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Level 5 - (12/50) + 2

Strength Get! - Friendly Fire Off: Even though Linkle is a whirling tornado of arrows and explosions her attacks always seem to inexplicably miss or not effect people allied with her.

Location: The Land of Adventure ~ Pelagic Lake
Word Count: 903

@MULTI_MEDIA_MAN@Stern Algorithm@TruthHurts22@Lugubrious

Linkle had only had her breathing room for a moment before the ranks of the fish monsters surged forward and enveloped her in battle, eager to avenge the numerous arrows now sticking up from their scaly hides. One of them came at her, it's cutlass flashing across the distance between them even as she ducked. She rammed her bow up against his stomach, rewarding his bravery with a with bolts that went so deep you could hardly see them. One of his compatriots brought his own cutlas down but she rolled backward as the weapon dug into the wood of the bridge.

Then, from over the shoulder of the one that pushed her back, came a wickedly barbed spear. She hadn't seen it coming as it bit into her shoulder, but instead of pushing the fish man yanked his catch forward. The two fish men in the front, one now wobbling with its hand on its stomach, made way as Linkle was pulled into the middle of the group. The head of the spear ripped wetly from her flesh, sending her stumbling forward into range of another fishman man, waiting to impale her on the tip of it own spear.

What were these guys doing, taking turns?

Linle raised up her bows to make him pay for it but luckily for her the dragon boy from earlier came to her rescue from out of nowhere, his sword sinking deep into the side of the fish man that had been waiting for her. Linkle spun on her heel, slamming the fish man's other side with the back of her boot and driving him further onto the dragon boys sword. That was the que for the swordfish behind her to attack, bringing his cutlass across in a way that she was barely able to duck.

This was it. This was her type of fight. The type of fight where you needed eyes in the back of your head because you never knew which direction you were about to be attacked from. Where throwing attacks all over the place was a necessity, just to buy yourself some breathing room from the enemies all around you. So battle began in earnest, fish men attacking, Linkle countering, not unlike a dance except in this one the only reward you got in the end was the faCt that you were still standing. There were less of these guys than she was used too, but were stronger, they clung stubbornly to life, and had unfair tricks they liked to use. She noticed that whenever one of the swordfish in front attacked that spear from the back wasn't far behind, waiting to pull you in to get mauled by its fellows. It was a simple tactic, but a smarter one than she had ever encountered from her enemies, and the unsettling anticipation of the spear awarded the swordfish a few light cuts in her side and across her arms that she she normally never would have given up to foes like this. it could have been far worse if she hadn't seen that botched attempt from earlier. Still, through it all, Linkle was smiling. There was nothing that could sour her mood in this type of fight.

At least not until she heard a gasp of pain over the din of battle, and remembered the other thing about fights like this; if you're not around to protect your allies they're going to die. She dodged to the side as the spear came again, getting a look over the fish man's shoulder to where it had come from.

The other boy, guild boy, was definitely not a dragon. If he were she felt like he definitely would have dragoned out by now, considering his situation. He wasn't used to this type of fight, that much was obvious from the state of him. Linkle hardened her face and, as a fish man's cutlass sought her again, dodged over the side of the bridge onto the ice that the dragon boy had so kindly showed her. She slipped slightly, skidding a little to far before regaining her balance. The ice bobbed as she ran across it, using it to bypass the fish men she'd been fighting, bounding across the ice sheet toward the house sitting on the lake before jumping back onto the bridge behind the battle. So that the group of them that had been fighting her and Gran were all in front of her.

Then she charged, and as she charged she held up her bows and waved them back and forth, spraying bolts at every monster of the bridge. Gran and Euden could feel the air from the bolts as they flew past, but miraculously not a one of those arrows ever plunged into them. With every bolt that found its place in the scaly hide of a hideous fish monster Linkle could feel momentum building, the energy of the fight flowing into her. Building, building, waiting to explode.

Lickle slid between the legs of one of the monsters fighting Gran, stood up next to the boy, and went off like a bomb. She fired forward and backwards, then to both side, then spun in a circle shooting at everything around her. Then came the fire, and the power, flowing out a Linkle in a burst that seemed to pass over the boys even as it slammed into the fish men.
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Courier 6 and Ratchet and Jak & Daxter

Level 5 - (47/50) EXP (+2), Level 5 - (27/50) (+2), Level 3 - (5/30) (+2)
Location: Land of Adventure - Coral Highlands, Redgraccoon City - Charnal Lane
Word Count:1129

Jak new power: You do well to rid the world of this metal scourge. As a reward, I grant you a dark power. - In Dark Jak form, Jak is able to manipulate dark eco in the form of energy attacks which come in two flavors. Small hand blasts that are relatively slow moving, but plow through obstacles with great force capable of toppling huge walls (which use a moderate chunk of his dark eco), and the Dark Bomb which releases all his currently absorbed eco in a single blast around him, completely destroying any but the most durable of enemies… But of course, dark eco cannot recognize friendlies and will harm all life indiscriminately.

The situation wasn’t looking too good, if the Courier were to admit it. The dinosaur monster wasn’t so receptive of him as most critters were. He thought that maybe if it weren’t for the offering of meat, the thing would have already been at his neck. Even so it was clearly a highly aggressive monster, looking for any reason to strike. His hand gripped his shotgun in its holster, ready to pull it out and fire the moment this creature moved, as it would undoubtedly come down to a fight. No befriending this hombre.

“I’d cover my eyes if I were you!” shouted a voice from afar, startling both the Courier and the monster he was attempting to tame. The dinosaur used some bizarre quirk of its biology to focus a blast of concentrated sunlight right at his eyes, but luckily the Courier was an adaptable fellow. Rather than be put off balance by the sudden warning of this stranger, it gave him the ample preparation he needed to do exactly that.

Time seemingly froze to a standstill as the Courier activated V.A.T.S., allowing him to observe the dinosaur creature in an extremely slow motion and pickout the best strategy. Its head seemed to be unfurling some sort of reflective membrane. In the slow motion he could already see how it was gathering light for what he presumed would be some sort of blinding tactic. Amazing quirk of biology this thing had, and very deadly when paired with those talons. Luckily, technology was on his side, as was luck. He had enough time to queue up 2 shots with his shotgun on the critter. Target head: Probability to hit - 95%


Two shots quickly blasted from the shotgun, depleting all its loaded shells and rendering the weapon useless until it could be reloaded. V.A.T.S. deactivated in the same instant as the creature came flying at him with razor sharp claws exposed, and he rolled off to the side. In his place manifested the large robotic striker Bastion in humanoid form, steel body ready to receive the damage and gun ready to unload into the monster.

Jak emerged from the van with Daxter on his shoulder, the two firing finger guns at one another playfully. Ratchet had since put away his new shotgun and was conversing with the others on minor small talk, nothing important, when Nero decided that enough preparations had been made and it was time to go kick some ass.

”Hold up,” Jak interrupted before they all head out, clearly bothered by something. When he spoke, it was uncomfortable and he avoided eye contact. ”I owe everyone an apology. I’m used to running in guns blazing and taking everything out without a problem, but that doesn’t seem to always work here. What I’m saying is, I guess if I’m the best there is on my world, I shouldn’t underestimate the dangers posed by the best of everyone else’s worlds too. So I got hurt when I had other ways to kill those things without the same risk and… Sorry that I made myself dead weight.” He met the other’s eyes for the first time, glaring in both determination, and anger. ”Nobody is going to have to come to my rescue again.”

Ratchet had to chuckle. ”Is that actually some humility from you, Jak? I’m surprised! Hahaha! I guess you’re forfeiting the contest to me, then?”

Ratchet and Jak clapped hands together, squeezing in a firm grip. ”Not on your life, furball.”

”Don’t underestimate us just because Jak had to get a bit sappy for a minute! I’m still the same hard as steel bad boy I’ve always been, capiche?” Daxter added.

”Sure, Dax.” Ratchet released his grip from Jak, who did the same, and the two heroes followed Nero through the cathedral plaza.

Up the stairs and out to the opening, a large creature stood silent and lonely amidst the gothic background. The ent looked to be a fearsome foe indeed, though also a passive one. It did not seem to recognize their presence, allowing them all to get setup however the group decided was best. Recognizing the enemy as being made of wood, Ratchet pulled out the bombbuilder as his main weapon for the battle, hoping the heat from the blasts might set the thing on fire. Jak pulled out his trusty morph gun and set it to the Vulcan Fury.

Then Nero called the monster out, and the battle had begun. Ratchet quickly took aim and fired two proximity mines at the ent’s feet, where they immediately exploded a safe distance beneath Nero as the demon hunter pulled off his own combo. Jak began to unload with rapid fire the high speed, high penetration rounds of his Vulcan Fury, sending more than 40 rounds of blue eco into the ent in just a couple of seconds. That was, until…


Out of blue eco? Gah! Jak swapped the morph gun over to the Blaster mode and rolled away from a small group of hollows that sought him out. His roll jumps propelled him several meters at a time, allowing him to build distance, then take them out before they even got close. Once the hollows chasing him were blasted to smithereens, he turned back to the ent.

Meanwhile Ratchet had swapped out the bombbuilder for his trusty old omniwrench, standing at attention as the hollows began to swarm around him. He gave a couple warning swings to keep them off, but the creatures were not so easily dissuaded. They all jumped into Ratchet at once and… Moved right through him?

”I love this power! Zer0 had style!” Ratchet decloaked right behind the ent, Reaper in hand. He unleashed a shot of Hell energy directly into its back at point blank, all 6 shots concentrated together to hit the enemy.

In response to this, or perhaps to Nero, the ent slammed its arms down to create a shockwave in every direction, the whole plaza rattling with the force! Jak, being a good distance away, was able to spot the telegraphed move and hop onto his jet board and ride the wave out no problem. But Ratchet being so close and relatively easy to harm…

“I’ve got you, Ratchet!” Clank reaffirmed, appearing on the lombax’s back and taking on jet form. The little robot propelled Ratchet high up in the air to avoid the shockwave.

”Thanks, little buddy!” Ratchet said back, now taking another shot with the Reaper, down toward the ent’s head.
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Level 5 - (22/50) EXP +1 (1 skill point in reserve)
Location: Charnal Lane
Word Count: 428

With all their shopping finished, Blazermate followed Nero and the rest of the party into the courtyard that held the odd looking tree. At the request of Nero, Blazermate began to set herself up in the area as there was about to be a fight. Finding an area with some height to it, she summoned the Engineer, who began to construct his sentry and dispenser. Since this looked like it'd be a much worse fight than the Suffering, she figured that Ratchet would love a dispenser for his weapons, as she knew it gave him lots of ammo.

Thanks to her testing with her arm earlier, Blazermate was able to call some of the nearby undead to her side. At first, she figured that her sentry would attack them, but as they were following her commands to the letter, the sentry just beeped as it looked back and forth, looking for a hostile target. Following her testing earlier, Blazermate injected a few mindless undead with the mutagen that the arm drooled from its maw. "This feels... so unnatural, but good." Blazermate said a bit darkly as she mutated some of the mindless undead into stronger forms that the group had seen earlier.

With the group's preperations complete, Nero instigated the fight with, what looked like a huge walking tree with tentacle branches for a beard. As a low roar came from the tree creature, much smaller beetle-like trees came up from the ground and rushed the group "And here I thought the zombies were weird!" Blazermate said as the sentry beeped, locking onto the nearest target and opening fire. Pointing at the monster, she commanded the undead that listened to her to attack it. While she couldn't really control them beyond that, she didn't really need any advanced commands either.

As everyone began to attack the monster, it let loose a powerful shockwave as it slammed the ground. Thankfully Blazermate kept her sentry set up a bit away from the fight so the shockwave didn't damage it much, but it greatly injured the undead she had commanded to attack the creature. Blazermate gracefully flew over the shockwave herself, much like Ratchet and Clank did. While in the air, Blazermate got a good look at the creature, and her scanners detected some strange things in the roots of the monster. "Hey guys, there are some strange things in the roots of that thing and the buildings." She continued to scan for the weakpoint of the creature, as she figured that just attacking it outright wouldn't be nearly as effective. After a bit, she continued. "The upper back is its weakspot!" when she was sure that was the weakpoint of the creature.
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The Koopa Troop

wordcount: 1,298 (+3)
Bowser: Level 5 EXP: ////////////////////////////////////////////////// (34/50)
Bowser Jr: Level 4 EXP: //////////////////////////////////////// (4/40)
Kamek: Level 3 EXP: ////////////////////////////// (23/30)
Location: Morgensloft Field (Hamlet), the Land of Adventure & Charnal Lane, Dead Zone

”I’ll be right back.”

Kamek announced while pre flight preparations where ongoing before vanishing a burst of smoke and appearing above a well reaped field. He glanced around a few times before spotting the tracks of a cart drawn by reptilian footsteps that must have belonged to his king leading towards a strange village full of narrow houses. The wizard sighed to himself as he noted the royal family had ignored him once again and wandered off before turning his broom towards the village and heading after them.

”Yeah, uh hu. Cool. Got it” jr said, nodding along as he struggled to grasp the particulars of the mayor's fancy talking. While most of it was useful, it was the last part about a terrifying beast caught his attention however.

”Think that's it papa?” he asked, referring to the theory of each area having one boss each.

The king didn't know and was frustrated by that fact as he replied ”It’s different from the plains one. So that makes two it might be already. Gah. How many big monsters are there out here? how are we supposed to know which is the right one!”

Jr shrugged. The pair then continued to listen to the pig and hamster’s conversation and learned about another quest, though this one would likely not earn them any prestige with the guild, and of a huntress who might be able to aid them.

Most of the group seemed eager to move on, stating that they had better get a move on with their task of hunting down Galeem’s lieutenants. Not that they knew where any more where, but hunting down green things for pig money wasn’t likely to help in solving that issue.

”HARD PASS. LUGGING THIS THING AROUND IS GOING TO BE A PAIN.” Bowser complained after they had bade the mayor goodbye, while jr pointed that ”There might be good stuff in town though?”

”If they do maybe we’ll come back. First though we're gonna check out this hunter lady. Maybe we can get her to do the rest of the work for us.” he said before glancing at the centurion ”YOU SAID YOU COULD HUNT RIGHT? IF THIS LADY DOESN'T HELP WE’LL JUST GO BACK AND BUY YOU SOMETHING TO HUNT WITH IF NOTHING ELSE WORKS. FASTER WE TURN ALL OF THIS INTO CASH THE BETTER ANYWAY.” the king concluded as he jostled the cart laden with gems and ores.

As they headed towards the inn there came a call of ”There you are sire!” from the sky as Kamek reappeared. ”my deepest apologies for taking so long, your army in the Dead Zone is meeting stiff resistance. They have little to spare and I’ve already offered to assist them for a little while longer as I do believe they are heading in the right direction when it comes to finding one of our targets.”

”Yeah that place is a mess. Its the tree right? Pretty obvious over there where to go.” Jr noted before grumbling ”So I guess it's good they're making progress while we still have no idea where to go… wait your heading back?”

Kamek nodded before asking ”If that's alright with you sire?”

Bowser nodded in turn before informing his advisor that ”We’re heading back to town soon. Getting rid of all this stuff. Meet us there.”

”As you say. Here. take these with you for the chef” Kamek replied, adding the small number of slime balls they'd gotten out of the nuclear creeper incident to the cart’s load. ”And also all of this. You might find a use for them in town.” he added, before depositing most of his other non essential items into the cart such as medical herbs and the foul smelling breakfast, which was carefully isolated from anything remotely edible in its own sack.

”Right. Oh and take this to help or trade or something.” Bowser said, before retrieving the half empty minigun that he didn't have any use for anyway. With a thanks the drifted closer and grabbed the weapons handle. He then hoisted the gun with surprising strength for a few moments before it shrunk down to a more carry-able size and was left hanging off of his broomstick.

”Also these.” Jr added, following his father's example by tossing the cartoonish black wick lit bomb and the strange crystal grenade he’d gotten from the dead zone to Kamek. The Magikoopa fumbled briefly with the two explosives before they too were shrunk down and placed in pockets.

”Thank you both. Be safe. I’ll see you both for dinner at the latest.” Kamek thanked and then promised his royal masters before disappearing once more back to the Dead Zone.

A few moments after he vanished Bowser facepalmed. ”GAH. Should have got him to shrink the cart.” he admonished himself before sighing and shaking the thought free of his mind. While they'd been talking with their wise underling the pair had fallen behind and so arrived at the inn last. Bowser set down the cart and, after thinking for a few moments, first grabbed a few gems of varying qualities form it and then summoned his minions. Mallet, Sledge and Heel all appeared before him and where ordered to ”GUARD THE CART”

Jr also dismounted his clown car and entered the bar. He first sent out and then attempted to get Mimikyu to guard his cart alongside his father’s minions, but instead the fake mouse snuck its way onto his shoulder the moment he turned to enter the Inn.

”Sigh. Fine you can come.” he told it, before he entered after his father.

Kamek reappeared just as everyone was finally finishing with their preparations. The demonic tree, perhaps a lesser kin of the vast eldritch location devouring the city Kamek though, had politely waited for them all to get ready. Kamek took the opportunity to summon his illusory copies and then he too was then ready to go.

When the teams self proclaimed not leader decided it was time to go and taunted the tree. In response the tree moaned dreadful, as if displeased at being stirred to life. But stir to life it did, as did a number of squat rag covered minions, that might have been its seeds, armed with crude weapons and far to many teeth.

Kamek, not wanting to be anywhere near the swarming little buggers, ascended upwards and then leaned forwards to grab the minigun. The weapon hugged the front of his broom, the shaft of which was slipped between its horizontal handle. The gun had then been shrunk, causing its handle to grip the broom and preventing it from putting the broom into a nosedive. This essentially turned the broom into a miniature A-10 warthog.

He tumbed the trigger, causing him and his four duplicates to let out a burst of miniature minigun rounds which peppered the minions charging their position. The weakened rounds did minimal damage individually, but the sheer quantity being hosed down at the minions still stung, gradually shredding some and giving others pause.

Then the Ent made its third move, stomping the ground hard to produce a massive omni-directional shock-wave, similar to the ones Bowser could produce after jumping. Some of the others flew over it as Kamek well could, but instead he bobbed down closer to the team.

”I can give a boost!” he called out, doppelgangers vanishing as he offered the real broom as a handhold to grant some upwards momentum. He hung there for a few moments and then, whether or not he had a passenger, rose up and over the shockwave.

(edit) all the other members of the team showed themselves to be entirely capable of jumping the shockwave on their own and so Kamek instead inadvertently saved one of Blazermate infected. the hunchbacked thing grappled onto the broom and road it to safety either by accident or design before hurling itself onward towards the ent like a deranged monkey that wanted to clime the most dangerous of trees. (edit)

As he ascended Blazermate called out that the roots had some strange things in them which was both helpful and unhelpful in equal measures.

”Strange things in the roots?” he asked, hoping for clarity.
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Word Count: 466 (+1 exp)
Level: 1 - Total EXP: 2/10
Location: Coral Highlands, Land of Adventure

The Cadet wouldn't be put off by the monster's intimidation tactic; he leapt forward, blade flashing out in front of him to slash at the Bird Wyvern's legs. Monsters were tough, but eventually the damage would stack up and it would have a harder time jumping at them. Speaking of them-

After hearing the sound of gunshots the red headed hunter looked toward the 'newbie' in the weird clothes, thankfully finding him seemingly uninjured on the Tzitzi-Ya-Ku's other side. The man was fast! He seemed to have good instincts as well. That was great news to Cadet, just meant he wouldn't have to worry about babysitting the guy while simultaneously fighting the 'Ya-Ku. On second glance, it looked like he actually did have a weapon too - though it was kind of on the small side for a bowgun. The Cadet could feel a grin working it's way onto his face just thinking about a bowgun that tiny packing enough punch to make a sound that loud. He wanted to try it out! For now though, he let himself ease into more familiar hunting habits, raising his shield and turning back around to face the direction the TziTzi-Ya-Ku had gone flying in but instead saw something decidedly unfamiliar.

"Uh," the Cadet couldn't help but let the sound escape from him as his eyes landed on the... metal man? It might have looked like a bulking suit of armor, but some of it's proportions - it's head, legs - were too strange to have anyone really believe there could be someone inside of it. Right? It was also way too big to be a palico. Well, the thought came to him, I have met some really big felynes-- Wait, stop, now wasn't the time to get distracted.

The appearance of the metallic creature had the Cadet hesitating for a moment but he assumed it was friendly for two reasons: it was currently facing down the monster and it was a huge metal thing! Man-made for sure, either a new hunting tool or something else that currently inhabited the weird world he currently found himself in. Either way, friendly. Hopefully... okay, better make sure.

"Metal Man is on our side, right?" the Cadet called with a quick glance back at the other - human - man. Although he should have probably waited for confirmation that the metal thing was indeed safe, instead Ace started making his way toward the Tzitzi-Ya-Ku's front, shield raised and ready in case the creature suddenly turned his way - which would be great, in fact, so he could land a clean hit on it. The Cadet used the butt of his sword's handle to bang on the shield a little in the hopes of drawing the Bird Wyvern's attention.
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Geralt of Rivia

Pelagic Lake

Lvl 2 (15/20) -> Lvl 2 (16/20)

Word Count: 387 words

Wiping a bit of blood off of his face, Geralt sighed as he realized that he, and Linkle, would have to get that kid out of the middle of all those damn fish-things. Why these kids were so damn gung-ho about jumping into the middle of a horde of monsters was beyond him. Linkle basically told him that her entire fighting style revolved around surrounding herself with as many enemies as possible and just firing blindly into the crowd. What nonsense. Maybe wherever she came from, some people could get away with giving the absolute minimum care for their own well-being, but on the Continent, heroics got you killed. Much like they'd get this dumb kid killed if he didn't get there immediately.

Stowing his crossbow and pulling out his silver sword once more, Geralt charged into the battle, impaling a Pelagic on his sword before it even realized he was there, pulling his blade out of its spine and stabbing at another of the monsters, which had only managed to turn in response to its comrade's death before the blade pierced its throat. The third Pelagic fared better, stabbing its spear at Geralt and forcing him to hop back a step to avoid the weapon.

Reaching out with his hand to grab the haft of the spear just below its tip, Geralt yanked it towards himself while stepping forward, catching the beast off guard and causing it to stumble a step towards him. Silver met scales once more as his sword pierced the monster's lightly-colored chest, a small part of the tip showing through its back. Geralt pushed the corpse to the side, drawing his blade from its body almost like it was a scabbard.

More had turned to him by now, leaving them open to Linkle's bolts, and between the two of them, Geralt had enough room to see Gran clearly, bloodied and beaten as he was. It also gave him a perfect view for Linkle's explosive burst of power, arrows and bombs and what seemed to be some kind of magic.

Okay, if that was what she was capable of, maybe it wasn't such a terrible idea for her to handle larger groups of enemies. "Hey, kid! Get over here before they overrun you!" He called out, to both of them, really.
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Word Count: 335
Level up! Donnie has reached Level 4. He gains Detox, a basic antidote/cure spell that instantly eliminates all diseases and poisons from the target. If he was a Mistweaver, it would remove magical effects, like curses, too. Requires very little energy, and can basically be spammed.
EXP: (10/40) + 1 = 11/40

As Donnie walked out of the van, carrying the Disc over his shoulder with his weapons sheathed, he observed the threat before him. A towering treant, obviously somehow cursed. It was a gnarled, twisted thing, with what looked like tentacles of wood stemming from what passed for its face. Like a wooden version of one of the Faceless Ones.

This was more like it.

It slammed the ground, causing a shockwave to rush right for him. On instinct, Donnie got on his trusty frisbee and ascended above the shockwave, before moving to engage.

He stood in the air, about thirty feet above the creature's head, before, almost on old instincts, summoning up the luggage and pulling out a bottle of something he had honestly forgotten he had. Booze. A fine bottle of it too. He'd almost regret throwing it away like this. But that was the point. It was Darkmoon Special Reserve, the signature brand of the Darkmoon Faire, which was only open on the first week of each month. While it was therefore one of the harder alcohols to get, it had a reputation (to the point of infamy, even) as one of the most potent alcoholic beverages ever made, on par with Nethergarde Bitter or Loch Modan Lager. This would work excellently for what he had in mind.

He tore off the cork on the bottle with chi-enhanced strength, then poured the whole bottle into the open air, right on the Ent's head. It flowed down onto its shoulders and back in limited quantities, though a lot of it went wide and spread to the rest of its body. It would have to do.

He then activated the next step of his (admittedly simple) master plan: Produce a book of matches, strike one of them, and drop the lit match directly on the Ent's head.

Then, if the tower of wood successfully became little more than an angry, flailing, overgrown bonfire, run like hell. Figuratively speaking, of course. He would be flying.

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Tora & Poppi

Level 5 Tora - (16/50) EXP and Level 4 Poppi - (14/40) EXP
Location: Hamlet, the Land of Adventure
Word Count: 684

Tora and Poppi watched in passive silence as Agoston and Bowser jointly decided for the group, plotting their course. Despite the interesting Hamlet of pigs, it appeared that the group wouldn't be spending much time here. Once they investigated the hunter lady mentioned by the helpful swine, they would be on their way. Poppi supposed that whatever Lumbridge scouts explored the wheat fields must also have stumbled upon the Hamlet too, but if not, she could deliver some information about this place back to the guild. For his part, Tora wondered if this settlement -with all its civilization and establishment- would vanish in the Land of Adventure's next rollover, or if it would remain as a fixture like Lumbridge. What exactly would happen to these people if it did? The thought of such a temporary life terrified him. He wasn't the sort of Nopon to stick his (nonexistent) neck out and be a hero for strangers, but all these happy, industrious pig people couldn't just blip out of existence, could they? But what could he do to help? What would Rex do...?

After a few more moments of deliberation, the Bowsers and the Centurion proceeded toward the inn. Tora, however, stayed still, and a worried Poppi remained with him. A couple seconds passed, with Truffleston and his associated looking at him confusedly, before Tora spoke up. “Meeh...piggypon mayor?”

“Yes, young man?”

“Do know how Land of Adventure works?”

The strange question caught the well-dressed porker off guard. “Er, I fear mine understanding does lack.” Clearly, he was having some trouble understanding the Nopon dialect as well.

A couple moments to process the troubling news later, Tora continued. “Meh meh, Tora not know too well either, but here is gist. People tell that each week, whole land regenerate itself. Almost everything changed or replaced. Some stuff not change, but Tora not know why, meh.”

The mayor looked aghast. “Preposterous!” he exclaimed in disbelief. “Thy tale beggars belief. The Hamlet has stood proud since...since...”

Now in line with her masterpon's thinking, Poppi cut in. “Even if piggy mayor not believe, should really try in next few days to send folks west, past field and plain, to big town called Lumbridge. Talk with people, maybe try to set up road or route between Lumbridge and Hamlet. Maybe if connected with anchor, Hamlet not be lost.”

It was a leap of logic, but it was the best the pair could offer. Truffleston looked equal parts thoughtful and disturbed, and after a few moments he gave an assenting nod. “Very well. On the chance thou telleth truth, we will send envoys to yonder town. At the very least, trade doth fatten our pockets. But if thy warning spares the Hamlet some disaster, we will owe thee dearly.”

Tora and Poppi smiled. They wanted to talk more, but the others had already reached the inn, so they had to get going. Hopefully what they'd done would be enough.


The wiry-bearded pig behind the inn counter pointed a trotter up the stairs, signaling Bowser, Junior, and Agoston where to go. “By happenstance, thy quarry just returned, mayhap to fetch something. Seeketh her up there, though be careful. Hail, sir dragon,” he waved down Bowser in particular. “Thy bulky frame would crack mine pig-shaped corridors. Kindly detain thyself outdoors, sirrah.” By some miracle, the pig inn seemed to be much bigger on the inside than the outside, but it still wasn't big enough for Bowser. His kid, however, could follow the Centurion up the stairs and to a door left open by a guest planning quick egress.

Inside, they could see a lean woman in blue garb, leather gear, and golden armor. A dependable crossbow hung at her hip, but with her back to the door her face could not be seen. She'd thrown open the shuttered window, and as her guests watched, a huge eagle swooped down to land on her outstretched arm. The huntress stroked his feathered head before turning to face the newcomers along with her bird. Together, they stared the heroes down. “What do you want?”

Pelagic Lake

Location: Land of Adventure
@Gentlemanvaultboy @Stern Algorithm @MULTI_MEDIA_MAN @TruthHurts22

Even as the killer pelagics threatened to bleed Gran dry, the heroic resolve of his allies galvanized them into action. Linkle, Geralt, and Euden attacked with renewed strength and determination, and the tide swiftly started to turn. The archeress whirled in an acrobatic dance of death, wheeling about from foe to foe in a storm of bolts and blows, her momentum preventing her from staying in any one place long enough to take another thrust or slice. Euden, after pulling his blade free from the scaly corpse Linkle helped to bury it in, backed off to let her take center stage while his flaming sword drove errant pelagics toward her. After a few moments she broke off to circumnavigate the fish mob using the ice, but leaving her allies at the pelagics' mercy was the last thing on her mind. After she circled around, Linkle unleashed a fusillade of bolts that raked through the enemy ranks but left her friends untouched. The wounded monsters could barely see Linkle coming as she then swept in and went off.

Piercing power followed by a wall of flame left turned almost all of the pelagics to ash in a matter of moments. Those who remained met a swift end on Geralt's blade soon after, its silver already wet from cutting them down prior to Linkle's outburst. All of a sudden, no enemies remained. The heroes' combined efforts had prevailed; the pelagics were no more. The last corpses, including that of the guardian, faded into ash to leave fish-faced spirits behind, and everyone could breath easy, from the wounded Gran to the elevated Phoenix.

Euden wiped his blade off on his sleeve, sheathed it, and stooped to help Gran. Everyone could see that the boy needed a healer, but for now all they could do was bind his wounds to cloth to keep the blood in. Meanwhile, the door to the floating house burst open, and from the aperture sashayed a pair of strange-looking clowns. The first had a cheery air, and the second a dour one, but right now both looked shaken yet relieved. “Phew!” Exclaimed the first. “You sure saved our bacon there! We don't have a lot to offer you, but as far as I'm concerned you can cannon ride or fly-by-fowl for free whenever you like!”

His friend nodded gravely. “Yeah, thanks. Really mean it.”

Forest Temple

Location: Land of Adventure
@thedman @Dawnrider

By happy accident, Hat Kid returned to the central chamber with her second painting only a few moments after Michael and Franklin arrived there as well. Any greetings or introductions were made difficult by the fire spirits, however, incessantly mewling for the puzzle-solvers to cast their loot into the flames and end their bizarre existences. Two pairs of retrieved paintings made a full set, so by the time the last bonfire consumed its corresponding painting and the rapturous fire spirits burnt out with grateful cries, the blaze surrounding the central alter died out completely.

The girl trapped inside had at some point awakened, though held captive by the flames and silenced by their roar, she couldn't do anything until now. Any confusion or fear went out the window as she threw herself at her saviors with teary-eyed relief, cramming them all into one big hug. “Oh, thank you, thank you! That was awful! I've been in there for so long!” Seconds passed with the group locked in her embrace, with only her sniffling breaking the silence in the now-dim room. After a little while, however, Tressa released them and stepped back, wiping the last tear from her eye. From the look of her, she hadn't many to spare; the merchant girl looked singed, sooty, very dehydrated, and hungry. Her skin was cracked in some places, and the red in her eyes flickered weakly. Without the others for support, she trembled from the mere effort of standing up. “Can we...can we go?” She asked, confusedly looking around.

Coral Highlands

Location: Land of Adventure
@ProPro @Yankee

The Courier's shotgun shells struck true, inflicting nasty wounds on the head of the Tzitzi-ya-ku, but the beast did not stagger. If the bullets pierced through, they did not inflict the damage one would expect. The monster's razor-sharp talonblades narrowly missed the evading Courier and instead carved through the gun arm of Bastion a split second after it appeared, the hideous sound of rending metal ringing out across the highlands. It was a work of a fleeting moment, but an impossible feat nonetheless to anyone who knew the first thing about materials and force. Metal could not be cut by blades. Yet, the frontmost half of Bastion's SMG arm hit the ground all the same, and the monster followed up with a spinning tail swipe that knocked the omnic on its back to disappear the next moment. Whatever this beast was, its inexplicably consistent attacks and resistance to being staggered suggested that it stood a cut above the average dinosaur.

Still, the blows to its head did seem to disorient the thing. When the Ace Cadet clanged his shield to draw its attention, the Tzitzi-Ya-Ku took the bait. It lunged at him twice, snapping its jaws.

Meanwhile, the wigglers had all sunk into the ground, and watched with slitted eyes for the danger to pass. An offputting odor was on the wind, one of bloodlust and slaughtered meat. To the practiced nose it suggested unrelenting tenacity, hailing from a grotto of carrion and rot.


Location: Charnal Lane, Dead Zone

As the battle began, Nero noted with approval that his comrades had elected to make the absolute most of the circumstances to whale on the Ent from moment one. Not a moment after his taunt signaled the battle starting, Ratchet lobbed a few proximity mines and Jak pelted the boss with a blue eco barrage. At the same time, Blazermate's sentry and newly-minted Swarm began their assault. The sight of the Medabot using her brand-new arm to control and mutate undead like the demons he fought minutes ago gave Nero pause, but as long as it worked he couldn't complain. Everyone dealt with the Ent's shockwave well enough, either clearing it with a leap, like Banjo and Kazooie, or taking to the sky altogether, like Donnie did as he zoomed upward atop his stalwart disc.

While the monk dug around for some booze to light up, the Ent's hollows went on the offensive, only to fall like wheat to the scythe to Kamek and the sentry's gunfire. For a moment, Ratchet appeared to space out, but the little hollows' axes passed straight through. While they struggled to comprehend what was happening, the real Ratchet appeared behind the Ent, his fearsome new weapon at the ready. The Reaper spat a torrent of hellfire to sear the towering treant's legs, the only part he could reach point-blank. His burning burst charred the wood and began a fire, but instead of spreading across the Ent and turning it into a raging inferno, the blaze stayed fairly confined. When Ratchet rose above the Ent courtesy of Clank, however, he could clearly see the weak spot highlighted by Blazermate: an opening on its upper back, full of red energy. A Reaper burst into that proved far more effective. At the same time, Banjo scaled the monster with his partner's help to rise high enough for a powerful Beak Buster onto the Ent from above. Together the attacks made the Ent mad, and a crackling cry echoed across the plaza.

It thrashed its enormous arms, threatening to annihilate the slow-flying Lombax should one hit. But Jak and Daxter could escape the Ent's range on the former's board, and Donnie hovered far enough above to evade its brutal fury. From a hidden reserve he poured strong liquor onto the boss's head, and after the monk struck a match he dropped the ember to light the Ent on fire.

The inferno, however, did not take. While the alcohol burned readily enough, the Ent did not go up in flames. It smoldered all over as the flame damage ticked away, but it exhibited no particular weakness. Its constitution, it appeared, was not your average wood. Some sort of nonflammable gas permeated it, a thick, heavy hazy. Whatever it was, Nero did not care. He sprinted forward, and when a flailing arm came near enough, he grabbed on with a Wire Bound and flew into the air. The demon hunter sailed through the sky like a kite on a string, only letting go when he reached the apex and could glimpse Blazermate's weak spot. Nero revved the Red Queen, making its motor sing with power, and hurtled downward in a spinning vertical slash. “Double DOWN!”

His blade split the glowing crimson core-wood, and without further ado Nero started slamming his blade onto the target again and again. The inelegant pummeling continued even as a pink must started to bubble up from the wood, and the Ent leaned forward. Nero noticed the change and prepared to jump off, but his sword stuck in the reddish muck. “...What?” Then the Ent convulsed, launching a blast of rotting pink gunge and gas that exploded point-blank. “Gaaaah!” Nero flew from the boss's back and hit the ground hard. He rolled twice, but the rot stayed with him. A furious, wet hacking cough wracked him, and the demon hunter couldn't get up. Meanwhile, the Ent continued to release blast after blast. Each payload shot skyward, arced perfectly, and plummeted straight toward its assailants. Two each flew for Donnie, Ratchet, Jak, Blazermate, and Gene, each sporting a sizable blast radius hefty damage, and full serving of Root Rot.

At the same time, Rot Warts started to emerge from the ground alongside a fresh wave of hollows. These bulbous Root, full of the same infectious miasma weaponized by the Ent, mindlessly rushed the nearest foes with a wheezing balloon-like noise to explode and leave behind a lasting cloud of Root Rot. Anyone inflicted by the infection would no doubt experience the same paralyzing coughing Nero suffered.

After unleashing its volley, the smoldering Ent stood up and lifted its arms for another shockwave.
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Location: Charnel Lane, Dead Zone
Word Count: 294
EXP: (11/40) + 1 = 12/40

Donnie swore. This wasn't a normal Treant-type monster. This was something else. That gas was preventing the flame from taking. He'd have to do this the old-fashioned way.

Then a pink mass shot straight towards him. Luckily, he was capable of avoiding the worst of it with a quick movement of the Disc, but he had been taken off-guard, and had breathed in a small amount of the gas as it soared by him.

He rapidly broke out into a violent coughing fit, unable to really move the Disc while hacking and wheezing. Thankfully, he had long-since learned to cast Detox whenever this happened. He was instantly cured, and rushed to Nero's aid.

He rapidly flew by, stopped, cast Detox on the demon hunter, and then flew back to deal with the Ent.

Obviously, if you hit the Ent too hard in one spot, it would release that gas. But what about its weakpoint? He could cure himself, so he might as well try it.

So, if he could get close enough, he parked the Disc next to the Ent's back. He got into a fighting stance, and then unleashed a full combo. Rapid-fire Tiger Palms and generic chi strikes to the upper back, followed by a Blackout Kick at full strength, a Rising Sun Kick to finish it off, and then he'd rapidly get the hell out of dodge before either the gas came out or he got splattered by the angry Ent's fist.

The key thing to figure out was, could he get away with bludgeoning damage without triggering the effect? Obviously, cutting too deep with a blade would hit the gas reservoir and spit out the infection, but maybe if he smashed the wood from the outside, it wouldn't do that?
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Level 5 - (24/50) - 2

Location: The Land of Adventure ~ Pelagic Lake
Word Count: 569

@MULTI_MEDIA_MAN@Stern Algorithm@TruthHurts22@Lugubrious

"Yeah! How did you like that you whoersons!" Linkle shouted happily as the last of the fish men fell dead off Geralt's blade. "Hehehe, that's a fun word to say." Around them the bodies that were left on the bridge from her bullrush crumbled into black dust, releasing their small spirits into the air. She took a moment to catch her breath and give her crossbows a quick twirl before slotting them back into her boots, calming down significantly and starting to notice the ache in her shoulder. She looked and grimaced as she saw the blood staining into the green of her cloak. She hoped Lumbridge had someone who was as good with a needle and thread as that sweet old toad lady back at Peach's castle.

Other than that that vast majority of them were all right. Even Mr. Spikey Head, who was still hanging off the rope where that boat had been, seemed to be fine even though his predicament had been dire. "Nice job buddy! You can come down now." She called out to him, but for a moment it looked like she'd spoken too soon. The door to the house burst open and linkle almost drew on the pair that ran out, getting horrible flashbacks to that giant fiery screaming face that had tried to eat her and Bowser, but it turned out the two men were not only friendly, Linkle would bet her life they were fellow Hylians.

Linkle took a look around the lake again. If that was those guys shop, then did that mean they were standing on a piece of Hyrule? "Ha!" she said, puffing out her chest in pride. "We saved Hyrule from the fish monsters!"

She turned her attention to the most injured of all of them. Guild boy had done his best to hold of those monsters, but from the way he fought it was obvious he had been expecting someone to be there to watch his back and had paid for it pretty severely. Dragon boy had already helped him up and was busy tending to his injuries with cloth. "Hey, I think I can help with those injuries. You guys rode out to save a tiny little slice of my world, it's the least I can do. Besides, there are weird giant monkeys around out there. Can't let those catch you all banged up like this." She reached into her belt and pulled out the half-full glass bottle of Lon-Lon Milk, but then as she looked at the injured boy a thought crept into her head. No, she could do more than just mend his wounds. She quickly looked up, scanning the sky for any low flying centurions, then nodded and tapped herself in the chest with both hands

Pulling them away and raising her arms up over her head, a bright pink heart flashed into existence in her open palm. "Here you go. This is going to feel a little weird, but trust me." she said, flicking her wrists and letting the thing float slowly down into Gran like a balloon on the gentle wind.

If the heart freed him from Galeem's control and he didn't seem like he was freaking out too badly about that she'd reach over and steady him with a hand on his shoulder while handing him the Milk with the other. "I know this must feel strange, but drink this milk and it'll help close up those wounds of yours."
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Level 3 - (21/30) + 2 = (23/30) - 5 from Friend Heart = (18/30)
Difficulty Level 2
Location: Charnal Lane
Word Count: 824

As soon as preparations were done, Nero goaded the ent on and drew its attention. As the ent turned to face the heroes and its hollows burrowed up from the ground, the fight was on. Gene mostly held back and dealt with the hollows, as Nero and the others attacked the ent. Ratchet threw a few proximity mines at it (and put to use one of the abilities he had gained from the fallen Zer0), Jak blasted it with his gun, and Blazermate's sentry and horde of undead began an assault as well. Overall, the fight was going well. As the shockwave came by, Gene quickly leapt high into the air, just barely clearing it... And falling onto his ass not long after, grunting in mingled pain and annoyance. He'd have to learn how to make a proper landing.

The battle continued on, with Gene's allies attacking anything that wasn't each other. Blazermate pointed out that the ent had a weak spot, right on its upper back, and the others took advantage of this revelation as soon as they could. Ratchet blasted it in the back while Donnie covered the beast in alcohol and lit it up; however, their attacks weren't enough to set the ent ablaze. It was, however, enough to make it mad. It let out a screech and thrashed its arms around wildly at whoever was near it.

As Gene put down another hollow, he noticed Nero soaring at the beast via a wire attached to one of its flailing arms. He retracted the wire just as he hit the weak spot, revved up his sword, and slammed down in a fiery spin while yelling "DOUBLE DOWN!" as a way to call out his move. It seemed that Nero's attack had worked, because now he was on the beast and pummeling its weak spot! Gene let out a cheer at the sight. Nero was killing it!

Then, it was all over in a flash. The ent released some sort of toxic gas that sent Nero flying backwards. Gene's cheers gave way to a gasp of shock. What the hell!? He didn't have time to focus on Nero though, as the ent shot more of the stuff at him and his buddies! Gene's quick reflexes saved him from the first blast with a fast sidestep, and he acted quickly enough to backflip out of the way of the other one. Covering his mouth with his hands, he sprinted through the gas as quick as possible to reach Nero. He noticed another enemy type starting to show up, as well as a fresh wave of hollows from the ground, but he couldn't let that distract him.

Donnie had thankfully reached Nero and cast a spell that seemed to help him out a bit by the time Gene arrived. He wasn't sure just why he was so dedicated to saving Nero, but then he remembered what it was that drew him to Nero in the first place. Some sort of strange bond between souls, worlds apart but with the same spirit at their core. Nero was recovering slightly from Donnie's intervention, but Gene knew there was something he could do to help.

"Uh, this might seem weird, so just bear with me." As if on instinct, he placed a hand on his heart then raised his arms to the air. A bright pink heart appeared in his hands. "Woah! Okay, here we go!" Gene passed the heart over to Nero. "Alright, stay calm, don't die. I've got an ent to beat the crap out of!" With those words, he headed straight for the ent.

Donnie had done some damage to it already thankfully. Now Gene just had to help finish the job. Placing a hand on the Deistic Brace, Gene ripped it off and felt the power of a god flow through him, as he had so many times before. Alright, he had to make this count! Approaching the ent, Gene circled around it from behind and then jumped up onto its weak point. Other people wouldn't be able to do this, but with the God Hand's added invulnerability, he'd be able to make a dent without having to worry about the toxin!

Taking in a deep breath to psych himself up, Gene grinned and then began to lay the beatdown on the ent's weak point. He hammered it with his regular combo, occasionally throwing in a kick when he felt like shaking things up. The rapid hits he had gone for with this combo helped immensely in laying down the heat quickly and efficiently. To finish off his barrage of attacks, he jumped up into a spinning barrel kick, delivering a final blow to the ent that sent him falling off of its back.

Backflipping away from the ent, Gene then focused on weeding out the Rot Warts while he still had some invincibility left. He just hoped that Nero would be alright.
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