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  • Name: Mihama Nanako
  • Age: 16
  • Appearance: "Oh, so that's how it is?"
  • Personality: Good-natured friendliness is an excellent way to describe Nanako's default attitude. No matter who it is, she'll always try to treat them well, and try to get to know them, even if it almost seems impossible. This can be called the core of Nanako's attitude. Even if there is thousands of years between herself and someone else, she'll do all that she can to understand them and get to know them. She simply doesn't believe in treating people as if they're somehow foreign to humanity simply because of things like that. Additionally, she has a very optimistic outlook on life. Nanako always believes there has to be some path forward, even if it's difficult to see at the moment. She is the sort of person who treasures those that are close to her, to the point of considering their wellbeing well before her own. Indeed, it would seem as if it's very difficult to break her cheerful demeanor... however, it isn't impossible. While she usually doesn't allow it to bother her, it cannot be denied that Nanako sometimes has feelings of inferiority due to her low capability as a magus, and the fact that she has yet to summon a Servant. She tries not to let this affect her, but it's difficult for her not to feel down about it at times. Additionally, while she isn't without self-worth, sometimes she is extremely quick to dive into dangerous situations for the sake of others. Even if those others are Servants who are probably better equipped to deal with it then she is.
  • Abilities: Nanako possesses low capability as a magus. While it's not accurate to call her totally talent-less, her magic circuits are of average quality and she has a relatively low number of them. Not rock bottom, but hardly the best, and most of the actual magi of Fusang surpass her. Her affinity for Air does grant her some versatility, but she does not possess a wide range of spells due to the youth of her family. If there is one thing it can be said she excels at, her reinforcement typically grants her a surprising durability even in consideration of other magi. This is quite useful for someone who has a habit of throwing herself into danger for the sake of other people.
  • History: Nanako is the child of a very new magus bloodline, one that only recently discovered their potential two generations prior to Nanako. Her family was ecstatic at this discovery, and immediately began pushing their children to succeed in magecraft. Nanako is no different in this regard. In spite of her low capability as a magus, Nanako is the best magi that the Mihama bloodline has produced so far. They managed to scrape together the resources to fund her relocation to Fusang, but on her arrival she was immediately struck by the fact that much of the population had more capabilities then herself when it came to magecraft. Additionally, when she attempted to summon a Servant, she was simply unable to. For quite some time, she was rather depressed over the fact she was both unable to summon a Servant(unlike the majority of Fusang's population) and was inferior to most magi on the island. However, Nanako has recovered more recently, and has been considering trying to summon a Servant once again.
  • Other: Nanako is a native Japanese speaker. While she can get by, her English and Mandarin are not as good.
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  • Name: Sir Lancelot du Lac
  • Class: Saber
  • Appearance: Both unarmoured, and armoured.
  • Personality: In many regards, Lancelot is the perfect knight: virtuous, honourable, protecting the weak and honouring women (though this last part often causes misunderstanding), and loathing evil or cowardly behaviour. Except... well, for one: he's entirely too serious and composed, which does nothing to help with the misunderstandings or any envy of his status.
    The other major flaw is that even now, he still thinks that Saber is a completely unsuitable class--too noble for someone responsible for the fall of Camelot. At least the punishment has been meted out.
    Mutual enmity with Agravain.
    (To literally quote his character info: "Heroes possess both sides of light and shadow aspects within them, but Lancelot can be said to consist only of the side of light.")
  • Stats: Everything bar Luck can temporarily have another + modifier.
    • Strength: B (A)
    • Endurance: B (A)
    • Agility: A (A+)
    • Mana: C (B)
    • Luck: B (A+)
    • Noble Phantasm: A++
  • Class Skills:
    • Magic Resistance: B.
    • Riding: B.
  • Personal Skills:
    • Eternal Arms Mastery: A+. Said to have achieved the greatest mastery of combat of anyone of his era, Lancelot is able to fight at full ability regardless of any level of mental interference.
    • Knight of the Lake: A. Raised from infancy by the Lady of the Lake, Lancelot is constantly affected by her blessing. Except for perhaps the obvious effect as shown by King Arthur's blessing (walking on water), this allows him to temporarily add a + modifier to any of his parameters except Luck.
    • Protection of the Spirits: A. A blessing from Elementals; the ability to increase Luck in dangerous situations. Activation is restricted to battlefields where feats of arms can be achieved.
  • Noble Phantasm(s):
      • Name: Arondight: Unfading Light of the Lake
      • Rank: A
      • Type: Anti-Unit
      • Appearance: A sword larger than King Arthur.
      • Effects: Primarily, Arondight is simply an indestructible sword with extra effectiveness against dragons. When activated, at the downside of phenomenal mana consumption, all of Lancelot's parameters receive a rank up and the effectiveness of saving throws is doubled.
      • Name: Arondight Overload: Severance of the Binding Chains - Lake's Overflowing Light
      • Rank: A
      • Type: Anti-Unit/Anti-Army
      • Appearance: "The blue light of the vast magic energy that overflows from the severed section has been alluded as like a lake."
      • Effects: By overloading the sword with magical energy, it can unleash another attack--either a slash of light with an anti-army effect, or the release can be withheld until the blade cuts the target and unleashes the same amount of energy on a single person.
        Most likely the closest Arondight can come to Broken Phantasm--the blade simply won't break afterwards, which would make the effect closer to A+.
      • Name: For Someone's Glory: Not For One's Own Glory
      • Rank: B
      • Type: Anti-Unit
      • Appearance: None.
      • Effects: At its simplest, it can be used to mask Lancelot's appearance, distorting much like invisible air and concealing parameters--quite likely, even without the physical distortion, reading his statistics can be prevented. When fully activated, it allows for taking on the appearance of another person--even if this includes masking his presence as a Servant.
      • Name: Knight of Owner: A Knight Does Not Die With Empty Hands
      • Rank: A++
      • Type: Anti-Unit (mostly)
      • Appearance: None.
      • Effects: Short version: can use anything he recognises as a weapon as if it's his Noble Phantasm, even if it's somebody else's Noble Phantasm. Complete with impeccable mastery of its use.
        In the event that the weapon in question was not a Noble Phantasm to begin with, it is raised to the rank of a D-Rank Phantasm, and mundane items have their capabilities significantly enhanced. This is not limited merely to things that are normally considered heroic weapons: firearms, telephone poles, and modern fighter jets all count. Projectiles retain this enhancement after firing (or even after throwing) for a brief period, making them useful against even Servants.
  • Alignment: Lawful Good
  • Changes: Just noting that I'm following the Berserker stats not the Saber one; everything keeps mentioning finesse.
    Based on actions in GO, Arondight has no sealing effect in this class.

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  • Name: Laetitia Arconiand
  • Age: 18
  • Appearance: She's, oddly enough, 188cm tall.
  • Personality: A girl who takes amusement in teasing and annoying others, able to keep a level head when that inevitably blows up in her face or if a situation gets stressful. Despite Laetititia's attitude seeming to be rather unpleasant at first glance, she's remarkably good at never taking it too far--the point is to get a rise out of people, not distress them. On the occasions she does push it too far, she's quick to try and make amends--an altruistic attitude she ultimately applies to everything. Even if greed does have a massive influence in certain situations...
  • Abilities: Laetitia takes odd pride in a certain claim: that she has but a single magic circuit. Not a vast number, nor a reasonable number of high-quality circuits. One. Yet, so far as her family has been concerned, this is ideal: the embodiment of quality over quantity. Despite being but a single circuit, she's able to sustain a top-tier Servant without the degradation of their abilities and keep up with a certain Average One at least on raw output.
    Then as a magus... well, it starts to get weird. Her affinity is for True Ether. Another thing her family prides itself on despite being somewhat of a defect in this day and age--no True Ether remains in the world, nor can it be actualised, and thus achieving magecraft more advanced than Reinforcement is beyond them no matter their power. Were she to achieve their current goal, this might be reversed into the strongest of affinities, but...
    What the Arconiand family magecraft can currently do is essentially meta-magecraft. True Ether is a more powerful substance than Ether, and thus an affinity for True Ether leads to a branch of magecraft that excels at something thought impossible nowadays: modifying or negating magecraft with only magical energy. Taking the target of a spell and reversing it, breaking an enchantment, amplifying the powers of some skilled but weak or exhausted magus... in everything but the casting of spells, they are remarkably adept.
  • History: The Arconiand lineage harks back to the unknown past and claims to be descended from dragons--a fact they attribute their absurdly powerful but limited circuits and unusual affinity. Unfortunately, this has also lead to a family tree that seems to actively make itself as narrow and impossible to map as humanly achievable in the pursuit of maximising this draconic purity.
    Most immediately, however, Laetitia's parents were both in the odd situation of being enforcers--with this sort of magecraft, the contributions one can make to the Association are rather limited; either assisting other work or hunting down mages who think themselves safe so long as they have enough protections. Other portions of the family focus more on the long-term goal of finding a way to draw on the reverse side of the world where it might be possible to access True Ether, and from there... the Root.
    Fusang and its abundance of Servants seemed like yet another opportunity to possibly achieve this--or at least study Casters from the Age of Gods for clues--and as such she has several cousins present as well, and her parents took the opportunity to stop risking their lives daily and live here.
    Most notably, the family as a whole doesn't shun technology. It would be rather inconvenient from their perspective to rely on solutions born from magecraft, when such things are even more easily broken and they lack the ability to replace them. Rather fittingly, they hoard wealth like nobody's business.
    It could be said that Laetitia is the most powerful of the current generation, but she's also far from the main line and currently disinterested in arguing that the crest should transfer branch. No matter how powerful the circuits entrusted to it are.
  • Other: From a rich family, but definitely dependent on them.
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• Name: Othianne "Othis" Phorensia Obberhausen
• Gender: Female
• Age: 19 years

• Personality: If you could sum someone’s being in a single phrase, Othis could be described as: “A true genius with an aloof, almost robotic, behavior”. While these traits aren’t uncommon among those who attend the Atlas Temple, Othis is one of the few who pushes them even further beyond. For those who don’t know her, it may be even plausible to think that Othis isn’t a natural-born human but rather a homunculus engineered to be a living spiritron calculation device.

As expected, Othis has no hard feelings one way or another regarding those who look down on her. As long as her job is completed in the most efficient way possible, that is.

Her few non-magecraft related interests revolve around the only activities she allowed herself to enjoy as a pastime, reading and problem-solving, especially those of the geometric nature. Being able to derive any form of enjoyment out of these activities shows that perhaps there maybe be a more humane version of Othis at the core of her being… maybe?

• Skills: Othis is an adept practitioner of Memory Partition and Thought Acceleration, allowing her to absorb and process information at an inhumanly fast pace. Currently, Othis can manage six partitions, putting her just a step below the level of those worthy of bearing the name Atlasia when it comes to mental prowess.

In addition to that, she's also quite knowledgeable at a number of subjects both mundane and esoteric in nature.

She's also, pretty good at coffee brewing. After all, there’s nothing better than caffeine to carry someone, whether they are a Magus or not, through long hours of study.

• Abilities: As far as magic circuits go, Othis is a pretty good example of what happens when one neglects the kind of eugenics that the Clock Tower is so proud of for long enough. However, having atrociously bad magic circuits is no problem for an Atlasian Alchemist, given that their greatest forte is Mystic Code operation.

Othis is capable of analyzing the base nature(composition and structure) of almost anything with a mere sight, a talent that can pretty much be called "Mystic Eyes of Scanning". Even though, in truth, it's more like the masterful eyes of an ancient mathematician an engineer. This talent is very useful for comprehending abstract concepts such as mathematical formulae and functions, and even others’ magecraft, though Othis still has to process the information on her own.

She was granted the right to bring a few Mystic Codes with her outside of Atlas. The first is an Orichalcum(Brass) Gauntlet that acts as an amplifier and control unit to metallurgic magecraft. It's collapsible to the size of a common bracelet which Othis has it with her the whole time. As a secondary function, it houses an array of sis detachable mirrors that can move and hover in the air on their own. These satellites function as spiritron collection devices capable of gathering and amplifying light in the form of destructive “heat rays”. In essence, it’s an application of the same principles developed by a great sage that lived in the island nation of Syracuse during the twilight of the Age of the Gods.

The last of her weapons a harness made of same material as Othis’ other weapons that wraps around her waist, back, and torso, in the same fashion as a modern safety harness, whose primary function is collecting spiritrons from the nearby environment and convert them into usable magic energy. Additionally, it also works as defensive armor and exoskeleton to assist in her physical mobility, however, none of these secondary functions are very developed.

• Short History: As a child born and raised to a family that spent perhaps too many generations in the bowels of the Titan's Pit, Othis doesn't have much in the way of exciting events on her backstory.

While it may sound strange for someone to say that being raised in the place where the most wondrous, and terrific, artifacts of the world of Magecraft are created is a boring backstory; but when you get used to seeing fantastical things on a daily basis, it's easy to take them for granted. After all, when you lived your whole life surrounded by weapons capable of destroying the world in a very literal way, one or two more spiritron-converter bombs aren’t that impressive anymore.

In fact, the most uncommon thing to ever happen to Othis' life is being one of the few attendees to ever be allowed to leave the premises of the Academy. All because those vile Animusphere flexed their political muscles and 'convinced' the Institute to build another copy of TRI-HERMES on Fusang City, making Othis the optimal candidate for becoming the leader of the technician team responsible for the construction and maintenance of the computer that'll soon work as the brain of the new world.

• Other: N/A
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