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The gym leaders/contest judges and other NPC's:

These are all my OC's, and I will play them when needed. Some NPC's can only be found at a certain location, others roam freely over the islands and may pop up when needed.

Gym leaders/Contest judges:
* Ground gym: Henri Tenson (on Rhando, in Mesperit City)
* Water gym: Alana Landrieu (on Ornitan, in the port village Watersleat)
* Fire gym: Liah McLean (on Resto, in the mountains)
* Flying gym: Blake Johnson (on Indelgy, in Hilltop - a village located in the center of the island)

Other NPC's:
* Professor Maple: a middle-aged woman and the head of the research facility in Lilan Town.
* Thomas Redcliff: an old man living in the forest of Rhando Island, just outside Mesperit City. No-one knows much about him, but he seems to keep several Pokémon at his house. He's often seen with a Houndoom by his side.
* Charlie Johnson: father of Blake, the owner of a general store on Evoru island with his wife Naomi and expert on the Cyndaquil colony.
* Andy Bansing: the most handsome and talented researcher anyone has ever seen! An adult male who travels across the islands for research (or so he claims)
* Roark Clarckson: A scientist who feels greatly misunderstood and enjoys doing experiments.
* Jolin Kaldara: the head of the Pokémon Rangers HQ on Evoru.

Nurse Joy is not a npc just for the owner of the RP, everyone is free to interact with the nurses in the Pokémon Centers at their own.

More information will be added and other NPC will be created when needed!
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Username: CitrusArms
Name: Regan Hiryuu
Age: 25
Native or visitor: Visitor
Pokémon (max 3): Lapras, Staraptor, Poliwhirl
Personality: Independent, Just
Background: Regan comes from a recently discovered region. The people the had been living independently of the Pokemon Association for some time, coexisting peacefully with the Pokemon there. Their unique symbiosis from that time, before the Association, persisted in various traditions passed down in each town. Regan's hometown came to house a Fighting-Type gym, homage to the Fighting-type Pokemon they lived and trained alongside.
As a youth, Regan left her town at a young age to try her hand at this new challenge the Association had brought with it: The League. A professor gave her a Torchic to start her journey, and off she went. Various trials beset her on her way, but that's all history. After her second attempt at the League, she retired from training to join the Rangers, having seen her fair share of trouble on the roads. She knew travelers would need help at times, and she had the power to offer it.
Other: She's quite the martial artist. She's taught her Poliwhirl and Staraptor several fighting-type moves, and she used to train alongside her fighting-types, when she had them. She has two pokeballs on her belt, and her Staraptor usually follows her around from the sky, or he'll roost nearby.
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Username: Salenea
Name: Sarah Whitecliff
Age: 20
Native or visitor: native

Appearance: Sarah has long red hair, usually tied in a ponytail, and deep blue eyes. Sarah is about 5ft tall and weighs 88lbs. She wears practical travel clothes. Green long sleeved shirt, brown trousers and sturdy brown half boots. Sarah has a black cape with hood she puts on when it gets chilly or rainy. She has a backpack that seems too big for her small and slender posture and a waist bag.

Pokémon (max 3): Bulbasaur, Girafarig and Abra

Personality: Sarah is very serious and down to earth around other people and will always have her guard up. Eventhough she is not shy she will not likely engage in conversation and prefers to observe rather then to contribute in conversations. Sarah has little patient with folly and can be curt. To pokemon she is very open, friendly and caring

Background: Sarah has lived with her parents and younger brother Gabe on Rhando Island in Lilan Town all her life. She went to the academy there and when she was 16 she left the Rorie Islands for a while to see a little bit of the world and escort her brother to the Unova region before coming back to start her professional education as Pokemon Researcher. Sarah had Girafarig with her all through the academy, she got the egg from her parents and hatched her in the first year, she got her Bulbasaur from Professor Oak and she caught her Abra in Kanto.

Other: Sarah loves to read and is in a bookclub. She plays the recorder very well but she won't if there are people nearby. Sarah has started her second year at the academy. This year she is doing several projects.
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Username: Cio

Name: "Lorie" (short of Lorraine)

Age: 19

Native or visitor: Visitor from Virbank City, Unova


Lorie has a tan complexion and bushy eyebrows that match the plum colour of her curly hair. Lorie's eyes are the most vibrant shade of teal, surrounded by heavy eyelashes and a foul expression. Her nose has a slight downward curve to it and her lips are often pressed into a fine pout. Lorie wears a worn, black baseball jacket that has a hood. Underneath she wears a crop top, worn jeans and a pair of mismatched sneakers. On her other shoulder Lorie carries a backpack that matches the washed out colour scheme of the rest of her clothes.


Lorie comes off as closed off and rude. She uses aggression as a shield and is used to handling conflicts in battle rather than a conversation. The girl has an exceptionally strong will and she's quite resourceful too, but unfortunately her poor social skills prove a stumbling point on her path more often than not. Despite her crude nature, Lorie's first instinct isn't to punch, but to evade. The socially awkward girl only relies on fists if that's her last resort, and when civil conversation isn't an option, it often ends up being the only course of action to take.
That said, Lorie isn't intentionally mean. Or rather, she doesn't want to be, even though she seems to always be on the defensive. The girl has found that only few people in the world are truly trustworthy, so she usually steers clear from making friends, perhaps out of the fear of getting herself hurt.
The softest you'll ever see Lorie is when she's with her travelling companions and trusted friends - her pokemon. She's no softie, but there is a clear difference in how she acts when she doesn't constantly have her guard up. Besides, under that stubborn shell is someone who has a lot of emotional growing up to do. Perhaps in a different world, Lorie wouldn't have grown up into a bitter, resentful young adult but a confident, friendly person with a love for adventure. Circumstances are what brought her up, though, so the way to get to her natural side is to observe the way she interacts with pokemon rather than people.

Lorie doesn't know who her real parents were. She used to wonder - fantasize even - about them though, all the way back when she was still living in the orphanage of Unova's Virbank City: the city more commonly known as the "city of falling fog and rising stars". The most home the girl ever had were the graffiti-clad, gray steets of her town. She lived day to day with the Virbank Complex as her playground, evading the industrial complex workers and pretending they were friends she was playing tag with. The young Lorie never quite got along with her fellow children in the orphanage, so she grew up extremely lonely, her dreams slowly dying off as she realised her parents had probably abandoned her and left her to grow up in a place where the streets were filled with aspiring but failed artists. This is also why she spent most of her time outside regardless of the season, often even attempting at a foolhearted escape, only to be shortly returned for the sake of her own safety.
One winter was espeically cold. This was when Lorie first met her companion, Sneasel. Lorie caught the pokemon trying to steal the meal of an industrial worker, only to bail it out when it failed. Seeing a fellow underdog with a feisty spirit, Lorie quickly became acquaintances with the wild Sneasel. Years of friendship and mischief together, Sneasel and Lorie became partners in crime and adventure. When the time came that Lorie decided to embark a new adventure to gain success and a wealthy life on her own, Sneasel wished to tag along.
Finally running away for good, Lorie and Sneasel left a final "screw you" at the city that had brought them up, continuing on a new adventure full of stealing, surviving, and companionship.
Later on Lorie and Sneasel got a new member on their team, as a fully grown - and rather friendly - Scolipede crossed their path. The new team member was especially useful, since now they didn't have to do all their travelling on foot, but mounted on the jolly and fast Scolipede.

Lorie is kind of a wanderer, so she and her team are just travelling without an aim. Lorie gains most her money through stealing and pokemon battles, so she has money to keep travelling. Now she's ended up in the Rorie islands, no doubt looking for a way to get more successful and earn some cash.
Lorie has a love for food, especially all sorts of baked goods.
Since she never became "officially" a pokemon trainer, Lorie never recieved a pokedex or any of those handy tools. She has a handful of pokeballs, regular potions and other supplies, but nothing fancy. She does keep track of what pokemon she has met, though - with good ol' pen and paper, of course.
Lorie's Sneasel is very protective of Lorie, and vice versa.
Lorie has a soft spot for orphans.

Character form:
Username: Cio
Name: Toshi
Age: 17
Native or visitor: Visitor from Goldenrod City, Johto

Toshi is a boy with a bright smile and a messy leaf green head of hair. He has soft facial features and a slim build. Toshi's brown, round eyes are paired with a button nose dusted with freckles. He is very fashion-forward and likes to match with his pokemon.

Toshi is an optimist with a young heart and a head full of dreams. He is very ambitious, but kind and caring. He is an ambrivert, easily slipping into social chatter but feeling content when alone with his pokemon. Although Toshi is very encouraging, he is also a bit too much of a romantic, thinking everything will go in his ideal ways. The green haired trainer often thinks everyone wants to make friends, and doesn't stop to consider that maybe he is just a tad naive. Someone could describe Toshi as "girly" from the way he dresses and behaves, but this has never been something he has been ashamed of. In the end, Toshi is quite down to earth.

Toshi grew up in Goldenrod City, Johto. He had quite an ordinary childhood, normal parents and three older siblings. Toshi was never into pokemon battling, but he loved pokemon and admired their display of skill. From a young age he has wanted to become a pokemon coordinator despite all of his siblings aiming to become gym leaders.
Toshi gained his first pokemon friend at a young age. He'd always been quite the nature's child, exploring and wandering off here and there around the Johto region, to her parents' horror. When Toshi was six years old, he got lost in the Dark Cave - a pitch black cave in Johto. There he fell and scraped his knee in the dark, beginning to cry in panic as he realised he didn't know the way out. His saviour turned out to be none other than a Dunsparce living in the cave. Toshi had happened to wake the poor thing up with his crying, and the kind yet relaxed Dunsparce calmed Toshi down, guiding him out of the cave. As they exited, Toshi noticed this Dunsparce wasn't the colour he'd seen in his pokemon academy books, and the two became good friends for years to come.
Toshi made his way to Rorie islands after he won in a raffle and got tickets to a vacation there. Along the way to Rorie island, Toshi's party grew with one as he caught a Mantine during his travel across the sea. The Mantine, however, seems to not like Toshi very much, and doesn't really listen to his instructions.

Other: Toshi is an aspiring pokemon coordinator. His dream is to travel to Hoenn or Sinnoh to become the best pokemon coordinator.
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Character form:
Username: JrVader
Name: Lucian Tucker
Age: 17
Native or visitor: He is a visitor looking for residency, he moved from the Kalos region to "escape" his family
Appearance: Lucian Tucker
Pokémon (max 3):
Personality: Lucian is a timid young boy, who has his head in the skies. Most of the time, he could be seen doing something artsy (whether it be theater, writing, or just drawing) on the plains of Rhando Island. He absolutely loves his two pokemon, and sometimes refuses fights because he is scared they might get hurt.
Background: Lucian was born into a wealthy family from the Kalos region. His estate was large and the family's ego was larger. The Tucker family were avid in using pokemon in the workforce, no matter the means. Lucian always sympathized with the pokemon, leading to his family straight up out casting him at times. Unlike his hot headed and prideful sister (who was to be the head of the family estate and company), Lucian was timid and bashful. Once he turned seventeen, he decided he had enough. He brought his two pokemon (that he captured in secret) and set off to the world.
Other: Lucian absolutely loves his Umbreon and Gardevoir, seeing them as friends of his
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Username: JrVader
Name: Alexandra Tucker
Age: 19
Native or visitor: Visitor from the Kalos Region
Appearance: She looks Just like Lucian, being his sister. She has the same grey hair and red eyes, but instead of having her hair short and wearing a cap, she has it flowing down to her ankles. Alexandra usually wears a red shirt bearing the Tucker family crest, a red and black striped skirt, and sandals.
Pokémon (max 3):
Personality: She is very much an entitled prick. She acts like she is higher than everyone else and is very prideful of her family name. If you even somehow disgrace it, she will challenge you to a Pokemon battle.
Background: Alexandra Tucker was born with a silver spoon in her hand. Her parents knew she was destined for greatness. Since she was the eldest, it was her destiny to become the head of the Tucker estate and company. That kind of power got to her head and inflated her ego. She loves Pokemon, and always strives to be the most powerful Pokemon trainer in her family. But the Pokemon sensed her ego and power hunger, and tend to stray away from her (She only has her two Pokemon becuase she got them at birth). Because of this, she was always envious of Lucian, who got along with Pokemon as if he was one. So, Alexandra treated Lucian like crap. Always belittling him. Once Lucian disappeared, his parents worried, like any parent would, but his sister did not. She saw him as another obstacle out of the way.
Other: She is out looking for Lucian on her parents orders, that's it.
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