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Current This week flew by. Not complaining tho!
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Someone should link me with Ms. Morningstar. I want to shake her hand for this lovely writing we had. šŸ˜­
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So Iā€™m up re-reading one of my 1x1 RPs from two years ago and goodness this is a great story.
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Bro, this Verzuz matchup has been šŸ”„.
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The Rangers are awesome. Just wanted to say that. ā™„ļøšŸ–¤šŸ’—šŸ’™šŸ’ššŸ’œ


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Yo šŸ‘‹šŸ¾! I'm OG (yes, like an original gangsta, ha). To be honest, like my profile says, I'm a hella chill dude that just likes to write a bunch of words, world build, make stories, create playlists, and things of that nature. Sports is one of my many passions so it's not uncommon for you to catch me in the middle of watching a game when I should be replying to our threads. But rest assured, I'm a pretty active replier so you don't have to worry at all about me forgetting to post. When I'm not watching sports, I'm probably binging something on Netflix: anything action, sports, superheroes, supernatural, romantic, comedy, rom-com... I told you, I'm all over the place. šŸ˜‚ So, yeah, if I'm your cup of tea, slide in the DMs, fam.

As of right now, I'm only looking for 1x1 or very small group roleplays (like... 3 to 4 people max). My preference for this smaller amount is because group RPs make me anxious and I tend to be unable to keep up with everyone OOC and IC. So, the smaller the RP circle, the better. Also, just want to throw that out there, I have a strong interest in playing and playing against minority characters. I rock with a diverse cast of characters in general from all races, but as a black guy, I like seeing those sorts of faces! āœŠšŸ¾ As far as what I roleplay, I have some interest checks out there that I should probably update, but here is the short list:

  • Slice of Life
    • Family, Cities, Neighborhoods, etc.
  • Gifted/Superpowers (Not Marvel/DC-related)
  • Crime/Gang-related
  • Mystery
  • School (High School/College)
    • Anything Grown-ish-esque is šŸ‘ŒšŸ¾. As well HSMTMTS-esque.
  • Supernatural (Low, Werewolves and Witches)
  • Fantasy (Urban/Low)
  • Certain Fandoms
    • Pokemon, Digimon, Power Rangers, ATLA, Harry Potter (I'm a 90s kid, alright?)

I'm accessible here or on Discord: Day#2382.

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In Rangers 3 mos ago Forum: Casual Roleplay
Look at you guys posting! I gotta catch up šŸ˜‚
In Rangers 3 mos ago Forum: Casual Roleplay
Just a quick heads up about where we're going to be going from here: the Rangers are going to learn a little more about each other (hopefully without tearing each other apart), the Command Center details, and Druidon. And then some time after, that's when training begins.
In Rangers 4 mos ago Forum: Casual Roleplay
"She wasn't sure what she expected the Power Rangers to act like, but it wasn't this. Weren't they supposed to be friends?"

Oh, Val... You don't know the half of it.
In Rangers 4 mos ago Forum: Casual Roleplay
Clint mostly did nothing wrong

Re-sized that for you. :)
In Rangers 4 mos ago Forum: Casual Roleplay

Location: Angel Grove Youth Center ā†’ Command Center
Interacting w/: @Potemking @Akayaofthemoon @Zoey Boey @metanoia @psych0pomp

There was a lot going on after the scene had finally cleared up from the battle with several questions that each of the other five people around Charlie surely had. Once the Basilisk creature disappeared with the hostages, Charlie was trying to quickly come up with a plan to reverse their fortunes, but there was turmoil brewing amongst the group. This... extremely tall woman brought the Power Crystal to her mouth (disgusting by the way) and tried to gnaw on it; the frat-boy had called the Power Crystals... "Participation Crystals"; Jordan had gone off the deep end with her anger towards several members of the group; Clint, of course, surely must have been confused by this and needed his wounds tended to; and then there was the possessor of the Black Power Crystal who had asked her what all of this was about. How would Silas deal with all of this?

Remain calm... breathe. I can do this.

Clearing her throat, her hazel eyes glanced at Ross, offering him a nod that silently stated that she was going to explain all of this in due time, she just needed to get a hold of everyone within range that was a wielder of a Power Crystal. There were six of them and she couldn't possibly go into full detail here and now. They needed to get to the Command Center. "Everyone... just... calm the fuck down!" she exclaimed, guiding herself towards the center of them all, occasionally turning on her heel to look at each of them in the eyes. Once they were silent, she exhaled deeply, her expression softening. "Now... I know all of you have questions about... everything and I promise that I'll answer them to the best of my ability. But right now, what we don't need is for each of you to... act like kids!" Because that was part of the reason for the initial demise of the Rangers: each of them were teenagers with their own agendas and their own method of thinking. Even Silas was a bit hot-headed at times. What they needed right now was for them to just listen.

"Like Jordan mentioned, if you need a ride to the Command Center, we'll load up in Clint's truck. Otherwise, I'll send you each coordinates," Charlie said, glancing down at her Power Morpher and tapping away at the holographic screen that popped up from it. The address of the Command Center sent straight to the Rookies phones since they didn't have a Power Morpher yet. "Now... let's move out."

Jordan and Clint may have been caught off guard when they realized that the Command Center was actually GENESIS's old headquarters. A decade without civilization interacting with the facility didn't do the building any favors, but it was the only facility that Charlie had in mind that had notable technology that could serve the needs of the Rangers. After instructing those who were driving to park in the attached parking garage, she led the group inside the building, pressing her hand against the identification sensor as the door slid open with a swooshing sound. "Welcome home, Rangers," she said, walking slowly into the rotunda area, sunlight peeking through the windows at the ceiling. The facility was massive, with several untouched corners that Charlie hadn't found the time to get around to. She was considering hiring out someone to help update everything, but she needed to be sure that the team would be stable. Otherwise, it was a waste of money. "Now... I know what you're thinking... we've got a lot of work to do," she said as they neared the elevator. "But, the real good stuff is in the basement."

The elevator took the group down to the Control Room that was much more updated than anything above ground. This was where Charlie had spent much of her time updating and improving what was already a decent system. It just needed her own personal touch. Across the perimeter were pods with each of the Rangers suits, including the ones that were no longer in commission. There were screens as well that served as surveillance to the city along with other information like Ranger vitals and blueprints for other projects. The central area had a step down area that shaped in a circular fashion. There were a few rolling chairs in front of numerous computer screens that instantly lit up once a foot was stepped onto the lowered platformed. Turning to face everyone, she cleared her throat as now was the time to actually begin explaining, especially to the Rookies.

"Okay... We haven't gotten into the particulars yet but... new people, new Rangers... I'm Charlisa Fox, but everyone calls me Charlie. Purple Ranger." She gestured to the other two veterans who were prone to biting each other's heads off. Well, mainly Jordan but Clint wasn't exactly a pushover. "That's Clint "Cowboy" Martyr, Green Ranger. And my lovely big sister, Jordan Hall, Blue Ranger." Nodding, she gave them the opportunity to introduce themselves, and then acknowledged the Rookies. "I don't know... anything about you all, but... the Morphin Grid has a way of being able to identifying people that have bonded with Power Crystals..."

Turning, she slight bent down to tap on one of the computer screens on the lower platform as the screens beyond them, high on the wall, showed the faces of the three new Rangers. "Ross Takahashi, Sloane McCabe, and Vallory Vance. Black, Red, and Pink Rangers respectively. The Power Crystals have a way of finding a person of great potential and utilizing them to carry out the mission of protecting the planet as Power Rangers. We don't know everything about it... but I would tell you this: take it seriously. There is a great responsibility with being a Ranger and, yes, we look cool and flashy and all of that... but the fate of the world is on the line while we're kicking ass." Pausing, she looked to Clint and Jordan before leaning her backside against one of the chairs. "I'm sure all of you have questions... including you two, Jordan and Clint. Fire away."
In Rangers 4 mos ago Forum: Casual Roleplay
Oh boy what did Charlie get herself into with this group lmao! Working on a reply as we speak!
In Rangers 4 mos ago Forum: Casual Roleplay
Yep everything is good! Just normal stuff with work is all. But we will be moving to Command Center!
In Rangers 4 mos ago Forum: Casual Roleplay
Yep! My bad guys got caught up with stuff today but Iā€™m working on it to tomorrow morning!
In Rangers 4 mos ago Forum: Casual Roleplay
@Akayaofthemoon šŸ‘€ I will hold off on my post because I wanna see the wrath of the Blue Ranger.
In Rangers 4 mos ago Forum: Casual Roleplay
@psych0pomp Sloane won't be allowed to morph until he is able to recite the first and last names of each of the Rangers. Them's the rules per Charlie Fox.

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