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@Anza@hatakekuro@Sanguine Rose

On this fine morning in Crocus, a peculiar man was getting ready to exercise.......by chucking a machine through a guild's window. You see, Avedis doesn't like direct contact with other people so he prefers to send his items through unconventional means. In his tracksuit on a nearby rooftop, Avedis readied his aim and launched the ANP straight through the guild window and into the main lobby, now Avedis had to get the fuck out of Crocus lest Torys turn his face into a canoe full of ground hamburger meat for breaking her window. The ANP, however, had landed into the main hall, right next to a white-haired man who seemed to be exhausted from working so much. Always the generous machine, he offered the white-haired Man a drink, "Hello sir, would you like some Abernerra brand Iced Tea?". When The ANP saw other people who looked like they could use a drink or a snack, it went past its usual procedure of waiting for a response and simply created the drink from thin air.

The curious little machine then walked over to a female mage and a black-haired mage with golden eyes, their conversation seemed to be escalating so he was going to try and deescalate it, with a friendly drink. He turned the little dial on the left side on his body where his heart should be and went from normal to the fine setting. He put out his right hand and suddenly two cocktails appear, "Would any of you took like an alcoholic beverage? Abernerra brand alcohal is famous across all of Ishgar you know, and it's stop quality too!" . The curious machine handed one to the mage who appeared to be a rather unattractive looking female, and another to the mage would black hair and golden eyes. He saw a flier in the black-haired mages hand and jumped up to read the piece of paper in the mages hand. It said something about escorting an ANP made by someone called Avedis, wait, he was the ANP, and his master was Avedis! Guys, I'm the one from the mission, you guys are escorting me!"
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Era University

An infighting between the Student Government and its Professors occured in the latest election. A huge vacuum in power since the last coup d'é·tat had left both sides without a leader, the Magic Council had no power to intervene because of the Dean, Harvard Fernandes' signature of absolute autonomy. The rest of the University Belt in the school district aren't affected by Era University's shenanigans.

Era University once again becometh a warzone, no man's land, albeit the Netherworld. Zana Fernandes, the younger sister of the 5th Wizard Saint, Harvard, once more has returned to power as the Student Government's Scholarlord with her cohorts — devoted to her cause. Many assumed that Harvard's actions of turning himself in, at the hands of the Student Government's random was out of love for his sister. Others have assumed other things, such as his dark ancestry dated back to Jellal Fernandes and probably plotting evil in the midst of the revolt.

Who knows...

The once incarcerated detention Scholarlord was clad in red for she have painted Era in red. Zana delivered her lackeys to capture those who oppose her regime and show them superiority against those who oppose her. "My brethren. It has been said that I am a fascist...no I am not. I do not hate the weak, there is value in weakness for they will rise. I hate the adults who refuted us better education, I stand before you today at this very auditorium stage to declare that this revolution ain't for nothing. The school is ours and the rest of the University Belt will be ours! We will colonize the rest of the schools and spread our wisdom!"

A thunderous applause and scream rose in her wake. As the Student Government's Emissary — Giselle Kaiser — Ice Mage|Winter Dress couldn't stomach the return of corruption in her beloved school. The Ice Mage petrified in terror yet had no choice but to serve her moniker. "I'm glad you haven't changed loyalty Lady Gospel."Student Government Chevalier Kai Haul — Enchanter|Enchantment said in a raspy voice through his plague doctor mask.

"I can say the same to you, Kai." Giselle said.

Kai declares. "The School District is sick, they need to be educated. All of us are sick and need a cure, Scholarlord Zana is the cure to educate us." The Emissary rank in Era serves as the Scholarlord's right hand, logistics and second in command, the Chevalier is the student Government's scheduler of periods.

"You guys are the one to talk, I sure hope those Fenixtear fools don't send that stripper and that Dragon bitch again! I swear they stole Kai's thunder!" Messenger — Ramiel Dreyar — Thunder Dragon Slayer

"Do not test Master Kai's patience, Master Dreyar. There will be blood in money." Student Government Treasurer — Hama Bloomfield

Kai roasted Ramiel. "You lost to a guy who can take over, he's not the First Ranked Wizard Saint. He just happened to look like him. Is the Thunder Palace ready?"

Ramiel chuckled. Kai instantly grabbed his collar.

"You mean it's not yet ready? Jeez Ram. Get your shit straight for once or I'm gonna have to kill you!"

Zana came to them as she finished her speech. "Don't fight before my sight, mongrels. It's alright, I am sure Fenixtear has received my big brother's quest and we came prepared this time. I've been looking forward to thrash Liliana. I see to it that the floodgates will destroy her!"
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Holly could not help but eye perhaps the worst addition to the Guild as he made his way into the guild. Kaden was not the worst in terms of his magic, but in terms of his attitude. She despised the cockiness he presented, as well as just how generally rude she observed him to be. She took private joys in her victories over him however, such as the fact that she had managed to snag an S-Rank quest before he had managed to saunter his way into the Guild for the day. If she had not been wearing her helmet, she would have stuck her tongue out at him. Alas, that was impossible, and she refused to let her distaste for the man show - her helmet helped with that.

Zenith's smirk helped with that too, bringing a touch of a smile on her face. Holly was very glad that he agreed to joining her on the job, and was about to say something when Gwen, thankfully with clothes on, joined them. "Three's a team," Holly says, though privately she would have enjoyed the team being just herself and Zenith. Holly didn't shift from her position beside Zenith, instead bringing the flier back in front of her so that she could read over it again and discuss it with the pair that were going to be going with her. "Well, if the spirits have suddenly popped up behind the village, something had to have happened for them to move in. If they had been there the whole time, I doubt the village would have been put there in the first place. We might just get the answer from talking to the villagers right from the beginning. I especially want to know what happened to their local wizards."
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The sudden sensation of someone grabbing his shoulder quickly had him turn towards who it was. The face he found was someone new to the guild, as he had yet to talk to this individual before now. However, Asher had a hunch on who he was, as rumors tend to spread quickly around. This must be that new S Class mage who’s been making the rounds… especially amongst the local female populace, if what he had heard is true. Whatever the case may be, the guy was now shoving the quest with the A.N.P. into his face and saying that he’s going with him. But it was when he then followed up by inviting Lavinia with them that he could feel his eyebrow twitch.

His mind thinks back to the… apology letter? If one could call that. Hell, she even had to throw in a bit of a threat there towards the end! Asher remembers the groin guard that came with it as a “peace” offering. Naturally, he immediately tossed it away into a chest. He didn’t trust it, nor her.

As Asher was about to speak up to the new guy, a strange new voice pops up near them. It takes him a second, but Asher finds the source as he looks down and spots a little machine with two drinks in its hand. When the small construct then states that it’s the ANP from the mission paper, he found himself even more fascinated by the little marvel. Curiosity peaked, he found himself squatting down and taking in the details of it. Far as he could tell, it was quite well constructed and moved with fair ease. “Absolutely fascinating…” he speaks out, his eyes gleaming with interest as he rubs his chin in thought on how one could build something like this. Not only that, but it’s ability to seemingly bring out a drink from nothing. “By chance… what else can you make, er… ANP? Could you make something like say, coffee?” He asks the little machine.
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Alina listened to Jasper with an amused look about her. A bit of a scaredy-cat huh? Even someone like Alina could find the humor in the irony. Though it was entirely justifiable when looking at it from the eyes of a young 'boy', strange people shooting off strange and powerful magic. If one didn't come from certain backgrounds, then the blatant use of magic like this would be startling. Even Alina couldn't really think of anywhere quite like Fenixtear with all of its oddities and equally odd individuals within. Fascinating really how Torys managed to gather this band of misfits, even more complexing how it worked. At the mention of Lilliana, the mage took a moment to quickly shift through all the guild-members she knew. That was the girl with the mask, wasn't it? Another one that intrigued Alina, but then again just about everyone here had some exaggerated, interesting personality that Alina could use one way or the other.

After a moment, Alina just leaned back, sighing as she shook her head. "There's not much to fear here, I'm sure they must have confidence in their magic if they're slinging it around like that. I'm sure you'll be fine regardless, they wouldn't want to harm a cutie like you." Looking back at Jasper with a gentle smile, she reached into her pocket and pulled out a couple of different items. One was a pen, the second was a journal and the third was a bag of assorted sweets. After what looked like a quick scribble into her journal, she opened up the bag of sweets and popped one in her mouth before offering it to Jasper.

"Have a few, tell me about yourself Ummm...." Pausing deliberately to give him the chance to introduce himself, after all she knew his name already but this was all part of the act, Alina sighed again. "Oh right, I should've introduced myself before asking. Where are my manners? Do forgive me, my name is Alina Bloomfield, I'm new here and I assume you are as well."
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She continued looking over the calling card in her hand as she turned back into the alley, lost in thought as she instinctively returned to the guild. Grasidia's concentration was only broken by the sound of shattering glass, causing her to redirect her gaze forward but she just missed the action. All she could tell was that something broke one of the front windows to the guild hall. In the past this had literally never happened, but in the last few weeks it has happened a couple times so while it did startle her it posed no real concern. Surely nobody would be attacking a guild hall full of mages in the most populated city in the country. She approached the broken window, making sure to hide the Black Curtain card by slipping it underneath her left forearm sleeve. Peering through the glass she saw a strange device had been thrown into the hall and it appeared oddly sentient, already on its feet and walking towards her guildmates.

With a sigh she continued past the window towards the door. I will think on this later, she ultimately decided on her issue, regaining her resolve and entering the guild hall. She could see that most everyone was present, or at least everyone she vaguely knew. But oddly enough at the same time Grasidia had came in from the front door the guild master, Torys, appeared behind the bar counter. In her childlike form she was only a head and shoulders taller than the counter, an amusing sight for the uninitiated for sure, but her appearance may have surprised Marduk as he surely believed he was the only one behind the counter. "We'll be charging Avedis double for this," she pouted, announcing her presence. "He didn't even wait for anyone to accept the quest before damaging my property." It was at this point that Luke had stepped forward with a quest in-hand, requesting permission to take it. Torys leaned against the counter to get a closer look at the paper, squinting her eyes to help read it over, before nodding in approval. "It looks like you'll need a few friends for this one, but I believe you can do it."

Grasidia briefly contemplated telling Torys about her situation but quickly discarded the thought. It would just be another avenue of danger. Instead she made her way towards her favorite table. It was her favorite because she found one particular chair at it to be the most comfortable to her, and when the guild was smaller it didn't often have anyone else sitting around it. But today, and recently for that matter, there was a small group of mages she has yet to memorize the names of drinking and making merry at it. And one of them was sitting in her favorite seat. The tall woman approached from behind, an emotionless and intimidating stare burrowing into the back of the young mage's head. His friends soon noticed her hovering over him and grew nervous. Even the new guys all knew who Grasidia was. One of the S-class mages that fought the dragon. They all became riddled with anxiety, expecting someone like her to perhaps treat them in the way Lavinia might.

"Excuse me," Grasidia started, though she couldn't quite put to words what she wanted to say further. To the young men in front of her they didn't interpret this as a pause of deliberation, but instead of intimidation. "Oh, sorry, I didn't realize this was your spot, Grasidia," the mage panicked, practically jumping out of his seat along with his friends. "I'll be out of your way!" It was a classic misunderstanding where the unknowing interpreted Grasidia's silence for anger rather than awkwardness, but it worked to her advantage as now the whole table was hers. She shrugged and took her seat before scanning the room. One of the newer mages, Alina she believed, was harassing the cat-boy Jasper. Grasidia quickly found herself fond of the cat, perhaps because he wasn't a human despite appearances and thus her programming allowed it. But with so many people here it would be difficult for her to approach so she made a mental note to try and catch Jasper alone later. The new S-class mage was recruiting Lavinia to escort the strange, talking machine that destroyed the window earlier. Holly, Zenith, and Gwen seemed to be gathering for a quest as well. In general it all seemed busy. Perhaps I should take on a quest as well before I no longer have the choice...
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✡ "This is much better than that stuffy old circus!" ✡

✡ Time: Morning ✡ Location: Crocus - Fenixtear Guildhall ✡ Interaction: Ollivander Pottle, Lém (Bee), Grasidia ✡

By morning, the Pottle's (less Bebe naturally) were up and busying about within the innards of the Green Man monolith. Ollivander had slipped into Bebe's room and re-retrieved the envelope with the donations for Fenixtear. It appeared he hadn't fully trusted Bebe to deliver it after all. 18 years old or not, sometimes she still behaved like a flighty child. Bee was busy stuffing his pocket with something stolen from Ollivander's study. The old star merchant hardly noticed. After the umpteenth call from her grandfather and Bee's squawaking in her ear, she finally rose refreshed and ready to take the day!

As she exited the The Green Man, she felt the world beneath her feet and the sunlight seeping deep into her bones. The birds chirped. The wind blew. And Bebe cooed, her braided pigtails flapping about as she ran out into the windy mountainside greenlands. The outer walls of Crocus towered over her in the near distance as she heard a queer swirling popping sound behind her and the remnants of the colossal green man twisting into nothingness. Ollivander shuffled near, patting at his peculiar overcoat, Bee trailing behind him, his face buried in some kind of ethernano-fueled gaming device.

She held her arms out wide, catching the heat waves and peered at the sun through splayed fingers.

"Let us be on our way." Ollivander commanded cooly and she quickly caught up. Bee murmured something like ok, though remained in step with them like a trained puppy.

Bebe looked to her grandfather as they passed through the city gates and suddenly frowned, "You know, I feel completely robbed..." she began, waiting for Ollivander to prompt her to continue. He pursed his lips and looked down at her like a librarian, "My dear, you must elaborate if I am to provide you with substantial feedback."

"Well, since you asked and I've been wanting to get this off my chest..." she continued, instinctively pulling Bee out of the path of a speedy carriage as if it were second nature. Neither of them acknowledged the close call and simply continued forth with what they were doing, Bee with his gaming (he didn't even look up) and she with her morning grievances, "I spent 18 years living in the Star Circus. My entire life spent locked inside those gilded gates like some kind of caged bird. Just from what little I've seen..." she looked out at the hustle and bustle of the city streets and at the birds that flew freely overhead and her eyes sparkled, "...this is a strange and wonderful world and If I..."

Bebe paused, gathering her feelings; Bee bumped into her back but remained transfixed by his game, grunting angrily as he mashed oddly shaped buttons. Ollivander halted too and looked into her eyes, inspecting her curiously for what she was going to say next.

After a moment of their bubbled silence, she shook her head (as if to say nevermind) and continued towards the guild, apparently she knew her way. Ollivander squinted at her from behind before continuing along too, pulling Bee by the shoulder with him.

As Fenixtear came upon them, she paused again and looked to her grandfather, her countenance serious, "If I had known there was so much to see and experience in this world, I would have ran away from the Star Circus long ago. Like I had always planned to."

Ollivander looked at her and crossed his arms, "You were going to run away?"

She nodded, "I didn't because mother begged me not to."

"Which one?"

"Both of them actually. They found one of my dream journals and stopped me on the night that I was going to do it. I'm surprised they didn't tell you."

"Well, you were better off for it my dear." Ollivander said, taking curious notice of the broken window on the front of the guildhall, "There are many wicked and evil things in this world that are better left buried in the abyss where they belong."

"I won't really know for sure unless I experience it though. The good and the bad." she refuted, though was met with a scowl, "You don't need to get run over by a mule to know that it's no good for you. Don't say such foolish things girl. Your sentiments for boundless discovery are grossly misguided."

"What would you know about boundless discovery? Or wonder? Or what lies beyond the mysterious beyond? You just spend all your days collecting and selling stars. The Star Merchant from the Star Circus. How original."

Bee finally looked up from the game, feeling the sudden tension. "He also heals people...." Bee murmured to himself, inaudibly. Ollivander moved close to Bebe and looked over her small 18-year old frame, his gaze like a fiercely stern lioness reprimanding their cub for their own good, "Let me make this very clear my dear. You may be 18 now and you may belong to a guild, but do not be a willing participant in the upheaval of something that could bring about the destruction of others or yourself. Do not fall victim to the thrill of a new journal entry. It is never worth it. Do you understand?"

Bebe returned a scowl back at him, but eventually relented, turning away, "Yes, I understand Papa" she grumbled. With a sour expression, she entered into the guildhall, Ollivander and Bee following soon thereafter. Why did he have to ruin the early sunny mood, she thought, forgetting that it was her who actually started the whole thing. And now she was feeling a little bitter. Her vibe thoroughly killed, Bebe dragged herself through the cocophany of guild mages (some going, some leaving, and some just sitting about) and plopped down at a table occupied by a single exceptionally tall woman with dark hair. Bebe looked up at the woman, giving her a half-assed smile, before pouting to herself, taking out one of her dream journals, and began writing fervently. In moments like these, Elune (her enchanted quill pen) was too slow to convey what she wanted to write in that moment. Papa being a know it all again... she began to write.

But then she suddenly paused and kind of just stared at the woman, her lips quivering feebly as if she wanted to say something to her. Bee came over and sat beside her (instructed by Ollivander he announced, though no one asked. And noticing that Bebe was not listening, he promptly slunk off after hearing a group of mages talking about a haunted forest. He grinned curiously as his figure shrunk from view.) Ollivander went off to offer up the donation to Torys.

Meanwhile, Bebe was still staring at this woman, unbothered if the woman was looking back at her or not and wondering what this weird little pig-tailed girl was staring for. Then Bebe suddenly slammed her journal closed, leaning her face in a little closer to the woman, "Why do people who are older than us always think they know everything? I bet he's lived his entire life in the Star Circus. What does he know about discovery or evil?" Bebe inquired casually, as if confiding to a friend she'd always known and assuming this woman knew what the Star Circus was.

Let it be clear; this was there first time meeting.
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Karling Estate

Karlomane Karling, the patriarch of the Karling family was feeling unusually nervous on this fine morning. Maybe it was his urgent meeting he had with Obsidian Kite, or maybe it was the fact that two of his best guards were going to be leaving the estate to collect the mages from FenixTear who would be guarding the estate. No that's not it, the true reason as to why Karlomane Karling was so nervous was because he was going to be leaving the estate without his son Karl. Now let's get this perfectly straight, Karlomane was by no means a helicopter parent, in fact, he gave Karl a great deal of freedom to do what he wanted. He was worried about leaving because of the rather.....enigmatic nature of the estate he and his son resided in. Now normally, even leaving the house would not be a big issue because he would bring his son along, and the house would have no victims to play with. Obsidian Kite, however, requested to speak with him alone for some strange reason. While he was a powerful man, he was not foolish enough to contest the will of a guild of Obsidian Kite who had the full backing of the magic council.

While Karlomane was pacing in the stairway leading up to the front door, two of his Koi Fish Guild mages had asked him why Dove and Otto were preparing to leave. Karlomane cursed Otto, for it was his responsibility to brief the mages daily, every morning before Karlomane would wake up. "It's none of your concern, now go back to your posts and be sure to stay on high alert for the next couple of days"."But why?, the taller of the two mages inquired, "it's Otto's responsibility to brief us, and if we don't know the information we need, we can't protect your property correctly".

Now, Karlomane was starting to get angry at Otto's ineptitude when it came to simple things like this, he's a mercenary for crying out loud, he should be able to understand the value of the little things."Otto and Dove are going to fetch some mages to keep the house, so you're going to have to go on high alert". When the Koi Fish Tatoo mages started to walk away, he made a point to remind them of the most important rule"Remember, under no circumstances are you to interact with no one coming from this house besides me and Otto, and never enter it". The mages gave him a dismissing wave, making his already irritable mood worse."Dove and Otto, you better come back by noon or I'll put both of back into the street where Vermin like you belong", as he yelled into the sky.
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Lilliana and Cloven
Mentions: Cloven (@Renny), Lilliana (@Bartimaeus)
Location: Crocus Forest

The Dragon Slayer stood awkwardly as she waited for a response, resisting the urge to walk back to her cloak and throw it on to conceal herself despite their seclusion. She eyed the younger mage herself as he spoke, likely surprised to find her here of all places - and it seemed so, as he asked what exactly she was doing. Her own response seemed less.. measured than usual - it was a noticeably more comforting locale than what she was used to. She didn’t feel the need to throw glances over her shoulder as often as she normally did.

“Was just looking for a quiet place.. the guild has been hectic lately. As you know.” She explained, pulling her right arm behind her back and curling her clawed fingers into a fist. “What about you?”

Cloven eyed her for a second more. Her answer wasn’t suspicious at all and the red tree forest had, in a way, become a source of calm to him. It was home, for the time being. His gaze softened and the truth felt right to tell. “I’m staying out here now. Mostly because of our guildmates. The new ones anyway.”

Lies, he thought in a voice not his own.

His breathing became shaky, a shuddering fear threatened to rake itself out his mouth. He unclenched his hand and carefully placed it over his mouth. I gotta conceal it, gotta try.

Lilliana nodded to herself as she looked off to the side in a moment of thought - his response wasn’t exactly what she had expected - but what surprise was there didn’t show on her face.

“You have been pretty scarce around the guild lately.” She paused for a moment. “But I suppose I can’t blame you.” She said as her eyes moved back to the younger mage as his hand crept to his mouth. He seemed...off. More than normal. She spoke again, her tone retaining its lack of carefulness that it usually held. Despite the rumbling sound of it, she sounded oddly - softer. But not by much. “I can say from experience that covering your face is more comfortable with a mask than with a hand. But, why do you hide yours now?” She said, the latter part sounding more like a statement than a question.

Cloven shook his head slowly, his voice muffled “No reason.” Except that was far from the truth. There was something terribly wrong and it was poisoning him. Seeping into every bit of who he was. But he couldn’t let that be known and out here he had nowhere to run too. If he ran, it would just create concern or interest. Attention for sure. So he dug a hole inside his mind, shallow as it was, and buried his anxieties.

… So close, just hold out a little longer.

He was methodical when he moved his hand up his face and ruffled his hair. “Morning breath,” he answered. “And unfortunately I’m lacking a mask.” He fixed a smile on his face, kindly enough though weary.

Lilliana waited for a moment, her eyes gazing out from above her mask as if waiting for a better response from the boy. She wasn’t exactly sure if the attempt at a lind smile was genuine - but there was definitely a certain weariness to him. She turn and took a few steps to pick up her cloak, before turning back to the young mage. “I see.. well. If you would like one, I know a guy.” She said, her tone remaining unchanged as she draped the half-folded article of clothing over her right shoulder.

She wondered if he was just wandering the woods just before she revealed herself, or if he’d been returning to the guild. It’d be good for him to return; although it may have been somewhat hypocritical, Lil thought it was good for him to be around those who considered him family. That was the way of a traditional guild, afterall. Not that she thought she was quite ready to call him or anyone else in the guild ‘family’ quite yet, but there may have been a certain tiny degree of kinship creeping into her brain - whether she realized it or not.

She wasn’t digging? Not even prying? That was refreshing and to Cloven, a sign of someone worth their salt. A glimmer of hope twinkled for a moment. Could she be trusted to keep it to herself, cause it was becoming crippling trying to carry the secret on his own. So far away from The Son and Syra, he had no one to trust. Despite all the blabbering back at the Guild, none of them had ever felt like family, not even friends. Marduk maybe, he reconsidered.

But… admittedly shortsighted as he was at the moment, he could feel a kinship with Lilianna. She was ‘not’ human physically but in a way, she was raised to be one. One look at her face; which he had gotten a few times, rare as they were, and one could see the difference. That bright eye meant something and her voice. It’s a heated debate, Cloven bemused. A conflict between her humanity and her past.

That thought had made him realize he’d been thinking clearly for that split-second. Cloven smiled that same smile, only it had reached his eyes. I get it, just the thought, the hope of unloading this burden… The answer is right here in front of me, it's her. The void-above is marvelous.

But how to bring it up? you can’t just come out and say it. The smile was starting to fall, replaced by a thoughtful countenance. “That’s it!” he blurted out.

Then just as quick, attempting to catch the sudden outburst by the tail. “Lilly,” A bad habit of his when thoughtless or excited was shortening names. “How did you feel when you fought the dragon? Didn’t it seem off to you? And if so… how… did it seem weird?” His voice hardened near the end.

The older mage was a bit surprised by the short outburst, and for a moment thought the boy was going to accept her offer to procure him a mask, but he seemed to have his mind elsewhere. It was followed up by a line of questioning she wasn’t entirely prepared for, but one she had been thinking about for some time. She resisted the urge to correct his nickname for her, for the moment.

She thought back to that moment she had first felt the dragon’s magical reading. It was - oddly clean, in a way. Pure. She had felt it over and over again by memory since that day, trying to find out what it reminded her of. She had eventually found something. But it didn’t make sense. It felt similar to...Grasidia, in a way she couldn’t explain - a way she thought couldn’t make sense. She didn’t know why it felt that way - maybe she was seeing it wrong. But her eye had never failed her before.

“Yes,” She replied, a moment’s pause interrupting her before she continued. “its magical essence felt...pure. In a way similar to few things I have encountered. It didn’t feel like a dragon.” She finished, the thoughts that ran through her head over the past few weeks broiling up again. The Slayer pushed all the questions down - she needed to focus on Cloven for the time being. “Why do you ask?”

Cloven smiled again, the stonewall of his face and voice chipping away to gentle relief. Her question was ignored. “That’s right…” The cat was out of the bag and Lilliana had ushered it so close to the exit that his reveal was harmless; she would’ve figured it out on her own anyway. He fixed his eyes on her. “The dragon didn’t feel like a dragon. Your Dragon Slayer magic did little to nothing. It should have. You should’ve hurt it more.”

He guessed he should let that sink in but he was on a roll. He had courage built up and for once his mind wasn’t cluttering up his wants. A deep, prepping breath filled his lungs then filed out. He unclasped his cloak and stood straight in his battle gear; the black leather and brown gloves and boots he typically wore. “Look at me, what do you see, Lilliana?”

The Slayer was all too aware that she had been of little importance in the fight against the dragon - honestly it bugged her. But it wasn’t the only thing that tugged at her mind. As she watched Cloven stand to present himself, she paused. He was.. her mind scoured the surface of his energy, coming back with a measure of that feeling she had been playing back over and over in her head like a tape recorder. It was similar but somehow it felt darker. It felt.. sickened.

“A boy...with a similar reading. Once again similar, but...different.” She responded, her tone now shifting to one of part confusion, part meager realization.

Cloven searched her reaction. It was hard to pinpoint it, after all her mask hid a great deal of her expression but her voice, it had wavered with confusion? Maybe, he wasn’t all that sure. Yet, he could feel his shoulders slump and he plopped down to the ground, legs casually folding, arms falling between his thighs.

“I’ll tell you something secret, something that I don’t even understand myself… but apparently, I’m the same as that dragon. Same as…” No that’s not my secret to tell. He doubled down on his confession. “I’m a… an Etherious.”

“And Lilly I know it sounds crazy, unbelievable even but you got to believe me. Grasi told me herself,” his hands clawed at the soil. “And why would she lie.”

She wasn’t sure how to respond. She was shocked. She knew there was something different about him but, being an Etherious? Not that she knew much about them, seeing as she’d never met one. But she did know that if anybody else found out, they might not be very understanding. The dragon slayer looked down at the boy sitting in the dirt, confessing something to her that he probably had never told anybody else. He didn’t seem non-human. He looked like, talked like, and acted like(mostly) anybody else.

She let a long uncertain pause permeate the air before she responded. “..I believe you. I don’t think Grasidia would lie.” She assured him, though wondering to herself how exactly Grasidia of all people would know. It got her thinking. “And I won’t tell anyone. Promise.”

An anxiety attack was sneaking up on him, the pause she left in the air was dangerous or it felt like it was. Somewhere inside, he wanted her to be okay with ‘him’, with his existence. Somewhere further down, he was sharpening his claws and preparing to defend himself.

Then when she replied, when her cool words had sunk in; he could see something beautiful, a hopeful seed being plunged into sickened soil. That image did something unnatural to him; a great mirth started to bubble inside.

It started slow.

He chuckled quietly while looking at his hands lose their tension. Then he smiled unapologetically at the ground, eyes watering and himself on the verge of crying. The reaction to this was unprecedented; a piece of him was manically searching for answers. He had been beaten and bullied into the shadows, then suddenly thrusted into the spotlight as a ‘monster’, only to come out to a stranger, a freaking stranger, and be accepted? Was that how the world worked? his past would have disagreed.

But here he sat, with a woman nearly as inhuman as him, accepting something worse and promising not to tell anyone else. It was unbelievable but it rested in front of him with neon lights framing it.

Cloven felt at peace for a moment. Yeah… peace was the perfect word. So he let his tears fall and boyishly, head tilted up at Lilliana, said, “Thanks, Lilianna. I needed that. Honestly.”

The dragon slayer responded with an awkward scratching of her head, averting her eyes as the boy cried what could only be tears of joy. It was an odd feeling to make someone happy - it had been a long, long time since she felt she had. And she also got the feeling that it had been a long, long time since this boy in front of her had been happy himself. But it seemed now that he was relieved by her acceptance. She couldn’t think of any other response she could’ve had.

Lilliana stooped and sat herself down in front of him, crossing her legs. She let another pause take place as her response, as she seemed to be deciding what she should say next. “So..” she began, sounding somewhat out of place leading a conversation, “..tell me something..”

It was some time later that Lilliana once again found herself shrouded in her cloak, walking down one of the many Crocus streets. She was alone, having left her guildmate to his own devices, but she expected to see him more often after the uncharacteristically long conversation she’d held with him. Gratefully she remained unbothered as she made her way into the alley that led to their guild, not pausing this time to check behind her. In recent weeks it became rather difficult to determine if someone misplaced was snooping around because, well, there were now way too many people to tell.

Even before entering the guild she found it too crowded for her liking. Approaching the doors, the cacophonous activity of the guild that she had hoped to escape earlier returned to her ears already. She let out a short sigh before she pushed the doors open with a hand and stepped inside. She scanned the room briefly as she walked straight to the bar, not bothering to hide under her hood anymore, and dropped herself onto one of the stools.

She needed a drink.
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Kaden shrugged and started to look around the guild for other members that he might be able to tag in. It wasn't that he couldn't handle a stupid escort mission on his own. Of course he could take on whatever petty thugs were going to go after whatever an ANP thing was. Hell, he was doing these louses a favor letting them tag along!

But then she continued as she approached. His brows went up, thinking back through the dictionary of useless brainy words he'd stored away somewhere in the recesses to try to remember what the hell plebeians was. Ultimately, his brain gave up when she shut her mouth. He shrugged, wiping the stupid look off his face. "Whatever. I'm the stronger mage, we're going to go with what I say. If you don't like it you can s- "

That was when a robot smashed - or rather was thrown - through a window in the guild hall.

His attention diverted from the cloak loving psychopath - definitely not sweetheart the purple haired girl described her as - to the machine that produced alcohol from thin air and offered it up to the two of them. That stupid look of surprise was back on his face. He knew it, but he couldn't help it. Is this what we're helping protect? Shit...is there a different frickin' job.... Kaden gave his head a quick shake. "Uh, no. I don't drink before a job." No, he chose this, he was putting a team together. They were doing this.

Asher still hadn't said anything about accepting the quest, but he certainly looked curious enough at the machine that he was pretty certain that was happening. Right, so that was three. Three was a good enough number for the job. From what he'd read in the papers, Lavinia had done a decent job on the dragon and from what Ria said, Asher had spells that could be useful as defense. That was all he needed to know going into the job. Maybe they wouldn't end up in a fight, but if they did - there was no way they wouldn't succeed. Easy money.

"Right, well. You get friendly with...the machine we're escorting..." Kaden said as he snatched back the flier for the job. "While I go officially have us assigned." At least some things didn't change between guilds. You still had to take leave from the guild master instead of just grab a flier and go.

He didn't wait for responses. Instead he just headed over to the bar and stopped beside Lilliana. Of all the people in the guild that Ria described, the dragon slayer among them was one of the easiest. Always in a mask, rarely speaks. If he wasn't about to leave on a job, he had half a mind to see if that last part was actually true. Later, he promised himself. After tearing his eyes from the girl beside him, his natural cocky smile was back in place as he handed over the flier to Torys. "I'm taking Lavinia and Asher on this one. Asher's already acquainting himself with the ANP unit as we speak."
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"What the hell?!" The window shattered from something being propelled like a damn fast ball and what landed so near Zenith was a peculiar machine. Was it just him or did this thing have a face? He was at a loss of words as he tried to wrap his head around what the hell was actually going on. Did it just offer him a beverage? "I, wha-?" The machine did not even wait for him to respond and created a glass cup filled with iced tea out of thin air. What kind of black magic was it that could create anything from magic and not just ingredients, but already brewed iced tea in a crystal clear glass in a matter of second. Hesitantly, he took a sip and it was...delicious? Slightly tasted strange, but overall was palatable.

Among all of this, Holly had somehow ignored this thing's shattering entrance and its magic that created something from nothing. Seriously, how in the fresh hell did she miss that?!"I, uh, am I high or is that a walking, talking miracle machine?" Well, she was probably more focused on the details of the job.

Was it just him or was Holly putting a lot of emphasis on spirits when talking about the job? Was there something he missed or was she just correcting Gwen on what the root of the trouble was? "Well, we don't really know for sure if they are actually spirits or if they were the byproduct of something else. My money is either on a cursed artifact or dark mages being involved. Either way, we aren't going to get anywhere standing around here. Let's notify the village that we accepted the job and that we will arrive ASAP. We can work on our game plan on the way over."
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✡ A collaboration between Gittarackur and Aeolian ✡

✡ Time: Morning ✡ Location: Crocus (Driving to Fenixtear Guildhall) ✡

The scene was shifting rapidly against the cascading of a long black blur. This blur, which resembled some kind of limousine, was aptly juiced by a Karling-sponsored Obsidian Kite chauffeur's magic power and was speeding along innocuously through the streets of Crocus. Those old quaint homes, stacked one on top of each other, were like a blending tableau of perched burgundy birdhouses as they passed beyond the belly of the vehicle windows. Against the simple black and gold backdrop of the inner compartment were two distinctly different individuals. Otto wasn't having a particularly great day, at the moment. His boss Karlomane Karling had just told him and Dove off for failing to brief the other Koi Fish Tattoo mages on what was going to happen today. How was he expected to share something that was being rumored for months now. While he did have his reservations about taking his most useful sensory mage off guard duty, he felt the others could handle if the need arose. There was one thing still stuck on his mind however, how could he possibly survive his frequent trips into the house when even with 2 Karlings in the house, the house still attempted to kill him.

But as they trudged on through the city streets, there was a tension that permeated the vehicle. It coalesced around them like a smog and Dove was keen on who this was seeping from. Her profession as a companion made her especially in tune with the feelings of others. The slight shift in their body language, the desires they said with their eyes, yet remained unspoken from their lips. Her job often required of her to predict what her companion wanted in that moment, and what they did not. What they wanted to hear. Even in these subtle moments, that need to care for others reared its head. And so as she looked up from the jeweled egg she'd been petting and gazed deeply at the rugged man with the brown hair and scar across his eye. Dove's posture was graceful like a flamingo, eyes burning green and hair like thick sandalwood silk; this mage, famous in Crocus for her beauty, had honed in on the hole that seeped weariness,

"What is it that troubles you so?" she asked, her voice smooth and calming like whipped butter.

Otto lit a cigar as he pondered on what to say to Dove. He surely didn't want to hide anything from her, but telling her what was on his mind wasn't really the best course of action right now. The smoke that was escaping his lips was beginning to dance towards Dove. It began to contort and twist until the words "This is gonna be my last day on the job, I've decided to tender my resignation as of tomorrow.". Dove remained silent for a moment, letting the revelation of Otto's departure linger between them. She only kept a placidly calm gaze, "It would seem that the hands of fate have come to take you." she began, shifting slightly, aware of Otto's history as a man who never seemed to stay put for long due to his life as a mercenary, "Where will the winds take you now I wonder..."

Otto sighed as he heard Dove speak, "Look Dove, I'm probably going to join a guild, settle down, and when I turn 60, I'm going to retire to bask in my personal riches. However, There is no fucking way I'm going to let that bastard keep all of the estate's mysteries to himself. Tonight I'm going to find out just what the fuck happened and report it to the magic council." Otto turned to Dove, putting his hand on her shoulder. "And I'm taking you with me out of this god forsaken mansion. We're going to give up contract work and live straight, honest lives.". Dove winced at the formation of the words Magic Council that escaped Otto's lips. She had experienced the darker (hidden) sides of some of their members as a companion and would rather soon forget those memories. Still, she felt light at the touch of Otto's hand upon her shoulder, appreciating the warm gesture. Dove was a woman with nuanced expressions and feelings, much of her own sentiments repressed in the vain of what she deemed more desirable for another. A feeble smile could be seen upon her lips, but it was a fleeting expression, transitory. And then she looked out of the window, her gaze misty, "I cannot escape Otto. I have been magically bound to Master Karling. My role as his companion has taken an unexpected turn and he does not wish for me to find another to care for...". Her voice was tinged with a muted sadness. Otto may or may not have been aware of Master Karling sinisterly binding Dove to himself, to that forsaken house. And it wasn't a binding that functioned like a leash. It read Dove's intentions. The moment she moved about the world with the intention of escaping (perhaps to reunite with her true love), the link would do something to Dove. Something unpleasant.

Otto wasn't hearing any of it. He knew Karlomane was a sick fuck, but he never knew he was this much of a bastard. Either way, Dove only served to further his resolve and piss Karlomane more the fuck off. "I don't give a flying fuck about what sick twisted chain he has on your heart. I'm buying the services of a mage that can remove it, and after I uncover the mysteries of his house, we're getting the fuck out of there". As the Limo stopped at FenixTear's guild hall, he motioned for Dove to exit. "Come, let's go get these guys, and then we can get on with our lives". Dove remained silent, only speaking to Otto with the longing gaze of his enchanting greens. And after that stillness between them faded like a mist, they exited the vehicle.
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Ria listened to Leon as he went on about the locations. She liked hearing him talk about Era, and his experiences there. Maybe when they were done with the latest rebellion at the school, they could spend a bit of time there. Surely Leon wanted to spend a bit of time with some of his old school friends, and she certainly wouldn't mind spending time browsing the shops. If that store had something that might interest Lavinia like Leon suggested, perhaps it would be worth checking out. Lavina was always looking for something good to read, and perhaps there were recipe books Zenith hadn't read before and things on Fae language she could find for Leon, and...

The sound of shattering glass helped pull Ria's attention from the thoughts swirling through her head. She blinked, watching the child sized robot as it bounced from activating next to Zenith to running over to the crowd near the board. Peculiar. Even for a guild that had the lively characters they had it was odd.

But it seemed harmless and Asher could very well handle a machine if it got dangerous. A slight shrug put a smile back on the water mage's face and her attention returned to Leon. "Well, the flier says we need to touch base Harvard's thought projection on the University Belt, so we should start there. But perhaps you should call your friend and make sure they are willing and able to help us understand the current state of things from a student's perspective as well. A rebellion is likely different than what a professor or teacher believes it to be, and students are more directly affected than staff. Plus, if you know who the people are and what magic they have, we might be able to plan out a strategy. However - " she stressed the word - "I think going in as a force of diplomacy, even if people recognize you and whatever negative connotations that may bring, will be better for the school grounds and students within in the long run. We should only resort to violence if that is the only course of action."

It wasn't just because she was leery about being the combative one between the two, though there was that. Ria preferred trying to resolve this peacefully. If they had powerful or dangerous magic, and it came to a fight, it could cause damage to the school and the buildings around it. Any fight of any level could potentially injure bystanders, and that was a risk she desired to avoid. The best outcome would be through diplomacy. The second best would be having support from people also concerned about the well being of others to help keep the area clear of any potential innocents getting injured.
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Lavinia was just about to go off on a long tirade to Kaden about how she was the stronger mage and he was just an impudent weakling, which would have culminated in her challenging him to a duel to the death to prove who was superior, when she was rudely interrupted by a talking robot crashing through the window. She let out a high pitched yelp, clutching her robes around her and scurrying away from the impact site.

They’ve found me! was her first thought, before she realized that A) the guild wasn’t under attack and B) the machine was a food robot, and thus perfectly harmless to anyone without a peanut allergy. Drawing herself back to her full height and dusting herself off, Lavinia shuffled awkwardly back onto the scene, hoping nobody had noticed her reaction just now.

”Asher!” she proclaimed, pointing a finger at the curious boy, ”I hereby designate you keeper of the machine! Stay close to it, and ensure that it does not come to any harm.” It was kind of a cute little robot, so hopefully he’d be able to do a good job with that.

”And you!” She pointed to Kaden, who was already heading over to notify Torys. ”Yes, you handle the pointless administrative approval process. And then when you’re done, you can guide us wherever it is we’re going.”

There, that was all the important tasks handed off to others. With this, she could let them take care of the hard work and just idly tag along while daydreaming about Ria—or rather, um, about conquering Fiore. And evil stuff. In fact, while she waited for Kaden to finish up she carefully avoided glancing at the water mage at all. Ria would be fine, she was only going on a mission with Leon. And Leon wasn’t that handsome or anything, right?

Unable to stop herself, Lavinia looked their way for just a moment, and suddenly felt a strange tension in her leg. Like… like an instinctual urge, demanding that she rush over and kick a certain young man in the nether regions.

Instead, she clenched her teeth and stared down at her feet, squashing her jealous feelings before she did something she’d regret. Just… just focus on your mission. You can figure out what to do about her when you get back.
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Magi Mari

Location: Rose Garden

The recital rehearsal finished with Mari portraying Lucy in the Edolas stageplay — packed up and showered. Of all the ruckus that her eyes behold, Mari saw a vision that it's her lucky day as she's secured by her new cohorts. A second vision appeared, it wasn't as fleeting because Mari saw herself ransomed at the hands of the dark guild, God Hand.

Furthermore, a silouhette of a man in a trench coat; Mari's third vision. Paparazzi were chasing her and she had no way out. Her fourth and final vision was the man in the trench coat — killing her softly.

Mari broke out of her false pretenses and reattached herself in reality. Her premonitions in tandem with clairvoyance was giving her anxieties. She goes on to take a shower once more, in an attempt of suicide by electrocuting herself in the bath tub. Much to dismay of not dying, her suicide attempt was thwarted by her Manager and was asked if there's anything ominous going on. Eyes were teary and weary, Mari denied her cry against her premonitions.

Her Manager was wearing a black trench coat. Mari, naked, stepped out of the tub and hugged her Manager and broke down into tears.

"I don't wanna die yet..."

Mari's Manager told her that it's a big day and they booked the hotel rooms for their guests. Comforted by the presence of her Manager at the very least, her heart was at ease but her security was questionable. The premonition of the man with the trench coat, his identity was ambiguous.

Who is her killer?

Hah? What is this ruckus? Gwen didn't mind the crashing gate entrance of strange people. She immediately approached Torys. The usual thing shorty pants. S Class missions with Holly, she got me and Zen.

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Grasidia and Torys

The tan woman was briefly surprised by the young girl that sat down next to her whom immediately smiled at her and began writing something down. It was strange but at this point it was an expectation of human behavior. But the girl kept staring after she finished writing and after an awkward moment she smacked the table and began venting her frustrations about older humans and their attitudes. I suppose she wouldn't think I'm too much older than her, Grasidia thought, But I have no idea how to relate to this. Well, maybe to the evil... The older lady shrugged before crossing her arms over her chest. "I wouldn't know," she spoke up, still unsure how to respond to Bebe's struggle. Young humans probably wanted to be physically comforted in some way, but Grasidia couldn't bring herself to even try. "Uh... perhaps... you should learn for yourself."

That should help her, surely. Grasidia knew that humans had a wanderlust, much like she did in the past, so the best way to know the truth would be to experience it for oneself. Though hopefully there wouldn't be too much truth in whatever journey this human would undertake. Meanwhile, over at the bar, Torys was pouring herself a drink when Kaden approached her about the ANP job. She finished her drink before glancing over at the quest in his hands before pouting and taking up her glass. "Whatever you do, make sure Avedis pays up for the window on top of the rewards he gives you kids," she told him, pausing to take a sip of the hard liquor. "Don't forget it, I'm sure he'll try to weasel his way out of paying..." She turned her attention to Lavinia, grinning as the girl gave her evil overlord spiel. "I'll handle it, but you can guide yourselves from here." After the ANP team left she continued with her drink and managed to finish it before Gwen inquired about another quest.

"Oh, be careful with this one," Torys told her. "I've heard that other guilds have failed this quest several times and that's why it has been bumped up to S-class. You're all strong but remember to stay safe, okay?" She set the empty glass down and pulled a folded piece of paper from behind the counter. "Cocoa Village is a relatively new village so I had to get a new map to find it. The trains will only take you to Clover and you will have to walk or get a wagon the rest of the way. And no, I'm not paying for your trip." She handed the map over to Gwen. "I don't think even Obsidian Kite will take you all the way there in their airships, but they can surely get you to Clover just as well. Your choice." With that out of the way she gave the team a big smile. "I'm sure you three are tough enough to handle this just fine."


As the ANP team would be heading out the door, Kaden would find that the door would open just before he reached it. Standing in his way now was Tone Soretto, another new member of the guild that had joined within the last few weeks. While his immediate expression was fairly stern and stoic, once he realized that Kaden was in his way and the two were blocking each other from the doorway his eyes widened. "Uh, whoops. My bad," he spoke up, stepping aside to let the other mages go through. While they were on their way out for a mission Tone was actually just returning, as evidenced by the rucksack he had slung over his shoulder. Once the ANP team went by he walked into the guild hall, though staring at the strange machine that followed his comrades as they left. Only after he closed the door did his attention return to his guild and he could focus on the business before him.

Tone took a quick glance around and found Torys at the bar, just finishing up talking with Gwen and a couple others, and so he approached. "Hey old lady," he greeted Torys, before turning his gaze to Gwen, Holly, and Zen. "Sup girls." He didn't consider that perhaps he should've gave Zenith a more individual greeting. "So boss, I finished up that quest in Magnolia. Turned out the dog was actually alive and just on the other side of town. Real easy stuff." He dropped the sack from his shoulder to the ground and briefly rummaged through it, eventually withdrawing a small coin pouch. "Here's your cut." Torys began waving her hands frantically, refusing his offer. "No need, no need! I don't need the money from your quests, you need it more than me," she explained, seemingly surprising Tone. "Oh..."

Despite the fact this wasn't his first mission, and accordingly not the first time this exact conversation has happened, Torys was starting to realize that this may become a trend. Tone put the coin purse back into his sack and then hoisted it back over his shoulder. "Well then, have you heard anything about Draco Clamor since I was gone?" She had also deduced that this would be a trend. "Unfortunately I have not. I've told you before that if I ever hear anything I'll let you know." The young man seemed disappointed at the news and shook his head. Another day, another lack of any leads. "Oh well, thanks for looking out for me." Torys couldn't help but wonder if he truly heard the words she was saying, but at least he seemed to understand. "No worries..." He then looked back at the three mages next to him. "You all heading out too? Like the others?"
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Marduks' laugh was positively boisterous. The sequence of events that started as soon as the walking-talking vending machine crashed through their window probably should have left him confused, but he always found it better to be amused instead. He didn't need every particular to find out why the things that happened, happened - quest giver got impatient, wanted to force quest, ergo, reverse defenestration.

So, default to amused.

Back to the matter, or matters, at hand, it looks like things were getting busier, with his guildmate's picking up quests and splitting into teams. He was mildly pleased to see Holly take up his suggestion and invite Zenith to join her. He was less pleased to see Kaden and Lavinia in the same team; to be clear, he had nothing against the boy. He trusted Torys' judgement and if she let him in, that was good enough. What he didn't trust was his personality withstanding Lavinia.

The girl was different. Her mannerisms would make her out to be endearingly clumsy or an absolute irritant, for all that the girl was caring in a way that defied everything about her upbringing. Mentally, Marduk shook his head. Perhaps less different, more one-of-a-kind. Whatever the case, she came with her peculiarities, and frankly speaking he wasn't sure that Kaden would be able to stomach them, and that may cause problems down the stretch. He also wasn't afraid to admit that he held some personal affection for the girl, so his concern about her well-being may be less than biased.

He scratched his chin, pondering the problem before deciding that it wasn't up to him. He'd step in when he needed to, but they were all adults on that team. He had to trust that they could work it out between themselves.

Setting down orders for drinks and seeing as there was little more to be done, Marduk made his way to the side of the bar where Torys' was sitting, carrying two glasses of hard liquor on the rocks with him. He arrived soon enough to catch the tail-end of her conversation with Tone, one of the newer guys who'd signed up after the Dragon Incident, and gave them both a big, toothy grin.

"You know, one of these days you ought to accept 'your cut,' just to humor him a little." He placed a glass down in front of her, and kept the remaining one for himself. Leaning over the counter, the old man took in a mouthful of liquor, setting it down, and giving the four other mages in front of him a thumbs up. "Thanks for hearing me out Holly, Zenith looked just about ready to choke his frying pan to death. Be good for him to see the outside of his kitchen for awhile. Who knows, maybe if all goes well with your Job we'll finally be able to hire an actual crew to man the thing."

With a chuckle, he downed another mouthful of his drink, while eyeing the job board. He considered taking one of them earlier, but it looks like the rest of his guild has them covered. Hm, guess that meant he'd be spending more time with whoever stayed behind.
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Holly ignored the crashing that was happening within the Guild Hall, not wanting to look up and bear witness to what was happening. Ignorance was key, if she looked up, she knew, and if she knew, she had to act - which was most likely acting in disappointment in whatever she saw that involved crashing. the sooner they went out on the job, the better, if only because it meant she wasn't the one that was going to have to figure out who was going to pay for the damages. Zenith's comment in regards to the spirits made Holly smile a little, and turn her head back to him.

"Forgive me if I'm speaking too much about then possibly being spirits. I'm working off of what we have, because if we tried to think of every single scenario, the world would have ended by the time we even leave for the job." Holly replies, shrugging her shoulders. "In reality, a job, especially an S-Rank job, can go any six ways. We can happily discuss it being spirits, or curses, or whatever we like for a few hours, but in reality, we can go out there and it turns out there's a goddess hiding out in the forest." She was exaggerating, but she felt she got the point across. At Marduk's comment, she turned and gave him a thumbs up. Privately, she wondered if he had caught onto her emotions.

Holly turned her head to listen to Torys as she spoke to Gwen, but made her way a little closer to add in her two cents. "Thank you for the advice, Master," Holly replies. It was good to know about the travel difficulties involved with getting to the village. "I believe the train would be the best choice." And hopefully the other two agree, because it's what I'd do if I was going solo, she added on mentally.

She turned to Tone, and couldn't help but frown a little under her helmet. Two people were a lot to deal with on the S-Rank job, but a four person to their team would, in Holly's eyes, mean she had to watch over someone else. That was assuming he wanted to come with them. "Indeed, we will be heading out soon. We already have a few of us on this job." She paused, taking a moment to think about her attitude. There was one person she was happy to be taking on this team, and more people added on took away from her ideal enjoyment. She didn't, however, want to be too rude. "But, you can come if you'd like."

Turning back, she decided to approach Zenith again, to ask what he wanted to do for transportation. She knew what she wanted to do, but something tugged at her, just wanting to ask Zenith and make sure he agreed with how they were going to get there. "Are you happy taking the train, Zen?"
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There were no issues with the team he listed. That was the first thing Kaden noted. He didn't doubt he'd be approved for the job, just that maybe someone would question the crazy he was unwittingly taking with him. But that was fine. He'd roll with it. No different than tagging some random from Hydra when he realized a job might be bigger than just him. The smile pulled higher on one side as he laughed. "Sure thing, boss lady. I never let a customer weasel out of paying." He flashed her a better smile. "Barring having to do something illegal to get the cash," he added with a wink.

Straightening up, he looked back over at Lavinia and Asher. Yup, this team up might make him regret it. He was definitely going to have to ask someone he might believe about people in the guild, because the person that offered up all the information he currently had on people not previously featured in papers and archives had lied.

"Lavinia! Asher! Get your shit together. We're out the door. Asher, you can play with the ANP more once we're on the move. ANP..." It was definitely weird addressing a machine. "Come on. We're heading out." He put a finger up in the air and drew an invisible circle as a sign to round themselves out.

They'd follow. At least, the ANP would follow. Asher he was pretty sure would because of the ANP. Lavinia, who the hell knew? He could do this on his own, 'cause he was awesome like that, and clearly supposedly Asher wasn't going to be detrimental. So the two of them would have no problem if Lavinia dropped out. She wasn't going to drop out. Kaden kind of knew that. From what he'd seen, she was stubborn. She'd come of her own declaration, but she'd tag along. Which might complicate shit. Dammit. This is way too much consideration for getting a talking food machine from Crocus to Abeneraaa Harbor.

He pivoted and headed straight for the door. Only for it to open as he reached for the handle. His brows shot up, and he froze in place as another new arrival stopped mid-motion as well. It lasted a second, before his cocky smile wiped the surprise clean from his face. "Damn right." He passed the other guy with a laugh and a quick pat on the shoulder. "Laters."

He had everything he needed already. Once he found where this Avedis guy ran off to after breaking the stupid window, he'd have a better idea of how the hell they were getting from here to Abeneraaa. Kaden sure as hell wasn't up for walking all the way there. A bit of mental math confirmed he had enough to get them all somewhere, but he wasn't going to be happy about it. But if I just take the thing and Avedis and complete the job, that'll blacklist me from taking other potential partners if I do think a job.... He groaned quietly to himself. Starting the job was involving way too much thinking than it should. So he settled on just waiting to see where they were when they finally found the stupid asshole that broke a window of a guild that was supposed to be helping him.
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Torys's response to Luke was comforting, for it meant she would allow him to go on the mission. He'll need to find some people to go with him though. Who should he ask? Gwendolyn and Astoria are already going on missions...

He thought to himself for a moment. He wasn't paying attention to his surroundings, which was why he was mildly surprised when someone stepped up to him, grabbed the assignment from his hands and curiously looked at it. It was one of the newer members who joined, Gerard. The only thing Luke had in common with him was the hair color and nothing else.

"Do you want to join me?" Luke bluntly asked. Gerard showed the front of the assignment to Luke and pointed straight at the dark guild part.

He smiled as he spoke loosely. "What a pointless question. Why else would I come over to you if I didn't want to join you on this job. There's a dark guild involved after all." He shrugged his shoulders as if speaking to Luke was a bother in itself to which Luke only tilted his head in confusion.

"I don't really know you that well. Was it wrong for me to ask?" Gerard's otherwise impeccable smile twitched just a tad.

"Yeah it was. It's fine though. I realize you're one of the slow types. Anyways we probably need one or two more members for this before leader gives us the okay. So...who would want to go on an A-rank mission with us?" Gerard wondered to himself.
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