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Name: Lord Claus Rotstein

Age: 28

Gender: Male

Position: Lieutenant at arms, Captain of the "Steel fist" mercenary group.
Formarothian lord, imperial advisor of war.

Personality: Brash and a bit boastful, he drives his men hard but not too much. He is known as a tough leader but fair. When he can he tries to fix up some extra bonuses for his men, and at times even pay from his own pockets.
He has been likened to an unstoppable force in battle, with little fear and little regard for personal safety. If this is because of underlying mental problems is however unclear.

Appearance: media.discordapp.net/attachments/3314… Claus Rotstein is rather tall, with a rough slightly bearded face with several minor scars and a large scar running across his nose from his right side eyebrow to the left side of his jaw. Dark hair and dull blue eyes.
He wears a very nice tailored suit of plate armour made by an artisan serving house Blackwater with a lot of subtle, yet beautiful decor. The cuirass has his companies icon painted on it, the clenched white fist atop a black background.
He carried a flamberge greatsword and carries a mace, he has a decorated battle horn and a decorated misericord dagger.

Background: His family was burghers of minor renown whom tended a region of farms for the lord of Scassia. Claus was the second son of his father Adolf Rotstein and thus wouldn't inherit much.
The local lord though took him in as a man at arms for his personal army, and as such he was trained to become a potent fighter. He served the lord for many years and was rather successful.... apart from his darker side.
When he drank he became harsh and at times violent, and it showed that the monotone duties of his service in a low combat area made him take to the tankard more and more often.
He finally took a step to far and was dismissed from service after punching a nobles 3rd son and trying to approach his sister. He was however only demoted to lieutenant and discharged after his family helped him out.

His life now in ruins he took even more to the tankard and eventually got thrown out from his home. Eventually he joined the Steel fist mercenary company. He quickly got a recognition because of his great battle prowess and man at arms training.
The varied duties also kept him from drinking, which his fellows from now on made sure so he didn't drink to much.
After many years of service, the old company captain decided to retire, Claus Rotstein was selected for his outstanding service and promoted to captain.

The Steel fist now returns from a campaign in the east, having fought for the imperial concord.
The steel fist consists of mainly battle hardened fighters, with some new trainees as with any army. The army has good knowledge in sieges as well.

Gear. Halberdiers, about this. But with halberds and some tassets. They carry maces as well.
youtu.be/FH9yjmmAE3k?t=1m49s (It's a music video, and i jump in midway)

Pavise crossbowmen, about the same but with a pavise shield and a heavy windup crossbow and a mace.
The Steel fist numbers are supposed to be 2500 men, 750 of which are crossbowmen.
A new battlemage detachment numbers 20 mages, a group of 5 restoration mages have also been hired.
Following the war in the east, the steel fist is currently numbering roughly 2000 men, of which roughly 620 are crossbowmen. The mage detachment is on top of this number.
The mage detachment wear similar gear to the crossbowmen, minus the arbalest. Their shields are painted black with the white fist holding fire.
About 2/3 of the force is still Beilokias veterans while the last third is from the mercenaries of the Telmarion campaign. This distinction is interesting in terms of loyalties and skill.

Skills and traits: Claus Rotstein is a massively skilled swordsman and has a strong voice, he is a potent commander.

I write the things i know he has training or exposure in.
Swordsman - Grand master
Other combat - Master
Strategy - Adept
Tactics - Master
Logistics - Adept
Economics - Adept
Negotiation - Adept
Politics - Mediocre
Motivator - Expert
Intimidate - Expert
Farming - Mediocre

Known languages.
Formarothian: Fluent.
Elven: Accented. Poor writing.
Caelic: Broken. Cannot write.
Vogani: Knows a few insults and swear words.

Flaws: Claus has a few, but notable character flaws.
Alcoholism: If he's not careful, and don't get the mental support from his friends he will quickly fall back to his alcoholic past.
While he has a much greater tolerance to alcohol because of this, if he does get drunk he will lose all his restraints and easily become violent, unpredictable and dangerous.
Unrefined: Claus is not someone who suckers up to people, even when they do earn proper respect, he is also a commoner at heart.
This can if he is not careful very easily anger people of higher status and/or nobility. Since he do treat basically everyone with the same respect as a commoner until they have fancied his liking, where he will treat them as a friend instead. Which isn't much better than being treated as a drinking buddy.
Impulsive: Claus usually goes with his gut feeling, not one to plan for ages and carefully devise a plan.
Nope, come up with a solution that seems fair enough, and then just go with it.
While he does try to plan and consider his options, he usually fall back to intuition after a while.
Post traumatic stress disorder:
The repeated violent events and supernatural horrors he has suffered in the pasts are catching up on him. And after the war in Telmarion his psyche is beginning to properly show signs of lasting damage.
He is showing more and more signs of post traumatic stress disorder, he'd never admit the wars have taken a toll on him, question is if he even knows. But he can be unstable if reminded of traumatic events.

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House Raudhfell is a family that is linked to House De Reimer as Urd Raudhfell is Patrick's bastard daughter.
However it isn't necessary to read this, only if you want to

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Name: Jain Surya of House Ifreet
Age: (23)
Gender: (Male)
Sexual Orientation: (Women, but his true love dead. Oh, she dead. Very dead)

Captain of the Magi and a member of the 7. Status Unknown: Washed up on a foreign land with no idea who he was or how he ended up there. Amnesia.

Friendly. Loyal to his friends. Will happily joke around with his friends at a local watering hole or something.
A great sense of pride and honour. Honour bound to serve those who save his life. (especially a lot of these in battle).

Interest in old books and aesthetics.

Also, has developed a second personality named Marid (a powerful shade which the Draivim call Djinn) due to years spent on the battlefield. So, you might catch him with a dark aura around him from time to time (and no, you’re not imagining it so best to avoid him if you feel it). Moody. Likes to slaughter his enemies on the battlefield with no mercy, no prisoners.

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Name: William "Willy" Flin

Age: 31

Gender: Male

Sexual Orientation: no particular preference just what ever he feels like paying for.

Position: Merchant Lord

Personality: Brash and cocky who believes that because his wealth is earned, rather than inherited, he has more practical skills than many other power players giving him a naturally hostile attitude towards them (unless they pay well). Despite his naturally hostile and cocky nature he has a level of respect for the poor and downtrodden as he finds that they remind him of when he was in his youth. While an easy going fun lover, any who try to prohibit his goods and services have made a spiteful enemy.

Weaknesses: his main weakness is his prideful nature as he will attempt to do anything no matter the risk as he feels the need to show himself to be the greatest merchant lord in all of Formaroth. He also as an intense love of alcohol celebrating at every occasion. His final weakness is his cocky nature making him never truly see or care about dire situations.

Appearance: A tall large built man, pale skin, gray eyes and a scar wrapping around his left eye. He has jet black,hair held back loosly in a greasy knot with a rough but somehow maintained beard which is more of a dark hay colour. He wears fine silks as the custom of his native land of Akki however his differ from most as he has adopted a black silk robe with yellow arms and chest and matching yellow shoes. He wears a taxidermy bear pelt on his shoulder with it's head resting on his left shoulder. It is rumored that he slew the bear himself while on a trade expedition in Raeldar. However there is also a rumor the bear was just bought from a local vendor. But that rumor is slowly dieing out...

Background: Born to a mother who loved him so much she died before even getting a chance to hold him and a father who's bakery was the pride of joy of his life leaving his son to the curb to tend to his bread. By the age of 8 William had learned the most valuable lesson in life is survival. He saw a gang of money launderers entering into the family bakery and after hearing smashing, yelling and fighting he left out of his bedroom window to live an independent life from then onward. His father died that night from a fire caused by the launderers however when questioned prior to execution for murder they where heard saying that the fire came from up the stairs... From the bedrooms... His life remained uneventful until the age of 12 when he got a job, on board the "forgotten soul" a small trade vessel, as a look out. At 16 he began to hate and spite his crew, so while on shore leave he met a band of marauders and sold his crew out; there were abouts and travel roots in exchange for ownership of the vessel following the plundering. By 20 the forgotten soul was now a huge well built galleon and trading all across the world. By 23 his ownership fell to two more ships after a band of marauders unfortunately fell victim to food poisoning while on shore leave. By 27 he was a world famous trader trading everything from fruit, weapons, spell books and even narcotics including the highly addictive and illegal Pixie Gall. Owning 8 ships including the forgotten soul he is now the largest independent merchants
Now he has just returned from a long trip from Beilokias to find Formaroth in a state of uncertainty. One things for sure, there's a profit to be made here.

Skills: a master of diplomacy and trading, while also a skilled swordsman he puts little effort into it.
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Full name: Amaranthis (coming from the flower named Amaranth - The amaranth flower is one of the symbols of immortality and has been used as such a symbol since the time of Ancient Greece. Indeed, the word comes from the Greek amarantos, meaning the "one that does not wither," or the never-fading (flower).
Nickname: Flower

Age: 21

Gender: Female
Sexual Orientation: Unknown
Position: None
Adventurous – Amaranthis adores adventuring around the broad forests of Legon. She often ventures outside of Legon as well but masks herself in a grey cloak covered in beautiful grey wolf fur.

Fearless (within her territory)– Often gets into dangerous situations whilst living and adventuring around the forests. Wild animals can be both friends and foes. Nevertheless, life has put Amaranthis through enough of those situations since birth.
Fearful (outside of her territory) – Often fearful when exploring outside of the forests of Legon as others of her kind are unknown to her but she often sees them and they try to approach her. She seems curious to respond back but fears of the reactions somewhere she is not familiar at and is unable to blend and hide.

Moody/Impulsive – Amaranthis changes her mood every minute. As soon as she thinks of doing something she stops and does something completely different. As soon as she feels happy and energetic seeing the refreshing sunrise she stops and thinks of the upcoming sunset to end her day.

Sneaky – She likes to blend in with nature… whenever “one of her kind” shows up she becomes one with the green forests in order to observe them. She once came so close to “one of her kind” she stole a woolen bag full of things that tasted good and shiny things that she couldn’t chew on.

Crafty – Amaranthis loves making things from fur and anything green. Building a shelter is a must especially in colder times.
Gullible/Childish – being taught peace by Lily, Amaranthis believes that everyone is kind deep inside. She often falls into situations where she decides to trust enemies (enemy wolves) falling into dangerous traps leaving her with bad wounds.


Short and slim, straight posture. Tanned tender skin absorbing every sunray with joy. Long red hairs, black colored curious eyes, red lips often forming into a smile. Covered most of the times in ivy and flowers in summer times. In winter, covered in soft wolf fur and sometimes stolen things from “one of her kind”.
Amaranthis has always had these green markings all over her body since birth. From her face to her toes. She never knew how they appeared all she they were there all of the time.

Background: Amaranthis was raised by a woman with the same green markings named Lily. Lily raised Amaranthis to speak with animals and nature. She taught her of peace and meditation of love for green and its astonishing gifts. She taught her of craftsmanship. Lily would often speak with unicorns.. she had the ability to.. she brought it to Amaranthis as well. Other than that, Lily never spoke of “The past”. She said that she had found Amaranthis curled up as an infant in autumn leaves in the forests.
As Amaranthis grew older – age 16, Lily died torn up by a pack of wolves’ enemies as she stepped into their territory trying to make peace once more. Amaranthis grew in anger but after a while she decided to come into peace with her own mind and accept that nature gives and takes as Lily taught her ones.
Amaranthis often explored the endless forests of Legon, until one day after the death of Lily she stepped even farther away and found herself in a completely unknown territory. There were strange big shelters made from stone and some of her kind walking around, one of those just like Lily and her! She was astonished to find them but grew in fear to get close.
Now at the age of 21, Amaranthis knows her kind is close but strange. She often roams around the towns and markets sneaking trying to find out more as curiosity kills her. Now, she knows her kind is different, they shapeshift, lift things without even touching them. She has recently seen one of them carry a unicorn horn. That could not be good. She feared.

Speaks/Interacts with animals
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Name: Sadatake Kanna

Age: 25

Gender: Female

Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual

Position: Noble, Daughter of the Shogun Sadatake Ayeka, Samurai

Kanna is a confident young woman and takes after her father in some ways. She is cunning on both the battle field and when dealing with others, often catching her opponents off-guard due to their misogynist views of the capabilities of a woman in a position of power. She has the capacity to be ruthless and will be so when it comes to her twin brother and upholding her father's wishes. Kanna desperately seeks her father's approval to avoid the fate that her mother finds herself trapped in.

However, underneath it all is a compassionate woman who cares for her people and will try to find a fair middle ground when possible, but only if it doesn't interfere with her father's orders. If one is fair with her, she will respond in kind. Offer anything less, and she will respond with malice. She is not generally swayed by emotions and handles most situations with a calm perspective. After a long demanding days, she enjoys taking a nice hot bath followed by some quiet time with a canvas and some brushes.

Weaknesses: Kanna is closest with her twin brother and will do anything for him to a fault. Her biggest fear is to lose her other half on the battlefield and not being able to do anything to stop it. Her next fear is sharing the same fate as her mother, married to a lord who will keep her locked away from the world and all it's wonders. After those two things, there isn't much else she has come to dread on this earth. While Kanna is mostly a calm woman, once she is set off she can have the most terrible temper and act without regard for her own safety or to her limits.


Kanna stands taller than most women of Seikatsu with a height of 5'6" (167.3cm) with skin so pale that she doesn't bother with whitening it with makeup like most other women and thick hair as black as raven's feathers that reaches her lower back. She has a slender, but muscular build, as she trains daily in various combat styles. She has a decently sized chest, about the size of grapefruits, but she keeps her breasts tightly bound so that they don't interfere with her swordplay or serve as a distraction for men.

As cultural standard demands, Kanna is often stoic, showing little emotion other than what is acceptable when in public. In more private settings or when provoked, she'll show more raw feelings. When in the field, she'll wear men's clothing over women's, taking comfort and ease of movement over beauty and societal standards. Because of this, she will also have her hair up in a high ponytail, so that is stays out of her face, rather than spend time on some elaborate up-do. She wears a katana and a wakizashi strapped to her hip for most occasions, showing her status to others as a samurai. The only time she is without either of those blades are when she has to be in a formal setting dressed in a kimono, but she will always have a tanto, a knife about 6" (15cm) long, on her person for protection.

Skills: Kanna is a talented artist, capable of recreating any scene or object from memory with great detail. As a daughter of a Shogun, she is trained in the proper etiquette and customs of her people. In terms of combat, she has the following skills:
Average Swordswoman - Kanna had to modify her sword style to accommodate for the fact that most of her opponents would be able to easily strike her down if she relied on strength alone. Thus, she focuses her training on speed and her ability to parry strikes.
Poor Archer - while she can string a bow and nock an arrow, she has poor aim and will often miss the target.
Average Martial artist - Kanna is a capable martial artist who focuses more on using her opponent's movements against them, rather than trying to use the strength of her blows to win a match.
Adept Strategist while on the field - Kanna is able to analyze the battle in front of her and make decisions accordingly. She shows promise and will flourish under guidance.
Master Rune Lord (Madoushi) specializing in restoration and blood magic - Kanna is a highly skilled rune lord with in depth knowledge of the human anatomy and physiology. This knowledge is also what allows her to be a formidable blood mage as she can cause any wound to become more severe. She often pairs blood magic with her swordsmanship to secure victory in a fight.
Adept equestrian - Kanna has a love for horses.

Kanna and her twin brother were born in the spring at the height of the cherry blossom blooming period to Sadatake Ayeka, the Shogun of Akaiba. A fitting birth date for the children of a nation who's culture embodies beauty and mortality. Their early years were spent with their mother until they were old enough to hold a bokken, a wooden sword, and it was then that their lives took a different turn. Kanna showed promise as a Madoushi and was trained in the restorative arts until she became a master at the age of 20. During her training and research into her mastery, Kanna also developed skills as a blood mage, becoming useful to her father not only as a healer, but as a weapon of death as well.

Among the less traditional schooling that is not often provided to women, Kanna was taught the way of the sword as well as hand to hand combat, which gave her the status of samurai on top of being the shogun's only daughter. Both skills were modified so that she could fight on equal terms of most men. More traditionally of women of her status, she was taught to read, write, how to behave as a noblewoman, and what is expected of her in society. Her younger days were busy and packed to the brim with studying, but she always found the time to paint and draw as it was her only outlet from the stressors of status.

Determined to be more than just something to marry off for political gain, Kanna has spent her entire life trying to live up to and exceed her father's expectations. The past five years were the most impactful for her as she has shown that she wasn't a burden to the other samurai and was more than capable of holding her own on the field. She has been under the wings of an elite samurai unit, the Okuri-Okami, who answer directly to the shogun. The Okuri are distinguishable from the other samurai by their masks. It's a half mask that covers the lower portion of their faces, from the nose to the chin, with the design of a wolf's snarling muzzle. The Madoushi of the unit wear more full faced wolf masks with only their mouths unobstructed so that they can channel spells more freely. Kanna wears her own mask that depicts a white faced fox with red markings and blackened extremities.
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