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Peppin's House

Fritzi just rolled her eyes at Ashton's comment about flame, keeping up her smile. ”I didn't take you for one of those wealthy perverted types.” A gust of wind blew a mop out of the house and towards Ashton. He was able to catch it before it smacked into him. ”As for the history lesson you just requested, I can't go over everything with you. This house really needs to be cleaned, and I recommend you hit up a library if you're really curious.” She walked towards the front steps. ”But the short version is that we have a single emperor who's not even old enough to be considered a man. A dragon blessed this nation, and the gods make enemies of all their subjects.” she looked over her shoulder to wink at Ashton. ” Get cleaning. You do the downstairs, I'll get started upstairs.” As soon as she arrived at the front door, she kicked off her shoes and walked inside. ”If you need anything else, the shed might have some stuff you can use.”

Ashton had been told from the others that Fritzi was rather adamant about going up stairs, and it was impossible to stop her from doing so. What would Ashton do now?

Hero's district

Aer snorted. ”Just because I don't suspect you to be with the witch cult doesn't mean I'm going to believe every random thing that comes out of your mouth.” She made no attempt to look back at Flame. ”Let's just focus on getting you through this without going through a court room. You know far too little about your situation and there aren't enough clues to make sense of it.”

And they did it! They made it to Mr frosty pants again! But now we have to go through another wondrous collab interrogation with Alistair to see if they pick up any weird stuff with him.


Quill turned to Chieko and blinked a few times. “Fascinating.”

Donovan continued to be useless buy just looking between the two. ”Chieko!”

“It's fine, Donovan.” Quill lifted her fingers to her chin. “She made a very specific call out too, didn't she? She thinks I'm going to do something with Hiro, and she thinks I'm looking for a clairvoyant. She even knows I'm an oni, despite looking exactly like a human.” She lowered her fingers. “That's an incredible amount of information for one person to possess.”

Donovan folded his arms. ”What's the meaning of this Quill?”

“I mean her words go beyond intuition. I can tell that Hiro is the most capable fighter here. More than that, he IS a capable fighter. The way he's positioned himself between me and everyone else, the way he keeps me in his sight at all times. He knew I was a threat coming in here.” Quill looked at the others. “Aerith has placed herself furthest away from me, and is probably the most frightened and weakest person here, and Chieko, well, anyone who's willing to be so direct obviously has a lot of confidence. She might even be the leader. But I'm unsure if all that moxey reflects her abilities or just her ego. And the other girl seems ignorant of what is going on.” She blinked. “But that doesn't make one a clairvoyant.” She looked at Chieko again. “A clairvoyant doesn't know what someone wants to happen, they know what's going to happen. It isn't enough to know what I want to do, you need to know what I'm going to do once things go south. When I panic or follow my own intuitions. It's predicting those sorts of things that makes one a clairvoyant.” A smile crept across Quill's lips. “So, do you think you can manage that? Will you take Hiro's place and follow me to the back of the clinic? You seem to know what I have planned, so it should be easy. Or are you going to recommend something else?”
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Ashton Andrews

Ashton snorted at being called a pervert, although his family on Earth was well-off. Choosing to clean the room for a while, until Fritzi had gotten herself into a false sense of security, the boy weighed his options. The shed and continuing to clean this room were the most boring options, and although Ashton considered himself even-tempered and mature for his age, he still didn't want to be bored. And, despite his defense of Fritzi one reset ago, a defense that still stood, the boy was suspicious now. He didn't believe Fritzi was evil, but he was also sure that the 'Demihuman Liberation Front' weren't truly evil.

So he kept cleaning, using his new mastery of Yang Magic to improve his speed and focus, until the section of the room facing the stairs was clear of dust and cobwebs. Then, with a grin, Ashton decided on a novel use of his Yang Magic: lighten his steps by focusing it on his feet.

"Jiwald," he whispered, focusing on his feet and legs, pumping the energy of his magic into them. The feeling of drain came as a surprise; it seemed that the boy had less energy to spend on spells than he thought. But there was no time; Ashton knew instinctively that the longer he lingered, the less likely it was that he might confirm (or disprove) his defense of Fritz.

So he climed up the stairs, trying to be as silent as possible. If Fritzi was truly alone, he planned to go back down. If she was not... He planned to listen in.

Flame Brooks

Flame chuckled at Aer's skepticism, "Skepticism is a good option; I pick it a lot myself."

Good, another interview. He can do this, and just repeat what he had said earlier...
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~Chieko Okawa~

Hero's District, Priestella
Death count: 1
Reset Count: 4

Part of her wondered if she had just royally fucked up, but what was said was said and she had dug her proverbial grave now. She could feel a mild sweat forming on her forehead as she realized she hadn't really planned this very well. What could she do? Well, she couldn't certainly stay quiet after that at least. That confidence Quill mentioned was quickly faltering.

"...uhm," Chieko resisted the urge to pull her scarf over her mouth as she decided on her course of action. A brief moment of hesitation. "Obviously, my clairvoyance is the real deal. You'd be a fool to think otherwise." To go or not to go? Should she? She didn't know what at all would happen if she went back there. She could try to bait quill into attacking. That would at least be a path traveled before, but after coming so far she was determined to win.

"So I'll go with you." Chieko cast a glance towards Aki and Aerith. She honestly needed to avoid fighting if she could. "...but instead of fighting like worthless animals we could instead, talk, otherwise you'll end up disappointed."

Damn, she should have worded that as though talking was already a certainty instead of assuming she was going to be hostile.
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Heroe's District

”Right, let’s get this over with” It was, at last, Alistair's turn to be interrogated. If everything went well, he and his companions would have all of the reinforcements they needed. But in order for that to happen. They needed to survive long enough for this interrogation to be over. Crunch pulled out a chair and sat in it, folding one leg over the other. ”I'm Captain Crunch. I oversee a fair portion of the king's naval fleet and am currently stationed here to make sure the waters remain bandit free.” She folded her arms. ”Aer and Wisp told me a little bit about what was going on, but I'd like to hear it from you now.”

Had the fact they were in a place far estranged from their own homeland not been made blatantly clear, Alistair would likely have thought this woman to be insulting him. But it would appear this woman's name was actually just a strange coincidence. That, or Quaker Oats had some explaining to do.

"A pleasure to meet you, Captain." Interrogations weren't exactly the ideal way to speak to another person, but for the moment, it was simply enjoyable to be able to speak without an immediate fear of being killed... again. Though for all Alistair knew, this could very well change. He decided to be a bit less rash in his dealings with this woman, at for as long as it benefited him.

He sat back in his chair. "I suppose it would be easiest to simply say that we were abducted by some strange individual, but that wouldn't explain everything, would it? It would be certainly be better to mention how different the land I hail from is, in just about every conceivable way. All it takes it a glance around to know that the place I appeared in was nowhere near the same as the one I had originally been in. Though more interesting was the fact that magic seems to exist, when it was considered nothing but fiction where I come from. So trust me when I say that spontaneously having the world go black and ending up in this pitch black void with some unfamiliar figure is not exactly a common occurrence in my home. All I can gather from this figure is that they wanted me to meet someone, with the implication of some sort of relationship starting. After that had more or less been made clear to me, I wound up in this city, completely out of place and confused."

She nodded. ”This strange individual, did you get a good look at them?”

"No," he replied. "I wasn't exaggerating when I said it was pitch black. Seeing my hand in front of my face would've been a commendable feat."

Crunch fret her brow. ”I see.” As soon as the woman stood up, she walked closer to Alistair. ”You aren't afraid of me correct?”

The only reaction Alistair gave to Crunch's action was a raised eyebrow, as if confused as to why she was even bothering. Almost dismissively, he sighed and claimed, "One such as myself is above fear, particularly from yourself."

He paused before adding, "The fault is not entirely your own though."

The captain walked closer to Alistair. The table was no longer between them, as she was standing just a few feet away now. ”You came here with some other people, correct?.” She held her chin and walked around Alistair's seat. ”Did you know any of them?”

At this point, even Alistair was a bit surprised he hadn't immediately been attacked. For some reason, lately he had been angering a bunch of people. He was glad to see she was a sensible human being. "None of them personally." he answered truthfully.

Crunch reaned over Alistair. It was hard to tell at first, but now that she was so close, he could see that she was sniffing. ”Hmmm...” She sniffed the air a bit more. ”Alright, the interrogation is over.” She stood upright and put her hands behind her back. ”You will both be given passports, which means you won't have to worry about the guards mistaking you for bandits. Were there any other questions that you had?”

Alistair stood up, taking very obvious notice to her uncomfortably close sniffing. "I suppose I should ask if you like what you see?" he asked rather casually, obviously mistaken it for some strange form of courting. Fuck, he didn't know how they did things.

She groaned. ”I do not, actually. You've lied to me once during the interrogation.” She the corners of her lips were curled into a frown. ”I wouldn't have thought much of it, but you have the faint smell of a cultist on you. Flame had no such smell on himself, which means there’s something off about you..” She paced behind Alistair. ”You wouldn't happen to know how that happened, would you? Is there a reason why you lied about seeing your abductor?”

Alistair clicked his tongue in annoyance, but otherwise remained calm. "A shame. Name aside, you are rather attractive yourself. But I digress." Alistair didn't seem to be taking the situation very seriously, as he appeared relaxed, likely in contrast to the others. "I can't exactly say much on that particular subject." he explained. Exactly what he could say regarding Talus was something he did not experiment much with before this point, so it would not be untrue to say he was hesitant on even indirectly speaking of him. Since she had caught him, however, he figured it better to at least try, lest he find himself in an unfavorable situation. Again.

His arms crossed, Alistair continued. "Aside from avoiding a nuisance, there really wasn't much of a reason. I am physically incapable of giving you the information you had requested, and even saying this much is something I wasn't sure of until this point. But it appears that worry was for not. I realize how that may make me look, but there simply were not ulterior motives behind the lie." he had turned to face her in this time, ensuring eye contact with the woman.

"But now you have me intrigued. I smell of a cultist? I can not say I understand what you mean by that." feeling somewhat self conscious of himself, he raised an arm to his nose and sniffed. The only thing he smelled was what you might normally expect a man to smell of after a bit of exercise in the form of not dying to a giant wolf and armed individuals earlier. Wasn't a very 'cultist-like' smell in his opinion. Wasn't exactly pleasant, either.

When Alistair was done sniffing himself, he noticed that Crunch was no longer looking at him. She was staring off into space with a finger on her smiling lips. ”It's not something normal people can smell. I'll tell you about it later.” She looked up in the air. ”But none of that was a lie, even when you said I was attractive.” She turned back towards Alistair. ”Since you're a legal visitor now, would you mind filling in for a dinner date?”

Alistair was certainly a bit caught off guard by the sudden change in mood that Crunch was displaying, for a moment his eyebrow found itself raising. He wondered if she was just overconfident in her ability to discern a lie from the truth of if somehow she was magically able to tell. The exact limitations of magic, were there any, were not known to him, so he could not be sure. He'd so little experience after all.

"I will hold you to that, then." he said. Alistair would love to have heard more about this cult right now, but given her proposal immediately after, maybe that would be a better time to speak of it? Assuming that the dinner date is real, with her, and not simply a euphemism for something unpleasant. Also that he didn’t reset before then. Which was likely, considering it was probably this would delay the reinforcements that the others needed.

Alistair realized completely just how selfish something like this would be. How dangerous it technically was, too. But there was things he wanted to know. And he could not say he did not like the implications of having this 'dinner date'. Maybe the others would be upset, knowing he was merely a man. A great man, but a man nevertheless, and even during all of this, men have needs. Wants. Though it should come as no real surprise. For at his very core, Alistair Archibald was a man who did anything to get what he desired.

"No," he said, looking directly at Crunch. "I don't think I'd mind it one bit."

And right now, he desired food.

”Seems your friend has other arrangements now that he's free.” Mono handed Flame a passport. ”Seems your story checked out, but only so long as you don't piss anyone off.” He waved his hand. ”Be on your way.”


Quill took a deep breath. “Disappointed huh? If I'm the savage you make me out to be, can I really be disappointed by one more corpse?”

Hiro balled his hands into fists, but he didn't move from his position. ”I hope you know what you're doing. I have faith in it regardless.”

Chieko didn't have much time to respond before Quill took her hand and walked down the hall. It seemed like just a half an hour ago she was running away from Quill down these halls, an inferno chasing behind her. Now Chieko was walking with her hand-in-hand, though the mood was still tense. Quill's free hand was holding a flame that illuminated the path ahead. Blood stained sheets that trailed off into shadows. “Well, since we're not fighting, we can talk.” Her eyes shifted onto Chieko. “What would you like to discuss?”

Chieko was mostly silent as Quill led her down the corridors, trying to think of whatever it was she could say. Different things she could use to her advantage to make sure she got out of this.

"Mhm..." Ask how she knew about them? No, that would be a fool question to ask. She shouldn't ask many questions. Too many and it'd be obvious. She needed to make statements and certainties. Maybe start with an introduction? She just needed to act like she already knew many things, and this would go smoothly...right?

"...you should know that I am foreign to this place. I only know a little, what my clairvoyance has showed me."

“I hope it showed you the important bits then.” Quill took her eyes off of Chieko. “You won’t get a history lesson from me, if that’s what you’re hoping.”

Okay, good so far.

"It showed me the trouble with the Oni's and the humans." She replied with a growing nervousness. She was just working on what she had heard from Quill during her last run through. What the others had learned also helped slightly, but even still they were educated guesses more than anything. "...and I know you want a Clairvoyant for revenge."

Chieko had to resist the urge to hide her face in her scarf.

"Honestly, I have no desire to help those who skulk about in the shadows." Chieko sighed, her manner of speech defaulting to her normal nervousness. "But I am feeling generous and as a stranger in a strange land, I also find myself in need of help. So perhaps I could be persuaded."

Quill stopped. The gears were clearly turning. “Perhaps.” Her grip on Chieko got a bit tighter. “I feel like I need to remind you that we are going to test your ability very soon. But you've already made a mistake.” Quill turned her entire body towards Chieko. “I don't need a clairvoyant for revenge. That's something I get every time I put one of your kind in the ground. ” She chuckled. “But you have me curious now. Someone as powerful as yourself, one who can see an outcome to all things, what could I possibly offer you?”

Urf, that was a mess up wasn't it? She needed to choose her words carefully and it seemed like she had just done the opposite of that. She'd need to be more careful, but she was more curious as to this test of Quill's. It...probably involved something dangerous. Judging from their behavior and previous record, it was a high probability.

"Like I said. I am a stranger in a strange land. I don't own an ID...and aside from my clairvoyance I can't defend myself well. A situation any respectable hero-to-be needs to quickly rectify, obviously. No money either." Chieko frowned. "And I'd like my abilities to remain unknown. It tends to attract...problems."

The wild look in Quill's eyes faded, Like a fire being doused in water. “It makes you feel... Vulnerable?” Quill's grip on Chieko's wrist weakened. “What sort of problems could your powers cause you? Couldn't you just avoid them?”

"Use your head, you thick-brained fool." Chieko scoffed. How far could she push this? How much was she willing to believe Quill would be lenient? Quills grasp on her hand weakened. Should she make a run for it? Or should she continue on this path?

"Just because I can see the future a bit, doesn't mean I am free from being harmed if I am unable to stop it from happening. Clairvoyance doesn't help if there is no way to avoid being harmed, especially if I have to be in the middle of danger and have no skills or training otherwise."

Quill released Chieko's wrist. “You misunderstand.” She gripped the young woman's shoulders. The flame was hovering over Quills shoulder, illuminating the side of her face. “You said that your powers caused you problems. I wish to know specifics! Is this not the first time you've been hunted for your powers?” She raised an eyebrow. “Is having a thick brain an insult where you're from? Because if one has a thick brain here, they are most certainly not a fool.”

"Uhm, uhm-" Chieko blinked, a little stunned by the turn of events. That was unexpected. Not that she ever had a plan to begin with. "...S-sort of...?" She replied in a hesitant, quiet manner. Maybe that slip of the tongue would be good? Or was it bad? Quill seemed to think Clairvoyance was all powerful, and she most certainly neither of those. She needed to spin this in a way that was believable.

"...Once before." Chieko responded a bit more confidently. Not a lie, considering the situation. "What would you do, if you knew someone could know the future? Abuse the power for your own gain? Kill them so they couldn't be used against you?" Chieko gave Quill a smirk. "And uhm, yes, it's usually used for slow people and idiots too lazy to think."

“I guess that makes us both thick brained, since you already know what I’m doing with you.” Quill averted her eyes momentarily. “But the only thing I've been interested in gaining is revenge. Even just equaling the scales would be enough for me.” she raised her head. “But others, they might want that power for good. Not for a simple plan, but for all time. They'd need to befriend you, or even, force you for your cooperation. Force you to love them even.” Quill's intense gaze was returning, but her focus didn’t seem to be on Chieko herself. This was a deep hatred for something else.

"I am aware I am walking into the lions den." Chieko scoffed. "I probably won't live, but if I can help the others then I have no problem getting a little hurt or...dying..." Chieko's voice trailed off, wavering slightly. Shaking her head, Chieko pulled her scarf over her mouth. "And that's why I wouldn't want anyone to know. People are good actors and are rarely honest. Even doctors, apparently." Yes, she still wanted to smack Donovan.

"...mhm," Chieko frowned. This talking was getting annoying. Not much else she could say, either. If so far she couldn’t talk Quill down, then she doubted she could ever. "All I can ask is you let me go, and I will help you and your allies as long as there are a few conditions met. If you still want to go through with it, then fine, but If you do and I succeed...I never want to see you or your cohorts again."

“I'm still not sure if I can trust you, and I find your riddles irritating to sort out.” Quill's fingers tightened around Chieko's shoulders. “ But if you don't think you can survive, there's no reason to take this any further.” She sighed. “So name your conditions.”

Chieko blinked.

Huh? Did that work? That worked.

"...uhm, well..." She honestly expected to be dead right about now. Did she even have some conditions? She was just bullshitting. Completely. In fact about 90% of this conversation could be counted as such.

"...Don't get the others involved, for one. Hiro and Aerith have nothing to do with this. Two, I refuse to be a part of murder or any sort of underhanded operations such as this one. Three, as I said before I need Id's, money, and a place to stay. It would be easier to move around the city with those things." Honestly she still had reservations about this herself, but this was probably the best outcome. "...If you agree, then I will help whatever you want with my clairvoyance to the best of my abilities." This was just setting herself up for annoyances and bad times. She really didn't want to get involved with people like this, but if she could get everyone out of this endless loop then she would take one for the team.

“As long as you understand that there will be dire consequences if this is all a ruse, that should be easy to manage.” Quill ran her hands down Chieko's arms, which brought her face closer to the otaku. “Once the good doctor is done, you will come with me.” Quill stood up and snapped her fingers, and a cat came trotting out of the darkness. “We're going to leave soon. I can't recommend trying to break away from me but, well, you're the clairvoyant.”


It was a slow trek up the stairs. Ashton did not hear any second party, but he didn't hear Fritzi either. Stranger still was that the upstairs appeared to be quite clean. He hadn't spent that much time tidying things up downstairs, and it was hard to believe she was done already. Especially considering how accessorized the hallway was. There were several paintings, all in perfect condition. On a table there was a vase filled with flowers, and even the water inside showed no signs of being disturbed. It was a sharp contrast to the downstairs, which looked like it was in total ruins.


It was a hard sound to place, something akin to a hard object being dropped on the floor. Ashton was able to navigate the hallway to the source of the sound, which was coming out of an open doorway. Since Ashton had come so far, there was no point in not taking a peak. And when he did, he could see a bedroom. The floor was littered with shoes, and Fritzi was standing among them. She was wearing black platform shoes, and was wearing a cloak that covered everything but her head. In the following moments though, she pulled up the hood and her flesh was shrouded in a black material. Fritzi turned towards a window and threw open the shudders. She looked like she was going to step out onto the roof, but the fox woman suddenly turned her head. Ashton could have stepped out of the doorway, but it was too late now.

”You shouldn't have come here.”
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