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Current Sorry for my silence, everyone, getting my last set of Wisdom teeth in and it’s just been really, really painful. Expect posts and responses to PMs tonight though.
1 mo ago
Speaking of name change, I’ve been thinking about getting one but don’t know what you to change it to.
1 mo ago
Well Snapchat, you’ve done it again! Now I don’t feel so lonely on Valentine’s Day. lol
1 mo ago
@Morose: Congratulations to you and your writers! :D
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2 mos ago
Down goes Brady! Down goes Brady! lol


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"The Old HushedWhisper's Can't Come To The Phone Right Now. Oh, Why? Because She's Dead."
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Assistant Restaurant Manager, 48+ hours weekly.

1/2 African American, 1/2 Caucasian.

If you wish to know anything else about me, more than the basics then just ask. I tend to be pretty nice, in my own opinion anyway.
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@Love Dove
So glad that we're talking again and even better, we're writing with each other again, too! You're a really sweet person to talk to and I love writing with you, as well.

@Tybalt Capulet
Hm, I was a little bit nervous when I sent you that PM but since that day, I am happy that we ran into each other. You have an amazing way with words and you are a great writer along with a nice person, so you're definitely cool in my book.

@Lady Amalthea
Even though we're not writing or talking to one another right now, I'll always commend you on the amount of roleplays you have and that they are all active with some suppressing a year or two mark! You're a great GM from what I can see and I hope to be as great as you one day. I also respect you as a GM and as a person.

@Scarlet Loup
A friend from another site that I brought to this site. She's an exceptional person and is kind to just about everyone and anyone. Plus, she's an amazing writer and I'll always call her my friend.

It's really something that we live mere minutes away from each other and once I found that out, I literally freaked! Glad I sent you that PM and that we actually got a chance to chat. You're an adorable person and don't let anyone tell you otherwise.

@Lovely Complex
I am so glad that me and her are talking again because she is such a realist along with a breath of fresh air. She's also an amazing roleplayer, excellent Co GM and a great person to befriend and even chat with. I cannot wait for the day when we write together again and even produce another Lovely Whispers roleplay again, too.

OMG! Great person. Great writer. She has ideas for days and I love chatting and writing with her. She is a great person to chat with and I absolutely adore her because we have so much in common.

Great creator of characters along with a terrific writer. She is so nice and is even GM'ing her first roleplay on here and she is doing a fantastic job. But overall, Lion is a great person, too and I cannot wait to see her GM some more roleplays.

If you feel like you belong on this list then you probably don't. :) #Sorrynotsorry To the people that use to be on this list, hopefully we can be cool again but if not, that's cool, too. I have bigger problems than worrying about being friends with someone online anyway.

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@Hushed Whispers

Instead of giving you a sibling, here's a neighbour. I changed his face claim half way through (Dorff is one of my favourite actors, but there are no pictures of him anywhere!), it's now Christian Bale, hope that's okay. If there is anything I should change, please tell me! ^_^

I am afraid that Christian Bale might be a little too old to portray a twenty year old. If you need help finding a face claim to fit the image you were going for, let me know and I'll be happy to help. :)

Heyo! I would like to reserve the older Hollingsworth brother! If I may :D

I had some PM me about the older brother slot. Would you like to try for the younger brother instead?

@Bluetommy I’ll just go ahead and drop my interest. It’s a good story though but I just probably won’t have a lot of time. Sorry and good luck to everyone.
<Snipped quote by Hushed Whispers>

Hopefully some more people fill in to give you some siblings!

I have hope that some people will appear. :)
Guess I'm not going to have any siblings!
Sounds intriguing. Count me in.
@Hushed Whispers Hey! I would like to call dibs on the older Everett brother. FC will be Stephen Dorff (waaaaaay back in the 90's), dialogue colour will be Peru.

Alright. I’ll mark it down. :)
When Meldyr stated that he would be her King, Morganna was honestly relieved and even threw a little smile towards him. "And I'll be your Queen." She remarked while looking a little bit longingly into his eyes then he drifted his gaze away from hers, which caused her to look towards the floor beneath them now but still listening to his words. "Riding does sound like a fine idea. Randolph!" She called out and he immediately busted through the doors that lead to the throne room now.

"Ready the carriage, for me and your King." Morganna commanded as Randolph nodded his head and muttered the usual phrase. "Yes, my Queen." She smiled as she turned towards Meldyr and saw him grinning towards her, which caused her a slight blush. Morganna eyed Meldyr as he stood up, which made her a little bit nervous but seeing his arm being stuck out made her a little at ease then hearing his words made her stand up. "Oh, our gardens are lovely, my King. They are also breathtaking."

After she spoke those words, she linked her own arm with his as she practically lead them out of the throne room. Everyone they had walked by and seen, bowed towards them out of respect. People were already accepting Meldyr as their King and she was honestly happy with her people right about now. Once they had reached the outside, the carriage was waiting for them and Randolph helped her inside. "Thanks, Randolph." Once Meldyr was inside and ready, she directed the driver to go towards the gardens.

"By the way, Randolph is my most trusted guard. Not sure if I told you that or not." She mentioned towards him as her eyes fluttered to the scenery that lead to the gardens. She loved going to the gardens. They made her feel peaceful, serenity and at ease. It's the one place that she was often go to just think about certain matters, her father and even her brother. Morganna released a heavy sigh, which could be heard by Meldyr as she pointed up ahead. "We're here."

Once the carriage stopped, she literally maneuvered on Meldyr to get out and landed on her feet. She had the gardens covered with a dome since she use to spend a lot of her time out there and when Meldyr came to stand beside her, she without thought, grabbed his hand and leaned on him. "I cannot wait for you to see it." She practically squealed as she then basically dragged him inside of the dome and stopped, just to take in the moment but she still held onto Meldyr's hand.
Dibs on a Franklin twin.

@Hushed Whispers I'd like to reserve the older Cabernet brother, my dialogue color will be this wonderful saturated orange, f26522. I've got a CS mostly done but I'm going to do some touchups. A.J. Abualrub is the face claim.

Reserving Sophie Turner for the older Cabernet daughter with the color Crimson!

Younger Cabernet sister.

Don't have a FC reserved or a color.

Sounds good, y'all. :)
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