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~Chieko Okawa~

Hero's District, Priestella
Death count: 1
Reset Count: 4

Chieko blinked.

Donovan just told them something rather amazing, didn't he? That was very useful information. If it could cure incense poisoning, then she could really help!

"Hmhm. Of course, of course I did well." She smiled under her scarf, glad to hear some form of praise. More importantly though, was that Quill person. Well, it was probably nothing...or was it? Chieko held her candle, quickly dousing the lit wick. If the words from the others were right, then they were attacked by cloaked people. Someone then set up candles in Donovan's place that then put others to sleep. Quill was here, and likely knew of the candles from Donovan's words.

Likely culprit?

Eh, didn't matter. Had fire magic now.

Chieko focused back on her candle.

"Goa!" Chieko tried pouring more energy into it this time, feeling the flow of her so called magic as she tried to light the candle once again, only for the entire thing to spontaneously combust. "Wah!" Chieko made a decidedly girly yelp as the entire candle nearly burned all at once, reflexively tossing the burning candle out of her hands...and careening right towards Quill's back as she left.

Mie Yukima

Below Ground - The Arena floor

Damn, she was hoping she could just put her particular set of lesser reputable skills to use, but no. These guards were the actual well trained sort. Not some rag tag group of thugs she had been expecting. Okay, that complicated matters just a bit. As Mie moved through the crowd, carrying a tray and while she may be new, she certainly seemed like she knew what she was doing. She was hoping to avoid some needless complications, but these guards just weren't going to let this be easy, were they?

"Apologies, my lord." Mie replied to their question with her usual playful grin, a soft, honeyed voice that one of the oldest profession in the book might have used to entice. "This little fox is known as Tsuki, and the kitten is known as Hana." She sorely hoped Elque would play along. Aliases were needed in this sort of operation.

Hm, access to this backroom may prove a useful opportunity to slip away.
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Alistar had been practicing his magic together with Quill but from what Aki had heard they didn't get along with one another all too well. Aki began to worry somewhat as the two lashed out at each other with their words making Quill head for her coat readt to leave the clinic. That was pretty sad. Well, at least Alistair came out of it unharmed. She flashed a small awkward smile towards Alistair before turning her head towards Chieko again.

Donovan had taken notice of Chieko her lit candle and of course praised the chuuni. They didn't have any more normal candles for Chieko to practice on so she had to keep using the same one for a few times. The only candles they had left at the clinic where candles that would apparently make you sleep. That did sound quite handy to have for sleepness nights. Aki couldn't always sleep in the cold outside air so these were super handy. She was sure they costed a fortune though, she had to keep her money for food and savings.

"Don't worry Chieko-onee-chan, we can buy more candles afterwards! There is a shop which sells all kinds of smells and forms. I'm sure that'll be fun!"

Aki softly giggled before she started playing with her own magic for a while. Donovan mentioned to her how handy it could be to use her air to clean someones air balloons. That was certainly true, it was however a bit odd he would mention something as specific as that but she took it as hint for if it happened. Aki gave a bright nod towards the man.

[Center]"I see! I'll try to do it next time someone is poisoned by air! If that ever happens though... Thank you mister! Hehe.."[/center

Chieko called out another goa spell to practice on the candle once more. The way she used it however spoke for trouble. Too much energy was pushed in the falme making the entire candle go up in flames. The now liquefied candle spilled over everything nearby as the flame bolted in all directions. Aki swallowed her breath as she immediaty shot to protect her sister. Aki flung the gust of winds in her hands between Chieko and the candle to get the candle away from Chieko so she wouldn't burn herself only causing the candle to skyrocket faster towards Quill. At least Chieko was safe. Aki rushed towards Chieko panickingly clasping her warm hand with a concerned look plastered on her face.

"Chieko-onee-san! Are you okay!? Hurt? You had me worried there..."
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Aerith Hastings

Just outside Hero's district, Priestella

ZASSHU Gilgamesh-senpai, is that you???

Resets: 4

Deaths: 4

And just like that, Yuuki experienced the kind of hot mess that Aerith and Hiro and Alastair had experienced time after time. But as much as it could have brought on a sneering sense of justice to some, like with anyone else who was not in the best mood, for Aerith the event was a foreboding confirmation of something. She, and Hiro, or at least one of them were being targeted here. By not going to the house and trying again, though, now the assassins were here and doing something different to this larger group of people. It was enough to make the girl curse under her breath for a moment as the realizations hit...though she was not as surprised about the event as she perhaps could have been.

"Don't underestimate the shrimp over there, trust me on this one. She'll have to be dead or beaten bad enough for us to get away from her completely," Aerith said, just where the other outworlders alone could hear her, "Though i have no idea who her partner is this time around..."

This was REALLY, REALLY not good. Aerith moved herself closer to Aer and Wisp so she could stay in the barrier and such...she supposed it would be a good time to see if these two could handle the assassins. If not, then Yuuki would have to accept that...well, once they reset again anywho. Ugh. Maybe they wouldn't reset though, right? Maybe this could turn out better? It was far from a guarantee at any rate.
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and I guess Quill and Donovan

Alistair tried flashing a smile back to Aki, but stopped halfway when he realized his mood did not allow for such things. He wasn’t angry so much as he was curious right now, and wasting time on such pointless things was counterproductive to what he wished to achieve.

But I still have more I wish to say.

Alistair did not seem too keen on letting the woman depart before prying information out of her, now more than ever after seeing her cloaked form. Unfortunately, he couldn’t exactly call her out on trying to kill them last time, but it did reinforce the idea that he needed to interrogate her somehow, even if it potentially cost him yet another life. But as long as he had this power and curse, he would gleefully take another death than stick around in the same day for an eternity.

Information, any at all, would be worth it.

So, the arrogant man attempted to follow Quill out of the clinic, but a certain commotion with the candles directed liquid candle towards his target. Alistair quickly decided to call out to Quill, though it may not have even been necessary given her current attire. “Hot stuff, coming your way!”

The candle probably wouldn't have caused much damage, given that quill was wearing a heavy cloak now. But Alistair's words caused Quill to turn around just in time for the wax projectile to fly into the front of her garb, hitting her square in the chest. “Gah!” Quill tried to brush off as much of the burning wax as possible. “Water! Water!”

”Quill!” Donovan didn't hesitate for a second, and blasted the front of her body with a modest amount of water. ”Are you alright?”

Quill had a few red spots on her chest where the wax had agitated the skin, but she seemed to be fine. Save for the fact that she was chuckling historically. “Well I'll be.” She turned to look at Chieko. “We suspected Hiro and Aerith were clairvoyants, but to think that you also possessed such an ability...” She lifted a hand to the side of her face. “That's why you attacked me, isn't it? You knew I was going to slip away and attack your friends. Well the good news is that you just bought your friends some time. The bad news is...” Her reinforced cudgel slid out of her sleeve, and Quill gripped it firmly in her hand. “...Your time just got a lot shorter.”

Donovan extended his hands. ”Ya lost ya mind girl!”

“Oh shut up you cunt! I never much cared how you cowered around the humans. What happened to the pride of giants?” she looked squarely at the Asian girl. “Maybe I won't kill you, depending on how useful you are. It's very possible this whole thing with the candle was just a misunderstanding after all, so I'll let you live if you can answer this simple question. Because I've already decided how I'm going to kill all of you. I know exactly how all of your lives are going to end. So what you have to do is really simple.” she extended her arms. “All you have to do is tell me what order I'm going to kill everyone in. If you do that, I'll spare all of you. Otherwise...” Her grin widened. “I'll show you the correct answer.”

Donovan's hands were trembling, but he didn't take a single step closer to Quill. ”Quill, just relax...”

Apparently the easiest way to confirm she was indeed one of the attackers with zero chance of being incorrect was to pelt her with a candle. Alistair was a bit surprised at her immediate admission of this, despite the entire thing being an accident from what he could tell. Still, this wasn’t exactly groundbreaking information, and if anything it was probably going to make extracting useful information from her even more difficult.

He did not want the “who” or the “where” or the “when” as much as he wanted the “why”.

Alistair wasted not a single moment in positioning himself between the now-hostile woman and both Aki and Chieko, taking a rather basic brawling posture. His magic was far from being combat worthy at the moment. His expression look to be one of annoyance rather than actual anger, fear, or anxiety. “Eyes here.” he demanded. “What could you possibly gain from attacking us? And,” Alistair didn’t bother looking towards the giant, but his next words were certainly directed towards him. “Did you know she was like this?”

Donovan didn't answer. His head must have been racing. Quill didn't avert her eyes from Chieko, but she spoke. “This is how you stimulate a clairvoyant's powers. Being exposed to danger enhances their ability to see into the future.” Her grin widened. “Now, I want Chieko to be the next one to speak. If anyone else opens their mouth, I'll grill them from the inside out.”

Alistair's expression soured more than it already had been. It wasn't reassuring to have Donovan remain silent. Was that an admission of guilt, or was it something else? Had that been Alistair's only worry, he might've been able to figure that out. Instead, Alistair was interested to hear about this woman's delusion.

A clarivoyant? And the power is enhanced by being exposed to danger? I suppose that is one way to put it, but it's not entirely correct, either. Still, that's unsettling. Who is giving her that kind of information?

About two things Alistair was absolutely positive. First, Alistair had made far more progress in this one attempt at Donovan's than any attempt working with Fritzi. And second, he was certain that this woman had every intention on following up with the threat she had just made. Confident as he was in himself, Alistair was capable of recognizing that at this point in time, he wasn't perfect. His magic would not be of use to him in a fight, nor was it likely he could beat one of these assassins in single combat, at least not without a blessing or two.

But if there one thing Alistair could not simply stand, or rather, three...

"I, Alistair Archibald, am usually a benevolent and tolerant man, but there are three things I simply cannot stand: People who stand in my way, people who insult me, and people who order me around!" Alistair could safely say that this woman was all three of these things. And he'd be dead before he let her try to interrogate any of the non-natives on his watch.

During Alistair's monolog, Quill rolled her eyes and leveled her palm with the arrogant youth's head. While Alistair had been in a few fights before, he was woefully unprepared for dealing with magical oni assassins. A red hot ball of fire launched from quill's hand and slammed into Alistair's throat. He didn't even have time to scream before it burned all the way through his neck, setting his head ablaze as it rolled away from his decapitated body. Now that he was dead, he would let quill interrogate whoever she wanted.


“Seems the future just became a little easier to predict.” Quill chuckled.“Quit stalling. Answer me now. What's going to happen next?”
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. . . . . .

. . . .

. . .

She was strong. He was right. Frustrating as it may have been to give up on the fight he wanted to win, it was likely the correct choice to move under the protection of Aer. This confirmed that these people were after he or Aerith. That was a very unfortunate thing to have happen. It meant that he had done something before this most recent "checkpoint" that had drawn this mysterious group's attention. If he had to guess, it was warning his previous saviours of the impending ambush.

Despite his mind racing a mile a minute, he didn't voice out any of these thoughts. Now was not the time for it. Instead he focused his mind. Whispering under his breath, he cast his magic. His body strengthened, and his mind racing just a little bit less, he was ready for what was to come. He wouldn't be the primary combatant for what was to come. Still, he could do his best to follow up with what Aer needed. Even though these opponents were strong, and mysterious, he had long learned that they weren't invincible. He had functionally ended in a draw in his very first fight with them. And he could track the path of the weapons that were shot at them.

For a brief moment, he considered picking one of the weapons up. After a moment however, he discarded the idea. It was better to stick to what he knew. If he tried to use some random new bladed weapon, he was more likely to injure himself or an ally than he was to finish off an enemy. He would stick to his fists.

His breathing slowed and his stance widened. He was ready for the fight to come.
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The clinic has become a death trap, with the only possible escape resting on Chieko's next words. Aer's group has been attacked by assassins, one familiar, another unknown. Troublesome scenarios to make sense of, and lives are being extinguished with each passing second wasted...
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~Chieko Okawa~

Hero's District, Priestella
Death count: 1
Reset Count: 4

Oh dear, that as quite the mess up. She could feel her cheeks burning with mild embarrassment. Chieko pulled her scarf around her mouth, doing her best to hide in it. Aki, of course, was as adorable as ever. Watching her freak out and try and help was yes, entirely worth the embarrassment.

"Mhm...I'm fine..." Chieko responded to the worried Aki. She glanced at her hands. They didn't seem burned or injured, so it was probably fine. "Thank you, Aki." She reached out, giving Aki a pat on the head before turning to Quill. Ooh, apologies were not her forte, but before she could...

"H-huh...?" Quill started saying something both concerning and mildly terrifying. Clairvoyance? How did she know Aerith's and Hiro's names? Had they just been listening this entire time? Had Irene and Vasilis done something? Who else would have known? Fritzi? More points towards the suspicious fox girl. She really doubted Irene and Vasilis would be involved, given they helped them...twice now. Chieko's eyes widened, her knees feeling incredibly weak again as Alistair confronted Quill.

Yes, she had her suspicions, but she really hadn't meant to do anything. This was just an unfortunate accident. What should she do? What should she do? She couldn't bring herself to say anything as Alistair continued to confront Quill.

"Alistair...!" Quill certainly kept her promise of roasting someone from the inside out. Chieko made a step back, but stopped herself from running entirely. The sight made her want to vomit. Urgh, some hero she was supposed to be. A real hero wouldn't be bothered by this, would they? Why? Why was this even happening?

"F-flame...?" Once again, she was being protected. Urgh, it made her as sick as watching Alistair be killed. What was she supposed to say? She wasn't a clairvoyant. Not at all. Well, technically she was, perhaps, but it was still not correct to call it that. Even if she did guess correctly the order that Quill was going to kill everyone, she doubted Quill would keep her promise. No true villain would. Yet, refusing would also probably be just as bad. She seemed fairly certain of herself, meaning that any denial would only make her more suspect.

"Hah..." A nervous, quiet laugh left her throat as she moved in front of Aki herself. "I...I don't need your protection, Flame." Despite her words, it was clear she was not as confident as she tried to appear. Well, if Quill thought she was one, might as well play along somewhat. "Whoever told you we're clairvoyants is not entirely correct." Chieko replied, her voice finally finding some semblance of evenness. "But I do know what you intended to do. You were going to attack Hiro and Aerith, and if that failed you were going to come here and light those incense candles and kill them if they sought help from Donovan."

She had magic now right? Maybe she could use it to defend herself if Quill tried anything.
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Underground Arena - Mie, Elque

@Seirei No Hai@Rune_Alchemist

The smaller of the two guards gave a shrug as if their names didn't matter, a wave of his hand and the older guardsman shuffled through the locked gate and into the tunnels beyond. Mie and Elque were forced to wait in silence, an occasional whistle from a nearby patron and of course the ever present shouting as spectators watched whatever combatants were in the pit at that moment attempting to brain one another with something sharp.
Through it all there was a stream of other hostesses passing near the gate to whisper something or another into the ears of the gate guard who merely nodded, flagged down another patrolman, and sent a group to deal with the problem. Despite the chaos of the lower floors many drinking patrons it was clear they tolerated little fighting outside of the pit. Two men, responsible for assaulting another patron, had been dealt with in short order. Both had been beaten and shackled near the entrance for removal. Clearly the ones in charge didn't want blood on their hands if they meant to simply remove patrons temporarily rather than more permanent solutions.

"They're clear. Kitchens are down the tunnel, first door on the left. Ask for Ruri."

The older guard slipped his key into the locked gate and it swung soundlessly on well oiled hinges. The moment Elque and Mie were past the gates, they closed with a Click behind them. For better or worse they were trapped in the thick of it.

The kitchens were a short walk away. Further down the smooth worked stone passage was another gate separating the two Demis from accessing the elevated VIP area, beyond that was the storehouses and armories. Everything of value kept from Mies fingertips by a mere locked door. A locked door with two of the largest men she might have ever seen. The two of the hunched brutes nearly had their head touching the ceiling closer to 8 feet from the floor. Both wore a mix of plate and leather armor from head to toe with long halberds in hand. Their arms were unarmored but thick as oak trees.

A fight with them spelled disaster for sure. Thankfully, through them was not the goal.. Yet.

The kitchens were massive, barred by thick wooden doors that swung open regularly. Inside wasn't nearly as chaotic as you would think for such a large operation. Huge ovens dominated the back end of the room as they slowly cooked dozens of skewers lined with meat. Others off to the side were being used to cook fresh loafs of bread, the smell easily filling the whole room with its sweet scent.
Unlike the guards, the men and women of the kitchen staff were far smaller. Less intimidating. Their hands worked with the practiced and efficient motions of experience as they flayed skin from fish, picked bones, spiced racks of meats, cored vegetables and fruits. Dozens of projects were going on at once. In an adjoining room similar to the bakery was a colder room making sugary desserts.

The nearest cook, a lanky man with pale skin and short hair tucked under a white cap brandishing a butcher knife, waved them forward as he stopped butchering a pigs carcass. No doubt someones dinner tonight.

"Ruri, yea? Snot-stache," Referring to the long mustache of the main entryway guardsman, "Said you two were coming. Boss is in the back. Mind your tongue, say thank you, don't cause a fuss." Like everyone else it seemed like discipline was a cornerstone of the staff.

As promised, the head of the kitchens was in their office pouring over dozens of order papers. No doubt some had been delivered by the group with the supplies taken from Larchmond storehouses and this was the first step in processing goods intake before payment was issued for work done. The woman in charge was over 65 at the very least, her skin was wrinkly with hair long gone to gray, but youthful fire still burned in her sharp eyes as Ruri glanced up at the newcomers.
Her eyes roamed their bodies like the guards but it was clear she was judging their appearances.

"Sloppy makeup, your skirts are too long. You," Jabbing a finger in Elques direction, "Stand up straight and flaunt yourself. Not gonna make any money with the shy barmaid routine," The old crones scowl deepened before she added, "Or with the warrior woman routine. Close the door." The two entered and did as instructed while Ruri calmly rose from her desk and walked around in front of it with her arms crossed over her chest.

"You two remember those false names you gave the doormen or so help me I'll switch both of your backsides. Understand?" With a huff she straightened her back and dusted off her simple dress, putting on a genuine smile of warmth. Her tone was softer by far than when they had first entered. "Where are my manners. Mistress Beladona told me she was sending in some older gentleman and his assistant and here we have two new faces to my staff. If you want the goodies, girls, you'll have to listen close. First, questions?"

No doubt there were a few. Their job had been relatively secret amongst themselves, with only Mie having ever been told anything in detail and yet the crone clearly knew the game was afoot. Elque was likely blind to it. The most well known piece of information that had been covered was the serving girls in this establishment had been treated like dirt and Beladona, the supplier of serving girls, finally had enough of the mistreatment. It seemed likely that the old woman knew their whole plan and was waiting to see if they trusted her enough to spill it..
Of course this could also be a trap.

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Quill tipped her head. “Is that so?” She chuckled darkly. “Seems you knew about the candles, even if you don't quite comprehend that particular contingency. And that's an interesting pair of names you brought up. We suspected Hiro had the strongest ability. But if Aerith possesses such powers as well, that is very interesting indeed. You tipped your hand a little early I think. Regardless, it seems you can't tell what I'm going to do. Perhapse you just need to be stimulated further.” With a sigh, the smile on Quill's face vanished. “Donovan, I will spare you and the rest of the patients if you leave right now. There should be a wounded woman coming to the door. Take her home and treat her, and all of this can be forgotten like a bad dream.” Her eyes narrowed. “Take the small one with you. She's more likely to survive if you do.”

The giant looked conflicted. His hands were raised, and it was hard to tell if he was trying to stay in a brawlers stance, or if he was cowering from the deadly woman in front of him. But it became apparent when he opened his mouth again. ”A'ight.” he lowered his arms and took hold of Aki's wrist ”But I ain't gonna forget this. Ya better be gone before I come back.” Donnovan walked towards the door, dragging Aki along if he had to. He hadn't quite walked past the frame of the door.

Quill didn't watch Donnovan leave, and instead kept her eyes centered squarely on Chieko. “Since I know you have the capacity for magic, I don't have to be gentle with any of you.” Quill immidiately broke into a sprint. Her speed was only something that was possible in the real world through good technique and peak human fitness. Neither of which were things anyone currently before Quill possessed. “Goa!” The metal on her club heated and unraveled like a ribbon. By the time everyone realised what was going on, she was already swinging her blade vertically across Flame's chest. Getting out of the way would not be possible, especially if he still wanted to protect Chieko. But that didn't mean he was necessarily powerless...

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Flame Brooks

Flame was going to stand his ground. It would not do to let Chieko down, nor would he let himself down. Just as Ashton had protected him, so will he protect other people. As Quill melted the metal concealing the blade inside her 'club', Flame opened his gate and shouted with all his might as he stretched out his palms.

"GOA!" If he had it right, then fireballs will erupt out of his hands. If he got it right, then he'd face Quill with a sheet of fire. Of course, this risked burning the house down all around them, but at least Chieko would have a chance to escape, perhaps even with some of Donovan's candles.

A sharp pain across his arms and chest; did the blade slice clean through them? If so, he had a few seconds of conciousness left, a few seconds to let out another "GOA!"

Flames came out of the redhead's mouth, burning tounge and tooth and causing unbearable agony. Yet another volley hurled at Quill. Then the boy collapsed onto the floor, spent, his conciousness spiralling into oblivion. The boy was dead once more, barring a miracle. Hopefully he had not accidentally killed Chieko instead of, you know, covering her escape.
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~Chieko Okawa~

Hero's District, Priestella
Death count: 1
Reset Count: 4

"Donovan you villain!" Chieko's eyes widened, yelling after the doctor and unable to even understand why Donovan just simply left. Was he the culprit after all? He was at least complicit, which was just as bad. He didn't deserve to be a doctor. Not at all. He deserved to be hung, quartered, and - Chieko bit her lip, she didn't have time to think about such things. Her mind raced in the few seconds afforded. What could she do? What should she do? She wasn't a fighter. She couldn't fight. She'd die again if she fought.

She was helpless, unable to do anything. Some hero she was...unless. Maybe. Maybe she could use those candles to her advantage? It'd be risky, and she'd need a small room, and Aki's help.

Quill's blade sunk into Flame's chest.

"Aki, come with me...!" Hopefully Flame brought her just enough time, but she'd need Aki's air magic and ability to cure the incense poisoning. A hero had many things in their arsenal. Strength. Skill...the ability to use their brain. A measure of luck. Chieko ran to the back rooms, deeper into the clinic. Heading to the front door as long as Quill was there was a bad idea - and the Candles would be deeper in the clinic. How many would she need? Two? Three? Even a single might help. Focus. Find some first.

"Hide further in, Aki..." Chieko released the other girls hand, giving her only a soft command. Maybe a bad idea, but she was banking on herself being the more priority target. Chieko headed for the first patient room she could find that was empty. As luck would have it, one of the first items she found was a half-burned Candle. If it was good, then she could use this to her advantage.

Chieko lit the candle immediately, and began barricading the door with whatever she could find. It wouldn't likely hold Quill for long, but if she could just let the candle burn and fill the room for even a few seconds, then it could make this that much easier. According to the others, it didn't take long to work...but there was no telling how long the candles had been burning, or how many of them were there even.

She was oddly calm, despite the imminent danger.

Mie Yukima

Below Ground - The back rooms

Mie seemed wholly unconcerned with the danger she was in. If anything, she seemed entirely entertained by it. She obediently followed, making a few interested smiles and glances at guards and other people as they passed. Had to look the part, after all, but these people weren't making it overly hard to blend in, and soon enough they reached the offices and were immediately met with Ruri who went on to immediately berate them for their appearance.


"Fufu, don't be too hard on the kitten. She's new to this, after all, and isn't quite so welcoming of the stares." Mie's impish grin turned into a playful pout. "Sloppy makeup though? Tsk, I'll have you know I am pretty enough without it." Mie had confidence, if nothing else at the moment, but banter was only going to get so far.

"And what are you talking about, oldie? Tsuki and Hana are our names, or were you under the impression they were different?" Questions though? She was being oddly polite, and this didn't smell like a trap. None of her fur was standing on end, and her ears weren't twitching in any particular direction. She could be trusted. Hmm, questions questions. "But enough banter. You seem to know what we're here for." Mie smirked. "The only questions I have are what are we looking for, and where is it? And is there anything you could do to...make it easier for a little fox and kitten to, shall we say, redistribute some information."
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Ruri stiffened and the scowl was back in a flash at the word 'oldie' being tossed so impolitely at her feet. The wrinkles on her face only served to heighten the threatening stare but Mie would know it was all just an act. Big tlker as she was, at her center there wasn't an ounce of hostility for such a light barb.
The real fire burning in the old crones sagging bones was only shown when her loyal staff were misteated. Struck. Screamed at. Without even considering the motion, Ruri touched her cheek and deepened the scowl even further at the memory of the hostess from the previous day. Mie had seen the young woman with the badly bruised cheek being escorted by Mirt scant few hours ago.

"You're looking for the ones who did this to her." Ruris voice shook, their hand curling into a tight ball at her hip. "You're looking to find ways to hurt them. Ways to bleed the pigs not fit for cooking, weapons that should not exist, and tunnels that stretch to the horizon," with a huff the old crone unlchenched her balled hand and waved at the air as if dispelling a bad stink. "This place used to be important to us. It was where the free would gatherto mingle and make their names heard. There was blood, always will be, but the ones who did the bleeding did so willingly. Despite the nature of it all this usd to be such a safe venture until those fat greedy swines in the vip box bought the loyalty of every guard we trained. The cooks are loyal to us, first and foremost, but everyone outside my staff will need to be coerced."

Ruri rested her chin in her palm and thought hard for long moments, trying to decide what the best course of action in this situation would be. Their lives could be in danger for attempting what they were doing but no doubt both knew that part well enough. They were already here, weren't they?

"You want a place to start? The big oafs outside my doorway need to be more focused on what you're 'hiding'," Extenuating the word by pointing at her wrinkly chest, "instead of what you're doing. Brutes think with two things: their pants, and wherever their commanding officer thinks with. No doubt you're familiar with skyflower?"

The name in question was an interesting herb that could put whoever imbibed enough of the stuff into a long comfortable sleep. Too much could kill. Too little woild do nothing. The perfect amount would make someone drowsy and forgetful.

"We keep a handful of it in our storerooms. Next chance you get, I'll have one of you fetch me a fistful for the owners afternoon tea. Slip it in the refreshment for the lummoxes on your way up and find every excuse you bloody well can to slip back and forth between that gate until the idiots open the door the moment they see your fleshbags at 50 yards. Dogs have to be trained before they can be of use."

The details of the plan require certain elements to be in motion. Mie and Elque needed access to the vip area, and only the most popular hostesses were called up to entertain the big spenders with their presence. That meant if they wanted to be noticed they needed to do something that put them in the spotlight. No matter what that meant.
For now they would need to work the crowd for a while until it was time for tea. Perhaps it was time to cause a scene and get Mirts part of the plan in motion. No dount the old glutton was getting his fill of eye candy even now.

Mirt was indeed where you would expect him. With Anyon pacing irritably in the background, the old man had a mug of ale in hand and was practically yelling with joy at the men gathered around him with boasts of his protegees unique talents and undefeated record. Many of those gathered merely laughed at the senile old man and, as expected, made their opinion on a female fighter very well known.
None of said opinions were very polite where Anyons.. prowess.. was concerned.

They just needed a spark to light the powderkeg of interest that would get the girl into the pit.
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(take 2, because half of the original post was lost. Why your software would come with auto-backup and not have it on by default is beyond me.)

Flame managed to bathe Quill in flames, causing her to shriek and dive away from the incoming heat. But flame's attack came with a very big price tag attached to it. The flames that he spewed out of his mouth seared his wind pipe, causing it to swell shut. He immediately fell to the ground, unable to release a single scream. What was going to kill Flame wasn't the wounds, but the fact that he was suffocating the entire time he was dying.


Quill was still standing, but Flame had bought his friends a significant chunk of time. Aki shot a gust of wind into Donovan's unapolagetically fat face and took Chieko's hand. Together they ran deeper into the clinic, with Quill charging after them. She was screaming the entire time, swinging her molten blade at everything she passed. The two human girls didn't dare turn around. What happen to Donovan and the damage Quill had sustained couldn't be verified.

Most of the patient rooms were made by hanging sheets from the ceiling, so it took Chieko a bit of time to find a wooden room to shut herself in. After ordering Aki to run, she shut the wooden door. She propped a chai against the knob and found a heavy crate to push up against the chair. And just in time too, because as soon as she finished she could hear Quill on the other side. The candle was lit, Chieko could smell the incense, she just had to hope her plan would work.

With a howl, Quill thrust her blade into the door and cut a small hole. Just big enough for half of her face. When Quill put her eye in front of the opening, she could see what Flame's attack had done. Her skin had been charred brown along the side of her head, but she still had use of her eye. She chuckled once she spotted Chieko. “Practicing your fire magic are we? Or perhaps you'd prefer to die to the poison instead of me?” Even with such a big hole in the door, the room was free of other openings and small enough to contain the incense. Chieko could already feel herself getting drowsy. “Oddly, you remind me of myself, seeing you in such a vulnerable state.” She leaned away from the opening. “When the race was was just beginning, why, I was still a teenager. I happily served patrons drinks at my village. I guess you call them bar maidens in the big cities. I was gifted with magic, we all were. Oni are very strong, and we owe that strength to our horns. But humans, they fear everything. And what they don't fear, they hunger for.” Chieko could hear a thud as Quill leaned up against the door. “Of all the villages, I don't know why they started with us. But they attacked when we were weak. our hunters were exhausted after a day of hunting, and were getting drunk with the rest of us. We were no match for their numbers. They slew all the men. And the woman, well, they cut off our horns. Most of us were weaker than your average human after that.” She leaned in front of the opening. “I don't need to tell you what happened next, do I? You should know exactly what sort of depravity the men of your race are capable of. It's just like I said, once they weren't afraid of me, they desired me.” It was hard to see, but the corner of her deformed lips curled into a smile. “So you see Chieko, as long as I kill you afterwards, there's really nothing I can do to sink to the depth of you humans.” By this point, Chieko was on the verge of unconsciousness. She was no longer able to even kneel in the room. She was starting to sink to the floor, with her eyes pointed up at the ceiling. The dim, half used candle was just bright enough to illuminate a small portion of the ceiling. “So what was the plan? You lock yourself in here, poisoned, and then your friend comes and cures you once I'm gone? I suppose that could have worked. Unfortunately, I'm still not convinced you're entirely powerless. Or maybe I'm just feeling a little sentimental after our heart to heart.” She chuckled darkly. “You're going to tell me exactly how you know so much, once you wake up. Then we'll rid this city of humans, together.” With what could only be the sound of a door bursting into flames, Chieko's vision was filled with various burning shapes flying over head. Briefly the flames outlined the silhouette of a cloaked stranger before dying out with her consciousness.

That mess near the heroe's district

The fight had started, and the sides had been decided. Everyone fell back behind a cart save for Aer and Hiro, who would be going up against Chiyo and her mysterious companion. Provided it wasn't actually several people assisting her from just out of site. Aer had displayed an impressive ability to block projectiles with a magical sheet of ice, but it wouldn't work forever. Certainly not if every volley was like that one.

"I can keep her busy here, see if you can run ahead and notify the guards." Aer spun her spear before breaking into a sprint. She was only slightly taller than her adversary. If not for the sharp weapons, it would almost look like children enacting a play.

Of course, Hiro wasn’t going to just follow her commands like that. He knew exactly how dangerous the little assassin was. As such, he called out to the others with him.

”You heard the lady. Go get the guards. I’ll back Aer up.” He said, before charging out after the elf. This time, he would win.

Chiyo wasted no time with talk. The more people that got involved with the fight at this point would only drag it to a point that defeat was all too likely, or escape all but impossible.
That and the little murderer wasn't being paid for innocent deaths.

One of her three daggers, freshly coated with a thin black substance, flashed out with a flick off at Aer. To the trained eye it was clearly a miss, the projectile spinning harmlessly end over end off its mark past Aer.

If the killer seemed concerned they showed no sign of it, calmly drawing out the last two knives. One of them had a similar black substance on it but the other was pristine and unblemished steel.

The left hand dagger was held point down in their hand, the other held upright. A flick could have them reversed as needed but for now it was a non-issue. Memories of past lives danced in the back of Chiyos mind, teaching her how to defend against multiple opponents.

Chiyos eyes were wide and focused, taking in Aer and Hiro in that awful gaze so filled with malice it seemed almost visible. Patiently she waited for the opening to come.

Meanwhile, Ashton told Wisp to hurl a few fireballs at Chiyo, which caused Wisp to scratch the back of his head in concern. ”I dunno. I mean I’d like to, but Mousey gets mad when she hears about me using magic. She told me I can only use it in really dire situations. I mean she’s not here but...” The cat boy’s eyes scanned the surrounding area. ”I think Aer and Hiro have this, we should find someone else to play with. How about the person throwing those weapons? We could play with them instead!”

Deep breaths, Ashton, deep breaths. Ashton tried to keep himself calm even as the situation was fast escalating out of control like usual. Despite Wisp’s blase attitude towards the ambush and Kimura’s murder, he was right; Aer and Hiro could handle the tiny girl assassin themselves while the person who was throwing weapons around - or people who were throwing weapons around - needed to be taken care of.

“All right, Wisp,” Ashton said coldly, “Play with the weapon-thrower; Kimura needs to be avenged. I and Aerith will take cover behind...” He looked at a convenient tipped-over wagon. “That place.”

He then turned to Aerith and continued, “I don’t think we’d be useful here; the two of us are not trained fighters. Plus, I have a plan.”

The boy would then run off to the tipped-over wagon and hide behind it, gesturing for the older woman to do the same.

Should she not do so, he’ll just wait there. Should she listen, Ashton will reveal his plan.

“We are going to see whether Aer and Wisp are able to handle these assassins; I’d bet money that they would. Then, if they are able to, well, I have a theory about these resets that might be of use.” He paused.

“When we first came to this world, and when we first reset, it was in a completely different place - The Middle of the Merchant’s district, I think. There were two other people besides me and Yuuki as well; one Scandinavian and a Chinese-American.” Ashton then told Aerith about how Mono had killed them the first time and the attempt to run away after that, and how they had found Aer. He was starting to feel nervous, put forced himself through it anyway.

“T-then when we died after that, we found ourselves in the Center Road, with you guys. And here’s what’s strange; the Scandinavian and the C-Chinese-American were gone. G-granted, the former did run away, but the l-latter was with us. So I think that people get eliminated from the resets eventually.” Ashton then faced Aerith. His face was completely pale at this point.  “A-And I think that’s g-going to happen to Yuuki if we reach a third checkpoint; he’s g-going to die permanently.”

Now to drop the bombshell, “S-So to prevent that, we need to kill ourselves as well once we see that Aer and Wisp can handle the fighting - or if they couldn’t - in order to trigger a-another reset. Otherwise, Kimura dies or disappears for real.”

“...We can’t know that for sure, Ashton. It’s one theory, but….at the same time if we keep repeating, i am not sure how long everyone can take it either. Just think how this time started off, of all things, with everyone...myself included...in a not-so-calm mood. Aerith could feel it well up in her chest as well. That gripping fear. But she forced herself to speak. H-Hiro might not want to g-give up on killing the people who have...well, taken our lives more times than i ever w-wanted to experience in a lifetime. C-Chieko seems hellbent on her own ideas about things, a-and frankly Yuuki could have stuffed it. Even i won’t rest until we get these assholes dead and off our backs for good, b-because they seem to be after m-myself and H-Hiro….

…..b-but why are they after us???”

Aerith seemed to take a brief pause as she stayed in the cover with Yuuki….at least for the moment being. To kill herself for this? Like hell she would, even though Ashton seemed to have some reasons for his beliefs on these restarts. But as much as he had his experiences, she did as well. They all did….and only now did her mind think back to the potential “why” of the situation.

”If we don’t f-find ways to consistently shape events in our favor, we could r-repeat a million times -tthinking back on things, there might be something that would make m-me and Hiro targets. B-Besides, suicide isn’t something I-I am going to be doing. I’ve had b-blades and f-fireballs and all the sorts t-take my life so far, i’m going out s-swinging if it comes down to it.

A-And...I-I think I have an idea w-why I and Hiro might be targets.

I-It wasn’t like even myself, Hiro, or C-Chieko openly talked about anything t-that…

….oh no.”

The American girl seemed to go as pale as a sheet, as certain unpleasant memories came back into her mind. The first death, the first reset. What Ashton had described about his group’s experiences came to mind, dredging back up those unpleasant memories of what in reality was not too long ago. Aerith quickly, but as clearly as she could manage, described her, Hiro, and Chieko’s first experiences in this new world as well, as well as her realizations that had just hit her mind.

She, Hiro, Chieko, they had been killed on the road by bandits, and the moment they came back she had run off to try to warn Irene and Vasilis...and Hiro had run off with Chieko in tow in a similar haste. They had acted rashly about an event they never should have seen coming by all logical accounts, that they never should have had forewarning from. They had stood out like a sore thumb against everything else, the fabric of this day, in this world, at that time, playing their hand unknowingly in regards to information...all by saving the two knights. For anyone behind such an ambush plan...how could they have failed so splendidly out of the blue? If no one else knew anything, and lips had perhaps been kept shut tight, how could some strangers see what was going on before trained knights could?

Maybe...such strangers were people who were seeing the future? Divination, perhaps? This theory had more holes than a piece of Swiss cheese, but she knew she was correct because she read was happening at the clinic. Two strangers exhibiting knowledge they didn’t have any knowledge of by any sensible means, in a world where magic was all over the place it seemed, such a thing made sense. Though it was a theory at best, albeit it made frightening sense. It would have made herself and Hiro targets for sure, and….even Chieko, potentially at least, though the chunni’s lack of death was an odd factor in this.

Fritzi back in the poorer area had commented on the matter of them avoiding the ambush there afterwards, before leaving. And if Fritzi was in on the plan...or at least with that group the assassins were in general, that made sense as well. The house cleaning isolated them from everyone else easily, whilst the cart the assassins had made “cleanup” of corpses easier. Fritzi could clean up the mess after.

But if herself and Hiro had survived, of course Donovan or something/someone planted at the clinic potentially could “fix” the issue of them being alive. Poison gas, everyone dying in the clinic but those in the know, a perfect setup for an “accidental bunch of deaths”.
”....I-If i am right, stupid theories and ‘evidence’ and all, then we are all going to be hunted until we get P-past this. Me and Hiro. And e-even then, I-I don’t know if w-we’d be safe if we got p-past far enough to have another p-point we all ‘reset’ to…

...R-Right now, we need to find that other assassin. B-Because if we can figure out who is who, maybe...ah, maybe we can do something about it next round,”
the girl said as she was finishing her explanation to Ashton, biting her lower lip a bit as she kept behind the cover.

The world turned gray, just for a moment. Time seemed to stop for a few seconds at a time, and then, their nervousness in their chest disappeared. It was so brief, they both chose to ignore it.

Ashton nodded at that, then said, “It makes sense; the only objection is that it would have been better for t-them if they had kidnapped you in order to enslave you - slavery may or may not be legal here, and even if illegal is still possible - but that can be chalked up to them finding you too much of a threat to play around with. But even so, Fritzi… Why would she have taught you Magic the first time if she wanted to have you killed? And we all saw her falling prey to the candles as well when we got killed in Donovan’s clinic; that was an unnecessary exposure to danger.”

A purse of his lips. “And no, it doesn’t matter if she tolerated that better; she was still exposing herself to poison just like we were, and for all we know, she probably did die that time. That’s the strongest argument against her being a culprit.”

He looked towards where Aer and Hiro were fighting the miniature assassin, and where Wisp was ‘playing’ with the weapons thrower, only wisp was not playing with the weapon’s thrower. He was laying on the ground, posed like a puppet that had all of its strings cut.When the aspiring veterinarian checked the cat boy’s pulse…


It appeared that talking about their powers for too long caused people who heard them to die. Ashton and Aerith were so wrapped up talking about their powers that they didn’t realise wisp was standing behind them the whole time. Did wisp think they were all going to go together and thus stuck around to listen to them? They wouldn’t find out the answer now. But if they wanted to help Aer and Hiro, they were going to have to do it themselves now.

The flying weapons came in vollies, and while they didn’t always come from the same area, they did always come from the same side of the street.

Ashton froze. “Oh no.” He looked at Aerith, “Oh, no, no, no! Wisp listened in, we felt that familiar fear that bound us whenever we talked about the mechanics of Isekai to a native, and then when we ignored said fear…”

The boy looked at Aerith after giving her a few seconds to grasp the implications, “Aer will know that Wisp wasn’t killed by a weapon, and we’ll be suspects. Then we’ll die as well and hopefully trigger a reset.” He clenched his fists. “I don’t like being responsible for killing another person when said person is an ally. We just killed an ally by our stupidity and by accident.”

A purse of his lips, “That said, though… Once we reset things so that we have not killed another ally, friend, or otherwise innocent person - We’re weaponizing this.”

As much as the fear was now gone...and the guilt over what happened to Wisp lingering a bit, Aerith’s former panic had been enough to get the adrenaline flowing some. Enough to keep a decent head with some effort, and then utter the first thing Ashton’s latest idea brought to her mind in full clarity:

”...I’m calling it: That is a very, very stupid idea.

You seem like a pretty smart guy, Ashton, but as you call me out for my Fritzi theory i think i need to call this out. We don’t know if what happened to Wisp here would work on enemies. For all we know, we’d be screwed over somehow, and after all we’ve all been through i don’t doubt it at this point.

For now...we need to try to deal with this weapon-throwing asshole as best as we can. If i and Hiro die, we get to group together again at least.

So...for the moment i’ll try to cover us if you follow my lead a bit. We can at least find a thing or two out, maybe...ah hell.”

Having finished a brief bit of speaking, Aerith took a deep breath, looked out carefully at the situation with Hiro and the weapons-throwing and such….and then bolted like a bat outta hell. Her body, the threat of death looming over her, was pumping her muscles with hormones and adrenaline and all it could to get her moving as fast as she could. Along the way, a quiet call of “Shamak!” would come out of her lips one hand spewing out a cloud of black spores into the air to obfuscate her (and hopefully Ashton’s) positions a bit more.

Her destination? The other side of the street, to a nearby building where some more cover could be used.

Ashton followed, accepting Aerith’s idea; it seemed good enough, but he knew that he can and will try for a reset if given the chance.

The duo left Wisp's corpse and ran for a narrow alleyway. They didn't appear to be spotted, and if the volley of weapons flying over their head was any indication, their attackers did not seem to be aware that they were coming. Before emerging on the other side of the street, Aerith and Ashton cautiously looked out from the alleyway. Before them was the weapon thrower, siege master, assassin of Yukki. And what a terrifying sight they were.

The individual was covered head to toe in a black garb. Their hands were gloved, and the inside of their hood was as black as night. They had so few features they looked more like a silhouette that a person. The individual was tall and had broad shoulders, but not much else could be discerned.

The street they were looking into must have been near some of the weapon shops, because more people in brown cloaks were carting wheel barrels filled with weapons of all types into the street. As soon as they lined up on the road, they would drop onto their bellies and put their hands over their head. That was when the strange stuff happened...

The black robed figure would vanish, and instantly appear beside one of the wheelbarrows before swinging their arm like a massive haymaker. This would cause the entire cart of weapons to launch its payload in a single salvo attack and rain weapons down in the street on the other side. Once a cart was empty, the brown cloaks would stand up and cart it off, presumably to fill it again. But there was always someone else returning with more weapons. It was impossible to tell how taxing this was on the mysterious individual, but they didn't seem to be attacking as fast as they could have been. Of course, they would run out of weapons very quickly if they did, and they had at least a dozen carts ready to be fired like artillery.

”....Well, it’s a simple idea they have here, but...we need to shut this person down before they hit Hiro or Aer,” Aerith said quietly, to avoid being heard by anyone but Ashton, as she softly pulled back behind the corner where they were currently safe for the moment. Her brows furrowed in furtive thought, though after a few moments, she seemed to perk up again, ”Aha! We could just run a distraction, then! Maybe piss these guys off...or at least just the big one, and dip into the buildings around here to move around.”

Stop the weapons fire, maybe it’d help Hiro and company a bit more. If they were still alive right now at least. However, Aerith silently looked to Ashton for his thoughts (or agreement) on what they should do. Frankly, she didn’t want to waste any more time than they had around Wisp...to an unintentionally fatal end at least.

Ashton nodded, then whispered, “Should I do a stereotypical kid-tackle from behind, or should you use that darkness thing again? I think the latter might be better.”

”I...if you do a tackle you will probably instantly die. Maybe. Honestly, i can puff out that spell again, and we start screaming and go different directions once they start following or something.

Main point is to get their attention...so let’s do this,”
the darker-haired girl said, not the least bit confident underneath about this plan….but at face value and tone she was putting on the mask of total confidence (within reason).

It was a very silly plan.

She then leapt out of cover, and with a quick “Shamak!” sent out a dark spreading cloud of spores in the direction of the enemies. She then, much like a fool, began shouting insults and profanities at the baddies, waving her arms about like a fool. She would do it just enough to get attention and then bolt away. Honestly...it felt somewhat like a Monty Python skit from that one movie to her. However, she wasn’t too far from cover at least…albeit that was merely a small comfort in this cycle of constant death.

Ashton, meanwhile, shouted, “Hey, meddling little tyke here! Who wants to try their luck killing me?! I bet you don’t get paid enough to be part of a syndicate, right? Certainly not enough to kill kids!”

And with that, he would go down up a set of nearby stairs well away from Aerith.

The dozen-something bandits immediately took notice of the teenagers. ”Someone threw dust into the air!”

”It kind of looks like a spell!”

”I hear a woman's voice! I think she's mocking us!”

”I see a boy! He's definitely mocking us!”

The bandits had proven to be quite organized in the past, but it seemed that they were woefully unprepared for the situation. They were rather close to the hero's district, which was one of the most well armed, anti-bandit places in the entire city. So naturally they gave chase, with a few people going after Aerith, some Ashton, and the rest were still confused as to what they should be doing. Fortunately none of them had any crossbows. The only weapons they brought were in those wheelbarrows.

Ashton made it a fair distance up the stairs, before something took hold of his neck. Before he had a chance to see what it was, he was cast backwards and road on a current of wind directly into his pursuers. The people behind them were quick to beat and apprehend him.

Before the boy was even yanked to his feet, The dark individual appeared in front of Aerith. Their appearance was so sudden that she had little time to avoid the incoming sucker punch. It dug in under the rib cage and squarely hit her stomach. Not only was Aerith robbed of breath, but she had to fight to keep the contents of her stomach down. Her only recourse was to sink to her knees. But in this position, she noticed that her attacker had platform shoes. A few moments later, the guards pulled Aerith to her feet.

The two had been captured rather swiftly, and the black cloak paced back and forth in front of them. Finally one of the bandits stepped in front of the two youth. ”Oy!” A middle aged man with matted cat ears addressed them. ”Wut you doin' round here?”

Wind Magic, Ashton thought before he said, “I would like to ask you the same thing. We were just being escorted to get our papers when you guys suddenly ambushed us.”

”That be da point, boi!” The cat man poked Ashton. ”You humie folk think you can run the place! Ever since the war, all yuz been doing is bossin' around us poor demi folk.” He drew a knife out of his cloak and held it up to Ashton's neck. ”You's could all stand to feel a bit more fear...”

The dark cloak abruptly appeared in front of Aerith, but said nothing. Even at this range, it was impossible to see the face of the one who attacked them. Perhaps it was waiting for some sort of response?

The cat man looked between the two. ”So what was ya doin' huh? Thought you could sabotage the entire operation by yaselves?”

Demi-Humans. Victims of racism/speciesism and prejudice. Also, there was a recently concluded war? I must store this in my thoughts, Ashton thought as he prepared to make a mini-speech. Don’t get cocky, but don’t cower, either; show the right amount of respect for your enemy’s capabilities.

“We were acting in self-defense, actually,” Ashton said. “Your operation killed one of my friends by accident - the small boy with the large bag - and we thought that attacking you first would take off the pressure off the ones escorting us so that they can beat the mystery assassin they are fighting more easily, then come rescue us.” He faced the Cat-man, “But to be honest, we did not know how much you and your peoples have suffered in the war; we are strangers from a faraway country where Demi-humans are a rarity.”

He purses his lips, “For all it’s worth; I am sorry that you suffered under the hands of humanity, and I am sorry too that we had to attack you. But another child lies dead because of the weapons your captain threw at us and the people escorting us, and I ask you, do more children need to die in the name of revenge? Will our deaths actually make things better?”

….Aerith had no words for Ashton. A flowery speech to some demi-human thugs, who were already intent on killing them. To her, it was a more foolish idea than her wanting them to play diversionary tactics….and his willingness to GET them killed was nothing short of stupid in her mind. They had so much to try to do, at least, before they just...gave up!

Aerith let out a small sigh after Ashton was done speaking, noticeably exasperated and lightly frustrated. As much as she wanted to be calm, they could die at any time. That much was true. But she...had an idea, if Ashton could follow along. Albeit, not try to make a total 180 from what he had just done unless he wanted death again quickly.

At least they knew a bit more about this city’s situation, somewhat.

”...Honestly, i don’t come from a nation where anyone has ever seen a demi. And I don’t know what your lives have been like.

But then I came here.

After seeing the conditions demi folk live in, I frankly don’t agree with how they are being treated. Hell, if I can help you all somehow, that would be pretty great. Just please don’t kill me or the other two that are fighting, and I’ll come along with you all without a fuss.

The only thing i haven’t liked since suddenly arriving here, is almost being killed a few times over. Though to be fair, it’s not like you all have reasons to trust a human, much less me or this other guy here who couldn’t swing a sword to save his life.”
Aerith said, keeping it simpler, she hoped, than Ashton’s binge as she put a genuine tone in her words.

Truly, she wouldn’t blame people in a bad situation for doing what they could...she empathized with them a bit. But preventing the reset for as long as she could, and if that meant getting more intel by some or any means, was her priority. And maybe, on the slimmest possible chance, she could get Hiro and Aer to not be dead.

”Oi? Ya still up on the babe killing nonsense? At lleast the lass has the common sense ta pretend ta be appreciative.” the wolf man chuckled. But he stopped immediately when the cloaked figure placed their hand on the wolf's shoulder.

”War is not a pretty thing.” When the black cloak spoke, their voice was being greatly distorted. It was unclear if it was magic, their outfit, or something else. But it sounded unnatural. ”And now that the war is over, the violence should stop. But the humans continue to oppress us. We continue to live in slums among their poor, while the wealthiest of them hide in the upper layers of society. They don't kill us with bladed weapons, but through starving us, denying us life saving medicine, and turn us into villains when we dare take enough to survive.”

”Heh! Dat's our leader, silver tongue n' everythin'.”

The dark cloak approached the weapons. ”If you want to help us, then you will do nothing. All Hiro has to do is dodge this next volley. If he can do so, then all of you can join us.” They raised their hand, and every last weapon flew over the wall. The sky was turned black with sharpened steel.

During the fight on the other side, Chiyo's knife seemed to magically rebound and wound up in Aer's leg. The adventurer had limited mobility, and the poison was making it harder to stay alert as time went on. Naturally, her magic was also weaker. ”Hiro...” But she didn't have to say anything. Everyone could see the hundreds of metal objects glistening in the sun. It almost looked like a giant mass of dragon scales was ready to descend on them. Aer raised her hands over her head and did her best to shield from the incoming blows, but there were so many. She couldn't make the shield big enough, and Hiro was too far away. Even with the wall of ice, the weapons were able to pick away at it until a few came crashing through. The head of a mace dislocated her shoulder, and a spear flew through her stomach. Not a lethal blow, but between the poisoned dagger and this, she wasn't going anywhere. Aer turned to try and find Hiro, but he was nowhere to be seen. By the point, the weapons were covering the street, and the only person who was still visible was Chiyo. It seemed that the weapons had swerved to avoid her. ”Hiro... is dead?” Aer sunk to the ground. Her gaze was empty. I couldn't even save one... Not even one. Aer fell onto her side before uttering her last words. “What a useless life, all I could ever do was take things.”


Hiro crawled out of the pile of weapons, but there was nothing left of him. The falling weapons had cut him down to his elbows and knees. The dark cloak stepped out into the street with Ashton and Aerith in tow behind them.

”No!” They fell to ne knee. ”This isn't possible! All of the sources said...”

And then, Hiro expired, and the world froze over in a gray film.


Restart : 5

Center road, The Golden Quarter, Priestella

The group had uncovered a lot of information, which they promptly shared on their restart.

~ Quill was called in by Donovan, and couldn't help the other bandits. In fact she tried to leave, putting on the same outfit she wore when she attacked the peppin's house group.

~ The bandits are after people who are “Clairvoyant,” and they believe Hiro's ability with this power is the strongest.

~ Wind magic can be used to cure incense poising from Donovan's candles.

~ Chiyo and the bandits attacked on Aer's route this time, proving that they are likely picking the group that has Hiro in it.

~ The bandit leader, or at the very least, the leader of that particular group of bandits, is an unnamed figure in a black cloak, who uses powerful wind magic and can teleport. The limitations of their power are unknown.

~ The cloak they wore concealed an unnatural amount of their features, but Aerith noticed they were wearing platform shoes. She was pretty sure they would be shorter than her without them.

~ Aerith and ashton were pretty sure they never saw the cloaked person before now.

With all of this knew knowledge in hand, maybe they had everything they needed to turn the tables. Now that they knew a bit about how the bandits operated, they might be able to trap them. The only real mystery left was that they didn't know who the bandit leader was. Perhaps that would reveal itself in time.

”Youhoo, Hiro!” Fritzi leaned over the counter of Mile's emporium, waving a bag in the air. ”Would you like some complementary shoooooooes?”

GM NOTE: you guys might find it easier to discuss tactics in the discord server before enacting a plan IC.

GM NOTE X2: For a small fee of 5.99$ a month for the rest of your life, you could get these same posts with better proof reading. It's not a lot of money, and you'll be helping indie devs like myself who can't get hired by AAA companies.
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~Chieko Okawa~

Hero's District, Priestella
Death count: 1
Reset Count: 4

Damn it...!

It wasn't a bad plan, but she had expected Quill to just barrel in through the door, not just cut a hole in it. Perhaps she had overestimated? Or had Quill seen through it. She could merely wait for the poison to take effect as Quill addressed her from the other side of the door. Chieko frowned, already finding it more difficult to breathe within moments. As much as she didn't like it, maybe she could get some more information out of her attackers. She had already learned quite a bit just from this one outing.

Chieko felt her legs getting weaker as she leaned against the wall. Oni? There was an attack of some sort? Chieko frowned, unable to say anything as she tried to cling onto consciousness even just a bit longer. Was she smiling? Hard to tell, but she knew what she was talking about. Not that she could do anything, by now she couldn't even keep herself standing or leaning against the wall, slowly sliding down until she was on her back. In the last vestiges of her consciousness however, she heard something very useful - and very disturbing.

”Youhoo, Hiro!”

Fritzi's voice jolted Chieko back to the waking world.

Huh? She had expected to wake up in a dungeon somewhere or some place similar. Did Quill kill her instead? Or did...someone else? The Japanese girl said nothing to start with, giving the others plenty of time to converse as she thought over what she had learned with her brief encounter.

"Mhm...guys." Chieko quietly spoke up, quickly relaying the information she had learned from Donovans. One, they couldn't trust that failure of a doctor. Two, she wanted to speak with Quill again - they might be able to convince her that they could come peacefully. It seemed like she at least, was a bit less...violent? Or perhaps could be negotiated with.

"They're after us..." She continued, once finished. "Me, Hiro, and Aerith...but Quill didn't kill me - she said she was going to kidnap me and then...we could...rid the place of humans."

Even if they could convince them to back off. She couldn't agree with that last bit, even if what Quill implied was true in the slightest.

Mie Yukima

Below Ground - The back rooms

Mie simply took in Ruri's scowl with an impish smile, completely not seeing any ill intent behind it. Besides, her old bones had better things to burn with their old fury. She was here to find someone who did something. Not that she cared in the end - she was just in this for the giggles, and she was certainly going to have them by the end of this.

Mie listened with rapt attention to Ruri's instructions. Such a shame what happened to this place. It had always been a den of degenerates, but it wasn't until recently did scum like the Larchmond's began to fester, it seemed. Tsk tsk, someone would need to teach them a lesson, and she would be a very, very, eagerly helpful teacher.

"Skyflower...a nice little plant. Sometimes they never wake up, fufu." A smile crept across Mie's face, but it void of her normal playfulness. Her eyes lacked any of that impish playfulness that it carried. "Don't you worry, Ruri. I've never met a man that I couldn't entertain. Let's be off, Kitten. We have prey to find." With that said, Mie made her way to leave. Getting to the VIP section wouldn't be easy...but with Mirts help, then it could be feasible. She just needed to make sure they got into the ring. A little goading was easy. Drunk people made for easy targets.

Finding the old monk was incredibly easy.

"Follow my lead, kitten." Mie whispered to Elque before walking up to Mirt's table.

"What are you even talking about, you senile old man?" Mie's voice was full of both scorn, annoyance, and utter disbelief as she spoke. "You? Some fighter? You look like you belong in some alley, begging for scraps of food." Placing a hand on her hips and placing a drink in front of one of the other men, she continued. "Are you gentlemen just going to let this guy talk like that? I bet he couldn't even take one of you, or are all of you spineless cowards?" Her tail brushed lightly against a nearby mans leg as she sighed. "Such a shame. I thought this place was full of tough, courageous, men."
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Quill being hit by the fire cause Aki to stagger back in surprise. The quick reaction from Donovan did minimize the damage which was off course a good thing. Quill didn't however seem to take it the good way. She immediately suspected of Chieko having pointed the fire in her way intentionally. She threatened to attack her which was quite bad new and caused Aki to get rather scared.

Alistair who she just flashed a smile tried to calm quill down and protected Chieko at the same time. Quill was still quite vulgar and direct however. They were gonna get gutted if they were talking before Chieko did?! Aki fell onto her butt and softly sobbed. She couldn't be serious right. Alistair spoke up making Aki grow rather uncomfortable. The moment he was done talking she saw a bright red light before him. His head came off. Aki wide eyed uttered. Alistair his body dropped to the floor. Aki couldn't say anything she was clearly taken by the scene. She slowly pushed herself backwards away from the scary woman.

Quill told Donovan to take Aki with him in which he did. He raised her up from the ground causing Aki to suddenly come back to the world and freak out towards the giant. He was holding her tightly by her wrist as she was flailing about trying to escape. She didn't want to be separated from Chieko. She herself went in on the combat too against Donovan not in bad manner but simply to escape from him.


An explosion of wind in Donovan his hand made just enough room for Aki to pull her hand out. She ran a few steps away from him as she turned around and pulled her eyelid down with her finger while pushing he tongue out at him tauntingly. She could hear Flame yell a few words before he had died as well by his own magic. She couldn't bare watch and ran towards Chieko instead. Quill was already running after Chieko as Aki was pulled after her by Chieko her hand. Aki released a small yelp as she was pulled along. Quill was too scary.

When they were further in the clinic Chieko told Aki to hide somewhere further in while releasing her hand. Aki gulped as she started to run on her own again. Hide, hide, hide. That was the only thing she could think of right now. She rushed towards one of the patience curtain rooms and pulled the curtains close. How long was she suppose to hide? Till Quill left?

Quill was yelling and attacking wood is seemed. Aki shivered in fear as she waited. Chieko was in danger but safe right now right? Quill spoke for a long time but in the end stated her intentions. She was gonna take Chieko once she was inside the room? Wait did Chieko use poison candles?! Aki began to shiver more and sob softly. She couldn't keep quite anymore. She didn't want Chieko to be captured and taken away from her. Heat was forming.

"Leave Chieko-nee-chan alone! P-Please!"

Aki was calling out towards the dangerous woman last thing before Chieko fell unconscious, what further happened was one big blur as everything reset.

Aki rushed up to Chieko her side again for the 5th time, still with her usual childishly smile. She wasn't really sure what the conversation was about but hearing on how someone was gonna kidnap Chieko she couldn't stand for that. Aki backed up a little and gave a huge expressive no with her arms.

"No! Nobody is gonna kidnap Chieko-nee-san away from me! Aki will always protect Chieko-nee-san!"
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Ashton Andrews and Flame Brooks

A plan was accomplished through hurried discussion; Ashton would go with Fritzi to unlock his magic, Flame would go with Aer to maintain a line with the authorities, and Hiro, Chieko, and Aerith would go to Doctor Donovan's. But before they parted ways, Flame said to Ashton, "If you really must try and save the people who've killed us multiple times, do so because you want to, not because you're obliged to be a hero." A smile. "You're already my rescuer."

Ashton chuckled, flattered, as he walked with Fritzi, taking frequent looks back at Flame. Flame waved goodbye as he went with Aer, his smile still present. But for now, they part ways.

Ashton Andrews

When Flame was out of sight, Ashton asked Fritzi as they went to the house they were to clean, "So, if I may ask, are you happy with your job? After all, rich people can either be generous or snobbish depending on their whims. Also, is the pay at least good?"

Flame Brooks

As Flame went with Aer, prepared to go through another interview, the young man said to the small adult, "So... Priestella; I heard word on the streets that the city is suffering from the aftermath of a war. Mind if I ask what sort of war it was and how bad was it?"
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After a bit of discussion, they decided to go with a plan of sorts, keeping things brief enough as to not arouse suspicion. They were not entirely sure how they were going to get out of this one, but they had an idea.

Ashton would go with Fritzi to Pepin's house, Chieko, Aerith, and Hiro would go to the Clinic, and everyone else would head off with Aer. If they could stay alive long enough, maybe Aer would return with reinforcements.

Weren't there a few other people here last time though? Yuuki wasn't present, and wasn't there another kid? It wasn't like anything could be done about their disappearance now.

Peppin's House

Ashton made the mistake of asking Fritzi about her wages and lively hood, which sparked a conversation that lasted the entire duration of their trip. ”...And if I'm not selling stuff in the golden quarter, I'm usually cleaning some rich guys house. Or girls! We're a progressive community!” She flashed a grin, before droning on. ”As for how well I'm paid, I don't think it's like, the best pay ever. But it's all menial work anyway. You're never going to get rich doing that sort of stuff. Not like I could get a better job anyway. There aren't a lot of demi human nobles around. And the ones that are around would probably want want me for...favors.” She stopped walking in front of Peppin's house. ”And speaking of favors...” She turned her body towards Ashton and placed her hands behind her head. ”I'd like your honest opinion, do you think I look cute enough?” Fritzi was frowning while she arced her back. ”I can't believe you're the only guy I was able to hook! I was really hoping Hiro would come join us. I had it all planned out, I was going to teach him how to use magic and wrap him around my finger!” She smiled. ”But I guess you'll do for now.” In a flash, Fritzi pounced forward and pressed her forehead against Ashton's. ”light huh? That's not a very common one.” Much like with Hiro, Aerith, and Alistair, Fritzi explained to Ashton how to use his gate to cast spells. ”So how about giving it a try?”

Hero's district

Aer looked over her shoulder at Flame. ”The war has been going for some time now. It must have been at least a decade. No one really knows how it started. Allegedly there were two villages, one filled with demihumans and another filled with humans. The leader of the demihuman village killed the leader of the human village.” Aer adjusted her hood and looked straight ahead. ”The war ended with the demihumans surrendering and entering into a treaty. Even though the war is over though, not everyone is happy with the outcome. The bandit situation here is largely due to the war, but not everywhere is like this. There's less resistance in the larger cities, but that might just be because of the manpower employed there.” Aer coughed. ”But more relevent to your situation, do any of you know about the people who teleported you here? Anything would be of use.” That's right, Ashton wasn't here to explain things this time.

It was probably too early to say, but there wasn't an ambush waiting for them this time. Whew!


Much like the crew had expected, Quill had been called in to help teach the foreigners. But not before Donovan checked everyone to confirm their element.

”Light is an interestin' element to have on hand. Plenty of uses in the clinic too. It's not as useful for healin' people up, but you can do a lot of other stuff. ” He turned to Aerith ”Dark is less practical, sadly. But it has its uses. You can numb someone's body if you're strong enough, but I can't say that's very safe to practice on patients.” He folded his massive arms. ”Still good to have an extra pair of hands.” He presented Chieko with a candle to practice with.

Unlike last time, Quill seemed much more relaxed, and didn't show a shred of aggression. Just like she was right before their fight. “Light, huh?” She waved her hand. “It just so happens we have the perfect specimen for you to practice your magic on. If you would follow me to the back please.” The room fell silent. Quill sighed before looking over her shoulder again. “I keep stray cats as pets sometimes.”

”R-right.” Donovan sighed. ”Sounds like she's got ya covered, Hiro.”
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Ashton Andrews

"Oh, I think you're cute, but I already have a boyfriend; the other boy with me. And I won't exchange him for the world," was Ashton's response to Fritzi's question as to whether she looked cute or not. "And it's okay for me to just earn a living wage, at least for now."

Then Fritzi pressed her head against his'; Ashton was a bit embarrassed despite knowing it to be necessary. Then she revealed his magic as Light Magic, which in this world was mainly strengthening natural attributes, it seemed.

Light, Ashton thought to himself. Just like what Hiro has. Smiling, the boy said, "Don't worry; with this new magic, I'll be able to maintain a decent cleaning speed!" A smile, a quick "Jiwald!" and Ashton proceeded to do just that.

Fritzi might be hiding something, he thought as he cleaned, She is a bit disadvantaged even though she hides it. But what's behind that brave face? He kept cleaning the house, focusing on training his body to be faster; he knew that a kid made a bad 'damage absorber'. So he'd be a jack-of-all-trades or a rogue. A smile at that as he thought, Unless Fritzi really is part of the 'Demi-Human Liberation Front', this promises to be a perfectly quiet time. So time to find out general world information.

Turning towards the Fox-woman, hoping she hadn't gone up yet, Ashton would say, "So, this city is called Priestella, and I heard some snatches of conversation that said that this is part of a Kingdom called Lugnica. As my knowledge of the world isn't much... I'd like to ask just what the Kingdom of Lugnica actually is. What is its capital, who is its King - or Queen Regnant - And finally, what is its founding Legend? What hero founded such a Kingdom and what... Gods blessed it?"

A pause. "And finally, a sensitive question; what are the evil forces that oppose the Gods? Much lore has been lost in our own Kingdom before we were kidnapped and taken to this place; disasters and purges and everything happened. So if you know anything, even hearsay and stories, I'd love to hear those."

Flame Brooks

Flame pursed his lips and said, "Well, there was darkness, and this person called L.T. who called us in said presumably-magical darkness, talking about taking us to someone who loved us." He had been there when Ashton had given his explanation, but can recall only snatches of it. "Then the darkness lifted and we found ourselves in your city." A pause. "To be honest, I think that we've been expreimented on, and the darkness that enveloped us was Magic of a dark kind. Even now, there are... Indications that we might be under a geas, a matter of superstition in our Kingdom."

Now, a thought, "Despite our items that operate on unknown principles, despite the fact that our items operate on the same level as Magic, much lore has been lost, forgotten, or purged in our Kingdom. In our land, items like these are made using Science; the observation and application of established laws of the universe, and manipulating energy and matter that already exist. Or at least, that's what we've been taught in school; assumng that schooling is common in your Kingdom. This loss of magical lore might be a factor in our kidnapping; the enemy might find people who have literally lived under metaphorical rocks for centuries to be a useful subject for experimentation."

As they walked on, Flame then asked Aer, "Add that to the fact that Demi-Humans are myths and legend in our Kingdom - You can infer the horrible implications of that statement later - and you'll find that we are both innocent yet at the same time not beyond suspicion. So let me ask you one thing: What are Wtiches? In our land, the term applies to any woman who uses Magic."
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Mirts face turned to a harsh glare at the disrespectful servant, a look he had mastered in his youth at the great temples of his homeland. Mirt had once stood at the pinnacle of his culture and the lessons there in sheer menacing presence were not lost in his travels, a few of the rowdy patrons crowding them gave an involuntary step back.

"You dare mock me and my protegee?!" Advancing a step with both hands balled into a fist, Mirt pointed to the crowd one by one as if calling them out instead. "I SAY IT IS YOU LOT WHO ARE SOUR. Spoiler by drink and food till lifting a dagger is a strain." Spitting the last word out like poison he glanced to a larger male in the back of the growing crowd. Knowing full well what they were.

"I say let the fat lordlings' dogs fight like the mutts they are and bring forth a true opponent! No man in this arena is strong enough to offer a sporting chance to my chosen anyways."

Satisfied, with the crowd cheering or shouting curses, Mirt crossed his arms and raised his chin to the gathered crowd and merely waited as the ruckus grew louder. At some point the crowd began a unified chant calling for a fight, drawing yet more eyes. At last the final straw gave way and a lone figure pushed their way through the crowd.
A single glance at the newcomer brought with it a deathly silence. Belrigger was a tall man, towering over Mirt, and despite his age was no less fit for a fight. The two locked glares until finally the Fighting Ring leader gave a grin.

"You really think you've got a fighter worthy of this arena, piss ant, have them in the middle pronto. They'll be a warmup for todays excitement." Striking a similar pose to Mirts, Belrigger put his fingers to his lips and blew 3 short whistles. A reply came from the elevated platform momemts later in reply.

Mirt rolled his eyes at the pageantry. The man was big and brutish but his eyes betrayed the soft nature hiding within them. Like himself it seemed whoever the brute was, they were an entertainer more than fighter.

"Whats say we strike a wager. Half a crown says Anyon, my finest student, trounces whatever sorry excuse for a fighter you serve before them." Hand shooting into the pouch at his belt, Mirt drew forth 5 silver coins and gave a wink.

Belriggers grin only widened. "I accept!" His hand was a blur of movement. It was little more than the sensation that he had moved but sure enough the silver coins were nestled in the big shotcallers hand between his thumb and the meat of his hand. The topmost coin had even bent a bit, the genuine look of superiority was clear on Belriggers face as he turned to march to the arena wall.

Sure enough, from the gated doorway leading into the bowels of the tunnel system came the challenger. A little over 5 feet with a visored helmet and leather armor, the challenger held a dagger and shortsword with confidence as they casually entered the arenas lowered platform, their grip tightening as they waited for their food.

Up above the arena, Belrigger had pushed aside the crowd with his mere presence. Only Mirt, Elque, and Mie were within 5 feet of the menacing human. Moe would feel the hairs on her neck standing on end despite the calm demeanor of the two opposing males.
Stubborn, violent, pride. The usual tale of old men.

"Woman. Who permitted you to gawk?" Belrigger turned his gaze towards the fox and scowled. None of the workers on his coin were stupid enough to stare at anything but the next patron that needed a drink in their hand. "Scurry on. You are not being paid to stand around.

The kitchens were a good place to return to, but if Mie wanted the goods at the back gates she would need to stay in the spotlight. Already a few of the vip patrons had noted the commotion. Just a little more time and she would have one of those bratty nobles shouting her name for company.
Step 1..
If they wanted the attention they would need to play the part of a fan. It wasn't uncommon for the servers to latch onto wealthy patrons, charming them out of their money and earning the jealousy of others.
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~Chieko Okawa~

Hero's District, Priestella
Death count: 1
Reset Count: 4


Chieko had to hold a hand over her heart before she died of Aki's particular brand of cuteness. Despite her calm demeanor she still hadn't felt entirely great about this whole plan, but seeing Aki made whatever doubts she had wash away. Recovering from the cuteness overload, Chieko quickly went along with the plan, following Hiro and Aerith towards the clinic. They had discussed who was going where, but not what exactly they would be doing - that was however, fine. Chieko had already decided what she would be doing.

The initial event proceeded much as expected. Quill had been called in to teach, Donovan had checked everyone for their elements and this time she managed to not make a fool of herself. Quill herself, seemed just like she had before that little accident. Relaxed and for the most part, friendly, but she wasn't going to be falling for that now - and no way in hell was she going to let her be alone with Hiro. Her heart began beating faster in nervousness.

"...stay behind me, Aki." Chieko said quietly to Aki, before turning to Quill.

There was no need for this cloak and dagger facade.

"Quill." Chieko took a few steps towards the assassin, simply letting the words come out as she thought of them. She just needed to appear calm, and like she knew more than she did. Make Quill believe that at least. Maybe her uhm, unique personality traits would come in handy here. "As a Hero and ally of justice I can not let you be alone with Hiro. I have already seen through your intentions and know what you want, so let us skip this unpleasantness and get to business already. You have something you need a clairvoyant for? You're looking at her. Or do I need to convince you further, miss Oni?"

Ah, she was so nervous she was surprised by how even her voice was.

Mie Yukima

Below Ground

A subtle smile crossed Mie's face. Good, good. At least this old man was good at this sort of thing. The fox watched eagerly as the degenerates ate up the act. All was well. None here posed a threat, and if things did get ugly she could simply skedaddle before things got too bad - at least that was her initial reaction. Her smile faded. A subtle sensation of her skin crawling. Hairs on her tail standing up. An ear twitch as one of the Lords showed themselves.


Perhaps mildly dangerous? But that was the fun part.

"Ah, Lord!" Mie's mouth widened into a smile. "Forgive this little fox for her impertinence. I so rarely get to see one of your caliber up close like this. I was little...enthralled." Tail swishing idly behind her, Mie gave Belrigger a suggestive smirk. She needed to get their attention. "...and maybe forgive this little servant for further rudeness, but perhaps you could make this match a bit more exciting, hm?" She hopped up onto a nearby chair, and any attempts to get her down would be expertly dodged, or she'd simply leap onto a nearby table or back onto the floor.

"After all, this is such a rare opportunity, isn't it? They're both old and senile!" Twirling on her heel in a slightly childish fashion, Mie chuckled. "They can't possibly be that strong, just some stupid rich foreigners looking for some excitement and getting in over their heads! They can't last a second against the strong men of this establishment! Did I mention they're rich?" Of course, it was an opportunity any greedy fool would take in a heartbeat. An obvious scheme, but one so simple in a den of drunkards and conceited noblemen that it'd probably work.

"Mhmh~" Giggling, Mie hopped down from the chair. "Well, Lord Belrigger...apologies for the outburst but maybe you could fluff this foxes tail as punishment if she's been a bad little fox?"
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