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Current Digimon RP is up…
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Digimon Tamers Interest Check!…
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That feeling when your PMs blow up. Overwhelmed and flattered lol.
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Pokemon Academy 1x1 Interest Check!…
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Happy to have a new job... finally. Life was stressing me out so bad.


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Bumping this up! Taking on multiple RPs!
For those making bios and have sent them to me, I will be looking at them this weekend! Busy week at work sadly!
@fer1323 That I have not decided yet as I am wanting to confirm the small group first. That’s a conversation that I will have with the small group if it’s something that I want to include. If that’s a deal breaker for you, I understand but I’m more focused on the writing for now more so than the logistics during the application process.
@SleepingSilence Lol! Understandable!
Look forward to it as always.
Digimon Genesis OOC

Have at it, those who are interested.

A Digimon Tamers RP powered by OGSG!


You can't quite remember the details of when you first met your Digimon but they have always been there. From when you first started school to when you learned how to drive to when you moved in to your first apartment. You don't understand why they are there, but they are your partner for better or worse. Always providing sound (or not so sound) advice and serving as a friendly reminder that you are not alone in this world. As far as you know, your Digimon is the only one in the world. If anyone were to find out you have a talking creature living with you, the world would freak out, so you try your best to keep things hidden for as long as you can.

The only problem now is that more of these creatures are popping up along the way and your Digimon partner is growing a bit antsy and itching for a battle. Something is just not sitting well with them, especially with Digimon sprouting more frequently in the streets of the city. They have a nasty habit of running off into danger, trying their best to protect you and the world that they call home, but can only do so much without your help. It is clear that something weird is going on in the city... what's even more weird is the reality that you and your Digimon partner aren't the only ones seemingly called into action. As you balance your life as a young adult and a "Tamer" for your Digimon, how will you mesh with others who are just like you and keep your sanity?


  • This RP is not a "first come, first serve" RP. You have to apply using the Character Sheet and then be accepted by me in order to participate in the RP.
  • Absolutely no god-modding unless otherwise given permission by a GM.
  • As stated in the Interest Check, this is a mature RP. Expect cursing, violence, romance, etc. to occur among the characters within the RP (anything that goes beyond regular romance allowed by RPGuild needs to be taken to the appropriate platform).
  • For now, I'm only looking for 2 to 3 roleplayers that are capable of handling an advanced RP. I reserve the right to check your RP history in terms of the quality of your work. I could potentially add an additional fifth member of the group, but that is not likely.
  • Communication and activity are requirements for me. I will create a Discord for this RP in due time, but if you are not responsive to my liking, I will have to let you go from the RP.
  • If you are wanting to play more than one character, I would be happy to have that discussion with you. We may have up to 4 roleplayers, but that doesn't mean you are limited to just one character. I'm just wanting a smaller group of people to deal with than, say, eight people total.
  • Have fun! I'm hoping to make this one a good one and look forward to seeing what you guys have to offer!

Character Sheet

Below you will find my simplistic character sheet. If you have any questions about it, just post a message here or shoot me a PM. When you are finished with your character sheet, PM it to me. Do not post it in the OOC or in the Character area with your Character Sheet until you are given permission and direction. As it relates to which Digimon will be your partner, when you PM me and are accepted into the roleplay, we will discuss which Digimon and digivolution line will work best for the RP. Aside from that, good luck and I look forward to reading some great bios!

Hmmm. It seems we have enough interest from people.
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