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Current @TwilightShadow -- if you don't mind buying, my favorite shop for Elf Ears is Aradani Studios.
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:;faceplants under her desk and snores::
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Feels, LMPKIO -- the winds yesterday also made Vegas freeze.
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Just another Interest Check advertisement!…
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@LadyinInk -- You just described my life in a nutshell.


Please feel free to call me Coyote.

I'm a Costume Designer, Seamstress, and Salesforce Admin based out of Las Vegas. I'm currently looking for a new game to play, and am hoping to find a new Forum RP family!

When I grow up, I'd like to be a Romance Novelist.


I'm always accepting new RP partners! At the moment I'm playing a lot through PM. If you're interested, shoot a message my way! I'm preferential to more Fantasy and Sci-Fi type settings.

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Sure, I suppose I agree (though I fail to see how that's relevant).

Not to be callous, but I do a lot of Project Management at work - so a compelling argument for taking down a section of the page is going to have to be more than frankly handful of anecdotal complaints from people who are otherwise unaffected by its being there. Is it causing site lag or affecting signups is more what I mean?

At the end of the day, a site is never going to please everyone. I think a feasible argument can be made for moving it lower in the list (provided that's not an unnecessary drain on Mahz's time and resources) but you have to ask yourself *why* it makes you angry.

Could it be tweaked? Sure - but any tweaks should be data driven as much as possible, and not just driven by whim.

(Sorry if that comes off as rude at all.)
Dupe, sorry.
I can see moving it further down in the list - that I'll grant you. But there's a lot to be said for the meeting of new people in a Persistent setting when it's done right. An open place for people to just play and find new partners is invaluable.

That said - I think EH is bogged down in needing character approvals and the fighting 'rules' that don't seem to make that much difference. I'd almost advocate for just making it a lawless jump-in RP land and let people do what they want with mod intervention only if someone breaks site rules.
I, too, find myself a little confused by this topic.

What's gained by losing the Persistent World? I admit, I was thinking about diving out of it myself - but I don't see any benefit from taking it off the site if other people are using it (even if that number is smaller than expected). I think it would be of benefit to try to tweak it to see if it could be more useful to RPers across the site - but there does seem to be some hate for it that I don't necessarily understand.

So, I come back to my question - what does the site gain by taking down the Persistent World?
@Obscene Symphony

The woman came across the plains, holding the reigns of a great horse like creature with fire erupting from its hooves and mane. She staggered lightly as her steps neared the building she'd detected from so far away. A small abandoned temple at the edge of the forest. She was hoping it still had a well of some sort in it, or at least somewhere to take shelter. A storm was headed her direction, and the inclusion of the elements to her current predicament would certainly disable her, if not leave her for dead.

She was tall, wearing black leather, and carrying a handful of small weapons. Her right eye had clearly been torn out in an attack, claw marks spanning from her forehead down her cheek. The missing eye itself was covered with a sort of mechanical eyepatch. It occasionally issued forth with a whirring noise. She was clearly of elven descent, long ears pointing upward from her head. Her hair was a deep red tone, and swept back in a low ponytail. Her eyes were a bright green.

She approached the temple swiftly until she got close enough to realize that it was being maintained. There was a small graveyard outside of the door, replete with flowers for each grave that were all fresh enough. It was a worn beige color, the years having not been kind - but the inhabitants thorough in its cleaning. She frowned as she realized the temple was quite inhabited... but she had to chance it. The storm would provide her no favors, and perhaps she could trade with the temple keepers for some food and water.

She tied her horse up outside the temple, under the trees to keep him dry when the storm began, and walked back to the door of the temple to knock, as the rain began to fall.
This is what happens when I do these things right before bed. >.> (Pulls post into IC.)
Nakreyya narrowed her one good eye as she stepped forward toward the traps in the doorway. She pulled her eyepatch back off her belt now that there was light coming through some of the holes. She was not naive enough to believe the light was a good sign - however, she had more pressing issues, and there were fighters behind her who could deal with whatever monsters were animated as a result of their tampering and wanton destruction.

"I would ask that whatever this new source of light is, it be kept from me for as long as possible. This door has redundancy mechanisms meant to seal it permanently in the case of tampering... and I mean to tamper with it," Nak spoke in the direction of the two flirting individuals - the girl with the axe, and the young man she was currently attempting to seduce. She believed she also saw the shadowed outline of her companion Grug in the back, but she knew asking him to fight was ill advised.

The eyepatch was pulled back over her eye then, and she waited the few seconds for it to be powered up by the magic in her glass eye before it kicked into gear and began to feed her the information she needed. She knelt quietly in her place, setting her pack next to her so she could begin to pull tools and other items free for her use in dealing with the door.

@Hekazu @Kasai Uchiha @Normie @Silvan Haven
Hi all!

Through no fault of my partners (who have had some real life issues come up). I find myself still wanting to play two characters of mine but being in a place where they’re stagnating. I’m interested either in direct 1x1 or Casual to Advanced RP in a group with either of these two characters. Please ping me if you’re interested:

Nakreyya the Valheellinen Bloodivy:
Originally from World of Warcraft, I’m happy to settle her into any Fantasy setting that allows for Blood Elf style elves. IE: Perhaps not as perfect as they let on…

Looking to be later in her middle aged years, Nakreyya bears the scars of her past – most prominently, her right eye is missing completely, with a webwork of scars coming out from her eye and latticing over her cheek and forehead. She wears a magically operated clockwork eyepatch over that eye, which seems to assist her seeing.
She’s a woman of elegant manners and unspoken depths, who believes her time has come and gone – her usefulness to the world has passed. The city she once loved has rejected her, and she’s struck out on her own with a sole purpose of survival.

Aashe deWinter
Originally from Mass Effect, I would be happy to settle her into any Sci-Fi setting where smugglers might be appropriate!

A middle aged woman with a proclivity for tall leather boots and silk shirts, Aashe is a smuggler of finery and expensive artwork. There’s rumors that she might be a prominent art thief – but as yet, no one’s been able to make that stick. She’s got a varied history, a trusted sniper rifle, and an easy going smile. Under her easy façade is a woman of many secrets.
She’s taken on with crews in the past, but never stayed with them long. She seems to be the sort that values her freedom, and her loneliness.

Thank you all for your time (and for reading!) And do let me know if you think my writing style might work for any storylines you’re interested in doing!

- The Coyote.
(Editing for Confusion:)

The Cairn / Near the Giant Locked Door

Nakreyya's eyepiece informed her as to the dangers inherent as she stepped forward. She could avoid loose rocks and shale - sidestepped stones slick with moss or fungus... and she kept her gaze steady for the telltale signs of traps and other issues. She realized, however, that her eyepatch only benefitted herself, it did nothing to assist the others to avoid the natural dangers of the cave. She decided to see if her glass eye would cast a better glow...

She had delved caves long before her eye had been raked from her skull, and did not technically need the assistance of the eyepatch, no matter how much she leaned on it for ease. Quietly, she reached up and pulled the eyepatch off of her head, shaking her hair free of where it'd been held down by the straps. She blinked a few times, and told the magically imbued glass eye to expend energy to glow. Suddenly, her eye was a torchlight in the dim dank of the corridor. She scanned around, letting her other eye adjust to the new light level.

She was passed in running by two individuals who had barrelled past her down into the main cairn and then back up to fight... She continued to move slowly, unconvinced that - even in their hasty look over the area - it was safe.

Quietly, Nakreyya walked over to a large door at the end of the hallway, looking it over with her one glowing eye. She did nothing but breathe for a moment, looking for traps, and pondering the best course of action to begin to open the door. It appeared to have some sort of lock on it... at least that was something for which she was quite familiar.

@Silvan Haven @Hekazu @EchoesofOld @Mataus @Ciaran @Normie @Tristwich @SpawnMeme @Kasai Uchiha @Dark Light @Liaison
Nakreyya was already in motion before Fionn yelled for them to move. Fast, and light on her feet, she was up in the trees to get herself over the horde, scrutinizing her best course of action for a brief second. Ultimately, she let Fionn take care of himself and instead moved toward Grug, intending to assist in defending him if he needed more time to get away from what was coming.

Daggers flashed to her hands as she fell down out of the trees, but they were used sparingly. She more often swept the feet out from under the undead, creating roadblocks of flailing bodies to slow down the onslaught. If she attacked during the advancing retreat, it was usually to cut an Achilles tendon or some other similarly necessary bit of musculature - wanting to prevent the undead from getting back up.

When they were finally in the hallway, she paused only a moment to make sure Grug was unharmed before slipping silently toward the front of the group, intending to scout ahead. She touched Fionn's arm as she passed him, to let him know she had made it in alright. "I will holler if I see anything dangerous," she said in a low voice.

With her magically enhanced eye covering, and her sharp ears, she began to scan down the hallway, listening for breezes that would indicate other methods of exit. Even if they were not looking to leave now, she did not cherish the idea of being stuck down here, nor having to go through the massive numbers of undead they had just left behind. Seemingly without fear she moved forward; crouched low, barely making a sound - she was prepared to yell for the others should anything decide to leap out at her.

@Silvan Haven @Hekazu @EchoesofOld @Mataus @Ciaran @Normie @Tristwich @SpawnMeme @Kasai Uchiha
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