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6 mos ago
Current Sad to say I'm currently experiencing Writer's Block. Luckily I learned Writer's Kung Fu and I can chop the block in half with my hands like Bruce Lee
7 mos ago
Why is the sun like bread? It rises in the yeast, and sets in the waist. Haha! Isn't that so cute? Join my RP or more puns will come.
8 mos ago
What's the difference between a Hollywood actor and a piece of driftwood? One is Justin Timberlake. The other is timber, just in a lake. Hahathisiswhati'mdoinginsteadofwriting
9 mos ago
Hey, folks: I've just kicked off an RP, a fantasy where you can worldbuild as much as you can adventure. So if, like me, you like worldbuilding nearly as much as writing, check out Pilgrim's Caravan
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3 yrs ago
That moment when losing a character in a rougelike makes you want to shed tears. No backup. It's gone.


Current RP I want you to join: roleplayerguild.com/topics/191461-car…

Hey y'all. I've been at this for about 10 years, and I've played a lot of kinds of RP. I like fantasy and sci-fi the most, just because they give me the most to play around with, but I'm cool with almost anything. I just like writing.

(I'm also trying to slowly break into writing as a profession, but apparently that's not enough work for me, so I'm here too. I'm starting to think this place is just where I get out all my bad ideas)

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<Snipped quote by Crusader Lord>


Unless you already noticed I mean, or like, ah....sorry. (T_T)

Of course I've already seen it, worry not. I just know you lean towards longer sheets, so I figured I'd kill some smaller projects before getting your sheet. Is coming.
OK, I'm done with my beastkin.

Approved. Really, I shoulda read this one in the same batch as @Smike and @Irredeemable. We seem to have lots of canine-types hanging around. I don't know if you'll form a three-way friendship to last the eons or rip each other to pieces.

With the talk about getting ripped and the over-emphasis on being stronk, your werewolf has got some gym-bro vibes. I don't know how I feel about it, but I hope to at least once hear him asking Malleck "BRO, do you even lift??"
Whew! Save for a grammar once over my characters should be done, lemme know if something needs to change @Tortoise

Approved, obviously, these are two near-perfect sheets. I really look forward to seeing how Ryt and Thozna's relationship flows through the RP

Took me longer than anticipated, but here it is!

You already know you're approved.

Yours and Smike's charactes already have some tension bubbling. I love it, and also will attempt to subtly add to it, because stirring the pot is the most fun a GM has.
Hey guys, been off line a couple of days. I'm back now. Sheet reviews and whatnot to follow later today.
I am so tempted to make another character, specifically a beastman. If I wasn't lazy today...

Take your time! But I do have a soft spot for beast folk

Further sheet reviews (and a reply to your PM, Magus) to be completed tomorrow.
<Snipped quote by Tortoise>

I was originally going for a more unrepentant serial killer vibe, but I think this'd be more fun to play, and also mesh better with the cast. So, yay!

Oh, big agree.

Besides, it gives him more complexity. Anyone can do a vapid serial killer- but, really? Evil is boring. As writers, we try to pretend that the morally black is fascinating, but real tyrants and murderers are usually so empty inside that there's nothing to explore. They did what they did because they wanted to, because it gave them power or satisfaction, and half of them frankly will tell you so themselves. There aren't any layers. It's only when you're in the struggle to be good that all the interesting stuff can really happen.

To help with making a calendar, how many days are there in a year for this world? What are the days of the week, the name of months? How many days are in a month, typically?

Alwyne is a massive world, so how different places do the calendar will vary as we explore. But for the sake of simplicity, we'll say that 365 days still make a year there, as they do here, and how months/weeks are divided up will depend on where we're at. (But it's the kind of thing I expect will never come into the RP, you know? I am a practical GM. I wouldn't worry about a calendar, if I were you, unless you just wanna make one for fun. And in that case, go wild and come up with something, just remember that other players might not necessarily use it for their destinations. :P)
Wilhelm is approved. I feel pretty bad for him, honestly.

EDIT: Answers to more questions and approval of Smike's sheets to follow
@Tortoise Adjusted character sheet for Siri.

Excellent. A p p r o v e d.
When I was creating Siri, I realized that there would be some additional characters who step in from time to time as a part of her world, and I didn't want to surprise anyone when they did. Dia would be a companion to Siri and seen in her cat form most of the time.

And yes, I know it won't fool the fairies.

The Witch

The Cat

These next two are just NPCs that Siri and Dia interact with. They have no power in the campaign against the caravan or its people. Jester can't cross over to this world unless a place has been prepared for him, and nobody except a few can see Death.

Also, Jester is offering their grand unified theory on magic and Shadow Realm relations.

The Patronus (NPC)

The Psycopomp (NPC) - Likes to show up when things get interesting. Or for parties. He's bored.

@Tortoise Okay, ready for your review.

Siri is approved!

That said- the use of Character Sheets for gods and god-like entities is a little awkward. I would prefer that you didn't try to fit the Lord Jester and Grim into sheets that were designed for caravanners; it just doesn't function well. Plus, it causes confusion over what is and isn't a player.

They could have both been explained in hiders in Siri's sheet, or just outlined here and given more detail IC.

Also, many of the claims in Lord Jester's "magic" section can't be accepted here. Such as:

Many assume that sacrifice requires the death of a living being, but it can also be giving up some of the magic within all living creatures through the use of repetitious rituals like prayer or dance, directed to an altar. It's why so many gods have temples constructed, giving them a source of power they may tap into away from the Celestial realm.

One must be very careful in old temples and stone circles, as sometimes the altars has been depleted and will draw away one's magic if they connect with it.

This has far too many implications for every other player whose character has a religion. It would force everyone's gods to follow these rules, and it removes all the mysteries of faith.

I'm all for worldbuilding here, but that's mostly meant to be done IC, not with sweeping exposition in a CS. Honestly? I think this would seriously damage players who want to be paladins or priests or wandering ministers or whatever; now they have to make sure their character's faith fits all that you wrote.

So I have to reject Lord Jester, Grim and Dia's sheets completely. I'd rather you just mention somewhere in Siri's sheet that she follows a god called Lord Jester, and maybe offer a few paragraphs of exposition regarding what she believes about that god. You can do the same with the cat. But all this definite exposition about gods and demons? It's just a bit too far. We're only building our characters at this stage.

Ooooh thanks @MagusDream. Idk if I'll use them long-term, but I'll make an effort to start off with it.

@Expendable I was discussing this with Tortoise in a PM haha. Cause Mergoux is a servant to Death as well, albeit a much different form of her. Sort of like your Death, she's not likely to do much other than maybe pass on a message or two or something, but just for kicks here's her quickie CS just for kicks. BTW, is your death based on Sir Terry Pratchett's death at all?

I have to reject this as well, for all the same reasons as above.

As a general rule: don't make a CS for gods or nations or concepts or whatnot. Those are just for our characters, and I don't really want to make definite rules about the metaphysical as this early stage.

Everybody, I'm officially starting the RP this coming Sunday, December 11th! I'll be making the first post and, though later Destinations will be created by players, I'll take the liberty of creating our first Destination myself. I want the chance to get to set the mood, try to show what we can do with a solid setting.

Now, if you haven't yet completed your CS, there's no cause for concern. (Neither have I, even.) You can join the Caravan at any point along its journey- if you're done tonight or in three weeks, so long as the RP is still going, your sheet will still be read and reviewed.

Thank you all for your patience. I look forward to both exploring and building this world with you all <3
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