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ᴋ ᴀ ʏ ʟ ᴇ ᴇ ᴊ ᴇ ɴ ɴ ɪ ɴ ɢ ꜱ

Location: Teacher's Lounge, Stockbridge Academy
Date: March 6th, 2019

"Elliot does have a point." Kaylee interjected. "Sure; I doubt that the table leg hold up after a few swings, but there are at least two members of the softball team here, and if anything else, it puts something between us and them."

Maybe there was a chance that they were wrong and it was indeed a stupid idea. But what choice did the group have? Sooner or later they would have to venture out from the teacher's lounge, and like any zombie flick or show, have to arm themselves if they wanted to survive. Despite that being the logical truth, though, Kaylee couldn't help but to feel sickened, at least mentally. She didn't plan on being food for some cannibal, but these were their classmates and teachers mere moments ago, and now they had to beat them to death if they wanted to live another day.

If only this had been a fever dream a few days ago. Kaylee thought, reflecting on the reality of the situation. Then I could've just brushed this nightmare-turned-real off as a fever-induced dream.

"Anyway, some of you probably already know who I am, but for those who don't—I'm Kaylee. Most just call me Kay, though." The softball star continued. "By the looks of it, we don't have a lot in terms of supplies. Some coffee, soda, and other miscellaneous things, mainly. The sink still works, so we seem to have hydration covered for the most part. That leaves food, and I don't think four granola bars are going to feed us all."

Her eyes darted between those surrounding the table. Kaylee was certain that some were going to have issue with what she was about to say, but she wanted to be considerate to the younger ones. "I doubt any of us are on the verge of starving right now, but I have to play devil's advocate. There isn't any way that a few granola bars and whatever snack food everyone has on them is going to last between twelve of us. In short: some of us will have to go hungry, at least the time being."

Kaylee paused to let her words sink in. "So, I propose that those of us who are upperclassmen give up their share to those that are underclassmen here while we figure out our food issue. I know what I'm saying isn't exactly fair, but I feel it is the right thing to do until we find a solution. Thankfully, we have Xan's map and whatever weapons we can find to scout the cafeteria, the vending machines or even the culinary classroom for supplies."

"Who knows, we might even be able to find a way out of the school along the way."

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Elvina Feliz

Location: Teacher's Lounge: Stockbridge Academy

It's hot.

Sweat dripped down her forehead while her fingers traced the countless of rings that scattered about her knuckles. She twisted the one ring that clothed her pinky, a swallow racing down her throat. While her disagreement was announced to all ears, there was no action involved. They were all--still--standing around as if those monsters out there aren't dangerous. Elvina scrunched up her face and let her eyes wander to each person in the tight-nipped room. One kid announced the idea of spreading all items on hand to showcase what could help; another questioned the sanity of everyone else.

At this point, Elvina was lost.

There were countless of ideas cascading out of each person's mouth,

(none were helping)

but not one gave her the guarantee of getting out.

She did, for a split second, think about searching through her handbag. But she knew there was nothing useful on her, in fact, what would a group of teenagers have on them that would help in such a situation like this? Dumbasses. Once again, as if the first idea wasn't ridiculous enough already, someone rambled on and on about what to do and how to go about this whole situation. She threw in a quiet laughter after the speech was done, What the fuck, can I just leave? And then, as if things couldn't get even worse, a kid emerged from the sidelines and spoke about a table leg.

All in all, everything went from one ear and came out the other in complete shit for Elvina. She really didn't care much about everyone or what they had to say; only thing she wanted as of right now, was looking for a window of opportunity to leave.

She stared down at her shoes,

(slightly regretting the damage they’ll be subjected to)

willing herself to control her temper.

She knew how these things ended; zombie movies always had that or group that preached about staying put and waiting for help. That was always the first group to get a harsh taste of reality, usually fizzling out early on. Elvina really needed to figure out how to leave.

Elvina sighed and raised her head, watching those who spoke about what they had on hand and laying it out for all to see. She did a quick look at the loot that was scattered about and turned her attention back onto her purse. Her nose crinkled, there was no way in hell Elvina was going to show her items and she most certainly was not going to share her important materials. Her snacks popped themselves up above the half zipped purse, presenting themselves to her. Sure, she had been hungry but Elvina knew she couldn't waste all in one go; less so, show it to all of her beloved associates(student mates???). Sure as hell dont want this to end up like--what the fuck is that stupid ass book again--flies? pig of the flies?

So, ending off her thought in a conclusion, Elvina zipped up her purse and slung it to her back.

When one of the students asked for an introduction from all, she listened to the names that spilled from each of their mouths. She kept her mouth shut since the introductions were pushed aside to talk about maps and the buildings and all other stupid shit.

Interjecting the conversation, Elvina spoke up.

“You guys are just idiots.” She openly scowled, letting
her clear distaste linger for everyone to see. “Even with putting all our shitty food together, chances are there won’t be enough to go around.”

Elvina pressed her lips into a fine line; she would rather much scream and rage at everyone’s altruistic stupidity, but opted for a cooler—-or so she thought—approach. Plus it’d be just as stupid as them if she took out her frustration on them.

“And,” she continued, “even if it were enough, it would only last us one day. You’re literally asking me to sacrifice myself just because I’m older, major bullshit.”

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Location: Teacher's Lounge, Stockbridge Academy
Interaction: Everyone
Date: March 6th, 2019

Alex was appreciative of the fact that others were standing up to take charge as well. He just hoped that this guy mentioning how they could possibly already be infected wouldn't cause anyone to panic. He looked at each of the people occupying the room and it seemed none of them had gotten, well, more panicky. Everyone was already in a bad mental state but so far no one was doing anything dumb or reckless. He turned to look at the next person to speak up, Kaylee, mentioning how some were in a far worse mental state than others. "I don't know how well alcohol will help but let anyone who wants have at it." Next up was a freshman that Alex did not remember asking what he could do to help. Alex wanted to tell him something, but looking at the kid he needed more help than they did. Alex wasn't the best emotional supporter so he just kept quiet.

Then there was a loud bang. Alex's heart skipped a beat as he was ripped out of his own mind to the outburst of the resident troublemaker. After she grabbed a soda she then joined the conversation giving out odd details about screwdrivers. He pulled out his swiss army knife to help deal with the table legs only to remember that the mechanisms for the thing had been messed up real bad to the point that the screwdriver part had come off years ago. Really should've had the darned thing repaired. He could use the knife part but he heard Fitz ask the girl who had been searching the cabinets if she had found anything good. He turned to the girl to see what she found. The girl seemed to be a complete wreck but was pushing through it. After a while, she dumped what she'd found onto the table. Not much but better than nothing.

Before anyone else spoke some dissent to the table leg idea came along with the request for names from Bill. One of the few people Alex actually somewhat knew. The other Alexander speaking up about a map drew his attention. He started looking over the current state of the map. This little piece of paper would be extremely helpful in developing a plan. He was studying the thing but after someone decided to call everyone stupid Alex decided to speak up.

"Okay, so we're all idiots. Right. We're idiots for trying to come up with a plan rather than running out there with nothing. I will admit that yes using a table leg is a stupid idea. But going out there with no plan and using our hands is a moronic one. So, unless your attitude somehow helps with our situation then I'm going to ignore you for now. Not gonna deal with morons right now." Where Alex was scared and nervous before he had now added a little bit of frustration. He at least knew Bill and her general attitude didn't really bother him that much. Especially since she seemed to want to help. Along with the others in the room. But this girl didn't even seem like she'd be on their side.

"Going without food for a bit won't be a big deal if we can get to the cafeteria. There should be a lot there. But if we give the food to anyone it probably should be whoever we have expending the most energy. Meaning whoever uses the table legs. So, how about we move this stuff off the table and actually get those legs off. I have a knife. Here's a quarter. Oh, and my name is Alex like him. Call me whatever you like." After saying that, Alex fishes a quarter out of his pocket and hands it to Elliot. He then begins grabbing some of the things from the table moving them.
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𝗝𝗮𝗱𝗲𝗻 𝗞𝗻𝗮𝗽𝗽

Teacher's Lounge // Stockbridge Academy
While everyone was either trying to make use of the tablet legs or searching for supplies, Jaden was still eager to get out of the school. Especially with the death of their best friend on mind. They were unable to completely understand what truly happened during the stampede. But the one thing that was impossible to forget was the scream. Jaden wanted to cry and yell to the heavens; yet, they knew that doing so would have brought more trouble. So they kept their mouth shut. Until, one of the theater kids, Alex, suggested the dumb idea of staying at the school. Jaden cringed at the idea and decided to keep their mouth shut for now.

While everyone was planning their next move, Jaden was already set on getting to his vehicle. It was the golden ticket out of here. They went to sit on the ground while others were introducing themselves and discussing the next move. Then, he saw the flask from one of their classmates. The thought of alcohol usually disgusted them. But reflecting on the entire situation...

Fuck it.

Jaden stood up while someone was calling them idiots and walked towards the flask. They grabbed it and took a sip to calm their nerves. It didn't taste as bad as they were told. But it was a little warm to his liking. They paid little attention to the argument. But they assumed that everyone was planning on spending the night here. That was a dumb idea but a perfect opportunity to finally say something.

Jaden chuckled and made their way towards the rest of the group.

"Actually, I have a better plan that doesn't involve dying."

Jaden pulled out his car keys and shook them. "Six of us get to my car and leave this hellhole. It's just sitting in the parking lot with a decent tank of gas. Anyone that doesn't want to spend the night here is more than welcome to follow me."

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“And how exactly are you going to get to your car, moron?”

Fitz rolled her eyes before she looked at Jaden with a icy glare.

“In case you forgot, or were not listening at the assembly when we were sophomores, the Principal, in his great wisdom decided to install magnetic fucking locks on the doors and some kind of super glass on the windows. We're not going to be able to just walk outside during this lockdown. If we could just walk outside we'd fucking do it. Fuck. I'd fucking do it. But that's not fucking possible, now is it?”

As far as Fitz could tell, this was frustrating.

Jaden Knapp was nearly panicking, and with that anxiety had forgotten something pretty important. But, then again, a lot of kids at Stockbridge didn't tend to remember much from the administrative assemblies. Maybe her memory was better. Maybe she paid attention. Truthfully, the fact of the matter was that Fitz would have probably forgotten about her princpal's big renovations in lieu of the epidemic of school shooters had one of Fitz's closest friends not decided they were running for Student Council. A friend that she wondered if they had made it into another room and was having the same debates with an equally anxiety-prone group.

The blonde sighed as she put her hand to her temples, as if everything that was being said and done was giving her a migraine, and truthfully it was pretty close. Between people thinking they could just make a run to the doors and the talk of splitting food up, Fitz was pretty done with this particular group she was stuck with barring a few exceptions. After stopping to think for a minute as a moment of silence filled the room, Fitz walked over to where the food was and swiped “her share” of one of the bars and stuffed it in her pocket, indicating that she not only agreed with Elvina but also thought Kaylee’s idea was so dumb that it didn’t even deserve a response.

She moved her hand and gestured toward Alex #2.

“Alex is right. The cafeteria is the best bet while we figure things out. It’s the smartest idea. If anybody doesn't agree, they're free to leave with chuckles and become a buffet line.”

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Stockbridge Teacher's Lounge,

With Everyone,

Day 1

Colmillo certainly didn't like all the conflict that seemed to be rising like steam around her.

People were all trying to dominate each other or trying to suggest new things like apes battling for supremacy. Over what? A room full of scared teenager. Colmillo, of course, really liked what the small brunette had to say and almost immediately felt herself gravitate toward her. But she listened to the others. Xan's idea was technically useful. While the school was on lock down having maps of the places they had trapped the zombies in the building with. Of course... that was was if they could get past all the bickering.

The downcast girl looked over at Dontae speaking to the taller black boy in the room, this calmed her a little. At least amidst these tensions someone was making sure he was alright. Colmillo had always had an easier time speaking to people younger than her. Or, at least... less intimidating than her-- but Dontae had someone much more level headed then her to speak to right now. As she continued to think, the conversations continued around her.

Elliot-- that was the second blonde's name. Apparently she had a reputation around the school? Colmillo had never heard of her. But in her refutation of the Short Brunette Colmillo found herself in support of, Colmillo learned several things about her; 1) She either had a short memory or she was a hypocrite-- calling the short brunette out for foul language seemed particularly rude since Elliot's first spoken word since entering the room was literally GODDAMMIT! followed directly by Fuckin'-- she was pretty sure she had said something else-- and that wasn't to mention, she certainty hadn't come to the aid of her or Dontae's precious virgin ears when other's had cursed. Maybe it was just a joke? But it seemed like a power play to Colmillo, a subtle was of establishing dominance. 2) She was completely psychotic. To say we should just go outside and swing table legs around because it might make people feel good? She knew they had been calling them zombies, but Colmillo was only just now realizing none of the people so hungry for combat with these things might not have considered they behaved like fictional zombies.

Colmillo continued to stray further from Kay-- Kaylee was her full name-- ideologically as she agreed with Elliot. Though she did at least appreciate her suggestion that the underclassmen eat first, though, Colmillo wasn't particularly hungry. At least, that was what she told herself. Then the loud pretty girl spoke up-- expressing frustration, which was fair in this situation--- that was much healthier than rushing head first into violence with an enemy you knew nothing about, Colmillo thought. The girl could have Colmillo's share, if she wanted... oh, but how was she going to manage that? She was so pretty, and social interaction was really hard...?

Then (Colmillo hated casting this judgement on people) the only person who was an even bigger idiot than her in the room, Colmillo learned his name was Alex. He admitted his table leg plan was idiotic, then he doubled down on it, saying it was even dumber to run out without anything-- which isn't what the loud pretty girl had suggested at all? She had only really seemed to criticize the rationing plan-- which could easily be talked through if we just took a second to let tensions die. But of course, the apes had to fight for dominance. It seemed Alex was so insecure in his own idea he was resorting to being rude and mean to people who were just having natural panic responses.

Colmillo was a patient girl, and she'd be patient with everyone here, including Alex. Though, she was never particularly fond of... testosterone.

She'd noticed while all the talking was going on she'd kind of slowly made her way behind the short brunette girl, as if hoping the smaller girl would somehow protect her from the tensing chaotic conditions of the room. Colmillo noted Fitz and the boy who was crying earlier arguing, making sure everyone else was distracted with something else before making her move. Colmillo was practically a giraffe compared to the girl with the ponytail, by her estimation she nearly had a foot on her, anyone not focused on something else might notice evidence of Colmillo's vocal capabilities. Luckily Colmillo naturally tended to blend into backgrounds, so at least she had that going for her. With a sigh, she went for it.

"Hey," She whispered into the girls exposed ear with a shaky voice, "So um... I agree with everything you said, It's completely stupid to try fighting those things, especially since a lot of us are still in shock-- I honestly think some of the people so willing the fight things that can overpower grown men might be experiencing trauma induced psychosis or something, you know?" Her eyes darted around the room nervously as she let out a nervous breath, "Speaking of the others, um can you please not tell them... I spoke to you? Or that I can speak at all? I know it seems like a weird ask, it's just... I'm weird, and an idiot... and I don't know... I've never really done people? I've always tried to be very patient with people, and I'll keep trying, but some of them are really starting to scare me? If that makes sense? Probably not. You actually seem really-- ugh, nevermind. Just, please? Colmillo almost pulled away before adding, "Oh, right, my name is Colmillo, um, Russell-Jones if that matters. You can tell people that, if you want."

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Teacher's Lounge

Boy, this particular group was all over the place; if Elliot had been forced to do a group project with them she figured nothing would get done or else she would put together the tri-fold poster board and everyone else would argue over whether or not the font choice was stupid or not. It was easy to shoot down an idea - especially when you both had no counter idea and no real reasoning behind it other than saying it's a stupid idea - but Elliot's opinion on certain peers in the lounge was declining despite barely knowing any of them. No one in the lounge ran in the circles she ran in, and no doubt they probably made their assumptions about her from the moment she punched the vending machine. The only ones Elliot didn't think was missing the forest for the trees were Fitz and Kaylee and the two Alex's; one of them at least came up with a better plan than 'bitch at people wanting something to defend themselves' and the other could draw maps. Or a map. Helpful, to say the least.

Though a quarter was handed to her - with an appreciative nod from Elliot to Alex - she had a moment's pause as Fitz' remark seemed to stick with her. Not the crack about them not being able to get to a car, but moreso the state of the school. Despite Elliot's grades, it wasn't as if she spent an extreme amount of time at school, other than after school detentions, so the finer points of its design weren't something she was familiar with. "Hold up, you said lockdown?" Elliot turned her attention away from the trashbin girl to Fitz. Elliot might've been smart but that didn't mean she listened much when the adults were talking about safety measures and whatnot. "We can't get out and that sucks, but doesn't that also mean that more can't get in? Not exactly great news, but if anyone's got a yearbook layin' around that could at least give us a rough estimate as to the numbers, though we can probably assume in some bathroom or classroom there's another group of people arguin' if taking the legs off of desks is a good idea or not." Elliot Springfield, ever the optimist.

"There's just one issue with the cafeteria idea - which, I mean, a change of location is solid - and that's the fact that the cafeteria is bigger than the lounge which means we have no way of knowing how many are in there, if any, and we'd have to protect it, right? It might be a good option, but not if we don't have something to put between us and them. Hence..." Elliot gestured towards the table like she was presenting a prize on The Price is Right, the finest in programming for the discerning individual who was ditching school.

"It's not like we're suggesting we play baseball with the fuckin' things - the creepers being the ball - that's stupid. But when all you've got is a blunt object made of sheet steel, that's better than offering your arm for the taking. Some of ya'll are scared or whatever, but we can't stay here forever. If you're scared, use it. Not to get into a science lesson but fear and adrenaline and fight-or-flight are kinda connected, and I'm not sayin' we fight. I don't know any of you particularly well but like it or not we're in this together right now, and I'm not particularly keen on losin' anyone."

"You don't have to like me or anyone else, but the way I see it, so long as we're all here, we're all responsible for one another."

Somehow, Elliot figured the response would be the collective people in the lounge calling her an idiot. Whatever, she'd been called worse. But from where she was standing, this was essentially a super serious group project where instead of pass or fail it was life or death - and Elliot was not someone who liked to fail group projects.
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Location: Teacher's Lounge -- Group Discussion

Words were only getting them so far.

It seemed with every wave of new ideas there was an equally proportionate voice that eroded away at any thought of entertaining an idea. It was clear as day the anger was wearing thin on the faces of the many teenage high schoolers in such a cramped room. Unfortunately for Xan he had exhausted all of his usefulness for the time being, despite being quite the introvert and avid PC gamer, no matter of zombie portrayal in media would help him survive this. He had no provisions to offer in the beginning unless you count a crumpled paper bag with apple slices with brown discolorations.

Saying the heat wasn’t getting to him would be nothing but a farce. All the talking and closed airways was turning the room into the sauna. Surely dying in a sauna would have been better than being torn to pieces by the undead, too bad they couldn’t just feed exhaust fumes from Jaden’s car into the room. At least that would have been less painful than this. Elvina’s sudden tongue lash was equally as hot as the rising temperature in the room. She had a point, seniority in this case was anything but helpful. But then again none of this squabbling was getting them anywhere either.

And so, the carousel of arguments went on and on while even Xan’s patience began to wear thin. Just as he was about to join the disorder, Elliot spoke up once again. There was some sort of soothing property to her speech, something he only read in comics when Scott Summer or Stever Rodgers spoke to rally their respective teams together. It was about time everyone put their differences aside and worked together to get out of this room at least. Taking the first steps out of the rest of the crew, Xan walked towards Elliot. Taking his place adjacent to her he looked at the rest of the lounge and raised his arm as if being called on by the teacher. “I agree, lets just get out of here. After we find a way outside you don’t have to stick around if you don’t want to. We can get that far at least, right?”
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