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15 hrs ago
Current Have you ever played a character in a fighting game that you wish you didn't like?
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17 hrs ago
Financial decisions sure are fun! (i spent 34 dollars on street fighter 4)
20 hrs ago
This isn't a town, it's more of an asylum.
22 hrs ago
Hey, at least it's not over the top annoying spam. I think they're also new here and don't really know...
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1 day ago
Updated my bio with some semi-important information, if anyone cares. :P


In wilds beyond they speak your name with reverence and regret,
For none could tame our savage souls yet you the challenge met,
Under palest watch, you taught, we changed, base instincts were redeemed,
A world you gave to bug and beast as they had never dreamed.

Pet the gud boi. (his name is Houdini)

Weeellll, hellooooo there!

I'm just a guy who does things that sometimes involve other things. Also, I don't use discord or anything like that, no reason in particular, I just don't.
I am also more "mature" than my age suggests, that doesn't mean that I have an excuse to be in 18+ roleplays, which I don't participate in anyways, but I do roleplay with more adult themes (gore, violence, etc.). It may seem confusing, but confusion is basically my middle name.
Anyways, here's my ♦︎♠︎information♣︎♥︎

Names/Aliases: Roadkil, Luigi, Microwave, Spooky
Gender: Male, also probably Ace... Not sure.
B-Day: le 19th of July
Current exact location: earth, waddaboutyou?
Favorite food type: Spicy

♣︎♥︎Other stuff♠︎♦︎

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<Snipped quote by RoadkilBanana>

*Delta you do however notice a crack in your good arm that seems to be oozing a milk-white like mucus out of nowhere and Cyrus you now have three arms, but the third one just grew from your back*

Cyrus: "... Normal..."

*A black circle forms where the arm came from, dismembering it and melting it into a black goo.*

Delta: "..."

*She... doesn't seem to care?*

<Snipped quote by Memory>
There's probably only one way to find that out...

*I extent my hand olding a chained silver watch similar to a hypnotist that i pulled from my pocket and i tap my tesseract with the other hand*


*As i shout that, for a second the whole monochrome yellow of this environment becomes red for a moment then we all hear a nearly deafening sharp screech like claws scratching a chalk board*

*Delta stands there unaffected because... reploid, and Cyrus just doesn't care.*
<Snipped quote by Memory>

*Points my cane inside the building at some evident seemingly air distorting thin fissures half way in space*

I don't know yet, but it is what happened to the colonists here

Cyrus: "So, we're dealing with soul eaters? Or something like that..."
Take this introduction.
Pokémon Amethyst

Welcome to the Iota region!

This idea has been in my head for quite a while now and I finally decided to do something with it, so, welcome.
Like most Pokémon games, stories, etc, this one will take place in a new region with new gym trainers, elite four and champion(s?), with one exception: No regional forms or new Pokémon :(. So, I hope the people who have joined have fun and I will be making a post below this one later explaining character sheets, teams, and battles (for the most part).
I might step out for the time being, lost a bit of interest and couldn't really come up with anything creative, that, and me trying to manage a new RP with at least 15 characters I need to make would not really work out. I will probably come back some other time and try again, I'll keep up a subscription on this but mute the notifications so I don't forget.
My pokemon arent all elite types, so I can wait for more than just 1 more person. They'd make 5 if including yourself. You playing?

Yeah, I'm plying my own character + gym leaders, elite four, etc.

I could wait for one more person while making the RP, yeah, that way we could probably make a full PM group for battles and stuff.
Should we wait for one more or should I go ahead and start making the RP?
<Snipped quote by RoadkilBanana>

How familiar are you with soul magic? These people didn't just no-clipped out of the world, but they essentially were ripped out of the universe and are the reasons these tears in the fabric of space-time exist.

And what powers do you have by the way? I need to know to better evaluate the strategy here...

Cyrus: "I knew someone who used soul power, but I never really got into the topic... And as for my powers, there are many things I could do..."
<Snipped quote by Memory>

Yup! Prism, be kind enough to tell this new person... robot... girl?... nevermind, what we are dealing with... Also Cyrus @RoadkilBanana! I think this habitat might be a good place for you to take a look here and give any suggestions, we don't have to go in, we don't want to noclip like they did...

Cyrus: "How would you propose I do that?"
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