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Current Congrats to my peeps in The Walking Dead for reaching the 4 years strong mark!!!
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If you're happy and you know it, overthink. If you're happy and you know it, overthink. If you're happy and you know it give your brain a chance to blow it. If you're happy and you know it, overthink.
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Way to go all my peeps in all my Rp's! We have hit 1000 days without an Rp dying on us! Now that's something to celebrate! ~happy dance~
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There are days I wish there was a "RP Set Up" for 1x1's where you could set up your IC, OOC, and Cs Tab the same way in Pm's as you can on the forum.
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TMW one of your Rpers pulls a Leroy Jenkins and you are just left going "God help me...."




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@DocRock Never mind someone bringing in a character they have used before as long as it fits the RP. Though I have found that surprisingly that most characters can fit with minor modifications. (I have seen 2nd Edition ADnd Bards and Warriors be revamped well enough to use in modern day settings and even TWD.) - Glad the general CS templates I provided are getting some use. Sadly the Firefly RP completed some time ago, though another will start up eventually. Right now though I have 6 I am Gming with a 7th in the works, so the next installment of that is on the back burner. (But funny enough many of the Rpers in that one are planning on using their characters from that into the upcoming one lol.)
It is actually a rather common thing in my Rps. Many of the rpers in them have characters they have played in the past and continued their story line into one of my Rps or even to another of mine once it finishes. We have a good dozen that have been in at least 2 rps, some that have been in 3. A couple that have hit their 2nd RP and even one that is on their 5th in a row to just to continue the story line.

I actually have 1 rp that is devoted to a characters "second chance" after death so that whole cast is nothing but a continuation in a new light. It can get rather complex as people have broadened out to other Rps outside of mine and we have done cross Gm tie in to other whole story lines. It has created a very wonderful dynamic in the over all group to have so many tie in's, back story's, people their characters can meet that know of other characters, even family lines that cover hundreds of years and dozens of RP's. Some even break off to 1x1 privately to build up back story during a time jump or down time in an RP.

It might not be a common practice but it is out there and thriving.
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Most recent positions map as of last WN.

Floor 1 Positions - Click here for a larger image (Updated 01-07-2019)

𝕋ick 𝕋ock

Margarete glanced up the stairs and then down them again waiting for the woman to catch up with her. As she spotted her coming around the corner of the lower stair case she relaxed a bit and nodded towards her. "It seems that the invitation to have a room this evening for you then should be a well welcome release from the current situation," she said before motioning towards the stairs that lead further up into the manor itself. "We have a couple of flights to go up, will you be okay in that attire to ascend?" she asked and glanced the woman over once again.

The man in the Gun Room quirked a brow towards the woman and there was a slight grin that formed on his lips, he didn't answer. At least not verbally. He did however shrug a bit to Professor Walnuts question. As Titian spoke again the man nearly laughed but didn't. At least, once again, not verbally. His shoulders moved up and down as if he was laughing but there was no sound. Then he opened his mouth and showed what was within - nothing. Well there was the mouth and teeth but there was no tongue there. It seemed that something had got his tongue - though what little nub was there was clean cut so chances were, it wasn't a cat. Unless it was a huge fucking cat.

Four men stood close together in the Gaming room, their eyes on the woman known as Amaranthine for a time but they would move to the others. Watching them and they seemed to exchange glances towards each other that must have said far more than what was on the surface. They didn't move from their spots though. At least not now. "We look forward to the performance," the blonde said to Cobalt before he left the room. Each of them giving him a nod but their eyes went back to Dr. Swamp and Amaranthine. They still hadn't moved and it seemed that they were waiting for the woman to answer the doctors question.

It seemed that the Libraries were the place to be. At least for two. Tact moved over to the Yellow Library and began to thumb through the various books. Envy stayed near the door and seemed to have been almost ready to say something to the man in the Red Library but closed their mouth when Rave came in. The other man in the Red Library looked at the woman and quirked a brow towards her. "Do not bring blood into this room," he said firmly but sighed and rubbed the bridge of his nose. "The breakfast room should have linens one can use or you could find Jasper. He should be in the Grand Vestibule currently. Oliver, a young lad, is in the Central Hall if he hasn't left his post and he can fetch anything of need."

About that time the bell from earlier rang again and Jasper looked at those that were starting to gather in the Grand Vestibule. "True guests are arriving now, please begin to move towards the Ballroom," he said as he motioned to the back of the manor. It was clear he was more concerned with who was ringing the bell now than those that had already arrived.

Year 5: Update

Date: July 15th, 2012

Well as I promised, a time skip was going to occur and it is happening right now. As you can tell the date has changed in the header. The dice have determined that we have moved forward a total of 16 weeks. It has been a hard travel but! NO DEATHS! Congrats! Well that you know of. As far as supplies go, we are holding tight to what you had at the beginning of the jump instead of restocking fully. There is reason to that but don't worry. At this point just figure on that for now. Went through supplies found supplies, went through them again. Wash, rinse, repeat. Now, as far as what happened - Here is a quick run down....

Team Swamp: You all have stuck together over the last 16 weeks. Sure that first night and well every night since then has been one hell of a ride but hey, you seem to work. Three guys, one girl, getting the fuck out of the swamp the next day. It was about three days of walking, talking, watching Wayne talk to the air, before you found a small place to hold up for a bit. Supplies have been hard to come by but you have kept moving South West. At least you figure you have. You passed close to Leesburg and Albany but there was a horde and you pushed around it until you found the Florida line. You have just kept moving since then.

Team Newnan: Ashes injury got a bit infected and you had to hold up in that house for several months before it was fully cleared out and he was fully recovered. After that, it has been one hell bent trip to keep moving to get to Mexico Beach. It hasn't been easy though. Having Jamie with you makes travel slow, really slow. The hotter it got the slower it got, especially without a car most of the time. It was never hard finding a vehicle but finding fuel is the big deal. That has been few gallons here and there and far between. Tatiana took a while to rewarm up to everyone but eventually she did. She is still more distant and sadder than she use to be but there is a lot more of the old Tatiana than there used to be. She still hasn't opened up on what she went through over their time apart to anyone but she did say last time she saw Froggy he was alive, she wouldn't say more.

Team Eden: Thalia has healed up well over the last 16 weeks. Thana never showed back up and of course you all wanted to look for her but you kept crossing your fingers she would return - she never did. Where the fuck is she? After about a week it was pretty much assumed she was dead, she had to be right? Thalia took about four weeks until she could be moved but hey that house wasn't so bad. You had food and water and shelter. It could be a lot worse. Though once Thalia finished healing up enough to start moving again, that is what you did. There was a goal before Thana disappeared - Mexico Beach. Might as well go there, it was a start and was in the same direction that Thalia was going to start with before she got with the group.

Part 2 Begins

Location: Wewahitchka

Temperature: 89F (32C)
Humidity: Fucking High (Around 99%) - Raining off and on all day
Wind Speed: 7 MPH (11 KPH)
Cloud Coverage: About 66% covered with thick dark clouds

It is around eight in the morning in the mid of July in what was once known as Wewahitchka Florida. Each of the groups arrived at different times of the night in the city and have set up their camps hoping to take a look around today and see if there are any supplies. Everyone ended up walking into town. Groups Eden and Newnan have always had the same goal since Eden fell, to get to Mexico Beach. From where you are now, it is roughly a day or two walk at most to the end goal. Team Swamp, shit you just want to reach the coast and go for a swim at this fucking point.

Tatiana has been up for the last several hours tending to Jamie who has a bit of the sniffles it seems. No fever so it is probably only allergies but with no meds or herbs it has made it hard. "Ve find you meds, yes ve vill," she says quietly to Jamie as she suctions out his nose with a nose bulb. He is hating it and screaming. Pushing the thing away from him as she fights for him to let her try to clear out his airways but that boy is having none of it. She starts muttering in Russian. Everyone knows she is cussing by now, and probably has a good idea of what she is saying by now as she tends to speak Russian more and more these days when she is frustrated. Which happens a lot.

You all are held up in what used to be a bank. Why not? Thick walls, a good place to hunker down and while you don't need the money that is scattered everywhere it does make for good burning, place is cooler than most other buildings, and there was a break room that people hadn't broken into yet. So funyuns are awesome to have as as some doritos. Not to mention hot bottled carbonated beverages. If only you had some ice. That would rock but fuck it. You found enough to get through the night. Might want to get moving as you are so close to Mexico Beach now Ash can probably taste it. New skills! (Everyone in Team Newnan has gained Basic Russian over these last weeks. Jack has gained Russian to Fluent levels and Basic Dad Jokes - Go ahead and alter your CS to add in the new skills.

Team Eden lucked the fuck out. As you have a one handed person and a one legged person this has been a bitch of a time but omg, hey Lady Luck smiled on you two days ago and you found a roll of duct tape and some wood. Alexander has a peg leg for now! That with the crutch you all found a few weeks ago and he is able to get around a lot better. You are held up in a house that was totally stripped of everything - including furniture. It was a night on the floor without finding really any supplies. It sucked but at least you had a floor with a roof to stay out of the rain. It was something.

Everyone, skills time - All those active in Team Eden have acquired a new skill - Redneck Amputee Engineering. With having so many lost limbs in your group everyone has gotten pretty good at thinking outside of the box to come up with ways to use what you find around you to help with Alexander having some sort of device to help him walk and other items to help Thalia having only one arm. Right now she a knife like stabbing implement attached to a metal cup that she has fit to her nub. (There has been many a joke about finding her a ten speed vibrator and some batteries to attach to it instead.)

Team Swamp has just been a basket of fun running straight to hell. You ended up crashing in some door and cabinet maker shop next to a gas station. Why the fuck not? It has walls, but it seems the place was heavily stripped of most of the tools and wood. But who cares, the cement floor was the closest thing you have found to an air conditioning unit in the last long time. It actually felt nice to sleep on away from the rain. The fact the building had barely any windows made it a safe place to hold up in over night. Wayne got high the night before on some pills he found and passed out hard. At least this time he wasn't talking in his sleep.

It is early still and Wayne hasn't roused as of yet. Rain is coming down and things seem good. New Skills - Everyone has gained Basic Psychology over the last months dealing with Wayne. Hank has gained Advanced Psychology just because he has been at this a lot longer than the rest. Though as fucked up as it is, that is a good thing - why? It helps you all deal with each other a lot better. Wayne groans a bit and sits up, rubbing his eyes and looking around. "You all hear that?"

Now, this is odd. Everyone from the single person standing in the street to those held up over night are going to hear a loud sound that sounds like thumping being repeating quickly over and over and over again. You aren't sure of what it is but any character with Police/Security/Military background is going to get a chance to figure it out - Leave a roll in chat and if you score 15 or higher on it - let me know. (Only those with official as their past job with Police/Security/Military in their previous job type can make the roll. Don't push it.)
March 24th, 1823


Two Carriages Passing: Looking over at Maeve, Rutherford gave off a bit of a chuckle. "And here I thought ladies would be more capable than men to deal with death and blood. Considering child bearing and such," he said before shrugging. "Then again, maybe it is more of a mans job. Stronger and all," he added but there was an odd twinkle in his eye before turning his attention fully back to the job at hand. "Now, where is the other body?" he asked, referring to Calum but then again he didn't know the mans name. Only that he had another to deal with.

Millicent looked over towards William and sighed. "All of this. Flee while you can. While it is safe. No one here is who they seem," she said quietly as they moved from one body to another. They were getting awfully close to where the Lady Kirkpatrick was walking, towards Callum's body, and to where Rutherford would soon be heading with Maeve. She cast a glance in the direction of her fiance and the carriage, forcing a slight thin lipped smile before continuing.

"Let us be quick unless we wish for another catching of ones stockings around their ankles and I to be frank have seen far too many winters for such shenanigans," she said as she walked, leaning against her cane slightly as she did. It was the womans way of saying she was really too old for this shit.


Two Ships Passing: "I don't know but they are entertaining," Regalia said with a bit of a smirk as she watched Vlad. He kept this up she might get to see him break his nose for the third time in less than ten minutes. That would be a record in her book.

Ludwig was following Hazel up the ropes. The man had an odd ease about him as he climbed the ropes in a most unorthodox manner. Swinging a foot up before his hands. He kept appearing as if he was going to fall but he just kept talking and waving his hands about as he did. Hazel was cracking up as she spoke back to him but they seemed to be fine and handling themselves.

Others on the ship prepared planks that were lowered to the other ship and it was as if a ballet was happening before them as items and crates and horses were moved from the smaller vessel to Regalia's ship. The captain herself was just watching, her eyes darting this way and that as things were taken care of under her order and supervision. Her attention slowly turned back to Vlad as he came over and spoke - and spoke - and spoke some more. Her brow raising slightly at first, just a single one. By the time Vlad was done both brows were fully raised. There was a pause before she spoke, brows still raised.

"Da," she said as a simple affirmation as the brows lowered. "Now, I hear there were attacks in London and now elsewhere in England. What do you know of them?" she asked as she motioned for the man to follow her. She had turned and was walking towards her cabin, her eyes glancing towards Collette but the woman seemed fine and she was armed now. Regalia had no doubt she could handle herself if something were to happen.

Carlisle: "Ah, ah, yes, terrible things but no," the man said as he brushed some more of them from her shoulder. Picking up some between his index finger and his thumb. "Corpse yes but from it not another. They would be lavender then, not gray. Not gray," he added before letting the thick dandruff like item fall from his fingers. Wiping his hand on his clothing he kept looking around.

Head snapped back around at the mention of Ludwig. "Ah ha! Yes! I do indeed! I am old friends of his mentor Ulrich! Yes, indeed, good chap. Strange but good," he said looking Virginia over once again. "So tell me child, what vexes you? Perplexed and vexed, that is what you seem. Not glad and definitely not mad, no more than the rest of your kind," he added as he sat back down. He seemed to stand and sit a lot on the edge of the fountain, not keeping still. Yet in his weird antics he did seem far more calm than Ludwig did in his motions and his speech.

October 31st, 1943 - This Way And That

"Well that wasn't the bargain girl. It was show me, not tell," he said before shaking his head a bit. "I'll remember that," he added before shoving his hands in his pockets and turning on his heels. He wasn't sure where she was going of what she had heard considering they were alone by an oak tree with no one even around them. It was odd to him that she should run off and he hadn't a fucking clue what stranger danger was. It wasn't a turn of phrase that was used during his life, maybe she was just an odd one, she did have a funny accent.

Bens turn of heel didn't put him in the direction of the grave, it put him heading back towards the Carnivale, crossing the road and looking like he was making a leisurely paced beeline towards the trailer marked management. Samson caught a glimpse of Ben walking towards the trailer he was headed for and waited for the boy. Ben had managed to pull out another cigarette and light it up. "Find it?"

"Told where it was but I ain't seen it yet," he said before taking a puff and rubbing his bottom lip with his thumb.

"Thinking they're the same?" Samson asked and Ben shook his head again as the smoke billowed out from his.

"Naw, I mean that big guy I am pretty sure it but the rests of them? Like they're missing something." His voice was slow in his talk and he looked down at Samson. "Anyways, don't think they are. Gonna talk to management."

"Yeah, you and me both kid," Samson said before turning and hobbling towards Managements trailer. Climbing up the stairs and opening the door. He looked back and spotted Ben standing there looking around. "Well you coming?" he called out and Bens head snapped around. Their eyes locked and Ben nodded. The boy breaking out in a short jog to catch up before moving up the steps of the trailer. The door shutting behind the two mismatched men as they entered.
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