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~Important People!~

~Summary of Events~

~Dorm Assignments~

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"I enjoy your eyes...because when I look deep enough I can see my own reflection"

Name: Cupido Morningstar

Nicknames/Titles: “Just call me Cupid darling” (His mother had a sense of humor)

Age: looks 25 (real age is 395)


Race: Fallen angel


Appearance notes: Often seen with black and white wing tip oxfords, only tattoo is an anatomical heart, wings go from white on top to a deep burgundy red at the bottom feathers, light pink eyes.

-Weaponry: “How to stab things close to you and how to stab things at a distance darling” Daggers, knives, and archery (non magical)

-Winds: How to summon and control winds “Generally one controls them carefully darlings...very carefully”

-Mentis Magic:: Desire

Basically, he can figure out an individual’s deepest desires by asking them, it becomes a type of truth serum as he continues talking. Can also be used to get what he wants. Can make people keep talking, or allow him into confidential areas.
-Prima Magic: Wind

controls winds from making a light breeze to creating a strong tornado.
-Mentis Magic: Illusion

Can create illusions to foll a mind/minds. Can make individuals see their worst nightmares or their best dreams. Can make a person go insane if used long enough.

-Desire: Makes him an excellent self detective. Allowing for him to find out if someone is lying, or if they are boring. Depends on the situation. This does not require much mana. The rest is more powerful in that he gets away with more. Much like a jedi mind trick.
-Wind: Very useful with arrows, tornados can be extremely destructive and very effective.
-Illusions:can make people see what he wants them to see.

-Desire: Requires a lot of focus, if his focus is removed the individual is no longer affected. The more he tries to get away with the more concentration and the more mana required.
-Wind: The more powerful the wind the more difficult to control the more mana required along with more concentration. Generally does not make tornadoes.
-Illusions: The more complex the more mana the more concentration the more draining. Same with amounts of people he is trying to use illusions on at a time. The more people, the more mana, the harder to do.


Inventory: A flip phone, some cash with a money clip, and a three sided knife he likes to call heart breaker....because it does a lot of damage.

Familiar: none...yet? “I would love a bird dearie”

Squad Name: none

Pesonality: Egotistical,where he loves himself more then others. Though if met with a strong personality that can stand their own, he may grow fond of them. His teaching style is more patient unless a student pushes him, then he cracks down on them....or volunteers them for apple duty. No one likes apple duty. (This may be shown in IC. It is quite humerus and the student isn't in any real danger he just makes them think that to straighten them out) He considers himself perfect and can tend to get on others nerves...it takes someone with an equal amount of confidence or wit to be able to handle him.

Cupido was born to a demon and an angel. Unfortunately for the angel, the demon killed him. (He has never wondered or asked about his father) His mother taught him magic, and shaped his personality. Along with magic, he also developed Houdini level escape arts. Leaving him able to escape out of most trappings and be smug about it later. Unlike most, he welcomes his duality and sees it more as an advantage then a burden. His English accent comes from living in England, the velvety sound comes from his mother. When he realized his powers were more then his mother could teach him he went to the school. And stayed...deciding to teach some of what he has learned to others. Surprisingly being a patient teacher with a bit of a strict side when pushed.

Other: He says darling and dearie...a lot
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"Hm...that wasn’t fun."

Night Parade of One Thousand

Age: Not really certain.
Gender: Male
Race: Oni
Sexuality: Straight
Year: No Year Yet
Stronger Than You
The ‘general’ of one thousand oni, Arata possesses nigh-limitless physical strength, enough that his physical form would be incapable of holding all that power without exploding into a bunch of gorey bits. At maximum strength, Arata is capable of casually swinging around a car like how others would wield a sword, and he bench presses fully loaded buses for training. However, even that relatively mediocre amount of physical strength is enough to splatter opponents from time to time. Thus, the Night Parade is also under a self-inflicted curse. Against those that are weaker than them, their strength will be limited to only slightly stronger than their opponents, ensuring that they will never completely overwhelm even the weakest of foes. The amount of physical strength Arata is allowed to wield takes into consideration magical power as well, and, when fighting against a group of enemies, takes the strongest of the group as the ‘limiter’. His speed, reactions, and durability, however, remain unmolested by this curse. Why? Because fuck those armies of five year olds.

Legendary Resistance
With sheer Determination, Arata overcomes all barriers that stand in his way, an avatar of destruction that can only be stopped by destruction. All magical spells, outside of those stemming from Prima magic, can be shrugged off and resisted with his Determination. Attempts to exorcise his army have been laughed at. Attempts to teleport him have been shrugged off. Attempts to deceive him have been ignored. Against his advance, only destruction can dissuade him.

With immense Willpower, Arata can force reality to make concessions for himself, pulling off physical feats that would be practically impossible without magical aid. While he is generally incapable of meeting the requirements for this ability, when it does happen, he is quite literally causing a miracle to happen just by willing it. This miracle more often than not manifests itself in the form of allowing him to exceed his safety limits without exploding.

Strengths: His power allows him to always have a good fight regardless of how strong or weak his opponent is, while his ability to flat-out no-sell magical effects and warp reality allows him the utility to face down those who are otherwise more versatile than himself.
Weaknesses: His power allows him to always have a good fight regardless of how strong or weak his opponent is, while his ability to flat-out no-sell magical effects and warp reality rely largely on his state of mind. Emotions are much more volatile than a trained ability like magic, after all.

Catalyst: N/A
Inventory: N/A
Master: N/A
Squad Name: N/A

Arata is, like most oni, someone who loves to fight. The blood that flows in his veins is fiery, and he’s a dramatically opinionated person, someone who finds it hard not to get passionate about everything. If he likes someone, he loves them to pieces, always watching their back and wanting to spar with them. If he dislikes someone, he despises them, always looking to pick a fight and beat their heads in. All things considered, Arata doesn’t have much of a middle ground when it comes to interpersonal relationships. He lives vivaciously and violently, and would love nothing more than to drown in the flames of a proper, honorable war.

Indeed, Arata is not someone who seeks victory in battle. He values fairness and honesty, seeking to win through skill and spirit, not simply because he drastically overpowers his opponents. Within the battlefield, he does not hold grudges, does not care for revenge, and desires only for his fist to crunch against his foe’s face. It is not within combat that he decides that he hates someone. It is only afterwards that he comes to a conclusion of whether or not they are his best buddy or his archnemesis.

Despite having some ridiculously good instincts when it comes to fighting, Arata, due to his heritage and his personality, isn’t really a smart person, academically. He likes simple, clean solutions, and can’t wrap his head around more complex subjects such as physics or psychology.

He also hates video games, because why would you play at fighting, when you can just fight in real life? God damned nerds.

Arata was once a normal oni, rampaging on the landscapes of Japan alongside his bond-brothers, slaying samurai, causing mayhem, and even challenging the Gods themselves. Back then, they were all audacious and violent, a Night Parade of One Thousand that just wanted to have a good time.

Unfortunately, the shrine maidens and the priests didn’t appreciate the festivities.

Under the guise of friendship, humans offered sake to the one thousand, lacing it with a drug powerful enough to down enough the greatest amongst them. Then, while the Night Parade slept, they crafted a seal powerful enough to restrain all the oni into a single body. Riotous as they were, the leaderless oni struggled for control of a single, shared body, and spent the next couple centuries flopping around like a pig with one thousand heads, incapable working together long enough to break the prison they were contained in.

Only after much struggle did Arata subdue his brothers with promises of glory and grandeur, and only when he became the undisputed leader of the Night Parade of One Thousand did he break out of the jar they were sealed in. The world, by then, had changed drastically. No longer were there wars to rampage in. No longer were there skilled heroes to challenge.

In the several centuries that had passed since the Night Parade was sealed, Arata learned that magic, the gift of the gods, had become mainstream. No longer was pure physical power appreciated, nor pure martial skill.

It saddened him.

He strode through familiar landscapes changed by the passing of time. He found graves eroded by countless storms. He sought the things that he missed.

And when the descendants of the exorcists that once sealed them came to restrain him, Arata did not have an appetite for crushing their skulls between his hands. He allowed them to attempt their exorcising spells, allowed them to attempt to re-seal him. And when he tired of their effort, he left.

Eleven months later, a midget representative of Montagne Academy found him on top of Mount Everest, and invited him to come, to find himself new allies to fight alongside and new rivals to fight against.

In a world that was so bereft with meaningless peace, what could an oni do but accept?
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Meria isn't very tall but not short either. Just in the middle I suppose. Hair that is cherry-blossomed color and always perfectly straight. Her bangs frame her face, curling up at the sides a bit. Her lips are always have a naturally pink tint to them and always looks moisturized. Her skin has no blemishes but she does have a beauty mark just under her right eye which might stand out to some.

On her back, she has a winged design with a knife in the middle.

It looks like it was a tattoo How did this happen? You'll have to ask yourself if you want to know~ her body looks fragile to some but she has muscle, she just doesn't get very bulky even though she exercises.

She only gives off an air of mystery perhaps. As if you can already tell that you won't be getting very close to her but she will always greet you with a sweet smile.

Her eyes are a peculiar color, looking as if they are a galaxy them selves. Purple mainly as well as other specs of pink and such mixed into it as they swirl around. This is an effect of being a baku. They seem to always be searching for people with dark pasts which makes their eyes mesmerizing. Seeming to try to suck you into her own little, lonely world~

She loves to wear her pink dress which she received from her mother and father. She often goes to get it fit so that she can wear it even when she gets older so tell her if you know a good tailor for her to go to~ Other than that, her clothes are... Usually pretty cute. She loves to wear over sized sweaters and the like due to the fact that she can snuggle up in them whenever she likes.

“Call me Meria!”
Name: Algentenia-- Name that her ex-parents named her. If you manage to get this out of her… Well, someone’s loved aren’t they.

Nicknames/Titles: -- Meria-- Name that her parents named her and the one she uses to introduce herself. Sweets-- Name that her father and parents used as a nickname for her.

“Almost 18!"
Age: 17

“Do you happen to be blind?”
Gender: Female

“Nightmare eater~”
Race: Baku

“Sexuality, huh. Well~ Whoever manages to interest me.”
Sexuality: Bisexual

Abilities: During her childhood, her parents loved to train her to be powerful and capable of mending for herself. But… You know how that worked out for themselves, haha!
--Nighttime meal,

“Nightmares?? Oh! Is it a child that I see asleep and trembling~? Well, let me help you with that and enjoy a fine meal at the same time.”
Nightmare meal-- Her most basic magic that she loves. She can of course, eat nightmares at any time. The process involves simply covering the eyes of the person and sucking their nightmare in. After a while, they will awake to find themselves not knowing why they were frightened or scared at all. She gets a full stomach from nightmares that are extremely terrifying since she loves spicy food. If it isn’t that scary, she’ll feel hungry still and unsatisfied, left with a sweet taste. Also, this power seems to cure scars cuts if they are only a week old. She doesn’t know why and doesn’t really care about that part but yeah, it adds some more good conscious for herself.

Weaknesses: Well, if it is too frightening or disturbing… She may end up throwing up. However, she honestly loves gore and especially killing so this rarely happens. “Bring it on nightmares!”

Nightmare to reality-- This power creates your horrid nightmare~ Well, she turns into your nightmare. If you are afraid of dark rooms, she’ll become a dark room herself. Afraid of drowning? She will become a pool filled with water. Just kidding! She has the power to create illusions that are far too realistic for their own good. It creates your nightmare right before your eyes and it makes it seem as though you can’t get away from it. She only becomes the most recent nightmare.

Weaknesses: This power has a stain on her mental state. She survives her life through the belief that killing her parents as well as other people is something that wasn’t that bad. However, everyone knows that there is nothing scarier that the stone cold truth~

Nightmare stealer-- This power allows her to use other persons recent nightmares for stanima, agility, power, and speed. They cannot be older than 2 weeks and the more frightening they are, the more powerful she gets. The range is pretty much anyone in the room at the time. She has to guess the person and hope they had a bad dream the previous night.

Weaknesses: If she were to accidently take a good dream, it wouldn't be of much help and in certain cases actually slow her down.

Other Skills:
Systema- Taught by her russian fighting teacher, she mastered this at a young age and likes to use it if she can rather than magic. The man that taught her was a local in her parents neighborhood. A nice man that fell in love with Meria apperantly. He seemed to want her to become stronger so that she wouldn't get taken advantage of. He was a tough teacher but Meria fell in love with the fighting style and trained hard every day, coming home with scars, bruises, and a bright smile. Systema focuses on controlling the important parts of the body—the elbows, neck, knees, waist, ankles, and shoulders, through pressure points and critical hits. The root philosophies of the system are based on the laws of biomechanics and anatomy, with much of the training focusing on studying the natural weaknesses of the human form so that one may manipulate them at will.

Multilingual- She was often told to learn different languages as well as encouraged by her parents. This was an easy task so she made sure that she made them proud. As of right now she can speak Russian, English, Japanese, Chinese, Spanish, French, Hindi, Portuguese, Russian, and German. Some she can speak or write better than the other but she can speak quite fluently as well as for some reason not having an accent.

Cooking- Her mother was a wonderful cook and the main chef for the cafe. She taught her how to cook and Meria can now cook as if she was a professional. “Food is a great way to capture a mans heart! How do you think I got your father?” she would always say but Meria knew that there was more to their love than food. Prepare your taste buds because she’ll melt your heart with the food that she can make. She loves to make simple espressos with cute latte art a lot.

See it 2 times memory- Pretty self-explanatory, no? She can memorize pretty much everything if she sees or reads it 2 times. It helps that she is also just book smart and loves to study~

Survival- She lived outside alone for more than 2 years. She picked up a few things. Camping and creating a decent meal with a self-made spear is pretty easy for her. As well as setting up a tent under 5 minutes. Other things as well but yeah, if you ever want to go camping, make sure to bring her just in case you get lost~

Inventory: Her bag which carries: A knife, a bunch of cash in her wallet, bandaids, alcohol wipes, advil, a photo of her parents as a couple when they were younger, and some candy for her sweet tooth.

"He may be sleezy as all hell, but he's actually not a bad person. No, wait, he's an extreme pervert though."
Master: Drael
“Well, people like to assume i’m innocent so I suppose I am~”
Personality: Meria gives off a sense of… innocence, that does not exist. She’s seen and done too many things to be called innocent~ Not that I’m going to get into that in the bio but let’s just say~ Her parents job included torture, killing, and holding people ransom on rare occasions and she was involved sometimes. Haha, butterflies always seem to be around her so that helps. People always meet her and make their own personality for her and she is quite fine with this. She isn’t a bad person or anything. She simply does not take into accord how her actions might affect the rest of her life. Killing her parents was practically something she did in the spur of the moment as well as having anger built up inside of her.

She hates to be bored. Boredom is one of her least favorite things in the world. This is probably a reason that she got into books. A parallel universe that always seemed to fill her with emotions that she hadn’t experienced before. She love stories and her father's stories were some of her favorites. By father, she never means her actual parents, always the ones that took her under their wing without even know who she was or what she had done. They were her ideal humans. Or demons. Or angels. Or whatever they were, she never really cared about such trivial things.

If you are an entertaining person, she will adore you, always seeming to be by your side and such. This does not mean that she is a cruel person that discards people that do not entertain her. Simply that she doesn’t stick around too long. However, she has a soft spot for cute things or people. True "innocence" is something that is hard to find. Her mask is a smile that seems to always be there and it isn’t really fake as much as delusional. She never found killing her ex-parents to be something horrid and never understood why people seemed to judge her harshly when they found out which they usually do since she doesn’t really hide it. She prides herself on her parents that she loves.

Sweetly smiling and laughing at dark jokes are a habit of hers. She won’t be a rude person. That would be shameful to her dear parents that raised her and were absolute angels. That is pretty much the reason that she is pretty sweet and can’t be rude really. She loves to watch battles and being in them? Hmm… I suppose it depends on the opponent. She hates wasting time with idiots but loves entertaining ones so if you piss her off but manage to pique her interest, expect to find her around you without even knowing the reason why and smiling. She's pretty damn straightforward but don't worry, she'll make it look like she was trying to compliment you. How does she really want to be? She wants to be childish but...Hm. (sadist?) ---Rest in IC.

"It's quite boring though."
Backstory: After she killed her parents, her life somehow took a big turn. Well, people would think so I suppose. Why did she kill her parents? She’ll almost always give a simple reason, “They were goddamn psychos!” with a triumphant hmph. The actual story was simply. Her parents were in the black market business (as well as other illegal stuff that she doesn’t know too well about) and got rich off of that. They were known for providing others with the best nightmares. Only professional night catchers can do this but her parents had the power to kill people and collect their death nightmare. A delicacy to all Baku's. This nightmare was a colletion of their fear of death and other fears finally conquering them and killing them. It was the most frightening nightmare of all and went for well, a lot of money. They did other things that involved humans as well. However, they were never satisfied with how they were living. Often bringing people to the house and gathering others to bet on who would win . A fight to the death between humans. Wonderful, no? Meria always had to watch, tied to a chair with a blank expression on her face. She was bored. One day she suggested to her dear parents, “Why don’t you two fight? I would bet my allowance~” with this, they were startled but all the same glad that she was taking an interest in their hobby. However, they didn’t agree. Instead, they brought her two closest friends and told her to bet on them. She was scared. They had blindfolds and she had no choice.

After her dearest friend had died, that same night, she snuck into her parents room. A knife in one hand and a wad of cash in the other. They were quite the deep sleepers. She silently tied them up as if they were marionettes., waiting until they awoke. Once they did, she played with them for a while. A simple fight to the death but much more gruesome than her parents way. “Aww, daddy died. I knew mommy was stronger~” with that, she killed her mother and fled her home, understanding that she couldn’t stay there any longer. All this when she was only 11.

Even with this, she didn’t think of herself as crazy at all. She never actually liked her parents anyways. Toys that were beginning to fail in entertaining her. They never actually showed her parental love and always made her do certain dirty work for the business.

After a while of living on the streets, at age 14, an old man (Well, old to her at least. She thought everyone older than 18 was old at the time.) found her and invited her into his home. She had a knife with her that was dripping with blood as well as her powers to accompany her. If he tried anything, she was more than ready to kill the old man (again, the couple is actually in their 20’s). However, the house was silent. Until a woman came who was old but seemed to be aging very well. They both greeted her with a sweet smile and openly allowed her to become their child. After this, her childhood was wonderful. They owned a small local cafe in the neighborhood.

Spoiled to the core yet understanding how to treat her dear parents she was honestly living a very blissful life as well as doing many things around the house. Not to mention that they were getting money every month from an unknown source that was herself. They were actually poor but somehow managed to look like they chose to live that way. Maybe they did. Spoiled… I suppose she thinks that way only because her actual parents were such crap, haha!

On her 17th birthday, her present wasn’t much. They couldn’t afford anything extravagant but they got her something that meant much more to her. A wonderful new dress that appeared to look like the one she had on when she first came to the home. A more polished version that was her size. Her mother had obviously worked a long time on it. Also, they explained that they thought that she should start going to Montogane academy. She was surprised, not knowing how they had figured out about her powers but perhaps… They were magic users themselves. “We couldn’t provide you with a proper education…” Oh. They didn’t know of the fact that she was practically a genius. Remembering a lot of college material by age 13 as well as from the help of private classes her ex-parents provided her with, and doing most of the finances since her parents were always failing at counting their damn money. Her memory was like a steel trap, remembering many things that she actually focused on. As well as studying every night with study materials. Hey, she ran away with home but she took a lot with her before she did. Including cash of course. She agreed due to the fact that they seemed to actually feel bad about not being able to teach her school education and magic. The last words of “I love you. Thank you for everything.” before leaving the house with a polite bow and a kiss on each of their cheeks.

Her theme song:
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"Just because I’m a cold person doesn’t mean I can’t have a warm heart."

“You may just call me Mugi. A pleasure.”
Name: Mugi Yukimura

“A Nickname? What’s that?”
Nicknames/Titles: N/A

“Seventeen years of age. Why did you need to know?”
Age: 17

“You all don’t seem to know my language all that well or you would know from my people's name. Of course I’m a woman.”
Gender: Female

“I’ve been told that most people of the west have never heard of us.”
Race: Yuki-Onna

“Not that I’ve been around many men, but they don’t tend to be all that easy on the eyes.”
Sexuality: Homosexual

"Cool down, you look like you need it."

Ice/Cold Creation and Manipulation: Mugi has the power she shares with all of the other Yuki-Onna to create ice from the moisture in the air. She can manipulate the ice and cold such as shooting shards or arrows of ice from her fingertips among many other things.

Minor Wind Manipulation: Along with the powers over the cold, her people are known to make flash blizzards with frozen winds in the mountain. Of course, full fledged blizzards need some of the most powerful Yuki-Onna or a group of average ones to make. By herself, Mugi is able to make the cool breeze freezing or even enhance the power of her own breath to make a utterly chilling attack. Or she can also use it to cool someone that is burning up.

Strengths: Her skills are great for freezing things, cooling things down, and making burns instantly worse than they should be! Remember children, don’t flash freeze your burns! That aside, as her abilities are around creating and firing or piercing with ice he abilities deal more physical damage than elemental.

Weaknesses: While she may be great at freezing things and the like, as a woman of the ice she is weak to fire and heat in general. It won’t melt her but she’ll feel greatly uncomfortable and it’s like she’s being cooked alive. . . even more so than for most people.

Catalyst: None

“I have pride in my skills at making Ice Pops and other things of the sort.”
Other Skills: Mugi considers herself very skilled at making Ice Pops and other frozen treats as well as carving Ice Sculptures.

”It’s too warm otherwise.”
Inventory: She always wears somewhat heavy clothes to hold the cold inside herself, for example she wears a scarf a lot to keep her cold temperature inside.

“I have no desire as of now, perhaps someone will change my mind? A pretty woman perhaps?”

“Shouldn’t one just be able to tell from conversing?”
Personality: Mugi is usually a calm and caring person with a bit of a devious side as is common with her race. She’ll be willing to help others out but might tease them a bit. For the comfort of others, for now, she tries to avoid directly touching them as she feels as cool as ice.

“I’ve nothing to hide really, ask away.”
Backstory: Mugi is a Yuki-Onna from a small village made up of solely Yuki-Onna. The Yuki-Onna have no surname, and when they must have one they use Yukimura.

In her generation, there were only five children including her. While the other four girls preferred other things, Mugi enjoyed talking to the Village Elder. While she was the oldest, she was also considered the most beautiful and knowledgable of all women in the village. Mugi has since been a great fan of the woman and strived for much of her life to be like her.

At Mugi's request the Elder would always tell stories of her times when she was outside the village when she was younger and fed the girl's interest in the world away from the village. She studied under the Elder and eventually got recommended to head to a foreign school to study with the knowledge of languages necessary to communicate with others.
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"Life is a party, so get out there and enjoy it!"

Name: Alicia Sanders

Age: 15




Bratus- Greenspeaker: Alicia can speak and understand the language of plants. It's fairly complex, meaning that she can get a good deal of information from them.

Bratus- Plant manipulation: Alicia can make plants grow spontaneously and rapidly. It's exactly as you'd expect.

Weaknesses: Her one major weakness is that she must be within ten feet of a plant to communicate or control it.

Catalyst: An oak wand with inlay of silver and unicorn hair.

Other Skills: She's a good artist and likes to draw.

Inventory: None.

Personality: She's fun, upbeat, and positive. Some might even say she's perky to the point of being annoying.

Bio: Alicia always knew about her powers, but never thought too much of them. Not that she thought it was something anyone could do, but she didn't really care about practicing or developing them. Finally, after years of attempting to convince her, her parents managed to get her to sign up for Montagne Academy. Now she's here for her first year.
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Shino Koizumi

"I like candy and... I... -Gets distracted and starts playing with cat toy-"

Non yet
"Non yet nya!"

"They say Shino is older but Shino is only 10 nya!"


Height and weight:
1,21cm 3,9ft
32kg 70lbs
"Shino can fit 3 fish"


"People who pet me are nice"

"Year? Like how old Shino is nya? Shino is 10 nya!"

Mentis Duplication: Can make up to six illusions of themselves to fight for them. Illusions will break after only one hit and don't have any presence. So the user can still be detected under the illusions. Illusions can fight and do physical damage.

Mentis Hypnotism: The user is able to affect or directly influence other people's minds to their commands. Only simple commands work like sleeping or sit still. The magic only works when the user is in direct eye contact with the user and at least half a meter/2ft in front of them.

Combat capable, trickery, disabling.

Only close combat, weak against very intelligent people, glass canon.

A red lint wrapped around her tail with a small bell attached to it
"It does ring ring when Shino walks walks."

Name tag, phone number.

"Nyon nyet"

Squad Name:
None yet

Shino is with one word explained a kuudere, she doesn't show emotion in anyway. She is cold, blunt, cynical and mostly doesn't seem to care if someone she knows dies. But actually she is really caring and nice on the inside. Shino doesn't mean harm to anyone and would rather peacefully play with her toys or her master rather than fight. She is quickly distracted by things she likes but can still be serious about things once she puts her mind to it.

Two adventurers ventured the world together in order to search for the secrets of the world. One of the two was from the far eastern land called japan and wasn't so to say human. She was a nekomimi that the lonely traveler had met along his journey. The other traveler was a man from the land of sand, Egypt.

After about 10 years of traveling along with each other they decided it was enough. They were getting too old for this and needed to calm down a little. They decided to make a few last destinations they were bound to visit and settle down in the last marked placed, the origin land of the man Egypt, to live a happy life with the two of them alone.

Not everything went as planned, instead of living with the two of them it had become the three of them. On their way towards the spot they were bound to set their home a faithful night had placed something in the belly of the cat woman. A baby nekomimi, it wasn't as planned but they were happy with it. So here is the story of the young Shino.

Shino was born about 3000 years ago in the time period of ancient Egypt. She was born and grew up in egypt raised by her nekomimi mother and father. As nekomimi she was actually praised as some sort of god by the appearances of her cat ears and tail. Her and her mother always got treated the best possible way by the people around the city. They got offers and were always helped if they needed any help.

Shino sometimes wandered around the city just to explore or find food somewhere. She would get loads of praises or food but people wouldn't only give her stuff but pray to her too. Like she was the right hand of Bastet. Shino got invited a lot to the god too just to talk a little. The god liked every god so she took a quick liking to the weird catgirl just because she was abnormal. One time when she was walking the stairs up to the top of a temple she misstepped and almost immediately fell down the stairs. Shino broke a few things whelping on each step she fell but her suffering was soon ended when she fell on her head.

Shino was buried in the pyramid of bastet mummified and all so her body got spared. They decided that such a creature couldn't be embalmed the way the usually would do it. They decided to leave the creature as a whole and not touch it any further.

3000 years later the coffin with her body in it finally got found in the pyramid. They thought it was rather remarkable that they found a human with cat traits. Everything of her body still was fairly intact so the academy tried resurrecting the girl after a quick body repair. They found it rather interesting to hear about the girl and decided to let her stay at the academy so she could get used to everyday society

Reina Izumi

"I'm hungry..."

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Height and Weight
157cm 5.15ft
43kg 95lbs




Circum Living black hole

Reina is the wielder of a very special ability. From the very first moment she was born it was already known that she essentially has another world inside herself as far as they knew. Reina is able to suck up spirits, phantoms and everything else that doesn't belong in the human world with rather ease. Items or other things from the human world will be sucked in a little slower than anything that doesn't belong there. When she activates her ability a tornado appears from her mouth and will try to suck up everything close by. Items from earth will take 4 times longer to suck up the items that don't belong in the human realm. Mana will also be sucked up and stored in her own mana pool. The tornado is too strong to let anything not from the human world get out of the portal again, humans and such at least have a small chance of escaping, so it's basically a one way portal.

Powerful as support, Won't ever leave her out of mana.

Highly immobile when she activates her ability. She isn't combat capable so she mostly sits on the sidelines waiting till it's her chance.

Doesn't use any

Other Skills:
Self defense
Home cooking

She only has keys on her for the dorm room

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Reina a calm and kind girl, but she thinks it's embarrassing for her when other see her using her ability. At times she can be shy and reserved. However, she have good manners and treats everyone with respect, which is seen when she usually speaks in honorifics (san, kun, sama) etc. She also likes to eat and does eat a lot for her size, saying that her dream is going to an all-eat buffé. She doesn't give her opinion much and rather watches from the sideline.

Reina grew up in a rich family and was treated well even when they knew she had such a power within her. She was treated like no other member of the noble family, with respect and kindness. She learned to be polite and good mannered by her parents and her home teacher. Reina quite easily learned to handle her own powers and could hold herself back almost all the time. She wasn't allowed to use it anywhere for her own benefits for the sake of the ones around her.

Reina was introduced more to the outside world when she was older and she could handle it all fairly well. She knew that her powers weren't suppose to be known to the outside world and if it were the case it could be used in terrible ways by the government. The only thing that wouldn't withstand her from showing it to the world was her appetite. She could never go eat outside of her house or get any treats from the super markets. The only place she was allowed to eat was at home. If she were to ever get into a supermarket on her own it would mean the end of the world. That was when it happened, her dream was set. She had never heard of anything like it before but she fell in love with it. An all you can eat buffet. Her parents however hardly declined it. She would never set foot in a place like that or the restaurant would go broke.

Reina was soon invited to Montagne Academy and her parents approved of it so she could grow as a person and learn more about her ability.
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