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Character index and glossary

202 AC

Due to shifts from the canon timeline, some characters are omitted from family trees as they are yet unborn. This index will be updated as allegiances shift, new characters arise, or old ones die.


House Targaryen

Immediate family

The King's Household and Council

House Blackfyre


The North

The Reach

The Riverlands

The Stormlands

The Vale

The Westerlands

The Iron Islands

Independent agents

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The three-headed Targaryen dragon, crimson on sable, quartered.

Targaryen of Summerhall

"Fire and Blood"

House Description and recent history:

While the heir apparent to the Iron Throne was known as the Prince of Dragonstone, a younger son could be titled the Prince of Summerhall. Located in or near the foothills of the Red Mountains, Summerhall is close to the Stormlands' border with the Reach, east of the Cockleswhent and southeast of the Blueburn. The Boneway runs south from Summerhall through the Dornish Marches to Yronwood in Dorne. Originally it was a small castle, but early in Daeron’s reign expansion began to turn it into a splendid summer residence befitting a king.

The King spent much time at Summerhall in his youth, but now resides in King’s Landing. Baelor, as heir apparent, holds the fief of Dragonstone, and Aerys and Rhaegal seldom leave court. And so, Maekar received the palatial castle for his seat and become known as the Prince of Summerhall. Though the prince is not blind to its pleasures and comfort, it is mostly Dyanna’s preference for the site and surrounding area which renders him appreciative of it.

Family Members:
  • Maekar, fourth son of King Daeron II and Myriah Martell
  • Dyanna Dayne (23), his wife
    • Daeron (5) and Aerion (3), their two young children
  • dead member of importance

  • TBA
  • Ser Alyn Horpe, castellan
  • Maester Melaquin

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House Tarbeck of Tarbeck Hall

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House Bracken

"Fear Our Thunder"

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The Brave Companions & House Wyl

A Brief Description and Recent History:

Nycarro Qosaerys, famed sellsword and adventurer, veteran of a half dozen sieges, survivor of a half hundred field battles, and occasional pirate, now found himself to also be the most recently deposed captain-general of the Maiden's Men during the sack of Tolhorys.

Tyrosh and Myr's most recent conflict in the Disputed Lands led to the siege of the Tyroshi-held town, and Captain-General Qosaerys's brothers in arms, sellswords of honor matched only by their courage, resolved themselves against dying in defense of the town by whatever means necessary. As such, they made to unceremoniously dispose of their fearless leader by murder and open the gates to the enemy in exchange for their lives. They were successful in the second part of that plan, but Qosaerys proved a wily victim of attempted murder, and evaded not only poison and dagger but the Myrish-employed sellswords who were, in short order, on the definitively wrong side of the town's walls (from the perspective of a local resident, anyway).

Evading capture and/or death with admirable aplomb, Nycarro Qosaerys reached Pentos with the assistance of no companion save for a goat he affectionately named Racallio. There, he secured for himself a paper of engagement, signed by the Prince of Pentos himself, authorizing the recruitment of sellswords and -sails for a new mercenary company. This collection of brave companions, flying under a newly commissioned banner bearing the likeness of the aforementioned goat, would engage in honorable mercenary work across the Free Cities and the Narrow Sea, and mayhaps some revenge against that traitorous bitch Lysandra Dagareon, the usurping Captain-General of the Maiden's Men.

And so Captain-General Nycarro Qosaerys came to seek new employment, and so he entered into certain Dornish entanglements.

House Wyl is one of the noble houses of Dorne, but they are not known for their status as a major house in that region. Rather, they are best known for their bitter, long-standing enmity against the marcher lords of the Stormlands. The Lord of Wyl, an elderly and ornery man, is the inheritor of this vicious feud and has stewed for long years under the yoke of the Iron Throne. The last clashes between House Wyl and the Marcher Lords of the Stormlands saw the death of his eldest son and heir in the field, and he has long dreamed of revenge against them. As the realm trends toward a divide as to the future of the Iron Throne and the crown, he has reached out and, through guile and cunning, constructed a web of contacts and alliances in the pursuit of vengeance.

To that end, Nycarro Qosaerys now sails east from Pentos in the company of one Arron Sand, a bastard of House Wyl. Arron Sand, having recently set out for Essos at the suggestion of his friends and family to win fame and influence in the Free Cities, finds himself riding the boisterous Captain-General's coattails and more, rapidly ascending to head a Dornish arm of the Brave Companions. The young Dornish warrior, no anointed knight but a skilled and deadly warrior all the same, may soon find himself a pawn in a greater game.

Key Members of the Brave Companions:

Nycarro Qosaerys, famed Braavosi sellsword and Captain-General of the Brave Companions.
Racallio, Nycarro's goat.

Black Drazenka, Lyseni bedslave turned pit fighter turned sellsail, currently Captain-Admiral of the Brave Companions.

Arron Sand, a bastard of House Wyl and a newly recruited sellsword to the Brave Companions.
Ryon Sand, called the White Hawk of Skyreach, a Dornish freerider.
Ser Gerold Manwoody, a Dornish knight and freerider.
Ser Ulrick Uller, a Dornish knight and freerider.

Key Members of House Wyl:

Lord Wyl, the aged lord of Wyl, a cunning and guileful man nursing a long-held grudge against the Stormlands' Marcher Lords.
Ser Wyland Wyl, firstborn son of Lord Wyl, killed in a skirmish in the Dornish Marches near twenty years ago.
Ser Lewyn Wyl, second son of Lord Wyl and heir to the house. Married to Carolei Dayne of House Dayne.
Ser Qyle Wyl, third son of Lord Wyl and knight, pledged to the company of the Brave Companions.

Dorea Wyl, a cousin to the main line of House Wyl and Arron's mother.

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House Stark of Winterfell

Winter is Coming

House Description: The Stark's of Winterfell are a truly ancient house, once known as King's in the North after defeating the Red Kings of House Bolton and the Barrow Kings supposedly of House Dustin. Fiercely loyal and true to their words and justice no matter the reason, a slight against one Stark is a slight against them all. Beloved by the people of the North and well regarded even in the South for their honor, the Starks like many Northerners are aloof from courts and intrigue yet when called upon they answer with ferocity and cunning, as the did with the pact of Ice and Fire. However after the death of his foe by poison rather than letting those who had wronged his foe go free Cregan Stark showed the honor of House Stark, bringing to justice the lords who had poisoned the King. Of those condemned those Cregan dealt justice upon he only beheaded two the rest took the black or were spared for strength of their defense or their kinsman defense them.

Recent History: Since Cregan's Stark show of moral strength during the Dance, House Stark has gone through a turbulent times with the children of Lord Cregan having traded the throne often from one calamity to the next. The death of Rickon Stark during the final battles in Dorne began the problems for the Great House of Winterfell. With the death of Rickon, his daughter's would be passed over and the throne given to Jonnel Stark who then wed Sansa Stark his half-niece though it never bore issue nor would his second wife. Before Jonnel's death he would pass the seat to Barthogan Stark rather than the next in line Edric.

Edric despite the fact he had married Rickon's other daughter Serena Stark and had four children a perfect safety net for the succession, he was passed over. It is believed his passing over stems from his desire to rule Winterfell and to try and negotiate for what his father never received namely a Targaryen Princess for one of his sons or failing that a more favorable arrangement as Warden of North with the Targaryen family.

Barthogan Stark or Barth Blacksword as he more commonly known has been a good King and warrior, he never took a wife. Only having a single bastard son who was raised in the care of his younger brother Brandon, Mathias Snow. Barthogan also has laid out in advance that should he perish without an heir Brandon will inherit the throne not Edric or his line, also out of love for his son has made the small request that Mathias be allowed to carry the Stark name even if he may never be Lord of Winterfell.

Edric for his part is even more enraged by Brandon, the least trained or expected to rule the North will take the seat of Winterfell rather than himself, in his old age he has passed this bitterness down to his family.

Family Members:

Edric Stark: Edric the patient

  • Cregard Stark 'Bloodied Fang'
  • Torrhen Stark 'Silver Fang'
  • Aregelle Stark
  • Arana Stark

Warden of the North: Barthogan Stark, Barth Blacksword

  • Mathias Stark 'Runt'

Heir to Winterfell: Brandon Stark

  • Ashe Stark 'Knight Bane'
  • Gryffith Stark
  • Beylee Stark

Married off daughters of Cregan Stark

  • Sarra Stark
  • Alys Stark
  • Raya Stark
  • Mariah Stark
  • Lyanna Stark

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