@Heartfillia@Lucius Cypher Sorry for the late reply, I've been a bad GM and neglecting the site a bit c: You two can join and convert to true memelords if a spot ever opens up or I'm in need of more players, but for now I'm happy with the current cast ^-^ Thank you for your interest though and be sure to warn Pkken about the loser kids from Jigokuraku who will kick Komei's ass.

@Aerandir I'm fairly certain you wanted to post that in our Discord but with the link broken settled on the OOC. I'm thankful you kept it to the OOC though, your understanding is appreciated ^-^ These guys tend to move on from topics pretty quickly so we were well beyond the point of crossover talk when you posted that, it was just some bad timing is all c: For reference, I'd be happy to try and organise a crossover event, though it's a bit early on our end :3