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Alden & Anastasia

Mentions:@Lava Alckon Farim @FunnyGuy Lorenzo @Inertia Auguste

In the dimly lit road, only being illuminated by the firework show that was being held a distance away, Alden was making his way towards the guest house. His mind was focused on one thing: to gather information, and to “stir the pot”, leading into his plans of destruction of the kingdom. There was nothing that could distract him from this moment.


When Alden had turned around, he’d see the blonde princess running toward him down the cobblestone path. She looked as she usually did, clad in a pink dress. However, there was one unusual detail that would have stuck out to him: the random falcon perched on her arm. She came to a halt in front of him, beaming. “I can’t believe you’re back after all these years! I thought you’d never come back!” The falcon on her shoulder echoed her sentiment with a caw.

What in the world?! Alden looked at the falcon with bewilderment, confusing him in the moment and making him lose his train of thought. He was glad to see the princess doing well, but was confused as to why such a bird was perched on her arm. With a confused and concerned look, Alden addressed the princess.

“Ana! It has been so long!” Alden had said with a puzzled look on his face. Normally, he is in control of his emotions, but this had thrown him off, a feeling he hasn’t expressed in a long time. It was as if reality somewhat broke inside him for a moment. He took a deep breath. “Umm, yes, it has been quite a while since we have seen each other. You have grown so much. And I see you became, umm, a tamer as well…?”

“Yes I know I can’t believe it. I thought I’d grow more but looks like I’m stuck with this height. “ Anastasia enthusiastically replied with a smile. “You look great though. You haven’t aged a day! Amazing! … As for the bird, this is my friend’s pet, Thara. He’s from the Alidasht and they all just carry around animals for some reason. I reckon it’s because they live in a dangerous desert filled with all kinds of fiends. “

“Even though you may be stuck with this height, you still stand tall as a princess of the kingdom.” His reply was as genuine as they come. He remembered always having a soft spot for the princess, and one of the few he actually cared for. He gripped his hand behind his back, feeling the ring underneath his glove. He’s glad he kept his memories now, but would things change in the future? He had wondered this at this moment. But then he recalled a word the princess had said. This… bird belongs to the Alidasht. Interesting…

“That truly is a remarkable bird, and shows your prowess as a figure of power by being entrusted with such a creature. You never cease to surprise me, even now.” . Alden gave a warm smile, with a sinister grin appearing in his subconscious. He had thought this could be more useful than it being weird.

She paused thoughtfully, considering his words. Finally, after a pause, she nodded with a smile, putting her hands on her hips with a show of confidence. “You know what. I am pretty great, aren’t I? Thanks for all that. I had a really bad day and I was not feeling so great about myself. “ Anastasia then added earnestly, “But I got very excited when I saw it was you out here. I was worried something had happened to you and you’d cross my mind often.”

“Well princess, my apologies that you had a bad day. Things such as this do happen from time to time. What is important to remember though is that what has happened is now in the past, and what you do tomorrow is what will matter. But best live in the moment, that's why they call in the present'' . Alden expressed his words as fruitfully as possible. He figured life with “your majesty” hadn’t been easy these past several years. But he was glad to see she is doing well, and still the same happy-go-lucky girl he had remembered. “So tell me Ana, what brings you out here on this wondrous night? I figured you would be enjoying the fireworks right now.”

“That’s some wise words you got there, but you listen here and you listen close.” Anastasia moved up to him and gave him a gentle punch in the arm. “If you disappear like that again, I’m gonna come drag you home myself.” She raised her brows as if it would intensify her “threat.”

A slight chuckle escaped through his smile. “I would be counting on that.”

After she felt her point was made, she regarded his question, “I am going to the guesthouse to bring Thara home and check out how the infamous dinner with Duke Lorenzo is going. Should be fun. Where are you off to? … Wait.” Anastasia paused to listen as a firework crackled above their heads. She turned on her heels and stared with awe as bright colors lit up the sky to their east. “I didn’t know this was happening!”

“Ha haha well yes, fireworks were on display tonight. Gorgeous sight, isn’t it?” . Anastasia and Alden viewed the fireworks going off together, lighting up the sky upon the rising moon. “You know, it’s actually quite a coincidence, I was off a dinner with the Alidasht right now…” Alden’s face turned a bit concerned for a second, realizing he might come face to face again with that idiot, someone he wanted to leave alone because he was trouble anywhere he was. “Wait, don’t tell me that's the one Lorenzo is at??”

“ Oh yeah he’s definitely there. That was Sultan’s mercy deal after he made everyone fall or whatever… I’m excited to see Duke Lorenzo. I haven’t spoken to him in like, more than a year! … I think he’s a dreamboat. “ Anastasia explained to Alden. “Nothing more attractive than a man with a sense of humor and a great mustache.”

Alden began to grow concerned about the princess at this moment. Surely she’s being sarcastic, right?”

She saw his expression and quickly clarified, ” Yeah, I know he’s too old for me, but I can adore from afar, right? I just like to look.”

Alden gave a smile, but had gritted his teeth hidden from her. Dear God…” Even though he did not expect these words to come out, they were still destined to go to this dinner now. Alden couldn’t help but to think how Lorenzo would single-handedly bring the downfall of Caesonia. In fact, Alden was a bit jealous of this fact. At the very least he would be treated to dinner and a show. And he would make sure Anastasia would stay as far as possible from this man as well. Her words definitely caused concern in his mind. But he still needed to watch and talk to Auguste; hopefully he will get the chance.

“Well then, my dear, shall we walk together?” . Alden held out his arm so that she may grab it, while being cautious of the falcon on her other arm.

Anastasia smiled and looped her arm in his, “Heck yes!”

Anastasia, Alden, and Thara then made their way together to the dinner, while observing the fireworks overhead. Alden smirked at the thought of what they were going to encounter, and what kind of trouble would come to the kingdom after.

Sir Alden Drake Plannington

Time: 6pm
Location: Edin’s Castle
Interactions: @princess Alibeth
Mentions: @Silverpaw Wulfric @Inertia Auguste @Helo Callum @princess Anastasia @Tpartywithzombi Violet

After the events with the princes’ courting, King Edin had asked to run some errands. Of course, Alden didn’t do any of that. Instead, he had retired in his studies to review some notes and formulate the events of everything occurring to seek out the best course of action.

On the journal before him, the following had been written:
The kingdom seems to be in distress, as the Alidasht doesn’t seem too fond of the current events that have been unfolding. That idiot Lorenzo is somewhat of a chaotic force in everything. Whether he intends to do his actions or not, he seems to be inciting a war all on his own. It is best to leave him on his own, I would not interfere as his antics seem to fall in line with my own desires. Then inside the own kingdom, things are definitely interesting. My dear Calbert is dealing with his own struggles now, with Violet now in her own state of rest. He will be dying to know what happened exactly, and is desperately looking for answers. He will be easy to influence.

Alden then reflected about the king, before writing once more.

Your majesty is still as dimwitted and unclever as ever, believing that he is a God in some way. His behavior alone will definitely incite some tensions amongst our guests. It's all about leading him in the right direction, and the rest shall unfold upon itself. His sons, on the other hand, will be a bit more difficult to play around. They do not seem too impressed of me, as I had been away for far too long. Perhaps I should play closer attention to them individually, and observe more of their intrusive thoughts. THEY will be necessary for the kingdoms downfall. But it needs to be in a way where they aren’t directly affected. I do have a soft spot for them after all. Them and Anastasia. They unfortunately will have to experience what is to come about, but they do not need to suffer. That will be reserved for “your majesty” solely

Alden sat back and thought about everything in his head. He had been gone for too long, and should have returned hours ago. He had remembered that the Alidasht was having dinner tonight, and he was asked specifically to gather information on them. Perhaps he would drop by now, and just observe before speaking with one of them directly. He quickly looked at the portrait he had of himself in his room, and smiled. It would be impossible and foolish for anyone to stop him now, he just needs a few more pieces in place and watch the picture unfold. He had grabbed his ring off his desk and put it on his finger, as it sparkled mysteriously in the room light before he covered it with his glove. He got up from his desk and couldn’t help but to chuckle.

“Don’t worry Lady Violet, you won’t be lonely for long.”

He locked the door to his studies, and put the key away under his sleeve, and went on his way. He made his way down into the Grand Hall, finding the queen stepping into just as he descended the stairs.

Alibeth paused upon seeing him and began to approach him immediately. “Mr. Plannington… Fine timing for you to appear. I have something to ask of you if you do not mind…”

“Why, of course. How can I be of service to you?”

“I have sent Auguste to the guest house to keep watch while the Alidasht guests dine with Duke Vikena. However, I would appreciate it if someone could check on him and assist him with making sure everything goes accordingly.”

Alden couldn’t help but to smile a bit. Of course the Duke is dining with the Alidasht. They must really love him. And with such coincidence, Auguste is present at the dinner as well. This was a prime opportunity to kill two birds with one stone. “Of course, my lady. I will be on my way, and ensure everything falls smoothly” . But of course, it won’t.

The queen did not give him a smile, but there was a small upturn of the corners of her lips. “Very well. Thank you.” She continued on unceremoniously.

Then Alden walked out the castle, all poised and confident, wearing a grin that promised trouble.

Sir Alden Drake Plannington

Location: Ballroom
Interactions: @SausagePat Wasun @princess King Edin
@Helo Callum, @Inertia Auguste, @Silverpaw Wulfric @SausagePat

Alden was listening to “this one’s” strange tale. A merchant ship coming from a far land for trades and so happened to best pirates in battle, and even captured a ship, although left in ruin. And it would appear their bard in the matter was injured as a result. Thus Alden and the King were left to communicate with someone whose speech was mediocre at best. A true brute who enjoys the intricacies of danger, as his expressions would insinuate as he was attempting to explain himself. At the very least his speech is more advanced than “your grace” ever could imagine to be

Alden glanced at the king briefly, wondering if he even understood anything this man had said, let alone his name. Afterall, he couldn’t even remember Alden’s name correctly and refuses to correct himself on the matter. Alden left out a silent sigh to himself. If his story is true, he didn’t pose a threat at this moment in time. He had wished to finish with this discussion as quickly as the man in front of him did.

“ Thank you for addressing yourself, and the situation that has befallen you, Wasun Sjan-dehk. You came from far away, yes? You must be wearied from your travels, especially considering the adversaries you have fought. We appreciate that you have brought the pirates here, and we will address them appropriately later. We are also adamant with the injuries that Lady Adiyan had endured, and wish her well in her recovery.”

Alden looked at King Edin, signaling that he was done speaking, and the man could be dismissed as he had nothing to hide. He looked around the room to see how the princes were holding up in hopes to see at least something interesting happening at the moment. They seemed to be conversing, but not with the one’s he had suggested. It wasn’t really a detriment, but he had hoped to see the king’s blood boil from it. Alden had a brief smile picturing the instance himself, but it didn’t matter at the end of day. It wasn’t vital to what he had in mind for “your grace”.
Sir Alden Drake Plannington & King Edin Danrose

Time:9:30 am
Location: Danrose Castle/ Alden’s Room → Castle Dining Room

Alden was observing himself in the mirror, analyzing the bruises on his neck and lower body. He had woken up in his shirt ripped up, and his clothes soaked in what seemed like sweat, as if he was wrestling and got himself in a fight. He just couldn’t help but to say to himself, What the hell happened last night?!

He was trying to recall the events that had occurred, to piece together exactly the events that had transpired. He vaguely remembered flashing lights, the moon, and even… Blood.Then he remembered the events that had led him up to this point. Though he couldn’t recall if he had gotten into a fight as well, considering the shape that he was currently in. It doesn’t necessarily matter though, he was here alive, and that's all that mattered. He took a deep breath and laid out the plans in his head again. Things may have taken a turn last night, whatever they may have been, but he was still a few steps ahead of everyone else. That was a fact he was certain about. He smiled at himself in the mirror as he recomposed himself, What happened last night shall remain a mystery. Now, it is time to present yourself.

Alden cleaned himself up and disposed of his worn out and torn clothes in his closet for now, he will properly discard them later, and got into new clothes. First, I should seek out the wretched king. It’s been long enough since I made my debut. He went into the halls, thinking back to what he knew of Edin and what he recalled that he was a man who very much enjoyed his breakfast. So Alden then made down into the dining room and easily found King Edin sitting at the end of the table as servants began setting down plates upon plates of food. He was the only one sitting there so it could only be assumed it was all for him. How repulsive…

“Good morning, your majesty. Enjoying your meal this morning?”

King Edin’s head rose and his eyes widened. The sound of his utensils clinking filled the room as they fell out of his hands onto the table. For once, he looked a little afraid. Who is that?...Is that a ghost? …I remember him I think but…I am certain he died. Yes, yes. I sent him away on a perilous journey… I don’t recall why I did that, but… He never did come back… No, no, not for years. Hm. His eyes narrowed as he scrutinized him without speaking yet. Too opaque. I suppose he’s finally returned.. Albert… Yes. Albert.

Alden observed the king’s reaction, as if he was frightened by his appearance. He couldn’t help but to smile. He should be, if he knew what was coming. At the very least, it seemed like he remembered him well, and decided to use this to his advantage for the moment. He then proceeded to speak in a calm yet friendly manner to him. “Terribly sorry to frighten you, your majesty. I have just but recently returned from my venture, and I have many things we need to discuss. I have collected and gathered valuable information which I know would be beneficial to you. May we discuss when you have the moment?”

“... Albert! You’ve been gone for years!”King Edin finally blurted out in astonishment. ”What the fuck happened to you?”

This DUMBASS MOTHERFUCKER! ALBERT! HOW DISGRACEFUL!! Alden kept his warm smile as he had thought to himself. If he could display his rage right now, he would absolutely express it. “Hahahaha I suppose it has been a while. My name is Alden, I am your royal advisor. You sent me on a journey to obtain valuable information from far off kingdoms. I suppose you could confuse me for Albert after a long time, hahaha.”. If only Edin understood his sarcastic undertones, he would probably get the hint.

King Edin nodded as if he had known all that. “Yes, yes of course. Aldoon. Well it’s most fortunate that you are not dead. Spectacular actually! You’ve put me in a wonderful mood… Come! take a seat, Aldoon. We can feast together and talk about your journey.” He waved him over with a smile. Advisor huh? We certainly needed him earlier. Well. I’ll have to tell him about all that insanity and see what he thinks.

Instant regrets filled Alden’s mind. It wasn’t even worth the hassle to correct him on his name at this point. With a composed and professional demeanor, he proceeded to fit next to the king. He wasn’t even hungry, but at least he could discuss matters and proceed with his next steps in his plot. “ Thank you for your generosity, your majesty. The journey has been rough, but brought plentiful fruits of valuable information. But before we discuss my findings, I would like to know, what has occurred after all this time? I have been away for long, and it seems trouble has been brought upon our kingdom. I would like to be caught up, from your knowledge.”

King Edin sighed as if he had asked the heaviest question ever to be spoken. First, he selected a big boiled egg and took an aggressive bite out of it. He was silent as he chewed it. He set it down after and did not bother to finish it. He looked at the dark-haired man in front of him and then began to fill him in on what had occurred over the years. It was a brief overview as not much had been occurring since he left and also because he was not in the mood to go into detail about years worth of information. It seemed Aldoon was interested in the night prior anyway. He luckily had a copy of the newspaper of the day handy so he pulled it over and set it front of Aldoon.

The moment Aldoon had paused to read it, he snapped his fingers at a maid, “Get over here and feed this man. He’s of high status don’t you know? Fill his plate!” He demanded. The maid had a look of confusion on her face as she obviously did not recognize Alden, but began to fill his plate nonetheless.

”So. Aldoon. We finally were able to get some visitors from the Alidasht to visit during courting season… And as you may recall, Duke Lorenzo was an imbecile and still is. He created a scene and made the Sultan fall off his chair… You can read the article there for more information, but if you must know, we’ve made an awful impression on theme.”

King Edin paused to finish the egg in one bite. Aldoon had to wait for him to finish chewing. “...To make matters worse, there was a party of some sort and my two youngest led all of the Sultan’s royal offspring there and brought them back absolutely wasted to the point some of them think that they were possibly poisoned... There was an attempt to smooth things over this morning but it went all to shit if you could imagine. None of them remembered last night nor would they tell us who threw the event.”

Well if there is one thing we could agree on, Lorenzo is definitely an imbecile….. There was also something that caught Alden’s attention. The king had mentioned a party, and he was able to briefly recall that transpiring. He pondered if he went there as well. He would certainly remember if he did, but strangely enough he couldn’t recall many events that happened that night. As the maid brought Alden his food, he reviewed the newspaper that the king handed him. He saw the readings of what happened at the ball, and briefly reviewed the wanted poster. He wondered what her crimes were, as there was no mention as to why she was on the front pages. Probably for petty thievery. Then there was the gossip on the “morning tea. This section is filled with hogwash anyways, only half this paper has provided anything useful. . He had put the paper down and simply sighed.

”That part’s true. Charlotte Vikena did offer to be a whore. Never did offer me to me yet though. ”King Edin tapped the paper with a chuckle of amusement.

Looks like the Vikena’s are in deep water for whatever actions that occurred. He doubted that Charlotte would do such a thing, but Lorenzo, most definitely. Someone had actually questioned if he was fucking Calbert….


Alden's head perked up as he remembered the snake that man was. The only thing remotely interesting to him was the wanted poster, and most definitely Calbert would be most likely to post something like that. After all, what had happened last night, he would be looking for answers, and would blame anyone. He was the source and fool Alden needed to further enhance his plans. Then there was also the mention of the party the King briefly explained.

“Hahaha looks like the Vikena’s are a troublesome duo indeed. I wonder, considering how things transpired between those two, would they happen to know anything about the party? Has anyone asked?”

His eyes lit up and he slapped the table. ”NO! No one has!”He exclaimed as if an epiphany had hit him, ”Aldoono you’re a genius. It’s all connected.” He poked his fingers together as if connecting puzzle pieces to further demonstrate his point. “Today, I shall have you seek out the Vikenas and question them.But first, do you see any way we appease the Alidasht for now? … I know my wife is going to throw together an investigation team, but I feel the quicker the answers the better.”

King Edin lowered his voice as he told Alden, “We don’t want a war right now.”

You may not want a war, but I certainly do. Alden simply smiled and looked at the king as he proceeded to speak in a calm and low voice. “I will address the Vikena’s as soon as I can, and as for the Alidasht…. It is under my best impression that we await what the investigation team could come up with. I would recommend that the team comes together and try to be as friendly to the children of their kingdom as possible. They probably have more information that could be gathered. As for the Sultan, perhaps the best deed we can do is if you address him directly, one on one, about the events that transpired and the actions we are taking. Afterall, with such a noble king as yourself taking action and addressing him, it would certainly smooth things out…”

... or make things worse hehehe…

“Genius Albert! Genius! It’s the effort and the personal experience of a one-on-one conversation that can finally improve our relationship… And I am so charismatic. He’ll love me.” King Edin chuckled joyfully to himself and looked down at his face in the reflection of his now empty plate. “Look at me!” He gestured toward it and laughed again, delighted with himself. This situation would all start to make more sense once Alden spotted the nearby wine bottle.

Yes, certainly the Sultan would love to have your head on that platter.

Sir Alden Drake Plannington& Nahir Aysun Kadir

Location: Marek's After-party
Mentions: Marek@Alivefalling

“Oh please, I may be quote on quote ‘thirsty’, but certainly not for you right now!”

There the two were in the backroom of the underground, once lusting and thriving upon one another, now arguing even the most trivial matters. There Alden was, struggling to put his pants on as the sweat on him made everything stick too closely, making things incredibly uncomfortable as he sought to reposition himself back into the environment. On top of that, his voice was constantly breaking, as he felt his throat to be as dry as the desert. He desperately needed to drink something, and was getting even more annoyed by the bickering Nahir and him somehow engaged in. Is she unaware I am trying to be literal in my statements right now!, he frustratingly thought to himself.

"Would you be so kind and please stop saying that word?" Nahir picked up one of Alden's socks and chucked at him, making sure to aim for his face. "It's driving me insane!"

She struggled to slip on her skirts, the lightweight fabric sticking on her skin like glue. Her tongue felt like sandpaper in her mouth; every sound that came out of Alden's mouth sounded like nails on a chalkboard. Nahir had to get out of this room and as far away from him and his grating voice. She was unsure when and why they had begun to argue, but it had come from seemingly nowhere. One thing she knew for certain was that her skirts were useless! She threw the fabrics onto the bed, glaring at them as if they had insulted her, and pointed at Alden's shirt still on the bed. "Your shirt, I need it."

“My shirt?! Absolutely not, I refuse to expose myself like that out there!” . Alden removed the sock that had landed on his head, and just looked at her in bewilderment. He barely was able to put on his pants as they felt like a rough adhesive, restricting his movements as he tried moving them around. At the very least he was able to put them on. He looked at Nahir who was still very much exposed, and couldn’t help but to just let out a small chuckle. It's a shame for a gorgeous women like her, she bears an utmost nagging demeanor.

"Are Caesoanians always this prudish? You're acting as if they would actually want to look at you." She rolled her eyes.

He proceeded to grab his shirt off the bed, and waved his sock in his hand. “you know, maybe your clothes would actually fit you if you flail them around some more. It would make them more loose, like you.”

Nahir looked at him, matching his bewildered expression. During her momentary lack of judgment, she thought Alden Whatever-ton was a well-mannered man. Had she been influenced by the drink and whatever magic it had to make her believe that? Absofuckinglutly. Now she could see that he was just some pathetic excuse of a man who did not appreciate the gift she had given him. Her expression soon shifted to amusement before she had to cover her mouth and stop the laughter.

"You look so much prettier with your mouth shut. Or better yet, between my legs." Where I can suffocate you. She scoffed and picked up her skirts again, waving them around in his face before struggling to slip them on again. The fabric continued to stick to her skin, but she finally managed to get it past her hips.

“You see? I told you if you waved them around a bit they would eventually fit!”

Witnessing her expression, it was fairly easy to tell she was very peeved about his comment, which he is now realizing he probably went overboard on, but notice that she is more engaging in banter rather than arguing, at least to Alden. At the very least, my suggestions are speeding things up, and she seems to be enjoying it to some weird, sinister degree. Perhaps if I keep these comments up, we could move on more quickly. I’m already in boiling water as it is, how much worse can it get?. As Alden was attempting to slip on his shirt which he just couldn’t get past the sleeve at the moment, he saw his handkerchief tucked away in his pocket. He turned to look at Nahir who was still struggling to properly put on her articles, and simply smirked.

“You still look absolutely moist, my dear. I bet you're picturing how lovely it would be for me to be in between your legs as such. Here, take this and wipe off. Wouldn’t want to be leaving a snail trail for men to follow, hmm?”Alden sarcastically said as he tossed his handkerchief her way.

"I can assure you that the driest part of my body right now is between my legs; I should thank you for it, darling." Nahir rolled her eyes at him, her fingers finally tying the strings of her skirts. The movement of it all had caused another wave of heat to run over her like a carriage, and she almost debated leaving the room with no top. Unfortunately, Nahir was not in a bathhouse in Alidasht, and Caesonians were a bunch of puritans. So she took the wrap fabric and half-assedly wrapped it around her until her chest was covered. By the time she was done, Nahir was drenched. Beads of sweat rolled from her cheek down to her neck and chest. She eyed the handkerchief for a second before picking it up and wiping the forming beads on her forehead.

She looked at him and his poor attempt at dressing himself now. "Do you need some help there? Forgot to dress yourself all of a sudden now?" She tucked the handkerchief into her top fabrics and approached the room door. She could so easily open the door and leave Alden in the room, still struggling to dress completely. For now, the amusement she received from watching him struggle as she had was just a hair above a drink, for now.

“Excuse me, dearest, but at least I am attempting to put it on properly, and not wrapping the clothes around like a pauper. Perhaps the handkerchief could have been used to leverage your attire better.” It was clear both of them were at their wits end. Alden was finally able to get his arms through the sleeves of his shirt, but when he attempted to secure the buttons, his arms would not budge. It was much too tight of a fit to be able to move it freely. As he struggled to even bend his arms enough to at least attach the buttons, he froze as heard a most unsettling sound.


The sleeves around his elbows had ripped open. Alden closed his eyes and internally screamed at himself. This was one of his better shirts too. As he opened his eyes, he saw Nahir laughing across from him. He knew he had to keep composure and his dignity, whatever is left of it. He observed the torn sleeves and thought it may be best to remove them, which is exactly what he decided to do. He tore off the ends of his sleeves, and fitted the pieces into his pocket. At the very least his arms were now free in this state of humiliation, and finished putting on his shirt.

Alden gave a discerning smile and said “Perhaps it is best to depart. After you, milady.”

"Such a sweet gentleman," Nahir eyed his torn sleeves before walking past him with an amused smile that soon fell. As they proceeded to leave the room, they both heard Marik's voice. “I apologize to everyone, but it is time this party ends. I will have you all escorted out.”. Both Alden and Nahir were somewhat relieved, yet distraught. They were ecstatic that this fiasco was ending, but it also meant they would be deprived of their long desired drinks until they had had an opportunity to do so.
Sir Alden Drake Plannington

Location:Marek’s After Party
Interaction: @princess Anastasia @Helo Leo @samreaper Kazumin @Potter Ezra @Rodiak Nahir

"I'm glad you're not dead! Wow! And you look AMAZING!"

Anastasia fully embraced Alden, wrapping her arms around him as he had approached the group. Alden was taken back by the action, almost spilling his drink, but simply embraced her back. Between the effects of the drink’s properties, the atmosphere, and the princesses' seemingly loving and caring embrace, Alden simply lusted for more. He appreciated and saw Anastasia right then and there, as a true mature woman. She truly has grown, and is looking absolutely stunning this evening. Nothing could possibly ruin this moment…


... Almost nothing could have ruined this moment. ALMOST

Anastasia yelled across the room, piercing Alden’s ear in the process. The irritable behavior just ever so slightly brought Alden back into reality. Maybe I was too quick to consider her to be matured, but nevertheless, this cannot squander the night of its fun. Alden took another sip of his drink as he continued to admire her body, examining her dress as she was yelling and pointing like a frantic maniac.

"WHO!? ....WHO....did this?!"

Alden’s eyes opened wide as he turned his attention to the estranged man who was in a fury pointing at a cupcake that had fallen onto the floor. " Which one of you bastardos besmirched this cupcake?! Huh? Who dares to taint the treat Senor Baker worked so hard to offer for Senorita Cupkaita?! “

Who is this lunatic and why does he proceed to speak like a gringo?! I swear this group's behavior is worse than that of the CIRCUS down in the slums! He continued watching this incredibly bizarre act as he continued rambling on and to the point of beating himself up . Alden just simply watched in a calm yet concerned manner.. Not for the safety of Chavez, no, but concerned for his own image of just being associated with these clowns.

"Who is that? Why is he calling himself estupido?". Alden turned his glance to the incoming voice. What he proceeded to see was not what he was expecting, considering the current affairs that unfolded within the night. The voice came from a gorgeous woman bearing an incredible, almost exotic outfit who carried herself with utmost elegance.

"Alden, was it? Friend of the princess?"

She is attentive as well, paying attention to her surroundings. And with that gaze she's giving me, there’s no question about it. She’s intrigued by me, despite the scene in which she found me in. I would even say, she would have my full intention naturally, even without the effects of the drink. Let's see where this can go. Alden fully turned his attention to her, greeting her with a warm smile and an extending palm as a gesture, indicating for her to grab it. “Ah, you must have heard the princess yelling. Why yes, my name is Alden Plannington, Royal advisor to Caesonian Kingdom. And who do I have the pleasure of making an acquaintance with?”

Sir Alden Drake Plannington

Location:Marek’s After Party
Interaction: @princess Anastasia @Helo Leo @samreaper Kazumin @Potter Ezra

Well, tonight might seem like an interesting night after all!

Alden observed the inside of the warehouse. Lights, mirrors with projections, and music that sounds… intense, otherworldly and confusing, much different than that one normally heard on occasion. Indeed this was the work of some sort of incantation of some kind, but he relished the very thought. Certainly he was glad he had gathered wind of this party back at the ballroom and had decided to arrive out of curiosity. Perhaps this was the very place he needed to be in order to feel refreshed and ready for settling back in. Afterall, he still needed to formally reintroduce himself to the king and queen, something he was not ready for nor was willing to do.

Maybe a drink would help ease his mind. Afterall, my last one was drunk by that crazy Duke at the ball. . Alden walked up to the bar, feeling a little bit excited, and called over the bartender.

“ Pardon me, ma’dam, I would like to have a cocktail if you may.”

Florence looked his way. “You’re going to need to pick one.” She gave him a smirk before she slid a menu toward him.

Alden reviewed the menu in front of him, a bit perplexed by these outrageous names. Though, he considered that he might as well go with it and try something out of the ordinary. He was feeling quite thirsty overall, and thought “Douse the Thirst” might have been a cocktail that would, indeed, quench his thirst. This did seem to be of the [i] magical [i] variant, and would do the job quite well.

“Yes, I would like to try this cocktail here, Douse the Thirst? Seems rather interesting to try, wouldn’t you think?”

Florence met his gaze and simply smiled. “A classic choice.” She went to work making the concoction. After a moment, she pushed him over a gold drink with red petals at the bottom. There was a black rose adorning the glass.

“Why thank you, my dear. Here, for your troubles, and for a hopefully wonderful and unforgettable night!” . Alden tipped her generously for making the drink and tipped his glass to her and took a few sips of the drink. He then searched around for a minute or so to see who was around the area.

Upon searching, he then heard a voice that somehow was louder than the music playing,

"Baker boy at the party! Whaaat!"

Is…. is that Princess Anastasia?

Alden had recalled her being at the ballroom earlier in the evening, but in a completely different attire than what she was wearing. It was strange, normally in the past he would scold her and tell her to act like a lady… but this time he felt a little blushed….

… What…?

Alden then looked down at his drink. Was this responsible for this rather unusual feeling? This inexplicable view he now had on the princess, whereas he never saw her in such a way? A thought suddenly hit him in the face. Douse…. Thirst….. Clever…. . He realized that it was not the normal thirst in which he had originally thought, but rather something in which made the drinker even thirstier, at least in a crude way.

Alden observed his surroundings one more time, and recalled how it was like an enchantment coming in. The music, the lights and decorations that dressed the place. It was certainly otherworldly, no doubt about it, almost as if this were… a dream?

Yes, that certainly had to be it. The events of the evening would more or less go unnoticed, as if there was no recollection of it unless there was pure documentation. Given the effects on how magic generally works in this regard, this was likely to be untrue as well.

Not what I had expected, but works for me nonetheless…

This night was simply turning out better than he had originally hoped. With a deep breath and a wry yet calming smile, Alden took his drink and headed toward Anastasia and the group that she was with.

“Why, what a pleasant surprise! Fancy meeting you here, Princess! And a pleasure meeting you gentleman as well. A pleasure to make your acquaintance” Alden had said, tipping his glass to the group while taking a few more sips.
Sir Alden Drake Plannington

Location:Caesonia Ballroom
Interaction: @FunnyGuy Lorenzo

“Yes ladies! Come spend some quality time with your King! Haha!”

Alden heard the voice of the king when he was handing Lorenzo the glasses of wine. He looked up and saw the kind being indulged in sin, simply humiliating himself with no honor at all. Alden couldn't help but to think what a loathsome man he was, and simply wishes to see him suffer. Soon... Alden thought to himself. Off the corner of eye, he saw the facial expression of Lorenzo. He was scowling, observing the king's crude behavior as if he was a hound ready to attack their prey. Alden couldn't help but smile at this revelation, realizing he may have some sort of an ally on his side, even if he was a complete clutz...

Lorenzo turned to see Alden and the servant once more, returning with a more civil smile.“Thank you. And thank you as well. When preparing for trouble, it’s always good to make it double.” Lorenzo then clinked both glasses together, making a simple gesture. Alden wondered for a second if he was cheering for both of them, or only for himself. More importantly, Alden pondered what that statement and gesture really meant.

Oh oh... he may have had too much already. Alden was going to interject with a statement, but Lorenzo quickly cut him off...

“Thank you for your concern. There is a lot on my mind tonight..."

I may have messed up...

"For starters, I arrived late. Then I mistook our most honored guests, the Alidasht Royalty, for lowly animal tamers and performers...

Oh Dear, someone actually made that mista...

"Then I knocked some… Well, I didn’t knock them over... but my presence probably did not help the situation..."

Th... That wasn't even a complete thought! I can't even complete mi...

"I embarrassed Charlotte… my daughter.”

Lorenzo proceeded to take several gulps of the wine in his right hand. Alden thoughts centered around that statement for a moment. As much of a buffoon Lorenzo may come off as, he sincerely does care. Alden began to recall a tragic incident that had occurred years ago regarding Lady Emina Vikena. A situation he still pondered himself, and suspected foul play among it all. Perhaps Lorenzo knows more about the situation. It will certainly help with my investigations and plan to foul the king... Alden then looked at Lorenzo as he thought, first in interest, then in bewilderment.

Did.... Did he finish that glass already?!

Lorenzo then continued. “I was yelled at. My daughter offered herself up to our royal guests to save me. I was yelled at again, but then… I cried in front of everyone.”

Alden was officially lost for words, giving just a blank stare at that statement

“Afterwards, I made two acquaintances that I can assume are not very proud of me at the moment. Then I believe I may have made a deal with the devil over on that balcony over yonder.”

Alden was still in shock. He had no thoughts to give. The only word he was able to pick up was ...balcony...

“Oh and I lied about the glass as well as the whole thing about the new Alidasht tradition. Please, please, do not do that, ever. I just was startled and tried to save face...

I figured...

"Anyway, thinking of all these misgivings Sir Plannington, is exactly what is troubling me tonight.”

Alden was taken back with all the information he had gathered. He was still in shock at the conversation that was had. Or rather, the monologue of the events that had unfolded tonight. Alden thought of grabbing a drink himself as he might just need one to stay sane. He then remembered about the balcony that was mentioned. He turned his head and saw none other than Count Calbert. That clever bastard. He may still have a hold on things here. Alden quickly gathered his composure and returned to his already established demeanor.

“Worry not, mistakes tend to happen. The important issue is whether or not we choose to enjoy the night, or allow it to be our detriment.”

He proceeded to give Lorenzo a warm smile, ensuring that the worst had passed. At least, to give him some sort of security. Despite not tolerating Lorenzo that well from this brief encounter, he did at least pity him to some sort of degree.

“If it makes you feel better, you are not the only one tonight who has arrived late. I just came into town myself. That being said, there are many other patrons I need to be reacquainted with. May our paths cross again.” Alden then turned on his heels.

Sir Alden Drake Plannington

Location:Caesonia Ballroom
Interaction: @FunnyGuy Lorenzo

Alden observed the mess that Lorenzo had made. Glass covered the immediate area as the servant scurried to clean up the debris of the wine glass. However, Alden had noticed the glass might not had been completely emptied, as he noticed a drop of wine had spilt on his brand-new suede shoes that he had obtained overseas. The color of the wine could easily reflect the emotions Alden was currently feeling, Dark red. It would, however, be rude to start an uproar now, especially since his presence at the gathering was still relatively unknown. Plus, Alden felt as if he could gather some valuable information out of Lorenzo as well. With a twitch in his eye, he gave Loranzo a warm friendly smile, keeping his composure calm and well-mannered as he proceeded to shake the Duke's hand.

"It is my absolute pleasure to meet you, Duke Lorenzo. I was unaware that breaking glass was a new Alidasht tradition. Though, I am certainly sure that we should refrain from breaking any more on this wonderous night!" Alden said, giving a light-hearted laugh at the end. Alden then looked at the servant who was cleaning up the floor. "I very much appreciate your efforts in cleaning up the mess. I vow it shouldn't happen again from us. Though, if you find the time, may you bring us two more glasses of wine? It would be much obliged, sir."

For a brief moment, Alden considered whether or not it would be a wise decision to provide Lorenzo with another drink. Considering the current situation that just occurred, he probably was already drunk in some way. That being said, it is a well-known statement that a drunk never lies. In fact, considering the Duke's sporadic behavior, it might just be beneficial to keep Lorenzo in this state, even just for a little while longer. Plus, it would be entertaining to see the events that could unfold.

"If you don't mind, may I ask what is troubling you tonight? Something seems to be on your mind." Alden said in concerning voice. Before anything could of been said, the servant came back with the requested glasses of wine rather quickly. "Ah, perfect! Here, I believe both of these are yours!"
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