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Changed Miss Chamberlain's color because Georgie had the same text color

Georgie woke up tangled in her softly worn white comforter and stretched, her hair spilling slightly over the bed as she tossed back her head and got up. The day before had been pretty uneventful, the movie hangout at Bea's a nice ending to the day as she ate junk food and let the cool blue light wash over her features.

She took a quick shower and thundered down the stairs, settling down at the dining table to have a quick breakfast of Froot Loops before heading out again. The house was empty, her parents were probably at work but she texted them anyway...old habits die hard:

GEORGIA F: i'm heading to school rn...i'll see y'all when I'm home. love you <3

She tapped at the send button but frowned to herself as she did. She wasn't 10 anymore so really there was no reason to keep sending these messages, especially to her parents who she rarely thought could care about her teenaged self now, at the height of their careers. And god, why was she thinking about this again? How old was she? Maybe it was just because her head was empty. Georgie pushed her cereal bowl aside and stood up, taking a quick glance at her watch to check that she still had time to get some coffee before heading to the school wide assembly required for the students.

Georgie kicked off on her vespa, the light sun falling on her face as she sideeyed the sun and the light sky. She managed to pull up to the nearest Starbucks and quickly stopped the engine as she walked up to the counter. The Starbucks barista greeted her cheerfully and she quickly ordered "An espresso with two shots of hazelnut syrup please?" Her drink quickly arrived and she grabbed it before heading out to her vespa again, leaning against it as she finished off her drink and admired the calming silence in the parking lot, the sound of gravel moving as a few cars drove past and the chirps of birds every now and then. She just needed to enjoy this picturesque view in front of her for a little longer, just to get away from her problems and her empty house.

Georgie found a seat in the auditorium soon enough and listened on as Miss Chamberlain rambled about things, only being startled out of her trance as she heard: "I will have no other choice than to declare a cancellation of this year’s Prom Night."
Even though Georgie didn't want to feel any emotions about this particular announcement she still felt a bit disappointed that she wouldn't be able to attend prom, to dance with someone she liked or actually get a bit drunk on prom punch...maybe.
She listened to the announcement of prom king and queen with a small amount of joy when she heard who'd won. She liked Julie. Then she suffered through the rest of the lectures, barely avoiding falling asleep before the assembly ended and she was brought along with the stream of students out of the door. Georgie accepted the bag of lube and condoms, walking down the hall before she tossed it in the bin. Like she'd ever have someone to do it with. Georgie instantly headed towards the lunch room even though some of the teens had hung around to wait for their friends she was too hungry to wait and Chrysler (yes, that was in fact his name) wasn't at school today, supposedly nursing a cold so she was left to eat at a lunch table alone.

Pushing aside the limp fries on her plate she took a small bite of her burger and leaned back in her seat. It seemed her life was full of absences, of friends who actually was interested in her instead of her photography, of family...She only had Chrysler and even Chrysler wasn't here today. She gave a sour laugh.
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Red hair flipped over her shoulder as Julie continued to brush it as he stared into the mirror vacantly. The big information bomb that had been dropped on her last night had been on the girls mind all night and even this morning. Just as she finished up her braid the doorbell could be heard downstairs. A smile crept onto the young woman's face, retail therapy always got her out of a funk. Especially when it’s a Birikn bag.

“Wow I didn’t expect it to arrive this fast!” Julie exclaimed happily as she opened the door. She wasn’t met with the UPS man that she expected but instead, standing in her doorway was Aurelio Astor. Her former partner in crime and best friend. Her breath caught in her chest and she couldn’t breathe for a second. All of the memories that she had pushed to the back of her mind all came rushing back all at once. It was too much for her to handle. She felt weak and didn’t know what to do. So she slammed the door shut.

She could hear his muffled laugh from the other side of the door. What are you laughing at asshole? she thought as she tried to steady her breathing. After a while the boy knocked softly against the door again. “You know, in the movies I’ve seen, the girl is supposed to run and jump into the arms of the boy. I’ll start serenading if you don’t open the door!

Whipping around she wrenched the door open.“It’s because you watch garbage movies Aurelio” she spat staring at him. “What are you doing here? What do you want?” she demanded.

Aurelio stood there looking at her for some time before slowly replying “Who knows, maybe Korea ruined my movie tastes.” then he shrugged still surveying her,” Have you gotten hotter since the last time I saw you? Or is this time playing a trick on me?”

As it has always been Aurelio avoided what was really important and laying on the flattery thick… and failing. It was like they were 16 again but Julie composed herself and latched on to one detail of his comment “Korea!? So I’m guessing that’s where you’ve been?” he really ran halfway across the world and didn’t even bother to tell her. Now he’s back and acting like nothing had happened. He had a lot of explaining to do but it would have to wait. “Reli… seriously?” the girl sighed as she made sure her uniformed looked right. The redhead stepped closer to the taller boy and stared up into his brown eyes. This maneuver always worked when they were younger to make him do whatever she wanted. She let out a small sigh again biting her lower lips as she kept his gaze on hers. Then she pulled back her right arm and punched Aurelio as hard as she could on his shoulder before storming past him.

“The least you could do is give me a ride to school.” she huffed swinging her leg over his stupid motorcycle.

As the motorcycle came to a stop in the senior parking lot Julie quickly jumped of and pulled the helmet of in a huff before shoving it back to Aurelio. She looked at her reflection in one of the motorcycles mirrors and fixed her hair before straightening up glaring at the young man. “You have some explaining to do later asshole!” she scolded before turning on her heel and stomping of towards the school building.

Homeroom was a blur of nothing until they announced that there was another mandatory assembly for their class. Julie couldn’t help but roll her eyes, as if this day couldn’t get any more annoying. But still there she was trudging along with the other students towards the auditorium. Julie plopped herself down next to Chanel with a sigh trying to settle in for what was probably going to be a drawn out morning.

Their principal Mrs. Chamberlain came out to first survey over her kingdom and then give them a speech of how the faculty was very disappointed of how their homecoming had gone. And the worst punishment they could come up with was cancelling the prom? “Who cares?” she couldn’t help but whisper to Chanel as the rest of the students erupted in protest.

Julie was busy staring blankly ahead when she heard her name being called. She blinked in confusion. What had she done? She wasn’t even on school grounds when she got drunk! It took Chanel pushing her out of the seat to get the redhead to move. On unsteady legs she wobbled up to the stage. Was this some sort of sick joke? Homecoming Queen? With the devil himself as her king? She could throw up.

A grimace appeared on the girls face as Mrs. Sanders put the plastic tiara and the polyester sash on a reluctant Julie. She cast a glare at her partner before composing her expression for the yearbook camera. Following his gaze she saw the reason for the sour look on his face. Her blue eyes fell on the former bombshell of King’s: Aurelio’s sister Yessi. Julie arched an eyebrow and a smug smile krept to her lips. Oh dear he was in trouble now. After what felt like an eternity Julie and Santiago where allowed to exit the stage.

Julie quickly made her way back to her seat and ripped the homecoming trash of her. Out of breath she leaned closer to her friend and whispered “I have something huge… April is going to flip!” before she had time to explain the three longest hours of her life began “I’ll tell you later…”.

When the lectures were finally over and they had handed out the goodie bags filled with condoms and lube the students all rushed to leave. In the kaos Julie managed to lose sight of her best friend and just decided to fall in line behind the rest of the people. She smiled politely as people congratulated her on her new regal role. The smile turned into a frown as she saw who was waiting in the doorway yet again.

She grabbed the boy by his wrist which had grown larger than she remembered over the last years. She dragged him into the courtyard where the senior class was now filling up. Julie stopped in front of what was known as the trinity table and almost threw Aurelio down on one of the benches.

“Speak! Explain yourself!” she demanded crossing her arms and staring down at him.

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Don't Touch My Hair

Location: King's Academy
Interacting with: Julie MacMillan, Aurelio Astor

"Oh, good morning, Chanel! Your hair looks so pretty today."

Something told Chanel Martin to jerk her head away as soon as she heard those few words come from the seat behind her; she ended up doing so as a learned reflex. The young woman quickly turned around in her seat to spot the hand of none other than Amelia Bradshaw suspended in mid-air, her fingers poised to curl around a thick lock of Chanel's hair. The two stared at each other for a brief moment as a million negative thoughts began to race through Chanel's mind; in the end, however, she simply offered Amelia a fake smile and a slight tilt of her head. "Thanks, girl. You already know how I like to do."

It wasn't an unusual occurrence for Chanel, especially given her tendency to wear some of the most unconventional wigs she could find; she was used to the stares she'd earn from across the room, the questions she'd receive from those bold enough to ask, and the unwarranted hair-touching she'd have to endure with a phony smile plastered on her face so that she wouldn't be seen as antagonistic. Today, Chanel had worn one of her brand new, platinum blonde wigs, and while it wasn't as outlandish as most of her others, this one did somehow manage to greatly complement her skin complexion and makeup for the day. And although she did wholeheartedly agree with Amelia's original statement, that did not make it okay for her to run her bony little fingers through Chanel's handiwork. "What makes you think you can just touch my hair without asking?" Chanel wanted so badly to say to the girl. "Bitch, does this look like a petting zoo to you?" But instead, Chanel just settled back into her seat and waited for the first bell to ring; she decided that she'd rather not start off her day on a negative note.

It was when Chanel's homeroom teacher finally arrived that she was notified that her presence was requested at the auditorium for an emergency assembly along with the rest of her classmates. Without hesitation, Chanel rose from her seat, grabbed her purse, and made a beeline for the auditorium. As usual, Chanel chose an empty seat near the front of the room and left two open seats on either side of her, one for Julie and one for April. Julie was the first to arrive at her seat next to Chanel; the young woman offered her best friend a small smile as she plopped down. Shortly after that, Mrs. Chamberlain began her spiel about what went down at homecoming. Chanel tuned out most of what their principal was saying; in fact, she didn't even bother to look up from her cell phone until the old lady mentioned something about cancelling prom.

“Who cares?” Julie whispered in Chanel's ear as the crowd of Seniors began to erupt in protest, but Chanel certainly didn't share the same sentiment. While homecoming may have been a bit of a disaster, Chanel was determined to have the time of her life at her first and last prom. She'd been looking forward to the challenge of creating a dress suitable enough for the occasion, as well as the opportunity to max out her uncle's credit card on accessories, expensive dinners, and maybe even a limousine. Oh, and don't get her started on the idea of being part of the royal court, let alone being crowned Prom Queen. There was no way in Hell that she was gonna let Chamberlain ruin her chances of earning her crown.

After a little more rambling, the principal finally announced who had been voted as Homecoming King and Queen; while Chanel was slightly disappointed that it wasn't her name that had been called, she was truly happy for her best friend. After giving the redhead a slight nudge in the back, Chanel watched with a bright smile as Julie made her way to the stage with Santiago; as the photographer took his pictures, Chanel did the same on her own cell phone. The young woman was too busy typing out a caption for her Snapchat story to even notice what was going on with Santiago as he stood on the stage; this was why she simply flashed Julie a confused expression when the girl returned to her original seat and uttered a few more words under her breath. “I have something huge," she'd told her, "April is going to flip!” But before Chanel could ask any further questions, Principal Chamberlain began to speak once more, and for the next three hours, Chanel would try her hardest to stay awake while idly listening to those three long, graphic lectures.

Chanel left the auditorium, like everyone else, with a small plastic bag full of condoms and lube; the young woman simply shoved them in the bottom of her purse as she began to make her way towards the cafeteria. Somewhere along the way she lost sight of Julie, so Chanel just decided to grab her lunch and find her at their spot afterwards. As usual, the school lunch looked pretty unappetizing; Chanel mentally scolded herself as she forked out a few dollars in exchange for the limp french fries and turkey burger. "God, even McDonald's would've tasted better than this shit," Chanel muttered to herself after tossing one of the cold fries into her mouth, "Do they not believe in using salt?"

Soon, Chanel was exiting the cafeteria and heading to the trinity table in the courtyard. It was when she finally glanced up from her cell phone that she saw a familiar looking boy sitting at their table; Julie stood next to him, her arms crossed and her eyes narrowed. It wasn't until after Chanel drew a bit closer that she finally realized who the boy was. "Am I finally starting to lose my fucking mind?" Chanel said all of a sudden as she placed her tray down on the table next to the large boy. "I've got to be going crazy, because there's no fucking way... Reli?"
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Homecoming hadn’t been kind to Declan. He’d spent the entire next day huddled under a pile of blankets with the curtains drawn, alternating between a fitful doze and staring blankly at the ceiling with narrow eyes. Come Monday morning, he was feeling marginally better- although hungry and rather bored. Bored enough to finally tug the duvet from over him and mount an expedition to the fridge downstairs.

It had been a while since he’d stayed long enough at home to actually eat breakfast in the mornings, and it was a nice feeling to be able to put his feet up with a glass of orange juice and a fat stack of toaster waffles. Unfortunately, the cruisy morning only lasted as long as until he started hearing movement from his father’s upstairs bedroom. While he was feeling better than yesterday, he was hardly in the mood for a lecture on how he was ‘throwing away his life’ or whatever grumbles his father had with him today. It was time to bail.

Checking his watch, he found with surprise that he was actually on track to be on time for school. It was a rare occasion that he drifted in through the entrance doors before ten thirty and to be honest, he could barely recall the name or face of his homeroom teacher.

His van took several turns of the key to get started and released a cloud of fumes potent enough to melt a small iceberg when it finally did. Palm Beach was small enough that anywhere was within a ten minute drive, which was a blessing today when Declan barely had the mental energy to keep his eyes focused on the road ahead.

The car park was about as packed as an early Monday morning deserved, with only the teacher’s spaces looking any kind of full. However lame it sounded, it gave Declan a small sense of satisfaction to pull into the closest park to the entrance. His homeroom was on the second floor, a repurposed geography room that he hadn’t visited since before the summer holidays. Normally he would just go straight to the music room when he got to school, proper attendance be damned.

As he pushed open the door, the teacher gave a mock open mouthed face of shock and lowered her glasses from her nose.
“Ah, Mr. Turei. So you are in my class this year. I thought there was some kind of mistake on my roll, seeing as I haven’t seen you in two months.”
Declan at least had the grace to look slightly apologetic.
“Yeah, I’ve been uh… sick. Had a nasty cough. You know how it is- July’s a real killer on the lungs,” he said, with wide, innocent eyes and a gentle cough into a bunched fist.
“Ah yes, the famous two month cough.” She was looking decidedly unconvinced. “Anyways, feel free to explain it all to Mrs. Chamberlain after the assembly. Run off to the hall now, they want to lecture you lot on that disaster of a Homecoming.” Declan turned to the door to leave.
“And Declan?” she called. He turned and looked over his shoulder back at her. “I will see you in homeroom tomorrow morning.” Declan slumped his shoulders and gave a mock salute. “Yes miss, I’ll be there.”

The hall was set up for an assembly, with rows of chairs echoing out from the curved stage like a wifi signal. The rows were only sparsely populated at the moment, and Declan scanned the room for familiar faces before his gaze alighted on Guy Lowell. They’d met in the theatre, when the two had found spots in the main cast for their freshman play- a musical. Declan was long out of that scene, but the two were still close.

“Sup,” Declan nodded to Guy and pulled out a chair. The two chatted for a few minutes, mainly about music, theatre, and the homecoming before Mrs Chamberlain’s blunt voice cut through the haze of conversation.

The cancellation of the prom wasn’t a big deal for Declan- he hadn’t been planning on going at all, and unless the school pulled the same crap they had done for Homecoming he didn’t think there was anyone likely wanting to go with him anyways. But for the rest of the year, the thought seemed atrocious. Shocked whispers, and in some cases outcries were heard throughout the student body. Declan was mildly impressed, although sceptic about the faculty actually carrying through with the threat. You didn’t get to go to a school like this without some serious money in your family and in his experience money didn’t like being told what it couldn’t do.

After the initial speech, Declan simply plugged into his headphones and drowned out the noise with some soothing tunes. The hours passed slowly however, and he was thankful when the bell finally wrang, although raising an eyebrow at the little gift bag he’d received.

Pulling the headphones from his ears and cracking his back with a languid stretch, Declan yawned loudly. “Glad that’s over. Want to hit the arts block?” he asked Guy. “I’m keen for a quick piano sesh.”
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Time/ / m o n d a y , 1 0 0 8 , 6 3 0
Location / /p r i n c e s s c h a m b er s
Interactions/ / s k a n k a s s b e s t i e @syn

The Carters blared in the silence of the large room, the small snippet of the song replayed a few times before a hand blindly swung in the general direction of the phone knocking it to the hardwood floors.

“Carajo!” The girl grumbled and felt something, or rather someone nuzzling into her, in her drowsy state Yessi couldn’t recollect anything from the night before and felt her blood turn cold. Shit, already? Reluctantly, Yessi slowly opened her eyes, and immediately expelled a relieved breath. A smile played at her lips as she identified the nuzzler to be Ximena.

“Meme, despierta.” Yessi’s voice was quiet as she brushed the brown hair out of the Colombian princess’ face, “If you don’t wake up I’ll kiss you la Bella Durmiente.”

Ximena was having such a vivid dream, she was the star bachelorette and it was down to the final rose between two men. She was cuddling with one of her male suitors nuzzling her face into his body. It was perfection, she heard her bachelor calling out to her, only how did he know that name only Yessi knew. The voice turned from manly to quite girly in seconds and her hair being brushed away revealed her pouty face. “Don’t kiss me with that hot morning breath. 5 more minutes porfa,” she pleaded while attempting to cover her face with a pillow.

Astraia laughed in response to Ximena and stole the pillow she was using to cover her face.
“You will have to drive yourself to school if you aren’t ready in time, principessa.” The warning was followed by the pillow being thrown back at the sleeping girl’s head as Yessi scooped up her phone off the floor and headed into the bathroom, the dread of facing everyone had yet to hit her. But... There was still time.

Being alone in that bathroom while she showered seemed to have been all it took to wash away the confidence she had been building up the past week. Memories of a life she had chosen to opt out of came flooding back, the faces of people she had loved, and the people she had not, flashed in her mind vividly. Though none of them affected her quite like the smiling face, as she remembered, of one particular pendejo. The water was promptly shut off, a towel snatched and wrapped around her body, and her ass planted itself on the edge of the bathtub with her hands holding her head.

Muffled moans and groans were all that could be heard from under the pillow in the vacant room. With a series of stretching and inhuman noises coming from the bed, Ximena was finally ready to get up. Opening the bathroom door so she could pee, XiXi then took her seat on the bathtub adjacent to Yessi. “What’s wrong muñeca? Dímelo.”

“Ugh, I can’t do this, tengo mala suerte. I know I’ll just fucking walk straight into him while trying to actively avoid it.” Yessi groaned lifting her head from her hands, stood up and started brushing her teeth despite the growing urge to skip out on school today.

While some believed this one wicked witch had a heart as cold as ice, there existed ways of melting it. One way in particular was hearing the pain that stuck to her best friends words like thick tar. Empathic never seemed like a word that could be associated with Ximena, but who could have known. “Quién? Whoever it is, I’ll kill him” Ximena hissed hoping for a name to write in her burn book.

Yessi looked up in the mirror her eyes meeting Ximena’s in the reflection as she put her toothbrush away, “Santiago Fernandez.. I’m trying to avoid that infuriating pendejo I had a heart on for as a Sophomore.” Yessi replied rolling her eyes a quiet chuckle leaving her lips as she faced Ximena, “There’s no way I didn’t tell you about him, I couldn’t shut up about that cabrón back then.”

If there was ever a record scratch freeze frame moment, this was it. Luckily for Ximena her poker face was as good as her tongue. The name Santiago Fernandez played on repeat in her mind. A lump formed in the back of her throat and proceeded to get heavier as it worked it’s way down to her stomach. The rest of Yessi’s words were drowned out and instead replaced with the sound of her heartbeat. They sounded like drums in her ears. ”Hijueputa malparida! No puede ser. No no no no. Fuck!” her mind trying to put out the fires spreading through her brain. It wouldn’t take long for Yessi to realize Ximena wasn’t paying attention to her.

The silence from Ximena was all too telling. Much to the dismay of Ximena, Yessi had seen through that poker face bullshit she tried to pull one too many times. With pursed lips, eyes narrowed in suspicion and with an expectantly raised eyebrow Yessi went on the offensive, “Cat got your tongue? Okay, well it’s obvious you know who I’m talking about. Did something bad happen between you? Was he an asshole or something, cause he’s known for that?”

”Fuck” the two really had spent too much time together. Of course, she should have know she wouldn’t be able to hide anything from Yessi. There was no easy way for Ximena to explain to Yessi what had happened so she hoped the honest truth would set her free. “Pues...I slept with him. But I didn’t know! You have to believe me! It was a one-time thing. I’ll answer any questions you have. Discúlpame!” Ximena pleaded as her voice started to crack.

The moments after Ximena’s truth had been spilled out in the bathroom were practically a blur. Yessi felt the tension in her trained muscles, the pivot of her right foot, the clench of her fist and the sting as her knuckle kissed the side of the Colombian’s face. Only the look of shock on Ximena’s face washed away the anger enough for Yessi to process what had just happened. Those Jade green eyes burned into Ximena’s brown ones, “I hope that fucking hurt.” Yessi turned her back and slammed the bathroom door shut as she stomped off to her room.

Time / / G o t t a b l a s t!
Location / / K i n g s
Interactions / / t h e k i n g @Dirty Pretty Lies, r e l i [Thats me]

The roar of the custom McLaren being pushed to its limits was on replay in Astraia’s mind, acting as a sort of fuel for the fire that burned within her throughout the rest of the morning.

The half-hour or so she spent in the office waiting for Aurelio to appear was enough time to gather that something different was happening today. From the erratic bustling of faintly familiar teachers, and the frequent grumbles and sighs of the office admins, it was evident that today had been derailed for them as well.

Great, at least everyone is experiencing the case of the Monday’s. The thought was brief as no sooner had her stupid brother finally showed his face than they she was getting a firm explanation about their expectations while being back in Florida. Yessi couldn’t find it in her to care much about the smart play from her dad and zoned out for much of the remaining formalities.

Well, until the mention of the event that had all those teachers wildly going about their mornings.

“... right so that’s everything, please go ahead and go to the auditorium for the assembly.”


“An assembly? On a Monday, can’t we just skip it, I’d rather figure out where my classes are an-“

“No, this is a requirement for all seniors, the actions occurring at Homecoming were quite horrendous and need to be addressed.”

“Riiight.. but this is our first day back, why do I need to attend an assembly about an event I didn’t attend?”

“Considering the things you were up to in South Korea I-“

“Excuse me?” The anger she had been slowly working on pushing away came in a strong blast forcing her out of her seat, Aurelio’s hand around her wrist was the only thing stopping her from crossing a line that’d surely have her kicked out of the family.

Yes, non qui. Lascia andare, c’mon let’s go.” Chalk it up to their supernatural twin connection, or the attention to detail Aurelio paid, but he never missed a beat when it came to Astraia, especially her outbursts.

“I believe the assembly will provide you with practical and relevant information. I look forward to seeing your success here at King’s.” The Dean’s voice was like nails on a chalkboard to Yessi as she stomped out of the office and begrudgingly to her doom the auditorium.

Astraia barely registered her brother’s arm around her shoulder as the two of them entered late. The few eyes that looked their way quickly went back to the center of the room as if licked by the fires in the Spanish girl’s eyes.

“Congratulations to both.” The applause and cheers from the seated seniors sent those fiery green eyes to the main stage and grazed over the face of the principal, and Aurelio’s red-headed princess to land on- ...I slept with him...

Fuck me. Mio dios, por que me odias?

With the information from the morning evolving into a scene in her head, she would much have rather punched his stupidly handsome face (like she had Ximena) than to just stare at him. Though luckily for him she couldn't, so... with their eyes still locked she settled on sending him an aggressive as possible silent ‘fuck you’ via a dainty middle finger in the air and a medusa-esque glare. Aurelio’s chuckle cracked the angry expression on her face as she snapped at him and yanked him down beside her just as the impromptu main event of the morning started up.

Like Aurelio Yessi turned her attention to her phone, though it was more of an attempt to distract herself from the swirl of conflicting thoughts pulling her emotions every which way. Annoyingly enough, the one thing she couldn’t get off her mind was how in the hell bebe had managed to get even hotter. What the hell was in the water here?

When the assembly was finished, Yessi waited not even a moment to get the fuck out of that room. Storming out of the auditorium doors she faintly heard Reli’s voice but kept it pushing forward, passing the cafeteria and the office before bursting out of the school and into the fresh Florida air.

“Alright, Gym time.”
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l o c a t i o n Various places around campus // i n t e r a c t i o n s Chanel, Julie, and Reli

Stella, like most of the students who were walking out of the auditorium where the most awkward, possibly invasive, assembly they’ve had in their four years at King’s, most of them that Stella saw walk past her didn’t really seem to care what actually was said. They didn’t seem to be alarmed when the coach (yeah of all people to speak it was the freaking male coach) was talking about so many personal things. Stella was still red when she forced her feet to at least isolate herself from anyone who even had the slightest idea of talking to her about it. The way she was feeling, she would much rather ditch the rest of the day than have to think about what she just heard ever again.

Stella Lambert literally couldn’t even right now.

And she wouldn’t. She purposely was going to block out everything that came after the homecoming announcements, which she felt should have been more important than some twisted Ted Talk. She had to take a few extra ten minutes just to calm her nerves. The entire time she spent sitting by the parking lot, the only thought she had coursing through her mind was how she knew a lot of what was said about condoms, safe sex, and what could happen if those practices weren’t applied was on her mind a lot more than she thought it would be. And not that she wanted to, but she couldn’t help but think about Oliver.

“Oh my god, no what am I even thinking?” She immediately shook her head. No, she didn’t want to have sex with Oliver...not that it wouldn’t be a good thing. “We’re not even together together!”

And Stella would then spend an additional five minutes talking to herself, convincing herself that she and Oliver weren’t together. They kissed and danced and went on a date, but unless the official ‘I want to be your girlfriend’ words came from her lips or the male version of that came from his, she knew they were nothing more than two people who shared some close minutes. She couldn’t help but feel just a little disappointed. Maybe she wanted there to be more, but how in the world could she even bring herself to ask him that, especially after what he told her just a couple of days ago.

Finally, as she had made the delayed decision of standing up and not mulling over the disaster that was the sex talk™, she stood up and stood just about a few feet away from the cafeteria. She wasn’t sure if she could hold down any food right now, so Stella went in the opposite direction towards the courtyard where a good number of students already migrated to with most of them having their bags of condoms and lube in their hands. Stella, for some odd reason, had hers too, so she instantly tossed it into the trash just a foot away from where she stood. There was no way in fiery hellfire she was going to be caught dead with them.

Walking somewhat at a rapid pace, Stella wasn’t even paying attention because she had literally bumped into an edge of someone’s table. “Ouch,” Stella whined aloud. She had bumped the side of her thigh rather harshly against the edge. It was enough to slightly rip the fabric of her skirt. “Oh, well that’s just great,” she whined again. Only with a quick glance, did she realize who's table it was. “Oh. Hey Chanel. And Julie. And someone I don't know!”

Stella turned what was formerly a frown into a pleasant smile, though it was a bit difficult for her to contain the pain circling around her right outer thigh. King’s Academy tables were no joke and Stella bumped into it hard. Today just wasn't Stella's day.
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Starring: Aurelio | Julie

There wasn’t much time for Aurelio to react between seeing Julie exit the auditorium and getting dragged along by the tight grip around his wrist. The usual smirk was on his lips as amusement filled him, when it probably shouldn’t have. “Ah, Jules how did you remember that I like it rough?”

Whether she heard him or chose to ignore him his snark elicited no response from the fiery girl as they quickly reached their destination, which was marked by Julie making her boy take a swift seat. No sooner was his ass touching the plastic coated metal than Julie was stating her demands in that enchanting voice of hers. The smugness was evident on his face, though slowly melting away into a small, almost nervous, smile as his eyes roamed over her again. Though he was only half paying attention to how cute she was and more on how and where to start this tale of unfortunate events.

“Okay, well… Where should I start?” Aurelio finally spoke as his eyes held her heated gaze and he leaned forward to rest his forearms on his thighs, a neutral expression wiping away whatever traces amusement that lingered. Well, let’s get this out of the way.

“Well I suggest you start with what the hell happened?!” Julie scoffed. “I mean one night I find myself on the football field writing messages in chalk with my best friend, the next night you’ve disappeared without a trace!” she was talking fast without a pause. She took a calming breath before she continued “And on top of that you ghosted me for a year and a half so start at the top asshole!”

A grin tugged at the corner of his lips as he nodded his head at her words, ”Some family troubles spurred all this, not me, Jules. Unfortunately, wherever Astraia goes I go too, it’s bad luck to split twins up.” Aurelio paused a moment, a humorless chuckle leaving his lips as his eyes went to his hands which had clasped together, “So to keep an eye on my lovely sister we both got shipped off to Seoul, South Korea where Papa Astor had stationed himself. The disappearing thing was Ass’ decision, she didn’t want fuck boy in chief to know anything and I guess cutting off our ties here with everyone was the best way to assure that didn’t happen… I wouldn’t have gone through with it, not with you, but you didn’t see her face when she was asking me Jules, I didn’t have a choice.”

“Seriously?” was all she could muster. She looked at him for a moment without uttering a single sound. “But Relio… It’s fine if you don’t want to discuss your family business with me. But you can’t expect me to believe you just decided to leave me without a word or warning just because your sister asked you to?” she noticed that her nails were digging in to her hands. She relaxed her arms and let them hang down to her sides where they continued to shake. “That shit hurt Relio…” she whispered. “You were the only one I trusted besides CoCo, you two were my everything. And I’m supposed to believe that a look on your sisters face made you ignore that?” she tried her hardest to make the slight tremor in her voice go away.

“I-” Aurelio’s voice cut off as he looked for what he could tell her to make things better, but unfortunately most of the shit from the past two years had nothing to do with him, and weren’t his issues to talk about. The tremor in her voice was a pang in his heart as his eyes peeled away from his hands and took in all the pain that radiated in hers. This was the last thing he wanted to come out of this, but it was naive to believe it would have turned out any different. Standing to his full height he reached a tentative hand to Julie’s face sweeping a light thumb over her cheek and kept their eyes locked.

“Julie, I don’t know enough languages to express how sorry I am,” Reli started out with his voice low so only she could hear him, his hand dropped from her face to her hands and held them gently, an easy hold she could pull away from if she chose, ”I wish I could do things over, but that’s the shitty thing about hindsight, right? I had to make a choice between you and my sister, and I knew you’d have Chanel on your side, so I did what I could to make it easier for Yessi. I didn’t think we were ever coming back, so I figured it would’ve worked out okay for me to just fade away in some distant fond memories... Except here we are, and everything was for nothing… I’m sorry I hurt you mio fiorellino, but I’m here now, for good.”

The redhead jerked her head away as the boy’s thumb touched her skin. She listened intently as Aurelio explained himself. Julie let her hands be enveloped in his. She would’ve been lying if she said she hadn’t missed the feelings of her hands in his. Taking a sharp breath as she closed her eyes steadying herself before she slowly opened them again and looked at him. This time without any ulterior motive. In those golden hazel eyes she found nothing but honesty so she let out a long sigh before embracing her old friend and hugging him tightly.

“Don’t think this means you’re of the hook.” she whispered. “If you pull anything like this again I will hunt you down and kill you.” she let out a small laugh. She pulled away quickly when she heard her other best friend arrive behind them.

“Quite a surprise isn’t it CoCo?” She asked fixing her hair after the tumultuous conversation.

Aurelio couldn’t help the smile that spread across his lips as Julie pulled away from their tight embrace, finally things were looking up. The sound of another familiar person pulled his attention away as he followed Julie’s eyes to the quickly approaching Fashion Diva.

“Crazy? If anything I’d say you were having a good ass dream... But it’s really me, in all my handsome glory. I’ve gotten hotter right?” Aurelio teased laughing at himself as he wrapped his arms around Chanel easily lifting her off the ground and twirled them around in a dramatic fashion, “Oh, my Fashion principessa, how I have missed thee!”

Julie just rolled her eyes as she sat down at their table “As you can see not much has changed.” she said as she crossed her legs and started to dig through her bag for her packed lunch. Her head snapped up when something banged straight into the edge of the table.

The sound of someone whining had Aurelio pausing his movement as he glanced at the newly arrived person, “Who is she?” he whispered to Chanel lowering her back to her feet but kept a lazy arm over her shoulder, “You okay there, uh… sunshine? I’m Aurelio aka the shared lover between these two cuties.” he joked shooting the girl a playful wink.

Looking disgusted Julie turned her attention to Stella “Ignore him he’s an idiot that just arrived back to this fine establishment.” she packed up her salad as she spoke. Julie looked down at Stella’s skirt and saw the rip in it, she must’ve hit the table real hard “Are you hurt? Do you need help with your skirt?” she asked as she went back to dig in her bag pulling out a small sewing kit waving it around. “Me and Chanel will have you patched up in a second!”
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It was a lazy morning for Jordan. He’d been up into the early hours last night skyping friends from back home, and with the late night he’d had on Homecoming the sleep backlog was certainly ticking upwards. He’d been such a model student at Palms since he’d arrived that he was almost overdue a little lenience anyways, at least in his mind.

And so the alarm clock was silent, the curtains were drawn tight, and Jordan was a happy man when he finally woke at eleven. His getting-ready routine was just as languid, and the clock had struck noon by the time he was out of the door. He checked his watch quickly on the way to his car. At this point he would have missed English and Bio, but if he rushed he could hit the change between spells and arrive to History on time.
This was always desirable as Mr. Churchwood was always liable to bite off a student’s head for a minute tardy. God knew what he would say if Jordan strolled in halfway through the lesson with a crumpled uniform and easy going attitude.

But as he drove along the street towards the school, the exterior was devoid of the students he had expected to see crowding the pathways and staircases. It was only as he pulled into the parking lot that the hall doors opened, letting out a flood of relieved-looking students. It looked like he had been lucky- no matter what side of the Atlantic he was on, assemblies had been and always would be a bore-fest. There was something about being confined to those shitty plastic chairs and being forced to pay attention to whatever crap the teachers were saying on stage that had always chafed at Jordan. Normal classes were bad enough, but they always ended at the bell. If this assembly had started when school did, they must have been in there for hours.

He had been more hopeful than expecting when he tried the student parking lot, but it seemed the parking gods were on his side today. There was a single spot left, wedged between a battered, familiar looking truck and a Subaru. But as he tried to pull in, he noticed the door of the truck was open, blocking the park. A small cloud of smoke came from within and he leaned out the window for a better look. Perhaps the truck had broken down. Jordan was no mechanic, but two heads were generally better than one in that kind of situation.

But the sight of the small girl inside the truck’s cab sent a small shock down his spine. He ducked back inside and thought for a second of backing off and parking on the street. Things had been awkward between him and Bea ever since Santiago’s party, all those weeks ago. They’d still hung out, but there had always been that elephant in the room that neither of them would acknowledge. When Julie had asked about Bea that Homecoming night, he hadn’t known how to react. And still the thought of her filled him with conflicting feelings and confusion.

It was time to settle all of that. To get things off his chest. To figure out what the hell was going on. They had to talk. He leaned his head out of the window again and made eye contact with her.

“Bea. Mind letting me in there?” he asked, motioned a closing door with his hand.
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Inside Out

Location: King's Academy
Interacting With: Amoli Varma

It had suddenly become a new habit for Kavan Varma; every few minutes or so, the young man would pick up his cell phone and stare at the screen, as if he were trying to will a response, before tossing it back into its original spot in the cup holder. He'd done this about five or six times as he sped down the road before his older sister finally made her mind up to speak up about it. "He probably just fell asleep before you could say anything back," Amoli said with a sigh as she kicked her feet up onto the dashboard. "And I mean, not everyone has their cell phones in their hands at all times. Let the boy get ready for school in peace, Van." Amoli could tell by her brother's facial expression that he didn't like what she had to say, which was why she decided to continue on. "Look, it happened. You can't change that no matter how hard you want to. You'll probably run into him at some point today, and when that happens... please, for the love of God, don't make things awkward like they were yesterday. That shit was the worst."

"Any word from Mr. Green on when you can finally get your car out of the shop?" Kavan said with an exasperated sigh as he pressed his foot harder on the gas pedal. This had become an everyday thing now: Kavan driving his sister to and from work without much of a protest. Usually, the young man didn't have much of an issue with being his sister's personal chauffeur; she always made sure to give him gas money, and she didn't care to change whatever he had blasting through his speakers. After her last statement, however, the young man had come to the conclusion that maybe it was time for her to get her shit together. "As much as I love being the Joe to your Princess Mia, I do think it's time for you to get your own wheels back."

To say that Kavan was irritated after having to sit through the entire senior assembly would be a bit of an understatement. The boy kept his eyes trained on his sneakers as he quickly made his way out of the auditorium, a baggie full of condoms and lube in one hand and his cell phone in the other. It wasn't long before the young man found himself aimlessly wandering down the halls; although his stomach had been growling since earlier in the assembly, Kavan decided that he'd much rather starve than attempt to eat whatever the cafeteria was serving that day. Therefore, rather than make a beeline for the cafe like the rest of his peers, Kavan made the last minute decision to go to the school library.

Less than five minutes later, Kavan was sitting in his usual spot at a table near the rear of the large room; the sun shined down on him through the window as he started to immerse himself in a newly checked-out novel. The young man only dared one last glace at his cell phone before refocusing all of his attention on the book; he figured that reading would be one of the only things that could keep his mind off of what had been bothering him all morning.
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Archer Diedrikson opened his eyes after a turbulent night when his alarm blared. He had been tossing and turning all night waking up in half hour intervals. Thinking about what had happened was doing wonders for his sleep schedule. He turned his head looking at his phone that still layed screen down with a determined sigh he grabbed for it. He read and re-read the answer from Kavan a few times. Try as he might he could not come up with something to write back. Instead he hopped out of bed and started to get ready for school.

As he stood in the shower letting the water wash over him. Archer was deep in thought about the predicament he was in. How could he make this right? This was on his mind all the way through his morning routine and even as he ate his cereal. Only when he sat down in his SAAB had he made up his mind. He would face this head on and just get it over with. Deciding to follow the advice he had given Marisol months back.

He spent the ride to school being a hazard on the road since his mind was definitely not on his driving but on the different conversation scenarios that would play out between him and Van. But by some force of nature he arrived in his spot in the parking lot of King’s Academy. He got out and leaned on the rusty blue metal of his car as he lit his morning cigarette. Blowing a big cloud of smoke in front of his face surveying the students entering the building. He needed to talk about this with Mari. She would probably freak out about it, but he needed her backing him up in this situation. But he had not heard from her since their lunch at the Surf Shack. Hopefully he would have time before homeroom.

Archie killed the cigarette on the hood of his car and threw the butt in the bushes before he made his way towards the school building. Much to his annoyance yet another mandatory assembly was forced on the seniors so he trudged together with his peers towards the auditorium for what surely would be a hell of a time.

He took his seat in the second row where he and Mari usually sat so they could mock whatever was going on up on stage. He craned his neck around to see if he could spot his petite friend. Eventually she came in to sight and sat down beside him. But to Archer’s great chagrin so did Torvald. Archer made a confused but disappointed face and was about to inquire when the pair had gotten back on speaking terms before the assembly started. The young man sunk deep down in his seat the annoyance stewing inside of him. He was annoyed that they had to sit through yet another assembly, he was annoyed that Sonny was suddenly apparently going to be part of his life once more. As their principal spoke the Diedrikson boy’s foot tapped frantically indicating that he. was. over. it.

When the speech about sexual education was brought up he had enough. He stood up and grabbed his bag. “This is ridiculous…” he uttered and he walked out. What were they going to do? Expel him? Go right ahead. He could hear Marisol call after him but he just couldn’t be bothered.

Once again he was found in the parking lot leaning against his car with a cigarette in the corner of his mouth looking up at the school building. This place is such a hellhole he lamented to himself. He saw the flood of students pouring out of the gates after about an hour which indicated that the assembly was over. Archer sprung of his car and made his way to the cafeteria to find Kavan.

When he was nowhere to be found the curly haired boy stood biting his lip in the middle of the courtyard trying to figure out where his dark crush could be. Then a light bulb lit up inside his brain. He turned on his heel and sprinted in the direction of the library.

He pushed the heavy oak doors open with his shoulder and looked around the quiet book filled hall. It was of course mostly empty since it was lunch hour. So spotting Kavan was not at all difficult. There he sat, at what could be seen as their table. A smile spread over Archer’s face. Kavan looked like a beautiful exotic creature as he sat reading with the sun illuminating him. Archer’s heart started pounding in his chest as he took determined steps towards the dark haired boy.

“Hey dude.” he said tentatively as he pulled out a chair across from Kavan and sat down. He paused for a moment before he contuínued. “Look. I’m really sorry for not texting you back. But I felt like I needed to say this to you face to face.” Archer stared at Kavan’s beautiful eyes to see if he could figure out what he was thinking. Then he pressed on “So first I wanted to say sorry for like springning myself on you like that. And I get it.. you’re not like out or I mean if you’re even… Whatever that doesn’t matter anyway. I just… I don’t know I just really, really, really like you Kavan.” He put his hand on top of Kavan’s “And if I ruined our friendship by pushing this on you I don’t know what I’ll do…” he let out a breath and took a bigger one as if bracing for impact.

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Theme for this post -

Location: School Music Room
Interactions: Briefly Declan
Color: 98AC90

His weekend was spent mostly alone, studying. It was a fairly typical weekend. And a very boring weekend. Sunday night was spent flipping through old books of plays he had taken home from the library. Maybe he could find something good, new, and fresh (so to speak) instead of the usual plays the school always did. He fell asleep reading through these and was dead tired when his alarm woke him. Never the less, the dutiful son he did his morning routine and went to school.

He wished he had called in sick. He wished he had stayed home. Another stupid assembly. "Mornin'," he yawned at Declan, falling into an easy chat with his friend. Soon attention was called to the stage and just as easily as his friend Guy began to ignore it. His head lulled backward as he started to fall asleep. He only awoke again when the assembly was over and there was movement around him. Guy wiped some drool from his mouth as he was nudge awake. "Mmm, yeah dude. I'm just gonna grab some eats and I'll meet ya there." He stood and stretched before making his way down to the cafeteria. He only paused when the little gift package was pressed into his hand. It was hard for him not to gasp loudly and he instantly threw it into the nearest garbage can. His cheeks were a hot shade of red as he stuffed his hands in his pockets.

Luck was certainly not on his side today. As he made his way through the lunch room to get through to the lunch line, he managed to overhear a certain part of Archer's conversation with Kavan. He really hadn't meant to do it. He hadn't been looking for Archer at all. But it was hard for his ears not to pick up those delicate tones that had always managed to caress his heart into a rapid tap dance. He did not stop. He kept going. Now was not the time. Guy just began throwing random things onto a tray and his mind was in a daze. He checked out and carried the bag of food down to the music room. Upon entry there was Declan. He did not speak. Guy sat at the piano, dropping the bag next to him and shrugging out of his school jacket. Still dazed he began to play Nuvole Bianche, no sheet music in front of him and eyes closed.


Location: Her car in the parking lot
Interactions: Jordan
Color: E0633C

Bea's head jerked up and she saw Jordan. His face. Eyes. Nose. Lips... All of it there. Her eyes welled up with tears as overwhelming feelings began to build up inside of her again. Today was just too much. Her heart was doing that thing where it felt like she would die. Slowly, shaking, she moved her legs into the truck and closed her door, rolling open the window to blow the smoke out. Her eyes stared straight ahead as she watched the students begin their daily discourse which had only been paused by the deranged rantings of a power-hungry lunatic.

She dropped the butt of the cigarette onto the ground beside her truck before rubbing her hands over her face. Would he say anything else to her? Did it matter if he did? Her heart demanded to leap out of her throat and her stomach churned wildly. She was dying. And the last stupid thing she had listened to was some crazy people tell her that drugs were bad, mmkay? She turned her face when she heard Jordan's car door slam shut. "Wanna come sit?" she asked before leaning over the bench seat to unlock the door for him. Her voice was soft and shaking horribly. Just about as bad as her whole body, hands especially.
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I curse the day that I tasted you
May God forgive me, I don't even wanna see you again
You're a murderer, a devil in a woman's body
A ghost that appears, and doesn’t appear anymore

I won't deny how hot you look
Maybe one day when I'm drunk I'll come back and give it to you again
I really hope we end up like the last time
But that I'll be who makes you fall in love and you won't see me again

Even after the shit storm that was the past weekend, October 8th had started out as a normal one for Santiago Fernandez: with the morning rituals he’d been following since his arrival at Crown Heights three years previously. His alarm clock went off at the designated time of 5:30 AM, he was at the gym by six, back at home at ten past seven, and making himself a protein shake twenty minutes before eight. He continued to go through the motions with his mind racing, and soon found himself arriving at the Wallenberg driveway without any memory of how he’d gotten there in the first place. No matter how hard he tried, or how loud the bass was pumping through the Lambo’s speakers and his own body, there was no shaking off the feeling of dread that plagued Diablo since he’d woken up that morning.

Today, something was going to go completely wrong. He wasn’t sure what or why he was feeling this way, but something deep down in his recovering gut told him his day would go to shit before it really had a chance to start.

Inside of the Wallenberg home the family were finishing up with breakfast when the loud music filtered through the windows of their dining room. “What is that?” Alice asked looking at her children quizzically.

“Judging by the latin flavor… it’s Max’s cult leader.” Astrid said dryly rolling her eyes as she slung her backpack over her shoulders. Their father just laughed loudly as Max shot his sister a frown before jumping up out of his seat grabbing his stuff in the hallway.

“Maybe Astrid can catch a ride with you boys?” Magnus asked as he straightened his tie in the full body mirror beside the front door.

His sister let out an ironic laugh. “I’d rather choke on a chainsaw than step in to that deathtrap.” she exclaimed flipping her hair as she finished tying her shoes.“No, the bus is fine! I’ll see you later,” she reached up and gave her father a kiss on the cheek. “Try not to fail today, brother,” she patted Max on the shoulder before skipping out of the front door.

The two Wallenberg men stepped out at the same time sporting identical wide smiles as they approached the shiny Lamborghini. “Hola Santiago! How are you my boy?!” Magnus exclaimed after the music was turned off.

“Hey, Mr. Wallenberg,” Santiago said politely, waving and grinning at the older version of his best friend. “Doing good, sir. Hope you are as well.”

Max couldn’t help but burst out laughing at his father's attempt at Spanish as he rounded the car and opened the passenger door getting in. “See you later, Dad!”

Once Max had occupied the seat next to him, Diablo offered a parting wave to Magnus before rolling his window back up, turning up the volume, backing out of the driveway and speeding away.

“Hey, man, how are you holding up after last night?” Santiago asked in a lame effort to make conversation, briefly patting his friend in the back. “I was so fucking hungover… Gym practice was a bitch this morning.”

Max was still chuckling in the seat as they were zooming down the street. “Nah man I was fine! I went for a run last night and I think that zeroed me out.” he shrugged before shooting a nervous look at his friend. “What...uh. How are you doing… you know...considering?” he asked clearing his throat.

“Oh… That...” the Latino answered, a slight hesitation in his voice as his grip on the steering wheel suddenly tensed up. “I mean, I guess I’m okay? I haven’t talked to Lils since she told me at Homecoming. I know ignoring her is a dick move, but I just needed some space to wrap my head around it, you know?”

“I guess…” Max sighed looking out of the window. “She could’ve just as much reached out to you.” he shrugged once more as King’s Academy came in to view.

“Oh she did… She tried to reach me all day yesterday,” Santiago admitted, feeling like the biggest scumbag of the Earth while keeping eyes peeled for an empty parking spot. “But you know I didn’t have my phone at the pool, and then I passed out not long after you guys left. It’s whatever, though. I’ll talk to her today at lunch.”

“Hmm…” Was all that left Max as Santiago parked the car and they exited. “That’ll be one interesting lunch!” he let out one of his booming laughs that echoed through the senior parking lot. Throwing a arm around his best friend, Max kept chuckling “We’ll get through this, man!” he assured Santiago as they made their way into the school building.

“Appreciate it, bro,” he muttered earnestly, throwing his own arm over his friend’s shoulder and giving him a brief side hug.

As the two boys were entering homeroom arm in arm, they were ushered off to the auditorium for ‘an emergency senior assembly’. Puñeta… I wonder what the hell they want with us now…” the annoyed Diablo muttered under his breath, taking the very last seat on the right side of the auditorium.

“I don’t know, man…” Max sighed as he plopped down next to Santiago. “Probably going to tell us we’re delinquents or something. They’re right, though!” he grinned as he surveyed the sea of students milling about. His body shifted uncomfortably as he spotted someone that shouldn’t be there… at all. The feelings of anger that shot through his body was nothing compared to what his friend was going to feel if he noticed. So Max quickly brought something up. “Is it just me, or is Macmillan even hotter when she is mad?” he blurted out when Chanel and Julie was the only thing of interest he could find.

Santiago let out an appreciative chuckle, lips curled up in a smirk as he glanced at the pair of girls sitting a few rows in front of them.“Yeah, she’s alright,” was all he managed to say before their dictator began her speech.

Instead of being ashamed about it, Mrs. Chamberlain’s mention of the sins committed at Homecoming only served to have Max and Santiago exchange complicit snickers. In all honesty, this was probably the most innocent homecoming the two boys had attended. Usually, the Alphas took it upon themselves to bag a hot babe during the dance, take them over to one of the predetermined after party locations, enjoy the party favors in form of alcohol and weed, and spend the night with their respective catches of the day. But with Lucas out of his game, Aiden still back at juvie and Santiago’s world being turned upside down, Max had been the only one to carry on their legacy that year. And just as his mind was starting to venture down the path of the bomb being dropped on him last Saturday, Santiago heard his name being called over the speakers.

“-the Homecoming King and Queen for this year’s graduating class are Santiago Fernández and Julie Macmillan. Mr. Fernandez, Ms. Macmillan: please present yourselves to the stage now for the official coronation. Congratulations to both.”

As the the room filled up with honest and hypocritical applause alike, the very smug Santiago made his way up the steps and to the center of the auditorium stage, bumping fists with his friends and teammates along the way. His shoulders stiffened as he felt the distaste radiating from the redhead standing beside him, but he overall did a good job on keeping up his golden boy charade while Mrs. Sanders placed the sashes and the crowns on their heads.

Arms crossed in front of him, Diablo busted out his smuggest smile and posed alongside Julie for the yearbook photographer. But as the flash of the final photo vanished, a very familiar face stood out from the crowd of classmates in the auditorium. The luscious brown and gold locks, the stunning blue eyes, the plump lips, the curvaceous body he knew was hidden underneath the uniform…The boy could go on and on describing the qualities of this particular young woman. After all, she’d been Santiago’s very first love, the girl who’d torn his heart to pieces when she dropped out of the face of the Earth without so much as a single word… and the girl who was now blatantly flipping him off in front of their whole damn class.

Astraia Yessenia Astor.

Max was just about howling with laughter when his friend had been announced homecoming king. He had voted for him but didn't really think it would've amounted to anything. When he saw how awkwardly the king and queen had to pose with each other Max just couldn't keep a straight face. The laughter quickly died away when he saw Santiago's face harden and glare in one particular direction... which lead straight to their former friend.

Cursing under his breath, a very tense and furious devil stormed down from the stage and slumped into his seat next to Max. When he did, his mind began to race almost immediately, trying to pinpoint the exact moment his life had gone to shit. A mere week ago, things had been going perfectly fine the way they were. The grief his family had felt with his grandmother’s passing was beginning to sting less and less with each passing day. He was excelling in his athletic goals, both personal and sports-related. His friendships were tight as always, with the joy of having Aiden back soon after his stint in juvie. And even if things had been rocky in the romance department since he and April had stopped speaking, he’d been certain he would eventually get his groove back.

So why in the living hell would Yessi choose to come back now?!

“Did you see who decided to fucking join us again?!” Santiago fumed, muscles tensed up in anger as he tried to hold back the need to storm out of the auditorium and straight to the gym’s punching bag.

"Yeah…" was all the young man could say as he strained to get a better look. It was indeed Yessi. "Fucking hell."

Instinctively, Santiago grabbed Max by the shoulders and forced him down. “Don't look at her, man! Last thing I want is for her to know we're giving her attention.”

Max shook off the grabbing hands, glaring at Santiago. “Chill out!” he grunted. “If you show that she has this much power over you she wins man.” the blond boy lamented as he straightened his blazer.

Diablo let out a frustrated sigh. “Do you not realize how bad her timing is?” he asked his best friend, eyes closed as he pinched the bridge of his nose, praying for the patience he was running out of. “If Yess would have shown up three months ago, things would have been gucci. Would I had still been pissed as fuck? Con cojones. But would I have given it to her anyway? Hell yeah. I loved her, man. I fucking loved Mami like no one's business, and I would have done anything for her. And what does she do? Drop off the fucking face of the Earth and show up when I just found out having a kid with Lils. How the hell am I supposed to ‘chill out’???”

“Well, by all means, freak out all you want! We’re still stuck in here for at least three hours, so pick a spot and stare at it!” Max let out a frustrated sigh. “She’s back and there is nothing we can do about it. Concentrate on April and Snoop Lion and try to ignore her! I’ll handle it!” he said with a determined face locking his jaw signaling he was done discussing the matter.

The shorter man had his mouth open to shoot Max an angry retort when Mrs. Chamberlain was calling their attention again. The last thing he needed was to get any more unwarranted attention, so he settled on pulling his phone out to try and block out what was being said in the assembly. The alcohol and drug part was bullshit- he had spent his weekend on a weed and alcohol-fuelled binge and he was still alive, after all. But when they reached the sex ed part of the conference and started talking about pregnancy prevention, Santiago looked ready to become The Hulk.

Fuming, the young man caught the attention of Texan-bred Coach Fuller, and motioned for the older man to come over. And when he was close enough, the boy muttered, “Is this really necessary, Coach? Any chance Max and I be excused from this crapfest?”

The King’s Academy football coach shook his head, a commiserating expression on his face. “‘Fraid it is, boys. And if the rumors about you two are right, then y’all better start paying attention to what’s being said, now!” he teased, shooting his students a knowing wink before letting out a chuckle.

Instead of taking it in stride, Coach’s attitude only served to further infuriate the Hispanic boy, causing him to snap. “All due respect, sir, but what what fucking good is this little conference to me now? I’ve already knocked April Foster up, so there’s really no point to me sitting here listening to this crap.”

The news of his football star’s impending fatherhood and his volatile attitude seemed to have knocked out all the wind from Coach’s face. He stared at Santiago for a long few seconds, face pale and jaw slack, before finally speaking up. “Fine. You guys go ahead and leave. I’ll excuse you two with the superiors,” he told them, handing the two boys a few extra packets of condoms and lube from a nearby basket. “Wallenberg, keep your friend here some company. And Fernández? We’ll talk about this after practice.”

Diablo nodded stiffly, thankful for being given the chance to escape. So after pocketing the goodie bags, the two boys discreetly got up and quietly exited the auditorium. Max grinned and gave the burly football coach a small wave of gratitude before picking up his bag and making his way towards the exit.

“You think Fuller is going to give you crap at practice now?” Max said as soon as they exited the building and entered the empty courtyard. He hopped up on to one of the tables surveying his friend. “Was it a good idea to tell him?”

Santiago let out a sigh, taking a seat across from his best friend. “I don’t know, man. Fuller’s like a dad to me, so I know whatever crap he gives me is because he cares. I just wanted to get the hell away from that place… And away from her. I wasn’t really thinking straight when I was talking to Coach. Guess I should apologize for that later.”

Nodding along, Max watched Diablo with concern. This was probably weighing harder on the cocky bastard then he wanted to let on, but Max didn’t feel like probing at the moment. The young man let out a loud groan as he stretched his aching muscles. He laid himself flat on the table top looking up at the blue sky above them. “Man… I’m already over this day.” he complained out loud.

“Fucking tell me about it,” Santiago added bitterly, rubbing the back of his neck the way he always did when something was bothering him.

After a while of them just sitting there hanging out in peaceful silence, a rumble of movement could be heard from the auditorium. As Max sat up straight he could spot the villain in this situation rushing past behind Santiago. He narrowed his eyes and grabbed his bag. “I’ll see you later, Santi. I have something I need to sort out.” the taller boy said, while his friend just nodded distractedly. Taking that as his queue to leave, Max jumped of the table, patted his friend on the shoulder as he passed him and rushed out of the courtyard.
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Well that was a complete waste of time.

Shawna was still trying to comprehend what had just happened to the last three hours of her life. She didn’t even go to the stupid Homecoming. Why the hell was she subjected to the mind-numbing torture that was listening to a 40-something teacher who probably had a bottle of Wild Turkey in their desk try to explain why underage drinking was a bad thing? Also, the entire marijuana section was a fat lie. She had been smoking for months and definitely didn’t want to try heroin because of it. Then to top it all off with the preaching of God and abstinence for the final hour, just the pinnacle of pointlessness.

Like I have to worry about that. Gonna be real hard to knock me up … unlike some of the other girls here…

The green-eyed girl had staked a claim to a table in the cafeteria while Kellie Anne went through the lineups to get her meal. Shawna didn’t want to bother with that hassle today, so she went with a traditional packed lunch of her three remaining cupcakes from the previous day paired with an apple and a banana grabbed in a quick stop at the convenience store before she arrived at school. Strange it wouldn’t have occurred to her to even add the fruit if she had hatched this meal plan a month ago, but she felt almost obligated to balance out the baked goods with something healthy. Sugar be damned.

As she sat by herself, Shawna debated whether or not she should wait for Kellie to begin tearing into that cookies and cream cupcake, but she held off for now.

Today was Sable’s first day at her new school. While she had originally given Kings a hard no, she had convinced herself that perhaps things weren’t going to be so bad after all. While things weren’t as bad as the scenarios that her mind had come up to torture her with. She had assemblies at her old school, but the one she had just been subjected to was something else. Speeches on underage drinking were a lost cause, and everyone knew it. Besides, Sunshine wasn’t giving up her tequila just because some grumpy older woman wanted to tell her she may or may not get into a crash. Car crashes could happen when you were sober too. Marijuana wasn’t a gateway drug. It’s used for plenty of medical purposes. While Sunshine had never smoked, she could clearly see through the teachers bullshit. Last but not least abstinence? Sunshine was already damned to Hell.

All of these thoughts ran through her head as she went through the lunch line. Luckily, she was one of the first ones in said line, seeing as how she practically ran out of the auditorium. She decided to go simple - just a piece of pepperoni pizza. Besides, she had cookies stored in her bag that she wanted to eat as well. She paid and turned around to face the rest of the room.

Tables were lined up everywhere, people bumping into her as they passed to go sit in their previously claimed areas. That’s when it hit her - Sunshine didn’t have any friends here. I officially have zero friends. This is shaping up to be the perfect day. Just peachy, rosey, absolutely tip top perfect. Then she spotted another loner. Or, at least, someone sitting by themselves. Sunshine took a deep breath, and approached. Why she was nervous, she had no clue. Talking to people had never been a problem for her, so why would it be now? Stopping in front of the girl on the other side of the table, Sable stood there awkwardly for a brief second. “Um…. Hi? Do you mind if I sit here?”

Shawna looked up at the girl standing there. She was alone, a feeling Shawna was very familiar with from her time in the intellectual elite of the school. A time when there was no place for her at any table. Those feelings still hurt.

Still, she didn’t want to just give this girl a spot at the table. There was supposed to be a spot for her cupcake companion, and Shawna wasn’t exactly built to defend slots from invading cliques. Also, what if Kellie Anne wanted to just have spots for the two of them? Shawna risked alienating her before their friendship even lasted a day. It was a tough decision.

Damn it. This is why I started smoking. To get away from these thoughts. Stupid school.

Shawna made a snap decision. ”If you help me save at least one more spot, sure. You can sit here.”

Figuring that it wasn’t the worst thing she had ever agreed to, Sable sat down as she shrugged her shoulders. ”So what’s your name? If you don’t mind me asking, of course.”

“No crime in asking as far as I know,” the Wisconsin native noted. “My name’s Shawna.” She looked over the girl sitting across from her. She had this innocent look to her that reminded Shawna of someone who didn’t exist anymore. Someone who was way too innocent. “And who I am banking on to help me defend this seat from other cafeteria ne’er-do-wells?”

The way the other girl - Shawna. Her name was Shawna. - talked made Sunshine sort of curious. Did she always talk like that, or was it just some sort of thing she did kinda randomly? Only time would tell. ”My names Sable. Most people call me Sunshine, though. I just moved here from LA about a week ago. Say… are random ‘if you have sex you’ll die’ assemblies common here?”

Shawna shook her head. “Not as long as I can remember. They came in pretty standard times. I’m guessing this bullshit was related to Homecoming. I don’t know what exactly went down, because I didn’t go, but some people must have done some fucked up things. Which, honestly, is not surprising here.” She looked down at her lunch before realizing she had nothing to drink with her bounty of sweets. “Shoot.” She reached for her phone and tapped out a quick message.

To: Kellie Cupcake

Hey, could you grab me a bottle of water or a thing of milk or something? I will pay you back. ;)

Shawna set her phone back down and turned her attention back to the girl who went by Sunshine. It was an appropriate name here. “So, LA, huh? Must be a bit of a come down going from that to Palm Beach. What brings your family to this slice of paradise?”

Family. That word hit a nerve. The only family Sunshine had left was her aunt, and she was more or less absent from the girls life doing her best to make ends meet with her job as a waitress. Sunshine had offered to pay for her own tuition, but her aunt refused.

”I, um….,” Sunshine began, her attention now more focused on her pizza than it was Shawna. ”I didn’t really have a choice. My mom died when I was little, and my dad did too not that long ago…. So I sort of had to move here with my aunt. But hey! It doesn't seem that bad so far,” she finished with a somewhat enthusiastic tone.

Shawna may not have been too familiar with social cues, but it was pretty clear she inadvertently touched a raw nerve with that question. Dead parents were usually a conversation killer. At least she bounced back, but the green-eyed girl still felt awful. “Shoot, I’m sorry Sunshine. At least I can say, one transplant to another, it isn’t terrible. You can definitely thrive down here. And there are some very friendly people. Just gotta know where to find them.”

It was at that moment that Kellie Anne Nicholson appeared out of nowhere, holding a tray with the selected lunch of the day. Grinning, the young woman chose to take her seat next to Shawna, plopping the tray on top of the table and throwing her arms around her new friend. “Hi, Wolfie!” the dancer said cheerfully, planting a kiss on the other girl’s cheek. “I brought you some Pepsi, so I hope that’s okay!” she declared, passing the Pepsi bottle to Shawna before before leaning close to the girl’s ear and adding in a playful whisper, “You’ll definitely have to pay me back later… and I don’t mean with money!”

Wolfie, as she was now known, blushed brightly as she felt the squeeze of her new friend and a kiss thrown on her cheek. They hadn’t really talked about what Sunday meant, but it looked like Kellie Anne knew where she was at with their relationship and Shawna was more than happy to go there with her. She giggled. “Pepsi works. I was trying to be healthy, but I am not going to say no to Pepsi. Money is in my locker. I’ll get it after.”

Letting out a giggle, Kellie gave Shawna a tight hug before noticing for the first time the unknown girl sitting at their table. “Oh!” she exclaimed comically, eyes widening with curiosity. “I am so sorry if I interrupted you guys! Who’s this?”

She quickly returned the kiss to her girlfriend’s cheek before turning her attention to introductions. “Right, Kellie, this is Sable, but most people call her Sunshine. She just moved here from Los Angeles, so she is new to all…” She waved her arms around, indicating the school. “This. Everything this. Anyway, Sunshine, this is Kellie Anne Nicholson, my white knight as it were.” Sunshine didn’t need to know that Shawna was to Wolfie as Kellie was to Cupcake. At least not yet. “What did you end up getting, hun? I might trade you a cupcake for it.”

“Nice to meet you, sweetie! It’s always nice to meet someone with knowledge of good ole’ California,” she said sweetly, shooting Sunshine a playful wink before turning back to Shawna. “I just got myself a chicken wrap. Figured after all the cupcakes yesterday I would try and keep it healthy the rest of the week.”

Shawna gave Kellie a pout McKayla Maroney would be proud of. “I guess that makes sense. I just wanted to eat the rest of the sweets while they were still fresh.” She was now regretting a decision made out of laziness. She could have least gotten a sub or something from Ramiro. “No worries, I’ll get like some lean chicken or something tonight. I swear, I’ll be as healthy as this banana!” She held up the actual piece of fruit to prove her point, although the bruises on the peel were not appealing.

The food talk was off-putting. It was time to distract herself with the new person in the picture. “So, Sunshine, what is your impression of Palm Beach, even after just a week? I mean, it’s has to be something else with a fresh set of eyes, right?”

Sunshine had been listening into the conversation before her, sort of losing concentration about half way through. She shook Kellie’s hand politely before taking a bite of her pizza. When Shawna asked her a question, she quickly swallowed said bite in an awkward fashion. ”It’s really pretty, I can tell you that much. The humidity here is something else though. Not only are your beaches gorgeous, so are the people - at least what I’ve seen so far. I haven’t really gone out that much, because, ya know, moving in and stuff, but I can’t wait to see what all there is to do here.”

“Oh, you’ll loooooooove it here, sweetie, promise! I moved here from Silicon Valley a few years ago, and I can’t tell you how much more I like it here than I did over there. Just don’t fall for Max Wallenberg and you’ll be fine!” Kellie simpered, knowing in her heart she was being ridiculously petty towards her unassuming ex-boyfriend but not caring. If she knew Max like she thought she did, he’d pull all the stops to get the new girl between the sheets of his bed in record time. Better to screw up his chances now than deal with the fallout later.

Shawna nearly choked on her Pepsi hearing Kellie so flippantly bring up the boy they spent most of yesterday trying to help her forget. Nearly though. She was banking on Kellie to fill Sunshine in on the happenings of Palm Beach, seeing as Shawna spent most of her life avoiding the social scene and had little knowledge of anything that actually was happening. “Honestly, the beaches are probably the best part. Fucking immaculate. You can spend an entire day there and just lose track of time. Great date spot too.” Shawna looked over at Kellie as if to confirm she was the one intended to be dated on the beaches. “Just… Yeah. Max is evil. Stay away.”

“Oh, and stay away from Santiago Fernandez, too,” the dancer added as an afterthought, taking a happy bite from her wrap. “Don’t let the face, the arms or the solid abs fool you. El Diablo will chew you up and spit you out in the blink of an eye- if April Foster doesn’t kill you first, that is.”

Who was Max Wallenberg and why was this Fernandez guy such a bad dude? More importantly, who was April? Was she the queen bee or something? Head cheerleader? The biggest, nastiest bully in town?

“Are these Max and Santiago characters the main fuckboys around here? Because back at my old school, we had like… cliques, ya know? And I assume that’s sort of a thing for every school…? Anyway. You had your fuckboys. The preps. Emos. Weirdos. There were a lot of different people.

Shawna tried not to give away that she had as much of a clue as Sunshine did, but it was hard. She could answer the latter part of that question anyway. “It can definitely be cliquey here. Like everyone has their own group they run with pretty much just interact with. But, I mean, I’ve never been too concerned with all that stuff, you know?” She punctuated this fact with a bite into her apple that was remarkably crisp. Ramiro had actually gotten good apples apparently. “And I guess, if you want, you don’t have to either, if you want to just run with us or something. I mean, you’ll have to put up with regular PDAs.” She winked at Kellie as she said that, indicating she was open for more affection.

Sunshine laughed. ”PDA isn’t a problem at all,” she responded. After all, what did she have to lose? She didn’t have any friends here yet, and these two seemed nice enough.

Shawna smiled and nodded. “Then I think we will get along just fine, Sunshine.”

Kellie Anne nodded brightly. “I definitely agree! Welcome to Crown Heights, sugar.”

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April at on the end of her bed and stared into the mirror. Her eyes hadn’t moved from the ever-growing bulge in her stomach for a good five minutes. All she could think about was how hard this was getting to hide. She was gonna have to tell her dad.


April hopped down from her bed and took in a deep breath, looking her reflection right in the eyes. “This is all on you. You let this happen. Now you have to deal with the aftermath.” she spoke quietly to herself before shaking her head. Well, what better time to let her father know than before school where she could escape? With another deep breath, she turned from the mirror and left her room. Maybe this time she wouldn’t find her father ass-naked with another woman.

“Hey dad?” she called out. No response. With a shrug she paced into the kitchen to pour herself a coffee, her bare feet making little noise on the hardwood flooring. As she picked up the now full mug of coffee, her attention turned to a noise coming from the garage. Turning on her heel, April proceeded outside and around to the three car garage where she saw her father elbow deep in engine bay of his platinum coloured Aston Martin DB11.

“There you are. What gives? You’re never up this early in the garage.” April smiled at him, pacing around to the front of the car where Jamie Foster stood.

“Just felt like the kind of day to work on the car, that's all….Wait, shouldn’t you be at school by now?” Jamie pulled his hand out from the car and turned to his daughter, his eyes skeptical. Well, there was her cover blown.

“Y-yeah..” she stumbled over her words “There’s...something I need to tell you.” April’s hands were like ice and her face was starting to feel the same. There was no turning back now. “Dad...I’m...I’m pregnant.” And there it was. Out in the world to the person she was most terrified to tell.

The silence between the two of them was deafening. There were no words spoken from either of them.

And then Jamie did something that completely took April by surprise. Instead of yelling at her or grounding her for eternity, Jamie Foster stepped forward and took his only daughter into a tight embrace. There was no judgement, no anger and no frustration shown by her father. Nothing but unconditional love.

“I...I don’t get it...you’re not mad?” April asked, only hugging her father a few moments later once the shock had worn off.

“I’ve suspected it for a while...and the look between you and Fernandez was unmistakable back on the first day of school. I knew you two were involved with each other in some way. Admittedly this wasn’t something I was expecting...but I was a teenager way back. I get it.” Her father let go of her slowly, placing both of his hands on her shoulders. “I will be talking to Santiago at some point though...you two have a lot to take care of in the coming months and he’s gonna be a part of it. I will make sure of it.”

April nodded, still looking a bit sheepish in front of her father. “I’m probably gonna need a late note for school too.” She said quietly.

Jamie laughed in response with a nod, going to walk back inside of the house. “This being late to school thing better not become commonplace young lady. Don’t make a habit of it, are we clear?” he called out.

“Perfectly clear, dad!” she yelled out in reply, going to start up her car.

Fifteen minutes later April rolled into the parking lot, revving her engine a bit as Santiago came into view in the courtyard. The brunette hastily parked the car and walked over to him. Part of her was mad at him for ignoring her, but part of her understood. It was a lot to take in at once. As she caught his gaze, April sent a warm smile at him as she tucked her hair behind her ear.

“Buenos días mi amor.” She said, sitting down across from him. “Everything alright?”
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Sky's the Limit

Location: King's Academy
Interacting with: Georgia Fielders

Carter surely hadn't been expecting the young woman from the day before to hand him the small slip of paper containing her name and cell phone number; it usually would've taken a little more effort on his part. And in all honesty, he was just being a little nosy when he asked her about a party. Nevertheless, the boy had accepted it with a half smile and a slight tilt of his head before he watched her stroll out of the grocery store. Of course, Carter never had any real intentions of actually going to Bea's little gathering. Instead, the young man had quickly added the girl as a contact in his phone before paying for his own items and heading back to his home; he'd figured that he would hit her up at another time.

However, Carter assumed that the moment right after the Senior assembly had let out wouldn't be the best time for him to approach the young woman once more. Carter watched through curious eyes from the comfort of his own vehicle as Beatrice interacted with a boy he had difficulty recognizing; he figured that he must've been one of the newer students. Carter only watched the two for a minute longer before grabbing the packed lunch he'd originally left in the passenger seat, exiting his car, and heading back towards the school. Carter didn't stop walking until he reached the overly crowded cafeteria; he only scanned the room for a brief second before deciding against trying to find any of his friends to sit with. Instead, Carter made a beeline for the nearest table with an available seat.

"You don't mind if I sit here, do you?" Carter asked the girl who occupied the space as he placed his lunch bag down on the table in front of him. He patiently waited for her approval before finally taking a seat, and it wasn't until then that he realized who the girl was. "You're Georgia, right?" The young man spoke up again as he removed his container of beef empanadas from the brown paper bag. "I think we have a class together... English, right?"
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Oliver didn't care for assemblies, much less mandatory ones. Here he sat, however, listening to Mrs. Chamberlain drone on and on. He hadn't done anything wrong at Homecoming, so why should he be subjected to this. Something told the young man that quiet a few other people in the room agreed with that statement. He watched in silence as the Homecoming King and Queen was announced. Julie - always a sweet heart - deserved the title. The only reason Santiago won was because he was popular among the drug heads - and there were a lot of drug heads. Sort of like how the boomers elected Trump, if you will, he thought. He followed Santiagos gaze and spotted the woman who was giving him the middle finger. Wait. Was that.. it was! Astoria. Talk about perfect timing.

Turning his attention back to the stage, Oliver nearly fell asleep during the speech on drunk driving. The one about sex ed, however, raised his attention. Well, his anger level, really. Abstinence is the only choice? No condom talk? No birth control? Don't even talk to me about how they only used hetero scenarios. This place is a shit show.

Thankful that the torture was over, Oliver looked forward to lunch as he exited the auditorium.
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As soon as both of them were able and as soon as Sonny (much like just about everyone else) got the green light, he made the earliest beeline for the cafeteria, Marisol not far behind him. On top of the painfully embarrassing and uncomfortable assembly about what to and what not to do when faced with the “temptation of teenager desires”. That quote used was probably the most cringe thing Sonny has heard in his eighteen years of living on Planet Earth. And this was including how he often punned his own name with the classic breakfast drink of Sunny D.

As both of them made it to the cafeteria, even with a head start, they somehow didn’t make it in time to beat the younger students to the line. “You’d think being seniors, we would be awarded first dibs,” Sonny whined, turning a half turn to face Marisol, seeing she was texting someone. “Did you even hear me, dumb-dumb?” Sonny asked, snapping in Marisol’s face.

In reality, Marisol had been distracted all throughout the morning.

First, there was The Salem Thing. Ever since they’d parted ways the previous afternoon, Salem had been failing to respond to her messages. The girl had figured he’d been under the influence of guilt (that and she had her own pressing problems to deal with), so she thought nothing of it for the rest of the day. But when she’d woken the next morning to her phone showing no notifications from him, the green-eyed girl had started to worry. She’d been dead-set on talking to him before class, but of course, with her eternal lateness and their beloved faculty’s emergency assembly, that plan had gone to shit. So instead, she’d chosen to wait until after lunch to seek the boy out for a private conversation.

Then there was The Archer Thing. The second she’d shown up at the assembly with Sonny, Mari could feel the disappointment emanating from her best friend. No amount of suggestive comments and jokes could lift his spirits, and when the sex talk came up, the taller boy had stormed off without a word. Knowing Archer like she did, the brunette had a feeling that there was definitely more going on than him just being pissed at her rekindled friendship with Sonny. So after typing up a message asking him to meet her at work after school so they too could talk about what was happening, Mari had been hitting the Send button on her screen when Sonny’s fingers had been snapped on her face.

“Huh?” Marisol had mumbled distractedly, green eyes being ripped away from her phone screen and back to where a visibly annoyed Sonny was expectantly waiting for her answer. “Oh yeah, for real. Fucking gay.” she added, trying to sound like she’d been at least half-paying attention to what her best friend was saying as she placed her phone on her blazer pocket.

For the obvious reason of her clearly unable to peel her eyes away from that phone of hers, Sonny decided to test her. “If you did actually hear me, what did I say?” He asked her.

Marisol rolled her eyes and let out an annoyed sigh. “I don’t know. I don't speak bitch,” she replied defiantly, shooting him a meaningful look before laughing and giving him a playful shove. “You're right: I wasn't paying attention. I'm sorry. What were you saying?”

“Well, while you had your nose deep in that phone of yours, I was saying how you owe me fifty dollars for how much gas I wasted on your no-ass ass when we took the long way back to your house.” Of course, he was lying but how could he not take advantage of the moment?

The short girl let out a scoff, eyebrow raised at him. “Then I stand by what I just said: for real, fucking gay.”

“You know what’s really gay? You worrying Marco and getting yourself grounded for one night of kinky fuckery,” Sonny jokingly said, lightly shoving her back and giving her a grin.

Although she shouldn't be proud of how her parents ripped into her when she arrived home yesterday, there was no denying the ear-to-ear grin that spread across her small face when Sonny mentioned the reason why she’d earned herself two weeks of house arrest. The hickeys in her body were still clearly visible, and it had taken a fair amount of work for the tomboyish girl to master enough makeup skills to cover the one in her neck. And even now, it still had all been worth it.

“What can I say? It was a hell of a night of kinky fuckery,” Mari shot back, wiggling her eyebrows suggestively.

The sound of a throat being cleared interrupted their conversation, and the brunette turned around in the direction of the sound. Without realizing it, she and Sonny had reached the beginning of the cafeteria line. And judging by the way the lunch lady was staring at them like they were two particularly nasty bugs, the girl assumed she'd heard the last bit of the conversation.

Marisol cleared her own throat in an attempt to suppress the giggle fit that threatened to overtake her. “Um, hey. Can I have two chili dogs and a side of fries, please?” she asked, trying her hardest to keep a straight face.

Amid the lunch order, Sonny couldn’t stop laughing and he made no attempt to hide it (much to the clear annoyance of the lunch lady). From how she was looking at him, Sonny knew he should stop cackling but he wouldn’t be him if he did, so he just kept it to a chuckle and turned away somewhat from her direct gaze. Though he only turned back around when it was his turn to order. “Yeah, same as her but make mine with curly fries.”

Two hot dogs, Sonny? Jesus Christ, aren't you a greedy one today…” she taunted him suggestively, biting back snickers while the lunch lady gave them another revolted, disapproving glare. “You sure you can take them both?”

He knew exactly what she wanted to happen and Sonny was all-in. “I know it’ll be hella difficult, but who am I to turn down some red hot beef at a price. I’m no pussy.” As he spoke, a quick glance was made to the lunch lady, who seemed to be positively livid with the two of them. Almost as though she was about to jump over the counter and choke them both out in front of everyone behind them and at the surrounding tables.

“Alright, dude. Well, I hope you're stretched out real good, ‘cause they won't fit if you're not,” Mari added with a grin, pulling out a $20 from her skirt pocket and handing it over to their victim of the day.

She begrudgingly took it, handing Marisol her change of nine dollars and fifty cents. As the duo started to move down the line, they heard You two are going to hell” from under the lunch lady’s breath.

She thought she hid it well, but Sonny heard her loud and clear. And as he stopped for a brief moment, he looked back and smiled at her. “We were actually kicked out. Something about how we were too bad for hell,” he cheekily grinned before grabbing his tray and walking away, with Marisol following suit.

As soon as they were out of earshot, the girl let out a round of loud cackles that blended with the sounds of the busy cafeteria. “Did you see how she was glaring at us? Bet homegirl was strangling us in her head,” Mari said gleefully, softly elbowing Sonny’s arm while they took a seat at their designated table in the back of the room.

From where they sat, they could see anyone who’d enter or leave the cafeteria. It was the perfect place to be at so they could wave over anyone they wanted to or get an extra bit of time to sneak out should someone they didn’t want to see make their way inside, but given how things were now between not only Sonny and Marisol but Sonny with the remaining Misfits (those who would still talk to him, at least), Sonny had it in his mind that things were back to how they used to be before all of the shit that happened last month after Santiago’s party.

Sonny bit down on one of his chili dogs and stole one of Marisol’s regular fries. “So, how were things after I left you with your folks? How pissed were they?” Sonny asked, sipping on his chocolate milk like the degenerate that he was.

“Steal one of my fries again and I’ll stab your eye with my straw,” the girl growled before taking a big bite out of one of her own chili dogs and eventually answering the boy’s question. “Dad was cool for the most part. As soon as I walked through the door he gave me a hug so strong I felt he was going to squeeze my guts out. Mom... Mom was a different story...” Mari told Sonny, cringing at the memory of her livid mother standing in the middle of her bedroom the night before. “She was already upset at me disappearing, but when I let my guard down and she saw the hickey? She fucking flipped, man. Chewed me up and ripped me a new asshole. Said I was lucky Daddy wouldn’t survive without me if she strangled some sense into me like she wanted to do. Too bad we know something she doesn’t: strangling doesn't scare me. It turns me the fuck on,” she finished with a suggestive smirk, winking at her bestie before letting out a cackling laugh with Sonny not far off.

“Hey, what are you smirking at me for? I’m not the one who knows that side about you anymore.”

“But you did.”

As he fibbed through another sip of his milk carton, Sonny looked at her with every ounce of seriousness he could muster. And it was difficult for him because she was still looking at him with that same smirk that forced him to laugh from under that neutral expression that was currently on his face. He soon adjusted himself in his seat and not in the way where his hands went inside his pants. He stood up for the briefest of moments and sat back down when his uniform pants weren’t sticking to his boxers.

“I wouldn’t be surprised if your mom was the one leading the charge during that assembly that just happened. Y’know, given how she flipped out on you over the hickey.”

Marisol scoffed. “Mom’s not that crazy. I think it was just the shock of everything hitting her at once. I go from never even mentioning a guy to not showing up at home because I spent the night with one and then finally turning up all covered up in hickeys. Can’t really say I blame her, though. I would freak if I was in her position.”

“I guess so,” Sonny shrugged. “I mean, shouldn’t it matter that you made it home safe? I don’t really get the cause for worry. Not like you ended up dead in a ditch,” Sonny commented, clearly not seeing why Mrs. Castillo had made a big deal about Marisol’s hickey. People get them all the time. “Do you think she’s afraid Salem will corrupt her poor, innocent daughter?” He asked jokingly. It was even hard for him to keep a straight face when he used Salem’s name and corrupt in the same thought. “Yeah, scratch that. He wouldn’t be able to corrupt a fly even if he tried to.”

When Sonny mentioned Salem corrupting her, it took all of her willpower to simply press her lips together to avoid spilling the beans on how his statement was nothing short of accurate. Instead, she chose to divert the subject. “Mentioning Salem again, are we?” she teased, taking another bite of her chili dog. “I’m starting to think you might have a red-hot crush on my Italian beanstalk now.”

He immediately rolled his eyes at her comment. “As if I would lower my standards. If I were gonna go Team Sausage, I’d rather dig my claws into someone a little less wimpy like our Friendly Neighborhood Indian,” Sonny stated honestly.

“Van?” Mari said curiously, looking around for the Indian boy her friend was referring to. When she failed to locate him, Mar took a moment to observe his exotic, handsome features in her mind before saying, “Oh yeah, he's definitely a 10. And with that haircut? A solid motherfucking 100. Very nice choice, Son.”

“But, I have a bit of respect for Tall Italy, though. He got a few decent licks in. He’s the reason I have to wear this god awful thing for a couple more weeks,” he whined, pointing to the white nose brace on his face. “But if you ever tell him that, I’ll murder you in your sleep.”

Grinning, the girl put a fist over her heart. “Don’t worry, dipshit: cross my heart, hope to die. Another secret safe with me.”

Sonny gave her a rare smile, putting down his lunch and he simply had taken a moment to think about something. As he did, he contemplated dropping another bomb on her and not the kind of bomb she was probably hoping he’d drop on her. As much as Sonny wouldn’t mind doing that, he had thrown himself around mentally with this particular secret and now was good of a time as ever to tell someone.

“Well, I guess since we’re dropping secrets, I guess you can add another one to that. Ya know, I don’t just have my eye on the girls at the school.” Sonny felt so awkward trying to tell her. He had practiced how he would actually come out in his mind but being the kind of person that he was, it never made it past his own thoughts.

The young woman finished off her chili dog in one bite, making sure to chew slowly to buy herself some time and think about what she should say next. Even after knowing Sonny from the day they were born, his turn of events was certainly not one she’d been expecting in a million years.

“At this rate, the school should change its name from Kings Academy to Gays Academy. Seems like 80% of us are fucking fags these days,” Mari said with a chuckle, taking a sip of her soda while keeping her eyes on her best friend. Noticing how nervous Sonny looked, she placed a hand on top of his and locked her eyes on his, her tone surprisingly soft. “You know this doesn't change what I think of you, right? I've always been big on the whole ‘you love who you love’ mantra. So if pussy makes you happy, that's great. If dicks are your jam, then fucking fantastic. All you should give a damn about is if they make you happy or not. And the haters? They can suck our dicks and choke on ‘em.”

“Leave it to you to make light of my grand coming out. You do know I spent hours preparing a speech, right?” Sonny rolled his eyes, nudging Marisol in the arm. “But just to clarify, I’m not bi like most of these freaking normies. I mean, hey more power to them if they just want the dick or puss. I’m a new age: I’m a pansexual man who is apparently out.”

It still felt strange for Sonny to say it out loud. Not that he ever felt ashamed about it. He knew for a long ass time that he felt a type of way about both males and females and maybe, for a time, he felt he was bisexual. But it was the more he found himself thinking about it all that he was one of those people who cared more about the connection than just fucking. Sure, he enjoyed the act itself. He remembered his one time with Marisol being pretty fun, but that wouldn’t have happened had there not been a connection first. He wasn’t like Kavi or Santiago. Sonny couldn’t just put his dick in whoever seemed interested. Whether of hate or of something else entirely, there had to be something there.

“Watch it, dipshit: I'm one of those bisexual normies. Better put some respekt on my name,” she teased, poking him in the ribs with a finger. “What does pansexual even mean, though? Is it like this weird kink with pans and pots and kitchen utensils or whatever? Does this mean forks turn you on? Or is it spoons? Do you get a boner doing the dishes? Is the dishwasher the only porn you need?” she taunted. Hell, she could keep these dumb jokes up all day.

“You fucking idiot.” Again he rolled her eyes at her. “But if we’re using your analogy, basically it’s that plus there always having to be a burning fire of some sort giving it more than its general use. In other words, if I’m going to be with a pot or a pan, something else needs to be present than just the shiny kitchenware. Whether that’s a fire burning from beneath it, water inside it ready to boil, or food being prepared in it, it can’t just be there looking pretty.” Somehow, as he told her in the analogy she so gracefully used, Sonny himself couldn’t help but laugh how easy it was to tell her in that way.

“Fair enough.” The girl was quiet for a second, eyebrows knitted together as in deep in thought. Finally, she spoke up again. “So does this mean I can be the spatula to your skillet? Or is it the other way around?”

For the first time in a long time, Sonny was absolutely clueless and, by extension, speechless. “Hell if I know. This kitchenware talk isn’t exactly the clearest. All I know is I need a connection to bang a dude or a chick. A bit like you but I guess without the need of there to be a connection.” Or so Sonny was assuming. He knew things would be a lot simpler in the explanation of everything if his sexual desires were like Marisol’s. But alas, simplicity was a foreign concept to Sonny Drake.

Chill, Son. I'm just fucking around with you,” Mari said with a laugh, patting her friend on the back. “I know what you mean: you need the blazing fire of a thousand suns to be present before you stick your dick into whoever you want. Got it.”

He hadn’t realized how worked up he had gotten. Maybe this meant more to him that he was willing to openly admit. Or maybe just talking about this shit made him feel weird inside. Either way, Sonny had explained what he needed to explain and Marisol being Marisol, took it and ran with it. That was more than he thought would happen and more he could ever ask for. So, instead of dragging it on and on, he would just drop it like a hot potato.

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Another day another uncomfortable situation Aaliyah found herself in. While she did participate in this year’s homecoming she was just a spectator, but now she was guilty by association. Intrusive thoughts of exaggerated outcomes plagued her mind especially the thought of not being able to walk at graduation. Committing seppuku seemed like here only option now for bringing dishonor on her family. She was so engrossed in her head she hadn’t realized that she was sitting nowhere near any of her potential friends once she made it to the auditorium. ”Great job Aaliyah, you really know how to avoid people even when you’re not trying to” she said in her mind, someone probably taking note of the obscure reactions her face was making unconsciously to her.

Hopefully Aaliyah’s prestigious record would keep her from being called down, although her parents were understanding enough to excuse her behavior and most likely end up advocating for her defense. Seeing an angry black woman was nothing short of scary, so at least she had that going for her. Prom really had no weight on her life since she wasn’t planning on going anyways, but the collective groans was enough for to understand not everyone was as thrilled as she was. The announcement of homecoming king and queen had no effect on her either. Unfortunately, the three-hour lecture was just as torturous for her as the rest of the auditorium. The entire time they were being lectured Aaliyah couldn’t help but picture the film from AP Bio, “The Miracle of life” where she saw her first live birth. Luckily for them no one in their school was pregnant, what a tragedy that would be.

After the lecture was over, Aaliyah made her way to the cafeteria looking for somewhere to sit. She thought she caught the glance of Chanel and Julie, but a crowd was already forming around them. Bea was already in the company of Jordan, so she did what all wallflowers would do and sat alone. The bathroom was a close second.
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Then |The Astor Residence| @Hoekage

Ximena didn’t understand it, but then again, she didn’t understand a lot of things that entertained the mindless masses of Palm Beach. The radiant queen had tried her best to sully herself and her reputation to equate that of the attendants of her newly transferred high school. However, it seemed like she just wasn’t destined to fit…. except of course letting Santiago find the right fit for that one night. Besides that, one night changing incident for the two of them nothing else seemed to strike her fancy. Then, of course, the homecoming event that she had planned to go to, only to pull out last minute due to her unscrupulous pairing. It wouldn’t be soon enough for XiXi to get away from what’s his name? The tall really weird kid that had a bad habit of vanishing when you needed him most. With nothing tethering her to the school and no minions to amass a larger following, it seemed like the highness was losing traction at her school.

Something so troubling as that would leave anyone in tatters, but Ximena was the definition of poise and grace. If there was one thing she knew how to do, it was conquering even if it meant being feared rather than loved or respected. It was just the price she had to pay and a price she would pay in full. So, while the puppets played in their little masquerade with their fake kings and queens, the real Baroness was scheming on something all more important. They could have their time in the limelight, but XiXi knew she needed two to tango and who better to call than her lost long better half. XiXi ran her finger through her contacts before finding her golden ticket. A smile creased over her face while the phone touched her delicate ear. The sound of ringing buzzing in her ear until the opposite line picked up.

“Hello? It’s me bitch. What are you doing?”

“Sleeping, Jesus, qúe hora es?” A groan sounded over the phone followed by some muffled curses and shuffling before the voice sounded again, “Ximena, you realize I just got back, right? After 48 hours of like no sleep, and from a country 13 hours ahead of us, do you know what exhaustion feels like? Mia regina, Por qúe me odias?"

XiXi looked at the time realizing that LA was three hours behind the east coast. “Oops, gonorrea I forget that you’re ahead of me. Pero like wake up necesito que hablar contigo” Ximena said trying to decipher the hieroglyphics Yessi was trying to speak in. “Listen nena, I think it’s cool and all that you hung out with all your little chinitas, but I’m gonna fly over to your place okay? Love you bitchhh” Ximena said making a loud audible kissing sound before hanging up. After her call was over Ximena called and arranged for her next private jet out back to dreary Florida, the state where the headline “Florida man threatens to kill neighbors with a bat named kindness” is just another day in the office. Ximena stole the beauty rest Yessi couldn’t get and soaked in it on the flight over.

Finally touching down and having been chauffeured to Yessi’s house, she was finally ready to see her sister of a different mister. Ximena rang the doorbell gleefully waiting for her blonde bitch to open the door.

There was no way in hell the sleep-deprived Astraia was ready to function in society, much less deal with hurricane Ximena, so the second her best friend ended the call she was back to a night of blissful sleep, that sadly was cut about 16 hours early.

The combination of Aurelio’s bitching in the hallway and the incessant sound of the doorbell was enough to drag her out of the dreamland she had entered only a mere eight hours earlier. A dramatic huff of resignation to her fate had her flinging the comforter off her body, feet sliding into slippers and stomping down the stairs.

” Oh fantastic, I thought you were dead, whoever that is out there has been ringing the fucking bell for ever. Jesus, I forgot how annoying Americans are.”
“Reli, it’s Ximena, you could have, you know, just let her in?”
That’s Ximena? Fuck she got hot.”

Only a roll of her green eyes was given as Yessi pulled open the door and in the same moment dragged her friend inside, and shutting it promptly behind her. Once the two of them were safely in the privacy of the Astor house Yessi threw her arms around the smiling, and slightly irritated bombshell, hugging her tightly, “I’ve missed you so much, Meme!”

What felt like centuries of standing outside finally came to a climax as the door cracked open, the light shining from the other side almost blinded the Colombian Princess. In all actuality, it was just Ximena being caught off guard and pulled inside by a death grip that did it fit the busty petite girl on the other side. The door closed behind them and as the girl collected her bearings she was smothered in a warm embrace.

This was the kind of warmth and feeling she had been longing all those weeks trapped in Palm Beach. Her freshly manicured nails enveloped Yessi in an equally ecstatic and affectionate hug. The bond the two had formed since they were children was unbreakable. “Ay Yeye, I know!” She said snapping her neck to the side as if she had no spine at all. “But look at you hermosa! Korea has been good to you.” Hyping up her friend as she grabbed her hand and spun her around.

XiXi noticed Aurelio awkwardly standing to the side, “Don’t just stand there, say hi to me” Ximena said extending her hand out waiting for him to kiss the ring like so many other boys did before him.

Aurelio gazed at the two princesses' lesbian-esque reunion with a tinge of jealousy flickering in those consuming brown eyes of his. Astraia and Ximena had been friends for god knows how long, Aurelio could remember all the trouble those two got the three of them in and how much fun they had. Though that latter fact would only remain in his thoughts, he’d never vocalize how appreciative he was of these two thots.

Rolling his eyes at the more annoying of the pair, he enveloped the meticulously manicured hand Xixi extended to him and tugged her towards him. Aurelio wrapped his muscular arms around the curvaceous body of the active succubus and placed a kiss to the top of her head. This is home. The thought came in as if he was trying to force himself to believe it and involuntarily squeezed Ximena in his arms for a moment, before releasing her and stepping back.

What was with this family and tugging her like a family rag doll. Her body was wrapped in another hug, this time much more muscular and heavenly scented. Aurelio certainly had changed since the devious duo used to bully him despite the age difference. A sudden wet warmth could be felt planted on her forehead, it was all so much to process. Luckily for her, these were the only people allowed to see her as shooketh as this.

She tucked a loose piece of hair behind her ear before clearing her throat, “Well it’s nice to see you too Rel.”

“Well, we head back to King’s in two weeks, and there’s a LOT for you to grill her about.” He feigned a whisper towards Ximena “Ask her about the married man that got us ki-“ Laughing he barely dodged the open palm coming straight for his mouth and smoothly grabbed his keys off the key chain.

And with that, the tension in the room came undone as her eyebrows cocked and her tongue slid through her pearly white teeth.

“Reli! Stop bringing that shit up!” Yessi yelled out after her retreating twin, “Stay on the DL out there, please” A raised thumb was all the response she got as the garage door closed and the rev of his motorcycle roared through the door. With a roll of her eyes the Spanish princess turned her attention back to her other, other half, “Okay, shit, there’s so much to tell you, let me start from the beginning.”

“Oh? Yeye you know it’s rude to make a girl wait” she said waiting patiently for the bombshell to blab.

Post K.O.

Ximena finally woke up to what was still the porcelain bathtub she remembered sitting on before, well before you know being knocked out cold by her not-so-bestfriend anymore? XiXi didn’t know anymore and she really couldn’t think about much with her head in the condition it was in. There were bells ringing in her cranium that just wouldn’t go away. It was like waking up with a hangover from hell, but without the fun to preface it and only the regret to live with. Sitting up from the tub as if she had just gotten drugged and a kidney removed, the groggy Colombiana daintily touched her face feeling for pain. She went from no pain around her cheeks to wincing in pain when she touched the skin around her eye.

“Puta!” she cursed almost ready to burst into tears from frustration, she had ruined lives before but never her own. With no account of time, Ximena knew she had to move unless she wanted Yessi to come back and deliver round 2. Struggling to make her way to the sink she gazed into the mirror only to find a rather large discolored area around the right side of her face. No amount of concealer could hide the hues of purple and blue on her soft caramel skin. Carefully opening the door, she peered her head out so see if the coast was clear. Seeing no in the area Ximena sprinted for her phone and then to the front door. Gracias a dios her car was still in one piece.

Fleeing the scene of the crime Ximena went back home defeated and stuck wondering what she could do and how she could fix this. She had time to heal and also time to scheme…something no one should leave her idle with.

It was her first day back to King’s Academy in who knows how long, ironically it only took a few sugar-coated words for the super intendant to let the beauty queen back into this little herd of high schoolers. Her bruises gone and her smile just as mischievous as ever, Ximena was ready to play the game of thrones. That wasn’t without the queen of mean being fashionably late as always. Strolling into the gymnasium, she was just in time for the climax of the lecture on what she caught to be about the dangers of sex and drugs. Homecoming must have been one hell of an event, one she sadly missed out on thanks to a certain tall dark and disgusting. While she waited on the side of the bleachers phone in hand, Ximena surfaced social media keeping tabs on all the saucy news she missed.

Next was scanning the audience since she wasn’t in sight. She must have missed Santiago since he was no where to be seen. However, the familiar face of Yessi struck a chill up her spine and a pain in her cheek. Taking cover back behind the bleachers, she waited for the lecture to be over and hovered in the back of the crowd as most of the herd headed to the cafeteria. That’s when she caught the sight of Aurelio.

“Oh, thank god just who I needed to see" she said in relief. Even if he was now surrounded by some of her potential frenemies she needed to talk to him. In her best diplomatic fashion, she walked up to the small crowd surrounding the table.

“While it’s all very nice to see you all here again in such short notice, I need to borrow Aurelio for a bit. Of course, if that’s okay with the rest of you. I’ll have him back to you in a jiffy” she said smiling with all gums and teeth.
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Don't Touch My Hair

Location: King's Academy
Interacting with: Julie MacMillan, Aurelio Astor, Stella Lambert, Ximena Garcia De la Fuente

To say that Chanel missed Aurelio would be a bit of an understatement. After all, it had been a couple of years since the boy had practically disappeared off the face of the Earth. Chanel's smile was so wide that her cheeks had begun to hurt, and her laugh was loud and contagious as Aurelio lifted her off her feet and gave her a quick, dramatic spin. “Oh, my Fashion principessa, how I have missed thee!” The boy said as they continued to spin around in circles, and Chanel beamed in sheer delight. This bright look was almost instantly replaced with one of mock resentment, however, once Chanel had finally come back to her senses.

In swift motions, the young woman gave Aurelio a couple of light smacks on the back of his shoulder. "Boy, I've missed you so much," Chanel said with her brows furrowed, "You just up and disappeared on us. No texts, no phone calls, no Instagram DM's... You just left us hangin' like that. I mean, of course I forgive you, but shit." It wasn't until Chanel heard a sudden movement at the end of the table that she stopped grilling Aurelio; she figured that she'd ask Julie for any details on the boy's disappearance later on.

Chanel lifted her head to see none other than Stella Lambert standing at the end of their table; it only took her a few seconds to put together what had just happened. Stella greeted everyone at the table with a pained expression plastered across her face, but before Chanel could even utter a few words to her teammate, Aurelio piped up once more. “Who is she?” the boy whispered in her ear as he lowered her back to her feet and placed his arm across her shoulder. Chanel simply rolled her eyes as she slipped from underneath Aurelio's arm and took a seat in her rightful spot next to Julie. “You okay there, uh… sunshine?" The boy continued on. "I’m Aurelio aka the shared lover between these two cuties.”

Shortly after he said this, Julie introduced him as the "idiot who just arrived back to their fine establishment," a disgusted look plastered across her face as she did so, causing Chanel to let out a chuckle. "Stella, this 'idiot' is our friend Aurelio. Aurelio, Stella." Chanel simply left it at that, figuring she should also offer Stella some assistance with her skirt. "And yeah, girl! Come take a seat over here next to us. We'll have your skirt looking good as new in no time." But before Chanel could even scoot over a few inches to allow enough room for Stella, another familiar voice suddenly pierced the air.

“Oh, thank god just who I needed to see," the voice called from across the courtyard, and Chanel's eye slightly twitched in response. It wasn't long before Ximena De la Fuente had strutted up to the growing group, and it took every ounce of willpower in Chanel's body for her to refrain from flashing the girl an annoyed look. “While it’s all very nice to see you all here again in such short notice, I need to borrow Aurelio for a bit," XiXi said once she'd reached their table. "Of course, if that’s okay with the rest of you. I’ll have him back to you in a jiffy.” The young woman ended her sentence with wide, toothy grin; Chanel narrowed her eyes and forced a similar smile upon her own face.

"It's always good to see you, XiXi," Chanel said, "And I'm sure that's not a problem with any of us. He's all yours."
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