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Damn, it sure felt nice when things went well for a change.

Ever since their talk at the party, it was very obvious that Santiago was trying his hardest to become a better… whatever he was to April. They’d spent the rest of the night and all day Sunday hanging out at her place, and he’d even felt cheerful enough to make breakfast for his beloved on Monday morning. Although he would never openly admit it to everyone, the Devil of Crown Heights definitely felt that what had happened over the weekend was necessary for things between he and April to move forward. There was definitely a positive change in the way they treated each other, and the young man hoped that this was the start of what could lead to a proper relationship between them. Their hardest attempt was the least their unborn child deserved.

After his breakfast with April, Santiago went back home to get ready for the school day, and made it to King’s Academy in record time. Although the teachers of his missed classes were less than pleased with him, a quick explanation of his situation (along with April’s ultrasound photos of the last appointment) was enough to have them apologizing and offering support in any way possible. The rest of his morning classes went by as per usual, and before he knew it, lunchtime was here. When his eyes fell on the empty chair at their usual table, Diablo cursed under his breath. With the reconciliation between him and his baby mama happening during the weekend, he'd completely forgotten what an asshole he'd been to the one friend who'd stood by him through thick and thin. If anyone besides April deserved an apology for his dickish behavior, it was Max.

Deciding he'd put it off long enough, Santiago began to search for Max around the school. He checked the gym and locker rooms to no success, but when he eventually found his blond-haired friend in the lacrosse field with the rest of the team, he stumbled on what looked like a heated argument between the captain and none other than Sawyer Lockwood. Diablo knew his friends well enough to tell when they were getting seriously pissed off; and he could see the signs flash in front of him like headlights in the night. Max had that telling throb in the vein of his right temple, Sawyer's ears were red, and they both looked ready to throw hands.

Before things could get physical, Santiago jumped in. “Why don’t we all just take a breather and revisit the topic when cooler heads prevail?” he told his friends, cautiously standing between them and extending his arms to keep them apart.
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Sonny had been feeling uncharacteristically chipper and overall happy this morning and throughout the morning hours too. It wasn’t like him to be like this. Sure, he was usually all smiles but more in a laid back sort of way, but for a strange reason, he was not like himself. One could say Sonny was acting how he was before he developed the tough guy gene that alienated most of his friends.

When lunchtime came around, there was also something different in how he greets others. It was noted by someone he waved to when he didn’t follow their name with some kind of homosexual slur of some kind that he was known for using in a joking way. And while others may not know why exactly, Sonny knew the reason for his new sunny outlook on life now. It was now that he was friends with his best friend's friends. After Kavi’s party, it became solidified.

Sonny Drake is now chummy with Kavan and Archer. Sonny will now forever be protective over his fairies. If he wasn’t so hungry, he might go find them, but like a Drake, when food was on the mind, everything else came second place. So Sonny went to the cafeteria, found himself a couple of slices of pepperoni pizza, and began his usual eating and walking routine as he went on a lunch adventure to find his fellow Misfits.
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The decision to take the party up to Max’s bedroom was by far the best idea the ex-lovers had had in awhile. They’d spent the night catching up between the sheets, making the most out of what was probably going to be the last time they’d ever be together. By the time Sunday morning came around, they’d been absolutely worn out and right in the middle of a deep sleep when the youngest Wallenberg suddenly burst into her older brother’s room.

"Jesus, Max! Who was the loud slut that kept me up last ni- Kellie?!” Agnes has cried out in disbelief, eyes wide in recognition of the sleepy, shirtless, messy-haired girl rising from under the covers. Seriously, Kel? After everything we talked about? I thought you guys were over for good!”

Max and Kellie exchanged panicked looks, hoping to come up with a plausible explanation for their compromising position when Elin Wallenberg strutted into her baby brother’s room. The oldest daughter had come back to spend some time with her family after being away at college for months-- and of course she had to arrive in the most unfortunate moment. After an embarrassing attempt at conversation, Max’s sisters left the room, graciously allowing them the chance to get dressed and attempt their quick, undetected escape. But just as they were rounding the kitchen corner to reach the house’s back door, the couple stumbled head-first into a confused Alice Wallenberg carrying the last plates to the dining room... Which lead to what was probably the most awkward breakfast the Kellie Anne had ever shared with the Wallenberg family.

The dancer finally made it home in the early hours of the afternoon, and quickly buried herself in the mountain of homework that had accumulated throughout the past week. During all this time, her phone had been forgotten underneath her Halloween costume at the bottom of one of Agnes’ old backpacks. It was only after she was getting ready for bed that she remembered the powerless device needed charging, and as soon as she turned it on, a stream of text messages from Shawna popped up on the screen. For the longest time, Kellie simply stared at her phone, feeling the guilt bubbling up in the pit of her stomach and asking herself whether it was a good idea to simply come clean about what had happened. After all, it’s not like what she and Shawna had was anything more than two friends exploring their sexuality with each other. But at the same time, the last thing Kel wanted was to hurt her new friend, so she opted to simply send her a sweet little message before bed and worry about everything else later.

That Monday morning had started out as a regular one for Kellie Anne. She arrived at school on time, was greeted by Molly Davis handing her a caramel frappuccino from Starbucks, made it to homeroom with time to spare, and attended all her classes as per usual (low-key avoiding Shawna along the way). It was at the start of her lunch period when the young woman’s phone vibrated inside her pocket, and the text message she read had her mood shifting from cheerful to pissed in record time.

Hey. So, uh.. is it true, about you and Wallenberg? G told me. Was just wondering if it was fr or not.

Kellie didn’t even bother with a reply. Fuming, she stuffed her phone inside the pocket of her skirt and stormed in the direction of the cafeteria. There was only one person whose name started with a “G” that had any reason to spread rumors about her, and who had everything to gain from them. Probably the same G-named person she’d seen messing around with Max in the pier a few weeks ago, too… But if there was one thing that Kel was certain of, it was that it was time to face the root of the problem head-on.

The young woman’s brown eyes scanned the area and quickly lit up in annoyance at the sight of the girl in question occupying one of the tables in the cafeteria. Hands balled into fists, Kellie made a beeline for the table and eventually slammed her belongings on top of it, effectively imposing herself and interrupting any conversation between her fellow classmates.

“You’re Georgia Fielders, right?” she asked the brunette, plopping down on the seat right in front of her and staring daggers at the other girl while effectively ignoring the boy joining them at the table. “I'm Kellie Anne Nicholson- though I'm pretty sure you know this already. I heard you like to throw my name around quite a lot, actually. Any particular reason why?”

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A collab by @NeoAJ and @HaleyTheRandom; featuring Shawna and Sunshine.

School was the last place Shawna wanted to be right now. She thought long and hard about skipping today. Just hunkering down in her house with a couple seasons of GLOW and what was left of her stash from Carter. It had been that stressful yesterday.

Kellie Anne finally responded to her after Ariel had gotten out of the shared Uber on Saturday night. Finally. But it wasn't much of a response. Shawna stared at it as the driver took her back to the homestead:

"hey babe, something came up so i had to leave. sorry!"
"love u, see u monday at school!"

It seemed pretty innocuous-looking. The kind of thing that would have made sense to send to someone. However, the context that Ximena had added to things made it seem almost shady. Kellie Anne didn't say what it was. Millie still appeared to be at the party when Shawna and Ariel left, so it couldn't be her sister. And if it was a family thing, Millie likely would have left as well. So what was it?

Attempts at getting clarity on Sunday were shut down too. Kellie wasn't responding to anything Shawna sent. Not to a "hey u? How you feeling today?" or a "I know you aren't sleeping the whole day away, right?" or even a "you're still alive, right?" She didn't even acknowledge it until late Sunday night. It was if she didn't notice the stream of worried texts. Instead:

"hi love! hope ur well! see u tomorrow <3"

She was still mulling Sunday over as she shuffled like a zombie towards her locker.

"I just don't get it. I just don't," she said, as she trudged along. Confusion was a feeling she was more familiar with nowadays following her summer break, but she still didn't like it. "That was the first day she didn't answer a single text. Like, it can't be because of Max, right?"

Sunshine had been pondering what had happened at Kavi's party over the course of the last few days - not that there was much that had happened for her. What she had been pondering was the fact that Kings Academy seemed like a completely and utterly confusing shit show. She had sent out a couple of texts to Shawna and Kellie over the weekend, but hadn't really gotten that much of a response from either. She had just chalked it up to them being busy or hung over. Luckily for her, she spotted the taller of the two in the hall. "Yo, Shawna! Everything okay? You're either constipated or concentrating really hard."

Hearing the voice of one of her friends jolted Shawna out of her state of contemplation. She turned to see Sunshine standing ther, in a relatively normal state. At least she had made it out all right. She regretted not checking in with her yesterday, but the Kellie thing had put her completely on edge. "Um...it's...no. It's not really ok. It's just... I'm having some trouble with... Sunshine, what do you think about Kellie? Like I know you haven't had that long to know her, but maybe that's good. What do you think of her?"

A little caught off by the question, it took Sunshine a second to answer. "I mean, like you said, I haven't really known her that long. She seems pretty cool. A little awkward, but hey, aren't we all?"

Shawna responded with a laugh that definitely backed up Sunshine's assertion. It was not the chill laugh she had developed over the past few months. There was nervous feelings laced within. "That is definitely true. But I mean, like... you don't think Kellie would be the type to... you know..." Shawna looked around, just to make sure the dancer wasn't bounding up the hallway already. "You don't think she's the type to cheat on someone, do you?" She was being pretty blunt, but it was the only way she knew she was going to get some help on making sense of everything.

"I really don't know, man. I just... I dunno. I don't know her that well. I wish I did, but I just... don't."

The tall girl stopped and let her back bang up against a random set of lockers as she slumped down to the ground. "Fuck I wish someone did," she sighed. Shawna looked up at Sunshine as students filtered past them. "Someone told me at the Halloween party that they saw Kellie Anne hooking up with fucking Max in a room, and I don't know if I believe them. I thought I didn't. After having all of yesterday to think about it though, now I'm like 50/50. Like she actually could have done that."

"Fuck," Sunshine mumbled under her breath, slowly taking in Shawna's words. Then it dawned on her. Were Kellie and Shawna actually a thing? Of course Sable had noticed the jokes and such, but she didn't really think that they were official or anything. "So you two were actually a thing? Like... wow. I'm so sorry Shawna."

"It wasn't a THING thing," Shawna admitted. "I tried to make it a thing thing. Kellie said she wasn't ready. She said she wasn't over Max. I didn't think she meant that she wanted to go back and fuck him again, but fuck. I don't know. I don't fucking know. And this whole ghosting thing isn't helping my brain much either.

Wow. That was literally the only word that could come to Sunshines mind. People and emotions were complicated. That's why she normally stuck to Tequila. "So she hasn't messaged you either?"

Shawna held her knees. "A couple times, but she hasn't offered an explanation for what happened at Kavi's or why she didn't message me almost all of yesterday. She looked down the hall. There were a sprinkling of tears on her face. "Stupid fucking Max. He just couldn't stay away. He just had to come along and fuck everything up, didn't he?"

"You could always fuck his shit up. Kellie didn't have to do anything with him. You could just fuck his shit up for GP as my mom used to say." Sunshine took a deep breath. She really wasn't being any help to Shawna at the moment, and it was starting to make her feel bad. "On a serious note though, I'm here if you need me. Maybe one of us could try to meet up with her in class or something today? Nonchalantly ask her what happened. Probably better you than me. I'm not sure."

Sunshine was making a lot of sense. If Max was going to take away something Shawna love.... at least had very strong feelings for, the least she could do is take something away from that fucking asshole. It seemed to be the right way to go about things. She probably couldn't match Ariel's final total for damages to Kavi's bedroom. But she could at least cost stupid Max a game or two. Kellie said he was always wrapped up in his lacrosse shit. Hard to be wrapped up in it when there is no equipment to play matches with.

"No...no. I might say something really fucking stupid right now," Shawna told her friend. "Besides, I don't feel much like going to class." She got up and gave Sunshine a hug. "Thank you, Sunshine. You're a great friend. I know what I have to do."

"Please don't fucking kill anybody. I really don't feel like testifying against a new friend."

Shawna laughed. This one was less nervous and a little more... aggressive? Jokerish? It was tough to tell. "No worries. I promise I will not kill anyone. Just going to follow the example of someone else and find a healthy outlet for my frustration at this whole scenario. You won't be under oath, I swear.

"Well, just know that no matter what happens, I'm here for you, okay? I think I'll go and grab some lunch before class though, if that's fine?"

"Sounds like a plan, Sunshine. I think I'm going to go off-campus for lunch today. You know, right after I take care of some shit. Anyway, text me later, ok?" With that, Shawna headed off towards the athletics department. She was going to have to stop by the baseball equipment locker, but soon there would be justice in the world.

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Good 'ol lunch period.

Oliver had gotten to the point where he didn't particularly care for school anymore. He would wake up, go through the motions, do his work, and go home. Perhaps it was the Senioritis growing stronger by the day, but he was really looking forward to the day where he as finally free from Kings Academy. Prom wasn't his thing, but if he knew anything about Stella - which he did - he knew that Prom was definitely something that she would enjoy. Rather they would be together at that time - no. He wasn't going to think like that. He and Stella had literally just started dating and there was no reason to think in that direction.

He hadn't seen Stella yet today, so he decided to head to lunch and do some weak brainstorming for some of his short stories. The young man found a section of a table all to himself, and so there is where he made himself his temporary place of comfort.

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Blue eyes scanned the phone screen as April sat down at the table. “Hey sweetie.” Julie said with a smile putting her phone down. “How are you doing?” she asked as her eyes flicked to her friends midsection. Thankfully she caught herself before it became too noticeable and composed her face. “Where did you disappear this weekend? I tried to check on you but I didn’t get an answer. I’m guessing you and… Santiago made up?” she probed.

She picked up her phone again scrolling through when April asked for ideas “Well I’ve just been musing a little bit.” she said with that sparkle coming back to her eyes. “So first I was thinking we could put bees or spiders in the vents… but that might be seen as animal cruelty and a bit extreme” she shot Chanel who had vetoed that idea a look “Then I thought maybe we could do something at a big football game! But then that might upset your… friends.” she looked away through the window out into the courtyard. For some reason the huge fountain that sat in the middle of it held Julie’s concentration. Suddenly Julie’s face lit up and a small gasp escaped her.

“You guys!” she clasped her hands in front of her. “What if we turned the courtyard into a huge foam party?” she mused in a low whisper. “Like we sneak in here the night before and set it all up and when everyone arrives in the morning it will look like they entered a party in Ibiza.” she turned her head toward the fountain “We could use that as our big foam machine” she said pointing with her fork.

“What do you guys think?”

Archer gritted his teeth as he watched his big cousin stomp away. Should he have told Max? Was this going to come back and bite him in his ass? Probably. Butt all he could do now was roll his eyes and go back to scribble in his notebook. He was deep into translating a latin poem when he felt someone take a seat next to him. When he felt the gentle touch of Kavan a warm feeling filled the boy. Everything was still ok.

He returned his boyfriends gesture with a kiss on the lips before shutting his book. “Just writing Mrs. Archer Varma over and over again.” he said grinning widely vincing at the pain that too large facial expressions brought. “How’s your day going? Any troubles?” Archer asked leaning into Kavan snuggling up under his chin.

As Guy sat down the wavy haired boy straightened up in his seat. He only knew how much he hated to be around PDA so he wouldn’t want to be the one displaying it. “Oh you know…” he began following his friends gaze that landed on his boyfriend. He laughed “No, no! This is not a result of any kind of domestic violence.” Archer pointed out as he waved his hands in front of them both before grabbing Kavan’s hand and squeezing it. “No this is… uh how can I put it. It’s the result of me not knowing when to shut up… as usual.” he gave his friend a weak smile.

When he heard Kol yell out after him Max whipped around bounding back towards the kid. “Listen here Halliday! I am not taking it out on anyone. All I am saying is that do not be an asshole and you won’t be punished. You got a problem with that? Or did you want to go beat someone smaller than you?” he said his anger barely being contained. He turned on his heel again starting to walk away once more when he heard Sawyer pipe up. Max stopped dead in his tracks lifting his hand to his nose pinching the bridge of it letting out a big sigh. What was with all of this wineing. Turning back a second time he stared Sawyer down locking his jaw before answering.

“Who said I was giving anyone a break, huh?” he asked stepping closer to Sawyer “Maybe I didn’t want to discuss what I was going to do with you fuckwads? Maybe I have already done something?” Max continued getting closer and closer to Sawyer’s face. “So before you go complaining like I just took away your favorite blankie maybe just think! And if you ever step out of line like this again we’re going to have a problem…” before he could continue he felt an arm pulling him back. Looking up he saw Santiago’s concerned face.

“Oh for fucks sake…” he said shaking Santi’s grip from his shoulder. “Just stay out of this…. what do you want?!” he spat crossing his arms in front of his chest.

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Location: King's Academy Campus Quad
Interacting with: The Trio

As soon as Julie had brought up the idea of doing something that would liven up their final year of high school, Chanel's mind began to wander as she thought of all the things they could do to leave their mark at King's Academy. And while she definitely wanted to pull off something memorable and funny, she didn't want it to be too crazy or dangerous that they'd face being suspended. After all, she wanted to pull some harmless prank, not risk her chances of going to FAMU next fall.

Soon, April had joined the two of them at their usual table in the Quad. Chanel let her eyes glance at April's growing stomach for a brief second before redirecting them to her eyes and flashing her a warm grin. Julie was right when she'd said that she had gone MIA for the remainder of the weekend; if she was being totally honest, she'd been slightly worried about her good friend after not being able to contact her during that time. “If we do something like this, we have to do it like, all out," the young woman said, and Chanel simply nodded her head in agreement. “Ideas?”

Julie spoke up first, telling their friend about her initial ideas to put spiders or bees in the vents, an idea which Chanel had already expressed her disapproval, or to pull some crazy stunt at one of the school's football games. Although not being totally against the latter, Chanel decided that she would feel slightly uncomfortable angering some of the more aggressive players and the people who cared more for the sport than they probably should. Suddenly, after sitting in silence for a brief moment, Julie’s face lit up and a small gasp escaped her lips. “What if we turned the courtyard into a huge foam party?”

A devious smile slowly made its way upon Chanel's face as she listened to her friend's idea for using the fountain as their "foam machine" and turning the courtyard into one big Ibiza party. "I like it. It's memorable and funny, but also pretty harmless..." Chanel said as she thought of how her classmates and the school staff would react. "Okay, why not? I'm definitely down for that if you guys are."

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