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Persistent World
Expanding Horizons

Over the past few weeks a team of roleplayers have been working on a project - a persistent world, a large scale roleplay universe that hosts many ongoing stories that directly affect the overarching plot and are occurring together, no matter just where they are.

We call it Expanding Horizons and it is a setting that allows and encourages anyone from the newest free roleplayer to the most seasoned advanced nation roleplayer to participate. Its events, be them on the fantasy realm of Ecetopia or the technology sophisticated world of Frixion Prime, as well as anywhere else, are governed by the players in them. Each of these starting locations are loosely defined, but that is not all there is to Expanding Horizons; we want the community to build their own stories, be them in these topics... or when creating worlds and lands of their personal design, all of which still contribute to the main one.

The story of Expanding Horizons is simple. It is a place of an infinitely large, ever growing universe where magic, science and normalcy all exist - it just depends on where you go or who you are. It was, for a time, a place of relative organization but that has since failed. Someone, perhaps really something, has broken the bounds of reality. Now, competition and conflict that has not been seen in millennia is the norm, but not everyone is fighting, let alone even aware. Some worlds, so distant and well hidden, are closed off - safe havens for stories all their own. Others, the majority? Everything is up for grabs and the United Federation of Planets is losing its grip, and its territory, to that enemy unknown.

There's a few core ideals of Expanding Horizons that you might have noticed. First, we keep it simple. Character sheets are straight forward and all you need to do is the bare minimum, but players are welcome to personalize it from there. Factions, or official groups of characters, are the exact same - except that we want the community to bond. Find and make new friends, prioritize and advance your goals together. All you need to do these things? One approval for each. That easy.

Second, we want everyone to participate. If that means you want to play with a small group of people and not be affected by outside influences, you can do that. We just want to have your activity there and story to foster the overarching plot; we want to see more of the Roleplayer Guild together. If you want to play in the greater story and compete with other players, or even the United Federation of Planets, you can. If you want to be an archmage, an orc, a cyborg, a sentient energy field, anime hero or anything you desire, you can. If you want to write single sentence stories or great epics, you can. If you want to claim everything for yourself, you can - but that one you might have some competition with.

Third, we are only just starting the game. Now is the beginning and what that means is, is that this is the best opportunity to find your character's place. Sure, you might only be on one of the three starting worlds - with travel difficult short of illegal means at the moment due to the great war that is unfolding - but that isn't for long. Why not? The more activity and players we have, the faster the plot can move, meaning the sooner you can go where you want and do what you want! That means joining a different topic or starting one yourself.

From all of us, we sincerely hope you join and help craft a world that can potentially be a big selling point for future members of the Roleplayer Guild. So become a player today, meet new friends and foes, build a world, and most importantly, have fun!

The following links are for your convenience.
In-Character Section (IC) / Out-of-Character (OOC)
Announcements and Notifications / Character Sheet / Discord / Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) / Group Sheet
Roleplay Staff
The following users are members of the Expanding Horizons Staff. They are the ones who approve character and group submissions, answer questions, write the plot and communicate the general direction of the roleplay.
@Zyamasiel / @Rilla / @Ruby / @Circ / @The Harbinger of Ferocity
Special Thanks to @Mahz
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this is a neato idea

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