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"And maybe afterwards you can tell us why you brought back the wrong girl. Because that wasn't Andras you dumb fuck!"

Ria pulled herself to her feet, now the only awkwardness in her stride being the cast her leg was snugly wrapped in. That blood rune had really done the trick, she was seriously considering accepting that apology so long as Meredith hadn't done anything as shitty as actually eating Andras. Everything else about this, though, pissed her off enough that she was actually starting to come down.

Still, Michael was right. This place was all corpsy and wasn't going to be getting any more structurally sound. "Good idea, bring him with. He's got questions to answer." She said as Michael extended his hand. Then she pointed at whatever it was riding around in Diana's body. "You too. I got a job offer for Diana if she's still in there. And you too, just for the hell of it." She turned swiftly to the ghostly boy that had been hanging out on the side. "I want to know why you're here too."

"Now let's head out, chop chop everybody, before this roof falls on us."
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Celestine rolled his eyes and bristled, as much as his failing body allowed him to. His usual cordiality and playful demeanor was all but gone, as he tried to keep his composture in this humilliating situation, only to fail spectacularly. He slapped Michael's hand as he gritted his teeth and tried to override the command on his body. Damn, you stupid vessel of mine, move! I hate this body. I hate it so much. Frail like glass. If only... He staggered in an effort that was more willpower than actual force, only to flop again helplessly, before throwing a murder glare at Ria. "You...know...the...reason, bitch eyes." He said, his cordiality all but gone. "Andras...is...safe...but...she...would...cry...at...this...and...be...not helpful at all...better...demonic...crazy...tramp." Celestine pieced together.

Diana for the most part was watching nonchalantly the spectacle, a smug grin unbecoming of her plastered on her face. "My my, you have keen senses, Ria... The little cute witch has surrendered her body to me. It's ironic how good magicians are as vessels, they're highly desirable targets for possession." She glared, deciding that four witnesses were just a very small number. "Oh, relax... I'm not one of these...craven beings and their lapdogs. Just ask the pet bellhop over there." She added, pointing evidently at Kheraket.

Feeling the need not to keep the rigorous masquerade any longer, Diana's body flared up with mana once more...but this had a different quality, radiant and otherworldy, with a slight sinister bend. Tracing two fingers, she pointed out at the transvestite doctor as she lifted him with her magic effortlessly.

"Oh come one, you little murderpuppy, don't let your pride get in the way of needing help." She said. Even the real Diana could not help but feel some kind of wicked pleasure at Celestine's helpless flailing.

"An offer, intriguing..." She whispered to Ria's ear. "After all collecting souls and meeting quotas is such a chore after all..." She finished, emphasizing the word chore for good.


& Cultist


"They taste like cheap spam... what about it?" Meredith said, her lips still bearing a cruel smile upon seeing the scene. It hit her then. Both of the other people were critical wounded, and these clone cultists were annoying to keep picking one by now, now that the surprise element was wearing off. Yet not all was lost, the other assailant was trying now to flee, even stopping to admonish the others for their folly. It was then it hit home. Demons were supposed to be more nimble. This guy's flight... was too clumsy for a demon. It was not a demon. He had never properly learn to live with his wings, much like she had learnt to fly and walk at nearly the same time when she was a child. She darted, her wings beating furiously, on the prey that was trying to get away, her claws stretching and crackling with energy, targetting the most vulnerable point of a flyer. The wings.

"You are far juicier."

The poor demonically empowered cultist attempts twists themselves to bring themselves to bare against Mer, inhaling deeply. As she got close, he let out a scream, a sonic wave to attempt to blast her away. The air shook, and eardrums bled as his wail pierced the air, aimed at sending Mer into the ground. Of course, this blast wasn't at its full power, and it could be felt. While it was explosive, the sound was that of someone mock yelling, a strangled noise.

Meredith took the full blast, and indeed she seemed to plummet, but the half-succubus seemed to have more fight on her. She drew blood from her superficial wounds, and hastily conjured a healing rune to undo the damage, before climbing in height once again."You fake." She clenched her fist, as she resumed her dive against the cultist, this time aiming at the wounds he had sustained, energies crackling.

"Fake it till you make it." He replies, and tries to engage her in a direct fight, claws bared as well. "It's all one can do to make it in this world!" He declares, as he attempts to strike into her hands, fully wanting to sever tendons and render her mitts useless. "Not all are born with such gifts as you all, and more have them ripped away." He declares. While his flight was nowhere near as agile as Mer's, he hoped that by closing the gap he'd catch her in his grasp before she could get away. What good was agility if you were claws deep in your opponent?

Meredith just smiled, before she released a point blank blast of demonic energy as she instead went for a full body charge at the last second, with the force of a flak shot against the Demon. It was then when her spade-like tail shot for his throat, like a piercing dagger. She chose not to talk anymore, instead giggling ever so slightly.

The cultist felt the blast strike into his chest, his ribs cracking and breaking, his skin being burnt away to reveal muscle, but luckily for him he wasn't torn in two. He raised his hands, catching the demoness's tail as the tip impales itself into his windpipe. While normally she'd of been able to strike through him, his flesh felt like it was made of something far more resistant to injury than even steel. He growls, before attempting to rip the spike out of his throat, and use his razor sharp claws to either hold, or rend off, the end of Mer's tail. If possible, he'd like to bring her to heel with agony, knowing that his claws hurt when they dug into flesh. Of course he himself wasn't immune to the effects of agony either, and Mer could see something. The man was going into shock, his pupils widening as he continued to try to fight.

Meredith's pained expression contorted in her face, tears drawing on her face, as the bloody tip of the severed tail was promptly cut off. It was sensitive, yes, but also the least important of her limbs. "Endgame." She said. "I am a demon of dreams." She added monotone, as the situation allowed her to draw a sleep rune in the beast's forehead. "And you shall call me Empress." She said, deploying her sleep plundering technique.

"A demon of dreams? I..." The cultist starts, struggling against the rune as his eye flutter, smirking. "..at least I die, to a proper demon." He laughs, and does something strange. He catches the dagger like end of her tail, and sticks it back onto the bloody stub. There's a burning sensation as the blood seeping from his chest wound vanishes, and the tail end was reattached. He leaned forwards to whisper something into Mer's ear. "...Finish it." He says, before the sleep rune finally forces the man into slumber. He was at her mercy, or at the very least, so it seemed. His body began to shift, and change, and went from this monstrous bird creature, to a young man, almost 16 in appearance with his mask still in place. Compared to his other forms, one could label it as pathetic.

Meredith's powers wasted no time in starting plundering the energy of the man, a dreamlike void in his slumber present, while a ghastly duplicate of Mer presided the void landscape. "Normally at this point i'd present some fake feeling of solace. Finishing people off is something i have sworn not to do. In the meantime, enjoy being proven wrong." Her eyes darted towards a couple of ghostly figures, picturing yet another demon of lust resembling Meredith, the so called Nyxdaemona, grabbing a demon child by the tail as if it were a mere bag. "Gift? A mere byproduct. I only existed as sacrifice. That is not something I wish for even the worst enemies... I was damn close. So that's why you folks must be stopped. "

"......" The figure frowns a bit. "Surprising to say the least, the potential in those with heritage like yours is...immense. No gods, nor masters to rip away your powers. Only your will.....That demoness was a fool to try to use you as a sacrifice. Short term gains, long term losses." He reasons. "I do not seek sacrifices. I seek power, and this job was a stepping stone. Do not lump me in with fools and madmen, for I am neither."

"Would I show you this, if I thought you weren't beyond redemption? You're like me. A stumbling fool desperate to belong to someone. But for the time being, you shall ... not fight any longer. Gosh, talking this stuffity stuff is complicated. Gotta go." She said, as the image vanished in the dream. In the real world, meanwhile, Meredith amassed her newfound plundered power, as she flexed her arms. Drawing her claws once more, she drew blood, drawing a massive healing circle. "Hey goo guy and machiney, you Mephys are a bit haggard. Let me help you a bit with this. You can call me Mer. I take payments in sweets. Now, let's finish it"

"Err, you think I speak like a stiff?" He asks before she vanishes from his mind. Redemption, loss, a struggling fool? He wondered what the demoness had in store for him. In his mind, he felt like he had some sort of kindship with her...maybe it was the demonic powers, or the pain. Either or, he slept for now, recovering his strength. When he awoke, he'd need to think about this in more detail.

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"Maybe I made the wrong call." David thought to himself as he watched the Cultist bathe in the storm of lead like he was taking a morning shower.

"Why is it that whenever I try to do the 'right thing' the world seems to conspire against me." He watched in near slow motion as the cultist raised his arms ready to bring his fists down upon alto.

"Ah fuck, I don't want to watch this. I mean I won't hear it since I'm pretty much deaf from all the gunfire, but fuck is there no one that can save him?" David thought as he tried to look anywhere but at Alto. He ended up looking up in time to see something blue, Nanaca, descending from the sky. She looked like an angel descending from the heavens. A beautiful girl with blue hair, and panties, looking as free as the wind. She landed on the Cultist's shoulders with the force of a freight train as she crushed him beneath her. The ground cracked beneath the Cultist's feet as he was driven to a knee his ground pound halted, this saving Alto.

"Hot dam!" David tried futilely shouting over the roar of gunfire taking care to aim away from his new ally. The Cultist's arms were now hanging and if not broken, at least looked dislocated.

"Maybe we do have a chance," He thought positively to himself. However, his elation was short lived as he watched the Cultist slowly rise back to his feet, and then blow Alto away with a mighty stomp. The Cultist then let out a really loud roar. though David couldn't tell how loud as the sound of ringing in his ears indicated he was already suffering from hearing loss anyway. He still could tell something bad was about to happen as the world seemed to distort around the Cultist. "This is bullshit," David muttered as the roar turned into a massive shockwave that tore through the air, blasting Bak and himself off their feet and shattering the ground. David landed on his side several feet back with Bak in tow. He probably would have flown further if not for the fact that Bak's gun had been hooked in his portal for most of their short flight. The bad thing was that they had separated at the end. David was facing Bak and could see that her chaingun looked a lot worse for wear. She probably didn't notice it herself, but since the gun left the portal the stress that had been put on the other eight cloned barrels had been imparted onto the original. "Well, I hope it isn't broken." he thought to himself as he watched the Cultist pop his arms back in place. "Cause we could still use it." The Cultist started saying something, but David couldn't hear it, but he could see the Cultist's hands being wreathed in lightning and figured it was a death threat of some kind. The worst part is he got the distinct impression his ire was on him and Bak.

"Yep, he's going to kill us." David thought as he pulled his pen and moved to draw a circle. "Time to bail. I'm not dying here. Tank girl will be fine she's strong and..." David's thoughts trailed off as his eyes settle on Bak. He didn't see the same righteous determination in her eyes as before, nor did he see fear, nor anger, just a look of sad acceptance. "She isn't even going to try to save herself is she?" David realized, clenching his hand into a fist. "This world is an unfair place. The weaker are always picked on by the stronger." He looked at Bak seeing a powerful monstrous girl, "Monster huh...maybe it's not just the weak that are picked on." At that moment David realized he really wanted to talk to Bak. However, the sight of the enraged Cultist leaping at them made him wonder if they would ever get that chance. At that moment the universe seemed to conspire in their favor as everyone decided now was the best time to be a hero. Rurik was the first leaping in front of them while throwing up a shield. Nanaca was next, kicking the Cultist in the arm in a seemingly vain attempt to slow him down. Then Bak acted surprising him the most, given she had looked ready to die just o moment ago. She fired a strange glowing missile that popped mid-air and surrounded everyone in the protective feeling aura. This all happened in the span of a few moments, but it all unfolded like a slow-motion action scene to David. It was probably all the adrenaline pumping through his veins, but he felt now was the best time to act and that holding back was not an option anymore. He sprung to his feet and stepped past Rurik as the Cultist's fists impacted his shield. He reached out with his pen drawn and, in that same moment, draw a circle on the Cultist's chest. He didn't expect to go unpunished for this as he could already feel the electricity arching off the Cultist and into his arm, but strangely it didn't hurt as much as he thought it would. It felt more like a low power taser than the deadly lightning he had expected. After drawing the circle, if he wasn't immediately punted out of the arena, David intended to press his hands against the Cultist's chest and yell, "Door!" This would allow him to open a portal to the other side of whatever he was trying to get to. In this case, his intent was to get inside of the Cultist.

"If you're going to try to kill us. I'm gonna do the same." David thought darkly, "Just hope whatever this defense field is ain't a solid object or I'll just open a door in his armor and not to his heart."
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@Gentlemanvaultboy @AtomicNut @KillamriX88

Luigi was given pause as he felt Gilliam slither up onto his shoulders, but didn't pause for long. He charged forwards, towards the hoard of cultist-clones who stood between him, and his destination. "Hide within my chest cavity, Gilliam, and if you find a ruined organ feel free to help yourself. I'll be replacing them soon enough." Luigi starts, before seeing a female fighter enter the ring. She quickly dispatches the bird-monster, and leaves him asleep and incapacitated. Luigi noted that he would need to return to finish the job later. "Scanning...Huh. I'd devour the damaged organs quickly Gilliam, I'll be getting new ones very soon." Luigi says, as he diverts his charge to pass through the healing circle, intending to act as a transport for Gilliam as well. Under his robes, his mechanical tendrils were already at work, repairing his armored plating as quickly as they could. He needed to regain combat effectiveness as quickly as possible, or risk being blown apart if somehow a cultist jammed a mask into him. Of course, they'd have to be in one piece within close combat for that to work.

That scenario was highly unlikely.
Time until bodily self destruct: 40 Seconds. Timer paused: In combat.
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The outcome was to be expected, the flare of battle thundered under the pressure of true collision. Their bodies engaged in the most consequential art of battle there could be displayed. One man, poised with hands on shoulder width, back hunched lunching a series of attacks towards a boy who seemed to grin throughout, the sweat drowning his visage as his body, almost rhythmically shifted itself on a guise of mastery. Quick moves from left to right, turns and spins to evade the coming hits. Their essence in itself held murderous intent, the expression of their ferocity displayed itself upon the canvas which the two stood. Grasping the flow of the wind itself, the weight and propulsion of the body's natural inertia to develop their coursing flow of movements. Their speed exceeded any normal man. A crowd of men screaming their hearts out, witnessing such a flow unravel before their very eyes.

There the youth, known as the Macedonian Bull faced of against a giant twice his size, three times his width. The man towered roughly around 210 cm tall, and 200 pounds of muscle adorned his physical. However, with every hit he seemed to usher all he met was the waves of the air, a lavished dance of evasion greeted the giants might, and such brought him to frustration. Finally, the youth of dyed blond hair tired of the games, and shifted his course, with a single twist of his hip, he allowed an opening, staring straight to the mammoth's eyes. Their clear intent for victory even if it resulted on his own well being.

"What fire!"

Noticing such the man retreated his fist, winding up his most powerful left hook, you could visually notice the arm flex its bloated bicep, the forearm rearing to collide with all intentions to snap the youth's head clean off his head. Leonard Magnus Aldrige, the Macedonian Bull, the youth of true outstanding might, twisting his heel, shifting his body into a pivot and twist to shift momentum to the right, his hands caught the hand upon and open palm, a force blew around the impact zone, conducting the energy outwards in a massive force, but leaving Leo entirely unharmed. His weight now under Leo's control, the inertia of such leaving his footing unstable, with just a sway to the left their bodies now shifted, he was falling into an uppercut that connected, full contact. Leo could sense it, every secular bone and tendon stretch and tear under the weight, falling backward now. This mammoth of a man now stumbled to regain composure.

The wind was now under his wings, the balls of Leo's feet kicked with sustained pressure on exerting through the calf and quads. Teeth clenched, the bullet of sweat adorning his body, shiftless and bloodied tensing every secular muscle, pulling his arm from the shoulder and delivering a barrage of hits onto chest, torso and face.

Jab, jab, jab, hook, twist, knee- to axe kick, tornado kick, to twisting heel kick, extend, pull back, superman punch, stomach upper cut, rapid jabs, pull back, pivot right hook, left back hand, Leaping knee, shifting left knee, utilizing the enemies on chest he propelled his body into a forward somersault flip... Moonsault hammer hell drop!

Each individual hit was summoned with extreme force, and with each successful collision a sound of blow radiated through the area, the cheers grew louder and louder. Hands began to douse itself in the blood of his opponent. But that wasn't enough to fall that monstrosity. It regained it composure through grit and strength, and cam down with a grab, lifting young Leo over his head and power bombing him once, twice, three times! The earth beneath their heels began to crumble and break, making the hole deeper.

"Brat! I got you now!"

Standing above him, now it was his turn to deliver all his strength, Hammer down lumber punch. Both hand grasped to each other and smashing into the earth where Leo's body sustained the entirety of its power, a grunt released itself, a cough before another was landed. Now he just punched consecutively, trying to kill or knock the boy out. He wanted to win, he needed to win. He just didn't. Like. This. BASTARD!

Hand grappled his hand, a trembling between two strength, blood painting his mien, this was the fight. This was the fight. "So, you think you can make me feel defeat?" The strength was being pushed back, by someone who seemingly looked as if a trained had rammed unto his body. Blood and marks all over, as he pushed him further and further beyond from his standpoint and pushed, the man recovered and charged. Leo swung his first punch, landing on the center of his face, tanked entirely by the mammoth of a man before, him, but then...


The strike that was to come was intercepted, moved and shifted to the side. Leo began to summon a power beyond his self. No, more so that the power was birthed from him from the very start. He wanted not to hold back any long. The most genuine smirk between pain, blood and the spirit of the fight.

"Grit your teeth, you swine! Iron FACEBREAKER"

The crack of bones wasn't the worst, perhaps the sound could make a couple of twiddling soul to hurl or gag merely at the imagination of such. Perhaps it was the blow, increasing every movement to their maximum capacity, to witness might being display with such raw, unfiltered gumption that caused the crow to intake the surroundings. Perhaps it was the lunch that the man suffered between two support beams by a boy who weight probably weight what he could lift with a single hand, throwing him across a room no bigger than just a couple of meters wide. But the worst image, was the boy standing proudly. Broad shoulders, hefty stance, proud determination. Raiding set fist that just down and won him the victor above his head, screaming to announce his victory in celebration.

The crowed joined him, chanting his epithet. The Macedonian Bull. The one who will Rend the Iron Wall!

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The convergence of events were rather fortunate for Rurik. One less factor, or one second longer, and he might've cashed it all in at that very moment. As it was... well it still wasn't a pleasant outcome.

Poor D'artagnan would share in this outcome unfortunately. The big man's fist crashed down on the shield. It did not reflect it like it normally would have. It just sort of dispersed the energy... all of it... in every direction.

Rurik felt himself get flattened to the ground, all the air in his lungs fleeing. D'artagnan wouldn't have fared much better in his direction, though it would have been marginally better than the direct hit Rurik received.

The cultist himself? He took a step back as the force of his own attack rebounded into him, if only partially. He looked around at the strange field they stood in, then back at the boy who'd intercepted his attack. Somehow he was alive. How? He didn't understand what exactly had just happened, but he knew it was yet another, infuriating obstacle.

He also saw that he had some sort of... circle drawn onto his chest. It didn't seem to be doing anything, though, so he wasn't worried. A moment later though and he heard an accelerating whirring noise. This was followed by bullets once again harmlessly pinging off of his body. It was as useless as the last time and this time there were far fewer bullets, but it was getting on his nerves.

To further aggravate him, the boy with the energy shield was getting back up. At least the strange machine girl seemed hesitant to keep shooting while he was in the way. It made it easier to think.

"What... that it...?" Rurik panted. "Come on... I don't need... more than one arm... for you..." He clenched his unbroken hand into a fist. The cultist scoffed and stepped forward, raising his own fist as if to just smack Rurik away. At that moment Rurik burst forward and slammed his fist into the cultist, landing a surprise attack first.

The man didn't budge.

"Oh..." Rurik swallowed hard. And then the big man's fist did indeed land. Rurik spun around, twice, and staggered back. It... had hurt less than expected but he was still seeing stars. He fired a short barrage of bolts, but they pinged harmlessly off the man as he marched forward unperturbed. Rurik burst to the side, though he nearly fell over from the sudden movement, his head still swimming.

Even so, he did his best to focus and blasted the man at close range, but it was like water washing over rock. Maybe in 100 years it'd actually have done damage. The big man turned and slammed Rurik across the jaw again. Again Rurik spun about, but before he could stagger away, he was grabbed by his hair and thrown back onto the ground at the man's foot before said foot then stomped down on his chest.

"Pathetic. You're no fighter, you're a wild animal that's learned to play with fire!" He could hear bullets whizzing past him again, the girl trying to stop him, but it was in vain. Half of her shots weren't even connecting in her panic.

"Say... that... to my... face..." Rurik choked out, ever defiant. And then, with a grunt, the man obliged, grabbing him by the shirt collar and hoisting him into the air, face-to-face with him. His other hand was lifted, ready to pulverize Rurik's face one more time. Strange field or not, he'd make sure this one was done.

"Can't... believe... that worked..." Rurik coughed and lifted his hand. WAP! he slapped it weakly against the big man's mask. If anything... it just made the cultist clench his fist tighter.


And suddenly the cultist was rocked back as his mask seemed to detonate. He was thrown back, clear of the strange energy field, sliding to a stop on his back. He lay there for just a moment, but then sat straight up. His mask was slowly knitting itself back together with red, demonic energy, though one could see the fury in his eyes before the mask once more obscured them.

Rurik also landed sitting up, looking at the cultist as he once more rose, shrugging off the attack he'd just taken.

"I am... 110%... done." Rurik groaned and flopped onto his back. That was it. If they died, they died. He was just so tired. Life had hurt way less when he'd avoided anything resembling heroics. He should probably regret it or something.

"Enough!" a voice rang out, "You'll lay not one more hand on these children!" Gloria dashed to stand between the man and the energy field and the students within. She'd been tossed about by all the big attacks, but finally she'd regained her feet.

A flash of light and Alto seemingly materialized at her side, light-blade brandished in the shape of a claymore. King flew over next to her right, his beam saber humming away dangerously. The Mephisto's troop had certainly bought time if nothing else. If Rurik had had any reason to think they'd accomplish something, he might have felt relieved.

"Oh... I will do far more than that!" He didn't care anymore. The veil could collapse in on him if it had to! He'd reduce everything before him to ash! The burning lightning encircled his whole body. It began to be hard to even see him, the whole world seeming to distort around him, as if existence itself was trying to run away.

But then a portal split open next to him.

"My... lord?" It was another masked man, the one that had "fled" from Andreim. "You seem worse for wear. I can't imagine it was these... children?"

"Mind your own business!" the big man growled.

"My lord, please, you're quite disheveled and the veil here is becoming rather stiff. You've left your mark, I believe it is time we go on our way. No doubt we've drawn much attention to this location."

". . ."

"All goes well, do not worry."

"Very well." The lightning faded from his body even as he stared at Gloria and the group behind her. "It seems fate has not yet caught up to you." With that he turned on his heel and stepped through the portal. The other man seemed to smirk at them even behind the mask and followed suit, the portal closing behind them.

For the time being -- it was finally over.
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Nαɳαƈα Dαιɱσʂ

Nanaca could only watch as the rest of the group fought off the big bad cultist. His electricity had taken a lot out of her, and it triggered her body's sensitive organs. She continued to cough and wheeze as she slowly brought herself up into a standing position. She held her chest with her right hand thanks to the pain she was experiencing.

U-ugh, this is bad... I-I don't think they would be able to win on their own...

But somehow, she felt she was at ease. She didn't know where this feeling of hers came from but it wasn't bad. Not in the slightest.

Maybe this came from those missiles that stroke the cultist right when I hit him? I don't think they carried explosives in them. I think they actually carried... a warm light? I-I don't get it...

Well, that girl might be finished now. What with those black biles coming from its tubes.

One man continued to fight the cultist, but he was clearly taking on someone out of his league. But somehow, he eventually managed to land a significant blow, with him blowing off the cultist's mask. Unfortunately, she didn't manage to see the cultist's face before the mask regenerated itself.

And then, the cavalry appeared.

"About time, you idiots..." Nanaca thought with a smile. She noticed King was among them. Ah, the head of the Vigilantes. She never really got to speak with him but she had seen him before from a distance.

It seemed to only enrage the cultist more though but before he could strike back, a portal beside him appeared, and another masked man appeared from it. From their dialogue, it seemed he was his subordinate. And he managed to convince him to leave the battlefield.

Nanaca sighed with relief as they did, following by another series of coughs. Maybe the cavalry could beat him. But that's one big maybe. For once, she preferred to avoid conflict.

She then decided to stand up and do a little greet and meet with all of them.

"Well, that was close," she said to them as she approached. "Name's Nanaca. Nanaca Daimos. Affiliation? Vigilante. Ask King there if you don't believe me." She gave a grin towards whom was technically her boss. "Also, you're welcome. First time I got hit by a lightning like that. Felt like my heart was about to stop."

And then, without any rhyme or reason, her skirt fell down to her feet, exposing her frilly baby blue panties she was wearing to the world.

Unbeknownst to her, her skirt's waistband had been damaged on the fight. And only now, in front of everyone, that it decided to snap.

She could feel fabric falling down her legs, making her look downwards.

And what she saw make her release the most girlish shriek she had ever released in her entire life. She quickly bent over and covered her undergarments with both of her hands to no avail.

Letting people saw your panties was one thing. But for her to be humiliated like this without her control was another.
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@Hammerman@KillamriX88@Crazy Scion@RoflsMazoy@rawkhawk64

Bak breathed a sigh of relief as man went away, and she lowered her weapon to clank against the ground. She looked around at the mysterious light as it melted like snow, falling to the ground and gathering in puddles before evaporating into nothing.

What had that been? Who had done that? Had it been King? Was it some power of Alto's? Had the nun lady done it? No, that couldn't be. They hadn't been around. So who? Who had done that? As Bak pondered that question she could feel a steady drip drip drip on her arm. She looked over to see her missile pod, still dripping the strange black substance from its opening. She tried to fire missiles again, just to see, and the thing actually shook violently and seemed to vomit up more of the stinking stuff all over her arm and the ground.

She had done it? She had done it, hadn't she?


Everything was quiet now, save for the breathing of those around them, but as she listened she picked out the groans and moans of the unlucky souls that hadn't made it out of the stands and the distant wail of sirens. The noises pulled her back out of her own head. She looked around. Rurik was there, where he fell. David was there, where he'd been thrown. Yuuto was there, where he'd been left. She was here, aga is the wall. Sparring David, they were all attempted murderers.

Bak shoved her hands backwards, pushing herself back to her feet using the wall. There was no time to breath, they had to get away. Go, find Vittorio, find Celestine, leave, just get away before they found him. She clanked forward. She went to Yuuto first, collecting him and resetting him comfortably where he'd been before, then turned around to check David.

"Are you all right David? Can you stand? Bah, this does not matter. You do not need to to." She said, lifiting him back into posion. After all, who knew how portals worked. Mayne she had to have everything just the same. "We will need to get away from this place. Back to park, da? I will get Rurik and we will leave before police arrive."

She turned back towards where Rurik had fallen, now being stood over by three avenging angels. This would be the harder part. She had to get over there, gather him up, and then they could all leave. No point sneaking she walked quickly and semi-confident to the boy that had...saved her life...

She's been so mad and desperate at the time that it hadn't really had a chance to sink it. Rurik had saved her life. He had been home free, dropped everything, rushed back, and risked his life to try and protect her. She opened her mouth, trying to say something, but the only thing that came out was a quiet chocking noise as she tired to find the words. She couldn't move, stunned into inaction as she tried to sort out conflicting feelings that flooded into her small mind. Guilt, gratitude, rage, joy, confusion, it all bubbles together in a volatile witches brew in her stomach.

She might have stayed that way for a while were it no5 for Nanaca's accident.

The girl, who had been as instrumental in saving Rurik as Rurik had in saving Bak and David, suddenly was reduced to her drawers by a faulty wasteband and as the girl let out a shriek Bak cupped her face and screamed with her in sheer smypathetic mortification. It added one more feeling to the pile, but at least with this one she could make an inroad to resolving it.

Without even thinking about what she was doing she reached out her hand to grab Kings collar. Then in one swift downward motion she stripped him to the waist and tossed half the ruined shirt to Nanaca. "Quickly, make yourself decent. You will be on television soon." She said earnestly. "At least you are not pervert like other girl I know, she would not care at all being fully naked on evening news."

Wait, that reminded her of something. She spun back to King, getting a glimpse of her handiwork. She blushed deeply and focused on his face, only letting her eyes dip lower one, maybe two times tops. "Alien King. You will tell Brutus that we are not done until he apologizes."

Wait, that reminded her of something else. Like a line of dominoes building up energy all her problems lines up in front of her and knocked down in turn.

She turned her attention to Alto, pointed an accusatory finger at him, and gave him a look that packed more malice than a gun barrel. "You do not need to apologize, because I will never ever forgive you. You have greater evil to fight now, so stop bothering us!"

With no other avenues she could pursue to distract her but just as amped up she reached down, slid her hands under his armpits, and lifted him up like you would a beloved cat. "Rurik, we are leaving now you village idiot." She said, her voicing starting to crack under the weight of furious gratitude."You have all done such good work today. Rest now. I will take over from here, you fool. You moron. Thank you!"
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Nαɳαƈα Dαιɱσʂ

All Nanaca could think off in the moment was...


Why must this happen to me now?

Right when I'm making my cool introduction to them...

My skirt drops and my panties are exposed...

Uuu, it's all ruined now...

She now wished for the ground to swallow her. Suddenly, the thought of having a power that allowed her to sink into the ground became extremely appealing, even though it was the very opposite of her personality.

I-I must leave. I-I can't go out in public without a skirt on!

The embarrassment was too much for her, and thinking logically, she didn't know why. When she wore a skirt, she was just fine giving flashes of her panties to any lucky onlookers. But now, she felt so terribly exposed that she wanted to cower under a rock away from everyone's staring eyes.

Just before she was about to take off with her power however, one of the other students threw a shirt at her, telling her to wear it at once.

"T-the TV? W-we're gonna be on TV?"

With panic, she quickly put on the ruined shirt to cover her underwear, wearing it like a sarong. She tied it as tightly as possible. She might just die of shock and embarrassment if the shirt fell while the TV was recording her, thus showing her panties to the entire nation. No, the world even.

"Oh, thank you so much!" She quickly thanked the girl that helped cover her shame. "Though I really would prefer wearing a real skirt over this makeshift thing."

She picked up her fallen skirt. Sure enough, the waistband had snapped, causing it to be too loose to be worn by her slim waist properly.

At least my panties' waistband didn't snap as well... That would be even more disastrous...
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Meredith frowned as she kept eyeing both of her improvised teammates. They were a split second from falling apart, only saved due to the ridiculous endurance both seemed to have against the cultists. It did seem like it was going to be quite a slog, a slow fight where both sides were going to be depleted. Her sight wandered to the center of the arena, where a group of people was taking on the largest clump of cultist mojo she had ever noticed.

And then... a breakthrough. The commander, leader or whatever that was, decided to fold. The attack would not be pressed, they were finally on the retreat. Her eyes wandered to the remaining force of copy magician cultists. She licked her lips, like a predator being shown the weakness of her prey. She almost tried to reach for them. But she stopped. Get a grip, Meredith. You're not a ravenous succubus, even if sucking life essence dry beats any kind of sweet or tasty food. She chastised to herself, before spreading her wings far and wide. Too many things had happened in so little time.

She was tired.

Eyeing both the machine man, and the amorphous being she announced. "Okay, they are leaving. Time for Mer to play nurse. I will be back in a jiffy. Don't uuh... explode... or melt. Or explomelt." She said as she beat her wings towards the gathering of injuried students and teacher of several schools. She drove her claws hard into her arms, drawing blood once more for a large healing demonic rune.
"Senior Alto, I will perform first aid." Meredith say, curtly, as she required the utmost concentration. A few words, and drawing movements later, the large healing energy burst was deployed. "Can't do anything about the Mephisto girl's curse." She muttered, her eyes looking at Bak and her sorry form. And then, as if all of a sudden, she plopped on her butt, sitting with her legs spread. She was surprised how little she cared about her state of dressing now, and she bet that her black underwear was showing through the blood-caked tatters of her St Laurel's uniform.

But she was done for the day, and tired. She breathed in long drawn breaths. "I'm spent." She said to no one in particular.
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The Demon Lady of Despair: Conclusion

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@Gentlemanvaultboy @AtomicNut @KillamriX88

Luigi felt the magic of the healing circle work, his flesh reknitting and mending within his chest, organs long since gone and replace, regenerated in an instant. He takes in a deep breath, organic lungs swelling with air as he watched his healer tell him to not meltsplode. "An attempt will be made to avoid dying, Mer. As for payment, I'll make sure to bring you a nice sheet of brownies. " Luigi called out as she flew away. He turned his attention back to Legion, and the swarm of clones still ahead. Luigi's eyes passed over these copies, scanning them and determining how they were made, until he determined each was connected. This was a legion, a thousand as one. He'd need to wipe them all out. "Enemies spotted." Luigi's robotic voice droned out, before he reached into a pocket and pulled out a large, almost football sized grenade. With a gentle ringing clang, Luigi pulled the pin and released the handle, priming the grenade.

"One...Two..." Luigi counted down, before his mechanical arm threw the grenade like one would a baseball, sending it rocketing towards Legion at almost ninety miles per hour. If Luigi's calculations were correct, the grenade would rocket right smack dab into the center of the Legion, and detonate. The pressure wave would pulp organs and rupture eardrums, and the shrapnel would cleave and tear through the clones, and those outside of the definite kill zone would be subject to possible shrapnel. He'd thin the numbers all at once, if not thin them all out.
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Ria wiped her brow in relief at Celestine's proclamation that Andras was okay. That was some good news at least. She would still have to explain to King how the girl had been lifted right out from under her all seeing eye, but at least she wasn't nestled in some demons stomach. "Might be for the best she ain't here, I can't imagine what happened was more traumatic than this...shit." She waved her hand to all the ashy black outlines of where bodies had been before Brutus had obliterate them.

Stepping forward she grabbed Diana, or that thing she had confirmed wasn't Diana, by the hand and Kheraket by the shoulder, rushing them both out of the room and insisting the others follow. Now she needed him more than ever to find out what this possession thing was and how to get it out.



Naserph road along silently in the back, his head leaning against the window listlessly. It was apparent that whatever emergency their was they were moving away from it, but if King was on the scene everything would probably be settled before he managed to run back to the stadium. Besides that, he had no clue how to get back there. He hadn't exactly been paying attention to their rout, after all, and he didn't imagine Wolf would be willing to show him the way back.

He clenched his fists and pressed his face even harder against the glass. How was it that luck wasn't with him. This would have been the perfect way to earn some prestige and glory. If he had known that something would happen at the arena he would never have invited himself on this adventure.

Damn it all. He didn't have time for this.

As they pulled up to Vera's home he didn't go in. Instead he scaled the side with a series of jumps and settled on the roof, turning his ears in the direction of the stadium.

The wind was good today. Sometimes on a day like today the wind could carry the sounds of the stadium all the way up to the peak of the sacred mountain. You could hear the faint sounds of the announcements if you knew where to listen from. They as he might though, he couldn't hear a thing.

That should be all right at least. If he couldn't hear whatever chaos was going on over there it certainly couldn't worry anyone back him that might be listening. So he crossed his legs and looked out over the street.

If he was lucky that Gal character would try again tonight.
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The Cultist's mightly blow proved to be too much for Rurik's shield to handle. A powerful shockwave blew David off his feet along with everyone else. He hit the ground and rolled several times before coming to a stop on his stomach. His head ached having taken a hit at some point during his tumble. However, he could feel it. The familiar lines of his blood were now on the body of the Cultist. He shakily pushed himself to his knees and reached for his pen with a gleam of hatred in his eyes, but his pocket was empty. Shock and confusion spread across his face until a dreaded realization sunk in. "I dropped my pen." He thought to himself as he 'felt' around for his lost instrument. He could feel his blood somewhere among the cracked stone of the arena, but it must have fallen in a gap. He couldn't see it out in the open and cursed under his breath. He couldn't do anything without his utensil. He saw that Rurik and Bak were still trying to fight, but he couldn't move. The wounds gifted to him by Yuuto flared in pain from all the stress.

Rurik's luck also seemed to run out as the Cultist hoisted him in the air fist curled and ready to turn them into a bloody mess. David forced himself to his feet, with his body protesting every inch. The need to act was like an unyielding compulsion in his blood, but instead of the same old bubbling itch, it was more like a fire giving him energy.


The explosion gave David a reason to pause. It seemed Rurik was also the type that didn't know when to quit. "I think I'm starting to like this guy." David thought to himself. The Cultist looked more pissed than hurt, but it still gave David hope. Then the cavalry finally arrived with Gloria, Alto, and King descended like the super friends onto the battlefield. The tension was high and literal sparks, courtesy of the Cultist, danced through the air. The world bulk under the power the Cultist prepared to bring, but just as the power reached a fever pitch. It all stopped. A portal opened next to the Cultist, another sting to David's pride, and began speaking with him. He couldn't hear what was said, but the Cultist seemed pleased by the news. He bid them all farewell and disappeared into the portal with his compatriot. Then just like that, it was all over. David felt the fire leave his veins and unceremoniously collapsed back onto the ground. His body, like Rurik, was done and had nothing left to give. He wanted to go home and sleep for a week or two.

He didn't know how long he lay there on the ground, but the familiar sound of Bak's heavy footfalls rosed him from his rest. He felt Bak pick him up yet again. He didn't understand how she could be so forgiving and kind. He had more or less screwed her and her friends over by bringing them here. They were now all hurt even more than the park. The park felt like another lifetime ago. He came to save Katherine and instead got caught up in cultist nonsense. He failed to do anything he had come to accomplish. On top of that, he had little to no impact on the outcome of either situation. His pride had taken a significant blow as a result, and he wanted to save face.

His wish was granted, albeit in an unexpected way, when a new person descended on the scene. This girl had to words David thought of to describe her. Blood and tits. He didn't know who she was, but her declaration of being a healer was a welcomed relief. The burst of healing energy made all the pain fade away. David took the opportunity to spring to his feet. Happy he could salvage some of his pride by at least walking out of here rather than being carried. He went straight for his pen and dug it out of some rubble. It was unharmed by the fall, Luigi never built anything half-assed it seemed. He went back to Bak. "Hey listen." He started, "It isn't much, but I can portal us back to Mephisto's if you'd like. I can't teleport anywhere like some people, but I have plenty of portals in our school." He didn't know if she would accept his offer. However, regardless of her answer, he did intend to make a portal. He would find the nearest wall and draw a rectangle. If Bak accepted his offer, he would create a portal to Mephisto's. The portal would let out anywhere in the school Bak wanted. David had hidden many portals in the doorways of the classrooms and offices. If she rejected his offer, he would make a portal home. He would go straight to his room and collapse on his bed until tomorrow. He was far too tired to deal with this day any longer.
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"Uhuh..." Rurik mumbled almost drunkenly as Bak picked him up and thanked him. He was still processing the fact that he'd somehow survived. Things went very quickly after that. A strange, blood-soaked... girl? Showed up and healed them all. Her body was certainly feminine enough anyway.

Well, he was never one to say no to an easy solution.

He managed to get himself put back down and clenched his formerly injured fist-

". . . ow." He clenched his teeth. OK, so it was still kinda sore.

Around then, David offered to teleport them out of there.

"Great idea. This place sucks," Rurik said plainly.

"Not so fast," Alto interrupted.

"Wait, did he really just say-"

"One of your... associates tried to kill me. Not only that, you two helped him escape afterwards. I think you should stay..." Alto narrowed his eyes.

"Are you still hung up on that?" Rurik's shoulders sagged tiredly. Alto's scowl only deepened in response. Rurik took a step toward the luminous boy, but not before shooting a "look" Dart's way, silently urging him to do whatever it was he did. "Look, Alto... it's just... have you ever considered that if you weren't such a prick, people wouldn't try to kill you?"

The audacity of his suggestion actually seemed to give Alto pause, if only to try and comprehend the fact that he'd actually just said that.

"You know very well I did nothing to provoke that."

"Ehhhh, didn't you though?" Rurik, however, was committed to the act.

Alto crossed his arms. "I don't have to prove anything to you."

"I don't know, you are trying to detain me."

"Regardless of his motivations, he-" Alto stopped and pinched this bridge of his nose and took a deep breath. His ribs were aching and this was not what he wanted to be dealing with right now.

"And come to think of it, Vittorio is the only one who tried to kill you and he's not here. We however saved you, so even if we were guilty, which is still up for debate, aren't we even now?

"That's... not... how that works." Alto spoke slowly, trying not to lose his cool.

"Come on, all's well that ends well, right?" Rurik threw on an exaggerated smile.

"He has a point. We were all allies in the end, weren't we?" King spoke up. "And you can hardly blame them for trying to save their comrade."

"Please stay out of this," a now very tight lipped Alto responded.

Rurik, thankful for the extra distraction, was really hoping that Dart was about ready to go by now. He was running out of ways to be annoying.

Well, not really, but there was no way Alto would let him keep this up for much longer.
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As David waited for Bak's reply Rurik interjected stating plainly, "Great idea. This place sucks," David hadn't been looking for an answer from Rurik but didn't disagree with his sentiment. Rurik seemed to have a similar mindset to his own. He didn't use fancy words to express how he felt. Still, he had wanted to hear what Bak had to say. However, Alto made that impossible when he decided to mention his attempted murder. David paused at this bit of news. That made two murder attempts today caused by Mephisto. He was going to have a lot of questions after today, but he was willing to hear all the facts before he made a judgment. As Rurik negotiated with Alto, he shot David a look that said, "Do something." David did want to hear Alto out, but he didn't want to get caught up in another fight. He weighed his options and decided that answers could come later. He crouched down on the ground, pretending to clutch his stomach in silent pain, and began drawing a tall rectangle on the ground. David struggled to make solid lines using the broken and cracked stone. He had to use set the pen on the highest ink flow to make the lines. The finished rectangle looked awful, with squiggly and broken lines everywhere and even a sharp angle at one point when he had to go around a hole. It would be difficult to form a connection with this. There were many hidden portals in Mephisto's. David had spent countless hours making and concealing portals. He had found paint in the janitor's closet, the same kind that coated the door frames all over the school. His lines did not need to be visible to work. They could clip through any material. So, he would draw them and then cover them in a thin layer of fresh paint. He concentrated and 'felt' for his lines. He would frantically whisper "Open" as he searched. He checked every door one by one as fast as he could. Until finally, it opened. The ground beneath him turned a luminescent blue. He fell through and into the hallway of the school. He faceplanted and slid, just outside a beat up and warped door. It seemed the student body had roughed up this door enough to skew its shape in just the right way. He quickly rolled to the side and looked at the door. He expected that everyone would fall and did not want to be under them when they did.
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@Hammerman@KillamriX88@Crazy Scion@RoflsMazoy@rawkhawk64@AtomicNut

Rurik was easily able to pull himself out of Bank's grip, mostly cause the girl was eyeing the winged figure that was approaching. She aimed her cannons at the figure as it approached, even if she knew she wouldn't hit without her targeting system. For all she knew that was another enemy, like that demon lady from the roof. She was pleasantly surprised that it was the demon girl from the tournament, the one that had given the Vigilante team what for then exposed herself to everyone. Even if she was a pervert and a St. Laurals Bak figured she was okay.

This was proven son enough when she cast her demonic blood runes to heal everyone present, not just Alto. Not fully, and it hadn't seemed to wake the slumbering Yuuto, but it was the thought that counted even if it didn't do anything for her...wait, her what? What curse?

This offhand comment from the demon also drew the attention of Gloria. She had been giving the demon a stern look since she plopped down, thought it was more the look you got right before the ruler came down than anything.

Bak got her thoughts dragged away from thoughts of a curse as anew problem presented itself. "Wait, you can not take us back?" Bak whispered as David made his offer to take them to the school. That was a huge problem. She had no idea where the tree she'd sequestered Vittorio under actually was. It was a park, sure, but it was a park she'd gotten into and out of via teleportation so she couldn't even find it that way. It couldn't be far, she could search, but she stood out and she was sure the cops could find her first and a fight with then would take soooo long and from the way things were shaping up Alto would probably involve in that.

Rurik was doing his best to distract him, but even Bak realized that wouldn't keep him off for that long. They had to leave, but Bak wasn't leaving anyone behind so there was a good chance there was another fight on the horizon. Luckily for everyone as the portal was opening up a voice cut through Bak's mind before she could do something stupid.

"Bak. Return to School. The day is over," it said.

Bak looked up and around. "Tovarisch?" She whispered. Clara wasn't around anywhere she could see. "Where are you?"

"Right where you left me." She replied, and Bak felt a pang of guilt at that even if she had no control over where she'd gone. "In all the excitement it seems everyone forgot about these useful little communicators we were supposed to use during the tournament."

Bak remembered the rules, the things that were supposed to let The school captains coach their teams during the game. Clara must have been searching for where they went with her eye demons, and contacted her once she found them. In a sense she was using this communication for its intended purpose right now.

"But what about Vitto-" Bak started.

"I have him. Return." Clara said plesently.

"But Celest-"

"I will handle it. Return." Clara insisted.

"But what about-"

"Bak." Clara interrupted. "Do you, for some reason, mistrust me?"

There was just enough disappointment layered into that last questions to make it feel like being stabbed in the heart, and Bak immediately backed down.

"Nonono! I will be retreating now. Come now Rurik." She said quickly, turning around and letting herself fall into the flowing hole before anyone could stop them.

The world tilted unnaturally and she was suddenly slamming forward onto the floor with a crash.


Gilliam laughed as the bomb fell into the middle of the clones and detonated. The fact that their masks were blown off only made the explosion that much bigger, and as the heat washed over his still staining burns he slithered around to the back of Luigi's neck to avoid the unplesantness.

Then, as the smoke cleared, he suddenly looked up into the air. "Master?" He said. "No. Just the one. I can't take credit, Master Luigi did the majority of the work...no, unfortunately not. My apologies. In good health. One. Would you like us too...? Yes, right away master."

"Master Luigi." He said. "I've been informed that the battle is concluded. Master Clara commends you on your fine work."
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Nαɳαƈα Dαιɱσʂ

Hmm? Who is this?

Nanaca watched as a girl with what she assumed to be giant bat wings coming out from her shoulders arrived on the scene. And, to her surprise, she stratched her own arm using her monstrous sharp claws, drawing blood out of the skin. She used the blood to draw a large demonic rune, deploying a large healing burst to her surroundings. Nanaca was caught in it, and she could immediately feel the pain in her chest (and the rest of her body for that matter) disappearing thanks to her.

Actually, now that I've looked closely, those are no bat wings. Those are succubi wings. She's a succubus. Perhaps A Mephisto? They have all the demonic stuff there, don't they?

Wait, no. Those are St. Laurel's uniform she's wearing.

Huh, never thought those holier-than-thous folks would have a succubus among their ranks.

She then sat down on the ground carelessly that Nanaca could see that she was wearing black today.

Nanaca simply smiled on the sight. Of course it would make sense for a succubus to not care about doing what society would call an indecent exposure.

But it was not only that. From her tired expression, Nanaca could sense that she just couldn't care less of anything.

Naturally. After the fight we just went through, it's just silly to care about some little clothing blunder. We should just be thankful that we're alive and in one piece in the first place.

She walked up to her, still with a smile on her face. "Hey, thank you for that," she said to her and she sat opposite to her. "That really helps."

Nanaca then yawned and stretched her arms, opening her legs the same manner the succubus girl was doing.

There. Now we're even.

Nanaca watched as some of the other students teleported away. Or, to be more exact, they seemed to fall down a portal one of them had created.

Portal power, huh? It certainly would be really convenient. Not trading it for mine though.

"Hey, King!" she shouted to who was technically her boss. "We getting back right away?"

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