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~Montagne Academy!~

It was a beautiful day outside of Montagne. Birds were singing, flowers were blooming...On days like this, kids like the students of the Academy...were just gathering for the start of the new semester. Most, were gathering in the gardens in front of the dorms where the Headmistress was waiting to give the usual beginning of the semester announcement. She was standing in a medium sized courtyard that had sidewalks going off in four directions. One leading to the dorms, with the others leading to various other parts of the campus.

The headmistress was standing behind a podium, dressed in her usual purple dress, with her long white gloves covering her arms up until her elbows. At her side, was her familiar, a reaper by the name of Gall and the Academy's librarian. He was dressed in his usual black garb, eyeless sockets scanning the crowd of students for any signs of trouble. At her other side, was the head nurse, a woman by the name of Meredith Hillard She was currently sitting on a chair, balancing on her knees and humming quietly as she ate...a...leek? Either way, she seemed completely oblivious to the current happenings.

After a few moments of waiting, the Headmistress spoke.

"Welcome, my precious little students, to Montagne Academy." She spoke in a warm, friendly tone and gave the students an encouraging smile as she spoke. "Many of you know me, but there are indeed some friendly new faces here this year, so I think some friendly introductions are in order. I am Livia Fiore, headmistress here at Montagne. To my left, is the librarian, and my familiar Gall." Gall gave a bow as he was introduced. "To my right, is Nurse Hillard. She is the head Nurse here, and can patch you up if you get into trouble." As she was introduced, Nurse Hillard bounced off her chair, momentarily stealing the microphone from Livia.

"Hiya kiddies! As the beautiful Headmistress Livia said, I'm Nurse Hillard! Come to my infirmary if you've got any aches pains or alien parasites! I can fix all~! And don't listen to those rumors about there being a secret torture chamber! You might leave mentally scarred, but physically you'll never be better! Gah, Livia, noo-"

Livia managed to retrieve the microphone back from the blonde before she could say anything else. Meredith simply pouted a bit before returning to her seat, spotting a stray cat that had somehow managed to get in, and started petting it.

"Ahem,"Livia cleared her throat before continue. "At any rate, I welcome all of you to Montagne. Today is just the opening ceremony, but in three days time there will be a lovely welcoming party for everyone. Ask a friend, or maybe," She flashed everyone a rather coy smirk. "Find a date for it." She paused again, looking a bit surprised as Gall apparently said something to her. "Ah, silly me. Before we get to the party, we might want to give everyone their dorm assignments, yes? So without further ado, ladies and gentlemen!~"

Suddenly, from behind Livia a countless number of green colored spirits revealed themselves. They danced in the sky, putting on quite a show for the new students as they showered the ground below them with a gentle breeze. Most, probably would assume they're wind spirits, but anyone with a good grasp of Sanctus magic would be able to tell they were something else altogether...but what were they, no one could say.

The spirits danced, eventually landing in front of a student, and handing them a piece of paper while playfully giggling in an ethereal voice before disappearing back from wherever they came from. The piece of paper were the individual students dorm assignments.

"Please keep in mind an introductory class will be had later this afternoon for students. Familiars who are new, please report to the main office and speak with someone about somewhere you can work if you aren't attending classes before the end of the week. And that is all, so please, enjoy your first day here at Montagne, and if you have any questions do please ask one of the staff."

And with that, Livia left the area, heading back to her office. Gall followed after her, the two seemed to be discussing something while Meredith seemed completely oblivious and continued to pet the feline.

Any students who didn't come, the spirits would seem to find them regardless.


Most newer students were a bit awed over the display with the spirits. Such an obvious display of power was certain to make them at least a little awestruck, wasn't it? It was no different for a certain little demon who was watching excitedly from atop a lamp post with surprisingly balance.

She had almost gotten startled and fell off when the spirit approached her with her dorm assignment. She had also almost decided to hug the adorable looking creature, but that would have likely resulted in her face planting the ground in a not so graceful manner.

Instead, she hopped off the lamp post, landing in a mostly graceful manner as the demon stumbled forwards just a bit. After she righted herself, she took a look at the paper she had been given by the spirit. It just gave a list of names, and a location for the room in the dorms.

Lyssa Toungetwister
My Litte Roux (Calls herself Iravis)
Mugi Icewoman
Katie the Teleporter

Snrk. Lyssa Tonguetwister. She giggled loudly at that. Well, it was certainly True. Her last name gave people no end of problems. Anyways, she should go meet her new best friends, then! So with a bright grin on her face and a friendly hello to other people she passed, she headed off to her dorm. She hoped she was the first one there!~

A few minutes passed and the demon had swiftly arrived at her dorm. She threw open the door, instantly a little surprised at how small it was. Were four people supposed to be sleeping and living here? That seemed like it could be a bit much, even for her...but well, she'd live. More people were always fun!~

The demon looked around her room, placing her laptop case on the small table next to the bed. She'd have a bit of fun with whoever walked through that door before anything else. The demon jumped onto the bed, throwing the covers over her and laying as still as possible.

The moment someone came through that door, she'd pounce on them~
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The Goddess watched Livia give off the yearly opening speech, rolling her eyes in response to Meredith's interruption. Iravis felt at times that a bottle of her tears were more effective than a month's attempt at healing from that woman.

The magic captivated some of the others, but the red headed seventeen year old snatched the assignments in a single swift motion, observing the names listed ...

Lyssa Toungetwister
The Goddess guessed that wasn't the girl's real last name, but there wasn't too much noticeable about that.
My Little Roux (Calls herself Iravis)
After kicking her out, apparently Livia still cared enough to make sure all the people Iravis would find herself living with would know her pet name. The teenager had to suppress the urge to cringe.
Mugi Icewoman
So long as she wasn't a waterwoman as well, the fire bird felt that it wouldn't be too big of an issue.
Katie the Teleporter
A mage who had mastered the art of teleportation? That was actually a useful skill.

After a heated discussion the previous week, the headmistress decided that she was done playing mom apparently and it was time for 'her little Roux' to 'spread her wings'. Which apparently involved kicking her out of the comfortable two story house she'd been living in for the past three years and instead forcing her to pointlessly learn about magic and live with some roommates.

The Goddess was confident she could rise to the challenge, even if it was just out of spite. After looking at the slip of paper another time to confirm the location, she headed off.

What she had in mind were separate rooms, and maybe a shared living room. Probably a kitchen. She had no idea what was going to be there, or the creature that was lurking beneath the sheets.

The heir looked around as the people on stage spoke, raising a curious eyebrow at their interactions.

The nobleman immediately began to wonder exactly why his father had decided to send him here. Perhaps there was a method to their madness, and their intent was to do some practical training for the strangeness that was real life and the magical world?

Looking into his jacket pocket he observed the figurine he had received from his parents, and couldn't help but swear it had gotten slightly larger. The aristocrat kept the small figurine in his pocket because his parents had suggested it would assist in his combat potential, and although he had doubts about that claim he disobey orders from his noble father.

The Grimore chained to the young teenager's back hadn't been stolen or anything during the speech, so he hadn't quite disappointed his family yet.

He looked at the location on his sheet, and headed off to where the library was, curious about why they were being located there.
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Lissandra was impressed by the size of the school as she looked over the grand buildings and vast land that the academy owned. Her awe was quickly smothered by her cold attitude as people gathered in front of the dorms. Like everyone here she was here to improve her abilities using her own power without relying on her families name. Smiling inwardly she remembered the faces of her dead family members. No one had expected her as the culprit. Lissandra had gotten away with mass murder and been left with the family fortune and their secrets in magic. Flashing back to the day she put her plan into action her inward style was reflected on her face.

2 Years Ago

"My esteemed family we are all gathered here to feast and congratulate are selves with another prodigy mage created through are sigil system. She was the strongest survivor and more importantly she is in control of her power and her mind!" Applause sounded as the head of the family Gerald Everdale lifted his glass high smiling. All of the Everdales were well aware of the torturous methods they went to to push Lissandra to reach the strength she was now. Lissandra was the special guest who sat at the end of a massive table that seated all 22 of the current Everdales. Her face was emotionless she was only recovering from the barbaric sigil system the Everdales were talking about. She had been dressed in a azure dress that showed of her curves and more importantly the sigils that glowed slightly on her body.

Gerald had been assured by their scientists that the glowing would dissipate in time as her body grew accustom to the power looping through her body. Raising his glass one more time he motioned for everyone to stand. Lissandra stayed seated."A toast, to Lissandra and the mage she will become. Cheers!"

They all shouted the cheers in reply and drank deeply from their win glasses. Gerald turned to Lissandra. "How about a speech from our budding sorceress?" The family cheered at the mention of Lissandra speaking as none of them had seen her up to this point and were on the edge of their seats to for her to speak. Lissandra stood up slowly looking around the room.

"Father, Uncles, Sisters, Brothers, Aunts, Grandads, Grandmas and Mother. You all made me this strong. Without you all I would still be a weak little orphan isolated from the rest of the other orphans. I thank you for this." They all clapped and cheered. Lissandra raised her hand to quiet them. "However that does not change what you did to me. The pain I suffered at the hands of you all for the want of money, power and fame. Was it worth it? You destroyed my childhood and my mind. I hope you understand this. AS YOU ROT IN HELL!"

Lissandra raised her hands in the air. A dark orb appeared in the air above the table it pulsed quietly. They all looked at it in awe and fear. Lissandra brought her hand to point towards the orb then made a fist. Instantly food, cutlery anything near the orb was sucked into it. Crushed in an instant as it was super compressed by the gravity. Lifting her fist into the air the orb raised into the air high up to the ceiling where it stopped, floating. The ceiling creaked and groaned in protest as the effect of the gravity increased. The ceiling began to cave inwards towards the orb. Some of the family members were standing now other were beginning to channel magic to stop Lissandra. But they were too late. Waving her hand at them they began to float towards the orb.

Laughing to herself she watched as the ceiling caved inwards falling on top of the Everdales. Those that were being crushed by the orb were being crushed by gravity. Her own father grabbed hold of her waist as he began to float to the ceiling. Lissandra turned to him and punched him square in the face. His face caved inwards as gravity collapsed his face and body into nothing. Lissandra sides began to burn with pain. Her father in his last bid to stop his adopted daughter had activated the sigils that allowed her to cast her magic without her magic. Holding her sides in pain the orb disappeared exploding outwards with a deafening explosion that knocked Lissandra out of the window and onto the lawn. She watched as the dining hall caved inwards crushing any that hadn't escaped, before exploding outwards littering the area with debris and dead bodies.

Present Day
Snapping back to the real world she wiped the smile from her face and listened to the introduction. Watching the spirits float around she was only slightly impressed, it was a fancy trick but nothing amazing. A note floated down to her from one of the spirits. Now this was clever. Grabbing the paper she read it quickly. It had her dorm room and her room mates. She moved quickly and purposefully to her room. Opening the door she looked around at her accommodation. It was modest and actually quite nice. Setting her things down on the bottom bunk she unpacked her things. It seemed that she was the first here. That was fine by Lissandra, taking out some marvels she aimed her scepter them. They floated of the ground and began orbiting her scepter.
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-Lukas Kunze : Montagne School Gardens

Another year, another chance to find beautiful ladies to hit and miss on. From the simple view of being in the middle, Lukas could gaze over each lovely lady who crossed his vision. Even with each season coming and going, at least it brought in a magnificent sight! Lukas was practically drooling at this point over what he considered were the best of the bunch, giving a lucky few a wink which resulted in either a scoff, blush, or all of the above.

"Heh, some play hard to get, others just show their shyness; it's adorable," he thought on, smiling ravenously as he continued ogling each and everyone of them, until an interruption. Lukas instantly snapped to the podium where the bodacious and busty Livia was standing, microphone in hand. The lady gave them all a warm welcome. That pleasant tone and smile, along with her gracious pastures, it made Lukas want to graze on the lady... and a lot of other chicas too.

But of course, he found Miss Livia to be respectable - she didn't get to that stage just by looking beautiful. Hard work always paid off as she continued to introduce her cohorts - a friend of hers that he was familiar with known as Gall, and the eccentric school nurse Meredith. While she was a cutie, Lukas always found her to be a bit... volatile in a sense.

It wasn't long before the woman grasped the microphone, going on about her profession and a mere jest to incite some sort of fear into the students for shits and giggles. Lukas noticed that a few appeared unnerved, while others stood placidly. Lukas could only shake his head, frowning in vexation as she spoke, crossing his arms and tapping his foot. A sigh of relief escaped as Livia stole back the microphone, garnering the magicians attention once more. Eventually, she mentioned a date for the welcoming party.

"A date, eh? Well, I've got the world at my fingertips and there are myriads of girls about; if I'm lucky, maybe she might decide to accompany me." Lukas had a mischievous smirk plastered on his face as he moved his hand to his chin, contemplating, planning. It was his time to strike, his time to get another lady in his arms!... maybe.

Lukas didn't even notice the woman announce everyone's room assignment as he dazed by his own perverted fantasies. Soon, dancing green streaks flew from behind the Headmistress, floating downwards as they swerved and jigged. A soft breeze broke Lukas' train of thoughts as he looked upwards at the hundreds of spirits dotting the sky. As he stared, he smiled, being reminded of his determination to grow and maybe surpass the woman.

One spirit held out its arm to give the boy his room assignments; Lukas held his own out and grabbed at the hand holding the documents. "Some Alucard dude, Lissandra... probably a lovely lady who I'll sweep, and Meria..." Lukas muttered under his breath, squinting his eyes as he completely focused himself, mind rushing, chuckling as he imagined the two elegant women looking to give him a proper welcome to his dorm. Complimentary maid costumes leaked through the crevices, shoving both imagined women into the frills of white and black.

"... This is definitely going to be a great year," he thought as he let go of his iron grip over the parchment, making it float in front of him through his own mental capacity. The boy removed any saliva from his mouth, calming himself as the chattering commenced. Eventually the crowd began dispersing, and Lukas took it upon himself to spy for that one girl, but alas failed to find her. Straightening up, the boy put forth his best efforts to appear crisp, sharp, and ready for almost any girl to run up and latch onto his arm or torso... just, not below the waist; save that for when they are somewhere nice and private.

"Anyways, meet my roommate and two ravishing gals, then roam and hopefully snag a date." Brushing his unkempt hair with his left hand, Lukas but his most bona fide smile outwards, displaying impeccable enthusiasm as he strode past newbies and familiar students alike. On his way to the dorm, the teen felt the need to have a little fun, whilst actually doing something productive. As he traversed, he purposely lost his balance in front of a girl who was shocked, wide eyes and hands over her mouth. Lukas stood there, fist to the ground, shaking his head, scolding himself. The student quizzed if he was ok, albeit quietly. "Time to shine."

Standing up, hunched over a bit, Lukas rubbed the back of his neck as he gave the girl an awkward smile, preparing to stimulate her, if he could. "Sorry about that, I'm ok, I just... ended up falling... for an alluring girl such as yourself." Lukas gave a sly wink and a suggestive grin as the girl began to blush, before completely "ignoring" his existence and walking away, acknowledging it from time to time as she peered back before swiftly turning away.

Fully standing up with a huff, Lukas stood, head held high. Looks like he struck pure, shy gold; he considered asking her out later cuz she was kinda cute, even as she nervously scurried away. "Four," Lukas muttered to himself as he departed once more towards his place of residency.

Opening the door, Lukas found himself inside the occupied dorm with a girl, who seemed kept to herself as she scanned the area. There was a glint of mischief in his eyes, a plan that was firmly placed. stalwart, Lukas took the plunge as he approached the hooded girl, his lecherous smile still there, still gleaming.

"So, I guess you're either Lissandra or Meria - beautiful names for equally lovely ladies," Lukas spoke with a surge of confidence as he forced himself into the girls field of vision. Jotting down her body language from her legs to chest to face, Lukas made an attempt at understanding how she would react to such advanced. "I'm Lukas Kunze; I look forward to sharing beds with you and the other gal."~ Lukas winked as he snapped snapped one of his fingers, pointing directly at her as he smirked lecherously.
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How utterly asinine.

Perhaps he shouldn’t be saying this as someone whose entire race consisted of warmongering alcoholics, but nevertheless, Arata couldn’t give much of a shit at all. The Headmaster of this Academy, Livia Fiore, made little to no impressions upon the oni. Her familiar, the skeletal death god, was a little more interesting, but even then, the oni couldn’t be bothered to give much of a fuck at all. Same could go with pretty much every one of these fresh-faced individuals that attended this meeting. Was this what he asked for? No, Arata had come to Montagne Academy because that midget representative made some promises about ‘seeing the most promising mages that this era had to offer’, but as it was…

Where’s the promising mages? All he saw were an uninteresting menagerie of inadequate students. They all looked to be in their late adolescence, but if that’s the case…why did they feel so weak? Why couldn’t he feel a single heartpulse of trepidation from them? Back in the past, these students should have already had their fair share of combat, brought up in ancient households and trained to battle youkai as soon as they could speak. Now? It was just so…

A flicker of green interrupted Arata’s internal griping, and his hand shot outwards, grasping the shred of paper and crushing it. A spring mist escaped from his fingers in that same moment, the spirit that had originally held the paper disappearing in an instant.

Boring little yousei. So that was what the Headmaster did.

He looked at the map in his hand, highlighting a tower-shaped structure, and sighed. The world changed too much in just a year’s worth of memories. It had grown bigger, and it had grown softer. And now, as a relic of the past, all Arata could do was grumble and mumble about everything, like the old man he was. As the students dispersed, the oni took in a deep breath.

Then, he jumped, the pavement cracking beneath his sandaled feet as he flew straight up. In the parabola of his thirty meter ascension, Arata caught a glimpse of the Tower in the distance, and landed, causing spider web cracks to burst in his landing zone. Dust rose and fragments of stone flew upwards, but without pause, he leapt forwards once more, this time leaping through the air as he bounded towards the Tower.

He could hear cries of surprise, amazement, or just annoyance as he rapidly encroached upon the tall structure, but Arata ignored them. Unless they started to actually attack him, they were beneath his notice. He grit his teeth, accelerated, and literally smacked into the side of the stone tower, his toes slamming into the stone. Using that as a foothold, Arata began to run up the side of the tower, continually rising, continually causing small holes to appear in the side of the otherwise immaculate tower.

Frustration building up more and more at the utter lack of any real conflict, the oni finally reached the top of the tower and sank his feet into the stone roof, lifting himself into the blue sky. He somersaulted, flipped, twisted, and roared, canines extending as his white cloak fluttered like mad.

And, when he landed once more, Arata finally calmed down.

Sitting at the edge of the tower’s roof, the oni looked upon Montagne Academy.

The world was peaceful, but at least it was beautiful.

“Fuck, I need a drink.”
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Kaitlyn’s Best Day

The start of a brand new year was always exciting. It was a time of new beginnings! It was a time of fresh starts! And for Katie?

It was a time of glorious, delicious revenge.

The tall, thin girl walked through the empty hall of one of the school buildings. She kept an eye out for others, but she didn’t expect to see anybody. Most of the faculty and student body were currently gathered outside of the dorm building, where that windbag Headmistress would undoubtedly be giving some generic welcoming speech. Then she would probably go on to introduce her pets: the bag o’ bones that runs the library and that freak of nature posing as a nurse.

Katie obviously wasn’t the biggest fan of the people running this little circus. They were on her list, of course, but not for today No...today belonged to a little uppity freak that was going to learn why people don’t fuck with Kaitlyn Gabrielle Griffin. The girl closed in on her destination, a lone door with a plate that read Supply Closet. Standing before it, the girl gave one last look to see if anybody was around. When she was convinced that she was alone, she tried the handle.

No dice. It was locked. She frowned. She figured it would be, but that didn’t make things any better. Really, it was just a pain in the ass. Not that it would stop her, though. See, the universe just didn’t understand sometimes: what Katie wanted, Katie got. If it wanted to try to stand in her ways, then she’d just shit on its rules and laws and be on her merry little way.

She got down onto her knees and bent forward, placing her head against the ground. The door didn’t go completely to the floor, and there was a small gap at the bottom. Not enough to wiggle through, of course, but enough that she could get a decent view of the other side. Or she could, if it wasn’t so dark in there. But not even that obstacle could stop her. See, she figured THIS might happen as well, so she came prepared.

The girl pulled out her cell phone and tapped on the flashlight app before returning to peer under the door. She pulled her phone down and voila! She could see enough in the room to spot an empty, open area. That’s all she needed. The girl concentrated, clenching her left hand into a tight fist. And then…


She shit upon the universe’s laws.

In a brief moment, what appeared to be a small hole ripped opened in empty air just above the floor of the supply closet. Katie felt a jerking sensation before finding herself falling. Just an inch or so, but…

She was in the closet. Smiling in triump, the girl got to her feet and patted off the dirt on her pants. That went about as well as she could have hoped. And now...the girl waved her phone around, cutting through the darkness. She was looking for something in particular...something like...like…

AH! There it was! The mop bucket. Katie couldn’t wait to see the look on the son of a bitch’s face later. But she was getting ahead of herself. She reached down and grabbed the wire handle of the yellow wheeled bucket before turning around and flipping the latch on the door. Sure, she could probably just teleport out and call it a day but...she didn’t want this to look too clean. Otherwise, if this little prank turned sour, it would point directly at her. The girl’s smile widened with her smugness. Sometimes she loved how clever she could be.

She turned the handle and pushed the door open ever so slightly, just enough to peer out to check the coast. First the left. All clear. Then the right. All cl-


Katie’s eyes shot open wide and she took a step back. Before her was a translucent greenish...blob thing. It took her a moment to realize what it was, and in that time, Katie was sure her heart was going to explode, judging by how fast it was beating. But she eventually calmed down enough to see that the thing had a piece of paper for her. She took it and glanced at the words, and the spirit, now having completed it’s task, went back to whatever dark place it crawled out of. Her name was on the list, along with a few others that she didn’t recognize and a room location. Figures she’d end up rooming with a bunch of random fucking clowns. Maybe they’d be mutes. That’d be nice.

With that, she left the closet, closing the door behind her with her foot. Terrible places, those. Katie was just never a fan of closets in general. Too cramped. And really, who needs a room that small? Bah. Hopefully her dorm was one of those fancy, four bedrooms and a shared living space arrangements. Those were always nice. And damn it, she’d been at the school long enough to have earned one by now, right? RIGHT?

Bah. No use worrying about that for now. Instead, she had a life to make hell. And with that, the mischievous little bitch marched away merrily, bucket swinging to and fro, while thoughts of her soon-to-be-victim’s anguish swirled about her head.

God, how Katie loved the first day of the year!

After stashing the mop bucket in her super secret hiding spot (...okay, so it was on the roof of the dorm building. Sue her.) and retrieving her personal bag and guitar case from the same place, Katie decided she might as well check out her dorm. Her plan was progressing smoothly, but she couldn’t rush it. Oh no. It had to be perfect.

From the roof, Katie warped to a spot a short distance from the dorms and seamlessly merged with the flood of students eager to meet the people that would undoubtedly fuck them over many, many times during the course of the upcoming year. All of the pointless fucking chatter was driving her up the walls, but Katie maintained her easy-going grin and kept her cool. She’d cut them some slack for now...but if they kept up all this annoying enthusiasm, she’d have to start busting heads. She’d give ‘em a week. Usually the hype died down significantly after that. A school for the magical arts was still a school like any other at its core. It was the place where spirits would be broken and mindless conformality would be enforced. Because, y’know, if everybody’s a special little snowflake, then nobody’s special.

It didn’t take too long for the group to mostly dissolve as people found their homes for the year. Some were excited. Others less so. But either way, the unbearable mass of asshats became more and more tolerable until there was only a few remaining.

Katie arrived at the location dictated by the card just as a girl who looked to be about her age did. She probably wouldn’t have paid the other girl a second glance normally but...well...she didn’t seem to be leaving. One of the roommates, then? Katie raised an eyebrow and began silently judging the chick.

She was dressed rather...uniquely? Not exactly something that Katie would ever be caught dead in, but to be fair, these Europeans were all pretty fucking weird in one way or another. She also had rather striking red hair. Her name was now irrelevant.

“Yo, Red! They stick you here too?” the teleporter asked, nodding towards the doorway to what Katie would soon know to be Hell on Earth. “Oh. Yeah uh...the name’s Katie, by the way. she finished, faking a friendly smile and cheerful tone. Truth be told, Katie wouldn’t be too heartbroken if the girl fell down and broke her everything and had to live out of the infirmary for the year. It was nothing personal, really. Katie just wasn’t big on the whole shared space system. She needed her private time to recharge, otherwise she’d be punching asshats left, right, and center.

Basically, the farther away from the other inmates she could be, the better. She’d do her time and hope against hope to get a private room next year. She hadn’t ever seen a private room before, and had only heard about it in hushed whispers, really. It may have even been just a rumor, an urban legend of sorts, but Katie chose to believe.

Privacy was next to Godliness, after all.
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So, this is Montagne Academy? Nice place. I just might regret all the kicking and screaming I did about going here. Alicia was wandering the halls, looking for the inevitable school assembly. She hadn't been able to find it, but it turned out, that didn't matter much. A small green blob appeared in front of her, scaring the plant witch out of her wits. The spirit handed her a piece of paper, then disappeared.

Ah, my dorm assignment. Just what I needed. And a map, too! She looked out the nearest window and saw a massive oak tree with a treehouse in it. Obviously, it had been grown with magic, since no normal oak could grow to several hundred feet. She went over and made contact with the giant tree. Communing with plants was... well, she didn't know how to explain it. It was a mental thing on her part, but plants didn't have anything that a human would call a mind. Regardless, she was able to make it work. Looks like I'm going to be seeing you a lot. Just keep it down when I'm trying to sleep, and we'll get along fine.

I shall.

With that established, Alicia used her powers again, this time growing an extra limb on the tree to carry her and her belongings up. She plopped her bags down on a bed and waited for her roommates to join her.
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Megumi was in the garden along with most of the other students for the first day of the academic year. Megumi was a little nervous at the moment, but she managed to keep herself composed. The announcement from Headmistress Livia began with introductions, which was soon interrupted by Nurse Hillard before the headmistress could regain possession of the microphone. Then there came information about some sort of dinner party in three days, as well as their dorm assignments.

Megumi was then surprised by the sudden appearance of the vast quantity of spirits that danced around in the sky. At first, Megumi thought they were some sort of wind spirit, but Megumi found inconsistencies that quickly debunked that theory. What they exactly were, though, Megumi couldn't tell. Then the spirits dropped down and gave everyone a slip of paper. Megumi grabbed the paper that the spirit gave to her and read it as the spirit flew away. The Library... Megumi thought as she scanned the paper. There were also a couple of other names on the paper who Megumi assumed would be the others who would also reside in the library.

With the announcement over, Megumi decided to make her way to the library. As she did, she thought about her small argument with her parents back home. She had rejected every other choice for her schooling, and had chosen this place. Now that Megumi thought about it, she probably should have done a bit more research on the place other than to make sure that it wasn't some scam. She had chosen this school out of impulse to see what it was like to not have her parents looking over every second of her life. If her father hadn't thought of that deal, perhaps she might not have been able to come.

Well, the past was the past. It was the start of a new life for Megumi now.
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Cupido lands from the sky with a whoosh of his wings. The speed of which he lands almost makes it seem as if he had simply been standing there the whole time. He walks, his wings folding neatly behind him as he grips his red leather briefcase in one hand and sips his favorite beverage from the other. He stands back as the headmistress greets the students to the school, his pink eyes flicking from student to student. As the nurse introduces herself he takes the last swallow of his beverage and tosses his cup to a trash can. The distance seems to far to work, but with the help of a small gust of wind the cup makes it easily.

His focus goes to the sky when spirits dance and he can't help but chuckle. Spirits presenting dorm assignments....how quaint. He watches as one student leaps into the air and tilts his head. that one...that one may be trouble A small smirk graces his face. He could handle that one easily...since obviously that one's problem was boredom. The question was if that one is in one of his classes though.

His focus shifts back to the other students who are skittering about like ants. Some searching for their dorms other doing whatever. He simply starts walking toward his office to drop off one of his favored bows. Of course, his office has multiple weapons he works with, but his bow is by far his favorite. His walk is more of a strut, a strut of a confident individual who knows they are somebody.
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It was a pretty show. Nowhere near as pretty as the Ice Sculpting contests back home, but enough to keep things interesting. But with the end of the show came a slip of paper and Mugi could only assume it was what the headmaster mentioned earlier. "Dorm assignments is it? Let's see. Lyssa Toungetwister. What an interesting last name. My Litte Roux." Little Roux? She didn't get it. Ignoring that for now she continued on past that. "Iravis. That sounds more like a name after all. And then there is. . . Mugi Icewoman. Is that suppose to be. . . me?" For sure it was suppose to be her. Not like there would be another Mugi in this school. She could understand the humor of it but that didn't mean she appriciated it very much. "And Katie the Teleporter. I'll suppose that's a title. A reference to what she could do?"

Even so, perhaps it was time to find her dorm and her dormmates. They all sounded eccentric if the names they were given was any indication. Still, she would have to ask about this My Little Roux. What was the significance of that? "So, I think the dorm is. . . Over here?" Sadly it was not the correct direction for the girl. Not that she had a bad sense of direction, everything was just foreign to her. Her old surroundings was nothing but grey, white and blue. Now there was the green of the grass and the assortment of colors that the flowers gave. She mostly was distracted by her surroundings and she just missed her stop a few times as she looked with amazement.

Finally, Mugi steeled her will to pay attention to where she was going as she came upon the building and found her way to the dormroom. She was sure she could get along with her roommates even with what weird names they were given. After all, she was given a name as well. Perhaps it could be used as a mark of honor with them? Taking a breath to prepare herself, Mugi stepped forward into the doorway only to see something. . . Very interesting.
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Meria and Drael had finally reached the school after a while, Drael reaching it faster than Meria. They spoke for a while before going their separate ways to find their dorms. Now, Here is Meria's introduction.

Meria looked around at the seemingly serene and wonderful place. She couldn't wait to spend her time in this wonderful place. All the people there seemed friendly enough. Glancing at the paper, she practically only looked at the dorm name, disregarding the actual names of her roommates. Her mother used to say, "Try not looking at the name before meeting them. Small things like this somehow change things." The thought of her mother made her smile as she took a last look at the adorable creature before heading over to the dorms. Maybe she had made a mistake by leaving with Drael but at least he was entertaining... I suppose.

Over the past years, her personality had gotten better and worse. She practiced holding a sweet smile everyday and introduced herself in the mirror all of the times. Her parents would be proud of her.

Thinking of Drael, she couldn't help but feel ticked off about before. The jerk.

Walking down the halls, she stopped in front of the dorm room as she opened it swiftly, her cherry blossom colored hair flowing gently. This was my new "home" I suppose. With that, she placed a kind smile on her face before turning to the two that were already there and bowed politely before raising her head to speak.

"It's very nice to meet you both. My name is Meria and I look forward to spending my days with you~"

They look like decent people so that's good. Their personalities couldn't be worse than Drael's tendencies at the very least. Meria looked at the both of them. The female looked sweet and the male looked... hmm... energetic. Well, whatever. Either way, as long as they are interesting, I don't care~
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Lissandra looked up from her marble solar system as the door opened. A boy walked in with a swagger that only a member of his sex could have. So they put boys and girls together in this school? Getting dressed with this guy around was going to be irritating. Just from when he walked in and announced himself Lissandra could already tell that he was the kinda guy who thought he was a ladies man. Well he would find no easy prey with her, though she would admit he was kind of cute. Shaking the thought out of her head she replied to his statement dryly.

"My name Is Lissandra Everdale. From this piece of paper that means you must be Lukas and as for sharing a bed with me." Lissandra stood up and approached Lukas until they were face to face. "If you value your current well being, you will stay in your own bed and out of mine. Though you never know. Maybe as we all live together something might happen?" Lissandra smiled slyly at the end of her speech returning to her bed and gathering her marbles replacing them in their pouch.

"And here's another one. Another girl good. I was starting to worry that it was just me and Casanova here alone in this room together." While it was true that Lissandra preferred to be alone with a quiet book, she needed to at least be on the same page with the people she would be living with. "Well my name is Lissandra Everdale. And yours is?" Lissandra had her hand outstretched for the new comer.

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Draél Fahlmer

Fresh of the boat and finally basking in the glorious magical freshness of the academy, Draél couldn't help but to feel a large amount of satisfaction as he parted with his familiar after getting back on dry land. Letting his clothing dry in the sun he went to listen to the speech given by the headmistress before turning his attention to the summoned spirit. It seemed to laugh a moment as it passed him a note... yet as Dra'el reached out his hand towards it the spirit would cringe in pain as it slowly dried up like a raisin and vanished into magical dust. Draél however chuckled slightly at this as bluish liquid formed in his glowing hand. He looked at the note for a while as it spoke of a tower where he apparently would stay, he didn't really mind this at all... he was used to living in tall places and towers were no exception to this.

Draél didn't care if it was at the bottom of the darkest pit of oblivion or atop of Yggdrassil, as long as he had somewhere to crash it didn't really matter that much. Yet this gathering was wonderful... if people were just standing around they didn't quite need the excess mana they had right?... a flick of the wrist and he could start to siphon of the mana of just about everyone he could around him. With so many gathered in one place it was quite the glorious feast. He drank its pure essence right out of his hand and mused to the taste of the mixture of mana. After sating his thirst he let out a sigh of relief before smirking to himself as he walked off towards the tower, in time to see something run up the side of it... great... his roomate was one of those things... he walked nto the tower and took a look around the building.


She had arrived after many hours long of seeking this place out, by plane... by boat and finally by foot. She was relieved when she stood among the crowd, even if she was exhausted to the point where she felt she could just turn into mush. However she didn't quite do that as even if she was weary people didn't just explode into mush... not even polymorphic ones like herself. Yet as the fairy/spirit/something thing delivered a note to her she looked at it intently for quite a while. She was supposed to stay in a library?... she thought about the option for a moment wondering if her current form actually was the most suited for such a task. After pondering about it for a while she decided to take a peak first at the room and decide later.

She asked around slightly until she found the library, it wasn't that far away really but she didn't really know how to pin it down without doing so. Yet as she stood by its doors she looked both left and right before walking inside. It didn't quite come as much of a surprise that a library was full of books... lots and lots of books neatly lined up on shelves... it was then it hit Melody... that the best form to substain in a library was that... of a book... she walked over to a table, sat down on top of it... and slowly let her body shift into that of a square object filled with pages... She left the title on the book to be 'Melody' and the pages would contain notes rather than letters and words. Some of her more favorite songs would be marked within her.
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That's all the dragon wanted to do. Blissful sleep and dreaming of times long past. Good dreams, mostly, though there was the occasional...bad one involving a certain burning of a certain village, but she had mostly given up on trying to get rid of those. It wasn't like they were ever going to go away, no matter how much she wished them too. No since in running from the hard things in life. She was a dragon, after all. She could just crush all obstacles beneath her claws should she want too.

...well, in the past she could have. Now though, she was a bit less capable. She could still threaten to eat people, though. That was always fun. However, the dragon simply yawned, turning over in her king sized bed. She didn't wish to wake, and simply pulled the white sheets over her, attempting to drift back off into her dreams.

Something else, had other plans it seemed.

And whatever that something else was doing, it was causing quite a ruckus.

in her tower. HER TOWER.

She tried pulling a pillow over her head to drown out the noise, but she couldn't ignore the fact that whatever was making the noise, was practically running up the wall outside. The following roar and voice commenting about a drink, however, made that completely impossible. Annoyed, the dragon sat up in her bed, grabbing a the first thing she could get her hands on - which just so happened to be her glaive.

With a roar of her own that was at least equal too, if not louder than the idiot occupying her roof, she threw the glaive right into the ceiling. It didn't have enough power to go all the way through, but now it was firmly lodged in the roof. Ugh, there went any attempts to sleep for the day. Might as well go see who this insolent whelp was that decided that her tower was something they could just waltz about freely in.

She got out of bed, retrieving her glaive before whoever was up there could get their mitts on it. In annoyance, she flew right out of the window which thankfully wasn't locked. She landed on the roof, and addressed the person on it.

"If you're gonna drink, do it somewhere other than my roof." She angrily shouted. "Better yet, you just fix the holes you put in my tower, you annoying creature."

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Arata didn’t even flinch when another roar sounded from within the Tower, enough to eclipse his own in magnitude. Nor was he startled when the end of a naginata pierced through the stone roof, before sliding off and away. The poor weapon, honestly. To have devolved from a slashing blade into a thrust pointy-stick. Another sign of how the people of this era had no idea how to use weapons, huh? He wasn’t even particularly impressed when some bat-winged bitch flew up onto the roof. A foreigner, huh? Maybe one of those demons that he heard about.

Despite her high-and-mighty attitude, as well as the strength that Arata could sense simply from her voice and her speed, the oni was more than a little pissed off himself, and didn’t really care for anything. Shooting a withering glare at the bat-girl, the sun-haired ogre stood up, tossing that piece of paper at her.

Your tower? Listen up, I don’t know what sort of rock you’ve been living under, but this is my tower now. And please, there’s already enough holes in the tower that the ones that I’ve added wouldn’t even matter.”

It WAS surprising, though, that the walls themselves were so pathetically thin. What, did the architects think that, just because it was stone, they could skimp out on wall-thickness? Clearly, this Tower wasn’t meant for lasting against a siege.
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Vera Rosenberg

Vera strode down the courtyard to one of her most visited places on campus; Montagne Academy's gorgeous blossoming gardens. At least it had been kept in good hands while the girl had taken her few weeks off in another part of France. That was all Vera cared about after arriving back at the school, really. Well, now that she was on her second year at Montagne, maybe she was a little bit concerned on what type of unfortunate occurrences would pop up.

As she had predicted, Headmistress Fiore began her usual welcoming speech, although it didn't sound as welcoming as the newer students would have liked. A torture chamber? Hah. Vera hadn't heard that one before.

Dorms were probably the most important thing on her mind right now. If she was going to room with another three or four people, she wouldn't want it to end up like what happened last year.

Especially not what happened last year.

But that was all in the past now. She wasn't stuck with that snob of a water mage or the raging red haired fire mage anymore. As long as she wasn't placed in a room with people who were complete opposites of each other, Vera could manage. Beating someone with a thorny stem because of conflicting personalities sounded a bit uncalled for, even for Lady Rosenberg herself. She would have loved to go back and sock those two girls in the face if she ever had the chance to, though.

Wisps of green danced through the air in large numbers, slowly descending to each student. In their nonexistent grasp was a piece of paper, the piece of paper that would determine the fates of the first year students, second year students and five hundred year students for the next semester. It was about time to unveil her dorm assignment.

Vera Rosenberg
Yume Dreamcatcher
Alicia Sanders
Ayame Foxgirl

All ladies, perhaps? That, Vera could deal. As long as they weren't like her previous dorm mates, she would be able to handle things pretty well.

Once she had found her way, Vera was a little bit surprused. Her designated dorm was… larger than she had expected. The girl cocked her neck up to get a better view of the tree house several feet above the ground. How was she supposed to climb up to a dorm hundreds of feet above her?

Vera decided to resort to her magic to do the job. A large stem grew from a magic circle in the ground, shooting the girl up along with her belongings. Her hand tightened around one of the thorns, just so she could prevent a deadly, neck-breaking fall.

"Hm. This is actually quite nice."

Her eyes darted around the rather large dorm as she stepped inside. A faint smile crossed her face as she layer eyes upon a large window in the kitchen. It seemed that Vera had already taken a liking to this large dorm.

"Now, I should probably choose a room to stay in… There are supposed to be about four in total, right?"

She grabbed the handle to the door on her left and pushed it open. Vera didn't expect someone to already be sitting there, though.


It was one of her roommates, of course. Putting on her usual suspicioso sweet, small smile, Vera approached the girl.

"You must be one of my roommates, correct? My name is Vera Rosenberg."

Vera spoke with the utmost formality, her clear British accent ever present. If you looked closely, you could see the girl's smile widening a little.

"I do hope we get along."

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-Yume Asikiba : Montagne School Gardens-

People finally took their eyes off her, finding interest in something else, the Archne let out a soft sigh as her flushed face began to return to its creamy hue. Yume was glad the attention was off her now as people stared towards the heavens, awestruck. She too turned her head upwards, watching the spectacle, smiling gleefully as the spirits weaved through the skies. She fidgeted for a moment as her arms remained crossed, palm on knuckles as the spirits began their descent.

As the green hue stared at her, she gave it a quaint smile and a wave as it held out the paper, detailing where she would have to go and who she was rooming with. The girl gave the wispy green a bow before receiving the parchment as it slid into her dainty hands. Opening it up, she began to note each of her roommates names and location. As the weaver of dreams stood midst the chaos, she slowly made her way forward, before depositing the paper in her bag.

"Pardon me, oh excuse me," she softly spoke, moving through the crowd of people with each sharpened black leg. She hummed as she moved forward, pausing only to ask if a blockade of students obstructed her passage. After a few minutes, she paused for a second, looking around the familiar area before retrieving the paper and reviewing over it before walking into the gardens, walking along the side of the high leafy ledges before coming upon a gate.

Curious, she stared at the steel for a fleeting moment before placing a dainty hand on the gate and slowly prying it open. As she entered a tick of wonder and amazement filled her as she stared up at the ginormous tree house within the confines of the oak. Her eyes we just as large as a kids in a candy store, her smile outshining the brightest of rays. "Oh my, what a charming abode; it looks absolutely gorgeous!~" She giggled with glee as she slowly plod towards her new home for this year, taking in the rather breathtaking sight.

As she walked around, Yume couldn't see any indication of how anyone might traverse up the solemn wood, unless they were an Arachne. Resuming her calm, more ladylike demeanor, she stopped giggling and set one of her legs on the wood. And another. And the rest... Yume began her slow crawl upwards, softly humming a tune as gravity tugged some her hair south. For a few moments, she took some respite as she glanced downwards, finding the view of the area to be impressive; she noted over the few students who stared, and gave the few a short wave to acknowledge them, closing her eyes and giving them a small grin.

Whether or not they noticed what she was doing, it didn't bother her as she felt tranquil as she continued the short-lived journey up the side of the tree. Eventually, Yume found herself above where the entrance was and gracefully hopped down, dusting herself off afterwords. AS she looked around, she took notice of a ladder, which laid near the edge of the home.

Yume approached it and automatically reacted by tossing the fastened ladder off the edge, watching as it quickly began its descent from the heavens. Then she saw it reach the ground, dangling about with ripples going about it. As it swayed side to side, the girl beamed proudly at what she did and turned around. "At least that will help the others get up... unless they've already arrived, which in that case... oh dear..."

As she questioned herself, she began to walk towards the door, figuring that if she disclosed her roommates were there or not would help her define if she mistakenly let down the ladder. As Yume entered, she tilted her head back to look at the door, softly smiling over that it was wide enough to accommodate for her abdomen. Scanning the area, the girl discerned there were no signs of life in the main foyer, but heard voices emanating from what of the open rooms. Scuttling along to the sounds, she found two young women occupying the same space, one of which was striking up a conversation.

"Oh, pardon me for the intrusion," Yume spoke sweetly as she moved her head to the side to get a better glimpse of the other girl. "I can only confer that you two are my roommates? Oh, apologies," she suddenly shot out putting a hand to her mouth as she stared at the floor, ashamed of her own interruptions. "I rudely interjected myself into this conversation... I'll wait outside here until you both are finished."
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Crisp British accent, stuffy choice of vocabulary... yeah, she's nobility. I'm going to have to try to get her to let her hair down. Alicia nodded as the other girl introduced herself. "Alicia Sanders, first year student. Plants a specialty. As for whether or not we'll get along, that's entirely up to you. Don't push me around, and I'll do the same for you."

At that moment, what seemed to be a spider-girl entered the treehouse. Alicia's eyebrows raised slightly. Sure, she knew that there were nonhumans around, but she'd never actually met one before. When the arachnid apologized and offered to wait until they were done talking, Alicia shook her head. "No, it's quite alright. We're going to be living together for a while, so we might as well get to know each other." She gestured at the bed she was sitting on. "Come on, sit down. It's not like I bite or anything."
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Megumi found a map of the academy and took the time to examine it, mentally mapping her path to the library. With the path fresh in her mind, Megumi walked away, keeping an eye out for the landmarks she had made notes of on the map. Doing so, it was quite easy to make her way to the library. Pushing open the door, Megumi scanned the place, turning her head around from side to side. It looked like what one would expect for a library. Shelves lined with books, as well as tables and chairs.

Megumi ignored those for now as she looked for her room. She eventually found 3 rooms side by side and entered the one she believed to be hers. She took a look around it as she placed her luggage in a corner. It was nothing fancy, but Megumi didn't expect it to be. Leaving her luggage in her room, Megumi returned to explore the library. While doing so, Megumi spotted a book on a table, so she went over to it to pick it up. Melody... Megumi thought as she read the cover of the book. She then began to flip through the pages, only to find music notes. Megumi wondered why this book was here and what it was even for, but figured that a book like this was currently beyond her understanding, and went over to a rolling cart to place the book on. A book should be taken care of, after all, not just left on some table.
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The Goddess looked at the woman who just loudly shouted her name out as red. There were two people who called her some version of that, and only two. Sir Wick called her Little Red, and the headmistress called her Little Roux. They had saved her from her old keeper, and had earned the right. Even though she was upset at the headmistress, she couldn't deny favors done in the past and debts owed.

The Phoenix decided out of her divine mercy to grant the woman one more chance before the fires of heaven came crashing down on her. It would do well to be kind to those you'd be living with. "I am called Iravis, tasked with living here as well." She opened the door, took a quick look around, and her mouth dropped as she observed the tiny room.

Ms. Griffin's smile dropped a bit. 'Iravis'? 'Tasked with living here'? Greeeaaat...she was one of the weird ones. Why the flying fuck did Katie keep getting stuck with the weird ones? Last year she had some loser that chewed her nails every night. All of her nails. Fingers and toes. It was disgusting. And now she had 'Iravis' and her great, mighty 'task of living'. Fine. Whatever. As long as she didn't try to hold any weird pagan sacrifices, things should be fine.

"Iravis? Huh. Gotta say, I still think Re-" Katie started to reply with a slight shrug. She followed Iravis into the room, but wasn't expecting her to stop so suddenly. Katie almost bumped into her. Almost. But she didn't. That would have meant touching the freak. Who knows what could have happened then? She might have been infected with the Weird. Personal space was a thing for a reason. Katie just wasn't big on the whole touchy-touchy feel good thing.

And why the hell did Little Red Riding Hood decide to just up and stop right in the mid-

"What the actual fuck...is this a joke?" Katie complained after mimicking Iravis' own scan of the room. It was...it was a fucking closet. With a bed. Singular. Where the hell were the others? Weren't there supposed to be four chicks in this room?

Katie slid past Iravis and headed down the short path to a door, hoping that it would lead to the rest of the dorm. And she wasn't disappointed! It was in fact more dorm...in the form of a tiny ass bathroom.



Was this the fabled private bedroom? Katie placed her bags and guitar case by the door before turning on her heels and walking back to Iravis. "There's only a bathroom that way." she mumbled, jerking a thumb back over her shoulder. "...and I don't see any other doors...this has got to be some kind of mistake, yeah?" she finished, her voice tinted with confusion.

There was only enough time for the goddess to nod her head slightly as the other girl finished scanning the room.

Meanwhile, completely unnoticeable to the two girls.

Under the bedsheets, completely immobile, laid an unseen threat.

A pink-haired, horned creature that lived off of the pain and misery of those who didn’t like to be touched.

Which these two other girls just so happened to be.

In one swift motion, too fast for either of the girls to react, the beast pounced. The bedsheets were tossed into the air, creating a momentary distraction. The next instant, the creature dived at the other two girls, the small room being perfect for the creatures attack as it extended its arms, intended to wrap both of them in a full body hug.

“Here’s Lyssa!~” The girl giggled loudly. Undoubtedly, the momentum of the tackle would likely send all of them sprawling towards the ground.

Oof! Katie didn't even have time to register the new voice before something hit her, catching her completely unawares. Panic ran through her veins! Rage clouded her vision! HATRED ENTERED HER HEART! SHE WOULD FUCKING END THE INSOLENT LITTLE WHELP THA-

She went down. Right on top of Iravis. And...something was on top of her. Something annoying. She hadn't seen it yet, but that much had to be certain. But to be fair, all she was seeing now was Iravis' dress and the ground, since, well, the third THING in the room was now sprawled out on top of her. Touching her. They both were. Ew. Ewewewewew.

The one on the bottom started cursing quietly in ancient egyptian as she tried to understand what was going on, panicking a little at the personal contact.

At the sound of crashing, a blue haird girl stared at the group piled up on the ground. Mugi was definitely not aware of the culture outside her village much as the Elder had decided first hand experience was better than being told, but this seemed a little extreme. Questions are the best way to figure out she supposed and asked the girl on top, "Would this be the local culture?"

Lyssa continued to snuggle her head against the girl she was laying on top of, arms wrapped around both of them tightly to prevent any sort of escape. However, at the sound of another voice she immediately jerked her head upwards.

“Awww, I missed one.” She pouted only a moment. Thankfully for the two under her, the timely arrival of the third girl spared them further snuggles at the moment, long enough for her to answer the other girls question. “Hehe, yep! Everyone knows greeting people with a friendly hug is the best way to make friends!”

Mugi did her best to process the information. Of course she knew what a hug was, but she didn't quite understand if it was different in whatever culture it was over here. "Is that so? Then I should join in to make friends?" That much she thought she understood, so she did what any guillible fool would do and join in by falling down on the pile and hugging the girl on top with a great poker face. The one on the bottom had been attempting to cast a spell, but the added weight snuffed the breath out of her as she struggled to breathe, making futile efforts to cast those on top of her off.

Lyssa simply giggled at the addition of a new person, ignoring the cold she got from touching her. It indeed, only made her want to hug more simply so she could attempt to warm up the other person.

"No. No. Nonononono. Off. Off. Get. Off. No. Off." Katie muttered during the chaos unfolding around her. The surprise and shock had started to wear off, being replaced by pure, unadultered anger. She struggled to push off the ground, but Iravis' own efforts made hers even more difficult, not to mention the two idiots on top of her having their disgusting little...y'know, actually, Katie didn't want to think about it. She didn't want to be in room anymore. She DEFINITELY didn't want to be in that dogpile anymore. So Katie did what Katie did best.

She fled.

The girl's eyes darted about until she settled on a spot just beside the bed. Like in the previous closet, a small tear formed in the space she was staring at. Then came the familar pulling sensation.

And then she was out of the dogpile, standing by the bed and glaring down at the three. The muscles around her right eye were twitching slightly. She had just been ambushed. Red had acted as bait, to lower her guard so that the other two could pull this little stunt. They were all in it together. Congratulations to the three newest additions to her list: red chucklefuck, purple chucklefuck, and pink chucklefuck. She rolled her head first to the left, then to the right, letting it crack. Then she began cracking her knuckles. She had entered a sort of zen state beyond anger.

"Never. Do. That. Again." she growled in warning.

When the one who called herself Katie mysteriously disapeared, the weight that had formaly been on top of Iravis was replaced by the slamming impact of the horned demon. After being temporarily winded completely, she recovered her breath and managed to get a few words out. "Remove yourself. Now." In her left hand, the goddess summoned a small ball of fire to get the point across.

Mugi eyed the ball of fire. Fire was never a good sign. "Eep. Understood!" The Yuki-Onna muttered as she removed herself and jumped back practically slamming into a wall. "Is that not the culture around here?" She asked in general, looking between the three other girls.

“Ehe, but you’re so warm~” Lyssa commented, sounding quite pleased with her situation still. Still, though, the demon relented her affectionate assault and let go of the other girl. She stood, giving a stretch and sitting on the bed with a grin, still obviously quite pleased. The girl that had been on the bottom breathed heavily, glad the annoying creatures were off of her.

“Nah,” She replied to Mugi. “Some people are just rude~” She giggled, before giving both Iravis and Katie an apologetic look. “Sorry, you both look so cuddly, but I’ll try not to do it again~” She giggled, before turning her head to Mugi

“Anyways, I’m Lyssa!~ Please don’t ask me to tell ya my last name, because I can’t even pronounce it right. You guys are my roommates, right?~”

Iravis shot a look over to Katie, questioning the sanity of the other two in the room as she rose to her feet.

The teleporter caught Red's look and just threw her hands up in response. Wasn't she in on this? But...if she was...why look so confused? What would she gain by continuing the act after the plan was launched? Had Katie just been overthinking things? She didn't have a fucking clue right now.

Un-fucking-believable. Was it too late to get back with Nailbiting Nancy?

She turned around and walked a few steps towards the corner before pivoting and going back the other way. The pacing had begun. "Whaddya mean 'you guys are my roommates'? LOOK AROUND!" Katie was juuust a bit past her tolerance level. She gestured at the little space not occupied by the girls and the bed."No...No. No no no....this...THIS has GOT to be some sort of mistake. I-this-you-" she started, but quickly fumbled with her words.

This was NOT how this year was supposed to begin. She was supposed to have a nice, quiet room, with some shut-in roommates that wouldn't bother her while she worked through her list. Not be thrown in a fucking cell with the goddamn Cirque du Soleil. "UGH!!!" she groaned, coming to a stop and massaging her temples with her fingers.

“H-hey, I said I was sorry.” Lyssa replied to Katie, frowning a bit at Katie’s annoyance. Wow, she didn’t think she’d ever seen someone get so upset over a hug before. Of course, she also sounded like she was upset over how small the room was…well, she did have a point there. The room was pretty small. “If it’ll make ya feel better, I’ll buy everyone lunch. There’s a great place I found when I got here. It has the most delicious ice-cream cakes.”

The goddess was initially agreed with Katie's frustration, but Lyssa's offer of food cut her off. Maybe this woman was honestly repentant, and as a goddess it was her job to show mercy and grace to those who offered sacrafices for the sake of forgiveness. "Those who honestly repent shall be granted mercy, and I accept your tribute." She didn't manage to keep all of her frustration out of her voice, and she moved next to the door, wondering if the others were ready to leave. She was a bit curious to figure out was ice-cream was, after all.

"Ice Cream Cake?" Mugi asked. She was curious. She knew what ice cream was and she knew what cake was but Ice cream cake? What madness could this be? "I suppose I could try this ice cream cake. It sounds interesting!" She was still wary of the fire-girl and would likely stay on the other side of someone in comparison of her.

Katie's mouth nearly hit the floor. Ice cream? THAT'S what they were going to focus on? REALLY? Katie pressed her lips together and just shook her head. Was this some sort of cosmic karma slapping her in the face? She threw her hands up again."Suuuure, let's all go get some ice cream, yeah? Let's just forget about this whole rooming situation. Ice cream is much more important! Then we can all hold hands and go frolicking in a field of flowers. Maybe we can even catch a ride on a goddamn friendship rainbow unicorn!" she spat out sarcastically. But as she looked from girl to girl, she gave up. What was the point? These idiots obviously didn't have a clue what was going on either. Getting all worked up was just a waste of energy.

She shook her head again before sighing. Her whole body seemed to sag then, from her head to her toes. She hung her head in defeat. When she raised it again, it was like she was a completely different person, one who didn't have a care in the world. She was wearing the smiling mask again. "Oh sorry, sorry. Don't mind me. Headache's got me feeling a bit grumpy. Let's just go, yeah? Ice cream does sound pretty nice right about now. We can go ask about the room after that."
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