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Current I'm just a D&D junkie between DMs.
1 yr ago
And I'm back!
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1 yr ago
To all my players and writing partners; Don't worry! I've not vanished or forgotten you. I've had something come up, and will be taking the rest of this week off from my RPs. See you next week!
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1 yr ago
Starting a Vampire the Masquerade campaign. Look for it in the TTRPG interest check section. I'm gonna be a story teller!
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2 yrs ago
I feel torn. On one hand, I'm bored, so I want to get into some more RPs. On the other, I know once the quarantine ends, I won't have the free time to keep up with all of them. Temptation is a B.


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@TGM I mean, we're essentially doing a session zero, right now. Discussing everyone's expectations of the game, what everyone wants to play and who they want their character to be, what we all want out of the game.

We're doing a PbP format, so it's not like we're all going to sit down at a table for an actual session zero. Even when we had a live-chat going, not everyone could be there all at the same time. Which was fine, specifically because this is a PbP format.
@Dark Cloud Gotcha. I call Aarakocra druid.
I think a number of us requested new characters. If we are going that route, though, any new rules we should know for character creation? Some new books have dropped recently, after all.
If we are doing Phandelver I'd prefer it to start where its supposed to start.

I agree, actually. I just don't think it would massively impact the scaling of the combats if we started at level 2. It's just a lot less likely for a random critical hit to one-shot a frontliner.
@TGM Agree to disagree. Level 1 in 5e isn't balanced well enough, mechanically. Doesn't really feel like starting an adventure to me, just feels like the characters are nerfed. Even WotC feels that way, otherwise most of their adventures wouldn't start with a section specifically designed to get the party to level 3 that's only loosely connected to the real plot.

My rant aside, I'd be just as happy starting at level 2. Apart from just giving us more hit points to work with, level 2 doesn't really offer anything that would give a party a significant advantage over a level 1 group. Casters haven't unlocked second level spells, most classes haven't unlocked their sub-class features, and what powerful abilities players do unlock at this level for offense are heavily limited in the number of times they can be used per day. If anything, starting at this level just speeds up play, because it encourages players to take short rests over long rests to regain abilities and hit points.
@Dark Cloud Might I recommend not starting us at level 1? Most classes really gain momentum around level 3, and working up to that from level 1 just feels like a slog.
@Dark Cloud I'd be interested. Might make a new character, but I actually really liked my tortle boy, so not sure.
@Dark Cloud You know I get notified when there's a post in this thread, right?
@TGM I'm guessing I wouldn't be invited to this, given experiences we've had in the past with each other. Likewise, seems like you've got plenty of players to spare.

That said, I am interested, so if you find you need another player and aren't against me taking part, send me a message and let me know.
@Chris488 We just done with this one, my dude?
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