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Amane Kishimoto

Amane watched as the two idiots just babbled along to each other, with Ruby leaving the area he felt as though there wasn't much reason to even staying anymore. The boy walked up to Kiwi, laying his hands out for her to tend too. In respone Kiwi just simply let out a deep sigh and annoyed, "You children don't listen at all." She held out her hand and let her medicinal insects do their magic, on the boys hand. "Because you injured your hand again without even giving it a chance, I won't be able to repair it as much as I did last time. Look forward for a longer recovery time. Kiwi turned towards Mamoru who also was injured, "The same goes for you Ms.Akasha, I may even have to give you a cast this time around because of your recklesness. she said scolding the group.

Amane just scoffed at the womans warnings, it annoyed him just as much that he had to rely on small insects to tend to his wounds. As he was being healed her overheard the two talking about the plain looking boys ability to regenerate even limbs, interesting. The boy simply closed his eyes and awaited for Kiwi to finish. Once she did so he was able to move his fingers just barely but at the cost of a lot of unnecessary pain and effort, "Thank you", his appreciation even sounding a bit unappreciative and forced. The boy rose of from his chair and made his way towards Toru, the closer he got to him, the more his shadow began to cast over the guy.

"Either you're so dumb that you've become numb to pain or your quirk isn't simply High-speed regeneration...but. Whatever your quirk may be, I want to see whether or not you can really comeback from my 'black hole'." The boy exited the room after his small proposal, not even giving Toru a say in the matter. Amane had other pressing matters at hand, such as finding Ruby before she reaches her dormitory and asking a question that his been on his mind since after the fight. He exited the building and made his way over to the dorms, hopefully no one else would be around to interupt or intrude else. It was already giving him headache enough just thinking about what he will have to hear the next day.

I'd better hurry The boy began picking up his pace after thinking about it.

He managed to catch Ruby right before she was about to walk up the steps to her dormitory, he called her name.

"Mamoru Ruby"

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Retha stood there grinding her teeth as Sparks shot down her attempts talked down on her pride as a hero “Firstly blackmail is only obtainable if the exchange actually happens I was never planning on giving up anything, second if I weren’t in control of my emotion I’d have stomped you and that man from before out potentially endangering the lives of everyone in this hospital, and third threatening to kill someone worst of all their entire clan or family is most defiantly indeed a crime” Retha took a few good steps forward digging her heels into the ground and stood up firm tilting her head upward to look him in the eye directly.

“I’m coming to you not as a hero but as a worried sick teacher and very ticked off mother, come near my babies again and you won't have to worry about Draco because I’ll make sure you’re right next to him” she said baring fangs at him “I don’t know who you are actually Jean-Luc, but Draco is barely a man, you’d do wise to reform and stray from walking behind”

Sparks continued to lean against the wall without a care in the world as she tried to regain some footing. When she tried to threaten him by putting him in prison right along with him. He gave a full hearted laugh. He pushed himself up and smiled at her. ”You really need to work on your threats Ms. Hal. We’ve just established you have nothing on me. You probably should brush up on your laws Ms. Hal. I made the threat to make a point. The very action of threatening is not a crime...only if I follow through does it become a crime. However. Attempted blackmail even if you were bluffing on revealing it..is one.

You also cannot stop me from visiting Kaida, while you are her teacher...you are not her legal guardian. They in fact, wish me to be here.” He said as he turned to walk away towards kaida’s room, as there seemed to be some loud people over there.

Retha sneered in his direction and turned around to follow him back to Kaida’s room to investigate the noises herself “Remember this, I never threaten I make promises” she said clearly thus ending their conversation private conversation though it seemed like they walked together down the hallway.
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Ruby Mamoru

At this point, Ruby couldn't wait to reach her own room again so that she could finally change her clothes. After all, she still had to wear her roughed up gym clothes since there was no time to change after her little session with Amane. With her bag over her shoulder, Ruby knew that she'd probably spend the rest of the day in her room. She would take a nice and comfy shower, listen to her favorite music and then wrap herself up in her bedsheets for maximum comfyness. Thinking about how she would spend what, comparably little, time was left of the day was enough to make the time that she took to reach her own dorm basically fly by. Even though her legs did feel exhausted, which was only natural, it did not bother her too much.

In her own mind the neko had already zoned out by the time she reached her dormitory. With her eyes staring emptily at the stairs that she would have to climb in order to be temptingly close to her room, A voice suddenly called out her name. It struck her as odd that the, admittedly not unfamiliar, voice recalled her full name, but the surprise was only short lived. A feeling of curiosity had already replaced it as Ruby was somewhat interested in finding out what the strangest character in her story could possibly want from her. That is at least how she viewed it.

When he had spoken her name, Ruby stopped in her tracks and stood still for a few seconds before having decided that she would grant the brute his attention and turned around fully to face him. Golden eyes inspected his frame as she made it clear without saying a word that she would listen to what he had to say. The way Amane had presented himself indicated that it would at least be somewhat important. Besides, he didn't seem like someone who was bothered with trivial talk. "No, he is too edgy for that."

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Amane Kishimoto

When the Neko slowly turned around and laid her gaze upon Amane, she made guy tense up a bit. The body language that she was giving off spoke to him saying, What do you want now?. Given everything that has happened today he couldn’t help but feel a bit awkward standing before her for some odd reason. Anxiety was an exotic feeling for Amane, the guy is usually filled with so much confidence and self pride but that was all gone right now.

What the hell is wrong with you, get a hold of youreelf! Regain your composure!

He could feel his hands starting to get a little clammy under his bandates, what the hell was even going on?

”I wanted to confirm whether or not your victory was a fluke.

At last he managed to calm down a bit, as he spoke he made his way towards the ledge that shouldered the steps up to the front entrance of the dormitory, he decided to take a seat as the physical exhaustion from today had begun catching up to him.

”Also what exactly was that predatorial stance that you took towards the climax of our fight. Regular people fight on two legs not four.” Amane placed a hand on his chin as he began to give it thought. ”Perhaps your feline physiology caused you to devolve in the critical moments of our battle...”

I can’t believe I lost to a caveman.

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Outskirt school
@Demonic Angel

Vae seemed to notice Nia her effort in trying to speak different languages as well. Nia wasn't very good at any other languages apart from Japanese and basic english. Her ellectives did feature German but from the nervousness and lack of knowledge she was not able to speak to Vae much more past from the introduction.

While Nia was fiddeling with the small sack in her hand Vae mentioned cooking a home meal for her as sorry gift. Nia stared dumbfoundedly at her for a moment while she completely froze. There was a moment before Nia brightened up clasping her hands together while stepping closer to Vae.

"T-that is a great idea! I'll make you something for dinner. I-I s-still have to get s-supplies but that won't take long."

Nia gave her the sweetest of smiles as she stepped back towards the side of the pavement again and opened the small brown sack. Since Vae didn't give her any clues to what fruits she liked Nia did something standard and chose for strawberries this time. Nia dropped a seed alongsides the pavement in the dirt and gave. A short pleased look as she patiently waited with her hands and sack resting against her lap. A plant quickly grew alongsides the pavement to about half the size of Nia and when it was about the right size red fruits popped out. They were big red strawberries that seemed almost unreal. She turned to Vae while putting the small sack in her schoolbag.

"P-please yourself, p-please."

Nia waited for the girl to taste her fruits if she wanted and simply smiled while waiting. She didn't want to hurry the girl and they had the whole evening so it was no problem.

Vae had mentioned that she had thought it was sweet of Nia to say she would protect her. She really was gonna do it though. Girls should protect each other from creepy people when there were no trusty adults or other friends nearby. Nia didn't like to be alone in a strange territory either and felt like she could relate sometimes as being looked at out of discomfort.

"S-should I get us some supplies or do you want to come with me? It will only take a minute anyhow."
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𝔇𝔦𝔞𝔩𝔬𝔤𝔲𝔢 𝓒𝔬𝔩𝔬𝔯 || #c9c916 ||| 𝔗𝔥𝔬𝔲𝔤𝔥𝔱 𝓒𝔬𝔩𝔬𝔯 || #3F9CB1

Haruka didn't respond to Jett's words aloud, but she raised her head, and it was enough. Her amber eyes were wide as she stared at him, and found him smiling - yes, smiling, despite everything, despite all she'd done and all that had been said, and every single mistake she had made.

And then, in another second, there was a sudden flurry of motion. She was falling, too confused to process what had happened until he was already holding her, his murmured apology ringing in her ear.

There was complete silence. His arms were wrapped around her, holding her up, and this time, she didn't try at all to get away. Haruka couldn't have brought herself to move or say anything, no matter how hard she might have tried, because those words were still ringing in her mind. His answer... it was more than she could ever hoped to hear - more than she had ever deserved. And yet... it was exactly what she had most desperately wanted.

The image of her aunt and uncle rose in her mind, unbidden. How tall they had looked, standing there over her bedside. Her aunt was rubbing her eyes, while her uncle seemed so grave he could hardly speak. How many times had they apologized, wished they could have done something? How many times had they congratulated her? How little had it meant to her as she sat there, the beeping of the EKG ringing in her ears as she felt the numbness where once there had been such strength, and realized at last the enormity of all she had lost? She had felt so small, and all their words had only made her more painfully aware of that fact.

"I'm so sorry..."

Stop saying that. Don't pity me.

"You were so brave..."

Stop it. Please, stop looking at me like that...!

That dark shape in the corner, lurking always on the edge of her vision. Those innocent blue eyes staring at her with such disbelief and confusion, as if the entire world they knew had fallen apart right in front of them. Almost no words had been spoken between them. What could they have to say? Haruka couldn't lead her anymore, and as for that girl... That girl should have just realized that she had never needed her help. And yet, when she did speak...

"Haruka...? If... If you can't become a Hero, then I'll become one for you."


"That's just how I am. I see things that I admire, and I counterfeit them."

That's not... this isn't how...

"So please smile, Haruka... Even just a little bit would be fine."

How can I smile when you look at me like that?!

"I'll use my power to copy your strength, and grant that wish of yours."

This isn't what I wished for at all. Why can't you see that?! Why can't anyone...?!

But they couldn't see. They were all blind to what she wanted, to what she felt. She had never wanted to be pitied, to be coddled, to be a burden to everyone. Even if it hurt, that didn't matter. What she had really wanted... the words she had really needed to hear were...!

"It’s unfortunate that you lost your leg. But this isn’t the end of your story Haruka, you can still can do good. When you get used to it, I know you’re going to turn this around into a positive. I don’t know how, that’s for you to figure out. But I want you to know that no matter what, I’m going to be there and support you in whatever you decide to do. Alright?"

Her whole body trembled, and the walls she'd built failed her at last. She realized that she was crying, but suddenly, that didn't seem to matter anymore. The words she'd wanted to say were all jumbled up inside her, and before she could make sense of what they were, they were already spilling out.

"You... You know, when my aunt and uncle came to take me out of the hospital, they put me in a wheelchair. They wouldn't even... No, I couldn't even push myself forward." The words were coming out between sobs, but once she'd begun to speak, she couldn't possibly have stopped, no matter how much she faltered. "I was so weak I couldn't even move on my own. It made me want to throw up. I hated it... I hated it so much...!" She found herself clinging to him, no matter how pitiful a spectacle it might have been. Because she knew... she knew that he understood. He alone truly understood her, and that was why he had to know. I know it's selfish, but... but... even if I failed, I wanted them to let me try to walk again...!"

She took a deep breath and rubbed her eyes. "If you.... if you had treated me like that, I don't know what I would have done... When you saw me, I was so scared... I didn't want you to see how weak I was." Slowly, she raised her head, staring up at him with reddened eyes, blushing cheeks... and the most hopeful smile she'd worn since the last time he'd seen her face, standing across from him on the station platform and making that old promise.

"Why? Why is it you always know exactly what to say? How can I forgive myself for being angry at you when you're so nice to me, you idiot?"

There was only one more thing to say.

"This is why..."

But at last she hesitated. Her voice trailed off into silence, and she slowly, bashfully lowered her head and stepped away from him. If she said something like that to him when she was like this... No, there was no way that Jett Haven, the one who had always been so kind to her, could possibly say anything other than what she wanted to hear. He would feel he had no choice in the matter. That kind of answer... that wasn't what she wanted. And for that reason... this was one thing she couldn't say. Not yet. Not until she had proven that he was right about her, that she really could make something of herself yet. And then, when that time came...

Haruka took a deep breath. Her mind was at ease. She wasn't afraid of speaking to him, afraid of what he would think or what he would say. How could she be? For all her fears and misgivings, he was still the same Jett... the same Jett Haven she had fallen in love with back then. Now was no time to cry. Her eyes were dry, her resolve steeled, and her mind made up. Once more, she met his gaze with a smile, and something of the old Hazukaze Haruka was there again, standing before him.

"...I'm sorry to be so selfish. But there's something I need to tell you before I go home again. Once I'm ready... Will you listen to what I have to say?"

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Aurelia Nakamiji
Acion Nakamiji

Roy Kusayanagi

Kaida was lost in thought as she pulled into blankets. As the name Mr. Sparks brought so many memories back to her. She glanced to the coat and reached out, seemingly to roy but grabbed the coat instead wincing as she moved her burnt hands into a fist while she clenched it. Pulling towards her. She put the nape of the collar to her nose and sniffed it. Once again that old smell she smelt earlier was now strong in her senses now. She shook her head, confused as ever as she couldn’t place it. But she knew she smelt it before. “I dont know, it doesn’t make sense... She glanced up to Acion as he walked in, asking if they were ok. She didn’t have the strength to answer really, her mind was fully locked into trying to pin this smell down. She only shook her head at his comment. While she noticed the smell, had a slight mix of fruity perfume as well...not something a guy would wear...but while it wasn’t strong enough to overpower the main smell, which only threw her off more.

Roy just watched as she reached forward and grabbed the jacket, he raised his hands waving them side to side signaling for her not to over exert herself but she was pretty determined to figure out who the piece of clothing belonged to… though her methods were a bit questionable. The boy tilted his head a bit in confusion as Kaida began smelling the man's jacket somewhat like a dog. [color=e74c3c]“Uhhh…” the boy said a bit awkwardly as the girl filled her lungs with the coats aroma. Thankfully Acion had arrived to bail him out of the situation, he turned his face away and towards his friend. [color=e74c3c]“Yeah we’re alright..I think? Come in” he then turned back to Kaidas who was still going hard at sniffing.

[color=e74c3c]“Why are you smelling that jacket?”

Kaida turned slightly red, realizing what she did in front of the others. She pulled it away just slightly and pulled back into her blankets to hide herself. “I-i-it smelt familiar...

Seeing two of his friends in such a condition, one in a wheelchair and the other on the bed, made him feel quite bad for them. How the hell did this happen? They didn’t do anything bad to deserve this.

The whole Shadow Clan ordeal had driven the young fellow into deep thoughts as he walked into the room. The question of whether who were those people was already swelling in his mind, but there were others that also concerned him as he approached them. Specifically, about Kaida. He turned to look at her briefly. The discussion earlier in the hallway echoed in his mind. Was Kaida a family member of a super villain? Of course, it did little to sway his impression of her, but it must have been difficult for such a person of a background. And what could she have felt being labelled as such?

He looked away before sitting down on a chair nearby. Of course, this was not something to be discussed about, especially after such a traumatizing event.

”I’m glad now that you guys aren’t in danger anymore.” He, a little forcibly, gave a smile to the two. His eyes then danced around the hospital room. His lips were tightening, his teeth sinking in. It was difficult having to go against his pride and ego, but they probably knew it already. ”I’m sorry for earlier. I left you guys to fend for yourself in that alley.”

Roy turned back to Acion who seemed to have a lot on his mind, the boy simply just smiled as his friend apologized to him. The blonde simply held a hand up to his friend signaling for him to stop. [color=e74c3c]“Don’t start buddy, we aren’t mad at you for anything, let’s just this enjoy this moment of peace. Though we all are pretty much incapacitated currently, we should still be grateful that everyone made it out alive and that our friends are still here with us.” The boy said happily, [color=e74c3c]“If anything you could help me and lassie figure out who this jacket belongs to.” Roy began lightly shaking the bed for Kaida to come out of hiding, Only to have a jacket instantly thrown into his face and when he would manage to get the coat off of him he would only see glaring eyes coming from just under the blankets. “don’t call me lassie.

”Yeah, I should.” Acion brightened a bit. The fact they were not resentful of his actions were a relief to him. He was still in the debate of whether fleeing to get help and left his friends is a morally acceptable for him, since he was not at all incapacitated at the moment, it’s just that he was outclassed, but still, Roy’s right. He should leave that for later.

”That coat looks kind of large sized.” Acion said as Roy asked him about it. ”If you ask me, there is this guy out there around that size. His name is Sparks. Jean-Luc Sparks.”

Kaida sat up and looked Acion dead in the eyes. Jean was her guardian, he was in france, but he wasn’t this big of a man. The only other Jean she knew…

It was at this moment the man in question stepped through the door. With an angry retha behind him. However that irritation vanished when he saw Kaida sitting upright. The two boys could see the udder look of confusion and mixture of emotion on kaida’s face. Tears started to form in her eyes as she shook her head, not believing her eyes. Sparks gave a sad smile but before he could say anything Kaida had ripped the iv from her arm and knocked over the rack that held it as jumped out of the bed, rushing towards him and slamming into him full force as she ‘attempted’ to wrap her small arms around his waist. She was sobbing but managed to say In FrenchI thought you were dead!”

Sparks wrapped his arms around her shoulders and rested his one hand against her head. Stroking her hair. I’m sorry little one for not coming back sooner. He answered her again in French.

He looked to the others in the room, notably at Roy who had his Jacket draped over him. He narrowed his eyes. I thought I said don’t wake her...I’m pretty sure I said that .. boy.

Roy felt the piercing gaze coming from sparks, though it was more intense as it caused his mind to go pretty much go blank. The reason being because he was completely in the wrong from so many angles.

[color=e74c3c]“Uhh…” He was trying to by time though it was quite pitiful, as he tried to think of something to say he slowly pulled the jacket off of his shoulder. [color=e74c3c]“She woke up on her own, all I was doing was watching over her.” He said a bit nervously.

Sparks only glared at him as if he didn’t believe him. Kaida spoke up. “Its true. I woke up a few minutes ago…” She said while still holding onto him and looking up at him. ”Where where you? Its been five years….”

” Another time princess.” He said calmly as he started moving her back to the bed.

The gaze from Kaida was a little intimidating, but a signal. An indication that this guy may have a connection with her. It may simply be just another similar name, but he was pretty sure the name was hard to replicate somewhere else

And damn him if he was wrong.

Sparks came into the room and the girl greeted him in a way that Acion had to give her a smile. He was happy for her. But still, he thought the man was the doctor? And what’s his relationship though? There were many questions, but for now…

As Sparks placed Kaida on the bed, Acion moved to the fallen IV rack and lifted it up straight before handing Sparks the needle.

”I think you know how to better than I do. She must have missed you so much that she did this.”

Roy slowly threw one of the coat sleeves over the side of the chair he was sitting on, he kept his eyes on Sparks as he tried to keep what he was doing on the mans blind side. “So Kaida, is Mr.Sparks someone that we can trust?” He was still a bit alert around Sparks despite not much he could even do if something happened. He could barely walk let alone defend himself properly.

The boy held a shaky finger towards the man, “I can’t help but feel this intense feeling of bloodlust in the air.”

Sparks looked at Acion when he mentioned how much kaida must of missed him. He nodded. Lifting kaida easily as if she was a small child into bed. He honestly really missed her as well, but circumstances barred him from contacting her. When he offered the IV he raised his hand. “She’s gonna need a new one now. Its contaminated. “ He said calmly as he reached over and pressed the nurse call button.

He tilted his head slightly when he heard Roy speaking up. Kaida was just getting back under her covers when Roy started asking if they should trust him. She was confused, why shouldn’t they? When he pointed at him and added the bloodlust in the air she looked back to Jean-luc and he looked at her. She didn’t sense it at all. Just warmth and love in his eyes. ”He’s not the sharpest spoon in the box is he?” He said with a grin. As he picked up one of kaida’s heat packs and held it between both of his hands while turning to Roy.

Kaida smiled slightly. She turned to Roy as Sparks stared at the poor boy. Who really could feel the disapproving glare of the large man. A complete 180 to how he looked at Kaida. Of course Roy… why else would I hug him?” If Roy and Acion were paying attention, they could smell a slight smell of sulfur. If they looked at Jean-luc, they would see the heat pack in his hands was steaming now. So hot that it would surely burn anyone by only being placed on them for a second. He would then place it on Kaida’s arm with a sizzle and begin with another one.

She thought for a moment and realized she didn’t explain who this was, red with embarrasment for not introducing him, she looked to Roy and Acion.”Oh.. Roy, Acion, This is my Uncle Jean-luc…Uncle… Sparky.” She giggled as the memory of not being able to call him Jean-luc, and from then on, she called him Uncle sparky. ”Uncle, these are my friends, Roy Kusayanagi and Acion Nakamiji.”

”We’ve met. But I don’t think I’ve properly introduced myself.” In contrast to the skepticism from his friend, Acion was rather in a friendly term with the large man. ”A pleasure to meet you.”

Roy scratched his head at the sharpest spoon in the box comment, it was a phrase completely foreign to him. The boy just shook his head in disagreement with that comment before turning to Kaida. “After all that’s happened, you can never be too safe you know.” He noticed the guy steaming up the hot pack in his hands right before him, some kind of heat quirk perhaps? Well if he is related to Kaida then that makes sense to some degree.

Roy simply flopped back in his chair, he was somewhat relieved and exhausted. there was still slight tension in the air between Roy and the man that somewhat bothered him, it was almost like the guy had a 3rd eye on him at all times which just made him anxious, a compromise will have to be met at least.

“…Sorry if we got off on the wrong foot Mr.Sparks, it’s been a pretty rough day.”

Learning about the whereabouts of his dad as well was weighing on his mind, the fact that he could be the offspring of someone so respected in the crime underworld that it spared his life was also nerve racking.

“Acion, I am going to have to talk to you about something important after I get discharged.”

His eyebrows raised. Something important, huh? It may have been related to what he had been talking with Sparks earlier, or the Shadow Clan, or about his encounter with Kaida the day before. But he had already told what he saw already. But in any cases, he had a feeling that it would be something serious.

”I’ll be available at your earliest convenience then.” Acion whispered back.

Sparks looked down at Roy with a raised eyebrow. That was the first smart thing he’s said. But still with kaida throwing her arms around him it was clear he could be trusted. ” It is a pleasure to meet you both.” He looked to Roy, ”I get protective of my niece, so it’s not personal. But it has been a rough day. Which you all should get some rest.” placing another steaming hotpack on Kaida. At which Kaida frowned. It sounded like he was going to leave.

”Please don’t go!” semi afraid he will disappear again. ”You need to tell me why and how...and..and..” She said getting a little dizzy. The pain of moving her hands catching up to her causing her to get tired again.

”Don’t worry I wont go far...not again. You just relax and we can talk when you are more rested.

”Hmm?” What was happening inside caught the attention of the Sky Knight’s leader. Please don’t go? That voice sounded so desperate and sorrowful. What the hell is happening in there?

She was tempting to listen to what they were saying, but was not so eager to intrude on people’s privacy. It would be extremely rude…

“Yeah I understand completely, I’ve grown somewhat of protective of the people around me too. Even though we butted heads a bit, I’m glad it was for a positive reason.” With those words, Roy grasped his light cane again. It was a bit troublesome for him to take his eyes off of his friends, but he felt as though if something happened while he was gone, Sparks would step in. The boy switched seats from the bedside chair back into his wheelchair before dispelling the cane.

“We should check on how Takeshi is doing before I go back to bed, when I left he looked fine but that was only a glance”

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Ruby Mamoru

As the boy approached her, Ruby crossed her arms in front of her chest to further enhance her body language. What could he possibly want from her? He explained himself by claiming that he wanted to prove whether her victory was a "Fluke" or not. Ruby purposefully ignored the rather insulting and disrespectful past of that comment since she couldn't tell whether he was actually trying to be mean or not. After all, coming all this way after her only to be mean to Ruby would seem odd. Especially for a hero candidate.

"I've proved you everything I had to prove. If you want to believe that was a fluke then so be it. I don't intend to convince you further."

To be honest, Ruby couldn't really be bothered at the moment. She was both socialy and physically exhausted hence why she just wanted to get to her dorm. Though when she was about to announce her departure from Amane, he would call her fighting style a "devolved" form. This time, Ruby actually took it as insulting. Turning back to face him, with her arms still crossed, Ruby would reply again. The girl did however, grit her teeth at Amane's insult to her fighting style.

"Did it catch you off guard? If so then it was a success wasn't it?" Her voice was somewhat noticeable more cold than usual. Mayhaps Amane could tell that she felt insulted.

"Yes I give in to my instincts when I fight like that. That doesn't mean that I don't think however. I don't devolve, I willfully let my instincts take control in a fighting-style that is meant to overpower the opponent because of their inability to react quick enough to the sudden change. And in that way, I succeeded. Besides, my foe cannot counter my moves if they do not understand them."
She couldn't believe that she ended up justifying herself to Amane. Normally, Ruby would never do that. "I guess I do feel kind of insulted."

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Motome Fumika

Chiwa Hatori

Hatori sat quietly and twirled her pen as she stared at the pile of homework she had right in front of her, groaning and leaning down her chair. It was the second week of class and already the instructors were giving her a heavy load. Well... not quite. If she had the willpower and patience, it was easily doable in two hours. But if her previous childhood had told her anything, it was that it took more than a bit of pushing to get her to actually work hard in her academics.

God damn it, this is hero academy! Aren’t we supposed to learn about...hero stuff? Hatori thought as she looked outside. The sun was setting past the high rise buildings, the lights slowly coming on for each independent room. She sighed and turned on the lamp before staring at her pile of homework again. First was World History, then Chemistry, and finally analyzing a Japanese poem on her weekly journal. She glanced at Fumika uncomfortably as she took out her pencil box.

...Or rather, she glanced herself at where her roommate had been. Last she’d checked, Fumika had been sitting by the window, staring out at… something. The sunset, maybe? In any case, her uncannily silent roommate had evidently moved at some point during the interim without Hatori noticing, as the chair was empty and the curtains were closed. This… was not as strange of an occurrence as one might think. After all, the blonde was usually very quiet even when otherwise engaged, and, at present, she didn’t seem to be doing much of anything. Since Hatori herself had been doing a good job of at least looking busy, it wasn’t unlike Fumika not to say anything at all. Still, she had to still be in the room somewhere, as the door definitely hadn’t opened or closed… As Hatori’s gaze panned slightly to the left, she found her answer. Atop the room’s second bed, the rather plain white comforter had been rolled up with surprising neatness, creating an almost perfectly symmetrical roll of blanketing that resembled nothing in its shape quite so much as an upended bale of hay. This wasn’t what caught her particular attention, however, as from within this exceedingly fluffy cylinder, a single, arching strand of golden hair stuck up like an antenna, bobbing slightly back and forth as its owner evidently contented herself with snuggling her face into the warmth of the covers. Then, all of a sudden, this strand stood bolt upright, jabbing slightly back and forth, and then drooped unexpectedly back down into the roll of blankets.

”E-eh?” Hatori muttered with mild confusion, her writing hand pausing in midair just as it was about to make contact with the paper. She put down the pencil and glanced around the room. Did she go out the door? No, she didn’t even hear the door creak... She turned her head around to the left before suddenly noticing a huge lump inside the comforter on Fumika’s bed. After several days of living together, her side of the room was still nearly as empty as it was before, and unusually neat and tidy.

There was a muffled flop as the cushy bundle toppled onto its side. It wobbled slightly back and forth, then began to steadily unroll itself down the bed, its occupant making herself heard before she was seen. “Gorogorogorogorogorogoro~” A monotone voice cooed, uttering what was either complete nonsense or an unsuccessful attempt at imitating the sound of a train. Fumika was slightly muffled by the blankets for only a moment, as the incomprehensible girl proceeded to unwrap herself before rolling clear off of the bed and into a rather meticulously placed stack of pillows, demolishing it completely before disappearing once more from view as the blanket, still partly wrapped around her ankles, was tugged down on top of her. There were a few moments of silence as the pile on the floor shifted slightly to one side or the other, followed by complete stillness. A quiet but unmistakably happy sigh ushered forth from the impromptu pillowfort, and all was, evidently, right once more with the world.

”What!? Did she finish her work before I did? Hatori shuffled uncomfortably, a bit shocked by how idle Fumika was. Several days of living together at least gave Hatori some time to get used to the strange rituals and other actions she performed while the two were in the room. She glanced at Fumika again and pressed her pencil towards her cheek – she never heard Fumika talk much in class, though if she remembered correctly, Fumika’s Quirk also gave her photographic memory...and even without that, she was getting pretty good scores early on the class as well.

Hatori smiled and looked at her World History homework sheet for a moment. “Hey, Fumika...can you help me with a question?” she asks, moving down to the middle of the page and reading the question. “Question 2-6–”

“‘The ancient civilizations which emerged in the wake of the agricultural revolution were primarily based in fertile river valleys supportive of crops. They included early Mesopotamian civilizations, the Indus River Valley civilization, settlements around the Nile River in Egypt, and settlements along the Yellow River in China.’ Page 27.” The answer came almost before the number of the question was out of Hatori’s mouth, recited with all the precision of a computer - and all the emotion of one, too. A tuft of fluffy blonde hair poked out from under the corner of the comforter, followed shortly by the expressionless face of her roommate, who lay upside down, craning her head at a rather silly-looking angle and staring blankly up at Hatori with calm blue eyes. ”Don’t say it exactly like that, though, because that’s how the textbook says it, and they don’t like direct quotes. I got in trouble for that a lot before I figured out.”

Hatori blinked and grinned before twirling her pencil and writing down the answer.

”Yeah yeah, plagiarism and all that. Our English teacher gave us this fifteen minute lecture on how to cite sources or whatever and not copying stuff word for word,” she replies as she finishes her answer. Hatori writes for about a minute or two before she met another pitfall. Crud...I should have really read up on this… she thought before chuckling sheepishly and turning to Fumika again. [color=C0C0C0]”And what about Question 3-1…”


Friday, April 6th, 20:28, Room A-108

“...Hello?” Fumika blinked, her tone calm but slightly confused, almost questioning. She cocked her head slightly to one side and stared quizzically up at Hatori from where she’d been sitting in the corner.


Hatori nearly dropped the backpack she had carried into the room, noticing that Fumika, the teammate she had been paired with earlier that morning, was in the same dorm room as she was. From afternoon to dinner, she had been thinking non-stop about the exercise tape they had to watch near the end of physical instruction. Mr. Yoshida was as cold and critical as usual, and thankfully their team had gotten off easily with little criticism, Amane excluded. Apparently, after Amane went by himself, a chaotic fight had ensued at the point, and the exercise had to be cut short before the team could even get into the building.

It was also a perfect opportunity to see each one of her classmates’ Quirks and weaknesses. There were some she couldn’t tell at all – Jett’s Quirk remained an unknown to her. Mina could emit light apparently, like the baby with the first Quirk, though with far more control. She had taken quite a beating in the clip, too, and from what she had heard, she was now getting her wounds treated. There were also a new face, namely Ruby, who also had some kind of strange Quirk, and Hatori wasn’t able to understand fully what it was.

But that wasn’t what Hatori was thinking about right now. She tried not to show too much negative emotion towards Fumika and cleared her throat, letting out a small smile. Fumika wasn’t a bad classmate really, and she could have gotten worse classmates out of the bunch, but their personalities didn’t fit at all! Hatori took a deep breath before turning to her. ”Oh...it’s nothing. You just surprised me a bit is all,” Hatori remarked and threw her backpack next to her desk. ”You were pretty cool in that exercise clip, by the way. You didn’t get hurt too badly, did you? I saw that some of our classmates needed to be sent to the clinic. I kind of just got minor burns myself from that dust firestorm thing I pulled off, so they patched me up pretty quick.”

The blonde girl shook her head. It was odd, now that Hatori looked at her. She was holding a book in her hands, and had been staring at it rather intently as if reading, but she hadn’t even opened it to the first page yet. And had her eyes been glowing slightly before she had looked up to see Hatori enter? Maybe it was just a trick of the light…

“I’m fine. Takeshi protected me, so I didn’t get burned. I was very tired, though, so I passed out as soon as the battle was over. But when I woke up, I was okay. It was a good nap.” She declared this last bit as if it explained everything, patting the bed next to her demonstratively as if showing off how fluffy the covers were. Then, after a few moments of peering quizzically at Hatori in abject silence, went back to staring blankly at the cover of her book. Although, Hatori couldn’t but be skeptical of this claim, since she, of all people, knew that Fumika had taken several hits before the explosion even went off. And yet she claimed to be fine? No, the more likely explanation was that she’d been sent to the nurse’s office and simply been lucky enough to remain totally unconscious through all of Nurse Kiwi’s rather… unpleasant… treatment procedures. But then why had she been gesturing to her bed? She didn’t seem like the type to use one thing to represent another. Whatever the case, her explanation didn’t exactly shed much light on anything.

Hatori paused and stared at Fumika for a moment, not paying enough attention to her before to notice the faint glow in her eye. She was a bit more focused on the book Fumika had on her hands, which she seemed to be reading, yet upon a closer look, noticed that she had not even opened the cover. She turned back towards her desk and took out an unopened pack of flash cards, opening up the plastic wrapping – while Hatori had missed what Fumika did with her Quirk, it was rather clear what Hatori herself was doing as she started making creases on the paper cards. After all, that firestorm had burnt out at least half of the paper supply on her, and she needed to make more to be ready for tomorrow. By the looks of it, Fumika had worn herself out from that battle and was sent to the nurse’s offices like the others...ugh. I’m lucky I wasn’t that injured enough to have to be treated like that from the nurse.

There were still some questions she had, like whoever that Haruka person Fumika was mentioning during the exercise. And that projection, too...during the exercise, she assumed it was probably some sort of imaginary friend due to Fumika’s rather eccentric attitude, but something in the back of her mind told her that it wasn’t that simple. ”You um...done reading that?” Hatori asked half-jokingly. ”Must be a real good one if it’s caught so much of your attention.”

After a few more moments of staring at the closed book in silence, Fumika nodded to herself and set it down on the end table next to her, giving it one last pensive glance before looking back to Hatori and nodding again. “Mm,” she uttered stone-facedly. “Just finished. It was a very emotional read.”

Hatori placed a hand near her cheek and sighed. What did I do to deserve this? she thought.


Oh boy, what did I do to deserve this! Hatori had already completed her history homework in a breeze with Fumi just spouting out the answers straight towards her. She never really thought of how beneficial her roommate’s Quirk was until now, but with this, she could get a good grade before the end of the semester. Now, next was math...

Hatori opened her mouth to ask for additional help, only for a slight rustling beneath the mound of pillows and blankets beside her to catch her attention as Fumika sat up suddenly, staring down at a small pink phone with a quizzical look. She mumbled something under her breath that sounded a lot like ”Why would someone want specifically to talk to me?” Whoever it was, some kind of answer seemed to strike her, as she shot upright with surprising speed. Her eyes flashed green for a moment, and two copies of herself took form, quickly cleaning up the various pillows and blankets around her and making her bed up while Fumika herself fetched her glasses from the bedside table. The two copies tossed the comforter into the air, then disappeared beneath it as it fell onto the bed, vanishing like the assistants in a stage magician’s grand illusion. Biting nervously down on her bottom lip, the blonde girl strode quickly towards the door, not so much as looking back.

”Woah, where are you off to?” Hatori blinked, dropping her pencil. She was a bit startled at the clones at first, though she had seen Fumi form clones casually to do all the quick cleaning and work before. She stood up and pushed her chain in, intending to tag along with her.

”Going downstairs now,” Fumika said seriously, hardly glancing back as she headed briskly for the stairs. ”Someone’s waiting for me.”
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Dorm Lobby

@Feyblue@Silver Carrot

"Yes, I do karate," Mina answered politely, with a smile. Kenichi still got kind of a chilly feeling from her, and couldn't help but rub the back of his head somewhat bashfully. He wondered if he'd done something to piss her off--maybe she could read expressions or something (martial artists were probably good at that) and had read through some of his disapproval the last time he had walked in on that conversation between her and Jett. Then again, that had been...what, four days ago? "It's the only striking martial art I'm a black belt in, though I'm more of a grappler overall. What about you? Do you know any martial arts?"

"A black belt?!" Kenichi's eyes turned bright again, and he couldn't help but grin. Young men are always excited by feats of strength and merit, after all. "Nice! But, as for me," He shook his head, then looked down at his fist with a furrowed brow. He still had bandages wrapped around it where his knuckles had been bloodied from repeated impacts against another human being's skull. Don't think about it. It wasn't the fact that he'd nearly beaten three people to death that he was trying to avoid. He was trying not to remember the feeling of being beaten. Being helpless. Being weak. Don't think about it!

"My Quirk's a strengthening type, so up until now I got by on just pure speed and power. But that's not gonna cut it anymore--I'm sure people who actually know how to fight, like you and Yashiro-kun, could still beat me. I've gotta get...stronger. Better, I mean. Fight smarter." He realized he was navel gazing, and looked back at Mina.

"Don't mean to babble, sorry! But hey, do you mind if I ask where you trained? Is there a dojo around here I could check out?" He crossed his arms and stood in a more relaxed stance, listening for her reply, but also glanced over at Asuka to see if she had gotten any kind of reply to her text. His eyes also darted, just for a moment, towards the halls and stairs.

Was she coming? Where might she be coming from? Surely she was here, right...?
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"Eh heh. Sorry sensei. I promise, no more rough housing. I'd like to be able to get my own drink by next Monday!" Letting Nurse Kiwi do her thing, Mamoru carefully put her arms into some slings to ensure they won't get hurt. Everyone was going to go their separate ways soon enough, so Mamoru figured it was time to head back to her dorm and actually rest as the doctor ordered. The strange boy that was once missing his arm bid his farewells so Mamoru called out to him. "See you later stranger! I'll probably see you again!" Mamoru bowed to Kiwi as she left, heading back to the dormitories to rest up for the night. She skipped off back to her room when, along the way, she ran across Ruby and Amane. Mamoru had appeared behind Amane and could see Ruby facing him. She turned around and walked away, but stayed close enough to listen in.

Not even surprising her, Mamoru hears Amane asking questions about how he lost to someone like Ruby. Apparently the idea that a cat girl like her does her fighting in a cat-like style is offensive to him. Ruby was quick to retort to him and Mamoru quietly cheered her on. She peeled her head around the corner just to watch, ready in case Amane wants a round 2 as well.



Here in the 1B homeroom, Asahi and a few others were doing the final touch ups to the karaoke machine, namely ensuring that the voice sync was tuned to the singers. The anti-Komei group had already selected their champion and had everything ready for him, all he needed to do was take the mic and sing. The pro-collective group still needed to choose their representatives for this challenge however, though all eyes were on Tomoe.

While they were working White Hat would begin explaining the second contest. ”This contest is Karaoke! A panel of five judges will rate your performance based off the following criteria: Tone, lyrical accuracy, improv, and finally presentation. In order to remain impartial and to give our judge a chance to make their decision honestly, the final score for this competition will be reserved until after the final competition is complete!” hearing this Asahi cursed. He figured this might’ve been their scheme; by reserving judgement until they finished the final would make them _have_ to complete the third challenge, even if they ultimately win they second challenge.

That wasn’t the worst of it either. The criteria they were being judged upon wasn’t just how well you know a song; this required a full blown performance. Simply singing won’t be enough, their side needed to put on a show. Even Asahi wasn’t ready for that. ”Bastards…” He whispered to himself. Then he walked over to Tomoe and Hitomi with a hopeful look in his face. ”The karaoke machine is ready. Whoever is going to sing just needs to step up to the mic and take it. Just like White Hat said though, this is more than just a song. You need to be able to impress the judge too. Your opponent is Seiko, he’s a really good singer and something of a diva. He’s going to be a real challenge. Still… I know we can win this!” Asahi said while pumping his fist.


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Haruka Sanegeyama

Seeing Yukari in such pain sent Haruka straight into a panic. If she wasn’t already having an anxiety attack, she for sure was in the beginning stages of one now. Her blood ran cold and her heart felt like it was about to explode, and both sweat and tears were starting to dribble down her face. The blood, the heartbeat monitor, and Yukari’s writhes of suffering were nearly unbearable to witness.

She didn’t know what to do, and that almost caused her to completely lock up. However, another girl in the room, who Haruka had barely noticed in her fear-induced tunnel vision, spoke up and gave her a direct path to take. With something concrete in mind, she would be able to do something, anything more helpful than just gawking at the awful scene laid out in front of her.

Giving Adriane a nod, Haruka barely managed to sputter out an ”O-okay,” though it came out as more of a whimper than a word. She wrenched her eyes away from Yukari, turned out the door, and ran to the first professionally-addressed adult she saw. Haruka damn near barreled into the nurse, but managed to stop herself on the wall they were near with a thud.

”P-please help,” Haruka said, her voice crackling at a nearly-inaudible tone. She swallowed a mouthful of nothing and tried again, forcing herself to be louder. ”W-we need help in Yukari’s room!! H-her IV came out, a-a-and she’s bleeding, e-everywhere, and…” Her stomach twisted viciously, and a gag interrupted her sentence. For a moment, she clasped her hands over her mouth, tried not to hyperventilate, and then once she had somewhat composed herself, tried again. ”I-it looked l-like her cast was o-off, almost, s-she really needs h-help, please!!!” Though she couldn’t contain her desperation, she was able to articulate the severity well enough to the nurse, and she hoped they would come along to help.

The nurse was carrying a stack of medical folder when Haruka arrived to her in hysterics. She put a calming shoulder on Haruka’s shoulder and shushed her. ”Okay, okay. Lead me to her room okay? Help is on its way.” the nurse took out her radio and called for extra nurses to come over to the trauma ward while she follows Haruka back. Soon two more nurses arrived to follow Haruka to Yukari’s room.

Haruka recoiled slightly at the touch, but the physical contact did manage to help calm her nerves a little. She nodded again, not daring to open her mouth in case her previous gagging returned, and turned to lead the nurses to Yukari’s room. She moved quickly, and once they got to her room, she moved off to the side to get out of their way. ”Y-Yukari, I got h-help,” She said, doing her best to sound reassuring despite the clear stutter that came from her.

@Ryonara @Aerandir
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Amane Kishimoto

Amane has managed to set off a bomb with his critic of Ruby’s fighting style, the girl reacted far out of what was expected as she snapped back at him attempting to justify herself. The boy simply smirked after watching the cat girl contradict herself. Even after going toe to toe with him she still had this much energy left, it was pretty amusing to the boy. Once she done, Amane got up off the ledge and approached the girl raising his hand, the boys smirk transforming into a cold glare, one that matches Ruby’s. The boys hand came down quickly onto Ruby’s face.

”You’re contradicting yourself Ruby, what happened to that cool and collected mindset you had”

Amane pinched the girls cheek tightly as he spoke to her, it was embarrassing for him to see her getting so bent out of shape. After a couple seconds Amane let go, hopefully she would have cake back to the reality of the situation.

”Whatever I say won’t take away from the fact I was overwhelmed right, there’s no point for you to react. All you’re doing is showing me how vulnerable your mind is.” His tone of voice was a bit different from before, it was almost as if he was trying to lend her some advice.

”Even if you’re ‘Special move’ is a bit unorthodox, you are correct that it can surprise someone. Though to be honest that particular fighting style has its flaws as you give up strength and power for rediculous speed.

Amane began walking down the steps as he prepared to leave, ”I would not mind training with you once my wounds are healed, I believe we can improve on ourselves by taking after one another. Don’t you agree?” Perhaps his fatigue was beginning to get the best of him at this point, for him to propose training together was a flip of the script even for him. Even though, nothing beat fighting a real opponent rather than a fake one. Especially one with such speed is rather rare.

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𝔇𝔦𝔞𝔩𝔬𝔤𝔲𝔢 𝓒𝔬𝔩𝔬𝔯 || #F50A83 ||| 𝔗𝔥𝔬𝔲𝔤𝔥𝔱 𝓒𝔬𝔩𝔬𝔯 || #0A8BF5

The brisk footfalls of the tall blonde rang in her ears as she hastened down the hallway, flung open the door to the stairs, and then half-walked, half-tumbled down them, her slipping, slippered feet perpetually on the verge of sliding over the brink of each step as she hurtled towards the lobby as fast as she could reasonably go. In the back of her mind, she couldn't help but wonder what had struck her so much. Yes, Haruka was going to be there, and yes, she didn't want to bother her sister any further by making her wait, but neither of those things fully explained the strange sort of frenzy that she now found herself in.

A friend of yours wants to talk.

A friend.

A cheerful face, smiling down reassuringly at her, had flashed before her mind in an instant. Her face felt warm, and her heart ached.

"Of course we're friends!"

...Why was it? She supposed that it was only natural that he'd be the first person she thought of when it came to her friends at Komei. After all, he had been the first. Even so, though, she couldn't help but fixate on the possibility that it was him, despite how unlikely that actually was. There wasn't any particular reason to suspect that Yoshida in particular was there, waiting for her. The last time they'd met, he'd said all sorts of strange things... Didn't he say that he didn't want her to follow him around, didn't want her to talk to him right away? It had already been a week since then, and she hadn't even seen him once. It was like he was trying to avoid her, just in case she approached him on sight like he had told her not to...

"I'll see you later, then!" He'd been smiling as he waved to her. Even when he said things that ended up hurting her, he didn't seem angry. That didn't make sense. It wasn't like the way Asuka had looked back then at all... She had been angry, but Yoshida was always smiling warmly.

He'd said that he would see her again. That they would talk again, later, when it was more convenient for him. Just like when he'd left her alone during lunch on the day they'd met... He had promised to come back. He had come back. She had waited for him, and he had come back to get her. So, then... Wouldn't he come back this time, too?

She rounded the corner and descended the final flight of stairs. Unable to wait, her eyes flashed red, an imperceptible pulse of unseen shards of herself scattering outward over the lobby, washing over and through three figures standing in a small cluster by the door, and one of which immediately drew her attention.

Her heart seemed to jump a little, and her breath stopped in her throat. She'd had no right, no reason to expect it, but...

It's really Yoshida. He came back. He really wants to see me.

And yet, the momentary feeling she couldn't identify was completely washed away in the next moment as she realized exactly how wrong things were. His body was wrapped in bandages in several places, and his posture was all wrong. Yoshida never carried himself with such a hunched-over stance. Beneath the surface, his muscles were still straining to repair themselves, and bones once-fractured or dislocated seemed to have only freshly been set back into place. He seemed anemic and weak. Who or what had done this to him...?!

Her eyes faded back to blue and the mark in her hair disappeared. She realized she'd been standing frozen one step away from the bottom of the stairs for a few moments now, simply staring at Kenichi. Her eyes re-focused, meeting his gaze as she slowly, hesitantly approached.

"Yoshida...?" She asked, her quiet, worried voice cutting through the silent air between them. "Why... Why are you hurt? What happened to you?"

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Tomoe Kishitmoto

class 2B
@Silver Carrot@Lucius Cypher

Tomoe followed the group of students to the next challenge round. It was set up in the classroom of 2B with microphones and large speakers. Tomoe honestly didn't expect them to make something so huge out of this. She thought that standing on the table and sing a little was plenty enough but it seemed like she was more in a talent show then anything else. Nervously she glanced around to look for Hitomi with her petite frame. She could barely wastch between the other students as she was only reaching till around their shoulders. Only when Tomoe had stepped onto the stage she managed to see Hitomi who she geacefully greeted with a warm wave. Tomoe awkwardly smiled at Hitomi as she was about to perform. This was truly emberassing.

Tomoe turned to her opponent which was another flat chested girl. Tomoe gave a deep bow at the girl as she cheerfully cheerped at the challenger student.

"Let's both do our best silver hair-san. My name is Tomoe by the way.
It is nice meeting you immediatly on stage hehe..."

Tomoe awkwardly laughed at her own comment and faced back to the judge while grabbing her mic from the stand. She tapped the microphone for a moment to see if it worked and stood around untill the competition was gonna start. She didn't know if they could chose their own songs and what there choices were in thst regard. She was likely gonna do something cutesy and timid so that she could easily follow the rythm. The rules were still not clear to her but she was gonna do her best at least. Tomoe spoke through the microphone to the judges. At least she didn't have stage fright.

"Are we suppose to chose our own songs and who is first?"
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Dorm Lobby

@Feyblue@Silver Carrot

He glanced back at Asuka one more time, and started to ask if her text had sent. Maybe she didn't have enough signal. Or...maybe it had sent, but Fumika just hadn't seen it yet. Maybe she was already asleep. Maybe her phone was charging. Maybe she was charging. Maybe he'd done something to make her mad at him--

Like completely disappearing from school and ignoring her for four days?

He hadn't even thought about it until now, probably because he didn't think he'd ever seen her mad. Well, except that one time. When she had yelled and he'd gone running. He still didn't know what that had really been about except for Jett and Haruka having some kind of dispute. But could that be possible? Maybe...maybe she just didn't want to see him.

But then he saw her.

She stopped, one step away from the bottom of the stairs. He saw her eyes change color--he knew that meant her Quirk must have activated, but why? Had she just been recording something, playing something back? Maybe she was so pissed at him she was going to project someone else to kick him out. He started to speak, his mouth dropping open more than anything--

But then he heard her.

"Yoshida...?" She asked, her quiet, worried voice cutting through the silent air between them. "Why... Why are you hurt? What happened to you?" Her eyes re-focused, meeting his gaze as she slowly, hesitantly approached.

And all of a sudden he felt like he could breathe again. Even with cracked ribs.

"Yo, Motome-chan!" He raised a hand in greeting with a big grin. "It's...kind of a long story." He rubbed the back of his neck. "And technically I'm not really allowed to say anything about it now. But I mean, if it wasn't obvious enough, I kind of lost a fight." He shook his head with a chuckle. "Two for two. Guess I'm not that great a Main Character after all?" But he didn't really feel bitter as he said it. After all...he had made it back, hadn't he?

He stepped forward to meet her halfway, managing to stand up straight for the first time that day. It didn't help much, since she was still taller than him, but that wasn't important.

"Sorry I kind of left you hanging for a few days." His grin softened, from something out of Dragon Ball or One Piece to a softer, more real smile. "How have you been?"
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Jett stood there silently, pulling her close to him with one arm across her shoulder blades with that hand holding her right shoulder. While the other was around her waist He held her like that as she started to explain what happened when she was discharged from the hospital. He felt a twinge of pain knowing he wasn’t there for her during this...not that it was his fault he didn’t know, he still felt responsible for not being there.

When she explained she wanted to try to walk, He gave a sad smile that she couldn’t see. Of course she would have wanted to walk. Even knowing she would fail. That sounded just like her. Strong and defiant despite her physical ability. He rested the front of his chin on lightly on top of her head as if he was going to kiss it, but he didn’t. He just held it there till she raised her head, pulling his back as well. He looked at her with now that same hopeful smile and blush on her face.

He had a soft smile on his face as he remembered that day, but it grew even more when she asked how did he always know what to say. Adding the signature idiot at the end of the sentence. He shrugged, his head tilting to the side with his smile turning into his crooked grin. As if to say he didn’t know, its just natural.

This is why… She started to say, at which he raised his eyebrow, curious on what she was going to say, but she stopped abruptly and pulled away from him. She loooked down bashfully, which only caused him to narrow his eyes and cock his head to the side again as he wondered what she was trying to say.

He waited, for what seemed like hours as she tried to collect her thoughts, he was about to ask what was it was when she looked up again at him. Her confident smile once again gracing her face. The smile he always loved. She then asked if he would listen to what she had to say, when she was ready.

He took a deep breath, while never looking away from her and sighed. With a Serious expression he shook his head. “Nope.” He said matter of factly. He waited a few moments to see her get angry before smirking as if he just said a horrible joke. “I don’t listen remember?” He added while raising his hands, palms up in a shrug. His smile even growing bigger by the moment. It was clear to her that he was kidding but he then laughed before she blew a fuse. “You never ask that again. Cause I'll always be willing to listen to you if you need to talk.” He said with a warm smile. After a moment he then jerked his head over his shoulder, ”Lets catch up with the others...I’m sure Fumika wants to see you as well.”

He took her right hand in his and placed it on his left bicep. Using this moment with her arm raised and her confused to be sure, to reach with his other hand and take the crutch away as he moved so he was now standing next to her on her right, with her crutch in his right hand. And his body in the way from her to attempt to grab it.
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Vae Lynn SaDiablo

Outskirt school

The young woman blinked a few times after the strawberries were formed by Nia. A sickening feeling flooding every single area within her stomach. It had been years since the girl had thought about those words. Even longer since Vae had ever thought about those sort of people. In all honesty, this was when the dark events began taking over her life. A single place where a person is to feel safe and loved by those who were considered family. Not a prison full of nothing but torture and pain caused by those around you. By those wanting nothing more than to blame their problems on an innocent bystander that processes a different talent than you. No one deserves a world covered in nothing but darkness which leads towards false hope from those closest to you. No one deserves to be closer than arm’s length anymore. If you let someone closer than this you’ll just be adding to the darkness inside.

"P-please yourself, p-please." The woman stated in a kind voice making Vae snap into the present. A hand slowly crept towards her cheek, as if to wipe something away, only to end up removing nothing. She worked her eyes upwards with the ever so familiar blank look, but Nia would clearly see distrust shining inside the Native American’s eyes. As if this person was incapable of allowing others to cross an invisible wall that was created so long ago.

” I’m very grateful for the offer but unfortunately, I must refuse both offers. I’ve only just met you, Miss. How do I know you’re not planning something behind my back? How do I know you’re not like the others? I don’t know your end goal in all of this. What you intend to gain by playing the role of protector and friend. Honestly, I would rather stay away from others and live my days in silence.” Vae said as she took a small step back from the happiness which surrounded Nia. After all, a world full of darkness could never coexist with one filled with nothing but light. The thought itself was nothing more than terrifying. After all, there was no hope left for the young woman yet here stood someone who was trying to reach out. Reach for the crying person dying within this cruel world.

”I’ve bothered you enough Miss. Perhaps its best we separate after showing me the way to school. I’ll always be grateful for what you did today but its best not to get too close. Best forget about me. Pretend you never seen me or even interacted with me at all." The girl said as the feeling of fear filled her whole being just like that day.
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Roy Kusayanagi

A mixture of feelings had washed over Roy as he made his way to the door silently, after having the time to reflect on what has happened as well as how his comrades were feeling. He couldn’t help but feel a bit relieved that they were acting pretty normal, or at least putting on the facade that they were. Though at the same time he couldn’t help but feel bitter about everything, not only as a hero in training but also as a friend. Shit, did they even think of him as one of their friends? To be honest they only met 5 days ago which is like no time at all, despite that he has gone through so much with these people to the point where even if they don’t acknowledge him as a comrade, he acknowledged them. It was a weird yet unique bond, one he’d never have seen coming. He’s fought with and against these people as well shed blood with them. Acion being a perfect example. Despite just meeting the guy he couldn’t help but feel like he has known the man for years.

Acion was an odd...errr unique person, definitely one of a kind. His skills, all of them were top notch which was to be expected from someone with his families pro hero history. Not only was he skilled but he also possessed great talent to boot. Sure his ideals and strong morals can make him seem like a geek at times but he meant well, and that’s all that mattered.


Roy stopped abruptly in his tracks as he turned the breaking mechanism in his wheelchair on causing his body to jerk forward. He then held a hand up to his face as he shook his head in disbelief, with who exactly? Himself.

“How could I have been so selfish.” Here came a new emotion, disappointment. If he was feeling this emotions, then he could only wonder how his friends might feel. Takeshi, Reina, Kaida, Michiko, Acion, Donny, and Yukari. They all must be going through their own emotional crisis right now. It was immature to think the world simply revolved around himself. Roy turned towards his buddy and gave him a light jab on his shoulder. Acion was suffering the whole time, how could he not? He managed to escape without damage but at the cost of seeing his classmates hospitalized. Especially with his ego and personality, it was a hard pill to swallow.

“I know it must be tough to see us all like this, honestly I sympathize with you greatly. You must be thinking of what you could have done differently to help us and how you could have been of more use. Don’t beat yourself up too much, you just being there to back us up is the reason we made it out alive. All that energy you are using to brood over what happened, you better use it towards growing stronger while I am still hospitalized. Because once I get cleared for training again, I will be gunning you out of the sky. Perhaps even take your place with the Sky Knights.”

Roy smirked as he began rolling his chair once more he gave a glance towards Kaida who was beginning to settle back down into her bed. He’d have to talk to her privately about everything as well, she went through a lot emotionally as well though she was simply putting on a facade in front of everyone. “You should go back to sleep though Kaida, hopefully you won’t be smelling random coats when you wake up again.” He smirked teasing her a bit, with that last remark he made his exit.

Roy had and strolled down the corridor back to his own room though upon reaching his door, he was much more cautious as he didn’t want to wake Takeshi up. The rolled his chair subtly towards his friends side of the room, slowly approaching the guys bed as he took a look at how the poor guy was holding up.

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Kasuke Mina

"Sorry," Mina replied. "I was trained privately, first by my mother, then by independent instructors. I've never been to a dojo. However, it would be a good idea to learn how to fight properly. Brute strength doesn't mean a thing if you can't actually land a direct hit." Despite seeming cold earlier, Mina had warmed a little. She was by no means 'friendly' yet, but talking about something she actually had an interest in had relaxed her and melted some of the ice. However, when Fumika made her appearence, Mina looked between the two of them, then looked to Asuka with a raised eyebrow and the slight twitchings of a smirk.

"Maybe I should get going." she said aloud to the three, but directed at Asuka.


Maeda Hitomi

Koizumi Seiko

Hitomi returned Tomoe's smile and wave, though internally she was less clear-headed and jobial than she seemed. She was mulling over her former rival's words, and the doubt that they had caused within her. Either way, she was keeping a close eye of Asahi and the rest of the Pro-Collective side during the karaoke competition.

Speaking of people who were putting on an enthusiastic front to hide their mental process, Seiko was actually quite nervous. He wasn't worried he wasn't going to be good enough. He knew he was good. What he didn't know was how good Tomoe was. She certainly looked very moe. Seiko wouldn't be able to out-moe her, so it would be best to go down the full diva route today. There was actually something at stake today too. Seiko knew the rest of his classmates had been planning this Komei Collective, and knew some of the details from snippets of gossip and conversation. Nothing was overly shocking and surprising to him, but Wireframe was a one-man show! Of course he'd need assistants and a backstage team when he made the big-time, but if they were the ones with the power? Seiko didn't want to be a face or a front for the guys running the show. Seiko was the show.

She turned to Tomoe when addressed and returned her bow with good grace. "Nice to meet you, Tomoe-chan!" Seiko replied in English, with an accent that was pretty good but just broken enough to be cute, before reverting to Japanese. "My name is Seiko, the Diva of class 1B, and Il'l be your opponent today! Please give me your best!"

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Mako Akane

Upon reaching Donny's room with Reina's support, Donny was returned to his 'bed' to rest from his over-exertion. Mako then turned to Reina. "Yare yare! Well, thanks for your help! Now, you can go back to Miss. Beaumont's room, or back to the academy, or if there's anyone else you'd like to visit, you could see them too. As for me, I have a meeting to keep. I'll likely see you back at Komei."

Mako then departed, but before she made her way downstairs, she peered into Donny's room to see that he was actually resting now. Content, she went to the stairwell and from there made her way to the meeting place, sitting down. She smiled, sighed, sat back and allowed herself a moment of peace, as well as a chance to think about the students. She didn't know much about the incident, but it was not her business to know much. What she had affirmed was that the students, even if not alright, were in stable conditions, well cared for and as healthy as they could be at present given the circumstances. There were also several heroes present, as well as 'Mr. Sparks'. She shook him from his mind, if she overthought his reappearance into her life too much she'd revert to a blushing, stuttering wreck by the time he arrived.

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