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Current Spontaneously moving to a new account- OfWindAndRain.
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Born too late to explore the world; born too early to explore the galaxy.


I'll eventually get a real bio in here.

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If I could find a picture of it, I'd post my time at Halloween, when I borrowed my brother's US Marine gear. Not that he was in the US Marines- he just bought a bunch of gear from vets who came back and sold it. Real tactical vest, fatigues, gas mask, gloves, kneepads, the whole shebang. It's amaze

gasmask is bloody hot, tho
had to wear a service cap most of the time

You can see part of it in my profile pic. Helmet's a fake- my brother had two sets, one for the desert, and one for forests and fields- but the gloves and such were only desert, so desert it was! Helmet's the only fake.

And now my brother has a Kriss Vector, so I'd look even more awesome now...
i also have that blackface pic of that holiday us dutchies have but i dont wanna offend the americans

Oh you're fine. Shit happens.

S'not like this is still alive, anyhow- Haley disappeared on all us [again] and the roleplay fell apart without her.
You're so pretty!

How accurate are ya?

Oh hey look a pumpkin o.0
your hair floof level is: 7 out of 10
Everyone else skipped over ya, but I think you're adorable. Keep it up, bud.
@Space Boyfriend
Too convenient? Really? It's grounded science, bud.

As it is, computers are reaching the point where we can make them any more smaller- meaning that we're making them as efficient and compact as possible. If we want to make REALLY powerful computing devices that will handle such complex things like quantum communications and FTL travel, then quantum superposition would be the next step. It's being studied right now- in a hundred years, this will have all undoubtedly become real.
@Space Boyfriend

Quantum physics solves the communication problem.

Quantum entanglement can entangle two particles explicitly to each other, which will always remain in one of an infinite number of states, opposite to its opposite pair. Using this, you could build an ultra-secure instantaneous communication relay.
I love this idea!
If I get my creative juices back up and flowing, I'll probably join.

However, I would like to point something out-
A total of 21 million people can be saved on these 7 space stations.
You said 80 million people were being left behind to die.
Current global population is over 7 billion- we reached the mark at 2011/2012, and that was 4 or 5 years ago. What happened to the billions of other people? A World War 5 might be devastating, but not enough to decimate 80% or 90% of the population- that's genocide, not war. War isn't that destructive.
@Rhapsody@Light the Dark
I will get back to you guys...
I have suddenly become quite busy irl o.o
You're pretty as-is, a smile'd make you so much prettier and sunnier! It'd cheer up anyone's day, I'd bet!
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