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Ariel and Nolan

As the sun began to peek through the windows, Ariel rolled over and took a deep breath. Opening her eyes slightly it took a moment to register that she was somewhere unfamiliar. She reached behind her, where her clock would usually be sitting, to check the time but found someone else was there. Sitting up send looking groggily she was met by the sight of Nolan. If anyone was watching they could see the gears slowly start turning as she began to connect the dots.

They were at Nolan's place. She'd gone there to talk with him about the God she'd run into. He'd also asked her to stay and they went to bed and... The lights finally came on in Ariel's head and she tried to get up but fumbled over herself and fell off the side of the bed. "Ow, oh crap." Scrambling around she got herself together as surely her panic had woken Nolan.

A thump had stirred the sleeping Nolan and slowly, his eyes opened. He yawned and propped himself up with one arm against the bed, looking for the disturbance. "Dalton I swear to whichever god is watching, I..." It was not long until his eyes fell upon Ariel and his face turned into a deep red as he remembered what happened last night.

"Oh, um... Hey there, Ariel." Nolan fully sat up and scratched his neck. Good lord this was awkward; his girlfriend was caught rushing out of bed like deer in headlights and he himself was just feeling embarrassed for letting his emotions get so heated up. "Are you okay?"

Considering Nolan was acting rather chill about things, Ariel wondered if she was mistaking something. After a few seconds of silence she spoke up again. "I guess so. Uh... Do you recall anything from last night?" She asked sheepishly.

His face grew redder and he nodded in response to her question. "Yeah...um, we..." He felt his throat felt like it had something stuck and he was trying to force it out. Last night was something that he was trying to process still. "We...did it." He responded with an equal amount of awkwardness that Ariel was feeling right now.

"That's what I thought." Running a hand through her hair she was at a loss for words. Her hand slid down her face over her chin. It was clear she was conflicted. Sitting back down on the bed her eyes wandered around the room..

Nolan sighed and wrapped his arms around her shoulders from behind. She could feel his warm breath against the back of her neck as he held her close. "Do you regret it?" He asked, not even trying to hide his concern at this point. The last thing in the world was to screw up their relationship.

Ariel took a deep breath before answering. "It's not that I regret it completely. It's just too soon. We can't take it back now but I wanted to wait." She turned her head so she could see Nolan.

What she saw was Nolan looking down at the bed, his gaze avoiding her's. It was not hard to see that he was ashamed of going against what Ariel wanted. Why did he not ask her if this was okay? Why did he not stop himself and ask himself if this was okay?

"I see..." He sighed heavily and flopped back down against the bed. Nolan just stared at the ceiling for a bit in silence before he broke it."It's not like I planned for this either. I was just... vulnerable and you were too. I needed you and you needed me. By the gods that is cheesy." Nolan muttered the last part to himself.

Huffing Ariel turned around and tried to work out how to say what she was thinking without sounding harsh. "I said that but it's not the same thing. I wouldn't ordinarily say it that way. I did want it but I didn't at the same time. I know that doesn't make sense. But that magic last night is very... passionate. And once we were in the moment it sweapt me away." She wrung her hands a bit before looking down.

"Until we're more than dating you have to be careful with me. You know I don't work like regular people do. When I feel something it's either really brief or really strong. I wish I were normal like everyone else." Turning she dropped down with her face into a pillow. She wanted to cry but her feelings were dragging her around in circles.

She could feel his hand lay on her back, slowly and gingerly rubbing it. "I wouldn't change a thing about you. Your quirks, your faults, everything that is a part of you. If you changed them then you wouldnt be the woman that I fell in love with." Nolan smiled and his hand travelled up her back to her hair.

"Love is a funny thing; you put the person you love the most on a pedestal so high that you don't feel like you're worthy for them. Even now I see myself as someone who wonders why you would date someone who is the dirt beneath the soles of your shoes." He chuckled a bit as he stroked her hair, his fingers caressing it gently.

"Everyday I think I should change for you, but if I did that you would tell me not to. So don't think you need to change when you're already amazing." Today was just one of those days where all he seems to be saying is pure cheesiness at this point, but he was telling her the truth.

Shaking her head she eventually rolled her head enough so she could see Nolan again. "I can't live like this Nolan. I don't have control. I can't trust myself not to do something."

His free hand gripped the sheets of the bed tightly enough that his knuckles had turned white. "Why do you think you're alone in this? You're not the only one hurting here, you know." Nolan said with a hint of frustration. "It's not just me, but there are so many others in the guild that care and worry about you. Why can't you place that weight on us and let us help?"

He knew how much of a hypocrite he sounded and perhaps he was telling her this out of his own frustration of not relying on their guild too. That was etched on his face and there was a certain kind of pain in his voice."You're not alone anymore... Neither of us are."

Picking herself up off the bed Ariel ground her teeth. There was fire in her eyes and she looked like she might set something ablaze. "Why do you think I came to you? She turned red with Blood magic, something she'd only ever used once when she had been kidnapped. "And when I needed her Penny left and avoided me." She punched the wall at the head of the bed. "So it's not like I'm not trying!" She punched the wall again harder.

Getting fed up with the situation she stepped down to the floor and started marching out. Was she overracting, maybe. But reason doesn't play that strong a part in a rage. She was actually probably dangerous to let out into the public. There was no telling what she might do if someone caught her bad side.

She would feel her wrist grabbed and her arm was pulled back slightly. Nolan had quickly grabbed her before she could walk out of the room. "Ariel...please, calm down." He was not stern, but he was pleading to her. "I didn't know... I'm sorry... I didn't know." His arms was shaking not because it was hard to hold her back. He was just barely able to hold himself together.

He did not know what to do and it was written plainly over all his face. All he wanted was to make her happy and in the end he was useless; he just made things worse. It was killing him.

Ariel struggled to get free. Thankfully this magic was so rarely used it hadn't had much chance to get very strong. So for Nolan it wasn't that hard to restrain her. Let go of me! She fought against his grip until the rage subsided. In a 180 she dropped to her knees and started crying. "I-I-I'm sorry, I can't...."

Nolan got down to his knees and held her as tightly as he could, letting her head rest into his chest as she cried. "It's okay Ariel, everything is going to be okay." He whispered softly. It had been a long time that he had seen her breakdown like this, not since the time they were trapped in the painting together. "We'll get through this together. We will."

Given how overwhelmed she felt she didn't speak for a while. She cried until it hurt. It was easy to tell when she reached her limit because her Dark magic came to the surface. It was as close to a reset as she had. She sat down calmly and casually wiped away her own tears. "I'm fine."

Nolan knew that the last thing in the world she was, was fine. He sighed and unwrapped his arms from around her and kissed her forehead. "How about you go have a shower and I'll go make breakfast? I'll make whatever you want." She did not need the subject to be pressed further down on her. He'll give her some space and let her collect herself together. She'll talk when she wants to talk.

"Okay." Thinking for a moment she shrugged a bit. "You can pick." Standing back up she headed toward the bathroom. Before getting too far though she paused and turned back. "Thank you, Nolan." She turned back and continued on.

Nolan smiled and nodded before he decided to get dressed. He ended up walking out of the bedroom wearing loose black jeans and a red tanktop. When he got to the kitchen he grabbed a white apron and got everything needed to make pancakes, eggs, and bacon. Normally he did not make such a big breakfast, but he decided to make a special exception.

He was hard at work, making pancakes from scratch while watch closely on the bacon and sunny side up eggs. In the background, a lacrima was playing calming jazz softly in the background. While he was cooking, he did notice the tea kettle he placed on the stove yesterday and wondered why it never boiled. It then occurred to him that he never turned the stove on for it.

"Yup, definitely not telling her that." He muttered to himself as he prepared another pot with fresh water.

Ariel entered the kitchen after taking her shower. Seems she hadn't really taken her time with the process but Nolan still had enough time to get breakfast together. "Smells good." She took a seat at the table and watched Nolan as he fixed them each a plate.

"Heh, I would hope so. It's mainly for you too you know." Nolan said with a wide grin and handed her a plate that was stacked with food. He also gave her a cup of black tea with milk in it. There was some sweat dripping down his face from the heat of the stove. It was clear he was working hard for her sake.

He walked back to the counter to his own plate and if she watched him carefully, he was stepping in time with the music with rhythmic motions as if he was dancing a bit.

She didn't really notice the dancing bit but she could tell that Nolan was doing his best. "I'm sorry for any trouble I'm causing you." Looking at the plate it was a lot of food. Though if she were honest with herself she could probably eat it all in one sitting. All the different magic changing had a way of building her hunger..

Nolan had grabbed his plate and sat down with her. He smiled and shook his head at her. "Why are you apologizing? You're my girlfriend, I'm here for whatever troubles that you are going through. You'd do the same for me." He smirked at her and leaned against the table, propping his head against his arm. "With the way you've been eyeing the food, I think you should be telling your stomach sorry for denying it some grub. Eat up!" Nolan said in a teasing manner.

Ariel nodded and started eating. As per usual Nolan proved himself to be a good cook, even if breakfast wasn't the most difficult meal to make. She took her time though and made sure to enjoy it. "This is good."

Though she didn't talk a whole lot her mood seemed to be better, even if it was muted quite a bit. Her little tangents were taxing and seemed to have a way of spirling out of control. When she was finally getting toward the end of her meal she spoke up again. "While I'm somewhat stable, I have a question.

"Lay it on me. I told you yesterday that I'd tell you whatever you want to know." He took a long sip from his piping hot cup of tea.

"Do you think we should get married?" Despite just asking a loaded question she returned to eating.

His eyes widened and he nearly choked on his tea from shock. He kept coughing and he held a finger up to tell her he was going to need a minute. "Married?!" The only thing he could do is stare at her bewilderedly as he tried to process what she had just said.

"I mean I would like you to be my wife... It's not like I haven't thought about it as a long term goal, but to bring up so soon..." His face was flushed red and he could barely look her in the eye. "What brought this up Ariel?"

Munching on her meal she answered. "Well that was my plan for what we did. Wait until I was married. But that kind of didn't turn out." Another bite; "Also my father might try and kill you if he found out." Her tone was rather nonchalant given the subject matter.

"I think your dad just doesn't like me in general." Nolan stated rather bluntly. "Not that I blame him. This whole relationship came pretty much out of left field." He sighed and leaned back in his seat, scratching his neck. How in the world does he get into these kind of situations. Of course he wanted to make her happy, but rushing off to get married? And he did not want to make her feel like she was used by him either.

"Ariel..." Nolan stopped himself, hesitant on what he should say. "Before we can have this conversation, I think there are things that we need to talk about. Get some things out of the open."

"Alright, like what?" Having finished her meal she moved on to the tea and sipped it calmly.

He sat in silence for a bit trying to find the right words. "It's...I'm tired of having secrets, Ariel. At this point I am doing myself more harm than good trying to keep you away from them." Nolan sighed softly and continued, "I know your life, but you don't know mine. I know you said you don't care what happened in my past and that you care about the me now, but it matters to me." Even though he wanted to tell her everything, her apathetic side made it really hard to talk to her at all though he could not bring himself to tell that to her at all.

"I see." There was an awkward silence for a while and it didn't seem like Nolan was going to tell her anything right now. After a little while longer she figured that perhaps her current personality was offputting. Others in the past have at least indicated as much. Closing her eyes she focused on feeling something. Moments later she changed to her Light magic. Putting a hand on her head she had a slight headache. "Ow, changing back kind of hurts."

"You've been changing your magic too much in a short time span. I'm sorry you had to change again on my behalf." Nolan sighed, but at least when she was in this form she was much easier to talk to. "Do you need me to get you an aspirin?"

"Worth a try." She rubbed her temples a bit before rolling her eyes again. "Oh man, this is a lot better though. I don't like those negative emotions." She let out a soft sigh and smiles at Nolan.

"No one likes them in general." Nolan smiled and he got up from the table. He went over to a cabinet that had a bottle of aspirin and popped out two pills. He soon came back with the pills in hand along with a glass of water. "See if this helps." Nolan handed her the glass and the pills before he sat down in his seat.

"You remember what you saw in the painting, right? My memories?" He inquired nervously.

Popping the pills into her mouth she took a sip of water and downed them. Glancing at the water a moment she answered the question. "Uh, yeah I do... She made eye contact with Nolan and gave him her full attention. Those memories that she experienced were pretty jarring. If there was more that he was hiding then she could only imagine what it could be.

Nolan sighed and he shifted in his seat uncomfortably. It was obvious that he was reluctant to do it, but he knew that he had to tell her. "What you saw was not the entire picture. There are some things that you need to know." He looked her in the eyes and knew that she was doing her best for him too. What she saw was not easiest thing to swallow, but now she needs to know the whole story.

"Before all of this, I was the son and heir to a family of merchants. When I was old enough I was supposed to takeover the conglomerate that was known as Waltz and Co. After the Heartfillia Konzern fell into ruin, my family had no more competition and they gained a monopoly over many trades." He looked down at his cup of tea and sighed, shaking his head.

"To be honest, you'd think being the heir to a company like that would've been amazing, but I resented it. My entire life was planned out for me; my hobbies, the food I ate, who I would marry, everything. I'm pretty sure my siblings hated me for stealing their chance of immense wealth and status. I think my mother was the only one who really cared about me." He chuckled bitterly.

"But you know what happens next; my father took us all to a business trip to Caelum and a storm hit us. My mother was crushed instantly by the ship's mast and my father probably drowned. I thought I was the only one who survived, but..." Nolan had stood up and walked over the kitchen counter and grabbed what looked like a magazine. He walked back over and tossed it on the table, skidding towards Ariel. "My siblings somehow survived too and were rescued. Everyone thought I was dead until two months ago."

On the cover of the magazine was a man wearing a suit that bore an incredible striking resemblance to Nolan, only this man had slicked back hair and in his thirties. "That's my older brother, Jay, the man running Waltz and Co. My sister and him approached me during the games."

Listening to the story Ariel wasn't quite sure what to say at first. There was clearly more to the story. Mulling over the story of how Nolan lost his parents she tried to maintain her current feelings. Not that she didn't want to feel anything else but it would probably be a better idea to try and not do too much changing for a while. "I see..." She looked at the magazine for a few seconds before looking up at Nolan again.

"Honestly, I'm only telling that part because my siblings have been...persistently trying to be involved with my life. I'm sure you're going to meet them one day whether I like it or not. I just don't want you to be shocked about, well, everything." It was clear that he wanted them to leave him alone, but it seemed like he has resigned himself to just accept that this was happening.

He scratched his neck anxiously, his body was shaking slightly. "I was washed up on the shores of Caelum and the people who found me were slavers. The next thing I knew, I woke up in a cage with cuffs around my wrists. The person in charge, The Madame, kept me as a pet and..." Nolan trailed off to the point he said something that was impossible to hear and he shook his head.

"Ariel when you saw the memories, you saw the me that was caught in the storm. I was seven when that day happened. I wasn't saved until I was ten years old. For three years I was her slave and she... she..." A lump was in his throat and he could not finish what he was going to say.

Ariel got up from her seat. Though she didn't intend to change her magic her Green magic came to the surface anyway. She was concerned and took Nolan's hands in her own. "Take your time."

Nolan looked down at Ariel's hands that were intertwined with hers. He squeezed hers and softly said, "Ariel, she molested me. For three years, three long years."

Hearing this Ariel froze for a moment. This information cleared up some things, or at least pointed fairly clearly to some kind of reasoning. Something like that for so long. What kind of deprived human would do that to someone? "Oh Nolan... I had no idea." This must be why Nolan was so afraid of woman. And she couldn't blame him for it.

There was only silence. Nolan just looked down at their intertwining hands. It was not too long before he broke the silence though. "It's not your fault. I made sure that no one knew." He closed his eyes and sighed heavily. "It's one thing to know it happened. It's another to live with it."

He pulled his hand away from hers."But it is just one of the many things I have to live with." The pain in his voice was palpable and his face contorted with a strange hurt. "I was saved by a monk named Arjuna and he and along with his followers gave me a home and loved me as one of their own. They taught me almost everything that I know today, even my magic, but this year they..."

The memory of a temple set ablaze with corpses everywhere should've been etched into her mind, especially the white haired man. "The gods sent their messenger and killed them all...except me."

Ariel nodded slowly, remembering what they felt and saw from that memory. It was not an easy thing to recall, but she was somewhat glad that it allowed her to connect with Nolan beyond words. "Right. I remember that."

I lost everything again that day. I left the place I called home for the last eight years and travelled Caelum. I fought many dark guilds and other criminals, but I never killed.I thought they would face justice. Nolan glanced down at his hands, gripping his right tightly. Even now he could see the blood that was on his hands.

"But I snapped one day. I discovered a village's doctor had been abducting children and sold their limbs and organs on the blackmarket.... There are some things no one has to see." Nolan did not dare to look Ariel in the eyes. There was so much guilt and regret that he could not bring himself to look at her.

"I tortured him to get everything he knew and killed him. I killed so many crimianls thinking that this was the only way, but really I was just taking my anger out on the world." Even now he could not look her in the eyes. At this moment, he was convinced that Ariel was going to leave him and he would not blame her.

Hearing about what a doctor did to innocent children sent a chill down Ariel's spine. That was sickening. To be honest she didn't know how she would react to discovering something like that. Might depend on her mood at the time.

Of course then Nolan admitted to murdering not only the doctor but many others. To some extent Ariel had suspected that her boyfriend had severely hurt people and maybe even killed some in the past. Looking the man before her looked broken, hurting, and alone. While their circumstances were different she recognized the feelings.

What made a greater impression was that the god slayer had chosen to tell her these things. Clearly he was ashamed of what he'd done. All of this information of his past told Ariel that she wasn't just someone that Nolan managed to get close to. Last night in light of what had happened years ago meant much more than runaway emotion.

Ariel wasn't quite sure what to say. The silence in the room was deafening. However slowly she stepped forward and gently put her arms around Nolan. Holding him close she rested her head against his chest.

He opened his eyes and looked down at Ariel, wrapping his arms around Ariel. He pressed her close as tightly as he could, his heart raced and his body shook. "Why?" Nolan muttered softly with a quiver. "After everything I told you, why are you still here?"

Shaking her head lightly she managed a slight smile which might seem a little odd given the circumstances. "Why? You're not supposed to ask that." Turning her gaze up her eyes were watering, not quite crying. "That wasn't an easy thing to share, Nolan. Especially with me. I had no idea the burden you were carrying."

Wiping away a tear she tried to keep herself together. Loosing her grip she put her right hand on Nolan's cheek. "I said before that I didn't care who you were before. I was lying to myself not knowing. But with everything you've shared now I know you're not the same man that did all those things." She sniffled a bit before continuing. "And while it may have not been timely, I can't believe you would let me so close to you like last night. It just... I can't believe it."

"Ariel..." He brought a hand up and wiped some of her tears away with his thumb. "Come on, I'm not worth crying over." Nolan smiled sheepishly and kissed her forehead. It was obvious that he was forcing the smile on his face, but he did not want Ariel to cry for him.

"Don't tell a woman what's worth crying for. We'll cry over whatever we damn well please." She poked him in the chest playfully. She was trying her hardest not to change magics again and she paused a moment to catch her breath.

"Hey take it easy." He saw that Ariel had overexerted herself today with the constant change of magic and the intense personality changes that brought. It was not easy for Ariel to live like this and he knew that all too well. Perhaps he needed to hunt down a certain scientist?

He was a bit hesitant to ask though. After all, the man he was thinking of kidnapped her, but he's the only one that came to mind that could help her. "Do you think Tidius indicated where he would be next?"

"Tidius? She looked at Nolan confused. "Why would we want to find him?" To say that the man that had abducted her during the Grand Magic Games was not her friends would be an understatement. Although Tidius had, in his own twisted way, took care not to harm her. Misguided as he may be he didn't mean harm.

He sighed, feeling his blood pressure increase just at the thought of Tidius. The last thing in the world he wanted to do was ask for his help. He'd rather snap the scrawny bastard's neck. "Believe me, I don't want to find him, but he can help us. He may have a way to develop a limiter so can get some relief from your magic." Then again it could also be a horrible idea. For all he knew, Tidius may betray them and steal Ariel's abilities.

There were risks, but every time he looked at Ariel he saw how tired she was from the complete personality shifts. "I know you're not happy with the way you are now. It's not easy to deal with your magic and then have to deal with my baggage. Don't you want to find some relief?"

Ariel put a hand on her head, feeling the leafy hair that came with her Green magic. Ironic that they were talking about Tidius when she had this magic. The man had cultivated it using a combination of lacrama. "I do but... I'm not sure about him. I guess we can at least try and find him. Put out word or something and see what happens." Shaking her head lightly she turned and stepped toward the exit. "Right now I could use a drink of water and some fresh air."

Yeah, she was not a fan of that idea. He did not blame her though; asking the person that kidnapped her for help was definitely not something most people would not do. He grabbed a glass of water and held it out to her. There was just one other thing that they needed to talk about though the subject left a pink blush on his cheeks.

"By the way, um, about marriage..." He sighed and did his best to look her in the eyes. "I'm not sure if it is something that I am ready for yet. I've...I've only got this close to you and I don't want to rush things further than you already feel like they had. But..." His gaze broke away from hers and he scratched his neck."But maybe do you want to move in with me? To see if you can really stand being around me?" He said shyly, his eyes gazing towards the floor.

Breathing in through her teeth she thought about the offer. She had been the one to bring up the subject originally. "I don't know. Moving in really ups the chances of another night like last night happening. Maybe I'm being old school but I'd rather be married first." She couldn't recall if they ever really talked much on the subject. There was always tension that existed because of secrets that shut down the conversation. "I would have rather been married before last night but, well, a bit late now." She shrugged.

Getting outside and sipping her water she relaxed as the sunlight washed over here. The outdoors were always more pleasent to her when her Green magic was present. Taking a deep breath she looked in a better mood already.

Nolan nodded in response and smiled at her. "Whatever you want, Ariel. I can wait." He reached out and grabbed her free hand gently, letting their fingers intertwine. "I can wait." He sighed contently.

Ariel wasn't quite sure if she was ready to get married either. Her suggestion was kind of out of the blue. Then again maybe she'd blurted out her inner wants or something. Outwardly the woman seemed to be contemplating something as they walked.

He glanced down and saw Ariel focused on her thoughts. She looked so serious that he could not help, but to laugh a bit. She looked cute that way. "What's going through your green head of yours?" He said with a playful smirk on his face.

"Eh?" She hadn't realized that she was broadcasting what she was doing. Blushing a bit she squirmed a bit. "I was just..." At first she was going to make something up but given that they just spent most of the morning dealing with confessions she decided to tell the truth. "I was just thinking that maybe I wanted to get married. I know it seems kind of sudden but it's not like I haven't thought about it before." She averted her eyes from Nolan's.

"And I want to get married too." Nolan said with a blush too and he averted his eyes from Ariel's too. "But to want to and should are two different things. Can you tell yourself honestly that you are ready? Do you really want to jump headlong into this after two months?" While it would have been easy to get swept up in his emotions again, he was trying to restrain himself.

Ariel had to conceed, she was probably getting caught up again. "You're right. Huh, it's really only been two months? It feels like so much longer for some reason." She sighed and looked at the town around her. "Guess I really can't trust myself until I get a handle on things."

She would feel the weight of Nolan's hand on her head and her hair was ruffled. "Then I'll keep you grounded until and beyond then, no matter what." He looked up at the clear, winter sky and enjoyed the warmth of the sun bathing his skin.

For some reason, he looked like he was at his happiest after a long time. He knew that life was going to come and bite him at some point, but at this moment he was serene.

After taking a little time to unwind Ariel was ready to go back to the guild hall. Coming in the doors with Nolan they were greeted by Sasha who appeared to be waiting. Actually from the looks of it people were getting ready to head out. "Hello. Uh, what's going on?" She inquired stepping out of the doorway.

It figures that she leave for an evening and things suddenly start happening. Not that Ariel's life wasn't exciting enough but she didn't want to miss anything important. And despite her magic limiting her, magic was also the only way she currently knew how to unlock more of her emotions. So as much as she might wish she could sit where she was at putting herself out in the world of magic was more to her advantage.
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Mai Butcher, Jess Butcher and Ethel Storm

@whomever is at the guildhall lol

It had been a long train ride, having needed to travel from the other side of Fiore, but the group had finally made it. They were in Magnolia, home to the wizarding guild Phoenix Wing.
But they had gotten some sleep on the train ride here, however just by exiting the train they had already tripped over their first hurdle.
".....Where the hell is Sora?" Mai groaned, bringing her her hand up to her face. She could feel the migraine threatening to form already. It was his bloody idea to come here, not hers.
Yet he was currently just...gone. Vanished. That meant the quartet was currently a trio.
"...How would Ethel know?" The young bluenette stifled a yawn, looking at the third member of their party, Jess, with bleary eyes for some form of confirmation only to be met with a shake of the young girl's head.
"...Well that's just great then, isn't it?" Mai spat in annoyance, grabbing some of their bags. The two younger girls did the same and followed after the fuming Mai as she stormed off the train platform. Mai had let Sora leave her sight for two seconds and he had already taken off.
No doubt getting himself into some sort of mess which would come back to bite them all in the ass. He was a master at dragging people into his problems.
Well where that arrogant good for nothing didn't change the groups plans. Well, it did change the plans slightly. Sora and Ethel were meant to be going to visit Phoenix Wing while Jess and Mai were to take the luggage to a local inn or hotel.
But with Sora's unexpected absence? Well that made things a tad more difficult.

It wasn't that Mai didn't trust Ethel alone, its just....she didn't trust the girl to get there alone. There was a difference. It all stemmed from the fact that Ethel got lost in just about any city they had gone to.
No matter the size. She had gotten lost on the train ride here for crying out loud.
Without one of them by her side, she was like an infant mentally. She had been like that for as long as Mai could remember, and while she had suddenly improved on the Independence front it was still a major work in progress.
So she would just have to tag along with Jess and herself till-Hold that thought just one damn moment.
Mai stopped midstep, half turning to look over her shoulder. All she saw behind her was her younger sister, which immediately caused her to grimace.
"....Jess, where's Ethel?" Mai was just about ready to murder someone when all her sister did was shrug.
Ethel looked down at the badly crumbled up napkin with a crudely drawn map of Magnolia on it which Sora had drawn her the night before, for exactly a situation like this.
Well, not exactly like this, more for if she got lost or separated. Ethel wasn't separated, she had willingly broken off from the other two.
Lost? Well, in her defense this was her first time coming here.
She squinted as she tried to read the almost indecipherable handwriting, mumbling softly about Sora's handwriting, before stuffing it back into her pocket.
"Ethel's crose...Ethel thinks." She uttered aloud to herself, pulling her gloves taut as she scanned the buildings before her.
It took about another fifteen minutes of mindless wondering before she happened upon the guild hall. At least Ethel thought it was the guild hall by the concentration of magic that was there.
She honestly couldn't think of what else it could possibly be.
There seemed to be a few people out and about too, a lot more than one might think considering it was still only early, but that wasn't Ethel's concern.
None of these were the person Ethel was looking for.
With her objective at the forefront of her mind, she cautiously entered the guild hall. No doubt looking entirely out of place as she did.

Jasmine Lockwood

"No it'll be fine...I can't really complain either way." Jasmine smiled faintly, with a hint of nerves as she could tell her response had put Penny in a bit of a pinch. It wasn't Penny's fault at all, so she shouldn't feel bad about it.
But would it really be right, a non-mage in a mages guild? Penny seemed to be saying it was, but Jasmine still her doubts. She didn't know anything about this relation between magical and non-magical users, other than those without tended to fear those with, and she certainly didn't want to be used as some sort of bridge to fix this relationship. Oh god, she didn't think she could handle that.
But, if she could learn magic...then maybe...
Well, if not, she might just have to resort to magical items. There were plenty of those in the world at least, much like Cody's sword.
"Sure. I was getting a little hungry." Jasmine stretched her arms out, happy for the change in subject. Learning magic and other such things could be handled at a later time, but her Father had always said that one cannot work on an empty stomach!
Twas the next day, Jasmine couldn't sleep. She hadn't slept well at all these last few months. Not that one could blame her, as her dreams were plagued by that scene. Outside was just getting light when she dragged herself out of bed to head downstairs.
Without magic, or any skills basically at all, she had been doing odd bits and pieces around the guild to earn her keep so it was about time to go help set up the bar and whatnot.
But first, breakfast.

Cody Bloodstein

"I've thought about it." Cody paused, looking down to his chest pocket. Within the pocket held the grimoire for his magic, the book which contained every spell that Absolute Defence had to offer. There was one which resembled what James was talking about, but the grimoire had a funny way of operating in that it hadn't yet revealed the spell. Just it's effect.
Of course he couldn't show it to James either, since the book was blank to those who hadn't received the magic.
"But it's...difficult." The younger boy trailed, looking towards the passing scenary. Much of their train trip went much the same, bits and pieces of conversation followed by periods of silence.
Eventually though they arrived at their designation, Oshibana. It was late though, so leaving dealing with the cilent to the morning they decided to find a local inn and stay the night.
It was morning, and after probably being awoken by James, the two mages set out for the Bridge Construction site, the place where they were most likely to find Mr Yachi Takafumi, the contractor in charge of the bridge's construction and also their client.

Ashlyn Johnson

Being cold out and about, being winter and all, and not bothering to change into warmer clothes Ash was simply lounging about the guild hall. Bored.
After all the excitement of Belka, fighting Riona and dealing with Monsoon she was bored. It had been the most excitement over a few months that she had felt over the majority of the last few years. And it was a different feeling when she was in Shadow Heart, though she couldn't quite pinpoint the difference.
A cold breeze signaled that somebody had entered through the guild doors, though it didn't do much harm beyond some shivers to the inhabitants it would seem. Out of boredom, Ash arose from the dead so as to have a peek at whomever had come through the front door. Mostly to see if it was anyone of interest, like a Riona, a Thor or even a Harper.
At first glance of the girl talking to Indigo, three things went through her head.
One. Ash didn't recognize her, not really saying a great deal. So maybe she was a new applicant?
Two. She was younger than most of the people in the guild, in fact Ash doubted there was anyone younger than her currently in the guild. She hadn't met them at the very least if there were.
Three. She wasn't dressed for the cold in the slightest, I mean a kimono, in this weather?

Then again, like she was one to talk. Her pants only had one leg after all.
It was at this stage as well that Ash couldn't help but overhear the fact that this girl was joining the guild. That meant only one thing, a fight would have to be staged! That might be something to ease the boredom, but there if there was one thing Ash loved more than watching a good fight, well besides meat, then it was being involved in said fight.
And something about this girl just gave the impression that a good fight would be had. And Ash was one to follow her gut instinct. So with purposeful strides, Ash made her way over to the duo.
"Sorry for eavesdropping, bad habit and all, but couldn't help but overhear ya talking about a C-Class trial Indi-I mean General." Ash caught herself before addressing Indigo informally. It was such an annoyance having to address people like this, but unfortunately it was out of Ash's hands.
Unless she wanted to be scolded and lectured about it. Again. So she would just need to plead her case.
In the only way she knew how. Crude and informal language.
"I'm bored, free and itching for a fight so suppose I couldn't do it could I? Nothing kills boredom like a good old fight ya know? Kill three birds with one stone and whatnot."
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Ferrin Astra

A ragged ghoul stumbled into the guild hall.

It was Ferrin. Or at least what was left of him. His clothing, save for his omnipresent coat, was ragged and torn, he bore numerous cuts and scapes on his body, one of his eyes was a very unpleasant purple, and he had what looked like cat scraches across his ear. Muttering nonstop obscenities under his breath, some of them truly vile, he shouldered past the people standing in the doorway of the guild hall without so much as an apology.

He ambled across the floor in a haphazerd fashion to the bar. Valak, sitting there, greeted him. Ferrin told him in no uncertain terms where he could shove that greeting and how far it will go. Then Ferrin flopped down on a barstool.

Which chose that moment to give way with a crunch.

Ferrin sat on the ground atop the broken stool with the expression of a man who has had about all the shit he can take. He raised his Gauntlet above the bar level.

”Coffee. Now.” He demanded.

The man sitting next to him, a black-haired youth, who happened to be Valak, raised an eyebrow. He motioned for the bartender to pass the hot cup of coffee to him. With a confused look, they did so. Valak took it blew on it carefully and without ceremony, upended it’s contents on Ferrin’s head.

He lept six feet in the air and spasmed shouting, ”HOT HOT HOT HOT OW!” He landed on he feet, and rounded on his friend. ”What the hell was that for?!”

”Quit being an asshole.”

”Well excuuse me. But after a full week of tracking down amature sorcerers casting deadly Entropy curse magic, I think I’m entitled to a little grumpiness.”


”Like a bad luck spell, but deadly. Its a ritual magic, so any monkey with the right tools and knowledge can use it. Fortunately for me, they lacked any kind of skill. Only about one in four of their targets actually died.” He sombered a little. ”Alas for the two that had the misfortune of being that one in four.” He turned his attention back to Valak. ”But seriously, what the hell.” He waved a hand at the stool, and the wood and nails sprang together, fixing themselves. He tested it with a hand before carefully sitting on it.

He sighed. ”Bad luck curses. They managed to tag me with one before I brought them down. It still hasn’t worn off yet, so I have to be very careful.”

The bartender sets down a new cup of coffee in front of Ferrin. He eyed it suspiciously before gingerly picking it up and taking a sip. Nothing out of the ordinary happened, so he tilted it up and chugged it, indifferent to its tempature. He set the empty mug down with a thump.

”Rrrrrevived!!” He shouted, jumping to his feet, both fists in the air. The poor stool ended up on the floor again.

Ferrin finally took an interest in what was going on. ”So Val, what is up with all the grim faces at the door? I have been to cheerier funerals.”

Valak, a few monotone words at at time, told Ferrin what Sasha had said yesterday.

He had the opportunity to be one of the few people who have ever seen Ferrin at a loss for words.

Tenrou Island

The name brought up such a welter of emotions in Ferrin he couldn’t react to any of them. His Gauntlet tightened on the mug he was holding causing it to shatter.

The sharp tinkling jumpstarted Ferrin’s brain.

He found Valak frowning at him.

”Uh. Excuse me.” Ferrin lept up off the bar stool, which would have fallen over again, had Valak not caught it. Ferrin crossed the room in the few long, bounding strides. Halfway over the entropy curse manifested, and he slipped on a banana peel of all things that just happened to be there. But instead of falling on his face, he turned the fall into a graceful and athletic tumble, springing to he feet as if nothing happened.

”Jamie!” He shouted across the hall. ”Jamie!” He repeated as he stopped in front of the guildmaster. ”What is this I hear about a journey to Tenrou Island!?” He shouted, his expression unexpectedly angry.

@Caits (+ whomever else is standing there)
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<Snipped quote by Expolar>

Angel Ferrara - Myrtle Town

Angel turned to face the other traveler fully now, diverting his attention away from any of the cornucopia of gifts he could snag for Cyare and back towards Rik. The tracker looked at Cyare playfully, and then gave Rik the same breezy smile. His hands shoved in his pockets, thumbs poking out, the mage did seem relatively unassuming as he let out a bubbly giggle.

"We're no bodybuilders, yeah," Angel agreed. "But Cyare's as much a knight as anyone, rune or otherwise, and I guess I'm no slouch either."

He's only been looking at us for a minute...

Of course, at least he'd pegged Angel for a boy! That was something even Cyare hadn't quite worked out when they'd first met, so clearly the stranger had sharp eyes if nothing else. It really made ya think. Angel hummed slightly, shrugging his shoulders and tossing the snowflakes out of his blonde curls with a shake of his head.

"We're gonna help however we can in time for your return trip, don't you sweat it!"

Cyare Staunton

"Think of us more like freelancers."

Cyare shrugged slightly after her clarification, though a faint smile crossed her lips at Angel's comment. The other mage always had something positive to say, even if she didn't agree with the praise. She didn't challenge it, though, or Rik's comments. Being underestimated could be very helpful, even if it might bruise the ego a little. The traveler seemed helpful enough but that didn't mean that correcting his assumptions would do them any good. Better to limit the number of people that could provide a more accurate appraisal.

The people that underestimated her, and Angel, usually regretted it.

"We're here to lend a hand, however we can. The Rune Knights no doubt have the situation well in hand, but a little assistance can never go amiss. Is there anything you could tell us about the attacks? Anything unusual about the marauders?" The Knight rested a hand on Angel's shoulder. "My friend and I are asking around, seeing what we can find out. Anything you know might be useful."
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Penny looked up from where she was, to Jasmine. Penny had thought for sometime on how to help Jasmine with learning magic, and she wondered briefly just how she was going to do this. She’d learned fire magic by pure chance, at the need to protect herself, and her Phoenix Slayer magic… well. It wasn’t something anyone could have. She knew though that Jasmine needed to have a latent skill in fire magic… fire magic was… it was life. It was the need to protect, to avenge, to fight for everything you believed in, and do what you thought was right.

Penny wasn’t sure what was right anymore. Could she genuinely teach Jasmine fire magic, if she didn’t… didn’t believe in it as she use to?

She would do her best though. She had promised, and Penny was going to keep all her promises. She was taken from her thoughts by Ariel and Nolan’s arrival, guilt filling her at the sight of Ariel. She’d neglected her so much, the last few months… but Penny hadn’t been able to face coming back to the guild… she should have, to at least make sure Ariel was okay… she should have taken Ariel with her, but… She didn’t want to put her at anymore risk.

Glancing away from the duo, Penny sighed softly. She’d made a mess of so many things… And she didn’t know how to begin fixing them. She hesitated, before she went over to Ariel and Nolan, hearing Sasha begin to explain what was happening, she stepped in, ”Can we talk, Ariel?”

Jamie looked up at the commotion Ferrin was making, reaching up to lay a hand against Jarvis chest, and gently push him back, [color=orae]”He’s upset, but he won’t get the drop on me.”[/color] she murmured to him, stepping towards Ferrin.

She studied him a moment, before saying ”it really is no secret, Ferrin. We’re going to Tenrou island to find out exactly what is happening there, and why it connects with everything that happened nearly a century ago. I am sure that you’d like to find out what is harming the island, given your connection to it”

Nearby, Patrick stood listening, not even making an effort to pretend that he wasn’t.[/color]@Crimson Raven@T2wave
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Ariel - PW Guild Hall

Standing there quietly Ariel had her arms crossed casually. Things hadn't really been explained to her just yet but she was willing to wait. Thankfully her current emotion afforded her patience and she intended to keep it that way as long as she could. Whilst standing around she noticed a young girl enter the guild hall. She leaned her head slightly and watched the door for someone else to come in after her. No one did though which she found odd.

Ariel was about to head toward the strange girl but her attention got diverted by Penny. It had been a while since they'd talked properly. In fact just earlier that morning she had been raging about being abandoned by the Phoenix Slayer. Putting a pin in talking to the new girl she turned to Nolan. "I'll be right back." Stepping away with Penny she positioned herself so she could keep an eye on Ethel while they talked. "Is everything alright?" There were a lot of other ways she could have responded to Penny at this point. But she really didn't want to come down on anyone if she didn't have to.
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"Seems like some drama to me." Nolan stated, sliding his hands into his pockets and watched Ferrin stumble about before he finally stood in front of the guild master. The Slayer did not understand what was with Ferrin's anger and he even thought of interfering though that seemed like too much effort. It would make things worse anyway if he got involved anyway. No need to throw fuel on an already raging fire.

Speaking of drama, Penny was approaching the young couple and his rage towards Penny was palpable. Whatever good mood Nolan was in was swept under a rug and his gaze could have cut through iron. It should have been plain as day for Penny that Nolan knew that something had happened between Ariel and her, and if there was any certainty in the world he would have lashed his tongue at her if Ariel did not speak first. Nolan sighed and yielded to Ariel. "Fine..." Nolan muttered to himself.

"Hey Nolan!" A familiar flying purple cat plopped on Nolan's head. Said cat was grabbed by his pompadour and is being dangled in front of him.

"Where the hell have you been you little leech?" Nolan spoke casually, but he was actually very angry that Dalton did not even tell him where he went. He was actually worried about the little bastard.

The Exceed had a knowing grin along his face. "Well ya couldn't have been worried about me right?" Loosening his grip, Nolan dropped Dalton on his bum abruptly.
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Jamie looked up at the commotion Ferrin was making, reaching up to lay a hand against Jarvis chest, and gently push him back, [color=orae]”He’s upset, but he won’t get the drop on me.”[/color] she murmured to him, stepping towards Ferrin.

She studied him a moment, before saying ”it really is no secret, Ferrin. We’re going to Tenrou island to find out exactly what is happening there, and why it connects with everything that happened nearly a century ago. I am sure that you’d like to find out what is harming the island, given your connection to it”

Nearby, Patrick stood listening, not even making an effort to pretend that he wasn’t.@Crimson Raven

Ferrin drew himself up and crossed his arms. He faced mostly Jamie with a stony express while keeping Jarvis in view. His eyes were two minature yellow suns set in a stony face. ”Harming? Explain.” He demanded shortly.
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Amelia Averyonna


Amelia groaned as the noise from the guildhall reached her ears, rolling over in bed while pulling her pillow over her head. She was feeling absolutely miserable, with her head pounding like there was some kind of hammer inside of it pounding against her skull. She tried to ignore it for a few more seconds before giving up and slowly getting out of bed. She grabbed a quick shower before putting on a black t-shirt, a pair of dark blue jeans, and her favorite shoes along with the other necessities. After making sure her locket was secure and not going to break off or anything, she headed down into the guild hall.

Walking down the stairs, she looked over everyone there before heading over to the bar, where she had spotted Jarvis. Sitting close to him, she tugged on his shirt.
"Papa, do we have any tea?" She asked. She tried to keep her tone as normal as possible but there was still something off about it. Her face was also a bit redder then usual and if he felt her forehead, he would feel that she was burning up.

Joshua Tamashii

Joshua calmly sipped some tea from the cup on his table as he watched the chaos in the main hall ensue. At this point, this was on par for the course for the guild so he paid it no mind. Joshua himself still had several bandages on his face from the Ice Breathe attack he had taken yesterday, though he had a tendency to heal quickly so it was already getting better. It wasn't regeneration levels of quick but just a bit faster then average. He still looked like a bit of a mummy at the moment but he was fine with that.

Jackie and Aria


The Maiden Sisters where sitting at the bar in the Dragon Fang guildhall. In front of them were several sheets of paper, which listed several jobs for the pair to do. They were debating which one they would actually attempt. It was mostly monster hunting jobs, both girls avoiding human opponents for now incase Jackie slipped into her own persona and went on a rampage. There was no need for a bloodbath to occur.
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Penny flickered a glance at Nolan, his anger was almost palpable, and Penny looked away. She supposed she deserved the anger... she hadn't meant to neglect Ariel... she sighed softly, bringing her gaze to Ariel. "I'm sorry" she said softly, "i... " there wasn't really any excuse, was there? She'd had a responsibility and she'd neglected jt. She knew Ariel struggled with her magic, and she'd left her.

"I shouldn't have left you like that. It wasn't right, and I don't think there's anything I can do to make it up to you. All I can say is I'm sorry... " she bowed her head, closing her eyes, "I should have been here, to teach you, to help you... I was scared... and hurting. And that's no excuse"

She waited, whether for Ariel's wrath or something else, not sure how Ariel would even react, looking up carefully.

Jamie gave a shrug, "well. We feel the natural- or rather non-natural natural disasters strongly. Can you imagine how strong it would be on the island, if it's that strong here? Magical disasters like that... all the protection in the world, on the island, probably can't last forever." She said, watching Ferrin, "that's what we are going to stop"

Nearby, Jaris turned to Amelia, taking in her appearance, frowning slightly. He gently reached out to lay a hand on her forehead, frowning deeper at the heat there. He moved around to the other side of the bar, bustling about a moment, returning with a warm drink, and some water, placing them down in front of her, "are you feeling okay, sweetie?" He asked, turning his attention completely to his daughter, making sure she'd drink. @Joshua Tamashii@Crimson Raven@t2wave
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Ferrin Astra

Ferrin growled at Jamie. ”Fine then, I will stop it, myself. Alone. Tenrou Islamd is our sacred ground. I will not have *trespassers* setting one foot on that soil. As possibly the last living member, even if by accident, this is my duty. If you know anything about Fairy Tail, you must know that much.”

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"And history shows that non members have been on the island, so long as blood members have been on the island as well" Patrick spoke up, stepping towards Ferrin, "and there are a few members throughout the guilds who are blood relatives of Fairy Tail- they might not have the marks, but they are Fairy Tail." He said quite calmly, watching the older man, "beyond that, you are foolish to consider taking on what even Fairy Tail, blue peagsus lamia scale and sabertooth with their dragon slayers and powerful members, couldn't do.

Fairy Tail worked with others before, and tackled it on the island together. Why can we not do that again, now?" The young man faced Ferrin, giving no sign of backing down, or even that he was afraid.

"Fiore is the duty of anyone with magic to look after it, and to do so right. Tenrou island is apart of it, it didn't die out with the lose of the guilds, and the lack of freedom for magic. It's our responsibility as much as yours. We let it, our parents and grandparents and great grandparents, get it to this stage, and we are going to fix it, and you will just have to accept that help. Because you are not going there alone"
@Crimson Raven
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Isabella sat at the far end of the bar looking quite flustered. She wore a sour pout whilst ceremoniously brushing a light dusting of a rose pigmented blush against her fair skin. In her outstretched palm lay an antique hand mirror with a floral pattern engraved into the worn brass. The young lady worked with a meticulous focus, yet her efforts seemed to begat no satisfaction. A light brush of pigment here, a carefully measured out blend there; it seemed nothing she tried was right. With a most un-ladylike grunt, Isabella snapped her mirror shut and folded her arms across the counter in frustration. Her gaze met with a slightly crumpled piece of paper with an almost illegibly written scrawl.

She leered at the letter addressed to her from the Magic Council as if it were a venomous viper and not a formal summon. In truth, the letter had put her out of sorts for a few days now. It was only today that she had decided to bring it to the Guild, hoping to discuss the proposition made to her with Master Jamie. She stared carefully to the side, watching Ferrin argue with the aforementioned Master over some matter regarding Tenrou Isle. Isabella wasn’t savvy to the details, but it seemed as though Jamie had more important matters to attend to than Isabella’s childish nerves.

Perhaps. Isabella thought to herself, tucking the troublesome invitation away inside her corset. Perhaps it wouldn’t hurt to dwell on the matter for a few more days.


Not far from the Guild Hall, Bullet was spending his morning lounging on one of the higher branches of a magnificent oak. It was no surprise to anyone to see him slacking off, though this time he had admitted to feeling more lethargic than usual. It had started a few weeks after returning from Crocus with the conclusion of the Grand Magic Games. Tasks he once found simple suddenly became a chore, he couldn’t train for as long as he’d used to and his magic was feeling slightly weaker too.

When he had sought medical help, the doctors diagnosis was inconclusive; though he suggested that he take some time off. Though as the days drowned out into weeks, Bullet found himself becoming more irritable with nothing to pass the time. It was on this sunny morning, lazing around in a grand oak tree, that Bullet decided that he needed some action. Leaping down from his perch, Bullet landed in a knelt position which placed more strain on his body than it should have. Wincing from the unexpected pain, Bullet quickly stood up and soldiered through as though he had to prove to himself he wasn’t some wimp.

With that, the young man departed towards the guild in hopes of finding a likeminded comrade who would help satiate his ache for an exhilarating adventure.

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Ariel - PW Guild Hall

Having her arms crossed while listening Ariel held her tongue until Penny was finished. Leaning on one leg she sighed and put her hand against her brow. She was doing her best to stay in the state she was already in and not go off the deep end. "Penny..." Pausing for a moment she sighed and looked away for a moment. "I'm not sure what to say. I did notice your absence and I've tried not to use the magic like you said but it's getting harder."

Leaning closer she tried to keep the next part low so others wouldn't hear. "Also I feel like my ability is getting out of hand. The last job I went on I ran into god magic and that's a whole other kind of scary. I just don't know what's going to happen to me, what I might become." Keeping her composure she had managed not to lose it so far.
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Indigo Afina – Frenzy Fort

Ashlyn's sudden arrival evoked a sidelong glance from Indigo. Her distrustful look indicated that the scene of a training room set ablaze and a sparring partner sent to triage had not slipped her memory. Crossing her arms, the sorceress turned to the fire witch and told her, “Just a moment, missy. You're still on probation for your last little spate of boredom-relief. That means no more blasting the training floor.” Her gaze shifted to the job board, not too far from her desk. ”If you're itching for something to do, why not do some actual work? Leaving job choice up to the soldiers doesn't mean you can rake in wages for twiddling your thumbs.” When her eyes returned to Ashlyn's face, however, they found a pitiable plea that Indigo couldn't bring herself to ignore. Another thought crossed her mind as she pondered her decision, and with a sigh she gave a shrug. ”Then again, Bartholomew might be out on his walk this time of day, and you could use a chance to practice some restraint. However!” She looked down on the girl with all the severity she could muster. ”You'll be doing this trial out back, behind the Fort. The snow-covered obstacle course should provide a decent battlefield, and chances are your flames will thaw out the equipment. If I go out there tonight and the course is charcoal, however, you can look forward to a complete restriction on martial activities. Alright?”

Once Ashlyn affirmed her compliance, Indigo gave a nod and turned to Cyra. ”Alright then! Sorry for the delays, young lady. Please follow Ashlyn here around the Fort to begin your trial. Triumph over her, and your membership among our ranks is assured. I must admit I'm a bit biased for you...give Ash a good thrashing, won't you?” She gave a lighthearted laugh and held the door open for the two girls to head through out into the light snowfall.
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Ethel Storm

Over near the guild hall door was loud, Ethel moving to cover her ears as such as Ferrin continued to argue with Jamie. He was loud, and pretty angry. Not wanting to get involved with that, considering she had her own problem to deal with here, she decided to search the hall. She couldn't see him, but this was his guild so the chances of him being here were good.
At least, that was Ethel's train of thought.
But she couldn't see him anywhere, so she walked up to the closest person whom she thought could help her. That person happening to be Nolan.
"Umm, excuse me. Scary man." Ethel mumbled, tugging on Nolan's shirt to get his attention. She would continue to tug till his attention was on her.
"Ethel is looking for a red haired boy....umm Ethel forgets his name." Bring her hand to a little over her head she continued "About, this tall?" She didn't sound too certain herself, but she had only met the boy once and was struggling to remember every detail about him.
Let alone her poor communication skills.
"Ethel was wondering if you knew where he was?"
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Ferrin Astra

Ferrin sighed, the heat of his anger cooling rapidly. ”Don’t patronize me.” He told Patrick. ”Anyone who runs around calling himself “Time Lord” can not be taken seriously.” Although Ferrin’s barb was slightly half-hearted. Dissmissing the irritating young man, he turned to address Jamie again. ”It seems as if you do not understand the concept of “sacred ground”. Think of it as a “no trespassing sign”. If you are not allowed, you are not allowed. Fate of the world be dammed. And, you are not allowed. I refuse to recant on this, and I will not allow it.” It was obvious that, at this point, no words would change his mind. He was being stubborn beyond reason.

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Everything Ariel said only served to make Penny feel more guilty. She should have been at the guild… it didn’t matter how hard things were for her, Ariel had done a lot for Penny… Ariel had been there when she’d needed someone the most… and she’d just left her. “I’m sorry” She said softly, “I should have taught you… I should have been here to help” While Penny didn’t fully understand Ariel’s magic- she doubted anyone could, except Ariel herself, and Ariel had no clue how her magic worked.

Penny should have still been there to help, anyway.

“We’ll find something to help… “ She said softly, “I’m not sure what, or how, but there has to be an answer”

Patrick laughed, “I was six when I came up with that Title, what do you expect? Just be glad it wasn’t “Wibbly Woobly Timey whimey stuff”. That was a high contender” He said with true amusement, the young man grin, clearly not phased at all by Ferrin’s attitude.

“I understand your concern, Ferrin, but you don’t get to decide who goes and who stays. The island does, and if the island wants us to step on its land, then it will allow us. How do you think you’d manage to survive, when the greatest guilds could not deal with it? You are one man, Ferrin, and if the island wants our help, you cannot stop it” Jamie said, her tone rather serious.

Patrick leaned forward slightly, “Besides. The guilds have already stepped onto the island, in my time. Obviously, something went wrong.. But things are different this time. For one, we have you, Mr. Astra. For another, we are prepared. Would you rather the island be destroyed, or will you help the guilds, and allow us to help you?”
@Crimson Raven@t2wave
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Nolan saw Ferrin's obstinacy towards going to Tenrou Island. To be quite honest, he was not exactly sure of the situation with this Time Lord fellow as well. He had been quite out of the loop and was not sure what the deal with the island itself too. Before he could even try and get any information about what's going on, the voice of a girl crept along his spine like an ice cube. "Ah!" His back stiffened as he made a sound that many would consider to be extremely unmanly. What he saw that caused his terror was a teenage girl that spoke like a little girl.

Dalton stared at Nolan with a deadpan expression mixed with disappointment. "Did ya just scream?" The God Slayer ignored his disappointed furry companion. "Ya can ignore me, but ya can't ignore ya shame." In response, Nolan pushed Dalton back with his foot.

"Anyway..." He sighed and folded his arms. Just who the hell was she talking about? "The only red haired boy I know is Cody and he went out with James on a mission. What do you need him for?"
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Ethel Storm

Nolan's unmanly scream didn't seem to be noticed by Ethel, who just stared absently at him. What a strange person, she didn't think just talking to someone would make them react that way. Normally they reacted that way when Ethel used her magic.
One could almost see the gears slowly turning in Ethel's head as she processed what Nolan had just said. Now that she thought about it, his name was Cody wasn't it? So that was one issue solved. Though she couldn't quite think of who this 'James' person was.
The only person that came to mind was the Knight looking man, so maybe that was him?
However a bigger issue remained at hand, he wasn't here. Now she seemed unsure what to do, looking away absently as she begin ignoring Nolan entirely. This was why Sora was meant to be here, so he could deal with such a problem.
Sora's warning of 'don't let people know too much' soon surfaced in her mind. Did it apply to this scenario? Who knew, since it was more in regards to her magic. But it was all she could think of now.
"Ethel...ummm." Looking upwards as if expecting words to be granted to her from the heavens Ethel finally spoke after standing there in silence for a good few minutes.
"Ethel has....personal...business, with Cody. Hmm, yeah, personal business." Ethel nodded affirmatively a few times, as if she was trying to convince herself more than Nolan. If one couldn't think she could get any weirder or more suspicious, then what she said next might change that.
"Yeah, Ethel's sure that's what Sora would say." The girl needed to learn to keep her inner thoughts, well, in her head.
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