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Nakreyya rode atop Anzu as they approached the ruins. Her eyepatch whirred lightly as she scanned her eyes around the area to assess any potential threats. Once the group was stopped, she swung one leg over the saddle, and dropped herself down from the Nightmare's back, walking forward a few steps before kneeling to touch the ground. Her fingers brought up some of the dirt, and she rubbed it gently, testing to see the composition of it. Bone. Ash. Dust.

At Fionn's inquiry, Nakreyya stood and turned toward him, "I wish to have a better look around. With your permission, I would like to scout the perimeter of this area. I have seen omens such as these before though it has been a long time - and others will be better to perform the cleansings required." Her lilted and accented voice was low, her one eye meeting Fionn's as she anticipated an answer.

She feared no undead. Where she came from, the shambling masses of decaying flesh were frightening, but not insurmountable - and she was sure she was faster than they.

She took a moment to make sure that Anzu's reigns were tied back to the saddle, loosely. She wanted to afford him complete movement, but ensure he could not accidentally trip himself if he needed to run. She didn't fear his departure, or harm coming to him. He was a Nightmare, after all, he had chosen to stay with her this long - and he was more than adequately able to defend himself.
"If someone offered you the chance to go home, would you take it?" Fionm asked as they claimed another trap, and another small beast

"It will sound dramatic to say, but there is no 'home' to go back to anymore. Not in the deepest sense of the word. My planet exists. My city exists. My tower exists, replete with all the wonders that were contained within... however, the things that made it home are no longer," Nakreyya replied, her eye looking somewhat distant as she spoke. "So, no, I have no reason to go back there - nor any desire to see what it has become in my absence."

She felt her shoulders relax as she spoke to Fionn. He was - if she could forgive herself the pun - a kindred spirit. His eyes held the shadows of darkness in his past. Though he was certainly younger than she, he was well traveled, and not nearly as adrift. She was ill accustomed to people such as him, and his envoy. He was in the company of interesting people, and they seemed genuine.

"How about you, Fionn? Do you consider your Star-Ship your home?" She looked him over as she spoke.


Nakreyya's eyepiece alerted her to the magic being used, though she couldn't see what specifically had happened. It had been such a long time since magic had been used around her that the stimulus from the eyepiece surprised her. She clutched the side of her head near the eyepiece for a moment, before shaking her head clear. The only back retreating from her stall was the small and "innocent" one. Nakreyya glanced over and watched the small one for a moment, noting features to follow up after the crowd around her stall died down. She ultimately decided the loss of one bird was not enough for her to abandon the people shopping before her. She would lose more business than was prudent for one small theft - and though the principal of the thing still mattered to her, she bent to logic.

She simply made a note that she would try to find the small thief later. Any use of the thief's magic would make her easier to trace, and perhaps they would have a conversation about propriety at some future date.

She watched TC as he moved through the crowd. He seemed bothered by something for a moment, as if he too had sensed the magic. Though she did not believe he was as concerned about the theft. It must be something else. Behind her, Anzu raised his head and sniffed the air, snorting it. That was odd. He did not usually pay much mind.

Whatever the issue was, if it had both TC and Anzu on alert, Nakreyya felt she needed vigilance.

And yet - all of this had to happen while she kept a smile over her features. She apologized for her headache, explained it was a glitch in her eyepiece, and continued to make the necessary sales to the individuals before her at her stall.

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"Your mechanisms will work quite well here." Fionn said to Nakreyya, she nodded - pleased by that information. A second later she heard him stumble and reached out to help him. He flicked a wrist, and light flared over his head. She frowned lightly, taking a moment to look around and see if he had startled anything - either animal or bandit. Seeing neither immediately, she turned half of her attention back to Fionn, keeping the other half on their surroundings.

He was not a forest traveler, that much was clear. She could see the world well enough to see roots and rocks and places of potential problems. She wondered if her eyesight was more acute than his - but that would be difficult to figure out through mere conversation, and wasn't really all that important. Her mind had wandered off too long, Fionn started speaking again.

"I travel through use of a starship. A completely enclosed vessel capable of flying through the vast empty void between worlds. The trip here was a lonely one. Just me and the ship for about a week," he said.

"Star-Ship. Yes, I have been on one, once. Anzu took me through the dreams of a Captain of such a vessel. I did not stay long. As I said, my magic interrupted their instruments. They were not able to sail as effectively with me there. I did see out a window to the stars all around. I remember it being a lovely sight, one that you can not have found from a planet's surface," Nakreyya nodded, glancing up at the sky as she spoke. "It is then that I learned how small my world had been. It was quite the shock. There are so many places I could not have imagined, sights I may never know I did not see. However, I have asked Anzu to find worlds that resemble the one I came from, so as not to be a burden on the Star Sailors."

She paused a long moment, understanding that her words had not left much to discussion, there was more she wished to say, but it took time to find the words that conveyed her thoughts. "I know much of lonely journeys, Fionn. I have been alone for some time, with only Anzu at my side. It is safer for all. I do not know how much time has passed, years seem to be malleable depending on where I am located. Days are shorter or longer, seasons come swiftly, or seem to yawn into infinity. I know that time has passed, I can see my age in the mirror each morning, but I am no longer able to say how many summers have passed since I left home. Perhaps it is best I do not know."


TC pinched the bridge of his nose and gave her an indication that she should go higher. She recognized the expression of annoyance, and made a mental note to ask him later as to what she had done wrong.

Barter was odd, to her. She understood it from a logical standpoint - but she'd never had to do it when she was back home. She'd been Noble, rich... money flowed to and away from her easily. Now that she was a nomad, she had been interested in understanding more of the art of barter, but had never had a teacher to show her what she was doing right or wrong. At the end of the day, she did not mind being "cheated" on price, as long as she and Anzu could cover their basic necessities.

Adding to her confusion was the notion that anyone would pay a gold for a toy bird. She would need to ask the prices of basic items here to understand the worth of a gold in this place. Where she was from, a gold was the cost of finery, or custom weapons - not the price of curiosities or toys.

She was gratified when the woman purchased the bird for a gold, and she slipped the coin in a pocket before selecting a bird and giving a brief overview of it's operation (thus showing it worked, as well). She handed the bird to the woman and bowed as the woman departed with her toy. She glanced to TC to see if she could get more information as to what he thought her starting price should be, and saw that he was looking toward a cart across the way. She settled on simply doubling the cost for the next customer, so as not to disturb him from whatever he was seeing.

As people started to gather, Nakreyya had to move from the front of her booth to the back to talk with them all. TC may not approve of her bargaining skills, but she was undeniably cordial to each customer, treating them as though they were nobility each time they approached her booth.

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Nak patiently allowed TC to find her a place to set up. She unfolded her table and made a small shop for herself, laying out the birds carefully as he spat mild insults at some of the others around. He said he'd need a few moments, and she was amenable to having some time to watch the crowd. People of all types bustled about. There were races around that Nakreyya had never seen before - though some she had. To her great relief, Anzu garnered a few looks, but no outward hostility or exceptional interest.

"This reminds me of the bazaar back home, Anzu," Nakreyya said to her steed. The horse looked up, and gave her a mildly unimpressed expression. "I know, you're not much for crowds, but if you want to eat more steadily, we'll need coin - and if I trust nothing else, I trust that TC will want to settle us in the most profitable location, meaning here."

The horse let out a mild snort, and settled himself down behind the makeshift stall. Nakreyya had just wound one of the birds up and set it singing on the table before her when she heard TC's voice call out from behind her. She turned slowly as he spoke.

"Well whatta we gotta ovah here! Are these the Avian Artifices that are all the rage in New Bastion! Why, all the nobility and well to do as far as the Western Sea are clamoring about these birds. Humble saleswoman, please tell me the no doubt outlandish price these beauties will cost me," he said, indicating to Nak. Her jaw fell open slightly, though no sound came out. He continued. "Why by the gods! That is a flabbergastingly low price for such a coveted and prized item that would certainly become any families treasured heirloom. I will leave at once and return with gold in great store to be purchasing the whole stock so that these mere peasents won't be able to enjoy such otherworldly craftsmanship!"

"Antolle ulua sulrim," Nakreyya swore under her breath in her native language. She wasn't often for swearing, but it was appropriate in this instance, and no one would understand her anyway.

Then TC beamed her a huge grin, and Nak smiled back, bowing lightly as if suitably complimented by his words. In her life before, she had learned the value of 'playing along', and she was not going to stare this gift horse in the mouth, no matter if it smelled of the other end. She had asked for his help after all, and he was every bit the swindler she expected him to be. Though, she saw the true enjoyment in his eyes from this farce. Perhaps it was less about the money, and more about the theater.

Nakreyya didn't have much time to think on it, a woman wearing clothing of some craftsmanship came by a moment later, pretending to be disinterested, yet eyeing the birds. Nakreyya inclined her head and swept a hand up to her heart, than forward in a traditional greeting of her people. "Sun light your path, may it guide you to blessings. May I answer any inquiries you might have?"

"These are the birds coveted in New Bastion?" The woman looked over at Nakreyya, studying her, as if trying to read truth from Nakreyya's perfectly masked expression.

"So it is said," Nakreyya said, skirting the edges of a lie. "A gentleman came by earlier and offered to purchase the lot."

"I see... would you be willing to part with one before he returns?"

"We did not bind a purchase to numbers. Until he returns, they are for sale," she said, offering a quiet smile.

"How much are they?"

"I told him a gold per bird," Nakreyya waited until the woman was looking at the birds again, and then surreptitiously looked over to TC to see if the price was too high or too low. If he shot her a hand gesture in any direction, that would alter her next barter with the woman.

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I'm very new! But writing is my passion and my love. The chance to stretch my fingers to weave a tale is my favorite thing. And I've already made good friends here! I'm glad the site is open, and there's so many options of people to play with.
You have my interest! I need to think on this more, but I'm commenting to keep a tab of this thread.
Fionn's armor caught Nak's eye as he spoke, she raised her chin slightly, recognizing the look of the armor. She had seen it on one of the other worlds she'd been on - not an exact copy, of course, but the style was right. He certainly had been around...

"As for the 'mechanicka' as you put it. Well, Ecetopia is swimming in mana. Bursting at the seams. So much so that unshielded or improperly constructed technology tends to fail if it spends too much time here. The combination of easy magic and the difficulties of progressing past clockwork means that technology is something of a secondary or tertiary concern here," he explained.

"It is possible, then, that my machines will stop working as well? Though perhaps I am at an advantage..." she stopped walking and looked over at him. "Though I am unique among my people in that I cannot use magic as a sorcerer, I am still able to wield it in my own way. I apologize if what I am about to show you is disquieting, but I believe you may be able to help me with my answers, and for that, I must be honest with you."

Nak slowly lifted the eyepatch over her right eye. The glass eye beneath glowed with arcane power. The skin around her eye was scarred and rent, as though it had been torn by claws. But, most notable of all - when the eyepatch was removed, the faint whirring noises it made stopped, "My eyepatch is run on the magic I store in the glass eye I wear. It is of my design, I need it for vision and depth. I believe the eye itself is what would be called a battery on some planets. There are places I have been where I... ah, what was the phrase... interrupt instrumentation... I learned much of technology in those places, though because of my nature - true technology remains out of my reach. My machines are no more technology than a fireball from a wizard's fingers."

She replaced the eyepatch and turned to continue to walk. Within seconds, the faint whirring sound had started again, and Nak blinked a few times as the data fed back through her once more.

Fionn explained the Kindred, and she nodded her understanding.

"Darkness is not unknown to me. In my youth I fought it, however unsuccessfully. You will be an invaluable resource to me, Fionn. I hope that I am able to be the same for you. My journey through this... vast universe... has been through the underlying realm that connects us all, the realm of dreams. My steed, Anzu, is a Nightmare in many ways. He can walk through the dimension that binds us, and lead me to new places. It is because of him that I am safe, but it is also because of him that I am lost," Nak explained. She was usually quite reticent about opening up, however - her questions were many, and her answers few. If she trusted no one, she would achieve nothing. She needed to put forth her faith, and Fionn seemed a good candidate to receive it.

"If you are not from here, then how did you come to arrive? And by what means do you travel?" Nakreyya asked, curiously.


Nak listened to TC perhaps too earnestly as he road past her, but by the end of his statement, she had actually cracked a rare smile, "Pork-pegging peasant fuck..." Nak repeated the words carefully, one eyebrow rising in amusement as she tried to suppress her smile. "My dear TC, you are positively colorful. I do not believe it would be in my nature to state such to any who looked my way, however, I shall endeavor to remember that phrase in case I find proper cause to use it in the future."

All the same, TC's words had the desired effect. Her shoulders relaxed and she looked toward the town, "Well, Anzu, shall we? I have not seen a town in some months, it may be nice to shop, and we shall see if I can find a new brush for your mane, seeing as you burnt the last one."

The pitch black horse snorted as if amused, throwing his fire mane to one side. Nakreyya shook her head quietly. She listened to TC ask where they would meet, and waited for Fionn's answer before nodding and starting forward with Anzu's reigns still held in one hand.

"Ah, TC, before you ride off..." Nakreyya stopped him. "If you do not mind - would you perhaps be so inclined as to allow me to walk with you? You seem rather adept at the towns and shops here, and I believe you know the value of the coin. I would like to learn. I have a little to sell - meat, and the toy mechanical birds, perhaps you can help me find a place to trade them? I would be amenable to offering a commission to you on any sale I make this day, for your trouble."

She bowed lightly to TC as she made her request, wishing to respect his knowledge, and convey her sincerity.

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@Silvan Haven @Lyla @LPRKN @Lmpkio @t2wave

"You aren't from this world are you?" Fionn asked, looking at her over the kill, she let him take the creature as she pulled the trap down with precision - this was something she'd done a thousand times before.

"No, I do not believe I am, though it has been some time since I was on the world of my origin. Perhaps I simply do not recognize it anymore," she smiled somewhat wryly - there was no joy in the eye that he could see. She placed the trap in her bag and motioned in the next direction. "I do not understand what you mean 'world class'... I sense that you are from this world - yet you understand mechanicka - are there none among your world who do as I do? Where I am from I am certainly considered to be among the best, but I still have much to learn... or, would have, had I not left. And if I have not already asked too many questions, what are "Kindred"?"

Nakreyya was starting to feel skittish again - she didn't like the idea of standing out in a crowd. That tended to lead to bad things for her in the long run. Anzu was attention enough, when he demanded to come into town with her - the idea that her eyepatch (which she was not entirely sure she could live without anymore) might draw attention to her was disconcerting. She had gone so far, looking over her shoulder all the while - hoping against hope that her past would not find her... blending in was her disguise, she needed to belong where she was. She had thought this may be the place to do so - but perhaps she had misread the situation initially.


As they approached the city the next day, Nakreyya slowed down just outside of town. She held Anzu's reigns tightly in one hand, staring at the town ahead of her. The great Nightmare stared ahead dispassionately, he seemed not to care if they continued forward or not.

"I... am not certain this is a good idea... should Anzu and I wait here?" Nakreyya asked. She thought, perhaps, she was being irrational - they were traveling a Sphinx, after all, but perhaps Sphinx were more common here. She could not be sure.
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