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Bonobo - 7th Sevens

The primordial Lalinc, whose iris was the pool and whose tears were the water from which much life emerged, slept dying in the last remains of her coastal abode. As her last puddles dried and her lichens shriveled, her spirit fell apart like old wood crumbling, and one of her dreams escaped her body like a bubble from a sinking ship. As the First Era ended, that dream found the womb of a mortal woman, and was born as Calign.

Calign is a creature of dream and not well fixed to the tangible world. Light and vision often misses him completely, as does gravity. Even such things as bone, stone, and metal usually pass through him as if he were fog. The only substance that is always able to touch him without the express will of a wizard guiding it is living flesh, of plant or beast or man.

An obscuring brightness seems to dog Calign by day. The sun typically shines very harshly on him, often diffracted by a pure white fog that settles around him. By night, the obfuscation is replaced by clear and pale moonlight, and he is easily seen. Day or night, it is from this pale light that Calign manifests many marvels.

Chief among Calign's sorcery is his ability to transfigure plants and animals into forms dredged up from the primordial era. The process takes time, depending on how foreign the old shape is to its modern vessel. Returning a bird its teeth is a simple matter, but reminding it of its full draconic roots is difficult. Sometimes it is easier to find a creature that has simply not changed very much since the First Era, like the shark, fern, and scorpion. Calign has a unique control over such ancient forms, especially those he has revived himself, and those, like plants and jellyfish, that dream. The lion, bear, and eagle are strange to him.

The race of men is much more resistant to Calign's sway, as are their artefacts and their beasts. Dead, solid matter, like stone, bone, and bronze, is also difficult for Calign to bewitch, as is fire. If Calign desires a weapon, he must depend on his bare claws, as he always has.

Born of rest and quiet death, there is no fire in Calign's heart. He misses the beauty of the old world that Lalinc knew, a world he wishes he could remember. The strangeness of the new world around him stirs him into wakefulness. Calign desires nothing more than to restore the old forests around him, and quieten the constant din of quarrelling Man, so that he may continue to dream, and others may dream with him.
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Despoiler of Heaven, Architect of Eternity

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Veles Sirrisushan
The Dragon of Plethwi, Plethwi’s Serpent, Plethwi’s Dragon, The Dragon of Curses

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Dyauphater on his celestial Chariot

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”Horns of Civilization”

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Ulfrag Thokkson

The Boy

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