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Level 1 [0/10] (Word Count: 473 +1)
Location: Luma Pools
Shippy Approaching (Ms. Fortune @Lugubrious, Sakura @Zoey Boey, Koopa Troop @DracoLunaris, Ace Cadet @Yankee, Hat Kid @Dawnrider, Blazermate @Archmage MC, Link @Gentlemanvaultboy, Frog @Dark Cloud)

Although he should had known better than to chase willy nilly after a strange glowing treerat, the challenge was clear and could not go uncontested. Mr. L is the greatest jumper of Count Bleck's minions! Sure, O'Chunks can throw people the furthest and Mimi can turn an enemy's own tricks against them, but the burly man is an idiot and the tiny girl is all surface-showy stuff. The less said about Dimentio, the better. Miss Nastasia has much better things to do than any of those things and the Count himself? ... Well, now that L thinks about it the Count doesn't exactly have any legs so he can't jump but he doesn't need to.

One of the downsides to being the highest jumper is that physics... does not exactly agree with him. His speed is swift but that means he's a little too slick and slowing down must be timed just so so he doesn't do exactly what he did and take a tumble down a pit. This is all the rat's fault! If it wasn't such a brazen thing, Mr. L wouldnt've had to chase it! It is only with practice born from countless worlds, both the lost worlds of his past and the remembered of his much more recent history, that let him catch his breath and not lose himself to the waves.

After a bit of reorienting himself under the lake's surface, Mr. L swims up to the surface. The first thing he sees is... well, honestly? Water. It is absolutely drenching his hair and pouring down from his hat. The next thing is what looks like Dorrie coming his way! (wait, who?) But... no, that's definitely not a plesiosaur. In fact its not a creature. It looks like a boat. Well, far be it from Mr. L to cry out for help like some weak willed wimp. Instead he immediately starts swimming to it. Sure it seems to be under attack, but it's closer than dry land.

As soon as the boat and the thief start to close the gap, Mr. L realzies they're not alone in the water. At first glance it looks like another boat. The metallic sheen and similar shape does not help for some worlds tend to have themes, perhaps the theme here is animal-shaped ships? But to his surprise and annoyance it is a creature. And Mr. L is completely lacking in fire power... in Fire Flowers, that is. He could try unleashing that stupid Thunder-spark of his but that's just begging for trouble when he's absolutely drenched and in the same body of water as the skinny water-dragon. Mr. L picks up his speed, hoping to reach the weird boat before it can wreck the ship. Worst case scenario, the thief has a brief respite to catch his breath before fleeing the ship.
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Location: Sandswept Sky - Hollow Heights
Level:2 (3/20) -> (5/20)
Word Count:

When the train was first unveiled Red was honestly in utter disbelief. Even this thing was made of candy, which seemed obvious in retrospect. Compared to the mangled mass of the Express Train to Hell or the amazing advancements with W Corps warp trains, this thing was like an anomaly in it’s own right. If only those crazed researchers from the facility were in this world they’d have a field day. And who knows, with the amount of people unfamiliar with this world there was a large chance some of them were here somewhere. Even the old facility could be here somewhere… though she really hoped not. After being trapped in that containment cell, only able to wander the halls of the facility when she got a request (or she just wanted to get out to join in any chaos going on) she had longed for somewhere new to test her skills. And honestly, this world was more than perfect for that. Threats from completely different worlds gave rise to new and interesting challenges on a constant basis if she kept following this group. It did seem like they had some greater purpose in mind after all.

Red opted to sit alone on the train, as per usual. The colorful world wasn’t helping her want to branch out and be social either. It honestly made her want to vomit looking at it for this long so she was extremely thankful they were finally leaving. Even if it was on this absolute mess of a train. While she avoided talking to everyone she had plenty of time to herself. Taking stock on her weapons conditions, looking out over the landscape, and generally just thinking over her plans going forward. She still had her main goal of tracking down the Wolf like normal, but her chances of finding him alone were probably slim to none. Supposing the conniving bastard lured some people over to his side she’d have more than just him to deal with, or if he holed up in a dangerous area she might sustain too much damage. When she took too much damage back in her world she’d just end up back in her containment cell, but she hadn’t tested it in this world. She might die for real this time around.

While her train of thought chugged along much like the train she was riding on, she finished up taking care of her gun and sharpening her axe blade when she heard mention of the incoming storm. Looking out the window she saw the horrible winds up ahead and sighed. “Ah shit…” She muttered to herself as she secured her gun tightly to her body. Taking her axe she dug it into the floor till it was so stuck even she’d struggle getting it out later while also holding onto a part of the train with all of her might. The sandstorm still threatened to throw her out but her grip held strong. She didn’t even bother keeping an eye out for the other passengers in the train and just focused on ensuring her own survival until eventually the winds died down, and they passed through the storm relatively unscathed by the looks of it.

The train stopped shortly after and they started doing a headcount. It looked like they lost four members of their party. Red took a moment to dislodge her axe, or a few moments rather, before she finally joined in with the discussion of possible rescue plans. Red, however, was having none of it. Even scoffing at Yoshitsune’s plan. “Sorry Samurai, you’re a good fighter and all but I gotta agree with the little lady, the furball and the robot on this one.” She referred to Primrose, Tora and Poppi respectively. “For most normal creatures, a trip through a desert or any dangerous location is suicide without proper provisions. And I don’t think I wanna risk my life over a few strangers I barely know.” For now she was steadfast in not wanting to go with the plan. She did consider the possibility of running into some fun fights along the way but she had a job to complete and a reputation to uphold. Even if that reputation didn’t mean much in this world anymore. The only missions she ever failed were whenever that asshole manager sent her after the most dangerous creatures in that facility as a sacrificial lamb so those didn’t count in her head. “If any of you want to risk it all like that, I won’t stop you. It just sounds like a bad plan to me.”
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Level 8 Blazermate - (62/80) +1

The Great Sea
Words: 495

Blazermate was releaved that, while Shippy was damaged and Brimybeard was nowhere to be seen, at least that giant ship woman wad gone thanks to their combined efforts and they were making their way away from the battlefield. With her zombies and the combined efforts of everyone having finally let her catch up on Shippy's healing, when shippy was in a fairly decent state, Blazermate could start to heal the others. Frog and Ms. Fortune really needing the healing. Blazermate's shield arm wasn't doing so hot either, but at least they didn't damage her healing arm. They would be literally sunk without it. "You know I haven't had to heal this much in any robattle before." she said flatly.

Unlike the others, she wasn't too torn up about Brimybeard, as she had only met him less than an hour ago, but when the cat kart was brought up, Blazermate nodded. "I didn't see his spirit so that is probably what happened." She said in a tired voice. Being a medabot, she wasn't physically tired, but she was tired mentally. Still, as they were free from the battlefield, traveling up the river, Blazermate could heal the injured and bring everyone back up to a healthy state.

Eventually they could disembark from Shippy, Blazermate one of the last ones to leave the ship as she was busy fixing up her shield arm and making sure her healing arm was tuned properly considering all the use it had been through. As she disembarked, her zombies rose out of the water, crowding around her and waiting for an order. While a good amount of them had perished at the battlefield, she still had about 4 left, horribly mutated from her shield's mutagen but ready for more orders. This probably wasn't the best sight for the newcommers, Mirage in particular, who was already having difficulties talking to Bowser. Bowser, and the people who were aboard the Atomos seemed to be fine all things considered, healthy even!

"So... Was it only us on Shippy who got the brunt of the damage? You all look well." Blazermate said to the crew of the Atomos. She then waved to Mirage. "Hello! Don't worry, my zombies don't bite unless I tell them to." Blazermate said, giggling. Blazermate then looked around at everyone, having a good time to get a look at everyone. Apparently most of them besides her had absorbed one of the abyssals or shipgirls and were sporting cannons or weapons or parts of some designation. "I don't think becoming a medabot works like that. But what do I know, this place is weird." Blazermate said, trying to cheer herself up with a bit of a light comment.

As she turned her head to look at the, frankly, georgous scenery with all of the varied colored trees and everything, Blazermate caught glimpse of a black and green cladded man splashing around in the lake. He looked like a Dark Sentai with his mask and getup, but appeared to be drowning. "Uhhh... Does ayone see that guy? Should we help him?"

Level 6 Sectonia (holding 1 level up) - (18/60) +1
Location: Sandswept Sky - Desert

Word Count: 457

Sectonia's efforts to help with the storm didn't really give the effect she wanted, as when they finally got out of that hazardous storm and were able to give a head count, they found they were missing 4 people! 4! One of them being their source of team healing and a vast majority of them being the minions she painstakingly recruited in that mock battlefield! She floated silently listening to the others argue about sending out a party to find their team, their lack of supplies, and pros and cons of each with Tora cracking a bit and being quite mad at the mere suggestion of being separated from Poppi.

With everyone else having their say, Sectonia opened her wings to get everyone's attention. Being able to make herself bigger to get attention like this was quite nice, she had to admit. "Of course we aren't going to leave them to die. I take care of my minions!" Sectonia said, She had been thinking while the others had been chatting, and came up with a solution of her own. "There is a far easier way to do this. I am a Queen, and a powerful one at that!" Sectonia said. Waving her hands above her she channeled a spell, creating a large portal a bit further away from the group with a pink crystal descending from it. The crystal seemed to ignore gravity as it just hovered there, a beacon in the desert. "That will act as a marker if they are nearby they should see it and investigate." Sectonia commented.

She then waved her hands again, summoning 5 ice Antillions. The insectoids saluted their queen, not even a little bit confused about her new look. "Right. You three fan out and find my lost minions. You move under my lovely crystal and wait there for the other three or my minions to arrive and point them in the direction we are traveling. And you, stay with me and keep everyone chilled. You all may use your abilities as you see fit." Sectonia commanded, pointing at each Antillion as she gave them orders. With their orders given, they saluted again and moved out, following the Queens orders without question.

"There. They are made of Magic so they don't need water or food. I'll just have to get a bit more... hands on if we have to fight something." Sectonia said to the others. "Now that we don't have to split up, we should get a move on. I don't want to spend any longer in this desert than I have to." She glanced at Tora and Poppi when mentioning not needing to split up, hopefully the two would get her meaning.
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Level: 3 (11/30)
Word Count: 497
Location: Edge of the Blue - Atlantis Temple
EXP: +1

Sephiroth took note of the stares she accrued on her way to the shooting gallery, before summarily ignoring them, although there was some part of her deep down that seemed to enjoy the attention. Cia most likely, if her behavior prior to their fusion had been any indication. Well, if these creatures wanted to gaze upon pure perfection, they were most welcome to. Sephiroth on the other hand, decided her time would be better spent fulfilling her mission. Filling up her stamp card, the first step of which was to complete the pirate themed shooting gallery. A simple task really, especially for someone like her given her first-hand experience with war, and one that she had no doubt she could complete in record time. So, carrying on her way, she made it to the ride only a handful of minutes later. Though even with this advantage she was still forced to wait in the rather sizeable line that had formed during her approach. After an excruciatingly long wait however, the last visitor to have hopped onto the final boat had returned to the artificial harbor at last, albeit treading water instead of standing triumphantly on deck like most of the others.

Pulling herself up and over onto dry land, she shakily clambered to her feet, water streaming from her lithe frame to soak the ground below. Holding up her stamp card, she waited as the snail stationed nearby marked it red, before turning to face Sephiroth with a sheepish grin and a shrug.

"Well, that could've gone better. Although, I never was any good at these kinds of games."

She looked the former SOLDIER up and down briefly, chocolate eyes lingering a tad longer in certain places than they should have perhaps, before continuing.

"Still, you look... capable. Maybe you'll have better luck."

Flashing Sephiroth a toothy grin, the woman gave her a peace symbol before swiftly rushing off back the way she'd come, leaving the swordswoman completely alone save for the snail and fleet of small wooden boats. The latter of which had resurfaced courtesy of deployable flotation devices fastened to either side of their hulls and were now gently rocking against the dock. Planting a hand on her hip, Sephiroth approached the snail and handed him her card. After getting marked, she promptly hopped on-board the first one in line, taking her place behind the water cannon with a smug grin.

The snail moved to the edge of his seat, craning his neck to look back at Sephiroth, while the majority of his foot hovered above a big red button. One that would see the boat released and the ride began.

"Are you ready?"

Sephiroth nodded.


With that utterance the button was pressed and the SOLDIER First Class sent off, drifting slowly down the placid canal...

A few minutes later and she had returned, victorious and with stamp card in hand. Getting it marked, she strode forth from the dock and back into the temple proper, eyes peeled for other things she could do.
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The Koopa Troop

wordcount: 651 (+1)
Bowser: Level 9 EXP: ////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// (49/90)
Bowser Jr: Level 7 EXP: /////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// (41/70)
Kamek: Level 7 EXP: /////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// (39/70)
Location: Edge of the Blue – Seaward Bay

While the king had been grumpy at being woken up, there was nothing like getting the respect deserving of a truly awesome king and it was a welcome remedy. The king’s tired look was wiped away, replaced with him standing proud and strong with a slight smirk on his lips as the man stumbled over his words at the end of his explanation.

Despite taking joy from Mirage’s nervousness, he didn't follow up on the threat the man thought him to be, nor rub it in like he might have before, and ignoring the man’s slip up he said ”Thanks for the heads up, but I’m pretty sure I can handle one more ship monster,” he punched his palm and grinned confidently ”Almost be relaxing after what we’ve just been through”

”But yeah. We’re traveling. What. Did you think we looked like we lived here?” Bowser joked at the man’s expense ” Ha, no. No we’re headed to the Bottomless Sea. Heard of it before?” he added with a grin, quite sure that if he had, he’d be even more impressed and in awe of the King

Onboard the Atomos Kamek carefully tucked Jr into the bed the boy had flopped down and promptly fallen asleep on after parking the ship. Then the mage quietly stepped his way our to leave him in peace and see what all the commotion was about himself, exiting onto the back of the ship and then making a short flight down onto the parked Shippy’s deck, just in time to catch the tail end of the talk about rescue cats that might have saved the captain.

”Do you know where they might have taken him if they did catch him Ace? Back to Lumbridge again?” he asked ”Because I could go and check where he might have ended up and confirm or deny this one way or the other” best not to be left dwelling on ifs or maybes, the mage though, so it would be worth the time and exertion.

Both Bowser and Kamek’s conversations were interrupted shortly afterwards by the arrival of a mustachioed man in green who looked oddly familiar via water slide.

”Oh. Huh isn't that… mr something. Mr M? Mr k?” Bowser said while snapping his fingers repeatedly as he failed to remember the name of the man who definitely wasn't Luigi in disguise before giving up and saying ”I’m sure he’ll tell us. Pretty sure he jumped at every opportunity back in the day. Heh. Jumped.”

As they watched the completely original man in green got in a spot of trouble as he splashed down and helpful verified Mirage’s warning about the ship, which was good for the man in yellow’s credibility but not so much for the unfortunate Mr L as the ship decided to pick a fight with him for daring to get close to its pool toy of a child.

The scoundrel decided his best course of action was to leg it. Or swim it if you wanted to be accurate. The king casually watched this for a few moments before eventually coming to the realization that ”Oh right. We should probably help the jerk huh” and stepping towards, and then onto, the edge of the lake and unfurling his new quadrio of turrets, the quarters of shell pulling off of his body and revealing their central core strapped to his back from which their arms extended.

Eight barrels were brought to bare, massive cannons with vicious pinching beaks on their ends and surrounded by poisonous tentacles, over the top and sides of his shoulders and aimed squarely at the creature’s face, each one primed and ready to fire way without mercy. Then at the last moment Bowser actually saw the thing’s adorably silly looking kid and had a rapid change of heart.

”SHOO! GO AWAY SHOO!” the king yelled at it as he used the cannons as an octet of long ranged spray bottles, blasting cold water at the ship’s face mostly to try and get it to bugger off or at least slow down/distract it from its chase of Mr L.

wordcount: 451 (+1)
Midna: level 4 EXP: //////////////////////////////////////// (31/40)
Location: Sandswept Sky - Sweet Canyon - Parnasse

Things with the plan did not go well.

No one but the strong, handsome and noble Braum and the naively optimistic Tora where really considering looking and, to be fair, who could blame them. The issues with the proposed plan kept piling up and up. Communication, the risk of the wind all on top of the food, water and heat problems.

Really, Midna thought, she was the only one who could go out there safely, sneaking through the shadows of the pit’s west side, and even then. It was a lot of ground to cover, and she needed to eat and drink. Plus she could only cover half of the total area with that trick. Still. She could do it, she would do it!

And then Queen Sectonia effortlessly pulled out a plan to solve the situation neatly by summoning a bunch of bugs that could go and look for them without any of them risking life and limb. Tireless, not needing to eat or drink and entirely disposable. The perfect things to go traipsing through the desert in search of their comrades.

Midna should have been thrilled, but having worked herself up to putting her life on the line for others because of her guilt, all she could manage to say was a slightly forced ”Oh. Good. Great!” and it was great, but the young princess was not doing a great job at hiding her embarrassment at being shown up by the Giant Bee queen so soon after they had been arguing about how one should rule and be royal.

Delegating to your subjects was important, this she knew even if she struggled with it sometimes, but what did she have? A bunch of animals….

”Wait” she said, mostly to herself snapping her fingers as she had an idea, before summoning one of her Wolfos to her side and then floating in front of it and making it look her in the eyes using her hands.

”You will go with the ant things and sniff for the lost people. The short one, the bald one with the sandwich, the blue lady with the poison and the floaty one with the syringes. Remember them? Remember how they smell? They are out there and you need to help bring them out of the desert safely. But things get too hot or you get too hungry or thirsty or you get blown about or hurt go right back into a portal? OK?” She told it and her instructions were somewhat understood by the creature.

She turned to the queen and asked ”Are these magic constructs smart enough to manage my Wolfos? It should follow along and sniff for our allies like I told it, but it would be best if they can keep it to heel. Also you said you’d get hands on? I remember you have portals but can you really get back here from that far away? Can you bring other people with you?” best to not have her go out and fight alone. Even better if she could bring their allies right back.

”Also maybe the bugs should take some of our remaining water and food? We still have some of that stuff from the spirits right? Hats and bug bits and so on? Maybe someone will be interested in trading for them for supplies” she also suggested
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LOCATION: Edge Of The Blue - Luma Pools
MENTIONS:Ms. Fortune @Lugubrious Blazermate @Archmage MC King Bowser @DracoLunaris Mr. L @ModeGone

Mirage had been focused on King Bowser for the most part, but a voice caught his ear, causing him to turn his head and look back at Shippy long enough to notice what looked like some sort of robot and some sort of... Cat girl? Waving to him. For a moment he was frozen, the mention of the zombies being a little unnerving, but nobody was panicking about it, right? So she must've meant what she said. He tried to snap out of this and offer a wave back with the one free hand he had, nervously laughing despite his fears being somewhat quelled. "Ahah, thanks. That's... That's good to know." He responded, planning to actually take a scan over the crew for more oddities, but then the King began to speak again, taking his attention.

Surprisingly comforted by the King's words, Mirage nodded with a smile, pleased to help and see some appreciation for it, to boot. "Not a problem," He replied to the King's thanks, though finding surprise in the fact he seemed not worried about the other creature at all. According to him, they'd apparently been through an ordeal before he got here, which explained the noise from earlier. For the sake of not complicating things, he figured he'd leave that topic for awhile. Maybe it'd be better to just not know what had happened down that river, right? Sometimes being the oblivious fool was just the best course of action for everyone involved, so he'd take that route for now.

"Fair, you definitely don't look like you'd belong here in the Luma Pools." He replied, taking the joke at his expense pretty well, all things considered. Probably because that was a familiar method of treatment for him, though he wasn't about to say something like that. As King Bowser brought up the Bottomless Sea, Mirage's eyes shot open. Why the hell would someone be heading there? He didn't know much, but word could travel around the Guild fairly easily about things, and the dangers of the Bottomless Seas were one such thing. "Yeah, I've heard of it. You're all seriously heading there? You guys must be on a serious job to risk the terrible sailing conditions and monsters." -- A serious paying job, too, Mirage thought. No wonder there were so many folks around, the King must've brought his best to challenge the Bottomless Sea! He had no idea what kind of Kingdom this guy had, but he must have been powerful to want to go to such a terrifying place.

Though, Mirage wouldn't get a reply, as instead attention fell on a man who plopped into the lake. Another vacationer? Really, this place was way more active than he thought. The man began to wonder if this was some sort of sign that vacationing was a bad idea, and that he should have continued to work to try and reach his personal goals. Honestly, if he wanted to find his mom, venturing farther than he could on foot was a good idea. And what if, by some sick chance, there was something out in the Bottomless Sea that could lead him closer to the answers he wanted? Naval combat wasn't exactly a specialty for him at all, but with these ships, he could potentially offer help in one way or another. He wasn't exactly a shipwright, but if they had some sort of weaponry on board he could definitely man it. He noted to look over the ships more, once he had a little time.

The King's snapping brought Mirage back to the task at hand; The mustached midget in the water. Mirage noticed the Ukazeer seeming to start tailing him as a potential snack for it's child, and all he could think of was numerous swears in his mind. Come on, mama boat! He didn't want this to end in the poor thing getting destroyed, but if the creature decided to try and eat that man, they might not have a choice. He let out a huff at the situation, overwhelmed with the numerous events that'd been happening today. "Probably." He answered shortly, following the King to the edge of the lake. Mirage pulled his Wingman out of it's holster, figuring if he had to, maybe a warning shot or two would be enough to scare off the Ukazeer before it made a huge mistake.

"Don't worry, Green Guy! We've got ya!" He shouted to Mr. Mini Mustachio, figuring he'd be reassured knowing they were aware of his chase. That being said, Mirage's eagerness instantly died as he saw the King reveal his weaponry, almost dropping his hefty revolver into the water as he took a step or two away from Bowser as he began to panic about how much firepower that was. He was about to turn that rowboat into spare parts! Mirage attempted to speak, it coming out as numerous nervous mumbles until he saw the sprays of water going towards the boat. It was like he was trying to spray a cat for being disobedient, and it calmed Mirage's nerves a lot as he'd expected something much worse.

Figuring they had a moment to continue their conversation as he applied the deterrent, Mirage had to take his opportunity to learn more about this venture of theirs. "S-So, King Bowser. What could make you guys go to a place as dangerous as the Bottomless Sea?" He questioned, figuring if he understood their goals better, maybe he'd have a better chance of managing to be brought along on this venture. A group like this... It'd be a lot better than traveling around alone, for sure. Safer, too. And if they actually made it back from the Bottomless Sea, who was to say how far they might travel afterwards? This was a chance to see farther than he'd ever seen before, and that was something the man didn't think he could pass up on.

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Geralt of Rivia

Edge of the Blue- Seaward Bay

Lvl 6 (72/60) -> Lvl 6 (74/60)

Word Count: 931 words

Geralt's ears were still ringing as he was flung from his giant bird's back. He landed in the water with a harsh smack, and a dull pain spread across his body but was quickly forgotten as Abyssals and Shipgirls fought around him. On instinct, he cursed, but shook his head and called on his Strikers for help. The trio of Imps appeared, raking through their Abyssal brethren with reckless abandon, unphased by whatever phenomenon had caused them to slow and cease their attacks. One of the Navy Shipgirls stopped by to grab him and pull him onto her back, to which he uttered a calm thanks. He watched as Heinrich cheered on her fellow Shipgirls, the battle slowly growing smaller as he was whisked away towards Shippy. It wasn't long, thankfully, but he spent the trip looking upwards, towards the retreating figure of the Monsterbird Formerly Known as Roach. It was somewhat sad to watch it fly off, despite the fact that he'd only ridden the beast for a few minutes, Geralt could really have gotten used to it. Still, he was alive and the Harbor Demon wasn't, so whatever price he had to pay that wasn't in lives was worth it.

Back on Shippy, Geralt looked around at the others. Many of them had taken on Spirits to do battle against the Abyssals, and he had to do a double-take just to be sure they weren't actually Abyssals. "Well, I lived." He jokingly announced, before Sakura ran up and hugged him. He gently patted her on the back. "I'm alright, Sakura. We did it."

He didn't miss that she looked downright miserable about it all. He didn't miss the worry evident in her, he didn't forget what she'd said last night about not wanting to kill anybody. He hadn't missed her choosing, in the midst of a genuine battle, to spare her enemies. He watched her slowly unravel, knees tucked under her chin as her sobs slowly abated. She mourned for their enemy, and all he could feel was a hollow sense of grim satisfaction. That monster had slaughtered Shipgirls and the denizens of Limsa by the dozens if not hundreds. While he could look at Bella and Rika and wonder what might have been, he wasn't going to lose sleep over it. Between being enthralled by Galeem and the sheer monstrous size and power, they couldn't risk bringing it back from the brink of death only for it to decide that the war was still on.

Geralt listened calmly to Sakura as she psyched herself back up and into a mindset where she could stand to stand, even commenting on how beautiful the scenery around them was. He couldn't help but agree. Nadia's agreement pulled a comment out of him, on the topic of becoming to numb to feel anything. "She's right. Like I told you last night, I'm old, and tired. I'm used to death and killing. You don't have to be, ever. The strength to keep going is important, but don't make it out of apathy. That being said, I doubt you'll have that problem. Your heart's too big, too pure for that."

Link's warning about the Felynes brought about a short conversation about their proclivity for lifesaving antics. Geralt did remember vaguely Link being defeated in some manner or another and coming out fine, but with everything that had happened it had slipped his mind. While it was certainly possible that Brineybeard had been miraculously rescued, he wouldn't count on it.

The fight as they entered the inlet was hardly worth mentioning, but it was an event that did technically occur, as mundane as it seemed after their experience in the Bay.

What stood out, however, was the strange egg-carrying man who warned them about a 'Living ship' up ahead, the mention of which caused Geralt to snap-draw his pistol from its holster and nearly snarl a demand for the enemy's location, before hearing Bowser's voice ironically reigned him in. Whether it was the reminder that he wasn't alone on the Path, or that he was slightly caught off-guard by the overly-loud noise, he wasn't entirely sure. It might have even been both. Even he, a war-hardened warrior still found himself hypervigilant after a battle like that one.

It was about that time that people started making their way off Shippy and the Atomos landed. Geralt stopped the Cadet first, greeting him with a nod. "Thanks for the help back there. You too, Nadia," He gestured at the Catgirl, "Had something to ask you." Pausing for a moment to make sure of his wording, he asked his question. "Noticed you grabbed that...thing's Spirit. Was wondering if you were planning on using it. I've been thinking about giving a Fusion another shot, and that thing had more than enough cannon on it to make a big change in what I can handle at distance."

It made sense to Geralt. Augmenting his skills in close-combat with guns and cannon would allow him to better fight, especially if they ever got caught in another battle where he couldn't get in close without some crazy insane plan. Deadly as he was in melee combat, he was limited to two weapons with limited munitions and somewhat unimpressive power.

Assuming Cadet acquiesed and nobody had any disagreement, Geralt would fuse with the Spirit immediately, not interested in mulling it over any longer. He'd felt pretty useless during that whole fight until he got onto the Helmaroc King's back, and even from there he was only able to do so much.
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Suddenly, Sakura was beset by friends on all sides in a way that made her blush. Rika was feeling guilty, which Sakura could understand. She let Rika lean against her, of course. "It's okay, Rika. All that matters is that you helped." She tried to comfort both Rika, and perhaps herself.

"...Bowser looks weird." Sakura side-mouthed to Rika, squinting up at the Koopa King. Link at least looked kinda stylish in a weird way. Bowser just looked weird.

Nadia, Miss Fortune, decided to join them. Sakura absently felt her own cat ears that she had gotten used too. (Precious heart, huh?) Sakura brought a hand to her own chest, feeling the beat of that oh-so-important muscle.

Geralt, too, added his advice, and Sakura smiled again. Both of them had similar advice, and it was true. And also, not going to be an issue.

"Pure of heart. Hehe. I...get that a lot. K I don't mean to say that suffering is necessary for happiness. But, you have to take the good with the bad. Y'know? That's all I was trying to say. Obviously, I- I prefer the good. I'm not some jerk who makes everybody's life worse because he thinks it'll make people stronger." As Sakura said that last sentence, it was clear she was referring to someone in particular. There was some resentment and a bit of mockery in her tone. "But if you stop trying to feel happiness because you're afraid to feel sadness, then I think that's a mistake. So I'm just gonna sit here and, I dunno, be miserable until I feel better."

"But, yeah. You guys don't have to worry about me stopping caring. I don't really have a choice in the matter." She chuckled, wiping her eyes. "My old dumb pure heart. For better or worse, this is me."

Sakura sat up a little straighter as she heard news that Brineybeard might be alive. "I- I really hope that's true. Could he really be alive because of those cats? Thats incredible! Shippy would be so happy." Her heart fluttered nervously. "I mean, I didn't even see his spirit." Sakura thought aloud. "That would be one less terrible thing that happened today. And I'll take it. I think you should go back and check, Mr. Kamek."

Sakura, still sitting down, tried to look over the side of the ship. "Bowser is talking to somebody. A friendly person?" She almost stood up.

"...Eh. I don't care. He's got it." Sakura sat back down, content to be next to Rika and her friends. Although, when the Atomos landed, she thought of Bella and decided to stand. "I'm gonna go say hi to Bella, Rika." She said gently. With that she rose and planted herself next to her fellow catgirl, Miss Fortune.

Sakura waved at Bella. "Hi, Bella." Sakura looked over to the much-discussed living boat. A weird row boat snake thing.

"Huh. That's a cool looking animal. Think we could Friend Heart it and move on?" Sakura offered. She glanced down at the yellow suited man with an egg standing on shore.

"We're here to fight some bad guys." She called down to him. "There's someone in need a beatdown somewhere and we're following this river until we find them." She summed up the intentions of the Seekers in a way she thought was accurate without confusing the Galeemified space pirate looking guy.

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The creature ahead was a little funny looking. It was brightly colored, the exact opposite of the vicious living vessels they'd just been fighting. That was a good sign, right? A sign that they were definitely leaving the abyssals behind them. From Shippy's deck the Cadet watched Bowser disembark to speak with the guy on shore. He didn't really expect Bowser to be the diplomacy type, but he was a king... Ace Cadet watched the conversation until Kamek brought his attention back to the felyne rescuers.

"They bring people back to base. Or, ah, the base camp that's set up in the field before a quest. They patch them up too, like alakazamtrios, you're all healed. Usually it's something set up ahead of time..." The Cadet scratched the back of his head. With Blazermate and Sakura getting hopeful that Brineybeard was saved by the felynes, he'd hate to dash that hope. It was a bit hard to try and explain something he was so familiar with to people that might not get it too, but if Kamek was going to go check then he'd do his best to try. "Not to send you on a wild Gargwa chase, but since the first time they took Link and Euden back to Lumbridge, that's where I'd guess the felynes would go. It might be their base. If they're not there, then they might have taken him back to Limsa - or even all the way to the Alcamoth. Those are the closest to bases I can think of."

If it turned out that the felynes made it all the way out to the middle of the black bay and saved their captain, he owed them a gastronome tuna. Each.

About the time that someone splashed into the lake ahead, Geralt approached with a thank you. The Cadet nodded, giving the witcher a smile. He was about to return the favor and thank Geralt for the aerial assist (plus tell him how cool he looked riding that giant bird), but Geralt had a request.

"Fusion?" he asked, a little dumbfounded. Geralt wanted to fuse with that thing? For a few seconds the Cadet just stared at the other man. It wasn't hard to grasp Geralt's reasoning. He wanted, needed more power and range, and as he said the demon's spirit was more than capable of providing it. Cadet had fused with Jamaica for the same reasons, at the time he felt he needed to ability to get across the bay fast, and that was the best way. That being said, he once again found his thoughts drifting to the old hunter stories about spirits trapped in armor that took control of the wearer. Now that he'd actually fused himself, those stories really didn't seem too far-fetched anymore. He could still feel Jamaica's spirit somewhere in his body, though more subdued outside of battle, thrumming with proud energy. If Geralt fused with the demon, he'd still be the same man but... the demon's influence would be there. Was she evil? Would she hold a grudge?

It was clear the Cadet was unsure. He glanced back at Link, who'd also fused with at least one abyssal by his appearance. He hadn't seemed to change, but it was hard to tell when they'd all just been in the middle of and then escaped a literal war zone. He turned back to Geralt, his face serious.

"I thought it might make a nice piece of equipment, but... you can have it. Just tell someone if you start feeling weird or evil." The hunter produced the harbor demon's spirit from his bag and handed it over, and after accepting it the witcher wasted no time in fusing with it.

Word Count: 336 (+1 exp)
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Location: Sandswept Sky

𝙱𝙿 ●●●●
To Primrose's relief it seemed like the group was leaning towards continuing on to Al Mamoon. It really just made the most sense. She nodded with Tora and Red's words in a silent show of solidarity, and though the latter's thoughts were harsh she wasn't wrong. The chances of failure were high if they went to look for the others, and losing even more of their group would be a worst case scenario. Though some problems with the search plan were addressed such as two-way communication - and that is only if Fox decided to join the search party, Primrose thought - overall it didn't look feasible. Most of them recognized that.

However, it seemed the queen bee of their little team came up with a second plan, one that was easier to accept. No one could object to her using her own little insect minions to look around the area. It made sense, and even seemed satisfactory to those that already volunteered to stay behind and search.

Sectonia didn't need Primrose's approval, but the dancer gave it anyway. "A good compromise."

Primrose figured that the matter was more or less decided. A good portion of the Yellow Team had already returned to the train, and Primrose intended to be right behind them. Matter settled, she signaled to Braum for the man to re-board.

"Come on. You may yet see them again," she said. It seemed Braum had a flair for the dramatic that rivaled Primrose's stage performances given his statement. Still, if nothing else the search would most likely be in good hands. A wolf and ants... they seemed an unlikely team, but both animals had a penchant for finding things with their strong senses of smell.

Primrose turned back to the locomotive. She glanced up at the roof of the middle car where the giant fake kiwi was torn and damaged from the storm. Though the rest of the trip seemed to be smooth sailing from there, she decided to ride inside the car this time.
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When his suggestion was greeted with anger, especially from Tora, the samurai was confused. At least Midna seemed on board with it. He gave her a soft smile and a nod to let her know his appreciation. Most people, while harsh, did have legitimate reasons why they didn't want to go. It seemed they thought he was trying to take charge?

Then Sectonia came up with a better plan. Her ants didn't need food or water and wouldn't get blown away as easily, if at all, and nobody else had to go with them. Midna still summoned a wolf to join the search party.

With a smile, Yoshitsune looked at the Phantom Thieves. "Can your summons withstand the storm? Sectonia has a much better plan than my own and I think it'd be smarter to have more to go with them. Of course, this is voluntary." While listening to their answer, he tried remembering if anyone else had any summons.

After the Thieves, he approached Primrose, "if I remember correctly, you have a large beast that could help the group of summons. It is still optional. It would be invaluable, though." He hoped the dancer would say yes but didn't want her to feel forced into it.

After Primrose, he returned to Midna. "Would the giant dragonfly be able to bear the winds or would it be too dangerous and not worth it?" He was genuinely curious because he didn't exactly know how her summons worked.
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