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Renard listened as he began to ate his food. Freya doubles on what he said and Raymond listened and didn’t push further. He then explained that he was paying respects to his grandfather. He rolled his eyes at the rest. ”yeah if we all knew it was gunna happen I don’t think we would have gone.” he said looking up to Raymond.who then said it was only his job to beat him silly. He let out a sigh shaking his head.

”Only in your dreams. “ he muttered. Before going back to his burgers. Already finishing one of them in the short amount of time. Ray then changed gears and offered to take them to his grandmothers bakery. He frowned thoughtfully as he played with the idea in his head.

Glancing to Freya and the fact she was eating a tuna sandwich...again. Like always. he then said softly with a small smile “I might be interested. I’m sure Freya will, where there’s grain there is mice…” looking back to Raymond. ”she might be more interested in the mice than the baked goods.

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Freya Leander ~ Cait Sith

@Heartfillia @pkken

Freya suppressed a squirm. At least nobody died... No students had, but images of the guards' sprawled forms flashed through her mind. Although Raymond's comment was much kinder than Eira's, she hoped it didn't bring those memories back for Renard.

She listened to Raymond's explanation for his absence, which became more of an apology. "Hey, not your fault," she replied, attempting to lower the wall he'd put up, as evidenced by the book he took refuge in. He didn't need to blame himself any more than Renard did. "And the fewer people involved, the better."

A stretch of uncomfortable silence went by. Freya finished her sandwich, pondering a subject that wouldn't loop back to the current one. It seemed unavoidable, the shadow of Friday's events lingering in the background no matter how they tried to distance themselves. Thankfully, Raymond spoke up with a happier topic.

At the mention of a bakery, Freya raised her head. "Free food? Not gonna say no to that." While she didn't have as much of an appetite as usual, she'd probably be hungrier later, stress starting to ease as people did what they could to lighten the mood.

She chuckled at Renard's little quip. Not only did his jokes cheer her up anyway, hearing him make one again certainly did. A sign his usual self was still in there somewhere, slowly resurfacing. "Ooh, mice? Count me in for sure!" With a smirk at the other two, she added, "Nah, just kidding, I can rein in that instinct. Not gonna put anyone off their food. I'll settle for a cream puff, or if there's anything savoury, a slice of salmon quiche."

This was what they needed. Something fun, something relaxing - above all, something normal.
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Sparring Match Part 2 of ?
In collaboration with @LuckyBlackCat

Rolling backwards before standing and creating a bit more space between the two, Breeze returned the rubber blade onto her stomach, taking a moment to reassess what just happened. She should've expected Kerianne to come up with something like that, and yet, she still fell for the other's feint. Had her father seen her make such a crucial mistake...a chill ran up the young girl's spine as she forcefully pushed the thoughts out of her brain. It wasn't healthy. Not now at least. Luckily, as she drove away memories that had no reason of being on the top of her mind, an idea sparked into the green girl's head, lighting a fiery smile that tugged at her lips.

She proceeded to remove the weighted blocks littering her skin and throw them to random places on their side of the the gym. With the difference in terrain as well as the added shadows cascaded throughout the floor, Breeze brought her fists up. This had originally been an idea to help Kerianne move around and use her Quirk, but this was thought up before they got the memo that they'd be sparring against each other. Did this prove advantageous to either of them? Breeze couldn't be sure just yet. Instead of worrying about it, the younger sprinted forward, aiming a speedy punch at Kerianne's face before feinting with a misguided turn. Kerianne only just managed to avoid the punch, but the misdirection threw her off, just like her own had done to Breeze. Without the blocks slowing her down, the girl seemed to move almost twice as fast as before. Now facing the older's side, Breeze brought her arms and a foot up as if she were about to full body grapple the other to the ground.

And that she did, crawling up the blonde's body almost like a spider, spinning and curling around her limbs before ultimately flipping them both to the ground. As Kerianne fell backwards onto the mat, Breeze was still on her, locking one of the former's arms and chest with her entire body. Even though Breeze weighed little without the blocks, small nimble fighters could easily use opponents' height and weight against them, as the taller girl knew from a certain someone she lived with. Struggling, she raised her torso as much as she could, reaching into the shadow of a block. She slipped through, leaving Breeze splayed out on the ground from the lack of anything to hold onto, emerging next to another cube behind her. Planting her feet apart to keep steady, she bent her knees and reached to grasp the other girl's wrists.

As a pair of hands enclosed around her wrists, Breeze found herself stilling. She knew this was just a sparring a match, but the familiar position she found herself in before was a little too startling for the green haired girl. Her brain seemed to short circuit as she squirmed a bit out of fear, but once her foot nudged against one of the wooden blocks surrounding them, Breeze took it, using both feet to fling the cube up at Kerianne's face. Her opponent raised an arm to block, leaving the grip one-handed. She yanked her arms forward as she did so, using the sudden attack to pull herself free, however instead of trying to stand, Breeze remained crouched down before swinging a leg right at Kerianne's ankles, eventually arming herself back with her rubber knife.

In two wide sidesteps, Kerianne pivoted away from the strike. Swaying, regaining her balance, she faced Breeze again, eyebrows furrowed not just from concentration but concern. That sudden freeze, that shudder, those tense muscles - The green-haired girl's reaction hadn't gone amiss.

She stayed back, lifting a hand to signal a pause, the other straightening in response. "All ok?" she asked. While it was good to put as much effort into training as into competition, had this fight become a little too lifelike? She wasn't acting like the thug she'd nearly become, was she? Or did Breeze have some messed up experiences herself?

A short distance away, the other duo's banter and dance-like moves to lively techno music contrasted with the solemnity of their own sparring session. Breeze's attention seemed to be guided towards the other battle mostly because of how embarrassed she felt for getting so frazzled over a sparring match. She didn't mean to make Kerianne look at her with such concern, it making her trembling frame shake even more.

"I-I'm sorry..." The younger whimpered, hands now gripping her rubber knife tightly as if it would stop her hands from shaking out of her own volition. Kerianne's worried frown deepened as she noticed the trembling. "I-I'm okay, you d-didn't do anything wrong...j-just, j-just got a little spooked." Green eyes eventually meeting back to look at the blonde, Breeze slowly approached Kerianne, her normally meek nature seemed to be amplified by how pale she looked compared to just a minute ago.

"Th-Thank you for worrying th-though...I'm sorry you had to stop the sparring match because of me...u-uh, we could continue if you wanted t-to?"

Kerianne lowered her hand, but stayed where she was. "It's ok. No need to apologize," she replied, earning a nervous glance from Breeze before her green gaze fell to the ground. If anything, she was the one who should feel bad, having put someone prone to anxiety in this state. She wasn't going to treat a capable and determined person like they were made of glass, but she still had to be respectful. Again, Kerianne wondered about Breeze's experiences, her reasons for wanting to become a hero. She bit the inside of her lip before speaking up again.

"Do you want to continue?" She moved one of her feet back, ready to either go into battle stance or leave the pose depending on Breeze's answer. "If you don't, that's fine. Never thought I'd say this, but maybe my sister has a point when she says time out is important."

Did she want to continue? Breeze noted the mention of her sister before putting some thought into what she'd say next. It probably would be a good idea to take a break, but that would only hinder Kerianne's training...she didn't want to be a bother to someone else, especially someone as nice as Kerianne. With a quick shake of her head, Breeze stepped back a few feet.

"...I-I think we should continue..." Breeze didn't want to stop at such an awkward note, and knew that sparring would definitely make things a little less weird for her, so it was the only option. With her knife held out in front of her, Breeze awaited Kerianne's next attack, a reassured albeit, nervous smile pulling at her lips...
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Seth Moore ~ Wonderland


The plan as a whole was interesting. Fake someone's death? Definitely information Seth could keep for later, at the very least. He didn't have anything he needed he didn't already have, so for the ten minutes, he sat there, humming to himself. He wasn't too pleased with being allocated distraction duty. His quirk was neither flashy nor destructive. Still, he went along with it, because it really didn't look like he had much of a choice.

Seth spent a part of the helicopter ride considering his options, and then the other half fearing for his life. Trust a villain to make some bombs in the middle of the air, where it would be certain death if a single mistake were to be made. Then again, the whole villain shtick already came with a pretty high risk. A bit more wouldn't hurt.

Soon enough, him and the shark guy were dropped off at the garage. It was empty - for the time being. If the distraction went well, that would change. Seth walked over to one of the cars parked. It was a nice one. What a shame. He peered in the window. Nothing important either.

"I don't know if you've ever broken into a car before," he said, sounding bored. "But the alarms are pretty easy to set off. Just takes a bit of force." He walked around the car once more, before promptly slamming his hand as hard as he could into the window. He winced a little, mainly due to his sheer lack of strength, though sure enough, the alarm began. God, it was loud. "It's a start. Got any other ideas?"

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Dawn looked back at Peter with dull look when he called her ‘Halo’ her cheek just under her eye twitching slightly at the horrid pet names and the fact that he still thinks she actually LIKED him deep down.

Her head tilted to the side just a degree. He must be truly delusional, deeply in denial to even think he was hot stuff. Well.. boys were always like that. As much as she wanted to put him in his place, he did bring up taking them to get some burgers. She opened her mouth to turn him down, especially when he called her the light of his life. when the ‘i'll even pay.’ came up. She covered her hesitation by opening her massive beachbag of a purse up and started rummaging around in it. Seemingly more interested in what ever thought popped in her head.

As the random things clattered in her purse she thought through her options. She was conflicted. She didn’t want to actually go out in public with this dweeb, she had an image to protect. But free food. She got free food a ton by flirting with boy’s but the guys in her class were not that cool enough to go through the pain of pretending to laugh at their jokes. Also it’s only been a month starting at this school. That type of groundwork takes a bit of time to set up...usually...present company excluded.

She also never had an issue with the cafeteria food. Course her taste buds were quite different from everyone else. She had yet to find someone who thought Pickles and mayo was a tasty treat.

Chloe went on another thing about explaining what coupons were, as if she was reading from a dictionary. This made Dawn blink a few times. She already thought the girl was sheltered, but this is going to get some time to get used to. However she did give off a feeling of innocence that was hard not to ignore. She couldn’t hold it against the girl for her style of speaking. She sighed when she tried to convince her to go.

She finally found what she was looking for and pulled a small dum dum lolipop from her bag, and quickly unwrapped it and almost tossed it into her mouth in such a fluid motion it was clear there were mountains of wrappers and sticks somewhere in some dump that were soley made by her.

Fine... she said giving in. as she shifted her bag more closer to the base of her neck on her shoulder. If anything she wouldn’t want Chloe to be alone with coco pebbles over there. The boy was in overdrive for girls...to take advantage of an innocent girl would probably be right up pebbles alley.

So how are we getting there? Don’t say you’re going to…. Roll there? Do you even have a car? She said while she walked over to Chloe and took her arm in the crook of her own and started leading her towards the parking lot. Where she could see a couple girls getting into a black classic car. Two girls leaving with a boy during school hours? Scandleless….wait.

Her head dropped in the sudden realization of her thoughts. Dur.

What have I gotten into…. she groaned inwardly.
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Raymond let out a sigh, relieved that the two of them were capable of other emotion that isn't sadness. He smirked as he closed his book and placed it on the table, "its settled then, I knew you two couldn't resist free sweets. We'll meet in the parking lot after school then." he said as he grabbed his book and empty bowl of fruits, "I'm going to get some fresh air before class starts up again, I'll see you guys later."Raymond got up from his seat and waved goodbye before leaving the Cafeteria, disposing of his trash on the way out.

Sweets are a start but it’s going to take a lot more than that to get them out of the slump they are in. Being a hero is probably more mentally straining than physically, if they are going to get in their feelings every time they fall short then maybe this line of work isn’t for them.


Maybe that’s a little too harsh of a though, I mean they had different upbringings of course so they will obviously handle things differen. For their sake though, hopefully they will adapt soon.

Raymond made a left turn down towards the parking lot, noticing Peter who as accompanied by two girls. He was a pretty cool dude, optimistic for the most part and sometimes funny which is the kind of attitude that Raymond wanted to be surrounded by. He raised his hand in order to get the boys attention.

“Yo Peter” he said as he approached the 3, as he walked up he noticed a pair of girls jumping into an Audi R8 in the distance. It wasn't really his style to snoop in other peoples business but it definitely was something to take a mental note of. Turning his head back towards peter he noticed one of the girls looking pretty distraught. Without a second thought he simply tapped her on the shoulder to snap her out of the trance she was in.

"You alright there?"
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Freya Leander ~ Cait Sith

@pkken @Heartfillia

"You know us so well," Freya called to Raymond, keeping up that smile as she waved back. "Later!" Once he'd left, she turned the grin towards Renard. Given how little time he'd taken to finish a burger, he had his usual appetite back. Another good sign.

"Free snacks, huh?" she said, eyes glinting. "How's that for a good start to the week after all?" She had to take Raymond's example, act positive, even if she didn't feel it. Sweets would only help so much, but at least after Eira and Erika had further lowered the mood, others were set on uplifting it. Freya let out a soft purr. The sound of purring, it was said, could be therapeutic - and as she thought this, Hayes' advice came to mind.

"The job of heroes is also to reassure the people you save."

She doubted she'd been the one to save Renard, no matter what he'd insisted. He'd proven more than capable of fighting on his own. Still, wasn't reassuring him simply her duty as a friend?

"Onwards and upwards," she said. Moving forward wouldn't be easy, but maybe this was their first step.
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"Ah wondrous! I'm so glad to have you participate in our meal Dawn. Your coming around has really enlightened my heart!" Chloe clapped her hands together and smiled. "Hmmm, You know Dawn is correct, no? I did not imagine how we would even arrive to the restaurant in question. motor vehicle would be convenient."

Dawn locked her arm firmly into Chloe's arm, such brazen act was something she had never felt before, this firm grip, Chloe could some security resonating Dawns' aura, as if she was determined to protect her. Chloe whispered, so as only Dawn can hear, trying not to offend Peter. "Worry not friend, I'm assured that dear Pete means no ill-will it is all in jest, but thank you for your affection and courage." Chloe happily continued the linked arm march.

It was not long until she encountered a new unfamiliar aura standing in their pathway. They made contact with Dawn, Chloe swiftly approached them. "Hello friend, are you acquainted with my friends here? Oh! Perhaps you shall accompany us to settle our famine? If not, it is rather rude to awaken a lady from her delusions you know."
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Gabriella Gonzales

Part 2/?

Momo was quick to react. A sharp blare of music from her speakers amplified her leap to the side, keeping her at a safe distance from the much larger girl. "Aw, let's not end this too quickly! This is fun!" she chirped. With a wave of her hand, she upped the tempo once more to counter Gabby's startling reflexes, twirling like a ballerina as she sent forth another flurry of projectiles.

Trying to catch Gabby off guard with the opposite of her previous technique, she swept the dial. The drop reverberated through the room, another massive air blast accompanying it, hurtling towards Gabby. If all went well, her opponent would be too focused on blocking small ones to react in time.

Naturally, Gabby's advance had been too straightforward and Momo had moved away before she could perform any offensive maneuver. Momo's maneuverability would be a problem, as would that of any villain with similar movement capabilities to her. Fortunately, Gabriella was no one-trick caballo. She had methods at her disposal for dealing with hard-to-pin-down opponents. The large woman knelt down at took a breath as she placed her palms on the laminated floor of the gym.

"Let me show you la Pasos Del Tigre," Gabriella said over Momo's music.

She extended her legs and arched her feet and her palms, lifting her large body on only her fingertips and toes, spreading her weight evenly across every limb. She began performing a series of small, rapid hops with all four limbs, keeping stiff so as to land on them all simultaneously each time, while using her quirk to add a little bit more momentum with each hop. She hoped to close the distance with Momo by surprising her with speed, but the smaller girl was already back on the offensive so she had to lean to the right instead so she could avoid her projectiles. It started off a touch slow, but she built up momentum in just enough time to narrowly avoid the first projectile of the flurry, after which none came close to hitting her as she continued to build up speed, appearing to almost glide across the gymnasium floor due to the miniscule amount of movement her body was performing. Even the larger projectile signalled by the bass drop was avoided.

The downside was that she didn't have any control over her direction due both to the rigidness of the pose needed to perform the technique and the momentum she'd build up, so rather than circling around Momo, she simply hurtled toward the wall the gym's entrance was located on. A weak repulsion from her right fingertips and a stronger repulsion from the fingers and toes on her left side allowed her to spring upright and twirl around so her back impacted the wall, the muscles in her upper back and glutes helping absorb the impact with minimal pain. Gritting her teeth, she opened her eyes and focused them back on Momo, who was surely preparing another offense. Gabriella inwardly questioned how she would be able to close the distance while avoiding Momo's plethora of projectile attacks at the same time. Then she realized where she was. Perfect. All she had to do was wait for the right moment.

"Ooh, those moves really are quite something!" Momo squealed as Gabby kept in perfect rhythm with her own steps, dodging each projectile. This match had become just as much a friendly dance competition as it was a sparring session, which suited her to a tee. Even as Gabby's hopping technique lost its grace and sent her crashing into the wall, Momo was no less impressed. This girl probably still had a trick or two up her sleeve, so she wasted no time with her next move.

She leapt forward, a bass drop coursing through her body at the same time and boosting the jump. With just enough distance between the two that Momo could easily aim while staying out of Gabby's attack range, she cranked the volume right up. Sound waves pulsed from the machines, through her limbs, towards her cornered opponent.

Gabby allowed a smirk to wander onto her face. Momo had been doing her best to keep distance between them the entire match. It was a good idea, considering the obvious size and power difference between them. Momo wouldn't likely have prevailed in a head-on confrontation with her. Momo seemed only to go on the offensive while she was sure she was out of Gabby's range, as demonstrated when she stopped attacking earlier when Gabby got close. The fact Momo was performing such an overt attack now meant Momo likely felt completely safe at that distance.

it was time to use the element of surprise. Gabby did a small hop as Momo fired off her high-volume sonic blast from up in the air. She planted her back, arms, and the soles of her feet on the wall behind her before she touched the ground, and with a powerful repulsion from every square millimeter of skin in contact with that wall, Gabby shot her entire body forward, rocketing toward Momo's longitudinal position. The maneuver had her out of the way of the sonic blast long before it reached where she had been. Gabby had estimated the force needed perfectly, her momentum falling off as she reached the spot below the airborne Momo. Gabby performed a roll to absorb the impact of hitting the hard wood floor, as well as reposition her body face-up on the floor with her soles planted and arms spread out.

Another powerful repulsion from those same spots saw Gabby rocket straight upward at Momo from below, arms spread out in an attempt to catch the soundwave-spitting girl in a grapple which, if successful, would carry Momo straight up to the gymnasium ceiling with Gabby. The impact with the ceiling, pressed against it by Gabby's large body, would crush Momo, so Gabby would be sure to brace the smaller girl by wrapping her arms around her.
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@OwO @Aviaire @KaijuBaragon @Nyahahameha @Riegal

A short distance from its destination, the police van swerved and screeched to a halt, its roof sporting a sizeable dent. Shouts rose up as several heavily armed officers clambered out, pointing guns at the scorpion-tailed woman holding on to the vehicle. A few moments later, some spun around and stared in the direction of the garage as a high-pitched noise started blaring from it. The unrelenting wail of a car alarm could only mean one thing.

"She's not alone!" one officer shouted. "C'mon, there are other no-goods in there." Some of the guards broke away, hurrying towards the sound and the culprits behind it, while others closed in on the scorpion girl, trying to restrain her.

With the first part of the plan working as intended, now was the villains' chance, albeit a fleeting one. To pull off the rescue, they'd have to put the next steps in motion fast.
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Gabriella Gonzales

Part 3/?

"Waugh!" Before Momo could land, Gabby had launched herself in a blur and slammed into her, curling her huge arms around her in a crushing grip. The ground seemed to fall away as both combatants hurtled towards the ceiling.

Flailing, Momo thought fast. She only just had time to sweep the dial, a sudden rise in the music deflecting her and Gabby back downwards, shattering a light in the process. "Oops! Hehe..." With a nervous giggle as pieces of glass arced away from them, she dialled the music down. The sound's drop coursed through her legs a split second before landing, giving both students the bounce they needed to soften the impact.

Despite her breathlessness from the sheer speed of the fighting and from Gabby's vice-like hold, Momo's grin returned. "Nice dance improv there!" she commented, staggering. She hoped they weren't in too much trouble over the light, not that it would be anything new for her. This was so much fun, it would be worth it.

Gabby wasn't quite expecting Momo to have the wherewithal to use her quirk to cushion their impact with the ceiling, but it was welcome nonetheless. After all, it was better for her to allow Momo to expend energy using her quirk rather than do so herself, at least from a competitive viewpoint. And with another use of her quirk, Momo allowed Gabriella to easily and painlessly plant her feet on the floor. Gabby couldn't help but raise an eyebrow at Momo, still trapped in her arms - her feet were not even touching the ground, yet she decided to smile and compliment her rather than attempt escape. Perhaps she knew it was futile already?

"Rápidamente la ocelote salta," Gabby proclaimed as a grin spread across her face, allowing herself a moment of pride in herself for overcoming Momo's agility. And now that she had pounced, it was time to go for the kill. Gabby's body lurched sideways, twirling as her top half fell toward the floor. Her hands took hold of Momo's wrists, while her right leg found its way between Momo's legs. Unless Momo interrupted the shift in grip or found a way to escape, she'd quickly find herself pinned face-up on the floor with Gabby arched over her, her right foot now wrapped behind Momo's right ankle with the left soon doing the same to Momo's left, spreading the smaller girl's limbs as far apart as they could physically go. Gabby would use this submission hold to try to coax Momo to forfeit.

Momo had no time to recover before she found herself pressed against the mat, Gabby's considerable bulk holding her down. With her limbs spread wide apart in a star shape, she struggled to no avail. "Aw, but the show must go on!" she said, glancing at the holographic dial hovering out of her reach.

Music still thrummed from each device on her limbs. Without access to the dial, she had no control over the sound, so she'd simply have to do what she could. Rhythmic, rapid-paced bursts of air pulsed from her hands and feet as she attempted to escape Gabby's grip. Hopefully, if she kept at it, this would give her movements enough force to free at least one hand.

Momo's body began to pulse with vibration beneath Gabriella, causing her feet to begin losing their place around Momo's ankles, and the grip her hands had on the girl's wrists was also being slowly compromised. If she didn't do something quick, Momo would be free. Gabby knew if she failed to capitalize on the upper hand she currently had, there was a good chance she would not win this duel. A sparring match lost wouldn't be the worst thing in the world in the confines of the academy, but in the real world that would be a villain getting away, given the chance to do more harm to others. She couldn't afford to give any less than her all in either situation.

As an opponent, Momo was in many ways her natural predator. Her usual tactics were less than ideal against her, and would be so against any villain with similar abilities. She'd have do to things a little unconventionally, Gabby realized.

"All good things must sometime come to an end," Gabby responded. She straightened her body, allowing it to drop upon Momo. Only a short moment existed between Gabby releasing her hold on the girl and her girth settling onto her. If Momo failed to escape in that one moment, she'd find her face buried in Gabriella's bosom which, while not large proportional to the rest of her body, would still be enough to seal away the smaller girl's access to air. And with the full weight of Gabby's muscular body holding her down, she wouldn't likely be moving anywhere under her own power. Gabby would make sure to leave Momo's arms free, allowing her to tap out.

"Mmmmphhh!" Momo gave a muffled yelp over the music as Gabby used her entire body, not just her hands and feet, to pin her down. Admittedly, this wouldn't be the worst place to be, if not for the fact that she couldn't breathe. She wriggled under her opponent's weight, getting nowhere.

If Gabby expected her to surrender that easily, though, she was wrong. With her arms free, Momo took the opportunity, raising a hand and pushing as hard as she could at the larger girl. While her own physical strength wouldn't accomplish much, she kept up the volley of soundwaves, the blasts thrumming at the solid wall of muscle that was Gabby as she tried to stagger her to the side.
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"Smash Burger's is only like, three blocks away from school. Unless that's too far for you to walk, we can easily get in, get out in like, twenty minutes at most." Peter said plainly, hiding the fact he didn't have his own car. At least, not here. He could drive but the only car he could drive was way back on the east coast. "Cides, we'd have to deal with San Fran traffic if I did drive. No thanks! Been there, done that. I'd take my chances hoofing it than dealing with west coast drivers." Soon Raymond came over saying hi. Peter didn't know him too well, but he was alright. He just waved back. "Sup. Gunna go grab some smash burger, wanna tag along?" He says casually as he heads over towards the school's exit.
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Sana had spent the last few days silently steaming. Being dragged around from one place to another, questioned constantly, and hardly ever allowed to not wear a bulky full-body suit--not unlike a firefighter's outfit, but significantly heavier. It was meant to completely nullify her quirk, keeping the heat and fire she generated very well contained. That also made if exceedingly hot to wear, not helped by the fact that it felt like it weighed more than she did.

As irritable as she was whenever somebody was trying to get information out of her, she was smart enough to never say a word, no matter how much she wanted to tell them to go fuck themselves. The girl just waited out the time until her conviction in silence, holding on to the anger that all the faces she interacted with made her feel, because when she wasn't pissed off, she was slipping into a dark place.

Soon enough, during her conviction, her identity would become public. Yi and her mother would find out. The few friends she still had would too. Dawn, mainly, the only girl from her time brief time at U.J. that she would have called a friend. What would they think?...

Sana was very aware of the warmth on her cheeks as she thought about the girl. It was hard not to be, when there was nothing in the silent cell to distract her. Yi would be really hurt once he found out. Sana wasn't sure about her mom or Dawn, but neither would be happy to find out.

An obnoxious beep brought her mercifully out of her thoughts. She glanced up as the cell was opened, a few armed men swiftly entering the room, bringing with them familiar heavy cuffs. She was being moved again.

Sana stood, allowing them to restrain her and lead her out. As easy as it was to worry about the consequences of her capture, she hadn't given up yet. As far as she knew, nobody in her life had been informed yet about her arrest. She could escape before it came out. Regardless, her mother would find out. The law would look to her to help track Sana down. But Sana could talk to her, to make sure Yi never found out.

The girl's expression hardened as she was pushed out of the cell, her hands weighed down in over-sized handcuffs in front of her.

"Hey, babe, that's quite the getup they've got ya in. Bet ya look a lot better in somethin' tight."

Sana's eyes shifted to look towards the voice, unimpressed. The rest of her body stayed as it was, leaning against the metal partition that separated the vehicle's drivers from the criminals in the back. She gave the man a quick look over, not actually noting anything about him beyond the similar heavy cuffs he wore--she just wanted to make it appear like she was sizing him up before she gave a small snort and returned her gaze to be looking forward, wanting him to feel thoroughly dismissed.

"Ah come on, girlie, I'm jus' sympathizin' with ya! I'm sure ya'd rather be wearin' somethin' else as much as I do."

Sana didn't have to spend any conscious effort to ignore him. He mumbled and turned his attention to somebody more talkative. It was insulting that she was being associated with people like that.

While she quietly wished she could punch him in the face, the sudden noise above and very obvious dent on the roof caused her to perk up a bit.

"Tha' FUCK wazzat?!"

If any more proof was needed that something was up, the vehicle they were in screeched to a halt. Sana's mind began to work, immediately trying to work out how she might be able to escape. Her eyes darted to the back window of the vehicle, just in time to see a hand place something against it. The flirt was still swearing up a storm, voicing his confusion.

"You might want to get away from the back door," she graciously decided to tell the annoyance.

The man glanced back, as did the few other prisoners who hadn't already noticed the device. Realization lit up his dumb face and he quickly scrambled back along with the rest, purposely deciding to press himself against Sana. Even though he had an excuse--not wanting to be injured in an explosion--her brow twitched maddeningly.

"Tha' fuck-- you're hot!"

Sana smirked. "You already made it clear what you think of me. Give it up."

"Wha--? No, I mean you're actually a fucking heater, it's goddamn uncomfortable!"

"I know what you meant," she said, increasing the heat her head was giving off even further and giving him a headbutt against his jaw. He jerked back immediately, his skin red.


"Don't touch me again."

He kept cursing her out as he made as much effort as possible to put distance between each other, pressing against other prisoners instead. Sana was pleased to have her space back as she awaited the inevitable. Her focus shifted back towards the back of the vehicle, ready to take her chance.
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Quinn Leiurus || Anarchy Red


"Weew, that's a fiesta."

Quinn, of course, chuckled at all of the police moving to swarm the transport. Time was of the essence now, but she planned for such a thing. She dug into her big bag of tricks once again. This time, she pulled out dozens of small tennis balls that had been cut in half and resealed and attached to knotted string like some sort of perverted grapevine. With a loud allez hop, she swung the vine with all of the force her arm could muster. The tennis balls flew from their rope restraint with a subtle crack. Quickly, each began to emit a dark black smoke that quickly swallowed the van and the surroundings. Then came act two: actual grenades. What better to halt the advance of mooks than explosives? Though, these weren't exactly death clouds of shrapnel. They were more bright lights and rubber balls.

With some cover made and time bought, she finally detonated the bomb placed on the back of the transport. With a small, directed explosion, it blew the lock eight ways to kingdom come. The doors swung open with considerable force, only for Quinn to swing in.

"Alright lads, I'm only going to say this once so listen," she yelled at them, "go and scatter like roaches."

The mook prisoners, of course, had very little say in the matter. When a big scorpion lady lands on a transport, blows up the door, and yells at you to run, it's pretty implied that you have to do it. The mooks, of course, scattered. They had to. From her big bag, she pulled out a backpack filled to the brim with, well, more explosives. This one was designed to pancake a truck. Hey, it's easy to fake a death when there isn't a single bit of the body remaining.

"And to our lovely space heater, go dip out to the front and run. There's a helicopter ready to grapple you in."
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Erika Sommer VS Yi Helme

Yi looked slightly disapointed when Maple king pointed at him and said he couldn't be alone. But nothing was said other than that, not even when he said he didn't catch his name. He was then paired with Erika. studying her as she walked, He noted her laziness in her walk, could be she was truely lazy. But Yi learned long ago not to judge a person how they appear/ carry themselves. It could be a side effect from her own quirk, or a ploy to lower his guard...or that she was just lazy.

He simply rested his bo-staff on the ground behind him. He only armed himself as he was planning on fighting multiple people. But one on one, as the Maple then stated, he didn't want to have an upperhand. As she turned back towards him and eyed him. She didn't make a move towards him, to which he sighed. He would have preferred for them to make the first move as he liked to watch before acting.

So he decided to move towards her, taking no offensive stance. As if he was walking through the park. When he was close enough he suddenly sprang forward with suprising speed aiming quick jab to the left cheek with the back of his left hand.

By the time her opponent made it in front of her, Erika had her arms crossed, keeping the same bored expression. It actually wasn't so much a bored look as it was an uninterested, impolite way of looking at people, actually. His sudden burst of speed was impressive, but not surprising enough - he did look exactly like the close quarter combat type. His hit never landed, though, as something seemed to have stopped the hit. At the same time, Erika took a few steps back quicker than her usual pace, but still not 'battle fast' .

What stopped the hit was a shadow mass tendril thing that seemed to have sprouted out of nothing. That thing blocking the hit, Erika stepping back and her counter attack all happened in a very short amount of time, mind you, meaning that she at least wasn't just boasting. She had good control of her Quirk, whatever it was. Right in front of her, at her feet, two growing black spots seemed to grow on the ground until two balls of what could only be described as shadow came floating in front of her. She raised both her hands, the balls levitating around her arms.

"Momo stole the spotlight already for any kind of war cry like 'Hey, dodge this!...' or whatever." she sighed "She always steals the spotlight, but whatever. Catch this." One of the two ball suddenly sprung into action and headed straight for the opponent

Yi's eyes opened slightly as his fist was stopped by mist tendril. With an inquisive look, as if he was more interested than annoyed that his attack didn't hit. Yi didn't move when Erika took a few steps back, his eyes never leaving her as he remained focused on her. He shifted only slightly when two balls of shadow rose from the ground, only to prepare himself for the next logical attack.

Erika then went on to say the other girl always steals the spotlight, to which he raised an eyebrow. She then changed up the 'phrase' and sent one of the balls towards him. He twisted slightly, and raised his right arm to bat away the ball just enough to deflect it away from his body. "Why must one yell a 'warcry'? It is a foolish thing. You are litterally giving your opponent notice that you're about to do something."His voice was calm and inquisitive as he quickly moved forward, realizing this ball that he batted away could come back he would take this moment to push her back.

He then attacked her with two punches, first aimed to her face and the second towards her belly. If blocked or hit, it didn't mattter, he would then continue with a swift twist, lifting his right leg and aiming his knee for her side.

Right as Yi was charging her, Erika moved with speed she didn't display up until now; the remaining floating ball went above her head and both her hands joined up inside of it, only to back down in a fighting stance, the shadowy ball seemingly split in two now having 'enhanced' her hands. "I know!" she yelled at no one before managing to dodge the head hit. She blocked the stomahc's hit with both her hands - and surprising strength. Yi would noticed that not only was her block stronger than she should be, but the energy wrapping her hands felt something. It was...heavy, thick.

Despite her best efforts though, Erika failed to notice her opponent's incoming third attack. "Damnit-- !" she spit as she took the hit, jumping away yet again. This time however, the aura spread a bit around her. It took the form of a pinkish semi-transparent mist. "Wow! He's fast AND strong - isn't that totally amazing?!" said a loud voice coking from Erika's location. Erika's eyes rolled to that statement as she mumbled something along the lines of 'Annoying'.

"...Yeah, he's faster than I thought, but doesn't look that smart. Gosh, such a pain...Come on, let's finish this now, Lee. Or whatever your name is..."

With an impressive lack of motivation, Erika raised her arm and a misty tendril launched forth from the mist's mass to to go straight for Yi. It came from the left, hopefully forcing him right - where another tendril was launched along the floor as to be harder to spot. Her hope was to get him in a pincer attack.

Yi only smiled when she managed to block his first two attacks. She was very quick to be able to actually catch those punches. Alot faster than he first saw. She was clearly stronger as well as he could feel her hands did not budge at his attack. Was this because of the quirk covering her hands? Possibly, it did feel thick and heavy, perhaps absorbing the impact of them. Though it could clearly be she was just already enhanced with out it, only using it to cover that fact.

While she jumped back, he moved back as well...hopping a few steps back on the balls of his feet. Suddenly another voice appeared out of nowhere. Completely opposite of the girl who stood infront of him. At first he thought it might be Momo, but it clearly came from Erika's direction. She spoke to the voice and attacked lazily once again. He found it odd she would move so slowly in this attack. He realized her first ball that he dodged hadn't come back. It must be what she was planning! He jumped to the right flatting out his body horizontally and corkscrewed, looking back back to see if the ball was coming towards him. He didn't see it.

Cursing under his breath he landed, lookingforwad just to see another tendril coming towards him, and knocking his feet out from under him. He grunted as he twisted again, using the momentum of his feet now knocked behind him to use in a somersalt roll towards Erika. A smirk on his face, as he wasn't at all irritated she outsmarted him. It only spurred him on to try even harder.

As he rolled to his feet. He sprang forward even more launching a punch for her face with is right hand. However he aimed just left of her face, not wanting to even punch her. He stiffened his arm to prepare for a swiping block if she did. His true goal was to get his left leg behind her own, then to grab her shoulder with his arm that he 'missed with' and push her to her left, using his leg to trip her. Leaving his body open but prepared for any body hits befor then.

The smirk on her opponent's face removed any smile from Erika's.

"Damnit." she thought when Yi was backing off for a moment. "This guy feels nothing... no anger when he got hit or outsmarted. So damn annoying...

"Eyes up, here he comes!" The voice answered out loud to her thoughts. She would be annoyed, but he was right - Yi was on the offense again. She evaded the first punch with ease...or so she thought. Before she could get back to safety or say any witty comment, she spotted his leg going behind hers and it was too late to block it; she's been feinted. "Ahh!"

Her body tipped over and, with the force of Yi's push, hit the ground with a great thud.

Yi's body seemed to be joined with Erika's as he twisted with her and fell to his left knee. His calf and thigh pinning Erika's leg between them as he followed up with a left handed Jab aimed at the girl's temple. Erika raised her hands mid punch. "Stop!" Erika spat just before Yi's fist stopped a mere inch from her left temple. "I forfeit, alright? You win...". He held it there for only a moment before allowing his soft smile to come up again. He stood up, twisting as he did to unlock her leg. I appreciate the match. He said calmly as he bowed his head to her in respect.

He then offered a hand to the girl, wanting to help her up. I admit you tricked me with the first ball you sent and never used again. I thought for sure you were going to bring it back at that moment."

Erika looked up and crisped internally at Yi's smile, looking away and denying his help. However, the pinkish mist - which earlier felt as if it was tangible - actually grabbed it. The mist was still lingering around Erika, kind of like an aura that englobed her body and anything close to it; which included Yi's outstreched hand. It felt as if the mist suddenly tightened around his hand and, gradually, a form started appearing. From Yi's hand going upwards, the mist took the form of what looked like a torso with two arms, the rough shape of a head area with two bigs eyes and a wide smile. The entity looked like something out of a halloween decoration store, kind of like one of those ghosts with those pointy teeth - but pink in colour. It was floating above Erika, she ebing where it's legs would be.

Happy Dusk, the name of Erika'sq quirk, shook Yi's vigorously with both of it's hands. "Nice battle, mister no-smile. You truly fight with guile! Pow, Bing and ding, you gave her a good whopping, Hahaha!" The entity bursted out laughing, finally letting go of Yi's hand and mimicking as if it was holding it's non-existent stomach.

Erika quickly stood back, cursing at the pink cloud and waving both her arms around as if trying to disperse smoke. "That's enough! Ok, leave now, please!" Happy Dusk looked around some more before it'S face disappeared back into the mist, then the mist dispersed entirely as Erika turned off her Quirk and turned to Yi, visibly bothered. "You didn't even use a quirk to defeat me, did you? Geez...You really were a pain from start to finish. Next time, though, we'll see if you can pull it off again." she said before walking back towards her friend Alex and their teacher.
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Dawn was glad Chloe agreed with her in the aspect of wanting a car. But didn’t say anything. She did find it odd that she still thought that Dawn thought peter ment her ‘ill will’ She shook her head just barely, as if it was just to shift the hair from her eyes. “I know he doesn’t mean...ill will... she whispered awkwardly.

Peter then spoke up saying it was only three blocks away. A grimace twisted her lips at the mention of walking and especially the amount of time walking.. She hated walking. Like, those people who went on hikes for…’fun’ must seriously have a mental problem.

Peter then added he didn’t want to deal with the traffic. But it was like...three blocks. Her nose twitched. Something was fishy here...that and added to the fact that most boys who have cars like to ‘show them off.’ Like the giant in the tiny antique sports car. But before she could turn the screws on the boy she felt someone touch her shoulder...she knew Peter wasn’t THAT close.

She looked over her own shoulder with an inquisitive look, only to be met with a chest. A big one. Her own blue eyes ran up from there to meet the new boy’s mysterious amber eyes. She blinked a few times, ”Despite having the threat to walk three blocks for a burger cause pebbles doesn’t want to drive, I guess I’m doing better... She said with a smile so small it looked like a twitch of her cheek, and was gone in an instant. She glanced at Peter for a moment, she said this for a purpose, to see if this guy knew enough if he truly had a car or not. Specially if you tag along. Eye candy.” She thought to herself.

Which could be a possibility as Peter asked if he wanted to come. This brightened her mood for a moment, if she could have eye candy and food? It would make the experience more tolerable. Chloe spoke up, asking if they knew each other. ”Nnnnope. Don’t know him. But If can save us from the cheesy lines coming from pebbles, I'll forgive the rudeness this one time. ” She chuckled with a mischievous smile.

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And so the prison break was afoot.

Dean nodded silently as he received his instructions in the helicopter. When Quinn had asked about how attached he was to the birds he controlled, he knew that there would be some heavy causalities. It would be quick and painless for the fallen, though, and they were doing it for a just cause. Better than breaking a wing and starving to death, he supposed. He was glad that he didn't bring any of his ravens along for this, he couldn't risk getting any of them caught up in the madness that was to follow. He probably wouldn't even need to use all the birds. The cops wouldn't be expecting anything. They would be taken totally off guard, and there were enough villains present to totally overwhelm them. Nothing should go wrong.

The helicopter hovered over the whole convoy, and the kamikaze cavalry that had been flying close to them the whole journey descended for their final mission. There were a good number of escorts - they were guarding a pretty important cargo, after all. The birds were small, so the escorts probably wouldn't even notice them. One flew up next to a cop on a bike, and then. Bang. Everything kicked off from there. The escorts had been completely surrounded, and explosions were going off left right and centre. Most of the escorts had absolutely no idea what was going on, meaning the plan had worked perfectly. Quinn soon dropped down from the helicopter to do her part, and Dean stayed above to guide the rest of the birds. A few officers who had escaped the blasting began to corner Quinn - but others still peeled off to respond to another noise.

Everything was going just fine. And to make things even better, Corvus noticed a few birds who once had explosives flying off unscathed together. However the hell that happened, he didn't know, but it was still nice. Soon the bus was enveloped in a blanket of thick black smoke. Was there a role for Dean now? It seemed like the plan was drawing to a close. The police just looked confused, laughably incompetent. Criminals poured out of the smoke, heading away from the police. He may as well help them. A cop who tried to chase after one of the prisoners was met with a group of pigeons who distracted him, allowing the prisoner to escape into the dense patch of trees beside the road. He continued to do this for a while, toying with the cops while he waited for the helicopter to move and wrap the mission up.
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Eira Winters ❄ Antartica

Eira tapped her fingers on her lap, processing what Judith had said. Then she began to tap faster, glancing around the car that allegedly belonged to Damien. She considered all sorts of things - what she was going to have for dinner, if she could afford to buy that skirt she liked and, more importantly, what the hell she was doing. Going on an impromptu investigation into something way out of her depth with some other high schoolers. One of which had a 'soft and lovable' friend, which probably meant that whoever it was happened to be neither of the two.

She was not nervous. So not nervous that her hand started to reach across the door, fitting neatly into the handle as she seriously began to question her life decisions. After some deliberation, she pressed it and the door opened with a click. Eira spared a glance at her companions as she began to slide out of the vehicle.

"...Maybe not," she said. "Y'know, this kinda thing isn't my style. Tell me if you find anything." She stood up, brushing the skirt of her uniform. "Later." Then she left, without giving either of them a chance to convince her otherwise. After all, shady detective work wasn't what she did. But she was definitely not afraid of skipping classes at all.

With her newfound freedom, she left, intending to just walk back to school and get some work done or whatever was the best method of wasting time. But as she made her way back, she noticed a few people all chatting outside of the parking lot - from who she could see, some of her classmates were in the group. Just ignore them, do not make eye contact. Easy.

As she walked past, she heard one of them (Peter, was it?) speak up. "Sup. Gunna go grab some smash burger, wanna tag along?" Eira stopped, turning to look at the group, before realising in a moment of horror that he was not talking to her in the slightest. She froze, unsure of what to do, listening as the conversation continued slightly. It would be weird now if she just kept on going, right? So she should say something.

"You're... getting burgers," she said slowly. Absolutely nailed it.
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Shortly after tapping on the girls shoulder, a girl with a pattern of speech equally as unique as her appearance quickly swept in, she seemed to be rather excited. She asked if she knew them and whether or not he wanted to come join them to eat, she finished off with saying that if no was the answer to both questions then what he did was rather rude. Shortly after, Peter came in to clarify that they were going to get smash burger and whether or not if he wanted to come.

Raymond was caught off guard by everything, before he could reply the girl snapped out of her trance and their eyes met briefly. A blind man could tell that this girl was attractive, her eyes were a nice deep blue color and were easy to get lost in. She complained about having to walk 3 blocks but ultimately she was fine. Raymond let out a smirk as they broke eye contact, placing his hands in the pockets of his blazer. She was a girl that knew she was attractive, and someone who he’d have to be alert about. Not that confidence is a bad thing, in fact it’s quite the opposite.

The pretty eyes girl answered the question that was proposed, whether they knew each stating that she didn’t know him. She ended off with saying she’d forgive the rudeness it she could save them from Pebbles corny lines in which Raymond turned to Peter and chuckled.

“If I am going to make makeup for my rudeness, I really don't have a choice” He followed them after her as they began walking, “I’ll even pay for your food to make things right.” As they began to walk, Raymond notice Eira walking up asking if they were going to get hamburgers. He turned his head to the side trying to stifle a grin, it was unlike her to be so docile. She was usually busy going off on people but for her to want to join in on a social activity was rather interesting.

"How cute"

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"Oh my how serendipitous!" Another friend to join us on our quest to end our famine. Per chance of fate? No this must have been destiny!"
Lowering her voice so only Dawn could hear she muttered, "Not to mention our indulgence will be paid by love struck men ah-aha". Turning her her to quickly see all the auras around her Chloe continued, "Now then, let us no longer dally here with our stomachs cheering for sustenance, let us move onward!"

The walk was actually rather enjoyable and the time flew by, Chloe enjoyed the walk, linked arms with Dawn giggling about various things.
Once they had arrived, Chloes nose began to become overwhelmed by different smells. Meats, Spices and several strong cheeses. Her third eye was becoming overwhelmed by the mass of auras within the area.

This small section of the Earth was already so vastly different to her old home. Chloe came from a life of silence and patience. The food she would dine on never smelled rich of any kind, it was more of something akin to nutrients with no real flavour or discernible taste. Not to mention the vibrant and busy nature of the restaurant.

"Oh my it's quite a robust environment is it not? I could get lost in the crowd here." Chloe giggled, letting go of Dawns arm she cheerfully ran towards the entrance... Roughly. "Quick everyone! I'm so excited!"
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