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Near Jerusalem, Israel, Green Sahara
@Tenma Tendo@Renny

A gentle trip was interrupted by the sound of a struggle coming from behind.

"Don't" Audry quietly requested, though it would appear that her guest let the words fall upon deaf ears. The struggling continued for a bit, though eventually, it died down, only to be followed with a plea of some sort. When the talk of death came, the horse stopped in its tracks, with the rider sitting still upon the horse. The imposing walls of Jerusalem lay above the hills ahead, as the horse whinnied and grunted, with the Moogle resting in Capella's lap looking up with an inquisitive look at the rider as she stopped.

A dull thud sounded as she dismounted the horse, still holding Capella in her arm as she went to approach her bound captive.

"Oh good, you're awake," Audry uttered, looking over Yevon as she spoke to him. "My apologies about the straps, but I thought you would prefer that I not leave you in the sands and that you would prefer not to fall from the horse."

As she spoke, Amalthea had spotted a familiar sight in the corner of her eye out in the distance. The Gummi Ship lay right where they had left it, only a few kilometers away.

"The Gummi Ship is straight ahead, kupo. I can see it.

As the Moogle pointed out the ship, Audry shielded her eyes from the rising sun as she made out the sight of a vague shiplike structure.

"Hmm, it looks like we made it." Audry returned her attention to Yevon, who, though he looked calm, was making his discomfort and anxiety very apparent though is words.

"The girl is fine, as you can see. A little tired." Audry reached into her coak, retrieving a knife, slashing through the ropes she had wrapped around Yevon's body, letting the man free himself.

"You're free to go if you please." she spoke, looking at the man. "But," Audry paused slighting, hoping to catch his attention. "I can tell that you are not from this place, not from this world. And I'm sure you can tell the same of myself. I think our destinies are intertwined, and that your and my own presence here have some kind of connection, and that we have something to do with her too.", she said, motioning towards the girl in her arms with a tilt of the head.

You're a strong man, and there are dark forces at work here. I understand if you would refuse, our first encounter was less than ideal." Audry turned her gaze to the sand, avoiding to look at her former opponent. "But it would be to her benefit if she had more than one pair of eyes looking after her. And I'm sure you would like to get to bottom of why you're here too."

Audry pointed her finger over the distance, too the Gummi Ship. "The Moogle here says it can work that thing. So if you want to come with, that's our next destination."

Unknown Location, Central Europe, Ongoing World War II

Zekaraya sat, eyes closed in the cockpit of the Gummi Ship, as the world outside of the vehicle began to coalesce into something a bit more familiar. The man opened his eyes as the voice of the angel disappeared into the ambiance. There was a brief moment of serenity as the ship soared, the pilot still tending to the wounds he had received in his last fight.

But that serenity was short-lived, as the rocking of fire knocked the man to the ground as the Gummi Ship began to twist in the sky. Zekaraya ran to the window, to see two planes occupying the sky with him. Gray machines, with wings emblazoned with a sharp cross. As the battery continued, the Gummi Ship sounded its alarms. Altitude decreased, as the ship lost its flight, and the blue of the sky was replaced with the dark green of foliage. The sound of snapping trees and the tearing of metal filled the area as the Gummi Ship tore through the forest.

The aftermath was true wreckage, as fire stripped the trees of their leaves. Zekaraya emerged from the wreck, the Gummi Ship was damaged, though he did not know how badly. At least, it still looked to be structurally sound, save for the holes punched into it by gunfire. So this was the accursed world. Zekaraya was not sure what to make of it, nor certain of where he was. As he exited from the forest, the swordsman spotted what looked to be a small village over the horizon.

As he entered into the little hamlet, taking note of its surroundings. Several men were stationed outside of a home, armed with, something. Zekaraya did not recognize the weapons in those men's hands. The swordsman approached the building, only for the men to approach, and stop him from getting any further. Zekaraya found himself unable to understand the men's words, as they spoke to him in some guttural language. The swordsman could only look on as the two attempted to speak with him, yelling at him when he did not respond to their requests.

But a cry caught the attention of Zekaraya, who quickly lost interest in the soldiers, looking at the house that they were guarding. A flash from the window as a child cried out, a man pressed up against the window, with a distinct band of colors. White cloth, with black bands across a fringed edge. A tallit, the men in this house were Jews, his kin, and these soldiers were...after them. The words of the angel echoed in his mind. A world forsaken by God... where those who follow the Law of Moses and those with black skin are persecuted, marked for extermination.. The fears were confirmed when the prayer shawl was stained red with blood following a sharp explosion and a flash of light from inside the house, as the soldiers turned to look on in surprise.

As if he had lost his mind, the swordsman sprung into action grabbing the head of the nearest soldier, and ending his life with a crack as the twisted and snapped the man's neck with ease. The other soldier looked on in horror, only to be met with the searing of flesh as a fiery fist slammed into his face. The final sight of the soldier would be the falling of sharpened steel upon his eyes, before fading into blackness.

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Now Playing: Memories

Location: ???

Asher opens his eyes, a clear night sky encompassing his peripheral. The stars were out, accompanied by the moon in all of its glory. He yawns, as if he had just risen from a long slumber. The feeling of grass beneath him confuses him further. Last he remembered, he had been in a palace. He sits up, about to satiate the need to stretch, when a sudden voice speaks up.

“Ah! It’s about time you came to.”

He flinches, startled by the sudden break in the silence. Looking towards the direction of the voice, he sees a girl. She is adorned with a black hooded cape, her face veiled by the hood. It is kept together by a singular button at the base of the neck. The coat parts, revealing a white button-down shirt, a vest with mint green trim layered on top of the shirt, black pants, and black boots to match. She laughs at his reaction, moving to sit beside him.

“Who-” Before Asher can even begin, a hand protrudes from beneath her coat, causing him to pause.

“Save your breath. Come with time, you’ll find the answer to that question eventually.” She lowers her hand, resting it on her lap.

Asher then sighs, rubbing his face with his hands. “Ok..can you at least give me something to call you then?” He inquires.

She giggles, rubbing the back of her head. “Hmm...how about Usagi?”

This sparks a laugh from Asher, whom also begins rubbing the back of his head. “Worry not, those feet are yours to keep. Outside of that...why does that seem so-” The rogue is once again cut off. This time, it’s by a sudden crack of thunder. Despite there being no trace of clouds in the sky above them, a singular bolt of lightning strikes Asher, the blast impacting at the center of his torso, the fiery pain spreading throughout his body.

“Times up, it seems...until next time~” Usagi’s voice trails off as he begins to lose consciousness.

Location: Gummi Ship ‘Renovation’s Might’ Medbay

Asher jolts up, immediately clutching his chest in pain from where he had felt the bolt hit him. His attempt at a glare in the direction of Felix was botched due to the grimace his face was currently adopting in response to the pain. He brings his free hand up to his Earring of Whisper, rubbing it. “Where in the hell am I?” He asks. While he knew he could easily receive an answer from the individual responsible for his rude awakening, he wanted to somehow signal to Georgia that he was ok. His labored breathing might suggest otherwise, but, he did the best he could with his tone to convince her that he was fine.

@Ryteb Pymeroce@Gentlemanvaultboy
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The Space Between Worlds



At least the world wasn't destroyed...

Stupid N Ma and his bullshit...

Wait, what's that light? FFFUUUUUCCCK!!!!!

After the heartless invasion had been thwarted, Zane had been sucked into the darkness. His armor seemed to have an attraction to darkness, no real surprise considering it was made from N Ma. The more worlds he saw, the more he believed that the Five created Infershia to prevent darkness taking over their world.

Not that it particularly mattered to him, Magitopia was one of infinite worlds, and he seemed to go at random. It was like trying to find a book in Chrogel's library, he was going to kill the idiot who introduced that obsessive freak to Discworld and L-Space. You weren't supposed to run into yourself while searching for something.

With a pop, the Dark Knight Rogue appeared in a new land. Oh great, England. He should have figured that Narritive Imperitive would drop him in a Chrogel's wet dream after talking about him. He landed between a Black Coat and an unconscious person. The sleep spell was still in the air, but his magic resistance shrugged it off. He took a defensive stance in front of the girl, lightning forming into a shield over his left arm.

"Sorry to be a bother, old chap." Zane apologised, with a British twang to his accent, "But I have to rescue this damsel, otherwise the league of knights will revoke my membership. En guarde, tu bâtard!" As Zane finished speaking, Fenrir appeared in his hand pointing at the Black Coat.

He probably couldn't win this. His power was hindered by N Ma's power, the two locked in conflict, but he could probably make him retreat if he played smart. Damn.
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"Sorry to be a bother, old chap." Zane apologised, with a British twang to his accent, "But I have to rescue this damsel, otherwise the league of knights will revoke my membership. En guarde, tu bâtard!" As Zane finished speaking, Fenrir appeared in his hand pointing at the Black Coat.

He probably couldn't win this. His power was hindered by N Ma's power, the two locked in conflict, but he could probably make him retreat if he played smart. Damn.

It was a known fact that in a battle between keyblade weilders, the one with the stronger heart will win. This does not take into account skill with a blade. Shooting forward, Zane performed a feint before striking at his opponent's ribs.

Young Leo stepped back while holding out his Keyblade to parry both feint and strike; he was no slouch at swordfighting. As he cast a wider "Cone of Silence!", the younger incarnation of the Keyblade Master struck a series of fast whip-like blows at Zane's shoulders and head.

"Huh, so you are actually competent with a blade." Zane remarked, blocking the strikes with his lightning shield, "I guess I'll have to kick things up a notch."

The shield dissipated, as lightning began arcing through his armor. He was thankful he had a full helm, as the incompatible elements interacted. Suddenly he vanished only to strike from Leo's blind spot with a powerful two handed swing of his keyblade.

"Lightning strikes faster than sound, and thus creates the thunder." he grinned behind his mask as the shockwave from his high speed movement hit on Leo's other side, "Do try to keep up." he added, vanishing again.

"Reflaga!" was all Young Leo said as Zane struck him, erecting a green barrier that most probably returned the damage that the would-be hero was going to dish out as a burst of white light. Knowing that this tactic won't work twice, the Keyblader pointed to Morgan's unconcious body and said, "Zero Graviga!", causing it to float up to the rooftops. Then Young Leo followed by running up the alleyway's walls in order to meet Zane on the more open ground of the city's slate roofs.

"You know, it feels like I'm having to carry the conversation here. Don't you have some kind of monologue or evil plot to reveal."

That reflected attack had stung, Zane's left arm was numb from the impact. His opponent was trying to use more open area to fight, probably a mistake on the kid's part as it gave him more room to accelerate. Dismissing his keyblade he decided to play Railgun, Blagel's least favorite game. Leo was soon assaulted by tiles and stones being launched from him at many angles at near mach one.

"You're not giving me time!" Young Leo said as he silently cast another Reflaga, which hurled the tiles and stones back at Zane... And a few innocent onlookers. "As for my plan, well, let's just say I'm completing a set of Thirteen Seekers. And I'm not revealing any more."

He then counterattacked Zane with a series of sharp and fast cuts aimed at his midsection, before saying, "Spamming Reflect and its upgrades really is a practical strategy, isn't it?"

Zane dodged the strikes with relative ease, but the strain was starting to affect him. He didn't trust himself to talk further and focused on the fight. Dodging inside Leo's guard, he gave a sharp palm strike to the boy's wrist to dislocate it. Admittedly he might have broken it, he was used to fighting Infershia in hand-to-hand and they were much sturdier than humans.

Young Leo slid backwards on an invisible platform in order to avoid the palm strike, giving a 'tch' of exasperation. "It seems that you've demonstrated yourself as worthy... Worthy to replace Gigyas!"

Floating further up, casting a quick "Protectga" to shield himself from attacks, Young Leo gathered a ball of dark energy at the tip of his Keyblade, and sent forth a thick beam of darkness at Zane. And as said beam went out, the young man finally explained something useful.

"This attack is named Heartbreaker! Specially designed to weaken one's Heart for possession, even the most resilient psyches will fall before its might!"

The beam impacted on Zane... and bounced off him. The armored warrior looked confused, then started to laugh.

"Oh you were trying to use Dark magic against me." he remarked, "Sorry, my armour seems to have an immunity to that element."

Taking advantage of the dumbfounded Leo, he summoned his keyblade and performed the combo Ragnarock on him, before kicking him towards the ground.

Young Leo took the hits, before rising up, battered and bruised. Grinning, he merely says, "Potential replacement, confirmed." Pointing his Keyblade at Zane once more, he then shouts, "Glacier!"

And a gigantic river of ice was hurled at the would-be hero.

At the same time, four Air Soldier Heartless would try and carry off Morgan's body to the Realm of Darkness...

"Huh, I wonder if Snogel's-" Zane's musing was cut off as he was buried in the ice. His strength was fading, the timer on his power use was running out, and the girl was in danger. He had landed barely five feet from her. Damn it, he wouldn't let it end like this. He reached for the power that kept returning him to darkness and pulled. With a cracking sound, a large but unstable corridor appeared below Zane and the girl, and they were sucked into the realm between worlds.

Young Leo glared at them as they were whisked away, then turned to leave through his own Corridor of Darkness. He will have them next time...

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Mecca, Green Sahara
@Tenma Tendo@Renny

Nightfall had descended upon the city of Mecca, the sound of animals grunting and groaning as they were carried off by the worried hands of their owners. The sounds gradually went from the grunts of annoyed sheep and camels to a range of screams of pain as the people gathered the creatures into the center of the city, taking shimmering knives to their throats, painting the streets a vibrant crimson as the sacrificed's blood seeped into the sand and between the cracks of the stone. Body upon body tossed upon the stone altars of the Meccan gods, as the people pleaded and begged with their deities for salvation, from protection from the oncoming army of the Axumites.

As one of the Meccan men touched a torch to the pile of flesh and blood, lighting the animal carcasses on fire, a plume of smoke rose high into the air, as the ground was filled with the desperate prayers of the Meccans, and the weeping of women and children over the coming battles. From a distance, a group of men stood, looking on from a higher distance. One of them, a fat man with bright red cheeks to match his orange, coppery hair, chuckled slightly at the panic that went on below.

"Look at them, throwing their livestock and wealth to the Gods like it will save them."

The man standing next to him simply let out a small laugh, "Fear will do strange things to men, like forcing them to give up their food to deities when they would do well to save what little they will have to eat."

Another of the men, a rather short man, carrying some noticeable weight on him, with a small boy next to him, spoke up. "Abu al-Hakim, Abu Lahab, I don't think that it is appropriate for us to be mocking the people when they require leadership more than ever."

The red-haired man, Abu Lahab, simply sneered and scoffed at the other's objection to his mockery. "It is not our fault if they behave irrationally, Abu Talib, what right do you have to take away the amusement of watching them panic?"

The taller of the three men, Abu al-Hakim, raised his hand to silence his companion. "Make no mistake, Abu Talib, we have been taking the necessary steps to ensure that Mecca will be safe in the coming embargo. Negotiations have already been taking place between ourselves and the leaders of the Axumite army to ensure as minimal casualties as possible."

Abu Talib frowned at the responses, but he had no reason not to trust what Abu al-Hakim had told him. "Very well, if what you say is true then I suppose there is little more that can be done. Now, if you will excuse me, I need to retire home for the night. Come, Ali." the man said to the young boy by his side, who nodded and followed along with his father.

When the two were gone, Abu Lahab spit upon the ground where Abu Talib had stood, cursing him. The man then turned his gaze back to Abu al-Hakim. "You are certain they are coming tonight?"

"Absolutely," he responded, "I specified our location, shortly before dusk, while the people are busy with the sacrifices."

As if summoned from their words, the two men heard a rustling of plants as two hooded figures made their way into the tent that the men had assembled for this purpose.

Abu al-Hakim smiled at the sight of the visitors. "Just as we had planned, come in Gentlemen, allow me to pour you a drink."

As cups of wine were poured for the two visitors, the men pulled down their hoods, to reveal the faces of a man of obvious African descent, and another who looked to be more of a Jewish background.

"I am always punctual to my appointments, Ibn Hisham" spoke the clear leader of the group, sporting in a blue turban.

"Please sir, call me Abu al-Hakim. You have allowed us to call you by your birth name, Malachi."

The Jewish man smiled as he took a sip of the wine, "Indeed I have, I suppose it is only fair that I extend the same casualness to yourselves."

Abu Lahab slammed a fist against the table, "Cut the shit, Malachi, tell us what you want from us."

The darker man fixed his glowing Green Eyes upon Abu Lahab as he went to reach for his sword, only for Malachi to rest a hand on his arm, "Easy, Rago, there is no need for violence. Not yet at least."

Abu al-Hakim apologized for his associate's behavior, "Please forgive him, sir, you must understand that we are busy, and would like to end this conflict as soon as possible."

Malachi nodded, "My superior intends to devastate this city as an example of what will happen to those who defy him. I'm sure you already know this. But I am willing to give you and your people a chance to avoid that fate, if you are willing to meet my demands."

"If you are reasonable, im sure we can accommodate for you."

"It simple really, firstly we would like access to your food and water unimpeded when we arrive."

The two nodded at the request.

"Second, you will be having a visitor to your city, a woman from the west. You will know her by the color of her hair. When she arrives, I expect her to be captured and delivered to me. But I must warn you, she is more dangerous than she looks."

Abu al-Hakim chuckled, "I am sure that we can handle one woman, sir."

"I should hope so too," Malachi replied. "Those are my demands, once the woman is delivered to me, and we get our supply of food and water, we will leave your city undamaged. If there is no more to say, we will take our leave."

With that, Malachi commanded Rago to come with him. Leaving the two men to decide the fate of Mecca for themselves.

Renovation's Might, Renovation
@Ryteb Pymeroce@ShadowVentus

Time as a pirate had let Hirutila know when the time was to get out of a situation. And a child screaming roaring flames into existance was absolutely the time for him to get the hell out of there. As soon as the fire was started, he took off running into whatever space would get him away from that whole mess. Hirutila was never good with kids, something he regretted when it came to raising his daughter. But that was a long time ago. Maybe he'd finally learn how to deal with them properly during this little adventure. Until then, the immediate need was to find somewhere he would not burn to death.

Quick thinking lead him to leap into the nearest room, not that he had any idea what that room would be. He was quickly met with a very sterile environment, and with a very theatric display as that fox kid was giving off some speech as he was messing around with the body of another one of the recent arrivals, before he saw the arcs of electricity leap from the fox's hands and strike the other, who quickly jumped up, angry and confused.

Hirutila just stood there, confused as well, scratching at his head as he looked over at Felix and Asher, no words to say, just a perplexed face that showed how on one hand he wanted to just turn around and leave, but clearly showed that right now it wasn't really and option.

"I know what you're thinking, but you don't want to go out there right now." He managed to stammer out to Asher.
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World: Royal Sky Capital of Lizeria
Location: Royal Castle - Throne Room

Claire and Victor waited at the throne room together. They were called by their parents, so they had to be there at all posts. "And we've arrived~" A voice echoed around the room. Suddenly, a woman with an evil look and an empty-faced man appeared. "Hi, my beautiful children! How are we in this wonderful and fashionaaaaaaabluh day of ours, hmm~?" The woman kept speaking. She was Rosangela Blackheart, mother of the four children, one of Lizeria's Creators and a wicked being known as a Walpurgis. "You mean fashionable, Mommy?" Claire asked. "But Claire cutie, all the hipster kids at the kingdom are talking like that! Why, it's one of those trending words those earthlings always have in their social media! You seriously are behind times." She said. Rosangela was flamboyant and very eccentric, but under her playful guise hides a woman that fused magic with technology and tricked life and death by hiding her soul within her son's soul. By no means she is weak, so Claire, Victor and everyone had their toes ready, because they were in her playground, whether Agni rules it or not.

"Victor and Claire. Your brothers have departed." The man now spoke, making Claire and Victor stand uptight. This man was their father, Sidney Whitesoul. Another one of Lizeria's Creators and Death himself. His power is absolute and undeniable, equivalent to the gods praised by the Church down in Earth. "Y-Yes, Papa! W-We don't know where they went though..." Victor spoke. "Other worlds... a mission they were called." Sidney spoke. He was a man of few words, a cold voice enough to send shiver in any spine. "What is curious for me is that giant, oversized key your brother is holding. The fact the guns I made to him have vanished is also curious. Aww... he had to leave me with this unsatiable curiosity..." Rosangela spoke. Claire and Victor looked at each other and were actually glad Agni wasn't around. "Soooo, why did you two called us anyway?" Claire asked. "Ooooh, righty right! We're sending one of you to go after Agni and Ignitio! Those two alone won't be helpful at all, they need someone else." Rosangela spoke, excited. Claire beamed in anticipation while Victor was completely nervous. "O-O-One of us...? A-And who will that be?" Victor asked. "Oh, me! Me, me, me! Send me!! ME!!" Claire jumped and swung her arms like crazy. Rosangela looked at Sidney as he gave his verdict. "... Victor." He spoke.

BGM: Free and Easy

"Wait, WHAT?! You're sending HIM after Big Bro and Bigger Bro?!" Claire spoke, completely surprised. Victor wasn't happy with the idea either. In fact, he was already foretelling the worst. "M-Mama, I don't think this is a good idea too! I mean, I'm not a fighter a-and I'm not good with these stuff! What if I find a monster or something like that?! I don't know how to defend myself, I'm going to die!" Victor spoke, trembling and desperate. "Victor dear, but you shouldn't worry about it. Believe me, your precious Mama knows EXACTLY what she's doing. Besides, I know where your brothers are~" Rosangela spoke, cheerfully. "We have installed a special sigil that allows us to know wherever you are." Sidney spoke. "I don't care about this shitty sigil BS. Why the hell are you sending Victor and not me?! You know damn well I can kill one army by myself! I did that already, for hell's sake!" Claire questioned, getting angry. "Claire cutie, the last thing they need is you killing allies like a savage. Ignitio dashing is already there to give Agni darling a headache, so perhaps Victor dear can give him some brief rest to the head." She spoke. "Our decision is final, Claire. There is no more discussion." Sidney said.

Claire, utterly defeated, looked at Victor. She was extremely furious. "You better listen DAMN WELL HERE, Victor! If Big Bro returns here with a single, A SINGLE SCRATCH, I'm killing you and Ignitio. And after that, I'll descend into hell myself and kill you again. And again. And again! And again!! AND AGAIN!! YOU HEAR ME?!" Her scream was so loud, it echoed around the whole castle, sending a shiver in all servants and in the aforemented Victor. "EEEEEK!! I-I get that clear and loudly!! I-I-I won't fail!! Please don't kill me!!" Victor hid his face in fear. Claire stared at him once more and left, punching the door and sending it away, breaking a wall. With stomps, no guard, maid, butler or any other servant dared to speak a word to her. "My, but she is violent. For as much as I am proud, I am disappointed." Rosangela sighed. "Victor, you will depart immediately. Aid your brothers at your best." Sidney said. "Wait, wait, wait!! A-At least give me a day to prepare myself and my bag, Papa!!" Victor implored. "Well... I guess we can give you time..." Rosangela spoke. "Denied~! Good luck, sweetheart~!!" She waved at him with a wide smile. Suddenly, a portal appeared right under Victor. "M-Mama!! W-WHOAAAAA!!" He screamed as he fell inside the portal like a hole.
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Israel, Green Sahara
@Nerevarine @Tenma Tendo

Released and now noticeably more calm, Yevon stretched his powerful muscles in his skin. It was an odd ripple that shivered through his clothes as he maneuvered tiny, nonsensical parts of his anatomy. For a moment he remained silent, thinking very deeply on the Rider's words. It was true that his Heroic Duty was tied to the girl and if the Rider was speaking the truth, than it was in turn tied to her as well. He frowned ever so slightly, recalling, in flashes, the fire and odd weapon that bloomed into existence earlier.

"Fine," he said, stepping towards the little angel. "If it means keeping the reason for my Heroic Duty safe, then I'll join you." He strode towards the Gummi Ship without another word. "I'll walk. Let her be a bit more comfortable, my legs can carry me faster than your steed could ever run."

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BGM: Ventus

Thankfully the fire was mostly just instantaneous. A quick, instant lashing that was gone in just as a much of a flash as it first appeared. That of course left Vic there, crying a torrent of tears and trembling like someone lost in the arctic. The vision was still in his head, the hooded stranger, and his the red of his eyes was like something glaring into Vic's soul and plaguing him with nightmares. But in his own mind's eye, Vic could see the image slowly but surely begin to melt away. Fear became slowly replaced by calm as a feeling of safety and reassurance seemed to wrap itself around the boy's mind.

"I don't know if this helps you, but how about being my friend?"

It was probably just his own mind playing tricks on him, but for a moment Vic swore he heard one of the voices he'd been longing for. In reality, his shot open and he looked through tear-blurred eyes. And just for a second, it looked like Terrence actually was there, his stronger hand on Vic's shoulder in a gesture of comfort. He could even see Ashley sitting nearby as well. Vic fought back a sob but before he could be to happy, he wiped the tears from his eyes and saw two strangers where he thought his friends had been.

"I just... want my home back, and my friends..." he voice was once hushed, his tone timid and nowhere as loud and assertive as when he had lashed out. Deep down he knew going home wasn't an option right now. That monster in the hood made it all vanish, and so stopping him and his 12 cohorts was what Vic would have to do if he wanted any hope of ever going home and getting the people he loved back. But this stranger in front of him seemed to have similar desires, and at the very least was offering a hand of friendship. That was the first time anyone had done that for Vic since he met Ashley and Terrence.

BGM: Boy Meets Girl, Twoson

"O-okay!" Vic finally responded. No matter how confusing this all was, the last thing he wanted was to be alone. But next time had to be different. He couldn't just keep freezing up and expecting to be bailed out. No, he had to do his part, and that would mean figuring out how to summon the Keyblade without Ashley and Terrence giving him the strength to do it. It was probably going to be hard, and he'd have to face the hooded monster again eventually. But giving up was not an option, Vic refused to let it become one.

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Gummi Ship Renovation's Might, Renovation

"Okay, I can explain everything now," Tocsax said as he activated a small holographic projector installed on the wall. As Vic calmed down, Tocsax continued, "You see, the messages sent via Moogle were meant to summon Keybladers from throughout the Multiverse to form a small group meant to save it from a threat that threatens all worlds - Including all of your own."

He then repeated what the Emperor, Empress, and him had said about Ascot, the X-Blade, Leo and the Seekers, and finally the Quest for the Princesses of Heart. "So, yeah, we're seeking to bring back my Somebody using the combined power of the Princesses so that he can deny the X-Blade to Leo." A pause. "Which brings us to the world we're going to, where the first Princess of Heart resides -"

Then Tocsax took out a canteen of water from his robe and drank from it in order to refresh himself. "Now, for the world where the first Princess of Heart resides."

He breathed in, then out, before pressing a hidden remote to beam the exposition to the medbay as well, just in case Asher and Felix haven't returned by that point, "Said world is called Ongoing World War II, where the Second World War, the most devestating conflict in the Original Timeline, went on for another decade. This was because the Nazis, the historical losers, discovered - or were taught - how to control the Heartless, allowing them to counterattack the Allies, their enemies, even as the latter were on the verge of victory."

All the while, the holoprojector was beaming out relevant images, such as those of Ascot, the Keyblade War, Leo and the Heartless. Then it showed a map of Europe being overran by a black tide of those same creatures. "Now, with the Nazis back in control of continental Europe, including Spain which joined the Allies when the Nazis under their leader, Hitler began to call on dark powers, the war has devolved into a stalemate. In Britain," the hologram shifted to the British Isles, "The Allies have made a pact with Nobodies and Independent Keyblade Wielders in order to ward off the Heartless tides trying to 'blitz' the area."

A pause for breath. "And in Britain lies the first Princess of Heart, a female mechanic named Lucille 'Lucy' Bolt. She is guarded by Judah Ben Issac, a Jewish Keyblader with the power to exorcise entities that possess others, including the fragments of Leo that lie inside the Thirteen Seekers. Needless to say, I have an interest in getting both of their allegiances. But that's not all."

The hologram shifted to Eastern Europe, where in a red-walled fortress, several men in lab coats listened closely to a fiminine figure in a black hood and cloak and carrying a scythe. "In the nation of the USSR, technically still part of the Allies, Josef Stalin, another infamous tyrant, is trying to gain control of the Heartless for himself, not knowing he is but a pawn of the same forces who helped his enemies."

One final pause as Tocsax said, "So we have three objectives. One is to get the help of the Princess of Heart and her protector, the others are to stop Hitler and Stalin from controlling the Heartless. That means that either the goals are to be tackled in sequence or the party is to split up..."



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Georgia let out a breath and let herself collapse against the doorway as the boy calmed down, though it seemed more down to...those two...who were they? Well, it was more thanks to them than anything she'd done.

She reached up and rubbed the wearing she'd gotten from Asher. "Well I don't know buddy. Where the hell are you? You said something about a fire? I just put one out in this ship, but you're nowhere. You okay?"

She didn't even have time to get an answer before Tocsax went on another speech about their next objective without even giving them the time to breath. And of, want an objective if was...

Of course it was the Nazi's. Why wouldn't it be? They were everywhere. Doing everything! She could t even begin to describe the amount of swastikas they'd had to scrape off old buildings they found in the hollow earth. Apparently theatre had been an invasion in the waining days of WWII, where they'd evacuated the high brass to the arctic and then into the womb of the earth. The short but brutal war that had ensued between them and the reptillians masters had ended in lizard victory, but you still heard stories of the bastards eeking out an existence in the most remote corners of the Hollow, trying to use their pony tails to contact their alien allies.

That was just the things that were relevant to her, too. She'd heard stories about the ones that had been scooped up in operation paperclip that had been heavily involved in the Secret Space Program and the Illuminati. No one had been up to check, but there was a chance the moon was full of them.

Then there was the ones in the Illuminati that were probably still in a bunker somewhere, the cloning program that they knew about somewhere in what used to be South Amarica, and the occasional demonic incursion in the thousand year kingdom.

You couldn't throw a stone in her field of study without hitting something the Nazis had apparently gotten their grubby mitts all over first. Why would the Heartless be any exception?

"I'll kill Hitler." She said, raising her hand. "I'm surprised they're not completely overrun by now, anyway. If these things come from dark hearts the Nazis should have been the first to go. Maybe I can dig up some research on how they're not getting eaten by their own shock troops while I'm at it."

That would be a good step to handling and studying the creatures in depth.

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World: Renovation
Location: Gummi Ship "Renovation's Might"

BGM: Boy Meets Girl, Twoson still playing

"Great! Let's do our best together!" Agni spoke, happy with Vic's answer. Seeing that the boy got calm made his effort worth it, which solved one of the problems present in the ship. Ignitio glanced a little and remembered how Agni accepted him, even though he once stood in his way. It was proof of how Agni had a kinf heart capable of forgiving and accepting errors. A smile formed in his mouth under his mask, but his face was clearly showing he was smiling even a little bit.

BGM: Battle Preparations -Reunion-

After that, Tocsax began explaining the reaon why they have been called. Apparently, they were creating a sort of small group composed of Keyblade Wielders around the worlds in order to prevent incidents with the Heartless and with the 12 mysterious people back from the palace plaza. He also explained they needed to find his Somebody, which was a term that elluded Agni and Ignitio. "In a sense, we're travelling around the worlds in order to make sure balance is restored. The Heartless, which are supposed to be those black monsters, are rampaging around and causing distortions, being our job to stop them." Agni compelled the information in the best way he could. He was unsure if he was right or not, but that was what he understood so far. The parts where he didn't understood it well would be clarified with practical effort.

Then, he explained about the first world they would be visiting. The situation really seemed dire, as the Nazi had begin their domination over Europe. However, his aim was a different one. "We'll go after the Princess of Heart and the exorcist. It'd do us better to leave the offensive fighting to those capable of doing it." Agni spoke. "Then we shall head to Britain immediately once we arrive. I do feel as if we will meet those caped enemies in the way." Ignitio spoke. That was true: the possibility of those caped men arrive is big, considering they are the enemies. "We'll do whatever is possible to ensure the mission will be successful, with or without them in our way." Agni spoke.

*BGM fades*

Suddenly, a portal opened right in the room's roof, in between Tocsax and the rest. "That portal... is it from Mother?"

BGM: Temmie Village

Victor fell limp on the ground as the portal closed. That surprised Agni and Ignitio, who didn't expect someone from their home to appear, much less Victor of all people. "Oww... Mama always opens portals right up at my feet... she always teases me like that." He spoke, believing that he was alone, when he got up, the first thing he saw was a stranger and he immediately panicked. He seemed to be serious, so he might have interrupted him. "A-Ahh, I-I thought I was alone! S-Sorry! Eep, I was too loud! S-Sorry again!" Victor spoke, panicking more than what one person should in front of a stranger. "V-Victor?! What are you doing here?!" Agni asked. Upon hearing his voice, Victor immediately got up and looked at his brother. "A-Agni! I found you! Yes! Now I don't have to feel lost anymore!" Victor spoke, happy that he found Agni quickly. All his fear seemed to have faded. He lacked confidence, but whenever he was near his brothers. "You still have not answered the question, Victor." Ignitio spoke.

"Well, it was Mama and Papa's idea. They said you two would need help, so they sent me. I told them it was a bad idea, but they ignored me." He spoke, swirling his index fingers. "Honestly, we do not even know why we were summoned and now we have to carry you around too. They should have sent Claire in your place." Ignitio spoke. Victor wasn't a fighter, so sending him wasn't the best idea. At least, in his opinion. "Y-You don't have to remind me that I'm useless, Ignitio..." Victor spoke, depressed. "H-Hey, you do not have to get that depressed. I did not exactly call you useless, I just said-" ignitio tried to fix the situation, but Victor's head went even more down. Ignitio looked at Agni, with a face signaling "help me" as the Oracle just facepalmed and let out a huge sigh. Me and my dysfunctional family... He thought with himself.

This wouldn't get them anywhere. Agni had to know about the mission before he could help his brothers right now. "... Ignoring my brothers who are sort of lost with each other, I think I don't know your name yet. Would it be much for you to tell me?" He asked Tocsax.

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Felix had changed again, this time into a red hakama and kosode, tied with an orange shitagi. Over this he also wore an orange haori with a red flame pattern. On his back was the kanji for the word Fire in gold.

"Shishishi... welcome to Renovation's Might minion. The most advanced gummi ship in our fleet. We get five dimensional jumps to the gallon, and run off of friendship and rainbows and an experimental quantum fusion core. You are currently in the med bay after fainting like a pansy. Don't worry though our leader is a total wuss too so you should get on fine. I have the amusing job of training you lot in magic, seeing as our glorious leader will handle boring stuff like keyblade wielding. You ready to learn my young minion? Sorry old man, you are a bit too old to learn anything useful from me. Better off asking the boss about reinforcing your body. Anywho..."

Pulling out his pistol, Felix gave a predatory grin.

"The first lesson is shielding. Draw on your mana to create a barrier between you and me... if you can't, prepare for some stinging. Cura Thunder!"

From his pistol came a shot of green lightning. A great hybrid spell for training as it provided instant pain without damaging the opponent. Plus it was a decent defibrillator. He loved his magic paintball gun.

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Georgia pulled in her legs as a portal opened up and yet another person was dropped in to the room, said person only getting saved from a reflexive lashing because the other two seemed to know him. That was at least enough to let her know this wasn't another enemy attack. Just a new traveler.

She pulled herself up and brushed herself off. "Is anybody else planning on dropping in? I don't even know the last three yet..."

Speaking of all the newcomers that had apparently fallen in here alongside a giant robot, Georgia gave a tired wave to them. "I'm Georgia. I'm an explorer. Let's all do out best to save the world."

She didn't sound very convincing, and it didn't take the worlds most observant person to see her nose was bleeding slightly again. She wiped it on her sleeve unthinkingly. Sending thoughts and impressions wasn't something she was trains in, and the effort along with the biting cold had irritated the wound already there from Amuro's mental emotion dump.

Wait, speaking of Amuro...

Georgia looked around the room, but there was a distinct lack of either Newtypes or dinosaurs on deck.

"Where's my boy?" She asked.

"Just stay still, pretty bird. Don't make any sudden moves." The terrified ships cook. Slowly he reached down into the nearby trash can and lifted out a slice of meat that had fallen on the floor during prep. "Here, here."

He threw the slice to the dinosaur that was crouched down and wiggling in front of him. After the boy Georgia had told him to watch had given him the slip he'd followed her scent to this ship, and had poked around a little looking for her until stumbling into the kitchen and setting to begging like her always did. He excitedly leaped into the air, snapping up the meat before it hit the ground and gulping it down in two quick snaps. He looked expectedly at the cook, then his big sharp eyes slowly drifted to the trash can behind him.

The cook gulped and backed out of the room as the raptor fell upon its newly discovered prey.
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Israel, Green Sahara
@Tenma Tendo@Renny

Audry obliged to Yevon's request, climbing back onto the Horse, switching Capella into a more comfortable position to rest while they advanced the short distance to the ship. As the pair traveled across the rocky landscape, Audry glanced at her new traveling companion on occasion, observing the speed with which he moved. There was much about him that was odd, in her opinion.

I had assumed him to be human, but I'm beginning to doubt that...I'll have to remember to inquire about that later, if possible., she said to herself in her head, pondering.

It seemed like little time at all had passed when the party reached the dormant gummi ship.

"Alright, Moogle. You promised you'd be able to fly us around in this thing, so don't disappoint. Audry spoke to the little creature, who nodded at her in response.

"I would never dream of it, kupo."

With that, Amalthea was off, as she opened the door of the ship allowing the party to enter.

Kupo, the ship has a cargo bay too, so if you want to keep your horse, just walk it in.

Audry remembered the steed and smiled to know that she didn't steal this horse just to abandon it in the middle of nowhere. The girl dismounted the animal, taking hold of its reigns in one hand. As she began to walk the horse into the ship, she motioned for Yevon to come towards her, before handing Capella's still unconcious body to him.

"Find her some place to rest, if you can. I'm sure she doesn't want to wake up to see me alone. Might lighten her spirits to see you okay." Audry smiled a bit as she guided the horse. "When she's all taken care of, come find me. I'll try to explain everything as best as I can."

Amalthea fluttered up to Yevon, "There's a sleeping chamber on board the ship, kupo. I will lead you there, follow me!

The layout of the Gummi Ship was rather logical, though not totally intuitive. The sleeping chamber was filled with a small number of beds, and Amalthea landed on one of them motioning for Yevon to deposit the girl.

"She will be fine here, kupo.", the Moogle reported. There were more pressing matters to attend to, notably what they were going to do next.

Audry was situated in a central hub room, reclining in a small chair, combing her hair. The woman had a passive look on her face, seemingly calm, attending to her personal grooming, awaiting Yevon's return. However, the blase expression was a mask, nothing more.

Damn me, not yet started and already things are not going to plan. Audry's eyes darted back to the various corridors, hunting for any sign of movement, At least he's willing to help, better we gain an ally than another enemy.

Axum, Green Sahara

Emmanual smiled as the open space gave way for a shadowy portal, and a familiar face exited.

"The siege of Mecca is going to plan's, my Messiah. The Meccan's are cut off from any support from their allies, and the leaders have already entered into negotiations with myself to secure the continued existence of the city. I estimate we have only a few more days until the walls are opened."

"Excellent, Malachi. You have done well." Emmanuel clapped his hands with approval and mirth as he heard the news, "Tell me, what is the status of locating the accursed child within the cities walls?"

"We have not yet located the child," Malachi reported, "I plan to personally initiate an investigation of the city's inhabitants to find and eliminate the child, as was done in Bethlehem."

Emmanuel smiled, "You have shown yourself to be a great asset to God's cause, Malachi. A...loyal servant to the cause."

"My only desire is to complete your ascension, as God intends," Malachi responded

"You are dismissed, Malachi."

Malachi nodded as he turned to leave.


Malachi's hand brushed against the material, recently salvaged after the excursion to Mecca. Reports of a downed ship, not unlike the one that was reported to have appeared with the arrival of the keyblader near Jerusalem.

This material was unlike anything that Malachi had yet encountered. Elastic and rubber-like in texture, the material radiated energy, the same magical energy that artifacts radiated. How exactly this material was to be used was unknown, but Malachi intended to make use of it however possible.

A rig had been created by the Magus to input magical electricity into the strange block, to test how it would react to high energy. The block was installed, as Malachi grabbed onto a pair of electrodes crafted from pure copper, and filtered electricity through the wires. The circuit was completed, and electricity flowed into the block, as the material began to react to the energy.

Without any indication, the energy was too much, and the block vaporized, sending force a blast of energy that flung Malachi back against a wall of the laboratory, and he opened his eyes to see something amazing where the block once stood, an open portal, evaporating away. Malachi advanced toward the portal.

"So, that's what it does," he said, smiling at the portal.
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Shibuya District, World of Makai

Even in the dead of night, the streets of Shibuya were lit like a sports stadium. Like many metropolises, it was a city that never truly slept. Someone somewhere was always out for some reason or another. There seemed to be just such a person in one of the lonelier alleyways. An alluring woman, slender and with long raven hair. She wore a similarly black dress, one that allowed her to show off her hourglass figure. She walked alone with an almost seductive saunter, her stilettos making a loud echo on the pavement. She wasn't alone for very long, in moments she found herself face to face with a man. He wore what looked like some kind of light grey or white coat, it's hood drawn to partially obscure his face. No words were exchanged, just a beautiful smile and a gesture of invitation before the woman began to saunter off, expecting the man to follow. And follow he did, until he found himself alone with her at the dead end of an alleyway.

"So the rumors were true." a voice, the man's. He seemed to look glance around himself in curiosity before focusing his attention back on the woman he followed, "Still seems like a strange place for something like this." the woman still did not say a word. She glanced back at him with an inviting smile, even letting one of the strips of her dress slip down almost like a preview of what she was promising. The man said nothing more and took a few more steps closer to her. The woman's smile widened almost with joy, but just as the man would have been in arm's reach she let out a high pitched shriek. Her once beautiful face contorted into something monstrous and terrifying before she suddenly twisted around to lung at her human prey. However, a flash of light burst from the man's hand as he spun his body around, summoning his key-shaped weapon directly into a spin slash that repelled the attack and sent the Horror staggering, "Tonight the hunter becomes the hunted. Sorry about that."

Meanwhile, there was another who had not made his presence known. He watched the encounter from above on a rooftop. When the "woman" revealed her true nature and moved to attack, the man made his move. With a heavy curved sword in hand he dropped straight down from the 20 story roof he was standing on. On his way down he slashed his sword at the air, the blade appearing to cut a swath into another dimension, and from it several pieces of purple armor flew out and formed themselves around him. By the time he hit the ground, he had fully donned his armor and the Makai Knight brought his mighty blade crashing down on the surprised Horror, appearing to cleave it in two. He heaved the heavy sword around in a show before pointing it at the other man. This garnered an almost annoyed reaction from the man with the Keyblade.

"You know I had that one, right?" he asked, blunt and in a matter-of-fact tone and completely unfazed by the Knight's show of strength.

"I saw an opening and took it." answered the knight, his voice sounding slightly distorted from under his helmet, "Besides, since when were we keeping score?" unfortunately the Horror wasn't quite dead yet. It started reforming itself right behind the Makai Knight. This prompted the Keyblade Wielder to suddenly point his weapon in the knight's direction so that a beam of light could shoot from the tip, zipping past the Knight's head and hitting the Horror before it could launch a counter strike, "See? The kill is still yours, happy now?" asked the knight.

Before the Keyblade Wielder could answer, swarms of Unversed began appearing in the Horror's place. At least, that was the name the two brothers had decided to give these mysterious monsters. They always seemed to show up in the aftermath of Horror attacks or even while one was in progress. The Makai Knight and the Keyblade-wielding Makai Priest went on the attack, fighting as if they'd rehearsed this exact scenario a hundred times before. Thankfully the Unversed group wasn't a large one and the two cut them all down soon enough. But before the two could relax they found themselves at the epicenter of a portal opening around them.

"What the?" the Keyblade Wielder exclaimed, but before anything else could be said or done, the two were gone from their world. And the place they next found themselves would not be friendly at all.
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Gummi Ship Renovation's Might, Renovation

"My name? It's Tocsax," said the Nobody. "Glad to meet you, Agni, if I am permitted to call you that."

Then back to Georgia, "Oh, Amuro got left behind on Renovation; Empress Maria wants to send him back to his home world with an upgraded Mech." Looking at her further, he says, "A point of curiosity: Amuro's timeline was part of a fictional work in the Original Timeline, a fictional work my Somebody knew about but have not truly watched." Then another pause. "And sure, you can kill Hitler, while as for how his minions have not been consumed by Darkness yet... My personal opinion is that they will be eventually - They're just postponing the cost."

He then explained further, trying to be open as his shoulders and posture relaxed, "Sometimes, a strong willpower can stave off the descent into darkness. Even more so if you can use dark magic to ensure that someone else is consumed by the Darkness instead of you. In the areas the Nazis have occupied and re-occupied, the civilian populations - Including those of their own 'Aryan' race - have vanished. The conclusions to be drawn are evident."

Looking at the others, he said as his hologram continued to be projected to the medbay, "Who will go after Stalin, then? And who will reinforce Georgia once she goes after Hitler?"

Then once he'd ask his question, he'd look at Ignitio and Victor, checking to see if they're distracted. Then, a wide grin in his face, Tocsax said to Agni, "I know we've just met, Agni, but I find you handsome - Sexually attractive, even. Why don't we go to this ship's cafeteria; you seem hungry. The Moogle Chefs here can cook up quite a few delicacies, including quality desserts."

Part of him thought, Shahrukh Mizra will be angry once he hears of this. Oh, well, we're not boyfriends anyway. Now, if 'No, I' was suddenly revived and he/she/they are still interested in me, that'd be a problem. But we're not together as well. So I am free.

Just in case anyone read those thoughts, Tocsax whispered to himself, "Mind Shellra," projecting a shield around his thoughts that would be resistant, but not completely unbreakable, to psychic attempts at reading his mind.



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World: Renovation
Location: Gummi Ship "Renovation's Might" - Control Room

"Glad to meet you, Sir Tocsax. I'll ensure that me and my brothers will help you and the others." Agni spoke and saluted. He then looked at Ignitio and Victor, who were still chatting with each other for a little bit.

BGM: Believe in Possibilities

Then, an invitation was made. Tocsax had invited Agni to go to the cafeteria. While the invitation was executed, well, as direct as possible, he didn't count with one thing: the Oracle was actually dense when it comes to notice people like him. And even on this case, when said person was being direct as possible, Agni didn't understood it well. "We've just met and you're saying this too. I wonder why people say that to me. I know I'm wearing a magical armor, but it doesn't have any magnet functions. At least, I don't know if they do. Mom never tells me if she installed any sort of weird properties anyways..." Yes, he mistook himself for having properties of a magnet. In his case, his armor is made of Orihalcum and thanks to Rosangela's magic, it wasn't attracted to magnets as metal.

Still, he didn't mind the invitation, though. It would do him good to actually discuss with the group's leader about the Keyblades, as he seem to be far more smarter than Agni would be in this area. "I do have somethings that I'd like to know more about the Keyblades and how they function, so I suppose I accept the invitation. You don't mind if I take notes while we talk, do you, Sir Tocsax?"
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Yuuta Yuudai found himself in a place unfamiliar to him. The sky was gray, the ground was cracked, and sloping hills appeared to be in the distance yet stayed out of reach. Yuuta, a warrior of fabled strength and ability, was unfazed by the sudden change of background. However, a roaming specter wrapped in bandages and painted in blood appeared in the distance.

"Surely you do remember this place, Yuuta?"

Yuuta pointed his blade at the ghostly apparition. The ghost smiled and responded by taking out a heart-shaped tin that definitely had chocolate in it. Was he going to fight Yuuta Yuudai, the hero of the Eastern War, with a pack of chocolates? Was he perhaps an absolute madman?

"It's been years, Yuuta. Years ever since I met you on this cursed land"

"Do you want to fight or what? Is this a vengeance sort of thing?"

"No. It's been years ever since I was drafted to fight the war. I was supposed to give this pack of chocolates to Stella, my beloved. She was just a simple shop clerk. I was a wage slave shifting from job to job, working night to night, when I decided that I would finally man up and confess my love. Stella was such a simple woman, she'd love a good pack of chocolates at the counter. However, I forgot that I'd been drafted, and they pulled me away. They said it was an urgent sort of thing, and I thought we'd be escorting some two-bit diplomat down the airplane, but no, we were dropped down somewhere I don't know, and before I could make sense of the situation an irate half-naked man in a ponytail split my head open with his bare hands. I'm sure that man is you, and if that's the case, then damn you to hell."

"Oh no!"

Yoshirou Perfecture, Eastern Lands

Yuuta awoke to the sound of two grown men arguing on what to do with his sheathed sword, which he had carelessly left lying beside him. He fell asleep leaning against a graffiti-laden wall, not the best place to fall asleep, but Yuuta was broke and he didn't have money to afford anything.

"Wait, quick, do the act!"

The men, who were also half-naked, heavily-muscled, and carpeted in facial hair, left the blade alone and began pointing their swords and cudgels at a much smaller woman. "Help!", she screamed. "Ha ha, we're going to kidnap this woman, and you if you don't do anything about it, then we're, uh, going to kidnap this woman!"

Yuuta slowly stood up and lazily aimed a basic front kick at the first man, who threw himself into a nearby wooden cart and forced himself to scream. The next one slowly threw a punch at Yuuta, who, sensing the utter lack of effort on the man's part, took the hit, screamed like a dying cat, and then kicked him again. This one jumped right into the wall and screamed "Kaboosh!" before pretending to limp on the ground and cry.

"Thanks for saving me, young man! Now if you don't mind, I'll call my friends."

Five other half-naked, heavily-muscled men carpeted in facial hair came out of a nearby alleyway and the other two stood up.

The woman pulled out a machete. "Ha ha, the entire fight you had was an act all along, and my men were not using even on ounce of their power to fight you! Now, my men are going to fight for real, and you're going to die, uh, wait, no, get knocked out and we're going to steal your possessions! We don't really kill here, right? We're just going to injure him until he, uh, faints." Some of the men laughed, while the other tried to assure their leader that killing innocent people wasn't really in their plans.

Yuuta tried to pull out his cockiest smile, but ended up pulling out his creepiest one instead. "Well, as you can see, I was only using one percent of my true power. Now scurry away!" None of them went away, so Yuuta picked up the still-sheathed blade and did some nasty sword tricks. That seemed to intimidate them, but they ran at him anyways, since the bandits didn't often meet legendary heroes while robbing people and thus lacked the genre savviness that this situation so direly needed. They all fell after receiving quick blows to the back of their heads.

The woman was shocked, but she tried to keep her composure. "You may have beaten my men, but you haven't beaten me yet! I'm a very accomplished swordfighter! During the Eastern Wars, I-"

Yuuta cut her short by using the hilt of his blade to lift up her shirt, exposing her almost bare but actually pretty well-chiseled body. Her composure shattered, and she began rolling around the ground and sobbing violently, as the other bandits who had come to their sensed rushed over to comfort her. They never came back to the prefecture ever again.

The Snack Shack, Yoshirou Perfecture, Eastern Lands

"Five Eastern Dollars."

"Only five? Weren't these bandits threatening to put you out of business?"

"You need to understand, Yuuta. We're just as broke as you. If you wan't we'll give you free meals every time you drop by."

"Nah, everything you cook is burnt."

"It's called well-done, Yuuta"

"No. It's just burnt. Your meat cracks when I bite it."

"If you insist, then."

The Snack Shack™ was a mess. It was a run-down concrete box filled with long tables and short tables. The long tables were for eating and the short tables were for gambling since you couldn't fit a full platter on the small tables and you could fit too many sets of cards on the long ones. The only thing around worth anything was the Magitek-powered TV, which despite being made with the best materials the manufacturers could procure looked like an old cathode-ray-tube TV box. Seeing that the more sensible adults were watching the news, Yuuta went to the gambling tables, leaned his blade against a nearby wall, and waited for a less sensible adult to come.

Suddenly, an odd creature peeked its head out of an empty mahjong tile set box and threw an envelope at Yuuta. Yuuta caught the envelope and promptly opened it, reading what was inside.

"Heartless, Nobodies, no, I don't need a new weapon because I'll have to pay the interest for it, and-"

"Surprise, kupo!"

Yuuta looked behind him to see the odd creature behind him. A fat pause followed.

"Aren't you surprised! Shouldn't you at least open your mouth in shock and say-"



The moogle began hiding behind a table leg, but since Yuuta was a magic kung fu guy, he appeared behind it in an instant.

"Look, I understand that you'd want me to join your magic interdimensional fighting force or whatever that is, but I, Yuuta Yuudai, am sick of killing people. The job's gonna call for just that, and I don't want to do it, because it won't accomplish anything. Talk to my Hans over there at the counter instead, he's an awful cook but he's damn good with a frying pan."

The moogle took some time to regain its composure, and then tried to convice Yuuta.

"Aren't you Yuuta Yuudai? The hero of the Eastern War. The pride of the Yuudai Clan? The-"

"Enough honorifics. I'm just a murderer and a failure. Now, if you may, please let me wait in silence for somebody who I can indirectly extort money from in a game of blackjack. Hey, I forgot to mention that, I'm some sort of conman too."

"What's the point in playing blackjack if you can just whack your opponent in the head and empty his purse?"

"Why the hell would I do that?"

"See? You're not a bad person!"

Yuuta began looking the moogle directly in the eye.

"Look, the fate of universes are at stake here, Yuuta! If you don't cooperate, your world will be consumed by an unending darkness. The sky will be gray, the ground will be cracked, and all that will be in the distance are broken, abandoned, buildings devoid of life and sustenance. The ground will be painted in blood, and all that will be left to roam the earth are specters, ghosts, and whatnot. Are you with me yet?."

"Yes, I am coming with you. Take me to your headquarters or wherever you guys set camp."

Renovation, Gummi Ship "Renovation's Might"
Yuuta awoke to the sound of constant bickering.

"We've just met and you're saying this too. I wonder why people say that to me. I know I'm wearing a magical armor, but it doesn't have any magnet functions. At least, I don't know if they do. Mom never tells me if she installed any sort of weird properties anyways..."

"I do have somethings that I'd like to know more about the Keyblades and how they function, so I suppose I accept the invitation. You don't mind if I take notes while we talk, do you, Sir Tocsax?"

Woah, there were people. One thing that Yuuta's war days taught him was that walking in randomly into conferences was not a good idea, but he walked towards the room where the talking came from because hey, as a wise bearded man in a toga once said, men are social animals. Yuuta also recognized the ship. He was dragged there and was assured that the ship belonged to the good guys and that the people in the room were good guys too and if that wasn't the case, God knew what would happen.

Yes, God would know what would happen. Sneaking nearby was a literal God under the guise of a walking, talking cat. What could he possibly want from Yuuta?


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Axum, Green Sahara, 1218 AD

"It is a great honor to finally be able to speak with you,"

The clack of a ceramic cup against the wooden table run throughout the tent, bathed internally with sunlight filtered through thin red and white cloth. The younger of the two men, head covered with a white cloth and curled auburn hair took a sip of the drink, the refreshing mint contrasting against the heat. The older man, dressed only in simple cloth, with long black hair hanging in tight curls down to his waist, and glowing green eyes that contrasted against his black skin, smiled in response to his guest's words.

"Tell me, my friend..."

The other man interjected, "Please, your holiness, call me Kikkuli."

An eyebrow was raised when the man uttered out his name. "So, you are a Hurrian?"

Kikkuli shook his head, "My father was a Hurrian, but I am of Bnei Yisra'el by the blood of my mother."

"It seems unbefitting for a Ben Yisra'el to bear the name of a Gentile."

Kikkuli nodded in agreement, "I cannot help it, I was raised among them, I speak their tongue and it colors the thoughts in my head." The thought was broken by another sip of tea before he continued. "Among my people, there is hardly a man outside of the Yeshiva who can speak a word of the old language. I must say it gives me great pleasure in my heart that we may conduct this conversation in the Leshon Qodesh."

"So tell me, Kikkuli. Why have you come all this way from The Sahara to my abode?"

"When I heard rumors that the Messiah himself had revealed himself to the south, I was compelled to see the proof for myself." Kikkuli's expression changed from a mirthful smile to something far more serious. "I have seen the zealous followers, and I have seen your displays of magic, but this is not enough to distinguish a true Messiah from a common magician. Tell me, do you deserve to bear the claim that Immanu El 'God is Among us'?"

Emmanuel smiled at his guest, unphased by the man's skepticism, "My name was bestowed upon me by an angel of the lord, but I will be more than happy to satisfy your doubts, scholar."

"Does the blood of David run its course in you?"

"I testify before the lord that I am of the seed of David."

Kikkuli's expression remained unchanged

"And your purpose?"

"I shall lead the true believers from this exile in Abyssinia to crush the Egyptian domination of our holy lands under the undeserving Hasmoneans."

Kikkuli ceased his questioning, "Very well, you have stated your blood and your reason to be, yet, Emmanuel, will you not show me a miracle of my own?"

As if he was prepared for the request, Emmanuel took hold of Kikkuli's hands, as his own glowed with the same green color of his eyes, the energy seeming to seep out of his hands, and into those of the other. The intensity burned like molten iron though the flesh of Kikkuli, who gritted his teeth in agony, though in only a few seconds that agony gave way to a gentle warmth, as the man's eyes turned from their natural black into a glowing green like that of Emmanuel. Kikkuli caught sight of his altered form in a bronze mirror behind the prophet.

"By God, what have you done to me?"

Emmanuel smiled, "I have given you the same power of miracles that the Angel bestowed upon me."

Kikkuli was intrigued, looking over to the still steaming cup of tea, the man instinctively raised his hand, and as if by magic, the drink was frozen in an instant.

"You...You truly are Melek Mashiach!" The man exclaimed as Emmanuel nodded in agreement.

"And you, oh Kikkuli, will be the greatest of my followers, the one who will stand at my right. But the name of a Hurrian will not suffice for a man of your status. And so, on this day forth, you will not hold the name of a stranger, but will be known as My Messenger, Malachi."

Axum, Green Sahara, 1250 AD

The two newcomers would be met with the total paralysis of their limbs, falling to the floor like mannequins as soon as they had entered into the new world, as a bolt of magic hit, spilling all throughout their bodies. Malachi's brow furrowed, as he watched the remainder of the portal finally dissipate away, falling out of existence without so much as leaving anything left of the soft, gummy material that had produced it.

"A shame," he mused, "though we are fortunate to have recovered more. And furthermore, I am quite fortunate to have acquired a little souvenir from the other side." he spoke as he approached the two new arrivals. The would still be conscious, Malachi had made certain of that. "Welcome, you will find there is no hope of escape, so you should not expend any needless energy attempting. It is fortunate that you have arrived, I have been in need of appropriate test subjects."

The mage held his hands over the two young men, feeling the great magical power that radiated off of the two. Then, a surprise. The faint feeling of something unusual, something intense yet implacable. Both of these men were in possession of artifacts of great power, yet they were somehow intangible, the mage felt these ephemeral curios and yet they were unable to be placed. No matter, it would be something to investigate at a later date.

"You wouldn't know it, but there is a shortage of subjects who have any kind of affinity for magic, they are quite fragile to it. But you, I'm sure you will do just fine."

The conversation was cut short by an interjection, "Lord Malachi, we have received word from a messenger that the lords of Mecca are requesting a public audience with you to discuss the terms of their surrender."

Malachi's expression fluctuated from anger and disappointment to pleasant surprise once again. "Very well, I will depart for the City immediately. Rago will report with me as well." The Magus' attention returned back to the two brothers. "Hmmm, I may have another use for you yet. And in truth, only one will truly be necessary."

With a flick of his hand, Malachi opened a tear into the wall of his laboratory, the fissure splitting open into a portal, though the appearance of the gate was remarkably different from the misty, evaporating one that had transported the brothers, instead having a far more stable appearance, like that of a glass window. With the other hand, Malachi levitated the two stiff bodies, carrying them with him as he crossed over the threshold.

Renovation's Might, Renovation

For a man who had spent the better part of his later life raiding and pilfering sea vessels for a living, Hirutila had a special dislike for conflict. As if chaos was following him, as Felix began his impromptu "lesson" on Asher, the sounds of commotion began to disappear in the other room. There was little need to sneak out, he was sure Felix could care less about his presence.

The old pirate returned just in time to get the general gist of what their leader was divulging on the next destination. However, the names meant close to nothing to Hirutila. When the time came to ask about splitting into teams, Hirutila responded upon his return.

"I'll go with Georgia after this Hitler.", He had little comprehension on why he should choose this tyrant over the other, but something inside of him was pushing him in that direction as if some fated encounter was to transpire.

The old man rolled his eyes at Tocsax's obtuse propositioning. Perhaps he was too cynical in the topic of romance for his own good, but he felt a bit of annoyance of the idea of the certainty of the young party getting distracted in the throes of emotion and passion. He was annoyed at himself for getting caught up in it when he was around their ages, with nothing more to show for it than a collection of estranged descendants. At least this Agni character had the social skills to match his would-be suitor. Maybe they would make a good couple after all. The old man chuckled to himself at the thought.

The trip would be a long one, he was sure. The old man would need something to keep himself occupied until they got there. Looking around, he caught sight of something that brought the first real smile to his face in years. A chess board, affixed to a table. The game looked unloved, though he would be sure to change that. He wondered, who among this motley crew would be a good opponent.

Hirutila went to proposition Georgia to play a game with him, though it was immediately obvious that the girl had something else on her mind. Ah yes, the dinosaur, there was a distinct lack of her companion. "Probably went looking for food," he mused over to the girl, "Animals are usually like that." He may not have understood just what exactly the creature was, but he knew that if there was anything that would be common among all living things, it was a predisposition to seek out a nice snack any chance they got. Hirutila caught sight of the stain of blood on the girl's sleeve, though he said nothing for the time being.

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"Huh, that disappointing." Georgia said at the news of just how the Nazis had been coralline their heartless. It didn't need to be said, the implication spoke for itself. "Not surprising, though. The only science they were ever interested in was that of killing people writ large. When all you have is that hammer your whole population may as well be a nail."

There was a strange, detached coldness to the way she spoke. As though the loss of what must have been most of Europe's population didn't seem exceptionally extraordinary to her. Like she'd been numb to it.

"Whelp, Whatever. Should be fun anyway. Welcome to team kraut control, old timer." She said, smiling as she turned to face Hirutila. "I've got to lay some combat context on you later 'cause I'm not sure whether you know what a machine gun is or how bad it can mess you up." Then her smile twisted into a frown and she sighed. "But you're right, I need to get my dinosaur before he cleans the pantry out. If they gave him steak he's never gonna leave the ship. Yo, anybody know where the kitchen is on this cruise."
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