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A @Silver Carrot & @Bee collab
Featuring: Charity Spencer and Lawrence Townsend
Location: Empty Classroom

A lot was on Charity’s mind right now. The newspaper was in a mess right now and Charity had heard the Principal was thinking of shutting it down. And on top of that, her conversation with Trent at the church was bothering her. She hoped she could resolve this matter peacefully and simply but for Trent to say those things to her, in a church no less, was unforgivable. She was now convinced that he had no virtue, humility or respect. He was no Christian. He was a bigot who uses Chrisianity like an excuse and discards it when it’s not convenient. The worst kind of person in Charity’s eyes.

As she was walking down the corridor, she spotted Lawrence Townsend. For a brief moment her brain knew that she needed to talk to him about something important, but it took a second longer for her memory to kick in. Of course! When she had lunch with Lauren a few days ago, and spilled the beans, Lauren had advised her to talk to her brother about it! Maybe he could help her deal with Trent! Her pace picked up as she approached him.

”Uh, Lawrence? Hi. It’s Charity. I’m one of Lauren’s friends. I, uh, need a favour. Could I talk to you somewhere quiet?” she asked, choosing not to mention that she wrote for the paper. Given recent developments, that might be a minus instead of a plus.

Lawrence was minding his own business and making his way to his next class. It felt good to be back even if he wasn’t away for that long. It felt like he had been away for months on end, even though it’d actually been a week or two. Nobody actually noticed that he’d been gone for that long. Some would just assume he was sick, and the people he wanted to know knew what was going on.

He was caught off guard all of a sudden when someone approached him, getting in front of him. ”Oh? Uh, sure?” It was a weird request and a really unexpected one, but if Lauren had sent her his way then it probably was something dire and something he could be of use to. It was the unspoken code between the twins, so this must have been good.

Lawrence looked behind him, before gesturing for Charity to step into an empty classroom. ”C’mon.”

Charity entered the classroom, closing the door behind her, then took a breath. Here goes nothing. ”Okay, this is a long story. During the party on that boat, I ran into Trent and Miriam. Don’t know if you know they started dating, but I sure didn’t. I was only there to cover it for the newspaper, mind you!” she added at the last second. Charity Spencer going to a late night party wasn’t an everyday occurrence and did need explanation. She had a reputation to uphold.

”So I cornered Miriam, and asked her about this, and she confided in me that Trent is blackmailing her with something, and that’s why she’s agreed to date him. I don’t know what leverage is but I don’t want to make this situation public until I know. It must be something Miriam doesn’t want known under any circumstances.

Then, I caught up with Lauren for lunch yesterday, and confided in her what Miriam had confided in me. I know it was a secret but this situation won’t get solved if nothing is done about it. She recommended I ask you for help as you’re on the football team. I was still hesitant about involving more people so I decided to try and talk to Trent alone first. I couldn’t get anything out of him. In fact, he insulted me. In a Church, no less. That’s when I decided I needed your help after all.”

Listening to Charity intently, Lawrence nodded. Truth be told he didn’t hear much besides the fact that there was something about blackmail and this had to be kept lowkey. That was fine with Lawrence. He hated blackmail. Anyone who held things over people’s heads were the highest degree of pussy and he was willing to do whatever it took to take them down and drive the idea that sort of stuff was not acceptable. ”That’s fucking shitty… Lawrence shook his head, before looking back at Charity, ”I’ll help you out.”

”Great!” She replied, looking relieved, before stopping to think and frowning again. ”But I’m not sure how. I mean, I don’t know what the next move should be. Obviously the first step should be finding out what he has over Miriam, and then trying to take it or delete it, or at the very least, knowing what it is could help us. Do you have any ideas?”

”Nah, I don’t, actually. I’m not really good with stuff like that. I just... use my muscle, y’know?” Lawrence shrugged. ”Can’t you find a nerd or something to suss it out?”

”I don’t want to get more people involved than I have to. There’s one other person besides Trent who knows what he’s blackmailing Miriam with, and that’s Miriam. I’ll try and get it out of her again. Just keep an eye on Trent. Maybe he’ll let something slip. If I get any ideas, I’ll call Lauren and ask her to pass on a message. It means a lot that you’re willing to help.”

”That sounds like a plan to me.” Lawrence was wondering just how bad the information that Miriam was being blackmailed with was. If Charity was willing to involve so many people and go this far to make sure it didn’t reach, it was surely something that would wreck a lot of lives. ”Be careful, though. Sounds like some heavy stuff.”
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Hailey was fuming. If there had been a fire in her before the dinner, then her sister and her parents had poured gasoline all over it. Especially her sister… where did Cyndi get off?! Did she think she was cute acting like that? Hailey would have to deal with her later, but for now she was getting some alone time with Hana, the light of her life. Hopefully, it would have a positive effect on her, as it normally did, but… Hailey was pretty furious.

So mad in fact, she wasn’t even watching anime. She was just pacing in her bedroom, with Hana sitting on the bed. Hailey was having trouble finding words, but she was certainly doing her best. “That ungrateful, weasely little brat! Who does she think she is? I want to do a nice thing and introduce our parents all three of their children’s love ones at the same time, and she ruins it with her pissy attitude. Fucking child, she has no idea what she’s in for.”

Yes, Hailey was angry.

In hindsight Hana felt like she could’ve said more at dinner. Her grand contribution after assuring Hailey that everything would be fine was blatantly calling Henry an idiot, in so many terms, in front of his parents and girlfriend. Would Hana apologize? Likely not; now that Hana was out of the drug dealing game her relationship with Henry was the fact that she was dating his sister and it was doubtful he would pay her for that like he did the copius amounts of coke and pills he had paid for in the past.

Her responsibility now was talking Hailey down from the present fury which was far easier said than done. She couldn’t just strip down and take Hailey’s mind off it in that way but neither could she say the wrong thing for fear of reprisal. It was a difficult, delicate livewire she had to balance atop; no one had said this would be part of dating Hailey Green..or any relationship for that matter. The movies and shows tended to not focus on this aspect. “It was totally unfair of her to call you a bitch. It’s not her fault that she had to find some poor sap to go to dinner with. Why was she even here, wasn’t she doing the exchange thing? That’s going to cause problems for your brother...like she cares.” Hana figured the best course of action was to add to the embers that were flaring up and try to lighten Hailey’s mood from anger to more...calming rage. “She’s been living in Korea, she has no idea what you’ve had to deal with. No one does, that’s why everyone just likes to talk because they don’t know what it’s like to be you. No one else could do it, as they’ll soon discover.”

See? Hana was the remedy. She knew what to say, or at least which buttons to press to fire Hailey up just a little bit more. “I didn’t even think about that, she is going to ruin things for my brother! She doesn’t even know how attached to that little girl my brother is already. She’s going to get Min-seo sent back to Korea, and Henry sent back to keybumps in the bathroom.” Hailey said in a huff, running a hand through her hair as she continued to pace. Hana was helping, but nothing was perfect. She was stroking the ego and doing the right thing, the question really was, would it be enough? “She came back because my mother babies the little brat, and let’s her get away with anything she wants. In this case? She just wanted to ‘come home,’ because she was so ‘homesick. Fucking child.”

“Of course she got ‘home sick’. She’s an American in the Korean education system. She probably fit in as well as Parker at a library.” The clear course of action was to cheer Hailey up by collectively ragging on the others; it might not have been the prettiest method but if Hana was able to show why Hailey was clearly still the top dog then that was the only thing of any real importance. What did Hana care about what was being said about Cyndi or anyone? The only one that mattered to Hana was in this room. Well, this room and back at her sister’s apartment but those were two very different kinds of matter.

“Sooner or later she’ll understand that the real world doesn’t revolve around getting what she wants.”

“You’re not bad at this.” Hailey had to give credit where it was due. Considering their relationship so far hadn’t exactly given Hana the room she needed to… be petty and so… catty, but Hailey definitely liked it. She’d have to find a way to push for it more often — it would be a good substitute to Ophelia and Trixie, since neither of them were going to be burning people with her anymore. Hailey put that information in the back of her head, and huffed, pressing onward. “I doubt that Min-seo would even mind being sent back, though — what does she even get out of dating my brother, anyway? That’s something I’m yet to understand. She seems like all she really cares about is those damn ducks…”


Mid-way through the DuckTales theme song, Henry burst into his own room, with a smug, cheesily large grin on his lips, and a plate full of tiramisu and a small bowl of gelato. “The hero of our story has arrived, to report that the mission was a complete success. One baby sister, cheered up completely.” He walked to the bed where Min-Seo was sitting, watching her shows. Henry had always thought that having a girl living with him and watching shows in his room would wind up with him watching something like… Sex in the City, but he’d lucked out. His girl living with him just liked to watch cartoons about ducks.

Henry held out the plate of desserts, “I even brought you some sweets. I’m kicking ass today.”

Min-seo had never heard of DuckTales before coming to America and even with a boyfriend she’d still probably say it was the best thing to happen to her since her arrival. In Korea she had to make do with Pororo the Little Penguin but people tended to look at you weirdly if you watched that show over the age of about seven. It had become part of her routine, DuckTales, and in so short a time she had started to sing along to the lyrics...some of them, anyway; the rest she hummed and bobbed her head along to.

Her impromptu karaoke was interrupted by Henry’s arrival; fortunately television could be paused these days and Min was quick to do that. She couldn’t just miss any part of it! “You...make...yourself?” Min gestured to the desserts, flashing an expression of someone who was genuinely impressed.


Henry could take the credit for it then and there, and no one be the wiser. But could he do taht? Could he take the credit from the people who actually put in the time and cooked for himself and his family? Could he really do that? A couple of weeks ago? He would have jumped on it in a few seconds, but Min was rubbing off on him — arguably positively. “Oh, no, I think my dad did…” Henry admitted, smiling and shaking his head. He’d walked in with so much bluster, and she’d knocked him back down to size in just a matter of seconds. Being in an actual relationship was something else…

He sat down beside her on the bed, and wrapped one arm around his shoulder, the one holding the plate. With the other, he took the fork and cut a piece off. Henry held it up to her lips and urged her to eat, “it’s really good. I promise. The gelato too, but this especially.”

She wasn’t disappointed that Henry hadn’t made the dessert, she honestly didn’t think he did unless he was hiding some kind of baking ability inbetween spending almost every waking moment outside of school with her. Min hadn’t wanted to rain on his parade though she was aware that he didn’t take offense or issue with the question. With the fork of cake in front of her, Min-seo took a bite that could have come straight from one of those animes Hailey watched. As she chewed and swallowed her eyes went from wide to blinking rapidly as she nodded. “What...this...is? It...is like...coffee? And...choco...late? It is...good.”

“I dunno, it’s some I-talian dessert my moms likes. The black haired one, not the one that talked to you in Korean — which by the way, I didn’t even know she could do! What kind of fucked up shit did she say to you?” Henry hadn’t been aware that his mother could speak Korean, but now he was uncomfortably aware of that fact. What had his mom said? Probably nothing positive about him; that was the way she was after all… He groaned and ran a hand through his hair, shaking his head impulsively. “Look, I promise whatever she said is probably just half truths.”

It might have been bad form - especially given how uniquely self conscious it seemed Henry was being at the fact that two of the women in his life were talking about him in another tongue without the decency to do it behind his back - but Min-seo couldn’t help but giggle at the response, covering her mouth with her fingers as she let the laughter subside. “She...did not...say anything...about...you. She asked...why...I...like...you.” If there was one thing Min wasn’t it was a liar. It wasn’t snitching if she was never told to keep it a secret and honestly? Henry’s mother had to have known this would be one of the first things asked anyway. “She...liked...my...answer. I...think.”

Oh man, that was brutal. She just laughed at him and left him in the dark? Henry groaned and had more than a few things running through his mind. What was Min-seo’s answer? Was it okay to ask? Henry didn’t know one way or the other… He put the plate of dessert in Min’s lap and pulled his phone out. If she didn’t want to help, then someone would. Without looking up from his phone, Henry spoke again. “well, I’m glad she liked you, because I know I like you.” While Henry was speaking, he was downloading DuoLingo. At least that way, he’d have a chance.

“I...l..l..l..ike you...too.” When Henry came back into the room, Min didn’t think she would wind up blushing and feeling like someone had turned the thermostat up. Fortunately, Henry was occupied with his phone and Min was able to look away until the color returned to normal on her face. It could have been embarrassing otherwise, saying a word that started with ‘l’. “I...teach you...some...Korean? Like...you...teach me...English?”

“Yeah, that’d be good! I’d like that a lot.” Henry explained, taking the food away from Min, placing it on the bedside table, before he wrapped his arm around her waist. He moved them back a bit, so their backs were resting against the backboard of the bed. He kissed her cheek, and grabbed the food again. “Why don’t we read for a bit?” He asked, pulling Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone out of the bedside table drawer. Without waiting for an answer, Henry turned his body and put a kiss on Min-seo’s lips, soft and supple.

Hard, firm, but tender and soft, the lips of someone who knew what they liked and how to get it, the kiss of someone in full control pressed against the lips of someone who allowed themselves to get swept up in it all. Hana’s arms were pinned down, Hailey’s hands gripping at the Korean’s wrists, and here eyes were closed as Hailey remained on top, kissing Hana with a passion Hana thought reserved strictly for overly romantic films. If she had known being catty would elicit such a response she would’ve taken a lesson in bitch. When Hailey broke the kiss - and it was always Hailey who decided when their lips parted - Hana was, for the briefest of moments, speechless. Salanghaeyo.” It just slipped out after the kiss and it felt like the right thing to say in that moment, with Hana’s words being...breathlessly delivered.

There was a huff from Hailey, who was staring down at Hana. Hailey let go of one of Hana’s wrists, though she had a feeling that Hana was smart enough to keep her hand right where Hailey had left it. Hailey didn’t understand what Hana was saying, and she didn’t appreciate that. She would have to learn the language if she was going to continue pursuing Hana… it was only fair. “Hana… I didn’t even know you spoke the language…” Hailey slowly took her hand and put it on Hana’s cheek, cupping it lightly before she raised it as if she were going to smack her girlfriend… and then instead just lightly and lovingly patted it. “However… I do not. English, please.”

“I don’t speak it either...just a few...you know...phrases. Mostly from my parents. And sister. Older brother taught me some bad words. I didn’t even understand what Min and your mom said at dinner but I assume they were making fun of Henry. Not like it’s hard, I did it over a movie and…” It was around this time that Hana noticed the look in Hailey’s eye, the look of ‘I’m being patient but quickly losing it’ that was blending with the ever tender and affectionate touch to her cheek. Put together that only meant one thing, which made Hana promptly avert her eyes from Hailey. “I was rambling wasn’t I? Sorry. I can do that when...I’m nervous. What do I have to be nervous about? I mean I’m only dating Hailey Green and kissing her and I just told her that I love her and…” Hana paused, blushed a deep red, and returned her eyes to Hailey. “That’s what I said in Korean.”

“I love you.”

Hailey’s eyes were almost sparkling as Hana clarified. She’d had a feeling — based mostly on the way Hana could barely whisper it, but she wasn’t sure. Hearing Hana utter the phrase gave Hailey goosebumps and the slightly of shivers. Hearing the words proved one thing for sure: Hailey had never wanted to hear anything more in her entire life. The three words were sugary sweet and Hailey nodded after Hana said it. In a strange turn of events, one of the most unlikely things in the world had happened.

Hailey Green-Lock was… speechless.

She bit down on her bottom lip, and nodded again. Letting out the breath that had caught in her throat, she smiled. “I love you too.”

In that moment it was clear to Hana that the events of the dinner might as well have happened a century ago and yet without it she doubted they would have arrived at that point. Sure, they would have gotten there eventually but Hana didn’t want eventualities. Eventualities was why she spent most of her high school life as a slightly ascended wallflower who only got in with people because of what she could provide for them. The mindset of ‘eventually’ hung over her like a miasmatic cloud. ‘Eventually I’ll make friends. Eventually people will talk to me about softball and not their drug orders. Eventually I’ll understand why I get butterflies around girls but not boys.’ Fuck eventually, Hana wanted to live in the now and now, more than ever, she was being true and honest with herself and her feelings.

“Forget dinner. We’re together right here and that’s all we need, right? So...let’s share our love with each other...maybe without clothes?” A side effect of living in ‘eventualities’ was Hana making up for lost time. She was only human and her girlfriend was Hailey freakin’ Green, of course she would try.

At this, Hailey smiled and nodded her agreement. She released Hana’s wrists, and instead placed her hands on the bottom of Hana’s shirt and lifted it up, slowly. Staring into Hana’s eyes, Hailey nodded her agreement. “Okay, vanilla bean. Just this once, I’ll give you what you want…” Hailey’s words were accentuated by a little kiss on her beloved’s neck…

Henry pulled his lips back and looked at Min-seo. The book, of course, had found its way to the floor. Henry wasn’t too sure why they even bothered messing with it anymore. It always seemed to end this way, with Henry kissing up on her instead of reading, and Min-seo responding positively. This time was a bit different though. Not only was he in a good mood already — for his sisters, the dinner hadn’t went very well, but for Henry? It was a completely different story — but… Min-seo made him all… all fuzzy.

He couldn’t explain it, because he’d never been so fuzzy before in his life, but she just did it. There was something about the way she talked to him; sure there was a language barrier, and she was still learning, but it was nice all the way. And the fact that she’d apparently spoken positively of him to his mother? His evil mother, not his nice moms…

It was fuzzy.

Henry kissed Min-seo’s neck again, and this time when he pulled away, he stared at her intently, before he spoke. This time, it was Henry’s turn to speak slowly, and methodically. It was Henry’s turn to stammer every so slightly.

“Min-Seo… I, uhm...I… I… love you.

When Henry came up with the idea of reading the Harry Potter books to help Min-seo learn English she was thrilled with the idea. She’d never read them even in Korean and Henry seemed to be big on them - Parker more so which was the first time Min-seo had confirmation that Parker even knew how to read - so what better way to go about learning? It had seemed like a good idea at the time and yet now it seemed whenever they tried to read something came over one of them and took precedence. She might never find out what house Harry got put into!

In this case, though, the distraction was uniquely welcome and surprisingly wholesome. If anyone was going to be kissing the neck Min would have assumed it would be her, but she wasn’t complaining as they lay close together, the warmth between them more comfortable than any blanket or bedsheet. The words that Henry said must have been difficult for him with how he was stammering; no doubt he wasn’t used to girls sticking around long enough for him to catch anything other than crabs or chlamydia. In its own way...that was so utterly perfect and further proof of what she had said to his mother. It was a side that only she was seeing and it was the side of Henry she liked best of all.

“I love...you...too…”

With Min-seo, it flowed as naturally as the rain on a beautiful spring morning.

“Oh thank god.” Henry said, as if a weight had been lifted off of his shoulders. He had never been more relieved to hear four words in his entire life. “Good. Good.” Henry repeated himself and put the back of his hand on her cheek, letting out a content breath. Geeze, he’d never done anything more stressful in his entire life. “Now where were we?”
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A @GhostMami & @smarty0114 Collab
Featuring: Mamie
Time: Saturday Afternoon
Location: The Callaghan Residence

As Jamie whirled throughout his room, picking up discarded clothes and empty cups, he had to remind himself that this wasn’t a second date. It was just a casual hang out session. His parents were both gone with the twins, Katie was out with Joy, and Jamie had the house all to himself. Then again, what if Marshall thought it was a second date, and then when he got up to Jamie’s room, he decided that he didn’t want to be with such a slob? With that thought haunting him, he figured it’d be easier to treat it as a second date.

Jamie had texted Marshall shortly after he’d gotten home from his meeting with Trixie. He wanted to talk to someone who made him smile, like legitimately smile. Plus, there was the tiny matter of his contractual obligation to keep Marshall away from Owen Lyon. That was gonna be a doozy. But, there’d also probably be kissing, and Jamie liked that. The idea of kissing Marshall made him smile, a wistful, dreamy smile like he used to when he’d been with AJ. He couldn’t help the laugh that burst from his lips, a storm of amusement brought on by his sudden realization of how different his life had been a week ago. It was as if two years had gone by since the New Years party at Damian’s.

Marshall’s Saturday morning had went well. Better than expected, actually. Confronting Ophelia hadn’t been the big bad that he’d thought it would be, they even ended their time together with laughs and smiles. He was supposed to go back to her house to see Trix, but… boyfriendly duties called him elsewhere. When Jamie had texted him shortly after Ophelia and he had paid for their lunch, Marsh practically jumped at the opportunity to take a rain check. Especially after having just heard that Owen paid him a visit last night.

The chestnut-haired boy tapped out a nervous beat on his steering wheel as he thought about what that visit might have entailed. Jamie was obviously okay enough to want to see him. That was good, right? Or maybe he was getting invited over as a comfort call. He could play nurse for a little while. Marshall chuckled at the thought of himself in one of those risqúe nurses outfits, and then wondered if Jamie would be into that kind of thing. He didn’t know what kinds of things Jamie was into, but the new-romance butterflies in his stomach had him feeling excited and eager to discover them all. Maybe today could involve a learning experience or two.

With that thought in mind, Marsh pulled into the driveway with a grin. He only saw Jamie’s car parked and curiously wondered where everyone else was. He looked up at the sizeable house and smiled in anticipation of meeting up with the pretty boy inside of it. Marshall did his best to smooth out his air drying hair, but he didn’t put any product in it after his post-dance shower, so it was pretty hopeless at this point. Oh well, if they were to be boyfriends they were bound to be seeing each other in less put together states. Marshall knocked on the front door in a musical five note count — tap tap taptap tap — and waited to be let in.

Marshall’s knock sent Jamie’s heart off, going from a gentle pulse to a sudden and furious beating. He took a deep breath and reminded himself that Marshall was just as into him as he was into Marshall. He ran a hand through his sandy locks before heading out of his room and down the stairs, taking them two at a time in his current state of anxious excitement. The first time AJ had been over while everyone was gone, they’d had sex, lots of it, and in many different places. He wasn’t expecting that, but, you never really knew. Taking one last deep breath, he swung open the large door that separated the inside from the out. The wrought iron and frosted glass gave way to Marshall, standing there looking just as cute as he had when Jamie dropped him off. “Hey,” he said, grinning like an idiot.

“Oh good," Marshall replied and brushed his thumb along Jamie's cheek. “You're still handsome." He said in regards to the lack of any additional bruising on his boyfriend's face. Marsh returned the smile and greeting as he dropped his hand back to his side, “Hey. Feels told me about your visitor last night."

Jamie’s smile faltered slightly. He shook his head and chuckled. “Word travels fast in this town,” he said. He turned and gestured for Marshall to follow him inside. The entryway of Jamie’s home was well furnished, and nothing short of elegance. On the left, a staircase wound it’s way up the wall, and led to the second floor. Below, cushy armchairs, a grand piano and an ornate marble fireplace made the foyer seem like the perfect setting for an over the top dinner party. Jamie could say pretty confidently that it was.

“You're one to talk, Mr. Gossip Columnist." Marshall teased light-heartedly and followed behind Jamie. He took in the opulent decor in silence, mentally noting that his boyfriend really did live in a bit of a different world from himself. If Marshall's parents were still together, he might have a home somewhat close to this, but they weren't, so, he didn't.

Jamie turned and smirked at Marshall. “Everybody gossips, Marsh. It just so happened that my job was to collect that gossip and put it down on paper.”

Passing through the entryway brought them to the family room, where a leather sectional rested behind a glass coffee table. A large flat screen hung on the wall in front of the couch, flanked by a multitude of pictures of the Callaghan family. His dad posing with his colleagues at an ASMR banquet, his mom with her first Emmy, him and Katie and the twins on every first day of school. His mom had done her best to fill this room with memories. Jamie took a seat on the couch, sinking into the leather cushions. “You’re right though, Owen did come by. He wanted to talk to my mom about the article,” Jamie’s head fell back as he let a laugh fly from his mouth. “He’s not even in the damn thing for more than three sentences, but who gives a fuck about that? Right? The article is about Hailey Fucking Green, yet everyone’s making it about Owen Fucking Lyon! I make Owen look better than he has in forever and he repays me by telling on me? Like fucking kindergarden all over again.” Jamie sighed, feeling the anger drain out of him as his rant ended. “I’m sorry, it’s just been a long couple of days. But I’m happy to see you, really.”

Marshall took a seat beside him on the couch, tucking one of his legs underneath himself because that's how he usually sits when comfortable. The couch was cozy and the nearby fireplace lead Marshall's romantic mind to color scenes of them cuddled up together under a blanket watching the fire on cold nights. If only they had been dating sooner, then they wouldn't have to wait nearly a year for Christmas lights to set the mood even more. Jamie's rant brought him back to the present and Marshall listened attentively. He'd already said his piece on what he thought about the article, there was no use beating a dead horse, especially when Jamie clearly had some regrets. “Feel better now?" He asked with a soft smile. If you angrily say versions of the word 'fuck' enough times, it's basically therapy. “I'm happy to see you too, it's been crazy. What can I do to make it better?"

“A little,” Jamie said, grinning at Marshall as he took his hand and squeezed. He’d forgotten what it was like to be with someone, to want and be wanted. It was such a welcome rush that for a moment, he was able to push his anger to the background. He leaned forward and kissed Marshall, gently at first, and then with more passion. Kissing Marshall was the closest thing he’d gotten to a natural high since AJ. One moment they were sitting up and the next they were falling onto the couch, lips locked and hands running all over, working on instinct and teenage lust. Finally he pulled away, taking in a breath. He smiled wistfully at Marshall, toying with a piece of his dark hair. “That helped,” he said, laughing.

“Happy to be of service.” Marshall replied, his voice a little raspy from the sudden rush of hormones. Jamie was a whirlwind, one minute he was angry and the next they were locking lips in a way that left Marshall breathless. Did this happen every time Jamie got angry? Because that would be kinda hot. The dancer leaned forward and stole another quick kiss before sitting back up and looking around. “Not that I mind making out here, but can I see the rest of your house?” Marshall by nature was a little nosey, but also, he wanted to see more of what made Jamie… Jamie. There were some first day of school pictures on the walls, which were adorable, but Marsh had a feeling those were just the tip of the iceberg.

Jamie grinned. There was the difference between Marshall and AJ. Nine times out of ten, AJ would have picked making out. Marshall wanted to know about him, though. There was something far more satisfying about that. He stood up and took Marshall’s hand to lead him through the house. He gave him a quick glance of the dining room, where a large family photo hung on the wall. Personally, he hated the thing. They were all dressed to the nines, and looked so prim and proper. Nothing like the chaos that was normal for them.

After the dining room, Jamie led Marshall upstairs. The first door on the left was his room, but he walked down to the end of the hall to show off the game room. Inside, toys from the twins were strewn everywhere. Three large bean bag chairs dominated the room, each big enough for at least two people and a large TV was set up against the wall. Nextdoor was his parents' room, and then the twins’. They took quick peeks inside of those as well as Katie’s before Jamie swung open the door into his own room.

“Yeah, so, uh, here’s where I sleep” Pictures of Jamie posing with various people were hung across the walls, with the majority of them clustered above his head board. Selena and Katie made plenty of appearances, as did his parents. There was one that showed him and Selena posing with Trixie and Owen at the Halloween Carnival, what felt like a million years ago. He took a seat on the bed, looking around. To him this was just his room. He’d woken up here for the past seventeen years of his life, it hardly interested him anymore. He knew that Marshall was seeing it all for the first time, and so his gaze followed Marshall’s, hoping he could see whatever it was the theatre star was seeing for himself.

Marshall followed beside Jamie obediently, grinning from ear to ear at the warmth of Jamie’s hand holding his. There wasn’t any awkwardness or hesitation, Jamie just took both his hand and the lead with a confident ease that sent Marshall’s heart aflutter. He enjoyed the tour of Jamie’s home, soaking in all of the photos and decor — particularly the family photo. The Callaghan’s certainly cleaned up to look like the picture perfect family, but Marsh knew both Katie and Jamie, and assumed this snapshot was not an accurate depiction of the everyday life of the loud and opinionated siblings’ family.

The house tour ended in what was arguably the most exciting destination for Marshall. Jamie’s room. He took in everything: the sights, the textures, the smell. It was a perfectly fitting space for his beloved newsie. Being a bit of a bookworm himself, Marsh was drawn first to the bookshelf. He trailed his fingers along the shelves as he scanned the titles with a smile. Jamie’s collection was far less embarrassing than Marshall’s, he wondered if he would be judged for that in the future. His eyes next found the desk where Jamie had no doubt sat writing many an article — it was a simple, efficient, and masculine workspace. Lastly, Marshall sat at the edge of Jamie’s bed and looked at all of the pictures above the headboard. His gaze naturally lingered on the photo with Owen and Trixie and, for the first time since the couch kissing, his smile faltered slightly. Quickly recovering, he looked away towards all of the other photos.

“Selena is like… stupid pretty.” Marshall stated of Jamie’s best friend. He knew Sel a little bit because they ran in similar social circles, but the girl was quite the mystery. Truth be told, he knew very little about her, and as far as he could tell she didn’t really open up to people. Except for perhaps Jamie. “I can’t believe she’s never had a boyfriend. But, I mean, even us Candies are at a loss as to who to ship her with so I guess that’s why...” There was the failure attempt with Kit, but that was just as described: a failure.

Jamie laughed, simply because he was alone in his room with his boyfriend and they were talking about Selena. She’d love that. “Selena is not an especially easy person to impress,” Jamie said, smirking as he remembered the multitude of men that Selena had shot down. “Not to say that plenty haven’t tried.” Jamie brought his hand up to his mouth and began chewing on a fingernail, before quickly bringing it back down in an effort to curb his least favorite habit. He had to bring up Owen. “Have you talked to Owen at all?”

“Not since the world’s worst family dinner Wednesday night.” The night just before Jamie’s article, but he didn’t need to bring that up again. They’d already talked about it. The curious thing was why Jamie was asking him about it. “Why? Did he… say something about me last night?” Marshall’s voice was more hopeful than it probably should be. “I had lunch with Feels today and she said that I should give it another shot because things are going well with him and Trix, so I probably will. Ya know, when it’s not so fresh…”

Was there a good way to tell your boyfriend that you are currently contractually obligated to keep him away from his ex-best friend? Jamie had decided that there wasn’t. Once again, he found himself between a rock and a hard place. “Maybe you shouldn’t. See Owen, I mean.” He took a deep breath. “I saw Trixie today and she more or less said that you should stay away from him.” Turns out the best way to tell your boyfriend about your contractual obligation is to not tell him. A little white lie couldn’t hurt anyone.

“Wh-what?” Marshall was stunned speechless — truly a rarity for the king of drama. His eyes studied Jamie’s face and then looked down, clearly a little heartbroken. Pix… Pix wouldn’t say that. Would she? Was it because he was dating Jamie now? What had changed since the last time they talked? Heartbreak turned into denial. “No.” Marsh shook his head back and forth to solidify his point. “No, I’m not going to do that. I’m not a coward and I’m not just going to give up. I love him, Jamie.”

Fuck. Fuck. FUUUUUCK. Easy was clearly not in the vocabulary of whatever vengeful deity had placed Jamie on this Earth. “I really don’t think that’s a good idea, Marsh. Owen’s fucking unhinged! You should know that better than anyone,” he said. He placed a hand on Marshall’s shoulder in an effort to ease the pain of the dilemma that he’d just introduced to him. “You shouldn’t have to explain yourself to him anyways. You did the best you could with the information presented to you, we all did,” Jamie said. How hard was it to get one juiced up psychopath out of his life?

Marshall’s facial expression softened. Of course Jamie was scared, Owen had beaten him over this whole situation. Jamie was just being protective of his new boyfriend, and that was obviously a bit endearing to his hopelessly romantic heart. Marsh put his hand on top of the one Jamie had placed on his shoulder and squeezed it. “I didn’t, I should have been a better friend. I should have listened to his side before assuming, and I’m owning that fuck up. It’s sweet that you want to keep me safe, but I’ll be okay, I promise.” At that, Marshall brought Jamie’s hand to lips and kissed it. As far as he was concerned, that was the end of this conversation. Also as far as he was concerned, Jamie was just being a caring boyfriend, not a contractually-bound liar.

Jamie’s insides were a tangled mess as he struggled to find a solution out of this predicament. Clearly, Marshall wasn’t going to just let Owen go, which would have been the ideal series of events. He could just let Marshall go talk to Owen, and hope it went well. Of course, if it didn’t, who was to say Trixie wouldn’t get him for breach of contract and make his life hell. Who was to say this all wouldn’t go very, very wrong? “What if I went first? To at least soften the blow,” Jamie said, an insistence in his voice that wasn’t commonly heard. Jamie had no desire to talk to Owen again, but if it meant he could sweep this entire thing under the rug, he’d do it.

That made Marshall laugh. “Soften the blow?" He asked with an amused smile and touched Jamie's cheek. “He's far more likely to hit you than me, sweetheart." Marsh leaned forward to kiss Jamie reassuringly. “I promise I'll be okay. Now, let's do something else, I didn't come here to talk about Owen."

Jamie sighed and dropped the topic. He wasn’t going to win this, and it was better that he stop trying now, rather than drag it out. He could figure this out, he’d just have to think on it later. He turned his look of defeat into a smile quick enough and kissed Marshall again. “Did I mention that I’m now editor-in-chief of the Black and Orange?” Jamie said, in the moment between the gentle meeting of their lips.

Marshall pulled away with a wide-eyed expression. “No way! Really?” He asked excitedly, knowing how much Jamie wanted that position. “Congratulations! How’d you manage that so soon? Did Trix step down?”

“More or less. She told me that if I got her the story on Owen that I could have the position, and I mean, I did that. So I told her to hold up her end. It was the least she could do after having her attack dog show up at my house,” Jamie said grinning with the talk of his achievement. No matter what anyone else said about his methods, he’d earned this.

The drama king stared with his mouth agape for a few moments. “That’s…” He tried to find the most gentle words, but they wouldn’t come. “That’s kind of fucked up. Ya know, like, in retrospect, I hope you can see that. I mean, I’m happy that you got your dream position but I also really hope use it to be better and turn away from fucking with people like that.”

Jamie looked at Marshall, pain flashing across his face. “Marshall, I did my job! A week ago, everyone thought Owen Lyon was a cheater and you know what I did? I told everyone he wasn’t! I cleared his fucking name, and I gave everyone a good enough reason to stop letting Hailey Green run the school like Nazi Germany. Should I have stopped and waited to make sure Hailey’s feelings didn’t get hurt? Hailey, who drugged me at Damian’s party?” Jamie stood up and began pacing the room. His voice was shaky, and exasperated, but he kept as calm as he could. As much as he wanted to scream, he didn’t. “Or maybe Ophelia? She went along with the whole thing, but sure, let’s act like she’s the fucking victim here! I didn’t fuck with anyone who hasn’t fucked with anybody else!”

Jamie collapsed into a chair across the room, a great sigh rushing out as his head fell into his hands. Just as quickly as the anger had come, so did the embarrassment and shame. “Why are we even arguing about this? Is that what this is always gonna be? Me, paying penance for this stupid article? Because truth be told, I’d do it over again. I’m sorry if that sounds shitty to you, but the world isn’t just handing out opportunities. You have to make your own.”

Marshall blinked in surprise at that outburst. He matched Jamie’s fire with a tone as calm and cool as a flowing stream. “We aren’t arguing, Jamie. I didn’t even raise my voice. I’m just saying that was fucked up. Yes, the people involved in the situation all messed up in their own way, but an eye for an eye makes the whole world blind. Using drama and hurting people to get ahead is shitty, even if those people have their own faults. You can be better than that. You can make a positive mark on the world and seek opportunities that benefit others in addition to yourself.” The brown-haired boy got up from the bed and walked over to his clearly disgruntled boyfriend and sat in his lap. Draping his arms over the other boy’s shoulders he looked him square in the eye. “The paper is yours now, make it better than it was before. I know you can, I believe in you.”

“I am, you know. Gonna make it better I mean.” Jamie rested his head on Marshall’s shoulder as a soft smile crept across his face. “I’m gonna cut the gossip column out, and I’m gonna put a bunch of new rules in. It’s gonna be different now,” he said. He had fucked up, he’d been fucking up for a while now. That didn’t mean it had to stay that way.

“Good.” Marshall replied with a genuine smile. He felt overcome with a warm and fuzzy feeling when Jamie rested his head on his shoulder. Marsh brought a hand up to comb his fingers through the messy blond locks and leaned in to kiss the top of Jamie’s head. With his nose buried in his hair, Marshall breathed in the scent of Jamie’s shampoo and sighed happily. “I can’t wait to read it.”

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Time: Monday before school
Zachary Webb
The truth was, Zach wasn’t sure about this from the moment it started. First, Owen was calling him even earlier than he was expected to be at the gym! Now, this? Zach wasn’t even sure Owen was in a condition to be doing things like this! After all, he had a huge band-aid over his left eye, and Zach was pretty sure that his lip was still swollen.

Even so, together with Owen, Zach was standing on one end of Venice Beach. Both of them were wearing their gym clothes, and stretching side to side. Zach thought Owen was insane, but he wasn’t going to say that aloud. That… that seemed like certain death. Not unlike what Owen was planning to put him through. “You’re sure about this, really? Isn’t Venice Beach like… fourteen miles?” Zach asked earnestly, and Owen shrugged his shoulders in response.

“You better figure it out.” Owen said, stretching his arms out and shaking his head. This kid could be such a drag. “It’s not even that big of a deal. We’re going for a run down the strip. At the end of it, my dad will pick us up. I don’t understand what’s hard about that for you. You can’t do a fourteen mile run? Ain’t nobody else out here, it’s just me and you. We’ll switch gears at the five and ten mile marks, and you’ll be fine. Trust me. Just keep up, motherfucker. Alright?” Owen asked, and Zach nodded slowly. Owen seemed satisfied, and began to run.

Zach watched as Owen took off and found himself wondering how Owen thought he was supposed to keep up. Were they going to be running at full speed for this? That seemed like what Owen was intent on doing — but when did Owen do anything other than giving it 110%?

Zach was calculating the odds of survival. He was thinking and letting his brain run, there was a lot to process here. Was this even physically possible? Was he going to die? Probably… was it worth it? He wasn’t su— “Hey, asshole, are you coming or what?” Owen yelled back at him, stopped maybe ten yards out. Zach knew that he had to make a choice then. He could probably get out of this forever, but he had a sort of feeling of obligation to try, no matter how impossible it seemed for him to make the whole run with Owen. Fourteen miles was ... a lot of miles, but he’d been training for a while now, and it wasn’t a sprint.

Zach was off to the races, staying side-by-side with Owen.

It wasn’t until the ten mile mark that Zach was really starting to feel it. He’d kept up, staying next to, or only a few paces behind his much more physically developed mentor. He was proud of himself or doing so; he and Owen had been going for runs together for a while now, but this was the longest so far. Five miles was easy, even seven or eight hadn’t been that hard. But now? Now, Zach could feel himself giving up. There was no way he could make it any further.

He didn’t have it in him! Owen would understand, he had to. Zach had given it everything he had, and now he could barely breathe. “Owen,” when Owen heard Zach’s voice, he paused to turn and look at Zach, who had fallen behind and was trying to speak while not having any air in his lungs. “Owen, dude… I can’t… I can’t do it. This is it, dude, if I keep going my body is going to give out and I’ll die.”

Owen used his hand to push his damp bangs off of his forehead and looked at Zach. He flicked the sweat from his brow and shook his head. “Nah, you’re gonna finish. You wanna die? You die on your time, bitch. If you can’t keep up for this, I don’t know how you plan to fight Sam. She’ll knock you on the floor and step on you, and you don’t seem much like you’re into being stepped on.” Owen looked at Zach, then turned his head to look down the rest of Venice Beach. “Four miles left. You gonna finish, or you gonna sit here, cry, and prove everyone who’s ever said you’re a little nerdy bitch right? What are you gonna do?”

Zach hated this. Owen’s form of motivation was weird, and strange, almost demotivational at its core, but it worked. It almost always convinced him that he was better than he thought, that he wasn’t a coward and that he could do anything he set his mind to. Either that, or it just pissed him off enough to want to prove Owen wrong.

The important thing was, Zach’s resolve was found once more, and he let out a long breath before looking over at Owen. Running a hand through his hair, Zach spoke in a surprisingly steady — albeit slow — voice. “I’m gonna finish.”

“Damn right.”

The unlikely duo was back on the road.

When they got to the finish line, the other side of Venice Beach, both master and pupil were out of breath. It was worse for Zach, who laid down on the ground, staring up at the early morning sun. Zach’s heart was pounding so hard that it seemed it might only be seconds before it exploded out his chest, Zach desperately gulped at the air, hoping that it would quickly catch on and the oxygen would flow through his body. He was certain that it was over, that this was where it was going to end… He closed his eyes and decided to accept it.

Until water was splashed on his face, and Zach’s eyes flew open to see Owen standing above him with an open bottle of water. Owen had a proud smirk on his face as he spoke, “good job. You did it. Do you feel that? That burning feeling in your chest?”

Zach seemed confused as he sat up, pushing himself up with his elbows. Owen extended a hand and Zach graciously accepted it, pulling himself up to his feet and taking the bottle of water that Owen offered, and gulping it down desperately. Once he was done, Zach frowned. “What? The feeling of my heart trying to leave my chest?” He asked, and in perhaps the most shocking turn of events, Owen laughed.

“No, idiot. That?” He jabbed his finger into Zach’s chest, and nodded his head. “That’s pride. That’s what’s going to help you beat Sam. It’s not something I can teach, it’s not something I can give to you. I can teach you a thousand and one holds, a thousand kicks, two thousand punches… I can’t… I can’t teach you how to take pride in yourself. That’s something you’re gonna have to teach yourself.”

“You start something. You finish it. Take some pride in yourself. You’re earning it.”

Zach felt good. Better than anything Owen had told him before, and he felt a smile coming on his lips.

“And you better beat Sam’s ass soon — lotta people lookin’ to take the challenge. Lotta people who are a helluva lot more clever than you.”

“Wait… what?!”
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Collab with @TootsiePop

Featuring Jasmine & Hyde

It was exhilarating. The feel of a steel horse between his legs and the soft touch of the absolute babe around his waist and pressed against his back. She smelled like angels ought to smell, like the flower whose name she bore; Jasmine. Their rocket came to a screeching halt outside of the Bellerose Boutique that was the first part of their dare. Hyde had only a partial idea was to what this challenge would entail; all he knew was that they had to get into the Chapter Six club and that they had to look the part, hence their stop off at their current location.

Cameron Hyde and Jasmine Fulton were not made for the Chapter Six, one only had to look at the pair to distinguish that fact. Under their normal guise, the two would stick out like two sore thumbs, a biker girl with coloured hair and a dogtown thug with fresh battle scars; yeah they’d get into an exclusive nightclub no problem :/ Chapter Six was a den of iniquity, a filthy place for the very clean rich and famous to throw a little caution out of the window. Beverly Hills best kept dirty secret. If it wasn’t so pompous and pristine, it would be the kind of place a degenerate like Hyde would thrive.

Climbing off of the bike, Cam glances up at the store. It was getting close to closing time, so whatever they were about to do, they had to do it fast. ”How are we playing this girl?”

“Girl.” Hopping off the bike, she snatched her motorcycle key from out of his hand, “I have a name, use it.” Turning around, looking at the lavish store she has never stepped foot in, she quickly thought of a plan and looked at him from the side. She smiled, “You’re clever. I’m sure you can think of something for yourself.” No longer wasting anytime, she took her leather jacket off and the flannel tied around her waist and placed it on her bike, taking some of her ‘edge’ off.

Without waiting for Hyde, all men and women for themselves, she went into the boutique and disappeared. They might be a team now, but there could only be one winner in the end. Using her womanly charm, she immediately found herself tailing a remaining group of girls, as if she were a part of it. Before she knew it, they were upstairs near the dressing room. At this point, she was far from Hyde and setting her plan in motion.

”Well that wasn’t hot at all” Hyde rolled his eyes as she ran off to do her part. He didn’t mind, in fact it was quite the turn on being put in his place a little bit. He watched intently with his baby blues as Jasmine conned her way into the boutique in a way he certainly couldn’t. McCarthy would be proud. As she disappeared behind the glass door more expensive than his house. Cam quickly shifted gears and began to scan the area for a way for himself to get in. There was no way in hell they were going to let him with his freshly busted up face to waltz in through the front door. Not a chance in hell.

A whisp of smoke from the side alleyway alerted the demon to a possible side entrance, peering around the corner, Hyde noticed a service door with a rather ugly looking fucker smoking a cheeky joint in its frame. A dark smile crossed his angelic face as he turned on his camera and took a step into the alley. ”Hey boss, do you know where this place is? This ain’t my side of town” as the gent looked at him with disgust, Hyde cracked him with a headbutt, followed by a selfie with his unconscious victim. A reminder to the watchers about just who the fuck this particular player was.

Exiting the bathroom with a shopping bag that wasn’t her’s, technically the rules said that they had to visit here and dress for the occasion, it didn’t specify where she should get her clothes, since this outfit was not Bellerose brand, she slipped into the dressing room and swiftly, nervously, changed her outfit. Her camera having been recording since she followed these girls with a lot of shopping bags into the bathroom. “I guess this makes my first offense. Taking purchased outfits from spoiled rich girls. Shit… this girl is small.” After struggling for a bit, she grabbed the phone off the chair and looked at her new outfit, her boobs breathing for air. Wow. Okay. This look surprised her… if only she had red lipstick.

Freezing into place, she heard two girls rushing out of the bathroom. Her heart stopped. Holding her breath, she listened to them freak out. Did they notice they were missing a bag? Opening her door slightly, she peaked to see them, and even went out of her way to point the camera toward them.

“You’re NOW just telling me? We need to get there promptu! I can’t believe you would forget to tell me that girls get in for FREE!”

With a sigh of relief, Jasmine watched the girls prance off to get ready for their own nightly adventure. Well, since she was here. She might as well buy lipstick to go with her outfit. She doubted she could afford the shoes. Keeping her things in the shopping bag, like her ripped jeans, Jasmine cooly exited the room and pretended she was there all along with this outfit.

Perhaps, she could live without lipstick and expensive shoes… closing time was approaching and her insides were doing summersaults. She really didn’t want to steal from here but… her boots were not going to cut it.

She received a message from the app with a picture of red shoes and lipstick on her bike. There was a comment: Thanks for showing all that skin, baby ;). Here’s a gift. So this is how you win followers. You do dumb shit or you make your viewer horny. Got it. Well, that was easy. Now she’d just have to hope Cameron’s adventure was going successful...

Creeping into the store room, Cameron checked for cameras which surprisingly there were none, at least that he could see. Feeling like he was in Mission Impossible, the dogtown reject crept around boxes and tables doing his best Tom Cruise impression to avoid being seen. If it was any other day, Hyde would’ve just charged in swinging but this was Dare night and that wasn’t how you won this game. It was all about finesse tonight.

All the Dare said was ‘dress for the occasion’ so Cameron made sure to eye up every box he passed for something that he could work with. It wasn’t until he turned another corner that he stumbled upon some fine pressed suits which were obviously worth a ridiculous some of money. He grabbed one from the rack and dove behind a shelf to change. Emerging from his hiding space in a three piece black suit with a popping red tie, the boy worth nothing looked like a man worth a million. He followed the same route back out of the boutique but before he went back to the bike he went to the closing florist across the street and pocketed a bouquet of flowers. Once he had returned to the bike, he stood looking almost princely, awaiting his partners return.

Calm and collected, even though inside she wasn’t, she sauntered outside, having slipped her boots off and throwing them into the bag when the cashier wasn’t looking and even going out of her way of purchasing small butterfly earrings, which was most of her earnings for the past… few… months but she couldn’t resist them! She’ll just ask her dad for her allowance in advance. Yeah. It’ll be okay. This was totally worth it. Rarely does she ever treat herself and she felt nice. Beautiful. Even poor girls don’t always have the strongest willpower.

When she saw him standing there, looking oddly dashing for himself, holding flowers, she couldn’t help but crack a smile. How unlike him. Teasingly, she approached him and asked, looking at him weirdly, “Do I know you?” Shaking her head, not falling for his charm, she put her bag with her belongings in her carrier bag, and then quickly put on the heels that were hanging from the right handle. As he watched her, she hastened her speed, slipped the heels on, then looked into her bike’s mirror, bending over, and applying the red lipstick. Once she was finished, she smacked her lips and slipped the expensive makeup into her carrier. Now, she could give him her full attention: “You look good.”

“I know but not as good as you, I mean damn” This was one of the few moments that he felt like the teenage boy he was rather than the beast he tried to be. Giving her the once over and handed her the flowers ”Don’t say I never gave you anything” His eyes darted to his phone when it chimed, they had to get moving, they had spent too long at the boutique and they had a game to win. “We better get going beautiful.”

The way he was treating her caused her to raise an eyebrow. There was no time to question him or even ask why he was playing this game with her. Honestly, how did they get this far without one of them hurting the other? Brushing off these thoughts, she peered down to the flowers. A wedding bouquet…this was far too big of a gesture for a first date. “...Alright.” She responded, almost hesitatingly.

After speeding through the neon streets of LA with his North Star in tow, Hyde parked the bike a few blocks away from the Chapter Six. It was Jasmine’s after all so he didn’t want it getting stolen. Although they were in a fancy area, stranger things had happened. Now came the hard part, getting in. The Chapter Six was seriously high end and one of the best kept secrets in Hollywood. It was a club that couldn’t be found except by those that already knows where it is. A-Listers would make a point of losing any and all paparazzi before entering the premise in fear of respite in the tabloids. It was that kinda place. Sinking deep into his broken mind palace, Hyde sifted through every hustle he had learned from McCarthy to try and figure out a way inside. “I’ve got an idea, follow my lead.”

“Get on your phone, go full Candy. Trust me.” Approaching the doorman, a big sabretooth looking fucker, Hyde with his sinister blues stared him down intently.

Oh interesting, which Candy should she display? The Candy Queen? The GBF? The Fashionista? So many possibilities. Although she was confused with her relationship with this boy, she was okay on playing actress for the night. “Why do I even bother.” She said matter-of-factly. While searching something on her phone, she took a moment to glare at the bouncer like she was ‘above’ him and even went out of her way to snap her gum that she had she slipped in her mouth while they walked over.

“Bud I know what you’re thinking but you need to stop right now. Do you even fucking know who this is? This is Jasmine Snow, her poster is probably on your prepubescent boys bedroom wall. Star of Biker Babes in BH, the new storm in X-Men? Are you really that out of touch? Get your manager on the phone right now. Let me speak to Havana. Sorry about this darling” Hyde placed his hand on the small of her back and switches his demeanour entirely to match that of a concerned boyfriend. “Get fucking Havana down here right now, Jas babe call him yourself. He’s being useless.” Fast talking was not his forte it was Lee’s but Cam had picked up a few tricks of the trade.The key was catching them before they could react.

“Or maybe I should just get him fired?” Snapping her gum for extra effect, she brought her phone to her ear and laughed out loud, “Can you believe this? For the first time ever I’m being questioned to come in? That’s absolutely appalling. You know, I probably could get this place shut down, since I have friends in high places. Of course, I’m better than that. I won’t get Green involved. Oh! He’s answering—” The bouncer’s head was spinning and instead of question them any further, they were talking so fast he couldn’t keep up, he just let the couple in. From the boy dropping the name ‘Havana’ to the girl dropping the word ‘Green’, these people weren’t someone he should refuse, it seemed. They also wore clothes that cost a fortune, so there was no way they could be conning him. Sure, the ‘actress’ could’ve just meant money, but she could’ve also meant having a strong connection with a filthy rich family that held influence in many industries and that have been the ruin of businesses. The ‘lover’ or ‘assistant’ or ‘bodyguard’, whatever the fuck he was, that lacked class but talked tough, either had a lucky guess name dropping the owner of the place, or they were close relations to him. Refusing them was not worth the risk, so… he’d let them in.

With a seductive smile, Jasmine cooed into the phone, “Oh, I’m sorry. I accidentally dialed your number, my apologies.” The guy gestured for them to go in and as they walked past him, she made up random chatter before saying her goodbyes and hanging up, sighing in relief when they got past him.

Once they were inside, they had truly crossed over to the dark side of Hollywood. The club was bathed in red light, gothic cages hung from the ceiling with men and women writhing around inside of them, as if to lock away their pure sensuality. Celebs were dotted around, carefree and unrepentant in their own brands of debauchery. After taking the obligatory selfie to prove they were inside, Hyde checked Fate and there were no further dares at that time, so they had time to kill. As a song began to play, Hyde’s dangerous eyes wandered and became entranced on his date.

“Wanna dance?”

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Collab with @Hey Im Jordan

Leaned back in one of the backseats of a cadillac limousine, staring at her daughter, who was nervously, anxiously, ripping tissues, covering herself with the soft paper, Genesis “Blair” Lyon listened to the voicemails from her son on speaker. They were sitting in their long drive way of their English Manor. The voicemails escalated from ‘dad is an asshole’ to ‘DAD FUCKING KICKED ME OUT. COME BACK HOME.’ Her defined eyebrows furrowed in frustration. She couldn’t have a peaceful vacation with her princess, without those two wanting to kill each other - but really, her husband wanting to kill their son. Was she ready to go inside and see the man of the hour who couldn’t keep his shit together without his girls? That was… to be determined.

“Mommy…” Anastasia whisperingly tried to get the musical savant’s attention.

“Speak up, Ana.” Snapping her phone closed, the annoyed mother, and the most musically inclined in the Lyon family, unceremoniously tossed her phone back into her purse. The littlest Lyon opened her mouth to respond but closed it immediately. Maybe this wasn’t the time to ask… “Anastasia.”

“C-can I go to a sleepover this weekend? W-with Dahlia and I-Iris?” She swiftly asked her mother, who responded with a shrug.

“You can ask your father. He hasn’t seen you in two weeks, so I don’t know if he’d like you spending your first weekend back with friends over him.” The two women’s conversation was interrupted with their chauffeur opening the backdoor.

“You shouldn’t keep him waiting, Mrs.” Of course. Gabriel was a high maintenance dude and if his girls weren’t prompt that would make his mood more sour than it already was because of Scott.

“Come on, daddy is expecting us.” After exiting the vehicle, Blair offered her hand for her daughter to grab. A dainty, lace gloved hand reached out of the car and needily grasped onto the thin and pale hand of her mother’s. Even if her mother wasn’t sick in this moment, she had a tendency to look ghastly, which concerned grandmother Bianca dearly. Her mother was weak, though, in comparison to other middle-aged women, so taking care of her was Ana’s priority. Always. That’s why her father’s earnest request for them to go on vacation, to get some Vitamin D and relaxation, was something they couldn’t refuse even if they both knew he didn’t like his girls being far away from him. Ever.

Now holding hands, Ana let her little body take charge and lead her mother into their humble abode. Their gardens was one of the best in SoCal because Gabriel knew it brought both his girls peace and if he made his home exactly what they wanted, they wouldn’t want to leave, which for the most part, is how things have always been. Up until Ana started making friends with people that weren’t family, like Iris and Gia, this is how things were. Aside from them, Mina Bellerose came to visit and was Ana’s first friend, but respected his law. She’d bring the party to his house, not the other way around, taking his daughter away from him.

Blair and Ana never strayed too far from the nest unless he allowed it. With the ‘witches’, Ana wanted to be out more and that was a battle that she’d have to fight on her own. If Scott had to constantly duke things out with his father, so did the princess. Blair knew this would help her in the long run, socially and well, to be more of a kid than a caged bird. When the maid opened the entrance door, Ana ‘called out’, which was really an average talking voice since she usually just whispers, “Daddy, we’re home…”

There were few things in the world that could make Gabriel happy. Most things in the world just made him some variation of grumpy; it was a combination of his line of work and his upbringing, but the reality was… Gabriel Lyon was not a pleasant person. He was rarely happy, he was never satisfied… even so, hearing his daughter’s voice was a fairly easy way to cheer him up, just a little bit.

So, when he was sitting in the living room and watching TV (he was watching A Pup Named Scooby-Doo), and he heard his daughter’s voice flutter into his ears, as soft as ever, a curious thing happened. Something that was rare, and out of place happened… Gabriel smiled.

With the smile still on his face, Gabriel headed toward the entrance. He was happy to see his girls; finally something nice would be in this house. All he had was his son and that… got real old, real fast. He was raising a goddamn pussy, somehow! He didn’t even understand how someone could grow up with him for a father and be such a… weasely little twat. It didn’t make sense to Gabriel.

Thinking about it killed his vibe, and by the time he was in the line of sight of his girls, the smile had faded and was replaced by Gabriel’s natural, grumpy looking expression. His voice, at least, didn’t sound grumpy. “Right on time. It’s good to see you guys. How was the trip?”

While a butler grabbed Blair’s jacket and purse, the mother gave her daughter a simple ‘you go’ look, giving her more opportunities to speak. Swaying from her toes to her heels, back and forth, back and forth, her hands clasped together, having released her mother’s hand the moment they were in front of father, Ana gracefully and with the sweetest politeness of the world answered, “It was delightful, though a little lonesome since I missed you. I spent a lot of time playing Solene and reading with mommy.” When the waiting staff was done with handling the ladies’ things, Blair went beside her husband, kissing his cheek but ultimately staying quiet.

Gabriel nodded. He would hope the trip had been good; after all, he sent them to a private island, where they would be just as babied, sheltered, and cared for as they would be at home. Their vacations were done by design, because Gabriel wasn’t about to send them just anywhere. Neither of them much cared for people, and he wasn’t going to force them to suffer the presence of others if they didn’t have to. When Blair took her spot at his side, Gabriel draped an arm around her and returned the kiss on her cheek. “Good. You’re home now, and you don’t have to go anywhere for awhile, if you don’t want to.” Gabriel smiled and put a hand on his daughter’s shoulder, giving it a small squeeze of reassurance. He was just happy they were back and in one piece.

His hand caused Ana to stop swaying, but her anxiety was going up the charts with his last comment. Was it worth hanging out with her friends? Could she push things off? … she really missed them. Blair continued to eye her daughter which wasn’t making this any easier. There was also the news of probably, maybe, running for like secretary or something for the student council! Emmy-Lou said she had a running mate in mind but ever since Mina told her this could really help her grow, she felt like hey, maybe it was worth a try. Plus, there wasn’t anyone running for secretary if she wasn’t mistaken! That meant she might win by default.

“Daddy… I…” Her thumbs started battling each other, as her gaze diverted from looking into her father’s dark gaze. There was a light ‘tsk’ from Blair, which swiftly brought Ana back to looking at her father. Don’t break eye contact. Speak with confidence. Tell him what you want. Hope for the best. Don’t overreact like Scott. “I was wondering… well, you see… I read this really good book, The Mists of Avalon, and I wanted to share my thoughts with my friends… at one of their houses… probably Dahlia’s… this weekend. For one night! I, uh, also want to get their opinions on the idea of me running in the sudden, super sudden, school election. I think being a cute little secretary would suit me.” Her voice got quieter and quieter the more and more she explained herself.

With the reveal of the election, Blair’s expression changed from encouraging to bafflement. This was news to her too. Ana actually wanted to do a speech in front of people? Was this even her idea? The worries feeling Blair about the possible ridicule her daughter could go through if she embarrassed herself. Ana wasn’t the most sociable and she literally feared being in the spotlight: “Are you sure?”

There was a lot there to take in. Ana had said many words, and only a few of them were like things she would normally say. He was used to her asking to spend time with her friends, and that wasn’t a problem. She wanted one night, she could have two nights if she wanted — he didn’t mind that. He was, however, slightly concerned about a school election. That wasn’t something he had heard about… Granted, he didn’t really get along with Scott, and had very few other connections to the school.

However, he couldn’t help but feel a bit of pride in what Ana was suggesting. It was good of her to try and get herself out there, and be… more. Gabriel, perhaps to the surprise of everyone in the room, waved Blair’s concerns away and looked at his daughter and nodded. “I think that's a good idea. Why don’t you take the whole weekend, instead just one night?”

“REALLY?” Le gasp. Anastasia had a full weekend with her besties?! Well, she needed to see if Dahlia was okay with it, which she was sure she would, since it helped her escape from the screaming matches of her parents. A WHOLE weekend for witch activity!! She hadn’t done fun rituals and ceremonies since the last time she saw them. There was so much they could do now that she was back. “THANK YOU DADDY.” The little girl clapped her gloved hands together in energetic excitement. This took a surprising turn that Blair liked seeing. This was a side she wished one day her class could see. Happy-go-lucky, bubbly Anastasia Lyon. “May I call Doll, please?” She kindly asked to be excused so she can get in contact with the leader of her pack, Dahlia Rothstein.

At this, Gabriel nodded, and gave his daughter a kiss on her cheek. “Of course you can. Be good.” Gabriel said, gesturing for Ana to get on her way. He had something he needed to deal with anyway — he knew why Blair and Ana came home early, Blair had texted him. He knew what was coming… and it wasn’t his fault; Scott was just a piece of garbage.

When their daughter rushed off, Blair faced her husband and although her eyes had daggers in them, they still respected his authority, “Care to explain the six voicemails from our son? What exactly happened while I was away, Gabriel? You can’t just go kicking him out, thinking that’s the best way he’ll learn his lessons.” Although she wanted to be upset at him, she wasn’t one to put up a fight like Kylie does with Troy. She sought answers, but ultimately would accept whatever he gave her. She loved him too much to stay mad at him.

“He wouldn’t stop crying about that Katie girl, so I told him to stop whining and go figure something out to get over her. I got sick of it, he’s my son and he acts like that? Come on.” Gabriel said in a huff, folding his arms over his chest. Scott was a disappointment, in every sense of the word, but Blair was good at helping him see straight, and at least acknowledge he’d possibly overreacted. He wasn’t going to die on the hill, but he felt like he had a case that could be made. “I flipped him out of his chair and told him to go figure shit out with Katie, or not to come back. He figured shit out, and where is he now? Sitting upstairs with AJ.”

“Oh? I didn’t know he was here.” The news of her son being safe and at home caused all her concerns and worries to disappear. Perhaps Gabriel did a good thing and ignited the Lyon in Scott. The chair flipping wasn’t necessary and perhaps he was too harsh, dropping threats and making their son scared shitless... She’d have to teach her husband to not yell when he wants to set things straight, get more on a friend level than being the scary-fucking-Reaper that he was. Teaching Gabriel to share his feelings in a kinder manner, though, to anyone that wasn’t her was a lifelong challenge. “I suppose I’ll let this pass, but we need to work on your tone and temper. This is the age where Scott needs a heart-to-heart with you, not be thrown to the wolves like you were. It’s hard, I get it, and you want him to just know how to man up but if you need someone to blame, blame me. I spoiled him. You did warn me what it would do to him, but I didn’t listen, so it’s my fault.” She wanted to see her son.


It was close enough, right? Gabriel was done with the conversation — he didn’t have any interest in continuing it, and he didn’t think Blair had any interest in anything he didn’t want. “SCOTT! GET YOUR ASS DOWN HERE!”

A pause.

“What do you want, motherfucker!?”

After that, Gabriel stared at his wife, with an ‘i told you so look on his face,’ and let it sit for a second, before he replied. “YOUR MOTHER IS HERE!”

“Hey Munchkin! Hey AJ! Come give me a hug.”

“Yeah, Munchkin. Let’s give your moms a hug.” AJ teased his friend.

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Mentions: @TootsiePop
Location: Henry’s pool dab
Time: Sunday afternoon
Starring: Henry Green

It was a Sunday afternoon, in January, and it was still warm enough for Henry to be floating in the pool. Now, Henry knew that he shouldn’t be floating in the pool, because his mother had told him a thousand times that Benedict and Arnold didn’t belong in the pool, and she hadn’t paid for a fucking river to be dug through her property just so Henry could fuck off in her pool with the capybaras.

And yet, here Henry was, fucking off in her pool with the capybaras.

Henry had to rebel in the little ways that he could, it was hard when he was essentially hands off. His parents set guidelines, but did they really care what he did? Not really… it was both sad and funny. Sure, Henry could get turnt every weekend, or burn money hand over fist… but then there was the other hand. Pretty much nobody cared that he had a 3.9 GPA, or that he was lauded by his teachers for being inclusive and supportive of his fellow students…

In fact, prior to the incident with Damian’s house party — which Henry felt pretty confidently was his sister’s doing — Henry had pretty much been a model student, and a popular one at that. But did anyone care about that? Not really. All they really cared about was how he was ‘disobedient.’ Fuckers, all four of ‘em. Yeah, fuck Julie too.

The important thing was, Henry was directly disobeying his mother — again. He was sitting in the center of an innertube in the massive pool at the Stentorian Estate. Benedict and Arnold, his beloved pets, were paddling around him. Henry had his sunglasses on, toes in the water, and a joint tucked behind his ear (soon to be his fourth of the day), and… he was damn near asleep.

“Hey, Henry. There you are. Why are you always hard to find when we want you?”

Henry lifted the sunglasses, and opened his eyes, staring at his father, blinking a few times. “What the fuck you want, motherfucker?” He demanded, and his father just gestured him over. Henry rolled his eyes, but ultimately paddled over to Ty. Once he arrived, Ty reached down… and plucked the joint from behind Henry’s ear. “Hey! What are you doin’, asshole!? That’s mine!” Ty seemed to just ignore his son, and instead put it between his lips and lit it.

“You need to talk to your mother.”

This guy was for real? He just ran in, stole his joint, and now he was telling him to talk to his mother? Hell nah, dude. Henry slammed the sunglasses back down and shook his head. There was no way he was gonna talk to Alyssa unless he absolutely couldn’t avoid it. He didn’t want to hear about how he was a disappointment. He wasn’t doing that. Casually, Henry lifted a hand and extended his middle finger.

“I mean, Eve, bro.”

The sunglasses were raised up. Henry was concerned now. It wasn’t often that he was requested to talk to Eve. She was self-sufficient (or, at least co-dependent on Pops and Mother), and she never needed his help. She was, admittedly, the only one of his parents that Henry would bother helping. Now having Henry’s attention, Ty blew out the smoke in his lungs.

“She’s gonna drink herself straight to death.”

“Ain’t that supposed to be your jurisdiction?” Henry asked with a scoff at the end, half considering putting the sunglasses back down. This wasn’t supposed to be his problem, how was he gonna calm Moms down? This was supposed to be his dad’s thing! That’s why he was a part of their lives, and not just fucked off with Julie. This was none of his business — or at least it wasn’t supposed to be.

Henry was concerned when Eve got excessive. Usually it just took a casual poking of his dad to get it taken care of, and Moms would be back on the wagon and everything would be good. Henry could, reasonably, see how this would be different, though. After all, she was really pounding those wines back at the dinner — and they only had the big glass. Couple that with a tendency to begin the day with a mimosa and a bloody mary (one for each hand) for the last couple of weeks… Henry could see it.

“Usually, but trust me. This time, she needs you. She thinks you hate her.”

Henry put his hand on his chin, and thought about it, while Benedict paddled up and onto his owner’s stomach. Henry looked the capybara in the eyes and considered his options. He didn’t really have much of a choice, to be fair — he owed Moms a lot. If it wasn’t for her, he wouldn’t have Benedict and Arnold, he probably would have never been able to convince the parents to let Min-seo live in the same room as him…

Henry sank a little deeper into the innertube.


“You’re telling me.”

Henry splashed some water on his face, and almost immediately spat it out. How much chlorine did one pool need? Could they not afford salt water, or freshwater? Groaning, he leaned over to the poolside and flopped onto the warm concrete, “okay. Whatever. I’ll text her.” He said, rolling across the concrete poolside to his phone sitting by a lounge chair.

“Good deal.”


To: Moms
me u captain cuddles

When Henry looked up, Ty was already gone. “Motherfucker does a better disappearing act than his daughter, I tell you what. Jesus, I’m high. I need a sip of water. WHERE CAN I GET A SIP OF WATER? Fucking Christ, who built this shithole?” Henry snapped, looking the pool, until his eyes landed on the cabana. He moved over to it and hopped the bar, scrounging around in the ice chest until he found a bottle of cool, delicious water. He pounded it, and threw it to the side.

Then he picked up another one, and did the same thing. “Gotta go talk to moms, got cotton mouth like I just smoked a goddamn pound to myself… Motherfucker.” He grabbed on last bottle, and opted to sip it slowly. Maybe Min had a point. Maybe he hit the drugs too hard, too fast, and too often. Shit. Maybe he should tug on the reins. Just, like… lightly. With that new thought in his mind, Henry headed along the poolside and toward the showers. Time to make the donuts.
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Sunday afternoon
Collab with @TootsiePop


Henry was lit off of his fucking ass, which was perhaps a bad choice, given the nature of the situation he was in.

He was taking his mother to lunch, in this case to Captain Cuddles. It seemed like, at the time, the best option of the several he’d thought of. He needed to talk to her, and to do that, he needed to eat. And to eat, he needed to go to a restaurant. He wasn’t like Hailey, though, and he wasn’t about to be caught dead at one of those five star joints the Greens owned; besides, he needed to keep his moms away from the sauce. If he didn’t do that, then there was almost no point to this plan.

After all, the bitch would get as turnt as he did at parties. Only, she did it off of red wine and other assorted mom drinks. He did it off of… well, whatever he could get his hands on. The options were varied. Henry was chewing now, staring intently at his moms while he munched on his third breadstick since they’d sat down four minutes, and twenty seven seconds ago.

“Moms. We need to talk.”

Captain Cuddles wouldn’t be her preferred choice to eat, and neither would the fancy Green restaurants. Evelyn was a beach woman at heart. Even with her gothic roots, she was drawn to the ocean so either a simple picnic on the sands of Malibu beach or eating at a pier cafe with outdoor seating, where she could watch the waves and feel the breeze, was ideal for her. However, this wasn’t about her. This was about Henry and he took priority to anything she wanted, since he meant the world to her.

In front of her was mostly fruit to pick at and a side of salad, since she did not like the grease of pizza. Honestly, Evelyn was incredibly picky and if her food wasn’t up to par, either homemade by Ty or specifically made for her, she would not eat. At all. Her body was probably more filled with alcohol than actual food, which… wasn’t healthy at all, but kept her engine rolling. With her fork, she pierced into a cut strawberry without the leaf, and took in her son’s handsome features. Once again, the daunting realization that he was growing up, no longer wanting anything to do with her, set in. With a distant gaze, she gave a half smile, “About?” before placing the red fruit into her mouth.

“YOU, duh. You got pops stressed so hard the dude stole my goddamn weed. If it’s that bad with that dude, who the fuck knows, how bad it is with Mother. She’s probably gonna kill that Justin kid — by the way, when were you gonna tell me she could speak Korean, huh? That seems like, you know, AN IMPORTANT DETAIL. Fuck.” Henry waved his hand, the waiter came by with the pitcher of vanilla Dr. Pepper. Henry held his glass out and watched as it was filled up. He needed more pizza. Once the waiter walked off, Henry looked toward the lunch buffet, but just made a slightly distressed noise and just took another bite of a fresh breadstick. He’d deal with his moms first. “You need to chill the eff out, ya feel? I ain’t tryna bury my moms at sixteen because she couldn’t handle not droppin’ back whiskey, because she thinks her kids don’t love her no more. Fuck outta here.”

Henry grabbed his glass of Dr. Pepper and slammed it back. Fuck, his mouth was dry. Fuck cotton mouth. Couldn’t they make a breed of this shit that didn’t have this problem? Henry made a mental note to look into this. Crunching on a piece of ice, he again held the empty cup out and it was again filled up. Once more, Henry dropped it back without much delay or hesitation. “Shit.” He took his palm and massaged his forehead. Where to even begin? He wasn’t sure. How could he be sure? The woman sitting across from him had more problems than the fucking Middle East.

“You gotta step back and take a reality check. We growin’ up. We’re becomin’ ad-ults. Me? I don’t want you to throw a fuckin’ party for me. All I do is party, Moms! I gots a girlfriend now, I just wanna spend my birthday with her, damn.” Henry poured another piece of ice into his mouth, and spoke with his mouth full as he loudly crunched on it. “We can have a birthday dinner or whatever, just me, you and her. Maybe Pops or Mother can come, I don’t care. Maybe both. But I ain’t six! I ain’t twelve! It ain’t cute no more that you throw me and Cyndi duo birthdays because you let Pops dick you down on his birthday. That ain’t cool. If anything, shit’s embarrassing. We don’t even like the same shit! Separate the parties.”

“And, another thing, I don’t hate you. I’m just busy. Christ. How could I hate you? Your my MOTHER. I CAME FROM YOUR UTERUS. But I’m growing up! I’m becoming a man! I’m getting ready to advance my life. I’m finding my way. I’m trying to figure things out, and I don’t wanna be smothered. Takes a hand off approach, and watch me, uh… shit, what do those cringey moms on Instagram and Facebook say? Watch me blossom into something you can be proud of. You think about that for a sec.” Henry stood up, and when he did, he looked down at the booth for a second, and let out a long breath. “Fuck, I’m way too high…” He headed over to the lunch buffet, and stared at it for a second, then looked at the kitchen… fuck it, Remy could make another pizza.

Without a care in the world, Henry dumped the half a pie left on one of the trays onto a plate, and headed back to the booth. Sitting down across from his mother, Henry spoke again — this time with a mouthful of cheesy greasy goodness. “You want my advice? You best call up Auntie Jules and you and her better start suckin’ Pops’s soul through his dick in tandem, because Hails graduates this year, and he is NOT gonna handle that well.”

“I appreciate the advice.” Evelyn calmly responded, all her emotions hidden behind her cold mask. Silently, she took a sip of water, before shaking her head, “You aren’t being entirely fair, Henry.” Until he had children of his own, he would never understand and god forbid he had a child before he turned twenty. She had three vastly different spirited children and the main reason she combined his birthday with Cyndi’s was because… Cyndi didn’t necessarily have friends that weren’t her internet fans. Sure, it was a selfish thing to do but it was necessary.

“When do you allow me a chance to talk about your mother? The moment I say her name, you either curse me out or walk away, so me telling you about the things you could find out from talking to her yourself is near impossible. Up until you met Min-seo… you didn’t really care about knowing ‘important details’. And you know exactly why I combine your parties. Don’t act like you don’t. Your sister adores you even on the days you make her cry. Yes, it’s incredibly co-dependent of her but what else am I supposed to do? She isn’t like you or Hailey. I can’t just hope she’ll magically make friends on her own.”

Talking about all this was causing her to lose her appetite. Placing her fork down, she pushed her plate of fruit away from her. “And I know better than anyone that you ALL are growing up. But, like you said, you DID come out of my VAGINA so yeah, it is hard to deal. And it’s unfair of you to think I should just be okay with that. Everyone takes out their frustration on me. I can barely keep the peace with my children and my lovers. Some days our family barely feels like a family. And ever since Silvan died it’s incredibly hard to pretend to know what I’m doing. Because I don’t and it seems like none of you are grateful for anything we try to do for you.” The mask was fading and the sorrow that filled Henry’s mother’s heart was taking surface. She didn’t have an instrument or alcohol to turn to. She was forced to just sit there and talk about her feelings. This made her uncomfortable. Honestly, if she didn’t want to hurt his feelings she would leave.

When the plate of fruit was pushed across the table, Henry pulled it closer to his side. If she wasn’t gonna eat that shit, then dammit, he would. No food left uneaten; they weren’t savages. Wastefulness was a sin. Henry stared at his mother in the eyes, and it seemed like he might say something… meaningful, and soulful… before Henry simply threw a piece of strawberry onto a piece of pizza and ate it. Two bites in, he shook his head. “That was fucked up. Why would you just let me do that? Ah, shit, this was a mistake.” Gagging slightly, he swallowed it down. Slowly, he placed the piece of pizza down, and then decided it was time to look up and address everything his mom had said. Her sadness briefly turned into disgust when she watched the tragic, grotesque scene that was her son eating strawberries with his nasty ass pizza and then his words caused her to crack a smile.

If Henry had his way, they’d be passing a doobie around, but damn. She was really whining wasn’t she? He wasn’t a paid professional, he couldn’t handle this kind of issue, all he could do was his best. He wasn’t his father, he wasn’t his mother. He didn’t have the keys or the buttons to press, he could just explain things from his perspective, as best he could anyway. “Normally in a situation like this, you start at the top and you work your way down, but I’mma start at a certain point.” Henry leaned in real close to his mom, and spoke quietly, “moms you can’t just say ‘vagina,’ you’re a grown ass woman. You’re supposed to have some maturity. Respect for the pizza parlor.” Henry leaned back and yawned, “what if I tried the watermelon on the ‘za, bro? Nah… nah that’d probably be worse. Watermelon’s kinda grainy…”

“I ain’t boostin’ Cyndi to friends, you gotta see that. You think just because we have a birthday party together, she’s gonna come up to my room, and pass the joint around and play NBA 2k with me and the boys? That ain’t how it’s workin’, come on. You want Cyndi to make friends? You need to get mother to stop smothering her, and maybe she’ll find some of that innate charisma that comes with the bloodline…. what about honey dew? Take this away. Eat this before I make another mistake.” Henry pushed the fruit plate back to his mother, playing 4D chess. She had to eat something, he knew how she got. “We’re plenty grateful. Geeze. If I wasn’t grateful for Benedict and Arnold, I woulda got read their exotic, water dog, giant guinea pig lookin’ asses eons ago. You gotta relax. What do you want me to do, introduce Cyndi to people? She wouldn’t like my people! She’s sucking that Justin dude’s dick now, seems like she’s just fine.”

“She isn’t like you or Hailey, the fuck is that supposed to mean? You tryna say Hailey and I are alike? Alike how?”

“Strong personalities. Opinionated. Passionate over the things you love. Probably secretly enjoys yelling at each other, like Alyssa and Ty do with one another, though honestly share a mutual understanding that neither is willing to admit. You both care or Hailey wouldn’t have tried to have a family dinner and you wouldn’t have cheered up your baby sister. Oh, and you both seem to have a similar type.” Somehow, Eve’s gloom was no longer there and perhaps it’s because her son had a way of making her smile even if he was being foolish. She grabbed her fork once more and started actually eating. “And you’re right. I should try to give Cyndi some space. I think we could start with Min and Parker, though? I feel like she would get along lovely with them. Hasn’t she already had a few phone calls with Parker while she was in Seoul because you never had time for your phone?” In went the cantaloupe. Observing him carefully, she respectfully chewed with her mouth closed.

“I told you already, I’m busy as fuck. Similar type? You mean Korean? Bitch, that’s racist.” Henry scoffed, rolling his eyes as he ate another bite of pizza. She really was running her mouth, wasn’t she? Going on and on and on. “Fine, fine. I’ll tell Min and Park to hang out with her. Yes, she’s talked to Parker. Yes, I didn’t have time for my phone. But similarly, Parker was always on my phone, so it wasn’t even like, my fault. Yes, I did send her to voicemail like, six times. I don’t wanna bullshit on the phone, dude. Look, if you want me to baby Cyndi and raise her myself, you’re trippin’. I’m already dealing with Parker.”

“I’m not saying RAISE her, but you could GUIDE her. Do you know how weird it would be if I came to your school trying to push her to go to social events? That’s just uncalled for. She’d absolutely hate that. Like, maybe convince her to join the dance club too? I’m sure her people would be there. That reminds me… what do you know about Justin? Do you think he’s a good fit for her? I can’t help but think she’s only dating him because she’s never had a boyfriend before and both you and Hailey are committed now.” Yes, she was yammering on, but this was her chance to get on the same page as her son, while finding out intel about everything else. “And, you choose to ‘deal’ with Parker because you enjoy taking care of her. Why can’t you help your sister out a little more too?”

“It’s different, dude! It’s different! Why do I have to guide her? Get Hailey to guide her, Hailey’s a better guide than I am! She, like, runs the school or whatever. Parker’s different, she’s like, my daughter… kinda. I’m attached to Parker! She has problems, she needs help. Cyndi’s a Green, she can go wherever she wants and command the situation and run the shit.” He paused to think about Justin for a second, before he shook his head. “Hell nah, dude. Justin ain’t it for Cyndi, but whatever. Maybe once she gets laid she’ll stop being such a child. It could be good for her, to date him and dump him or whatever. Who cares? She’s a child, live and let learn.”

Taking in his words, Evelyn chewed the piece of grape slowly. After she swallowed, she tapped her free fingers on the table, trying to map a plan to make this the most successful year for Cyndi, in terms of her being a teen and not some destined super idol. “Hailey wants nothing to do with the school, and your sister for that matter.” That dinner was honestly disastrous. Everything that could’ve went wrong, did, and Eve saw the gasoline poured all over her eldest after Cyndi confidently spoke some fighting words over a matter she knew nothing about because she was countries away. Stressful. This was all so stressful. If only she had wine. Leaning her head back to tiredly scan the ceiling and the textures of it, she sighed, “Can I clean your room? It would make me feel better.” Her OCD had a desire and if she couldn’t figure out how to solve her children’s issues, she could at least keep her house in order.

“You could…”

Henry paused, and took a sip from his drink. Staring at Eve, he cracked the slightest of smiles. Henry didn’t know how his mother was going to take this, nor did he quite frankly care. Normally, Henry would have exploded in a symphony of no’s and excuses, reasons he didn’t want his mother in his room, but this time was different…

“...but Min already cleaned it, since she’s moved into it.”


Her fork slipped out of her hand, falling to the ground, and for an instant, Eve was stunned. His room was cleaned and not by her. And he didn’t throw insults and no’s at her, causing her to force her way into his room anyway. “It’s cleaned already?” She whispered to herself. More of a rhetorical question, while she digested this newfound information. There was a part of her that was downhearted, but it was only a small portion of her heart that enjoyed to do that for him as his mother. There was a soft smile that appeared on her face. Min was a good girl. The Green Mama was starting to appreciate everything the young girl’s done for her son, so far. “That’s wonderful, Henry.” is all she said in response.

Henry nodded, stuffing more pizza into his mouth. “Yeah, she is kinda wonderful. I told her last night, you know… the big L word… She said it back, so it’s okay…. look, you should talk to her. Take her to lunch or some shit. I like her a lot, so I’m hoping she sticks around for a while… you can help with that. And you better make sure Mother is on top of making sure that the girl I’m sleeping with doesn’t get sent across the ocean because her little princess got pissy and threw a tantrum.”

“I’ll take care of it.” Before Eve realized it, her fruit was gone. Did she actually eat all her food for once? “And sure, just let me know what works best for her. I’d love to take her to my vineyard. Or is that too excessive?”

“I don’t know. I just know Mother is gonna try to talk to her, and that makes me excessively uncomfortable, and I’d love for you to do it first. Want some pizza?” Henry asked, shoving his plate over toward her. His work was done, for now.

Grimacing at the sight of the incredibly cheesy and greasy food, Eve knew her son wouldn’t take no for an answer. Not when it came to her eating. “Okay.” Hesitantly, she picked up the pizza and stared at it, really not wanting it. Forcing herself, she took a tiny, very tiny bite, and then put it back down, giving him a forced ‘yum’ look, before saying reassuringly, “Your mother likes Min. Out of everyone, you impressed her the most.”

“Oh thank god. I’m stressed about her… you don’t understand. Mother is wild, and I don’t want her to try and like… make Min hate me. Talk to her. Please? I’ll make Cyndi do something forward if you want…. So she stops bein’ such a little baby. Good job eating the pizza, I’m proud of you,” he said, taking another bite of the pizza himself. He shook his head. Min and his mother was a… mortifyingly uncomfortable proposition…

“I hate pizza.” Evelyn grabbed the napkin and urgently wiped the shine off her fingers. She’ll take some time to prepare Min for Alyssa and make sure Alyssa wasn’t up to no good. Her job never stopped in the Green household. She hoped she made Silvan proud. “Very well. And I won’t throw you a birthday party. Even if it’s your big eighteen.” Salty. This made her tremendously salty, but this was what he wanted and she couldn’t change that.

“And I hate interactin’ with Cyndi, so it looks like we’re both makin’ sacrifices. You wanna throw me a party? You really, truly, wanna do a party for me? Then you’ll take the parents far, far away for a weekend, and give me the keys to the Estate. If you do that, you come back, and we’ll talk about a little shindig for me and Cyndi together. Either way, I already told you. Dinner. Me, you, Min, and whoever.”

When he proposed a new option, her pointer finger tapped on the table showing her intrigue, as it made a light tempo. If she took Alyssa, Ty, and Jules away for a weekend, he would be okay having a party. This could get her in… a lot of trouble… like punishment after punishment, but was it worth it? Her son would be enjoying himself and be happy.

Yes, it was completely worth it.

Sure, this was spoiling him — she did that often. Even so, this was a risk she was willing to take. “Deal.” Short but enough.

“Ayyyyyyyyyyyyyyy. Let’s get the fuck outta here, my high’s wearing off.”

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Contrary to popular belief the best part about working at a rather upscale boutique wasn’t the employee discounts; sure those were a nice benefit but it was so pedestrian a boon that it was a wonder anyone considered it much of one at all. If you needed a discount to shop at Chic Château then you shouldn’t be shopping there. Sure, in an ideal world fashion would have no price tag but even when magazines and designers tried to make ‘welfare chic’ a thing, it still cost three month’s paycheck to look the part of someone who is one step above shopping for clothes in the donation bin outside department stores. Some of the employees at Chic Château took full advantage of the discount to buy jewelry or something sensual for their significant other come birthdays or Valentine’s but one employee prided herself on seeing the benefits such a job as floor sales afforded her.

Shauna Flynn was often at the cutting edge of fashionable clothing given her job but that was only part of the reason she wanted to be hired here. Sure, the experience was good for when she eventually opened her own boutique - which was, of course, her one dream in life - but experience only went so far. By the end of her first six months she had gone from restocking product to the perfume counter, the thankless part of the job where the only thing worse than spraying various mists in the air was the fact that they lingered well beyond the welcome point. By the end of her first year she was the youngest floor salesperson at the boutique, something that remains true and a fact that she only brings up when it is beneficial to her. When Shauna got the promotion her manager asked what her secret was and Shauna’s response was a little quip about how the smell of perfume lit a fire under her. She got a pity laugh. But what her manager and fellow employees didn’t know was that the secret to Shauna’s success was simple.

She knew what women to talk to and how to talk to them.

There’s a common misconception in sales that people of a specific gender prefer buying things from a person of the same gender. That might have been true back in the fifties where big department stores hired unmarried women with the same hairstyle to sell feminine products to other women but in the days where people buy things with a few clicks of a mouse and gender wasn’t so binary the only thing that truly mattered in a salesperson was knowledge of what they were selling and the ability to see all customers as equal and worthy of respect. Unfortunately, Shauna Flynn only checked one of those boxes and yet she was one of the top salespeoples at Chic Château precisely because of a more ‘outdated’ approach. Namely the simple fact that she picked her targets carefully with the simple criteria of: ‘Can I get away with treating them like I have every intention of having sex with them in the changing room?’.

There were signs on every woman who walked through the doors and Shauna had a keen eye for them. At a glance she could tell when someone was there to browse, to buy, and most importantly who would benefit the most from some of Shauna’s charm. And pretty much every single time Shauna found her mark, she didn’t take them to the changing room but she often got more than just commission. That was the best part about working at a rather upscale boutique: it was a veritable flower field of susceptible women ripe for the taking. Sure, they were older than she was but many of them were willing to have a brief fling with someone younger and more experienced in the art of wooing women. Under Shauna’s touch and honeyed words, a mature woman was no different than a nervous Freshman girl who honestly thought Shauna was going to call them in the morning.

Unfortunately there were sometimes days like today where the minnows were swimming in some other pond. With Valentine’s Day on the horizon, it was peak season for Shauna but when the store wasn’t buzzing with women wondering what would be sexy but not slutty to wear on a date or if edible lingerie was sold there (it wasn’t) what could a lone shark do but tread water?

The customers this afternoon were especially grim. There was a woman who was constantly fiddling with her ring finger, no doubt she just got out of what she thought was an engagement and was following advice from a friend to ‘get out there and do it for you which was terrible advice. The only thing Shauna would get from a customer like that was a sob story about how their fiance was fucking someone else and not in the cheeky bachelor party lapdance kind of way.

There was a woman who definitely should not have been shopping there, not because she was poor but because she was, by Shauna’s estimation, about three times too round to fit into anything they had at the store. There was a plus size store attached to a mini-mall fifteen minutes away where she would have been better served. Shauna had nothing against larger women, she’d slept with some and they often had pleasant thighs, but the unfortunate reality of fashion was it didn’t exactly cater to people of that size. But she didn’t need the headache of trying to politely tell her that she wouldn’t fit in anything here so that was a hard pass.

There was a woman who wasn’t going to buy anything given her sense of fashion was nonexistent and as soon as she saw the price tag on a simple shirt she would be out the door to somewhere more in line with her bank account and personal aesthetics. Sure, Shauna could have gotten her to stay and maybe tried something on but the simple fact of the matter was that the woman wasn’t very attractive and Shauna wasn’t feeling up to lying about the customer’s appearance right now.

Finally there was a woman who Shauna had never seen before. Of course, most customers she’d never seen before but she could generally put them into types at a glance, but this one she couldn’t. The customer needed to do something about her hair, it was curly and boyish which might’ve been her ‘thing’ but when going for the ‘boi’ aesthetic it helped to have shorter hair and maybe a straightener. That she was looking at skirts was interesting given she was wearing ordinary jeans that were a bit...well, masculine in make but a size too small given their tight hug. Shauna’s curiosity was piqued and given that she had nothing else to do and couldn’t keep pretending to check shelf stock much longer, she made her way over towards the mysterious curly haired woman.

“Can I help you find anything, miss….ter?”

The absolute worst part about going to a boutique was the fact that he was doing so alone. It was a daunting thing and it wasn’t as if he could ask his friends. Zach was too busy trying to get swole and the party was in danger of splitting soon; it wasn’t as if he could just tell them ‘Hey guys, come with me to a women’s clothing store. Why? No reason, I’m getting a Valentine’s gift for my mom from my mom.’ That was, of course, the lie he practiced in the mirror for weeks; this was a trip he was planning for a while now but one he never quite had the courage to go forward with it. It was funny how in his Dungeons and Dragons campaign he played a barbarian and was always leading the charge, but of course the running gag was that he only picked a barbarian so he could be a shirtless beef hunk. In truth he only played a barbarian because he wanted to have one campaign where he wasn’t the DM and a half-orc sorcerer didn’t sound cool at all.

Unfortunately life wasn’t as easy as rolling one d12 and adding a strength modifier. He wasn’t even going to go today, he was going to go home after school and hope that his new Zaku kit arrived in the mail, but two things happened in his life that inspired a bit of confidence. The first was Zach seemingly getting serious in his doomed quest to land a date with Samantha Lassiter; the second was a mystery user liking all of his posts on Insta. Considering all Paul ever posted was in progress and completed model kits the fact that someone liked all of them was unusual. He could understand if there were some thirsty guys out there and he was some kind of model posting pics of his model kit, but he didn’t even post selfies with the finished things he assembled. Which meant either his friends were playing a joke on him or someone knew who he was and was virtually flirting with him.

Between that and his best friend attempting to Hulk out, confidence was at an all time high around him. With the perfect cover of Valentine’s Day around the corner, what better time than now, when the world was his to conquer? He was going to buy something cute and no one could stop him; it wasn’t as if anyone at school would know where he was. It was with confidence that he walked into the boutique, it was with confidence he looked at the skirts, and it was in a single moment that the confidence left his entire person and a cold, bitter chill ran down his spine.

Of all the boutiques in all the towns in all the world, he walked into hers.

Shauna Flynn wasn’t normally one to make mistakes, but when she got closer and the mystery woman turned out to not be a mystery woman or even a mystery girl but a mystery boy, she was wondering how she could have missed something? From behind, the guy looked pretty feminine, he was slender and soft and honestly? Maybe it was because of the jeans but he had a nice ass. Shame it was wasted by having a dick in front of it. “Sir, you’re aware this is a women’s clothing store?”

“Oh, uh...y...yes..I...I’m...it...it’s for...uhm...my...my mother.” The customer was nervous and stuttering like he’d been caught shoplifting. It would’ve been cute if Shauna was dealing with a girl. At least he wasn’t going around sniffing lingerie like some kind of pervert.

“Well, do you happen to know your mother’s waist measurement? Because I doubt she’s a size two.” It was possible his mother was small but she had her doubts. “You might be, though. Do you want me to take your sizes?” Shauna meant it as a joke but the reaction from the customer was not what she expected at all.

“What? N..No...why do..you...I mean...what? N..No...I couldn’t...fit...my sizes? Wha...what?” There was so much nervous energy coming from him that Shauna was starting to wonder if she’d made a huge mistake in approaching him at all. And yet...she was certain there was something familiar about him. “I...I didn’t..you...work here...Shauna?” And there it was. Honestly the curly hair should’ve given it away; there weren’t many people at BHHS who walked around with hair like that, but in Shauna’s defense she didn’t much care about boys so low on the social ladder they hadn’t even taken a step. There was really only one reason why she even know who he was at all, now that she was reminded.

“You...you’re…” She was snapping her fingers. He wasn’t a freshman but he was on her radar for some reason...Phil...no, she was someone else...Patrick...no, she didn’t know any Patrick...Paul! That was it. Paul Soriano-Duke, the son of Ellie Duke, one of Shauna’s favorite actresses ever. Period. Suddenly taking this customer wasn’t the worst idea ever.

“Wait...are you buying something for Ellie Duke? Oh, then you’re definitely looking in the wrong size, Ellie Duke has wider hips than that.” Shauna was eagerly steering Paul towards more fitting skirts; it wasn’t every day she got to pick clothes out for someone famous. Well...Ellie Duke wasn’t exactly a super megastar but she was definitely famous enough that Shauna had seen a fair share of her movies, particularly the sex comedy romps she did before her serious turn as a dramatic lead and award winner.

“How...do you know my mom’s szes?”

“Paul, it’s Paul, right? Look, Paul, I’m a lesbian and Ellie Duke is why I have a weakness for blondes. Of course I know your mom’s sizes. You’re not the only one who calls her mommy, but when I do it I’m masturbating.” Did Shauna overshare? Perhaps. Did she care? Not in the slightest.

Paul, on the other hand, didn’t quite know how to respond. At least when his friends mentioned his hot mom, or hot moms, he knew they were just fucking around and actually wouldn’t act on it even if they could. But he knew well enough about Shauna ‘The Shark’ Flynn to know that her admitting to masturbating to one of his mom’s was basically a step away to Shauna Flynn having sex with his moms. He had already been nervous about coming into a store like this by himself but had he known Shauna worked here he never would’ve done it at all.

“That’s...i mean….that’s...kinda gross...Shauna…”

“What’s gross about it? Masturbation is perfectly healthy. I’m sure if your friends, you have friends, right? Like, real ones? Whatever, I’m sure if your friends had hot moms you’d masturbate to them at least once.” Shauna’s knowledge and care towards Paul Soriano-Duke started and ended with ‘his mom is Ellie Duke’ and she intended to keep it that way. Paul did not interest her, least of all because he was a Paul and not a Paula. Plenty of people at Beverly Hills High had hot parents, plenty of them had famous parents, but only one of them had Academy Award winning actress Ellie Duke as a parent. “I didn’t take Ellie for a skirt wearer, she always seemed more soft butch.”

“No she’s...femme..she’s...very...se’s femme...she just...doesn’t like to..show it? Very femme, my mom. One of...my moms. Femme. Femme. Femme.” The only way this could be worse is if someone he actually knew and was friendly towards was there with him. How could someone, even an upperclassman, be so intimidating while just being so casual? He knew damn well Shauna wasn’t interested in him at all but still she had a way of controlling the flow of conversation and putting him on the defensive so hard it was like whatever guard he might’ve had was being tossed away. Was this how all those girls felt? Was this what it was like to swim in the same waters as The Shark?

“Okay, okay, I get it, Ellie Duke is femme. Well if she’s after something to make Valentine’s Day memorable, I have just the thing.” It was at this point in the sales pitch that Shauna would put a hand on a customer’s back, not in a sensual way (that came later) but in a guiding way, like a shepherd to her flock. With Paul, though, she didn’t make any move to touch his back in any way, instead opting to guide him by way of gesturing with an extended palm towards a different section and display. It was there she grabbed a short dress, black, with lace embroidery on the bodice which itself was sheer illusion. Strapless, of course. “Trust me, Phil, any woman would look like a million dollars in this, but Ellie Duke? She’d look priceless, and her wife would barely be able to focus on whatever they were doing until it came off.”

From even just a quick look Paul could see it was a well made article of clothing. The skirt wasn’t too short but would show off a fair amount of leg, and the sheer illusion was always a sensual way to draw the eye. With the right accessories, like a necklace, it would be a knockout outfit for anyone. It was...perfect. Sure, it was a bit bold but wasn’t that the point? “H..How...how much?”

Three hundred and ninety nine dollars. Plus tax.” They could’ve reasonably charged more but they were catering to a specific group of customers, the ones who had money to spare without it breaking the bank. Of course they had an entire section of items that got up to five digit numbers but Shauna would never suggest that for a first time customer. You had to build to that.

“FOUR HUNDRED DOLLARS?” Paul’s outburst was overheard by the rest of the store which only added to the already incredibly awkward experience. His head was shaking, curls and all, and his feet were carrying him backwards while his eyes were pointed downwards. He had to get out of here. He could maybe get away with charging a hundred dollars and hiding the credit card statement in the mail...but four hundred? At a boutique? The card companies called you for something like that. “I...I...uh..n..no thank...no thank you…” While almost tripping over his own feet, Paul turned and stumbled towards the door like a drunk leaving the bar.

Shauna could only stand and watch perplexed as Paul left the store; she gave a fellow co-worker a shrug of confusion before the store itself went back to business as usual. “I’ll see you at school...Ellie Duke’s son...you can count on that.”

The things one encountered working at a rather upscale boutique.

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Saturday morning...
Collab with @TootsiePop


They had no time to waste. Joy made sure right before she headed off to sleep Friday night, she texted her best friend for an emergency date. The emergency was she needed help impressing Damian because they were going to stay at Hotel Millenium, the one owned by the Lovelace family, from Saturday evening to Monday morning. She honestly couldn’t believe it, but here she was right when the mall opened, in a dressing room within Urban Outfitters. She had to get outfits, a formal dress, a new bathing suit, and something ‘special’ as Katie put it.

Staring at herself in the mirror, she called out to the blonde bombshell she was lucky enough to call her friend, “Katie, I… this makes me feel like I should go back in time and dance next to Britney Spears in Baby One More Time.” If she showed anymore skin, she’d become somebody’s fetish. Hell, this outfit looked like it should be in a fetish magazine. It didn’t help that today out of all days her hair was in two french braids, thanks to her Mitty, which added to that whole ‘school girl’ vibe. By the time she’d be on her date, she can free her hair and have crazy waves. Kylie said that wild, ‘pullable’ hair would definitely get Damian hooked.

Why would he need to pull her hair?!

Shyly, she stepped out to show the plaid skirt look. Honestly, she’d be lying if she said this didn’t make her feel good. Katie was able to pick the right pieces to suit her form and she kind of felt sexy. Turning to the bigger mirror in the lounge area, stepping onto the platform, she tugged at one of her braids, “...yes or no?”

Katie eyed her friend, scanning her up and down as she took in this bold new outfit choice. She stood up, and made a slow circle around Joy. She stopped, and looked Joy in the eyes, intense as ever. “Joy, I’m being completely honest right now, that is the sexiest fucking skirt I’ve ever seen. Please buy it!” Katie grinned and spun around to look at their reflections in the mirror. “There’s no fucking way, Damian will be able to think about literally anything else! If I had a dick, it’d be painfully hard by now,” Katie said, laughing and slinging an arm around her friend’s shoulder.

“Aw. I’m in lesbians with you too.” Joy teased before spinning around, letting the skirt fly in the air. Yeah, Katie was right. She was fucking hot and there was no way he could resist! “Okay that makes one outfit, I guess I’ll try on the next thing… I wish you tried on things with me! This is so embarrassing.” Joy retreated back into the dressing room and undressed herself. Fortunately, she’s been saving her allowance for a long time because, really, she’s never done much aside from go on adventures with Katie, which rarely were pricey. While she started putting on her next outfit, she asked, “I’m not being dumb, right? Like… I never thought I’d want to lose my virginity… with Damian!”


Was this actually going to happen? Two weeks ago, she and the Elite King barely talked to each other and now? She was getting clothes that basically said: FUCK ME. “I wish I knew what I was getting myself into. Like, does it hurt? Will I cry? Should I quit while I’m ahead?” Sex was a daunting subject to say the least. As much as she was hopeful for her wise friend to know things, Katie probably wouldn’t know how to answer these questions. How could she? For as long as she knew her friend, love and men were the enemy.

Katie chewed on her lip, contemplating whether or not this was the time for the big reveal. So much would change once everyone knew. Right now, it could be just her and Scott, but when they were walking down the halls hand in hand? She didn’t want to be the next Trixie Kingsley, having her breakup broadcasted throughout the school. She also didn’t want to be sneaking around all the time, hiding Scott from her friends. She sighed, and decided there would never be a better time.

“So, like, for me, it wasn’t that bad. I mean, definitely some discomfort, but after a minute or two, it was like, really good. If Damian’s dick is as big as I think it is though, and let’s be honest, that dude has to be packing heat, then you’ll probably want some lube,” Katie said, looking up at Joy’s dressing room door.

A moment of shock washed over Joy’s face. Only half dressed, with her bottom on, not her top, the dressing door flew open. She finished putting her top on, while intensely inquiring and stepping out in the lounge, “Excuse me, what?” Did she hear right? Did she hear that Katie Callaghan had the sexs? When her top was adjusted and fully on, she didn’t bother looking in the mirror. Instead, she kept her wide eyes on her best friend, “YOU had the dick? Scott’s dick no less?!!”

Katie giggled as her cheeks turned red. A few other customers that were in the fitting lounge looked over at the duo, but they kept their thoughts to themselves. Looking up at her friend, she chewed her lip and nodded in confirmation. “Yeah, I know, but like, I don’t know. It just sort of happened the other night. He picked me up, and we went up to Mulholland Drive and watched the stars, and then he told me about how his dad literally kicked him out for not taking me on a date which obviously pissed me off because who the fuck does that! So I made him take me to his house and I chewed his dad out and then, one thing led to another, and well...sex.”

“WHAT THE FUCK, KATIE?!” The customers around them glared, one even going out of their way to hush them. “Sorry, but whatever.” Joy brushed off the other people and focused on what mattered. Her best friend. “So you’re telling me it just happened and I’ve been trying to have sex with Damian since the New Years Party and STILL haven’t?” At this point, she was inches away from her friend. She rested the back of her hand on Katie’s forehead to check if the blonde babe was burning, “Dude, is this really you?” Shooketh. That’s what she was.


This turned into her giggling and pulling Katie into an embrace, “This is honestly… weird. Don’t you think? You and me… wanting… romance and everything that comes with it. We’re the type of girls to swear off men. Now you, Miss Fuck-Your-Shit-and-Opinions Drama Goddess is getting pussy licked by Scotty-boy and I’m about to get a big package from the Elite King. How… how does that even happen?” Love and lust were the two subjects she would never completely understand. She was smart but these two matters revolved around emotions and it doesn’t take brains to understand that. Sure, you can be as rational as you choose to be, but at the end of the day, the heart wants what the heart wants. And that’s something you have to convince your mind to trust.

“My guess? God is hell bent on making our lives as absurd as possible,” Katie said, amusement pulling the corners of her mouth into a smirk. Katie didn’t understand her emotions any better than Joy did. In her defense, she was a bit of a whirlwind. All she knew was that fighting with Scott had felt good, but making out with Scott felt even better. The transition was strange, jarring almost, but not altogether unwelcome. “Luckily though, God gave us two of the finest men in Beverly Hills. Which reminds me! We need something, for under that outfit,” Katie said, gesturing to Joy’s schoolgirl get up.

“...oh? Like what?”

Somehow Urban Outfitters led to Victoria Secrets and once again, Joy was in a dressing room while Katie waited for her in the lounge. By this point, Joy had gotten everything but the most important thing, as Katie put it. Now, it was time to get lingerie. Looking at herself, her embarrassed cheeks peeking champagne pink, Joy called out, “I don’t know... aren’t we doing too much? Isn’t this all going to be taken off anyways?” How could she step outside to show her! This was unbelievably revealing and her body was nothing like Ophelia Brycen’s.

Katie rolled her eyes. “Joy, your pussy is a present. This is like the ribbon on top,” Katie said, grinning with pride at her metaphor. Truth be told, she’d been wearing pretty normal underwear when she’d been with Scott, but Joy’s situation was different. Damian was probably preparing himself, doin whatever boys did before sex, so Joy had to reciprocate. If Joy couldn’t do it alone, then Katie was perfectly happy to grant her the wisdom of a girl who’d lost her virginity not even two days ago.

Poking her head out the door, to make sure no one else was in the general vicinity, Joy took a deep breath in, before stepping out and revealing one out of two lingerie garments she would probably buy today. She couldn’t help but look away from her friend and mumble, “I’m a goddamn slut.” This felt all too much, like what if she was trying too hard? What if Damian didn’t like any of this?! What if this was all for nought and somehow they’d get cockblocked again?! Preparing for sex was terribly, and utterly, exhausting. When Katie didn’t respond immediately, Joy rushed to her purse which was beside her friend and took out her rubix cube. To get her mind off the embarrassment, she started turning it. “What if I suck? What if after this he doesn’t love and like me anymore?”

“Joy, calm down,” Katie said, standing up and going over to her scantily clad friend. “If Damian dumps you just because you’re shit in bed, then he’s an asshole, and you’ll be dodging a major bullet. However, you won’t be shit in bed, because it’s easy. You just gotta...go with the flow,” Katie’s hands gestured haphazardly in an attempt to portray the flow. “You are gonna blow his socks off, I promise.” Katie took Joy into a hug and squeezed gently, as if she could somehow expel Joy’s anxiety with some added pressure.

“Yeah, you’re right. I can do this. I have some of the best genes in me. It’ll just come naturally. Like water. Flowin’.” Joy tried to convince herself. This was all getting to her head because who actually plans to have sex like this? She would’ve been fine losing her virginity this whole week when they just so happened to be making out, but here she was shopping for sexy time garments for a weekend getaway at the Lovelace brand hotel. “Okay, okay. Enough about sex! Let’s talk about… school. How do you feel about Jamie’s article? Do you think he did a good thing?” Seeing how Owen was basically a brother to Joy, and Jamie WAS Katie’s brother, this was kind of unfortunate.

Kylie Lyon and Jude Darling were best friends since birth, so it was natural Joy was attached to Owen in a family sense. She couldn’t help but foresee Owen’s reaction and how unpleasant it probably was - thankfully, he had Trixie back. The medicine to his rage. She didn’t want to step on toes, though, especially not Katie’s, even if Joy worried Jamie’s ambition was treading dangerous waters. Pulling out of the embrace, she hugged herself, covering her skin, trying to focus on the new subject at hand, although it wasn’t the safest subject to approach. As best friends, she believed they could talk about anything, no matter how opinionated and biased they both were on the matter. This was honestly the first thing that came to her mind, that wasn’t Damian’s dick related.

A sigh slipped from Katie’s lips as she turned her face away from Joy. The pair of them usually weren’t involved in school politics, but this week had them on opposite sides. She knew very well how Joy felt about Owen Lyon, but Jamie was her brother. She had to stand by him right now, especially since it seemed like no one else was going to. “He’s my brother, Joy. Do I think it was a good thing? No not really. There were better ways he could’ve gone about it, but if you ask me, he didn’t do anything that I wouldn’t have done in his position. His methods were dubious, but they almost always have been. The fact of the matter is, Hailey Green is dethroned, Owen and Trixie are back together, and soon we’ll all be bowing to a new overlord in Louboutin heels.”

Joy held her tongue. Just because Jamie was known for being ‘dubious’ did not excuse his actions for getting involved in other people’s businesses and telling the whole world about it. She couldn’t blame Katie for supporting him, he was her brother, but it was useless to justify what he did. Owen and Trixie would’ve gotten back together, in their own time. Trixie couldn’t stop thinking about him, to the point that it drove her to drink, and he obsessively wanted to get her back, where he never failed to remind her that he was still there. ALIVE. Waiting for her.

In addition, Hailey was already out of the picture before the article because all her care and pent up aggression went directed to Hana Park rather than the school. Joy was getting annoyed and the best route would’ve been to change the subject, but Katie should hear her out, “That little support you give to him, that Marshall gives to him - will that make him think twice next time? Fool me once, shame on you; Fool me twice, shame on me; Fool me three times, well that just makes him a jerk and us stupid. He cornered wounded people and poured gasoline on a fire that was burning out. Fighting fire with fire will only start a bigger fire. All for what? So he can have the school newspaper? He isn’t a saint, Katie. He didn’t ‘save’ the school. Like you said, there will be another bitch wanting the ‘throne’ and like cowards, everyone let’s it happen.”

Putting distance between her and her friend, Joy felt like she needed to change back into her clothes. She was kind of over this shopping date. “And honestly? I doubt his precious paper will last till the end of the semester, especially with the Morning Show growing, and our infamous Weekend Warrior with hit articles. No strict guidelines. Owen is an asshole, who can’t control his temper, but he did A LOT for your brother. I doubt you would want your relationship with Scott to be published and twisted. HEADLINER. Scott Lyon was so desperate to get a good fuck in, so he settled with the ‘trying too hard to be Shauna’ ‘dimwited bitch’.” She quoted the main thing people say about her friend, as well as something Katie told her that Scott called her, which would’ve been used in a gossiper’s paper. Clickbait. Things people would’ve heard from this cesspool of a school.

At the dressing room door now, Joy shook her head. This was the first time she felt it necessary to speak her mind, no filter. “At least, he owns up to that shit. No one seems to remember HE was the only reason us ‘peasants’ didn’t get shoved into lockers or left with a black eye from those high horse ‘popular’ kids who think they’re ‘better’ than us. If people want to make a positive change, they need to actually show they fucking care about everyone and not themselves. They need to make a statement and not try to run the whole show. But no. Accepting bad behavior and letting it continue is the route everyone chooses to go. RIGHT. ” Frustrated, Joy closed herself into the dressing room, locking it behind her. She was suddenly realizing how… honestly brutal she was and probably to the wrong person.

Katie sat in the dressing room lounge, mouth agape. Joy had never been prone to outbursts, in fact, that was the most confrontation they’d ever had. Unfortunately, Katie very much was prone to outbursts. “You think Marshall is supporting him? Marshall was just as pissed as everyone else!” Katie shouted, storming up to the dressing room door, arms crossed as if she could lock her rage inside of her. Spoiler alert: she couldn’t. “Jamie didn’t twist anything. He told the truth, straight from Trixie’s mouth. He doesn’t fucking lie Joy. Owen’s not a goddamn saint either. Newsflash, none of us are.” Katie harrumphed, and for a moment, it seemed like she might be done, until another stream of anger poured from her mouth.

“Jamie did his fucking job. He’s been writing the gossip column for a year and a half now, and no one gave a fuck until it was Owen Lyon in the crosshairs. Everyone still loves Trixie, even though she slandered the kid up and down, but when Jamie goes and tells everyone that, hey, Owen isn’t a gross dirty cheater, suddenly he’s the one who’s cornering people. God, fuck that, and frankly, fuck you!” The other customers in the room were staring at her, some discreetly, others not so much. An employee began approaching her, but before she could say anything, Katie was grabbing her purse and storming out. “Nothing to fucking see here,” she muttered.

The door swung open, Joy fully clothed and visibly upset, but not out of sadness. She was livid. She had more choice words to say but of course Katie would walk away. Holding her shopping bags, she rolled her eyes and glared at the woman widely staring at her, getting ready to lecture her, “Yeah, yeah. I know. Let me just buy this and I’ll be out.”

Katie had a lot of damage to deal with because not once did she say Trixie was innocent either and to hell with Trixie being loved by everyone. She had to work for that love and forgiveness back and she still has bigger beasts to fight. If Katie thought Trixie had redeemed herself already, she was strongly mistaken. Trixie probably still hated herself for EVERYTHING she did. You don’t just come back from that gracefully.


Using other people to justify one’s argument was just not… right. At least Joy focused her argument around Jamie and NEWS FLASH, everyone thought Trixie was a trainwreck and prior to that Hailey’s dog. Trixie never had a good reputation with the majority of the school, even if no one would admit it. Katie missed the point entirely. It wasn’t that Owen’s reputation was cleared. He could care fucking less that people thought he was a scumbag. They already thought he was a hot tempered asshole! Jamie painted Owen Lyon, one of the strongest people at this school, as someone that got taken advantage of by a bunch of girls and that’s WAY worse than a cheater. Especially at this fucking school. Joy wasn’t even giving Owen a golden pass, all she was trying to say is Jamie did something beyond fucked up and if he thought that made people like him all of a sudden, it didn’t. He was no better than HOT! And Katie was okay with it because ‘omg my brother has no one on his side’. Fucking good. He deserved that. He fabricated the words of a drunk person and embellished it to sound MARKETABLE.


At the cashier counter, she called her boyfriend. When he picked up, she growled: “I’m fucking hungry, pick me up. Please.”
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A Collaboration Between: @Bee and @Silver Carrot
Featuring: Camille Winters and Pamela “Panda” Spencer

Camille had come to a stop in front of the Spencer household, at least what she presumed to be their house. She didn’t know why she was overthinking it. She’d been here before and it wasn’t like they moved in the time between the last time she’d been there and now. Sighing, the woman put the car into park, shutting the car off so that she could walk up to the house and grab Panda for the night. The two were supposed to be going on a date, the first one after their Captain Cuddles date. It was such a success that they decided to do one not too much later than the first one.

Hopefully, Camille could have just as much success this time around.

Walking up to the door, she rang the doorbell and waited patiently. Hopefully Panda was the one to answer the door because she wasn’t entirely looking forward to talking to Panda’s parents. Sure, she was familiar with them but in this context and situation dealing with the parents of her now-girlfriend was terrifying now that the situation had changed completely. Camille could only wait for Panda in the meantime while she stood outside, the moon shining bright over her on the doorstep of her beloved girlfriend.

Unfortunately, the person who answered the door wasn’t Panda. Fortunately, it wasn’t her parents either. Charity opened the door, and smiled when she saw Camille. As long as Camille had been friends with Panda, Charity had never appeared cross, downtrodden or anything other than upbeat and cheerful. ”Camille! Hey! Panda’s upstairs if you want me to go get her.”

”That would be great! Thank you!” Camille smiled, taking a quick peek into the house to see if Panda was coming down. ”I appreciate it.

”I’ll be right down!” Panda yelled from upstairs as the banging of wardrobe doors was heard. Shortly after, Panda came down. This time she was wearing a leather jacket instead of a coat, along with ripped skinny jeans and a very faded pink t-shirt. Her hair was also in a ponytail though her bangs were left as they usually were, almost covering one eye entirely. Everything suggested she was taking this date way more casually than the last one. Just because they were girlfriends didn’t mean they had to stop being friends. They could still be totally comfortable around each other.

Even so, she smiled and noticeably flushed when she came face to face with Camille. Charity looked between them, gave her sister a knowing smile and then retreated further inside the house to give them some privacy.

”Hey, Camille,” she greeted. ”So, ready to do this? Trip out to the mountains in the Pandamobile?”

Seeing her beautiful, gorgeous girlfriend made Camille’s heart do a swan dive to her feet. God damn, she was so pretty and Camille couldn’t believe that she was lucky enough to believe that the beautiful, stunning Panda was her girlfriend. She couldn’t believe that she had the privilege of being Panda’s girlfriend. Breathtaking was an understatement, and suddenly this Camille just became more hyped about this date.

She couldn’t help but smile. Smile like an idiot. ”Oh yeah. Of course.” Camille nodded, before realizing a small conundrum in their plan. ”I thought I was driving though?”

Panda made an ‘oops’ face. She’d forgotten that. She looked at her car, then back to Camille, before taking a set of keys out of her pocket, and gesturing with them to Camille in a manner which suggested she intended to throw them and Camille should be ready to catch. Then, she tossed the keys towards her.

“Catch!” she shouted, before adding. “This way, you can drive and we can go in the Pandamobile. Everybody wins!”

Panda’s improvisation was something that Camille had always admired. Quick thinking had gotten them out of many tight spots, and this was no exception to the case either. Looking up, Camille put her hands out to receive the keys, cupping them in her hands and dangling them in front of Panda.

”Good thinking, babe!” Camille beamed, before turning around to head to Panda’s car. Hitting the unlock button, Camille opened the door for Panda, which was a little weird considering this was actually Panda’s car so she was technically opening the door for her to her own car. But, it was what it was.

Panda giggled as she accepted the invitation to get into the passenger side of her own car, and got inside. As she put her seatbelt on, she turned to Camille, and spoke in a faux-posh voice “Thank you, darling. You know, it feels surreal to be on this side.”

Camille got into the other side of the car, a small smile on her face once she got settled in and got ready to take Panda to the best view in this city. ”Tell me about it. We’ve traded places and it feels so weird.”

The girl put the keys in the ignition and twisted, hearing the car roar to life before she looked at her girlfriend. ”You ready?” Camille asked curiously, ”It’s gonna be a drive.”

”Oh yeah! More than ready! Let’s do this!” Panda answered and she started to immediately fiddle with the stereo. She took a CD out, and put it back in its case. ”Any requests? I’ve got a fairly diverse collection of CDs in here.”

”Your pick. It is your car, after all.” Camille smiled, before putting the car into reverse. ”You’ve got good taste, anyway.”

Panda took some CDs out and started to look through them as Camille drove, shaking her head at each one. Most of there were metal, and pretty heavy for a fun night-time road trip. Eventually she settled on one, took it out the case and popped it into the player.


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Collab with @Hey Im Jordan
as Brian and Christopher.

January 26, 2018. Dear Diary.

Ilyana Powers rushed down the chaos of the halls where the kids talked about the sudden elections and who they might vote for. There were flyers and posters everywhere. Vote for her! Vote for him! Vote for the dream! Who would’ve thought being part of student council was this mainstream? The candidates for president were as followed: Becca Helmsley, Emmy-Lou Waters, and Steven “Yung Steve” Chen. She honestly didn’t know who she’d vote for. They were all so different. So maybe, after seeing their little video on the Morning Show with their running mate, she would.

Things have changed so much since HOT stopped walking the halls together! And I’m over here drowning myself in school activities so I don’t have to see Shiloh and talk about the kiss (still). That was so weird of me! Blame it on the high.

Her Etsy was discovered by a theater kid and she was demandingly asked to make all the costumes for the spring play but she couldn’t do it all by herself, so she needed to ask for HELP. They tried to get her to participate in the play as well, but that was asking way too much of her. She’d make them pretty and go to every practice, memorizing everything, but not be on the stage. Sounded like a perfect way to use her time. They were doing a circus musical and since she was skilled with her hands, she would be in charge of set design too.

Anyways, The Morning Show gets cooler and cooler each week. Bigger and better. And there’s a newfound confidence in Riley that there never was before. He seems pretty happy which makes me happy for him! And that’s saying something since he’s still an edgelord.

The first paper since Trixie’s fall was about self help and sports. For sports, Justin was the highlight and it talked about how he was going to continue the track record of the Normans reigning supreme. This school has the best football team and that’s a lot to live up to. There were interviews with all the remaining members on their feelings, Damian wishing them the best of luck, as he mentioned the potential Justin had, and everyone’s expectations for the coming games. As for the self help, that was an interesting topic to read, especially since Trixie is the ‘trainwreck’ now. So sad, but I guess it's a good time to exploit mental illness and try to normalize it so kids are more forward about their issues. Do I agree with it? I don't know. I just use weed to fix my problems.

Running past a janitor’s closet, Rose was too busy on a mission to hear a roaring SLAM. Inside the closet, Lucky Cross was holding Mitch Clark up by the collar with a cold, distant face on. Both individuals were on the ‘bottom’ of the chain for vastly different reasons. Mitch was a nerd, paired in Joy Darling’s league and Lucky was… well, a goddamn bully riding on a scholarship. Mitch had saw what was on the flashdrive and had a week to decide what he was going to do. The week was up and it was time to add extra incentive on his ass, so someone sent the Hound on him. “You will rig the election. If you don’t, you’re smart enough to know what to expect.”

“They must have something juicy on you,” Mitch slyly grinned at the Tool that could beat the shit out of him. “This is fucking gold. For you to do anything for someone that isn’t that black girl you’re always with who NO ONE knows about and what’s that mute girl’s name?” The hacker snapped his fingers in thought, “Ah yes. Fawn. Cute little thing you got yourself there. I wonder what kind of dirt they found on you. Must be real bad seeing how it’s hard to ruin you more than the school has.”

“You run your mouth a lot.”

“What can I say? I’m a talker. I can’t wait to find out who cares so much to go out of their way to recruit me and use this shit.” Mitch’s eyes dropped to Lucky’s pocket that held the one thing that would turn his life upside down. “Seems fucking deseparate, but whatever. I’m bored.”

Dropping the computer genius on the floor, Lucky peered over the blonde boy who wiped the blood from his busted lip, “Man, KC gonna give me shit for this.”

The Candy Store seems to be running sweetly! Ophelia doesn’t sit with Hailey anymore and Trixie is a Twix bar! Which blows my mind. After all this, they can still be friends? Good for them. Honestly, I really really really really really really hope this means me, Q, my brother, Wy, and alllll the people can have some peace for once. Things are looking up, aren’t they?

The next room, down the hall and to the corner, that Rose scurried past was the Morning Room studio, as they prepared for their homeroom show. There was no doubt there was A LOT going on in there since this was a big segment that would help people decide who to vote for. Leaning against the wall, Riley reviewed his notes, while prepping his co-stars: Brynn and Ace. “For the most part, we’re just here to talk about the candidates and cue their videos. I’m okay with taking a backseat for this one.”

Glancing up from his folder, he looked toward the new recruit, who debuted this past Friday. Gwen or more commonly known as Ace. She wasn’t against the idea of joining up because she knew this would be a good platform to bring awareness to her radio show. “Thanks again, Ace. For joining. It’s nice not having all the pressure on me.”

Meanwhile, sitting off in the distance, with an open excel sheet on her laptop for the budget of the Broadcasting and Audio-Visual Club, since at this point they were basically one entity, Trixie “the trainwreck” furrowed her eyebrows. Brian was turning this show into a full production and probably by the end of this semester, the Morning Show would have time slots during every free period. The cost was cutting it close. They were using every last cent they had to make this show great and worth having a lifelong legacy, bumping up the entertainment value by having industry level equipment. She was sure he wasn’t too worried about money because he knew how to optimize his plan without the worry of using his own cash but still! Seeing these figures stressed her out. Not even Owen spent this kind of money.

On top of that stress, she was going through the journey of learning a new form of writing. It was weird not having the Newspaper club or the student council to keep her busy. If she was being honest with herself, it did make her feel lost and empty, but Owen gave her the idea of trying to write a narrative story and see where that takes her. Being a one trick pony was lame and he knows she could do more than just news . Expanding her skills would only benefit her in the long run and writing a story would keep her out of trouble with school drama. He also forcibly cut back her alcohol intake, so she was still having heavy mood swings from that withdrawal.

“Hey Beatrix!” Her thoughts were interrupted by the blind drummer boy.

“Nero. The only time people call me by my full name is when I’m in trouble. Trixie, please.” Looking away from her computer, she reached for her cup of ice and poured one cube in her mouth, in order to chew on it. Switch out one habit for the other. Crunch. Crunch. Crunch. “What’s up?”

Scratching his head with one of his drumsticks, since he carries them around in his bag, Junior softly gleamed, “My bad. We just don’t talk usually.” Facts. Not everyday he would ever think about approaching one of the HOT members! There might be a hashtag of HOTisDead, but they were still and forevermore HOT, regardless of where they gravitate in the school. They just weren’t being intimidating and scary anymore. “I was wondering since you’re part of the dance committee, can my band perform? We’re fresh and I think the Sadie dance would be an awesome gig.”

“Algorithm, right?”

“Yeah! How’d you know?”

“Word gets around fast. Plus your auditions were kind of ‘the talk’ that week. Also, Miles.” Trixie shrugged in nonchalance. It was sweet that someone like Nero treated her with respect and not like she was an emotional bitch who has trust issues.

“Wordddd. So can we?”

“As much as I’d love to give the green light, that isn’t my job. It’s Henry’s. You’ll probably do just fine in convincing him since Parker is your lead singer. Honestly, I don’t have many jobs. Mrs. Roberts told me to delegate and oversee things, because she thinks I should focus on therapy. Fucking dumb.” To say Trixie was annoyed was an understatement, ever since the elections came to light, so did rumors about her being suicidal and ‘unfit’ to run any of her clubs.

For the dance committee, Henry was in charge of music, entertainment, and recruiting chaperons. Marshall was taking over the aesthetics, like theme, decorations, and added vendors like photography (photobooth, kissing booth, other love games, and an actual photographer going around to capture the moments). She was sure he’d get all the Candies involved with that too, since ‘love’ was kind of their thing. And Damian was set on the budget, refreshments, advertising, and hosting the fundraiser. It was already decided a few meetings ago that Mina Bellerose and Christopher Everett would host since they were the super couple of the era and it only made sense to give them the mic. There was going to be a peer-voted trophy to give to the ‘cutest’ couple at the dance. As for all the single attendees, there was no way they'd be exclusive to the known couples at Beverly Hills High, they would be invited to a game night to mix and mingle. In addition to his other duties, Henry was tasked with helping the single pringles find someone they’d want to dance with, without forcing them immediately into a dance. Hence, the game night. It wasn’t mandatory for them to participate in the dance, though. “Find Henry, then you should be good.”

“And you don’t happen to know where he is?”

“Where do you think? Anywhere but here.” Brian said, without looking up from his phone as he approached the pair. Pausing once he got close to them, Brian looked up from his phone and shrugged. “He’s in the lab. Second floor, room number 2-13. Knock. I cannot stress that enough. Knock like, twice.”

With mommy, daddy, auntie, and uncle back home, Dreamland has been so lively! My home is turning out to be a hotspot for the cool people and I’m okay with that. I get to talk to Q more. I get to see Mason do dangerous tricks. I get to smoke with Adubs. It’s great. YOU KNOW WHAT'S ALSO GREAT???? Lasagna for lunch! Thanks mommy.

But now I’m kind of rambling, aren’t I?

You know, ever since Henry kissed me, I feel like I know things. Like I am less sad and anxious. And I don’t know why? Kissing must bring clarity because I feel like a grown up! Anyways, daddy’s waiting for me outside. I gotta find Cassie when I get to school. This is my mission. SOS. Okay. I go shove pancakes in my mouth and leave.


Fondly yours,

Throwing the fashion room door open, interrupting a morning meeting, which she should’ve already been at, 'cuz she was part of this club but always forgot there was a morning meeting, the fluffy blonde haired misfit scanned the room to find her target and then loudly chirped, “I NEED HELP MAKING COSTUMESSSSSSSSSS. CASSIE, MAYDAY. MAYDAY.”

P.S. Henry was right. I should use Ilyana more.

(For those running for office, please take the time to fit in your next posts the commercial video that will broadcast on the Morning Show.

As for everyone else, it’s been a little over two weeks! Make sure you talk with everyone about what has happened with your characters so far and let’s get the show on the road.

Welcome to a lovely Monday morning at the animal kingdom known as Beverly Hills High. )

Still sitting on her princess bed with a nightgown on, having yet arrived to school, Mina Bellerose received a text from Lucky which said: I did what you asked. She sat there motionless, one arm hugging her knees. Her hand scrolled through people’s instagrams on her phone. She looked at all these faces that made her seethe in anger and spite. There were so many people she hated. They hurt her cousin and she was going to make sure they would pay. Each and every single one of them.

If Emmy-Lou failed her, then she would bring down vengeance herself. Though, she knew her friend would make it up to her if she didn’t win the elections. She better, at least. There was always a back up plan, even if it was more underhanded than influencing the school from top to bottom. All other projects didn’t matter. She would burn the school down before she moved onto anything else. Everything in her life was put on hold. Her triple threat career, her social engagements, and worst of all, her romance with her beloved Chrisopher, which most definitely did not make him happy. Once Mina decided on something, it was hard to break her out of it until she went through a harsh reality check.

Her hand holding the phone shook out of frustration. Everything about this was wrong. Not right. Stupid-stupid-stupid. Everyone would try to be like Hailey but get nowhere close! Snapping, when she came across a picture of Ophelia and Trixie kissing Hailey’s cheeks on either side, she threw her phone toward her HD tv. “I WANT THEM TO ALL DISAPPEAR, CHRISTOPHER. From Owen Lyon to that shitstain JAMIE CALLAGHAN. How dare they?! How dare they ALL do this do my Hailey!??!!” The angry tears started falling down her face.

Christopher looked up. He had been expecting this, but he wasn’t sure when it was going to happen. He thought he had more time to prepare before she cracked; it usually wasn’t this fast… It was hard to be the boyfriend sometimes. Sometimes it was stressful and a fight to keep his princess calm and collected. Often times? It was simply impossible. All Christopher could really do was soothe her, and remind her that she wasn’t, despite what she may think, always right.

He moved from his seat near the head of the bed where he had been reading, to instead be beside her. Gently, he put a hand on her back and shushed her gently, “Shhhhshhhh… It’s okay, Princess. Breathe, remember? Slow, in and out. Shhhhhhh.” His hand rubbed her back in small circles as he spoke in a very quiet voice, directly into her ear. “Have you thought about talking to Hailey herself about this…?”

“No…” Mina tried her best to do those breathing exercises she was taught, all the while pouting. There was so much rage in her that she didn’t think to get more information from Hailey herself. “I don’t think Hailey would be okay with all this chaos. The school is dumb to think they could replace her.” Breathe in, breathe out. Breathe in, breathe out. “You think I should talk to her?”

“Well, I think it couldn’t hurt. Hailey is a… well, a complicated person… it’s entirely possible she just doesn’t care about this. You have to know that, right, Princess? Hailey is a Green. Who knows what they want?” He asked, never stopping his hand on her back. It seemed like this one was easier to defuse than he thought it would be — granted, there was a phone sized crack in the T.V., but T.V.’s could be replaced. He could handle that, it wasn’t a big deal. What was… was Mina’s demeanor. “Don’t you think talking to her is a good idea?”

He was right. He always was. No one knew what a Green wanted, but even if Hailey disagreed with her and didn’t care about running the school anymore, would that change Mina’s mind? Staying silent as he rubbed her back, she nodded. That wasn’t going to stop her operation, at least not yet. “I want someone to cry this week. To lose something or someone they care about. I want someone to hurt.” If this happened, sure, she’ll talk to her cousin. Her face was wet from all the tears. Luckily since this issue had to deal with other people, and not her self worth, the breakdown was easier to resolve.

“I could kill someone’s puppy.” What? Christopher was nothing if not a solutions person. Whatever she wanted, he didn’t much care what it took to get it done. if she wanted someone to cry, then he could certainly make it happen. It’d only take a few seconds too — he wasn’t a sadist.

“I’ll have to think about it. I want to see who wins tomorrow first.” All good things come to those that wait. Mina couldn’t be hasty with her actions and if she wanted to make someone hurt, she had to make sure she aimed for the knees or nuts! Metaphorically speaking. There were a few people she wanted to break emotionally and physically, but she wanted the pain to be slow and painful. She wanted them to realize how awful of a person they were and why they didn’t deserve to be happy. Yes. She would destroy them one by one. Aim for their close loved ones, and take away everything that makes them likeable. For example, imagine if someone like Damian got on your bad side and you wanted to get even. You’d have to take away his Elite army, his technically snatched body, and his Joy. But, Damian wasn’t who she cared about right now. As far as she was concerned, he was uninvolved. “We should get ready. We’re already late.”
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Featuring: Noah Nichols & Katie Callaghan
Location: Homeroom, Monday Morning

Katie Callaghan wasn’t that hard to read, at least not to Noah. She was great at pretending around everyone else, but when it was just the two of them, her grumbles and sighs were like a giant neon sign that said “I’m Pissed Off!” She’d been like this since last Monday, walking around under a cloud. At first he’d thought it was about Scott, because it usually always was, but that notion was squashed when he came up to her at lunch and planted a kiss on her cheek. A kiss! That had been weird, and after she’d explained that they were dating now he’d been a little hurt. How could he just be finding out now? He supposed he couldn’t really be mad though. He and JD had been making out inside empty classrooms all week, and he hadn’t told her either.

He pieced together that Katie and Joy weren’t talking sometime around last Thursday. At first he hadn’t really thought much about their lack of interaction, but soon it became apparent that the two were avoiding each other like the plague. That was doubly weird. Katie and Joy never fought, literally never. He’d known them for years and he couldn’t remember the last time they’d had anything more than a slight disagreement. Finally, after days of tiptoeing around Katie’s melancholy, he popped the question.

“Are you mad at me?”

The question nudged Katie out of her listless daydreaming in the middle of homeroom. Her face scrunched into a look of mock confusion, as she shook her head in surprise. “What? No, wh-why would I be mad at you?.” Katie asked, looking over at Noah across their empty table.

Noah shrugged, his eyes falling down to his sketchpad where Katie was sketched in graphite, her teenage angst captured on paper. “I mean, I don’t know, you’ve been in a mood all week and Joy hasn’t been around either which at first I thought might be about Damian and then I thought maybe she was pissed at me and maybe that’s why you’re pissed at me and-”

“Noah. I’m not mad at you.” Katie sighed and rested her head in her hands, before looking back up at her friend. She’d wanted to tell Noah about Joy, but she wasn’t so confident he wouldn’t agree with her. She didn’t want to lose her two best friends to this stupid mess. Her hope had been that this would blow over before anyone even noticed, but Joy hadn’t spoken to her since their fight at the mall last week. Noah clearly knew something was up, and she couldn’t let the kid sit with his anxiety until Joy got over herself and apologized.

“I went shopping with Joy a couple weeks ago, and she asked me what I thought about Jamie’s article, so I told her the truth. It was a fucked thing of him to do, but I would’ve done the same if I were him, and that he’s my brother so I’m going to stand by him. She threw a fit! Apparently I’m the bad guy for supporting my brother! That’s what family is right? You support each other! I know he’d do the same for me.”

Noah nodded in response to Katie’s explanation. Hearing that this wasn’t all about some mistake he’d made took a weight off his shoulders, and now he felt almost dumb for not having picked up on it before. He should’ve known it was about Jamie. Joy was close with Owen, and Katie was obviously Jamie’s sister, and they both had a tendency to go to bat for the people they loved. Katie would sooner fight her brother’s battles than her own. Throw in their strong opinions and innate stubbornness and it seemed shocking that this hadn’t come up sooner.

“It’s kind of stupid, you know.” Katie’s mouth opened to retort, but Noah beat her to the bunch, continuing. “I mean, really, why does it matter? The article’s out, and it’s staying out. It’s not like either of you can take it back. No one else even really cares anymore. It’s all about the election now.” Noah shrugged and looked back down at his drawing.

The weight of Noah’s words hit Katie straight in the chest. She agreed, for the most part. No one did really care about Owen and Trixie, or Jamie or Hailey or any of them right now. All eyes were on the empty throne, and the sham of an election to fill it. However, she wasn’t about to just let someone trash her brother, even if that someone was Joy. She was well aware that he could be a nasty little snake at times, she’d grown up with him for fucks sake. They practically taught each other the tools of the trade. She knew that Jamie was a good person, and she wouldn’t abandon his side for one mistake.

“As far as I’m concerned, once she apologizes, we’re good. If she wants to hate Jamie, she can hate him in silence.”

Noah sighed. He shouldn’t have expected anything less.
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A Collaboration Between: @Bee and @Hey Im Jordan
Featuring: Justin Quentin and Henry Green

Henry didn’t even know why he was doing this. Why did Moms make him do all the hard shit? Why couldn’t he get the easy shit for once? He got stuck with all the bullshit… ‘make sure your sister is happy!’ So what, he had to hang out with the guy that Cyndi was trying to bang and make sure he was ‘cool?’ Henry didn’t even know what that meant… he already knew Justin anyway. He was an okay dude, a football player, whatever. Henry’s friends liked him, and that was what was important.

It was good enough for Henry, but was it good enough for the Cyndi fucking defense force? No, of course it wasn’t. Nothing was ever good enough for his mothers when it came to their delicate little princess. Cyndi was never going to be anything more than a spoiled little princess brat if they kept fucking treating her like that. But all anyone ever thought was that he and Hailey were real fuckers for pushing Cyndi’s buttons every once in awhile.

It got so goddamn bad that Henry had to sit Cyndi down and force her to listen to fucking dubstep Dragonball Hype Remixes because she was ‘overwhelmed’ and throwing a fucking hissy fit. If she did that shit again, then Henry was going to throw her to the goddamn wolves and let Hailey eat her the fuck up. He couldn’t be everyone’s mentor! He didn’t have the time for it… He already had to deal with the boy band bullshit.

Henry had done the one thing that sort of chilled him out. He had realized over the years that he got it from his father, and though he didn’t really do it with his father (that was more Hailey’s job), it had the same effect. Henry Green was baking. Justin had been invited over and was currently sitting at the island in one of Stentoria’s kitchens.

The soft aroma of cookies filled the room, and Henry leaned against the counter, pushing down on it with both hands. “So. You wanna bang my baby sister, huh?”

Justin was spending a little too much time in the Green household for a reason he hadn’t really expected. He thought he was going to be able to see little Ms. Cyndi Green, but instead he was with Henry Green instead, which was still cool. Henry was a cool guy, and Justin figured he was going to be seeing a lot more of him if he were to make something out of his relationship with Cyndi Green.

Besides, there were the most delicious cookies involved.

He was staring at the cookies coming out of the oven, before he was met with a question that he was somewhat expecting, but still didn’t have an answer to. “...no? I’m not trying to bang her… I’m just doing whatever she wants me to do…”

“You ain’t gotta lie to me. I get it.” Henry turned around as the oven beeped and walked back to the oven and grabbed his oven mitts, before he opened the oven and pulled the snickerdoodles out, setting them on the counter. He glanced over his shoulder at Justin and added, “ya gotta let the cookies set, ya feel me? If you eat them straight out the oven they’re not quite done, they’re still a lil underdone. So you let them set a few minutes so they can cook themselves…” Henry was mostly talking for himself, but he was looking directly at Justin as he was doing so. Despite how it may have seemed, there wasn’t an underlying message about his sister there, Henry was just sharing his burning knowledge about cookies and how to cook them.

It didn’t help he was high.

“If you gonna do whatever she wants you to do, ya ain’t never gonna get no pussy.” Henry pulled the mitts off and tossed them… elsewhere. It wasn’t like it really mattered, the maids would clean it up or something. That wasn’t of concern to the GREAT Henry Green, ruler of his realm and all that was in it — or, more accurately, the chief consultant to the leader of the boy band. “You gotta tell her what you wanna do, then do it.”

Staring at the cookies, the smell of butter, sugar, and whatever magic was placed in those cookies wafted around Justin’s nose. He hadn’t even noticed that Henry was boring holes into his soul because he was so enamored with the cookies. It wasn’t until Henry spoke up again that his attention returned to what probably mattered more.

“I’m not sure if that’s something I can do in a climate like this though.” Justin shrugged, watching the cookies cook themselves. Damn, he was hungry. “No means no, and shit. I’m not trying to force myself onto her if she don’t want none.”

“The fuck do you mean a ‘climate like this?’ Like, 2019? Get real, dude. You can do whatever you wanna do — and besides, I didn’t say force yourself. I’m just saying, be assertive.” Henry headed to the fridge and opened it up, pulling out a glass bottle of milk. He retrieved two shot glasses, and filled them up. He slid one in front of Justin, and then retrieved one of the cookies, holding it out to his companion. “Vanilla milk. I made it myself, it’s better than that regular shit. Listen, if you don’t seize the reins, you’re gonna get dumped. I’m team Justin, more or less. So I’m here to let you know shit.”

“...you’re right.” Justin shrugged. He didn’t want to be that dude who dictated everything that Cyndi like some overzealous dude. That was a no-fly zone when it came to relationships. In Justintown, he only respected women! But he didn’t know the line between being controlling and being assertive. He figured what Henry was trying to tell him was that maybe Cyndi liked being pushed around a bit.

Then, the most peculiar concoction came about. Justin took a cookie and the shot glass in front of him. “Vanilla milk? I’ve… never heard of that.” Taking a shot, it tasted like vanilla bean ice cream but liquid. It was bizarre yet really good. “How do I know if she’ll actually say yeah, though? Sometimes people say one thing but mean an entirely different thing.”

“That’s just a girl thing, dude.” Henry explained, dipping the cookie into the milk and letting the cookie soak up some of the liquid. As he did so, he brought his eyes to look directly into Justin’s eyes and shrug his shoulders. Henry pulled up the cookie and took a bite off of it, speaking with his mouthful, without a fuck to give. “You just, know, dude. Listen, you ain’t gonna take Damian’s spot and fuck someone from my family if you let everyone else tell you what to do. If you let her boss you around constantly, you’re gonna have to deal with a spoiled, bitchy, princess complex cunt.” Henry swallowed his cookie. “Just be a man. Square up. Tell her what you want to do. Instead of being like, hey do you wanna go out sometime? Be like, ‘Cyndi, let’s go to the movies on Saturday at 6. I wanna see Insidious. THe new one, last key or whatever.’ Then, when you get her in the theater, make sure Xan — that’s her bodyguard — fucks off at least three rows away. Then you put your arm around her so she can hide in you whenever the movie gets scary.”

Henry couldn’t believe he was doing this shit. He had to fucking guide someone on how to fuck his own sister, for fuck’s sake. He had to coach Justin to make sure that Cyndi stopped crying so that she could be happy and his mom would piss off. “Everytime she leans in — and she will, because she’s terrified of scary movies — just pull her in close. Be all protect-y, it’ll work. By the end of it she’ll be like… all yours dude.”

Justin heard the words that Henry said, and it made sense. The only problem was that Justin was also not a fan of scary movies. He was a prime, ripe target for jumpscares all over. The last time he watched a horror movie his cousins teased him endlessly for it. It would be a weird situation if both of them was terrified endlessly, but since this was Cyndi Green, out of all the people in the world, he had to brave up and pony up. Even if it meant braving the scariest of monsters or demons or whatever the fuck was in horror movies these days.

“Yeah… you’re right dude.” Justin shrugged, biting into his cookie. “I hate horror movies though. I can hardly ever actually handle them.”

“You need weed.” Henry said, matter of factly, munching on his cookie. Goddamn, he was good at this shit. Henry finished his cookie, and then drank the milk, before he reached into his jacket and pulled out a joint, sliding it across to Justin. “One hour before. Not sooner. Not later. I think we’re done here, bro. You better wash that glass before you take off, okay?”
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A @GhostMami & @Hey Im Jordan Collab
Featuring: Sean, Selena, Alistair & Amanda Sterling
Location: Sunshine Diner
Time: Friday Evening

Sean was sitting behind the wheel of the Sterling family car, with his twin sister beside him, and their two younger siblings loaded in the backseat. The set of Sterling kids were on their way to a deliciously greasy, and oh so filling meal at the Sunshine Diner. “This is… a nice car. Everything back home is so nice… I forgot about it.” Sean commented, glancing over at Selena as he kept driving forward, his hands wrapped around the shiny leather steering wheel. “It’s good to be a Sterling, huh? Don’t knock your last name, kids.” He added, looking in the rearview mirror at his younger siblings.

“What about when Ma goes crazy?” Alistair asked, and Sean raised an eyebrow in the mirror, while Alistair looked out of the window sideyed, adding. “Like she surely will… when she finds out… that me and Mandy are missing… because no one told her.”

“You were supposed to tell her!”

“Yeah, but… I… I did not.”

Selena rolled her eyes. The twins were nothing but trouble, at all times. Always a nuisance. “I’ll text her.” She said, pulling out her phone and tapping away at the screen with ease.

“Nooo funnnnn!!!” Mandy whined from the backseat. “You’re so BORING!”

“I am not boring.” Selena snapped back, glaring in the rearview mirror. Why on earth did she let Sean convince her to take the kids? He was pampered with all of his time away from them, he still thought they were cute, or sweet, or whatever it was that he thought. That’s only because he didn’t live with this, all the time, twenty four-freakin’-seven.

“Sometimes it’s fun to see her go crazy, don’t you think, Sel?” Alistair asked, unbuckling his seatbelt to lean forward over the passenger’s seat and peer down at Selena’s cell phone, causing his older brother to glance over at the face that was now in between Selena and himself.

Oh man, Sean was going to have to bring the hammer down. These kids were crazy, weren’t they? He didn’t think it was going to be this bad! They behaved when he was hanging out with them back at the house! “Hey! Sit your ass back down, boy!” Sean snapped, which made Alistair freeze and do nothing other than blink, until Sean took a hand and put it on his kid brother’s chest and shoved him back into the seat, “And I’d better hear that seat belt buckle.”


Mandy looked over at Alistair and giggled at his scolding, sticking her tongue out at him. Selena looked absolutely smug, a small smile on her lips as she peered out the window. Their mother replied to her text, saying that it would have been nice to know that before she had the chef start preparing dinner, but she was glad that they were all getting along. If only she knew…

“Is this place going to have waffles? I want a whole stack of waffles. With chocolate chips! And whipped cream! And lots of syrup!”

“I think the last thing you need is that much sugar, but yes… they have waffles.” Selena responded without taking her eyes from the passing city streets.

“Who cares about sugar! Mom’s not here to bitch, and Friday night means no bedtime!” Mandy exclaimed and went to high five her twin brother because A) no bedtime and B) she just used a swear!


Her brother connected the high five and Sean’s hands tightened just a bit on the steering wheel. He didn’t have too much of a problem with the kids swearing; it would be kind of hypocritical, Sean had spent most of his time growing up at the academy swearing up a storm. He wasn’t going to complain about that, but… “Respect our mother. She does a lot for us. You’re making me sound like dad… Behave, guys.” Sean muttered, before he added, “I don’t mind if you swear when you’re hanging out with me, but be respectful at least. Now… that being said, you can have as much sugar as you want.”

“...whoa.” Alistair muttered, thinking about all the whipped cream he could pile onto his food. Maybe they’d even have caramel filled French toast!

“YESSS!” Mandy exclaimed with excitement.

Selena turned to look at her twin as if he had just committed the most egregious sin. He basically did, he just didn’t know it yet. “Oh… lovely,” she remarked sarcastically as the g-wagon pulled in to the parking lot of the Sunshine Diner. As the Sterlings all one by one stepped out of the vehicle, Sel turned to address her younger siblings before they entered. “You two seriously need to behave in here. This diner often serves celebrities, and they will kick you out if you are… well… yourselves. Contain your impish nature for an hour, and you can eat whatever you want, like Sean said.”

Mandy nodded when Selena was looking, but as soon as she turned her back, Mandy leaned over to whisper in Alistair’s ear. “Okay, mommm.” She mocked with a stifled snicker.

While Alistair stifled a giggle as they followed their older siblings into the diner, Sean glanced over at Selena and offered a word of advice. “Sel… maybe try talking to them more like… like they’re kids, y’know? ‘Impish nature?’ You sound like a grandmother. Just talk naturally to them, and they’ll be good.” He suggested.

Was her brother seriously patronizing her about how to handle the twins? She knew exactly how to deal with them, she wasn’t the one who spent months at a time in another country away from them. Narrowing her eyes, Sel got a bit snippy. “No, they won’t. And secondly, I shouldn’t have to dumb down my vocabulary to speak with them, they’re ten years old now. They’re Sterlings too, it’s about time they learn to speak with grace.” At that, Selena cleared her throat as they approached the hostess station, a bright smile now adorning her face. Picture perfect to the outside world, as always.

Sean glanced over at Selena and shook his head. If that was how she wanted to handle it… Without another word, he walked up to the podium and looked at the hostess, “table for four?” With a nod, the hostess led them off to a booth, and Sean led the way to the booth.

“I wanna sit on Sean’s side!” Alistair declared, calmly shuffling his way beside his older brother.

“No mee!” Mandy called out, shoving passed her older siblings and squeezing her way into the booth at the same time as Alistair.

“Looks like you’ll be sitting on each others’ side.” Selena replied simply as she gracefully took the inner seat on the opposite side of the booth, leaving the seat next to her open. “You might as well sit here Sean, or they’ll fight the whole time.” The hostess who was seating them chuckled quietly at the show the Sterlings were putting on.

Sean looked at Sel and nodded his agreement after a few seconds of contemplation. He took his seat beside his older sister, and the youngest brother let out a drawn out, over the top sigh. “That’s not fair…” Alistair muttered, and Sean shrugged his shoulders. “I always have to sit with Mandy! And Sel always gets to sit with Sean. You guys are twins. You were in a belly together!” Alistair didn’t have a big grasp on how pregnancy worked… but he knew that much!

“Who cares? I’m right here. It doesn’t matter that much. Plus, I’m letting you guys get whatever you want…” Sean said, shaking his head. He didn’t fully understand why the kids were the way that they were, but… whatever.

“While I get you guys some menus, can I get you something to drink? Maybe something for the kids to color—” The hostess was speaking now, but was cut off before she could finish.

No! We’re not babies. Alistair protested with an annoyed huff. Mandy gasped in an equal amount of offense. They were ten! Two whole numbers, they didn’t need coloring books!

“Alistair!” Selena scolded her brother in a curt whisper. “Sorry about that,” Sel said to the hostess now, smiling apologetically. “I’ll have an iced tea, unsweetened, please.”

“I’ll have hot cocoa, please.” Mandy requested in her best attempt at politeness. It wasn’t half-bad. “With whipped cream and cinnamon on top. Thank you!”

Alistair was putting on a bad show. From unbuckling his seatbelt in a moving vehicle, to snapping at the hostess. It was a combination of Selena’s scolding, and Sean’s hard gaze that made him uncomfortable enough to straighten up and look between Selena and Sean, deciding that he could test the ‘you can have whatever you want’ theory. “...can I have a cookies n’ cream milkshake, please? With whipped cream and Oreos on it.” He looked up at the hostess, but noted that her eyes were instead focused on Sean, and Alistair’s gaze followed hers… and Sean nodded! “Thank you!” A whole milkshake! What a lucky ducky. That’s what dad would say.

Sean looked at the hostess and thought for a moment. “I’d like the hot cocoa as well. And… can you bring me one of those coloring things?” He asked, and when Alistair looked like he was going to protest, Sean silenced it by raising a hand and adding, “Calm down, turbo. It’s for me. I like to color.”

Wait. Sean liked to color?! This changed things. Alistair had a somewhat confused look on his face as he glanced between Sean, Selena, and Mandy alike, wondering what to say next. Did they color now too? He was only ten, he wasn’t supposed to think about stuff like this.

Young Alistair was interrupted from his thoughts by frantic jabbing in his ribs. Mandy was poking him, stunned in silence, looking like she’d seen a ghost. If his eyes were to follow her gaze, he would see a very familiar face — one of the stars of their favorite tween tv shows. “Is that…?” She asked in a ghost of a whisper. It was Blake Milton, the male lead in the latest hit tv show about super-powered high-schoolers trying to secretly live their double lives. Alistair idolized Blake’s character, while Mandy’s bedroom wall boasted posters of him with heart stickers all over them. To say the kids were starstruck was an understatement.

The waitress returned with their beverages and Selena took a smug sip of her iced tea before saying, “I told you celebrities came here.” Maybe now they would finally behave and she might be able to enjoy this little family meal with her brother.

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The weekend before the timeskip, at INITIATE.
@TootsiePop & @Hey Im Jordan

With her fitness wear on, tailored for a specific activity, Meg requested the pole dance studio at INITIATE for an hour so she could practice (though usually dancers are only permitted entrance during open hours). Because of her new connection, she was granted private time without an instructor. Holding tightly on the pole, she pushed her shoulder blades down to her back pocket and started climbing it. They’d been here ten minutes and so far she focused on warming up, doing floor work, and getting in the zone.

If there was one good quality about her, it was definitely her body. She wanted to impress her teacher for her next class, so practice, practice, practice. Not one to waste any of her free time, time was money, she invited her pretend boyfriend to participate, or watch, while they discussed rules for when she transfers into his elitist school and their three week dating period starts. Most people never looked beyond what she presented on the surface which was pure sex and she was okay with that. Who cares about the actual person! If people knew her, they’d probably not like her anyways. Honestly, there was less of a chance to get hurt if she filtered information.

Something about the expressions in her face, releasing teasing pleasure, and the control she had when she directed her body one way or another — pirouetted, dip turned, back spun — there was no doubt that Meg knew her body better than anyone else. As she did an aerial invert, which was her upside down with her legs wide open going around the pole in circles, she started their conversation, “First off, I’m not calling you baby. If you want a pet name, it isn’t going to be that one. Secondly, I don’t mind PDA but if you touch my ass in the hall, I will cut your balls off. You want me to be your girlfriend? Respect me because once you treat me one way or another, other people will get ideas and I will literally kill them if they get handsy.” Twirling her body upright once more, she continued to slowly spin around the pole and think about the next position she wanted to do. Well as she was waiting, she might as well do the elbow grip, “I’m yours, no one else’s.”

This was Owen’s ‘great idea?’ Sure, Sebastian had like, not that much time to think of a plan, but he was pretty sure he could have come up with something better than this. She seemed like a… very passionate person. He watched her spin around the pole in front of him.

A very passionate person with a whole lot of ass.

Sebastian didn’t even think they really got along! She had so many rules, and he had to keep thinking of them. He wasn’t allowed to be called baby, or to touch her butt (in public)? Then what was the point of the whole operation! He was just sitting there on the floor, listening to her rattle off rules he thought were bullshit, and watching her spin around on a pole. A pole he’d worked on getting her, for the record! Sebastian had to make a few calls, but she’d wanted this and he’d gotten it for her… he’d even wasted (if you asked him) a few favors to get this far.

“So, since I can’t touch your ass in public, and I probably can’t touch your ass in private… is there just no ass touching?” Start with the important stuff, Baby Bash. You got this.

Well, at least he was honest with his priorities. Her next move was an aerial bracket grip air walk and she sassily rolled her eyes, “I never said you couldn’t touch me in private. I just don’t want you to mix business with play. And… you’re saying people at your rich-bitch-school hang all over each other and don’t care about how that affects their rep?” She had her biased opinions because she never did walk in the halls of Beverly Hills High. She couldn’t fathom they were ratchet like her school.

“I dunno, I’ve never been there. I’m transferring in, remember? But, from what Owen has told me… Yeah, that’s kind of what it’s like? The weird thing though, most of the actual couples there, have been together for at least a year or two. Then there’s the thirst traps, the sluts and stuff? They touch each other a lot.” Sebastian shrugged his shoulders. It wasn’t really his place to say one way or the other. Besides, the important thing she’d said was the bit about mixing business and play. “What were you saying about play?”

Leaning back, her hands no longer holding onto the pole, just her legs, as she continued to dance around it, Meg raised an eyebrow, “A better question should be: how experienced are you? If we want to make people believe I’ve been your girlfriend for however long you’ve talked about having one, that’s something we should get some practice in. Don’t you think?” People would know in a heartbeat if they don’t have chemistry, plus he was handsome. She could fuck him. It wasn’t like she’d get attached or anything.

The truth was, Sebastian wasn’t very experienced at all. In fact, he was a virgin. She didn’t need to know that, though, did she? The truth was a fickle thing, and if Sebastian knew one thing, it was that he was good at stretching the truth. He knew enough about sex, from talking to the others about it, to doing stuff over the internet… he had a feel for what he needed to do. He could handle it if it came to that.

Plus, she did have a point — he’d even thought about it — if they had no chemistry, then everyone on the fucking planet was going to know he was bullshitting. At least Owen and Trixie would keep it a secret (they would, right?), but Sebastian had to introduce her to his family… it would be best if they could make it seem real. That much was for sure.

“I’ve been lying about having a girlfriend for like, three years.” Oof. Felt good to get that off his chest, even if this was the world’s most expensive therapy session.

With this information, Meg found herself easing herself back to the ground and letting go of the pole. She looked at him, confused on why someone would go that far to lie about having a relationship, especially a Lyon. Making her way to him, she bent over and reached for her water, which was right beside him. After taking a swig, light sweat glistening from her chest and stomach, she asked, “Why didn’t you just get a girlfriend?”

“Because it’s not that easy. I am — or I was, anyway, until my mom and dad decided to transfer me in — homeschooled. My only friends, if you can call them that, are just friends because I pay for everything for them. I don’t really have friends.” Sebastian explained, watching as she drank from the water. A lot of people didn’t get it, and that was okay, because his position was unique. He was a rich teen, with friends that were definitely using him for clout, and absolutely no substantial relationships to show for it. “There’s a lot of pressure that comes with being a Lyon, you know! Especially being named after the head of the family… The name means a lot, okay? It does. You wouldn’t think it does, but it does. There’s expectations. I’m supposed to have like six girlfriends, but I couldn’t get one because I couldn’t trust the people that I threw money at to hang out with me. So, I just lied and said I met someone, she goes to a school a few hours up North, and went through a lot of effort to make it work. Now, my bluff’s been called… and I’m throwing money at someone to make it work.” Sebastian smirked and winked at Meg.

Although her face didn’t express her thoughts, her mind was shocked out how one question led to such an emotional answer with a lot of backstory. This boy could talk and she wasn’t really used to having such an intimate conversation. Her reaction was delayed, but eventually she sat next to him, placed her water down, trying to think of a proper response, but naturally, her instincts took over and she turned toward him, leaned close, and told him to: “Kiss me.”

Well, how about that? Sebastian was nothing if not good at speaking, and he’d talked his way into a kiss if nothing else. Without too much pressure, thought, or really… idea of what she meant by ‘kiss me,’ Sebastian leaned in and gave her a quick smooch on the lips. “Thanks. It helps to talk, you know. Vent.”

“Oh fucking hell, Sebastian. Do I have to do everything?” Pulling his head back toward her, pushing her body against his chest, she feverishly pressed her lips against his and went even as far as to slip her tongue into his mouth. This was their chance to see if they had spark. She was happy he could vent, even if she didn’t necessarily know what to say, but now her mind was focused on making out and showing him how her body moved. Climbing on top of him, she ran her right hand through his hair and took in his scent.

Shit. He hadn’t really expected that. He hadn’t expected to get a kiss, let alone get her tongue shoved in his mouth. He needed to do the spiel thing more often, apparently; he knew it was successful, but he didn’t expect it to work this good. All he needed to do, really, was vent about his problems, but what he was getting instead… between Meg straddling his lap, and his hands reaching behind to grope at her… hey, he wasn’t complaining. Fake it until you make it, right?

Her lips smiled against his as she felt him explore her body. To her this signalled his permission to feel each of his crevasses and actually take in his Lyon physique. As she stared into his eyes, she felt something different with the way he looked at her. She couldn’t explain it but no one looked at her like that. Although they were letting curiosity and passion drive them, he carefully watched her with a tender gaze and this caused her to close her eyes, as her breathing went up a notch.

Maybe she had a point, maybe he should have gotten a girlfriend before. Sebastian hadn’t had sex, sure, but he wasn’t kissless. He’d just never kissed a girlfriend before, fake or otherwise… and it turned out it was pretty fantastic. He wasn’t going to get to do this for very long, so Sebastian let her hands feel him up, and let her grind against him a little… before he pulled away from her. With labored, fast paced breathing, Sebastian stared into her eyes, and the same little smirk from before crossed his lips.

“Well, I feel better…”

“Good…” She said breathlessly, while finding herself looking away from him. Clearing her throat, she got off him and as if she needed her attention on something else, she reached for her water just to hold the bottle, “You’re not bad.” She admitted, as her heart rate tried to slow down and she focused her mind on the job not the kiss. “We’ll be fine. Fake dating, I mean.”

“I mean, we’ve been at this for three years,” Sebastian chose to take in stride the fact that she hopped off of his lap so aggressively after they finished. Running a hand through his short hair, he nodded his agreement. “Yeah, I think we’ll be okay too.” At least he didn’t have anything to worry about… Unless someone saw through their lies, but what were the chances of that?

Her phone started to ring which reminded her of an important person that could blow everything simply knowing she had commitment issues. “We might need to convince someone to go to your new school or tell them our plan. My sister knows me better than I’d like to admit.” She reached for her phone, only to silence it. “I’ll call her back later.”

A sister huh? Yeah, that could come later. For now, Sebastian had more important things to worry about. More important things to worry about, like… “We should make out more before you shower and change.” Simple man. Simple needs.

Oh? He wasn’t over kissing her yet? When he pulled away for air that gave her enough time to digest the electricity coursing through her body. She had only assumed they were finished. This nervousness was unlike her and she would not let it show. She was the embodiment of vanity and pride. No boy could turn the tables on her and make all that inflate in a second. Not even Sebastian Lyon. With a sly grin, Meg innocently batted her eyes, as she placed her water back down. “Well come here and show me what you can do.”
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A @smarty0114 and @Hey Im Jordan collab
Featuring: Scott Lyon & Katie Callaghan
Location: The Mall -> Shake Shack (Saturday Afternoon)

As Katie stomped out of the mall and out into the parking garage, she was smacked in the face by the realization that she didn’t have a car. Scott had dropped her and Joy off, and she hadn’t texted him to come pick her up, so she was effectively stranded for the time being. Just perfect. She sent Scott a short text, her anger still bubbling over, and took a seat on a bench outside the entrance.

For a few minutes, Katie simply sat with her rage, turning over her and Joy’s conversation repeatedly in her head. She wanted to punch something, hard, but considering her current surroundings, she settled for crossing her arms and scowling at the space in front of her. She looked over as a car passed by and ground her teeth together when she saw it wasn’t Scott’s. Where the fuck was he? She looked down at her watch and saw that only five minutes had passed since taking her place on the bench. LA traffic wouldn’t make Scott’s trip quicker. She was gonna have to stew here for a while. The idea annoyed her for a moment, before she decided it was probably for the best. She needed to cool down, or else she was certain she’d bite Scott’s head off the moment she got in the car.

Scott had a few different cars, but he’d had to take one of the cars that had more than two seats in it when he’d dropped Joy and Katie off, so when he’d been told that he didn’t have to pick Joy up, Scott hadn’t thought about it twice: he’d just jumped in one of his sports cars, and then… he had to hurry up and wait. Every second of stop and go traffic, he knew that Katie was probably just getting angrier. Scott didn’t know for sure that Katie was angry, but he was able to confidently assume.

After all, he’d been dealing with her being angry for longer than anyone except maybe Jamie.

When he finally got to pull up to where Katie was waiting, Scott prepared himself for the worst. The shortness of her texts had let him know that she was most likely already kind of angry, and his lateness was only going to make it worse — he’d have to get her some food to make up for this. Food would fix it, right? Probably not.

Scott finally stopped at the curb and rolled the window down to look at Katie. “Hey, sorry that took so long. Traffic is shitty in downtown LA.”

Katie silently stood and walked over to Scott’s car. She opened the door and sat down in the passenger seat, pulling the door shut with a slam behind her. “If I don’t get Shake Shack immediately, I’m going to fucking kill someone.” Her voice was a low grumble, and her eyes never even glanced towards Scott. She was still going over what Joy had said, finding new pieces to get pissed off at. “Do you hate my brother?” Katie posed the question out of the blue, after a moment of silence, this time turning to face Scott.

That was a hard hitting question. On the one hand, he could handle getting her Shake Shack. That was simple enough, it was just like, a food run. The other question, though? That was hard hitting! That was tough to answer; there was obviously a wrong answer, saying that he hated Jamie would end in a fight… Not that Scott did! It’s just, the truth wasn’t much better. “Well… No, I don’t hate Jamie. It’s just that, uh,” Scott decided that, fuck it, the truth was for the best. “I don’t really care about Jamie?”

“Right answer,” Katie said, staring out the window as they entered Downtown LA. “I don’t even care if you’re lying, you know, at least you had the good fucking sense not to tell me! But really, I mean, AJ’s your best friend, and Owen’s your family. You have good reason to hate Jamie, but you don’t! People need people you know, we can’t just give up on them cause they fuck up! You tell them it was fucked and then you help them fix it! That’s not complacency that’s just called being a good fucking person!” It wasn’t that Katie was being intentionally vague, it was just that when her mind was working like this, she had a tendency to forget the rest of the world, and the fact that they weren’t clued in to her thoughts.

Okay, she was yelling again. Well, on the bright side, at least Katie was pretty hot when she yelled… Everything had a bright side, right? Scott turned the car on an exit, heading toward the restaurant that Katie wanted. As she yelled, Scott kind of nodded, but did his best to stay safe. He didn’t want to start fighting with her, like, already. “What happened? Did Joy say something fucked up?” There was no other way around it, he had to just face check it. Once he figured out what happened, he could get to calming her down, as best he could.

“She did say something fucked up! She said that my brother’s fucked for writing that article, which I want to say, I did not dispute. I just said that I would stand by him and that I don’t really see why everyone cares about it now! I mean, no one said anything when he was writing about Becca and Damian hooking up, so why the fuck does she suddenly care! And then she said that me supporting him is just encouraging him! Like what the fuck! That’s fucked right?” Katie’s hands were flying as she told her story. Talking about it seemed to just fire her up more, and as she became more and more animated.

Scott didn’t really read the paper — he was a little surprised that they still had one, really? It seemed like a relic of the past… — but he felt like what Katie was saying made sense! “You’re right. It is kinda weird.” Scott could sense that something big had happened, and it was something that he had a lot of experience with. She’d had a fight with her best friend… Scott had been down that road more than once; he and AJ weren’t perfect, that much was for sure, and that wound up with them screaming at each other every once in a while. “Is this the first time you and Joy have fought?” He decided to just stick with being honest, but without waiting for an answer, Scott added. “Fighting with your best friend can be like… painful, sometimes. Trust me, I know. Especially over something like this.”

“I mean we’ve disagreed before, but not like this,” Katie said. Having Scott on her side strengthened her convictions, and her tone softened slightly. She wasn’t yelling anymore, and it seemed that the world might be safe from the wrath of Katie Callaghan. “I just don’t understand why she cares. I mean, what, Damian makes out with her and suddenly she’s the Queen of the Broken and the Damned?”

“Oh yeah, I forgot about that. Damian and Joy, I mean. It’s kind of weird with Damian sort of… not being in the forefront anymore? Who knew that dropping from the football team would lead to him being so… distant, huh?” Scott was maybe getting a little off track, but he didn’t think that was a bad thing! Calming Katie down was what was important now, and he felt like a little off track might be the right way to do that. “Are you gonna talk to her about it? I mean, you guys aren’t just gonna not be best buds, right?”

Katie sighed. That was a question right there. She didn’t not want to be friends with Joy, she knew that even with the rage that was currently driving her forward. She knew this would pass, but at the same time, she wasn’t going to just apologize for doing nothing. “I mean, I didn’t do anything right? Like, I’m not the one who needs to apologize. Okay, I did yell, but to be fair, my indoor voice is pretty much a yell.” Katie chewed on her lip struggling to see the way through this mess. “What would you do?”

“I’ll tell you, but I’m going to be honest — and you’re probably not going to like it.” Scott said, parking the car in front of the restaurant. So this was what being in a relationship was like, huh? He could get used to this. Still, he knew that he was going to let Katie down, or at least not feed her an answer that she wanted to hear. This was part of the job sometimes, though, right? “I’d talk to her, sooner rather than later. And I’d apologize — not for what you did, but for fighting.” Scott was almost lucky that the first time she needed boyfriendly advice it was on something he was intimately familiar with. “You can stick to your guns, while apologizing for yelling. If she’s really your best friend? She’ll apologize for the same thing.”

“I know it sucks, believe me, but sometimes you just have to swallow the pride and be the bigger person, I think this is one of those times.”

Katie chewed her lip some more, before releasing it from between her teeth. “You were right about one thing. I didn’t like it.” Katie opened her door and turned back to Scott. “Let’s get food, I don’t want to think about this anymore,” she said, stepping out onto the sidewalk.

“Yeah, that sounds good.” Well, she’d asked, and Scott wasn’t going to start nerfing himself in their conversations just to make her happy. That wasn’t what they had been about before, and he didn’t want that to be what they were about now. “I’ll pay.” He was still the boyfriend, though.

Katie rolled her eyes, but that didn’t stop the smile from spreading across her face. “I’m going to let you pay, but I still want to say that the patriarchal system of forcing a man to pay for a woman is stupid.”

As Scott got out of the car and hit the button to lock it, a smile came on his face too, while he took his spot by Katie, and reached out to grab her hand. As he interlocked their fingers, he looked over at her. “Hey, that’s my girl.”
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Featuring: Gwen Morgan & Cameron Hyde
Mentions: Riley@TootsiePop, Brynn@Melissa & Chris@GhostMami

Monday Morning


“Hey there marks it’s your girl, the one, the only Ace’s Morgan streaming live from my bedroom in all my glory. As you can see, today I’m repping the latest in AWE merchandise, the Gethin Rhys End Waltz shirt available on AWE’s official merch store to celebrate is third world title. Congrats Uncle G. Now onto the important stuff, Dare Night was a huge success. Many a shenanigans took place all in the hopes of winning that hefty sum of prize money. In the end though there could only be one winner and that was, le gasp, one Jasmine Fulton. Word on the street is that she made a deal with the devil in order to get ahead. Don’t worry my dear pets, I’ll get the scoop. On the flip reverse, some of you may know, most of you will not but today is a day to mark on your calendars. Today; hells favourite harlot is joining the BHHS Morning Show. Don’t worry babies, I ain’t going too commercial just yet. There’s still a little indie rock n roll left in this gorgeous bodess. Well, no time like the present so I’m heading out guys, allow me as always to leave you with a new banger to start your day off right: this is Strangers by City and Colour
Written by BrutalBx

After finishing the latest instalment of the Asylum, Gwen closed her webcam and returned to planning her outfit for the day. Her gothic room of red pain was a fucking shit hole, clothes and vinyl records littered the floor and the distinct smell of her favourite weed and booze permiated the air.

She sat down at her desk and began to apply some makeup, dark smoky eyes, of course this was a given, some black lipstick was always nice. She looked hot, she knew this, people also needed to know this. Grabbing her phone, the pulled down her new shirt to teasingly cover herself up and bit the bottom of her perfect DSL’s. Snapping a seductive selfie, she scrolled her phone for her boi and quickly hit the send button. Everything was new with Chris and it was exciting. She hasn’t felt like this in a long time, if ever at all.

Gwen finally decided on some leather shorts with a bullet belt, some knee high socks and her favourite doc martens. It was time to make her second sensual appearance on the morning show, this was going to be fun. Riley and Brynn were strangers to her; faces in the hall, names in the mouths of acquaintances and whispers in the ever gossiping halls of Beverly Hills High School. The irony that she, the heavy metal queen would be joining such a thing as the Morning show was not lost on Ace at all. Needs must and she needed to get her name out there if she was ever going to get out of this thing alive. The Morning Show was a way to do that.

Driving her Stingray to school, a feeling of nervousness and anxiety washed over Gwen like a violent downpour. It had nothing to do with the show however, no it was something else entirely. It was something she could see pulling into the school parking lot: Cameron Hyde. She had not forgotten about their run in on the boat a while back. She still had nightmares about his angelic face glaring down at her like a rabid dog, his strong hands forcing her against the wall as he snarled in her ear. The memory sent cold shivers down her spine like nothing else could. He was pure evil hiding behind a beautiful mask.

A true, handsome devil.

Normally, the only time you would see the dogtown psycho in Beverly Hills was if he was with McCarthy doing business but rumour has it that he was transferring. God help them all if that was the case. Gwen made the decision then that if he was here to stay, then they needed to become strangers.

Hyde climbed out of his Jeep Wrangler, cigarette in his mouth and bad intentions in his pretty blue eyes. Joining the kids of BH was nothing short of a genius stroke. Tuition was no issue thanks to Lee’s Dare Night shenanigans and now he could be here with his North Star, Jasmine as well as the other fine student bodies that the dirty filthy rich had to offer. He cared about her sure but there were many fine wine collections in the world and Beverly Hills just had so much to offer. Not to mention the business opportunities; these kids had too much money and not enough sense and Cameron Hyde was the perfect person to exploit them. He threw his cigarette onto the floor before checking his reflection in the driver side mirror. His face was a little beat up as usual but other than that he knew he looked like one sexy motherfucker. The monster glanced over the parking lot to see Aces Morgan gawking at him, terrified of course, as she should be. He smiled at her, waving mockingly to her as he did. It was time to see just how fucked up this side of the tracks truly was. He leaned into the back of the jeep, grabbed his bag and headed into the building.

Climbing back into her car, Aces grabbed hold of the steering wheel as tightly as she could in an attempt to control her breathing and force herself passed the panic she was feeling. Eventually she found herself in the studio with R and B and it wasn’t as awkward as she had anticipated, in fact it was actually quite light and easy. A good thing of course, it helped her brush away the dread that Hyde has ushered upon her. That said, Gwen knew so very little about the election. The midnight girl often considered herself well in the know when it came to the drama’s of BHHS but as far as this thing was concerned, the suicide blonde was as clueless as Alicia Silverstone.

”So, what do we need to know?”

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Featuring: Becca Helmsley
Location: The Morning Room Studio (Monday Morning)

Today would be a good day. These words ran through Becca’s head on an endless loop as her butler dropped her off in front of the school. As she stepped out of the limo, sporting a black blazer over a tight, red dress, students stopped and stared. In the weeks following Becca’s campaign announcement, two competitors had risen up. She didn’t expect any trouble from Yung Steve, really he couldn’t be that serious about this, but Emmy Lou Waters? She could be trouble. That southern hospitality bit she did was pulling people in, she could tell, so today she needed to be on her A game. She needed to show everyone that she could run this school.

As she strutted down the hall towards the Morning Show headquarters, she took stock of her position. Lawrence had been busy securing the teams votes, but it had paid off. Her wins on the soccer field hadn’t hurt either, and she’d made sure that people saw her chatting with Damian. He may not be the king anymore, but his opinion held weight, that much was obvious. Jamie Callaghan had refused her request for an endorsement in the paper, which wasn’t necessarily the end of the world, if her video could do well. She wasn’t sure when that snake had found some morals, but she wished he could’ve held off a couple weeks.

Inside the Morning Show’s studio she was expecting her brother to meet her, but instead a scrawny underclassman came to greet her at the door. “I can take the video for you Becca,” he said. She sized him up, eyes tracing him up and down, before pulling a CD case from her satchel and handing it to the boy. He scurried off to a room within the studio, filled with blinking lights and screens that showed their three anchors preparing for the show. She crossed her arms and stepped back. Watch it and weep, Emmy Lou.

“Beverly Hills has had a tumultuous year,” Becca’s voice rang out over a black screen before cutting to her on the soccer field, in uniform and flanked on either side by her teammates. “Our high school is the best because of our student body, and our student body can only be as good as who represents us.” The camera followed Becca as she walked off the field, and towards the school. It was plain as day that she had poured money into this. The camerawork was clearly professional.

“That’s why I’m stepping up to run for Student Body President. You all deserve the best, because you are the best, and that’s what I’m determined to offer,” Becca flashed a smile at the camera as it circled her. On screen, viewers watched from behind as Becca pushed open the doors to the cafeteria, and stepped in, greeted by the raucous cheers of well paid extras.

“I want a Beverly Hills High where respect rules the day, not rumors. I want a Beverly Hills High that fosters growth in our student body, not fear and loathing, and I want you to help me get there. This week, when the time comes, vote for Helmsley and Townsend. A Beverly Hills High for everyone!” Becca’s smiling face faded from view, and her voice poured out once more over a black screen.

“This message has been approved by Becca Helmsley.”

The Helmsley heiress couldn’t help but smile as her campaign video came to a close. She could practically hear them shouting her name, praising her. If Emmy Lou wanted to top that, she’d have to reach up that southern ass of hers and pull out some voodoo, because she had it in the bag.

Content now that she’d seen her clip air, she stepped back out into the halls of BHHS and headed for homeroom, heels clicking on the linoleum tile as she took in all of what was practically already hers. They’d love her, more than they’d feared Hailey, more than they’d worshipped Damian, and more than they could ever possibly love Emmy Lou Waters.
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During the Morning Show
Current IC Day
Collab with @Hey Im Jordan
May be of relevance to @smarty0114 & @Kitty

As excessive as Mina was, and this girl was pretty excessive, she was sitting on her lover’s lap on a fold up chair in the boiler room, under the gym. For dramatic effect. He had convinced her on the ride to school that she should talk to her cousin, immediately, and share everything that was on her mind, in her heart, and coursing through her soul. Since she didn’t want people to intrude on her moment with her cousin, she chose to send a text request for Hailey to meet her here during the Morning Show, when everyone would be distracted by the campaign commercials. She had already seen Becca’s and could only laugh at how FAKE it felt. What she instructed Emmy-Lou to do would CRUSH her idea, DIMINISH any attempt Becca had to win.

As if she’d let her!


Running her fingers through Christopher’s hair, she concentrated on what she’d say to Hailey and how she’d win her appraisal with such brilliance! Such cleverness! Such… deceit! She knew exactly what she needed to do to make the school right again and if Hailey understood exactly what she was trying to do, EVEN BETTER. “I hope she comes! She didn’t reply.”

The simple truth was, Hailey didn’t care about this. She didn’t care about the politics, or whatever it was that MIna was doing — not really. Hailey was above that now; she had a relationship, and that was more important than dealing with meeting with Mina and talking about her plans for the future. What did that even mean? Hailey delicately locked a bit of her hair behind her head, and opened the door to the room where Mina and Christopher (they were always together, at least Hailey had the tact to leave Butler out of the room for something like a private meeting). “Yes, Mina?”

“Please, have a seat, cousin. It’s been awhile since we last saw each other.” Mina gestured toward the other chair across from her. The offer was on the table but she suspected Hailey probably wanted her to get straight to the point. She would, soon enough. “You look great. Life’s doing you well, hm?” She was intrigued with how she’d answer that one. Sure, Hailey had Hana now, but that couldn’t change her feelings toward the school, could it? She ruled the school since freshman year. It would be unbelievable if one person was able to change her mind to where she was okay with how things were.

Hailey looked at the folding chair waiting for her, and wondered briefly how things had fallen so far, so fast. At least when she had called meetings, they had been in a Bentley, or a beautiful restaurant. Something like that. This? This was like a bad mid-2000s Die Hard clone. Hailey slowly sat down, and rested her head on a single extended index finger. Hailey blew at bangs that had already fallen back into her eyes, “I would say so. It has been a while, which is why I suspect there’s a reason you asked me to meet you in this, ah —” Hailey looked around the room, and back down at the chair she was sitting in, and finished. “— lovely meeting room.”

Mina’s lips curved up into a devilish smirk at Hailey’s response. Everyone had their own aesthetic and for Mina, it was in between teddy bears and trapping someone in a room of cement with no windows and doors. Blame her mother for that one. “I wonder what they’re going to do when there’s blood in the water.” Releasing her lover, she shifted her body so she was facing her cousin. After she crossed her legs, she conceited, “I love that idiom. If someone is bleeding in the ocean, sharks smell it and then oops! Every shark attacks. Same thing happens with chickens. If one chicken has a spot of blood, the others will peck him to death. It’s such a lovely phrase. A perfect example of this school.” She glanced at her sharp nails and released a giggle, “They think you’re weak, but they have no idea what it feels like to be a lamb for the slaughter. To speak plainly, I want those that thought they could defy you beg for mercy. Only the most bloodthirsty sharks will come out alive.” She quickly, with a cutesy gesture, covered her lips with her lace-gloved hand, “Metaphorically speaking.”

Placing her hands back on her lap, folding them, she continued her tangent with poise, “I won’t literally kill them, but I want to give them a piece of their own medicine. Make them admit to their wrongs. Destroy their image. Take what’s most precious away from them. Have them wish they never messed with the status quo. I will be that poison that destroys them slowly. I will speak for the people and be the storm. I’ll show them exactly what a riot feels, since they all think they have a right to the throne. The monsters will come out to play! And it will be GLORIOUS.”


“They have NO idea, Hailey. What I can do.”

This was what she wanted? Hailey couldn’t believe she was listening to this right now. Mina certainly earned her title of ‘drama queen,’ she didn’t know what she’d expected. Of course she’d gotten dragged down into a damp, humid, dark, smelly basement — it was humid, Hailey was certain her hair would be out of order when she finally left this horrid place. Mina seemed like she’d walked out of early 2000s AWE, back when it was bad. What was next? Was she going to claim that she was going to inject the school with a lethal dose of venom, or some crap?

Hailey wished she had a drink. Never before had she so powerfully and deeply understood her mother’s (both of them) reliance on alcohol. She wished she had something more clear to say, something more weighted, but the truth was that she had nothing more to say but something plain and simple, “I’m sorry?” It was all Hailey could think to say at first, before she shook her head. “I’m not interested in this kind of thing, Mina. I’m past it.”

“What?” This caused Mina to stand up, rushing to her bag and pulling out a folder covered with lollipops. “You gotta be shitting me.” She slipped out blown up pictures of the faces she knew were not in Hailey’s good graces and tossed them in the air, “All these fucking people, you’re not interested in teaching them a lesson? They painted you to be a bad guy! THE bad guy!” She knelt down and grabbed the picture that was closest to her which was of Quincy Hart and ripped her in half, “Really? You’re a damn Green.”

While at first, Hailey felt they were standing mostly as equals, as soon as her last name was brought into the mix, it lit a certain fire in her eyes, but… it certainly wasn’t the one that Mina wanted to be lit. Hailey reached up a single finger and wagged it at Mina. “Your politics? They bore me. Your demeanor, Mina is… I suppose I won’t be the first one to tell you this — and most likely not the last — but your demeanor is similar to that of a pouty child.” Hailey hissed in Mina’s direction, “You would do well to watch your tone when speaking to me.” Hailey shook her head. “Do you think I care what they say? I have my own business to attend to.”

“This is a joke, isn’t it? YOU slap people’s faces off when they step out of line. When people have a problem with you and want to pick a fight, you make sure to end it, leaving all those losers to rot. You have the power to get someone to commit social suicide. Without you, no one would know what the dream even is! This school is a complete joke now and you’re just… fine with it? WAHT.” Mina started retrieving her pictures, but she never looked away from Hailey’s face. Honestly, this was pissing her off even more. Did Hana fucking BRAINWASH Hailey?

“Correct. I don’t have time for this anymore. I have more important things to do. I would assume that you do too,” Hailey gestured at the silent young man who was sitting behind Mina. Christopher nodded his head, but didn’t speak up — this one was on Mina to fight. She wanted this fight, and he was going to let her fight it herself. “But, no. Instead, you choose to prioritize this kind of thing. Don’t you think you should be above this? Surely, the ‘queen’ of pop culture has better things to do than try and handle the politics of a school she hardly even bloody goes to.” Hailey huffed, rolling her eyes as she leaned back in the folding chair — ever so slightly. “Because, surely, this should be your priority. Abso-fucking-lutely.”

Unfortunately for Hailey and Christopher, the words did not seem to get through Mina’s skull, and she tugged her hair in disbelief, “So you’re going to act like what you’ve done in the past, what the school is fighting for, doesn’t exist? This place, that by the way will forget you, does not exist???? Are you doing this because you don’t want to exist? You just want to suddenly become irrelevant?! I guess you’re right. If you want to act like everyone else, like you don’t matter, that’s on you. But I thought YOU were better than that. I guess I was wrong! HA. This is hilarious. A fucking joke.” Like she was just handing Becca Helmsley the throne. FUCK THAT.

Christopher stepped in then, and put a hand on Mina’s shoulder, squeezing softly to relieve some of the pressure and feelings he knew she had. If she was tugging on her hair, he needed to put a stop to that before it got a little too intense. He took his other hand and pulled MIna’s away from her hair, giving a gentle shushing noise. Hailey, at least, seemed to not get involved in what they were doing; she would respect Mina’s… instability.

She would not, however, play nice with words. “Correct once more. This place won’t remember me, and it won’t remember you. Wake up! Do you think this is worth your time? Time is the one resource you can’t get back! Do you truly think it’s best spent plotting in basements and perching your fingers like a bad Dr. Evil impression?”

“Yes! At least until I get BORED. And right now Becca thinks she’s going to be on top of the hill and I don’t like that at all! There’s a nice picture in my head and it’s getting ruined by stupid ass fuckers that should loathe the day they were ever born.” Hugging herself, she started piercing her nails into her arms, painfully.

Christopher moved again, this time taking Mina’s arms and carefully twisting them so their fingers were laced together, as he again made the soothing noise in her ear. He knew he should have insisted they did this earlier, but he didn’t think he wanted to push Mina too hard. Mistakes had been made. “Deep breaths.”

“Listen. To your man.”

Hailey ran a hand through her hair, and stood up from her chair. “Is that all, Mina?”

Breathing in and out, in and out, Mina teethed, “Not by a long shot, Hailstorm. You’ll see me later, I can assure you.”


Hailey turned and left the room, and once she was out of the room, and back to somewhere with a fucking cell reception, she pulled her cellphone and tapped at it, before putting it to her ear. “We need to talk. Meet me at the Blue Lantern after scho — yes. There. Bring them all.” There was a pause. “Because Mina Bellerose has lost her mind, and the enemy of my enemy is my friend — or something like that.”
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