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IC is up for this always open RP.


The world of Telduria is filled with dangers and opportunities. The world is made up of numerous factions, kingdoms and alliances. Most of the time there is relative peace but every now and then wars and skirmishes breaks out. There is a council of nations which tried to mediate peace between the nations. Each nation is represented along with the guilds which span the world.

The guilds have an invested interest in keeping the peace due to how they work across the borders. The different nations make up half of the council while the guilds make up the second half. The balance in the world is on a life's edge. A powder keg waiting to blow, but no one dares to make the first move.

After the formation of the adventures guild and the mercenary guild most nations dissolved their militaries and instead the army is more of a policing force than an offensive one while the guilds hunt down dangerous creatures and monsters that appears in the world.

The nations have changed their ways from war to one of assassination, espionage, economics and diplomacy. World leaders don't tend to survive very long if they don't have guards with them at all times.

While officially there is no assassin's guild or thievs guild they do sure exist and are thriving like never before in the current political climate. That and the other guilds don't stop them since they also hire their services from time to time.

The various temples and religions have no official power part from some nations which are based around a belief. In actuality though they have considerable powers since they control the masses just as well as the rulers themselves. Get on their bad side and you might just find an assassin coming for you.

The world is there for you to explore, exploit or serve. Which path with you take? Honour? Nobility? Perhaps a darker path? Its up to you to decide.

This RP is sandbox styled with focus on player choices and actions. The main story revolves around the players but there are numerous things happening behind the scenes that the players don't know about unless they investigate it themselves.

For example The players might hear a rumor about a daemomic cabal which wants to summon a daemonic horde to wipe out a country. The players choose instead to take over the country themselves. But then Perhaps a few years down the line the cabal succeed and crush the country, players included if they don't deal with the threat.

I as the GM would act like the environment and control the NPC's much in the way of how a DM would in tabletop games.
The rules are the standard rules you are everywhere with a few addons which I'll post in the OOC.
Pretty much they revolve around not being an ass.

While there is an underlying plotline and events, quests, ect, the players have complete freedom on what they want to focus on and do. I wont also you on the wrist for killing a town, but fully expect the consequences of your actions.

Want to live like bandits? Do that. I won't stop players from living out their fantasy in the RP. This also means that the RP will always be open for characters and multiple groups of any size. Player choices can bring the groups into conflict with each other, which is fine, as long as it gets solved realistically and in character.

There will be an alignment, fame and infamy system which I'll keep track of in the OOC.
Amongst other things.

Feel free to invite others to the RP. Any and all that you enjoy RP'ing with. Due to the dynamic there is a distinct chance that the different groups may never meet, or a while into the RP.

Existing guilds

Unofficial guilds

Holy orders
Four major ones

Four main ones
They all have priestly orders

At least 14

Current small skirmishes between nations: 3

Different forms of slavery

A plethora of player races
Other fey
Sea creatures with transform
A few divine entities

Sea creatures bound to sea
Divine entities

Anything you can think of. Since there are so many combination of skills I'm not going to name any.

Basic character sheet
Spell skills
Other skills
Affiliation and rank
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A few who might be interested?
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@Zhaliora This sounds cool! ^-^ Might need to know a little more in terms of what magic is like and how character creation will be, but I'm sure you're working on the missing things :D Please let me know when you aim to start this!
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@ZhalioraSo to clarify, this is a medieval/fantasy sandbox RP? If so, I'm definitely interested.
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@Delta44 Magic is quite simple in the sense that it works like the elements works. Magic is mostly limited by imagination and experience within the field. To properly cast spells you need to understand how the spell works. To improve it further then you need to know how the "element" works. For example superheat a rock and fling it towards your opponents and you've just chucked plasma at them. If someone throws mud at you; you can turn it solid with heat and air manipulation.
There are summoning, blood, necro, daemonic magic and stuffies as well, ofc, which work in a similar principle.

As for character creation it's quite simple as well.
Basic CS. If you want to be a master mage, then you need the age, and background to support it. For every perk there needs to be an equal negative or reason for it.

And starting would be whenever we get at least four players. I can run it with less, but it's more fun with more.

@SpicyMeatball Yes indeed.
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I probably shouldn't be joining any other RPs at the moment but I'll be sure to keep an eye on this one in case it tempts me any further.
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@lavulman I have the exact same feeling
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Guess I have to write in more juicy details so that you'll get drawn in enough. :D
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@Zhaliora I'm definitely interested in this! Sounds like a cool concept, and a nice way for me to pop back into the world of roleplaying after taking a little break. Count me in!
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@Zhaliora This looks very interesting and fun, but too be honest I don’t have too much experience with RPing. With this being an advanced RP will there be a certain level of description or post length required?
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@Croissant Length is more important when it's solo posts with little interaction between players and GM controlled NPC actions.
Otherwise grammar, character development and depth are more important. Along with a very clear separation between character knowledge and player knowledge.
I am a sucker for descriptions but it should not disrupt the flow of the post.
If you're unsure about if it's enough for my standards; send me a writing example.

I'll start working on the OOC tomorrow since at least four players have shown interest.
Perhaps I can rope in the two uncertain ones. ;)
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Tentatively interested, based on the size and scope for the party/parties
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Have to retract my interest, other RPs precede joining another 😖
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Since I've caught a pretty bad migraine I've not been able to work too much on the actual writing part. I've got it all thought out but not onto "paper" yet.
I updated the first post with some bullet points of what to expect when it comes to basic background and character creation.
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@Zhaliora Definitely interested!
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@Zhaliora Joining a group RP is a terrible idea for me. Color me interested, lol.
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So what sounds good to you guys:
1. Young vampire merchant who hates blood. Tries her best to be a good person despite being a vamp.
2. Royal retainer to a princess whose skill in combat is unmatched, but skill in brains is outmatched. Edge.
3. A Casanova exploiting the poor with his wicked tongue, who may end up in jail.
4. An exorcist on a quest to find his missing family who has gained a lot of attention through rumors. Slight edge.
5. Something else (Amnesiac? Idk.)?

I try to avoid filling in roles other players might like to play and "fill in the gaps", so-to-speak c: But I also like working with people, especially in large RPs like this one, so if anyone has an idea that works well with these (or wants me on-board as their buddy as something else) lemme know! ;)

Personal Note: Leaning towards idea 2 because I haven't played it yet and really would like to, buuuuut I can definitely understand if it wouldn't work in the RP :3
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I’d definitely be interested in this.
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