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'Who needs the Force, when you have an X-wing?'

Character Name: Nae 'Shorty' Sovv Age: 29 Species: Sullustan Height: 1.3 Metres

Gender: Male
Rank: Major / Squadron Leader
Role: Pilot / Squadron Leader
Unit: Lightning Squadron
  • Can speak fluent Basic, Suttese and can understand Droidspeak.
  • Excellent Anti-Fighter/Bomber Starfighter Pilot
  • Experienced in CAS Operations.
  • Trained in tactical insertions (Gunships)
  • Mechanically orientated, can maintain and repair a starfighter on demand.
  • Leader of the People: As he initially formed Lightning Squadron he's close to the old and new members, not making sure not to distance himself from them.

  • Old Wounds: His right leg has given him a permanent limp and it quite often aches.
  • Terrible foot soldier: While he can shoot a blaster, he can't really hit anything with it and hand to hand experience is non-existant.
  • Paranoid: He's been fighting the Empire for a long time, and as Lightning started as an Independent Squadron he's not entirely trusting of new people and especially not Ex-Imperials.
  • Fixated: He's fixated on the restoration of the Republic, and everything is towards that goal. He doesn't have much room for anything else in his life than this goal and his squadron.
  • Stubborn: Once he's on a certain path, it's hard to get him to waver from a course once he's set himself upon it.


History: Nae Sovv was raised in Inyusu Tor in a Warren of miners, typically this would mean that as he grew up that he would go on and become a miner working in the same mine and same factory as all of his family members in the warren however this lifestyle was never for Nae. He seemed to embody the instinct that Sullustans were known for off world, he was a risk taker and he was an explorer. Spending many days exploring the volcanic crater that Inyusu Tor inhabited. As the Clone Wars began he was only seven years old, the production of metals and ships on Sullust increased as Sullust alligned itself with the Confederacy of Independent Systems who seemed to respect the capitalist nature of the planet.

Battles raged above Sullust on several occasions during the Clone Wars, though when he was nine years old the Republic pushed hard against the Separatist fleet that was in orbit. When the fleet retreated Republic forces moved on down to the planet and battle erupted on the surface. The factory was shut down as it was commandeered by the Separatist General as he elected to use its elevated position as a command post, feeling that the Republic would be unwilling to attack it through the city for the risk of civillian casualties. The Republic pushed in anyway, forcing the Sullustans to evacuate from the city. During the commotion and the battle the mating female of Naes Warren, his mother, was killed which would shape Naes life to come.

As the Republic became the Empire, SoroSubb more or less seized control of Sullust after being 'requisitioned' by the Empire. The Capatalist Democracy that the Sullustans were proud of, and that had stood for countless years, was now gone. Seeking to make a difference at the age of sixteen Nae joined SoroSubb as a pilot, starting with freighters within two years he was pilotting an old Cutlass-9 Patrol Fighter. While he didn't approve of the Imperials centralist policies, or xenophobic tendencies, as the Rebellion formed he continued to work for SoroSubb and defended shipments from rebel forces. It wasn't until the Empire started to more directly affect Sullust that rebellious thoughts started to enter Naes mind, it started with Sullustans being phased out of important positions on Sullust and more and more shipments being redirected by the Imperial Corps of Engineers due to an unknown project.

Though the final straw for Nae was when, at a protest, the rest of his Warren was gunned down by Imperial Stormtroopers. With other like minded individuals he abandoned his post, and formed Lightning Squadron performing a serious of hit and runs against Imperial Operations in the Brema Sector. Most of the Squadron was destroyed in a skirmish in 5BBY which forced Nae to leave the sector, joining up with another rebel cell he swapped out his old and irrepreably damaged Cutlass for a newer T-65 X-Wing as they began to be introduced to service within the Alliance. Reforming Lightning Squadron he acted as squadron commander throughout hit and runs in the outer rim, Alliance High Command using them to try and keep the Imperial Fleet off balance enough to take advantage of them.

As the Rebellion grew, and the Nebulon-B frigate known that would later be known as The Keep was acquired Lightning Squadron was re-assigned to act as one of the elite squadrons aboard the ship. As more and more personnel joined, or were sent to, the ship room Nae took too joking that he'd have more room to sleep if he slept in his X-Wing rather than in his quarters. After an engagement down the Hydian Way Nae was promoted to Major and made the CAG to replace the one who died in battle.

During the battle of Anaxes Naes squadron was tasked with escorting the gunships, he lost a single X-Wing. A rookie by the name of Dev Morgan, and while that was bad enough it is still a sore spot with the squadron that the gunships under their care were lost. After repairs, and until a new mission is assigned Nae is working relentlessly to ensure that no pilot can be seen as 'green' before their next engagement.
Supporting Cast:

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Character Name: Alpha-32 "Besk"
Age: 32 years old; looks way older.
Species: Human Clone ("Pure Jango")
Gender: Male
Rank: Captain
Role: Commanding Officer, Alliance SpecForces Detachment Chakaar

Besk is unmistakably a Jango Fett clone, and though they age in roughly similar fashion, each clone's experience differs and leaves an impact. And so while he has the darker skin tone and slightly folded eyes of his genetic forebear, he's picked up some wrinkles and scars to show for it. Besk actually went ahead and grew his hair out, along with his beard. "We're not the kriffing Empire" he tells his men, and any Alliance officer that voices concerns. He typically wears it in a bun, perhaps in an attempt to make himself look a lot less obviously cloned and pass more easily in a covert situation. Hair, beard and some sort of visor, and he can slip into a crowd.


Detachment Chakaar, 14 beings of varying species, cross-section of Alliance SpecForces specialties, tasked with recon, covert direct action, sabotage and other specialist activities on behalf of Rancor Company. They are often tasked with raiding Imperial supplies, boarding Imperial ships, extraction or reinforcement of compromised Intelligence operatives and capture/neutralization of key Imperial personnel.


- Cloned from the best - Jango Fett was a superlative warrior and the ARC program involved enhancing the genome; Besk might be slowing down and at the end, but he is still built from the ground up for his job.
- Advanced Recon Commando training - Jango Fett trained the Alpha-Class ARCs personally to be used in covert operations and to function as military advisors to the Jedi. Marksmanship, close quarters combat, explosives, tactics, etc. Also: Mando'a.
- Bounty Hunting - Besk spent a lot of time in Hutt Space grabbing bounties and gathering intelligence for the Alliance. He's learned the ins and outs of disguises and how to slip in and out without notice.
- Slicing and communications equipment.
- Huttese, Mando'a languages.
- Clone/Imperial tactics and methods.
- Cybernetic lower leg, and he uses it to kick down doors. He's very unabashed about it.
- Unconventional Supply Procurement - Disruptors are illegal. Besk doesn't care.


- Pure Jango - Jango Fett was not a team player. The white jobs, regular clone troopers, were given a lot of obedience reprogramming that wasn't given to the ARCs. They are an opinionated breed, always were, and age and experience has not made Besk more tactful. If he sees fit, he will disregard orders.
- Rapid Clone Aging
- Arthritis of the shoulder and general aches and pains.
- Sleep problems/Anger Management
- Doesn't like Jedi. Really doesn't like Jedi. He served under Jedi, and he considers them to be idealistic fools that should have been a little more vicious for the good of the Republic. He doesn't like that he was forced to kill a Jedi by a (now removed) chip, but he has a lot of resentment toward the breed. He'll never work under a Jedi again.
- Needs the occasional medical treatment for clone health complications, including cancer.
- Painkiller/Stims addiction - part of the drug regimen that keeps him going include a cocktail of drugs that keep the symptoms at bay. He won't last much longer, but he'll keep going until then.
- Deathwish - he knows that the end is coming and it won't be pretty. He's intent on dying with his boots on.

- Alliance Marine battlearmor; it environmentally seals. ARC helmet instead of the standard, adapted from the old Phase II clone armor. However, this is not always worn; it is typically reserved for situations where the environment is an issue and the life support systems are needed.
- When not in the battle armor, the Rebel-issue camouflage jumpsuit is favored, along with a blast vest and a modified helmet, cut down helmet and visor that has a built in comm unit.
- Medpack, rigged to auto-deploy in event of trauma. It doesn't cure things so much as stabilize a wounded trooper for medevac. His is modified for suicide in the event of imminent capture - he does not want to become an experimental subject for some mad doctor type.
- Blasters of varying types, but he is a fan of the Blastech T-21 and typically carries that, unless the fight is in close quarters, then he downgrades to something appropriate for tight quarters, such as the Blastech A280 CFE configured for close-quarters combat. But he really loves the T-21.
- Blastech DH-44 heavy blaster pistol.
- One of the many different brands of rotary or break action grenade launcher for those situations where he thinks it might come in handy, optionally.
- Binder cuffs, rope, grapples, tripwires, grenades, motion sensors, mines.
- Gripper gloves
- Magnetic boots
- Other specialist equipment as necessary, depending on deployment and constraints.


Clone Wars
As part of the ARC program, Alpha-32 and his batch were trained personally by Jango Fett with the intent of creating creative, dangerous clones that could exercise discretion in situations and act as military advisors to the Jedi. Alpha-32 was assigned to the Togrutan Jedi Knight Bashtim Vo and deployed into the fight alongside the General and his Padawan, Josa Zissai, a Zeltron.

Toward the end of the war, Padawan Zissai and Besk started a relationship that was kept very secret, given the mores of the time. Knight Vo seemed to sense the tension and worked to keep the two of them apart, much to their annoyance.

Order 66
When Order 66 came into being, Padawan Zissai was off doing another task while Besk was kept with Knight Vo; when the order came through, he struggled with Order 66, but the implant overrode him in his conflicted state. He did not get away unscathed; the Togruta Knight took off his lower leg. Zissai came in on the proceedings while Besk was treating himself and he quickly told her to run and how to do it, despite the promptings of the implant, which he managed to reason over.

Bounty Hunting
After his maiming, he was fitted with cyborg implants for his lower leg, but quickly arranged to escape the hospital he was in; the nastiest of rumors were going on about what was happening with the Empire, clone troops and experimental medical treatments. Besk had no wish to become a lab subject, so he arranged to smuggle himself out. He was lucky enough to pay his way out to Nar Shaddaa, where he put himself into business hunting bounties.

As he grew more prosperous, he acquired a small ship and a business that took him all over the Outer Rim, though he tended to stay in Hutt Space and the Corporate Sector to avoid being picked up by Imperial forces looking for deserters. Through the Dark Times, he took bounties, often using disguises and more covert methods for getting on planet, in order to avoid being easily recognized by a clone.

Josa Zissai had a bounty placed on her head, and several other bounty hunters were hunting her. Besk tagged along with the group as they traced her over multiple systems, and finally tracked her down to Dalloris, where she was trying to secure a freighter's worth of Dallorian Alloy for Alliance operations. As the other bounty hunters got into place, Besk turned on them. In the fracas, Josa Zissai sustained a wound; despite attempts to keep her alive, she died on the hyperspace transit to the Rebel contacts that were picking up the alloy, which was slated to be used in the manufacturing of fleet weaponry. Besk's performance left him a wanted man, and he wound up signing on with the Alliance.

Alliance intelligence quickly established Alpha-32's service record and Besk's bounty hunting career and vetted him thoroughly. Not entirely trusted, he was nonetheless run on several missions where he distinguished himself; as an experienced fringer, he was an effective recruiter and in tight spots he was good with a blaster.

His transition into the Alliance hasn't been the smoothest. As a hardened veteran of the Clone Wars and the Fringes, he has a very different outlook from some of these idealists.

He is opinionated and butts heads if there is something to butt heads about, and he is fond of the phrase "mir'osikiise (mando'a: Bullshitter) open mic night" in reference to diplomatic operations that he was playing escort on. There is a certain sense with Besk that a lot of the Alliance doesn't actually want to commit to fighting. One of his more cutting remarks to a dignitary was an observation that the galaxy seems to have a lot of issues with fighting for itself, but has no problem building clankers or cloning Mando boys to do it all for them. This comment was overheard by both Senators Mothma and Organa and may well have contributed to his transfer into something more suited to his nature. He was initially placed into a training command for SpecForces, but quickly demonstrated his capabilities and lobbied intensively for transfer to a line unit. Rancor company had a need and Besk's detachment filled it.

A Good Death
With an exemplary combat record under his belt, despite age and medical conditions quickly taking their toll on him as he ages rapidly, Captain Alpha-32 was put into one of the forward deployed units expected to plug the gap and fight the Empire in smaller actions while the rest of the Alliance built itself up for a different phase of warfare. The need for new field units to plug the gap was desperate. Besk was given the go ahead to grab the picks of the litter in the various SpecForces training units a put together a unit from those top-performing trainees; they needed those beings now, and couldn't wait on graduation ceremonies. The rest of the training was conducted en route to their new assignment and during downtime from other duties with Rancor company.

Chakaar's first deployment with Rancor was prelimary recon of the depot on Anaxes, including terrain, assessment of enemy forces and other notable features. Besk's team designated landing areas and hardpoints to destroy in the raid. When things went south with a strong Imperial force reacting to the raid, Besk's detachment guided in the airstrokes and designated targets to help cover the extraction, using their knowledge of the terrain and concealment to best advantage. There were a couple short direct engagements with Imperial forces as they extracted out on U-Wings independently of the main force, which were tied to LAAT's.

Detachment Chakaar TO&E

Can be modified to fit in characters and so forth.

Squad Mir'osik
- CPT Alpha-32 (M, Jango Clone)
- CPL Qul Tesh (M, Weequay)
- CPL Nyk Srukro (M, Gand)
- SGT Inhulmal Le (F, Mon Cal)
- CPL Zeal Brimall (M, Nautolan)
- CPL Po Vagger (M, Aqualish)

-LT Zanur Ves (M, Durese)
-SGT Stog Bra (M, Rodian)
-SGT Shestu Yankem (M, Human)
-CPL Ssasamin Stigg (F, Trandoshan)
-CPL Orren Yar (M, Human)
-CPL Ta’Lani (F, Twi’lek)
-CPL Sabra Toqot (F, ZabraK)

Squad Breaker
- LT Zuhlg Bens (Quarren)
- SGT Pana Bren (Givin)
- CPL Onhar Delstee (Ugnaught)
- CPL Zaghirr (Wookie)
- PFC Jaa (Yuzzeem)
- PFC Venka Janrenk (Nosaurian)
- PFC Mos Zessom - (Gotal)
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"These people have lost a home world through no fault of their own. Offering them a new home world is the least I can do to compensate them for their loss."

First Rifle Platoon, RANCOR Company is

currently accepting recruits to fight for the

Rebel Alliance.

"I am flexible, if you would like to take on a role in Mosh Karada's platoon. Send me a PM if you wish." -Gunther

Character Name: Mosh Karada

Age: 39
Species: Human (Alderaan)
Gender: Male
Appearance: Mosh Karada stands 5’ 11” tall and weighs 190 Lbs. He wears his dark brown hair short and has no facial hair. His steel gray eyes are best described as piercing, like an eagle peering over its sharpened beak. His nose is a bit angled to a point, also resembling a bird’s beak. He wears the standard Alderaan infantry uniform consisting of gray trousers, black calf length boots, blue shirt under a black leather combat vest and black and white combat helmet.
Rank: Captain
Role: Platoon Commander
Unit: 1st Rifle Platoon, Rancor Company
    - Small unit tactics, patrolling and leadership
    - Small arms training
    - Hand to hand combat
    - Air assault operations (LAAT)
    - Hull breaching operations
    - Military Operations in Urban Terrain (MOUT)
    - Ship clearing techniques
    - Computers

    - Egotistical/Arrogant. Captain Karada believes he is the finest military commander Alderaan can produce. He has no doubt about his own worth and will not hesitate to let you know. He will share his opinions with you whether you want to hear them or not. He can be condescending to anyone he feels is inferior to him.
    - Temperamental. Mosh is a victim to his moods. He can be excitable and on top of the world, or depressed and sullen. He does trust his second in command, Senior Sergeant Kent, whose advice he places great value on.
    - Gambling. Mosh enjoys games of chance and seems to be always out of credits. He refuses to gamble with his platoon members or any enlisted soldier.
    - Judgmental. Mosh is quick to form an opinion of someone and it takes time for him to change his mind. He can be unduly critical.

    - four sets of the Alderaan infantry uniform consisting of blue shirt, grey trousers, and black calf length boots.
    - black leather combat vest.
    - white helmet with black visor above the forehead.
    - DH-17 Blaster Pistol
    - A280 Blaster Rifle
    - Bayonet
    - Communicator
    - Datapad /w interface tools.
    - Map pouch for carrying tools
    - Day Pack for extended operations.
    - Entrenching tool.

History: Mosh Karada was born in 39 BBY on Alderaan. When he reached the age of maturity, he joined the Alderaan Army serving as an infantryman. He learned about computers as a student in school and sought to increase his knowledge while serving in the military. He was assigned to the 42nd Mobile Infantry Regiment serving as a Light Repeating Blaster operator in a line platoon. His ten-man section led by Sergeant Kal Tyrion, gained a reputation as being highly disciplined. The section leader was a man Mosh respected immensely. He was distraught when Sergeant Tyrion was killed at Malastare only months after Mosh joined the unit.

Next, Trooper Karada would see action immediately following the Malastare affair at the Second Battle of Geonosis. The Alderaanian’s 42nd MIR supported the 41st Elite Corps during their assault on the droid factory. During the engagement, Mosh Karada killed fourteen of the enemy and received a commendation for actions resulting in the relief of a section of infantry that had been pinned down. Due to this action and commendation, Mosh Karada was promoted to Corporal in early 20 BBY.

During the Battle of Sullust, Corporal Karada’s unit was used in supporting roles, providing facility security and relegated to rear echelon activity. The unit was not heavily engaged in the fighting.

By 19BBY, Mosh Karada was promoted to the rank of Sergeant and given his own rifle section. He was quickly becoming the grizzled veteran at age 20, after two years of fighting the Separatist droid army. Also, that year, the 42nd Mobile Infantry were deployed, aboard a Venator Class Star Destroyer to Planet Anaxes where his unit supported the 501st Legion of the Clone Army. During this campaign, Sergeant Karada was credited with taking out no fewer than fifty-seven of the enemy. He and his squad received commendations for their actions even though the Republic was forced to withdraw.

Prior to the issuance of Order 66, the 42nd MIR was returned to Alderaan to stand down as a combat unit. After Chancellor Palpatine declared himself as the emperor, Bail Organa ordered the Alderaanian military to remain on Alderaan, stating they were needed for home defense of the planet. Bail Organa knew he was the Sith, the Jedi were searching for after he rescued Yoda after their saber duel in the Senate Chambers.

Within time, the Rebellion fomented and units like the 42nd MIR were slowly removed from the Empire’s roster of units and introduced to the Rebellion to restore the Republic. Mosh Karada and the soldiers he served with were thoroughly prepared to fight for the rebellion. They believed in Bail Organa and did as he and the royal family decreed. By 10BBY, Mosh Karada was promoted to Lieutenant and eventually in 3BBY, he rose to Company Command, leading “K” Company, 42nd Mobile Infantry Regiment.

The MIR slowly dwindled in size from being called upon to fight numerous battles against the Galactic Empire. By 1BBY, Captain Karada’s company was reduced to a platoon strength of 45 soldiers. Later that year, Karada’s company found itself aboard the EF76 Nebulon-B escort frigate, known as The Keep. When the unit ventured to Anexes, a planet, Captain Karada had left blood, sweat and tears on 18 years prior as a Sergeant, they took even more losses. Karada’s platoon went into action at the spaceports with a full complement of 45 troopers, but only 26 survived to return home with The Keep. Many of the soldiers of First Platoon, Rancor Company were disheartened by the loss of their comrades on Anaxes. Morale is currently quite low for Karada’s Platoon.

The Alderaanian Platoon Commander frequently requests for replacements from the Rancor Company Commnader. His platoon mates grumble and complain about their condition just as frequently and mourn the loss of their brothers and sisters who died on Anaxes.

Supporting Cast:

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Character Name: Kytra ‘Duchess’ Alde
Age: 30
Species: Human (Alderaan)
Gender: Female

With blue eyes, pale skin and dark hair (moderately long but kept tied almost all the time) Kytra looks every bit the typical Alderaanian. She stands at a meager 5’4, and typically shuns the bright orange flight suit of a an Alliance pilot, in favor of muted greens and browns.
She does, however, have a number of more stately dresses amongst her belongings, befitting her station as Alderaanian nobility, but only wears them when a mission requires her to play the part of the noble.
The Rodian pictured here is Tolth Amadis, one of her squadron mates.
Rank: Lady Alde, Captain / Squadron Leader
Role: Pilot / Squadron Leader
Unit: Thranta Squadron
  • Extremely talented heavy Fighter / Bomber pilot, able to push the Y-Wing beyond its limit.
  • Decent shot with a blaster, able to reliably hit her mark.
  • Moderately skilled Slicer.
  • Learned in Alderaanian, and to a lesser extent, Galactic History.
  • Moderate diplomatic skills.
  • Moderate infiltration skills.
  • Formal education in painting.

  • Idealistic. Kytra believes that plans will go without problems and that most people are inherently good. She will often choose not to see people's flaws, or account for them in plans.
  • Low pain tolerance. Injury is a relatively foreign thing to Kytra, and she does not deal well with physical pain.
  • Glory Hound. Kytra wants to be remembered as a great hero of Alderaan and have a statue of herself at the Grand Library of House Alde. As such, she can get swept up in the moment and act quite recklessly if she thinks it will make her a hero.
  • Thrill Seeking. Though this flaw has been tempered with age and experience, Kytra still enjoys going fast and flying dangerously.

  • R2-S8 - ‘Gizka’ an R2 series astromech droid. Gizka is often found in a new paint scheme every week.
  • Slicing tools
  • Mechanics tools (including larger ones stored on the Y-wing)

History: Born in 30 BBY on Alderaan to the House of Alde, Kytra is the sixth and final child of Duke Alde, making her the least likely to inherit anything at all. Kytra’s life has been marked by this low familial standing, not so much in a negative way as simply having very few expectations assigned to her, a state that grew even more pronounced when, despite the Alde lines tendency to produce Force wielders, she failed to show any signs of affinity for the Force. Thus, her early life was spent largely between either the excellent education the house provided or wandering through Alde libraries, reading about the many heroes that have come from the House in times long past. A youth spent daydreaming of heroes and heroism left her an idealist from a young age.

Kytra was eleven when the Galactic Republic became the Galactic Empire - just old enough to understand the distinction, and while her elders certainly did not encourage interest in politics at such a young age, her Alderaanian education ensured that she could understand some of why they all felt such foreboding at the idea. It affected her little at this time, for she was young and Alderaan saw little change. All the same, the seeds of her joining the Rebellion were planted.

Kytra’s adolescent years saw her become more adventurous, sometimes even being described as thrill-seeking. She learnt to pilot and service landspeeders at a fairly young age, and later even learned to ride the majestic Thranta. As her schooling came to an end, she briefly took up sport hunting, though quickly decided that the killing of largely defenceless animals with blasters was not nearly as fun as it had seemed. Even while all this was going on, she never lost interest in the wealth of information in the grand Alde libraries, though in later years she did not simply read the stories, but tended to search the computer networks of the library for information not publicly available, picking up some slicing skills along the way, though this got her in trouble more than once.

Throughout this time, she heard a great deal about the political situation in the galaxy from her family and many others on Alderaan, generally sharing in the views that many on the planet were taking on, the view that the Galactic Empire was oppressive and certainly not a good thing for the galaxy. Her thrill seeking nature, restlessness and desire for heroics reached a head in ten BBY, shortly after her twentieth birthday. As far as she was concerned, there was a definite enemy in the Galactic Empire, and in fighting them she could go down in Alde history as a hero - perhaps even one of the heroes that restored the glorious Republic. Lacking the Jedi skills that would make her a force to be reckoned with on the battlefield, and lacking in ground combat skill or experience, she chose to exploit one of her few real combat applicable skills - piloting. Using the entirety of her trust fund, she purchased a BTL-A4 Y-Wing Starfighter and an Astromech to assist in piloting it.

From there, it was not hard for Kytra to join the Rebel Alliance, as the anti-empire sentiment on Alderaan was strong. Many Alderaanians had been part of the Alliance since its beginning, and using her familial contacts, it did not prove hard for her to find the right people to talk to about signing up. The Alliance recruiters were, as always, overjoyed to receive a new fighter pilot, however lacking in experience she may be, especially since she was supplying her own ship.

Initially, Kytra stuck largely to piloting, gaining valuable combat experience flying with both mixed squadrons and dedicated bomber squadrons. Eventually however, she suggested to the command of her cell the idea of following the example set by Princess Leia - to make use of her status on the well respected world of Alderaan to open doors that might otherwise be closed.

The first mission where she operated as a noble instead of a pilot suffered a number of complications, and though ultimately successful, she found herself in the midst of firefights several times. After this, she received training for both light combat and infiltration, doing moderately well in both, but never showing so much skill as to make it worth transferring her away from her squadron on a permanent basis.

One year ago, she was promoted to squadron leader and assigned to the Nebulon-B class frigate known as The Keep. Leading Thranta Squadron has proved a challenge for the idealistic Kytra, and every loss they suffer hits her hard. She still occasionally utilises her noble titles on missions as well, though rarely, for every time she does she risks discovery and sanctions against the House of Alde, who are far less untouchable than mighty House Organa.

During the battle of Anaxes Thranta squadron flew as support fighter-bombers, holding off from the initial battle until called in to either assist Lightning Squadron in gaining air superiority or eliminate hard targets on the ground. It was expected that they would be unneeded, but when the Imperial reinforcements arrived, they were called in to assist the ground forces. Thranta squadron destroyed an Imperial landing craft and several ATSTs, however they were then overrun by TIEs and forced to withdraw at cost of a single Y-Wing and damaged to three of the surviving fighters.

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Zuhlg Bens

Age: 33

Species: Quarren

Gender: Male

Rank: Lieutenant

Role: Squad Leader

Unit: Chain-Breaker Squad of Detachment Chakaar.

Appearance: Zuhlg stands 1.8 meters in height, his skin a salmon shade. His eyes are a bright blue color. Visually he looks like a typical Quarren, albeit with a few more scars which he'll gladly talk all about.


  • Highly talented marksman with blasters of all kinds.
  • Skilled tactician.
  • He's a good leader, one that demands and has the respect of his squad.
  • Fluent in Galactic Basic and Quarrenese. He understands some words and phrases in Shyriiwook, but can't speak it.
  • Has hand to hand combat and close quarters combat training.
  • Experienced in all manners of Spec Ops operations.
  • As a Quarren he is a strong swimmer that can squirt clouds of ink as a defensive measure.


  • He's a bit of a control freak, expects those in his squad to follow his command wholly. When they don't it upsets him.
  • Zuhlg has sadistic tendencies against the Empire, his hate for them at an almost extreme sense. He fully supports the Alliance, but moreso he wants to tear apart the Empire. Has no qualms with torturing or killing anyone in the Empire.
  • His deep hatred of the Empire causes him to be judgmental against even those that once served them then left or became a turncoat. It'll always be in the back of his mind that they were once an Imperial.
  • He displays a bit of arrogance over his own abilities as well as his squad's. He isn't shy in his belief that he and his comrades are some of the best soldiers in the Alliance.
  • He regularly smokes cigarras, it's his way of dealing with stress.


  • A280C blaster rifle
  • DL-44 Blaster Pistol
  • Vibroknife
  • Thermal detonators
  • Multiple sets of battle armors, for different missions.
  • Comlink
  • A wrist mounted grappling spike launcher
  • May carry additional equipment depending on the mission.

Zuhlg Bens was born on Mon Cala, his species' homeworld, a planet they shared with the Mon Calamari. He was born in the Quarren capitol, his family was middle class and his childhood typical until the Clone Wars began. While he was too young to fight in it, his father fought in the Battle of Mon Cala. It was a civil war between the Quarren and Mon Calamari, which also involved both the CIS and the Republic. Zulhg's father died in combat, shortly before it ended and the conflict was resolved.

The death of his father affected Zulhg deeply. His father was always tough to him, but still loved his son. All of it was meant to toughen the young Zulhg for life in the harsh galaxy, which the young Quarren would come to understand. He stayed on his homeworld through the rise of the Galactic Empire. His people didn't know what was going to happen, neither did Zulhg.

Mon Cala was seized and subjugated by the Empire, his people were enslaved by the Imperials, alongside the Mon Calamari. They were forced to build ships for the oppressive Empire, it was brutal, terrible work that resulted in injuries and deaths of his people. Zulhg's mother died in an accident, crushed by a ship part. Zulhg would spend a few more years as a slave, rebellious thoughts forming in his head. Word had begun to spread of the Alliance, and the Mon Calamari were a heavily involved species in it. Zulhg managed to get off world after joining the Rebellion, he had nothing left for him on his homeworld. He was filled with anger and wanted to fight back against the Empire, and eventually free his people.

In recent years, Zulhg has fought all over for the Alliance. He's risen up from the rank of a common footsoldier, having been assigned to the The Keep under the command of Alpha-32. He's earned a reputation as a ferocious combatant with a serious grudge against the Empire. Lt. Bens' also created Chain-Breaker Squad, each of its seven members being ex-slaves commited to fighting the Empire. Zulhg hand picked each of the men under his command in the squad, having worked with several of them in the past. His squad notably fought on Anaxes, an effort that only made them more eager for more combat.

Supporting Cast:
Chain-Breaker Squadron

  • LT. Zuhlg Bens - Quarren, squad leader
  • SGT. Pana Bren - Givin, scout/sniper
  • CPL. Onhar Delstee - Ugnaught, engineer/explosives
  • CPL. Zaghirr - Wookie, rifleman
  • PFC. Jaa - Yuzzeem, heavy weaponry
  • PFC. Venka Janrenk - Nosaurian, medic/rifleman
  • PFC. Mos Zessom - Gotal, rifleman
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Character Name:Orren Yar
Species:Human (Corellian)
Role:Marksman/Forward Reconnaissance
Unit: Shabuir Squad, Detachment Chakaar, Resistance SpecForces
-Marksmanship: Orren is a skilled marksman, capable of hitting a target from great distances with a variety of different weapons. He is extremely accurate and only occasionally misses.
-Skilled Rifleman: While Orren prefers to use a marksman rifle capable of firing at further distances, he is skilled in a variety of different rifles, from an E-11 to a T21-b.
-Stealth: Orren is quite skilled in using stealth to his advantage, well practiced in years of helping the Corellian Resistance. He is capable of blending himself in with a crowd or using his surroundings to allow himself to become little more than a shadow.
-Faith: Orren believes in the Rebel Alliance and follows it with an unwavering loyalty. He truly sees himself as the good guy and that the Alliance is doing the right thing. Because of his faith, he is willing to do whatever it takes to serve the rebel cause.
-Greenie: Orren is a new recruit to Rancor Company and even the Rebel Alliance itself. While Orren has been fighting against the Empire as a member of the Corellian Resistance, he has only now joined the true rank and file of the Rebel Alliance. As a result, he has little experience in the true horrors of war, which he has only gotten a glimpse of at the Battle of Araxes.
-Pitiful Starpilot: Orren can’t pilot a ship to save his life. The assortment of displays, switches and controls completely boggles him. If he is lucky, he can possibly manage to maneuver a landspeeder, yet he is hopeless in anything more advanced than that.
-Blind Faith: Orren is completely dedicated to the rebel cause and the fight against the Empire. He sees it as a simple fact that the Empire is evil and the Rebel Alliance is good. He has not yet realized that war is not usually that cut and dry. He still must learn that never every Stormtrooper is a monster and not every Rebel is a saint.
-E-17d Sniper Rifle, usually slung over his shoulder while on the march.
-A280 Blaster Rifle, the weapon that he usually uses, unless he has set up for long ranged attakcs.
-DH-17 Blaster Pistol, strapped to the side of his leg, used only for emergencies.
-Binoculars, attached to his belt.
-Combat Knife, attached to his left chest.
-Communicator, attached to his belt.
Orren was born on Corellia 20BBY to Kerek and Dala Yar. Kerek was a member of the Republic Army during the Clone Wars. He had fought numerous battles alongside the Jedi Generals and the Clone Legions. He retired from the military shortly after Order 66, disgusted at how the galaxy had turned on those that had once been their protectors. Orren’s father would tell him stories of the Jedi, of the awe-inspiring powers that they wielded and their prowess upon their battlefield. Most of all, Kerek would tell Orren of the honor and gentleness that the Jedi carried themselves with and that no matter what the Empire said, the Jedi did not betray the Republic.

The beginning of Orren’s life was relatively peaceful. His father had distinguished himself enough during the war that he had been able to afford a sizable plot of land in the Corellian countryside. Orren grew up there, where his father taught him how to shoot a blaster rifle by the age of nine. As he grew older, Orren learnt more and more about how to fight from his father.

By the time he was twelve, Orren learnt the truth behind his father. It had been a regular day, with Orren helping with chores around the land belonging to his family. Nothing had seemed out of the ordinary. That is, until an Imperial convoy could be seen approaching. Orren had run inside of the house to warn his father. Showing no signs of surprise, Karek told his son to run into the forest bordering their land and to hide there. Orren did as he was told.

He waited in the woods for hours, waiting and waiting. Finally, after sunset, Orren made his way back to his house. Or at least, what was left of it. He found it in smoldering ruins, completely burnt to the ground. In the yard in front of the house, Orren found the corpses of his parents, blaster wounds in the back of their heads. Despite his young age, Orren knew that they had been executed by the Empire. He had seen enough similar executions during his excursions into the city.

Orren did not know how long he waited there, crying over the corpses of his parents. Yet suddenly, he realized that someone stood before him. He began to run, thinking that it was Stormtrooper who had come to finish him off. However, the person grabbed his arm before he could get away and pulled him close. The man told Orren that his name was Ursten Pau and that he was a friend of his father’s.

Not knowing what else to do, Orren went with Pau, who took back to remote camp in the mountains. Pau explained to Orren that his father had been one of the founders and leading members of the Corellian Resistance, a group of people who had banded together out of loyalty to the Republic and hatred towards the Empire. Ursten Pau gave Orren a choice: he could either return to one of the major cities on Corellia, living with a remote connection with the Resistance and live a relatively normal life, or he could stay at the Resistance headquarters and learn how to fight back against the Empire. Orren chose to fight.

For the next eight years, Orren fought with the Corellian Resistance. At first he simply stayed at the headquarters and learnt the numerous different ways how to fight. He learnt hand-to-hand combat, guerilla warfare, and marksmanship. He quickly distinguished himself as an sharpshooter with a deadly accuracy. However, as Orren grew older, he began to go out on raids and operations with the Resistance. He played a largely minimal role, as the other soldiers wanted to keep him as far away from the fighting as they could. As a result, he often served as a scout, sent into the site of the attack beforehand to recon the area, learning the geography, number of enemy forces and their equipment, etcetera.

It wasn’t until Corren was seventeen that he was truly a part of a firefight. He was ordered to take position in a tower in one of the major cities as the Resistance attacked an Imperial convoy. From his position, Corren sniped into the Stormtrooper ranks, killing anyone who posed a threat to the rebels. It was the first time Corren had ever killed someone.

After that, Corren was a regular operative in Resitance attacks. While he did not see many, he was relied on for his marksman skills. For a while, things were going well, as the Corellian Resistance were able to be a constant thorn in the Empire’s side, even if they weren’t a serious threat. However, things eventually took a turn for the worse. Somehow, the Imperials had tracked down the headquarters of the Corellian Resistance and attacked. The rebels were caught completely unaware and were slaughtered. Corren was one of the very few who had been able to fight their way out, fleeing through one of the escape tunnels that had been built underneath the headquarters.

After that attack, the Corellian Resistance was never the same. Their leadership had all been killed in the attack and those that remained often bickered and fought amongst each other for control. For more than two years, the Resistance made small, insignificant attacks, only a shadow of its former self, unable to pose nearly as much of a threat to the occupying forces of Corellia. Orren began to grow furious, angered by the fact that the Resistance was fighting itself more than the Empire. So, he, along with a number of likeminded Resistance members, found a way off-world and contacted the Rebel Alliance, as one of the Resistance defectors had a brother who was fighting for the Alliance.

Orren was successfully accepted into the Alliance and was sent to Yavin 4 for basic training. There, he quickly proved himself as a capable fighter, one that would be wasted within the ordinary infantry regiments of the Alliance. So, he was assigned to fill the ranks of the SpecForce Detachment of Rancor Company, on board The Keep. Orren was initially excited, influenced by the idea that he could finally make a difference by fighting on the frontlines of the war. He even dreamed of glory, spurred on by being assigned to such a skilled fighting force as SpecForce. However, these dreams were quickly crushed at the Battle of Araxes.

It was Orren’s first battle within the Alliance and his first true battle ever. While he had fought on Corellia with the Resistance, those were simple hit-and-run attacks or small ambushes. They were never the bloody and chaotic engagements that Araxes was. He had never experienced total war until then. Now, Orren is beginning to realize that was isn’t as glamorous as it once seemed and that he has a whole lot more learning that he has to do.

Supporting Cast:
-LT Zanur Ves (M, Durese): Squad Leader
-SGT Stog Bra (M, Rodian): Second-in-Command
-SGT Shestu Yankem (M, Human): Communications
-CPL Ssasamin Stigg (F, Trandoshan): Weapons Specialist
-CPL Orren Yar (M, Human): Marksman, Forward Reconnaissance
-CPL Ta’Lani (F, Twi’lek): Forward Reconnaissance
-CPL Sabra Toqot (F, ZabraK): Demolitions
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Character Name: Victor Tavik
Age: 36
Species: Alderaanian
Gender: Male
Appearance: Victor stands 6'2" tall and is very slim weighing only 180 Lbs. He has sunken in hollowed cheeks and a pale complexion. His fair skin contrasts with his receding jet black hair. He wears his hair short and is often seen walking around with his hands clasped behind his back. His posture is typically rigid and appears as though he may have a sharp stick permanently inserted in his anus. His pointed narrow nose gives him a birdlike appearance and his thin almost gray lips rarely smile. He intimidates many younger soldiers with his relatively dour appearance. He always appears serious and is a thinker. He remains reticent and cerebral most of the time. He gives his opinion when he feels it is necessary. Details regarding his company are very much his opinion.

Rank: Commandant or Major
Role: Infantry Company Commander
Unit: 332nd Mobile Assault Infantry Company
    - Small unit tactics, patrolling and leadership
    - Small arms training
    - Hand to hand combat
    - Air assault operations (LAAT)
    - Hull breaching operations
    - Military Operations in Urban Terrain (MOUT)
    - Ship clearing techniques
    - Brigade & Division Level Operations
    - Logistical Support to the Division, Brigade, Regiment & Battalion
    - Civil Engineering
    - Demolitions

    - Obsessive/Compulsive. Victor Tavik demands everything be placed in its proper place and ever item has a place. If an item is out of place, he is compelled, uncontrollably to put it back. If he cannot replace the item himself, he will instruct a subordinate to do it for him.
    - Proud. Major Tavik is very proud of his accomplishments. His “Love Me” wall in his office is heavily decorated, displaying every major accomplishment in his life. Due to his zealous pride, he finds that his position in society is such that he is above performing menial labor. He is an entitled, self-righteous pompous ass.
    - Perfectionist. Everything must be done to perfection. Any task his subordinates perform must be completed flawlessly. He can become irate if someone make a mistake. He expects corrections to take place immediate. He sets a high standard for all to live up to, yet he often falls blindly short of his own standards.
    - Idealist. The Rebellion is paramount to his goals. He obsesses over fighing against the Galactic Empire and will not wave on his conviction for ensuring the Rebellion succeeds. Although this driven idealist mentality may appear at first glance as a positive trait, it creates a certain rigidity in his demeanor that leaves little room for flexibility.

    - four sets of the Alderaan infantry uniform consisting of blue shirt, grey trousers, and black calf length boots.
    - black leather combat vest.
    - white helmet with black visor above the forehead.
    - DH-17 Blaster Pistol
    - A280 Blaster Rifle
    - Bayonet
    - Communicator
    - Datapad /w interface tools.
    - Map pouch for carrying tools
    - Day Pack for extended operations.

History: Victor Tavik was born to a minor noble family on Aleraan in 36BBY. He had a pampered life and received an excellent education. He is what you might call someone who feels he is entitled to the best the universe has to offer.

During the Clone Wars, Victor Tavik was a teenager and otherwise unaffected by the war raging off world. He followed closely to the news they received on Alderaan and was taken in by the Alderaan position. He has great respect for the founders of the Rebellion, Bail Organa, Mothma and Bel Iblis. He has framed photographs of all three including a few with him in the frames also on his “Love Me” wall in his office.

When he completed his education at the Alderaan Military Academy, he received an undergraduate degree in Engineering and served as a Combat Engineer officer. He is trained as a Sapper, understanding the load of various structures as well as how to use both prepared and field expedient explosives.

He spent the first five years of his career in an Engineer Battalion in the Alderaanian Army. His unit constructed airfields and other buildings to house units. His unit built any structure the Army needed.

Upon promotion to Captain, he was assigned as Company Commander of a Sapper Company in a sister battalion. He served in his capacity for three years. At the end of his command tour, he branch transferred to infantry and received training in larger operations beyond a battalion formation. This was a requirement for field grade officers. He spent several years working as either Battalion or Brigade staff and even a three year tour as a Special Staff officer on a division staff before being assigned to The Keep and receiving his first Infantry Company Command.

He has been with the 332nd for the past three months and the officers and men of the unit are still getting to know him. Several believe he is overly arrogant and nitpicks too much.

During operations on Anaxes, Commandant Tavik remained aboard one of the LAATs that survived the operation. He believed it was better to direct the operation from above rather than on the ground with the troops. Some of hte veterans of that failed operation resent him for this command decision.

Supporting Cast: 332nd Mobile Assault Infantry Company
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Name: Kerrick "Clang" Shan
Species: Human
Age: 22
Planet of Origin/Birth: Urtan
Force Sensitive Y/N: Yes
Rank: Flight Lieutenant
Role: Pilot
Unit: Replacement pilot, transferred in from Intruder Squadron.


5’9 and trim, with dark hair. His eyes are dark and his facial features are relatively nondescript; pleasing as humans go, but not particularly striking at first glance. He is extensively tattooed on one arm and his back with swoop ganger ink. Shan's typical attire is a pair of no-nonsense pants with lots of pockets, a belt for tools and a jacket.


• Force Precognition - it comes in torrents, rather than whispers.
• Other Force abilities come to the fore at times -- Shan brims with it.
• Piloting - In the cockpit, he has focus and situational awareness to spare, and an extremely fine hand on the stick.
• Maintenance/Tech knowledge - he is a natural, enthusiastic about it and has boundless focus for that...but he doesn't keep a uniform very well.
• Decent with a blaster.
• Strong language skills, including an understanding of binary (which astromech droids speak).


• New Guy - The new CO doesn't trust him the way Captain Dia'Xiann did.
• Likes the girls, and is easily distracted by them.
• Not just wanted, really, really wanted. Shan has no idea, but the Inquisitorius wants him badly.
• Jumpy. He hears things that others don't.
• Distracted. Same. Has to do with the Force. When not focusing, he is all over the place. And typically, he is only focused on maintenance and piloting. He does not present well militarily and will never be ramrod straight and regulation.
• Seems very, very reckless. The Jedi are gone, but Shan flies like one, and that seems like suicidal tendencies to a non-Force user.
• Fringer and proud - Liquor, cursing, hair in strange colors? All things that drive the conventional military types up the wall. But heck, they're a Rebellion, right? He's not big on protocol.


• Regular clothes -- he prefers a sleeveless shirt, vest, cargo pants and spacer boots, along with a tech belt to hold his tools.
• Coveralls for maintenance work.
• Vacuum suit; the rebels typically do orange, because it's easier to be spotted in space if you have to eject.
• Modified flight helmet with a HUD built into the visor. It's not standard Rebel issue; the look is very different.
• Theed Arms S-5 with custom grips and a barrel shroud.
• Various tech tools, such as laser welders and spanners.
• A working PDA.
• R2Y5, his astromech counterpart in the X-Wing, who has a strong bond with the pilot. Regs say wipe the droids. Starfighter Command ignores these regs as droid-starfighter pairings, where the computers get to working together more closely, mean that you can't switch droids around between ships as easily, but you get more out of a 'mating.' Techs hate it, pilots love it. Shan has replaced a number of internal components in the droid and upgraded the processing hardware.


Born on Urtan, a desert planet whose primary industry is metal operations in the Tengaru sector, he lived a rather unremarkable existence as the member of a family that ran a local salvage yard for speeders of various types, which allowed him plenty of time to tinker with machinery, particularly high speed machinery like swoop bikes. His parents were involved in anti-Empire activity with a local resistance cell, one of many that existed in a myriad of systems prior to the establishment of the Rebel Alliance, and were killed while conducting an operation to try and get a Jedi to safety.

The authorities on Urtan sensed an opportunity and used these crimes and the threat of accusing Kerrick’s grandmother, to buy out the salvage yard business at a cheap rate, leaving Kerrick and his grandmother, Nomi, impoverished. During this time, he found himself hooking up with one of the local swoop gangs, the Sons of Sin, who were loosely involved in operations for one of the local crime lords, largely in theft and the fencing of stolen goods and the dealing of arms.

However, the Sons quickly got ahead of themselves, and Kerrick quickly decided to skip the system rather than have things go sour for his grandmother. Through a series of mishaps, he found himself on the planet of Sluis Van, one of the bigger shipyard planets in the entire galaxy , working first as a construction welder in zero-G and then as a rescue shuttle pilot, extracting wounded construction types from mishaps in the Yards. During this time, he managed to find himself hooking up with a group of people his age that were part of a nascent cell of Rebels working in the shipyards. When this small group of resistance members got into trouble, it was Shan who used his knowledge of the shipyards to acquire and escape with a hyperdrive capable shuttle, dodging patrols in a harrowing escape through an asteroid field where everyone was sure they were going to die, and yet miraculously, Kerrick managed to pull them through even though their pursuit were hitting the rocks and pulling back.

When they finally did hook up with the Alliance, Kerrick joined along with his comrades, but they lost touch when Kerrick was taken in for starfighter pilot training.

The Alliance’s intelligence people got him to come clean about the Sons of Sin and his record as a rescue shuttle pilot. They recommended him to officer flight training with the Alliance where he excelled, though not without the occasional mishap, such as when he landed a little too hard on a flight exercise and earned the callsign, “Clang.”

However, he was more than good enough for the Alliance and was assigned to Intruder Squadron, a unit operating based off the Nexu Claw, a heavily-converted Dreadnaught-class cruiser that served as a carrier and flagship for the 9th Roving Line that operated in the Outer Rim near Hutt Space, interdicting Imperial supplies and assisting Sector Forces as much as it could. In a short time with the Intruders, Kerrick Shan obtained a reputation as the best pilot in the squadron, but spooky – contrary to X-wing doctrine, he operated with almost no shields to boost engine power and seemed to fly by an uncanny instinct – his squadron commander cracked down on people imitating the practice, even while permitting Shan to carry on. If asked why, she’d say, “Because Shan operates on a higher frequency than you do, stoopa.”

Shan was happy with Intruder squadron, but the Nexu Claw was undergoing an extensive refit and the Keep's supporting squadrons needed people. Given that priority, Shan got transferred in to help replace losses from Anaxes. Captain Dia'Xiann fought the move with every bureaucratic trick she knew, but the rear-echelon knows best, or doesn't know and does it anyway. Shan got transferred out to plug holes blindly some other squadron that had 'need.' Because the Intruders were not 'active' (but whole) they had less priority. Despite his experience, he is starting in a new squadron with a very different commander.

Psychological Profile

Kerrick isn't sure why he does some things a certain way, he just explains that they 'feel right.' The thing is, his feelings seem to be highly accurate. He is perfectly willing to swagger, crack wise and employ sarcasm as his mode of defense against the personalities of other people. As befits a former swoop-ganger, he loves things that accelerate to high speed, and an X-wing squadron is the perfect place for him.


Kerrick doesn't know it, but the Empire wants him, badly. They want to ask him a few questions about old family history (that he isn't aware of) and there is an Imperial Inquisitor trying to track him down.
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The Oppostion

Character Name: Daigon Pale
Age: 64
Species: Human
Gender: M

A tall, somewhat thickset man, pale skin, with black hair streaked with grey, worn longer than is usual for an imperial officer. His face is gaunt, pockmarked, and sports a trim goatee. The left side of his face is heavily scarred, and he wears a dark metal patch over his left eye. His right eye is bright green. He wears a white Imperial officer's tunic with rank insignia, usually underneath a long black overcoat.

Rank: Colonel, Special Operations, Imperial Security Bureau

Role & Unit: Commander of Imperial Security Forces based off of the ISD-Lycurgus


• Good with a blaster- quick on the draw and accurate
• Skilled strategist and tactician, especially in counter- guerrilla operations
• connections with bounty hunters
• inspires loyalty in underlings
• excellent interrogator


• persistent narcotics & alcohol habit
• plenty of enemies among the Empire & Hutts
• has one eye and alot of years behind him


• DL-44 heavy blaster pistol, worn on the hip.

Supporting Cast:

- Antog Vorik, Captain of the ISD Lycurgus, detailed to ISB command
- Basil Xo, TIE Ace and over-all commander of the Lycurgus' TIE forces
- Kae Zorn, ISB Special Agent
- Major Godin Gan, ISB Stormtrooper Commander

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Name: Ibus Trad
Age: 26
Species: Human (Onderonian)
Gender: Male
Rank: Lieutenant
Unit: 2nd Rifle Platoon, Rancor Company
    Platoon-level Unit Tactics (Intermediate)
    Can speak, write, and understand Galactic Basic Common and Onderonian
    Marksmanship Training (Intermediate)
    Close Quarters Combat Training (Extensive)
    Mountainous Terrain Tactics (Intermediate)
    Asymmetrical Warfare Tactics (Extensive)

    Anxious: Despite his role and being quite content with it, Ibus suffers great anxiety due to doubt in his leadership abilities.
    Dubious: As previously stated, despite his current rank, Ibus is rather doubtful in his own leadership abilities, looking to others for guidance often.
    Aggressive: Being rather bloodthirsty in the heat of combat, Ibus often overstretches his troops or pushes them a little too far forwards, causing needless casualties on occasion.

A280 Blaster Rifle (Medium Condition)
DL-44 Blaster Pistol (Medium Condition)
Combat Knife/Bayonet
Alliance Junior Officer Uniform (Good Condition)
Alliance Ballistic Helmet w/ Ballistic Goggles
Tactical Datapad (Good Condition)
Rucksack filled with field necessities. (Good Condition)
Born in 26 BBY in a mountainous and densely forested region of Onderon, Ibus lived a quiet life until the age of four, when the Clone Wars broke out. After Onderon’s king was overthrown, the horrors of the war soon came to the planet, with the Onderon rebellion and the Separatist armies clashing on the field of battle many times.

By the end of the war, the Separatists had been pushed off Onderon and the previous king was reinstated. However, the charter of the new Galactic Empire left many people on Onderon bitter, and even more so when the Empire constructed a massive supply depot on-planet.

The spark of rebellion flashed once more and bands of Onderonian warriors trained by the previous generation struck at Imperial supply lines. Among these young guerilla fighters was Ibus. In one such raid, Ibus’ section leader took a fatal wound and Ibus took charge, rallying the twelve other fighters and going on to complete the objective while minimizing further losses.

This earned him a promotion to section commander over fourteen other fighters, in which he led in six other successful raids and only suffered two losses and three wounded. Two more years passed and many other raids saw Ibus gain command of his own platoon. He led them through a mere two more operations before further up the chain, the Rebel Alliance offered him a formal commission. As he accepted he was assigned to Rancor Company, in hopes to bring new blood into the unit.

Now, commanding a group of fresh and eager troops, Ibus and his platoon are in a new environment and are prepared to follow each and every order they receive.

Supporting Cast:

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Character Name: Selas Tariim

Age: 33

Species: Miraluka

Gender: Female

Appearance: Selas is not exactly what comes to mind upon hearing that she’s spent much of her life in academia. She is tall for a woman, her figure one of lean, dangerous lines, with scars on her hands and a smirk curving her lips. Her skin is a rich olive, touched by the sun of a hundred worlds, her dark hair falling to her shoulders and threaded with first shining strands of silver. Unlike many of her people, an unusual genetic expression has left her with a pair of blind, milky-white eyes, which she only rarely chooses to cover with the traditional Miraluka cowl or blindfold. Her features are playful and puckish, even flirtatious at times, the tilt of her brows and the set of her body conveying a serene, but not distant, confidence. She has a warm contralto voice, with a ready laugh and a light accent, consonants made liquid and vowels broad, and sharp as an obsidian knife when the need arises.

Selas’ dress sense is more practical than anything else, and she’s most often found in boots, trousers, buttoning shirts, and a comfortable jacket. Most of her clothing has plenty of clever pockets, and she usually has a few useful things clipped to her belt, including a thigh holster for a blaster. While everything is well-made and well-tailored, the materials are carefully chosen to not make noise, and to not restrict her freedom of movement. Selas prefers darker colors - deep blues, slate greys, and rich browns, and is very rarely seen wearing armor.

Rank: Professor (Associate), University of Agamar, Department of Xenoarchaeology

Role: Non-military / Force user

Unit: No permanent assignment


- Force Savant: By her race and upbringing, Selas intimately understands the Force, its strength, and how to work her will with that power. She lacks the discipline and finesse of a lifelong member of the Order - but she is to be reckoned with in her own right.

- Duelist: Selas has spent her entire life around members of the Order, and while never a part of it, she has learned much. She is fluent in some forms of lightsaber combat, though these skills have rarely been tested to their limits - at least in part because she takes care to ensure that they aren’t.

- Thief: Even since before the fall of the Republic, Selas had a profound fascination with getting into places she shouldn’t be. She moves like a shadow, quick and silent, and has a broad knowledge of bypassing locks, overriding security systems, and disabling enforcement droids.

- Academic: Raised by an Archivist and taught the value of preserving the past and passing learning to others, Selas actually is an accomplished professor. She has contacts - and maybe even friends - in unexpected places, and can lend legitimacy to travel in the name of “research.”

- Performer: Selas is a fine singer, and collects songs from the places she goes. She often hums them to herself, even when she knows people are listening.


- You Are Not A Jedi Yet: Selas knows much, much more than she is supposed to, but is not a fully trained member of the Jedi Order. Those who have undergone specific and extended training, especially in saber combat, will likely outclass her.

- Suddenly Silenced: Being so tightly bound to the Force leaves Selas vulnerable to the movements of that power around her. The Dark Side tears across her psyche like a saw over bone, a sensation she lacks the mental discipline to entirely push away from herself.

- Hunted Down: Selas’ mother was a Master in the Jedi Order, and a subject of Order 66. She, and the Knights she trained, have been hounded down - but the hunters are very aware that she had a daughter.

- Needs A Protocol Droid: Selas is not familiar with military protocol, and was delivered to the Keep by Alliance command, unasked-for. She furthermore disrupts planning by pointing out things that should not be destroyed, if possible, because they’re of value to current and future historians.


- DL-18 blaster pistol, in a thigh holster. This weapon has been modified to feature a shorter barrel and be somewhat more compact.

- Bypass Tools - A selection of useful devices and tools to gain entry to secured facilities. The entire kit is much too large to carry with her with any stealth, so Selas picks things that will likely be most-useful when on a mission and takes a small selection with her. She is not always right.

- Knapsack - Usually on a cross-body strap.

- Small knife - A small knife, for cutting things that need to be cut.

- Comlink with earbud and haptic-feedback mode, where it only produces a sensation against her skin for simple messages.

- Jalis Tyral’s Lightsaber - This weapon belonged to Selas’ adopted mother, Jedi Archivist Jalis Tyral. Selas has modified it gently to fit her own hands and fighting style. She keeps it hidden most of the time, in a custom-fitted holster inside her jacket.

- A small, locked chest, with a handful of small treasures of the Jedi Archives inside.


A dark room, a bright light, a metal chair at a metal table. Pageantry, of a sort, meant to put anyone approaching the Rebellion uneasy. They had learned hard lessons about accepting anyone who professed a desire to join the fight. Their own goals might be noble - but the tactics used against them could be anything but. Still, Selas wondered why they bothered. Certainly, the Rebellion would know that illumination would mean almost nothing to her. She could feel the chair, the lamp, and even the man leaning against the wall where the light didn't reach. Each were each outlined in her awareness, her peculiar sight, by the whirling, coruscating patterns that connected and flowed around everything in the universe. She heard the door lock behind her, then turned her blind eyes toward the man, an eyebrow raised.

“Ah,” he said, “I didn’t know whether to believe them.” He spoke heavily-accented Basic, vowels drawn out, the rhythm unsteady.

Selas took another step, put one hand on the back of the chair, and remained quiet for the moment. She did not sit.

The man let out a soft sound, halfway between a grunt and a chuckle. He pushed himself off the wall, brought a ciggara to his lips. Selas saw the Force wrapped around the lighter the man brought between his cupped hands, tight strands of will and memory twining around and through it, through him. A totem, a tangible memory of someone long gone, if she were to guess. Even the flame burned with a tight fierceness in Selas' perception, the pattern it made bursting apart when the man clicked the lighter closed. He took a long pull, blew out a spicy, sweet plume of smoke that Selas could smell more than see. he pushed himself off the wall with one hand, the other holding his ciggara, and crossed the few steps the pool of light.

“You’re Selas Tariim. Miraluka. Adopted daughter of Jedi Master Jalis Tyral, one of the people who survived Order 66. Lost both your parents as an infant and raised by Tyral, possibly out of a sense of penance. Your birth parents were field researcher staff at the Temple, and were killed due to Tyral’s negligence at the site of a Sith tomb. Am I right?” This close, Selas could see that the man had an artificial left arm, and that the neural bridges hadn’t knitted together right. She could hear the constant pain in the man’s voice.

“You’re ahead of me, if you want the truth,” Selas said, bringing her attention back to the man’s face, “I don’t know much about my birth parents.”

“She kept that from you? Not very Jedi.”

“She blamed herself. I know she thought their deaths were something that could - should - have been avoided. More than that, I never asked. I could see the ache, the anguish that memory caused inside her.” She took a breath, “Master Tyral raised me the best she could. She didn’t owe me anything, and I wouldn’t cause her that kind of pain.”

The man grunted, took another pull, blew out a cloud of scented smoke. “My adjunct tells me that you’re pretty well accounted for up until the Clone Wars. Not really trained at the Temple, not really part of it, but growing up there, spending your time in the Archives with Tyral. Not a lot contact with other kids your age, except in classes with...less traditionally-minded Masters. A certain amount of friction regarding things you learned and really weren't supposed to know, smoothed over by your mother's influence. We lose track of you for ten years after the Clone Wars, until you show up again on a planet in the Outer Rim, in trouble with the local authorities for breaking and entering, theft, and apparent smuggling, while you claimed-"

Selas cut in, her voice sharp, “Am I supposed to be impressed that you can collect holonet news and pull keywords from file archives? Are you trying to intimidate me with the idea that you can write an essay with citations? None of this was secret. None of it’s even interesting. Of course you lost track of my mother and I after the Clone Wars, that’s the kind of thing that happens when one of you is marked for death and the other is unusual enough to be an enormous target.”

“Then what were you doing for those ten years? Ten years when a Jedi Master would have been invaluable to the Alliance, ten years when all we needed was any beacon of hope, any sign, any momentary flicker of the Light?” The man snapped, his voice suddenly a harsh rasp.

Selas’ throat was suddenly tight, her skin flushed, and she fought not to raise her voice. “I was a child when the Temple fell. You know what happened to most of the children there, yes? Or, for that matter, what happened to anyone else? There was no way to fight, no way to stand your ground. The only choices were death or flight, and my mother chose to run. We packed up a few things that couldn't be left to burn and we ran, and we didn't stop running for years."

She leaned forward, both hands on the back of the chair, her voice still a crisp, tight hiss, "For years, we didn't stay anywhere for more than a few days, knowing that every moment we were hunted. We ran further and further into the Outer Rim, and the Empire's hunters followed us. For years, the only news we heard of the Order was when another survivor was cut down, and the galaxy would get that much darker. I grew up knowing that anyone I met could be looking for a little blind girl, and for much worse reasons than even the usual ones."

"You want to know what my mother spent those years doing? Why she wasn't trying to find your Rebellion, why she wasn't offering herself to you as a figurehead? She was raising me. On starships, in alleys, in rooms where the Imperials were a wall's thickness away, she taught me to think, made me do sums and conjucations. She showed me how the Force moves, how to make sense of what I saw, what I felt every day, and the power of the Light. She taught me the importance of knowledge, the value of passing the lessons of history onto others. She taught me to fight for myself and to protect those who can't stand on their own, and she taught me to love a world that wanted to kill me. She knew there had to be another generation of..." Selas' voice faltered, "That walked in the Light. Your Rebellion could never be so important that she would trade it for the chance to raise a daughter who understood that."

"She raised you to be a Jedi?" The man scoffed, his words edged in curling smoke.

"She raised me to make my own choices," Selas said, her voice almost under her own control.

"And your choices led you to being arrested."

Selas couldn't help herself, and a tiny smirk tugged at one corner of her mouth. "The funny thing about being on the run during your...formative years, are the useful little things you learn. What will be missed, what won't. I didn't have my first kiss until I was in my twenties, but I knew how to dismantle the locks on a shopkeeper's storeroom when I was fifteen. I was raised by a Jedi...but even she understood the realities of a fugitive life. But after a while, the hunting seemed to taper off. That long, dark cloud that seemed to follow us everywhere seemed less intent. We moved to somewhere a little more civilized, and tried to get a little more settled. Almost a decade on the run, and spending a week in the same place felt...weird."

She turned her gaze down, almost lost in thought. "Agamar has a wonderful university, and they're very welcoming of new students. I barely had to alter their records. They probably would have let me in besides, but...well. It never hurts to be certain." She smiled, "Their xenoarchaeology department is unbelievable. I felt like I had come home. There was so much information, so much to learn, to many stories to find. I won't pretend that I was the greatest student - any of my professors would give lie to that. But I loved field work, and they always needed students to swing a pickaxe. And once, they sent me to help excavate a crashed starship from the Old Republic days, and...well."

"Well?" The man stubbed out his ciggara, tapped the box for another.

"You know the Archives and the museums on Coruscant were looted by Imperials for their own collections, yes?" Selas said, "I'd heard the rumours, and this excavation was not only on the same planet - but the same province - as one of the worst offenders, someone who'd stolen ancient artifacts and texts because he wanted to have them just to himself. I found where his house was, and found that it wasn't very well secured - he never expected anyone else to come and take the things he'd so rightfully stolen, hm? So, one night, I...disproved him of that notion. The locks took ten minutes, and the sensors and alarms inside were good...but I'm better. I gathered up a few of the more-portable things and headed out. I thought I had gotten away clean, since the transport back to Agamar was leaving in a couple of hours." She smiled ruefully.

"Turns out he got up earlier than I expected. There were calls to port authorites and docking permits were revoked, and all manner of nonsense, and then a search of my bags, and then an arrest." Selas adopted a parody of an innocent look, "As it happened, though, I grabbed several things that the University had been trying to get on loan from Coruscant for decades, and had never been able to get their hands on. So, after about a week with the University's lawyers calling up obscure salvage laws, I was released, the Imperial got a receipt for his artifacts, and the University got to study them for at least a couple of years."

"And since then, you graduated, and went to work for the University," the man said, "With a career that keeps you mostly out of your office and classroom, often on planets with no communication for weeks or months at a time. You seem to have everything you could want."

"We both know that isn't true," Selas said, bringing her attention back to the man's face, the grin slipping off her lips. "It wasn't bad, no. Sometimes I almost forgot the truth. I kept reminding myself that this couldn't last, that I had to keep a low profile. But the hunting never stops, does it? And the Empire grew and grew, and things got worse and worse. I knew there wasn't going to be an end. For a couple of years, I thought I could pretend. I had fun. I went on a date. I had sex. But there was always a shadow, and it got closer."

She closed her eyes. "And then we heard the news, the first time in a long time. Another survior of Order 66 hunted down in the Inner Rim. Then another. And I made a choice."

This time, the man stayed silent, except for the crackle of the coal on the end of his ciggara.

Her voice sank a little lower, "My mother traveled with me, most of the time, when I was working for the University. They usually didn't know, but she helped keep me safe. And while we made our way through the galaxy, I asked her to teach me what it meant to be a member of the Order. Not...not to be a Padawan, or a Knight. I think we both knew then that there would be nothing like enough time for that, but...what it meant to her to be a Jedi. She taught me songs and stories, histories and riddles. I learned how the Archives had been ordered, how many times Archivists had tried to change it."

"And she taught me other things. I understand the Force, but making it move the way my mother could was...difficult. She told me that the purpose of the Jedi's power is to protect those who can't themselves. That walking in the Light sometimes meant violence. And she told me that sooner or later, it would be time to stop running. And she because of that, she gave me, over years and years, some of the Order's most precious knowledge, their closest-held secrets. She gave me a trust that I will have to work every day for the rest of my life to live up to, because she believed in me, and in the Force, and in the Light."

Selas took several breaths, and when she spoke again, her words shook. "She died six weeks ago. The Empire's hunters, they caught up to us on Tasariq. There wasn't enough time to get back to the shuttle, even if we both ran for everything our lives were worth. And she turned to me, and she told me I had to run, that she would make time for me."

Straightening, Selas took one hand off the chair that seemed now to be bracing her upright, that without it she might fall. She reached into her jacket, pulled out something that gleamed in the bright light. Against her own senses, she felt the thing as a surging, piercing, brilliant splinter against the Force - as intimately familiar as her own hand, and but wrapped in the memories, the will of another. Something that wasn't hers, but had given itself to her.

"She gave this to me," Selas' voice wasn't quite hoarse, but close, "And she walked down a hall filled with men with blasters, with nothing in her hands. I felt her die, but it wasn't from those weapons." A tear fell from one blind eye and down her cheek, "I felt the darkness swallow her light. Like something was torn out of me, raw and bloody."

"It's a nice story," the man said, and he stubbed out his second ciggara. "A nice tragedy. And you even have a dead Jedi's weapon, good prop. But tell me this - why are you here? If you're telling the truth the Rebellion wasn't important to your mother, and it sounds like it's never been important to you. We're not a grief counseling service, and we don't need more people with suicidal revenge fantasies, and we especially don't need people with weapons they don't know how to use, so I ask you, Miss Tariim, why are you here?"

Selas took a deep breath, and stood straight, taking her hands off the back of the chair in front of her. She looked at the man, saw the distrust, the fear, the annoyance flickering within him. She took another breath, and made herself relax, letting her senses rise away from her, the infinities that made up even this small room sleeting through her mind. She raised the hand that held her mother's lightsaber, the brilliance almost painful against her senses, and she focused her will on it. Through cracks, crevices, secret places and hidden catches, she wound her will around and through the weapon, weaving a web of her own power through it. She opened her hand, and the hilt stayed in the air while she brought her hand away, fingers making small patterns in the air, quite like if she were working a string puppet.

With a series of small clicks, the weapon came apart, each piece moving with slow precision away from every other, staying in place where Selas willed them to be. After a few breaths, the weapon lay entirely disassembled, the fire-orange gem at its heart spinning lazily. Selas' fingers still moved, slowly, cradling and guiding the strands of her her will wrapped around the saber. She turned her head to look at the man.

"I'm here because I'm making a choice," Selas said, her voice even. Not emotionless, not distant, just even.

The pieces of the saber started to click back together, slowly at first, then each piece moving a little faster, though none without control. She moved her hand toward the weapon, her fingers wrapping around the hilt an instant after the final piece slotted into place. She held the saber at her side.

"My mother stayed away from the Rebellion to raise me," she said, in the same tone, "She thought bringing another person into the Light was worth everything she could have done otherwise. I see the darkness to every side, and I choose to stop running, and I choose to walk in the Light. I choose to fight with the Rebellion."

She took another breath, and put the saber hilt back in her jacket, "If you'll have me."

Supporting Cast:

Xalen Dal - The man in the story above. He is one of the Rebellion's recruiters, and reveres the legends of the Jedi more than the reality. He wants saviors, and has received mortals. Smokes like a chimney, has a badly-attached artificial arm that causes him permanent pain.

Taneel al'Khar - Selas' superior at the University. She is perfectly aware of what Selas is doing and why, and is a willing co-conspirator against the Empire. Able to provide official-enough documentation for certain kinds of travel to certain areas, in order to assist with keeping a low profile.

Ranim Sulten - A Zabrak who sells cheap shuttles, in good shape, with no questions asked. Selas has dealt with him extensively over much of her life. He doesn't know her full name - after all, no questions.

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Character Name: Eleventh Sister (Viqi. Her real identity is only known to the Grand Inquisitor, Vader and Palpatine).
Age: 21
Species: Human (Kuati)
Gender: Female
Rank: Inquisitor
Role: Jedi Hunter/Imperial Agent
Unit: Independent.
  • Viqi has been trained since she was a child to serve the Empire making her fiercely loyal.
  • Force: Viqi is trained in the ways of the Force by the Inquisitorus. With it she can lift objects with her mind, hunt prey in ways others can’t (basically by sensing them), control the minds of others, make others feel pain to spill their secrets and increase her reaction time. Due to the nature of the Inquisitorus these are the main skills she knows, though through time in the field she has been practicing manipulating light to help her disappear.
  • Lightsaber Combat: She is trained to wield a double bladed lightsaber, in single or double blade configuration. Trained in multiple styles in order to effectively tackle a trained foe.
  • Infiltration: Different people have different abilities. She has turned her natural skills to her advantage, to blend into crowds and get to places where others can’t.
  • Tactically Trained: Unlike some of her peers, Viqi has spent time on the command deck of Imperial Ships. Picking up valuable skills that make her more than a sharp blade.

  • Not a Jedi: She’s strong, and well trained. Though against a fully trained Jedi she’ll come up short, due to the Emperors reluctance to have people Vader can use to supplant him.
  • Lone Ranger: While this is an advantage, she has never truly trusted anyone due to the power struggle nature of the Inquistitorus. She doesn’t really know what a friend is.
  • Outcast: While she has power within the Imperial War Machine, she is constantly the subject of scorn and downward glances from officers.
  • Socially Awkward: Due to her environment growing up, even though she’s a good infiltrator she struggles with the social situations.
  • Fear: She is constantly watching her own back, knowing that one mess up could mean the end of her life by the hands of her master… or another member of the Inquisitorus.

  • 1x Inquisitorus Blade. A double bladed lightsaber that is housed in a disk, able to spin at will.
  • 1x Inquisitor Uniform: Black light armour, with the Empires logo on her shoulders.
  • 1x Nondescript Black Outfit: Her favoured garb when not standing on ceremony.
  • 1x TIE Advanced V1.


Viqi never knew her family, only her first name. She was taken from a young age on her home planet of Kuat to Vaders facility on Mustafar. Where like many others she was trained in the ways of the Dark Side of the Force. Though nowhere near the level that would be considered a Sith, even that of a Sith assassin. Most training took place via old Jedi Holocrons, with minor input from Vader.

They were quite often pitted against each other, shown to be rivals. She understood why, rivalry bred the best in people. Competition against one another pushed them forward to be the best, it also prevented a group rising up in an attempt to threaten Vaders sovereignty.

Like many others she stayed in the facility until she was eighteen, in that time Inquisitors went into battle and died while others went ‘missing’ and even more came into the facility. Upon her eighteenth birthday she was ranked and sent out on her first mission. There weren’t many Jedi in need of hunting, however she soon proved herself in her ability to infiltrate rebel cells and bring them to the ground. As well as proving that she was a competent commander of naval and ground based forces.

More recently she has been assigned to the ISD Lycurgus in order to take down the unit of rebels known as Rancor Company.
Supporting Cast: Really known. Though by the time she enters the RP she’ll be working with @Flagg.
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Character Name: Lohke Jundyla
Age: 29
Species: Mirialan
Gender: Male
Rank: Lieutenant
Role: Spy/Infiltrator
  • Intuition: Lohke is adept at reading situations and people to the point of seeming to actually sense when a situation goes south or what people are feeling. (Force Sensitivity)
  • Espionage: Lohke has been trained to operate as a spy and so is talented in espionage in general, being able to blend in almost anywhere he goes, gather information quite easily, and slice into terminals when the need arises.
  • Infiltration: Along with his espionage abilities comes the ability to infiltrate enemy ranks with falsified records and identifications as well as being able to act the part he takes on.
  • Sabotage: Lohke has studied up on Imperial engineering and so can pick out how to best disable obstacles presented by the Imperials.
  • Stealth: Lohke is able to adeptly soften his steps and hide his presence from enemy forces.
  • Close Quarters Fighting: Lohke is trained in close quarters fighting, being able to fight hand-to-hand and with his vibroknife well enough to save his own skin.

  • Hesitant: Lohke is used to waiting and watching because of his service as a spy and infiltrator, so this leads to him being hesitant in situations.
  • Loner: Lohke is accustomed to operating alone, so he will operate on his own accord and forget that he is part of a group effort.
  • Limited Piloting: Lohke has a very limited ability when it comes to piloting, really only being able to operate simple repulsorlift vehicles and even then not nearly enough to take on Imperial forces.
  • Obsessed with Legends: Lohke is obsessed with the stories he was told growing up of Luminara Unduli and her service as a Jedi Master; this has led to Lohke using his connections to track any information he can about her or her Padawan, Barriss Offee, and has even tried tracking down any artifacts connected to the duo.

  • Refined Tibanna Gas mixture ammo packs: These special ammo packs can be used to make Lohke’s blaster bolts invisible to the naked eye.
  • Vibroknife
  • Slicing tools
  • Datapad
  • Holovid of Master Unduli fighting during the Clone Wars

History: Lohke grew up poor, the progeny of scavengers and simple merchants on the homeworld of his species, Mirial. Growing up, especially during the Clone Wars with his planet being located in CIS-controlled space, Lohke heard story after story of the exploits of Jedi Master Luminara Unduli and her Padawan Barriss Offee. Lohke became enamored with these stories and desperately wanted to meet Master Unduli and follow in her footsteps if possible. Unfortunately, his planet remained firmly in the grasp of the CIS, so he was never able to attempt following in his role model’s footsteps.

With the end of the Clone Wars came the rise of the Empire and the stories of the Jedi betraying the Senate. Lohke refused to believe the stories, much like most of his people, and so knew the intentions of the Empire were not true or virtuous. When the Empire closed its iron fist around his planet, Lohke joined an underground movement to fight in anyway they could. His people knew the landscape much better than the Imperial forces and used guerilla tactics to their advantage, but they simply didn’t have the supplies necessary to take on the Empire.

When his people saw their fight was in vain, they did all they could to contact the Rebellion. With the Alliance’s help, they were able to extract scarce numbers of the Mirialan people. After the extraction, Lohke saw his opportunity to help the galaxy and enlisted at the age of eighteen. He began as a simple foot soldier and found his way into the ranks of the spies within the Alliance. He was first noticed by the higher ups in the Alliance when he began following his intuition. They would notice the soldiers around him were usually the ones that came back in the best shape. After that he was promoted and joined the ranks of a Spec Ops unit that speicalized in stealth and sabotage.

While serving with the unit, Lohke gained even more attention from the higher ups when he outed an Imperial spy within the unit. He had run hsi own investigation and then brought evidence to commanding officers over the unit. They questioned him about how he discovered the spy, but all he could offer in way of an answer was he had gotten a strange feeling from them he couldn't ignore. So he had decided to investigate and begin watching them closely. After this incident, he was inducted into the ranks of the Alliance spies at the age of twenty-three.

His new position offered him more freedom and room to operate, room enough to form connections across the galaxy. The nature of his missions have sent him across the galaxy and well behind enemy lines at times. Currently, he has been sent to Abafar to assess the Imperial presence there and make contact with a rebel cell.

Supporting Cast:
  • Crenos Vresha: Lohke's main informant in the Outer Rim.
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Character Name: Tillick Harwain
Age: 46
Species: Human ( Raxus Prime )
Gender: Male

Rank: N/A
Role: Rebel Cell Leader/Local Law/Mechanic
Unit: Abafar Rebel Cell

  • Droid Mechanic: After serving the Separatist War Machine, and trying to bring Law and then freedom to a small world he knows his way around programming, building and repairing droids.
  • Crack Shot: He's not as good as a Stormtrooper, or a Clone Trooper. Though he knows how to fire his guns, and is a reasonable shot.
  • Military Trained: Unlike so many rebels, he was actually career military so knows how to work as a unit and how to lead a unit.


  • Age: He's at the age where fighting isn't as easy as it used to be.
  • Temperamental: He's seen a lot, and done a lot in his life. So while in combat he has a cool head and can deal with the situation, outside of combat he's unpredictable and some would even say unstable.
  • Man of few words: He rarely speaks, keeping everything bottled up making him extremely hard to get to know.


  • 2x DRK-1 Probe Droids - Repainted and re-purposed with blasters. Act as his eyes and ears.
  • 3x BX series Commando Droids - All custom painted, the 'Triplets' named Xesh, Yirt and Zerek.
  • 2x DE-10 Blaster Pistols.
  • 1x IG-100 Magna Guard - 'Sunny'. While the BX Series typically remain in storage Sunny tends to shadow

History: Trillick was born in a processing factory on Raxus Prime. His parents were technicians in the facility and that was the only knife they ever knew, and would ever know. It wasn't long after his birth that the Separatist movement declared Raxus as their capital, which brought a whole new light to Raxus prime. As the droid factory was contemplated to be built the factory Trillick grew up in, and later worked in, transformed into something else. Raxus Prime had been a home to junk for an untold number of years, and with the Confedearcy wishing to make an army they decided to take advantage of all the scrap they had available.

When the Clone Wars broke out with the surprise that the Galactic Republic had been amassing a military in secret Trillick immediately signed up. He had the raw strength needed to serve, as well as technical expertise in order to keep the Separatist war machine moving. He knew the rumours about Count Dooku being something called a 'Sith' that apparently made him instantly evil, but all he knew was the truth. Count Dooku cared about their independence away from the corrupt bureaucracy of the Republic Senate. They had built an army solely to protect themselves, and rightly so. As now the Jedi had their own army and fought against them, the Jedi whow ere supposed to be impartial and stand for peace. Not war.

Due to the Separatists unwillingness to use organic military units, simply as they didn't want to waste lives, Trillick tended to stay on the backburner during most of the war. It wasn't very often that he saw actual combat. At the end of the war he was on the small world of Abafar, now a Captain he was in charge of the tiny garrison that the Separatists had on the planet after a Clone Commando had infiltrated the planet and blew up a peaceful mining operation.

He was confused when the droids shut down and the shut down command came through. As the Republic became the Empire he struggled to think of a purpose, reactivating the droids he fled Abafar and joined a Separatist holdout in his home system of Raxus. When Raxus fell he managed to scrounge up the few droids he could, now lost without a cause, and returned to Abafar.

For a time he worked mainly as a miner. When thiefs and pirates plauged the town he used his military training and equipment to take the law into his own hands. There was no official ceremony but within a couple of years he and his militia were recognised as the law. They tended to not get involved in petty disputes however, and only dealt with major theft and murder as well as pirate raids. Much the same as many outer rim worlds.

Then the Empire came, under the prospect of getting Rhydonium. They built a garrison, placed a ship in orbit, increased work shifts, decreased rations and turned the previous employees of Abafar into slaves. Trillick upon recognising what was going on, jumped into bed with them out of self preservation acting as their enforcer. Though over time he began to undermine their rule, as the Star Destroyer was replaced with a cruiser the rebel cell on Abafar became more pronounced.

More recently they sent out a call to the Rebellion, a call for help. To which they sent an operative, to investigate their rebel cell...
Supporting Cast: Abafar Rebel Cell.
Toya - Female Toydarian with a surprising knack for explosives. Leads the miners in a silent revolt.
Anders - Male Human, leads the more open side of the Rebellion and actively opposes the Empire.
Wilt Trion - Nautolon Smuggler sympathetic to the Rebellion, gets messages off world and the rebel cell anything they need.
Krae Trey'lon - Male Bothan, figurehead of the Abafar Rebellion. Taking the blame which allows Trillick to remain in the 'good graces' of the Empire.
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Character Name: Raydon Kent
Age: 35
Species: Human (Alderaan)
Gender: Male
Appearance: Raydon Kent stands 6’ tall (1.82m), weighing 215 Lbs. (97.5 Kg) with dark skin and a bald head. The senior sergeant possesses a muscular build, he is lean and tall in his demeanor. Sergeant Kent rarely smiles and takes his job quite seriously. He has always been strict, rarely smiling and often yelling at the soldiers in first platoon. A wide scar stretches along the left side of his cheek from the corner of his mouth extending out towards his ear. It was from a laser blast he received on some distant world trading blows with the empire.
Rank: Senior Sergeant
Role: Platoon Sergeant (Platoon Commander)
Unit: 1st Rifle Platoon, Rancor Company
    - Small unit tactics, patrolling and leadership
    - Small arms training
    - Hand to hand combat; qualified instructor
    - Air assault operations (LAAT)
    - Hull breaching operations
    - Military Operations in Urban Terrain (MOUT)
    - Ship clearing techniques

    - Callous. Raydon is hardened to emotions, rarely showing any form of it in expression. Unfeeling. Cold. Often times the soldiers of the platoon don’t believe he cares about them.

    - Stubborn. Raydon can be unreasonable, often perversely unyielding; bull-headed. Firmly resolved or determined; resolute.

    - Vain. Raydon has taken excellent care of his body. He holds a high opinion of his physical appearance. He is a lover of himself. Conceited, egotistic, narcissistic.

    - four sets of the Alderaan infantry uniform consisting of blue shirt, grey trousers, and black calf length boots.
    - black leather combat vest.
    - white helmet with black visor above the forehead.
    - DH-17 Blaster Pistol
    - A280 Blaster Rifle
    - Bayonet
    - Communicator
    - Datapad /w interface tools.
    - Map pouch for carrying tools
    - Day Pack for extended operations.
    - Entrenching tool.

History: Rayden Kent was born in the year 35 BBY on the planet Alderaan to Jacen and Malika Kent. Jacen worked for the public transportation system in a major Alderaanian city. His mother cared for Rayden’s younger sisters Shonota and Brambles.

As a teen, Rayden kept up with the news regarding the clone wars. He admired the Alderaanian soldiers who went off to war, serving alongside the clones. HE read everything he could get his hands on. When he heard about the Jedi plot to kill Emperor Palpatine he decided the Jedi’s were not such a good sort after all. The Jedi order was a group of traitors.

By the age of 18, Rayden Kent served as a rifleman in the Alderaanian Army. Eventually, his organization was redesignated and he slowly realized he was no longer a member of the Alderaanian military, but now a soldier of the Rebel Alliance. It was around this time when he learned the truth about Emperor Palpatine, the Jedi Order and the Empire itself. He was then 25 years old.

But that was ten year ago, Raydon experienced several combat forays with the empire in the meantime. He was eventually assigned to the 332nd Mobile Assault Infantry Company and met Mosh Karada. He learned to respect the man, who was a few years older, not only for his combat experience, but also the two bonded deeply as very good friends. He would follow the man into the depths of the empire if needed.

Raydon was present at Mosh Karada’s death and it frightened him deeply. He loved the man, like any brother can love another man. After the death of Karada, he became enraged and wanted to kill every one of these mercenary bastards aboard the Majestic. When the Commandant appointed him First Platoon Commander, he decided that is exactly what he must do!

Supporting Cast:
These are the NCOs of First Platoon, Rancor Company. These soldiers have been together for over a year and survived the recent action on Anaxes in the fight to acquire equipment. They are currently with Sergeant Kent fighting the mercenaries aboard the Majestic.

    Sergeant Li Pendragon – 1st Section Leader, BR
    Sergeant Jyneth Paltoy (F) – 2nd Section Leader, BR
    Sergeant Shyam Hickens – 3rd Section Leader, BR
    Corporal Swaroop Sevens – Asst. Section Leader, 1st Section, BR
    Corporal Aberforth Dalmuth – Asst. Section Leader, 2nd Section, BR
    Corporal Cisero Kramuk – Asst. Section Leader, 3rd Section, BR
    Corporal Jo Jo Robens – 4th Section Leader, BR
    Corporal Teri Almord (F) – Asst. Section Leader, 4th Section, BR

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