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Baraian Paladice

Time: Night
Place: Roshmi slums

The dark elf had watched Kuroi, as the vulpine had gotten the clothing which they needed in order to remain undetected during the night. The vulpine had not disappointed him, and sure enough returned with a couple of sheets and blankets. Baraian offered a soft nod.

"That will do... well done." The voice that came out was dry, mixed with some weariness, coupled with the dark elf's usual monotone manner of speaking. Kuroi had offered to help him up, the dark elf took it. Not willing to spend more time where he was, the longer they would linger the bigger the odds of being found.

"Let's climb up on the roof on one of these buildings..." The dark elf looked up to a building with a flattened roof. This would most likely be a better choice than a tilted roof, where they could accidentally slide off during rest.

"We'll make camp there for the night and set off just before dawn... to Ra Monde. Get some rest for now..." The dark elf said in a suggesting manner as he began to reach up and try scale up the building, but it was tricky with just one functioning arm. The dark elf sighed softly, climbing down and placing himself in the dark then brought one finger up to his face. His form began to become one with the darkness around him, then is a flash of black smoke he popped up at the roof, at the darker side of it's chimney.
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Location: Edena, Daka Islamd
Interactions: Darius @FunnyGuy and Artemis @Potter

Myra was definitely a bit annoyed that Darius was hogging the bed all to himself. Despite all her efforts, he was still sleeping soundly and didn't even make a little bit of effort to move so she could show the bed to Artemis. Looking to Artemis and pouting with an annoyed expression when she said to be careful to not wake up Darius, Myra was about to jump on the bed. If shaking Darius didn't wake him up, jumping on the bed would certainly do it.

Luckily for Darius, the very moment she gave up on shaking him and was going for the plan B, he finally opened his eyes. Just as he did so, Myra tilted her head as she looked at Darius' eyes, confused. Not only his hair was different but his eyes too had a strange color. Leaning forward, Myra sniffed the air a few times, the tip of her tongue darting in and out of her mouth as she did so, wanting to confirm if that was really Darius.

Surprisingly enough, judging by Darius' own reaction, he too was alarmed by the sudden changes in his appearance. Myra gave a step back as he jumped out of bed, running to the mirror that was in the bedroom. As he started to explain, Myra looked at him, still a bit confused about all the sudden changes. Even though Darius himself said it was everything perfectly fine, Myra was still a bit wary about all that. It was obvious to Darius that Myra didn't liked when he mentioned the red crystal that he had smashed on his hand when he first arrived on the castle, saying that there was a weapon and now it was inside of him or something. Needless to say, Darius' incredibly clear explanation didn't help at all to make Myra less wary and worried about that but when he said he felt good, promising that he was fine, Myra ended up trusting him. Of course, she would still keep a close eye on any other changes in his appearance. Going near Darius, she gave a few more sniffs together with her tongue just to be sure, then looked at him with a smile, confirming that everything seemed to be ok.

With that matter dealt with, at least for now, Myra realized that Darius had finally got up from the bed, making her turn towards the bed and immediately jump on it, curling and wrapping herself on the bed's soft covers. Looking at Artemis, Myra got up from the bed and walked to her, grabbing her hand and gently pulling her to the bed, almost if telling her to do exactly what she did with the covers. It was clear to Artemis, seeing Myra's eyes almost shining, that she really wanted her to try and that Myra herself loved the bed and the soft covers.
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Time: Dusk
Location: Roshimi City
Interaction: @Tae - Torvi, @helo - Bowyn - @Dezuel - Elthrael

Belle glanced at Torvi as she spoke up and nodded in agreement. Her eyes flicked back to the stranger and she raised her eyebrows as he spoke. She began giggling at his first comment and sipped her water while she waited for the narcissist to finally quiet himself. Elleta stared him in the eye, unfazed with her eyebrows raised. His English grammar was lacking. While this was not Earth, she found it hard to believe this was how this man spoke. Finally, once he stopped talking to take a breath, she spoke up. “First, it’s “there are plenty, not 'be plenty'. Also, we could do without you. It seems everyone else in Avalia can as well, since you are spending your time waiting around here for us by yourself."

Elleta then commented and folded her arms with a blank expression. If looks could kill, then this stranger would have been dead. “You couldn’t handle me with all the amas in your bank, boy. You are probably alone with you and yourself at night, just wishing you could find someone who could stand you and haven’t been successful. I do pray that you someone finally takes pity on you and gives you the worthless fate you deserve. And I’m not a cherry, I’m the cake you wish you could afford and have. I think the demons on Daka would be a kinder fate than being with a loathsome cockroach like you.”

Bell glanced at her then had to duck her head to remain expressionless. While she could not see Rosemary, she knew the Elf was nearby. She didn’t know how, but she could sense her. Elleta kept her gaze fixed on the scene, but now and then her head would tilt to one side. As he commented on her beauty and memorizing her, she had to bite back laughter. What a comment to make to someone he just met. This.. man was not right in the head. He was definitely sick. Lucky for her, she’d dealt with enough creeps and had taken care of them too. The gang had its fair share with the local scumbags. “You can memorize all you want, you’ll never have me. I could be much younger and you are preying on me. How disgraceful.”.

When he pulled his disguise off, Belle grimaced. So not only was his personality shit, but his appearance was an eyesore. She didn’t hide her grimace either. No wonder he came in here trying to hit and pick up random women from different species. Beside that, his fake sneeze was shameful. She wondered if they had acting lessons that this moth could partake in to save the pitiful show they were forced to participate in. She smirked nonetheless and commented, ’Wow - a moth fairy. What a dreadful surprise. Fortunately for me, I crush moths. Fly too close to the light and it will sting you. I’ll give you a hint: I am the light.” Elleta rolled her eyes at Elthrael, disinterested and bored. She drummed her fingers lightly on the table and Belle had a feeling she was communicating through it with Rosemary nearby. While they could not hear or see, she knew these powerful Elves were in sync with one another.

Belle listened to him speak and began eating more of the berries that Elle had ordered for her. She wished the restaurant had human food, such as onion rings and pretzels. She could kill for bagel bites, too. She sighed and faced the stranger with an expression of boredom and disinterest. When he mentioned having met a human, she kept her expression neutral. She didn’t know who it was, but perhaps the red haired women who had been in the sky. Either way, she’d find the poor women and console her for having met this pitiful excuse for a fairy.

She remained silent and folded her hands together after finishing her food and wiping her hands on a napkin. When he allowed a pause for breath, she commented, ”Sounds as if you’re heartbroken or butthurt after something. Maybe you faced rejection? Seems you’re the one here with a problem and not this fox-demihuman."

It was Elleta’s turn to stare at her now. Belladonna had not acted so cold in her presence until now. She was bringing her persona from being Little Blue in the gang and wasn’t minding how it felt to be cold and brutal. Belle then added as he poked his nose into Bowyn’s life and narrowed her gaze. He was antagonizing them in hopes of having them leave so he could interrogate Bowyn. She wasn’t letting that happen. This mothball was the least of her worries. She wouldn’t let anything happen to Bowyn or Torvi.

Elleta bit a cherry off the stem and raised her eyebrows. At that moment, Bell felt a tap on her shoulder and forced herself not to jump nor look startled. Rosemary was nearby them now whilst invisible, and she had a feeling she wasn’t alone either. The Golden Death was not abandoning her or leaving her alone to suffer with this miserable mothball. He continued speaking, and Belle wondered if being lost in the woods would be better compared to this nonsense they were enduring.

Belle started laughing at his comment. What a horrific metaphor. She stopped laughing enough though to assess his body language. While he was relaxed, he was also on high alert. She grinned at him nastily, her eyes shining with malice. ”That comment would have been better off being spoken in a dumpster, which is where you belong. Perhaps you're lonely, without friends and feel the need to antagonize strangers and put your nose in someone elses business. Such a shame." She turned to listen to Bowyn while keeping an eye on the stranger. She nodded in agreement to his wordds, then turned back to Elthrael. She glanced at Boreas and knew instantly if worse came to worst, she’d cause enough trouble to allow Bowyn to escape. She turned back to the mothball, eyebrows raised as if to ask, Well?

It was in that pause that the bartender finally spoke up, having heard enough. ”We all have had enough of your nonsense. You haven’t ordered all day. I thought you had friends coming. I’m going to ask you one time only to get out of the bar and leave these women alone. Got it?” Belladonna turned to face him with her arms folded and waited for what occurred next. Her left hand was in her pocket, ready to grab her knife and defend if necessary. She nodded to what the Bartender and Bowyn had both said.
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Elthrael Vol'Kerno

Time: Night
Place: Tavern

The winter fairy had replied swiftly, claiming that his reason for being so far south was one of sightseeing and recuperation. While the need to rest ones body and mind was known to Elthrael, he found the winter fairy's words strange. The city would burn down? If this winter fairy had such foresight, then he was truly worth looking further into. Most would have expected that the dark elves would qwell any uprising and trouble without having to light the city on fire. But if the price for burning a single city could stop a possible rebellion during it early stages, then it would certainly be worth it to a particular lich king.

"Oh things have indeed gotten dangerous, more than usual at least. If you came here for aid, theres only one person here that can help you and you are talking with him. Oh if my words are enough to entice your company, be it truly worth to have them about? Hm? Sooner or later someones gonna snap." He said in an amused manner, his teeth showing as he looked over to Belle and Elleta.

"Cool off? Oh we'll all be getting there eventually. I always find interest in people of rare talents, providing they have the mind to go with it. Sadly there are also... disappointments." He smiled softly and nodded his head in Belle's and Elleta's direction, not putting his gaze on Torvi for even a moment.

"As for you girls, you hear my words plain and clear, but understand so little why I use them the way I do. An assessment if you are worthy or not, the moment you shown me your little temper was the moment I lost interest. So sorry to tell you, I don't want you." He chuckled softly in an amused manner, he allowed one of his hands to rest on his lap.

The other woman, the taller one had been about as hotheaded as the one with the light blue hair. "Handle you with amas? Oh you are a lady from -those- kind of districts. I see, I have no interest in a public towel. The only similarity of a cake and you is that you look sweet but also contain so much fat." He gave a wide grin, as he tilted his head to the side. His voice not aggressive, but rather amused mixed with a slight bit of disappointment.

"Oh my applogies, oh enlightened one~ I didn't realize they made elves of light in pint size." He made a bowing motion with his torso and arms, in the direction of Belle. The girl had proven to be as useless as Elsea, there was no aid to be gained from her, of that he was certain. The more silent of the three elves and the winter fairy on the other hand did peek his interest. Anyone who was not like Elsea and Kyran would suffice for company and enticing into joining the dethronement of the undead king. Belle had been staring at him with a look more befitting of the dark elves, one of obvious ill intent. Though the moth fairy met her gaze head on, much like how beasts of the wild would size each other up. In his part of the River fairy forest he was the apex, the highest in the food chain. Even in a territory like this one, the natural order would not be disrupted, at least that was his idea of it.

He felt it unnecessary to add further words to their conversation at that point, the winter fairy he would have to find later, providing his current company wouldn't get him killed that is. The bartender finally decided it was time to approach his table, the fairy gave him a sly look.

"Oh look at the time, looks like my friend didn't -make it-. Take a hint of that you four..." He tossed a glance to the other table as he rose up to his feet, giving the bartender a brief look. "Oh thank you for the reminder, I would have thought you too busy serving liquid poisons and gossiping yourself to some form of self-ascension to pay notice." The fairy chuckled and walked past the bartender, looking over his shoulder as he did towards both him and the table with the other people. Then he made it towards the doorway, to vanish out into the night.
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Time: Dusk
Location: Roshimi City

“What about the trainer?” Leandron asked as he stood beside Xenelith. Who was overlooking a giant map of Roshimi. It covered several tables put together. The noble’s house had been far more active in dusk than during the day. Threats had grown more serious. Far away from the richer district, the guard barracks had exploded with activity. Every guard got his call of duty. They were all arming themselves to enact Xenelith’s plan: to capture the worst criminals in the darkest streets and bring them to justice. Rebel or loyalist, this night it didn’t matter. The people that would be dragged in were the scum of the earth. Animals whose hands were covered in the blood of all innocents. They wouldn’t be missed.

Still, that left the question of the Usagi family. The mother had been called to the nobleman’s house under the pretense to explain her son’s behavior. Xenelith couldn’t care less for her excuses. He did not intend to talk to her. Instead, he wanted to pass a message. “Tell the woman-“ He stopped for a moment. To any lesser man, the next words would be tantamount to treason. “Tell her that her son must finish the act. When Terneus is dead, his treason will come to light and the Usagi family’s sins will be forgiven.”

If Leandron was surprised by the message, he didn’t show it. “Anything else, sir?”

"No, leave me now. I have other business to attend to." Xenelith said. Leandron gave him a small nod in acknowledgment and went to talk with the trainer. Xenelith's gaze returned to the map before him. He hunched over it. Risa had been spotted various times throughout the day. In fact, it gave her an alibi for the assassination attempt. Perhaps she was looking for Terneus then? Or was she simply roaming the city, gathering supporters? The paths she took, it all looked so erratic. So casual. As if she was prey unconcerned by the hunter. Was she truly so oblivious? No, no she couldn't be. He wouldn't allow her to underestimate her. Still, the very sight of it all vexed him. They were so close. So damned close. Yet impossible to catch. It no longer mattered if they found the house she stayed at or not. He couldn't break down any more doors after tonight. It would disrupt the fragile peace he will have made. That failure left a bitter taste in his mouth though. The clock struck its hour, marking the start of his operation. Yet he had other business to attend to. He rose up and walked away. Leaving the table with black, smoldering marks where his hands once were.

The city-guard captains had been gathered in a small room. Many of them were rather annoyed. How dared a common upstart summon them? And then worse, keep them waiting!? Half of them were veterans of the war a century ago. And since then, they had kept the peace in an animalistic city like Roshimi. At any cost necessary. What would a fledgling dark elf know about that? Of course, the murmur of complaints instantly died down when Xenelith entered the room.

"Sit down." He commanded, motioning to the chairs surrounding the central table. Halastra was already rising. The room had no hearth to be lit, nor candles. Instead, the purple hue of the goddess filled the room. The captains did as they were commanded. Though Xenelith remained standing at the head of the table. "Now someone explain to me how a rebel princess slipped through the gates. No, first, someone tell me how a venerable governor of our great lord could nearly get killed in your city!" Xenelith did not blunt his words. There was real anger on his face. The captains quickly realized what sort of a meeting it would be. The guilty one would be hunted.

They turned on each other within seconds. Yelling across the table at one another, passing the blame and responsibility. For a good minute, Xenelith let them verbally devour themselves. "Silence." He then yelled across the room. The captains did not listen though. So he slammed his fist on the table. "Silence!" The room fell still in an instant. "I don't care who failed what task." He began. "You're all to blame. I have walked this city for barely two days and I can see the putrid rot of corruption around every corner. How many bribes have you taken, or allowed to pass? How many times have your guards turned a blind eye? I should kill half of you for treason." He spat his words and his eyes betrayed a literal truth behind his threat. To him, they had become weak and fat. Being so far from Aklenroth and Daka had turned them soft. To Xenelith, few things were more ugly than a soft, fat, weak dark elf.

He began to walk around the table. The faces of the captains followed him. Many with angry scowls. One spoke: "What do you know of our plight? We have kept Roshmi safe for a century!" He exclaimed. Xenelith pounced next to him.

"Safe? You call Roshmi today safe?" He stared the dark elf captain in the eyes and inched closer. Pushing him deeper into this chair. "The word human is uttered and a house burns down within minutes. A governor was attacked in broad daylight, a rebel princess is still at large and you will tell me this city is safe!?" He pulled away from the captain to look at the others across the room. "This city is not safe."

One dark elf captain got up to protest. But Xenelith cut him off: "Sit! Down!" He stared the captain down again. Who swallowed his words. But apparently one had learned his listen yet. He got up to speak but Xenelith wouldn't have it. He kicked the chair. The dark elf's legs were swept from under him. His head hit the table. Then Xenelith grabbed him and pushed him hard against it. "I am done with your petty defenses." He said. Something dark and deep told him to finish it. To drain the life from the elf and let his hollow husk fall to the floor. To make an example of him. It would work. The others would behave. But at what cost? They were not yet ready.

He released the man, who managed to sit back into his chair. "No more bribes. No more blind eyes. If I find one of your underlings show anything less than a veteran warrior's backbone I will flay him and kill you. Now leave."

The captains got up. Most of them were angry and defiant. He would have to kill one of them for sure. That would be the worst of his tasks: to kill his own kin when needed. Xenelith took no pleasure in killing another dark elf. But he had done it before. He would do anything to safeguard his people. He would make any sacrifice. Even if he had to become a kinslayer.
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Darius & Artemis

Time: Night
Location: Edena
Interaction: @13org Myra | @FunnyGuy Darius

Artemis could only stare at Darius with wide eyes. The poor boy was being hoodwinked by these devils here. She stared at his eyes then his hair. As he tried reassuring Myra, she pursed her lips. His voice was panic stricken but he was trying to hide it for their sake, especially Myra’s. He kept referring to a “it,” and a “crystal” he had crushed to “give him a weapon”. Whatever weapon it was, it was not a friend to Darius. She stood up and smoothed her dress down. Arms folded and impassive, she stared at Darius. Skepticism was boiling inside of her but she needed to be calm for him. He was being possessed by something, but what? She didn’t know for certain, but being on Daka had taught her enough about the dark side of the magic in Avalia. She knew it wouldn’t bode well for him. His best interests weren't in the king’s hands. She bit her lip and felt a surge of fury. The only person she had found who seemed genuinely good-nature, was being turned into a weapon to be used against the rebellion.

”I’m sorry, what are you talking about?” She would start out small and draw out details from him. She was thinking of enchanting him to tell the truth if she had too. The protein she had eaten was giving her more energy and she was beginning to feel slightly better. Her happiness though, was dampened by whatever this human was talking about. ”What crystal are you talking about, and what are you seeing?” Her voice was calm and slightly enchanting, though she wasn’t focusing much on it. She went over to the sink when she felt slightly faint from rushing up so fast. Her body and mind were still recuperating from the past abuse she had suffered. She turned the water on and leaned her elbows into it to hydrate herself more. Then, she fixed her gaze on Darius and waited for the human to respond.

"It was small and red. It let me… it let me see some stuff that I still have mixed feelings about. I wish I hadn't seen what I saw, but I wouldn't still be here if I hadn't…" Darius could tell that Artemis may have known more than he did about the item, so he'd try to share more since it meant he wouldn't have to explain too much on his end. "Anyway, I have to speak to Aklenroth about why he would give me this thing before I agreed to remain in Avalia…" Darius moved towards Artemis by the sink and leaned against the wall beside her. "You seem bothered. If there's something you want to tell me, I'm all ears."

Artmeis looked at him and bit her lip. Crystals often contained dark magic, or even demons inside of them. She had seen many people with obedience gems, while others were consumed by the crystals. She had watched herself lose friends and even family from these horrible things. She sighed and rubbed her cheek with her hand with stress forming inside of her. When he finished talking, she spoke up. Artemis was going to be blunt and to the point. He needed to know the truth. They would likely punish her and it scared her to death but she couldn't watch him go dark either. The humans weren’t supposed to be here and those fucking Elves brought them. God, she hated elves. Still, Darius had helped save her and she felt she owed him for saving her life.

”He did that so you would stay and become his weapon, or for lack of a better word, tool.” She stared him in the eye with sympathy now. Her heart felt like shattering again. She didn’t have any luck. All she wanted was some peace and that wasn’t happening. This boy needed her help whether or not he wanted it or knew. ”He tricked you. Aklenroth didn’t want to lose you so he could use you against the rebellion. They are likely to have many humans of their own, so having one on his side would be in his best interests. He’s not interested in you; Aklenroth doesn’t care about anyone but himself. I’m telling you this because you need to stop while you're ahead and don’t let it consume you. It is clearly already changing you, judging by your hair, eyes and body. I have been on this island long enough to know what takes place here. Darius I know I just met you, but please take my word for it.”

Her eyes filled with sadness as she jumped onto the counter to feel more of the water along her arms. Despite her panic, the water was soothing her. She wanted nothing more than to take this boy and the cute demon away from this land of bullshit and have some peace and quiet. "Fuck…" Artemis had seemed to confirm some of his suspicions. He frowned before taking letting loose a sigh. "This is a lot you know?" He went over her words as he folded his arms at his chest. Concern flooded his face.

Artemis stared at him with a furrowed brow and pursed lips. While he didn’t seem to take it well, he did appear to believe her. The catch though would be helping him without getting herself killed. She sighed heavily and looked at the concern written on his face. ”I’m… I'm here for you.” Though it was awkward, Artemis opened her arms to try hugging him. It had been so long that she almost forgot how to hug someone. To her surprise he hugged her back. It was not a very affectionate hug as Darius seemed distracted by his thoughts. It was more so a reflex for him to hug her back. Fortunately for Artemis, the awkward gesture was quick and she was able to let her arms drop from him. Being kind wasn’t something she had done in years. Her heart was filled with coldness now, but the light that was Darius was shining through. Innocent people being hurt was something she hated to watch. However, she could care less about most of Avalia’s citizens. Only a few species or friends came to mind. Her cold heart couldn’t take losing someone else, especially someone who was genuinely good. Artemis could care less about the war and serving the lich bitch. It could all burn for all she cared, as long as her friends and loved ones were safe.

”I.. I am sorry about your circumstances… I think we should sneak out or catch an amora out of here and go to the city or south to keep us safe. It’s much nicer there and pleasant. You need to get that crystal thing out of you.. Someone in the city could probably help you because nobody here will care except Myra and us.” She was careful with what she said and kept her words calm and gentle. Her gaze didn’t leave Darius, though she scanned the room for security purposes as well. They were filled with sympathy and concern, which was something she hadn’t felt in years. It felt odd to her to feel it and she was slightly uncomfortable but trying her best for Darius.

"No…" Darius didn't even look Artemis in the eyes. His thoughts had jumped from moment to moment since stepping foot on Daka. Skar, Myra, Aklenroth, the crystal, the vault, Kol, Edena, Artemis… He shook his head as a way to assure that he agreed with his own answer. "Leaving seems easy when you say it, yeah, but that's throwing everything out the window to what? Making it out of the castle at best? Humans are wanted and Aklenroth is the only person with a way for all of us to get back home. They need someone who isn't just going to kill them for cash… amas I mean. And like it or not, that's me right now. People think Aklenroth is lying, but he was about to let me leave with no problem… Sure, he's not a good guy, I'm not stupid, but we both want the same thing. A human-free Avalia." Darius said plainly.

Artemis sighed as she listened to Darius. This boy... She rubbed her face again. She didn’t know if it was true that the lich bitch would have let him leave, scott free. There was always a catch with these situations. She turned to face him and leaned against the counter for balance. Artemis was starting to feel lightheaded from standing for so long. ”Your goal is to go home, which I think is admirable at best. You could, and I don’t want to say it, find the elves of the rebellion and ask them to take you home. Aklenroth doesn’t have the DROMS as far as I know but the rebel elves would. I don’t think he would have let you leave that easily. You’re a human and valuable in this world. I can see why you are choosing to stay here, since you would be hunted down and marked a traitor. But do keep what I said in mind, please. I am sure you are smart enough. I will also try helping you out."

Then, Artemis fell silent and studied him. The poor boy really thought he could help the humans. Most of them, were, if not already, sucked into the rebellion most likely. What if they wanted to stay or were kidnapped by the black market? Artemis massaged her temples. The ball would be a wonderful place for bloodshed and finding humans/allies. She didn’t know what to expect, but it would be a good start for Darius. She didn’t respond and avoided eye contact. How long would it be until Darius was no longer himself until ‘The Crystal’ consumed him? Artemis wondered what it would be like when, or if, Darius and or Myra, left. Thus, she’d be alone, but free to do whatever she wanted whenever she pleased. It sounded like a dream come true. She glanced over at Myra and then back away. For now she would stick with them. It was better to not get too attached anyway. Certainly being alone was what she preferred and used too….

She then moved to sit on the bed to appease Myra’s keen interest in it and sighed with relaxation. ”Myra love, this is amazing. You have great taste." Artemis then gradually pushed herself back up and moved to lay on the sofa. Her movements were cautious and slow, and her eyes kept darting around the room. "Also, Darius, I was wondering if I may use the tub, please? I need to be in more water. I'd like privacy." She kept a distance from them as well, unsure of what to do or say next. Would she wake up the next morning? Artemis sure hoped so. She didn’t trust anyone in this castle and wanted to leave as soon as possible. Hopefully they could catch an amora to Roshmi tomorrow and get the hell out of here!
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Time: Night
Location: Roshmi Slums
Interactions: Baraian @Dezuel

Kuroi had looked up at the rooftop that Baraian had set his eyes on before glancing down at his own leg for a few second. With a heavy sigh, he began to run towards the house to try and build up momentum. Although pain began to shoot through his leg, Kuroi made it a point to keep going, blankets in hand. The vulpine ran up the side of the building, trying to use his good leg to kick up as much as possible while making sure his injured leg had to do little to no work. Upon kicking up with his good leg, Kuroi immediately shot his good hand up to try and grab onto a windowsill that was right above him instead of risking hurting himself even more. Barely having caught himself, the vulpine began to growl and grit his teeth, using his free hand and good leg to try and help him up. No use - maybe if he wasn't already exhausted and both of his legs were in top condition, he would have been able to scale to the top with a single arm.

He slowly glanced down at Baraian who probably watched from below, staring at him blankly for a few seconds. "How can I get up here...?" he muttered to himself before looking back up at the windowsill. He blinked a few times before looking down at his good leg, shaking his head in disappointment. Carefully, he pulled himself up as much as possible while slowly sliding the blankets into the crock of his knees. Kuroi winced a little bit, feeling pain shoot up his leg once more. Although the pain would be nowhere near as bad if he had chosen to use both his legs to scale the building, it seemed that he would have to endure discomfort a while longer. With both hands now grabbing onto the ledge, he began to pull himself up onto the windowsill. Honestly, he should have just let Baraian throw the blankets up to him, but the kinder part of him to him not to make the elf work anymore than he needed to. After all, the elf's injuries were arguably worse than Kuroi, and he would certainly need help scaling the house as well.

After what was a grueling fifteen minutes of scaling a building with only his arms, Kuroi collapsed on the flat roof of the house, panting as he released the blankets from the crocks of his knees. He took a few minutes to catch his breath before he slowly knelt up and began to carefully descend the building partway, stopping at the windowsill where he carefully stood, waiting for Baraian to come up. Signaling him, Kuroi awaited for the elf to do his best in scaling the building. The vulpine waited, staring down at the elf as he waited to assist him up the outer walls of the house.
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Time: Evening
Location: Roshmi
Interactions: @Helo-Bowyn @Potter Belle @Dezuel Elthrael

Torvi had fallen very quiet as the exchange between Belle and the stranger happened. Even Bowyn had piped in a bit, but Torvi had turned into her quiet and deadly self that she hadn’t shown yet here in Avalia. The stranger’s comment about peeling them had caused her hand to drift down to one of her axes at her side. If he tried to touch any of them then he would surely lose a hand. Then her eyes drifted to his wings and a small, sadistic smile crossed her face for a brief moment. Perhaps she’d peel one of his wings off his back. Just one, leave him with the second one so he always remembered what he once had. So he’d look disfigured for the rest of his life.

Belle and Elleta both seemed to have very sharp tongues which she would have found quite humorous if it weren’t for the fact that she was intent on watching the man that made her uncomfortable. He seemed to be quite full of himself, claiming to be the only person who could “help” them. Even if that were true, which she was willing to bet money it wasn’t, she’d rather take her chances with anyone else other than him. He was creepy and far too arrogant for her liking.

Finally the owner came over and requested, or more demanded, that he leave. ”The only hint I’ll take from that is that no one can actually stomach befriending you.” Those were the only words she gave him before he left. She also gave the owner a thankful look for stepping in, though she couldn’t blame him. The stranger would have been costing him money at some point if he just took up a table all day and never ordered anything. She’d be irritated as well.

She let out a sigh once the stranger had vanished into the night and then looked between her companions. ”Well I think before we have any other unwelcome guests trying to overhear our conversations we should retire. Are you two staying here for the night?” She asked Belle and Elleta.
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Time: Night
Location: Edena
Interaction: @13org Myra and @Potter Artemis

Darius concealed his disapproval of Artemis' words. It was as if she hadn't heard all of what he just told her, and then there were the inconsistencies with what he thought he knew. Going back and forth wasn't something he was in the mood for and judging by Artemis' changing of the subject, he assumed she felt the same. When she asked about using the tub, he nodded.

"Yeah you can use it… I think I'm going to take a walk, grab a bite to eat and maybe see if we can have amora take you somewhere with some water. You mentioned a place called Roshmi, right?" Darius said as he made his way out of the room. He could tell Artemis disliked being here, even with its better parts like Edena. "I'll be back." Darius put on a smile despite feeling conflicted. He just didn't want anyone to worry and kind of wanted some time to himself.

Once in the hall, his face reflected his true feelings. Artemis could be right. Some things line up, but some of it doesn't make sense. Darius tried to remember it all, as she mentioned quite a lot. Someone like Aklenroth would definitely do some low down shit like making me see images that would make me want to stay… Were they even real?

Darius stopped in his tracks. He was now in a corridor he was not familiar with. It was the same one Kol had carried his unconscious body through. Concern filled him before a bit of reason took hold of his mind.

Even if the visions were false, the possibility was real. The rebels used the DROMs to bring people here at random without concern for who was brought in and where they might end up… And it seems strange they'd put all this effort to bring us here to remove Aklenroth from power, but then just let us go back to Earth if we asked? They do have the DROMs though… but I don't think they can send people back or else Aklenroth would have threatened them to do it. He threatened them to surrender and kill us if need be. And if he has the only way out… Then once they dethrone Aklenroth, they can send the humans home no problem. Darius pondered this as he absent mindedly roamed the castle. By now he was in the less pleasant part of its enormous makeup.

Both sides are using us and both are fucked up in their own right. Aklenroth might be worse, but his side has the advantage. He rules Avalia, he has a way back to Earth… or claims to, and he didn't almost get me eaten by a fucking troll! Then there's the issue of that crystal. Malgormuun is a problem if what Artemis said was true.

Did anything that fish spout seem true to you? She is the true deceiver… Darius almost jumped upon hearing Malgormuun's voice in his head. The demon spoke with venom, which told Darius that he wasn't a fan of Artemis and what she had said. Tell me, why would I show myself to you if I sought to take you over? Better question. Upon discovering her, why did she not reveal herself as what she truly was until you gave her what she wanted? Even now she keeps the whole truth from you… She is no typical mermaid, Darius. Her song belongs to that of a siren, slayer of the seafarers she lures in with the power of her voice… I'm sure you remember hearing it and how it grabbed your attention. Think back, Darius… Alas, I will allow you to make your own decisions regarding her, but we have a deal. Keep your end and I shall keep mine.

Darius didn't answer and instead thought about Malgormuun's words. He made a bold claim about Artemis, and backed it up with their first meeting. Darius shook his head in denial before turning back through the corridor to return to Edena. He moved briskly, filling the empty halls with nothing but the sound of his hard footsteps as he headed to Edena's dining area.

It was there that he spotted not Zorrah, but a pink-skinned humanoid with two cuved horns and the same bright yellow eyes as Zorrah. She was dressed in a white robe, appearing as more of a servant than Zorrah ever did. Another demon… Great.

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