hits dead Richard in the skull, Ash exiles James from Newnan
        • Shot alerts town - things start going south fast (Tatiana cuts foot on broken cup)
        • Gavin spots Thana - two reunite - revealed to be former couple
        • Ash informs town James is exiled - Meg and rest of domestic team get to work on clean up - Tatiana demands exit interview (Page 51)
        • People no on clean up or security report to breakfast
        • James is allowed to gather supplies - truck is brought around, weapons are loaded at gate
        • Gavin decides to go with James
        • Ash has jealousy issue - Thana puts him in his place (Page 52)
        • Niesha patches up Tatiana
        • Ryan decides to go with James (Page 53)
        • Beatrice decides to go with James
        • Chloe and others get together Goodbye gifts for James
        • Ravi enjoys tea
        • Thana is offered Agricultural Lead
        • Tiffany starts informing Franklin folks what happened
        • Niesha preps medical pack for James
        • People head for Front Gate
        • Chloe and Ryan say goodbye: with fists and hair pulling and cross (Page 54)
        • Ravi hands Gavin his Green card
        • Kris gives James necklace and Jack tells him baby will be named after him
        • Ash carries out James exile sentence
        • Tatiana goes with them outside of gate for exit interview (Page 55)
        • Tatiana comes back inside, Victor is put in-charge of medical, Jack is promoted to 2nd, Thana takes over Agriculture
        • Meg assembles a team and they get to work on clean up and burying Sana, Bryn, and Richard.
      • Outside Newnan (North)
        • Sam and Alexander start scavenging different areas of the hospital, are not aware of each other
        • Alexander spots smoke coming from direction of Newnan Safe Zone (Page 51)
        • Sam exits RP (Page 51)
        • Lola and Thalia enter RP (Page 53)
        • Alexander meets Thalia, Lola, and The Tank
        • Girls share food with Alexander (Page 54)
        • Alexander is sent for teacups! (Page 55)
  • February 15th, 2011: (Part 1B)
    • Pages: 55 - 62
      • Inside Newnan
        • Miss Sally suffers heart-attack
        • Victor, Ash, Jack, Niesha, Ravi, & Chloe scramble to save Miss Sally
        • Thana and Kris go start on Agriculture
        • Meg, Amelia, and Tiffany go bury bodies
        • Tatiana starts counseling sessions, Ray and Riley go with her
        • Victor, Niesha, Ravi, Chloe keep working on Miss Sally (Page 56)
        • Ash and Jack step back and leave the team to work
        • Miss Sally passes away: T.O.D. 10:42 A.M. - Victor makes sure she doesn't turn
        • Thana appoints Kris Lead of Live Stock and Agriculture Second
        • Kris heads to duties - Thana goes to find Ash
        • Victor lets Ash, Jack, and Thana know Miss Sally is dead
        • People start hallucinating (Page 57)
        • Megs crew finishes up
        • Niesha suggests a real funeral for Miss Sally
        • Ravi needs supplies for embalming, Victor says he'll talk to Ash
        • Thana keeps Ash close - thinks he losing his mind
        • Hallucinations get worse - people think they are going crazy - Jack and Ray seek out Tatiana to talk
        • Victor starts making plans for run to Funeral Home (Page 58)
        • People start figuring the hallucinations and voices are stress from the day
        • Ash keeps following Thana around as she starts on plants (Page 59)
        • Niesha starts gearing up group for Funeral Home run
        • Word spreads that Miss Sally is dead
        • Hallucinations start getting a lot worse (Page 60)
        • Thana and Ash decide to take Hordebuster on a run
        • Niesha, Chloe, Ravi, Riley leave for Funeral Home Run (Page 61)
        • Funeral Run groups arrives at Funeral Home (Page 62)
        • Ash and Thana leave Newnan in Hordebuster - Find Tank Tracks - Decide to follow
        • Amelia's hallucinations reach all time high
        • Thana and Ash roll up on the Tank and Exile meeting
        • Rest of towns hallucinations become overwhelming - Chloe puts gun to her head
      • Outside Newnan - Tank
        • Alexander goes hunting for teacups
        • Alexander finds world greatest lover Mug (Page 56)
        • Three head out
        • Lola gives mother of burps (Page 57)
        • Phone actually starts ringing (Page 58)
        • Agrees to meet up with James
        • Heads to meet up with Exile group (Page 59)
        • Arrives at meeting with Exile group (Page 60)
        • Thalia finds out about Alicia and Caesar's death (Page 61)
        • Thalia puts down Walker Astrid and takes her shield
      • Outside Newnan - Exile
        • Gavin joins James in cab of truck - Beatrice and Ryan stick to truck-bed
        • Crew heads for Newnan's back up resources at Newnan Utilities Warehouse (Page 56)
        • Ryan picks lock so they can get in
        • Group starts hallucinating (Page 57)
        • Group starts gearing up (Page 58)
        • Phone rings, James answers- Agrees to meet up with Thalia
        • Gavin informs Bea and Ryan that him and James plan on hitting Eden next
        • Group gears up (Page 59)
        • Hallucinations are getting better (Page 60)
        • Group heads to meeting with Tank people
        • Gavin hides in the woods
        • Ryan spots Walker Astrid coming out of woods (Page 61)
        • Gavin comes out of the woods and introduces himself (Page 62)
  • February 15th, 2011: (Part 2A)
    • Pages: 62 - 66
      • Newnan
        • Schrödinger starts acting stranger than normal. Peaches starts freaking out
        • Victor and Sid try to calm Jack during his hallucination - hallucinations in town reach peak trauma
        • Growl starts and leads up to Earthquake like proportions that shake everything within a 1 mile radius of Newnan
        • Victor tries to throw Jack and Sid out of the courthouse as it collapses
        • Victor is trapped inside - Sid dies under the debris
        • Southwest corner of Newnan is swallows as the ground opens up and is splinters the ground for a mile
        • Tatiana chases Schrödinger into the Distillery
        • Distillery explodes and sends mushroom cloud up that can be seen for miles
        • Mike and Kris die as floor in Mess Hall collapses - Tiffany barely makes it out
        • Beni, Jim, and Peaches are killed underneath rubble as the Secondary Armory collapses
        • Guy jumped off the wall, no one knew what happened after
        • Walls break and fall all around Newnan, roads are cut off
        • Meg, Amelia, and Ray are cut off from rest of Newnan
        • Tiffany and Jack join up, try to get to Jacks house to search for Tatiana
        • Newnan starts fully collapsing and burning to the ground (Page 63)
        • Radios stop working
        • Amelia finds 3 bug out bags
        • Jack and Tiffany move to get out of the city
        • Aftershocks hit (Page 64)
        • Meg is killed by hoe through the chest
        • Amelia and Ray start heading Southeast to try to get out of town
        • Jack and Tiffany get north of town (Page 65)
        • Amelia and Ray head for Church outside of town - church collapses
        • Samira enters RP - joins up with Ray and Amelia
        • Samira has tummy troubles (Page 66)
        • Jack and Tiffany decide to hit the Mills bugout location
        • Jack performs Eye Of The Tiger to lure Walkers from Tiffany
        • Ray vomits - a lot
        • Ray and Samira trip and fall and slide off - Amelia chases after them
        • Jack and Tiffany book ass away from a horde
      • Newnan Utilities Access Road
        • People head low growl from off in the distance
        • Thana and James know it is a Lime Sink giving way
        • Lola grabs Thalia and dives for cover
        • Ryan and James are swallowed up as ground collapses under their feet
        • Gavin tackles Thana out of the way and into the ditch
        • Thana comes to, Gavin stops her from nearly running into the ravine
        • Ash comes to, realizes he is alone on one side of the ravine
        • Ash gives meet up location - Mexico Beach is last option
        • Thana decides to go with Gavin to Eden to finish the plans him and James made (Page 63)
        • Ash leaves scene and heads back towards Newnan in the Hordebuster
        • Thalia, Lola, and Alexander decide to go with Thana and Gavin
        • Beatrice decides to go and round out the group
        • Aftershocks hit
        • Group starts making plans on hitting Newnan
        • Alexander becomes Mugsy!
        • Thana body checks Gavin
        • Gavin and Beatrice ride in Tank with Lola (Page 64)
        • Thalia and Alexander ride in truck with Thana
        • Both groups start heading towards Eden
        • Welcome to Thunderdome (Page 65)
        • Break off to hit from two different directions (Page 66)
        • Thana, Thalia, and Alexander stop and start prepping to attack
        • Lola plays Walker Baseball with the tank as they keep moving
      • Funeral Home
        • Shaking causes Chloe to pull the trigger and kill herself
        • Riley, Niesha, and Ravi survive initial shake
        • Riley takes Ryan's cross from Chloe's body to keep
        • Riley calls of run, starts getting survivors out of the Funeral Home (Page 63)
        • Ravi gets group to head to bugout safe point instead of trying to get back into Newnan proper
        • Aftershocks
        • Group gets outside of Funeral Home
        • Group spots Hordebuster (Page 64)
        • Debris kills Ravi
        • Niesha and Riley get in Hordebuster with Ash
        • Riley, Niesha, and Ash start heading north away from Newnan (Page 65)
        • Ash hallucinates running over Thana (Page 66)
        • Niesha slaps Ash
        • Ash demonstrates major problems driving - a lot - Riley and Niesha laugh, a lot
      • Braelinn Village Shopping Center
        • Faith Enters RP
        • Alena and Nathanial from Eden start hunting Faith
        • Nathanial orders Alena to kill Faith (Page 63)
        • Alena stabs Faith to death after long fight
        • Scene ends
  • February 15th, 2011: (Part 2B)
    • Pages: 66 - 71
      • Eden
        • Thana and crew start full equipment check
        • Gavin starts scouting through scope
        • Radio silence starts
        • Thana takes lead, gets ahead of others (Page 67)
        • Gavin, Lola, and Beatrice sit and wait for signal
        • Lola teaches Beatrice how to use the tank gun
        • Gavin goes huntin'
        • Thalia and Alexander have some problems with ice
        • Eden notices the tank - Finally lol
        • Man mistakes Thana for Zoie - Gavin kills him
        • Beatrice opens tank fire on Eden- Blows hole in wall on bridge
        • Thana, Thalia, and Alexander breach grounds - start killing (Page 68)
        • Lola pushes the tank forward into Eden territory - holds at Main Eden Building (Page 69)
        • Thalia and Alexander catch up to Thana
        • Gavin slips behind tank, keeps taking out strays
        • Thana, Alexander, and Thalia move to circle around to front (Page 70)
        • Alexander starts taking out Edenites
        • Beatrice fires a shot at the main building of Eden
        • Radio silence is lifted (Page 71)
        • Lola, Beatrice, and Gavin abandon tank, breach back entrance to Eden main building
        • Thana, Thalia, and Alexander breach front entrance to Eden main building
      • Hordebuster
        • Ash continues to have issues driving (Page 67)
        • Come across roadblock
        • Group kills some walkers, deals with road block (Page 68)
        • Roadblock turns out to be snow drift, group starts moving again (Page 69)
        • Maps out route towards Arnco Mills
        • Group talks about pasts (Page 70)
        • Ash's driving skills improve (Page 71)
        • Reach Arnco Mills
      • South Of Newnan
        • Amelia finds THE Bat (Page 67)
        • Group finds grill - grill breaks - Ray lands on feet, Samira does not
        • Group keeps moving, killing walkers as they go
        • Group starts trying to find place to hunker down for the night (Page 68)
        • Group starts cutting through yards
        • Group is quickly running out of steam (Page 70)
        • They find a car
        • Samira drives, gets them moving (page 71)
        • Meet up with Guy and Medic in Sharpsburg
      • North of Newnan
        • Jack and Tiffany continue towards Arnco Mills (Page 67)
        • Tiffany gets foot lodged in walker chest - Jack helps - Newnan/Walker/Newnan sandwich formed
        • Group gets back on feet, keeps moving (Page 68)
        • Tiffany remembers some cars have keys hidden with them for Newnan bugout
        • Tiffany finds car keys (Page 70)
        • Jack and Tiffany get car working
        • Tiffany starts driving them north towards Arnco Mills (Page 71)
        • Two start talking about the hallucinations they were having
        • Reach Arnco Mills
  • February 15th, 2011: (Part 2C)
    • Pages: 72 - 79
      • Eden
        • Tank peeps move forward, killing as they go - Lola sings
        • Truck peeps move forward, killing as they go - No one sings
        • Groups keep clearing first floor - Lola keeps singing
        • Thana imitates Zoie into Edenites walkie
        • Manny enters the RP
        • Manny manages to get gun from guard
        • Main group keeps clearing rooms (Page 73)
        • Manny starts moving slowly
        • Tank and Truck group converge - start moving upstairs
        • Lola is killed on the stairs
        • Group starts taking out Edenites on second floor (Page 74)
        • Group meets Manny
        • Thana has Alexander watch over Manny until they can trust him
        • Thana and Gavin are shot
        • Gavin dies (Page 75)
        • Thana coughs
        • Manny starts patching up Thana
        • Thalia and Beatrice push forward
        • Thana improvises flash bomb (Page 76)
        • Thalia get shot - is pissed about her jacket
        • Beatrice is shot - pushes through
        • Group arms Manny - presses forward
        • Thalia finds supply closet (Page 77)
        • The O Wars Begin (Page 78)
        • Eden Main Building starts giving away
        • Thana finds Addam
        • Thalia kills Addam
        • Group stocks up and moves out (Page 79)
      • Arnco Mills Safehouse
        • Ash, Riley, and Niesha are reunited with Jack and Tiffany
        • Group starts securing safe house
        • Jack and Niesha check supplies
        • House is clear of walkers
        • Hears something through the radio (Page 73)
        • Ash hears Guy - updates Sharpsburg group
        • Group decides to meet up with others in Zebulon the next day
        • Group takes turns talking to each other through radio
        • Ash thinks he hears Tatiana on the radio, wakes Jack to inform him (Page 75)
        • Jack cries and kisses Ash on the lips
        • Group starts taking turns on watch and sleeping (Page 76)
        • Something knocks over trash can outside
        • Huge horde is spotted (Page 77)
        • Group abandons safe house, bugs out
        • Heads for Moreland Safehouse
        • Can't get through to anyone on radio (Page 78)
        • Radio catches on fire (Page 79)
      • Sharpsburg Safe House
        • Matt enters RP
        • Newnan peeps debate letting him get close
        • Group decides to get into safe house
        • Matt leaves RP
        • Medic starts patching people up
        • Jim hears Victor through radio (Page 73)
        • Jim hears Ash - relays update to Arnco Mills
        • Group decides to meet up with others in Zebulon the next day
        • Group takes turns talking to each other through radio
        • Medic finishes patching up Ray (Page 75)
        • Radios go silent for the night
        • Group starts trading out between sleep and watches (Page 76)
        • Men start burning building outside of Safehouse (Page 78)
        • Men move on not noticing group in safe house (Page 79)
        • Sam exits RP
  • February 16th, 2011 - March 31st, 2012: (Time Skip)
    • Page 79
      • Team Newnan fully forms (Ash, Riley, Amelia, Tiffany, Ray, Jack)
      • Team Eden fully forms (Alexander, Thana, Thalia, Beatrice, Manny)
      • Team Eden and Team Newnan start the long trek in search of survivors and Mexico Beach
      • Tiffany and Ray die trying to save who they thought was Tatiana
      • Team Newnan follows signs left in mud and blood by Tatiana
      • Alexander steps in bear trap
      • Manny has to amputate Alexanders leg
      • Sign saying James Sally Newnan, born Sept 17th is found by Team Newnan
  • April 1st, 2012:
    • Pages: 79 - 87
      • Okefenokee Swamps, Georgia
        • Preslee, Robert, Erica, And Nigel enter RP (Page 77-78 - prestart for Swamp)
        • Nigel and Robert meet up
        • Erica and Preslee head out of Fishing Camp
        • Wayne and Hank enter RP (Page 79)
        • Team Swamp forms
        • Wayne and Hanks truck runs out of gas
        • Preslee is killed by walker (Page 80)
        • Nigel and Robert meet Wayne and Hank
        • Guys take out walkers
        • Nigel is renamed Sportacus
        • Erica meets up with others
        • Robert has stroke and dies
        • Group takes out walkers
        • Erica leads Team Swamp to Fishing Camp
        • Team Swamp gets to Fishing Camp
        • Nigel finds photos of Martin Family hidden
      • Headland, Alabama
        • Sister Genevieve enters RP
        • Hordebuster Dies...
        • Sister Genevieve meets up with Team Newnan
        • Tatiana is found, fight with captors ensues (Page 81)
        • Ash is shot
        • Group takes out part of group that kidnapped Tatiana and Jamie
        • Jack meets Jamie for the first time (Page 82)
        • Sister Genevieve leaves RP
        • Group piles up in station wagon
        • Tatiana leads girls to captor's house
        • Amelia kills one in house
        • Riley kills two in house
        • Tatiana leads Ash, Jack, and Jamie to house
        • Ash's bullet is removed by Riley
      • Quincy, Florida
        • Team Eden find house
        • Group searches house
        • Thana finds O's
        • Thalia is bit (Page 80)
        • Group finishes off walker
        • Thalia lays claim to the O's
        • Thana red-neck rigs power saw (Page 81)
        • Manny removes Thalia's arm (Page 82)
        • Thana leaves to find supplies (Page 82)
        • Group holds up and scavenges supplies in the house
  • April 2nd - July 14th, 2012: (Time Skip)
    • Page: 87
      • Team Swamp leaves the Swamp: heads west and south. Passes close to Leesburg and Albany, bypasses because of horde. Enters Florida. Keeps moving.
      • Team Newnan holds up in Headland House for several months due to infection setting in with Ash's gunshot wound. Leaves Headland and heads south. Enters Florida. Searches for Mexico Beach.
      • Team Eden holds up for one month in Quincy. Leaves after assuming Thana is either dead or deserted them. Keeps traveling though things are slow. Heads south west searching for Mexico Beach.
  • July 15th, 2012:
    • Pages: 87 - 96
      • Entrance of Team Alpha in Wewahitchka, Florida
      • Hunter Monroe Enters RP
      • Team Eden, Team Newnan, Team Swamp Come together in Wewahitchka, Florida (Page 88)
      • Groups leave Wewahitchka on a bus for Camp Mexico Beach (Page 89)
      • Groups are brought into CMB (Page 89)
      • Groups taken to Quarantine (Page 90)
      • Quarantine procedures: check up, delousing, tick removal, blood work, fed, showers, bed assignments, etc.: (Pages 90-94)
      • Victor Re-Enters RP (Page 92)
      • Alexander and Thalia fitted for prosthetic
      • Group informed Thana was there but isn't anymore (Page 92)
      • Tatiana decks Ash (Page 93)
      • Victor arrives in CMB (Page 93)
      • Beatrice body checks Hunter (Page 94)
      • Group is introduced to The General
  • July 19th, 2012:
    • Pages: 96-97
      • Alexander and Thalia get their prosthetic
      • Interviews for Wayne, Hank, Erica, Nigel, Manny, Beatrice
  • July 20th, 2012:
    • Pages: 97
      • Interview for Tatiana, Victor, Jack, Alexander, Amelia, Hunter
  • July 21st, 2012:
    • Pages: 97 - 101
      • Interview for Ash, Thalia, Riley
      • Thana and Mizrahi return to CMB
      • Thana is reunited with others in quarantine
      • Debriefing on what happened to Thana (Page 99)
      • Debriefing on Newnan's Collapse (Page 99)
  • July 22nd, 2012:
    • Pages: 101 - 109
      • End of Quarantine for Team Eden/Swamp/Newnan/Hunter
      • Shelving of Jack/Tatiana/Wayne/Hank/Erica/Riley
      • Beatrice and Victor leave CMB
      • Room assignments made
      • Nikki enters as full character (Page 103)
      • Lisa enters RP (Page 104)
      • Beach Party Starts (Page 106)
      • The Great Fuck Hunt Begins (Page 108)
      • Party Ends (Page 109)
  • July 23rd, 2012:
    • Pages: 109 - Current
      • First Day of Probation For New Recruits
      • First Day On The Job For New Recruits
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You ever have that feeling that someone is watching you? Watching and waiting for the right moment to strike? Yeah, I have that feeling. It started three years ago when the shit hit the fan. It started out with a simple fever in some and then progressed. We still don't know what caused it, all we do know is the result. Once you die now, you don't die. You turn, like something from some twisted variation of a Stoker novel. I could handle Vampires, least I would know what I was dealing with then. Least the world would still be running, even if we were only cattle. We would have stood a chance. Hell, least then we all would have neat ninja skills. You know, like every vampire that was ever created by Joss Whedon? Yeah, Angel and Spike and the rest. Suddenly when you were bit you had this need for blood and to pull that psycho Bruce Lee shit. It was dope. This world? Not so much.

This world is nothing like anything we had ever imagined. Well maybe some of us did; some of us are that twisted. Me, I just wanted to live. Now I survive. Apparently you have as well. Congratulations. You are three years old, well maybe not really but in my book we all are three. Birthdays, anniversaries and the like are only measured these days by how many years you have survived since the outbreak. For those of still around, that is three years. Three long hellish years. We are in that special level of hell; you know the level, the one reserved for child molesters and people who talk in the theater. Fuck those people. I'm not saying I was perfect before the outbreak but I sure as hell didn't do anything to deserve this type of life. I doubt any of us did. Okay, well maybe some of us. Some of us are that twisted.

I don't know how many of us there are left, all I know is about those around me. Maybe we are the last but I have to hold out hope that there are others places like this. Places of safety; well relative safety. We have walls, we have food, we have each other. I guess that is all we can strive for these days. We are far too outnumbered right now to make a full fledged assault on the Walkers. We have enough problems just dealing with surviving in this era of our own personal Dark Ages. But Walkers in truth aren't my biggest concern. Walkers want one thing, to eat. It's the other survivors that worry me, people like me and you; people further gone than me or you. They are the real virus. Good people are hard to come by these days, good people aren't built for this world. Maybe that is why I am here. Maybe the good do die young. Young here was under a year old by new accounts of age. I'm three, I'm old. We're all old here. Welcome to Newnan.

"Listen, we had three walkers breach the walls last night and that is completely unacceptable. I don't know who was doing what but what I do know is that we need more people around here. Trust me, I am not wanting to have more mouths to feed but we need more people on the wall. We have sections down from last months hoard that came through, we need it repaired. I know it is partially done and with the crops going into the ground we have been stretched thin but until we get more people I want more shifts pulled on the outer wall rebuild. We were lucky nothing have broached the inner wall in the last six months but we have been lucky. Now, get out there, get this done and find warm bodies."

Lt. Commander Leann McCormick stood in the middle of town, outside what used to be the court house for the city of Newnan in Central West Ga before the world fell apart. The entire town was there, nearly sixty people. That used to be a small number, now it was considered a bustling metropolis. For over the last year she had been running things. There were some in town originally born there but most of them were transplants from other places. They just seemed to come together even though they all had been going their own way. Leann took charge, had the wall put up with the help of a select few that were her core group. Things ran as smoothly as one could hope these days.

Leann ran things with an Iron Fist fitting of the old Russian World. There was no prison terms anymore. If you fucked up, you paid and paid dearly. She would execute you in the street if someone else didn't get to you first. Little was tolerated and people understood that. Maybe in a civilized society it wouldn't have been tolerated but they were anything but civil these days. Life was hard but in the end Leann was fair even if she was a little over zealous. She knew she could push the boundaries; that is why she had Ash and others. They knew her; knew when to tow the line and when to step back. Even though it was rough, it wasn't bad. Life outside the walls was bad. Here, like was a veritable paradise. They had food, walls, even electricity thanks to the solar panels dotting the roofs of each building within the inner walls. It could be worse, they could be outside the walls.

"Yeah, all I need is more bodies to have to patch up," Dr. Vivian Ormerod muttered under her breath. As far as the Doc was concerned they had more than enough people and truthfully in her eyes, they had too many. Some needed to be culled and she had a list of them in the back of her mind who needed to go. Some for personal reasons, some because they were just worthless, some because why the hell not?

The group was dismissed, the leads instructed to stay behind. There weren't many of them but there were enough. They had their bases covered; supplies, security, education, medical, food, and more. They were lucky, luckier than most.

"Ash, James, Caesar - I need you to get together groups for runs. We are short on some supplies that we need filled pretty quickly. We also need more bodies, like I said before. Ash and Caesar, form squads for long distance runs. We can hit Carrolton to the north and perhaps Franklin to the south west. Franklin I am hoping is a bit further off the beaten path that there won't be too many Walker issues. Carrolton will be a little more problematic; closer to I-20 and heavier population but maybe the college and prison still have somethings you know? We've pretty much tapped out everything around here. James, you will have the more dangerous route. I want you to head to LaGrange. Take the back routes, stay off 85, we know that is just asking for trouble. Everyone is to look for supplies and people; right now we need both equally," Leann spouted off as she marked out routes on the map for each of the three groups that would be heading out.

"I'll go with Papi," Alicia piped in and Leann shook her head. It always came to this. A run would need to be done and immediately Taco Belle would say she was going with the former Federale. She was never allowed to, that was the rule. Everyone knew that if she did she would throw any one of them under the bus to save him. Leann couldn't blame her for that outlook, that was her father but she could be reckless when he was around just because of that fact. She had a one track mind when he was present, it wasn't a risk.

"No, you will go with James," Leann quickly set straight. She would have sent Alicia with Ash before they came to Newnan but those two had grown a bit too close and she had to wonder if now a days if she would do the same in a group with Ash as she would in a group with Caesar; throw someone under the bus, like Vivian.

"I'll get a list of medical supplies together," Vivian said before slipping off. She wasn't about to hang around. She couldn't stand Alicia and Alicia couldn't stand her. The fact she might bite the big one while out on this run though gave the Doc a bit of pep in her step.

"Bitch," Alicia said as she sneezed.

"Enough," Leanna barked before turning her attention back to the matter at hand. "Any questions?"

Hoganville was a little crap town of just under 3,000 when the outbreak occurred and like most in small towns, most hightailed it out of there when everything went to pot. Some went to Atlanta, some went to Macon, most tried for Fort Benning in Columbus. Still some stayed behind but they were quickly overtaken over the time between the beginning of the outbreak and now. Some always stay behind but this was a city of no survivors. Those that had stayed behind fell and turned, in turn turning more and more. Most of the hoard that was the current population of the city was there but something had caused about twenty to break off and head into the woods and travel north.

Off Ralls Rd, just between Hwy 29 and Hwy 100 there is a home with a rather large clearing surrounding it and a big swimming pool. Maybe the people that used to live here were farmers or came from old money. Who knows, who cares. All we know is that the place is clear now thanks to a small group of living folk that cleared out the two remaining Walkers from within the home the night before. Good job.

There were still some supplies; food and bottle water. You figured, why the hell not. Might as well set up camp here for a little while. It's the first bed you have found to sleep in in weeks. You're the new lords of the manor. Problem is though, even with the clear line of sight you know a problem when you see one. A small hoard of Walkers is headed right towards you out of the woods to the south. Did you fire you gun? Yell at each other? Maybe one of you fired up the gas stove to cook and they just know a good meal when they smell it.

At any rate, you're screwed. There are twenty of them and three of you. Sure you have the walls of this large home but hey, most of the outer walls have large windows - Fucking richies. You know that glass is going to break soon. Only real thing you have going for you is the stairs that lead to the second and third stories of the home. Maybe you can hold them off until help arrives? Wait.... what help? Yeah, you're fucked.

It has been days since you had a rest but at least following the local creeks have given you fresh water so that is a plus. That is probably the only good thing that has happened to you over the last couple of weeks. There have been walkers a plenty and well, you're tired. Aren't we all? Do you want a nap, me to tuck you in, read you a story? I have one for you - RUN YOU SON'S OF BITCHES!!!! RUN!!!!

Yeah, it is two of you, in dense woods off of Hwy 34 just north of Franklin, Ga. You opted to try to stay away from town. Sure you needed supplies but towns mean walkers and well, we hate walkers don't we? We'll they love you and it seems they are looking for love in all the right places since they found you two cuties out in the woods. You swear you hear someone playing Dueling Banjo's from somewhere. When in Ga, that is worse than hearing Taps. Granted at this point, you might wish it were a couple of good ol' boys instead of a mini hoard of 10 zombies coming in at you from just south east. They are nearly on top of you and you have no time to shave your legs girls.

Do you run for the highway where it is open and you can climb over run down cars? Do you stand and fight? Whatever you do, you better do it fast because they are nearly there. Three... your shit is on the ground from taking a break and filling up water bottles. Two... you hear the twigs snap and the sound of hungry walkers. One... Fuck me, wait... no. Fuck you, THERE HEEEERRRREEEE..... Someone shut that Poltergeist bitch up!!!

Aren't you two just a lovely couple. All covered in dirt and sweat and blood. Is it your blood? Your loves? The Walkers? Yes. An all of the above option will works wonders right now. You were desperate, out of supplies, out of water, out of nearly everything. You might survive another day or two if you are lucky but hell, you have the luck of the Irish right now. Their real luck. You know, that luck that gives them potato famines and makes people hate them just because of their sweet accent. Top of the morning to ya Mi'Nizzles it is game show time.

Behind door number 1 was a small hoard - they're fucked. Behind door number 2 was a mini hoard - they're fucked. Let me show you what is behind door number 3 - of you are so fuckingly fucked it's not even fucking funny. You are just west of a little shop called "Touch of Paradise" - I literally L-O-Led when I saw that shit. The hoard is large. What do I mean by large? Well let me break it down for you. Mini hoard is ten, small hoard is 20, medium hoard is 35, large hoard is 50+. The dice gods decided to give you the large hoard. (Funny, other options included a single zombie, 2, a rattle snake, a wanderer and more. You got the shittiest of the shittiest.)

Well, anyways, you are just off of Hwy 27 outside of Whitesburg. You are running through a cemetery now trying to save your collective asses and wishing Scotty would beam you up right now. Captain Picard, please make it so. Yup, not going to happen. You better think quick, you are running out of time and steam. You know how I told the girls to run? You better turn into Usain Bolt cause they are coming for you and no Eye of the Tiger Montage is going to save your butts. Perhaps it is fitting you are in a cemetery. Hey, see any tombstones with your names on them? That would serendipitous.
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Ash Holloway

Location: Newnan
Interacting With: James, Caesar, Anyone Still Listening

Ash didn't have any questions for Leann. After as long as they've been doing this, the routine was fairly consistent: Get your group, supply accordingly, go do your job. It wasn't the first time that they'd sent multiple groups out simultaneously, but usually there was some advance notice. Leann must be casting a wide net for a reason.

The reason she actually gave made sense. Newnan needed people to keep going. People needed food to keep going. The crops weren't going to be up for months (Ash silently thanked Maria and James for their efforts toward sustainability). Even the faster growing plants would take longer than for which their supplies comfortably allowed.

Ash knew his job. Time to start doing it.

He waited a moment to give others a chance to ask questions. The other two leads, James and Caesar, didn't seem to have any questions either. And so, Ash began being Ash:

"We've got what, six people including ourselves, good for long runs?" he began with a mild Virginian accent, "Means we're traveling in pairs. James, you've got your partner and assignment. You two stay safe in LaGrange, there and back.

Caesar... that leaves Carrollton and Franklin for us. If you don't mind, I'll take Carrollton."

"Standard supply and recruiting run - each team grabs a station wagon or SUV from the motor pool. Everyone goes armed, save ammo when you can. If it's too hot, withdraw. We can come back later. Newnan needs people, food, medicine, tools - and we need you to come back alive."

Ashton looked around at the people still gathered, much like an extended, dysfunctional family. Yes, sudden near-extinction level events certainly made for strange bedfellows. Unfortunately, it also aired the uglier bits of humanity. Ash considered himself lucky to be with people like the former, dysfunctional but decent.

"Alright folks, any volunteers for Carrollton?"

Black James!

Location: Newnan
Interacting With: Leann, Ash, Alicia, Caesar

Upon establishing both his team and his town without any actual input from himself, James crossed his arms and shook his head. Of course he'd do it, he just wish someone would have asked.

"You know I'm down, Bosslady. I just wish you woulda gone Jeopardy and phrased that shit in the form of a question, is all. It's good, though. I get to partner up with Miss Juanita Badass over here, huh?"

James held out his closed hand to Alicia, giving it a little shake in her direction. "C'mon girl, don't leave me hangin'. C'mon, fistbump. Pound it, mamasita. C'mon, bump it. bumpitbumpitbumpitbumpitbumpitbumpit OK let's go pick out a ride."

Caesar Gonzalez

Location: Newnan
Interacting With: James, Meg

Yeah, had to be done. Maybe he could even use some time outside the walls, get his head straight. Caesar didn't like the fact that Leann was separating himself from his M'hija, any more than she liked being separated from him. They looked out for each other, most of the time not even needing to speak to communicate.

He supposed it didn't matter, overall. His Alicia was smart, strong, and a better shot with a long rifle than anyone he knew. Caesar knew that she would be fine. Little girl could take care of herself.

Then he noted the antics of her partner for this run; his comical insistence that she tap his fist with hers, and issued a low growl in his direction. Barely a sneer crossed his face as this auditory warning droned from his throat. As a matter of coincidence, this was the exact moment that James decided to go find a car. Caesar didn't know if this constituted flirting with his daughter, but it was fast becoming annoying.

The elder Mexican's eyes trailed back to Ash. He was doing what he does in times like this: stating the obvious to get people moving. the machine needed to be oiled, and Ashton said what needed to be said to get the gears greased. Caesar didn't need a pep talk. He was too old to be impressed by some Army Captain, even if his daughter was.

Fact was, they had a job to do. No sense putting it off.

He began to walk away from the group, pausing in front of Meghna to point at her. "Get your shit. You're driving." He continued walking off, presumably to grab what he needed for the run, wordlessly preparing himself to see what happened to this place called "Franklin" now that the world stopped caring about it.
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Dexter Sterling

● Location: Hoganville, Troup County
● Time: Morning-Afternoon

The sun poured into the room from three separate directions, a modest symbolization of the three men that found their way to that house. That elegant white house. It was truly a jewel of the south, tucked between the grassy hills of Troup County. An icon of what was and what will never be again.

From the bay windows came rays of sunlight thick like honey that flowed in from each corner of the living room. The sunbeams were distinctively visible as long, abstract knives that cut through plumes of smoke and dust – shining brightly upon a figure slumped into the spine of a stark white sectional in the center of the room. The man didn't move from his awkward position, his head tilted upright towards a pair of the windows.

Half of his face was bathed fruitfully in a wide ribbon of light, the bright morning sun glinting off of the soft blue color of Dexter's eye. He blinked several times now as his eyes strained and protested under the brightness, tearing up from the presence of dust in the air. A fresh cigarette hung loosely from his cracked lips, the lit end smoldering angrily as thin wisps of smoke spilled slowly from his nostrils.

Dexter tilted his head faintly to one side now, the movement looking sluggish and almost painful. He glanced down the length of the couch, making out what looked like dried mud on the floor. There was a trail of dirt and grime that led right to his boots, and beside that was his jacket and backpack resting on one of the cushions.

The cigarette shifted crookedly between his lips as Dexter took a deep drag, holding his breath for a long few moments as he sat up with a wince. He closed his eyes as smoke cascaded from one corner of his mouth, swirling around his face in a dense grey-white column. He took another breath, this one more shallow, and the smoke dispersed around him reluctantly as he exhaled.

He lifted an arm above himself as if going to stretch, straightening his back and shoulders at the same time that he made the uncomfortable motion. After doing so he retracted his outstretched arm, bringing his hand to his head and running his fingers through his hair gently. Disgustingly, the corners of his knuckles and palm were caked in dry blood that cracked and peeled as he did so – further attributing to the unwashed filth that his hair had become.

Dexter opened his eyes finally, squinting tiredly in the sunlight as he picked the cigarette from his mouth. He was stiff, and with it being morning and all, it was in more ways than one. Almost instinctively, he reached over the frame of the sectional, wrapping his hand around the grip of a pistol resting on the end table; while he balanced his cigarette between his fingers in the other hand.

" Hey! " Dexter called out in a raspy, hoarse tone. There was a pause as he brought his gun 'round, resting it against his knee for a moment. " I–.. Fuckin'. I'm awake. It's my shift now, right? " His fingers danced around the empty handgun, testing the coarse feel of the grip panel, enjoying its touch against his skin. It was cold, but felt like the most natural part of his hand.

Dexter shook his head, bringing the burning cigarette to his lips for another long drag. He held it there shortly before the smoke fell out of his nostrils in streams. Subconsciously, his foot began tapping faintly, impatiently, and his thumb kept pushing the magazine release of his Sig Sauer to the rhythm of the beat.

Unsteadily, Dexter went to a stand, " We were supposed t-to take shifts last night, right? " He called out again, his voice not as hoarse as it was before but still not normal for Dexter. He felt strangely comfortable this morning. Like he could take the day off and just relax out in the sun, have a little picnic by the pool – no matter how disgusting it had gotten over the years.

There was silence though. Uneasy silence. The kind that makes your skin crawl and grow cold. Dexter swept the room carefully, tucking the empty pistol at his back and behind his belt as he did so. There wasn't much to see. The floor was hardwood with a dark walnut stain, elegant, which contrasted the expensive white furniture. It was all trashed though from when they came in, hollering and knocking shit over a little too excitedly to draw out the two walkers they had eliminated inside the home.

That's probably what drew the horde to them now, coming from the south. Nevertheless, Dexter didn't see anything off. There was a splintered end table thrown into one side of the room with two broken floor lamps, a chair overturned, and all kinds of dirt and mud trailing the floor. There was a light storm the night before that soaked them, and upon arriving at the house they tracked all kinds of grime into the old manor. Between the kitchen and the stairwell was a streak of deep red blood where Dexter had dragged one of the walkers corpses out of the house.

Dexter sighed, leaning down and lifting his red jacket from the couch cushion as he took a sharp drag on his cigarette. Another plume of smoke poured out of the corners of his mouth, diffusing around the living room. He pulled the jacket around one arm behind him, yanking it up to his shoulder before doing the same on his other arm.

Finally, he went to grab his boots when he froze up. Was he hearing something? " Richie? Is that you? S-stop fucking around. . . " He nearly yelled now, voice cracking unintentionally as he tried to suppress a cough. " I swear if you killed–. . . You can't hide his body from me, you can smell that Mexican shit from across the county. " That smell?

It was like the smell of iron, mixed with rotting flesh and soaked linen. Dexter could barely detect it at all beneath the musky air in the living room with all the smoke and kicked up dust. Not only that, with a couple of the bay windows open there was a mixture of fresh dew and weeds thick on the air. He stood still beside the white leather couch in the living room, listening for the others.

He shrugged, lowering his guard reluctantly as he knelt down to tie his boots on and go through the 'routine' of getting ready for the day.

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Richard Johnson

Time: Morning.
Location: Off Ralls Road, Troup County. Between Hwy 29 and Hwy 100, just North of Hogansville, GA.
Interacting With: Jaime, Dexter and some heavy wood furniture.

This joint had been a pretty nifty find. Four walls, a roof, food, water and only a couple Deadbrains to remove. It even had actual beds that weren’t covered in blood, guts and brain matter. What a fucking steal. Clearly Richie had done something good to someone lately to find such a prime spot of real estate just up for grabs. Sure, he wasn’t alone and had a couple of stragglers hanging onto his every word, but hey, it could be worse.

The second floor was Richie’s domain, he’d decided. He had set up his camp in one of the more masculine of rooms at the back end of the house, facing out towards the pool area. It was a nice view and nice views didn’t come along too often in this shithole of a world anymore. He was making the most of their current situation and was lounging on a particularly comfortable black leather chaise by one of the many giant ass windows inside the property. Fucking rich twats and their excess cash making dumbass decisions… He shook his head and snorted at the ridiculousness of his agitation.

He’d been particularly nasty at Dirty Sanchez earlier that morning, Hipster hadn’t said anything this time, he knew better by now plus he was asleep, so there was always that. What did the fucking beanpole expect anyway? He’d dropped most of Richie’s breakfast all over his lap when he’d tried to hand it to him. He was lucky all he got was a fist to the gut, Richie could have done so much worse. After eating Jaime’s breakfast and leaving Jaime to clean up the mess and eat what he could salvage from it, Dick had decided to nap for an hour or so. Didn’t need two of them to keep watch while it was daylight, right? Right.

He stretched himself out more on the chaise and let out a loud, echoing yawn. It had been a damn good fucking nap. Richie sat up, swinging his legs over the side and faced out to the world, taking in the view from the window. He cracked his knuckles and rolled his neck, working out the kinks from his muscles. His head stopped mid-roll however as he saw what was approaching. At least two dozen Deadbrains were heading their way, this was fucking bad. They had a little bit of time, but not much. He heard Dexter yelling out below. Where the fuck was Beaner? Dirty little shit better not have abandoned his fucking post or these Walkers would be the least of his fucking worries.

“OI, DICKCHEESE, BEANPOLE. Get your asses up these god damn fucking stairs and bring all your shit with you! Deadbrains incoming, about two dozen, maybe more.” Where the fuck did these bastards come from? They must’ve made too much noise clearing out the house… Fuck sake.

“What the fuck are we gonna do..?” Richie began pacing while waiting for the other two to get upstairs. That was it! The fucking stairs! He looked around at all the furniture and both thanked and cursed the fucking idiots that owned this place for having such heavy furniture. They’d need to work together, not something they were all that great at, but right now they had the common goal of not wanting to turn or become lunch themselves.

“Alright, bitches, help me move this furniture to the top of the stairs! We gotta funnel these bastards where we can pick them off a few at a time. Three of us and twenty of them does not do well if we’re fucking surrounded. PICK UP THE FUCKING PACE BEANER!” Richie grabbed a heavy oak wood console table that was sitting near the stairwell and began to move it in front of the opening of the stairs on the second floor. He left enough space for the others to make it up and he’d push it along once they were past. He then ran into the bedroom he’d claimed and grabbed the dumbass sofa that was sitting at the end of the bed, it was pretty fucking heavy so he’d need help shifting it. This had better fucking work…

Lorna Dunn

Time: Morning.
Location: Lumpkin Creek, in the woods South of Hwy 34, outside Franklin, GA.
Interacting With: Kris and some horny – I mean hungry – Walkers.

Lorna and Kris were beat, they’d got separated from what little remained of their crew and had been running on fumes for the last while. Fortune had them in mind when they happened upon the creek and began to fill their water reserves. But lady luck was a fickle fucking mistress and they weren’t able to rest long.

“FUCK ME!” Lorna saw the incoming Walkers and cursed herself for not noticing them sooner. Whether it was the water, the cracking plastic as they filled their bottles are the sheer wave of tiredness that was washing over their bodies since losing their group, Lorna didn’t know and right now she didn’t care. Most of their supplies and gear were laying on the ground and they couldn’t just leave it behind. Thin the herd.
“Kris! Grab our shit and get the fuck out of here, I’ll cull the slimey bastards and buy you some time!” She never took her blade off which was damn fucking lucky because if she had, they’d both be toast right now. She grabbed the handle of her best pal, the metal whistling as she spun the blade to face the oncoming Walkers. “Let me know when you’re good to run! We can’t take them all!”

There looked to be just less than a dozen and thank fuck they didn’t all travel at the same level of steps or she’d be getting munched on right now. Raising her sword upwards a little, she sliced her sword downwards at the outstretched hands of the nearest walker, detaching them from the wrists. Her blade then rounded back up and she sent the blade gliding through its skull. The blood splattered out in all directions, her blade was slick with the stuff. She snapped it towards the next walker that was reaching out towards her and pierced it right through its open maw of festering death.

She was tired, this was just making her worse. She couldn’t keep going like this. She’d been backing up her steps, sure and steady to give Kris time to get their stuff but also to give herself time to leg it when she got the chance. She wouldn’t run until she knew Kris was safe though. Not a damn chance would she let that girl die, plus Lorna had more chance of outrunning the bastards than Kris did on her own. She might have taught Kris some of her free running tricks but she had a ways to go yet.

A particularly fat walker lunged at Lorna after she yanked her blade out from her second kill. The fat git was behind the one she’d just dropped and it was missing one of its hands already. It almost got her, its congealed bloody stumps smeared across her top as she moved herself out of its clutches. The body of the dead walker was between them as its teeth snapped and snipped in her direction. They’d be gaining on them more now. She was damn fucking lucky she didn’t lose her footing or she’d be stuck under this fat fuck and his double dead buddy.

Lorna pushed back with her left hand while her right held her katana. The blade sliced once, twice, three times into the knee of the oncoming Walker and eventually made its way through the small trunk that was considered its leg. The walker fell off to the side and Lorna shoved the dead second Walker on top of it. The rest of the horde had gotten closer. Her face was covered in the oozing blood from the head wound she’d caused in the second Walker and her body was pretty damn disgusting now. So much for the minor wash she’d just had… She fucking missed showers.

Kris must have had enough time to have gathered their gear together by now, they had to run.
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Time: Morning
Location: Newnan
Interacting with: Her brother mainly

Standing beside her brother, Meg fiddled with her fingers as she listened to Leann speak to the Newnan crowd in the middle of the crowd. Lately, Newnan had been feeling more and more unsafe, with the amount of walkers breaching through the walls quicker than the walls could be repaired. There was no questions to be asked, not this time. Meg looked over at the few that Leann had singled out to lead the expeditions outside - to gather people and resources alike - and tried deciding who would've been the better option.

Ash and James were two Meg got along with swimmingly. They could have a laugh, and be assured to keep a look out for the other. Meg may not have known them her entire life, but after the events of the apocalypse, she might as well have. She trusted them a lot more than she would trust many. Caesar... well, papi was not someone she would count as one of them. Sure, he was strong and was probably their best fighter. Knowing him, one look from Caesar Gonzalez was enough to send the walkers scrambling away from him.

Her decision didn't matter anyway, as Caesar himself stepped up in front of her - pointing at her like she was some zoo animal or a bloody Pokémon - before ordering her to gather her shit. "Well, rude." Meg couldn't help but huff once Caesar was out of earshot. She turned to her brother, who looked like was also thinking about who to follow. It was lucky she was able to keep her words to herself, as she was sure Caesar would've probably glared at her till her cells refused to keep her alive any longer if he had heard.

"Well, seems like Papi Gonzalez has chosen me. If I come back as a walker or with my head on a spike with him holding it, just remember me as the best human being ever." She nodded at her brother, trying to lighten the mood. He turned his brown eyes to stare at her, an eyebrow raised. Instead of staying long enough to hear what he had to say, Meg patted his upper arm once before heading off in the same direction as Caesar went, intending to grab some weapons from the Armoury closer to the centre of the town. There wasn't much Meg could grab anyway: she wasn't physically strong, she only had luck and some good aim on her side. She was best only when it came to long distance fighting. Bow and arrows were the best Meg could grab, weapons that she wouldn't stumble using while in the middle of a life or death situation. Just to be safe, Meg even tucked in her hunting knife - her father's hunting knife - into her boots. Easy to grab, and easier to hide.

The rest, Meg decided, she would grab once she had grabbed her personal items from her living quarters. If she had heard Leann correctly, there were three locations she wanted them to check out. Ash chose Carrollton while the boss handed James LaGrange herself, leaving Franklin as the remaining option. She grabbed the map and pressed it against her desk, chewing on her thumb as she tried memorising the directions.

"So you're not going to let me talk?"

The sudden words jolted the teacher out of her skin, and she turned to face her twin with an exasperated expression. "Really? You really wanted to announce your presence like a vampire?"

Sidd let out a heaving sigh, rubbing his temples and tucking his glasses into his shirt pocket. "You're going out again. You need to be careful, Caesar might be strong, but you need to look out for yourself too-"

"I know, this isn't my first time going out on a run mother." Meg turned back around to face the map, using her finger to map out the route. "Just go back to your plant or whatever it is that you do now. There's no need for you to pretend you actually care." And there was nothing else to say. Sidd would always hesitate to answer back after those words, which Meg used to her full advantage. She hastily grabbed the map in her grip and grabbed her travelling backpack from underneath her cot. Without another word, Meg left her living quarters, in the direction of the cars to wait for Caesar.
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Jaime Bishop

Time: Morning
Location: Hoganville, Troup County
Interacting With: Assface, Dexter, and a whooooole lot of muerte

Jaime's famous (or was it infamous?) luck had turned up yet again. What were the chances that he would have stumbled across such a wonderful and perfect little resort like this? Ok, it wasn't really a "resort," but it's a relatively untouched large home with a ton of supplies and amenities. In a world like this, that translated to "resort" and Jaime was more than happy to be squatting here.

He cursed how tired he as when they arrived, it had been so late. He also cursed Dickbag McDickerson's inability to make make his own food. Due to lack of energy, and being a personalized slave, he only had the energy to set up one trap before collapsing on the living room couch. Still, it was a trap he was particularly proud of. Once he had finished using the kitchen, Jaime was able to bundle up all the sharp cooking knives and rigged them to the front door. Once that door opened, down dropped the knives and goodbye brain matter! Actually, thinking on it, he wasn't so proud of it. That was a pretty lethal trap, even for walkers. It made him nauseous, so he forced himself to think about other things.

Other things like the pain in his gut from when that pendejo sucker punched him. Even though it wasn't Jaime's fault he dropped the food on that asshole (messy chancho left his boots in the way, just out of sight), Richard still felt the need to punish him and treat him like livestock. That man made Jaime's blood boil something fierce. Sometimes he wondered why he even bothered at all. Sometimes, like right now, he knew exactly why.

Jaime was up, but the other two had been napping. He was the first to spot the oncoming horde, having been positioned on the top of the roof, acting as lookout. Rather than make a lot of noise and attract more attention, Jaime went back down the same way he had gone up: he climbed down the storm drain and through the window, right into the room Richard had taken over.

“OI, DICKCHEESE, BEANPOLE. Get your asses up these god damn fucking stairs and bring all your shit with you! Deadbrains incoming, about two dozen, maybe more.”

Well, that timing couldn't have been better, could it? Jaime slipped into the room right as the dickbag called for him, already awake and already aware of the danger. 'Course, he decided to be considerably less tactful and subtle in warning them than Jaime was. That probably just got the walkers' collective attention even more. Dumbass.

"I think we can-" And as usual, Jaime was steamrolled by the much stronger personality that was Richard "Dickbag" McDickface barking off orders. Rather than fight it, Jaime just went along with the orders. He positioned himselfon one side of the furniture and began pushing in tandem with his "amigos," resentful of being told to "pick up the pace" when he was practically already there before the order was even given.

"Andale, andale!" Jaime muttered sarcastically under his breath, between heaves.
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Oh Hiddy Hiddy Hiddy Hiddy Hiddy.... Hide yo' fucking asses!

Life for the Richies Riches ended horribly, it may just end for you that way as well. You are trying to get your shit in order, or at least the couch but hey, things don't always go your way. They rarely go your way. You see, the mighty Gods that look over you and like to play you as pieces in their demented Chess game gave you several options to which way the winds would take the Walkers. Some were good, decent even. Maybe a few could have fallen in that once luxurious pool, causing some splashing that would have turned the Walkers attention that way. Bunch of deadies in a pool ain't no thing but a chicken wing, ya? Nope. Okay, that would have been awesome but perhaps that they tried to push through the windows and one gets caught up slowing the advance and giving you time to get that couch into place. Yeah, no luck there.

In fact, you got some majorly bad bad bad luck. Maybe it was bad Juju, someone did flip off the dice gods this morning. What ever the reason you are S C R E W E D... SCREWED. That couch turns out to be heavier than it looks, it gets caught on the floor area rug. Such beautiful weaving and craftsmanship decided it didn't want to be left behind when its buddy was taken. It clung along like a bad Ex always trying to text you in the middle of a date with someone new. Ain't that just peachy. Oh, did you see the peach tree outside? They do look yummy. FOCUS PEOPLE!

That group of Walkers has bashed right on through those windows. You would think that some Rich Ass in Ga would have paid for stronger windows considering how many tornadoes wreck through the area a year but hey, pretty furniture and swimming pools (movie stars) were much more important. Move your asses folks! They are inside and you don't have anymore time to fight with Lumpy The Bumpy Couch one moment longer!

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Richard Johnson

Time: Morning.
Location: Off Ralls Road, Troup County. Between Hwy 29 and Hwy 100, just North of Hogansville, GA.
Interacting With: Himself, fuck everyone else I'm out to save my own ass.

Well shit. This wasn’t going as he’d planned. He was sure they had more time before they could get to the house or even in it. How fucking strong were these damn Deadbrains anyway?! Richard cursed under his breath at the dumbass fucking piece of shit rich man furniture. He slapped the sofa and growled under his breath. Not even looking back, Richard ran full pelt for the top floor of the house.

He took the stairs one at a time to save from making much more noise, he’d already made too much. He felt fucking dumb honestly, he shouldn’t have made such a racket but he’d been groggy from sleep still and needed help to shift that hunk of shit sofa. He wasn’t going to die today, fuck that shit. Fuck lady luck right in the asshole too if she thought that this was his time to bite the bullet. He wouldn’t give in that easily. Fuck no. There were too many to fight outright, they should have just ran.

He made it to the top floor and began looking for a skylight, no such fucking luck. Fuck you yet again lady luck, this time in the mouth. He growled again and began hunting for a place to hide. He still wanted to make it to the roof, good job there were a bunch of windows. Yet again he’d been dumb looking for something above his head rather than in front of his face. He opened up one of the windows and climbed out onto the roof. He was sure to mind his feet and his grip. He’d went into one of the front facing rooms, away from the poolside where the Deadbrains had made their entrance. He shut the window over and shifted himself out of arms reach from the window.

The “team” were all capable of getting themselves out of danger, he didn’t even give a second thought to any of the others. They’d either be fine or they wouldn’t be. They were all in the same shit show together and he knew full well neither of these two pratts would miss him if he died.

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Maria Smith

Location: Newnan, Georgia, Town Meeting

Interacting With: Ashton Halloway

Maria stood with the other leads, though she was one of the newer additions she had easily pulled her own weight and even helped with setting up the fields. She thanked her father for teaching her everything that she knew and how to plant crops, she was glad that her skills had been very helpful for the people of Newnan who took her in. When the meeting was dismissed Maria didn't have any other questions or suggestions to bring up, she watched as James and Caesar went off with their respective partners. Maria looked over towards Ashton asking for volunteers to go out on his run up to Carrollton, Maria since being in Newnan didn't know the man all that well and thought it would be a good idea to go out to Carrollton with him.

Maria started to head over towards Ashton and tapped him on the shoulder. "I'll go with you, i'll meet you at the car pool in say five minutes?" Maria said as she finally left the center of town, she first headed to her assigned tent she stopped for a moment and grabbed a picture off of the bedside table and stared down at a picture of her and her whole family. It was years ago when they were all still kids her father died and turned and she had to kill him, her mother and her youngest sister Anna died in the first six months of the outbreak only leaving her and her sister Kristina alive. Maria got separated from Kris a month before she found her way to Newnan and wondered if she was alive still.

Maria took the picture and stuffed it into her pocket and grabbed her backpack and her machete strapping them both onto her back and hip. Maria then made her way towards the armory where she kept her bow. Maria quickly picked it up along with her quiver of arrows and inspected them both none of them have been touched. Maria also grabbed an M4 Carbine and grabbed two clips of 5.56 for it before making her way towards the carpool where she said she would meet Ashton.

Kristina Smith

Location: Lumpkin Creek, in the woods South of Hwy 34, outside Franklin, GA
Interacting With: Lorna Dunn & Walkers

Kristina knelt down in front of the creek she twisted the bottle cap off of her water bottle and rested it against the bank of the creek letting the water flow through the water bottle. By the time it was fully filled Kristina froze as she heard the familiar growling, hissing and groaning sounds of walkers. Then she could hear some of them shambling through the creek water slowly causing Kristina to jolt up, she started to count, one, two, six, ten walkers. "Well fuck me.." Kristina muttered she quickly turned to look at Lorna as she went towards the nearest walker, the younger girl quickly nodded they needed their supplies and started grabbing their bags together.

By the time she had gotten their things one of the walkers, appeared to have been a woman at one point wearing a sunflower patterned dress that now looked torn, bloodied, muddied and who knows what else was close to her. Kristina quickly drew out her hunting knife and stabbed her directly in the face and kicked her back until the body stumbled and fell into the creek water its dark and congealed blood slowly flowed out from the head wound.

"Lorna we have to run now we cant fight them all at once!" Kristina said loudly as she reached over towards her companions arm and started to make a run towards the highway, she knew that Lorna could handle herself but she was scared of actually being alone. She had lost her sister Maria three months ago and separated from the others she didn't want to see Lorna get killed.
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Caesar Gonzalez

Location: Newnan
Interacting With: Alicia, Meg

There wasn't much for Caesar to grab, really. He traveled light, unless you counted sharp objects. Point of fact, the man had to barely duck out of sight before returning with his sawed-off and an almost full bandoleer of shells.

The recent difficulty with the wall had prompted the venerable man to carry most of his arsenal at all times. Toss in an early morning meeting with the Colonel, and Machete grabs his machetes. For all he knew, she was giving a Call to Arms, or something similar. Besides that, Caesar was the Runs Lead and Weapons Trainer. It made sense that he'd be strapped at all times, over and above the requirements of every citizen of Newnan. That, and it made a handy excuse.

He called to his daughter, "Oye, M'hija! C'mere a second..." He lowered his voice and continued, "You be safe out there, ok? Make sure you have a fresh charge on your phone - let me know if something comes up or you get trapped somewhere. Papi will come as soon as he can. And don't let that James get you killed. You're both snipers. Don't take chances you don't have to."

He embraced his little girl briefly, and hardened back from Caesar into El Jefe almost instantly afterwards.

Caesar strode into the Supply building, and grabbed a few food items at random. He wasn't sure how long he and Meg would be out in the world; it might be only a day so far as he knew. If it were longer, or if they found people, that little extra might be useful. Nodding his affirmation at the lady keeping inventory, he walked back out and into the light.

A couple minutes later, one may have glimpsed the long haired, vest wearing form of Caesar Gonzalez walking with purpose into the Motor Pool. A quick glance around located Meghna, and he beelined for her. Within three or so paces, he tossed a can to the young lady. "Hope you like Hormel Chili and ..." he stared at another of his carried cans, presumably for the first time, "...Dios... Pumpkin Pie Filling."

Caesar made a wry face. He apparently wished that he'd inspected his choices closer. Quickly, he changed the subject. "You pick a car yet? Daylight's burning."

Ash Holloway

Location: Newnan
Interacting With: Maria

Ashton took Maria's offer to accompany him with a smile and a nod. "Yes ma'am, meet you there. I've got to grab some supplies first, so... ten minutes on the outside?"

Captain Holloway took off at a jog. First, to Supply for a bag and an armload of MREs. They weren't exactly the grandest of dining experiences, but it served the purpose of keeping one upright and moving. Second, to the Armory. Supply run meant the very real possibility of danger, danger meant that it was best to go with a weapon he'd been trained to use for the past decade or so. Ash replaced his bow and arrows for a standard Army Issue Carbine and a couple clips of 5.56 ammunition. (Mental note, keep eyes out for more 5.56 ammo.)

Ash tried to keep himself within the 10 minute window he had promised Maria. Hopefully, she had the forethought to remember her bow. While Ash was a fair shot with one himself, he'd feel a lot more confident with himself packing an assault rifle and her firing silent death from a secured position, backing him up.

With two minutes to spare, Ashton arrived at the Motor Pool. "Morning, Maria. Ready? I'm thinking SUV; good seating, good cargo space."

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Oh my oh my, aren't you two lovely. I am sure that Hannibal over there would love to have you over dinner; perhaps with a side of fava beans and a nice Chianti ~insert repulsive slurping noise here~. Seriously, not joking. There is one zombie with a lab coat on that reads in mud and blood stained embroidery; Dr. Lecter. He might as been suave and handsome in his time but girls you are way out of his league right now; let us try to keep it that way. You know at least for another round because at least for this round you have become our big winners in todays Dice Rolling Jackpot, no one dies this round! Yay! Do you have any confetti? Perhaps a couple of bottle rockets? Oh those would be grand right now but hey, no time to party. You might still be alive and kicking at this point but things change, so let us not get too over confidant.

The zombies are on your heels. There were ten of them but now there are a few less, good job but seriously; you are drained and out of steam. Now is not the time for your personal OK CORAL, even if it is high noon. One of the zombies decides that it is a grand time to step into the creek you are running along side to get back to the HWY but the dice gods are merciful and his foot is lodged in the mud. Sweet, sweet victory. Thing with such moments is that we all get a little over zealous and miss what is right in front of us. Or right beside us. Kristina, look out! Right between two trees an arm comes out and those bony fingers are right on your shoulder, curling their nastiness over your clothing and pulling you in!

Time is critical now, one of you in a possibly death grip, the other is right there but do you have time to help get her away before he can pull her in or will the rest of the mini hoard coming your way get to you first? Can she break his grip? Only time will tell. Like I said, the dice goods were kind, no one dies this round but you better act quick or you might as well be RSVPing to Dr. Lecters dinner invitation. So, what's it going to be?
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Dexter Sterling

● Location: Hoganville, Troup County
● Time: Morning-Afternoon

Boots? Check. Gun? Check. Jacket? Check. --

In the living room, Dexter's familiar, lithe figure was knelt beside the glass nesting table in the center of the room. For some reason he liked to hold his breath when he did his laces, it added an element of suspense to what he was doing. As if instead of tying his shoes, he was pulling wires from a bomb. He'd kept the habit since he was a kid, somethin' his dad taught him.

Dexter was almost finished tightening his boots and fastening the laces inside the cuff so the loops wouldn't get caught when – OI, DICKCHEESE, BEANPOLE. . . – Dexter flinched at the sudden yelling coming from directly above his head, dropping his cigarette onto the floor beside him. He grit his teeth in an annoyed kind of way, setting a palm against the edge of the coffee table beside him. God damn, that man's voice was not easy on his ears, and that's coming from a guy who listened to all kinds of metal.

He shoved off of the table, skidding it to one side as he came to an abrupt stand. Dexter, under the alarm of Richard's shouting, immediately went to grab his backpack and cut for the stairs. However, as he scooped up the Northface pack and swung it around a shoulder he paused and looked over his shoulder. He scanned over the living room with a crooked frown building on his lips. Nothing.

But he wasn't going to forget the cigarette, and so he stepped over to the smoldering bud on the hardwood floor and stomped it out. He had to be deliberate. Mistakes weren't an option, especially during emergencies. After dealing with the fire-hazard, Dexter called up to Richard from the den, " On my way up, just one second- " He glanced at a few of the windows for any immediate signs of danger. While he couldn't see anything coming from where he stood, he could definitely hear the guttural hum of a group closing in.

Then there was a crash, and then another crash, followed by the sound of a hail of glass falling across the floor. What was a faint groan beside the house was now an audible roar of walkers as one after another poured through the shattered windows. The danger was here, it was real, and it was right around the corner. They were swarming the house.

Dexter shouldered his backpack a little tighter now. They were coming from the god damn far side of the kitchen. He turned on his heel and whipped around the back of the sectional couch. He took deep breaths between every other stride and blinked his eyes rapidly, and did these things as a method to wake himself up fully. In truth, he was near-hyperventilating. As he approached the stairwell though, Dexter slammed on the brakes – there was one in the center of the foyer, fumbling around in a trail of blood. There were others some ways behind it where the blood led from, surrounded by a mess of glass beside a large window to one side of the entrance-way.

The worst had to happen in that span of half of a second as he tried to come to a stop. He barely had any time to judge the distance between the walker closest to him and the stairs, his auto-pilot forcibly shut off. As Dexter came to a stop so abruptly, his boot went over the streak of blood that went through the foyer and to the door. The blood had congealed quickly overnight, and as Dexter's foot went over it he slid and went right on his ass.

He panicked, his arms springing back behind him to lever himself up. Dexter's eyes moved frantically out in front of him, wide with terror as the closest walker snapped its teeth together at him and lumbered forward. It wore a torn up flannel shirt, half of the shirt being ripped off on one side of his body and barely hanging on to the other side. It had suspenders that hung down off its shoulders and by its legs, which swung to and fro beside him in its awkward gait.

The walker advanced on him as Dexter's elbows bit into the hard ground beneath him, pushing himself up as much as he could. He fumbled to get his palm to the ground in time to aid in getting fully to his feet, and loosed a frightened scream as the walker towered before him. It's hands came outstretched and it clawed the air as it closed the distance, finally tumbling forward as it reached him. Dexter curled his legs back, bringing his knees in close as it came down on him. He tried to bring his boot back in order to kick the walker away from him, but it came down too fast on Dexter and was swiftly on top of him.

Dexter had the walker by its shoulders as its face spat and lunged at him, and using his knees pressed up against the walker's hips and mid-section he kept it from bearing down on his whole body. Dexter turned his head to one side as it continued to bite incessantly at his face and neck, his own teeth clenched together in the struggle and expression contorted into one of strain and panic. Drops of saliva mixed with blood and mucous or some shit splattered the side of his face each time the fucker opened its mouth. Dexter pushed the walker further up and up by the side of its shoulders, his arms extending like hydraulic pistons against several tons of weight – which was far from a proper description of his skinny ass struggling to get a single walker off of him.

Dexter pivoted onto his hip, turning over onto his side as he attempted to force himself on top of the walker. It growled and heaved in protest as he flipped them over, but Dexter's grip kept steady until he was on top of it. He glanced over his shoulder for a split-second now that he had control, and took stock of a handful of walkers getting to their feet and making their way across the foyer. Dexter grit his teeth as he locked his eyes onto the walker beneath him that kept clawing towards and tugging at his clothes, and reached down towards its head. He grabbed a hold of its long, greasy hair to get a grip of its skull and repeatedly slam its head against the floor – but as he pulled, the hair came loose in large tufts that stuck to his hand and clung to bits of its former scalp.

He moved his hand away from the walkers face in disgust, curling his elbow in the air above them both with haste. Dexter brought his arm down, striking the walker in the center of its face with the meaty part of his forearm just below the bony corner of his elbow. There was a fleshy crack as Dexter crushed its nose with ease, but it still tried to bite back. He brought his arm back again, repeating what he did before. As he slammed his elbow into the walkers face the third time, the forward-most part of its skull between the nose and eyes collapsed inwards – and its grip on his jacket loosened and it no longer continued to try and viciously bite at Dexter and growl.

Dexter pushed off of the corpse as the group descended on him from the foyer, his backpack slumping down his shoulder as he stood up. Blood and bits of the walker he killed soaked the back of his arm, but his Carhartt could take the abuse. Without any further hesitation Dexter darted up the stairs before one of the walkers could stumble within reach, taking two steps at a time, his boots rapping loudly over the marble-like steps. After readjusting his backpack as he ascended, he gripped the wrought iron banister as he rounded up the bend of the stairwell – his hand gliding across the cold metal surface as he raced up the steps . . .

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Time: Morning
Location: Newnan
Interacting with: Caesar

Meghna barely managed to catch the tossed can, blinking down and staring at the label with a blank look on her face. A grimace made its way onto her face, and she suppressed any complaints she originally had. Seriously, with the amount of shit she was keeping in, she deserved an award. "I might have some old biscuits in my bag if we get desperate." She tossed the can into her bag, shutting it carefully and shouldering the backpack.

Meg took a look across their choices. It had to be reasonable: they were to find resources and hopefully people, they'd most likely need something big enough to fit an extra couple people including herself and Caesar, alongside their supplies and gathered weapons. Spying a dark blue pick up truck not too far from her, Meg grabbed the keys for it, swinging it around her index finger. "Right there - we'll stuff our supplies and get moving soon." She said shortly, reaching the truck and opening the door. She slid inside and tossed her bag over her shoulder towards the back seat - not before taking out her map first.

"Mind if you hold that? You can call me an idiot if I go the wrong way." She offered as she waited for Caesar to enter the truck. Franklin was approximately twenty to thirty miles towards the south-west. If things went perfectly, they would reach their destination in at least half hour and they would have the rest of the day to salvage supplies and look for any good survivors - but that would be only if lady luck was smiling upon them.

But this was the apocalypse, there was no such thing as a smiling lady luck.
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Lorna Dunn

Time: Morning.
Location: Lumpkin Creek, in the woods South of Hwy 34, outside Franklin, GA.
Interacting With: Kris and Walkers.

Bless the god damn remaining fates in this world, for if they had not smiled upon these lowly ladies then they surely would have been d-o-a.

Lorna felt the warmth of Kris’s hand as she tugged at her arm. She was right of course, they had to run. Grabbing her pack from Kris, she slung it on her back as she turned to run from the oncoming walkers. “You’re right kiddo, let’s punch it before shit gets even more FUBAR.” She held on tight to the grip of her blade and began to follow Kris’s lead as they ran along the bank of the creek.

A Walker stumbled into the mud, its feet squelching as it was stopped in its tracks by the wet earth. That makes six on their tails, the one with the lab coat leading the herd. They had to get across the water but there was no time to make any stupid mistakes by crossing at the wrong time. Lorna’s eyes darted practically everywhere, watching what was happening and keeping her breathing steady. Thank fuck for her Marine training.

Her eyes caught the arm reaching out too late, the fingers grabbed onto Kris’s shoulder before she could call out to her. ”You fucking festering piece of shit. LET FUCKING GO OF HER YOU FUCKING WANKSTAIN!” Lorna flourished her blade and detached the Walker’s arm just below the elbow. ”MOVE! GO!” She grabbed Kris by the arm and got the pair of them running again. They were going to make it out of this one like they had made it out of every other shitty situation they’d found themselves in together since they’d lost Maria. They could do this.

Her eyes caught a narrower point of the creek with some more tree cover that would slow the Walkers even more. The pair of them were light and quick enough on their feet to make it over the uneven terrain without too much trouble, hopefully. Thank God she’d been teaching Kris otherwise this could get really messy. ”Let’s get to the other side of the creek. There’s a narrower slip, move it private!” Lorna moved to make the leap over the creek and knew that Kris would follow her lead immediately.

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Maria Smith

Location: Newnan, Georgia, Newnan Carpool.

Interacting With: Ashton Halloway & Meghna Kumar

Maria headed over to where the keys were at and grabbed one of the keys to a silver Honda Pilot SUV, she was already finishing setting her backpack her father's bow as well as the arrows into the back seat of the SUV. She would look over towards the dark blue pick up truck that Meg had chosen to take on their run towards Franklin. She was slightly relieved that Caesar didn't chose her to go on a run with him, he respected him but she was scared to even go up and talk to the man. A few seconds later Ashton started to approach her and smiled towards him and tossed Ashton the keys.

"I was thinking the same thing which is why I grabbed the keys first, the sooner we get what we need the better and the quicker we can get things fixed around her. And since you most likely know the area more i'll let you drive." Maria said as she opened the door and got into the front passenger seat and strapped herself in. She didn't feel comfortable driving around to much, though she had been in Newnan for awhile she wasn't familiar with all the roads that they could take. Maria stuck her head out from the passenger side door to say bye to Meg and offered to hang out when they get back. "Hey Meg! I'll see you later, we can hangout or something when we get back sound good?" Maria always got along well the most with Meg since she had come to Newnan and they were already close friends.

Kristina Smith

Location: Lumpkin Creek, in the woods South of Hwy 34, outside Franklin, GA
Interacting With: Lorna Dunn & Walkers

Kristina looked over her shoulder as she noticed one of the walkers getting stuck in the thick mud, happy to see one less walker to deal with. Adrenaline was pumping through her already which over lapped her lack of sleep and soreness, Kristina yelped rather loudly as she felt a boney walker hand latching itself onto her shoulder which yanked her backwards.

"Lorna help!" Kristina said as she struggled for a few seconds to get the walker off of her, then the tension was instantly off of her shoulder the moment Lorna chopped off the walker's arm its blood sprayed against the back of her neck and upper back as she stumbled forward slightly.

"Thanks Lorna." Kristina said softly trying to catch her breath, though it wasnt her first time being grabbed by a walker she was just glad she had Lorna there and trusted her greatly. She however didn't even need any encouraging she was already following behind Lorna as fast as she could while looking back at the small herd one last time. Seeing the narrower part of the creek and Lorna already leaping over the gap, three years ago before shit literally hitting the fan Kristina would have never been able to run this fast.

She was just a regular everyday girly girl back then, she was happy that Lorna was able to teach her how to do a bit of free running, though she would never be on her level yet she had taken those lessons to heart. Kristina always hated it when Lorna called her either Kiddo or her newer name Private, but she never said anything and always brushed it off she then leaped across the gap and quickly grabbed onto Lorna.

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Jaime Bishop

God damn this piece of furniture was heavy and stupid! What was the freaking proble--Oh it was caught on a rug. Well that's not so bad, three seconds of work will fix that up and we'll be all good to--And Richard fucking bailed. Great. Fuck him. If he had stayed behind, one of them could have just tilted the damn couch up at an angle while the other cleared the rug, but no, that damned intolerante just had to run out and save his own skin rather than help the whole group survive. Meanwhile Dexter was still downstairs. A pang of terror reverberated through Jaime's heart as his concern for his fellow man caused a cold sweat.

"Vamonos amigo! Get out of there!"

Suddenly a planned hatched in his young mind. In the corner of the room Jaime had seen a small bookcase, not too big to move himself, but hefty enough to be an obstacle, particularly for the slow moving walkers. Then there was that rug and the surprisingly immovable couch caught on it (the thing must be made of the same material as Mjolnir, Jaime thought). If it was gonna be an immovable pain in the ass, it might as well be an immovable pain in the ass for him!

Moving as quickly as he could, Jaime drug the bookcase to the edge of the stairwell. Once that was done, he went to work with the rug of the Norse gods. He twisted and bundled it up and made sure to secure the end beneath the newly placed bookcase. There. That way when the walkers came shambling up, whether by hand or foot, that rug should get tugged and something should fall.

"Jump the last stair!" he called out cautiously, hoping this plan wouldn't backfire and end up hurting or killing the only partner he actually sort of kind of liked.
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Alicia & James

Location: Newnan
Interacting With: Each Other, Caesar

Alicia looked over towards James and smirked a bit as she returned the fist bump before crossing her arms over her chest. She had been on runs with him before and knew he knew how to handle himself. Truth be told she enjoyed their runs. As much as she wanted to have her Papi's back she understood why Leann set things up the way she did but that didn't mean she was going to remain silent about it. She never was even though she usually conceded. She was about to say a few more choice words but Papi called her out and she automatically shut up. She was different around him, probably because she respected him in ways she never would anyone else.

"Ey, Papi. I got it covered. Watch, listen, kill. I know the sacred trilogy," Machete in Training said as she hugged her father. "Be back before you know it," she added before giving a wave as he walked off. It was funny to her watching his demeanor change. To everyone else he was this frightening hardass; to her he was just a life sized teddy bear.

Turning she made her way to her quarters; well her and Ashes. After all this time it was bound to happen. She and Caesar had been sharing a place; Papi liked to keep her close, but after enough nights of her sneaking in he basically told her to stop. So she did, just probably not in the way he intended. She moved in with Ash, no more sneaking. Grabbing her usual gear, shoving it into a pack and lacing her rifle strap over her shoulder she headed out; making sure to grab the satellite phone just in case. Hoping over to James as she spotted him she grinned a little too widely.

"Think I could get away with sneaking out the Hoard Buster?" she asked with lilt in her voice.

"Ummmmm NO, little lady. You'd have better luck sneaking nitroglycerine out onna mechanical bull first."

"Oh, what's he gonna do spank me?" Alicia laughed as she crossed her arms over her chest and tapped her foot.

Admittedly, James had always wanted to drive the road beast that was the Hordebuster. On occasion, he and Ash would imbibe the bitter and horrifying glory of his his homemade ethanol, and the good Captain would regale James with highly descriptive stories centered around him plowing a path through miles and miles of stopped traffic and hungry corpses, twisted remains of vehicle husks and greasy dead people being hurled asunder under the stresses of outward and centripetal force. The man had once described the experience like Moses parting the Red Sea, courtesy of a power greater than himself. James really wanted to see this firsthand.

Also as a credit to this plan, it had a marvelous carrying capacity, and sustainable fuel source. The Hordebuster might just be the perfect vehicle for this run. A long sigh escaped the ordinarily jovial James, his face now betraying his rejection of the idea as completely as it illustrated his temptation to take it, just moments ago.

"Naw, we ain't passed it by The Man That Owns This Monster, and Leann'd kill us. Besides, I wouldn't like it much if he took my truck a'muddin' while I was away. Lemme just grab some snacks and extra fifty-cals, and let's get gone."

"Oh please, ain't like you're taking me for a ride. It's for my protection," she yelled over her shoulder as James headed off to grab his stuff. Shrugging she leaned back against one of the cars in the lot and waited for him to get back. She knew Ash would lose his shit if she took ol' Buster out but she was always told it's better to ask for forgiveness than for permission.

James grabbed his floppy, tan cowboy hat as he ran back to his bunk, gathering up every piece of supply he could for what promised to be an interesting ride with a slightly unstable woman. Life with her was never dull, granted, but for the life of him, James had no idea how Ash dealt with this woman and kept his cool, steely demeanor.

"Ok, got my Barrett, got my Nine, got my bow... Need my axe, got my knife... PUDDING SNACKS! No, we're out. Ok, um, um, Duck Tape!"

Another gaspy run later found the large man at Supply, picking up a few gallons of water and whatever they had a lot of (which meant more than half instant Ramen). Hustling back to the Motor Pool, he found himself cursing both he and his run partner, repeatedly. "...damn damn damn, bitch gonna get me into trouble. Big, nasty fucking trouble..."

The truth was, he really did want to take the Hordebuster out for a spin, but there had to be one hell of a good reason to give him before he'd relent. He had half a mind to load everything up into his Silverado and cruise. Of course, that meant he also had half a mind to run with the 'Buster. His barely vocal damnit-ing dried up as he neared Alicia.

"Ok, thought 'bout it for a minute. You need to throw me a compelling muthafuckin' reason why I should fire up 'Buster without Ash's sayso. Real good one. Or two, don't lemme limit ya. You give me cause I wouldn't mind tellin' ta Leann, I'll get the keys right now."

"Other than we heading for a major area with multiple lock ups and Uni's? Other than clearing the roads in case we need to take another trip down there? Other than we might have to take the main roads if the back ones be washed out ese'?" Alicia began as she pulled out the map and flipped it open to La Grange. "Other than the protection it provides? The amount of shit we could bring back within 48 hours? The number of people we could carry instead of one of them trucks? The intimidation factor? I got one for you," she added as she rolled the map back up and shoved it in her pants pocket.

"It'll be a hell of a ride and I'll take the heat when we get back," she chuckled with a sly grin as she pulled a set of keys out of her pocket and jingled them in front of James face.

"Well shit, Negress!" exclaimed James, snatching the keys out from in front of him, "That's all you had to say! WE GONE, BABY!"

"Andale Tio!" Alicia cackled as she tore off and climbed into the passenger side of the rig; making herself comfortable. She looked more excited than a kid on Christmas morning as the door closed next to her and she waited for James to fire up the mammoth machine. "We better move before anyone can stop us," she said looking around out the front window. They had the vehicle, now they had to get out of dodge quick before anyone could order the outer gate to be locked down.

James tossed his Barrett up to Alicia and scrambled to get his provisions and ammo into the sleeper cab. He glanced around to see if anyone was raising an alarm yet, and satisfied, climbed in and slammed the door closed. Now, he'd been in this rig before. Not in the driver's seat, mind you, but he'd been inside this beast. James fumbled with the keys for just a moment, his hands trembling ever so slightly as he inserted the big, shiny key into the ignition. Adrenaline spiked, lancing through his muscles and arteries, making him feel alive. He turned said key, waking the diesel-alcohol engine from its long, cold slumber. It seemed angry, but grateful for the push into action. James jumped back slightly, the startling flinch of a man who wasn't fully prepared for the lion to ROAR.

"Whoo-hoo! Like waking a bull with a rattle snake, damn!"

"Ooh, girl. 'Bout made ol' Jimmy shit hisself." He checked the rearview, looked ahead, and pulled the Hordebuster out, onto the streets of Newnan. Unaccustomed to the power of the machine, James overshot the first turn, causing him to take overly dramatic corrective action. "Gonna have to throttle back on this girl." mentioned James aloud. He looked over at Alicia, grinned like an idiot, and turned his eyes back to the road.

"Come on man, handle it like you would a fat woman, hit it and ride it all the way in."

Approaching the main gate, James leaned out the window and called for the Gatekeeper to let them out. The second that the Hordebuster cleared the secondary wall, the colorful boar-hunter known colloquially as Black James let out yell of elation. Alicia laughed as she looked in the side mirror, there would be hell to pay for this but it was already worth it.

"WHOOOOO! God damn 'Licia, I messed the fronta my shorts UP! Got a smoke? Now... which way?"

Pulling out the map she looked it over as it rested in her lap; reaching forward and popping the glove box open, a pack of smokes inside with a lighter shoved into it. Oh well, if she was going to get in trouble for taking the Buster she might as well add the smokes to the list of crap taken without asking. Lighting two up she handed one over to James and began spouting off directions.

"Old Cornith Rd until we hit 100 S in Hogansville, after that it's 29 south to La Grange. If we're lucky we'll be there within the hour."

Still riding the end of the adrenaline wave, James Grady steered the Buster onto a steady course down Corinth. They had food (kinda), weapons, ammunition, a full tank of gas and a fortified place to rest. Life could be worse. As far as James knew, it would get a lot worse when they returned, but for now he was feeling a genuine love of being alive.

Onward, to LaGrange.
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Jonas "Yer Fucked" Soberano

Interacting with Victoria @Garden Gnome
Soecial Mention: @Lady Amalthea

Just north of Whitesburg, Georgia was a cemetery. This cemetery was like any other, dead people, tombstones, the whole lot. What was of particular interest in this cemetery were the pair of humans running for their lives from a horde of diseased corpses. The absurdity of this would've baffled any normal human being before the outbreak but this was not some horror book nor was it some sick mind fuckery by some screwed alien race that used our despair for entertainment. No. This was real life. And look at how fucked up it is. Jonas Soberano was having a bad day. It might've been an understatement but to keep it simple, it was bad. It had been bad for several days beforehand. Really, if we were to be realistic, the last two years have been bad.

But, for the sake of the narrative, the last week has sucked. Balls. Hairy, veiny sweaty testicles. The ground was wet with blood, the walking dead were chasing them in their walking manner and they had minimal supplies and ammo. The Filipino checked his rifle, two bullets in the Remington before he had to use his spares. Beforehand, he had marked all his spare rounds with a marker. He would only use them when he was in a tricky situation. They had been rummaging through the store next to Church Street, desperate for food and water. Instead, all they found was an active alarm and a sign for the walkers saying "Come here and eat me!"

Starving, thirsty and out-of-breath, our neighbourhood nice guy was doing badly. He looked back to the horde, the walkers quickly trying to form a circle around the pair of weary travellers. They were currently in a crescent formation. With only the forest ahead and walkers behind them, they only had one option. He reached out to his partner with his left arm, the right holding his rifle. "Victoria! We need go into the forest, circle around that black house we passed by and try and lose them in the highway. Let's go!"

There was no bullshit in his statement, no joking around, no playful tease. This was a survivor's voice, tone and orders. Even someone as childish as Jonas knew the severe consequences of miscommunication during such a dire moment such as this. Gathering the last of his energy, he grabbed her hand and bolted to the forest. Hopefully this doesn't go badly. All throughout this mess, he had been wishing. Praying to God that they would be able to cuddle tonight. Praying that they could live another day, another week, another year. That things go smoothly for the two of them, that life couldn't get any worse than the dire straits they were in right now. Thoughts raced as his legs pumped with the last of his adrenaline. Unfortunately for him, there was no god.

Just some bitch named Lady Luck.
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Victoria "Yer Screwed" Taylor

Interacting with: Jonas @SgtEasy
Location: Whitesburg Vicinity

Jonas and Victoria were running for their lives. The couple were tired, dirty and drenched in perspiration and the day was not about to let up. The couple had apparently drawn the shortest straw of all straws, and they now had a massive horde closing on their tail. The Whitesburg Cemetery, their current location was also somewhat of a cruel joke, and how ill-fitting it was for them the escape certain death by fleeing a final resting place for the dead. With her hunting rifle strapped around her body for ease of movement, she lamented on the lack of ammunition and her choice of rifle for the end of the world. Things would have been alot less certain, if they had at least one automatic weapon between the two of them. Instead the couple was stuck with two bolt-action rifles, with barely any ammo to share between them. Bad options and even worst luck. The odds were definitely not in their favour.

This was a prime example of what it meant to be screwed in more places than one, and then some. But of course, they had to end up tripping an alarm while searching for more food and water to bolster their diminishing supplies of necessities. Through the work of Lady Luck, the huge horde had amassed as though they were present to herd the couple in a witch hunt. It was only through the sheer luck that the fact, that these risen dead could go no faster than walking. Through her keen eyes, Victoria noticed that these were definitely too many to warrant making any form of stand, or even bothering to find any right now, for that would only seek to delay them into the inevitable. The forest laid gloomily in front of them, and there was no going back. As Jonas grabbed her arm and suggested that they head into the forest, she agreed without a second thought. Hopefully, it would be easier to lose the large pack in there, some how.

The plan was to circle around the black house they passed before heading up to the highway, where their chances would probably be higher than it is here, that was for sure. The pair were survivors, and they had survived long enough to be at this stage, and they had no intentions to die here today, but Lady Luck seemed to be playing for both sides this day, threatening to push them off the edge with much gusto. The couple weren't the type to keel however,and you'll be damn sure that they'll give their damnedest in their bid to staying alive. Victoria gave Jonas's hands a quick squeeze while running, letting him know that she was here to give any support that he needed, when he needed it.
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