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The woman had placed her free hand on his blade. Alberich naturally ignited the flames further as a reaction.

It had easily sliced through Cygnus Hyoga's chestplace like a hot knife through butter and the flames, a mere touch had sent Pegasus Seiya to his knees when the latter had knocked the sword from his hands. The amount of damage her arm and hand would surely had taken from that would had been intense, even if she were heavily armored. She was strong though, he could feel it.

Physically she was very strong despite her being a few centimeters shorter than himself. He was just about to use the spray of acid stored in his gauntlet, hoping to hit Mordred's face to impair her vision. It would obstruct her vision and then he would raise one of his knees to knee her between her legs. Where she surely lacked any protection.

It was a cheap move. But everything is allowed in order to win. However things did not come to that as the woman finally introduced herself.

Mordred? This woman is Mordred? Mordred was a man according to the tales. There was also that other woman who was overseeing their work, she had ran over and was trying to calm things down.

The woman. Mordred. She seemed to possess some power of lightning or somewhat akin to that. Alberich however was pleased over Minami's timely arrival to stop things from escalating further. Alberich didn't ponder on yelling any order to her as it now were. As Mordred had begun to move. It mattered not much to him if she went ahead or behind him. But the woman was more hotheaded than even Seiya.

If she and that mothman would get themselves killed down there it would mean he would be alone against who knows what. That small girl wasn't interested in aiding either. But Alberich had dealt with many things, read of many mythical creatures, tales and history. If there was anyone in this group capable of fighting what possibly could be ahead it was him.

Alberich gave Minami a narrowed eyed look and a nod. "She may not come back in one piece the way she handles things."
He didn't waste more time talking to Minami however and jumped down into the hole aswell. He held his crystal sword now in one hand and had the flames light up the way. The smell down here was really bad. The area wasn't ideal for fighting. But he was certain that applied to all of them.

"Mordred. Medraut. The traitorous knight of Arthur Pendragon. I know of you. Both of you died fighting each other to the death." Alberich said as he ended up behind Mordred.

"I know not only about you. But of the sword Excalibur, Merlin, Camelot, the holy grail and also the knights of the rounds. Lancelot. Perceval. Gawain. To name a few." He took a slight breath in the foul air.

"I am certain you have heard the tale of Siegfried and the dragon Fafner? The Balmung sword? He is the head of the god warriors."


His moths were scouting ahead. He was waiting for them to give him some information of what was ahead. Now all that he needed was to have the two fools behind him to pass him by and he could make the trap necessary to kill them both off. If whatever was inside the hole could also be drawn to them they would be pinned between it and his moths.

Though he wanted to finish the girl off himself. Not let some second rate monster take it from him. Perhaps the monster or whatever had made it's way down here could be made into a temporary servant. The idea crossed him. He was after all going to kill everything in this world. That was the plan. If his existance in his world was just a lie then he would have to make his own reality in this world. And these humans would pay for this humiliation.

How sweet it would be to draw their souls to him. He might not even need his father's powers if he kill enough of them. Letting his moths gather the souls of each person in this world to boost his own power. Then he could become the great Hyoga himself and then destroy everything. He saw the knight and the boy with the flaming sword approach him from behind. He moved slightly to the side so they could move past. That was the plan after all.

"Lead the way. Human." Menomaru said to the knight.


Seeing the strange looking creatures approach, Emilio shook his head swiftly, his hair moving from side to side as he did and he smiled widely. In a manner some would find sinister or creepy.

"Go!" He shot a single ray of light into the prism before him, making a 'ding' sound as it did before it shot straight towards one of the creatures approaching. But it didn't stop there. It was followed by eight more ray attacks.

Another ray quickly followed the initial one, striking through the creature the first ray had penetrated and hitting another one. Simultaneously the other seven rays would fly out of the prism. One going seemingly through him, hitting an enemy found approaching him from the back.

The remaining six rays would fly out at his sides. Some of the rays may even come very close to hitting Vita, Nanoha and Tenshi. But he had placed himself in a good position so they would surely not be hit unless they've moved around too much from their original spot.

Emilio let out a laugh as the targets were penetrated by those rays of destructive light.

"Hah hah hah! Destroy me? Give it a try! Haaah!" His smile grew wider. His consideration to what his rays could do to the nearby buildings and the like didn't cross him for a moment.


He stopped in his tracks. The boy in the odd armor and the crystal sword had managed to anger Mordred. Alberich was appearantly his name.

Menomaru thought little of it. But he did ponder to drive the sharp end of his blade into Mordred's back. It was tempting to take her life there. But it wouldn't do.

That ice magic using girl was still around and he wanted to look Mordred into the eyes as he would kill her. Not some underhanded stab from the back. As much as she deserved it from humiliating him. He would have to kill her in this here hole. Perhaps he could find a good ambush site within. As for the armored boy? Menomaru couldn't care less what he did. He was clearly human aswell and not useful to him except maybe as bait.

Taking a few steps ahead, Menomaru passed by Mordred and Alberich and began to move inside the hole. He then began to create numerous moths and sent them ahead inside of the hole. They would act as scouts and through them he would see whatever was inside. He pondered on the idea of creating a massive amount of moths ahead of them and then direct them deeper within, then let the two humans walk ahead of him and he could call forth more behind them. The idea of having them choke on the poison. He found it appealing.

Then he could go up and stab them at his leisure. At least the girl. The boy he could just leave to die in there. Being a moth demon he had no trouble seeing in the dark. What of the other two though? He smirked as he walked forwards with his sword now drawn.

"Not terribly impressive humans! Don't let me have all the fun." Menomaru arrogantly threw out of himself with his back turned towards the two. He wanted to lure that girl into the hole and be done with her.


He was not standing idly by while Mordred drew and pointed her sword at him. Alberich pointed his own sword to Mordred's neck and it lit up in a fiery blaze, the flames caressing the crystal-like sword. He twohanded the sword and had his acid spraying bracer pointed to the woman's face.

Alberich didn't want to fight her. There was no gain. But he wouldn't let someone like that threaten him without any reaction.

"Then what should I call you? Man? You have not even introduced yourself. That is rude enough before pointing a sword at me and throwing promises you won't be able to keep. Because I am Alberich." Alberich said with just a slight smirk on his lips and a spark in his eye.

"Lower your sword or you will become nothing but a cold corpse being drained away in a crystal tomb." He was serious and made sure she would know that he wouldn't be pushed around by the likes of her. Besides if things would come to shove at least he could explain to the others that she drew weapon on him first. Whilst prepared for the worst, he hoped she would back down before he would be forced to try put her down. Now what will you do? Woman. He thought to himself as he watched Mordred carefully, not letting his guard down for a moment.

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Well she has been travelling around in tribal communities and outskirts of civilization most of her time. So I guess your character's other parent would have been found in such a Place. As to who that would be? Someone whom would be or would have been a good person. As to your character yourself, go ahead and create him however you please :). He doesn't have to agree or see Eye-to-Eye with Galviere either.
"All things must change in time. Even the status of this homepage."

"Allright, time to get back to the fighting!"

"Help is on the way. Damned airplane."
Oh feel free to make a demigod of hers if you wish

Edited note:

A demigod of hers would be somewhat of a real rarity as she is not one who mingles with the opposite sex unless there is a really good reason to. Like if she in fact loved someone and wanted some form of offspring as a reminder.

The arrival on the scene had Menomaru grin. Something was smelling good. But he did not sense any demonic aura present, it had to be something else.

He began to ponder on the idea of watching whatever it was devour Mordred. Though it would steal the enjoyment of killing her himself. If he could somehow split her up from the smaller girl and the boy who were with them. Menomaru devised a plan. What if there are several of whatever made this in different locations. I could split them all up. Letting the moths scout the area. Giving me the finest control to be where exactly I need to be.

I will kill you Mordred. My moths shall infest the entire place and I shall reap the life of everything in here. That Nanoha girl won't be able to catch me with her magic again. Not when she is busy elsewhere. All of these fools will die by my hand. First these special ones. Then the rest of this world. I shall drown them in their own misery. They shall regret the moment they hesitated to end me.
"These moths shall take a look around. To find whatever did this. Unless you want to risk being too late to save these... innocents or split up?" Menomaru finally said and moths began to come forth around him. Perhaps what made this could be made into an ally even.


He had tried to open up conversation with the mothman but to little use. The man was not interested in talking. The other two. The smaller girl with blonde hair appearantly had already turned on her heels. She wasn't interested in putting effort into the matter. Then there was the woman who was stating the obvious.

Yes, it was certainly reeking. What was it however? He did not know. But whatever it was he was certain it would pose problems, thus his god robe was needed. He called on it and after a short bit his god robe would appear and place its various armorparts on Alberich and he'd grip the crystal-like sword as it pops out.

They wouldn't be able to keep his sword from his hands. It was a part of his god robe as much as the armor itself was. The flaming sword would remain unlit in his right hand and he would look around to his would-be-companions. This was not very promising. None of them had useful qualities from what he could tell. Two were seemingly not very interested in co-operating or putting effort into it, the remaining one seemed to not be much of a thinker. Good thing he was known as the brain of Asgard.

"You there. Woman." Alberich spoke out to Mordred.

"I, Alberich Delta Megrez, shall now begin the search for what made this. I expect you to fall in behind me. I be the most suitable to lead this group forth after all."


He shook his head to the questions being asked. He was in a good location on top of the lamppost, it could be used as a springboard or something to jump off from quickly if need be before taking flight, it also gave him a high ground where he could see things approaching.

"Nanoha. Vita. Heeh." He said out loud and gave both the girls a look. He had seen them both before, one was fighting the boy in the crystal armor and the other was in the room with that strange mothman. Vita had originally caused some memory of his to spring to mind, but as it was right now it was silent.

"Trouble coming? Heheh... very well. They can give it a try. Let's wait shall we?" He was eager to use his powers with no restraint. He wasn't certain of the overly interest in saving civilians. But he did know the importance of VIP's and targets which would be best left unharmed. He was after all sent on such missions by Wong.

He had an idea of what Tenshi and Vita was capable of, but the last one Nanoha he had not seen much of yet. Whatever it was that was approaching it would not live to tell the tale.

His wings manifested then and he formed an octagonal prism the size of a basketball between his hands. "Try to not get hit... heheh..."

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I'm here aswell.
Golkai and Delthrael

"I have not forgotten you, Cyl. Nor any others of our kin." Delthrael said in a reassuring tone.

He began to walk around the group slightly while looking everyone over. "I knew you once. Now? It would be folly to say I do. Time changes things. Yet along the way there shall surely come a point where you need to make a stand." Delthrael walked up close to Cyl.

"Even if that choice would result in remaining neutral. It is still a choice which bears consequences."
He said the last part of the sentence in a soft tone of voice before walking over to Amos.

"How good to know that you have not lost your way, brother. Your words are as clear as ever." Taking a brief pause as he watched Amos smiling wickedly. "Yet drowning this world in blood is exactly what the dark one would have wanted done."

Delthrael knew fully well what he was saying, and how that would likely make Amos feel and think. Comparing his promise to that of the wishes of the dark one. Huseror. He whom craved nothing but the destruction of everything that was.

A world consisting of 'nothing' did not appeal to Delthrael. He also had to make sure Amos would not stray from a spot where he could more easily be directed. His vengeance could possibly drive him to the dark and consume him, this would prove dangerous for the existance of not only himself and the other gods but also for the future of everything.

Trying to compare Amos to Huseror would prove useful in strengthening the former's resolve. Since he would resist that very thought and ponder on it while marsching onwards. He needed to have a -clear- mind for what was ahead. A easily read mind was a good mind. Using his brother. No, not only him. All of them as if they were pawns in a game was a terrible thing.

But in order to safeguard the existance of everything and that time would move onwards and that things would ever be changing. He had to make sacrifices if it was needed.

"Indeed." He then said out loud, taking his time to continue speaking. Giving Amos some time to ponder if he replied to thinking him to be a fool or if he had an agenda of his own.

"Much like all beings of this world and other worlds, I have an agenda. Can you claim you lack such yourselves? Besides... none can prevent change forever. Such as how Solaria and Lunus be not longer here with us in that sense. Not to mention our exile. Change is however not necessarily a bad thing, dear brother."

His eyes would dart directly into Amos' eyes. "A change of plans may at times save you from ending up without any plan at all. And you will be watching me from now on? Ought you not to focus rather on the task at hand which is Desious rather than let yourself be distracted?"

You may feel free to watch me as much as you'd wish. It does not matter how much you stare at a riddle if you are incapable of understanding how to solve it. Or even read it. The god of change mused inside of his head.

"This is all very interesting..." Golkai yawned and stretched his arms. "But weren't we kind of going somewh-" His sentence was cut short.

Both Golkai and Delthrael glanced around them. "Allright we got some fun coming our way! Fighting time!" Golkai let out a yell of joy and slammed his banner into the ground and summoned forth approximately a hundred winged soldiers. Their energy wings, metal looking armor and claylike flesh would seem out of place moreso than even some of the gods present.

With spears and bows would they fly out to attack the incoming soldiers. Golkai was one of the few gods which didn't dread revealing his powers to the mortals, even if he never took on his true form on earth he was fine at using his powers in plain sight.

"This should be somewhat fair. Don't need to summon the entire army for this little thing!"

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Golkai and Delthrael

"Cyl eh? Oh yes, there was one called that..." Golkai said with some pondering before offering a wide grin.

"As for petty skirmishes. They are alot more fun than standing looking at a gate everyday. So... have you found a new gate to guard while having been down here? I cannot imagine you would have partaken in these petty skirmishes during all these years? Mighty Amos."

He said through his grin in a somewhat mocking but amused way. "As for trivial creatures. What's the matter with this human here?" He blurted out all of a sudden.

Delthrael in the meantime would have stood silent waiting for Golkai to finish his talk before replying to Amos.

"Oh your words are clear brother Amos, yet be your mind as clear as those words? Pray tell, how exactly will you make Desious pay? At what price?"
Delthrael threw a glance over to Cyl and David. "What of you Cyl'Nyarlith? Do you stand with brother Amos?"
"Do you all be prepared to see the very heavens ablaze to do what is required?" Delthrael spread his arms wide and his wings spread widely as he did.

He then began to call forth his seized power, the one who he had taken from the god of dreams. A powerful illusional thing which changed those under it's perception of the world around them until they've took damage.The power itself would not be causing any harm in the physical sense, but it would show things which could emotionally or mentally affect those under it. Delthrael used the power to display their old home and the beauty held within the place, a thing none of them had seen for so very long.

It was still embedded within the power he had stolen so long ago. A vision of their old home and the beauty within it.
He attempted to affect those present with it. Golkai, Amos, Cyl and David. Giving them a brief glimse into it, even the human who had never seen the place before.

Amos you were and still be so strong in body and soul, yet so weak in brainmatters. This has not changed over time. You have not changed the slighest. You are still like you ever were. Predictable. That is why you would be the most suitable piece to move in to take Desious out. Giving me the opportunity to take his domain from his hands. I shall use you like a puppet.

Then you'll be changed yourself or you will vanish along with the rest of the old world. I know now why Solaria and Lunus are gone.
The earth has flourished despite the absence of the gods. They are no longer needed. Yet some things the gods possess are outside of earth matters. Death. Change. And a couple of others. Thus these are required to exist for as long as time marches onwards.

He thought to himself as he watched the scenery he had not seen for so long.

"You humans desire the truth. Now that you know it. Do you curse it? Or will you crave poison to cloud it?"

Delthrael offered a soft smirk to David as his ghostly stare moved to all present.

"Think of what is at stake my kin." He finally said and let the illusion fade away and returning those affected back to the reality.

"Oh yeah, that's how it looked. Almost had forgotten. That's what happens when you have too much fun. Oh right. You and fun never did go well together Amos."
Golkai chuckled slightly.

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War will change Everything

Golkai and Delthrael

Long had it been since the lord of war had been able to use his godly powers, but longer still had it been since he had heard that bell.
He had no hurry to flock to the bell right away, biding his time and finishing his dinner in the company of some of his mercenaries who were working for him in Syria.

Lucius Elium was his official name on ID cards, but amongst these mercenaries he was only known as Big G. His base of operations were an old excavation site inside a large cave, it had large rooms and storage space. It had served as a hold-out place in the various wars in the region.

They didn't know where Lucius, or rather Golkai came from, what he truly was planning to do in Syria. But people knew that he did pay good money for capable soldiers. He was known to meddle in various conflicts all around the region, to some extent didn't make much sense to most people. Some might even had wondered if he fought to end the wars at all.

Lucius, or rather Golkai as he had been called in the heavens, was someone whom truly wanted to fight forever. The return of his powers and the bell had however unsettled him. He had gotten used to his existance as a human, fighting wherever he could find a fight.

But as it now stood, many of the gods would surely seek revenge on Desious, he whom had exiled them all. Golkai was not fond of the idea of someone very passive or too kindhearted messing up the earth and all his fun, nor did he approve of the idea of someone who was out to destroy it.

All of a sudden as he had taken the last bite out of his piece of chicken he'd felt as if he was being watched. He figured it had to be one of his own kind paying him a visit, but for what reason? "All of you. Leave. I would like to be alone now." Golkai said out loud in a firm tone of voice, his mercenaries stopped in their talking and drinking, some may have thought of asking him why but quickly reconsidered. They began to leave.

"Me too sir?" One large fellow who was working as his bodyguard, not like he ever needed one. But he made a fine servant and could take care of minor tasks.

"Yes." Golkai said in a deep voice. Waiting until the bodyguard had left the room aswell before he turned his attention to the far right of the room.

"I know you are there. Show yourself." He said out loud and narrowed his eyes slightly. Behind a wooden pillar a figure stepped forth, clad in a long brown garment which resembled a robe, he carried a bag around his waist, seemingly with books. And on his lower back a wrapped package containing something the length of an arm and a half.

"It has been a long time, Lord Clash." A slightly echoing voice replied to him, in a clear but unmistakable tone which may have been sounding both polite aswell as high and mighty. Golkai awaited until the figure had fully stepped forth. His eyes scanned the figure carefully and the void-like hood, first not recognizing whom it was.

"Alternius..." He said softly, as if almost a whisper. The robed individual took a few steps further.

"That is one of my many names, but names can change over time as you certainly must be aware of." The robed person lowered his hood revealing his shoulderlong blonde hair and blue eyes. "Though change is not just limited to names alone. That can I, Delthrael promise you."

Golkai relaxed somewhat in his chair. "So... what can I help the Lord of change with? I cannot imagine you came to speak of days of old or have abit of food with me?" Golkai chuckled and took a swig of his alcohol.

"Oh nay, I came to here for another reason. You bear the means of swift travel, that is what I came for partly. I've known your whereabout for ages, since you tend to cause war wherever you walk. Time is of the essence however." Delthrael spoke out as a matter of fact.

"Is it now? What's the matter? Is Death going to die on us?" Golkai replied in a jesting tone, but also in a mocking sense. The blonde man in turn offered a faint smile, one which would send out a thousand chills through Golkai's spine.

"Perhaps. After all... nothing is truly eternal. We have walked here for a long time, yet all things have their ends. Now it is time to change the board abit. Rearrange the pieces upon it." Delthrael dramatically made a motion with his hands.

"Heh. So what are you going to do?" The god of war asked.

"Oh dear brother, it is not what I am going to do, but what -we- must do. First off all brother, you shall take us to where the bell was rung. Secondly we shall relieve Desious of his control over the dead. He deserves some rest after all. And a different scenery."

"Are you suggesting some kind of rebellion?" Golkai furrowed his eyebrows.

"Oh nay, I am not saying that. Yet sometimes one has to fight in order to achieve certain results. Change is required and sometimes sacrifices must be made to bring it about." Delthrael gave a smile which could only be described as that of a usurper.

"You know what? Now when I think about it. It would be fun to have a big damn war. A war of wars. A big and fun one. Tell you what, Delly. I will take us both to the place where the bell rung. I'll come back to you later on that other thing." Golkai reached the spearlike weapon leaning against his chair and allowed the banner to fall out. Displaying the uniformed insignia of the soldiers under his command. He then proceeded to move to the middle of the large room they've both stood within. "Come here then. Just don't do anything stupid before I've thanked Desious for all the fun and appologized for all the dead I've sent his way." Grinning as he awaited the blonde man to step forward. Delthrael raised his hood back up, letting it conceal his face as he walked up.

Then Golkai slammed the bottom part of his spear that the banner was attached to against the floor, causing them both to teleport all the way to the place where the bell had been heard. With a sound similar to a loud thunderclap they've appeared right in front of Amos, Cyl and David.

"Hahaha... well look at what we've got here! It's my favorite brother who knows when to shut up! Good job guarding the gate by the way." Golkai grinned and offered a thumb up in a somewhat mocking way, but the overall tone of his voice was in a good mood.
He then put his eyes on Cyl and David.

"Whose these again? Doesn't look like Carvux. Servix? What was his name again the star maker?" Golkai scratched his cheek as if trying to remember their names and faces. While Golkai was standing there pondering, the robed individual behind him stepped forwards, passing by Golkai on his left side and suddenly batlike wings potruded through his back and then he flapped them out in a dramatic display.

"My my, I do hope your time here on earth has changed your view on many a different thing?" He let the voidlike hood show his face as he looked towards them from under it with his ghostlike blue eyes, strands of blond long hair visible. Delthrael moved his wings closer to his body and let them fall slightly over his form almost as if using them as a shield. "Death requires a judge whom shall judge him, will you be that judge for all of us, brother Amos? Will you be the bringer of justice?"

Delthrael gave Amos, Cyl and David a faint smile which some might consider to be a warm smile. That or a venom dipped command.

Aid those who are in flight


Galviere had reacted very quickly to her powers returning to her, a sense of joy and new hope overcoming her. "Finally at long last!" She began to use her powers to treat the ill of the small tribal community she was living in before deciding that she needed to be off.

After all, she couldn't miss out this chance. She was not going to be powerless ever again. So she had to do all within her power to safeguard her being a goddess and that of heaven's purity. During all the years she had walked the earth, she had not much material belongings apart from her sword and some medicine, but she had enough to make a long trip.

She made her way through the jungle and then to a more modern community which had access to cars where she took a bus to a nearby airfield and got into a small airplane. This would take her to a larger airport where she could arrange a longer flight. Galviere cursed at herself for locating herself in such a remote location of the world. Because of it she would now possibly be late. Then she felt guilt, since she did enjoy helping those people and regarded them all as her family now.

But for now what awaited her was a long flight followed by another flight. Her sword would be taken along as a archelogical finding which she had permits for. She had arranged these many years prior when some have asked her about her weapon when she had carried it with her into a more modern community.

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