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UserName: Death Count Character name: Gadd Skorne "The Little Bad Finger" Age: 34 years Mageblood type: Natura Favoured Magic Class: Geomancy Previous Magic training: None, he only knows he has mageblood for geomancy right now. Race: Dwarf (Rhulic) Appearance: A little over 1.2 meter tall (like 4 feet high) and almost as wide, Gadd is a stone as though carved in a dwarf's likeness, and he weighs just as much (200 kilograms / 441 pounds). His black hair, moustache, and beard are short and wiry, very coarse, and will rake soft things up. His skin is very white and flinty, like breaking stone. His blood veins are black. There is no white in his eyes, only endless black. His pupils are red and faded, but sometimes glow as little embers. His left arm is larger than his right, is like rough black onyx, with dark grey metal patches, with silver veins. A golden birthmark shaped like a maw is on his left hand, behind his knuckles. He wears the black smooth-fur of bugbear hides and a hood, over dark green gator-man leather, a giant toad-tongue belt, and has a pair of white spider fangs on a necklace. Various bits of armor of different styles, not all dwarvish, are worn. Iron pauldrons, gauntlets, and chestplate, as well as a pair of spike kneepads, all hang onto him as if they needed his protection.
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UserName: Vesuvius00

Character name: E'nasha Williams

Age: Physical age, 19. She's pretty smart though, because of her inquisitive nature. An IQ in the triple digits.

Mageblood type: Natura

Favoured Magic Class: Herbamancy

Previous Magic training: No official training, but she does know she has Mageblood and can use it a little in dire situations. There was a small disaster in her town when she was a kid, and that's when she found out.

Race: Human Yarosmerian

Short Bio:
Born in a small town in the desert, she lived there with her grandmother and a few other children who had been orphaned by the war. She and the others were fast friends, especially one boy named El’kan, and they would often go exploring around outside the village. One day they all went to an Oasis that was about an hour’s walk from the village, but when they got there they were ambushed by a small group of weak demons and the Novice Demonmancer that had summoned them. At their master’s command, the demons started messing with the kids, picking some of them up and flying around by the tops of the trees while the other kids threw rocks and sand at the mage. One demon even tried to carry off E'nasha, confusing her with an image of a beautiful meadow and the scent of blooming flowers. She nearly forgot where she was, until a stone hit her inn the head, breaking her from the illusion. She struggled against the demon, causing him to drop her, and the other demons started dropping the other children randomly, them just barely landing in the bushes and ferns around the Oasis. Suddenly, the ferns that the children had fallen into sprung into action, wrapping themselves around the mage to stop his movement, and distracting the demons from the children.

Just as everyone was starting to run back to the village, E’nasha fainted, and the others had to carry her back to the village. When they got back, they told granny what had happened at the Oasis. Granny figured out almost immediately that she had Blood Sickness, and made the others leave them alone for a few days so E’nasha could rest. When she woke, Granny had her tell everything that had happened from her point of view. Granny told her that her anger had probably been what awakened her mageblood and caused the plants to save her and her friends. When E’nasha questioned her, Granny went to get an old book, turning it open to a beautiful picture of a woman who looked much like E’nasha, but was much wiser-looking. Granny told her that that was a picture of herself when she was quite a few years younger, and that E’nasha might have the same powers as herself, Natura mageblood.

The next few days, E’nasha and her grandmother prepare to move north, out of the desert regions, and into the nice, wooded area that Granny had grown up in. Not even three minutes after they had left, did El’kan and E’nasha’s other friends catch up to them. Granny tried to send them back home, saying that it was too dangerous to venture too far out of town, until El’kan started swirling sand around them in a small, slow tornado. It turns out that El’kan’s father uses Geomancy, the other type of Natura mageblood, and had trained El’kan in the use of it, at least until he had enough skill to impress Granny. Because of this Granny let him come with them to live with them in the forest until the two of them were old enough to attend the college.

For the next few years, E’nasha, El’kan, and Granny lived together in the forest north of the desert. Granny was strong enough to protect them all from the minor demons that would somehow stumble by on occasion, and she was able to demonstrate her powers to E’nasha and help E’nasha learn to consciously control a plant enough to give it a quick growth spurt. Granny couldn't help El’kan much, so he focused on testing his limits and helping E’nasha find her’s as well. Basic Herbamancy was not the only thing E'nasha struggled with though. Ever since they had come to the forest, E'nasha would regularly have nightmares, and randomly got Blood Sickness sometimes after one. She would often wonder why, and her thoughts always drifted back to the Oasis, and her struggle with the demon. She eventually developed a great fear of demons because of these nightmares.

One day, El'kan decided to try something stupid. He had Granny off somewhere kind of far from the small house they lived in in the forest, and lured a few demons to where he and E’nasha were foraging berries. One of the demons grabbed E’nasha from behind, making her completely unable to move. In her fear her subconscious mind caused her to use her power to trap the demon in a tree, and chase off the other demons just before she blacked out. She woke up again in her room, her Granny telling her that she had managed to get Blood-Sickness again from her subconscious taking over during the surprise attack. El’kan timidly stepped forward and told Granny what he had done, and because of what Granny said to him then, he began to grow up. Granny told him that no-one was perfect, and we would all make some pretty bad mistakes throughout our lives, but to have the respect and caring for another human being to come out and admit when you’ve screwed up is the mark of a good person.

In the next year, (The last one until they could go off to the college) E’nasha got a pet Raven whom she named Sir Ithslala Ra’vin, or Sir for short. She managed to train Sir to do various tasks, such as fetch small things, distract demons, and write in the dirt with his beak. She, El’kan, and Sir all arrived at the college on a dark, stormy day, after the trip took much longer than they thought it possibly ever could. Their adventures begin now.

Good Attributes: Good at surviving in most situations, and because of her desert heritage survival in hot and harsh conditions (or where water is hard to find) is easier for her. Sir can do errands and write notes over long distances in a fairly short amount of time (She trained Sir, she is good with animals). She is very smart, and makes friends easily.

Bad Attributes: She often has nightmares, and is afraid they may come true because of how realistic they are. (They are prophetic dreams caused by the demon attempting to possess her at the Oasis.) She sometimes gets Blood Sickness from these nightmares. She feels that she has to keep secrets to protect her friends and comrades, although she worries that if they find out about all the secrets it'll upset them and she'll lose all her friends. She also has Genophobia: the fear of romantic or sexual acts (though it's kind of minor unless she feels threatened by the person as well).

Secret Word: Rebirth

Other/World Building:

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UserName: Sep, cause Fallen is boring.

Character name: Arcadius

Age: Unknown

Mageblood type: Lues

Favoured Magic Class: Runework

Previous Magic training: Studied at the college of Aerta,

Race: Originally? Human. Now, he’s missing everything that makes a human human. He’s just a Skeleton.



Short Bio: Arcadius, who cannot remember his family crest. He fought in the Dark Wars, however he can’t remember what side he fought for completely. He only recalls how he fought and used runic objects to bring death to other people under orders. Before the war broke out he had been a detective and he remembered more of that than he did off anything else, he remembers being trusted with information and secrets and trying to find solutions to things, and he remembers the fight and losing.

He doesn’t remember how he lost he just remembers the pain. Something stabbing through his chest, held by someone he knew and that was the annoying thing. He didn’t even know who this person was let alone how he knew them. They had been important, and he had trusted them. That was all he remembered. The next thing he had woken up in a coffin hearing the sound of dirt being piled on top of him. Above him were strange runes which he had cursed himself for not knowing them even though they were his art. Despite this the coffin must have been bound, meaning that no magic could be used on it or inside of it which was bad for him. He tried shouting, the person on the outside either did not hear him or did not care.

Searching his surroundings he found a cane, touching it had been the biggest mistake he had ever made. The power of the cane infused him with Arcanite and infused his bones with everlasting life, however sadly the power of Duuri didn’t mention the life including his flesh and blood. It was excruciatingly painful for him as his flesh and organs began to burn away from him, like being dipped in acid or being burned slowly. When it passed he could see as if it was light, it was one of the bonuses of not being flesh and bone and not having actual eyes.

Then began his torture, years passed. Or days, or eons. He didn’t know. He just lay there. Occasionally testing out his body. He appeared to always retain his strength despite his lack of muscle or lack of activity for years at a time. What did pain him though was the fact his bones broke easily. Something he had to keep in mind with all the times he became frustrated and tried to assault the coffin, fruitlessly of course. As it was bound it could only be opened from the outside. All he had was the cane. He held it for years at a time, tapping it off the coffin as if pretending to walk, not even weathering the cane down. Though the top decoration began to form a groove in it till it have a grove that perfectly fit his right hand.

Eventually, he didn’t know when he was dug up. Of course no point in shouting if they even spoke the same language as him. He was moved around a lot, he didn’t know why and he got quite cross at none of them for being curious enough to open the lid of the Coffin. It would have been a simple task that enslaved him.

This went on, and on, and on. He merely resided himself to his torture for eternity spent in this box with himself.

Good Attributes:
- Keen detectives eyes.
- Has no muscles - so doesn’t get tired from running etc.
- No lungs so does not run out of breathe from physical activities/being underwater.
- Versed in Martial Arts.
- Good historical knowledge.
- Light does not affect his sight, he can see just as well in the dark as he can in the light.
- Due to nothing present to cushion the impact even though he can’t hit too hard without breaking himself he also does not need to hit as hard to cause pain.

Bad Attributes: - Wise Crack, likes to talk and crack jokes that can seem an annoyance to people.
- Despite his condition he still feels pain as if he had flesh. Set on fire? It'll burn etc.
- Due to his extended… isolation it is likely he will have issues getting to grips with interaction again.
- He can be quick to anger, and if he becomes truly angry he will enter a state where he cannot use magic and has to resort to physical violence.
- He can’t die by normal means(Which is a curse believe it or not).
- He is hard to hide in a crowd.
- He isn’t very stealthy…
- He isn’t up to date on current history since before the war that lead to his death.
- His bones are slightly weakened meaning they can be broken easier than normal.
- In cold weather his bones become more brittle, meaning they break easier.
- Dislocating a bone is just the equivalent of taking it off. Causing extreme pain in the process.

Secret Word: Rebirth, ironic, huh?

The Curse/Blessing:

Basically what it did was preserve his mind and his body, however it didn’t preserve his body properly. Part of the cane that resurrected him was missing, the decorative end had been replaced with something new. Whoever killed him basically didn't like him very much. Wanting to kill him but also wanting to make him suffer, binding the coffin he placed the cane inside knowing at some point he would touch it. The canes decorative jewel on the top which gave it additional power (It had enough residual power for one use after it was removed) was replaced with a new decorative top. This top had runes engraved on it(That he couldn't see and didn't have the ability to read anyway) these runes were designed to rot flesh.

So at the same time the cane tried to revive him it also decayed all off his flesh. The magic bounded him together so it was as if his muscles, voice box and everything else still existed. It is why he can still feel pain. However the fact it does not exist is what gives him the whole "undead" and "dead" aspect. If you stab his heart it will hurt, however it won't actually kill him. Breaking bones are the most damaging you can go, break all of them and he’ll die as he will be nothing.

While the Cane was designed to bring everlasting natural life however for him it brought him back, it was also designed to make a more powerful mage by infusing the mages bone with arcanite. Naturally for Arcadius all it did was allow him to retain some magical control, rather than making him more powerful. He is a living Paradox, the more powerful magic of Duuri kept his soul alive infused within his very bones (technically) while the runes by his enemy rotted everything else away.

He retains magic through the field that holds him together and also through the Arcanite in himself. If he uses to much magic he begins drawing it from the field that holds him together and is the very reason he exists and the bonds that hold everything he is starts to fall apart, and he begins to turn to dust. This dust turning into cannot be reversed, he very slowlyregrows as the magic field has to re-expand to do so. Broken bones heal at a normal rate however. If someone somehow has a way to regrow their own bones it occurs slightly faster at whatever rate they can do it but then his magic tolerance is lower as the field holding him together has to hold everything together but with less available until it manages to replenish itself through him. Of course during this time he cannot cast any magic without risking losing more of himself.

He keeps the cane as a link to his former self however without the power source it cannot be used again to revive anybody and as it was the only object he had he has worn the runes from the top of the cane into a hand groove that fits his skeletal hand perfectly.
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Username: Luna

Character name: Colette Filiatraut

Age: Appear 16-18 but is 231

Mageblood Type: Obiligatio

Favoured Magic Class: Demonmancy

Previous Magic Training: None

Race: Vampire

Appearance (Her new appearance)

Short Bio:
She lived in a large manor with her parents as a young girl, an aristocratic family. Colette was but a human child. Her family had been a very social, and rich family, hosting many parties for others. Colette was always expected to behave in a very polite, and lady like manor, and she did so quite well.
One particular party, however, Her parents hosted a much larger social gathering then normal, An uninvited guest, snuck in, a vampire. Late at night for a midnight blood lust. He layed his eyes upon the young human girl who had secluded herself in her room, brushing her hair in front of a vanity before bed, The vampire had calmly brought himself into her room, was quick to cover her mouth and bit into her neck.

She started changing over the next few days, and it wasn't until a little while later that her parents had caught onto her bizarre changes. She'd keep all the curtains in her room shut, staying in her dim room. She wouldn't come out during the day very much, and during dinner she'd request meats 'rare', which before then she had been a strict vegan. This had gone on for a good little while, and Colette had been suppressing her blood lust for quite some while, but being such a young vampire, she'd found herself growing weaker and weaker by the day, she knew she would wither away if she had gone on any longer, during the night she had attacked one of the maids of the manor. Unfortunately, being inexperienced she had bit incorrectly, causing the woman to bleed out to her death- Colette had screamed in terror and agony- this wasn't her intention, and she never wanted anyone to die. The scream echoed throughout the mansion, as butlers, other maids, and along with her parents ran down to the kitchen, to find Colette over top of a lifeless body, covered in her blood- particularly by her mouth.

The Filiatrault manor was a family filled with their own pride, word could not set foot outside of the immediate location about the happening that night, and the transformation of the sole heir of the Filiatrault family.
So they locked her away in a small cage located inside of her bed room, twisted in their own sick secrets, the parents would every Friday evening sacrifice one of the guests at the luxurious parties in order for their daughter to live, at such a frail age of thirteen, her blood lust was much to strong to be satisfied, so it took the lives of many, but the burden was too deep and ultimately the Filiatrault family, and help, withered away into their own madness.

Of the surviving help, many had run away, insane from having to sacrifice the lives of many. One maid had taken pity on Colette, such a young girl who had to kill to survive, Before attempting to escape she entered Colette's room, offering her freedom from the tiny cage in exchange for her never leaving the manor expect when she needed to feed. Agreeing, she allowed Colette to escape, before Colette had greedily taken the life of the poor maid, although keeping her word, she never left the mansion expect for nights she needed to feed. Living like this, for a century.

Good Attributes: Unknown but will be find out

Bad Attributes:
Blood Lust: For centuries she had trouble with her blood lust and it always gotten control of her o the point she would kill

Memories: She is surrounded by a dark past that she could never escape from and her eyes will always hold sadness

Secret Word: Rebirth

  • Assimilation Ring (Roc Mission)
  • Stealth Ring (Catacombs Mission)
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UserName: Luna

Character name: Summer Flores

Age: 18

Mageblood type: Natura

Favoured Magic Class: Herbomancy

Previous Magic training: Novice

Race: Human


Short Bio: Summer is a girl with a past that no one could ever guess she had. For 7 years of her life she had been locked in a tower, hoping one day her parents would come and free her, but she has no idea that her hope is in vain as she is unaware that her parents were killed just ten days after they locked her away for her protecting.

It started before Summer was born. her mother given a beautiful ring by her father as an engagement gift. Little did either know, the ring had a dark and divine curse. Voices, both real and imaginary, cried out in her mother's head and over time, became worse until it threatened to drive her mad. In her frustration at never knowing the source, she one night tossed her ring and shattered it against the stone wall of their home. A loud, unearthly shriek followed by a childish giggle echoed through the house and shortly vanished. A few months later, Summer was born.

At the age of 5, she watched as five mysterious men took her sister away from her family during the night while she, her mother and father were tied. After five hours had gone by Summer and family were saved by a servant who had woken up and found them. Summer could only watched as her father tried to get many people to look for her missing sister only to bear bad news. Her sister was never found and eventually they have given up thinking their youngest daughter was most likely already dead and for three years she was trapped inside and was not allowed to go anywhere alone.

At the age of 8, something unsual happened. On a cloudy day she was able to finally go outside with her parents permission and she immediately went into the forest that was outside their manor like she did whenever she was allowed to be outside. It was among the dark, rich ground where she found a dying flower that seemed to be withering for quite some time. When she neared the flower, she pricked her finger, causing it to suddenly bloomed with life again. It left her amazed, but also very bewildered of how she did that. Eager to tell her parents, she immediately turned to rush home only to feel herself stagger and crumble. It seemed the suddeness and unexpected use of her mageblood had caused something terrible to happen. Where ever her body laid, her magic seemed to run rampant and out of control. Plants started to crop up but at a dangerous price. She had began to feel weaker and weaker with each passing moment. Her father who grew worried for her went out looking for her and gasped when he saw the condition his daughter was in and immediately rushed her home where he tried to help save his weakening daughter. Her mother rushed in when she heard from a servant that her daughter was rushed to her bed room. She immediately used her own magic to create seals on her daughter's magic and was relief when it worked.

Summer woke up several days later feeling weak and she saw her parents sitting there by her side. She was confused at first until the memories of what happened filled her head. She asked them what that was about and they told her of her history, but then her mother reveiled what she did months before she was born and Summer was left shocked and a little scared that her magic nearly ended her young life. She demanded that she should be trained so it didn't happen again. Her mother then told her that she had placed seals on her magic so it wouldn't happen again and that left Summer a little relieved. Her parents made a promise that when she reached her puberty age that they would begin to train her on her power, but little did they know that promise would be broken.

On the day of her 11th birthday because one of the worse days of her life. Her family had finally let their guard down since nothing had happened since the night her sister had been kidnapped. During her birthday party which had only her family members, they had heard their door being broken down and a group of people that had the family crest of their rival had entered the house attacking the people. Summer watched frozen as her family struggled to fight back until her mother had picked her up and made a run for it out the back door into the woods leaving Summer to cling to her. She had continued to run til they had reached an old tower where her father and his beloved pet wolf was waiting. Summer was confused when she was brought into the tower and was put down on the bed right near the window.

Summer somehow knew that she was going to be trapped and hugged her parents goodbye. She thought she was going to be alone in there, but she was surprised when her father told his beloved pet to stay and protect her. The wolf went over and simply laid next to her obeying the order. She watched as her parents open the trap door that would leave to her the door at the bottom of the tower and waved to her before going down locking the dor shut so she couldn't leave Little did she know the people who had broken into her home was just close by and her parents would never make it back to free her like they promised.

7 years passed and she was still trapped within the tower still full of hope that her parents would come for her soon, but little did she know that would be free soon, but her parents wouldn't be the ones to free her.

Good Attributes: She is very blunt when it comes to many things and stubborn when it comes to defending anyone she cares for even if it means putting herself in danger, she has photographic memory, strong willed, seals are in her crown are very diffifult to remove

Bad Attributes: She is.a little awekward when it comes to conversations with other popele due to the fact she had only a wolf to talk to for 7 years,has a huge fear of thunder storms, had almost no control of her power since she never used them before, her magic almost has a mind of its own, continuing to use itself long after her energy levels have gone. This means that without her seals, when Summer tries to use her basic Novice power, there's a high chance her magic will treat it like a Master had cast it. She would get a master level result, but she would also be dead.

Secret Word: Range

Rewards-Illumination Ring (Lyn's Hunt)
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UserName: Demonic Angel

Character name: Keri Wolf

Age: 21. The reason for coming to the college is that she’s searching for answers to what is happening to her.

Mageblood type: Hydromancy

Favoured Magic Class: Aqua

Previous Magic training: Novice

Race: Vampire


The young woman is 5'9” tall in height. On her upper half of her body she wears a wooden wolf around her neck which is brought out from her pale skin. Three swords are strapped upon the girl's waist. On her right arm there is a tattoo of a thorn vine, the family crest, that stops just at the bottom of the wrist. The vampire's normal eye color is red but it will switch depending upon her mood or even the topic in which a person wants to know. As an extra she carries around a hunk of wood and a carving knife for something to do.

Short Bio: Keri Wolf’s childhood was normal and fair. She was the youngest of three siblings all of which was adopted. Keri was the only girl in the family so she was somewhat spoiled by their mother. She grew up with best friend Satori in Djarkel during her childhood so she has experience with her oddness. Growing up she was taught by her father on how to defend herself a little bit with a carving knife when she wasn't helping her family’s wood carving.

Keri’s older brother’s were what their mother claimed to be troublemakers. The children all were close to age, a year apart, in fact. They would each take turns going to catch something small to frighten each other to their hearts content. Close as they were as children was soon adults with different attentions on hand. Her oldest was married to a woman just a few days younger, with his first child on the way still being part of the family business. Keri’s second oldest was engaged to a woman with a per started family. Her second eldest decided on a clergy life when the attack happened.

Keri was easy going as a teenager but was in trouble a lot since she hung around Satori. Not much happened throughout her teen years which are mainly faded from her memories except for one event. On her 21 birthday her family was slaughtered by a nest of vampires. On instinct she fought back not knowing how dangerous her attacker was. Keri never knew, she was bitten on the her right hand, by a vampire until a constant headache to sunlight for the morning hours of the days. In a panic she headed to her long lost friend’s last know location, which helped her begin the journey to discovering her powers. As the thirst floods her mind Keri is often found carving at the wood in her pocket as well as applying other attributes to keep the sharp.

Good Attributes: easy going, observant, helps those who are in trouble, soft hearted, kind, mostly cool headed, great of getting out of sticky situations, tries to avoid violence, good with different people, loves animals

Bad Attributes: sunlight, hatred against any vampire outside the college walls, keeps feelings in check, which let out the outcome is dangerous, for whoever is in her way, cruel manner of speaking, thirst for revenge

Secret Word: rebirth

*The Rose is engraved, as well as smaller with no thorns, this one was her mother's sword. The last one was her brother's which is used for decoration rather than fighting. The sword that shares the picture with the Rose one was her father's and the decorations on it is engraved as well for Blood.
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UserName: The Survivor

Character name: Enzius Zarbath

Age: 19

Mageblood type: Aqua

Favoured Magic Class: Cryomancy

Previous Magic training: Given some minor training by his grandfather, taught how to manipulate water and ice to a basic degree.

Race: Snow Elf


First of all, Enzius doesn't have those tattoos. He's also a bit paler, though tanner then other Snow Elves due to his life on the coast. He has a scar going through his left eye from an incident with a pack of wolves. He's physically fit from a life of hard work and rather tall for a Snow Elf, standing at 3'7. His chin has white hair on it, giving him a half-goatee look. He's usually wearing fur robes, but his journey to the college has forced him to adapt his attire to something like this. He wears a simple steel sword on his side, the hilt wrapped in leather and sitting in a leather scabbard. More like a large dagger for anyone but a Snow Elf. Around his neck rests an amulet made of everlasting ice in the shape of a wolf.

Short Bio: Enzius Zarbath was born to the coastal clan of Enfeah, which is located on the frigid coasts of the frozen plains. Living in Enfeah was hard. Fish were smart and wily, nothing save for the rare snowberry bush would grow and packs of snow wolves roamed the territory outside where ever the clan members made camp. The Snow elves had to get smart quick if they were to survive. They learned to build long boats and trained in combat developed by generations of Snow Elves. Due to the less than common occurrence of a magic user, especially in Enfeah, all mages were sent to the Twilight Academy to be trained in their prospective school. It was tradition for young elves 18-20 to travel to the college. A Mage was invaluable in Enfeah, as wolves were twice the size of Snow Elves and especially vicious. Wolves would often attack the clan in hope of dragging an elf away for a filling meal. The magic line in Enzius' family started with his Great Grandfather, who was the grandson of one of the first elves to settle Enfeah. A Cryomancer of legendary skill, he traveled all over the world before returning home to help build up Enfeah.

The second in Enzius' bloodline to receive magical abilities was his grandfather, Enyor. Enyor became a Cryomancer of incredible skill, continuing the family tradition of becoming a master of his abilities and returning home to make Enfeah stronger and larger. Enzius' father however, did not receive magical abilities and many thought that was the end of the Zarbath Mage Line. Until the reveal of Enzius's abilities when he was 15. One day Enzius accompanied his mother outside the clan's current campsite to meet a foreigner trade caravan, which held trinkets from exotic foreign lands. However, the largest pack of wolves that Enzius ever seen attacked the camp site, about 3 miles outside of Enfeah. Enzius and his mother were able to hide during the chaos of the attack and watched in horror as the humans were torn apart. But these beasts could smell the elves and it wasn't before long that they ripped apart their hiding place. Enzius was slammed in the face with a clawed paw, sending him flying and slashing open the left side of his face. Desperate to protect her son, his mother tackled the wolves and was ripped apart. Seeing the person he loved the most being brutally murdered, something snapped inside of him. Standing up, his face covered in blood, Enzius screamed in rage, he summoned a whirlwind of ice power thought to be impossible from such a young boy.

The ice ripped through several of the wolves, killing them instantly, while others had a slower painful death, the rest retreated into the wilderness yelping. Though definitely impressive and no doubt fueled by strong emotional distress, this display of power nearly killed young Enzius. He collapsed in the middle of the camp site massacre, standing on death's door. His grandfather soon found the camp and saw the scene of carnage unleashed by his grandson. He knew then that Enzius would be the most powerful mage Enfeah has ever seen. He brought Enzius and his mother back to Enfeah, to a mourning town. Enzius' father was in despair, but felt it was a blessing from the gods that Enzius had survived and acquired this power. Enyor knew that he would have to train the boy to keep his emotions from fueling his magic. So after that day, Enyor began training Enzius to control his power. Enzius began to work on the dock, building and rowing long boats. Enyor taught Enzius to control his emotions and how to manipulate water, ice, and snow. His grandfather trained him to wiled a sword, which would save him when magic failed. But Enyor knew he would have to go to the twilight academy if he was to gain true control of his power. So, one day Enyor gave Enzius an amulet carved from ice in the shape of a wolf and told him "Keep this to remind you of the power of ice." And Enzius departed for the Twilight College.

Enzius's journey to the college was an interesting one. After trekking for miles through the frozen plains, Enzius crossed the border into Eania. He fond it so hot that he traveled with his shirt off for the first couple days. When he arrived at a thriving town, he modified his winter attire to better suit the weather. He learned much about the humans and their culture as he traveled. He was astounded by all the green and the docile animals and the sheer size of everything. As he traveled he encountered a variety of strange creatures called demons. After one unpleasant encounter with what seemed to be a enormous bull, he made a point of avoiding them. As he got closer, the landscape started to turn grey and dead. He had learned about this from the humans as he got closer, about the various curses that destroyed the landscape for miles. After 2 weeks and a day of traveling, Enzius rode to the college grounds, marveling at the size of the building. And apparently, he had arrived during some sort of festival.

Good Attributes:
Ingenuity- Working and repairing ships and maintaining weapons gave Enzius a rather creative mind.
Resourcefulness- Living in Enfeah, one learns to use his surroundings to the best of his ability.
Basic swordsmanship- Enzius' Grandfather taught him to defend himself when magic fails. While Enzius is by no means an expert, he is competent enough to survive.
Caring- While not a people person and definitely not polite in most instances, Enzius cares about other people. he doesn't want to see anymore innocent people die.

Bad Attributes:
Distant- Enzius is rather distant with anyone who isn't family. Perhaps that'll change.
Cold- Enzius' grandfather's rigorous training hard wired his brain for survival and along with his harsh lifestyle, he isn't among the friendliest of people.
Easily Irritated- Enzius isn't very patient, especially when it comes to others. At this age, he would make a horrible teacher.
Has a weakness for women- Facing a woman on the battlefield will hurt Enzius greatly and while he may fight just as hard, it would tear him apart inside for months to come. It reminds him too much of the gruesome death of his mother.

Secret Word: Rebirth
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Never mind
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Greyson 'Grey' Onyx

Age: Appears to be in his late twenties.

Mageblood type: Ancient

Favored Magic Class: Runic

Current Skill Level: Sub-Novice, he has access to but one 'Spell'

Race: Flesh Golem, Passes as Human.

Appearance: Grey is an intimidating mountain of a man that stands tall, nearly six and a half feet in fact. Height alone doesn't make you scary though, just gangly. And Grey? He ain't gangly. He's a physically impressive specimen in most regards, strong and muscly all over. A right proper heroic physique... A shame that he looks somewhat villainous. What with his short dark hair, pale flesh, and missing eye, and all. The fact that his remaining eye is a bright violet doesn't help either. He keeps one eye covered, the flesh immediately surrounding the missing organ horribly scarred, even cutting into his hair some. Without those scars some might say he'd be a rather attractive man; his features are just as strong as the rest of him, without being brutish. But, he doesn't take good care of his appearance thanks to a lack of worry about the subject, so there's generally a layer of stubble over his chin as well. He doesn't shave unless he has to.

His armor is simple steel, battered and worn. Despite its lack of adornment, it is very well-constructed armor. Most would think it liable to fall apart at any given moment thanks to the superficial damage he doesn't usually bother to repair. There are some parts of the armor that look like they've been scraped at for long periods of time: These were once Djarken emblems, now filed off.

Short Bio: Not much was known about this man, save he seemed extremely durable, able to survive things that would fairly easily kill ordinary men. He hails from a Djarkel village known as Blacklight, which was constructed from the remains of a military base that was partially destroyed by some sort of vortex. Recently, he has been employed as a guardsman at the Twilight College, where he serves with pride.

He has had a few bumpy spots in his career (His latest mission, for instance) as well as high points (Exhibiting tremendous bravery in the demon attack), though he suddenly finds himself questioning things... Odd events seem to constantly happen around him, and he accomplishes feats no mortal man can... Just what is he? Nonetheless, he soldiers on despite his depression, always willing to do his job regardless of his personal issues.

And so, Grey came to work for the Twilight College. Things have not necessarily been going well for him, however. While he distinguished himself at the First Invasion for exceptional bravery in facing down a greater demon by himself, he finds himself constantly plagued with doubts. Eerie things seem to be happening to him, and at this point he isn't sure what he even is. His most recent operation had traumatized him, leaving him depressed and blaming himself for perceived failures. On top of all that, he seems to be falling for the woman overseeing his employment, hardly professional.

Good Attributes:

  • Perfect body: Grey is physically perfect, or as near as one can get. Though not superhuman, he is fast, strong, and durable. While he may not be as agile as others, only a fool would think his size made him slow.
  • Gentle Soul: Grey is a fairly Altruistic fellow, concerned for the well being and protection of others.
  • Adept Armorer: Grey is a fairly good blacksmith, and is capable of forging a few weapons, but his true skills lie with forging armor.
  • Bladesman: Grey has mastered Axemanship.
  • Shield Brother: Grey has also mastered the shield.
  • Resolute: Grey is extremely brave, but not rash. He will never back down. Exceptions exist...
  • Indomitable: Though means of harm that would kill normal men will still render him unconscious (Such as puncturing a lung or crushing a heart), Grey has a mild regenerative property that can keep him alive long enough to receive medical attention, and might potentially allow him to survive without it. However, this regenerative effect is too slow to influence combat, save that his blood clots very quickly, ensuring he doesn't bleed out. aside from this, he is simply harder to kill in general, given that he can just shrug off weaker blows. In addition, his pain tolerance is legendary. There are limits however, and he is nowhere near invincible.

Bad Attributes:

  • Large frame: Grey is a big guy, this means he is a big target, and less agile.
  • Sucker: Grey is quite Naive and easily deceived. He's far too quick to trust, and that gets him into all kinds of trouble.
  • Achilles heart: The 'Crystal Heart', a gem-like formation in the center of his body, is his greatest weakness. if it were to be damaged, he would die without immediate attention, as it contains his soul.
  • Goody two-shoes: Grey's kind heart coupled with his naivete render him prone to making fairly stupid decisions. He will not allow himself to stand by when someone's in need (Or is made to think someone's in need).
  • ...What to do?: Grey occasionally may find himself paralyzed with indecision, unable to choose between difficult choices and doing nothing instead...
  • Cyclops: Though he seems remarkable able to cope, Grey's depth perception is terrible at a distance. His 'range' of unimpeded vision is about 30 feet.
  • They won't hurt me, they won't...: While Grey was once terrified of things one might describe as 'abnormal', Grey has mostly gotten over it. However, exceptionally horrifying creatures or phenomena may still get to him.
  • Monster! You don't belong in this world!: Grey abhors vampires, finding that allowing one to live will only lead to suffering for someone else down the line, as they must devour people to survive. He retains this view, but has softened lately. Now he sees the vampire mostly as a creature to be pitied, the release of death more what needs to be done than anything. He doesn't get aggressive at the mere sight of one, but he has extreme difficulty trusting them: Vampires have caused him great grief in the past.
  • Complex: Grey's internal organs are arranged differently from a human's, in addition he has a redundant nervous system and his internals are covered in runes. While other runes may work to repair the damaged runes inside him, if enough runes are destroyed his healing is rendered very slow. In addition, he is much harder to heal by outside means, as the complexity of his body renders him very difficult to be healed by Vitamancy (Harmful Vitamancy effects are just as powerful on him). In addition, a Rune Crafter as well as a Vitamancer is required if heavy damage is to be healed manually, rather than just allowing him to recover on his own. It is imperative that if a limb is lost, it is recovered, for it may be impossible for anyone to replicate a new one rather than attach it without the 'blueprints'. And finally, his missing eye may never be healed since, for whatever reason, any replacement created ceases to function after several minutes.
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Alaira Taenn

Age: Appears to be in her Mid-twenties, but she's actually in her early forties.
Mageblood Type: Clima.
Favored Magic Class: Alaira favors Electromancy, but she also studies Aeromancy.
Previous Magic Training: A fair amount of College schooling has put her at an Intermediate level.
Race: Half-Forest Elf, a few might say she's half ogre with that build of hers, but that's a good way to get decked.
Appearance: Alaira stands at an impressive 7' 8", tall even for her kind. And she's not just tall, she possesses an impressively muscular physique. She can appear deceptively thin thanks to her height, but she's a giant to be sure, and there is a tremendous amount of power in that frame. Her breasts aren't very large, a blessing in many ways and a curse in a few others. A larger bust wouldn't be very nice to have for a woman of her type, they'd just get in the way, and wearing a binder under her armor wouldn't be very comfortable... Then again, she very much doesn't like being mistaken for a man, and she has several insecurities besides. Nonetheless, it's a sensitive issue and best not brought up at all, lest one wishes to start an impromptu brawl. It doesn't happen often though, as thanks to her wider hips and shapely rear her figure remains quite feminine.

From the neck down her darker flesh is marred by all manner of scars however, many small gashes from razor-like claws and burns from an acidic creature... It's basically all scar tissue. Her face remains free of scars, however... Why? Well, during a demon assault she had once fought a certain demon, all claws and acidic ooze. Her Pyrrhic victory over the creature left her a broken mess... And her face was the worst of it, most of it was just... gone. However, thanks to the... 'generous' flesh donation of a student that had died in the battle, they were able to fix up her face so she wouldn't have to worry overmuch about disfiguring scars. But, they were unable to do cosmetic fixes to the rest of her at the time on account of the massive amount of wounded. This experience was very traumatizing for her, and among her many insecurities this is among the worst.

As for her features, the sculptors admittedly made her face look a little better... Her features are attractive, with beautiful electric blue eyes, full lips, and good bone structure in general. She has a strong jaw, and her pointed ears peek some from her dark brown hair. Said hair is usually somewhat unkempt, combed now and then less for looks and more for maintenance. She's recently cut her hair (using the 'grab a bundle of it and slice with knife' method), and it now reaches just above her shoulders. Her voice bears special mention, as she really does have a beautiful, melodic voice. Unfortunately, it's usually twisted into an angry growl... So when she speaks more softly it can come as quite a surprise.

Alaira owns a fairly impressive suit of Fortite armor, which originally belonged to her mother (Although it did require a slight reforging, given that Alaira is two feet taller than her mother was). It's Pearl-pink color often leads to ridicule when she is seen in it among the more... terminally stupid members of society, but she's quite fond of it anyway. The plate-armor's most defining feature is the Silver trim inlaid among the plates, as well as the imagery of stars and constellations engraved and inlaid with yet more silver.

Her spear is an incredibly well-made weapon, despite it's steel construction. One began with a hollow tube for about half of the inside of the haft. At the bottom was a wider, hollow segment where the 'Batteries' were stored, and on the other hand, the spearhead would be fit. Inside the tube was a rod of solid gold, about a quarter-inch in diameter. Between the rod and the tube a sort of non-conductive resin was poured, and then the tube was fitted onto a half-cored oaken haft, locked in place once the spearhead was screwed on and welded. The oak had been carved with lightning-bolt shaped channels and blackened, with pewter poured in and polished once it had set, silver bolts on a black background. The whole thing was then varnished and sealed with more resin. The result? A weapon she could fire her magic through, and even amplify it in some cases.

Bio: Alaira is a strange example of a half-elf. She's a veritable giant, and apart from that she possesses an aggressive demeanor fit for an Orc. As for her actual past, it's shrouded in mystery. People don't ask often, and when they do, she prefers not to talk about it... and the things she HAS said seem to contradict eachother. What's known and generally agreed upon is that at a young age, some disaster of some kind destroyed her small village. She was the sole survivor, and was taken in by an older man of the mountains, who trained her to better use her anger to deadly effect. When he passed away, she found work as a mercenary, wandering the world and getting in fights for coin. Eventually though, she simply couldn't really live off of that anymore. And while she'd been a mage for a long time, she'd gotten to the point where she couldn't improve without help. So she grudgingly headed for the Twilight college, eager to grow stronger if not necessarily to be there.

It's been a somewhat bumpy ride for her since attending, though at least she's not bored. She's become rather close to several people, a man, a naga, and their child (Whom she helped deliver, and named). And while some say she's loyal only to violence, these people are the greatest evidence to the contrary. She's fiercely protective of them, and will fight to the death to ensure their continued existence... and has, on multiple occasions. But while she has made friends, she's made enemies as well (Though that might be too strong a word). A fair few believe that her reckless nature makes her more of a liability than an asset, and it would be false to say that she's never gotten into trouble because of it.

Everything has contributed to make her somewhat of an emotional wreck, her various insecurities all making her somewhat unstable. She's just aware enough of her faults to recognize the damage she's causing to a great many people, but unable to actually improve, too stubborn to listen to those she doesn't trust, and there aren't many people she trusts... Only time will tell if things go right for her.

Good Attributes:

  • Blitzkrieg: Alaira is strong, tough, and most terrifyingly of all, fast. She tears her way through battles, dismantling and panicking the opposition. By the time most people can react she's already stabbed one guy and fried another, moving on to the next, and the next, while her allies take advantage of the confusion she sows. Even if morale holds she's still a skilled conventional warrior as well...
  • Berserker: Alaira is the last disciple of a technique that draws upon the deepest recesses of one's rage and emotion, lending incredible strength in battle through weaponized hate. Some madmen might be described as berserkers, but the difference lies in training: Any asshole can get angry and fight, but to truly use that rage requires knowledge and skill.
  • Blacksmith: Alaira is a skilled metalworker, her arms and armor are often given to the more senior guardsmen. While Tyrael is good too, especially with his various tools constructed out of actual creatures, Alaira is a savant with metals and the like. Her gear is not only practical, but often possessing a refined beauty in their construction, oftentimes with little ornamentation. Unfortunately, she can't really crank out lower quality stuff very quickly: Go big or go home. A lesser known fact is that she can make awfully pretty jewelry as well, when so inclined.
  • Mistress at Arms: Alaira is skilled with a massive variety of weapons. Swords, axes, spears, hammers, bows... Not only can she wield just about anything, but wield it well. And while there are some weapons she's never used, such is the scope of her expertise that she can learn fairly quickly. That said, the only weapon she's truly mastered entirely is the spear.
  • Huntress: When the situation calls for it, Alaira is quite stealthy too. While not an undetectable shadow by any means, she still knows how to keep a low profile when the situation calls for it. Apart from that, she's an excellent tracker. When you had to hunt to live for years you tend to be good at it...
  • Ferocious Loyalty: Alaira is fiercely protective of her friends, and will go to absolutely insane lengths to keep them safe, thanks to her high regard for them and low regard for personal safety. And on that note, she holds particular disgust for traitors.
  • A Softer Side: Despite all this, Alaira had, many years ago, wanted to be a bard before violence consumed her life. As such, she has a certain fondness for stories and songs. She can still sing, in fact... Though there aren't many that know that. This can be somewhat ironic if you know of a certain weakness of hers...

Bad Attributes:

  • Illiteracy: Alaira can't actually read. It's speculated that she forgot, however, rather than never learning. How, exactly, is anyone's guess. This is a very sensitive issue for her, and unlike most things she tends to go quiet and avoid you rather than hit you if you bring it up.
  • Brute: Alaira is... not easy to get along with. Blunt, violent, quick to anger, among other things. As such, she tends to be a huge liability in sensitive social situations. Unless you actually need someone scary, in which case she shines.
  • Madwoman: Alaira is also somewhat unstable, and more than a little psychotic. Sometimes, she gets awfully violent over a slight, and tends to be abusive to all but a select few. She has softened somewhat, however, her newfound friends being quite the positive influence on her.
  • Broken inside: She has more than her fair shares of insecurities and inadequacies, and a generally low self-esteem. And now that she's had a taste of what it's like to be around people who care about her again, she greatly fears being alone as well. One of her greatest fears is being buried alive however, thanks to an incredibly traumatic experience as a young child. As such, she fears caves and the underground a fair amount... Buildings are fine though.
  • Bigot: She hates Eysires as a whole, and has great difficulty trusting them, even though she can at least act civil around them. Asking why is a great way to get kicked in the stomach however, so she's never told anyone.
  • Shattered Mind: She bears a peculiar weakness to psychomancy, though at this time there seems to be no explanation. When targeted by a psionic effect, it simply doesn't work. Her mind can't be read, she can't see illusions, etc. What DOES happen though is her mind is flooded with terrible static, causing great pain, followed by uncontrollable violence towards everything around her, followed by unconsciousness. However, she's slowly become able to resist the effects... though she cannot stop them. Interestingly enough, Psychomancy works normally on her when she's sleeping. Not that anyone's figured that out yet. For this reason, she hates Psychomancers. A lot. Especially since most of them try poking in her brain when they first meet her... She not only hates the pain, but the total disregard for privacy as well.
  • Jealousy: Though certainly minor in comparison to the other things, she does tend to get somewhat... envious of those around her with more womanly proportions.

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UserName: Sento300

Character name: Lira

Age: 20

Mageblood type: Clima
Favoured Magic Class: Electromancy

Previous Magic training: Novice

Race: Swamp Oc

Appearance: 5 feet 6 inches, tan skin leathery and dried out, dyed light blue hair unkempt but rest firm if not stiffly against her back . natural hair color is silver though depending on lighting some say it's white. length rests just above lower back. Frame thin. Eyes grey with a slight silver lining unfocused but soft and curious (unless mad).Clothing,loincloth and bras. Barefooted her toes long and bottom of feet dirty. Sharp jaw but rounds off in a gentle chin. Skin and face often covered with dirt or mud (greatest sun protection) Figures is an hourglass figure breast size is a breast a B size. Ears have a slight point which twitch from time to time but not noticeably.

Short Bio:She is a swamp orc, how ever considered a weakling among her group due to her blindness. Because of that her experience with magic is low to none at all. Though she had no friends to speak of she did have her mother. They would work together when she was younger and she was taught the basic things. She learned to walk, and to sense some of her surroundings using the sense she did have. She tried to a few times to explain the smell of rain before a storm. How ever she found it difficult to describe properly. Mostly she worked on the small chores or jobs the others had for her or stayed up in a tree, most of the others were either hunting, searching for things or bone. Killing unwanted foes or just keeping guard.Some her age played games some setup to teach some just game. They didn’t let her play, but she wasn’t interested finding the idea of chasing a rabbit around as a silly idea for a game. She was content being in the tree or finding more quiet spots away from the others. There she could listen to the wind catch the breeze and the scents it would carry.

When she was old enough she left her home to flee the feeling of being trapped on terms she wouldn’t return or if she traveled through she would be consider the same as the other adventurers and peddler. Once on her own she went searching for the man who had taught her to sew wondering if there were more things he could teach her or a reason he did teach her. Though she soon found out how chaotic the world outside of her home was, and why they found her weak. She had a habit of falling into things or people because she couldn’t see them. Not to mention the fact she had no money or any other skills beside her domestic skills. Though it didn’t earn her much it allowed her to stay in various places like farms and inns as long as she worked. Usually she stay a day or two and move on. Sometimes they would pay her but most were happy to give her a little food and send her on her way.If she wasn’t working she would survive off the berries and fruits she could find. Telling ripeness quickly was by determined by smell, least after a few fermented fruits which made her dizzy. She really didn’t learn how to hunt there were days when she would find trap animals or carcass of a large cat's prey up in a tree where he sources of meat.

She didn’t really talk to anyone till winter time when a couple who had owned an inn at the base of a mountain took her in. Though she couldn’t recall exactly where she had ended up she did recall getting stuck in a blizzard. She would have been a frozen block of ice if they hadn’t found her in the middle of the street. She had manage to trip on some ice and face plant into the snow. The man of the house had found her on his walk from the store having kicked her with his boot by mistake. She was completely out cold.

She learned how to sew from a traveler that had visited her home when she was younger. He had been the only one so far to approach her. It was one thing she learned that helped keep her alive and not left behind. To pay off her stay she worked at the inn doing once again basic chores usually when it was closed and getting hit in the head by things she became quite good at catching and ducking. She heard of a school from a few people mostly the later stayers who would either be drinking or preparing to leave. When she asked about she got shrugged off. The person was too busy telling his tale then to listen to her. So she quietly worked while listening trying to hear for the name or location of the place. Though she found out quickly it didn’t matter if she had the location she couldn't read a map. She spent a good year asking and searching for the school before she could find it.

Good Attributes: Resourceful, dedicated, good at sewing, has a thirst for knowledge. Skilled in domestic chores, protective, respectful, heighten sense of smell, touch, and hearing. Can tell difference in pitches. Adaptable. Independent can hold her own.

Bad Attributes: Literally blind, Bull headed, snappy when pushed or teased. Too curious for her own good, has a lack of social understanding and cues. She’s an eavesdropper, tentative around older people. Sensitive ears makes to loud or multiple noises give her a headache.Won't ask for help and won't let people deem her helpless.

Secret Word: Rebirth
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UserName: EthTenshi

Character name: Sinys Erweinoc Luf'firio

Age: 18

Mageblood type: Clima

Favoured Magic Class: Aeromancy

Previous Magic training: None other than sensing air within his bubble of control.

Race: Woodland Elf


Short Bio:
After birth Sinys had been branded blind by a powerful runic explosion, his eyes clouded over to an unsetteling maroon hue that strangely enough seemed pellucid. No one quite knew how this item intended for calmness from noise, and disturbing smells affected his eye sight. Also, because of the residual energies no one that could notice had noticed that he did indeed have mage blood in him. This did not stop his parents from loving him and keeping him under their care by any means, in fact they somewhat coddled him because of it. Although others in their community did not see it that way, as they considered him cursed with bad luck. Although none of them considered saying anything directly because of his family's long magical line, more on his mother's side than his father's.

His mother, formerly known as Erynia Su'alici, had learned Cryomancy unlike her father before her and his father. His mother being a bit of a black sheep because of her ability in another field of elemental magics, her Clima father did not feel the need to talk to her again. It had been a heart wrenching affair that was not for the faint of heart, nor the mind of an innocent so it had never been spoken of to Sinys.

By the time he could walk he grew very distressed that he could not find his way around the house, of course nothing happened to him as his parents usually kept a close eye on him. During this stage of growth it just became a complex of his very early on in life. When he had been a little older than five his magic had awoken, it wasn't very strong, but what it had been was helpful. This being because of his trauma of being lost, his distress and anxiety had been very hard on him while one day Su'alici and Sinys had been wandering a rose bush garden.

The forest green, five foot, blue dotted, maze patterned bushes did not allow for a parent to see a child easily when they got too far ahead. It was not as though she had kept a close eye on him all his life, but for the moment she had been picking a stem to plant at the base of their home tree. Also, with Sinys being a calm and slow to movement this burst of excitement was rare and unexpected. Bolting ahead with his left hand grazing the bushes Sinys got lost quite quickly. Not because he had taken a wrong turn, but because he had missed the first turn due to his hand becoming disconnected from the bushes. After his mother called for him, he attempted to go back only to mess up taking a turn too soon. Getting flustered very quickly he gave up plopping to the ground and bawling his eyes out. With all of this going on his magic awakened and the world promptly became clear in his immediate vicinity. This didn't calm him down, but instead the new information he received overstimulated his adolescent mind and he passed out.

After a few days of sleeping his mind adapted to the new sensation, his mind pushed onto him receiving and translating a new language almost. He might even tell you it is a whole new way of thought, and he never tried to question any of this. Although there were times when he got very sick from him bringing intangible things to him, riding on the air waves in his little bubble that he brought to himself. He found that it was more often when he didn't rest between his findings, so he tried manipulating sounds and smells on a finer level. Of course this took him a good number of years to get it right, oftentimes when he tried there was little to no effect.

At the age of eight Sinys never considered that others around him could not feel things through the moving air around them, nor did it ever occur to his adolescent mind that they could not read a story about the scents brought to them through the air. After he decided to ask his parents how they perceived the world, finding out what had been considered normal Sinys kept his discovery to himself honing what little he had. He could not afford to be sick any longer as it had cost his parents a pretty penny so far.

It had been later that year Sinys grew curious of his father's bow asking how it was made, what he did with it, and how he used it. With joy that his son was interested in something other than studies his father, known as Cousan Luf'firio, took his son's hands and showed him different parts and functions of a bow. Cousan getting a little overexcited showed his son how to hold and draw the bow. On this occasion it became very clear to Sinys that he would have to become a lot stronger than what he was to draw the bow back as he had wanted to. From this time on he made up in his mind that getting fit might not be such a bad idea either. He spent the next ten years performing martial stance forms, learning to glide to each one with a decent amount of difficulty as some of the forms required him to reach out of his bubble. The other difficulty he had was finding a sense of balance when it came to standing on a single leg, it simply did not agree with him.

On one event he took up his father's Iron Wood bow deciding to practice, but finding a location for a presumably blind person to shoot arrows in seclusion. Traveling far from his home he searched for an appropriate clearing or straight shot area. At first he wondered exactly how he was going to find his target, then with a bright idea he smeared berries on the center of the target tree. Walking back twenty paces and turning he fired his arrows until his hand felt no more. Feeling a fair sight foolish he trudged his way to the tree finding it by smell and memory, and had been amazed to see that all of his arrows had found at least a tree to hit. This would keep him from having to explain why his father's arrows had gone missing. Only one of them had actually hit the tree in question, however this had been more than enough to spark his drive to become proficient with the art.

After three years time he decided to train something else, with his ability to hit stationary targets not lacking any longer, one day he had found himself next to a forge listening for hours on end to find the sound of a true strike. Something he had per-chanced upon in a conversation lost to him by his father, the true ringing of metal struck perfectly. The sound seemed to soothed his worries of being the cursed one, the one with no abilities, the one still feeding from his mother's breast. Although the people in his tribe left him alone, and even though their sense of hearing was considered to have been better than his own, he still heard every detail that they spoke of him.

On his fifteenth birthday he took his father by his hand and lead him down to his secret shooting range using the day as an excuse to abstain from trouble, at first his father had been amused letting his son try his hand at archery. However, soon it had become quite clear that Sinys was a true marksman, perhaps not a great one yet, but it was in his blood. After a few of these father-son excursions Sinys told his father of his other sense, the air read ability, and how he could 'see' where air was thinner or in a thing. It was then that he was taken home and his parents fought over him being sent to Twilight College, it wouldn't be until a few years later that he was sent to the footsteps of the famed college with little more than the clothes on his back and a bow of his own.

A small number of things happened in this time, the second most notable of which had been his first fight. Well the first time he fought back, while the older villagers themselves never moved against him that did not apply to their off springs. At first they had taken turns swinging at him making sure to bruise him only under his clothing since surely any damage he got was from his own clumsiness. It had not been that he could not 'see' their movements, but he had jealously guarded his secrets to the point of feigning ignorance about being able to fight back. The time in question had been a result of him growing attached to a fox cub and playing with it near the edge of the small town. A two of the more rambunctious boys decided that one with such a large imperfection should not be happy if others, who were in better condition had been unhappy. Simply put the jealousy had gotten to them that he could fully enjoy having fun in such a simple way with no outwards worries.

With an estoc and javelin they both hunted down the poor creature with Sinys in tow, in the beginning he had been clueless as to the cruelty planned. Feigning innocence the two asked Erynia if Sinys could go on a hunt with the two of them, deciding that Sinys being an aeromancer in secret would keep him from most trouble she agreed to let him go. When Sinys showed a touch of reluctance his mother brushed it off and insisted that making friends would be beneficial to him in the future, or at least learning how to be able too. Had she known the truth she'd have frozen the two of them on the spot, then thawed them before they died, nursed them to health, and then repeated. His mother had been such a person and generally laid down the law in their home with an iron grip, with no kid gloves. Save for the smile of a loving mother. An hour into the hunt Sinys realized what they had been hunting exactly, the distance, shape, and depth of the paw prints followed told him more than he needed to know. The clues given to him were all passed along by his 'vision'.

At that time he confronted the two jumping in front of them his arms outstretched, after harsh words an unfriendly fight broke out. At the start of it all Sinys had been insure as to whether or not he could bare his fangs at them and win. So his lack of confidence has made him clumsy with a stumble here and there, there had also been the fact that these ones in particular had never openly wished him ill. So his trust for them extended farther than most others, it had also been his trust now broken that have him the rage to throw away his want to protect. Replacing it was the strong feeling that he didn't want to lose, a feeling that follows him and pushes him to this day. Oh? About that fight? Sinys didn't win, but what he had won that day was pride in himself. To be even more specific he had won pride in his ability to fight in close quarters. He still thanks his lucky star that weapons had been left out of it, he might have seriously died from this excursion. After this situation passed, word spread about him not being entirely useless in a fight among the young crowd. This awarded him no small number of fights to which brought him a very brief teacher who showed Sinys the correct martial forms that he had improvised from asking around and eavesdropping. He still can't break out of certain bad habits, it is instilled into his body and mind.

The story that puzzles everyone to this day is how his father died, the cause of death was definitely magic. What looked like to most untrained eyes to be Hydromancy due to the water surrounding the area, some even speculated it might be cryomancy turning and accusing finger to Erynia. This notion held no ground for anyone, just another way to jab at her family with a sharp stick. She on the other hand thought of what the truth might be, with the idea floating around in her mind she sent her only child away claiming it had been for his own protection. Moreover, to finalize a wish of her late husband. She sent him on his way arranging for a safe travel most of which had been by carriage, boat, and horseback. Sinys hated the parts that required horseback riding, he couldn't even tell if the horse was going the right way.

Good Attributes:
Air reveal: Can sense movements and indentations through air, natural or otherwise at the moment this range is very short, about three feet. It also allows him to draw scents and smells to his being. Believe it or not he can even read when brushing pages of indented lettering with wind, the stronger the breeze the clearer the image of details.
Smithing observer: He loves the sound of a forge and is curious about them, and can smell out different ores that he knows.
Determind: An attitude that hates quitting, even when quiting is a good idea. This is geared more in the direction of getting better physically than verbally.
Versatile: With limited sight there should not be limited learning, Sinys has attempted to try anything he picks up at least once.
Good memory: Not being able to see has a few perks, one of which is a better memory. Sinys thinks this is because he has less information to process, and that it causes him to flex his memory learning new places or designs.
Silent observer: Not many people pay attention to a blind person, unable to fight, read, or do most types of work how could they use the information generally heard? This factor becomes stronger when the person is quiet natured and thirsty for knowledge, Sinys doesn't quite realize that he is an eavesdroper. To him no one takes the time to make sure the area is clear before speaking. Often times the only way he knows that he isn't supposed to hear a conversation is if the need for secrecy is presented.
Discernment: Other than his inability to know eavesdropping is bad he doesn't like hearing certain conversations. Knowing things that are too private weigh on his mind heavily, causing him to leave or intentionaly make noise while leaving warning people to be more careful.
Spacial awareness: So long as something comes into his bubble he knows where it is, how fast it's moving, and the general shape that it takes. While he can clearly define most things in his range, that would have to mean it had been in his knowledge of shape and size previously.
Well learned: He studied, a lot. Not much to do when you are blind.
Martial flow: Going from one stance to another slowly requires and builds muscle foundation, more mass can be combersome so it happens to be a good thing he is rather toned more than buff. Speeding these movements up can easily become rather troublesome for anyone wishing to be an opponent.
Memory Snipe: A blind person's memory is sharp, though only almost as sharp as the arrow protruding from targets. Sinys can hit almost any stationary target so long as it is not obstructed from view, and is firmly painted in his memory. Under proper circumstances he can even preform a ricochet.

Bad Attributes:
Blind as a bat: Hand motions, winking, opening your arms for a hug, none of these hold any meaning to Sinys.
Sheltered personality: Can be overly shy when interacting with someone he knows nothing of.
Lost in translation: Sinys really hates when people that are talking to him start describing the way something looks, mostly because they would never be able to understand the way he sees the world.
Everything has a place: The location of every item in Sinys's room is stored firmly in his mind, however if something is moved he grows agitated easily. Refinding things is not too difficult for him, but having to search is very annoying. This doesn't bother him as much in places he doesn't frequent.
Lifeless stare: No matter how hard he tries his eyes always seem to pick someone out and stare at them, not that he knows until he is informed. It creates an odd mood for people who don't know he is blind, when people do know he is blind it can come off as creepy.
Rapid Arcanite Consumption: Even if Sinys attempts to lessen the strain brought on by picking out sounds and scents there is still the fact that he likes to use it as often as possible. He doesn't like not knowing what's around him.
Lost in panic: Because of early life events getting lost in any physical fashion causes Sinys to have a mild panic attack.
Hidden objects: There are multiple things that Sinys has no idea what they are shaped like, he may know the word and application of the item. That by no means allows him to know exactly what it looks like.
Young: While he is smart there is a lot of information and experiances that he does not have, he happens to be aware of this thankfully.
Self Trained Flow: While his close ranged fighting is polished through highly repetitive motions not all of them are to the T of the original style. Giving a double portion of quirks and large motions. He has however created a few of his own since he has begun fighting, as well as following down the path of correction.
Stationary Sniper: Can't hit a moving target easily, still archery calms him almost as much as the ringing of a forge.

Secret Word: Rebirth
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Character name:
Helena Axford


Mageblood type:

Favoured Magic Class:

Previous Magic training:
She's done some reading, but no real training. So a somewhat read novice.


On the lower end of average height, fair skinned, freckled and bispecteled. Bright green eyes set in a a face that might be a little too pretty for her own good, with a smile that can easily throw you off (though not always in the best of ways). Athleticly slim. Shoulder length wavey red hair often tied back when working, but left free otherwise. A slew of piercings, mostly in her ears, though she's got a ring through her right nostril as well as a few other body piercings. A fire colored tattoo of a phoenix around her right wrist, a heraldic lion on her right hip and lower back, and a outline of a peacock across her shoulder blades with just the head colored in so far.

Third child of seven, of her father's at least, she was raised around a large extended family in Port Slaughter. Not all of this family was blood. Her father, along with assorted family members where caught up, unsurprisingly, in business of less than legal nature. Her life was comfortable enough, even if not spared all the darkness of the city around them.

She lived mostly with her mother, though it was not uncommon for her to spend time at either her oldest brother's home with his mother or with her father and his wife and her younger siblings, and on other occasions at the place her aunt shared with one of her uncle's. Despite what might have been awkward, the separate units were all very happy with the set up. Aside from her older sister's mother who kept the girl away from the rest of them for very petty reasons (her father refusing to marry her). The rest of them though seemed to have no problem with everyone else involved.

Though her father loved all his children, it wasn't too terribly difficult to tell that Helena was his favorite. There was some tension with her younger sister's the most, but Helena did all she could to defuse the tension with them. Which worked mostly well, though there's still occasion where things are awkward with the girls.

Despite the seven years between them, she was closet with her eldest brother, him being the elder of the two of them. It was easy to bound being the the ones who didn't have other siblings at home with their mother's. They bonded quickly as children, he treating her half like a brother and rough housing with her without problems and also being very much her big brother and being super over protective of her. Even as they grew older they were very close and Helena could often be found tagging along after him, no matter what trouble he was getting into.

Her mother took ill when she was about thirteen, and no matter what they did, the healers they saught out, could save her from her fate, only lessen her suffering. It was a malignant growth in her brain. It was too big, too advance when they found it to much about it that wouldn't also hurt her mother to do. They just treated what they could and eased her pain. When she was fifteen her mother finally passed, leaving her to become fully emersed in her father's less than legal business. Expanding her already questionable skill set. Most girls her age weren't well taught in the art of beating a man up well, but Helena was.

But the stress of everything didn't wear well on the normally hot tempered girl and something in her snapped. And she lit a man on fire who was trying a little too hard and not taking a no for an answer. It had happened so quickly, she wasn't for sure when it started. He was up in her face, being grabby and just generally too fresh. She said no, over and over, and he wouldn't take a hint. Helena tried backing away, but he followed closely, grabbing her wrist painfully and pulling her in hard against him. She grabbed his wrist with her right hand, and just thinking about how much she wanted to hurt him the way he'd done her was enough. She felt the heat in her hand, but it was a distant thing, no pain for her. But soon enough he was gasping and trying to pull out of her grasp. But she didn't let go, even as the smell of burning flesh came to her nose, the smoke curling out from under her hand as the small flames licked at his arm. He was screaming and the whole tavern was staring at them in utter, totally silent, shock by the time she passed out. Thankfully she was not alone at the time and once she'd passed out, she was taken home. When she came too she was disoriented and couldn't remember what had happened. He'd live, even if he would have an ugly scar as a reminder of what had happened for the rest of his life. When they told her, she was both horrified and rather excited about the prospect of lighting not human things on fire in the future.

Helena worked on and off for her father's boss when they had need of her. She helped het father and uncle with intimidation, which worked well as news of what had happened in the tavern spread. She never really asked what it was that her older brother did for the gang, she never really bothered to question too deeply what it was the gang did in general. They moved stuff, she knew, getting things for other people as they requested. She just helped make sure that no one really got hurt by threatening to hurt them if they tried.

But she was untrained and it was often dangerous for her. And others. And other property. She read what she could, mages not being totally uncommon in her family, but it had been a few years since any had studied, most of them left their powers rather ignored as long as it wasn't harmful to anyone. But without more directed training, her old man feared she burn herself out. So at eighteen he insisted rather forcefully that she seek out someone to teach her, even if that meant going away to the college. And so she did. Even if she had to have her boyfriend drag her there.

Good Attributes:
Passionate. Loyal. Determined. Hard working. She doesn't give up easily and will work until the job is done. You'd be hard pressed to get her away from a problem.

Artistically inclined. She loves paintings and reading. But on top of that she isn't too horrible of an artist herself, she's just never dedicated too much of her time on it sadly.

Athletic. She spent a lot of her childhood running around with the boys. And with boys much older than her. So she had to keep up with them. She's grown out of playing ball games with them, but she can outrun most of them now that she's bigger, despite being smaller than a lot of them.

Bad Attributes:
Hot tempered, stubborn, occasionally prone to brawling. Which is a terrible combination. She'll take on fights that she's not always so sure about winning simply because she's reached the point of boiling a little too fast. And she doesn't back down easily either. She's also a bit of a white Knight and will sometimes jump to the rescue of someone she sees as weaker or in need. It's frankly a miracle that she's not had more broken bones in her life.

While a questionable bad skill, she generally good a typical Rouge things. Lock picking, persuasion (mostly by flirting and using her physical charms), and being sneaky. They're good for her work, but not really the best things to know. She often uses for personal gain, getting things for free with no intention of returning the favor that she so heavily hinted at to whoever she was getting the thing from. Which has lead to more than one fight.

She also frequently finds herself getting drinks for free, more than she should drink. But that doesn't stop her from accepting them and drinking them. Which totally isn't a problem she swesrs. It isn't like she can't live without a drink. At least not there yet.

Secret Word:
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UserName: Leon5431

Character name: Deven Zoria

Age: 23

Mageblood type: Lux

Favoured Magic Class: Pyromancy

Previous Magic training: None

Race: Naersan Human

Appearance: Deven has messy brown hair that he tries to keep at a medium length. He has a diamond shaped face and dark blue eyes. With a toned fit build from constant exercise he stands a little taller than most Naersan’s at about 5’ 10’’. He tries to keep his facial hair to a clean shave or at most a light stubble.

Short Bio: Deven was born to a small farming family. His father, Rorin was a skilled pyromancer who studied at the Twilight college in his youth afterwards he became an adventurer for a time before meeting Deven's mother, Katalin and deciding to settle down. Soon they were married and three years later Deven was born. When he was a baby his mother and father would take him to a natural hot spring they had discovered in their early days of living at the house, it was these trips out into the forest that spurred his love for the forest. When he was old enough to walk he would normally be at the edge of the fields playing by the trees. Even though his parents told him never to enter the forests without them he would never listen as he would often go off on little adventures into the forest always returning around a hour later as to not be caught.

It was his adventurous spirit that always brought him out into the trees, his natural want to explore to see new things to make new experiences, he loved every minute of it. One day when Deven was seven a day away from his eighth birthday his parents took him into town and promised they would buy him whatever he wanted for his birthday. They rode into town in their carriage, Rorin sold their harvested crops while Katalin took Deven to the stores to buy his present. While in the general store Deven stumbled across a wooden sword and shield, delighted by his discovery he immediately requested this be what he got. His mother chuckled and bought him the toys and the two returned to the carriage. Rorin was there waiting for them once they were all together they stepped into the inn to get themselves a meal. After their meal the family returned to their farm and prepared for the Deven's birthday. As night fell Deven was sent to bed as his mother and father finished their preparations. Deven quickly readied himself for bed excited for the coming day. Almost as soon as his head hit the pillow he was asleep.

It was pitch black out when Deven awoke from his sleep to the loud crack of thunder, his eyes shot open, taking only a few moments to adjust to the darkness. He could hear the down pour of rain as it poured relentlessly onto the roof. He lay on his bed still excited for the day ahead, when an idea popped into his head, he climbed out of his bed and changed from his night clothes into his usual day clothes so he could easily jump out of bed and run down stairs tomorrow morning. It wasn't until he was almost done getting dressed when he heard a bang followed by muffled voices. He tried to ignore it telling himself he needed to get to bed but his adventurous spirit got the better of himself. Slowly and silently he tip-toed to the door worried that if it was his parents he would get in trouble for spying on his gifts.

He had just reached the door when another loud crash and a window break then he heard a voice begin to shout but a loud crack of thunder drowned out the voice. Deven's curiosity began to grow as he pulled open the door but as he did another sound echoed from down stairs. This one was clear as day, a woman screamed out in pain then he heard a male voice speak up his father, "NO!" The voice shouted in rage. Deven now scarred as to what was going on and beginning to shake slowly made his way down stairs unsure of what was making him go down stairs. More thrashing and grunting and shouts of pain, he heard a girl moaning in pain and his father kept yelling. Then another noise echoed through the house, this one was like nothing he had heard, it was a loud tearing sound then a sound of flames but then they passed shortly after a strange screech the likes of which Deven had never heard before.

Then it sounded as though something was tackled to the ground. Deven rounded the corner of the stairs and finally the scene opened up before him. The first thing he saw was, a large creature laying a top someone as it slashed repeatedly at it, the legs thrashed about below it as the creatures victim struggled to break free. But with each slash from the beast blood was splattered across the floor and walls. Shouts of pain echoed from the victim, then a burst of flames erupted from below the beast sending it tumbling back.. Deven could then clearly see the mangled body of his father were the beast had once been. His hand dropped back down to the floor making his wounds clear to see. His stomach and chest were slashed open and his throat was gushing crimson, he was trying to breath but only made a bone chilling gurgling sound.

A little ways to the right of his father, next to the back door lay Deven's mother, she lay struggling to breath, her skin along her arm, shoulder and continuing up to her face was blackened and seemed to be decaying rapidly. To Deven's left near the front door stood three men garbed in black robes with many symbols all across them. the men had cuts and burn all across them but they were fully functioning still. In the center of the room sat the beast. It had gotten to its feet and was eyeing the mangled body of Deven's father. It stood a little taller then Rorin, its entire body was a deep dark black save for its claws which were coated and dripping in crimson. Little black wisps seemed to emanate off of the beast before vanishing into thin air.

Deven stood in the middle of the last four stairs staring down the beast. His body trembling and himself frozen in fear as he stared down this beast. Tears welled up in his eyes he wanted to make a sound but nothing could come out, he couldn't look away he couldn't move he couldn't speak. His heart had dropped onto the floor as he stared at his mother and father both mangled and dying and these three men and this beast who had done this to them. Then Deven saw his mother's chest raise one more time before it fell still and she lay motionless no longer struggling as the life left her body. Deven saw his father looking right at him, his expression was of so much pain and lose it seemed almost apologetic. Then a ferocious growl broke the silence as the beast lunged forward onto Deven's father and resumed slashing viciously at him. More crimson was spattered across the walls as the beast did its work. Then finally the beast tilted its head and opened its maw before plunging its head down. There was a loud snap and then silence. The beast slowly lifted its head, as it did the air around it began to shimmer and seemed to split, then Deven saw fire, fill the tear and the black beast seemed to be sucked into it before it closed again leaving the lifeless mangled corpse of Deven's father in plain sight.

Deven felt an immeasurable amount of pain, he felt empty, tears streamed from his face. It felt as though his entire world had just been torn asunder and now he was left all alone in the darkness. But then a voice spoke up, "Handle the boy." Said one of the figures as he raised a cloaked hand toward Deven. One of the figures began to approach Deven. In that moment something stirred in Deven, something willed him forward. Without even thinking he lunged off of the stairs toward the back door, a shout rang out from behind him, "Stop him!" one of the men shouted. Deven ran toward the door passing by his mother's mangled decayed corpse. He felt so much pain he wanted to collapse to the ground and just stop he wanted it to be over he wanted to cry he wanted his parents, but something kept him moving, it pushed him to burst through the door and take off into the rain. He could hear the men's feet against the wood they were following but he had a lead for now. He sprinted as fast as his legs could carry him kicking up mud as he ran.The rain continued to pour down soaking his clothes as he ran, then again that tearing sound and the sound of flames and that familiar shriek, it was back, the beast was back.

Deven didn't stop, fueled by nothing but the will to live he ran. He could hear the beast behind him, he could hear as it dug its claws into the ground and lurched forward closing on him. His heart pounded in his chest, pushed himself as hard as he could. Tears streamed from his eyes blurring his vision. He heard the beast right behind him he could feel the air moving around him as it slashed at him. Then he heard it let out a monstrous growl, then just as it did someone screamed and once more that same tearing sound and the sound of fire. Then nothing, nothing but the sound of the rain his feet slamming against the ground and his breathing. For what felt like forever he ran, nothing mattered he just wanted to run, he had lost everything, his mother and father were dead he was alone, he felt so empty so much pain and sorrow. Why? Why did they do it why did they kill them what did they do why them why now? Why didn't he help? Why didn't he try to fight?

His mind raced as he ran not stopping he ducked through tree after tree after tree too afraid to stop. For what felt like forever he ran, his legs had gone numb and his sides cramped horribly, but he still didn't stop he couldn't. Then finally his foot clipped a root and his foot was taken out from under him. He tumbled to the ground pain shooting through his shoulder and his arm but that was nothing to the pain he felt inside himself. He lay on the ground sobbing terribly, covered in mud and water, his clothes soaked entirely. He didn't even care if they were still chasing him if they were and they found him then it would be over. He just wanted it all to be over.

When Deven woke up he was still laying on the ground in the middle of the forest, the mud had dried on his skin and clothes. He lay there unable to will himself to move, he wished so hard it had just been a bad dream that when he woke up everything would be better, but no it was real he was all alone. His mind began to swirl with blame hate and sorrow for what felt like an hour he lay there until finally he came to a realization. He needed to live, if not for himself than for his family, that's what they would want him to do, that's what he would want them to do. He had to live, he had to do something. Finally he pushed himself up from the ground rising to his feet, he had managed to make it away with his life he wasn't about to squander this opportunity.

Deven eventually found his way to a pond and was able to wash off the mud, then from their he began searching for any sign of society. Until luckily he finally found a road, he follow it thinking that it would eventually lead him somewhere. It was late in the day before Deven stumbled into the backwater town of Ravenstead more thirsty and hungrier than he ever had been before. He needed to eat, he needed to drink, he needed to talk to someone, but what could they do? Where even was he? Would they believe him? or would they just think him a common beggar looking for sympathy gold. No he had to try, maybe someone could help him. Deven looked around, he needed to find someone that could help him, he saw no one wearing any sort of guard uniform so it seemed he would just need to ask a random person. One man who had just stepped out of the general store was going to walk right in front of Deven, so in an attempt to get his attention he stepped in the way of the man, the man stopped and looked down at him, he questioned what he wanted and Deven responded by asking where the guards barracks was. The man gestured down the road deeper into the village and gave a brief description before taking his leave, his tone harsh and his posture aggressive. Scared and feeling ever so alone Deven and followed his directions and eventually found the barracks.

Deven entered and found the nearest guard and began to explain everything to him, breaking into tears before he could even finish. The guard nodded his head understandingly, but eventually as Deven finished the man patted his head and rustled his hair before chuckling and saying, "Wow that's quite the acting kid, but too bad this is a barracks for guards not for actors. Go back by your friends and try scamming someone else you sewer rat." Before pushing Deven back and returning to his friends who were in the middle of a drinking game. Deven stood there stunned looking towards the guard who was now seated with his friends, not even they would help him, he was truly alone there was no one that could help him nor likely would. Slowly he turned and walked out. His eyes bore into the floor as he thought with a heavy heart, he needed a new plan but what could it be. With time his plans grew more and more desperate. Until finally it settled on one thing, he will just take the things he needed, things no one would miss...besides he needed it more.

Four years, four long years of the life of a thief, living off what he could steal. He had gotten good at it, many times being able to take money without even the slightest hint at what happed. Everyday it would be the same thing, in the morning he would wake up shaken from the nightmares that haunt his sleep and hungry as hell, he would start the day with stealing from any vendor that sold food, then for the rest of the day he would steal from those with the fullest pockets dodge guards when needed. He'd buy what he needed to survive and somehow make due. The evening would be acquiring dinner be it by stealing or by purchase neither mattered, then the night would be filled with restless sleep and terrible nightmares. By spring of the fourth year he had gathered enough gold to hitch a ride on a trade caravan destined for some city called Wintercrest, whatever it was it would have been better then the washed up town of Ravenstead. It took several days of travel before he arrived in the town. It was like nothing he had ever seen before he was used to the open landscape filled with forests farmland and dotted with wooden towns here and there, the descriptions of the cities nothing but legend to him. But here he was in the sprawling city built at the foot of a mountain.

Though the scenery had changed the routine did not. Still he stole to get by, no one willing to spare their time on a lowlife like him. The things that did change was, wealthier people, more guards, more stores and much much more people. His life seemed like it was destined to stay locked in its current state, every night struggling to sleep everyday struggling to survive, on some days he wasn’t even sure why he tried but still he carried on...until one fateful day in the market.

Bad Attributes: Deven can be a recluse about his true emotions, the only people he will openly speaking about his deep thoughts and emotions are the people he trusts. He has a way of getting himself into trouble and can be a little over protective of the people he cares about. Deven is occasionally plagued by nightmares that will ruin his sleep and throw him into a dark reclusive mood. He struggles to grow close to anyone out of fear of losing them like he did his family. He has a deep rooted fear for demons that normally turns to hate and anger, because of this he is always on edge while in their presence and is quick to jump to violence against them. As for their summoners, he is always on edge while near them and would sooner see himself dead before he trusts them with his or anyone he trusts wellbeing.

Secret Word: Rebirth
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UserName: Leon5431

Character name: Jenna Fellrein

Age: 22

Mageblood type: Lux

Favoured Magic Class: Vitamancy

Previous Magic training: None

Race: Naersan Human

Appearance: Jenna has long wavy auburn hair that comes down a little past her shoulders. She has a heart shaped face set with brown eyes and clear skin. Her body is a fit and rather curvaceous build, she stands a little taller than the average Naersan at about 5' 8''.

Short Bio: Jenna is the daughter of krista and Kova Fellrien, Kova being the son of Daegon Fellrien the late leader of house Fellrien, Kova's elder brother Logan is the current Lord of the house along with his wife Laina. Jenna was only four when house Fellrien was forced out of Eania, she does not remember much, just a lot of uncertainty, fear and multitudes of crying people. She does remember the many days spent as nomads, avoiding Eania and trying to avoid stirring the ire of Djarkel. In the beginning it was an adventure to her, she enjoyed every minute of it, but eventually, as all things do it faded and she began to miss her home terribly. Her parents told her they could not return home, not yet, but one day they might. This did not appease Jenna and it was a long time before she finally accepted that they wouldn't be returning home. Eventually other houses were married into house Fellrien, Jenna found herself extremely confused as to the political aspect of it, but she was happy to have more people to call family. When the time came for house Fellrien to take the city of Dilanol Jenna, along with many of those that would not take part in the fighting remained behind in a camp that had been established. Over the time of the siege Jenna went on many "adventures" about the camp, finding childish delight in everything their was to enjoy.

By the time the siege was ended and Dilanol taken Jenna had seen her fill of the camp and was desperate for more to explore. But she would not be exploring any new foreign landscapes, instead they were brought to the city built at the foot of the mountain, her new home. Over the next few years as the people rebuilt the city, which was now named Wintercrest, Jenna was reintroduced to the normal city life of a noble. As she grew up she learned of the injustice done to house Fellrien and their allies, the years of war, she began to understand why everything that happened happened. She now understood why the houses integrated into house Fellrien. Along with nearly everyone in the city she developed a distaste for Eanian cause of what happened a distaste she carries with her to this day. One fateful day, when Jenna was 11, she met a 12 year old boy by the name Deven Zoria and as fate would have it the two would become the closest of friends nearly inseparable. She met Deven one day in the market when she managed to escape from her mother and their personal guards to go explore the bustling forum of Wintercrest. Deven was a messy boy with long brown hair and more dirt on him then actual skin, he was living alone in the city just making by with the money he could steal from the pockets of the forums many visitors. Jenna saw him just in time to see him steal from the coin purse of a man walking through the forum.

Intrigued she followed him to an alley, she rounded the corner just in time for him to jump out and grab her, he questioned her as to why she was following to which she answered truthfully, that she was interested in what he was doing, to which he replied, "None of your business.". But Jenna was smart enough to understand what the boy had done. As the boy went to walk away she spoke up once more, telling him he doesn't have to steal, she has more than enough money to buy him some food. The boy caught off guard by her offer and entirely distrustful was hesitant to respond. Eventually after some convincing the boy agreed to allow her to buy him some food. Jenna led the messy boy through the market to one of the many bakery stalls scattered across the forum, once there she purchased the boy a loaf of bread and an apple. The boy was overjoyed to say the least. The two found a nice area nearby where they could eat and talk. Deven tore hungrily into the food, while for some part Jenna stared at him surprised at how fast the boy was eating.

She asked him how long it had been since he had eaten a proper meal, to which he replied with, "A while" while chewing on a mouth full of bread. Jenna was confused by this and questioned further "Don't your parents make you food?" She asked, but the boy did not reply, instead his gaze dropped to the ground and he seemed to be remembering something painful. Seeing that the question had hurt the boy she quickly apologized and changed the topic she eventually asked his name and he hers. It was a few hours later when an armor clad hand surprised Jenna nearly making her scream, but she turned to see one of the personal guards sent with her and her mother, it was her favorite of the group, a man by the name of Theodore. He was a man well into the age where he should have a family of his own but instead devoted himself to house Fellrien. Just before he could question her he was met with a dagger being raised toward him and a messy looking boy stepping up next to Jenna. He commanded Theodre let her go or else. Theodore looked down at the boy admirable as he made his stand. Jenna quickly spoke up telling Deven to stop that she knew him and it was fine. Eventually Deven hesitantly put away the dagger and apologized to Theodore. Theodore still looking at the boy admirably accepted the apology before barraging Jenna with questions.

Toward the end of his question he turned toward Deven who was leaning on a nearby wall. He asked the boy why he had tried to protect Jenna and Deven answered honestly, "She had helped me so I owe her plus she is the closest thing I have to a friend." He said. After a few more questions very personal questions Theodore eventually fell silent and seemed to think for a long while, before turning and saying "Let's get home.". Jenna hesitated looking from Theodore to Deven, but eventually submitted and followed. It was only a few steps away when Theodore looked over his shoulder to Deven who was still standing there watching them. a sad expression plastered on his face, that is when Theodore spoke up, he had turned and was looking at Deven "What are you waiting for? You too." Theodore said with a smile. Deven was completely caught off guard and after a few questions began to follow with a rather confused smile on his lips.

Once back at the castle Jenna was scolded for running off and worrying everyone and punished by being confined to only the castle for the remainder of the season. After she was dealt with then came the matter of Deven. Theodore explained what the boy had done to protect Jenna, Theodore explained that Deven was an orphan living off of the streets forced to revert to thievery to survive, he then asked both Deven and Jenna to leave the room as he continued speaking with many of the members of house Fellrien. It was almost an hour later when Jenna's mother and father stepped out of the room. Deven and Jenna both approached. Jenna's father cleared his throat before he spoke, saying the family had come to a decision and had decided to offer Deven a place to stay here in the castle. Deven was breathless while Jenna was anything but, she jumped screamed in excitement that her new found friend would be staying with them.

Deven and Jenna quickly became the best of friends after Deven was allowed to stay at the castle in Wintercrest, they were normally spending nearly every waking moment in each others company playing games, exploring, talking, anything. Jenna quickly learned how hard Deven's life had been, he lost his parents when he was young and has been surviving on his own since. He did not tell her how they had died even after she tried asking, he would just fall silent, what Jenna did know was that whatever happened cursed Deven with recurring nightmares that would send him out of his sleep covered in a cold sweat and close to tears. She learned he did not enjoy talking about his past but would be happy to hear about hers. In her childish state she did not think much on it, but as they grew older and wiser she began to chisel away at his emotional barriers.

As the two grew older their friendship only grew in strength, when he came of age, Deven began training to fight with a sword, Jenna would often watch as he trained and at times even join but that was a rare occurrence. It wasn't until she was fifteen when she began her archery training. The two would often spend their free time training with one another on top of training with their teachers. By the time Jenna was twenty she would have well managed to break through Deven’s social walls and learned of his dark past. After this the twos bond only grew stronger. They had grown very skilled in their training and could take on and beat some of the other members of the house and even some of the training soldiers. But their lives would come under threat as Eania finally worked up the nerve to march on the city. The siege was a nerve racking time for everyone, if Eania chose to attack they would likely die, many of the cities people stood by them but some called for house Fellrien to give themselves up. But in the end they were spared the bloody battle as a Djarkel force marched out and lifted the siege. This served as a wake up call to many of the people in the city their survival dangled on thin wires in the next few coming years Deven and Jenna both too their training much more seriously. The two of them kindred spirits when it came for their thirst for adventure, they wanted to see the world but the world was a dangerous place and they wanted to be ready for what this world can hold. The two would soon find they will not stay in the city for much longer as they discovered their potential for magic. Both of them were discovered to be lux blooded and it was decided the two would be sent to the Twilight college for training.

Bad Attributes: Jenna can act a little naive when it comes to certain things, she like Deven has a habit of getting herself into trouble. She has a natural resentment for Eania after what they have done to her family and people. She finds herself distrustful of Demonmancer’s but not nearly as much as Deven. She has a tendency to be a little too trusting of other people and too open with new people about herself, but never about anyone else.
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