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Chapter 1

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Tale of the Collected Souls

Ulro stands with a stern posture, looking over the goddess dressed in white. He watches her strumming the strings of her instrument, “Alaela. Are you prepared to guide these souls? “

“ Yes sir. “

“And do you know the repercussions if you fail? “

The goddess looks down, and weakly responds, “Y-..yes. “

The god nods, kneeling down beside the goddess as he grabs the goddesses instrument and throws it across the abyss. “Out of all the gods in the pantheon, you are the weakest. A human turned goddess. “ The god chuckles, his hands traveling to the goddesses neck, “If you fail this simple task, I will violate every single part of your being until you know success. “ With a booming laugh, he pushes the goddess to the ground and stands.

“Pathetic. “ He whispers under his breath before a cloud of black smoke covers his body and then quickly disappearing.

Alaela sits up, tears rolling down her cheeks as she looks to her left, her instrument broken in two. With a shaky breath, her hand reaches for it, the broken instrument mends itself together and then appears on her lap.

She stares at her instrument, the only remnant of her human self. Every note that she played, every song that she wrote was a reminder of who she was. A human. Her instrument was a part of her being, a piece of her soul that transformed into what she loved the most. Her tears dripped onto her instrument, she watched the droplets evaporate as they fell onto the strings.

The goddess felt like crumbling, her body shook in fear her thoughts steered toward Ulro. Her hands shook, almost unable to play her instrument. With deep breaths, the goddess focused onto her instruments-- it’s strings lightly glowing as she placed her hands onto its strings. With another deep breath, the goddess began to play a progression of notes that soon morphed into a song that was delicate and soft. Her fingers light against the strings as she played, her tears disappeared.

That was her strength, her music was the confidence she needed. Though she was in a position of abuse, she found a way to keep her hope and faith that someday the great light would answer her wish. And as she played her song, a soul of earth appeared in front of her.






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Yuul Forest

Time : 6:52am | Weather : Clear

An elven man sits on a forest log, his legs crossed as he patiently awaits for the children of earth. The elven man was a devout follower of, Alaela. Days before his arrival in the Yuul forest and the goddess had called onto him for a great task that would aid in the battle against darkness and obviously he had to accept. With a great task granted to him he eagerly awaited the arrival of the souls and as he waited, twelve pillars of light danced across the skyline and landed in multiple area's along the forest. The man smirks, pulling out a wooden staff from within the confines of his robes as he stands with a confident pose, "Finally. "

With an energetic strike he stabs his staff into the groun and begins to chant, "Grant me a great light that shoots across the horzion, a beam in which is enchanted by the radiant light of Azula." And from his chant his staff glows, strands of light wrapping around its shaft as suddenly a bright beam of white light shoots into the sky from his staff, hopefully grabbing the attention of the souls.

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Bill rolled over, having landed face-first in the mud as he fell from the abyss. He stared up at the sky while he took stock of his situation; "That damned bull did me in, now I'm stuck playin' hero for some so-called goddess." the older man mused, sitting up and returning his mud-stained hat to his head where it belonged. "Baby girl, you'd be so jealous if ya knew."

"'nuff of that. Least the mud's behavin' how it outta" he grumbled before standing up. It was at that moment that Big Bill realized his entire body had been caked with the thick, wet dirt. More concerned with the strange situation, he willingly neglected to clean it off. If nothing else, it would disguise his scent from any monsters that decided to come looking. The rancher confirmed he presence of his granddaddy's revolver in the leather belt before drawing it, checking to ensure it was fully loaded before he carried on. Bill had enough spare cartridges in his belt to get him a ways.

William Jones' attention was drawn abruptly to the blinding light in the sky, "Now that there's a flare if I ever did see one." he hefted the old revolver, cupping his hands around the polished wooden grip as he began to make his way forward through the wilderness and towards his presumed destination; singing aloud to himself as he went.

"You got to know when to hold 'em, know when to fold 'em."
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As the great beam of light flashed through the sky, Yukino begin to move towards it at a steady jog. Her pace surprised her at first, her new body even more athletic than her original. The pressure of her trapped tail annoyed her, so she made a mental note to make sure that any new clothes she acquired had accommodations for it.

Must be their form of signaling, much brighter than a flare. It makes sense that they'd be expecting us if a Goddess was involved, they must intervene much more directly here than back home. Yukino thought to herself as she continued onward, slowly adjusting to her increased strength and stamina.
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What a beautiful forest! That was Erin's first thought. Really, rather than do anything of note, her first instincts were to gauge the new world she was in. What better way to test the water than literally test the water? With her feet, now without shoes, letting water wash over them, she relaxed in this new world. Whatever threat the goddess had described obviously didn't affect this creek? That was to say, unless the water was some sort of clear blood that looked and smelt like water. That would be incredibly awkward, but super unlikely. Though... Maybe it was better to not drink the water. Not yet, anyways.

Her patient bathing had been interrupted, though. Breaking the treeline, a pillar of light projected into the sky. Was it the call from the goddess telling them where to go? Maybe. It might have also just been part of her terrible evil world theory. That pillar of light was actually calling down was actually an orbital strike meant to demolish the world. Erin waited for a few seconds. Well, there wasn't an earth-shattering kaboom. Her theory was bunk. Thus, it was probably a good idea to head towards the light. It was probably a waypoint of some sort.
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"Great just great!" Oshiro Yuudai, Future Emperor - currently elf woman, grumbled out while rubbing frantically at her longer hair. "I'm a freakin chick!" noted Yuudai feeling new strains on certain parts of her attire and lessened on others. Glancing down for a moment, Yuudai immediately glanced upwards as her face flushed bright red. Shaking her head rapidly catching several strains of the new locks in her mouth Oshiro began spitting them out before groaning.

"After I kick whatever the Hell, 'darkness' is supposed to be..." Yuudai looked towards the sky stomping down with one foot as she began flailing her arm towards the sky, "I'M COMING FOR YOU NEXT!" Gritting her teeth, the elf stared daggers at the surely laughing heavens above. They would pay for messing with the Emperor! However her thoughts were taken as a bright light emerged in the distance. Looking away and covering her brow with her hand to avoid a glare, Yuudai blinked a few times as a thought occurred.

There was probably something important there. And it was light - light was always near darkness.

Walking with a weary stride, not quite used to these proportions, grimacing Yuudai proceeded to head towards the source of the light.
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Alphonse had stopped jogging a little while in. It's not as if he couldn't do it anymore - his new body dealt with physical activity much better than he'd ever had while he was alive. Well, he alive now, but that was beside the point. There was a lot to see here in this forest, and he didn't want to miss it. The forest critters were similar to his own, but if he looked closely there were some differences. Even the trees and leaves were a little different to the ones he knew. It was certainly a familiar world, but in the same way that Alice must have felt when she went through the looking glass for the first time, Alphonse felt like a stranger to the scenery.
Well, that might have to do with the fact that I've never really been in a forest before. He thought to himself.
Public parks were like garbage dumps compared to the pristine sea of green before him.

Sadly, his enthusiasm soon began to simmer down. Initially he enjoyed the feeling of being in a slightly alien world, but he got used to it. The trees, leaves, animals and insects were a only a little different, but they acted pretty much the same. As he walked he got more used to it, and soon enough he was bored.
Where am I supposed to go anyway? he wondered.

As he walked the boy pondered his encounter with the goddess, Aleala, and tried to lay out what he knew about the situation. He had died, apparently, though he wasn't so sure about that. Nevertheless he didn't know enough to dispute that. It was theoretically possible that he had been spirited away to another country or something, but the effort to do so would be quite ridiculous for someone of little worth. There was a chance that this was perhaps a sophisticated simulation. It seemed like something he would be interested in. The drawback to this theory was that he knew modern tech wasn't that advanced. It still wasn't out of question, if he assumed that his whole life till now was a simulation it would fit, but that rabbit hole never ended. Therefore he had no choice but to believe the goddess's words. That being the case, there was something he was worried about.

Alphonse kept walking though the forest, completely absorbed in his thoughts.

The goddess had mentioned there was a pantheon of gods, and that there was a hierarchy. There was someone above her, who had seemingly commanded her to talk to the summoned people, which the boy supposed would make her something like a middle manager. What worried him was the motivation of those at the top. He had been summoned, along with around a dozen individuals, to save this world on the whims of people they did not know and whom they had never met. But that didn't worry him much, he worried instead about the gods.

The boy had felt the white-haired goddess's power, he could still feel it while he walked. It was not overwhelming like he first thought it would be, but it was a power beyond humanity. Supposing the goddess had told the truth about their pantheon, why could they not come down to this land and deal with the issue themselves? What worried him the most was the fact that the goddess had only mentioned one superior, yet had also mentioned a pantheon. Where were the other superior gods and what were they doing? Had they considered the foreigners, the supposed hope of this land, beneath their notice? or did they have other motives? There were many factors that made the boy wonder for his safety.

All of a sudden Alphonse tripped over an exposed tree root, falling face first onto the forest floor. He picked himself up off the floor and looked around
He had no idea where he was. That was the danger of being absorbed in thoughts, he supposed. He looked around, trying to get his bearings and noticed a large pillar of light lancing into the sky. He tilted his head.
"That wasn't there before." He muttered to himself.

He shrugged and brushed himself off before making his way towards the light. It wasn't too far away, and he didn't have anything better to do. Stowing his thoughts away for a moment the boy focused solely on navigating the forest. Hopefully the light would lead to more answers.
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The first thing Lucian did was of course, examining her new body all close and personal.

After making sure that no one else was around, she undressed herself to her underwear. Just like she thought, she was wearing boxers underneath without a bra. Exactly how she had dressed in the old world.

She then enjoyed her smooth skin, rubbing her hands all over her own naked body. Of course, she also gave her two mounds a good grope. She even dared herself to touch the new thing that replaced her old dangling bit between her crotch.

Aah, so this is how the body of a girl feels... Wonderful, simply wonderful!

After she was satisfied, she dressed herself once again. To her chagrin however, her slimfit trousers wouldn't go up all the way, thanks to how big her butt was now. In the end, she had to settle with buttoning them slightly below her butt crack, with her boxers still showing a little.

Well, it is designed for a male. I just hope they wouldn't fall down. Really should get some female clothing right away.

It wasn't just her pants that had trouble however. His blazer was also nearly impossible to button thanks to her boobs getting in the way.

After that, she quickly found a small creek where she could see her reflection.

B-beautiful! She's really beautiful! Oh thank you Goddess for giving me this body!

Only then she noticed the large pillar of light reaching up to the skies.

"W-what is that? Whatever it is, I should check it out."

And so she ran towards the direction of the light, with her braless breasts bouncing underneath her shirt and blazer.
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Jogging in another world?

Astrum took deep breaths of air as he ran through the forest, kicking up leaves in his wake with wild abandon. That sensation of breathing in a new air, taking in alien scents. It made him want to run, and run he did. He let the fresh, clean air overwhelm his senses and he just ran. He felt his feet pounding on the ground, nimbly skipping roots. His eyes were processing information he wasn't comprehending. He just wanted to run, and shout.

"Yeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh!!!" He shouted, fist pumping into the air.

When he looked up he saw animals flying overhead which he'd never seen before. He passed new plants he didn't recognize every second he ran. He was so exhilarated he could hardly keep it to himself.

Suddenly he saw a pillar of light appear in the sky.

"Pillar of light means..." He muttered. "PEOPLE."

His eyes took a mad glint as he took off in a new direction. His new body didn't feel tired after all that running, although it wouldn't have tired his old body out either, but his new body just had so. much. energy.

Thinking realistically, it was possible the pillar of light wasn't a person but a naturally occurring phenomenon, but that in itself was worth checking out.

Breaking through the trees, he came to a clearing in the forest, finally. The beam of light did indeed have a person under it. An elf guy.

"Hey, what up?!" Astrum shouted enthusiastically.

Huh? wait a sec. He thought. His brain finally caught up with his legs and his cheeks immediately flushed with embarrassment. Of fuck quick, I gotta think of something...

"Ehem," He coughed. "Sorry, I meant how're you doing?"

That was not better.
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After her intial moments, Agata felt more... synced to her body. Albeit, it was still so awkward to move, she was very light, and kept overstepping and thinking her limbs would be in other position, after all, this diminute beast girl was nothing like the tall and trained woman she once was.

Clothes were clearly a problem, they were too big for her, and she needed a solution for that. Undressing, she looked at the quite useless suit and trouser she had, and started ripping bits apart, fully disasembling some bits and merely reshaping others, it was thankful she had sharp nails in this form. Soon, after some minutes wrapping, tying up and wraping belts, she was in an outfit fitter for her body, especially with the tail.

It was also lucky for her that her feet seemed far rougher than she was used to, because her high-heel shoes were useless and she soon saw a beacon of light, surely calling forward the heroes. She stretched some more, an action that now included swinging her tail around, and started to run towards the objective.
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Takeshi Gima

When he didn't hear or see any dangerous animals Takeshi relaxed and dropped his guard. He soon realized that he didn't recognize any of the plants growing in this forest, though that didn't say much he never was a huge expert on flora and fauna anyway. After he had walked aimlessly for around 10 minutes he saw a huge flash of light somewhere to, he assumed, the north-east.

Not having any better ideas he figured that he might as well check it out in case any other Earthlings had the same idea or were there from the start. On the other hand the light could just a natural phenomenon or even a trap of some kind. "Man I really wish I had a weapon of some kind or at least armor." Still at the moment at least it was his best bet to find someone.
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Julia awoke on the forest floor, groaning ever so slightly. She lay there, allowing time to pass, in her short sundress the same colour as her hair, striking blue.

Wait. Her hair was not blue. She shot up at once, fingers running through her locks, which were definitely not blonde. There were other differences too - her hair wasn't supposed to curl like this, and it was considerably shorter than it had been. Perhaps it was a side effect of the whole reincarnation thing. As she felt up her hair, she noticed something else. They were attached to her, and she could sort of move them. Julia inspected them with her hands. That was something to find out when she had a mirror. She also made a note to buy new clothes, this dress wasn't cutting it at all.

This would take some time to get used to. but as Julia began to stand up, she winced as her feet struggled in her too-small heels. She kicked them off, giving them a sad look. There were some other things she would have to go without too. She hadn't had a choice in this one, or rather, these two. She patted her chest mournfully. Now that was a travesty. And if she went a little lower- ah. I'll burn that bridge when I get there, she thought to herself. Or was it he now? Whatever it was, Julia sincerely wished that the goddess had been able to keep at least something the same.

"I hope I'm cute, at least," she sighed to herself, at which point she saw a great beam of light form in the sky. That seemed important. At any rate, there wasn't much else to do, so Julia made the executive decision to go check it out. She absent-mindedly recalled the goddess talking about other people being sent to this place with her too. Maybe she'd meet some at the beam.
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Well…the beam of white light, so bright that it stood out even in the light of the sun, seemed like a good enough place to aim for. With the awkward shuffle-step of someone whose pants certainly no longer fit their waist, Sara stumbled through the undergrowth, dodging the endless greenery that was all too eager to snag themselves upon the fabric of her shirt or the curled strands of her hair, and soon enough, the novelty of such beautiful greenery turned into a mild frustration. With her shoes in one hand, the green-haired girl awkwardly slapped low-hanging branches out of the way, while with her other hand, she continued to pull up her sagging pants and pull down her oversized shirt. Countless twigs had snapped against her clothes, while now, in the absence of overhead planes and roaring cars, Sara could distinctly hear the drone of flying insects around her, from bees to aphids to cicadas to moths. Hanging from the branches were silkworms and extending between two trees were spiderwebs filled with the corpses of sucked-out insects.

The amount of unpleasant forest-y things she dodged really didn’t compare to the sheer volume of insectan obstacles she had to go through, nor how the pleasant sensation of walking through a lush woodland barefooted was soon replaced by the sorta-squeamish sensation of stepping on a fat caterpillar and feeling all those meat-juices spill inbetween one’s toes. It wasn’t supremely uncomfortable, but she certainly couldn’t recommend this to anyone else, either. Following trails cut into the greenery by animals just meant she ended up having to hop over mounds of old shit, while she felt absolutely awful with bulldozing her way through unsuspecting bushes.

Her misadventures kept her mind off the future and the past, though, and the uncommon strength found in her new body surprised even Sara herself. She certainly was no wilting willow back on Earth, but to think that a child could display such strength and stamina? Crazy stuff. Queen of the playground, right here.

Like a moth drawn to light, the green-haired girl in unfashionably baggy clothing pushed through the last leg of her journey and stumbled into the clearing, her red eyes flickering up from the ground to the two others who had already gathered. A pretty looking man with long ears, accompanied by a less pretty, more cutesy man who served as an almost perfect counterpoint to the lightbearer.

She blinked, her expression stuck between happiness and curiousity, before Sara swallowed both of those weird things, and walked up to the both of them, offering a hand to the bright kid first. “Heyo, Alaela? 13 souls to fight the darkness? Soun- woah, my voice sounds realllly weird. Anyways, you’re here for the same reason I am, yeah?”
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Astrum turned towards the voice. And then he looked down. Immediately a certain image flitted through his mind but he punched himself in the side in an effort to resist acting on it. He tried not to bend down to shake the girl's(?) hand.

She isn't that much shorter than me, come on dude. He thought.

"Uhhhhhhhhhhhh," He replied. "Yeah?"

It kinda felt like the running was coming back to him a little bit. He felt a bit rattled. He kinda forgot what her question was, but she said yeah at the end so he said yeah back.

He was just struck by the thought mid-sentence, that she looked really cute, in a childish way but her way of speaking was kind of gruff like an old man. Her hair was a really soft green which blended well with the forest a little bit. Her overgrown clothes were of an older person for sure, but it looked really adorable the way they were too big for her, so it was really jarring that she spoke kind of like a business man who's on the clock who isn't exactly having a bad time but needs to get some work done after this.

He desperately needed a way back into the conversation.

"Uhhhhhhhhhh what's your name?" He asked.

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Samuel cautiously approached the clearing. It was obvious the light signal was meant for him and perhaps any other 'Childs of Earth', or at least it could be a point of interest. Either way, he had to check it out, but he needed to be careful in case he ran into a bunch of hostiles. Through the foliage, he spotted an old man and two people who looked out of place: A small girl, and an awkward guy. The way that made them stand out the most was how their clothes were similar to that of Earth, yet unfit for their body. Now he thought about it, he realised his own clothes were a bit tight. Sure, he was always a bit longer than most people, but the extra muscle mass got his own T-shirt and jeans to the brink of ripping apart.

Making sure he didn't see any other suspicious figures nearby, he slowly walked out of the forest into the clearing. "I guess this is the welcoming party, hmm?" He said. "Not that I expected some kind of cake, but still a bit disappointing." He said. He had a few rules for himself when he was still a game squad leader. Two of them he applied already, and another he applied now as well: Before making contact, gather information. This counted for ally, enemy and area; Prepare for the worst, hope for the best. If you assume everything is against you, you will be prepared if it actually is; Especially with the first contact, don't show weakness like fear or unnecessary doubt. If you do, not only will your squadmates doubt your judgement, but also will a good enemy be able to exploit it in their advantage.

He then turned to the two people who were out of place. "I take it you two were brought here as well? I guess we are in the same situation then." He said. Making allies this fast was a good plan, although he would've prefered someone with more experience of how this world worked. Then again, if they got the same gift as he did or similar, he didn't want them on their bad side. At least not for now...
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Although doubting whether it was a wise choice, Toppo continued to make his way toward the pillar of light that shot across the sky.

His massive frame and significant increase in weight made it difficult for him to move around. Fortunately, what he lacked in finesse and agility, he made up in stride length and speed. He rushed through the forest with relative ease, breaking apart all branches, bark, and tree trunks that collided with his large and heavy body. With each stride he took, a loud thud was made and the ground would momentarily quiver under his weight.

Given how everything seemed so straightforward and simple, Toppo couldn't help but heartily chuckle. He believed that challenges that started out relatively easy, tend to be the hardest. That was exactly what he was looking for.

Unhampered, Toppo found himself bursting out from a field of bushes into a clearing where several others began to gather.

Overjoyed with the sight of actual people, Toppo took in a deep breath before letting out loud boisterous laughter. Seeing a loud massive creature like Toppo, who was barefooted and barely dressed in tattered remnants of clothing, would definitely cause some sort of commission or at least confusion.

Recalling the information the Goddess gave him, Toppo wanted to test the waters and find out who the individuals infront of him were. He needed to be cautious and keep his guard up, unfortunately, he also wanted to enjoy himself.

"Greetings Children of Earth-jika! I am Toppo, an ally of Aleala the South Wind Goddess-jika. It is a pleasure to meet you all-jika!"

Whether they were true allies or not, Toppo didn't want to offer everything he knew right away.

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There were many thoughts currently rushing through Yuudai’s head as she made her presence known among those gathered among the light by aside from a nearby tree she was lounging around at. How useful were these other schmucks, what could be shared in common with them, were these those schmucks mentioned as also being brought here, did they get welched on their deal and so on raced through her head as she gritted her teeth as she began rubbing her hands through her hair. ”Too damn much hair all over the place! AAAAAAAAGH! I swear I’m going to need to shave it all!

It comforted Yuudai slightly, as she couldn’t help but smile, that these people were also screwed on their clothing. Chances were good they wouldn’t focus on the improper vessel which hosted the Emperor, as while say her breasts were ‘loosey goosey’ they at least hid in dark and baggy fabrics and weren’t out on display for the world compared to others literally bursting out of the seams in their clothing. At the very least that part of the deal was in Yuudai’s favor; the rest well, not so much. But that could be fixed.

So there Yuudai was with a distinctively bemused expression, yawning as she slowly eyed the fellows in the area.

With one of her arms languishing at her side in a relaxed posture Yuudai observed the scene as her ears flickered at one particular declaration. Rising up to a more formal position, she quickly pivoted upon her heels in a quick pattern as she stared down the monolithic moose-man, furrowing her brow and lazily placing one hand on her hip while frantically point with the other one.

”HEY, BUFFALO HEAD!” Yuudai slowly eyed the creature calling itself Toppo up and down before grumbling, By the mountain gods you’re big… SO - YOU WORK FOR HER?! I’m gonna need you to pen her a message, courtesy of Yuudai, tell her she screwed our deal and to expect a chewing out from The Emperor when I see her again!” This was pointed followed by Yuudai starting to place her thumb against her chest before realizing as her elbow and hand were getting closer; she couldn’t quite do the gesture where she was used to. Yuudai’s eyes and lips quivered for a bit, while her cheeks began to flush slightly before Yuudai began stomping and vigorously shaking her head side to side and thumbing down lower on her torso.

Grumbling as she spat out locks of hair from her mouth and hastily brushing some of it away from her face using both hands, Yuudai glanced at Toppo, “Oh and also thanks for not letting me die to that one prick, uh Ulro – or something – don’t really remember because he was spooky and trying to kill me and her and generally wasn’t paying attention during. SO EXPRESS TO HER, WHENEVER YOU CONTACT HER THAT THE EMPEROR IS BOTH PLEASED AND DISPLEASED!”

Pivoting once again in a rather honed manner, this time upon her tip-toes as opposed to the heel of the feet, she observed the others and gave a slight nod. “Sup, you’re in the presence of The Emperor. Don't bother kneeling, I'd order you back up as soon as you went down as you didn't realize you should've been bowing in the first place. Just, just give me implied kneeling to make up for it at which point I will tell you to get up.” The game could not be played as it was often played; they wouldn’t instinctively get that Yuudai was the Emperor, they would assume he was an elf chick unless specified! So she had to damn well explain that to them now so they could start to prepare to worship.

Was it her best introduction? Not by a long shot, but at least she didn’t mess up the pivots!
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Bill paused briefly and yawned. Having finished his song some time ago and not yet having encountered another living creature, the Rancher had become quite bored by the stroll through the woods. That is, right up until he finally noticed the trail of wood-and-brush carnage heading in a straight line towards the source of the light; which had drawn considerably closer through his brief journey.

Stepping off his own path and starting off towards the light, he could see the hulking individual who had left the trail standing at the edge of a clearing.

"Greetings Children of Earth-jika! I am Toppo, an ally of Aleala the South Wind Goddess-jika." the entity declared as Bill approached from behind.

"Shut yer' trap boy" The cowboy instructed, slapping the hulking man on the shoulder as he strolled past into the clearing; holstering his revolver, "Ain't you never been in a forest before? Them trees is alive ya' know. All sorta little critters you just put out of a home. Didn't even catch none of 'em fer dinner." he said disapprovingly, looking at the other gathered souls, “If ya' really was in kahoots with that purdy gal from before, I reckon y'all would have a bit more respect for nature."

The blue-eyed Texan crossed his arms and gave Toppo an accusing stare, “And have you got any idea how hard it’s gon’ be to find somethin’ to cook up out here now you went and scared off everythin’ within five miles?”

The good old boy stared in disbelief at the flamboyant young woman claiming to be some sort of emperor, "I don' know what yer on about little miss, but I ain't recognize no gat dang emperor." he responded bluntly, "Pleasure to meet the rest of y'all, I'm William Jones, but I prefer if ya call me Big Bill."
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The sound of the nearby commotion allowed Yukino to easily home in on the end point of the beam of light. She padded up behind the group, careful not to step on any fallen branches or leaves as she intended to observe how the gathered group interacted.

Her eyes flicked to the American's holster and noted his fine taste in sidearms. She'd seen that legendary pattern of revolver several times when one of the USAF liaison pilots showed her wing 'Cowboy Movies'. Taking a moment to study the man himself, he looked like a slightly more modern version of the characters in those movies. She wasn't particularly a fan of those films, much preferring the classics like Top Gun.

Returning her attention to the group, no one else particularly stood out to her. They all looked unarmed and untrained, except for the elven man sitting on the log, who she figured was the one they were supposed to meet with. She elected to keep her presence small for now, turning her focus to keeping a lookout for any other newcomers and potential dangers.

Looks like I'm going to have to give that Light of hers that talking to, once I find it that is. The elf girl sounds like she fancies herself some sort of 'Emperor', reminds me of some of the kids back home playing pretend. Not sure if the large one is one of us or not, doesn't look much like a fighter though. The others also, rather disappointing I must say. I'm not sure how the Goddess expects two trained people and a rag tag group of civilians to win a war against the darkness. Yukino thought to herself, her new cat ears twitching and giving away her nervousness involuntarily.
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Takeshi Gima AKA Silvaka

Due to his cautiousness it took Takeshima a while to reach the origin of the light but eventually he heard someone. "Pleasure to meet the rest of y'all, I'm William Jones, but I prefer if ya call me Big Bill." He wasn't too up on American names but even he knew Bill was one, so he figured that the speaker was from Earth though if he was American Takeshi wondered how he could understand what the guy was saying. Still rather than question it he picked up his pace and arrived at the clearing before much longer.

The group already there was an odd one for sure, there was a male elf, some guy with blue hair and animal ears, an excited looking boy, a cute but short girl with green hair, a guy with brown anime protagonist hair, some kind of short horned reindeer man, a female elf also cute, a cowboy, and a woman with cat ears. With such diversity there was no way that was a random group of people.

He wondered what the best way to introduce himself was, after all making a good impression on the people you would be fighting alongside could't hurt. "Eh hey, I take it you were also summoned by Aleala." Well that definitely wasn't it, he mentally facepalmed. "My name is Ta.... Silvaka."
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