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Voting and Critique

Welcome to another round of voting!

I encourage everyone that cares about the Contests(and if you don't already, I encourage you to begin now) to read through all of the wonderful entries submitted in the past two weeks, and cast their vote for their favorite! The submission with the most votes will be posted in a stickied "Trophy Case" thread where it will be displayed for all to see, and its author added to the list of Meritorious Writers at the very top!

Of course, this thread is also for critiquing. Note I said critiquing, not shitslinging. Constructive criticism only, please. Feel free to go through any one or all of the entries and give your two cents in helping your fellow writers improve! Those that have entered this contest are absolutely allowed to critique each others' works, contestants can absolutely vote, though not for their own, obviously.

Needless to say, using multiple accounts to vote more than once is NOT ALLOWED, and if an author uses alts to vote for their own work, they will be disqualified on the spot and disbarred from entering any future Contests.

Please vote based on the merits of the work, not for the sake of a clique or just because the author happens to be your friend. And mostly certainly do not attempt to have an author falsely disqualified because you don't happen to like them, because I'll fucking find out and it won't be pretty.

by @Crimson Raven

by @Kalleth

by @gowia

by @PigeonOfAstora

by @calle

by @SleepingSilence

by @NorthernKraken

by @MsMorningstar
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Ranked from personal favorite to least. Or more so the most worthy to win a contest that met the prompt and put effort into writing the lines. Not including myself in the ranking.

Some raw emotion may appear. I swear I did my best to edit that cynicism out and be constructive. Not as single harsh word spoken doesn't come with a some sort of solution.

I'm grateful to have the experience, even if frustrating, thank you to everyone that made a story. Don't take anything too personally. Just assuming me doing all these in the middle of night wasn't a good idea. ^-^'

1. Blood On The Rock (Far above the rest. Best in writing and wordplay. Enough length to feel like a story.)

2. Searching For Paradise (Good. Felt left wanting more.)

3. The tale of the Saviour of Ostagon (Shows potential. Needed better focus on MC.)

4. PSA (Nice story. Has nothing to do with the prompt.)

5. The Women In Red (Feels lackluster. Didn't like it. Sorry.)

6. Ash and Tyrants (Not the worst written. But it doesn't follow the rules for length. And it feels longer than it already is.)

7. The Inevitability Of The Throne (This story just frustrates me.)

Voting for @Kalleth.

I also reviewed my work. Though I was overtly sarcastic. So I was going to wait to post it, to let the winner be chosen, to see if a certain prediction I make will prove true. But because I don't expect nor care for victory. I just tried my best to be consistent in my reviewing and actually useful in that I show you what I like and don't. And how I'd fix it and sometimes why I would fix it that way if I feel it needs explaining. You don't grow or learn if you get one sentence saying "that was swell." Or the opposite of such. Here's my review and what I thought of my own work. It's strengths, weaknesses and as always all the deeper meanings I cram into my stories. Frankly, this one is just for my own satisfaction.

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Okay! So! Here are my critiques :) I didn't go into too much detail, because personally I don't find nitpicking to be particularly helpful, especially in contests like these with a time limit, where no one is going to be able to produce a perfectly polished, perfectly edited piece of work. That said, if anyone's planning to develop their work further and wants more in depth, sentence level feedback, hmu and I'll be happy to give my two cents :)

So, in the order that I opened my reviews up in google docs (because ranking is also unhelpful imho) -

I genuinely wish I could vote for more than one lol, and it was a tough choice, but I'm gonna go with @gowia because I found the protagonist to be interesting, and the take on the prompt comparatively original (also it made me feel things)
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Here is my feedback on the stories. I didn't look for grammar mistakes, but I did point out those I found. Some feedback is plot-related. I'm more of an alpha reader than a beta reader and I'm better at finding possible plotholes or inconsistencies than grammar mistakes.

I hope you find my feedback useful.

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This was not a simple contest to join. All the same, I have a bit to say.

@Crimson Raven








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I'd like to vote for @Kalleth
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After much deliberation I have decided to vote for Searching For Paradise.

I do want to acknowledge the high-quality entries of Blood on the rocks and Phantom Vision, it was very hard to choose between these three and if I could I would give all three a vote, but in the end I just like how the theme was executed in Searching for Paradise.
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