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Won't you stop playin me baby
And tell the truth to me
I know you're playin me baby
I know you're using me

- Trevor Something / Playin' Me
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Here comes the night
Roll on you careless evening
When we unite
Not a force concurs
Not hell nor heaven
So let it come, let it rain
Let it burn though you and me again
In the slums without name
And it isn't only poverty to blame
Here comes your man
Rolling down the street the callous field
He puts it in your hand
And all the world is but a whilst and a milkshake
Augie March, Here Comes The Night
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Cause I need you to tell everything will be alright
To chase away the voices in the night
When they call my name, have I gone insane
-Black Veil Brides "When They Call My Name"
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