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A Pokemon Roleplay starring @OGSG & @Deft

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Active Pokemon:
Location: Student Union

Smirking at Attica, Max nodded his head shortly after she agreed that they both could find a way to steal it. Mischievousness was something that Max had grown accustomed to, particularly in his younger years. Growing up in Castelia City, he had to get creative in order to get what he wanted, for better or worse.

Castelia was a massive city with people walking up and down along the crowded sidewalks getting to their destination. Being the communication hub of the Unova region, it wasn't uncommon to see businesspeople crossing paths with the homeless. In the same vein, it was also commonplace to see a powerful Trainer showcasing a Hydreigon or the random Trubbish and occasional Garbodor nestled in the dark alleys that were littered across the streets. Max was just a boy with too much freedom and time on his hands that his mishaps with his friends often led him to do reckless things.

"Aaaand... now, Webster," Max said lowly, holding his hand in an inconspicuous manner. A yellow, furry Joltik slowly scrambled down the inside of his jacket's sleeve, perching itself on his wrist. Webster's blue eyes glistened slightly, sharpening his accuracy via the special ability Compound Eyes, and then fired a length web through a crowd people, landing directly in the suit pocket of a man dressed in a navy blue suit. Too busy holding an important conversation on his cell phone, the man didn't realize that Webster's web retracted, pulling a thick, leather wallet out of the jacket and whipping back into Max's hands. "Haha... good work, Webster," Max responded, stepping to the side and away from the flowing traffic of people.

Unfolding the wallet, he looked through the man's belongings. Trainer ID, gift card, a few dollars here and there... nothing of consequence of course.

"You would think the guy would have a credit card at least," Max mumbled, rolling his eyes and tossing the wallet into an alley, unbeknownst to him that it would smack a resting Garbodor, laying beside a small pyramid of plastic bags that were surrounding a royal blue garbage toter. Grumbling initially, the Garbodor eventually roared out in displeasure of having its nap interrupted, setting its sights on the culprit: Max. Another bellowing roar alert the boy, as he turned to see the Trash Heap Pokemon scurrying towards him quickly. "Shit! Webster let's go!"

Webster latched its legs firmly to the bottom of Max's wrist and began shooting its web against the side of buildings. The web was strong enough to sustain Max's body, but the Joltik was going to be in need of additional support in order to keep this momentum in a balanced way. Fortunately, Dizzy, who was resting inside of Max's backpack, oozed its way out, quickly transforming into a Joltik and attached itself to Max's other wrist so that he could repeat the motion with both Joltiks rhythmically shooting their webs. Meanwhile, the Garbodor was close on Max's tail, frightening civilians along the way. However, the Pokemon's sights were on Max and Max alone. Coughing vehemently, Garbodor hurled a Sludge Bomb from its mouth that caught on to one of the slinging webs.

"No-no-no-no..." Max exclaimed, successfully colliding with the fabric covering of a food stand that spring boarded him up into the air and crashing through a window of a building's third floor. Landing on his butt, Max lifted a hand up and rubbed his head before staring up at the group of office workers who were not pleased with their floor being broken in to by a kid. Chuckling, Max waved at them and said, "Um... can you show me where the restroom is?"

Max followed Attica, albeit forcefully since she literally grabbed his hand and pulled him wherever it was she was taking him. The group of students gave them a surprised look, wondering how two students could possibly be already paired up within the first day of them actually meeting each other. Before Max could even make a facial expression to assure them that nothing was going on between he and Attica, they were situated in between two bookcases if you wanted to call that privacy.

"3:33... gotcha..." Max nodded, though he was certain he was going to struggle to get up at that time. He lifted his own Poketch and set multiple alarms. Glancing up at her, he nodded his head at Attica. "Yep, I'm good with this. She's been creeping me out anyway so... stealing what's rightfully yours and getting it back is gonna be satisfying."

When the Victini students met up together prior to the meal, Max had the intent on keeping his eye out for Laeticia... but she was so damn elusive. It was clear that she was an excellent student given her scores and even the effortless manner in which she was able to defeat the proctor of her battle exam. Yet, it was difficult to read her because she literally never spoke or interacted with other students save for the few words she uttered to him when he was staring back at his friends. When Max did see her, she had her nose buried in her devices, as if she was waiting for a phone call or a message. Maybe she was just socially awkward? Did that relate to the fact she wouldn't return Attica's PokeNav? Max couldn't call it.

'No. No sign of her. She's actually not even here for dinner.'

Max responded to Attica as some of the Victini students walked in, but he had the misfortune of bumping into the absolute wrong person at the entry way of the dining hall. Turning slowly on her heel, Dr. O gave him the slightest but most powerful of scowls, sizing him up momentarily before barely softening the expression on her features.

"I suppose you're deprived of manners, hm?" she said coldly, giving Max a quick look over and then realizing who he was. "Ah, yes... Maxim Chase from Castelia City. Mediocre performance in the battle examination and a dreadful written score. It's a disservice to Periwinkle that we've allowed you in our corridors. Beauregard has gotten soft in his old age, letting just anyone admitted into the academy. You listen here, and listen good boy. Any amount of slip up, misbehavior, poor grades... I will gladly have you removed from the cohort."

Max was frozen in place, mouth slightly ajar. "I... I'm sorry... ma'am..."

"Sorry is putting it nicely, Mr. Chase," she snapped back at him, nodding her head towards the dining room. "Go before I expedite the expulsion process."

With Beauregard promoting school pride on this particular day, students were given the opportunity to sit wherever they pleased in the dining hall. After Max grabbed his food, he glanced around for somewhere to sit and saw Marquis, Nyree and another student donning a Celebi green blazer pulling up a seat with Attica. When Max came over, Marquis slid over so that he could sit between Attica and him.

"Not tryna stir anything up but uhhh..." Nyree began, her dark eyes glancing from Attica to Max. "...word on the street is that you two were spotted holding hands walking off somewhere else..."

"What!?" Max said, his face with genuine disbelief. Looking over at Attica, Max scoffed and waved off the thought. "No... that's not how it actually was. Anyway. You guys been good?" He glanced over at Marquis, realizing that he hadn't met the Celebi student.

"Nyree's just mad because I ain't held her hand yet," Marquis teased, winking at her playfully. "So far so good though. Apparently they're gonna have tryout for the House Battle Tournament in the next few weeks. Think I'ma try out for Jirachi's team. I heard that some of the upperclassmen are inviting some of the First Year's to some secret 'tryout' after curfew. I haven't heard anything yet though so..." Marquis shrugged.

Max's interest was piqued at the prospects of being involved in the House Battle Tournament, but knew that he needed to strengthen his team if he stood any chance of making it. Someone like Laeticia would surely be invited to this secret tryout. He glanced over at Attica and lifted a brow.

@Vicier Thank you for posting this template!

Status: OPEN

πŸ‘‹πŸΎ Yo! What's up everyone? I'm OGSG and you'll come to find that I'm all over the place when it comes to roleplaying. I promise, I'm more well put together behind the scenes. Anyway, this thread is just going to serve as a dumping place for an assortment of ideas for roleplays that I have. It may or may not make sense, but I'll do my best to organize my thoughts. Alright, here we go!

A little bit more about me, I am an 18+ male roleplayer in my 20s, currently working as an academic tutor. Yep, the job pays pretty well and, depending on the day, I've always got some time on my hands to do some roleplaying. My preference is to communicate OOC via PM on site because I find that Discord admittedly distracts me too much from my work and hurts my productivity. I like to keep a healthy barrier up in that regard so my apologies if that is a deal breaker for you. As far as the actual roleplay, I'm looking for MxF pairings where I play the M. I also am perfectly fine with smut woven in the RP so long as it is not the primary focus of the RP.

This part is pretty important: I'm looking for someone who is willing to not only help move the plot along, but also create side characters, antagonists and things of that nature to create the universe within the RP. Of course, I'm not asking you to write a book or anything, but I love being fully immersed in an RP. I hope that you will too!

As a roleplayer, at least these days, I lean on the side of being casually advanced. I'm laid back in terms of posting frequency and when I reply, I promise I will give you something to reply to. If you want to see how I post, you can lookup my most recent posting history for reference. Also, I prefer that each of our RPs have real-life face claims as it helps my muse. I could conditionally allow drawn face claims, but it truly just depends. The reason I prefer real-life face claims is because I tend to play racially diverse characters. Not that it matters or anything, but I am black guy that likes to see diversity!

I think that covers everything? I doubt it. I know I probably forgot something, but now is the moment that you all have been waiting for: the actual roleplays. Honestly, my interests vary depending on how I feel: fandoms, SoL, low urban fantasy... It just depends. I'm also aware that in the midst of our RP starting, I may or may not be feeling it. I promise to inform you ahead of time about this along with whether or not I'm feeling your face claims. Okay, click the button below to see what I'm interested in:

Hope to hear from you guys soon! Shoot me a PM or reply/react below. ✌🏾
I can confirm the food coma. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
I’ll be whipping something up soon! Definitely interested in this one.
@Crow Potentially, but it all depends. Care to shoot me a PM?

Active Pokemon:
Location: Periwinkle Stadium

As the placement event ended, the students in the four varying Houses were separated away from one another, initiating a time for them to connect with the other members of their House cohort as well as meeting with some of the upperclassmen. As Max merged into the traffic of other Victini students, his head turned and his eyes wandered over to the other students walking in the opposite direction. From the looks of it, Marquis and Nyree were at least paired together in Jirachi, but Attica appeared to have "suffered" the same fate as he did in not having a familiar, friendly face within their house. The good thing about being in Victini, though, was that that Elliott guy was in Celebi. Sure, he would have to see him soon enough, but Max was grateful that he wouldn't be sharing a dorm room with him... or anyone else that was an asshole of a personality.

"Take a picture, it'll last longer," a voice said from beside Max, causing him to turn and see the girl from before who was placed into Victini with him. Max recalled watching her battle where her Poipole absolutely dominated against the proctor's Pokemon. She was about the same height as mask with short but curly blonde hair and a gaze that could burn a whole through someone's body. With folded arms, she gave off an abrasive 'hmph' and walked past him along with a few other Victini students. Turning to pause in place, Max observed the girl, Laeticia was the name that he remembered, and narrowed his eyes at her backpack, noticing that it was slightly open and... was that Attica's PokeNav?

Max was about to take a few steps forward to confront the girl, but was caught off guard by another one who looked much friendlier than Laeticia did. Her vanilla aroma was faint but provided a magnetic pull to Max that directed his attention, completely disregarding Attica's PokeNav trapped in Laeticia's bag disappearing into a crowd of other Victini students.

"I promise we're not all like that," she said with a dimpled smirk at Max. Running a hand through her lengthy black hair, she adjusted her shimmery red bomber jacket with the Victini logo on the left breast of it. "I'm honestly legitimately surprised that she didn't make it into Celebi or something but... what can you do? Anyway... Alola! I'm Maria. This is my second year at Periwinkle. It's crazy because I feel like it was just yesterday that I was in your shoes: a wide-eyed First Year just trying to make sense of everything around me." Pausing for a moment, Maria lifted her hand to her mouth in slight realization that she may have trapped Max into a conversation he didn't want or didn't need at this time. The First Years were supposed to be meeting up with Professor Nawi prior to the social. "Ugh! Sorry umm... what was your name again?"

To say that Max was smitten would have been an understatement. He was sure that he was at minimum blushing slightly judging by the warmth rushing to his ears and face. "No... no it's cool. I'm Max," he stammered.

"Max... got it. Well Maxie, c'mon. We gotta catch you up with everyone else. Professor Nawi's a sweetheart, but she doesn't like people late for her classes. Remember that!" Maria said with a nod, reaching out to grab Max's wrist and tugged him in the direction of the other Victini students.

The Victini dorms were within a considerable walking distance from the main battle stadium. The corridor that led to the Victini area was decorated with crimson decor and the Victini logo against a brick wall. On the far side of the corridor was a lobby area where the Victini students could check in and directly adjacent from that was a set of double doors that Maria pushed her hand through to open, leading Max outside just in time to catch Professor Nawi beginning her spill to the Victini students. Everyone was gathered on a miniature battlefield near the center and in the far view behind Professor Nawi was a statue of Nidorino doing battle against a Gengar, a nod to one of the original broadcasts of the first Pokemon League many years ago.

"I'll talk to you later Maxie, gotta go find my friends. See you later at the social?" Maria said with smile and a nod, not really giving him an opportunity to respond as she slithered off through the crowd of students and out of Max's viewpoint.

He kept his eyes on Maria until she disappeared, but Max strangely still felt something on his wrist until he realized what it was. Glancing down at his hand, he noticed a yellow, furry Joltik glancing up at him with intent and pure joy on its face. "What the.... what are you doing here!?" Max whispered and yelled behind bared teeth. Chittering playfully, the Joltik scurried back up Max's sleeve before he could get ahold of it and instead had to not look completely uncomfortable in knowing that the Joltik from his home at managed to latch onto him en route to his first day at Periwinkle.

"Hiiii my Victini babies!" Professor Nawi cooed in an adoring fashion as her dark eyes scanned over the crop of First Years with the upperclassmen standing in the background. My name is Professor Sylvia Nawi. In case you didn't know, I am the Head of House for Victini... a former Victini myself and I take pride in ensuring the progression of all my babies. Even my Fourth Years that are preparing to leave the nest after this year!" Looking up to the group of older students, Professor Nawi lifted her hands to her lips and blew kisses in their direction. "Okay... enough about me. House Victini prides itself on displaying a burning passion in the classroom, in the field, and in battle. Exude the victorious spirit of Victini and you will go far. I am available whenever you need me, but you can definitely find me in the Day Care area if I'm not in my office, teaching a class or doing anything else. Welcome to Periwinkle! Now... our Ace Students will takeover from here." Gesturing her hand towards the three students that were standing off to the side, the trio of students glanced at each other momentarily before the red head that Max recognized in the audience before stepped forward awkwardly.

"Um... hey guys. I'm Nora and..." she said before halting momentarily to gesture over the two guys who were also Ace Students. "Basically... we're here to help you as best as possible while also holding firm to what Professor Nawi said about being a passionate bunch. But I'll save you the deep narrative. I'm sure you all want to head over to the social in the Student Union. Just find one of us, you can't miss us as we have the Ace Student patch on our jackets. Let's move out."

Ace Student. There must have been an immense amount of respect that came with being an Ace Student, at least that's what Max liked to think. As the group moved along behind Nora and the other two Ace Students, Max followed with the rest of the pack, spotting Maria once again, talking to some guy and playfully slapping him on the shoulder. Okay, maybe she's just friendly with everyone? Max pondered the thought as he felt a friendly shock on his right shoulder blade causing him to flinch slightly. It didn't hurt per se, but it did manage to tickle him. "...stop it..." Max mumbled lowly to the Joltik.

The Victini House was the lab group to arrive at the Student Union. As Max walked around, he bit on his lower lip feeling slightly out of place of the other students. There was no sight of Maria anymore, he saw Marquis mingling with some of the other Jirachi students and the Victini students had somewhat cliqued together along the way here. So, instead of just looking lost, Max slipped his hands into his pockets and strolled around the union to soak in all of its glory. There were several students out in the quad, other lingering in the entry between that and the Union, as well as students inside taking in some of the food and showcasing their respective Pokemon.

Making his way to the snack table, Max leaned over to reach for a cookie when a thin web shot from his arm sleeve, pulling in a small cookie crumb. "Seriously," Max quipped with a slightly chuckle, using his free hand to grab a chocolate chip cookie... or a couple, and stuff them on top of a napkin as he made his way around the table and found a flight of stairs that was outlined by a railing. Finally, there was a familiar face in Attica who seemed to be just chilling on her own at the top of the stairwell that was flanked by the spiraling staircase on either side of it. Behind where she stood was another brief staircase that led to a lounge area with windows and a few doors on either side of the small lobby.

"Sup?" Max said with a head nod, offering up one of his cookies to her as he held out the napkin with a small tower of the treats on it. "Still can't believe how crazy this whole school is. Can you believe we get to study here? I mean... sometimes I low key think that I'm not even supposed to be here..." Max's written scores certainly weren't the best, but he assumed his tactics on the battlefield helped his case tremendously at the end of the day. Before he could finish his statement, he shrugged, shaking his head as he popped a piece of cookie in his mouth. "Any luck making friends? I see Marquis and Nyree are fitting in well with Jirachi."

He pointed over to the group of students donning their yellow-ish gold paraphernalia with Marquis square in the middle looking as if he was explaining a story. Nyree was there in the crowd as well, but was rolling her eyes at Marquis. Leaning against the rail, Max continued nibbling on the cookies in his possession, occasionally having the thought of sitting crumbs on his wrist as a small web of string shot out to pull the crumbs inside the arm of his jacket. Below on the first level, was the guy that Devina was referring to. He was dressed in a Celebi green pullover, taking a gracious sip from his plastic cup. He just so happened to glance up at the railing to spot Attica (and Max), giving her a slight wave before carrying on with his conversation with his other Housemates and Tony.

"By the way... you did say your PokeNav was like... a lavender color or something right? I saw it in Laeticia's bag on the way to our meetup with Professor Nawi," Max added, turning his back to the railing and leaning against it. "I dunno if she stole it or whatever... maybe she found or something? Either way, you could just ask for it back? Or... we could just steal it back." A mischievous look was painted on his features. If he was going to have an "unwanted" passenger come to Periwinkle with him, then he was going to at least try and put the Joltik to work.

In many ways, the Human World and the Digital World are alike... Both worlds are home to beings that are unique in their own ways as they attempt to live together peacefully in harmony despite the difference. In addition to this, the Human World and the Digital World are prone to being divided based on varying opinions in an attempt to sit on the proverbial throne and rule over their respective realms with an iron fist. It is this mindset of embracing warfare that ultimately disconnects the compassion needed in order to be a good citizen.

Though the worlds are different, separated literal and figurative barriers, select humans and Digimon previously coexisted in harmony. Specific humans (Digidestined or Tamers depending on the circumstances) were able to emotionally connect with partner Digimon for the sake of not only maintaining peace in the Human World but restoring balance in the Digital World as well. Shortly after the most recent Digital War, though, the connection between humans and Digimon was forcefully severed, dividing the worlds seemingly in a permanent fashion in an effort to prevent evil from maneuvering between the worlds.

The formation of the Firewall was 20 human years ago, nearly an entire millennium within the Digital World. Since that time, the barricade between both worlds has faltered and weakened, allowing access to and from depending on the location. One of those locations rests in the heart of a massive city, booming in technological advances... an attraction that has a magnetic pull on young adults looking to seek a better life. What are the chances that a ragtag group of individuals would be willing to set aside their goals and dreams in order to serve as protectors of both worlds?

A Digimon RP

Re:Connect is a casually advanced Digimon RP that will combine a bit of slice of life along with the good old action and adventure that you may know from the Digimon anime series. Because this RP will be 18+, there will be mature themes throughout the RP. There will be no little kids running around with violent monsters, but one could argue that adults (18 to 23) are probably more dangerous with these monsters in their possession! As evidenced by the tags, I'm hoping that this RP is a small group of advanced writers who want to work together to create a deep world with all sorts of twists and turns. I'm looking for 2 to 4 additional roleplayers who are dedicated to making it work while providing quality posts. I also ask that you be open to using real life face claims as well. It's not finalized, but would love for you to be open to it. A Co-GM to consult and flesh out the RP would be great but is not necessarily a requirement. If you are interested, post below, react to this initial post or shoot me a PM.
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