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ᴅᴏᴡɴᴛᴏᴡɴ ᴀᴘᴀʀᴛᴍᴇɴᴛ » ᴛʜᴇ ʙᴀʟʟ
ᴄᴀʀᴘᴇ ᴅɪᴇᴍ; ᴄᴀʀᴘᴇ ɴᴏᴄᴛᴇᴍ; ᴄᴀʀᴘᴇ ᴠɪɴᴜᴍ

Blooming against the sunrise, love ascends in dire strokes, painted pink through the lines of the sky to die a violent death in against night's shield and carried to mourn upon an empty pyre. Cupid spreads her ashes through the city, accustomed to the smell of cigarette butts and alleyway piss. To stand by and let love fall upon the sword seemed a grave sin, yet Cupid found himself at wits end to the humans that throw her children to the pits every single, godsdamned day. It puts a sour pinch to the lines on his forehead.

There upon the fire escape of a dingy apartment complex somewhere in the whatever-side of Seattle, three pairs of legs tangled in the white satin sheets. Enthralled in such poisonous passion with a glare stinging the skin of their sweat-ridden flesh. Disgusting. Even if the old lady beneath him shouted slander at what she perceived as a wandering perv. It mattered not to the scorned love deity what humans thought of him as he slowly brought the camera to his face.

Click. Click. Click.

Purely digital cameras didn't come with the satisfying shutter-click of past cameras, so the disappointed Cupid had to think of the sounds trailing in his head every time he pressed the capture button. Though, he couldn't quite make out the man's face. He clicked his tongue at the images saved before staring back through the window. His hand came to rap loudly at the glass to the utter shock and terror of each participant. He waved, clicked the camera a few times again with a bright smile and proceeded to sail down the fire escape. Giddiness welled in his stomach to a giggle as his hand came to shove the bird in the old lady's face, though he immediately regretted that as a shoe came slapping against the back of his head as he descended to the second floor.

"Ah fuck," Cupid yelped out, tilting over the railing as he tumbled to the ground below. The air gusted out of him in a loud 'oof' accompanied by the thud of his entire body slamming against the piss-smelling pavement. To think a man of his caliber succumbed to smelling like piss the entire way home? It took a few good minutes and the clamor of a very furious man to get Cupid back to his feet.

"Hey, fuck you dude! Get the fuck back here!" the man screamed, nearing the bottom of the stairway.

"No, fuck you, piece of shit!" Cupid coughed out, throwing a glare behind him, "I hope someone shoves your cock in a woodchipper and gives you dick-tetanus." After another flurry of insults, Cupid booked it on a limp, ducking in and out of whatever alley didn't throw him into a dead end. There was no worry for his life, but rather for the security of his own job. Before long, Cupid had found himself some measure of safety in a cab heading straight for home. The day would be coming to an end by the looks of the bleeding sky and after sending a number of photos to his client, he had a ball to attend to.

With the rose of the sky came the purpling of night that beckoned him down. Though the tears shed over the phone, Cupid hadn't really offered many platitudes to the troubled wife. She knew when she hired him what her husband was capable of, that much felt evident in the tone of her e-mail. Yet, Cupid knew that the solidity of evidence he provided cemented that knowledge in her head and drained her willpower until the tears came.

This was par for the course for him: a suspecting spouse called or e-mailed knowing full well what they were asking for, then they get the confirmation they'd known a long, long time ago and bawl to him. At first, it did tug at his heart, but he knew how fickle humans could be. He knew that they'd fall into something, dipping their toes into the void they'd made of love and taint it with a drop of obsession, or a flicker of desperation that would soon tumble into some unhealthy specter of the love he'd given his patrons so freely.

So, he hung up with an apology and a goodbye, even as she wailed on in his ear and turned toward his closet. Perhaps he should have stopped by the Roman house. He had an assortment of suits given to him by his mother just waiting for this such occasion. As luck would have it, he ran out of time attending to business and had to settle for finding something presentable in his conspiratorial nut cave.

A sigh left him as papers stuck to his feet and a cup of coffee had tilted onto a pile of pictures. Cupid gripped his hair, let out a quiet "fuck," before carefully stepping over more and more mess toward his closet. That aggravation soon melted at the sight of many, many wrinkled suits and button ups hiding two rather dashing pieces he'd somehow stowed away in here.

"Perfect!" he grabbed the closest one and threw it against his bed, ready to dive head first into Roman debauchery — boring, most likely, with his father eyeing some twink and his uncle grumbling about how he used to rule over subjects. He didn't let the idea stop him, though, as he went about his merry rituals.

Not a soul would ever look upon the ethereal Cupid and see the disheveled, angry mess mortality left him. Not at this very moment, at least. Like his mother, Cupid could look radiant when he wanted, suit pressed just right against the forms of his lithe muscles and eyes pierced like syrup dripping against the golden waves of his hair. A Roman, no matter their inner turmoil, stood statuesque against the starlight and Cupid found himself no different in the purposeful posture that pushed him past the crowd gawking at the door.

Well, uh, gawking at whoever came in behind him because they barely noticed his grumbling form squeezing through yelling reporters and cameramen. It didn't and would never matter just how good he looked if no dime could carry his name. Even as he groaned through the crowd, Cupid still felt this preferable to the endless barrage of questions and snapping cameras. Though, he felt the twinge of curiosity that sparked him when he looked back, eyeing the number of individuals finding their way in through various means to either avoid the masses or bear their teeth at them.

Even at the behest of curiosity, Cupid refused to attend a conclave. A cackle of deities yelling over each other about whodunnit this time? It chafed his skin just thinking about it. The information seemed pertinent now, but Cupid would rather find out the hard way who had sparks of divinity running thick in their veins. Though, upon entering he could quickly make out his parents, one giving Jupiter the shit-eatingest stare through the cracks of his mask and the other trailing her hand against a stark beauty glistening in the crowd of people mingling in the center. Though they blended well, Cupid's astute eyes could make out the brilliance of his mother just about anywhere. That and he could smell the scent of something sweet that could only come from what she shared with moonlit woman so close to her.

Once the his mother had sealed her goodbye with a kiss, she fell to the wisps of the crowd in an instant and Cupid just barely lost the trail until he swept himself along the edge. "Guess I can put this on grandpa's tab," Cupid grinned, snatching a bouquet of flowers to accompany the present he'd bought his mother not a few weeks ago — with pilfered checks from his father, of course. Thus, he dove headfirst into the crowd to find the ephemeral trail of emerald splashed against the edge of his eyesight.

His hand dove out through the heated fog of people into an emerald haze, grasping the gold of his mother's wrist with gentle insistence. The honey of his eyes pressed past the mist of perfume that settled in his lungs to reveal the bright smile gifted only by the curled lips of his mother's grace. "Forgive me my disrespect, mother," Cupid said in hushed tones riddled and dripping with excitement to the backdrop of a font of unconditional love, "Forgive my absence, as well. I do hope I can atone for that with the promise of a gift?" He revealed the flowers in his hands with his shoulders lifted and head bowed ever so slightly in a show of sheepish apology. In his other he'd opened a small box to reveal a rose-gold necklace gleaming with emerald stones in fortunate serendipity.

"Unless, of course, an empire beckons?" Cupid gave a wink, willing to bow out until his mother finished her business.

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En Route to the Charity Event
Skadi & Ra

“Tonight, Fugalia Technologies is hosting what is being coined a “Charity Ball”. The guest list is impressive to say the least-“

“Impressive? It’s ostentatious , Stacey! The amount of money gathering in that hall is at least a small nation’s worth.”

“Yeah, but you’d be lying if you said you wouldn’t die l for a spot on that guest list.”

“I mean, who wouldn’t? Who are you most excited to see on the red carpet?”

“Obviously the fabulous Leona, I’m sure she’ll be a stunner. I heard Karen Bailey will be there too, she was just awarded at the International Medical Conference over the past weekend for her work as an OBGYN.”

“Which is great but I can’t wait to see Marcus Salvius, or Eden Amor, oooh or Jackson Drake. My mouth is water already at the thought of what’s to come.”

There is light laughter among the line-up of female hosts as they move onto other pressing topics of the night. The sound of their voices is just a background noise as Skadi applies her finishing touches to her makeup. A part of her wants to pout at not being among the mentioned attendees, but she quells that part of her with a reminder of her present identity. She is the granddaughter of the late Syvia Kaldr, record breaking Olympic Gold Medalist from London, and a professor at Seattle University. No longer a shining star in the eyes of the mortals, but not entirely removed from her past lives either.

The serenity she felt while gliding along the ice was second only to skiing across the snow capped mountains of her home. The memories of fond times long before she became a goddess were never far from the reaches of her mind, to this day she remembers the rumbling laughter of her father and warmth he held only for her in his sky blue eyes. The Norse goddess does not yearn for her place in Asgard like the others might, a godhood plagued with loneliness was worthless to Skadi. Even trapped to live out an eternity following after some obscured object was more preferred than the aforementioned fate. As long as she had her friends and could experience love over and over again, all would be well in her eyes.

“Rameses~ we’re going to be late if you keep staring at yourself in the mirror.” a glittering of laughter softened her words as she took a seat on one of the stools at the island to buckle her sparkling heels around her ankles, the last touch she needed for reappearance tonight among her fellow gods.

The haughty ruler of the sands scoffed but nevertheless continued on with his preening standing before the full length mirror stationed against the wall of his private quarters. "One must not rush perfection, ملكة الثلج. Besides, the main event has yet to arrive, and we shall be punctually late." The blizzard blue of the threads and the deep, patterned navy sark below fitted to his frame accentuated his physique exquisitely. How could he not admire himself for more than fifteen? Adjusting the lapel of his jacket, once more and deeming himself suitable for consuming gazes, Ra sauntered forth from his dwelling. It wasn't until he came across the hall's looking glass that he took a moment of pause to check himself out once more. This time for sure he made it towards his friend's awaiting form and extending an arm for her to take he dipped his head low in a respectable bow.

"I dare say my little زهرة الشتاء , you look positively sublime," Ra punctuated his observation with a lingering kiss to the tops her milky knuckles. The skin beneath his palms was smooth to the touch, but strong. Hardy yet delicate in appearance. The hands of someone who knew hard work and discipline well. Truly was she a goddess that dwelled among the frigid airs of snow capped mountains. He could only imagine the sight of her in her natural habitat. What a sight she truly must have been. A sense of reverence passed through him every time he thought of it. The past.

The architect relinquished the brush of his lips from her hands and a heavy sigh that brought him back to the present. In an instant he was standing to his full height, even in her heels she still only reached his chin, and made a huge and unnecessary gesture forward, leading them to their front door and out towards their chariot for the evening. Ever the king to put on a show for his own sake. Loss of his crown had affected him, though he truly wanted to continue creating, evolving those creations to the best versions they could be. Skadi knew what that was like on some level, what with providing private skiing lessons to those who wanted to improve, so too did she want them to improve. No?

The dress Skadi wore flowed with her movements. A billow of sheer white fabric softened the commanding nature of her posture and gait. With head held high, shoulders squared and hips swaying just enough to entice, she followed after her closest confidant. Elegant and intimidating were often the whispers she heard among her students, and comments made of her when she would take to the ice and monopolize on the first place awards during the figure skating season.

“I’m surprised you didn’t go with a solid gold suit, Ra.” Skadi mused as she easily slid into the backseat of the Phantom nodding a thanks to the chauffeur that offered aid, “Not that I need to tell you, and perhaps I shouldn’t, lest your ego inflate any further, but you look gorgeous.

With all the grace a king should possess and then some, Ra circled around to the other side of the vehicle and slid into his spot beside the winter goddess. A knowing grin split his features and his posture seemed to only straighten more at the compliment, "I know, but do feel inclined to say it more often. It's not like I'm going to stop you." Cheekiness was a color not many were privy to witness. Except for Skadi. She was someone outside the realm of his pantheon — ilk that he has not laid eyes upon in centuries — that didn't have an adverse reaction to his presence.

Scenery faded away along either side of them as they were carted from their shared home towards the charity event. A question on his tongue, burning to be let loose into the compartment, "What is it the Romans are playing at," eyes of molten amber track the goings on outside the window as they zoom down the street, bobbing and weaving between traffic. "Hosting an event such as this and so publicly as well? During a time that is met with ill will towards one another, it's just childish." His tone was drained but it didn't stop the gleam in his gaze at being able to bear witness to the cluster fuck that would most definitely take place within the course of the evening.

It was exciting to say the least and something the both of them so desperately needed to ring in their resurgence back into the fray that is warring pantheons of gild and gold and treachery. Ra could almost smell it. Creation and destruction at it’s finest.

Skadi wasn’t nearly as interested in the scheming and plotting of the other pantheons but she could not deny watching their plots unfold. The news of a God’s death had been whispers on the wind, at first it was meant with a contemptuous snort and uncaring wave of her hand. But her initial assumptions on the nature of this death had been uprooted when she spoke with The Morrigan at the university they both worked at.

‘Cut clean’ were the words used to describe the string of fate designated to Hephaestus. The situation was peculiar in the least, and a great deal unnerving, but she wasn’t fond of those latter feelings and focused on the mess that was surely going to arise when everyone’s questions were answered.

“I’ve not the attention span nor patience to scheme like you kings spend your time doing. I’d rather spend my days frolicing through meadows and doing my womanly duty of being felt and not heard.” Skadi gave a dramatic huff as she leaned back against the door placing the back of her hand to her forehead, “But modern men don’t fuck like they used to, Ra, so I guess I’ll settle for enjoying the show of our fellow ‘dignified’ gods succumbing to their egotism and avarice and fighting amongst themselves.” Skadi’s glacier eyes sparkle like far off stars in the passing street lights and the mischief painted on her cute pout is a telltale of her jesting.

"You just haven't had the right man," he chuckled darkly as he sidled up closer to the huntress yet refrained from unwanted touch. The first time he had made that mistake was his last. "Oh and they will find themselves at each other's throats. It is in their nature to bear fangs against those believed to be enemies..." The words spoken were that of someone very familiar with taking what was believed to be rightfully his. As with many things, past and present, in the life of Ra, regalia was viewed as pedestrian. Even when he was king of all of Egypt it wasn't something he was particularly content about. He relished in the worship and the adoration that was thrown at his feet, but the god was more absorbed in the glory that came with seeing his creations flourish.

Would he deny that he misses the days where the name Ra was whispered on the lips of devotees? Absolutely not. A sound that would dance on his ears and in his soul for a millennia to come were it to be so. Even to hear it from another being writhing beneath him and tangled in sheets of silk and cotton, sheen of sweat coating one another like a second skin. Oh, how he longs for long, cool nights in the arms of a worthy partner once more. Thoughts of his beloved Sun Spot flit across his mind's eye before being tugged back to the present at the slow roll of their chariot coming to a stop.

Lights flashing outside the windows, they were protected for a time, however now their presence would be made known to the rest of the world, and to their pantheons. The time of soul searching, rebuilding and rebranding oneself and everything in between had now run its course and was coming to a head. A number of mortals were crowded just past the barrier the car provided, though their voices carried through. An annoyance at the very least, but it also provided a well timed reprieve from being out of the loop for so long. "Just as it is in their nature to bear necks to those higher in the food chain." Turning back to his gorgeous date, her hand in his once again, a kiss of his breath lightly played upon her skin. The chauffeur was already at the ready, hands on the handle of the door, prying it open and exposing the two occupants to the flashing of bulbs and a chorus of questions, "Come my little زهرة الشتاء, let us make them envious of the time they spent outside of our presence."

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casually hating mortals again, lusting for that d, ready for the show

“I understand your urgency, Mr. Oakley, but the Vice-Mayor is just not comfortable making any big decisions until-”

“Of course, Mr. Vaughn. The silky smooth tones of Pan's voice slipped in amongst Mr. Vaughn's nervous words, stealing his thunder before he knew he had it. "Honestly, that seems so formal, I’ve been on the phone with you every day the past two weeks, trying and trying to get a meeting scheduled, and so, I feel, like maybe we’re on a first name basis. Am I right, Jerry?” Pan’s back and forths with the mayor's office had grown increasingly vexing. Had it occurred to them that their precious mayor had gone and gotten himself killed?

Stunned silence gripped the other end of the line. Jerry Vaugn may have been realizing that, although Peter Oakley was right about how many times they’d spoken in the past two weeks, he’d never handed out his first name. That morsel of information had been dug up, easily enough by Pan, among more personal details. If he was smart enough to figure grasp any of that, Pan never let him seize the victory.

“Look, Jerry, I like you. So I’ll be straight forward. I’m starting to feel, like mayyyyyyybe, the Vice-Mayor is avoiding me. Is that right, Jerry?” Pan’s words had an unmistakable edge to them, a tenor that grated against the nerves and screamed out ‘Danger!’

“No, no, no, of course not sir. It’s just, well, like I said, with the current uncertainty-”

“Jerry. The mayor has been missing for damn near three weeks. I’m not sure how much true crime you watch, but most disappearances turn into homicides after forty eight hours. Tell the Vice-Mayor I’ll be stopping by tomorrow, to discuss the deal I’d been working on with his predecessor.”

Jerry’s response was cut off by Pan’s thumb against the glass screen of his phone as he rolled his head back, groaning at the stupidity of mortals. He was trying to save them, couldn’t they see that? In the world of business however, good intentions were few and far between. How much easier this would be if they understood a currency other than money.

A text from Mars sent vibrations coursing through his phone and up his forearm. The message brought a smile to his face, lifting the burden of anger from his shoulders. He took a picture of his suit and sent it along with a message to tease his god of war.

To: Sir
Does this answer your question?

The weeks following the Conclave had found him starting most mornings in Mars’ arms, basking in the memories of the previous night. He didn’t know what to call their dalliances, their sudden entanglement, but he knew he didn’t want it to end. Where it might lead was known only to the Fates, but wasn’t that half the fun?

The thought of Mars was the only thing keeping him from telling the driver to change course and head for home. Well, Mars, and the distinct possibility that this night would go up in flames sooner, rather than later. If the guest list was to be believed, he wouldn’t be surprised if the night ended with a dead mortal and an investigation on behalf of the SPD. He couldn’t miss that, now could he?

As his limo approached the venue, the quiet he’d grown accustomed to faded, replaced by the slamming of car doors and the shouts of reporters. As his ride slowed to a halt in front of the entrance, Peter Oakley stepped out, smiling for the cameras. Modern architecture loomed above him, a ghastly beast of concrete and glass. Disgusting. Did the mortals realize they were dancing on a grave tonight?

“Mr. Oakley! Could you give a statement on your company’s new relationship with Triarri Corp? Do you think their history with fossil fuels weakens your company’s core values?” A reporter called out, notepad in hand.

Ever the charmer, Pan’s smile never faltered, even as his blood boiled. What did this mewling child know about his core values, about what he had done for the earth? He had spilled blood for these forests, gone to war for the plains. What had this boy done? Bought reusable grocery bags?

“If we seek to bring about the future, we’ll need all the help we can get. My partnership with Mr. Salvius is built on the foundation of transitioning Triarri Corp into a future that is powered by green energy. If anything, I think this move is representative of our core values. We don’t want to push out the companies that have helped build this world, but to change them, bring them into the new world. Hopefully Seattle is just as welcoming to that sentiment.” Pan punctuated his brief monologue with a curt nod, offering the cameras a few more angles before breaking for the door.

He breathed a sigh of relief once he was away from the vultures that circled outside. He spotted Venus and Cupid, engaged in conversation. From the shadows came Timor, wreathed in fear and loathing, followed shortly thereafter by one of Artemis’ Maidens, and then, the Sun and Moon themselves. Interesting. Artemis was bold to bring her spies out tonight, but he couldn’t say he was terribly surprised, or unhappy. Any info she gathered could be made of use to him, one way or another.

After a moment’s searching, he found Mars, standing next to Jupiter and looking down over the party. He had half a mind to interrupt whatever words they were sharing, but he kept himself restrained. There’d be time for his Roman tonight. Wearing a smile that only hinted at the devilish creature that lay beneath his youthful features, Pan grabbed a drink, and waited for the other shoe to drop.

mentions: Mars, via text @Gothelk
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Meet Me On 24th Street

In a previous life, the cameras would’ve turned towards Hera the moment she stepped out of her car, lights flashing to capture her dress. Dr. Karen Bailey, however, was no celebrity. Outside of the medical world, her name held much less weight than others, and she was able to move to the entrance unscathed by the prying reporters. The interior left something to be desired, but it had been decorated well. She would’ve done better, of course, but what could you do?

Hera made champagne her first priority, an easy decision once she saw how many gods had already arrived. Artemis and Athena were making rounds, Odin’s son was perched along one wall, and she could spy the shape of one of Mars’ wretched twins lurking in the shadows. And still, more were arriving, scattered amongst the mortals, dredged up from whatever depths they’d been forced to hide away in. If this night ended without bloodshed, she’d be surprised.

Sipping from her champagne flute, Hera gracefully made her way around the edge of the ballroom, eyes scanning the guests. Was her son’s killer here tonight? Watching her? Laughing at her? She felt certain they were. She still needed to set a date to meet with Ares, gather what he knows. She was losing time, she knew it. How much longer could she sit on her hands? She had found herself in desperate need of a devil to make a deal with.

Speaking of a devil, Bakunawa, or most known by mortals as Jessica Mondragon joined the party in her black party dress.. She didn’t receive any invitation to attend said festivities but a crime boss had her own connections. Her eyes scanned the crowd, looking at the various gods and goddesses milling with each other and other mortals. They laughed and smiled, seemingly enjoying the night in their ignorant bliss. Despite them being reduced to nothing but a fraction of their former god-like selves, they still couldn’t care less when one of their kin was mysteriously murdered. Bakunawa wanted to take the credit for it but eh, maybe next time.

She blended with the crowd, taking a glass of champagne from a waiter’s tray before she casually walked to the edge of the ballroom. She crossed her arm beneath her bosom and took a sip from her drink when her eyes spotted a blonde woman alone a few feet away from her. She couldn’t believe Hera, the queen of Olympus, was here. A smile crept up on Bakunawa’s pretty face as she approached the Grecian goddess. She wanted to see if she could add this powerful woman as one of her connections.

”Hope you don’t mind the company. It gets boring around these parts.” Bakunawa said as she casually stood beside Hera. ”I’m not really much of a party person myself but I must say, it’s nice to mingle and walk among these people of high status. Makes you realize that they’re just as human as you are, whatever that means in today’s society.” She chuckled before taking a sip of her champagne and then turned to Hera, offering her a hand. ”Jessica Mondragon, business woman and sea turtle advocate. Pleased to make your acquaintance. Love your dress by the way.”

Hera’s gaze traveled lazily over this strange woman’s form. There was something familiar to her face, not that she could place it. The nagging thought was quickly dismissed, in favor of forced pleasantries. Dr. Bailey still had a reputation after all. “Dr. Karen Bailey,” she said, taking Jessica’s hand and giving it a firm shake. “I’d tell you where I bought it, but I’m afraid it’s an original,” Hera continued, her voice rich with a certain privilege only the most powerful knew. “I’m sorry, you seem familiar. Have we met?”

”I get that a lot.” The Philippine goddess said, finishing up what’s left on her glass before speaking again. ”Don’t worry, Dr. Bailey. I’m more of a business suit type of woman myself. Hm, you are not familiar in my eyes to be honest. I don’t get sick easily so I rarely go to the hospital.” She continued, the tone on her voice filled with amusement and a tinge of coyness. ”Compared to your people, my kin was comparably known less throughout the world. It’s safe to assume that almost everyone didn’t even know of our existence. I don’t suppose the name Bakunawa rings a bell?” Bakunawa said, her eyes almost twinkling as the goddess was having much fun with Hera.

Hera narrowed her eyes at Bakunawa’s words, shrewd mind easily cutting through the veiled words that slipped from the devil’s mouth. “I can’t say it does. Don’t fret though, dear. We can’t all be as renowned as myself.” Hera took a sip from her glass, eyes never leaving the woman who stood so confidently in front of her. It was obvious she thought herself an equal. The audacity. “Where are you from, and what do you want with my time?”

Bakunawa laughed as she sensed the poisonous pride from Hera’s words. Her thought of these famous gods and goddesses were right. Even when reduced to being lowly mortals, their pride still surpassed the heavens above. ”I am well aware of the death of Hephaestus, the god of forgery and one of your beloved children. I offer my deepest condolences to you.” She said, changing her tone to become softer and sadder. ”I too have lost a person close to mine many centuries ago. Their deaths still gnaw at my heart even to this day. I wish I had someone to help me, to stand by me by that time but I was all alone in my grief and sadness. That’s why I want to be that person to you, Hera. Allow me to offer you the help you need.”

Lips pursed and fingers clenched, threatening the integrity of the glass in Hera’s hand. Her instinct was suspicion, mistrust of this strange goddess who seemed to know her so well. Curiosity rose in her though, filling her mind with questions that she could not help but ponder. Should she not hear her out? Didn’t she owe it to Hephaestus to follow every path she could, until one led to answers? “And what, exactly, are you offering?” She couldn’t deny that she saw something in this woman, a fire that burned in so few; a fire that seemed lacking in her own family.

Hera’s interest seemed to be piqued. All was going well in Bakunawa’s plan. ”You might be one of the most powerful goddesses in your pantheon but here in the mortal world, I suppose your sphere of influence does not extend past the walls of the operating room. I am well aware you have connections of your own but I am offering my own web of connections.” Bakunawa leaned over to whisper in Hera’s ear. ”Connections that will help you avenge the death of your son.” She leaned back and gave the Grecian goddess a friendly smile.

“I will give you a whole day to think of your decision. If you’re interested in my offer, meet me at the Filipino restaurant at 24th Street two days from now. I will be waiting there on that day. It’s a pleasure to make your acquaintance, Hera. See you around.” Bakunawa said with a wink, her chuckles filled with utter amusement as she left Hera on her own.

Hera watched Bakunawa leave, a million questions on her tongue. Whatever the goddess had to offer, it was clearly best left to private conversations, away from the prying ears that circled all around. She couldn’t lie and pretend that she did not thirst for answers. Had she not been stricken by grief, she might’ve been more cautious, but as it stood, she knew where she’d be found, two days from now.

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The Three Musketeers
En Route

interactions: @gothelkx@icy hot collab

October 9th, 2020

The sun was breaking just above the horizon, painting the sky in deep oranges and warm yellows. Even in the downtown area of a bustling city like Seattle had moments of peace and quiet, and it was perhaps the silver lining of taking the third shift of a paramedic’s schedule. A yawn left the blonde male’s mouth as he fumbled with the keys in his pocket, the position of a helmet being suspended between his arm and side adding unnecessary difficulty to his entrance.

Exhaustion gave way to frustration and offered a spark of energy as the front door of the apartment was finally unlocked and the door swung up with a bit too much force. Thanatos entered the apartment with a bang and a grumble as he checked for any damage to the wall.

“In the clear-ahhh” Another yawn ended his mutterings as he stalked forward, depositing the helmet on the kitchen counter and skimming through yesterday’s mail. Nothing interesting, per usual. The days had blended together, painted on a canvas of grey skies and rain, running to the tune of a siren and the heartbreak and horror of mortals. Different locations, times, and names but death was always around him, earth hadn’t presented itself different from the underworld… except for the existence of her. The smell of honey and patchouli wove around him at the thought, a warmth he yearned for and damned in the same breath, “Why is it impossible to forget?” Thanatos asked the room around as if it would answer and sighed with disappointment when no answer was offered.

Shaking off the unwanted feelings he entered his bedroom and promptly snorted at the sight of his other half sprawled out on the comfort of the bed he seldomly used. Another yawn exited his lips and the lull of sleep called to him, along with the chill of something more sinister. That second feeling had Thanatos quickly crossing the room the tendrils of unconsciousness slipping away at the distance, “Hypnos! The call was paired with the blackout blinds being parted, flooding light into the room.

Days and nights blended in the paint of his twilight, smooth and purple through the seeping darkness that weighed heavily. The light breeze of a dream swept him away to the moors beneath a castle’s walls, dipped into a valley smelling sweet of lavender caressed by the wings of purple butterflies. It all flushed away into the mouth of his once calm and sweeping river, broken and dashed by the shimmering light that ached his eyelids.

”Noooo,” Hypnos groaned, gripping the edges of his blanket to draw it over his head, ”Thaaaan.” Long drawn out whines hit the back of Hypnos’ throat as he tossed away from the light assaulting him. Having sleep interrupted wasn’t so bad if it came in sweet, gentle nudges or pulls, but Than never felt the need to coax the deer from his meadow and rather yanked Hypnos right out of his little cave of dreams.

Now awoken, however, he felt the wisps of sleep vanish from his mind and his eyes which peered over the edge of his duvet in a stark glare. ”Why’re you bein’ mean to me already, Than,” Hypnos bit, muffled by the threads of his comfort gripped tight in his hands, ”Why can’t you just take a nap here, instead, jerk.”

A smirk appeared on his lips, and he crossed his arms over his chest comfortably leaning against the wall by the window, “Good morning sunshine.” the sickly sweet coo was brimming with sarcasm and the blown kiss his brother’s way was anything but affectionate, “Why must I come home after a long, grueling, and horrific shift to mind my annoying little brother curled up in my bed, hmm? Did your house burn down Noz?”

”I thought your home was my home too, Than,” Hypnos said with his eyes widening and a pout forming on his lips. He knew the overly sweet pouting with a dash of guilt-tripping would bounce against Thanatos’ skin and fall flat to his feet, but it didn’t hurt to try. With his head against the pillow and his body wrapped further in blankets, Hypnos peered at his twin with a sadness tugging his eyebrows up and wetting the corners of his eyes. ”Plus, you haven’t been around in forever; I thought maybe you’d died, or worse, fell comatose in your melancholy and sleep-deprivation.”

Thanatos scoffed and rolled his eyes, even on the verge of crying that Valentine blood shined through, “Succumbing to death would be quite ironic wouldn’t it?” A humorless chuckle left his lips but he shook his head, “Well fantastic job Nancy Drew, consider your investigation closed. I’m very much so alive and relatively healthy, so feel free to untangle yourself from my bed and see yourself out.”

Hypnos only further tangled himself in the sheets and glared at Thanatos from the veil of cloth he’d encased himself in. ”I think I need more evidence, Than,” Hypnos spoke in muffled tones as he rolled further away from Thanatos, ”There’s a killer on the loose ‘n I’m just worried. Don’t be mean to me. I don’t wanna go!” Not showing up at a conclave seemed very up Thanatos’ alley, in fact, Hypnos wasn’t quite sure if his brother ever showed up to one, to begin with. Still, that worry tingled at the back of his throat like some persistent cough and it wouldn’t quiet down until he’d confirmed Thanatos’ health and safety.

”Hm… you wouldn’t murder another god, would you?” Hypnos squinted his gaze at Thanatos, staring at him with mock suspicion. Never say never, but Hypnos knew deep down his brother would never… well, at least he knew Than wouldn’t get caught.

“Can’t say I haven’t thought about it before.” Thanatos replies easily and puts on a show of being distracted by the suggestion, “Like right about now, having the means of accomplishing that might come in handy.” his tone is serious for an entire five-seconds, or to the point, it looks like Hypnos might really burst into tears, whichever came first before he was laughing so hard his stomach hurt.

“You think I’d be capable of violently stealing life? I don’t know whether to be offended or amused.” Thanatos answered the faux suspicion after his fit of laughter had subsided, wiping the tears of joy front the corner of his eyes.

Hypnos' eyes widened in disbelief, but quickly squinted in a glare. A huff left him as the bed dipped and bounced in a pouty rage with Hypnos’ back now turned to his brother. ”To think my own twin would even joke about that,” Hypnos threw a glare over his shoulder, though it quickly softened despite his refusal to move.

But he did so after caving to his own curiosity. His eyes searched Thanatos’ for but a moment. ”So, where have you been? Mama and I have missed your presence at dinner a few too many days.”

With wide eyes, Hypnos attempted to disentangle himself from the sheets only to find himself flopping against the floor at Thanatos’ feet. A flurry of grunts and groans erupted from the pile before a few limbs and a head poked out. ”You’ve been on some secret romantic rendezvous this whole time haven’t you? Thaaan you have to tell me if you have; it’s the twin code!”

Thanatos crouched down in front of Hypnos, worry slipped over his feature for a moment before it was buried beneath a look of annoyance. In truth Thanatos wasn’t sure where he had been in the past couple months, floating between shifts, drifting along various shores. There wasn’t an answer he could provide that would soothe Hypnos and so he responded in the only way he knew how. Thanatos pinched Hypnos’ cheek and cooed sarcastic affections to his twin, “You’re so cute when you’re worried Noz, it wasn’t my intention to make you so emo. I’ll be better about managing my schedule, kay?”

With a chuckle he stood and stretched his arms over his head, his blue eyes still holding his brother’s gaze, “You hungry?

Of course, Thanatos provided no real answer, but Hypnos never really expected one. A hand came up to swat at Thanatos’ with Hypnos giving off a grumble as he started unwrapping his limbs from the monstrosity he found himself in. ”You’re the emo one here,” Hypnos retorted as he came to a sit with the blanket messily splayed in his lap. His hand came up to rub at his eyes with a frown playing at his lips, ”Can you make me some pancakes?”

To be fair, Hypnos couldn’t fault Thanatos. There were occasionally weeks or years where Hypnos’ days melted into each other; where the moon and sun hung as one over his sky. Honestly, he hadn’t known how long Thanatos had kept to himself and the shadows, he simply knew what the absence felt like and that he didn’t appreciate how it sat in his stomach after the conclave. Still, he’d make Thanatos repay him the trouble even if he knew his twin would refuse.

The Night of the Ball

The gentle notes of an unfamiliar song twinkled through the speaker positioned in the middle of the apartment. What usually would have been the start of a long night riding in the back of an ambulance had changed last minute into something Thanatos much less preferred.

The surprise charity ball had been a hot topic on all the news channels for the past 14 days. Someone had leaked the guest list at the beginning of the week and his coworkers would not let him rest about it. That and his choice for hiding away from the other gods had been toppled now that his current identity had been exposed. Or at least that’s what Thanatos assumed by the way Eros had appeared at his door last Sunday with a suit and shoes for his ‘dearest friend’

Which currently had him preoccupied, fingers roughly tugging at an expensive tie, trying to remember the last time he had worn one. Not in the past three decades at least and for the life of him could not tie it correctly now. With a frustrated huff, he threw the fabric to some corner of his room and ran his hands through his hair as he stomped to the kitchen.

“Hypnos! The car is going to be here in five!” Thanatos called out as he passed a mirror hung in the hallway, the glittering of light on his suit had pulled him to a stop. When he unboxed it, he first thought the red accents were just abstract strokes of an artist's whims but upon a more careful look he could see the death motifs repeating along the fine black fabric, “That fucking asshole.” the grumble was lightened with a bit of amusement as he moved on. A knock at the door followed the impatient ring of the doorbell, Thanatos knew who it was and made no move to answer the door. The surprise on the other side of the door wasn’t for him, but for his brother.

It seemed appropriate to the heavy-lidded god swaying with the cloth of a bow tie wrapping itself neatly at his neck. A soft smile played at his lips, head poking out of the room he’d dressed in as he pressed the lines of his suit. ”Almost ready! he called out, running his hands through his hair as he stared at the strands between his fingers in the mirror. The touch of a love god didn’t grace Hypnos with outstanding features, but the perks of godhood didn’t deny him a soft handsomeness to the sweeping cut of his jaw. Or the sweet curl of his lips that accompanied the ever-present drowsiness that veiled his features.

When the knock alerted him, Hypnos assumed Thanatos’ proximity would bid him to answer. However, the continuous knocks put a pinch in Hypnos’ brow and he peered once more past his threshold. With a light pout jutting his lips, Hypnos swept past Thanatos, bumping his hips against his twin’s backside.

”Why can’t you be bothered to answer the—”Hypnos grumbled, turning the knob and swinging the door open. The puff of air that hit him could have knocked him back if he hadn’t gripped the edge of the doorway. His eyes widened at the surprise visitor. ”Wha—you, uh. I should… are you here for… um. Wha-uh?” stammering barely-there words caught in Hypnos throat as he stared up at a man he’d known for centuries, lost for centuries, and avoided for centuries more. All the moments, the absence of moments, came to pierce his gut in a flurry of rose thorns and butterfly wings, dipped in the utter turmoil and guilt so bitter as to be poison on his tongue.

”I’ll go get Than…” Hypnos said, barely audible above the whisper of his voice as his head turned toward the hallway.

With a warm chuckle laced with the usual layer of seduction, as everything he did in life was always marked by temptation, Desire trailed in. A week ago had been Eros’ first unannounced resurfacing to half of his favorite duo, and it only seemed right that he surprise the other, and much cuter twin in the same fashion.

“Good evening gentlemen.” Eros’ words were formal but his tone was familiar, as her rounded the corner in time to catch the moody twin rolling his eyes, but dressed in the suit he had tailored for him, “I’m glad I don’t have to wrestle you into that, Toast.”

”Don’t call me that-” Thanatos’ face screwed up into displeasure for a passing moment before he was grabbing his phone and keys, “Are you ready to go Noz?” The older twin asked furrow of worry coming between his brows as he caught the look on Hypnos’ face.

It took a moment, basking in the cool wind settling at his feet. Hypnos could only stare after the man who entered looking as if he’d dipped himself in the glow of the sun. It thrummed his heart and Hypnos bit the feeling down, thinking it would taste like bitter guilt. His eyes caught Thanatos for a split second to flash brief anxiety until he turned away to close the door.

”Uh, what?” he turned with his eyebrows raised, ”Oh yeah, of course. I’m all set!” He tried to seep some kind of excitement into his voice, but it felt plastic against the hollow of his throat. The gravity Eros carried about him made it so hard not to stare, but the utter weight bearing down upon him, screaming ‘only blindness suits the poison of your soul’ in the back of his head. He took a deep breath, inhaling sharply as he turned toward the door.

”I’ll wait outside,” Hypnos said, barely throwing a glance over his shoulder. The door clicked soft as he shook out another breath. Wondering and lamenting at Eros’ untimely arrival; had Thanatos called him? Well, it made sense as the three were close, but still. Hypnos bit his lip and slowly made his way down.

Eros hadn’t been able to utter a word to the God of Sleep before he was fleeing the scene, both men remaining in the apartment shared a questioning glance.

“Fuck if I know. You didn’t try that weird power shit on him did you?” Thanatos narrowed his eyes at his long-lost friend, the accusation in his tone was not held back at Eros’ expense.

The aggression didn’t phase the God of Love, instead, it served as a light amusement as he waved a hand at the notion and shook his head, “Don’t be an idiot, I would never do anything like that to you or your brother, well not unless you asked. Curious Tha-”

“Not in the slightest, let’s go before Hypnos decides to run away.” Thanatos turned the lights in the hall off and made his exit with Eros in tow, laughing away like he often did in the old days after ruffling the God of Death’s feathers. The chill of the night met them as the door locked behind them, a limousine befitting of Eros’ luxury life awaited them at the curb and Hypnos at the bottom of the steps.

Eros descended first to get a moment of Hypnos to himself before they all entered the car.

“It’s really good to see you again Little Poppy. Been a handful of decades since I saw you last, and it’s relief that you’re as sleepy and cute as ever.” The gentleness of his tone was only meant for Hypnos’s ears as he approached the man from making sure to keep space between them, not wanting to overstep more than he already seemed to be.

Those words infused butterflies into Hypnos’ chest with the soft utterance and gentle tones of Eros’ deep voice. Yet, the anxiety quickly turned those fluttering wings to thorns and Hypnos lips turned upwards to a light pout. ”I don’t think that’s something I could ever change,” Hypnos said with his head downturned, ”Just like your charm and passion, though…” His words trailed off as his head turned to look away from Eros. Those choice words stung Hypnos, though maybe that was Eros’ intention. Then why the tenderness to his tone?

It caused a pinch in Hypnos brow and he turned to face Eros. ”You mean when you’d first awoken?” Hypnos asked, feet shuffling the pavement at his leatherbound toes, ”Not sure that’s quite the fondest memory to recall if it truly is good to see me.” Hypnos bit down on his lip, searching for some hint of malice in Eros’ eyes. Some kind of resentment that would justify the pit in his stomach or if Eros had truly moved on and left Hypnos anchored to the pier of his past.

Eros held Hypnos’ searching eyes, he could see the uncertainty in them and his words opened his eyes to the truth in front of him. Guilt. It was a feeling Eros was familiar with, his long existence was not without the plague of that consuming feeling, and one point consuming enough he’d wish to scatter in the wind as nothing but a sprinkle of dust. Against the logic that screamed at him not to, he reached a hand to Hypnos, firm and gentle in its approach to cup his cheek providing him assurance but also preventing him from feeling too soon.

“Waking up after a long beauty sleep surrounded by the people closest to my heart is a fond memory. I’d wish for it no other way. Sometimes we gods need a good, long rest to wake up to the things around us.” Eros pulled back and moved onward after a whispered ‘thank you’ fell from his lips in time for Thanatos to take his spot next to Hypnos and wrap a rough, but affectionate, arm around his brother’s neck.

“Cheer up little poppy, if you keep pouting I might have to take you to mom’s so she can babysit you.” Thanatos teased his brother pinching his cheek playfully before his demeanor softened for a moment, “Don't be hung up on the past, Hyp. We’re all together again so let’s enjoy ourselves.” Thanatos ruffled his brother's hair before pulling away from him and carrying on to slip inside the luxury vehicle.

Years of holding such self-resentment wouldn’t vanish at gentle words or touches of reassurance. At least, Hypnos didn’t think it worked out like that. Yet, something still held tight to his heart like an Eros dropped an anvil down his throat. It pinched his brow and brightened the red of his cheeks as instinct begged him to press himself against the touch. It was the slightest movement, stopped only at Hypnos’ realization. Knowing Eros, he likely caught it, eagle-eyed as ever and Hypnos could only gulp down the anxiety twisting his lips.

”I—” the words caught against the dam in his throat. Hypnos could only watch Eros fade into the limousine, replaced by the nipping words of his brother. In rebellion, he further jutted his lips, head careening into Thanatos at the aggressive tug.

”Hey, I just… fixed that, Than. And don’t call me that,” He whined, feeling the immediate relief of his brother’s careful words breathe relief into his lungs. He expelled it as his hands moved to fix the wayward strands before finally following both his brother and Eros into the long stretch of car. Of course, he paused, staring at the interior, mainly at the two men sitting opposite of each other. They clearly set him up here.

Hypnos’ face scrunched up into annoyance that only further cemented his youth among his twin. Rather than a fierce glare, the sleepiness that addled his features twisted his expression into an indignant pout. It was like they were home again, a young raven-haired boy shooting a look of contempt at the silvery blonde of his brother stealing the covers just to spite his twin.

Fine. Hypnos slid inside, moving close to Eros with his hands over his chest, shoulder to shoulder as he directed his pout toward Thanatos. He had the entire stretch of the limousine to them all, yet both occupants knew how much Hypnos relied on tactile affection. Maybe it was the illusion of choice here, though Hypnos’ mind vehemently denied that; this was Thanatos’ fault, after all.

”You look far more handsome than my brother. Just letting you know,” Hypnos yawned past the glare, unable to keep himself sitting straight as he let his head rest against Eros’ shoulder. He still stuck his tongue out at Thanatos, foot jerking out to kick at his twin’s leg.

“I’m glad your sight is as sharp as ever, Hyppie.” Eros replied to the compliment with an amused chuckle. Among the twins he feels completely at ease, feeling himself relax against the plush leather seat into a more comfortable posture.

Thanatos rolled his eyes, and let his eyes focus past the dark tinted windows to the city lights passing by. The gentle tune of a song filled the comfortable silence that fell between them. The three lifelong friends brought together and pulled apart by the ebb and flow of time and fate again and again had reunited once more, and the warmth spreading from Thanatos’ fingertips had him reminiscing of a time from long ago.

The sounds of a giggle, the feeling of soft skin, the pressure of a body, and the taste of a kiss, it was something he’d never been able to completely forget. The sound of her voice was a melody sweeter than he had ever heard, tictil, the old name echoing in his mind in tones of joy, anger, passion, what he’d give to hear that word fall her lips just one more time.

The abrupt flash of light jolted him from his daydream as the limousine pulled to a stop. Across from him, Eros wore a charming smile and gently shook a sleeping Hypnos awake. Between the waking world and the bliss of slip did Hypnos yawn full from. The light strum of music blended into the sun-kissed skin that fluttered away in a flurry of luminescent wings. In that instance, all he could see was the young face of a god staring back at him from above fields of poppies. He wanted to sink into him until he realized where he was and he coughed, straightened up, and smoothed the wrinkles of his suit.

“It’s showtime boys.” Eros issued his words of encouragement as their grand entrance was met with flashing lights and eager reporters.

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Jupiter's Charity Event
𝒾𝓃𝓈𝓉𝒾𝓃𝒸𝓉𝓊 𝓂𝒶𝓉𝓇𝒾𝓈

It was a long time coming, her re-obtained freedom from her pseudo-self containment. Sure, Regina Pavo was still able to have connections with the outside world, but at what cost? Her freedom was squashed. She had no family to speak of, rather lacked the means of locating them, and so the once glorious ruler was reduced to little more than a glorified inmate. And who was to blame for such a thing but Mercury himself. The trickster was a thorn in the queen's side for too long, however relations had been civil enough, up until a few years ago when he threw her under the bus and dodged the lawsuit she was slapped with. A roll of her eyes as she finished applying her mascara and she was scowling into the mirror before her, "Breathe. As much of a shit Mercury undeniably is, he was able to help," she couldn't help but glance to her left where a letter sat opened and creased, as if it had been read and reread a thousand times. The contents, sprawled out in ink, an art lost to time 'No one writes anymore' safer that way though if one needed to pass information along that needn't be tracked. Seeing as how she had just been cleared of all charges she would like to keep her nose clean. At least for the time being.

More time was wasted, in her opinion, as she paced around her home. She would have thought that she would want to spend the least amount of time within these walls as soon as her house arrest was uplifted. However, she found it to be a tad bit difficult to do so. Call it lackadaisical, foolish, insane, call it whatever is needed to help the pill go down easier but what it boils down to is cowardice. A sense of apprehensiveness that settled in the pit of her stomach like sand shifting under the weight of a home on a windy day. It had been too long, far too long, since she last laid eyes on her family. Since last she held them, could brush the dark locks of Rome from their hardened gazes, always focused on the future. The pressure in her chest tightened and constricted her movements, halting her in her fifth go around of her home. Juno is a queen. Not just a queen, but the queen. To be fearful of reuniting with her family once more is so esoteric. This is her pride, something that brings her so much joy, is the cause for her existence and all that she has worked towards. Absurd to believe that she could be easily dissuaded.

With the sun hardly peeking over the horizon at this point, and shot of liquid courage — or six — Juno was pulling her clutch from the counter and sauntering out to the awaiting car, poised and at the ready to take her anywhere she had her heart set on. "Jones," a motherly smile upon her lips was something she only reserved for those that deserved it. And though Jones had been nothing but a loyal and trustworthy employee in her care for the last eight years he did not receive the matronly gesture. "You will escort me to the Fugalia Charity event, the address was sent to your phone." Jones helped her into the back of the 2021 Yukon XL Denali before situating himself in the driver's side "Yes, Ms. Pavo." Effective, sharp and quick to action. Just the way Juno liked.

. *     ✦ .  ⁺   .. *     ✦ .  ⁺   .. *     ✦ .  ⁺   .. *     ✦ .  ⁺   .. *     ✦ .  ⁺   .

Driving along at night always brought about a sense of calm to the Roman Queen in a way that wasn't too dissimilar to relaxation. It was a feeling that teetered on the edge of calm, relaxation and buzzing productivity. An emotion that lended itself to some of her greatest accomplishments. Solatium was just a little blip in her mind on a clear, winter evening. Chilling breezes had picked up the fabric around her and swirled it in the gusts of wind. The stars had been shining and twinkling down at her that fateful night, as if they knew the secret of her success before she did. Mars' nascency into the world was on a night, not unlike the one she found herself traveling through. A simpler time all things considered. A jealous shell of a woman scorned. Ripped away from her the chance to bear fruit with her husband, but not the chance to embrace the role of mother. Her precious boy, strong, handsome, devoted. All the qualities a child of the queen should have embodied, Mars procured tenfold. The ancient memories of her tending to him when he was but a child still willing and able to sit with her in the meadows as she carded through his dark locks, reading aloud to her as the sun shone down on them, gracing them with it's warmth. How she longed to hold him once more.

A dab of her fingers lightly beneath her lash line were successful in catching stray moisture, preventing the clinging tears from smearing her makeup. Unfit of a queen to not look the part of one, especially in the presence of others. Juno had an image to uphold, even if that image had not been viewed in a millennia. Absentmindedly, Juno touched the place just above her heart, a heavy sigh on her breast. Releasing it helped to relieve her of some of the impending tension that had crawled up her spine and settled into her bones. 'Doesn't matter how you feel, it only matters how you look, wasn't that the age old verbiage.' a final thought to cross her mind before being thrown into the den of lions.

Cameras shutter and flashes were going off as the SUV pulled up beside the sidewalk, even more once Jones held open the large door for his employer. Juno, with all the grace and poise of the queen she is, descended to the carpeted concrete beneath her heels. Once straightened to her full height, shoulders rolled back and exposed to the element of the crisp, night air, Jones offered his hand to help stabilize only for it to be brushed aside. Juno wasn't completely heartless as she offered him a gentle pat to his broad shoulder. Her gait was purposeful, long strides carrying her towards the front doors to be halted by the incessant questions pouring from the mortals' mouths around her.

“Ms. Pavo!? Hello, quick question," Juno kept her eyes in place though she wanted to scoff and roll her eyes before the question was even uttered. She was sure it was going to be something inane and purely... mortal. However, she stepped closer nodding for them to continue, cameras still going off around her, making sure to gather complete shots of the space around their lenses as well as the people of some category of stardom. All in the hopes of their merchandise being snatched up and profiting off a few simple photographs. "Since your acquittal of the charges against you for your alleged hand in stealing valuable intel from Energence Corp. you have been keeping out of the spotlight. Care to elaborate on why this is? Is there any particular reason as to why someone, so evidently innocent as you, and after so long, would be hiding away from the public? Could it be, in fact, that the courts have their information jumbled and there is more to this case than meets the eyes?"

The reporter was even audacious enough to shove the recording device up under her nose, all in the hopes of gathering a story that would no doubt skyrocket their career. So long as Juno's response was one that favored their distorted end goal. She was not so self-destructive as to admit to something that would have her enemies rallying for her head on a spike. Instead she greeted the question with a level head and plastic smile, one that had been cultivated to perfection. "Most would assume it's because I enjoy my privacy. After having my name and photo plastered across all the different media platforms I had hoped for a little me time. As for anything in regards to recent unfortunate events, well, divulging anything would be a breach of the NDA. If you would like to know more about Solatium and the 80% occupational growth we have achieved for women 25 and up, or that our contribution to STEM positions has outpaced most other growths, I'd be more than happy to pencil you in for an interview."

Any remaining questions they had were dead on their tongues before ever breach their lips. A stunned silence was something she could get behind as she smirked haughtily and strode past the loiterers and into the building before her. Fabric of white shimmered beneath the low lights of the event, sashaying with every purposed step of her gait, elegance exuding from every fiber of her being. Eyes ever piercing scanned the throng of attendees, faces jumping out at her, but no names seemingly paired with them; none that were worth remembering at least. Snatching a flute of champagne from the help she need only look up in order to spot the king of all, looking none too pleased with his 'own' soiree. With all the grace bestowed upon her by her title and standing Juno sauntered towards the base of the staircase.

Jupiter didn't seem to change a bit, sure a little crinkle between his brow, Juno figured it had to do with him having to grandstand before all the other pantheons and mortals. The beings he always deemed beneath him. Below even the rest of his fellow countrymen. Though he wouldn't be so obtuse as to admit the others meant something to him, never out loud. At least, that was Jupiter then, and before her making his way down the steps was Jupiter now. The man walking in time with the King caught the breath within her by sheer surprise. Sure, with the help of Mercury Juno was able to gather what it was her family looked like, so as to be expecting their presence. However, now that she was face to face with her first born, her pride and joy, Juno was heavily reminded of how mortal she had truly become.

Words were halted on their part as the stood not but five feet from the Roman Queen. Breath still caught somewhere in her chest, refusing to resurface in the form of a suitable greeting of the words. Instead, she all but threw herself at him in a rush of fabric and limbs, throwing her lithe arms around his neck. Tears pricked at the edge of her vision, visage be damned. With cracked voice, barely audible above a whisper with words left unsaid until the very moment she made physical contact with the war god beneath her finger tips, "Inveni filium meum, ego inveni eum." Those last few steps that had separated them were nothing compared to the eons she had spent away from him, and had he been across a chasm, Juno would have jumped it. A thousand times over.

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Oh, Charlie.
En Luxuria ➟ The Charity Ball

8:30 PM

Charles Waine, a successful businessman that had the taste for only the finest things in life. The finest food, clothing, women, and drugs, if it hadn’t come at the hefty cost it wasn’t worthwhile to him. So sitting on the 27th floor of the Seattle Tower in the luxurious and exclusive Italian restaurant, En Luxuria, was not an uncommon thing for the man. Perhaps it was all too common, he’d host these meetings with interested buyers and investors, have them win his favor by showering him in praise and material goods, and promptly rip them off with prices only the 0.1% could afford. Tonight would be no different.

Charles Waine had been the unsuspecting owner of a gold mine. With the news of the missing Mayor on everyone’s television, there were a handful of people that had come knocking at his door, offering money and other lesser things to get the keys to the tiny studio on the outskirts of town. Even luckier that the apartment had gotten the attention of Westin Rex. Charles could care less why a pharmaceutical giant cared about some crappy place, he could do whatever he wanted with it, long as he paid up.

And Charles was determined to make the billionaire pay up, he’d convinced himself pulling one over on Westin would be a piece of cake.

No sooner had the sleazy smirk found his face did the near-empty restaurant gain three more occupants. Charles supposes all the other high-class individuals were attending the stuff gala tonight, that he opted out of ( not that he had been invited but wouldn’t have RSVP’d anyway). Three men approached his table, Oliver on the left of Westin, and to his right a face had not accounted for and could not place.

“I hope you won’t mind my nephew joining us here for tonight, we have an engagement to attend after this and he was insistent on riding along with me.”

“I’m not sure an outside person should be he-” “Oh c’mon Charlie, do I look like the type to out your sleaziness to the world?”

Heat rose to Charles’ face and his calf muscles tightened as he put pressure into the balls of his feet. A heavy arm slammed him back down into his seat, the unfamiliar man from before wrapping him easily in a one-arm hug-like embrace, the tips of his fingers pressing firmly into his shoulder, “Ah-ah, I would not do that if I were you. S’pretty rude, don’t you think?”

A chill of fear ran down Charles’ spin in that moment, the realization of his current predicament becoming very apparent by the way Westin and Oliver took their seats calmly in front of him. Pulling one over on Westin? Rookie mistake.

One many people had tried and failed to do, Janus was a being of infinite existence. No human, who had a blink in time of life could compare to his that had begun at the birth of time itself. The thought almost made him chuckle as he gazed at the mortal in the embrace of a mad dog across from him.

“I don’t think dragging on this meeting will be to the benefit of any of us, so let us not waste another moment. You have the key to a building I need access to. Oliver here was kind enough to pass along your requested price, and I am kind enough to give you a chance to reevaluate your asking pri-”

“I have a hundred people asking me about that shit hole! What’s 20 million to a billionaire like you anyways?”

Janus gave a small sigh and leaned back in his chair, raising his hand to direct the mortal’s attention to the man sitting next to him.

Metus’ face was unreadable for a moment as he twirled a light weight fork between his fingers, his eyes focused on the metal as if appraising it, “20 million is.. Hmm.. the price for a healthy man’s organs on the black market.” The words came out of his mouth and his face turned Charles, a twisted look of joy winding his lips into a dangerous smirk. The fear rolling off Charles had grown thicker, fragrant as he practically shook underneath his hold.

Pain The thought echoed in his mind along with images, scenarios and nightmares that Charles feared most. The prongs of the fork disappeared between the metacarpus of Charles’ index and middle fingers in a movement so swift it took a solid moment for any of them to react.

“Oh, man, sorry about that Charlie I was aiming for the table. Whew, you should be more careful otherwise you might end up missing a finger or two after all this. Metus retrieved the fork and wiped the blood from the prongs with the expenisve coat Charles was wearing. The whimpers from the fool of a man was like music to Metus’ ears as he tapped the fork against Charles’ temple, “Now what’s your starting price, Mr. Charles?”

“M-Mr. Rex, p-please, I have a business to upkeep, I-I can’t give you-”

Janus held his hand up to cut the blubbering man off, “I’m not asking you to give it to me. I’m asking for a price, Charles.”

Charles swallows down what feels like a ten pound weight as his eyes nervously cast around to the three men at the table. There’s a pressure evenloping his chest that makes it hard for him to breathe, a fear he cannot escape slowly creeping upwards from his toes, it’s numbing and suffocating all at once. All he can think about is avoiding making the wrong move, his mind races flipping between prices, trying to settle on something that keeps his livelihood above the rising waters of Seattle but allows him to leave with his life tonight.

Charles doesn’t realize he’s nearly hyperventilating, gasping for oxygen like a fish out of water, the fear of pain, and being left with nothing consuming him completely. The only thing to pull him out of this haze is the piercing voice of an impatient god, “Charlie, I won’t be able to leave you along if you lose yourself like that.” There’s an instinct to jerk away but the cool feel of metal on his throat makes him stop.

“So your brain still functions-” ”Metus.”

The clang of metal against wood allows Charles to breath again as the man, Metus, backs-off raising his hands in the air in a sign of surrender. Charles keeps his life for the time being, but expectant eyes are not longer lenient with their demands, “Five-Five Million?”

The quick movement he picks up from his side makes him throw his hands up in protection, but instead of anything piercing his skin its the sound of a clap. A slow clap that builds upon itself, but Charles isn’t interested in seeing what the applause is for, he tells himself.

“Refreshing for someone to forgo their pride so quickly. Had you not practically pissed yourself a moment ago I might’ve taken an eyes for the annoyance anyways, but you did great Charlie, a fantastic treat to get me through the night.”

Janus rolled his eyes at Metus and turned his attention to Oliver who offered a shrug at the silent question. With a nod Janus extended his hand, “We’ll settle on $3 million cash for the key, and call the other $2 million an expense for protection.”

“Protection, for what?”

Janus only pointed his finger to Metus who now had a pale silver knife twirling along his knuckles and inbetween his finger. The sight was enough to seal the deal, Charles and Westin shook hands in agreement and Westin promptly stood up.

“I’m glad we were able to arrive at an agreeable amount, you’ll have to excuse my nephew’s poor behavior, he can be a bit hard to keep on a leash. I’ll leave you in Oliver’s care now, have a fantastic night.”

Metus slammed his hand into the table abruptly causing Charles to jump in reaction, “Take care Charlie, think about changing your life around, yeah? Lest you bump into me lurking about in the shadows for someone else to prey on. Or don’t and we can have a great time again soon.” A chuckle crawled out of his chest as he stood up without so much as a glance towards anyone in the building, only stalking off after his uncle.

“Whew, that was riveting. Like watching a thriller when you aren’t sure if someone is going to make it out or not!” Oliver exclaimed in a chuckle turning a briefcase towards Charles, “$3 Million just as the boss agreed upon.”

As Oliver counts out 300 stacks of $10,000, Charles tells himself this is his last time doing business with the men at the top of the world.

The glitz and glamor of the charity event are hardly more than a nuisance for both gods riding in the black limousine in silence. Neither are attending out of a desire to party, they’re beings that don’t rely on such frivoloties to enjoy their day to day. Janus would much rather plot and influence from the shadows, while Metus stalks and hunts from those same shadows. The Ball, full of gods and important mortals alike, was ripe with opportunities for both hobbies.

“There’s much to be gained from the evening-”

“A godslayer is a bigger concern right now than a couple missing mortals. Focus too much on Timor and I and that pretty celtic might go missing next.”

Janus remains silent, his eyes held Metus’, the air around them becoming dense but neither budging. The opening of a door acts as a pressure release and the sounds of eager reporters and shouting fans floods in. Janus is the first to move exiting the car with a cold chuckle and being instantly bombarded with questions and pictures.

Metus slips by easily, his unfamiliar face attracting little attention compared to the arriving celebrities. A glass of champagne is the first item on his list, and quickly after it’s raised in ‘cheers’ to his mother who glares at him from across the room, an arrogant smirk coming to his lips.

Oh, it was going to be an exciting night.

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𝓃𝑜 𝓈𝓊𝒸𝒽 𝓉𝒽𝒾𝓃𝑔 𝒶𝓈 𝒻𝓇𝑒𝑒𝒹𝑜𝓂
Jupiter's Charity Event

October 9, 2020
To: Moon Hater🌙✨ 7:36am
make sure to swing by my place later. gotta job for you

The Alföðr was pleased with his rhetoric when it came to texting those that openly despised him and loathed his entire being. Not like it affected him at all. Small inconveniences. Water off a ducks back or some such thing...

When the young wolf received a text message from Odin it took everything within him to not chuck the cellular device into the river beside the trail in which he found himself running along. As he took the time to examine the article once more he observed the pack of dogs that had decided to tag-along. Though one, happy go lucky pup was missing from his general vicinity and Hati had to curse aloud, causing the animals to scatter back to their owners. "Sköll." The name was like gravel behind his teeth, placing his phone into a secure pocket he began his morning run, hoping to come across the sun chaser sooner rather than later. Odin would just have to wait.

Evening came sooner than Hati would have expected, but he wasn't upset by it. On the contrary, he valued the sight of the moon hanging high in the sky and was content with sitting there at the window in the belly of the beast as Odin paraded around his home, a couple of drinks in hand. "Here, drink up." When Hati just eyed the beverage the Allfather could do nothing more than roll his own icy blues before taking a sip from the both of them and shoving a glass into the wolf pup's hands.

"If I were to end you, I would have done so long ago. Besides, this is too good to ruin." As if to punctuate the statement he took a long swig of the amber inebriant. Hati on the other hand just sat there, long legs sprawled out in the rugged space between them. Always he had told himself, that once he was rid of his ties with Odin he would never come back. He would never again find himself in the Allfather's presence. Not unless absolutely necessary. This was not one of those times.

A small sip from his own rock's glass and he was holding it in front of him, a false shield wall between the two. The ticking of a clock somewhere within the confines of his home was delayed. Hati's impeccable hearing could pick up on the water traveling through the pipes in the walls from the other occupants on the floor beneath them. How the home settled like old bones, creaking and moaning under the lack of presence of use. Leaning forward placing elbows to knees, his voice called out, husky and dark, "My, my what a spacious home you have carved out for yourself, Alföðr. Shame really, that there isn't a soul willing to occupy it." Subtly wasn't really something that Hati had perfected in his repertoire, but anything was possible when he was pitted in the same room as Odin.

Nothing seemed to phase the older male as he sat there, leg propped up upon the other, relaxing posture in his leather back chair. Fingers idly tapping at the rivets hammered into the fabric and frame. A simple nod was his only given reply to the wolf cub as he leisurely continued to sip his drink. "Spit it out already, what am I doing here? What's the job?" Hati wasn't one for speeding up processes, he liked to take his time, enjoy the chase, relish in the thrill of the kill. Mother always did warn him not to play with his food... this however was different.

Licking his lips after an annoying 'pop' away from the rim of the glass and Odin was ready to get down to business. Stormy blues raging like a hurricane off the coast of the fjords, glaring down into the could of the man before him. 'No. Not man. Not wholly.' Odin stood from his comfortable chair, his favorite if he were being truthful, a timeless piece in his home away from home. One of the few things he carries with him through all the traveling the Colossus had impeded on him. "I need an escort to Jupiter's fancy event—"

"Why not employ your oh so loyal son? Or any number of the mortals on his payroll?" at the mention of loyal and thor in the same breath caused a rumble in Odin's chest that couldn't be quelled with some cheap liquor. Two words he wouldn't place next to one another if given the chance. But he let it fade, somewhat, and reminded himself that Hati was still just a pup comparatively to himself and the world as a whole.

"Because I need someone that will provide decent company while there," his tone was even, with an air of playfulness that only would come from the mouth of someone up to something. As he began to pour himself another glass, this time more heavy handed than before, his eyes burned an even more crystalline blue, a scene, a thought crossing his mind, 'Besides, it seemed he's got his hands full enough as is...' Huginn and Muninn helped immensely in gathering information on the topic of those near to him. His son and ex were not excluded from this. "—and anyways I need someone willing and charismatic. A go getter, someone hungry for a better future-"

"Someone you can manipulate you mean." It wasn't a question, but it wasn't something the Valfather hadn't expected. He still had his ways and wits about him. Odin tried to hide the ever growing smirk that attempted to split his mouth in two. He had to turn around, his back to an enemy, a little bit of show to appease the wolf's distrusting nature, as he refilled his glass with more of the peated malt. A trusted decadence of his. The distillery, once started up by he himself many, many lifetimes ago, steeped in the roots of his lineage had served the founders and their ancestor proud. The black glass of the decanter where it sat was sleek, adorned in gold inlay and a number of knots and the axe head logo laser scribed into the cruet just lifted his spirits. The sherry seasoned oak casks that this particular bottle was matured it added to give the whiskey its smoky, sweet flavor that would have had any mortal watering at the mouth. "I mean, if you think you're so easily manipulated, you're free to walk out that door."

The added stress on the young wolf's trigger word was too delicious to pass up. The younger male shifted in his windowed seat, glancing up at the moon every so often, fiddling with the rim of the lowball in his hands liquid having already been drained long ago. Odin strode across the room, snatched the drink ware from his unsuspecting grasp and was already back in front of the bar pouring another glass for his guest, a quiet, 'One for the road' slipping out before passing it back to Hati. "But just know this. You would be foolish to refuse an order from me."

"Heh. I wasn't aware you were in the business of making demands of others. you couldn't keep that pretty little wife of yours for long. Tired of being commanded around? Thanks but no thanks." Setting the rich colored drink down, Hati pushes to a standing position, rotating his shoulder from lack of use and sitting tense the entire time. As he makes a few strides across the floor he is stopped by Odin's voice calling out to him.

Wolf or not, no one would be so ignorant and disdainful to ignore a good deal when it comes around, especially not from the Allfather. His voice was commanding, threatening, booming even without the volume. It was there, plain as they were standing only a mere feet from one another. "It's a shame you have forgotten the consequences of the last time you disobeyed a directive." How easily he could reach out and reprimand this pup as if he were his own offspring. In another time, perhaps. But as it stood with the new day in age assault—no matter how warranted wasn't something that boded well with others. Instead, subtle threats that could and would be acted upon without any proof of their existence was something else entirely.

Nothing more was needed. The unspoken threat that hung in the air was heavy laced with truth. It would have only been a matter of time before Odin made good on it, and who was to say that he wouldn't turn his ire towards Sköll in order to harm Hati? He wouldn't put it past the geezer. He wouldn't gamble Sköll's life or freedom and happiness for one more job. That's what he told himself to help him swallow the acid that wanted to surface, "Fine, but I'm driving gamall maður."
"Wouldn't have it any other way, úlfur hvolpur"

The night of October 16th

Who in their right mind would chose to go to some stuffy event and believe it to be fun? Apparently Odin. Once a mighty silver wolf, tearing across the skies giving chase the Moon in hopes that he would be on time more often than he was, now reduced to being trapped in a mortal frame and playing guard dog to the man who cursed him and his family in the first place. A heavy sigh breached his lips as he stalked out of the Audi R8. The black matte finish making the powerful car stand out more against those that shone under the street lights and whatever remaining sunlight that had decided to linger on the horizon just a tad bit longer than need be. Thought of how Sköll wasn't keeping to his job of keeping Sunna on task popped into his mind and his sigh veered into a low, dark chuckle.

After circling the vehicle and passing the keys to the valet, a mild threat on his lips and posture warning the mortal to take care of her, he was opening the door for Odin to emerge. 'How the mighty have fallen,' Hati thinks crestfallen more to himself, seeing as how Odin had not a worry in the world it seemed. Regardless of how close to his breast he kept an enemy. Hati refused to bear his teeth. Not yet. His time would soon come. It was only for the night. Only for tonight.

After the appropriate amount of pictures and questions answered on Odin's part, some directed to the silver wolf of the night though he was adept enough to dodge or ignore them completely, and they were passing through the threshold of the white building. If anything came from this evening it was that they both enjoyed the speed with which brought them here—Hati had a need for speed and Odin was always one to partake in adrenaline chasing—and that they both agreed that the aesthetics of the place were nothing to be desired. Snatching up a pair of flutes from the passing waitstaff Odin held one out to his detail, of which he just scoffed and turned a quarter of an inch away from the incoming arm.

"Stubbornness brings either greater humiliation or greater honor, do well to remember that, Hati."

"And hungry dogs are never loyal, Alföðr. You do well to remember yourself. Even you can only retain so much knowledge before you are forced to lose it all to old age and time." Hati hummed, his response low and gravely. A bite and edge to his words, though he refused to mask any intention behind the words spat. Hunched shoulders as he scanned the room in search of a familiar face that could pull him away from the burden that was the Allfather.

Odin disregarded the disrespect with which Hati threw around like air. It was inevitable that he would garner so much hatred for him. He had no delusion otherwise. His calling and utilizing the young wolf's presence was not entirely for a security detail—he was sure he could handle that on his own—but more for the sake of getting him out and reconnect with the family he so desperately clings to. Regardless of how desperately he tries to come off as cold and distant. Odin snorted at the thought. Sure, Hati was prickly, but he wasn't so cut and dry like some of the others. In response the Allfather downed the bubbly, setting the empty glass on a different tray and clutching the remaining in his hands, "Then you should feast." Last words before the Norseman left a wild and famished wolf behind in search of a familiar red headed, silver tongued devil.
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Two days after the Acropolis party...

“Oh my gosh! He’s soooo cute!” Hebes voice squeaked in excitement as she knelt down in front of the object of her excitement. Wide eyes peered back up at her, a gentle vibration emitting from within his chest. He was beautiful. She wanted to pick him up and take him home right away. Of course, she knew she couldn’t, but it did make her wonder whether Coco would be agreeable to getting a pet...

Reaching a hand towards him, Hebe first allowed him to tentatively sniff her before moving to pet the soft fur atop his head. The ginger ball of fluff gave Hebe a rough lick with his sandpapery tongue. Her lips parted to let out a small laugh, head turning to look at the waiter who was standing patiently behind the pair. ‘Catmosphere’ was a small but cosy cafe nestled into a side street in the centre of downtown Seattle. It was one that you wouldn’t know about unless you heard about it by word of mouth or, like Hebe, had done some rather excitable googling. The goddess of youth, when given the option to choose an outing, would always prefer to pick somewhere different. Sure Starbucks was nice but getting to cuddle cats was so much better! Though she hoped Julie wasn’t allergic...in her eagerness she’d forgotten to ask.

“What’s his name?” Hebes eyes widened eagerly as her attention flitted between the server and the animal in question, scratching gently under the latters chin.

“Rupert. Y’know, you can take him to your table if you’d like...” The waiter looked like he had dealt with far too many teenagers squawking over adorable felines but Hebe seemed not to notice this. Instead she gently scooped the kitten into her arms before scrambling to her feet. “I can?!” She grinned happily. Excitement reeled off the goddess in waves as she clutched the creature to her chest. She’d had no idea that she’d actually be able to hold the cats. This was great!

“Yeah, sure. Whatever.” The ever disinterested waiter muttered, whose name Hebe ascertained was Trevor by his cat-shaped badge, before leading her to a table that was located next to a large set of bay windows. It only afforded a view of the street below, where she could see mortals busily going about their everyday business, but she was happy to watch them whilst she waited for her companion. Taking a seat, she gently placed the kitten into her lap. As Rupert curled up into a comfortable ball, she glanced at her phone, trying to ignore the slight nervousness she felt creeping into her stomach. Gods, she hoped they got along.

“No! No! No!” Julie kept saying as she was literally running past people. How could she be late now!? Every now and then she checked her watch. Angry with herself for every minute she was late. Eventually, after getting the wrong address two times she finally found the little hidden gem in Seattle. It was strange, she had lived here for over seven years now and not once had she heard about something as amazing as Catmosphere.

Bewildered and a little exhausted she pretty much stumbled into the cozy place. The cats, quite to her surprise, didn’t even mind her just barging in. If she had been early, as she had planned, she probably would’ve played with the cats a little bit. “I’m so sorry.” She whispered at the lounging cats as she past them. In truth she really shouldn’t have been here. Cats being one of her weaknesses, she probably would probably end up adopting one right now.

Still, first she wanted to meet the very first family member of Alex! Julie’s phone was in her hand with an Instagram picture of Hailey Cooper as her eyes darted from table to table. Hoping to find the brunette with such a wonderful, bright smile. Eventually she thought she had found her. Well, the girl was looking down at her phone and looking away. Quite sheepishly the blonde approached her. “Hi…I’m sorry but… are you Hailey?” She asked with a slightly worried but also hopeful smile.

Head shot up when Hebe heard her mortal name, face lighting up in excitement as her eyes landed on the woman standing cautiously in front of her. She’d had no idea what Julie looked like but as her eyes passed over her, she couldn’t help but admire how beautiful she was.

“Yep that’s me! Oh, are you Julie?!” She blurted out, enthusiasm quickly etching itself across her features. When Julie had contacted her she’d been more than excited to meet with her big brother's girlfriend…even if it was kind of disappointing that he hadn’t mentioned her before now. But she figured that Ares must’ve had a good reason to keep it secret. “I’m so glad you managed to find your way here! I was a bit worried because it’s kind of hidden…” She added as she took one last glance at her phone before placing it face down on the table.

Normally she would have shot up to give her a hug but with the kitten fast asleep in her lap, she simply stayed put, basking in the warmth that his small form radiated. “This is Rupert by the way!” Hebe smiled, nodding her head at the curled up kitten. Clearly used to the hustle and bustle of humans, he seemed completely unperturbed by her excited outburst, remaining fast asleep throughout.

“Yep!” The mortal said in response to Hailey’s blurted out question. Julie took the seat in front of Hailey but then looked over to see Rupert on her lap. “Awww!” She exclaimed, wanting to reach over to pet the kitty. But seeing it so fast asleep on the girl’s lap stopped her. She really didn’t want to annoy him with her own attention. Which was frankly limitless when it came to cats. “He looks really cute on your lap!” The mortal said as instead she outstretched her hand towards Hailey. “So yeah, it’s a real pleasure to meet you Hailey. I’m so sorry I couldn’t make it for breakfast yesterday. Work just suddenly bombarded me with a photoshoot but it’s really nice to finally meet someone from Alex’s family!” The pure, unbridled excitement was quite evident on the girl’s face.

Taking Julie's hand in-between hers, Hebe gently shook it before bringing her hands back to absentmindedly scratch at the nape of Rupert's neck. He began to emit a small purr, which she couldn’t help but smile at. “That’s alright! It’d been a while since I’d seen Alex so it was nice to catch up…” Despite the wholly unexpected news, which she was still desperately trying to push to the back of her mind, it had been fun to catch up with him. Ares was always so busy that she couldn’t help but worry about him a little, but it was nice to know he had someone to look after him.

“A photoshoot? Oh wow, are you a model?!” Briefly distracted by thoughts of her brother, Hebe's attention flitted back to Julie when she mentioned the shoot, eyes widening. Leaning forwards in her chair, her eyes flitted over the woman more carefully, trying to remember if she had seen her in any magazines or on any billboards. “What kind of work do you do? My best friend does some modelling too actually!”

“Oh yeah, I know how that feels.” Julie said in response to Hebe telling her how she hadn’t seen Alex for a while now. She hadn’t either. In the past it felt strange how he often just seemed to disappear. These days though, she got a little used to it. She still missed him every day when she wakes up alone. A small smile crept on her lips though when a thought slipped in her mind. She would see him again tonight. That was his promise. Hebe’s sudden questions about the photoshoot and modelling pulled Julie back into the present. “Oh no, no. I’m not – I mean I used to be a model.” Julie explained. “It was just some small scale stuff. You know some lingerie.” Her cheeks turned a bit flustered. “But these days I’m the photographer. I’ve been lucky enough to do some gigs for Aeon!” But then she heard that Hailey had a friend who modelled as well and instantly the blonde’s face lit up even more. “Really!? What’s her name?” She asked as excitedly as Hailey was.

“Aeon? Oh wow, I’ve seen some of their stuff! Their clothes are beautiful…though a bit too expensive for me unfortunately.” Pulling the menu towards herself, Hebe began to flick through it as she spoke, letting out a small laugh as she considered the dire state of her bank account. The goddess failed to omit that she did indeed know the owner of Aeon, feeling it would come across as strange for her to have any association with Venus. Or at least it would to a mortal. “I bet you were a great model! I could never be brave enough.” She continued with a smile, her expression filled with genuine curiosity. Hebe hadn’t met any of Ares’ previous girlfriends but she for sure was liking Julie already.

“Oh my friend? She’s called Coco. She’s so pretty! I’ve seen a bit of her work though I’d love to see her on a shoot!…Ooh, pancakes—” Hebe gushed, briefly getting distracted as she spotted one of her favourite breakfast foods on the menu. They were shaped like cats too! And came with strawberries!

“Yeah… they’re very expensive.” There was a slightly cheeky smile forming upon Julie’s lips which she quickly hid behind another menu cart. Those dresses were expensive, too expensive for Julie. Not for Alex, who had surprised her with one only a few months back. “Leona’s so talented. I really wish I could meet her someday.” So far the blonde had only seen the world famous artistic designer from a distance, surrounded by people there were always vastly more important than a simple photographer. Maybe someday she’d get her five seconds. For now though, she was putting down the menu again to look at Hailey right when she name-dropped Coco.

“Wait...Coley ‘Coco’?” She asked. “Coley ‘Coco’ Merkouri?”

“Yep that’s her!” Hebe nodded, the excitement that was splashed across her face now tinged with a hint of surprise. Forever struggling to remember their mortal names, it took her a moment to recall that Coco's chosen last name was indeed Merkouri. “Wait, do you know her too? Oh! Have you worked with her or something?” She briefly wondered if Ares knew about their common connection. It would seem strange if he did, especially because he had never even mentioned Julie to her before now. “That’s so funny! Isn’t she great though?!”

“She really is!” Julie exclaimed, almost jumping in her seat. “I’ve known her for five years already! She is one of my best friends!” What were the odds that they both were so close to the same person? Well, she certainly had to tell Coco about all of this, but only after Julie hit her friend on the arm for not telling her about Hailey.

Right then though, one of the waitresses came up to take their order. “Oh I’ll just take some pancakes with maple syrup.” The blonde said before she turned towards Hailey. “You can take whatever you want.” She assured the student before quickly flashing the black credit card she had in her palm and giving her a rather brazen face. Alex could afford some expensive milkshake and whatnot Hailey really wanted to eat. If he even noticed the charge.

Hebe listened happily as Julie spoke about Comus. She couldn’t wait to let her know about this and she found herself having to resist the temptation to pick up her phone and text her straight away.

“Aw thanks but you don’t have to! I can pay for myself. I’ve got enough…I think.” She trailed off awkwardly before turning to the waiter. Trevor still looked equally as disgruntled but amusingly had somehow now adopted a pair of adorable cat ears (work mandated she assumed). “Can I have the pancakes too but with the strawberries and whipped cream! And…um, I guess the rainbow smoothie as well please.” Hebe reeled off what she wanted before handing her menu to Trevor, who had scribbled down their orders with only the odd grunt of recognition. He must be a dog person or something.

Julie didn’t mind. And in a second the card vanished out of her hand again. “Sooo…” She said, verbally dragging her feet. In all honesty, she didn’t know how Alex would react if he knew she would be asking this question. He had always been so mysterious about his family. Julie didn’t even know the names of his parents! “What’s your family like? Like how are Alex’s parents? His aunts? Coco always tells me about her crazy family it… kind of makes me envious that Alex never talks about his.”

“Well…” Hebe paused, unsure how to answer. Julie was under the impression that they were simply cousins when in-fact they shared the same parents. “Our family is kinda complicated. It’s hard to explain…but he loves his mother.” She smiled gently, picking at the edge of a pink napkin stamped with cat paws. Although her own relationship with Hera hadn’t been great recently (which she knew was kind of her fault), Ares had always been extremely close with their mother. It made her happy to know that at least one of them still had a good bond with her, especially now that Hephaestus was gone.

“And his father is—” The colour suddenly drained from Hebes face as she stopped mid-sentence, words disappearing in a strangled choke. A hand closed to clutch tightly around the napkin as her gaze strayed past Julie to the entrance of the cafe. No. Please no... At first all she’d noticed was a shock of blonde hair but this had been enough to send a heavy weight into her stomach, heart beating so hard that waves of panic began to rush throughout her body, skin crawling in protest. He was turned away, looking at the several felines that were perched on a rather tall cat tree, but she didn’t need to see his face to be able to tell who it was. Hebe knew that figure well enough to recognise it in an instant. It-it couldn’t be…

The once soothing noises of the cafe — the gentle meows of cats & kittens, and the quiet chatter of mortals — faded into the background as Hebe suddenly shot up from her seat. Rupert let out a mewl of surprise as he jumped off her lap, scattering away to some other patrons. “I-Can we, I-…” Hebe began to stutter, her eyes flitting anxiously between Julie and the cruelly recognisable form. Every breath, every moment here was one too long and she once more had an intense desire to run away. “P-please can we go?” She whispered quietly, a well of fear rising up at the chance that he might recognise her voice. Without waiting for a reply, Hebe's shaking hand had tightly grabbed Julies, the goddess pulling the mortal up from her seat.

Seeing the colour drain from Hailey when she mentioned Alex’ father made her anticipate the worst at first. Maybe he and Alex’ mother were divorced and it was a sore subject in the family? But only a moment later Julie realized that the girl wasn’t reacting to the family exposition. Her eyes trailed past the blonde at first. When she shot up from her seat, almost launching poor Rupert, Julie tried to as subtly as she could turn around to see who she was looking at. It took a moment, but then she noticed the figure standing by the cat tree. The way Hailey was reacting, especially now that she grabbed Jules’ hand to get her up made the mortal assume the worst. She shot up as well.

Julie’s own heart began to beat faster as she stood in between Hailey and the figure, almost hiding her. The man was much too close to the exit. “The back.” She immediately said as she nodded towards the kitchen doors that just opened with the waitress bringing two plates of pancakes, one with strawberries and whip cream and the other with just maple syrup. Julie hadn’t made a suggestion though. She was actively pushing the girl towards the door, keeping herself between the guy at the door who seemed to have triggered Hailey. As she passed the waitress she quickly whispered: “I’m sorry I’ll be back to pay.” Before ushering Hailey on through the door.

Her fingers had clutched tightly, perhaps too much so, around Julie's arm and she daren’t let go even as the woman led her into the kitchen. It was this minimal of contact that kept Hebe from breaking down right there, although she could feel the panic pushing at her already fragile limits. Through the heavy veil of fear she couldn’t help but feel a warm bloom of gratitude towards this woman who was barely more than a stranger, but who had not needed to ask one question before rushing to help her. “I-I’m so sorry…” Hebes voice was a mere hush, barely perceptible above the whir of chaos that was the kitchen. She moved her body to slide past cooks and waiters alike, cringing back at the contact when she accidentally brushed against their shoulders or arms. They looked at her with confusion or pity, some opening their mouths to question the pair, but she noticed none of it, only craving escape and distance.

The quick head shake of Julie was often enough to shut anyone up who would’ve piped up. She could see the cringe reaction from just touching someone. What had this guy done to her!? The anger towards that stranger quickly faded again as Julie got her to the other end of the kitchen and the both of them went through the back door. Ending up in a rather deserted alleyway, though the both of them could still hear the bustle of cars and foot traffic not too far away. At least Julie hoped Hailey would feel safe here. Luckily the cooks of the café were exactly like the cooks anywhere else. Which meant there were about three chairs in the back and a small table, upon which there was an ashtray with a literal mount of ash in it. “We can sit here, if you want. I doubt that guy saw us and even if he did, that kitchen won’t let him through.” Especially as she threw one of the cooks with a ‘Semper Fi’ tattoo a look her brother had taught her.

As Hebe did as she was advised and sat on one of the chairs - the cheap plastic of which was still wet from the eternal Seattle drizzle - the tears that had welled in her eyes began to spill over. Palms came up to brush them away but despite her best efforts, they kept on coming. “Y-you definitely think he didn’t see us?” She mumbled, her voice weary as she gave up on trying to stop her silent tears, head coming to rest between her hands. Hebe gripped at the roots of her long brunette hair, trying to will her shaking hands to stop. She opened her mouth to say something more but her mind was blank, hazy fear and panic lingering behind her line of vision, the sight of him still imprinted even now upon her gaze. He had been mere feet away from her, in a place he never would have gone to, and the goddess felt a deep pit of concern for why he had even been there in the first place.

“He definitely didn’t see us.” Julie said slowly but firmly. Yet it was a lie. She couldn’t really know if he had seen them or not, she had her back to him. But she wasn’t about to tell the panicking girl that. So Julie just feigned certainty, though she hated having to lie. Still, the promise didn’t seem to calm the girl down. In fact it looked like she was crumbling where she sat. Slowly Julie put a hand on her shoulder first, to see if she would flinch from the touch.

“Okay...” Hebe let out a deep sigh, one that would’ve threatened to turn into a sob if she hadn’t swallowed it down. At the feeling of a gentle touch on her shoulder, she looked up, before suddenly wrapping her arms around the woman. “Thank you.” She mumbled, still clinging onto Julie tightly, their close proximity causing her tears to wet the mortals dress. “Y-you must think I’m really weird...” The goddess let out a forced laugh, shaking her head at herself. Once her episodes of panic had been often and overwhelming but time had soothed her, terror mainly striking her at night and in her dreams, pulling her to a waking state. But now they had become frequent again and she felt a deep tinge of embarrassment for how weak she was being.

“I don’t think you’re weird.” Julie said as she firmly embraced the girl. Holding one arm on her back while with the other hand she gently brushed Hailey’s hair. She did think something terrible had happened. Few things could set a person off like that and none of them could be rationalized in Julie’s mind. “I just think you’re afraid of someone. It’s okay. It’s all okay.” She kept quiet as she held Hailey, letting the hug comfort her for just as long as she wanted. For a second she opened her mouth to say something, but still decided against it. Alex never told her about Hailey’s panic attacks but he would’ve if he knew. If she were being honest, she didn’t want to keep that secret. She wanted to get on the phone to Alex right now and explain everything. He often looked like a softy, but he could get things done. He could help. Still, as Julie held Hailey she knew she couldn’t breach the girl’s trust and she didn’t want to pressure the girl right now.

Even Hebe, who loved the familiar embrace of others, knew it was strange that she was clinging to this woman so fiercely. But having someone…anyone around was more than she’d had in the last five years. Not that her friends wouldn’t want to offer her comfort but she daren’t let her emotions spill out in front of them, for fear that they would ask one too many questions. The goddess had always figured it was better to try ignore it. She was immortal after all...the pain had to go away eventually. Right?

Eyes, through the hazy screen of tears glanced back towards the kitchen, heart lurching into her throat as the door suddenly swung open, banging loudly against the dirty brick wall. The smell of baked goods wafted through the air, only adding to the lingering nausea that she felt in her stomach, and she fought back the urge to throw up when a figure stepped into the narrow alleyway. Trying, and failing somewhat to hide behind Julie, Hebes pounding heart only ceased a little when she saw that it was just a kitchen porter lugging a bag of garbage next to the already overflowing cans. Staring at him warily, tears still flowing down her cheeks, her grip tightened around Julie's jacket. He barely seemed to notice them, grumbling something about not getting paid enough before storming back into the cafe.

After several moments, she looked up at the woman. “Could- could we walk somewhere else?” She breathed quietly, looking around the alleyway as if he would just pop up behind them at any moment. “If you have to go though that’s fine. I-I can get a taxi home…” Hebe desperately hoped she didn’t have to, or want to leave, the contact of another being the only thing that was stopping her from crumbling completely, but she also didn’t want to make her feel like she had to stay.

When the door flung open Julie cursed internally. Did the cook fail her? Her hand instinctively went into her handbag as she looked back. Only to see someone throw a bag of garbage in the bin. Muttering something Julie couldn’t care for. But it had a clear effect on Hailey. She wasn’t improving. “Yes, yes we can go anywhere you want.” Julie said as she wrapped her arm back around the girl, walking away from the backdoor and keeping an eye out along the street as they walked. Making sure that guy, whoever he was, wasn’t around. At first Julie just walked a few blocks with Hailey, hoping it would calm her down. Her phone was exploding in her pocket though. Probably irate calls of her manager demanding why she cancelled a photoshoot meeting on such short notice. That didn’t matter right now. “And just so you know.” Julie suddenly said. “I’m not going to tell Alex.” Not unless Hailey wanted her to.
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ꜱᴇᴀᴛᴛʟᴇ ᴜɴɪᴠᴇʀꜱɪᴛʏ » ᴛʜᴇ ʙᴀʟʟ
ᴡʜᴇɴ ᴛʜᴇ ᴍᴏᴏɴ ʜɪᴛꜱ ʏᴏᴜʀ ᴇʏᴇ ʟɪᴋᴇ ᴀ ʙɪɢ ᴘɪᴢᴢᴀ ᴘɪᴇ,

ᴛʜᴀᴛ'ꜱ ɴᴏᴛ ᴛʜᴇ ᴍᴏᴏɴ. ᴛʜᴀᴛ'ꜱ ᴀ ʙɪɢ ᴡʜᴇᴇʟ ᴏꜰ ᴄʜᴇᴇꜱᴇ.

Night changes with the passing years: a serene calm that blankets the world in unknown shadows; a wisp hidden between the dips of streetlights and city cars, slunk into alley shadows and diamond eyes against rooftops. However, night remained a fervent constant and the stars that hung as a mantle against the moon's shoulders remained forever present in the inkwell sky. The city breeze felt cool to the touch, alight on Mani's skin like the glimmer of stardust passing by him. To feel that again, willingly this time, in the shower of meteor dust and cool, comforting void.

Yet he fell to the earth again, happily though, with a blaze and a tug against his leather jacket. His eyebrows raised in question to the petite girl that stared up at him with a fluster to her face. "Dr. Munson, I have something, um, important to tell you," she said under the hush of her own voice. The tips of autumn frost bit at her breath, though Mani could tell that it the cold didn't color her cheeks.

"What's up, Anita? Do you need an escort to your car?" Mani smiled with a tilt of his head. He offered the nook of his elbow to the young girl to which she gingerly took it.

"No, I—actually, I do, thank you. But, actually I just wanted to..." her words trailed off as she sucked her bottom lip between her teeth.

Mani's brows pinched. Recounting the group sessions, this felt par for the course for Anita, yet her eyes prickled with moisture instead of the usual blind terror of social interaction. The latter felt relatable, honestly, in this day and age. "Hmm, it's a beautiful night, isn't it?" Mani started as he lifted his head to the sky. The constant vigilance of city lights warded off all but the brightest stars, but their lights couldn't shroud the moon no matter how hard they shined. Anita's eyes followed his. She still bit and gnawed the skin of her lip away.

"My father liked to tell me a story when I was a kid about a rabbit trapped on the moon," Mani quickly turned to look at Anita, grinning at her, "Don't ask how he got up there 'cause he never told me." Yet, he continued, letting his head tilt in her direction as they walked toward the parking lot, dimmed by early autumn air. "The rabbit would wander and wander against the crater seas. He knew that he was alone — that he would be alone forever. Yet, the rabbit never felt lonely. Every night he would settle into the coarse, white sand beneath his feet and he'd dig. He'd find the hollow of the moon around him, comforting and everlasting. And he would tell the moon his worries, whisper it into the ground encasing him. Though the moon never spoke, the rabbit knew she always listened. And when the rabbit settled in for the very, very last time, the moon wrapped her arms around him and cast him to the stars above her that she would always listen for his pitter pattering feet and his worried words aloft in the void around her."

They both stopped at a small blue Volkswagen Beetle, Mani facing Anita and Anita staring intently at her license plate. The moon shone against her lightly bronze skin with light wisps of curly black hair flowing out of the shayla wrapped loosely around her head and neck. A light sparkle of a diamond dripped down her cheek and her hand rose to swipe it away. "I lied to the group earlier," she said, hushed under the whisper of her lips, "The pressure's been too much and I just... I just... I—I..." Her face scrunched up and she hid away the look in her eyes as she turned her head away.

Yet, the moon still reached out with his hand firmly grasping her shoulders. She had her escape if she wanted it; Mani wouldn't dare imprison someone in pain. Anita kept herself frozen in place as he moved to face her. "Hey, there's no shame here," Mani spoke with a soft, warm smile alleviating the lines of his features, "There's strength in admittance and even further strength in knowing that even the strongest must falter sometimes. Hmmm." Mani paused for a second before pinching his brows and reaching into his jacket pocket. He pulled out a small business card with his name, number, and office address written on it. "Take this. You don't need to call me tomorrow, or the next day, or even for a year, but if you think you want professional help rather than group counseling, take it."

"I've got so many loa—"

Mani cut her off with a laugh and a smile, "Pro bono, Anita. I'm not gonna charge you a dime. Call or stop on by, whatever's most comfortable for you. Just remember, relapsing is only a part of the journey. Let yourself stumble or fall, but pick yourself up or let someone help you stand. Alone doesn't have to mean lonely." With that, he moved toward her car door and opened it as it beeped.

Before the night swept her away, Anita turned to look up at Mani, "Thank you Dr. Munson... I think I'll call. Maybe."

Mani only grinned, offering her a wave as he closed the door with parting words, "Do what you think is best, as long as you keep poking your head in for the group sessions. It wouldn't be the same without you." He winked as she smiled softly, though her eyes still held uncertainty at least he could see resolve beneath the honey brown.

As the car wheeled out, Mani let out a smile sigh, chest heaving lightly before he turned his eyes toward his watch. "Ooh, fashionably late. Just how I like it."

Flashy things, silly lights and sillier music, good food and tasty wine, not necessarily fit for a god lacking of poise and posture. Still, not every day one gets an invite, especially filled to the brim with a few funny faces mortal and godly alike. Especially one so funny it brought his lips up in a cringe: Arik Börson. A man caught between the throes of a lazy king with his many booty-calls vassals and the will of a retired man basking away at the infinite twilight of his years. Obviously, Mani appreciated the latter one far more. The former reminded him of the simple shrug he gave at the request of the gods around him to toss him and his sister aloft to the skies for all eternity.

'Can we eject this kid into space'

'Eh, why not?'

It brought a sour taste to his mouth as he pressed the wrinkles of his suit down. If that god came into attendance rather than The Big Alföðowski, he'd turn heel and walk straight out the door. Even if the site brought memories of lonely days suddenly filled with a nip at his heels and the promise of a chase. Mani tempered that thought, sucked it straight down in one gulp and flew right out of his car.

Of course, no one recognized his face or cared to know his name, but Mani still sidled beside a few big names, smiling over their shoulders and answering their questions. "How is the recent movie coming along? Any comment on the rumors of your affair with—"

"Well, uh, he's got a great ass, for one. And the biggest, juiciest, thickest slobber worthy di—ow! Aha. Okay, okay!"

Mani dipped here and there, grinning and giggling with madness as he finally moved past the reporters. It hadn't truly occurred to him to watch his step, as it never did with Mani. He came into the building in a light tumble over his own feet, colliding into the back of a tall, suited man. Immediately, Mani jumped back to his feet with his hands pressed to the man's back before circling around. "Whoa, sorry. Sorry, did I make you spill anything? I don't watch where I'm go...ing," His eyes came up to capture a pair of rather familiar eyes that immediately brought a pinch to his brow. A sudden surge of adrenaline shot through him, bid him to pick his feet from the sludge they fell into and run. Just run with the stars at his back fading into bright lines that circled the earth careening beneath him until his lungs gasped bursts of air. Until a smile broke his face and laughter tumbled like moon dust from his lips.

Mani coughed. Still staring at a man that could very well bring Hati's silver mane to shame. Perhaps with very good reason.

Interactions: Hati @KZOMBI3
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𝓵𝓮𝓽 𝓵𝓸𝓸𝓼𝓮
Jupiter's Charity Event
Tlazōlteōtl & Hathor

Daydreams flitted through the mind of the Aztec on a daily basis at this point. Between spilling her inner turmoil with Hathor and gaining insight and a major kick in the ass from Eros - even the hypocritical stance she took with Freya and not herself, culminated within her over the last few days. Laz was back in her groove and if she were so inclined to say, back on the prowl, because here she was sun kissed skin glowing in the fading rays of the sun as the giant began it's slow descent in the sky, making way for the moon to take her place among the dark backdrop.

Following in the advisory footprints left behind by her cherished promiscuous squad, Laz steeled herself to fuck Ares to get him out of her system. That must be the reason why he's been plaguing her thoughts as if she were Europe in the fourteenth century. But the lingering thought of how he still hasn't responded to her texts and calls was off putting and did a fantastic job of sending her red flags. More than once since Aphrodite's interference did the idea cross her mind; was it truly a mistake on his their parts? Probably.

A roll of her eyes paired with a light scoff had her peeling herself from her mind. No sense in dwelling on things that may not even occur. 'He's not even going to be there. More pressing matters calls for his attention. Besides, he can stand the Romans about as much as they favor the Greeks.' Once more her mind wandered instead of to the news about a god's demise it danced to flashes of the mortal woman. Julie. Even uttering the name brought a sickness to her gut she would rather not repeat. And so, she presses on and ignores the both of them, attempting to focus on the entertainment she was likely to be graced with this evening.

Nerves were cleansed from her as she inhaled and continued with preparing for the event. Gilted champagne, embellished and ornate, clung to her figure as if she rose from a sparkling fountain, pooling around her feet. The way it hugged her, exuding an appeal that could only be rivaled by that of the divine feminine herself. Accents of bronze and jade decorated her fingers and wrists, a pleasant accent against the warmth of her skin. Her sanctuary was one of intimacy and she tried to hold on to that sensation as she grabbed her bronze clutch and began her trek to the waiting Jaguar XJ sitting idly in front of her home. Once she slipped into the back seat of the luxury model she shot a text to her date for the evening, fully expecting tonight to be a night of excitement.
To: Hath✨
heading your way now. make sure to be ready

The chime of her phone caused a painfully nervous tug in her gut albeit a completely irrational one but one that had been happening repeatedly for the last week or so nonetheless. She should have turned off the ringer but couldn’t bring herself to follow through on doing so. It had been bad enough that for a few days she had had to hide and heal from the fight with Ares and within that time she had not even wanted to think on how the God of War decided to proceed with his future. She wanted him to make the right decision but it wasn’t like she was close enough with him to decipher how he thinks or acts. She didn’t know if Ares was keeping their fight a secret or not and he had the same amount of damage to heal if not more than she had but that was only a part of what made her feel nervous. She didn’t feel guilty, he had deserved it in her mind but she didn’t want others her pantheon to be disappointed in her actions and for losing such control. If that hadn’t all been enough to make her feel nervous, she had done something extremely stupid. It had been to her utter embarrassment that the morning after the fight she had learned about making a call while drunk, and not just to anyone...no, it had to be Hades’ name she saw on her screen. Do you think she remembered any of what she had said? Nope, not a clue.

Hathor had been actively avoiding him because of this and had been wondering what she said to him during this time. Not knowing what she had said was eating her heart and causing doubt but she was going to have to face it head on. She had made a promise to herself, that she would take a step tonight even if it was a small one. Tlaz was right that day. She couldn’t stay like this. She couldn’t stay stuck at the crossroads like a coward either. Just because she had been hurt before didn’t mean it would happen again. If it did, she would cross that road when she got there. She hadn’t been alone when her heart was crushed the first time and she wasn’t alone now. It was that thought which drew away her nervousness and graced her features with a determined look as she took a once over in the mirror, taking in her reflection causing a confident smile to paint on her lips. ’I can do this.’, she thought, picking up her phone and finally reading the text from Tlaz before responding.

To: Tlaz
I’ll be waiting~

A quick toss of her phone into her clutch and she found herself out the door, waiting on the porch to her place and ignoring the looks given to her as mortals passed by. Hathor didn’t know exactly the car she was looking for but she figured that Tlaz wouldn’t keep her wondering long. It had been a fabulous idea to go together and even a more fabulous idea to get an Uber since she might need a little liquid courage when she got there and depending on the situation, Tlaz might need it for a whole different reason. She had continued to hope that her beating some common sense into Ares might get him to get his shit together and fix things but no commotion happening in the passing time, it seemed that he had decided either to take a slow pace to correct the issue, chickened out and thus missing out, or maybe was still in misery because of a break up with his mor...Julie and needed some time. It wasn’t looking good in any case. Tonight wasn’t about him though, she had to remind herself of that and be there for Tlaz.

In no time at all the sleek black Jaguar was pulling up to the curb. A lavish sight befell Tlazōlteōtl as she peered out the back window, rolling down the tinted glass to call out to the Egyptian, "Hey there gorgeous, need a lift?" a wiggle of her well plucked brows had the both of them doubling over with infectious laughter. It wasn't that it was particularly humorous, more so that it was the pace with which the evening was going to follow. Glitzed and glammed up with a splash of carelessness. It was time for them, all of them, to enjoy the moment. Throw caution to the wind. No talk of the god killer or of any more death and destruction, unless of course it's in the form of sexual nature.

As soon as the coiled head of hair slipped into the plush leather seats beside the Aztec she voiced these thoughts to her. After exchanging a strong and warm embrace. "Our time of cutting loose is past due," and with an acknowledgement to the driver they were pulling away from the front of the quaint home and on their way to their nightly adventure.

"So," Laz wasted no time in turning her amber gaze to her companion's. Hands resting atop one another, nerves were soaring from the both of them, that much she could tell. "Where have you been? You haven't been avoiding me have you?" Her tone was light and teasing.

”Avoiding you? I wouldn’t dream of it. I have just...had a lot of things on my mind.”, Hathor answered, giving her companion’s hands a soft squeeze for reassurance and a gentle smile to go with it. She wasn’t completely lying. She did have a lot on her mind and Tlaz wasn’t exactly why she had been avoiding. It did make her feel guilty that she had even questioned it, teasing or not. It would be difficult to explain all that had happened and Ares’ feelings were not hers to tell, no matter how much she wanted to spill every bit of information she had gained from her showdown. Perhaps she might speak up one day, but not tonight and not anytime soon. It was one of those times where holding your tongue was the best you could do for another and their feelings. She wouldn’t give hope if Ares didn’t want to act.

”Would you believe I was wallowing in self pity because I did something extremely embarrassing and stupid?”Hathor asked, trying to steer the conversation a bit. It was the safer topic that had been plaguing her mind over the last week or more and honestly, she could use some support or beautiful lies that it wasn’t as bad as it seemed. She had been feeling like she had plummeted her chances before she had even started to express her true feelings. It wasn’t going to stop her as she was determined to follow through but by the sands of Egypt, she hoped he didn’t ask or talk about that mishap.

The words struck something within her, a sense of curiosity at the very least, "Embarrassing you say... do tell, She of Many Names." An examination of her manicured nails was invitation enough for Hath to continue and indulge in the gossip of their lives. Day to day mortal-hood was tiring and lost its luster many decades ago. Simple, stupid things add a touch of spice to the otherwise abysmal boredom especially since there weren't any juicy sexcapades for Laz to reveal. Not yet at least. But the night was only getting started and she hoped to have many come morning light. "Does it have anything to do with a certain stoic investor of ours?" The telltale signs were there. She was nervous and flighty, something the goddess was not under any other circumstance. Only ever when it involved the Grecian Lord of the Underworld.

A tease of a smirk played on her lips while a light chuckle escaped her at Tlaz’s antics as she seamlessly worked to pull more gossip details from her about the subject. This is what she had been missing while hiding herself away. She missed having someone to talk to when she was a nervous ball of energy or frustrated beyond belief. Gossip also kept things lively and interesting instead of the mundane hub of life that sometimes could become lackluster. Hadn’t that been one of the key reasons she joined Tlaz business, because she had been bored in the rut she had placed herself in and was looking for a bit of excitement. It was nothing like the thrill of dodging the police but it had its own merit.

At the mention of their stoic investor, a blush lit up her cheeks as she placed her hands on her face to cover it before peeking out from behind her fingers with an embarrassed whine.”Why do you have to be so perceptive?”, Hathor asked with a pout before letting out a sigh and sinking more into the seat. She placed her hands in her lap, twiddling her fingers together and biting her lip. “But, yes, it does have to do with him unfortunately. I may or may not have been reflecting on our conversation about Ares and I may have let it get under my skin.”, she started, trying to figure out how to avoid the main reasons she started drinking before continuing,”And because I didn’t know who to talk to about it since it really isn’t anyone’s business… I might have gotten extremely drunk and called him.”

Hathor groaned, throwing her hands into her hair and gripping at the ends while looking at her friend with complete mortification. ”Laz, I have no clue what I said! I can’t remember no matter how hard I try! I don’t even know if I got his voicemail or not! The time stamp even says that it was a decent amount that I spoke.” she ranted, all of her fears from the last week boiling over and finally coming out. She had tried to be positive with herself, that there was no way she had said something bad. That there was no way she told him more than she should have or more than she was ready to admit. Now that she was with her best friend and saying it out loud, she didn’t feel so sure. What if she had messed? How would he act? What would she do?

"Get a hold of yourself, love." Laz' tone was firm but carried with it a tone of calmness. Something to ease her back down into a right headspace before rubbing between the Egyptian's shoulder blades, applying the right amount of pressure so as to help alleviate some of the tension she was most definitely experiencing. The muscles gave under dexterous fingers, relaxing from the masterful movements that danced across the skin. "Knowing you and your iron clad will, it couldn't have been much. Although... you have a mouth on you when you're sottished so who knows you might have made a complete fool of yourself," she punctuated the ending of her speech with a shrug. ”You’re awful! First, you tell me the beautiful lies I crave and then you speak blasphemy about my drunken form. Unbelievable.”, Hathor teased and bumped Tlaz's shoulder with a smile. It was always the same with the both of them. A form of banter that transcended the passages of time with which they have existed. A sisterhood that had been cultivated and allowed for the normally biting words spoken to be feathered out and tickle the humorousness within them. She doubted herself and her decision to razz on her friend, ultimately the poor decision won out and she went with it. Teasing Hathor into a good mood was better than her moping about on a night that is supposed to be enjoyed.

Chuckling through a heavy sigh the Aztec pushed through the walls Hathor was undoubtedly building back up. "Look love, you let loose and you did something stupid. We've all been there, tlacatl y teotl alike. Don't worry so much. We're gonna arrive at this event, drink the Romans under the table, cause Gods know I need it after the shit that's happened, mingle with the other patrons and to top it all off, we're going to dance 'til the sun comes up!" The urge to boop her companion on the nose was too strong as she listed off their evenings activities. ”You know, you are absolutely right! Let’s make this a night to remember.”, she said happily, letting her thoughts and worries drift away and focus on the fun they would have. The sun kissed goddesses sat there beside one another like twins, curly mess of hair cascading like spiraling vines of the canopy. Their giggles, soon turned to laughter, filled the back of the cab they rode in, drowning out whatever tunes had been playing through the speakers. Something upbeat, if she recalls correctly.

The scenery blew by them as they were carried through the darkening streets towards the charity ball and Laz couldn't help but play potential endings of the night through her head as she sat there in the back of the luxury vehicle. There wasn't going to be anything that was going to come between the plans she had, for herself or for Hathor. One way or another, she and Hades were going to have fun together. A quick, cheeky glance and Laz was opening her mouth once more to tease her ikniutli, "If you need some alone time with lover boy, just give me the word and I'll conveniently find I have very important business to attend to. Maybe Diamond is late again? Who knows...". Hathor raised a brow before a gentle smile appeared at the lovely suggestion, ”That’s if I even get the chance to have a moment alone with him but I’ll keep your offer in mind should the opportunity arise.”

The ride is smooth and Laz thinks to herself they must be close. Pulling around the corner has her spotting the mod of mortals standing along the entrance, cameras flashing, notepads, tablets and phones at the ready for their latest dossier of the comings and goings of Seattle's elites. Tlazōlteōtl rolled her honeyed eyes into that pretty little skull of hers, she was sure she spotted the backside. Nevertheless, she was grateful that this life provided her with a little more privacy than previous identities before. A little bit of privacy here and there goes a long way when one is trying to coax the sin out the masses.

A whiff of roasted honey along with that sweet aroma of melting marshmallows trailed through the throng of people standing around the entrance. It was faint, and fading, the longer she stood outside, so when the two of them finally made it past the doors her senses were assaulted with a long sought after memory. The dragging of fingertips along the curve of her hip, dipping between the valley of her breast. A whisper of her name on his lips, lips that tasted the way crisp autumn felt. There was no mistaking the enormous amount of melancholia that swaddled her. Mouth suddenly went dry, she licked her lips and straightened her posture, subtly scanning the area though not achieving much. She had no idea what it was she was looking for. Or rather who. At least that's what she told herself. But even that was a pretty lie.

At this point Laz truly only had one thing on her mind and that was to grab a drink. Or ten. Just to start the night off right. It was one thing to have the weight of the Ares incident pressing down on her, which itself brought about a slight pinch in her brows with the impending thoughts of 'what ifs'. Now someone among them was a walking reminder of him, her tīcitl. Was there no end to the torment in sight? Drinking the gods under the table is right, tonight sin incarnate felt like she would be able to give Dionysus a run for his money. A restless grin found a home on her glazed lips, "C'mon Hath, the night is young, and we're looking to get laid."

Hathor laughed happily, a Cheshire grin stretched on her features as she spoke and gave Tlaz a light tug of her hand,”Laid or drunk and right now, the latter is looking more plausible so let’s go! Best way to get a party started is a drink in hand and don’t think you are getting out of dancing with me. Hoes before bros or something like that.” She curled her fingers with hers and gracefully weaved them through the crowds in a determined stride. Sure, there were those walking around and offering drinks but the bar was always the better option. It was also easier than having to track someone down for multiple drinks which she planned to snag before facing the crowd of elegance both immortal and mortal.
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One of Mercury’s favorite things to do is drive. He likes watching the scenery whiz by, the low rumble of tyres on asphalt, but most of all, he loves the wind in his hair and on his skin, how it roars in his ears to deafen him to the rest of the world. It’s why he always drives with the windows down, arm hanging out the side as if to catch the breeze with his fingers.

It’s times like these that almost make him miss being a god.

What would it be like, he wonders, to finally see his pantheon and pantheon returned to their former glory? To once again walk upon the air as Mercurius? And what of Rome? It’s been a long time since he paid any thought to his former existence, and a longer time yet since he felt anything for it but indifference, but tonight seemed… distinct, somehow. A strange buzz in the air. He’s not sure why.

When Mercury received the invitation, he’d simply sneered and banished it to the trash without a second thought. I mean, come on, what did Jupiter expect? That he was going to run right back the second he called for him? The old Mercury would have. Going here, doing that. Always the dutiful son. Always there to answer to his father’s beck and call.

Without him, Aeneas of Troy would never have made his destined pilgrimage to Italia. Without him, Rome would never even have existed.

Maybe he should pretend to be dead, go into hiding until this whole mess was over. He’s done it before, and it’s actually a whole lot easier than most people think —– at least when you take into consideration the alternative.

You see, the Roman god of commerce was easily bored. Like a shark, he had to keep moving lest he sank to the bottom of the ocean, choking on the very seawater that was meant to keep him alive. He’d always prided himself on being two steps ahead of everyone, on his ability to know exactly how far to push it before he got in trouble, but… maybe that was the exact reason why he did these things.

He hated predictability, and he found the stillness of tranquility all the more unbearable.

There was one time in Florence, Italy where he had to take a dive into the Arno after stealing the ducal crown of Cosimo I ‘de Medici. And when he disappeared into the frozen tundras of Siberia with the imperial jewels in tow.

But Paris is what Mercury remembers the most, with its cobblestone streets and sprawling cathedrals; it was there that he stole and broke the heart of a handsome young gendarme. They’d first met in a gambling den in Montmartre. Mercury was losing big but winning bigger at the bassette table, and the officer had all but stumbled into the room, smoking and laughing with the rest of his regiment. His shiny black hair, twinkling eyes and sharp-cut jaw caught Mercury’s attention instantly, and so, the Roman god of commerce took it upon himself to get to know him.

He poured the officer a drink as soon as he sat down at the table, dealing him into the game and allowing the first few rounds to go his way. With his lips loosened by wine and the warmth of victory, it was an easy enough matter for Mercury to find out more about him. He first learned his name: Nicolas de Voyer, and how he was the second son of a comte, a count. It was his first day in Paris after a long journey back from a skirmish on the Franco-Belgian border.

For the rest of the evening, the two spent more time talking than playing. And as the hours passed in a blur of wine, hushed conversation and the smoke twirling from their cigars, it soon became time for each of them to take their leave.

Mercury, however, could not abide. He knew he needed to see him again, touch him, speak with him and so much more. He still bid his farewells, of course, shook the hands of his opponents as he congratulated them on their winnings or commiserated with their misfortune, but for Nicolas, he allowed his grip to linger, tracing a finger against his palm when he finally let go.

He knew the officer understood when he stepped out of the cool air of the streets and saw him waiting there.

They had their time together, stole whatever moments they could between their respective duties, and for a time, Mercury was satisfied. He didn’t think about what he could gain from their liaisons or how he could make off with the Voyer fortune. Instead, he just… lived in the present, basking in Nicolas’ adoration like a cat does the sun.

It felt almost idyllic, a little slice of heaven just for the two of them, but Mercury was never one to be satisfied with the status quo.

Their relationship soured just as quickly as it’d began, and Mercury would be the first to admit that he was the salient reason behind its slow, grueling march towards death. More and more often, he began to go out drinking and gambling; and while he was usually alone, other times he brought Nicolas along with him. On such occasions, the god would do everything he could to stir up trouble, to act like he no longer cared —– all to see the anger flash black in his lover’s eyes.

Mercury didn’t let him try and fix things. He didn’t want him to. But even after all the fights they had, all the shouting, the bruised knuckles and bloodied teeth, Nicolas wasn’t prepared to let go, and maybe he wasn’t, either.

That was when he knew he had to leave.

On their last night together, Mercury waited until Nicolas was asleep to slip the signet ring from his hand. It was heavy, cast from pure, solid gold and engraved with the Voyer coat of arms. Mercury took it for himself. Not as a keepsake, but a prize. Something to justify all the time they spent together, or at least that’s what he told himself. And after taking one last look at the sleeping form of his lover, he went back home and did the only thing that made sense at the time: he burned it all down.

By the time the inferno finally died down in the wee hours of dawn, nothing remained of the house but its charred, crumbling bones.

After that, it was easy enough to pretend he was dead. Everyone already assumed that he’d perished in the blaze —– how could he have not? Everything in the house had been reduced to ash, spread across the atmosphere as atoms. But all Mercury had done was acquire a new identity for himself. A new name. A new life. Growing richer with every suckered victim he left in his wake. But one day, out of curiosity, or maybe some sick, masochistic attempt at closure, Mercury found his way back to where he knew his former lover would be; and as he watched him from across the street, he felt something akin to guilt, a sort of regret that twisted painfully in his chest.

Barely a year had passed since the “tragedy” that claimed his life, but the officer’s hair was now streaked with silver, graying at the temples, and there were lines in his face that hadn’t been there before. He looked older, sadder. There was a certain melancholy to him, his movements, even as he walked arm-in-arm with a smiling woman with pretty, flaxen hair.

Mercury hadn’t known what to think, but it was what he wanted: a clean break. With how he’d involved himself in the comings and goings of the city, he knew from his contacts that the Colossus was about to be moved again, and he didn’t need any loose ends coming back to haunt him.

That wasn’t the only time he’d been forced to resort to something this drastic, and now, he’s beginning to think that it might not have been the last.

Gods, he really needed to stop being so dramatic. He’s only going to see his family, not stick his head in a guillotine, though it sure as hell felt that way sometimes. So, with one long exhale, he wills the memories to leave him, letting them be carried away on the wind before they began to grate, and starts rummaging through the glove compartment for a fresh pack of cigs.

His arrival at the event is heralded by the telltale roar of a Ferrari. It’s loud like thunder, or perhaps the cry of a great, mythical beast, and does its job turning the attention of the media from whoever they’d been gawking at onto him instead.

Mercury wasn't not exactly thrilled to be here, but he figured that as long as he was, he might as well make an entrance.

As he rolls up to the red carpet, Mercury pulls one last drag from his cigarette before dropping it into an empty, blue-and-silver can in his cupholder: Red Bull. It had to have been his sixth —– no, seventh one for the night, and he was finally starting to feel its effects, a syrup-sweet shot of pure caffeine buzzing its way through his system.

Of course, he was going to need something a little stronger than Red Bull that to deal with Juno, but it was a start.

Stepping out of the car, he passes his keys to a waiting valet who, quite impressively, manages to keep his expression neutral even when he climbs inside.

Compared to the expensive, immaculate gleam of its exterior, the inside of the vehicle was nothing short of a mess. It smelled of cheap coffee and even cheaper cigarettes, every inch and crevice of the upholstery infused with their sour, smoky terroir. The floorboard was littered with fast-food wrappers and half-empty rolls of breath mints, a savaged 12-pack of Red Bull in the passenger seat, and to top it all off, he had one of those novelty air fresheners shaped like a palm tree dangling from his rear view mirror —– Tropical Breeze™.

Mercury thought the whole thing a fitting tableau of his current state of being.

He doesn’t let the flash of the cameras bother him, nor does he stop to offer anyone an answer more in-depth than the standard niceties. On another night, at another place, maybe he would have ignored them altogether, but he was still the face of Argentum, and he knew the rules he was meant to play by.

So he smiles, entertains whatever questions that come his way with as much false modesty he could muster. One particularly courageous reporter even questions him about Argentum’s alleged dealings with a Turkish smuggling ring, though he waves them away with nothing more than a bland statement of denial, making a mental note to remind his associates of the importance of circumspection.

By the time he finally makes it into the building and away from all the hubbub, Mercury has worked up quite a thirst, and he snatches a flute of champagne from the tray of a passing waiter. His eyes scan the room as he takes a sip. Most of the men here were dressed in dark colors, mostly black or gray, but he had decided on something a little different for the evening. It was a cream-coloured ensemble, more suited for a trip down the French Riviera than Seattle in October. All he needed now to complete the look was a straw boater.

Then, he catches sight of a familiar figure, perched atop a magnificent flight of stairs across the room. Even this far away, there was no mistaking that stiff posture and furrowed brow.

…Oh, well. Might as well rip off the band-aid and get it all over with.

Mercury navigates the floor with ease, pausing every now and again to extend his greetings to anyone who recognized him. Some of them were associates, even more of them rivals, though he shakes their hands all the same, offering each of them the hospitality they were due, and snags himself some rings, watches and cufflinks along the way. After all, it’s only fair that he received some form of compensation for playing host in the stead of the King of Gods.

As he approaches the stairs, he sees Mars and Juno there as well, locked together in an embrace —– mother and son. A touching reunion, to be sure. It was almost enough to bring a tear to Mercury’s eye, though he held no delusion that his own appearance before his father would be anywhere as poignant.

“Well, you look happy,” Mercury begins, briefly allowing a smirk to cross his lips. Of course, he knew better than anyone that making fun of Jupiter was akin to poking a nest of very angry hornets, but he couldn’t resist, it was second-nature to him; and he kind of wanted to see that ever-stoic facade crack, if only for a moment. “Woke up on the wrong side of bed today?”

He moves to lean against the banister then, shooting a pointed look at his father before nodding towards all the people milling about the ballroom.

“You should be out there, you know? Mingling with the commonfolk. I mean, what kind of host leaves his guests knocking about like a herd of lost sheep?”

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A Theía & Her Anipsiá
A Theía & Her Anipsiá

“Aaaaaaaand we’re all done! Take a peek in the mirror and let me know how you like it, darling.”

Since the rise of the colossus and Astraea’s fall to Earth from the skies, the young star maiden had been adopted by the most powerful elders of the Greek pantheon. The king of the gods became her grandfather figure; with his wise words, warm demeanor and endless support for her every decision and endeavor. Hera had filled the grandmother role; offering her protective nature and doing her best at keeping the girl grounded in what truly mattered. And Themis, the titan goddess of divine justice, had taken on the roles of aunt and older sister; showering Astraea with praise and affection, passing on her vast knowledge to the young woman, and becoming each other’s most trusted confidantes. And this was why, for the better part of the last four hours, the Greek goddesses had been enjoying each other’s companies as they assisted one another in getting ready for Jupiter’s charity ball at Themis’ apartment.

Nervously biting her lip, Astraea turned around to face the full length mirror of the vanity, and broke into a fit of excited giggles when she saw her reflection staring back at her. Half of her luscious locks of brown hair were pinned back while the other half cascaded freely down her back and shoulders, and the soft glam makeup Themis had done only served to highlight the star maiden’s best features. With the short-heeled gold sandals and the plum-colored gown, Astraea was looking every bit like the sky goddess that she was.

“Oh my God, Theia: you did amazing!” Astraea shrieked happily, taking in every inch of her look with sparkling eyes before wrapping Themis up in a tight hug. “Thank you so so so much!”

“You’re so very welcome! It was my pleasure, sweet pea,” the willowy blonde replied, hugging the shorter girl with the same amount of affection while bestowing a brief kiss on the top of her head. “Now, let’s spin you around so we can really see the magic!” Themis declared before grabbing Astraea’s hand, guiding her to the center of the room and starting to twirl her. For the next few moments, both women watched as the tulle on the skirt of Astraea’s beautiful dress fanned out around her. Encouraged by her laughs, Themis spun her niece faster and faster, until the giggling, dizzy young woman eventually fell backwards onto the queen-sized bed.

“I really hope at least one of the babies is a girl, theia. Or both of them! Can you imagine how much fun we’re all going to have together?! The tea parties, the makeovers, the shopping sprees… It’s going to be a blast!” Astraea trailed off, losing herself in all the fun activities she and her new baby cousins could get into before eventually pulling herself back to reality and standing back up. “Speaking of: have you told him yet?” the young woman asked Themis, bringing the spotlight back to her aunt as she raised her eyebrow at her and put her hands on her hips.

A grimace twisted the blond woman’s mouth. “Ummmm…” she trailed off, suddenly becoming very interested in the patterns on the loud fabric on her dress.

Two weeks previously, Themis had woken up from a fainting spell to Hera fanning her face and offering her a glass of water while she lay on the couch with her head propped up with a decorative cushion. After ensuring she was alright, the queen of the gods had confirmed that what Themis had dismissed as a fever dream was actually her new reality. Even still, the goddess of divine justice remained skeptical, and agreed to visit Hera’s medical practice first thing that following Monday to get a definitive confirmation. Five positive home tests, one positive blood test and an ultrasound later, any and all doubts about her ‘condition’ were dissipated. She was indeed pregnant with twins, and they did have different fathers. And as if that wasn’t enough, both children were measuring at least two weeks ahead-- which Hera predicted was due to their obvious godhood. So between the babies developing faster than normal, her growing midriff slowly becoming harder to hide, the nausea making it nearly impossible to keep her food down, the many cases waiting on her desk back at work and the Hephaestus investigation happening under the books, Themis’ mind was everywhere except in telling Thor he was to become a father. I just haven’t found the right ti-

Are you serious?!” Astraea cried out, stomping her small foot on the ground in outrage. “Theía, there’s never going to be a right time to drop this kind of news on someone! You do know where we’re going tonight, right? This ball’s going to be swarming with fertility goddesses who can probably smell a baby from miles away-- let alone two! What if one of them says something, huh? Or, like, lets it slip somehow? Wouldn’t you rather he find out from you rather than someone else?”

I know, Alana. Believe me, I know…” Themis sighed, looking up at her niece with hints of desperation and worry in her hazel eyes. “It’s just that every time I say I’m going to tell him, something always happens that distracts me from it--”

Just then, the familiar sound of keys unlocking a door, the turn of a doorknob and the front door of the building opening and closing could be heard. And seconds later, the rumbling voice of the Norse god of thunder was echoing across the otherwise empty apartment.
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A Storm in Paradise
Themis' Apartment → The Ball
Thor & Themis

Thor had been waiting outside of Themis’ apartment building for the better half of the past hour, staring at the screen of his phone as he read over the article uploaded by the Seattle Times. In a surprisingly decent detail, they managed to report on his activities in the past day and how he foolishly took the gamble of hitting the docks after he found out that the next shipment of product was coming in last night. Had he been a little wiser, maybe he would’ve passed this along to his good friends at the police department or even let Athena know. But, no: Thor went in with a steadfast will. He was armed with centuries of experience in battle and a heart pointing in the direction of justice.

“Not to mention enough recklessness to threaten the veil that hid the existence of Godkind.” He expelled a short laugh, grunting when his mouth started to hurt.

Yes, Thor was foolish last night, thinking he was anywhere close to being prepared for the onslaught of goons that would be at the pier. He didn’t anticipate them having heavy machinery that might actually make his night worse. He never thought for a second that, in the height of his heroics, a shotgun blast at close range would hit him and hit him good.

Ever since the descension, his healing hasn’t been what it usually was. When he got hit, sure he recovered quickly; if it was a heavier hit like a steel pipe or a gun, it took him half of a day, but Thor always managed to get back up on his feet. And, of course, he was fine now, but at the same time, he wasn’t back to his unharmed self. He felt woozy at times and his head was throbbing with a migraine that not even a few oxy’s could fix. His jaw felt like someone took a drill and put it on loop. When he talked, it hurt.

All in all, Thor felt like shit and attending a charity event hosted by people he didn’t give a rat’s ass about regardless how you sliced it wasn’t on his priority list. But Thor wasn’t doing this for himself. So taking a few more oxy’s to numb the pain, Thor grabbed his suit jacket and got out of the rented Lexus he reserved for this night and only this night. Going past that would render next month’s rent obsolete.

As he walked, Thor squeezed his arms through his jacket one sleeve at a time. By the time he managed to get his left arm into it, he was inside her apartment building. As soon as the God of Thunder reached Themis’ door, he reached into his jacket pocket and pulled out his key. She had given him his own when their relationship started to get serious again.

Thor inserted the key into the keyhole of the knob. Even before he opened the door, he heard voices. One was Themis’. Of course, he knew her voice right off the bat, but the other wasn’t as familiar. He felt like he heard it but he was coming up empty.

“It’s just that every time I say I’m going to tell him, something always happens that distracts me from i-”

“Amanda?” Puzzled, Thor stopped for a brief moment. He had half of his leg inside her apartment and would take an additional moment to make the conscious decision to go in all the way. “Where ya at?” He asked, his voice echoing in the somewhat empty entrance.

At once, the Greek goddess Themis and her niece Astraea exchanged panicked looks and wildly failed their hands. Had he heard their conversation? Because the last thing the blonde needed was for her boyfriend to find out about her pregnancy this way. “ShitshitshitshitSHIT!” the justice goddess muttered under her breath as she frantically rubbed her temples. “I’m in the master bedroom with Alana!” she called back out to Thor. The two women had just enough time to put on their best 'nothing suspicious is happening here' faces before Thor entered the bedroom.

The amount of time it took him to register what she said put most of the worries he had to rest. Astraea was the best example of how the Greeks weren’t all bad. Of course, Themis was always the exception-- but the star maiden was also an exception. Not in the same way Themis was, but more that Thor often felt protective over her because of the closeness she had with his beloved.

Despite the unexplained tension he couldn’t help pick up on, he greeted both goddesses with a smile. “Sorry, I didn’t mean to interrupt your conversation. I wasn’t counting on you being here, Astraea,” he admitted with a laugh.

“Oh, hey Thor! Don't even worry about it. We were just--” Astraea began, shooting a nervous glance at Themis before turning back to Thor with a shaky smile. “Theia was just helping me with my hair and makeup for the ball…" Anyone that knew the goddess of innocence was aware that she was a terrible liar by nature-- she became skittish, her voice always took on a higher pitch, and that small tick on her temple was a dead giveaway. So instead of completely exposing herself by lying, she had chosen to tell the truth instead… But without overexplaining or elaborating too much. The last thing she wanted was for her auntie’s boyfriend to get suspicious and start asking questions.

Thor might’ve not been the most perceptive God but for his skills being what they were, even he could tell that Astraea suddenly became jumpy like Thor came in at the worst time. He didn’t know if they were having some bonding time and this was her go-to reaction to tell him to shoo or if there was a deeper meaning behind her sudden weirdness. Regardless, he shrugged off with a dismissive sigh. “You look positively radiant, Astraea. And even more so in that stunner of a dress that you have on,” he complimented the star maiden, flashing her a smile to boot.

“Why, thank you, Thor!” Astraea replied with a smile, giving the god of thunder a playful curtsy followed by a small giggle. “You’re looking pretty good yourself!”

“And you..” His attention was now immediately -- and in its entirety -- honing in on Themis.

When she had shown him the dress before, he was a fan. He thought the design was flawless and the way the back flowed past the front was a daring design that theoretically could work. But seeing it on a person (and on Themis of all people) it was like Thor was looking into the eyes of a higher power than even the Aesir himself. Her body was incredible and the dress clung to it perfectly, showing off her subtle curves, highlighting her figure in every way that it could. And that wasn’t even mentioning how on-point her make-up was. He knew much to nothing about the specifics. He didn’t know what the concealer or types of lipstick or balm did for the face, so obviously there was no point in him trying to figure what was doing what. There was only one thing Thor knew to be a fact.

“I look good tonight, but there is no chance in hell anyone’s going to be looking at me.” His smile remained from before and he took Themis by the hand, twirling her around in a gentle motion. “They will be looking at you, my darling.”

As loved and cherished as Thor’s words and actions always made her feel, there was no hiding the worried crease that settled between Themis’ eyebrows at the sight of her beloved. A new assortment of cuts and bruises could be seen on his otherwise handsome face: shades of red, purple, green and blue melting into his fair skin and adorning his forehead, cheeks and jawline. Thor showing up looking like this hadn’t phased her at the beginning of their relationship-- back when she didn’t give his explanations and justifications any second thoughts. But the longer they dated, the more suspicious Themis grew, and the paranoia of falling prey to a second cheater had slowly taken over. After a little digging, she’d found a pattern for Thor’s shady behavior. And tonight, she was ready to confront him with her findings.

But not in front of Astraea; or anyone else, for that matter. Themis, always the clever one, had a plan already in place. Where else would be a perfect opportunity to question him than somewhere he couldn’t run away or escape from-- like the inside of the vehicle he had rented for the event?

So instead of voicing her concerns right then and there, Themis merely smiled at her boyfriend and followed his lead. “I don’t know about that. You make pretty solid competition, if you ask me,” she teased, wrapping her arms around the Norse god and giving him a quick kiss.

Meanwhile, Astraea watched the exchange unfolding between Thor and Themis with the bright, starry eyes of someone witnessing a fairytale romance straight out of a Disney movie. The way Thor was looking at Themis as if she was the most valuable treasure he had, and the breathtaking smile of pure happiness on her theía’s face made the brunette’s heart melt into a puddle of complete joy. The love shared between them was obvious, palpable in the air and electricity around them. As she giggled along with the spinning Themis, all Alana could think about was how she hoped that, one day, she’d find someone who would look at her the same way.

Oh, I just love love!

Much too soon, the sound of a phone notification interrupted the tender moment happening between the couple. Grimacing in embarrassment, Astraea walked over to where her cellphone was resting atop the vanity and checked the screen. “Ooooooh, looks like my ride’s here!” she explained to the couple, holding out her phone to show Thor and Themis the text message that the driver Baldr had sent to get had arrived to pick her up. Smiling, the brunette snatched her purse from the bed, tossed her phone inside and rushed out the door. “I’ll see you guys there!”

“Yeah, see you soon!” Thor’s voice carried like a lingering thunder clap and he was sure Astraea heard it even as the door to Themis’ apartment closed.

Briefly, Thor allowed his eyes to linger at the hallway, thinking about Astraea for just a moment. A smile formed on his lips and soon those same stormy eyes that hadn’t a single cloud in them found themselves anchored on Themis once more, likewise taking in the majesty of her dress. He couldn’t stop himself from letting out a low whistle. It was beneath him but sometimes that’s all a man needed to do so he could remind himself this wasn’t a dream. He made sure not to let the whistle carry on for too long. He didn’t want Themis to be alerted to the fact that just standing here, despite how in awe he was of her dress, was becoming a challenge and he wasn’t even out the door with her.

“So any idea who Astraea just left with?” Thor asked with the tone of a slightly-overprotective older brother.

“She’s going to the ball as Baldr’s date, but he sent a car with a driver to pick her up here instead of doing it himself. They wanted to avoid her getting any unwanted attention and giving the paparazzi the wrong idea,” Themis explained with a small shrug. “Baldr’s pretty high up there in the charity scene, and you know how crazy people can be.”

Thor unsubtly scowled, letting his displeasure replace the former smile on his face. “Of-fucking-course he did! Baldr isn’t man enough to come get her himself. Pathetic!” Thor let his seething anger linger for a few moments longer before he submitted to letting it pass. On any other day, he would allow himself the benefit for it to writhe, but that wasn’t this day. “As long as he doesn’t hurt her, he and I won’t have a problem.” There was a part of him that wished Baldr wasn’t the kind of God that he was so the God of Thunder could allow his fist to become well acquainted with the pretty boy’s perfect face.

Now it was Themis’ turn to scowl and roll her eyes. Although she appreciated her boyfriend’s protective nature, she sometimes disliked how quick he was to paint people in negative lights without hearing both sides of the story. “Okay, first of all: that’s your half-brother you’re talking about. Second of all: Baldr’s her best friend. They’ve known each other for centuries now. If he was ever going to hurt her-- which I’m pretty sure he won’t-- he would’ve done it a long time ago. And third of all: they don’t see each other in the way you’re probably thinking of. Lana’s got her eyes on a completely different person: that much I can tell you. Now, can we stop discussing my sweetie’s personal business and get going already? We’re going to be late if we keep this up.”

He could definitely go on about how Baldr being his half-brother meant nothing to him (especially with how much he hated Baldr’s mother, too), but she had a point. So, with a nod, he resigned himself to silently figuring out ways to punish Baldr if he ever hurt Astraea or if he demonstrated any traits Freya was notoriously known for. Whilst he did that, the two had reached his car, which immediately brought Thor out of his daydream and looked to Themis.

“I figured I couldn’t show up in my run down truck, at least not when this ball is so fancy.” Those damned Romans really made it impossible for any God with a middle class alias to have any luxurious fun. “I only have it for the night. But she’s pretty, ain’t she?” Even if he didn’t own it, Thor felt a sense of pride in being able to drive such a nice Lexus Johannes Bauer would never be able to own to save his life.

The annoyed scowl on Themis’ face soon vanished, giving way to the usual smile that adorned it whenever anything Thor-related was involved. “She sure is…” the blonde promptly answered, hazel eyes inspecting every inch of the vehicle before returning to her lover’s face. “I hope you know you didn’t have to do all of this, Thor. You know I could care less about any glitz or glamour or riches you can offer me. I’d rather have a loyal, honest man like you as my life partner than a rich, cheating, untruthful asshole.”

Thor raised an eyebrow at her oddly-specification about the kind of man she’d rather not have. “Oh, well. All the same, there’s no going back. And it’s not like we’re regulars at the Roman’s events. So if I’m going to subject myself to this form of cruel and unusual punishment, the least I can do is show off my beloved and make them see that I’m not just a man of the people but a man of the people who can ride in style.” He would proclaim as he leaned close to Themis, already snickering, opening the door open for her as he did so. ”And they don’t have to know this isn’t even mine.”

Shaking her head, the grinning young woman entered the vehicle and made herself comfortable inside the passenger seat. It was only after Thor had done the same over on his side and got them on the road. She’d let a few minutes pass in silence that Themis finally brought up the subject that had been secretly eating at her for some time now.

“So, darling: would you mind explaining to me how it was that you got those lovely cuts and bruises all over your face this time around?” she asked him while keeping her eyes locked on the road stretching in front of them, feigning ignorance even when she was almost certain she had the answer.

This time around?

As the rumbling of the highway filled some of the awkward silence, Thor wasn’t sure what she was getting at. Of course, he knew she’d want to know about how his face got wrecked, but the implication that he’d give her a bullshit excuse -- not that it was a bullshit excuse or anything -- Thor was almost offended in the way she asked him. “Not exactly sure why you phrased it like that, but if you must know, I had an unexpected complication from an unsatisfied client yesterday. We got into it about some shady business dealings they were involved with in their past. One thing led to another and I got a couple of shiners in the process.” Technically, Thor was telling the truth. He just left out the part where he was dealt a slug to the face at close range.

“Hmmmm…” was all Themis said, tongue in cheek while slowly nodding. She could feel the air between them fill with tension, which only solidified that her decision to confront Thor in the car had been the correct one. “And did this unexpected complication and subsequent physical encounter happen to take place at a pier, by any chance?” the Greek goddess pressed on, pushing her boyfriend with what she knew just a little further, hoping he would give up his secret without much of a fight.

“I’m not sure what you’re talking about.” He brushed her words off with a slight shrug as the car came to a stop at a red light. He was stunned by the unexpected revelation she just dropped, sure, but there was no way in hell that he had been so careless as to get caught. So either she was fishing for information about what he did off the clock or she allowed her imagination to go places that it normally didn’t. “As I’ve told you, my bruises are the result of a disagreement with a client. Nothing more and nothing less.” Thor wasn’t the best of liars but he had confidence that even Themis would buy this excuse, regardless if she was supposed to be a great detector of such things.

"So you’re telling me-- right here and now, to my face-- that your injuries have absolutely nothing to do with a confrontation that happened last night at the piers when some hooded vigilante sabotaged a big drug delivery taking place?" the blonde asked sternly, her observant hazel eyes locked on the god of thunder while she studied his face for any more telltale expressions.

Of course it did but Thor wasn’t going to let her know that. “Exactly!” His response came out quick, eyes veering ahead. He was mentally tapping his foot on the mental equivalent of the floorboard of the mental equivalent of the Lexus, impatiently waiting for the light to change green.

Thor was definitely lying: that much was obvious. The growing anxiety was painted all over his handsome face, oozing from the way his grip tightened on the steering wheel down to the immediate defensive response to her question. Why he was choosing to avoid her questions instead of coming clean was beyond her, but a lying man was not something she dealt with lightly.

Letting out a deep breath, Themis squared her shoulders and regarded her boyfriend with a stern stare before continuing. "Thor, darling: you do realize I prosecute people for a living, right? At this point, it's second nature to me to know when an individual is lying or hiding something," the blonde said, with the thinnest suggestion of a threat lingering at the end of her statement. If the Norse god wasn’t budging, then she would just go ahead and rip off the bandaid. "So, allow me to ask you again: are you or are you not the Hooded Stranger?”

On some level, he knew that she was doing this from the right place. Themis had always cared for him in the same way he did for her. He knew that if she was this desperate to get the truth out of him, then, again, on some level he had to know there was no malicious intent behind her assertive line of questioning. Still, the clear skies that were his eyes had suddenly been reduced to a storm on the horizon, specs of gray and lightning blue flashed, stemming from his growing frustration.

Thor’s hands gripped the steering wheel as if to alleviate some of the cloudiness hindering his thoughts from being clear. After a moment and as the charity venue came into view, Thor took in a slow, therapeutic breath, though almost half a minute of silence followed until they came to a stop. He had thought about what would be the outcomes of telling her? If he did, she might ask him to stop and Thor couldn’t risk that. His mission, though he knew the risks, was far too important to him. But at the same time, if he came clean to her and she surprised him by doing what he least suspected, all of this rerouting would have been all for naught.

As the car came to a stop and he turned to her, hoping they had a few moments to end this, Thor’s mouth opened. “Well--” As he started to speak, the glitz and glamour from the red carpet, as well as the valet opening the passenger side door, had brought what he was about to say to a full stop as though the valet served as the immovable object that which Thor’s indestructible voice couldn’t penetrate.

In ancient greek mythology, the titan goddess of divine justice was characterized by her calm, collected demeanor during her quest for law, order and the truth. But in this moment, watching the god of thunder she loved so much lie to her face in the mortal world, Themis was anything but that. As much as she wanted to believe this hadn’t been premeditated, there was no shaking off the feeling that Thor had timed and purposely stalled their conversation so that he wouldn’t have to answer her questions. Whether it was the knowledge that she was being kept in the dark about things again, the pregnancy hormones or a combination of both, the blonde goddess was almost shaking with anger, and was desperate to escape before she did something stupid. So with one last, scathing glare in Thor’s direction, Themis stepped out of the luxury vehicle, rose up to her full height, and stormed off into the ball by her lonesome.

As he watched Themis storm off, finding some sort of irony in the fact that the God of Thunder was the calm one here. He couldn’t help himself but entertain the thoughts of how out of character it was for Themis to behave like this. She has always been firm in her opinions and very adamant for the truth and that was something about her that Thor always admired. It was one of the main reasons why he felt such a magnetic pull towards her. So it was mind-boggling to see her act like this.

He expelled a long sigh as he walked past the valet, who he exchanged a glance with. “Women, am I right?” The valet commented, laughing at his own comment.

Thor just looked at the valet. He was deciding if punching this idiot was worth the attention. After just a brief moment of contemplating this, he decided Johan Bauer had enough problems. So he walked past the valet, bumping into the man’s shoulder intentionally and sending a very light static current into his shoulder. Thor coincidently coughed to hinder the sound of his electrical charge that made the valet jump from the literal shock.

Making his way into the venue, he took it all in. The way the classical music had somehow made what he saw feel like everything was way overpriced and reinforced his opinion that the Romans were too trigger happy in what they chose to indulge themselves in. “This is going to be a long night.” Thor commented, grabbing a glass of champagne from a nearby server and forced himself to smile and act as though he didn’t want to go hit up the pier again.
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Noise was what emitted from the narrow apartment block in downtown Seattle and what it was known for by the locals. Whether it be the cry of a newborn baby, the deep vibrating rhythm of bass cranked up too loud, or a screaming match between two neighbours. It was a constant for the inhabitants and one that most grew to at the very least tolerate, though it was certainly not a place for those who were apt to sleeping lightly. Luckily, Mr. Jenkins had a hearing aid he could handily turn down and he did so as he slid past the two figures stood in the hallway, muttering a half-hearted hello to the pair. The redhead who turned to wave back was as dumb as a sack of bricks but he was a strong pair of hands, and was always more than happy to help him carry his groceries up those damned stairs. So, despite his insistence in ignoring the rest of them, Mr Jenkins would always mumble some sort of greeting to the firefighter.

"Hi Mr. Jenkins! And thanks for this Cherry!" The wolf in question beamed as he stood outside his front door, watching eagerly whilst his landlady rifled through her amusingly large set of keys, searching impatiently for the right one. Shaking her head when she located it, she unlocked the door, before folding her arms against the brightly coloured shawl wrapped around her chest. "Sammy, I love you but you really need to stop losing your keys!" Her teeth moved to press against her tongue, letting out a disapproving tut. At this a small frown knitted Skölls eyebrows together, the wolf trying and failing to remember where he'd left them. Things were just so hard to keep track of...he really wasn't sure how anyone else did it.

"Well, I remember I had them at work but then Gary told this really funny joke and I put them down, and then we had a call-out, and then I—"

"Alright, I get it. I get it." The middle-aged woman sighed, handing him a spare key that she always had ready for precisely these scenarios. "Just try not to lose this one. I have better things to do than chase round after you y'know." Though her words were stern, she still offered him a warm smile, a motherly air radiating off her in spite of her best attempts to do otherwise. Sköll had lived in this apartment for the last four years and Cherry was the only landlady who would put up with his absentmindedness. Usually they grew fed up after he kept losing his keys...or broke something...or left the water running all day. She even brought him round food sometimes, which was great because he always came out of the grocery store with several packets of gummy worms and little else. Cherry had once pointed out the irony (whatever that word meant) of him being a firefighter, since he'd nearly set fire to the place at least half a dozen times.

"I promise! I definitely won't lo—" The wolfish grin dropped from his face as he looked down, only to see that his dirt-stained hands were empty once again. "Where'd it go?!" His eyebrows furrowed together in confusion as he spun round, looking up and down as if some mysterious figure had just played a magic trick on him.

"You dropped it." Cherry was unable to help the roll of her eyes as she picked it up, this time placing it firmly in his hand and closing his fingers about the cold metal. "I'm not letting you in again this evening. You'll have to sleep in the hallway if you get locked out." She chastised, jingling her set of keys to emphasis her point. The Seattle native would keep to her promise too, she'd done it once before when he'd returned home drunk at 2 in the morning. Sköll had lost a lot that night, including both the pair of jeans and t-shirt he had been wearing...he vaguely remembered something about a bet with Mani.

"Alright..." Sköll nodded sullenly, now doubley hoping that he'd be able to keep track of it. Maybe he should give a copy to Hati or something. Sleeping on the ground was no fun and his muscles were already aching from the 48 hour shift he'd just finished. Plus the chill he could feel wafting against his bare arms would be even worse at midnight. Seeing the downcast expression on his face, Cherry gave his hair a fond ruffle before turning to tromp down the hallway. "You're lucky you're cute!" She shouted over her shoulder, Sköll grinning at this reluctant compliment as he darted through the open door.

Wandering into what could only be described as absolute chaos, Sköll flopped onto the well-worn couch, letting out a satisfied groan. Weariness threatened to overcome him, the temptation to have an extremely long nap pulling at his tired body, when his phone suddenly pinged. "Huh?" Pulling it from his back pocket, Sköll sat up before, after several failed attempts at remembering his pin, he managed to unlock the device. Head cocked to one side at the familiar name that had popped on the screen. It was Hati! Hati had told him to always always always read his messages, so he did, tongue hanging out from the corner of his mouth in an expression of mild concentration. Deep brown eyes slowly widened as he read the message...and then read it again after he was distracted by a bird outside the first time. Oh, oh! The ball was today! Awesome!

Any thoughts of naps were instantly forgotten as he scrambled up, eyes darting around the apartment as he tried to figure out what to do first. His stomach rumbling reminded him that he hadn't eaten for several hours and after bolting down a quick meal of dry cereal and a bag of expired chips (he’d forgotten to go grocery shopping again), he’d hopped into the shower. One of Skölls favourite things in the world was blisteringly hot showers. Heat was not something he’d ever been afraid of, instead it was something he craved, particularly since the move to Seattle. Hard-earned muscles flexed in welcome of the downpour of warmth, hands reaching up to run through his messy mop of hair. He could've spent hours in there, much to the chagrin of Cherry, if not for another ping from his phone. Pouting at this disruption, he hopped out, wrapping a clean towel around his waist. The wolf paid little mind as he trapised water all over his bathroom floor, even shaking his soaking wet hair so that droplets littered nearly every surface.

Humming a made-up tune to himself, Sköll wandered into his equally chaotic bedroom. The fourth-floor apartment was tiny and cramped, even by big city standards, but the disorder that seemed to follow the norse deity around as stubbornly as his shadow had only served to compound it ten-fold. Sitting next to a mountain of clothes that had been haphazardly dumped on the floor, Sköll began to toss them aside until he found his one and only suit. A quick precursory sniff of the black wool confirmed that it was at least clean. The getting dressed part was easy but when he reached the bowtie, the wolf found himself completely and utterly stumped. No matter how hard he tried, he couldn't get it to do the knot thingy and after several minutes of fumbling around with it, he gave up, letting out a frustrated whine. It was lucky, or maybe unlucky that no-one else was there to see the wolf, who despite his best attempts, looked like he was ending the night, not starting it. His red hair was a tousled mess, he'd missed a smear of dirt on his cheek, and his bowtie was now hanging limply about his collar. None of this seemed to concern the young deity though, who was unceremoniously stuffing a final cookie into his mouth before heading out the door.


The ball was in full-swing, the outside teaming with reporters to grill those hailed as celebrities and the interior filled to the brim with mortals. Sköll had only gotten himself lost two times before he’d found the venue and in his excitement he had bounded inside, nearly bowling over a waiter who had been precariously balancing a platter full of champagne flutes. After grinning apologetically at him and grabbing himself a drink — Dom, Dom Pe...something fancy — he'd found his enthusiasm trailing away when he noticed the stifled atmosphere. He'd thought it'd be like a party, with dancing and laughter, but everyone was just stood around all boring and stuff. Deep brown eyes darted about the room, a small pout gracing his features when he didn’t spot Hati. Where was he? Wandering over to the bar, he plopped himself down in one of the chairs, before cradling his chin in the palm of one of his hands. After asking the bartender for some more of the tasty champagne, he looked around, hoping he'd be able to spot someone fun to hang out with. Maybe Sunna or Mani or Hel or...

"I recognise your face!"

Sköll sat upright at the sudden arrival of another body in the stool next to his, the mortal in question moving so close that their faces were barely inches apart."My face?" He tilted his head, unperturbed by the sudden invasion of his personal space by this complete stranger. "Really?!" Sköll thought celebrities were super cool but he knew that he definitely wasn't one. Apart from that one old lady who always gave him fruit cake when he rescued her cat and who acted like he was the most famous person in the world.

"Totes! Though I dunno where from..." Hands reach up to clasp his face between them, a look of concentration passing over the woman's face as she stared at his wolfish features. Sköll stared dumbly back, a confused bark of a laugh escaping his lips as he watched the mortal. She was a pretty blonde and from the slight smudging of her makeup it looked like she'd already had more than a few glasses of the champagne. "July! That's it!" She clapped excitedly, nearly toppling off her stool in her sudden burst of excitement. "The calendar! You're a firefighter right? My boyfriend got sooooooo annoyed when I refused to take that thing down." The girl rolled her eyes at this, hands still wrapped firmly against his cheeks.

"Oh! Yep that's me! They always give me July cause of my hair." He grinned pointing to his own messy locks, which he'd somehow managed to tame a little since leaving the house. The calendar was always fun to do but he'd never been recognised because of it before. This was great!

Her blue eyes widened in a gesture of admiration, before moving round to focus on the abysmally empty dancefloor. “So cool..." Despite the classical music that was gently filling the spacious room, a small group of what looked to be influencers were dancing to their own beat, unaware or uncaring to the haughty glances that were ever more frequently being tossed their way. "Wanna dance with us?!” The girl raised her eyebrows, grabbing his hand before he had a chance to refuse. Not that he would. Sköll loved playing with mortals. It reminded him of when he'd been a pup — before the bad times — and he'd run off from his father so that he could go roll around with the small humans. He didn't know why but mortals had always felt at ease with him, so he rarely questioned it when they were so outwardly friendly.

After the pair had bounded over to the dancefloor, the wolf had been exchanging a series of somewhat repetitive greetings with the heavily inebriated mortals, when suddenly he felt something painful dig into one of his shoulders. The wool and linen of his suit provided little in the way of cushioning and he found himself abruptly shoved aside, forced to face the cause of the new pain in his already aching muscle. Dumbfounded, Sköll could only blink in confusion at the giant of a man who was stood in front of him. Even by the lofty standards of the gods he was tall. Ever the one to misjudge a situation, the wolf was about to chirp hello when the the collar of his shirt was twisted in the tight grip of this mortal, Sköll wincing a little as the material dug uncomfortably into his neck.

Oh no...

Mentions: Hati @KZOMBI3

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Days ago...

It was quite a busy day for Aphrodite. She sat at a chair lined with red velvet, her blonde hair up in a tight bun as she was dressed appropriately for her work. She was currently talking to the last of her clients for the day before she will go for a week-long spa and rejuvenation treatment for the upcoming Ball set by the Romans. The goddess of love will never pass the opportunity to attend any party, though she regretted not going to Hercules' because of a prior commitment. Still, she doubted his kin will welcome her with open arms after what she did at the last Conclave. She guessed she'll give it a try and go to Jupiter's Ball instead; she supposed it will be a better chance to show everyone how sorry she was.

"...and that's why I've felt hollow ever since."

She was snapped back to reality from her thoughts when she heard her client speak. Ah, yes. Sitting across from her was her last client: Georgia Fortman, a 63-year-old with grey streaks on her shoulder-length brown hair. Aphrodite was impressed with the woman's fashion choices, she could tell she was a woman of high class and stature as she did say she was a very successful businesswoman. She had a gorgeous mansion with dozens of servants following her will with her own private jet and helicopter and properties in almost every country in the world, yet the goddess could see the lifelessness in her eyes. She supposed anyone would have that glassy look when the love of their life died.

"I'm very sorry for your loss, Mrs. Fortman. I too had a partner who died just recently. Even though he was my ex, he still held a place in my heart. Now-"

"Do you really think that, Ms. Beuregard?" Mrs. Fortman interrupted, looking at the goddess directly.

"Do I think what, Mrs. Fortman?"

"That they will stay in our hearts? Forever?"

Aphrodite uncomfortably shifted on her seat and adjusted her glasses. "W-Why, yes, of course, Mrs. Fortman. I loved my ex like any other man in my life and even though we were separated, he had made a huge impact on my life. Such a person will of course have a special place in my heart."

She could tell Mrs. Fortman wasn't satisfied with her answer. She stared off through the window without saying a word, almost with worrying in her eyes. Aphrodite continued to wait for a few moments before sighing. "Mrs. Fortman, I'm sorry but I believe you'vee a mistake asking an appointment with me. I specialize in problems brought forth by love, not by the grief of death." She started to stand up. "Don't worry, I have a friend who-"

"He was a kind man." Mrs. Fortman said, and the goddess sat back to her seat with respect to the old woman. "William would always go out of his way to give back to charities, volunteer in relief operations, even provide scholarships to children here and abroad. Even when he has all the money in the world, even when he was at the top of the highest peak, it was all nothing for him. Do you know why?". Aphrodite shook her head in silence and Mrs. Fortman finally looked at her again with tears in her eyes. "Because he said that our love was the greatest achievement of his life."

Aphrodite slowly nodded as her eyes began to water as well. She was not the type to easily cry but she could hear the mixture of grief, pain, and love from Mrs. Fortman's voice. She could tell that their love was powerful and genuine, and Aphrodite could rarely see this type of love among mortals these days. She picked up a box of tissues and offered it to the crying woman who took them and wiped away her tears. "I know it is not in my place but, what happened to William, Mrs. Fortman?"

The old woman sniffed and composed herself, replying to Aphrodite with a shaky voice. "He was killed in cold blood. A kind and innocent man... Those monsters killed my husband and I swear on my life that I will find whoever did it to him and I will avenge his death." She said with conviction.

The goddess nodded in understanding. Love could make everyone do things they will never even thought of doing. She wanted to give her thoughts about the matter but she thought she would be out of place to do so. Besides, this was way beyond her sphere of influence. Perhaps she could pull some strings with Athena to help this widow's case. "Have you heard anything from the police?"

Mrs. Fortman shook her head. "No, but I've hired my own personal investigator anyway. He even already found a clue that the police haven't discovered yet. It may not be much of a lead but I believe it's better than nothing." She stopped, looked around warily, before leaning over to speak in hushed tones. "This is all confidential, correct?"

Aphrodite already knew what she meant. "Yes. Nothing you say will come out of this room. The only ones here are you and me." Her reply made Mrs. Fortman nod. "Good, good. Aphrodite didn't want to know what the clue was but she figured Mrs. Fortman would still say it anyway regardless. "My P.I. interviewed one of the witnesses from that day and they said the men were wearing black suits and masks. Everything happened so quickly but they did manage to see a tattoo on one of the goons' hands: it was a symbol of a red dragon."

~ დ ~

Presently, Aphrodite was being glammed up by her team in her apartment. They knew that this party was attended by the elite, presumably even one of the biggest and grandest Seattle had ever seen, so they knew they had to work extra hard to make Aphrodite the fairest of them all. As the goddess was being attended to by her glam team, she kept glancing at her phone every other minute.

Danny, one of her dear mortal friends and also the leader of her team, noticed she kept looking at her phone. "You expecting a text, darling?"

The goddess looked at Danny's reflection in the mirror and smiled. "Oh, well... Kinda. I met this guy like days ago and we really hit it off. I just thought maybe he'd send me a call or a text, maybe even an email or letter." She shrugged. "He might just be busy with his work."

"Mhmm." Danny replied with 'that' face and got back to work on refining her make-up, earning a laugh from Aphrodite. "Mhmm? Is there something you want to tell me, Danny?" The goddess said with a laugh as Danny just raised his hands in submission. "Oh nah, it's nothing, it's nothing. I just want you to be careful with men these days. You'll never know what's running in them brains of theirs. Just, y'know. Be careful who you put in your circle, honey."

Aphrodite smirked and raised an eyebrow at him. "Hm. Thanks for those words of encouragement, I guess..." Danny smooched his lips at her before getting back to work on her beautiful face. Of course, the goddess of very wary of gods and mortals alike, especially when one of their kin mysteriously died and some of them still held a grudge at the other gods after all this time. She had no idea what the Romans' true motives were in holding this Ball but there's only one way to find out.

After a while, the goddess was on the way to the Ball in her black limousine. When she got there, a valet opened the door for her and helped Aphrodite get out of her vehicle. Reporters were already flashing their cameras and focused on Aphrodite as she walked down the red carpet in her gown, her wavy blonde hair styled in a semi-loose bun of an updo that went really well with her dress. Of course, she gave the people what they wanted and posed on the red carpet for the reporters, showing off her dazzling smile to the camera as she made sure they got captured every essence of her beautiful face and gown before walking into the ball itself.

She will say though, the Romans really knew how to throw a party. Aphrodite was greeted by all of the mortal celebrities and elites within the venue, with both men and women in complete awe of her beauty. A lady even had to grab her partner's cheeks to make him look back at her which made Aphrodite giggle as she made her way further into the celebration. She could even see some of the other gods talking with the humans and enjoying the ball as well. She pondered about approaching at least one of her kin to catch up with them but Aphrodite was looking out for a particular male god. Where was he?
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𝒄𝒂𝒏 𝒊 𝒘𝒂𝒔𝒉 𝒊𝒕 𝒂𝒍𝒍 𝒂𝒘𝒂𝒚?
𝒔𝒐𝒂𝒌 𝒊𝒏 𝒓𝒂𝒊𝒏 𝒍𝒊𝒌𝒆 𝒔𝒂𝒏𝒅
𝒕𝒖𝒎𝒃𝒍𝒊𝒏𝒈 𝒕𝒉𝒓𝒐𝒖𝒈𝒉 𝒕𝒉𝒖𝒏𝒅𝒆𝒓𝒉𝒆𝒂𝒅𝒔
𝒍𝒊𝒈𝒉𝒕𝒏𝒊𝒏𝒈 𝒍𝒊𝒌𝒆 𝒃𝒊𝒕𝒕𝒆𝒓𝒏𝒆𝒔𝒔
𝒐𝒏 𝒕𝒉𝒆𝒊𝒓 𝒕𝒐𝒏𝒈𝒖𝒆𝒔
What tempts the sober man beyond the shore of inebriation? Leagues beneath the breaking surface of waves crashing, pulling, tugging.

Poseidon could clearly make out the whisky in his hand, taunting him in its swaying dangle from the tips of his fingers. It had provided him company through the day, just as tequila had yesterday, and smoky bourbon the day before. In all his foolishness, he'd thought it would keep away the prickle of tears that always threatened to fall silent against his cheeks. That the warmth would feel like arms grasping tightly, wound about his body in the cover of stars.

Tonight would not allow for the stars to break through the canopy of greyed clouds, now pitch ink in the moonless sky of his thoughts. He stood upon a sallow beach tinted with the grey of the ever pressing tide. He could not leave willingly; he did not want to leave willingly. Rather, it felt apt to his current state of mind: just a grayed out blip in the universe to what once stood the ocean incarnate. He would not count himself mighty, though the fall hit just as considerably hard.

It took an amount of strength he thought he did not have to slide himself from the light tip of a stupor into that of a freshly cleaned suit. So kind of Jupiter to have lent it to him without thinking of having it back all those months ago. Shame he hadn't another of his own coin, yet this one brought a certain nostalgia outside of the smell of something worth forgetting. Maybe he could will those memories out, tumbling over the ones that came so quickly from the shallows of his beached mind.

She pressed her hand upon the lapel with a gentle demure that lit upon her lips. "You'll return again, yeah?" her northern accent bit comfort to her words, "I won't be havin' no other gal stealin' away my closest friend, you hear me?"

"What do you take me for, Louise? Some kind of floosy hanging his fanny out for the crowd to gawk at?" Poseidon couldn't wipe the sorrow that pressed hard against his throat. He cleared it, looking away for a second.

"He doesn't know, does he?"

"I've no idea who you're talking about," Poseidon spared a glance at her, only to double back at the suddenness of Artemis' face in clear view, so close he could smell the forest lightly drifting from her blouse.


Poseidon breathed deep, eyes cast to the bottle in hid hand. He stared intently, bewildered at the sudden shift in memory. A pinch to his brow grew into a full cringe as he set the alcohol down upon his dresser. Had he just picked it up after throwing the suit on?

"Fuck," he muttered. His hand ran through to tousle the wild unkempt mess of his hair before setting them into clean lines. There was hell to pay, certainly, and misery that hung to her coattails.

No man came more faceless than Poseidon. Not a soul gave him a mere glance outside of the occasional reel of disgust as he passed by, like something assaulted their senses. Never had Poseidon felt the need to draw attention to himself, though he knew his presence didn't exactly warrant disgust so visceral on a young rich boy's face. Like he could smell the plebian wafting off his clothes, clothes which currently felt more in place than he did.

A softer light than the constant flashing of cameras pressed his eyelids as he entered, fingers already digging into the bridge of his nose. For better or worse, Poseidon kept to the wall and let his head hang low. He could tell himself that he didn't want nor desired the attention of his fellow deities, but he knew in his heart that something would likely break if he saw him one last time. It felt appropriate, then, that he caught an eye on the far side of the gala: Mars embracing his mother with tears prickling at the corners. Poseidon couldn't stand the small flash of pity the Roman gave him, like he'd just been caught by a father and told some condescending lie about fish in the sea.

He wanted to choke on scotch.

So he did, straight to the bar, happy to know that he didn't need to dip into his savings to buy a drink. "Do you really cut people off at more than two drinks?" Poseidon whispered over the din of voices chattering away behind him.

"You gonna convince me not to?" The bartender gave him a blank stare, immediately filling a glass up with the scotch Poseidon pointed at.

"Sure will," Poseidon reneged his last statement and silent promise to himself as a few bills found their way into the bartender's pocket. He took the scotch with a nod, lifting the glass to him as he downed it and offered the glass for a refill. The bartender didn't hesitate, simply filled the glass to the brim this time and carefully watched Poseidon slowly drink that one away with a concerned furrow in his brow.

"Maybe I—"

"No takesies backsies, mister," Poseidon held up a finger, wagging it as he sipped the last and offered the glass yet again. The bartender pursed his lips together, silent and unmoving for the time it took to deliberate whether this would assault his moral code or not. Then he set the bottle down in front of Poseidon and moved on to another patron with significantly less baggage. To which Poseidon slouched over the counter with a deep, deep frown and scotch pouring slowly into the empty cup.

"Sorry I'm not a good 'nuff date, Mr. Lagavulin, though you are quite handsome... you wouldn't betray me out of some stick-up-the-ass sense of duty would you? Probably? Yeah, suspected as much."
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Hathor & Julie

Tonight should’ve been the best night in Julie’s life. She would’ve danced with Alex. Drunk champagne that costs more than she earned in two weeks and maybe even exchange a few words with Leona herself! Instead she sat on a stool at the bar. The platinum white Aeon dress somehow felt off on her, even though it was a gift from the company itself. She wanted to let the gentle flow of music relax her. Instead she felt only emptiness. A pit in her stomach that seemingly nothing could fill. She just kept sipping the white martini in front of her, having nursed it for almost an hour now. Worst of all was that it felt like she couldn’t leave. Not when she was invited. Not as a photographer even. She was invited as a guest.

“What’s a girl like you doing alone at the bar?” Someone said from behind her. Before she knew it someone, a man, put his hand on her bare shoulders. Sending a jolt through her and forcing her to turn and throw off the touch. “Oh dear, smile! Those sad eyes really don’t look good on you.”

Her sad look did change, but into a frown. “Go away.” She said, softly. Hoping it would be enough as she turned around to face the bar again.

Instead the man sat beside her. He was old and round and somehow smaller than she was. “I’ll take a whiskey on the rocks and the lady will…” he gestured at Julie. She just sipped her drink. “Right.” The old man said. The barkeeper was smart enough to walk away to just fix up the whiskey. “You know most people would be elated to be talking to me. Do you have any idea who I am?” He said, as he somehow tried to push out his chest and look bigger than he was.

Julie couldn’t care who he was. In truth, if she encountered Leona she probably wouldn’t be able to summon up that spark that she always felt when looking at her dresses. All her friends had said it would pass. That she’d find someone worthy of her. But Alex felt worthy. He had his flaws. She knew that, she had accepted them. But when it counted he was sweet and caring and always there for her. Even when she didn’t even expect it. The memories flooded in again as she tried to fight the tears. How was she still not cried out about him!?

“Oh honey, no need to cry. I know you probably got me confused with just some schmuck who didn’t belong here but in truth I’m really a forgiving man.” The round guy beside her said, as he suddenly put his hand just above her knee.

Julie jolted from the touch again and slapped it away. “Please. Leave.” She said firmly as she looked the man straight in the eyes. Her will clashing with his. She wouldn’t give in. No matter how low she felt now.

Tlaz and her had been some of the first few to actually entertain the dance floor after one or two drinks were down the hatch, giving them even more reason to let loose. They laughed and spun each other about, moving and swaying to the beat of the music. Her friend was proving an excellent distraction, pulling her attention from the crowd so she didn’t search through the faces. She was finally feeling more confident than the nervous mess from before and honestly felt like she could take on the world. She was a goddess and just needed to remind herself of that from time to time when she felt powerless. She could still pick herself up and brush off embarrassment or whatever the fates decided to place in her path, but one more drink might not hurt. ”Hey, I’m going to grab myself another drink. I’ll snag one for you too so don’t wander off or I’ll come searching for you!”, Hathor smiles bright, easily making her way through the crowd.

She gracefully hopped up onto one of the many bar stools, waiting for the bartender to realize she was there or snag their attention as they passed. Her obsidian gaze drifted down the bar as she remained patient but still needed some form of entertainment. It seemed there was quite the number of groups gathered at the bar, some more rowdier than others or loud talkers which reminded her of the good old days. There were a few that just looked content or were lounging nearby as she was but her eyes stopped on a certain sorrow filled face which was on the edge of tears. She could never stand it when women cried. It pulled at the very fabric that made her what she was and called on her to smooth as well as protect. Hathor found herself concerned on why anyone would be upset at such an occasion when she noticed the older portly man getting a little too touchy feely.

It seemed as though he wasn’t taking a hint that the woman was not interested. How he couldn’t see the ‘fuck off’ sign clearly written on her features was beyond her but he either wasn’t taking no for an answer or just didn’t care as he seemed to get into the woman’s personal space again even after being slapped away. Hathor had no idea what the man was saying currently but at this point she could care less because she had already decided he had outstayed his welcome. She swiftly removed herself from her seat, taking a confident stride past multiple guests who naturally moved aside either due to a sense of self preservation or because they didn’t wish to be rude. Either way, she found herself behind the older man in question and gripped down harshly on the man’s shoulder, making sure to snag one of the pressure points while she was at it.

He made out an almost strangled cry of surprise as she held him in a bruising grip but she pretended not to notice his shocked stare. An overly sweet smile was on her features, obviously showing her suppressed rage at the man currently in her gasp. ”Honey, I’m so sorry I was late. I hope I didn’t worry you.”, Hathor said in a gentle tone as one would a lover, letting go of the male mortal in favor of wrapping an arm around the waist of the female. Her heated glare locked onto the older man, her tone switching to something more serious with a hint of danger as she spoke once more to issue her disguised threat, ”This gentleman wouldn’t be bothering you would he? I would hate to have to cause a scene or perhaps have a personal discussion with the holder of this event and explain that one of his guests doesn’t understand the meaning of the word harassment.”

At first Julie didn’t know what happened. One moment the man seemed unrelenting, the next he looked as if the newly arrived woman had severely bruised his ego. Then there was a hand on her hip and she turned stiff with fear. What had she gotten herself into? But soon she realized it was the new woman’s hand who embraced her. Julie let out a slight sigh of relief knowing she wouldn’t have to fend off another man. “I-I-“ Her eyes looked the man over. Gods she didn’t recognize him, but if he was in the fashion industry her career might just have ended.

“We’re fine here, thank you.” The man said, but noticed the hand on Julie’s hip then. With a grunt and huff he gave both ladies a nod and walked away. Out to find another young thing he could convince for the night.

When he left, all tension escaped Julie as her posture almost collapsed. “Oh gods.” She said, somehow a little breathless. “Thank you for that.” She then managed to get out with a meek voice. “I didn’t think he would’ve left me alone if you didn’t appear.” She quickly wiped away the tears that were in her eyes, but it didn’t do anything to brush away the obvious sadness where elsewise a bright spark should be, and held out her hand. “I’m Julie.” She said, trying to sound as happy as she could under the circumstances. Only now did the mortal get a good look at her savior. She was stunning! Something entirely different. Yet somehow… a little familiar?

She let her arm drop back to her side once the portly prick was out of view and took it upon herself to steal the seat he had just vacated. Hathor smiled gently at the blonde mortal and shook her head, ”No thanks needed, I’m happy to help anytime. I find some men just don’t take no for an answer and just need some encouragement to take a hike. Women have to stick together after all and I’m used to dealing with his kind at work when I have to.”. She noticed the bartender holding a whiskey on the rocks, looking confused as to what happened to the one who ordered it. She easily pulled out the amount needed and held out her hand for the drink as she wasn’t one to let good whiskey go to waste and a drink was what she had been looking for in the first place before coming to the other woman’s rescue.

She was eagerly about to have her first sip, glass already to her lips when her newest companion introduced herself causing pause in Hathor’s movements. A flash memory of guilt and heartbreak hit her as she slowly put her glass down to look over at Julie, the sadness behind her smile making her gut drop as she had a sneaky suspicion on who this might be. ”It’s a pleasure to meet you, Julie. I’m Yasmin.”, she replied, placing her hand in the one offered to give a small shake before moving it back to play with the rim of her glass. How did she manage to have such rotten luck? Why did she keep having to deal with Ares and the problems he left in his wake? She should just walk away, take her drink and head back to Tlaz as it wasn’t her problem but she couldn’t bring herself to do so. Why did she have to be like this? Hathor gave a sigh, taking a sip of whiskey before turning to face her new companion. ”So, what has you on the verge of tears when we are at such a spectacular event? You don’t have to answer but I find talking about a problem can do a world of good and strangers can’t really judge or give you the typical advice.”

“Is it that obvious?” Julie said, trying to make it sound like a joke. But Yasmin’s acknowledgement of her state only made her feel worse really. Quite shamefully she looked down at her martini. She realized she really, really didn’t want to drink tonight. It would only get her in trouble and clearly it wasn’t easing her pain. So she put the glass on the counter and pushed it away. She took a deep breath, though almost felt a sob break through, to muster her courage. She opened her mouth but nothing came out. It was as if her own thoughts didn’t even want to say it all out loud. Again. “I’m sorry.” She quickly said as she took another deep breath. “A guy…” Terrible start. “No I mean there was someone…” Worse. “I got broken up with.” Saying it out loud felt like someone was squeezing her heart as she felt a tear fall from her eye. “I’m sorry. I know it’s stupid. I just… I love him. And I really thought he loved me too.” Her lip was almost quivering. “And then he just…broke up with me. Just suddenly.” He looked horrible that evening as well. Beaten and bruised. That in and of itself wasn’t strange for Alex from time to time. But that night he looked worse than ever before. She wiped the tear away, not really caring that it was ruining her make-up. “And I don’t know if I’ll find someone like him again.” She finally dared to look up at Yasmin. A woman who was so much more than she. Especially now she felt herself pale compared to her.

Hathor held her gaze, feeling whispers of that clawing guilt and heartbreak she had personally experienced for the woman before her and shoved it back. ”It isn’t stupid to mourn the loss of your relationship. I can say that sometimes people leave not because they don’t love you but because they do, just not in the way you deserve to be loved even if you cannot see it from where you are standing now. What is that saying, if you love something then you should set it free? I can offer some positive news that you will find someone again, maybe not like him because no two people are alike but you will find someone that will make you forget what you saw in him because they will be that much more in your eyes.”, she said gently, being completely honest. She knew from experience that the heart moved on, it just took time to do so. It took time to mourn what was and the future that wouldn’t be so you could look to something better and someone better. ”I promise you will be alright.”, Hathor added.

Yasmin’s words were true and full of wisdom. Anyone should listen to them and follow her advice. But not Julie. She couldn’t. Many already told her that she would find someone. That there were many fish in the sea. That any guy would be lucky to have her. She couldn’t see it though. To her there was only one Alex in the sea and she lost him. Somehow. And while the stunning woman sitting beside her was right, Julie felt how she turned away slightly. Her eyes drawn to her drink that the barman luckily hadn’t taken away yet. Like a crystal ball she looked into it, believing that if she wanted it hard enough, she could see him again in it. “He was supposed to be my Ares.” She muttered, mostly to herself. Gods how she wanted to use his real name. But the second she said it she realized her mistake. For a split second her eyes grew big, before she pushed the panic down again. Quickly she turned to face Yasmin again. “Alex, I mean Alex.” She said with a smile, trying to play it off as a joke. And of course it was a joke, or Ares was just a playful nickname.

She was a bit shocked by Julie’s words and the nervousness in her actions after saying the name Ares which did confirm her suspicions but Hath instead played it cool, taking another sip of her drink. She couldn’t say how much Ares had told her or if it was something she had overheard before assuming it was a nickname. Instead, she would continue to give her last piece of advice for someone struggling. ”It’s natural to not believe me. I’m not saying that you should move on this second. I’m saying to allow yourself to sit in the moment and feel what you feel. Let time heal your wounds and let your thoughts settle before you make a decision on where to go next. I used to be with someone I loved with all my heart. I thought we were made for each other. That our souls were intertwined and our hearts one puzzle piece to another.”

She paused, rolling the ice around in her glass as she stared in a daze, pulling some pleasant memories along with her most painful ones. “He left me, not even giving me so much as a warning while he tossed away all the years we had spent together. I knew I should have been furious...I was told that I would find someone better but all I wanted was him. I had longing for what was and honestly, it just made everything hurt so much more. I would hate for anyone to have to go through that. I would not wish it on my worst enemy. Longing and being stuck in what was while everyone moves on to find their own happiness is agony. Sometimes we think someone is meant for us when fate has a different plan. We can either greet it or run from it…..happiness or suffering.” Hathor stated, pushing her empty glass away from her and resting her chin on her palm while waiting for the bartender to return so she could snag Tlaz the drink she had promised. If her friend had already drifted away from where she left her than at least that would mean another for herself. Though, maybe she should slow down since she was getting overly talkative which Tlaz had joked about on the ride there.

Julie couldn’t help but feel as if the woman’s story mirrored her own. How she felt that they were made for each other. That their hearts were entwined. Somehow that was the most comfort anyone had given her so far: to tell her this wasn’t the first time it happened. That she wasn’t alone in experiencing this, whatever this horrid feeling was. Though it also made her feel a little pale as well. Especially when Yasmin had described the suffering and pain she went through because she didn’t let go. It felt like a warning, or perhaps prophecy? She didn’t want to think about it so she turned her thoughts back to

“Whoever he was-“ Julie said, somewhat mimicking Yasmin’s long stare towards the inside of the bar. “He’s an idiot for leaving you. I mean that, even though I just met you. You’re smart, you’re beautiful.” There was a hint of non-malicious envy there for Julie. “And I hope you’ve found someone else.” Though she had that one, nagging question kept popping up in her mind. If one suddenly left with barely a reason, why wouldn’t another? “I hope you’ve found someone who doesn’t just suddenly… leaves.”

”That is kind of you to say.”, a genuine smile lighting up her face at Julie’s kind words and also to her amusement about Ra being called an idiot. Hathor could see why Ares liked her so much and cared for her. She felt her smile soften, a probably love sick and dreamy look to her features as she spoke, ”Not someone that I can call my own, but yes, I have found someone I wish to give my heart to completely. If he accepts me, I won’t let myself fear if he shall leave me or not. I won’t let fear corrupt me in such a way. I wouldn’t really be giving us a chance if I’m already doubting him from the beginning. I have to trust that things will not happen as they did before and even if they do, I already survived it once and fell in love again. That’s the thing about love, it’s abundant. You always have people who will care about you, be there for you, and to love you.”

Again the words of Yasmin gave Julie hope. Hope that things will be better in the end. That she’d find someone else, maybe. Someday. Right now it still felt only a shimmering star in a sea of nothingness but her words made her remember a truly ancient saying. “īn nīz bogzarad.” It cleared her mind a little. Just enough to see that there were other things. “I guess I’ll just throw myself in my work for now though. Ride this feeling out.” If she ever could ride it out. Then an idea dawned upon her as she quickly swiveled around to face Yasmin. “Hey… I know this is straightforward but… would you ever want to model for me? You don’t need to like, give me a yes or no but if you ever want to, just give me a call!” And with that said she took out one of her cards she had made from her purse and handed it over to the woman. As she handed it over a frown suddenly grew on her face. She took her phone from her purse and looked at it. Her frown deepened. “I’m… sorry I have to… I have to go.” She said, as she looked up to Yasmin and her frown instantly vanished. Before Yasmin would be able to react Julie gave her a quick but firm hug while saying: “Thank you.” But then she shot off, away from the bar like an arrow released from a bow.

She took the card gingerly between her fingertips, playing with the edges as she thought about the offer. At least Julie wasn’t requesting an answer now, giving time to take into consideration everything that went with such an offer. Hathor knew Coco was a model and it did look like a fun thing to try even if just once. She had never done something like that before and it might be worthwhile to give it a shot. She didn’t have a moment to reply in any way though as the other woman was working on excusing herself. She was suddenly enveloped in a quick hug before she was alone once more. She chuckled lightly, flagging over the bartender to get Tlaz a drink and pulled out her purse to place the care inside. Once the drink was in hand, she made her way out of the bar and found herself searching the ballroom in a sea of people.

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ɢ ᴜ ᴀ ʀ ᴅ ᴇ ᴅ
The Gala
Tlaz & Ares

The air high up was significantly colder than Ares had expected. He had been pacing across the roof, hidden from everyone below. Through the skylights he could see the classical gala proceed. Women were dressed in the most expensive dresses. This wasn’t some party where that meant extravagance. Many were part of high-society for their entire lives. Which meant they knew how to show their wealth through details. Uncertainty screamed, confidence whispered. High ranking men of all sectors were shaking hands and trading golf stories while holding their preferred drink. For half of them that meant a true, Scottish whiskey. From high above Ares had observed how they battled. These days the daggers and swords were replaced by veiled threats and humiliating knowledge. You could quickly see who was subservient to whom. A clap on the shoulder, a roaring laugh, a downcast smile. Social hierarchy established itself with every word spoken.

On the other edge was the entrance with the flown in paparazzi who didn’t want to miss this party. Who would walk up with what dress? Who would walk up with what woman? Are they dating? Are pregnant? Who has a bit of white powder sticking on their moustache? Jupiter’s security was capable enough to keep them away from any damning stories. Though they hadn’t been skilled enough to keep Ares out. Ares, who had been pacing on the roof for the better part of an hour. Looking at his phone and the countless calls he had ignored in the past two weeks. For two weeks he had been adamant that he couldn’t talk to her until he knew what words to speak. Then he had to tell her face-to-face. No matter how adamant he felt, he couldn’t help but feel doubt set in. Was he causing more pain than holding off by waiting so long? In hindsight… yes. Resigning himself to that guilt he realized his time was up. It was genuinely now or never again. And to an immortal god, never was just too long.

“The moon is beautifully bright tonight.” He typed on his phone. “You’ll have the best view from the gardens.” He was already going down the stairs when he pressed send. At the same time, several of his best dressed goons were ready to peacefully intercept anyone from going into the gardens. Anyone but Tlaz.

In the time that Hathor had spent away from her in search of another round of drinks, Laz had gracefully peeled herself from the dance floor towards a bar table before leaning against the sturdy material and taking a short breather. The two sun kissed goddesses were some of the few and only attendees to have found themselves dancing to the classical and occasional swing-esque numbers. Sin was taking place all around her and it took everything in her to not leer over the shoulders of mortals and prey upon their vices. Instead, she opted to gaze after them, enjoying seeing them toil around one another, hiding things from the likes of their "friends". It sent a shiver up her spine, one she felt pleased with.

A silent buzz emanating from her clutch that sat on the table pulled her attention away from the chatty humans and to dig in the accessory in search of the culprit. A simple text attached to a name she hadn't seen cross her phone in well over two weeks had her willing Hath to arrive sooner and with a heavy handed drink. Or two. Nevertheless, caramelized honey scanned the plethora of faces surrounding her in an instant, searching for the owner to the message. Scouring his location and wondering as to why now of all times has he decided to reach out to her. Annoyance and indignation coursed through her at the message and it didn't abate anytime soon, taking her leave from the high table and gliding through the mass of bodies chatting it up like old friends. A dark humorous chuckle escaped her, 'Old friends with fucked up relationships...'

It didn't take her long to spot the well suited guards patrolling the party, sticking to the walls and conversing in subtly. Types of men who, with no fault of their own, would not be on Jupiter's payroll. Not hitting the kinds of standards fit for the Roman king. So she's heard. The Spartans had always been part of the frequent fliers that visited the club when Ares, or the rare, occasional blessing of Hades, popped in for business. One in particular gestures for the Aztec to follow him, pulling her from her from previous memories, his head craning to the french double doors leading out and into the well manicured gardens of the establishment. A roll of her eyes and she was pushing past him without so much as a glance in his direction.

The moon hung low, still on it's ascent for the evening, foretelling of a very eventful night indeed. Especially if this is where Laz was finding herself so early on. Chilled air caressed at the exposed skin her dress saw fit to leave bare, nipping like teeth at her. But she was impervious to the bite, instead that annoyance quickly soured into a fiery rage as the silhouette of a man, a very familiar man, made himself known to her sight. "Ares—" her voice caught in her throat and there was a moment where the thought crossed that he didn't hear her, but she knew him better than that. He would have picked it up, somehow, some way. But he would have heard. And he would have been able to feel the fury of the words as she spat his name out like poison.

With one step he came out of the shadows. It was just them, alone and his heart whined. The way she spoke his name, it was sharp. Like a bullet meant to hurt him. That was understandable, after everything he did to her. In truth he was still expecting a slap or even a fist to the jaw. He’d deserve that too. “Tlaz, you look… beautiful tonight.” He spoke slowly, his mind for once going over every word and carefully choosing the right one. That was how it should be now, careful and cautious. Even if his heart was telling him to just shut up and kiss her again. But that would be unjust. A slight smile formed on the corner of his lips. A departure from his elsewise confident smirk.

“I’m sorry for what I did to you that night.” He started, fighting off the shame and desire to just look away. Running was coming up far too often in his mind now. He fought that too. The least he could do was look one of his best friends in the eyes when he apologized. “I shouldn’t have kissed you. But I had to see if Aphrodite’s mist was true. It wasn’t Julie who I saw then.” There were still small wounds on his face from his fight with Hathor. Wounds that refused to heal at the rate they should. A reminder of the truth, even if he disliked it. “I finished things off with her twelve days ago. Because what I did to her…” Even though he had trained the words for days, his mind kept turning blank. Again and again. “It was wrong, what I did.”

For a second he paused. The words he had to say now hadn’t fled him yet, but he right now he wasn’t so sure if he could say them. Life would be easier for him if he just shut up. But that’s what a coward would do. “But I did see you in that pink fog. I saw you and I knew it was true the second I touched your lips.” The memory alone made his heart rage in his chest. Like an addict it demanded more. He bit his lip, fighting every emotion that was going through him now as he still kept his distance.

Distance meant nothing to Filth as she easily narrowed the spacious gap between his words. a Well manicured hand rose and made contact with the side of his face that held the most amount of scrapes and bruises. The most physical pain she could bestow on him in this moment brought her a sense of comfort, but tugged at her chest in a way that said otherwise. Laz had to force that down and away, her form physically shaking with an enmity she thought was past.

"You don't get to disappear on me because you felt like it. We're supposed to have been friends, Ares," surprisingly her voice was level, albeit on the brink of cracking, clearly holding herself back. "All this time, and not once did you mention you were spoken for? And then the other night?" A hallowed shell of a laugh escaped her but that was all she allowed for that incident, wiping at her lips with the back of a shaky hand. "You think some fucking half constructed idea was going to make it better? How can I trust you anymore? What's true and what isn't?"

Relenting was something she wasn't prone to do unless the bedroom called for it. This was no bed chamber and he was no lover of hers. The onslaught of jabs, slaps and just general beatings she threw at him landing on arms, shoulders, face, were dwindling in steam as she stood there spitting questions and statements at him that have plagued her for the last two weeks. "If it was a moment of weakness that's fine. I could live with that. Even we aren't above that, especially after the witch's meddling," her thoughts traveled to Aphrodite's hand in this whole experience. If not for her and her trying to "help" the Aztec and Greek wouldn't have been placed in this predicament. "But then to just leave… Really? Never the one to back down from an issue, so why the fuck with me? Why me? What wrongs have I done you?!" She rested her fists upon his chest and just diverted her eyes from him.

He could take the slaps and jabs. Hell, he could take that much better than her words. The hollow laugh tore through him like no sword ever could. Each word was worse than a bullet ripping through him, and Ares had many pieces of lead shot at him. Truth was that she was right. On almost all counts. They were best friends and he kept his secrets from her. He kept Julie from her, even though he would’ve introduced them to each other in due time. But it wasn’t the intent that counted, it were his actions right now he had been lacking to say the least. But there was one thing, one thing that worked like a bellow to his flame. He didn’t just disappear because he felt like it. When she said that, a glint of flame appeared in his eyes. His jaw remained clenched shut as he felt the muscles in his neck tightened. He didn’t just vanish because he felt like it. His heart begged him to roar back, but he fought it. Tonight was not a night for fire.

“I’m trying…” He said, his voice strained. Words failed him again. Inside he fought his fire. His body begged to just grab her and push her against the wall so she would listen. But her onslaught of questions continued. Why her? Why with her? He wasn’t prepared for that. It build up pressure inside of him. Why? Why? Why? “Because when I kissed you I knew I loved you!” He finally roared as he grabbed her by the arms to make her stop hitting him. The breath was knocked from her chest in the same moment the words rolled off his tongue. Love. How foreign a word and concept. An emotion she thought she felt so deeply for others, was a feeling that never was reciprocated on their end. 'A beautiful lie,' she thought as memories danced before her of a silver haired healer left in a town because words on her part were left unspoken. Shaking the painful memories of the past away, her bite was back as the fire in her eyes rivaled his own, "Love isn't something you push away from though…" How hypocritical.

“And I had to leave you…” In an instant the flame was covered up again, though his entire body trembled. She scoffed, arms still trapped in his ironclad grip, refusing to release her, trying to make her listen. However, she didn't fight to get away. Succumbing to the position they were in. “I left before I made things worse. Tlaz… that night... after the kiss. There were no right choices. I failed that night. I don’t… want to fail again.” That’s why he broke it off with Julie. That’s why he was now here after that, confessing everything instead of following what his heart wanted. There were no easy paths to follow. Nothing to be beat up or that should beat him up. “I waited because I had to be sure of what I was going to say. I waited so I wouldn’t make things a hundred times worse. I waited because I don’t want to force what I felt on you again.”

"Nothing would have been forced had you just reached out to me; talked to me." Her voice broke, barely above a whisper, and the words caught up in the small breeze that picked up around them. Though she felt not the cool, biting wind, too wrapped up in the fury and ire of the two of them standing chest to chest. Blood pumping through their veins at an insane speed, it was clear their emotions ran hot, passionate, for the subject of debate. Laz could feel him shutter and shake beneath her. She wanted so much to fall into him and wrap herself in his presence, his warmth. But she couldn't. Not fully and not with the hurt still evident within her.

It may have been his words, or the timing or the place, but it didn't feel right. Didn't feel whole. She didn't feel right and it was driving her mad. Because this is what she ultimately wanted right? Rolling her tongue between her painted lips and pearly whites she couldn't help but sigh. This was not how she foresaw the evening going. "I had resigned myself to fucking you, the brilliant ideas of others. To get you out of my system as it were, since we hadn't seen or spoken to one another in some time and you quite literally pushed me away." A small smile at her attempt at humor in this situation was laughable on it's own.

Ignoring his heated stare she continued on, "Thoughts of you, and I, have plagued my mind every night since. Us tangled with one another, a life together, even one not permanent. And-and it isn't fair to me. I thought you wouldn't be here. Too busy with your put together life with your mortal... so sure was I that it meant nothing to you, that I meant nothing to you. How easy I was cast aside." Topaz gems peered through long lashes up into his face, her righteous fury bubbling softly beneath the sultry facade she carefully crafted and wore on display.

Ares’ heart hardened in his chest when she told him she wanted to fuck him out of her. It was as if ice crawled over it, pulling it away and trying to protect it. The feeling worsened when she told him what she thought all those days. His life, in the last two weeks, was far from the well-put together one he lived before. His world had been crumbling. Yet right now, in this moment, he only pain and guilt. He wanted to step away. Give her space. Tell her farewell. Remove himself from her life and stop inflicting so much pain. She didn’t deserve that. He even swallowed deeply, trying to push away the guilt for a second.

But he didn’t step away. Suddenly Ares was much too aware about the heated blood that coursed through his body. A fire erupted in his chest, breathing new and arrogant life in his heart. His expression, soft and careful a second before turned into something intense. Hate or love, he wasn’t sure. Right now they felt like one and the same. He was done being icy, distant and careful. The fire between them was too evident, and he was done denying it. “I’m done pushing away.” He thrust her backwards, pinning her hands next to her. Exposing her as his breath turned hot. “Fuck me then.” He said. “Fuck me and then see if you never want me again. Cast me aside like I did to you.” His heart was raging in his chest as heat began to radiate from his body. He was close to her, and he could smell the sweet, earthy and musky scent on her.

"Ares—" this time when she voiced his name, it didn't crack, only escaped on the wind of a whisper. Air was knocked from her lungs as he pinned her to the outside wall of the gardens, holding her in place with arms at her side. There was nothing left for her to do but look up into the fire burning in his eyes and she would be embarrassed to admit she didn't know if it was fury or lust induced. Her ire had diminished though she tried to keep her flames from dying out. Trying to feed off his own fire to keep hers alight. The warmth emanating from his touch was enough to burn, but she kept still, refusing to pull out of his grasp. Again his name fell from her lips but nothing more followed. What was there to say, what could she do? Laz expected to be met with resistance, a fight, something, but not this.

There was a twitch upon her skin that told her he was going to pull away soon, something she felt she didn't want. Before he could move she grabbed the fabric of his shirt and pulled him down to her level effectively connecting their lips. A sense of warmth enveloped her traveling throughout her body as she pressed herself closer to him. Melting into the scene. Lithe hands, decorated in hammered bronze, carded through his dark locks, tugging him even closer, attempting to steal the breath from his very lungs. This was her moment. Her chance. To convince herself and release the signs put in place by an outsider for what love should be for her. Here was a man a god, who seemed to love her. He said he did. He ruined his life for her. Couldn't she do the same for him? Truly?

She didn't want to be alone once more. Not with her thoughts, or questions. Not for anything. But to force him to be with her in something she herself wasn't even sure was true or not, didn't sit right. Wouldn't be right. A furrow of her brow was set in pace as these thoughts danced behind her eyes. Giving a final nip to his bottom lip, hands sliding down to cup his face she pressed their foreheads together. Breath colliding between them in the cool night air around them. "You will always hold a special place in my heart. I owe you so much." Where once her voice shook out of rage, it now cracked under sorrow, tears welled along the lash line threatening to spill over "I'm sorry, Ares."

He wished she hadn’t said those words. He wished the moment would’ve lasted an eternity. For a split second he felt complete again. He felt what he felt two weeks ago. When he kissed Tlaz for the first time it paled any memory of love he had. It was the reason why he broke up with Julie. Now he had it in the palm of his hand. He had her…yet like sand she slipped between his fingers again. He took a step back, looking at the paved ground below him. His heart first ached, then felt as it collapsed into an all-consuming black hole. Ripping a hole that could never be filled in his chest. A shiver ran across his back, he trembled as a sob went through him. But no, he couldn’t show that. Not here. Not now. Not in front of Tlaz. “I understand.” His voice was weak. For a moment he looked her in the eyes. There were tears in his, though he hoped he could fight them off long enough. “I’ll be seeing you, Tlaz.” Deep down he knew it was true. Eternity was too long and the cities they were forced to reside in too small. In a year, a decade, a century, it didn’t matter. They’d see each other again. Each with other people. Each smiling their knowing smiles perhaps. But now the pain was too raw for that fact to help. He walked away, heading towards a quiet, silent and lonely place for the night.
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Jupiter’s Ball

With ease not afforded to the important and popular guests of the night’s event, Skadi made her entrance. The venue was not exactly what she’d call exciting or tasteful, but she certainly wasn’t attending to “ooh” and “awe” at the architecture of modernism or whatever types were out there. Buildings weren’t her thing, at least not critiquing minute details about them or whatever architect snobs did in their free time.

Now, seeing a building crumble after the tensions between a group of arrogant gods exploded? That would be immensely more interesting.

”As much as I would love to follow you around all night and sing your praise, My unrequited love sense is tingling, and I have to act on it.” Skadi offers her dear friend a soft smile, leaning in to leave a parting kiss to each of his cheeks, “Don’t get into any trouble outside of my line of sight~!”

With a small twirl, the icy goddess slipped between smaller groups and lost herself in the crowd. In the midst of lifting a champagne flute off a tray, a hand found itself slipping along her lower back, “You know it’s rude to interrupt a woman collecting her drink.”

“Nonsense, I’ve just come by to say hello! I spotted you from across the room! What a delightful surprise to see someone of your caliber among the other men and women in attendance.” The chuckle did little to take the edge off the words as the hand on her back moved a fraction of an inch lower.

“I don’t recall you minding so much about my “caliber” in your emails begging me to help your daughter with her skating, or in your other emails suggesting things that would ruin your campaign for governor, Mr. Lawrence.” Skadi voiced with a roll of her eyes, lifting the flute to her lips to take a long sip of the bubbling alcohol.

The anger that flashed in the older man’s eyes almost made her laugh, but the insistence of his fingers pressing into her back soured her expression.

“Listen here, if you tell anyone about those emails, I’ll-”

“You’ll what?” The interjection of a third party made Skadi scoff in disbelief as the governor barely spared the intrusion a side glance.

“Why don’t you put more effort into passing out champagne and appetizers to the guests than prying on private conversations boy.”

“Maybe take your own advice, seems like your campaign is going to shit if you have to resort to coercion and threats, James. I wonder what the reporters outside would have to say about that? Should I go grab them quickly, I don’t think my boss would mind if I abandoned my duties for a moment.”

The snark only served to anger James Lawrence more, he pulled away from Skadi and stepped up to the blonde male who had seemingly appeared from nowhere. A hush fell over the few couples surrounding the three of them as eyes turn to the two men in a stand-off. While Skadi didn’t request a backup to dealing with the asshole, she wasn’t beyond gratefulness for a good deed, and she’d return it in full.

“Mr. Lawrence, I’ve no interest in seeing your life crumble around you. But I do suggest reevaluating how you conduct yourself in private and in public. I won’t continue working with your daughter if doing so would threaten my reputation. Go enjoy your night.”

Skadi stood beside Thanatos, her eyes holding a fierce look, almost daring him to escalate further. A moment later Lawrence issued his huff of disapproval before turning and stalking off towards whatever gross group he had come from.

“I had that under control.”

“Sounds like a weird way to say thank you.” Thanatos offers in a more relaxed tone, a chuckle falling from his lips as annoyance appears on Skadi’s features, “I’m confident that you could fold him in a moment’s notice, but perhaps another woman couldn’t and that’s all the reason I interjected.”

“Ah, so chivalry isn’t dead, cute.” Skadi’s voice dripped with sarcasm, but she looped her arm through his anyways and pulled him along on her journey, “Looking for your boyfriend? I could feel his yearning as soon as I entered, he’s helpless.”

“But he’s cute. Who knew a lonesome ski queen was the matchmaker everyone needed. Should I expect The Ghostbuster to make her appearance soon?”

Skadi pulled her arm away from Thanatos’ abruptly and passed her drink off to the God of Death, “Ah, you reminded me what I was doing before that creep came along, thank you Grim Reaper.”

With her freed hand she fished her phone out of her clutch and tapped away quickly on the screen for a moment before returning it back to its place and snatching her drink back from her friend.

To: Hell Girl
SOS we got a bad ghost on the loose, I think Thanatos has been possessed.

“Is it in your Norse blood to be so involved in other people’s love life when yours is well… nonexistent?” Thanatos asked, an amused smirk playing on his lips. Skadi only pouted, clearly unamused by the spot-on read. But their target was within reach. The duo quickly joined a honey blonde man who stood alone on the outskirts of the party.

“Waiting for someone?” Skadi announced her presence as she slid next to the most beloved of all the Norse gods. A friendly smile was on her lips, but it faltered as Thanatos showed his own affections to his friend. The usual brooding and complaining suspect brightened up at the proximity of his best friend, wrapping a familiar arm around his shoulder and smoothing the lapels of his suit.

“For me of course. Lovers like us cannot be kept apart, no lonesome corner or boring book is enough to keep me away forever, my love.” Thanatos spoke through a wide smile, “How long have you been moping in this corner, Baldr?”

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