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Nakreyya listened to Fionn's explanation of these artificial intelligences. There were larger questions that his statement posed. The presence of a soul, and how to define one being paramount in her mind... however, she felt that this sort of philosophical debate was largely outside of her realm of knowledge, and did not need to be approached at this time. She was more interested in what was possible, and less so about the ramifications of those possibilities. Still though - it was amazing to see what other cultures and planets were capable of making.

All things that had been considered were real somewhere. The universe was vast.

As they entered the central hub of the ship - the nerve center and brain, as Nakreyya understood it, she found herself walking the edge of it, looking at the strange language that filled the screens and the interfaces that allowed an individual to interact with those screens. A smile crossed her features, though she dared not touch anything, not understanding what they were. Here and there an icon was simple enough to be clear to her - but on the whole it was a strange and fascinating new world.

Her attention was drawn by his voice, as he motioned her to the windows toward the front of the room. She walked over, and placed her hands on the glass as the ship began to lift off from the floor. She felt no odd movement, not like flight on the back of the Nightmare, where her stomach felt as though it were moving in her body. This was smooth, as though she were watching something on the screen that were not happening to her... Like a... television show, if she remembered the words correctly.

She looked back to Fionn after a moment. His expression was pleased at her reaction, and she laughed slightly, "I must seem as a child to you. All wonder and mystery... This is truly a stunning sight, however, to be so high up and yet feel none of the movement. I have flown before - but on winged or magical creatures. Not on a ship such as this one."

She let herself be drawn into the sight before her. Her eyes scanning upward to look for the stars, to see the edge of the horizon from so far above. She had little chance to see the worlds she visited as the pearls they were. Spherical places of life in a vast nothingness, so separated from everywhere else. Insular places, so different, and yet, so beautiful.

There was so much life. So many different ways of being... it was truly staggering if one allowed herself to think on it.

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"Artificial Intelligence. How intriguing," Nakreyya said, pondering the idea for a moment. "You say limited - inferring that there is some sort of unlimited Artificial Intelligence? Are there worlds where life can be synthesized within machines?"

She seemed to have an easy time with the constantly evolving nature of the ship, the strange room that seemed to serve as a magical portal between locations, and the changes in design and decoration from place to place. Though she was clearly awed, she showed no signs of distress or alarm. She was all too aware of how little she knew, and was unafraid of the concept of learning. She had been a model student in her years, and had the added benefit of this being a subject of personal interest to her.

"Ah yes, the difference between military and civilian vessels. That is admittedly similar, no matter the world. With a registration like KRS, I was curious if you were a military vessel. I have only seen such letter designations on the ships of fleets. Though, my understanding of such methods of transport is limited. I have been on military vessels only three times in my life, most often I traveled... well, in style. And when I was traveling with the military of my people, it was on sea - not within the stars."

She had been walking the edge of the room, her long fingers running over the construction, taking in the style of the ship, but she turned toward him as her last words finished, a sudden curiosity on her features, "Are there windows to see the stars when we travel? I mean... if I am on the ship when it takes such a voyage. I daresay our current trip will likely not take us so close."

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Nakreyya followed a few steps behind Fionn. She ran her fingertips over the plating, feeling the almost seamless construction of the metal plates. She knew it could not be carved from a single source, but the fitting of each plate was so perfect that it was difficult for her to see where one plate ended, and the other began. Her ability to build was rudimentary when compared to this ship, though she felt no shame at her lack of knowledge. She had lived on a world where the stars were places where Demons or Celestial beings lived, not where one could fly in a ship of metal.

She knew enough about sailing vessels to understand what 'the Bridge' was, and what function it served. She had not been on many sea vessels that required a Bridge, most using Quarterdecks, however - she had been part of a political envoy once in her youth, and the vessel in which they traveled had been large and luxurious enough to require a proper Bridge. As part of her journey, she had been invited to view it. At that time, she'd borne no interest for such machinery, and had squandered that opportunity to ask questions. She would not make that same mistake in this vessel.

"Engineering Degree? I suppose I should not be surprised that there are planets and places where such things are taught in school. My Formal Schooling was geared toward etiquette and culture. Perhaps my life would have been different if I could have specialized in Engineering from a young age," she commented with the hair of a regretful laugh. "I must ask - many seafaring ships I have been on have needed a retinue of at least a dozen men to operate. I do not see any crew aboard this ship. Is that accounted for by magic, or is it simply a matter of efficiencies built in to the machinery?"

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Nakreyya lead Anzu to the stable section before assisting Grug with his horse. Anzu was quite acclimated to technology, having seen Nakreyya work on a great many mechanical things. He settled himself into the stable area, and seemed to be taking in the ship with a bored sort of dispassion. He gave the other horse a bit of space, the creature being more spooked.

"A tour would be lovely," Nakreyya said, looking back to Fionn. Her face seemed to light up a bit at the idea, a faint smile to her features, a light in her good eye. She waited until Grug and Anzu were settled before going back to Fionn. "I do promise not to touch anything, given my past experiences with vehicles such as this one. I do have a little experience with motorized locomotion however... I got the opportunity once to ride a motor...cycle... I believe that is what it was called. It was interesting - much smoother than riding a horse, but also much louder."

She would wait patiently if he had any procedures he needed to complete in order to take off. She didn't want to be in the way, nor did she wish to be a nuisance. She was excited to see the ship, however. She'd been so quick to leave the others she'd seen that she was looking forward to walking around one where her very presence wasn't paradoxical, or problematic.

@Silvan Haven @Hekazu
Anzu walked alongside Grug's wagon, Nakreyya on his back. She was comfortable riding, the reigns for her steed loosely in one hand, and largely for show. She watched Fionn as he walked ahead, showing them both the way. His expression and body language spoke to a desire to be alone, and Nakreyya was find affording him that luxury. After all, she and Grug would be invading his space for an indeterminate amount of time, and Nak knew that she could be... cranky... herself if she didn't get time to be alone.

For her part, she turned her mind to her curiosity about Grug. She had some experience with the loss of a body part, and subsequent replacement with something different. Her glass eye and eyepatch were not sapient, as such - but mingle them with the not so incongruous analogy of her relationship with Anzu, and Nak understood why Grug had correlated her steed with his arm.

"If you do not mind me asking - what happened to your arm?" Nak asked, not turning to look at Grug as she spoke.

The orc was surprised by the question and took a moment to blink and gather his thoughts. The elf had wanted to talk after all. "That is a long story. It was always a weak and feeble arm, but once upon a time I spent too long gazing beyond the Veil... and next thing I knew, I was back in my little home, everything on the shelves had been trashed about and my arm was even weaker", he began to share, stopping to take a breather.

"The... Veil?" Nakreyya did turn toward him this time, raising a delicate eyebrow as she considered his words.

"The Veil is what guards the future and past from mortal eyes. We are only meant to view the present... few of us can see beyond it. I see the futures that may come to be. As I have told you, they are many. Some good, some bad." The question asked of him drove his tale to a different track than it had been taking before.

"I see, my apologies for the interruption. Please continue," Nakreyya said with a nod.

"Ah, yes, where was I...", Grug gathered his thoughts for a second. "I should have understood the warning signs back then... but what the voice I heard next told me what it was. Gaze too long beyond the veil and the veil will make you its own. And so I have carried Slammy within me. They awaken at the three words of awakening... I hope that need not be done."

"Slammy... that is an interesting name for your arm. It is sentient, I gather? Has will of its own?" Nakreyya couldn't keep a hair of a smirk out of her expression as she said the name.

"If it has a name it has not told me. That's what I call it. It slams things. And yes, it very much lives on its own accord. As I've told, it understands not to attack me. But once it awakens, either it has to kill or be killed. And the cacophony it makes..." He tossed his arm through the reins so that he could hold onto them with his elbow joint while rubbing his eyes. Slammy's appearance was hardly pleasant for anyone involved and he had to be present every single time.

"Interesting. I thank you for sharing the story, and hope my questions were not too personal," Nakreyya said formally, she did hate to pry.

"You are welcome", Grug responded to the woman with a nod, flicking his arm to guide the reins back into his fingers. "I will find the time to ask you something similar, so we will be even in time. Worry not about it. An Oracle answers to questions for a living."

Nakreyya actually smiled, laughing lightly. The sound was genuine - borne of amusement from the joke. It was rare she laughed, but she enjoyed it all the same. Something about laughter felt light, and airy. It felt like the old her... the one who had dressed in slinky gowns of red silk and tapped goblets of crystal in celebration. "As you say," she said to Grug, shaking her head with amusement. She kept her horse near his cart, continuing the ride alongside him in silence.

Once they arrived at the ship, Nakreyya felt an overwhelming urge to crawl over every inch of the mechanics and breathe in an understanding of how the ship functioned. She knew they wouldn't be on the ship long, and now she sorely regretted that fact. She would love to crawl through every secret the ship had to offer. Fionn ascended to the top of the stairs and opened his arms magnanimously for the others.

"Welcome my friends, to the KRS Wandering Guardian. My home away from home," he said.

Nakreyya dismounted from Anzu, and began to guide him up the ramp and into the ship. She looked around inside, taking in the neat lines of the construction.

"She is lovely, Fionn. What do the letters 'KRS' stand for?" Nakreyya asked, walking Anzu to the corner of a large area where he would be out of the way, and stroking his head as she turned to wait for Grug to come up behind her, watching to see if he'd need help loading his wagon into the ship.

@Silvan Haven @Hekazu ((Transcript of Grug's conversation provided by Hekazu via Discord! Offered with permission!))
Nakreyya nodded her understanding of what Grug was saying about his arm. She wanted to ask more after how it had happened, but figured that may be a question better saved for the Spaceship, when they were traveling. She did not miss his action of spitting at her reasons for going. She understood the act to mean that he did not feel she was doing this for the right reasons. In her old life she would likely have slapped him for such a show of disrespect, but she couldn't find the anger inside of her to do such a thing. It bothered her, but not that he had done it... it bothered her that there likely would have been a time she would have felt as he had.

She simply raised an eyebrow at him without speaking, before noting that Fionn was collecting dishes. She nodded as she watched him head to where she usually cleaned such things, and she herself went to collect the traps she had set. She was fairly sure neither man would follow her, and that was fine. She worked swiftly on her own.

As she walked, she thought about Grug's action. She had been passionate, once upon a time. She had loved, and fought, and nearly died - but those years had come and gone. She had long outlived her usefulness. Her passions had died, or been murdered. She was left as a surviving shell of herself. Perhaps this was a poor reason to fight, to go with Fionn and Grug to this dangerous place. Perhaps without the passions she'd once had she would die in the attempt - lacking the driving emotions that tended toward keeping people alive.

And yet... she just couldn't bring herself to care. She couldn't bring herself to change her direction now. She was rudderless, caught in the tides that pulled her.

@Silvan Haven @Hekazu
Nakreyya listened to Grug as he spoke his thoughts both on her steed, and on the matter of Fate. She saw Anzu glance over as the word 'tamed' came out, and she knew both she and Anzu were thinking the same thing. The veil of a smirk crossed her features, but she waited for Grug to say his piece before speaking.

"Anzu is not tamed. He cannot be broken or gentled. He made a conscious decision to help me for reasons of his own. I freed him from a prison where he was being kept as an oddity, bound by twisted spells that were inscribed around him. He decided that I earned my freedom with his, and has dutifully been my companion since that day. He is free to leave my side at his discretion, as I am free to do the same of him - but neither of us has.

"The Nightmares we see in our sleep at night are... hard to behold, but that doesn't make them inherently evil. Such is the same for Anzu. He has suffered a great loss in his life that turned him from a creature of pure light to the steed you see before you. I cannot speak as to why he has changed, as he does not communicate in my language, but I know well enough the acts that create a steed like him. He is as I am - once beautiful, once respected and revered. Now a wanderer, feared or hated... certainly misunderstood. Anzu is not evil, he is corrupted - but he is not evil. He is... simply not pure any longer. His blood could no more heal you than mine could. His horn is gone, and all the powers with it. I would have to imagine he's sorrowful for what has transpired to take such things from him, but I have never known him to show malice or hate.

"I believe he chose me because I showed him mercy. It is a selfish arrangement for both of us, to need a companion - especially one that understands how we feel. I would no more recommend his demise than I would remove my other eye and make myself blind. Too much in this universe is mere misunderstanding over true despotic evil," it had been probably the most Nakreyya had ever said at one time, though she felt it was important for both Fionn and Grug to understand, and accept her unlikely companion. Anzu commanded fear at his very presence, but Nakreyya had never been afraid of him - and she hoped to pass that acceptance on to her two new companions.

"As to your answer about fate... There are many reasons to reject this opportunity. We are an odd party of people, and will certainly be in grave danger as we continue. This being a fated encounter, or random happenstance does not change that. That said, I have very little to lose with that danger, so I will stay. I simply have reservations at the notion of some grand plan that intended my presence here. I feel as though that moment passed for me long ago," Nakreyya reached down to the table and lifted her eyepatch as she spoke, shifting it up to tie it over her eye, feeling the draw of the mana from the glass battery she wore as an eye, and into the eyepatch, which whirred to life. "I will begin to pack so that we can alight to the Space Ship shortly."

@Hekazu @Silvan Haven
Nakreyya followed most of what Fionn said. His level of technology was different from her own. The spaceships she has seen previously hardly counted for being mechanical. They were sleek machines with few moving parts. She wondered if Fionn's ship would be similar - full of shiny chrome silvers and the placid voice of a woman of guide you.

"That is quite fascinating, Fionn," Nakreyya said, as Grug remained silent to allow the two to discuss the technology. "I shall try to refrain from asking you every question I have about your ship while we are on it... otherwise I fear we will abandon our mission such that you can teach me." She smiled a somewhat rare smile at her mild joke, the act warmed her one eye, and softened some of the severity in her expression.

"Anzu is... my method of movement between locations. He is a Nightmare, a corrupted Unicorn. He travels the dark dreams of those who sleep in this level of reality. He is capable of walking the darkness of their souls to take me somewhere new. It is an... unusual method of walking, and can be hard on the soul, but it is quite effective," Nakreyya turned her eyes toward her companion, who glanced at her. He seemed to understand she was speaking of him, and threw his fiery mane as though proud of her words.

@Silvan Haven @Hekazu
Nakreyya considered the words of her two companions in silence for a moment. She ate her food, the words of both tumbling around in her mind. Her expression was passive, difficult to read as she grappled with two difficult sentiments.

"I have two matters of concern.

"Primarily; Fionn, I have been on a Star Ship before, briefly. My version of Mechanika has proven a hinderance to that sort of advanced technology. You are, yourself, arcane - how is this ship powered? How do you bridge the disparities of that level of technology with math?

"Secondarily; Grug, are you certain that what you see is indication of fate? Is it possible that it is only a series of likely events that is now concentrated on the three of us as being the most likely to take this journey?

"I only ask because I find the concept of fate to be a little unbelievable. That we are predestined to a point in our lives, that all choices - and all evil we suffer lead to one particular point. If this is the case, how does one determine the last point on that scale? When are you past the tides of this fickle fate?"

She looked between the men as she spoke, her one good eye tracking their expressions as she ate, her lilting accent calm and elegant.

@Silvan Haven @Hekazu
Nakreyya set up her small camp with practiced efficiency. The tent doors facing away from the wind, the small table set up so she could do some work if she wished, the traps all laid out in the surrounding area to catch food for their journey. She helped build a fire, and then spent some time tending to Anzu. Considering all they had discussed - of destines and fates - she was more than a bit happy to get back to the normalcy of survival, the sheer mundanity of it.

They were the three that had remained. Grug, Nak, and Fionn... as she removed the saddle from Anzu's back, she pondered they three. She wondered if they weren't making a mistake. They were all combatants, though others had exhibited far more fight than the three of them. She, herself, fought only as a last resort - she had always preferred the mysteries, and the puzzles to solve over the feeling of sinking a blade into another.

Though she was not opposed to the latter, by any stretch of the imagination.

Grug was of an advanced age. She thought she might be older, still - but he had lived enough to show wisdom behind his eyes. However, there was no speed in his muscles anymore. That said, she knew enough of Orcs to know not to underestimate him. She had fought her share in her day - old or not, he would likely surprise them if there was an issue.

Fionn... he was still interesting to her. He knew of mechanika, which she appreciated. She had believed she would never find another to speak with of such matters. Of all of the places she had seen, they had been very divided. Either mechanical to a degree that her magic was a hindrance, or so full of magic that there was no Mechanika. Machines were her first love - all she had left that excited her. To find another to talk with about them... that was... heartwarming. But he also had magic in his heart. He reminded her of her people - he would have been at home in Iescus, down to the fact that his eyes almost looked like those of her people.

She wondered if he reminded her of all she had left behind, of all that she missed.

Anzu nudged Nak's shoulder bringing her back to the present. She looked into his eyes, and ran her hand over his broad nose, and up into his fire hair, "It is alright, my friend, I was simply lost in thought. It is unusual for us to have companions with which to travel, my mind is on those matters."

She glanced back to the camp one last time, pet Anzu again, and set about with the items she had taken from the ruins, looking to see what she could glean of their inner workings.


Nakreyya was awake early, gathering the traps (and any food caught within) and reinvigorating the fire for breakfast to cook. She settled a creature that looked like something of wild foul over the fire, having collected its eggs as well for cooking. She had food ready for the group in short order, complete with vegetables she had found.

She greeted both Fionn and Grug as they emerged, inclining her head in her way, and raising a hand to her heart. She would always greet them with the same morning phrase. Even if they did not know the words, the meaning was always clear enough - a good morning. "'Quel amrun."

"Today is the day we begin the real journey, is it not?" Grug asked, looking somewhat displeased to have the morning sun in his eyes.

"An odd question, Grug. If you are asking if you have overslept - you have not. If you are not, then I wonder at your meaning. Are not all journeys 'real' ones? Do you have some deeper inquiry to our quest?" Nakreyya asked, glancing over at him with her one eye. She had grown more comfortable around the two, and was not wearing her eyepatch this morning. Her glass eye glowed with stored magical energy, casting a dull reflective light over the scarring around her eye and over her cheek.

She gave both Fionn and Grug a plate of breakfast and settled into a chair next to her table, close enough to continue with the conversation. She crossed her legs at the ankles, sitting as though she were in an elegant gown, instead of leather armor. She carefully cut her food apart, eating it with practiced grace and manners.

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