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3 days ago
Current Please keep me in your thoughts and prayers, guys. Since I had food poisoning for so long, they’re testing me for Salmonella, E, Coli and among other things. Not fun.
7 days ago
Had a week long of food poisoning, everyone but I am getting better now. Sorry to have left you all hanging, expect to be a little active tonight. :)
28 days ago
Back again, guys. Not leaving again any time soon because I’ve missed writing too much! Can’t wait to delve back into things with you all! :)
3 mos ago
Sorry for my silence, everyone, getting my last set of Wisdom teeth in and it’s just been really, really painful. Expect posts and responses to PMs tonight though.
4 mos ago
Speaking of name change, I’ve been thinking about getting one but don’t know what you to change it to.


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"The Old HushedWhisper's Can't Come To The Phone Right Now. Oh, Why? Because She's Dead."
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Assistant Restaurant Manager, 48+ hours weekly.

1/2 African American, 1/2 Caucasian.

If you wish to know anything else about me, more than the basics then just ask. I tend to be pretty nice, in my own opinion anyway.
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@Love Dove
So glad that we're talking again and even better, we're writing with each other again, too! You're a really sweet person to talk to and I love writing with you, as well.

@Tybalt Capulet
Hm, I was a little bit nervous when I sent you that PM but since that day, I am happy that we ran into each other. You have an amazing way with words and you are a great writer along with a nice person, so you're definitely cool in my book.

@Lady Amalthea
Even though we're not writing or talking to one another right now, I'll always commend you on the amount of roleplays you have and that they are all active with some suppressing a year or two mark! You're a great GM from what I can see and I hope to be as great as you one day. I also respect you as a GM and as a person.

@Scarlet Loup
A friend from another site that I brought to this site. She's an exceptional person and is kind to just about everyone and anyone. Plus, she's an amazing writer and I'll always call her my friend.

It's really something that we live mere minutes away from each other and once I found that out, I literally freaked! Glad I sent you that PM and that we actually got a chance to chat. You're an adorable person and don't let anyone tell you otherwise.

@Lovely Complex
I am so glad that me and her are talking again because she is such a realist along with a breath of fresh air. She's also an amazing roleplayer, excellent Co GM and a great person to befriend and even chat with. I cannot wait for the day when we write together again and even produce another Lovely Whispers roleplay again, too.

OMG! Great person. Great writer. She has ideas for days and I love chatting and writing with her. She is a great person to chat with and I absolutely adore her because we have so much in common.

Great creator of characters along with a terrific writer. She is so nice and is even GM'ing her first roleplay on here and she is doing a fantastic job. But overall, Lion is a great person, too and I cannot wait to see her GM some more roleplays.

If you feel like you belong on this list then you probably don't. :) #Sorrynotsorry To the people that use to be on this list, hopefully we can be cool again but if not, that's cool, too. I have bigger problems than worrying about being friends with someone online anyway.

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Guys, this is still happening! I’ve been out with food poisoning and I am slowly starting to get better so expect me to be active.

@Dirty Pretty Lies Thanks for taking the reigns over for me. You’re the best!
btw, in the CS template, what's the significance of "dialogue color", and is that a requirement?

You do not have to have one, if you do not want one.
<Snipped quote by Hushed Whispers>

Yep, we are :) Thanks!

No problem.
"Pictures must be Medieval"?

No. lol I always use the same rules so I just forgot to edited. :)

@Hushed Whispers Definitely interested if the Franklin family's "Twin Daughter Two" is still available :)

I'm still learning my way around the site, but I believe I can string together a decent CS. I imagine the second twin being more rebellious than the first, but that really is up to the person playing the first, lol.

Yeah, she’s still available!

Also, you and @Ejected might to discuss that. :)
Update; Those who has already turned in a sheet, please give me and DPL to look over them, please.
Morganna woke up from yesterday with a smile plastered upon her face as the sun shone through her curtains. She rolled over to hope to find Meldyr there but she remembered that she Randolph escort him to a separate chamber. She liked Meldyr because he had a potential about him to be the greatest king within the kingdom. It wasn't like Morganna to like someone so easily but Meldyr was different and she knew it.

Whenever she was fully awake, she lifted herself out of bed and placed a robe over her sleeping gown. She opened her chamber door, just to see her trusted guard, Randolph approaching. "Ah, m'lady, you are awake." Randolph spoke as she nodded her head with a soft smile. "Yes. Make sure the cooks are prepping for breakfast and send some handmaidens to draw myself and Meldyr a bath, as well."

Randolph bowed his head towards her and turned heel to walk to do as he was told.

With a slight smirk forming over her lips, she sneaked off and went towards the chamber where Meldyr was currently residing. She was going to knock but shrugged it off and just opened the door. "Meldyr, are you awake?" Her voice sang as she waltzed over towards the curtains and opened them up widely. So, if he wasn't awake, he surely was going to be now. "The cooks are preparing breakfast for us and I have handmaidens coming shortly to draw us baths. So, rise and shine." Morganna informed Meldyr with a smile as she walked back over towards the chamber door, looking at him for a little while longer.

"By the way, I had a nice time with you in the gardens." She mentioned. "I hope to have fun with you today, as well, showing you the palace." She said then ended with a firm nod of her head and waited to see if he was going to say anything before she exited his chambers and went back to her own, closing the door and walking back over to her bed, sitting on the side of it.

She was honestly ready for the new day to start that she could not wait.
@Peridot @Default @Erklings25 @Ejected @Rabidporcupine @Helo @Cherry Blossom
is up, everyone! :D

@Cherry Blossom
I reserved the youngest Cabernet daughters for you, just to inform you.
r e s e r v e d
r e s e r v e d

► The Rules

Have Fun
This rule is one of the most important ones as we're all here for the same reasons and that is to write a collaborative story with one another so why not have a little fun along the way. Do not take anything seriously within this thread.

Please respect your fellow roleplayers within this thread, along with myself and the roleplay. Nothing much to be said here but let's all just respect one another, please.

Okay, while In Character drama is very much encouraged, I do not condone in Out of Character drama, at all. So, please leave all of the juiciness within the In Character. If you have a problem with someone, please take it to PMs and if I need to get involved, just let me know via PM.

This is a slice of life, realistic themed roleplay so all characters must be human. Please make sure that your characters are realistic, interesting and give them flaws. No one is truly perfect. I also want to see well thought out characters, no matter what archetype you are portraying. I will allow you to play up to two characters, as well.

Character Sheets
I want to see length and effort within your sheets. Remember that your sheet is practically your application. Pictures must be Medieval but please, make sure your image or gif is realistic and not anime or an illustration of some sort. If you need help with finding a picture, please let me know and I will try my best to help you. You have at least three days to complete a character sheet. Please sure to [@mention] me whenever you have completed your character.

This is a high casual standard roleplay, which means that I am expecting writers to write at least two and a half to three paragraphs or more filled with character development, emotions, interactions and thoughts for each post. Please do not post one liners as they do not drive forward the story. Be considerate when posting your posts and make sure that you have read everyone's post before posting your own. If your character and another character are going to be in a long ass conversation, please get together and do a collab post. Also, do not let you post be one of those posts where you've copied and wrote very little about what your character did. If that makes sense. Please wait until at least two people have posted after your last post before you post again.

Godmodding or Autohitting
Just don't do either of these. If you do not know what these mean then maybe this is not the roleplay for you.

Activity & Commitment
If you make a character then please be committed enough to follow through with that character, or characters. I require that you post at least two times a week! If you cannot post for whatever reason then please let me know since I know from experience that work, life and even studies can interfere without notice. Five days is the minimum amount of time that I'll allow you to be silent in the OOC and IC. I will write your character out of the roleplay if you do not post.

While romance is allowed and definitely encouraged between characters, making out is fine but fade to black or take it to PMs for anything further. Minimum swearing with your posts, as well.

While I understand that some characters might not get along, please make sure that you at least try to interact your character with everyone else's character. Embrace that within the roleplay, might cause some drama or something.

If you have any questions, comments or concerns, do not hesitate to voice them within the thread and I will try my best to get back with you as soon as I can.
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