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Current It occurs to me that you could turn Alien: Isolation into a TTRPG and have a good time.
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My betta fish died today. Swim in that aquarium in the sky, little buddy.
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Okay, I'm beat. Replies tomorrow.
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It's turning into one of those days. I'll get replies out tomorrow.
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Haven't been able to sleep. I miss my dog. 16 years was a long time, but it still wasn't enough time together for me. 💔


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@The World I'm rather impressed, actually. My only disappointment is that I need to veer away from using DexDoruGreymon as my Digimon's Ultimate like I'd planned, but since I plan on incorporating a certain Digimon group in the future, I should be able to change that without a problem.. Plus, the Dorumon line has some interesting potential for Dark Digivolution.

In short, approved.
@Psyker Landshark I wholeheartedly approve of the use of Gaossmon, to be clear. Deserves some love despite being relegated to the role of grunt in Xros Wars.

Back on the subject of future arcs, I do have an idea of how/why Cyborg and Machine Digimon could be used as enemies.
@Psyker Landshark Yurie looks good. The only issue I have with Marauder is his Ultimate/Perfect level form, since Megadramon is a Cyborg type. However, since that I'd a bit farther down the line, I suppose I can come up with something in the story that would allow it. I didn't add it to the "What is a Digimon?" section (though after work I will), but what form a Digimon can evolve into can partly be determined by what kind of data they take in.

In short, accepted.

Thousands of years ago, the Digital World was overseen by the Royal Knights. These thirteen Holy Knight Digimon, originally sworn to serving the will of the host computer Yggdrasil, took it upon themselves to protect the weak and maintain peace. The Royal Knights divided the Digital World into thirteen districts, each overseen and protected by one of them. For as long as the Royal Knights drew breath, the Digital World was safe. But peace was never meant to last...

From the Dark Area came powerful Digimon known as the Seven Great Demon Lords. Led by Lucemon, they sought to conquer the Digital World and rule over it with an iron fist. The war between the Royal Knights' and the Demon Lords' forces raged for over a century. Both sides took massive losses, and the landscape of the Digital World was scarred from the constant battles. In the final battle between the two sides, Omnimon, Alphamon, and Gallantmon fell to Lucemon. But the Demon Lord decided to spare the three death, and infected them with a virus that twisted and corrupted the three Royal Knights, hoping to use them as servants.

It would be Lucemon's final mistake.

The corrupted Royal Knights became little more than mindless beasts with an urge to destroy. The three turned on Lucemon, and slaughtered him and the remaining Demon Lords, before beginning to rampage across the Digital World. The Digimon prayed to Yggdrasil for salvation, but no answer came. The three Fallen Knights carved paths of destruction across the Digital World before sinking into deep slumber. The Digimon built tombs around each of the Knights to seal them away, lest they lay waste to the Digital World again...

But darkness is returning. Digimon are hungry for power, and will do anything to attain it. Many take it as a sign that the Fallen Knights will rise again to destroy the Digital World. The faithful continue to pray, but unlike before, Yggdrasil has seen fit to answer their prayers. Heroes from another world will come, whether they are ready or not.

Welcome to the RP!


  • First and foremost, try to be as polite and courteous to each other as possible. We're all here to have fun, after all.
  • Please try to be as communicative as possible. Going to be out of town for a while? Writers block? Let me and fellow RP members know, we'll understand.
  • Try to write a minimum of one paragraph (6-7 sentences with decent spelling and grammar) per post. Some posts might not even need that much, or you might be struggling to write, but try to avoid that. If writers block is a problem for you, feel free to brainstorm OoC with other RP members.
  • Mild language and innuendo are allowed in the RP, but if you wouldn't hear it in a T/PEGI-16 rated game, then characters shouldn't say it.

What is the Digital World?

The Digital World is a plane of existence that came into being with the advent of computers. As access to technology increased, it became larger and more complex. Time flows at an accelerated rate in the Digital World in comparison to ours. As time and technology marched on, lifeforms evolved in the Digital World, influenced by mankind's history and legend. These creatures are known as Digimon, and they take on a myriad of sizes, shapes, and concepts.

What is a Digimon?

As previously stated, a Digimon is a digital lifeform. The first Digimon were rather rudimentary in nature, bearing more in common with computer viruses and files than what we see today. At the center of every Digimon is a DigiCore, a program and data that roughly correspond to the organs of real-world animals. As long as a Digimon's DigiCore is functional, they can heal from nearly any injury if given the time and energy to recuperate. Most Digimon have an innate desire to engage in combat, though this is usually expressed in competitions and friendly battles.

The Digivice G

The Digivice G has a variety of functions, but its main purpose is to help channel a Tamer's emotional energy to a partner Digimon in order to help them Digivolve. Other functions of the Digivice G include:
  • Displaying information on a Digimon, including level, Attribute, and attacks
  • Showing direction (NSWE)
  • Making phone calls to other Digivice G users

@Fish of Oblivion I'd say we have enough room for one more.

@Rin@The World@Psyker Landshark@Lord Orgasmo I'll work on the OoC thread today. My brain is telling me to create a map of the Digital World, but my computer isn't up to snuff to run most map makers out there. In time there might be a map of some sort, but for now there won't be.
@Rin To be a hundred percent sure, I would appreciate seeing a CS of the custom Digimon via PM first. 🙂
@Rin I would say OC are reasonable, as long as we don't go nuts. No Rookie as strong a higher level Digimon and so forth.
@The World There is no in-universe Digimon series.
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