Reporting Incidents to the Moderators
Don't acknowledge trolls.

- Don't talk about people getting banned.
- Don't say their names.
- Don't post in their threads.
- Don't make threads about them.
- Don't even acknowledge other people that are feeding the trolls.

Instead, just let us know.

If you do see a rules violation and something you want to report, please do not engage the person, but instead report it to us without replying to them. This makes the process of dealing with the problem easier for us.

The process is simple; when you report the problem, we will ask for certain types of information if not already provided in the initial complaint: having these items ahead of time will help the process considerably;

  • Links to the offending threads.
  • Screenshots of PM communication.

Once we have assessed the problem to see if there is, in fact, a rules violation, we will take action and let the party making the complaint know of the resolution -- in many cases, we will also want both parties in a dispute to stop communicating upon each other, enforceable by a warning or ban if future incidents occur, but we will make sure to actually communicate that situation. We generally require the parties in a dispute to cease communication both ways in these situations, recognizing that if both sides are ignoring each other, it's hard to get into further disputes.

In order to report a post, contact one or more of the moderation staff.